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Description: Issue 59 of Coiled Tubing Times

ISSN 1817-3330 2002 has been published since 2002 1 (059) March 2017 2025 Russian coiled tubing maRket PRosPects of develoPment until 2025 20- successful imPlementation of 20 stage multistage fRactuRing with ct in the well spotfrac selective Re-fRactuRing with spotfrac technology the maRket is waiting foR Russian quality ct visualfrac 59 1 (059) March 2017 1 2 1 (059) March 2017 NP CTTDC 18- - the 18th international scientific and Practical coiled tubing hydraulic fracturing and well intervention conference 2017 november 2017 Russia Moscow novotel Moscow City Hotel (Presnenskaya emb. 2 Delovoy Tsentr Vystavochnaya metro station) ( . 2 . . ) ( .) ( .. ) .. ( .) - ( .). Conference topics Coiled tubing technologies Latest hydraulic fracturing technologies (multistage fracturing in horizontal wells fracturing plus hydraulic jet drilling nitrogen fracturing coiled tubing fracturing large-volume fracturing acid fracturing plus hydraulic fracturing etc.) acid treatments (including matrix acidizing) Radial Drilling Up-to-date well logging techniques including horizontal wells logging conveyance of logging tools using coiled tubing and downhole tractors High-tech well intervention equipment sidetracking Jet drilling Well service (fishing and milling operations packer setting jobs etc.) new EoR technologies Cement squeeze operations oilfield chemistry for high-tech oilfield service (hydraulic fracturing chemicals EoR solutions cement squeeze mixes etc.). ContaCts tel. 7 916 512 70 54 E-mail cttimes 1 (059) March 2017 3 - scientific & practical journal 1 (059) March 2017 .. ... . - Global Tubing .. ... .. ... .. .. .. .. ... .. ... .. . .. .. C .. ... - - .. .. ... .. .. ... . () E.. ... . .. ... . .. ... .. ... . . .. .. C .. Trican Well Service . NOV CTES .. ... . PResident of editoRial boaRd a. Yanovsky Doctor of Economics Professor Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation editoRial boaRd J. attie Vice President International Sales Global Tubing Yu. Balakirov Doctor of Engineering Professor Member of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences H. Bulyka ditor-in-hief K. Burdin Doctor of Engineering Coiled Tubing Geomarket Technical Engineer Schlumberger R. Clarke Honorary Editor n. Demyanenko Doctor of Engineering Lead Research Scientist of BelNIPIneft RUE Production Association Belorusneft a. Korotchenko Director InTech LLC a. Lapatsentava Director General FIDMASH V. Laptev Doctor of Engineering Vice President of Euroasian Geophysical Society a. ovsiankin Managing Director Packer Service LLC M. silin Doctor of Chemistry First Vice-Rector for Strategic Development National Research University Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas E. shtakhov Doctor of Engineering Deputy Director General RosTEKtehnologii a. tretiak Doctor of Engineering Professor Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Head of Oil and Gas Equipment and Technologies Department SRSTU (NPI) V. Voitenko Doctor of Engineering Professor Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences D. Vorobiev Deputy Chief Operations Director at RUP Production Association Belarusneft B. Vydrik Director Nonprofit Partnership Coiled Tubing Technologies Development Center R. Yaremiychuk Doctor of Engineering Professor Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences s. Zagranichny Director General Trican Well Service LLP Kazakhstan. Chief scientific consultant V. Voitenko Doctor of Engineering Professor Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Scientific consultants L. Magadova Doctor of Engineering Deputy Director of Institute of Industrial Chemistry Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas i. Pirch Director of CJSC Novinka H.B. Luft Professor Senior Technical Advisor of Trican Well Service K. newman Technical Director of NOV CTES a. Kustyshev Doctor of Engineering Professor. (ICoTA-) 119017 . . . 5 . 1 224 . 7 499 788 91 24 . 7 499 788 91 19. -mail cttimes 6000 . 1000 . . 77-16977. PUBLisHER oiled Tubing Times LLC JoURnaL Has BEEn PREPaRED foR PUBLiCation by Editorial Board of Coiled Tubing Times Journal and The Russian Chapter of ICoTA-Russia aDDREss of EDitoRiaL offiCE 5 1 Pyzhevski Lane office 224 Moscow 119017 Russia. Phone 7 499 788 91 24 Fax 7 499 788 91 19. e-mail cttimes Edition 6000 copies. The first party 1000 copies. The Journal is registered by the Federal Agency of Press and Mass Communication of Russian Federation. Registration number 77-16977. 4 1 (059) March 2017 . 2025 RPI . . 10 . ( ) () . . . . .. . . .. . - 20- . Premium Port Jackal . . Editorial I would like to draw your attention dear friends as I always do to some of the publications in our new issue which I find the most interesting. The issue opens with the review Russian oiled Tubing Market Current State and Prospects of Development until 2025 presented by Nikita Medvedev the Head of Projects PRI. According to the author Coiled tubing is one of the fast-growing segments of the oilfield services market. In particular it is evidenced by the number of coiled tubing units which over the recent decade has increased by three times being accompanied by a still faster growth of the number of coiled tubing operations. Currently coiled tubing in the Russian market is mainly applied for well development (ranking after hydraulic fracturing drilling and side-tracking) bottom-hole treatment (BHT) and some types of well-workover operations. As for the other segments the use of coiled tubing is rather limited which is all the more apparent when compared with the international practice first of all the USA and Canada . Ravil Enikeev Technical Director of FracJetVolga shares his own views on the market tendencies in his interview Today there are two distinct tendencies in the Russian service market. The first is the increasing diameter and length of the tube which requires more powerful injectors. The second tendency is an overall decrease in the price for such standard services as flushing millout well survey jet perforating and the like performed by many companies. Naturally there is no price reduction for high-technology operations . These opinions give solid ground for the prognosis which I made in the previous issue saying that it is in Russia where coiled tubing technologies will expand at the greatest rate I am happy to see the same tendency in other CIS countries which is proved in a convincing way in the article by A.A. Moskvitin on the practice of application of coiled tubing technologies by the Ukranian company Region . The greater challenges you set the greater success you will achieve This is the case for example with the experts from Schlumberger Gaspromneft-Yamal and Gaspromneft Research and Development Centre who are always eager to demonstrate their successful track record of 20-stage fracturing without bringing up coiled tubing to the surface. They applied the Premium Port Jackal well completion technology which optimizes fracturing process while utilizing shifted closable full bore sliding sleeves. That was the first operation of the kind to be performed in Russia. Make it happen my dear colleagues Never stop And we will be happy to celebrate your achievements in our journal Ron Clarke 1 (059) March 2017 5 .. ( .. - ) 6 52 2025 72 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 12 - 20- - 58 80 - .. 84 60 24 .. .. .. .. .. .. (- 13- ) SpotFrac 29 30 .. 90 92 100 ( ) . 62 . 17- ( 2) 40 66 - ) ( .. 102 6 1 (059) March 2017 CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS PRoSPECTS PRACTICE for 52 The Market Is Waitingwith Quality Coiled Tubing Technical Director of FracJet-Volga) Current State and Prospects of Development until 2025 6 Russian oiled Tubing Market N. Medvedev S. Shestakov a. Belov a. Korepanov d. Garenskikh 92 News the Beauty 100 of oilfields (The photos are published by courtesy of FIDMASH. Author lexander Volkov) a Long Service Life and Reasonable Price (Interview with Ravil Enikeev TECHNoloGIES 12 58 Effective Partnership between BashVzryvTekhnologii and RN-Uvatneftegaz S. Simakov a. Kichigin K. Burdin V. Vdovyak Successful Implementation of 20 Stage Multistage Fracturing with CT in the Well in Russian Federation Progressive Experience for Selective Re-fracturing with SpotFrac Technology 24 . Bairamov a. Myrko F. Belyaev d. Minderov a. ilichev a. Volkov 102 New Member of the Editorial Board EqUIPMENT (Interview with R. Galimov Deputy Director for technology at NKMZ-Group) 29 Oil and Gas of Ukraine 30 Company s Experience of andrey Zakrevskiy a. Moskvitin 66 NKMZ-Group Strives To Find Integrated Solutions Applying Coiled Tubing Technologies to Well Stimulation. Overview and Methodology 84 Coiled tubing times Questionnare Proceedings of the 17 Inter40 national Scientific and Practith CoIlED TUBING TIMES IN SoCIAl NETwoRkS cal Coiled Tubing Hydraulic Fracturing and Well Intervention Conference (Part 2) 90 Newly Formulated Friction Reducer with Graphite CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS 7 1 (059) March 2017 2025 Russian oiled tubing market current state and Prospects of development until 2025 .. rPi N. MEdVEdEV the head of projects rPi In the medium to long term a key factor in the Russian oil industry is the deterioration of the quality of the resource base. First of all this is reflected in - the increasing share of difficult reserves and new production regions such as Eastern Siberia which has a very complex geology and essentially consists of . several completely different in terms of geology basins. In addition an important role in filling the resource base is played by offshore fields the development of which is associated with a large number of financial technological and environmental difficulties. At the same time . the existing resource base is increasingly depleted and therefore the demand for operations to stimulate . production including ( sidetracking workover bottomhole treatment etc. will increase. ). It is important to .. It is the largest market growth note that all factors that will occur primarily in I have mentioned high-tech segments drilling above can positively telemetry fracturing coiled influence the oilfield tubing operations (which are services market primarily on the . used in most of the oilfield quality and cost operations). levels increasing . 2016 . . . Russian oilfield services market is at the point of uncertainty. On the one hand a serious increase in penetration volumes is observed in 2016 in drilling which is one of the key drivers of the market. On the other hand the consolidation of the assets and a decrease in the number of oil companies have a negative impact on the competition in the industry which in the medium term may adversely affect the efficiency of the oilfield operations. In the coiled tubing sphere these trends are observed less clear but this segment is one of the most promising in the Russian oilfield services market. 8 1 (059) March 2017 ( ). . 10 . ( ) () . ( requirements for manufacturability and process efficiency. It is therefore the largest market growth that will occur primarily in high-tech segments drilling telemetry fracturing coiled tubing operations (which are used in most of the oilfield operations). Coiled tubing services market is one of the most dynamic segments of the oilfield services market. This is reflected in particular the growth of the number of units of CT in the past 10 years (about three times) accompanied by the advanced growth of the number of operations. Currently the use of coiled tubing in the Russian market is largely focused on the exploration wells (after fracturing drilling and sidetracking) bottomhole zone treatment and the number of the hydraulic fracturing types. CT penetration in other segments is quite limited (with the exception of 1400 1203 5 1200 927 9 5 7 48 6 97 7 96 5 50 1 37 3 142 6 83 9 54 5 232 7 2019 981 5 6 0 51 6 102 9 102 1 52 8 39 6 150 2 89 3 57 2 246 8 2020 1035 1 6 3 54 0 109 3 107 9 55 5 41 4 159 5 95 7 60 1 1119 9 7 0 60 2 115 9 120 1 113 3 58 3 46 2 169 2 103 5 63 1 61 2 50 2 179 3 112 9 68 9 7 6 65 4 122 8 1265 7 7 9 67 4 130 2 128 5 64 2 51 7 190 1 1333 0 8 1 69 4 138 0 138 9 67 4 53 3 201 4 1000 744 8 4 9 42 3 74 1 73 2 38 0 32 4 108 2 62 4 41 9 202 3 0 2015 (.) 2016 2017 791 3 5 1 43 5 80 8 79 7 41 5 33 4 117 9 68 0 45 4 207 9 853 8 5 5 47 0 86 9 85 8 44 6 36 1 126 8 73 9 48 7 224 8 907 5 5 8 49 7 92 6 91 4 47 5 38 1 135 1 79 5 51 9 237 8 2018 800 600 122 0 74 4 133 1 79 6 400 200 258 2 2021 288 2 2022 313 0 2023 322 4 2024 332 0 2025 Production drilling Cementnting EoR MwD lwD Pumping services well completion Drill-bit service Exploration drilling Hydraulic fracturing workover ( ) Current (underground) workover Geophysical operations Drilling agents Total 1 2016 2025 . ( RPI) Figure 1 Graph of the oilfield services market volume forecast in the context of key segments in 2016 2025 mln. rubles (source RPI analysis) ) . 2014- 2015 2016 . Surgutneftegaz ) which is especially noticeable in comparison with international experience primarily in the US and Canada. The development of coiled tubing market in 2014 and especially 2015 2016 was determined by a number of factors CT retained and strengthened its position in those segments where they are due to their technological advantages have proven to be an important factor in increasing the operating efficiency particularly in the development and workover The demand for coiled tubing was also supported 1 (059) March 2017 9 PRoSPECTS by the growth of the fund of horizontal wells and operations on it. . As a limiting factor were the relatively high cost of coiled tubing services and certain dependence on imported components. As a result during the period of falling oil prices . and the cost optimization the use of CT in all oil companies faced financial constraints especially in certain segments of the oilfield service which are a promising growth driver for this technology. in 2014 the annual increase in the amount of horizontal drilling penetration . was positive it 2014 amounted to 33% while the amount of drilling 33% in the operational . 2015 drilling decreased. . in 2015 almost During the period of falling oil the entire volume prices and the cost optimization of penetration . 2018 the use of CT in all oil companies increase in production drilling 8 7 . faced financial constraints. has been achieved 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 -2 -4 -6 10 9 11 6 12 1 11 4 11 9 13 9 14 6 15 5 17 4 18 3 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 operations % Annual growth % 2 2006 2015 . ( RPI) Figure 2 Graph of annual coiled tubing operations in Russia in 2006 2015 thousand operations (source RPI analysis) . 2019 2021 . 2025 . . due to the increase of horizontal drilling. In 2018 the annual volume of penetration in horizontal drilling achieved the peak at more than 8.7 million meters. This year was a period of deposits in Evenkia and Bolshekhetskaya Sink. Then in 2019 2021 was a decline in penetration rates prior to the drilling of a new group of large deposits in Evenkia and southern Yamal Peninsula. By 2025 the volume of drilling in the horizontal drilling is equal to the directional. The process of increasing of the share of horizontal drilling is one of the key drivers of coiled tubing operations development. In addition aging process of 10 1 (059) March 2017 2756 4329 7369 9223 9458 1792 9676 10 350 2235 5767 10 600 1387 13 348 14 696 14 730 15 530 12 704 16 301 16 978 10 831 14 378 16 740 15 760 13 073 14 010 12 743 17 351 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 - Directional Horizontal 3 2009 2025 . ( RPI) Figure 3 Graph of the dynamics volume drilling in Russia in physical terms in 2009-2025 thousand cubic meters (source RPI analysis) . 2018 2019 2024 . . 2024 . 1 5-2 . 1 5-2 thousand operations horizontal wells and carrying out major repairs of such wells is almost always associated with the use of coiled tubing unit demand may also be a growth factor. A few key points can be identified in the forecast coiled tubing operations The two peaks 2018 2019 and the growth after 2024. The first relates to the active development of the Messoyakhskiy Vankor clusters and Bolshekhetskaya sink. Growth after 2024 is due primarily to an increase in the CT operations requirements for horizontal wells as well as an active stage of development of deposits on the Yamal Peninsula. 18 3 19 3 21 6 22 6 21 3 20 6 20 3 21 0 21 6 22 2 22 4 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Potential additional market volume due to well re-entry when changing the tax system 4 2025 . ( RPI) Figure 4 Graph of coiled tubing operations market forecast until 2025 thousand operations (source RPI analysis) 1 (059) March 2017 11 10 811 16 511 10 754 PRoSPECTS 8254 8223 8752 9265 Ba sh 2015 ne f t 20 000 . 4% 4% % 11 ( Tatneft 11% % RPI) . Figure 5 Graph of Ro shares of individual sne ft 2 29 companies in 9% % the coiled tubing operations market in 2015 thousands of transactions % of the total number of . operations (source RPI analysis) An important factor that can significantly increase the potential of coiled tubing market is the presence of more than 20 000 suspended wells but cost effective in the case of changes in the tax system in the direction of tax on the financial result. The . advantages of using the CT in this case - it is an opportunity of opening to the depression and the built-preventer which have a positive effect on efficiency . of operations. In this case this . segment will be a big promising niche for CT but in this case there The process of increasing of the is a high dependency on public share of horizontal drilling is policy and a large set of uncertain . one of the key drivers of coiled factors. we highlight this segment tubing operations development. as a possible addition to the main market. Most of the companies involve 100 specialized service companies to perform coiled . tubing operations. The exception is Surgutneftegaz which all oil service units including coiled tubing are preserved in its structure. Surgutneftegaz produces most of the sidetracking using coiled tubing as well as conducting more than 100 operations per year in () 300 . formation drilling on depression. 50 well workover using coiled tubing extended to Rosneft oil fields with high-debit wells such as the . ob field Yuganskneftegaz (khanty) where wells production rate comes to 300 tons day. In wells with an output of less than 50 tons day companies prefer to do the usual teams. . From the customers viewpoint the shares are distributed primarily in accordance with the amounts of horizontal drilling and sidetracking operations quantity. It is likely that this figure will soon be painted in one color as there is a steady decline in the number M & A of players in the first place by inorganic processes in c . the form of M & A involving state-owned companies. This is one of the most important problems of the Russian oilfield services market as a whole since this consolidation of an adverse effect on competition and hence efficiency in the industry. . Su rg ut ne fte ga z 20 20 % % 5 2% s 2% er other produc 0% 1 % 10 eft m n zpro Ga 12 1 (059) March 2017 lu ko il 17 17 % % 2% Rusneft 2% 5% Slavneft 5% 1 (059) March 2017 13 20- Successful Implementation of 20 Stage Multistage Fracturing with CT in the Well in Russian Federation .. .. .. .. - .. S. SHEStaKoV a. BEloV a. KorEPaNoV d. GarENSKiKH Gazpromneft-Yamal S. SiMaKoV Gazpromneft-NtC a. KiCHiGiN K. BUrdiN V. VdoVYaK Schlumberger - 20- . . Premium Port Jackal Premium Port ( ) ( ) - Harrier ( ) Jackal ( ). 680 . Schlumberger and GPN-Yamal first time performed 20-stage fracturing with CT in the well. Two wells completed using that MSF technology. Technology Premium Port Jackal optimizes fracturing process while utilizing shifted closable full bore sliding sleeves ports and consist of Reclosable CT Frac Sleeve (full bore cemented sleeve that could be opened closed unlimited number of times) Open hole hydraulic packers that isolates zones in case of uncemented completion CT Shifting Tool Harrier (CT tubing conveyed) Multistage Mechanical Packer Jackal (optional could be used in case of inability to close one of ports). Resettable packer could be activated in any part of liner with axial CT movements 10 000 psi rated. - . ( 2015) - () . . - () . . 1 Premium Port Jackal Figure 1 Premium Port Jackal BHA Opportunity to perform selective stimulations close ports if gas water breakthrough Controlled ports completion has been introduced relatively recently to Russian operators. Shifting port valves can be switched to different positions by means of the shifting tool run on the coiled tubing (for more information refer to koloda et al. 2015). Technology gives an opportunity to perform selective stimulations either at new wells or at wells in production perform kick-off put into production 14 1 (059) March 2017 2 Premium Port Jackal Figure 2 Example of well schematic while performing Premium Port Jackal operation . . . - - . - . . - . 3-1-2 ( ). ( 2) . . and test of one or several zones. Multi-position sliding sleeves are designed in manner to withstand unlimited number of open close cycles. Combination of tungsten carbide interior of ports and size of flow area allows achieving high flow rates during stimulation. Sliding sleeve consists of a body with through holes and the inner sleeve which functions as a door . The sleeve is moved within the housing so that at one end position the housing hole opens and closes at the other end position. Furthermore the seals between the housing and the inner sleeve maintains form the system integrity thus ensuring consistent and reliable operation during multiple manipulations over the life of a well. Inner sleeve is equipped with specially designed cavities that make it possible to manipulate ports with CT. Such technology gives an opportunity to perform selective stimulations either at new wells or at wells in production at the same time leaving an opportunity for operator to close ports if gas water breakthrough identified or if well intervention logging required. Technology provides operational time shortening when there is no need in seat ball milling CT could be used immediately for well Co without additional runs while full bore completion doesn t restrict any following well intervention no limits in number of stages. Treatment could be done in 3-1-2 sequence (Upper zone-lower zone-middle zone). That could be required in order to reduce time that the stimulation fluids stay in the middle reservoir which has the highest porosity and permeability. That service enables maximized wellbore coverage and reservoir contact to increase production and recovery by achieving maximum control of fracture placement sizing and conductivity. Premium Port Jackal 114 3 Premium Port Jackal Figure 3 Comparison of fractures distribution along horizontal well left Premium Port Jackal right standard MSF technology Integrated approach in MSF with CT in the well Technology Premium Port Jackal implies fullbore liners 4.5 or 5.5 and can be used both in the 15 1 (059) March 2017 TECHNoloGIES 140 . FracGuard . . Jackal . HARRIER tool . . . FracGuard ( ) ( .) ( ) ( .) 4 FracGuard Figure 4 Specially designed FracGuard WHCT protector cemented or uncemented options. Sleeves are activated with CT with following stimulation through CT-frac string annulus. Presence of special FracGuard tree saver allows simultaneous rig-up of coiled tubing and fracturing equipment. Isolation of consecutive stages could be performed by closing of previous sleeve. Thus the resettable mechanical packer Jackal could be used as an additional tool in the case of the impossibility of isolation fracturing stage by closing the sleeve. A distinctive feature of the technology is its modularity and the ability to open and close the sleeve with the same HARRIER tool CT or tubing conveyed. Thus the opening closing cycles could be carried out unlimited number of times without additional CT runs. The main advantages of the technology achieved by coordinating multiple services (completion coiled tubing and fracturing) into one offering by Schlumberger Are extensive international experience of MSF with this technology and successful experience in the Russian Federation Are technologically unlimited number of frac stages Possess an ability to select detailed Fracture initiation points in case of utilizing of cemented liner Have fullbore construction - no need for drilling seats balls Give the possibility of selective re-fracturing in previously unstimulated zones Have a FracGuard wellhead CT protector allowing to produce fracturing without CT PooH to surface Demonstrate ability to record BHP with memory gauges while hydraulic fracturing Undertake in-depth risk assessment and integrated approach in the preparation of a joint work plan 16 1 (059) March 2017 Premium Port Jackal Premium Port Jackal 1 () 2 () 3 - Jackal - - - - - - Jackal () - - - - - - 4 () Premium Port Jackal ( 114 . 6). Harrier . Jackal . - . 6 - 120 . - . - . - - . . (Completion CT Stimulation) resulting in minimizing of risks at work Provide hardware compatibility (example compatibility of dimension-types of downhole and wellhead equipment for all three services compatibility of main job parameters acquisition systems) Show ability to apply any management of change in quick and safe manner during operation agreed with all three services (result a reduction of operational time) Reduce operational footprint by utilizing integrated planning approach 5 Premium Port Jackal Figure 5 Wellsite layout while performing Premium Port Jackal operations Description of work flow for Premium Port Jackal technology CT works with Premium Port Jackal technology can be divided into several process steps RUN 1 Drifting Milling (optional) RUN 2 Cleaning wellbore with junk basket (optional) RUN 3 operating Premium ports hydraulic fracturing without packer Jackal integrity test - opening port - injection test - stimulation - port closure - Co - opening the next port with packer Jackal (optional) opening port - setting of packer - i njection test - stimulation - resetting of packer above the port - Co - opening the next port RUN 4 Nitrogen lifting final Co (optional) CT bottomhole assembly (BHA) for Premium Port Jackal operation is a modular system that includes the basic components and components that can be included as optional (BHA sample for 4.5 liner shown in Fig. 6). So the main components of the BHA are Connector Disconnector Emergency circulation port 1 (059) March 2017 17 TECHNoloGIES 6 114 Premium Port Jackal Jackal () Figure 6 Example of BHA schematic for 4.5 casing left without packer right with packer Jackal (optional) . -. - . . ( ) ( ). . . . . 2 5 18 . 620 . 50 8 3 175 50 8 5 18 . 50 8 Harrier shifting tool Bull nozzle optional components Centralizer Jar accelerator Agitator Downhole pressure gauge Jackal packer with a circulation port Shifting tool shown at pic.6 activates by pumping fluid at the predetermined rate which triggers the extendable latches (phased 120 deg). The bottomhole assembly is the picked up (to shift open) or lower down (to shift close) to engage the valve sleeve. The nozzle selection is performed during function test at surface by doing circulating test and recording pumping rates vs. circulating pressures then the required pumping rates and expected surface pressure are determined to activate the shifting tool latches. Coiled tubing surface weight change is used as a main indicator during shifting. During picking up CT (shift to open position) the overpull is observed at surface. Then the pumping rate is reduced and the tool is run below the valve following by increasing the pumping rate expands the latches following by CT pick up. This is done several times to verify that the sleeve is shifted to the desired position. Injectivity test is then performed (to verify the premium-port is shift in open position) or pressure integrity test (if all the valves are switched to close position). while performing such type of jobs it s important to pay attention to the preparation and possible logistic constrains. The primary objective of design phase is correct determination of required coiled tubing size. CT tubing forces simulator was used for accurate CT design. That module allowed making a coiled tubing design to 7 1.75 44 45 2 50 8 Figure 7 Example of annual flow velocity analysis for standard well top to bottom for 1.75 CT for 2 CT 18 1 (059) March 2017 . (. 7) 16 30 76 2 (250 ft min) 1.75 44 45 470 (2.95 bpm) 2 50 8 435 (2.7 bpm). . Premium Port Jackal . (. 8) 1000 () . achieve maximum reach in particular wells. A number of important criteria were satisfied when designing the CT string Pipe bending stiffness which postpones helical buckling was increased by using 2-in. CT with maximum wall thickness (wT) of 0.204-in. in the uppermost section. The chosen CT string yield limit (90 000 psi) was inside the operational edge. optimum taper and pipe size of 2 in. x 0.125 to 2 in. x 0.204 in. was chosen. on the one hand chose of 2 CT has been made in view of the long horizontal section of the well and on the other hand it was carried out the analysis of the flow rate in the small annulus CT tubing needed for Co in case of So. Software results (Fig. 7) showed that the optimal flow rate for Co the annulus from 16 30 proppant fraction with annular velocity of 250 ft min in case of using 1.75 CT could be achieved at 2.95 bpm and using 2 CT is achieved at a flow rate of fluid 2.7 bpm. As it was stated earlier it is important to foresee necessity of using of all available methods of getting 8 3d- Figure 8 3d hole survey for standard well in RF 50 (. 9). 250 (. 9). . 9 Premium Port Jackal ) 1 ) c) Figure 9 Weight indicator plot during Premium Port Jackal operation from top to bottom a) RUN 1 after well completion b) RUN after N2 KO without agitator c) RUN after N2 KO with agitator 1 (059) March 2017 19 TECHNoloGIES 10 Premium Port Jackal ) ) Figure 10 CoilLIFE plot during Premium Port Jackal operation from top to bottom a) Predicted CoilLIFE b) actual CoilLIFE additional reach (optimal taper and CT pipe size friction reducers straightening downhole agitators buoyancy reduction flowing fluid. Modular BHA system when working with Premium Port Jackal system allows including number of additional modules such as agitators. For one of the well with a complex profile (Fig. 8) and horizontal section length of more than 1000 m TFM calculation showed the need of agitator (vibrator) usage. Usage of which allowed to reach TD without utilizing any other methods of getting additional reach. During the first CT run after well completion standard coefficient of friction (FC) was confirmed matching of predicted and actual weight indicator data confirmed the possibility of reaching TD with 2 CT without lockup (Fig. 9). However after nitrogen kick-off and well flowing FC increased which led to complications in reaching TD locking in the final 250 m (Fig. 9b). Thus during subsequent CT run after nitrogen kick-off agitator was added to BHA. The graph (Fig. 9c) shows that the CT easily reaching TD without lock up with indication of agitator working during last 250 m even with increased FC. Another object of the analysis of the use of CT should be assessment of potential CT wearing during operation. Integrated Schlumberger CT wear analysis system CoilCADECoillife can accurately predict the fatigue CT wear (Fig. 10) and an integrated approach to the work in turn helps reduce both fatigue and erosive wear of CT. Therefore after a 20-stage fracturing job CT wear 11 Premium Port Jackal Figure 11 Actual CT erosive wear after Premium Port Jackal operation (. 9c) 250 . . CoilCADECoillife (. 10) . 20- ( ) 3 3% (. 11). Premium Port Jackal 12 Premium Port Jackal Jackal Figure 12 CT operational plot during operating of Premium Port from top to bottom without Jackal packer with Jackal packer 20 1 (059) March 2017 . 2016 - Premium Port 20 . 120 5 - 2 6 . . DH did not reach more than 3.3% (Fig. 11). Experience of Premium Port Jackal technology application in Russian Federation over the time Russian oil and gas companies are making more demands for technical and technological aspects of MSF where determinant factors became number of stages length of horizontal part of the well possibility to re-frac and open close ports after well put into production. At the end of 2016 two wells completed at Russian Federation with Premium Port Jackal MSF technology Number of stages ports without change of BHA 20 ea Proppant quantity without change of BHA 120.5 t Number of So cleaned out without additional CT run 2 stages ports Maximum frac stages per 24 hours 6 stages ports This experience has shown the applicability and cost-effectiveness of this technology especially in the well where a significant number of frac stages required possible water gas breakthroughs or wells that could require re-frac in future. . - (ICoTA) . (ICoTA-) - . . - . . . 1 (059) March 2017 21 TECHNoloGIES 22 1 (059) March 2017 Russian chapter of the intervention and coiled tubing association nonprofit Partnership coiled tubing technologies development center NP CTTDC 5 1 224 119017 7 499 788 91 24 7 (916) 512 70 54 7 499 788 91 19 -mail info Contact information 5 1 Pyzhevsky lane suite 224 119017 Moscow Russian federation telephone 7 499 788 91 24 7 (916) 512 70 54 fax 7 499 788 91 19 -mail info 1 (059) March 2017 23 . (ICoTA-) (ICoTA) . ICoTA- ____________________________ - ______________________________ _______________________ __________ - ______________________________ _____________________________ ___________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ _________________________ __________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________ ________________________ 7 499 788 91 19 e-mail info 24 1 (059) March 2017 1 (059) March 2017 25 () . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. - . BairaMoV a. MYrKo F. BElYaEV d. MiNdEroV EWS a. iliCHEV a. VolKoV Slavneft-Megionneftegaz . introduction In the last few year oil and gas production companies . perform big amount of multistage fracturing operations in horizontal wells. with time most of the wells required repeated stimulation due to decrease of production. And here the question arises for refracturing operations and selection technology which will be efficient quick and . less expensive for the client. NCS Multistage Current well stock in which the MSF was performed Unlimited 2016 (Multistage fracturing) require a special approach in () case of re-fracturing since it is necessary to selectively SpotFrac stimulate precisely the intervals in which re-fracturing . will be effective. where pin point stimulation with possibility isolation is required one does not stimulate perforated intervals. MSF technology is also widely used in Public SpotFrac Company Slavneft-Megionneftegas and the SpotFrac necessity re-fracturing operations is not less acute. NCS Multistage Unlimited In 2016 due to this Public Company Slavneft( Megionneftegas and EWS llC together with NCS ). Multistage unlimited conducted pilot projects of re fracturing the existing wells by SpotFrac technology. General information about SpotFrac . technology SpotFrac system is an exclusive development of NCS Multistage Unlimited (the official distributor - . in Russian Federation is EWS llC). This is a quick and economically profitable way to restore the well production by re-fracturing ineffective intervals and adding new frac stages where it is required. Run on tubing system can perforate stimulate and isolate several ( ). intervals though one round-trip operation. . Key Features . Adding new intervals for fracturing by performing SJP (sand jet perforation). Spot feeding minimizes the flow rate and the required . rate of injection. . No need in any tool for flow diversion To set unset the packer and change perforating frac SpotFrac Progressive Experience for Selective Re-fracturing with SpotFrac Technology 26 1 (059) March 2017 . . . . . . . SpotFrac . . . SpotFrac . 8 12 . . 2 1 2 2014 . SpotFrac . ( 1) ( 2). . 1 3 . 1 1 Figure 1 Planning zones for refracturing in well 1 modes you need only one motion tubing up down. No need to drop orpump balls. Pressure equalization system of proprietary design for easy release of packer. The depth of the tool is correlated with a help of unique one-piece collar locator. Hydraulic holder stabilizes the upper part of the assembly during operation. operations For re-stimulation of existing perforated intervals or open ports MSF completion isolating part of the assembly is positioned so it could cover the perforated area. After setting the packer frac port on the tool will open up. when the interval is isolated fracturing is performed down the tubing. when frac is done moving tubing up equalizes pressure closes frac ports and returns packer to its original position. Then the SpotFrac assembly is moved to the next zone which needs to be stimulated. Features of technology Unlike chemical flow diverters mechanical insulation helps to ensure a spot stimulation of certain interval. New zones could be added easily and quickly using sub for SJP. with SpotFrac assembly positioned at the desired interval before the packer is set the abrasive mixture should be pumped through tubing perforating through nozzles. It usually takes 8 to 12 minutes to cut the casing cement and rock. Then the packer is set to isolate the section and fracturing is performed the same way as the re-stimulation intervals. the objective For the operation of re-fracturing 2 candidate wells have been selected - 1 and 2 on which in 2014 MSF had been done but in spite of decrease of production there was a good potential for additional prodiction. Both wells were completed with ball drop completion and it was required primarily to prepare well for SpotFrac operations. To prepare well for performing works a complex of operations was carried out by CT fleet (well 1) and workover team (well 2). CT fleet has carried out clea nout and reaming of the wellbore workover team performed milling of the frac sleeves and reaming of the wellbore. on well 1 3 round trips of the tool were performed. 1 (059) March 2017 27 TECHNoloGIES During every trip SJP was performed followed by fracturing. on well 2 through one round trip of SpotFrac tool on tubing workover team has carried out successively 3 stages of SJP followed by fracturing. like when performing works on well 1 isolation of intervals was produced by sealing elements of SpotFrac tool. 2 1 Figure 2 Sand-jet perforation first zone on well 1 1 1 Table 1 Working fracturing parameters on well 1 stage 1 2 3 . 3 Max mixture rate m3 min 3 0 3 0 3 0 . Average frac pressure atm 270 320 276 Volume of proppant tn 28 24 6 25 results and Conclusions Re-stimulation of wells 1 and 2 using re-frac technology SpotFrac allowed to greatly increase average daily production rate of wells. The application of new technologies as well as successful performing of re-fracturing works allowed to carry out operations in wells with complicated design and geologic specifications. The main . 2 SpotFrac 3 . 1 2 SpotFrac . - . . - . 3 1 Figure 3 Fracturing first zone on well 1 2 2 Table 2 Working fracturing parameters on well 2 stage 1 2 3 . 3 Max mixture rate m3 min 2 1 2 1 2 1 . Average frac pressure atm 220 250 235 Volume of proppant tn 11 2 14 14 aspect of this technology is to increase the operating time of well as well as increase oil recovery factor by involving additional intervals of oil-filled reservoirs not previously involved. The results of these well operations suggests a new level of directional spot re-fracturing and will allow to restore production levels in wells where in the last few years multi-stage fracturing was carried out. 28 1 (059) March 2017 1 (059) March 2017 29 30 1 (059) March 2017 Oil and Gas of Ukraine . 30 . - . -- - - IT-. . . . . . pdf. he monthly analytical report oil and Gas of Ukraine and the weekly oil and Gas Bulletin are the projects by Newfolk oil and Gas Consulting Center that renders marketing information and consulting services. we completed more than 30 successful projects for the development and modernization of the Ukrainian producing companies. our recommendations provided more than a dozen of top managers with the opportunity to find a new job in the Ukrainian market. Among our readers are managers top-managers and experts of companies that hold an interest in cooperating with the leading players of the oil and gas market experienced technicians of producing and service companies educational institutions that train specialists for the oil and gas sector oil and gas public and private companies research institutes law firms and IT companies. Editorial policy principles are as follows dialogueopenness and objectivity. the monthly analytical report oil and Gas of Ukraine publishes the opinions of foreign and Ukrainian experts of the oil and gas market in an interview format think pieces and analytical reports on the technologies applied. our publications contain a weekly review of the oil and gas market news the key events of the foreign energy market forecasts and statistical reports of the oil and gas market including production performance review photo reports of important oil and gas conferences and announcements of the upcoming events. the weekly oil and Gas Bulletin is a key article reviewing the most important events of the week selecting news from different news agencies as referred to the fountainhead as well as attractive infographics and statistics. The monthly analytical report oil and Gas of Ukraine appears once a month oil and Gas Bulletin comes out on Sundays. Publications are sent to subscribers by email in pdf format. we encourage the themed issues that answer relevant to the oil and gas industry questions and are open for further cooperation Sincerely yours Andrey Zakrevskiy Newfolk Oil and Gas Consulting Center Director General T 1 (059) March 2017 31 TECHNoloGIES oUR SPECIAl GUEST . Company s Experience of Applying Coiled Tubing Technologies to Well Stimulation. Overview and Methodology .. - - a. MoSKVitiN Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences deputy head of design and technology department region llC . . () - . Matrix acidizing is the most widely used well stimulation technology worldwide Coiled tubing units gained widespread currency when doing acid treatment. Using coiled tubing (CT) enables effective placement of acid blends in proximity to perforations and carrying out a selective treatment of the target intervals in case of a simultaneous operation of the production intervals with different reservoir properties. methodology for Preparation and handling acid treatment using coiled tubing when analyzing the experience of the leading service oil and gas companies it can be concluded that for the successful implementation of acid treatment to enhance hydrocarbon inflow into the well first of all one is required to Identify the type of formation damage of the target well further design handling technology and acid mixture with additives to dissolve the damage. determining the type of Formation damage At the initial stage of operation plan preparation one is required to determine the cause of unsatisfactory well performance. For this purpose data acquisition and analysis on the well candidate and neighboring wells is to be done. Unavoidable steps at this stage analysis of well drilling process analysis of logging data in the openhole analysis of logging data interpretation results including table of layers analysis re-interpretation of logging data in open hole calculating the porosity permeability water saturation picking target intervals picking water- . . - . 32 1 (059) March 2017 . ( ) . . (. . 1 ) . ( ) ( ) (. ) . . . (. 1) saturated horizons re-interpretation of logging data and well testing data conducted at the stage of well operation field data analysis. It should be noted that any operation in a well (drilling cementing perforation production well workover stimulation) can cause a potential formation damage. let us consider the basic mechanisms of damage while drilling and cementing. Drilling mud and cement filtrate may result in formation of a polymer cake (see Fig. 1. and p. washing-out perforation interval and tubing with foam solution) changing in rock wettability clay swelling and dispersion migration of dispersed rock fine particles. 1 Figure 1 A sample of the degraded polymer xanthan film Moreover the penetration of the solid phase causes plugging of the pore channels and the system of natural fractures by weighting agent particles (e.g. barite marble chips) slurry bridging agents (e.g. organic materials marble chips) (see p. Demulsifying solution for the inverter oil-in-water emulsion) cement particles. Penetration of drilling mud or cement mortar as a whole system into a reservoir is a severe damage and may require a deeper treatment such as hydraulic fracturing or multi-stage treatment with several cycles of removing various kinds of damage. when planning operations such as perforation and well workover it should be kept in mind that perforation fluid well workover fluid should be consistent with the rock formation fluids and possible filtrate of drilling mud or cement mortar. among the widespread damage caused by perforation fluid well workover fluid are formation of a polymer crust (see Fig. 1) changing in rock wettability clay swelling and dispersion migration of dispersed rock fine particles formation of emulsions with formation fluids and filtrate of drilling mud or cement mortar (see Fig.2 and p. Demulsifying solution for the inverter oil-inwater emulsion) 1 (059) March 2017 33 TECHNoloGIES oUR SPECIAl GUEST (. . 2 ) (. ) . . (. . 2 ). . ( ) ( ). . ( 1 2 ) () . formation of insoluble precipitates (see p. washingout perforation interval and tubing with foam solution) penetration and plugging of the pore channels and the system of natural fractures by particles inadvertently injected from the surface. to prevent the latter two kinds of damage one is required to control over reagents while preparing solutions and the purity of equipment used to prepare solutions. Sources of damage are also rock particles that penetrate and plug pore channels and the system of natural fractures rock compactification when perforating unbroken gel emulsion used to temporarily block the reservoir when killing a well (see Fig. 2 and p. Demulsifying solution for the inverter oil-in-water emulsion). During production stage migration of fine rock particles can cause pluging of the pore channels and or system of natural fractures. Also reason for 2 Figure 2 A sample of a stable emulsion formed within well workover fluid interaction with failed acid composition well performance deterioration can be related to organic sediments (paraffins asphaltenes) inorganic sediments (salts of iron calcium and magnesium potassium sodium mostly carbonates and chlorides that are well acid soluble). Following well data analysis the cause for unsatisfactory well performance is to be clarified. If the reason is due to colmatation of the near-field zone (about 1 2 m) of the bottom-hole area (BHA) this well is a potential candidate for the acid treatment. - . . (. development of acid composition formulation The next step is to establish based on laboratory tests whether the revealed BHA damage is soluble in any acid or mixture of acids. If that is the case acid composition formulation is to be developed considering geotechnical conditions of the well. By and large if a reservoir is represented by carbonate rock (see p. Retarded acid composition to treat carbonate reservoir at high reservoir temperature and p. Acid formation treatment 209 m3 34 1 (059) March 2017 209 3 ) . . . . - ( ) ( ) . - . . of acid solution) the more effective will be the acid treatment which is primarily aimed at the dissolution of the reservoir rock and etching new conductance channels bypassing the existing damage. If sandstone reservoir one is required to develop acid composition formulation and treatment technology aimed at the very damage as acid solubility of the rock is low. When planning the laboratory tests it shall be provided development of treatment fluid formulation modeling of interaction between treatment fluids with possible colmatants formation and formation fluids compatibility testing of treatment fluids with formation fluids. When developing treatment fluids formulations individual characteristics of each well are to be taken into account. the composition of treatment fluids depending on the revealed causes of the poor well performance and its geotechnical features may include acids (hydrochloric hydrofluoric organic acids) dissolution kinetics retardants acid corrosion inhibitors fluid rheology modifiers surfactants (ionic and non-ionic) special demulsifying agents reagents to control over iron compounds clay swelling inhibitors. Acid treatment requires establishing the nature of damage damage acid solubility geological and technical feasibility of damage removal without risk to initiate the new damage. The main active components of the solution can be hydrochloric acid mud acid mixtures of organic acids and combinations thereof. development of Job handling technology and Preparation of a detailed operation Plan well-designed program of additives and treatment technology minimize risks of well performance deterioration caused by applying acid composition. Concept of activities scheduled is to be developed at the stage of preparing a detailed operation plan and includes calculations of mechanical and hydraulic loads on coiled tubing tubing string and production casing including the coiled tubing weight (when roundtrip operations in treatment fluids including gas and nitrogen) calculations of coiled tubing elongation due to mechanical stress thermal expansion and under the pressure modeling of pumping of treatment fluids into coiled tubing and calculations of pressure distribution . 1 (059) March 2017 35 TECHNoloGIES oUR SPECIAl GUEST ( - ) . - . . along coiled tubing tubing and production casing under different technological modes of pumping for each stage of job reservoir hydromechanics modeling to select the optimal values of solutions volumes pumping units performance magnitude of the reservoir repression depression. when developing treatment fluids formulations and treatment technology follow the rule damage determines the selection of the main active reagents and treatment technology geotechnical conditions in the well determine program of additives and may also affect treatment technology. Below are some examples of operations that have been carried out by Region. demulsifying solution for the inverter oil-in-water emulsion A hydrocarbon-based inverter emulsion with marble chips as a bridging agent was used during well workover. After being developed the well failed to reach the expected flow rate. The main characteristics of the well are Target horizon sandstone Target interval 5526 5586 m Reservoir temperature 132 Reservoir pressure 27.9 P Complex formulations have been developed for BHA treatment washing-out perforation interval and bath installation under pressure which effectively destroy the emulsion clean colmatant from hydrocarbon film and dissolve marble chips. Using nitrogen allowed washing-out wells with demulsifying composition without creating reservoir repression and efficient well development in a short time. key characteristics of job Solution volumes 5 m3 Maximum injection pressure 21 P Performance of pumping units while injecting nitrogen 10 35 m3 min while injecting fluids 70 100 l min Treatment time 24 h As a result of job done well flow rate grew by 25%. -. . 5526 5586 132 27 9 . . . 5 3 21 10 35 3 70 100 washing-out Perforation interval and tubing with foam solution The main causes of damage are several accidents while drilling led to a long filtration of drilling mud (see Fig. 3) perforation fluid was inconsistent with well conditions which caused sludge formation. well main characteristics are Target horizon sandstone Target treatment interval 5 561 5 571 m 5 576 5 597 m Reservoir temperature 139 Reservoir pressure 35 P Region proposed to use a combination of foam 36 1 (059) March 2017 24 . 25%. (. 3) . 5561 5571 5576 5597 139 35 . . . (. 4). . 120 3 2 3 3 3. 20 . 10 25 3 70 100 46 . 3 Figure 3 A sample of degraded under formation conditions drilling mud filtrate solutions and fluids for BHA treatment washingout perforation interval and bath installation under pressure. Using foam solutions allowed washingout well before and after the acid bath installation without creating reservoir repression in deep-lying target horizons opened through perforation with reservoir pressures below hydrostatic pressure. To create stable foam under high temperatures 4 150 Figure 4 A sample of stable foam for well treatments under high formation temperature up to 150 C the company used a specially designed of several surfactants composition (see Fig. 4). Moreover using foam allowed substantial reduction in the amount of nitrogen to handle operations. key characteristics of job handling Solution volumes for washing-out with foam 120 m3 foam-acid washing-out 2 m3 acid bath 3 m3 Maximum injection pressure 20 P Performance of pumping units while injecting nitrogen 10 25 m3 min while injecting fluids 70 100 l min Treatment time 46 h . . Retarded acid composition to treat carbonate Reservoir at high Reservoir temperature Prior to job commencement the well consistently showed the flow rate below expectations. The main factor of formation damage is using solutions 1 (059) March 2017 37 TECHNoloGIES oUR SPECIAl GUEST 5143 5260 (117 ) 145 76 . (. 5 6) 82 15%- . 23 3 43 50 60 8 . . . 52%. 5 - Figure 5 Samples of the simulative core to determine the parameters of the kinetics of dissolution of the designed retarded acid composition in heatproof and corrosion-resistant cell of high temperature thermochemical reactor 6 Figure 6 A sample of the simulative core surface after modeling interaction of the retarded acid composition under formation conditions composed of biopolymer that decomposes at high temperature with forming a film on the surface of the pores barite used as a weighting agent. Target horizon limestone Target treatment interval 5 143 5 260 m (117 m) Formation temperature 145 Formation pressure 76 P To dissolve polymer film off the surface of the rock pores and etch the rock to remove the barite Region developed acid solution composition to treat carbonate reservoirs (see Fig. 5 and Fig. 6) which spending time is 82 times less compared to the spending time of 15% hydrochloric acid solution. key characteristics of job handling Acid solution volume 23 m3 Maximum injection pressure 43 P Performance of pumping units while punching solution into the formation 50 60 l min Treatment time 8 h To control over the well when operating with coiled tubing the company implemented simultaneous injection of brine into the annular space between the tubing and coiled tubing with output throttling. Using retarded acidic solution significantly increased acid solution volume without reducing its solubility and as 209 3 9 3 . . 2568 2991 (423 ) 67 13 2 . 20 3 . . 209 3. 24 . 38 1 (059) March 2017 7 Figure 7 Well schematic before and after waterproofing operations 400 . 9 . 10 . . . a consequence increased formation treatment depth. As a result of job done well flow rate grew by 52%. acid formation treatment 209 m3 of acid solution Before job commencement the well operated through pressure accumulation up to 9.3 MPa. Prolonged intensive using of the well caused the accumulation of salt sediments in production string and BHA as well as rock particles in the pore channels and reservoir cracks with natural branched crack system. well main characteristics are Target horizon limestone Target treatment interval 2 568 2 991 m (423 m) Formation temperature 67 Formation pressure 13.2 P Placement of the treatment acid fluids was carried out portionwise of 20 m3 into various filter intervals for selective treatment of target intervals. Improvement of selective treatment effectiveness was due to technology of alternating batches of gelled and non-gelled acid. Acid solution volume 209 m3 Maximum injection pressure 24 P Performance of pumping units while punching solution into the formation 400 l min Treatment time 9 h This treatment enabled to receive a constant gas flow under flowing surface pressure of 10 MPa. The above methodology can be used for other types of operations using coiled tubing. let us consider as an example waterproofing operations and installation of coiled tubing as production string. c 3 4- (. 7). . - . . . . water shutoff in the well with two-row lift using hydrocarbon-based micro cement After the forced shutdown of horizons above the packer in the well with double string the three of four perforation intervals watered out (see Fig. 7a). Formation fluid energy of the upper of the above 1 (059) March 2017 39 TECHNoloGIES oUR SPECIAl GUEST . () . - ( ) ( ) . . . Velocity String ( Reeled Completion). (Velocity String ). Velocity String . . . Velocity String . . 60 . 0 2 3 . 3 5 4 3 . perforation intervals was not enough to remove all the fluid flowing into the well. The well was filled with the formation fluid above the packer up to well head thus creating a dangerous emergency situation of packer depressurization and well suspension for a long time to be restored. To handle waterproofing operations Region proposed to install a cement bridge under pressure to press through grouting material consisting of hydrocarbon-based micro cement into flooded perforation intervals. Using coiled tubing enabled to place the said cement slurry directly in front of target perforation intervals. Carefully designed technology of injection and preparation of cement slurry made it possible to avoid cement slurry jelling and lift coiled tubing to the surface in a safe way. operations done resulted in water flow discontinuation into the annulus above the packer and enabled to restore well smooth operation with perforation interval above the packer. well completion using coiled tubing as Production string velocity string A large number of Ukraine s fields are at the final stage of development which is marked by low reservoir pressure (flow rate) and therefore low wellhead pressure. This in turn leads to the inability of fluid removal out of the well due to insufficient fluid flow rate and as a consequence to the need for frequent (every few days) forced fluid removal (nitrogen or gas purging) out of BHA. In some cases the solution to this problem may be tubing substitution for pipe string of smaller diameter. This however requires more time and additional financial resources to mobilize personnel and equipment workover rig installation tubing round-trip operations dismantling and demobilization. The real alternative to tubing substitution is using coiled tubing (CT) Velocity String (or Reeled Completion). Velocity String well completion technology enables to maintain wellhead pressure at the level required for continuous well operation under fluid flow rate in the underground lift equipment that is sufficient to remove fluid. The advantage of this technology compared to tubing substitution is that it saves time and means to mobilize equipment allows coiled tubing landing into the well completion and demobilization of equipment. All of these operations in case of well completion using coiled tubing take 3 days and more. It should also be noted that Velocity String installation can be made in non-killed well which positively affects porosity and permeability properties of reservoir rock. To illustrate the results of the application of the above technology let us give an example of using coiled tubing as production string. 40 1 (059) March 2017 35 . 3 1 3 (0 1 3 0 9 3 ). . . . - . Before job commencement well operation was unstable - while operating with flowing wellhead pressure of 60 atm. At that fluid output out of the well was up to 0.2 m3. After 3 to 5 days it was necessary to blowoff the well fluid output out of the well averaged 4 m3 per each blowoff operation. Following job completion gas flow rate was 35 m3 day liquid output out of the well is about 1 m3 (0.1 m3 of water and 0.9 m3 of gas condensate). well operation is stable and requires no kicking. As can be seen from the overview performed using coiled tubing when acid treatment can improve treatment efficiency due to precise placement of acidic compounds in BHA damage interval and carry out selective treatment of less permeable layers of the reservoir. Moreover the methodology to prepare treatment concept can significantly increase the successfulness and effectiveness of acid treatments by selecting the proper strategy of damage combating on the basis of a comprehensive study of the reasons that led to a deterioration of the operating characteristics of the target well. At that a detailed laboratory study of the expected compositions of treatment fluids including acid solutions and their interaction with a core damage revealed formation fluids and products of previous treatments by in particular drilling mud filtrate and well workover fluids minimizes risks of deterioration of the reservoir properties following acid treatment. . 2003 . . 2009 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 . Our Reference Region is a dynamically developing international group of companies providing full range of services in drilling well workover well reworking and well stimulation worldwide. Region was founded in 2003. The company s reputation as a reliable partner was timeproved and is ensured by staff high professionalism compliance with international quality and safety standards applying innovative technologies and advanced equipment. Since 2009 all business processes are in full compliance with international standards as confirmed by internationally accepted certificates ISO 9001 Quality management system ISO 14001 Environmental management system OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. 1 (059) March 2017 41 TECHNoloGIES oUR SPECIAl GUEST 17- - Proceedings of the 17th international Scientific and Practical Coiled tubing Hydraulic Fracturing and Well intervention Conference ( 2) (Part 2) - CirP . . . () () . . () 1020 . 130 . 10 Coiled tubing-Conveyed Perforation with advanced Gun deployment System CirP in High-H2S High-Pressure Wells Rostislav Panferov Anton Burov Alexander Zhandin Gelu Ghioca Derek Boulter Schlumberger well completion and commissioning operations offshore present a variety of technical and operational challenges in the quest to maximize well productivity and optimize the economic value together with focus on safety. This is very relevant to the perforation operations performed in hostile and high-pressure reservoir conditions encountered in a complex development project in the Caspian basin. we provide description of the project and the innovative solution applied including challenges faced experience gained and lessons learned. To overcome challenges we selected electricline-enabled (e-line-enabled) coiled tubing (CT) for precise depth control and the latest advanced gun deployment system (CIRP) for conveyance of long gun strings under pressure. Innovative solutions implemented throughout the project included the perforation-shock-resistant bottomhole assembly (BHA) two independent emergency disconnects and tuned software to predict and evaluate shock load and dynamic underbalance. Some of the unique technical solutions were designedspecifically for this project high-pressure and H2S-rated connectors specialized tool deployment stack 15 000-psi working pressure 42 1 (059) March 2017 . . . - . 3 4 20 . . . . . . () . . . (). (-) . . 5.12-in. ID H2S-rated rounded scallop guns shockresistant electrical disconnect and high-tensile CT logging head disconnect weak points. To date more than 10 well commissioning operations were successfully completed with this innovative method e-line-enabled CT perforation under high pressure. This perforation technique proved to effectively minimize operational time associated risks improper equipment use and footprint on location. Such approach allowed safe and efficient perforation in a controlled well environment that resulted in accurate depth control and managed detonation shock load and overbalanced conditions which avoided any well fluid influx or H2S release. The developed solution required seamless integration of innovative techniques and hardware including e-line enabled CT the CT logging head the gun deployment system for pressurized well conditions wireline tools and specialized perforation equipment. The design was optimized to perforate the well in three or four runs at overbalanced condition (squeeze mode) in a single rig-up job instead of more than 20 wireline runs. Additionally the use of CT granted flexibility and increased operational safety to perform pumping operations for well displacement and well control injection of H2S scavenger and stimulation as per operator s plan Alexey Yudin without or with only partial rig-down. This is the first time that the described CT perforation operation using such techniques has been performed in the Caspian region. The experience demonstrates a method to safely and efficiently facilitate perforation jobs under challenging conditions in the future. Coiled tubing implementation to testing through multistage stimulation in Exploration well in Chayandisnkoe field Alexey Yudin Konstantin Burdin Schlumberger S. Kreknin M. Makarevich GGR Gazprom with reserves of over 1 trillion cubic meters Chayandinskoe oil gas and condensate field (oGCF) is one of the strategic fields in eastern Siberia. The field is currently in the exploration stage. Geological properties of the formations vary significantly and it is necessary to define appropriate methods of well construction and completion prior to switching to a field development stage. one of the prospective options is to implement hydraulic fracturing in lowpermeability areas of the Chayandinskoe. A pilot stimulation campaign was executed in 2015 2016 1 (059) March 2017 43 TECHNoloGIES (8 13 ) . . ( ). . ( 5 ) 3 2016 . . . . . . . . - - . (ACTive) FSI to test the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing in vertical wells and in one subhorizontal multilayer well. The geology of eastern Siberia formations is unique. In particular producing formations of Chayandinskoe field have extremely low temperatures (8 to 13 C) that require a principally different approach to fracturing fluid design compared to the majority of the operations in western Siberia. one challenge is to achieve a fluid that is stable but that can break within a few hours after the treatment. laboratory research was a significant part of the project preparatory stage enzyme breakers in particular were included to the recipe. Methane hydrate creation is another common challenge in these reservoirs special inhibitors under high concentrations were integrated within the fluid formulation. within two winter campaigns (a total of five fracturing stages) there were three wells stimulated. The khamakinskiy producing formation was tested in all three wells and the Botuobinskiy and Talakhskiy formations were tested in a subhorizontal well in 2016. Advanced logging suites were run in both the pilot and lateral holes of the wells to optimize fracture modeling and placement. This paper contains detailed description of the core and laboratory testing performed in the laboratory for fluid optimization. The specifics of completion of a subhorizontal well with a multistage stimulation assembly is described. In this well premium ports were used to allow for selective interval isolation. well cleanout and nitrogen kickoff via coiled tubing were done to minimize near-wellbore damage and prevent hydrate creation during fracturing fluid flowback. The flow profile was measured using a special multiphase imager run with fiber-optic-enabled coiled tubing. The conclusion of the initial campaign can be summarized as follows The engineering and laboratory support for fluid optimization played a key role in the project s success considering the complex geological environment and extremely low formation temperature. The completion of the well was adequate for the tasks 44 1 (059) March 2017 Hydraulically activated open hole packers reliably . isolated the intervals. The fracturing premium ports were reliably activated with coiled tubing. . Premium ports allowed targeted operations with selected fractures. Combining coiled tubing-deployed fiber . optics and a multiphase Konstantin Burdin flow scanning imager enabled reliable production logging results in a well with . complex trajectory and enabled confirmation of Non movable fluid at the bottom of well allowing the operator to address immediately the cleanup of the lowest zone Presence of multiphase flow in the well at the . port sections. The importance of an adequate well logging technique in the lateral section to determine the correct net pay and saturation of the . reservoir was shown. Good logging methods will provide the possibility to understand the potential deliverability of the well because in such laminated reservoirs even the pilot hole . may not provide the correct interpretation of the formation characteristics in the lateral. Coiled tubing nitrogen-enhanced cleanout and well flowback after fracturing is absolutely critical in reducing the potential of complications from (dtS) gas hydrate formation during the production . . . startup process of a gas or gas condensate well in . . a permafrost environment. Compared to all other stimulation techniques that have been tried in these reservoirs hydraulic propped fracturing proved effective in the low-permeability Talakhskiy and Botuobinskiy . ACTive formations. The khamakinskiy formation with a higher permeability also showed significant productivity increase when production was normalized to kh. . The project would not be a success without a 10 thorough preparatory stage and teamwork and coordination between all involved specialists considering the extreme timing restrictions of the operations remoteness and logistics challenges. . Experience of estimating injection Flow Profile in horizontal wells completed (Distributed Temperature Sensing DTS) with multistage Frac using Ct conveyed distributed temperature Sensing G. Malanya K. Butula K. Burdin M. Khaziev S. Kuzmin Schlumberger I. Kaeshkov M. Kremenetskiy Gazpromneft-NTC . The presentation describes an alternative 2010 method and successful experience of performed Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) survey () 1 (059) March 2017 45 TECHNoloGIES in non-cemented horizontal wells completed with multi-stage hydraulic fractures (HwMSF). . ACTive an optical fiber line located inside coiled tubing has been used as a temperature sensor that continuously recorded temperature changes along . the wellbore to identify fracture positions in the horizontal wellbore. More than 10 DTS surveys in three HwMSF were run before during ( and after re-frac treatments 2013). DTS in which a special chemical were used to divert new . hydraulic fractures from the existing propped fractures. The DTS survey Martin Rylance included the acquisition of temperature at three different stages during a shut-in period recording . a baseline during an injection test to record the injection profile and during warm-back period . to allocate zones (fractures) of flow behind the installed liner. Interpretation and visualization of DTS data using . internal software package allowed correlation with the reservoir model and the data acquired during the fracturing treatment. Ball type HwMSF completions systems are . used in conventional mid permeability reservoirs in Russia since 2010. one of the initial tasks for proper multi-stage re-frac planning is to determine an inflow profile of the well. There is a number of technical limitations in non-flowing HwMSF . wells including adequate production logging (Pl). The execution of multiphase Pl in HwMSF is quite expensive and needs thorough preparation the milling of the balls and seats cleaning the wellbore from debris and proppant. The conditions in the field did not allow to do a standard Pl measurement so DTS was selected. The temperature interpretation with recorded DTS data too is not simple as typically there is . insufficient temperature change in the horizontal . section between shut-in and flowing periods of a well and the interpretation of inflow profile DTS becomes quite complex. The process implemented allowed the . interpretation of acquired data in order to build the injection profile and find the previously stimulated zones and the newly initiated hydraulic fractures. . The method provided quantitative but also a qualitative estimation on the performance of each BP Russia frac port and allowed to investigate the behavior of the well during shut-in including better estimate of reservoir temperature and pressure. . DTS studies of HwMSF during the injection test haven t only confirmed its applicability performance and reliability for the given tasks . but also allowed to perform an optimization 46 1 (059) March 2017 . .. . . . . . . Energy Group . . . Energy Group Energy Group . . . API 5ST. Energy Group . - - 2009 . . . 90% . of the first ever re-fracturing treatments in conventional reservoirs using a novel multistage re-fracturing diverting technology and gave better understanding of the reservoir behavior. New techniques of DTS data interpretation such as the evaluation and visualization of wellbore fluid level decrease to estimate the reservoir pressure have been developed. Unconventional approaches to Conventional Formations. Ct to the rescue Martin Rylance BP Russia The report presents the information about the so-called oil pyramid and the current position of Russia and the USA on this pyramid. It contains the facts that Russia produces the majority of its oil and gas from conventional reservoirs while the USA from unconventional ones. That s why the number of fracturing jobs in the USA is great as well as the number of refracs . In Russia the situation is different i.e. the number of fracturing operations is relatively small in comparison with the USA. The main idea and message of the report is to use vast experience acquired by American oilmen in the field of fracturing on the conventional fields of Russia to design prepare and perform fracturing jobs properly so there will be no need in refracs . Because if there is a need in refrac that means that fracturing operation was performed badly. Coiled tubing can help to achieve these goals providing high-tech and efficient means of fracturing. Coiled tubing. localization in russia Matt Shultz Energy Group Russia and CIS coiled tubing market is mature and growing something that is not reflected in the current coiled tubing supply chain. A short reliable supply chain will directly affect clients operational and financial efficiency and expansion of the local coiled tubing market. That s why the Energy Group presents the following solution localize dedicated Coiled Tubing production The Energy Group is in the process of developing a Coiled Tubing plant in krasnoturinsk Russia The New plant is based on experience gained at Uraltrubmash but located in a purpose-built facility with state-of-the-art mill and build-up line. localize steel production Develop a steel alloy with all the properties that would allow tubes to meet API 5ST standards The Energy Group coordinates a working group consisting with the goal of developing a steel alloy tailored to coiled tubing specifications. New russian Plant Will Have Manufactured Coiled tubing Ravil Enikeev FracJet-Volga FracJet-Volga Group was established in 2009 1 (059) March 2017 47 TECHNoloGIES - 2015 . 2016 . 15 . . . 2017 . 25 4 88 9 9000 API 5ST . . . . Weatherford . . widePak oneTrip Straddle Packer ( 114 3 59 7 ) . . - . TruFrac ISo Retrievable Bridge Plug . . 2016 - Plug & Perf - . 1) 2) 3) (). . by oil and gas professionals for the purpose of providing oilfield services. Business dimensions drilling of oil and gas wells establishing field infrastructure well workover hydraulic fracturing coiled tubing technologies. CT is a process tool and requires regular replacement. Currently more than 90% of coiled tubes on the Russian market are imported ones and possible extension of sanctions might jeopardize the development of the oil sector especially in terms of producing hard-torecover reserves. Having an understanding of the Ravil Enikeev market situation FracJetVolga launched a CT manufacturing project in 2015. Construction of the tube-manufacturing factory has started in special economic area Uzlovaya in Tula region in 2016. Production facility will cover the area of 15 thousand square meters and will contain automated production line destructive and nondestructive test laboratories. The manufacturing process is planned to be launched late 2017. The factory will manufacture tubes from 25.4 mm to 88.9 mm in diameter and up to 9.000 meters long compliant with API 5ST standard in Russia. Capacity of the first phase of the factory with a single-ship operation will be enough to meet the needs of the Russian market. Two-shift operation will allow meeting the demand of the CIS. Second phase will allow supplying products to India and Middle East. isolation operations with dual Packer Systems and Plugs Igor Smirnov Weatherford The issue of the possibility of hydraulic fracturing ports isolation is raised from time to time. The presentation contained information on the tool meant for shutting off the non-tight parts. This tool is a straddle packer system. widePak one-Trip Straddle Packer was designed to ensure the maximum possible drift diameter (for example for the 114.3-mm tubing the drift diameter is 59.7 mm) since the system is set and retrieved in one trip. Besides this there exists a system that is set and retrieved in two trips. In this system the drift diameter is smaller due to the tool connecting the upper and lower packer. Second part of the presentation was dedicated to plugs TruFrac composite plug that is used for multi-stage fracking in wells with conventional completion and ISo Retrievable Bridge Plug that is used for shutting off the underlying producing formations. These tools are widely used abroad and are proven in the service market. 48 1 (059) March 2017 3 4- 4- . 102 89 . . . . - . Plug & Perf . Plug & Perf (102 ) (monobore). ( ) . . . . ( . ) Ball-Free technology of Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing with Coiled tubing application Kamil Karimov Packer Service LLC In June 2016 as part of trial works Packer Service llC has successfully applied Plug & Perf technology with the CT at the field belonging to Bashneft-Dobycha llC. This technology envisages running BHA into the wellbore setting a composite drillable plug and conducting hydraulic jet perforation. All these operations are done during one CT trip. The speaker presented the Kamil Karimov rationale for the selected technology showed well construction design described the technology and the principles of bottomhole equipment selection. The speaker dwelled in detail on the sequence (stages) of work at the well. A conclusion was made that Plug & Perf (used with CT) has proven as an alternative to conventional multi-stage fracturing assemblies main advantages of Plug & Perf technology were listed. Plug & Perf is the most promising and economically efficient technology both in newly drilled horizontal wells with multistage fracturing and in sidetracks. The technology on the side-tracking wellcandidate was jointly selected and justified by technical specialists of Bashneft and Packer Service and the results of the work has established itself as an alternative to the standard layouts in conducting multi-stage hydraulic fracturing. Plug & Perf technology is the most promising and costeffective as a new fund of wells with horizontal drilling conduct multistage hydraulic fracturing and horizontal wells worked by sidetracking method. These works were carried out for the first time in Russia namely the use of Plug & Perf technology small equal-through-production strings (102 mm) and fully cemented from the bottom to the mouth (monobore). application of Coiled tubing in abnormal operating Conditions (Case study Punginskoe Underground Gas Storage Facility and Gremyachinskiy Mining and Processing Complex) Ivan Les Packer Service The speaker informed the audience about the operations conducted at Punginskoye Underground Gas Storage Facility and Gremyachinskiy Mining and Processing Complex. Punginskoye Underground Gas Storage Facility is the only underground gas storage meant 1 (059) March 2017 49 TECHNoloGIES . 168 . . . . . . . . 22 . . . . . . 67 100%. . . ( ) . for smoothing seasonal fluctuations of gas consumptions in several regions. The objectives of the work undertaken is wellbore cleanout the well decalmatation of a filter part in abalak suite. In preparation for the work we are faced with the following questions Custom production tree Autonomy production jobsite (settlement of Svetly khanty) Preventing penetration of fluid into the well bore zone. Tubing 168 mm Compressed prophets of preparatory activities and work. Ivan Les The operation was aimed at cleaning the wellbore and decolmatation of the filtration part of the well in the Abalak formation. when preparing for this operation contractors faced a number of challenges. Technical experts of Packer Service designed and produced T-fittings and adapter spools of the necessary sizes. Experts determined the formulation of the acid compound for cleansing the filtration part and chose chemicals for washing the borehole and the filter. Machinery and equipment was mobilized. works were performed at six wells. on average a twofold improvement in injectivity and flow rates was achieved. when Evrokhim company was drilling well 22 at Gremyachinskiy Mining and Processing Complex drilling tool was stuck in the borehole. A CT team was mobilized for thawing the drilling string and releasing the stuck pipe. The aim is release from the stuck drill string. In preparing the technological personnel of Packer Service Sergey Tereshko faced with the following challenges Driveways The site of works Selection of thawing solution Fixing to the drill string. In order to perform this operation within short timeframes the following materials were produced spools adapters and the foundation frame. Specialists selected the thawing solution and prepared the site. The job took 67 hours with 100% result. 50 1 (059) March 2017 . . . . . . (moterhead) ( ). . . . . SAGD . . 1 8 1800 3 3 . 0 05 . tech Equipment for Well intervention and Geophysical operations with Coiled tubing Units application Sergey Tereshko Novinka CJSC Novinka Company is an innovative company aimed at design and production of new machinery for oil and gas sector including downhole equipment and tools for CT. There is equipment meant for delivery of logging tools into horizontal boreholes with the use of CT. It allows for logging operations in horizontal and sub-horizontal wellbores that cannot be reached using cable or stiff wireline. The presentation contained detail specifications of cable heads and connectors designed by company experts. Central part of the presentation was dedicated to equipment for acid jetting a technology that allows creating sidetracks in carbonate reservoirs in openhole well sections with the use of coiled tubing. The acid jetting assembly includes an inclinometer that records assembly s zenith and azimuth position on the in-built memory. orientation mechanism ensures rotation and deflection of the lower part of the assembly. orientation is done by creating pressure differential on the actuation mechanism of the assembly s rotating section. At the end of the presentation the speaker focused on the downhole tools for CT connectors disconnectors circulation and back valves. He also dwelled on connecting assembly (moterhead) washing nozzles centration tools overshots wireline catchers impression tool specific devices (knuckle deflector hydraulic rotation device and hydraulic knuckle deflector). Special attention was paid to the device meant for the increase coiled tubing penetration rate in horizontal boreholes of the coiled tubing and special drill bits meant for drilling ports after multi-stage fracturing. Ejection Well Cleaning High-Efficiency technology for alFP Wells Roman Sibgatullin Novinka CJSC Novinka Company offers to the market one more technology ejector well cleaning which is highly efficient in wells with abnormally low reservoir pressure. Ejector well cleaning system is meant for cleansing horizontal wells and wells with abnormally low formation pressure and high level of fluid absorption. This method is used in cases when conventional circulation is not reasonable or not possible. Ejector cleaning technology will be quite efficient in wells drilled with SAGD technology at the fields of heavy oils. In horizontal wells the ejector approach allows for continuous well washing along the whole borehole to the very bottom. Fluid flow rate is 1.8 m s allowing to remove hard particles of 1 800 kg m3 density being as small as 3 mm. In case of abnormally low pressure the ejector equipment allows cleansing the well with pressure gradients of 0.05 bar m. Ejection well cleaning system can be updated to accommodate lower pressure gradients. This technology is based 1 (059) March 2017 51 TECHNoloGIES . ( ). () . . . . .. .. .. .. .. () .. . . . - () . . - . . . . . . . on ejecting effect created by a high-speed stream of fluid (ejector pump). A double (annular) coiled tube is used for circulation where the fluid is injected via the smaller tube and goes up the surface via the larger tube. Double coiled tube is reeled on a spool with a special swivel. BHA is equipped with jet nozzles to erode and break up the sediments. The speaker shared specifications of the ejector well cleaning assembly described the equipment needed for this type of operation and provided characteristics of the equipment components. Native Foaming agents for accumulation of Fluid at the Bottom Hole of the Gas and Gas Condensate Wells M. Silin L. Magadova M. Cherygova G. Kutusheva Z. Shidginov Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University) To date one of the main challenges of the gas wells operation is the accumulation of fluid at the bottom hole. By reducing the gas velocity below the critical value the lifting force is not sufficient for the removal of liquid from the bottom of the wells. Accumulation of fluid in the bottom of the well is also aggravated by an increase in fluid flow rate with the progress of the field development. First the decline in reservoir pressure contributes to the approximation of the gas-water contact to perforation intervals. Second the depleted gas reservoirs can lead to fluid overflows from the interlayers not involved in the development and with the initial reservoir pressure. Third in the gas condensate deposits while reducing the reservoir pressure in mind the retrograde condensation transition occurs. Part of the gas phase changes into the liquid which increases the flow rate of fluid. Thus reducing the velocity of the gas in the wellbore and increasing of the debit of the fluid lead to an accumulation of the fluid downhole. This process is self-provoking. At some point the bottom hole pressure reaches the reservoir and the inflow of gas into the well stops because gas well kills itself. This paper deals with advanced technology of accumulation of fluid from the bottom of gas and gas-condensate wells using a foaming agent RSU NG IGU in solid and liquid form as well as squeezing foaming solution into the reservoir. Squeezing foaming solution into the reservoir water saturation decreases thereby increasing the relative permeability of gas. The proposed method has been successfully applied in field conditions in the Urengoy field in cooperation with the specialists of Gazprom mining Urengoy. Lyubov Magadova 52 1 (059) March 2017 1 (059) March 2017 53 THE MARkET IS WAITINg fOR QuAlITy COIlED TubINg WITH A lONg SERVICE lIfE AND REASONAblE PRICE 23 1975 ( ). 1997 . 1997 1998 . . 2003 . - . Ravil Enikeev was born in Kuibyshev (now Samara) on May 23 1975. In 1997 he completed his mining engineering training at Samara State Technical University majoring in Oil and Gas Fields Drilling. In 1997 1998 he served in the Russian Military Forces. He worked for VolgaBurMash Oil Technologies Overseas. Since 2003 he has been working with FracJet group of companies. At the moment he is the technical director of FracJet-Volga. .. - . ( 43 . 82 84) . - . . . 2014 . - . 2017 . . .. The Coiled Tubing Times is talking to Ravil Enikeev Technical Director of FracJet-Volga. Coiled tubing times ravil it has been three years since our last conversation ( Coiled tubing times 43 p. 82 84). FracJet-Volga has developed rapidly during this period. What are the key milestones along the way you have hit ravil Enikeev over the past three years the CT services market has undergone major changes mainly in quantitative terms since everyone was trying to find their niche and region. Surely we do not stand on the sidelines. we grew quantitatively enriched our resources and expanded the range of our activities. we are constantly working to improve the quality of our service. More specifically in 2014 we introduced hydraulic fracturing at FJV. The company acquired and launched the first hydraulic fracturing fleet that operates within the lUkoIl-komi program. The second fleet will be up and running in the first quarter of 2017. The introduction of hydraulic fracturing fleets is one of the major changes in our company since our previous interview. Ctt What regions does FracJet-Volga mainly serve r.E. If you start from the east it is the krasnoyarsk region khanty-Mansiysk District Yamalo-Nenets District as well as orenburg Saratov and Astrakhan regions. That s so far as the coiled tubing only is concerned. Ctt and may i wonder who the main customers of your company are 54 1 (059) March 2017 . . .. . . - .. . .. . . . ( ) . r.E. Rosneft Gazprom Neft Gazprom. If we talk about the whole company group it is also lUkoIl. Ctt and how does FracJet-Volga keep developing Ct technologies r.E. we have significantly changed the technological component. Ctt in terms of expanding the range of jobs r.E. Not only. A particular emphasis has been placed on the output quality of our services and products attainable through organization of work itself. we have set up an automation control systems department which operates as a single 24 7 information center that is the control system collects the information from pumping coiled tubing and nitrogen units as well as wellhead sensors and it operates wirelessly. All data are processed in CETS (Central Engineering & Technical Service) which serves as a real-time monitoring and control service. .. . Ctt do you know if many russian companies use this process flow . r.E. quite a few. For us it is important to ensure continuous monitoring of all processes. These technologies used to be available only to large foreign companies but their current availability has allowed us . to implement these processes across all fleets. Yet another innovation that has not been widely announced so far is the CT unit simulator that we have developed one of its kind in Russia and probably in . Europe. It is an exact copy of the Mk-30T unit operator s workplace including the view 30 from the operator s window that is modeled on a large TV screen. . The system simulates the operation of the well and well intervention . jobs. It is aimed at training drillers and assistant drillers. The simulator allows the trainees to master the . . skills of standard CT operations as We have set up an automation well as identifying and preventing control systems department emergencies in a quick and accurate which operates as a single 24 7 fashion. How do most companies . train their drillers nowadays after all information center. They employ instructors who teach 1 (059) March 2017 55 PRACTICE . .. . 2015 for us it is important to ensure continuous monitoring of all . processes. These technologies used to be available only to large foreign companies but their current availability has . allowed us to implement these processes across all fleets. Ctt Who are the main manufacturers of the coiled tubing that . . FracJet-Volga uses r.E. we use coiled tubing produced by quality Tubing Global Tubing Tenaris. . . . - .. quality Tubing Global Tubing Tenaris. . .. . . . .. . . . . using coiled tubing units at customers wells. Ctt and do the customers approve of their wells being used for developing the skills of the trainees of the service companies r.E. of course not. In 2015 this issue was raised by Rosneft. we respected our customer s feedback and developed a simulator that now trains our employees. By the way emergency response procedures cannot possibly be practiced on actual wells but may well be trained with a simulator like ours. To the best of my knowledge simulators of this kind are only employed by Schlumberger and not in Russia but in their training centers in Dubai and Houston. In Russia our simulator is unique. Currently we train FJV specialists but in the near future we will make it commercially available to other companies. Ctt the famous trio. r.E. Yes. At the moment we are going to try Chinese coiled tubing as well. we have made orders from several manufacturers. Ctt that is at this point your company uses imported coiled tubing doesn t it .. . 44 r.E. Yes. It is no secret that Russian CT service . companies are dependent on imported tubing. 38 4 5 Ctt So it is critical import isn t it . r.E. The sizes of . 1 and above can be In Russia our simulator is unique. 44 referred to as critical. 56 1 (059) March 2017 4 5 . . .. . . - . . 38 1 . 2 . 44 45 50 8 . 17- . The tube of 1 oD up to 14.5k feet long is produced by Uraltrubmash though we have abandoned the use of their CT as they are far from boasting stable quality to say the least. However in sizes 1 and above over 14.5k feel long the dependence turns into critical everybody is importing them. Ctt Given the increasing depth of wells and horizons the situation seems to be serious. r.E. True enough. Today the Russian service market clearly displays two trends. Firstly the CT diameters keep constantly growing. As far as I know the most common size on the global market is two inches. In Russia the most common size is still1 . The whole market is going upward of 2 inches and we though with a delay and a backlash are also moving upward. An increasing number of customers insist on a 1 or even a 2 tube since large oD tubes allow us to apply a variety of technologies. Many of them in particular were discussed at the 17th International Scientific and Practical Coiled Tubing Hydraulic Fracturing and well Intervention Conference. It was most educational Ctt Ct drilling generally requires 2 3 8 . r.E. 2 tubes can also be employed in drilling but with certain restrictions for instance the nozzle 60- . diameter. It is also noteworthy that CT equipment .. manufacturers and CT companies are increasingly moving from 60k to . 80k injectors. or even to100k. And we are also going to replace 27 36. ours from 60k to 44 45 45 . 80k as a part of the 50 8 scheduled overhaul not all units but at least one third of 27- . 36- them. That is actually . the first trend on the market an increase 17- in the diameter and . length of the tube which requires more powerful injectors. .. . Ctt and the second trend .. r.E. The second An increasing number of . trend is the reduction customers insist on a 1 or . in the price of even a 2 tube since large standard services OD tubes allow us to apply . such as cleanup a variety of technologies. milling well logging Many of them in particular jet perforating were discussed at the 17th etc. namely the International Scientific and operations offered by Practical Coiled Tubing many companies. Hydraulic fracturing and Well . As for high-tech Intervention Conference. It was jobs there is no decline in price most educational observed. It must be . noted that FJV does all 1 (059) March 2017 57 PRACTICE .. . . 2015 - API 5ST . 2016 . 15 . . . 2017 . 25 4 88 9 9000 API 5ST . . . . 17- - . .. . .. . types of the high-technology work. we stay up to date and offer both standard and cutting-edge technologies and services CT fishing CT multi-stage fracturing refracturing and of course selective fracturing both on coiled tubing and on tubing. To sum up the market is bound to move towards cost reduction and all companies are looking for ways to keep their costs down. - .. . . Ctt You have sensationally announced this at the 17th international Scientific and Practical Coiled tubing Hydraulic Fracturing and Well intervention Conference. . r.E. Yes it was decided to make an announcement while the mill is under . construction and the equipment is That is actually the first trend on the purchased. market an increase in the diameter .. Ctt imported equipment and length of the tube which requires r.E. Yes the equipment is purchased more powerful injectors. from world leading manufacturers. Ctt What are the ways to reduce the costs that you see r.E. The market is looking for high quality tubes with a long service life and low cost. After all one of the most expensive items is the coiled tubing its purchase and depreciation. Having evaluated all these factors in 2015 FracJet-Volga decided to set up the production of CT to API 5ST standard in Russia. In 2016 the construction of a mill started in the Uzlovaya Special Economic Zone in the Tula region. The production facilities will occupy an area of 15 thousand square meters. The mill is going to be equipped with state-of-the-art automated production lines and have destructive and non-destructive testing laboratories. The mill will be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2017. The plant will produce CT to API5ST standard 1 to 3 oD up to 30k feet long. The capacity of the first line (one shift) will completely cover the demand of the Russian market. Two-shift operation will allow us to supply coiled tubing to the CIS markets. The second phase will make it possible to reach India and the Middle East. 58 1 (059) March 2017 . The second trend is the reduction in the price of standard services. 40 . . . .. . . . Ctt is this project part of the national import substitution program or is it a FracJet-Volga initiative r.E. From the very beginning it was our own idea and our implementation. we do not ask for any support from the state. The Government of the Tula region as a representative of the state has invited us to Uzlovaya Special Economic Zone to locate the mill and take advantage of the benefits of a SEZ. Ctt the company will create a significant number of new jobs will it not r.E. The first line which will completely cover the demand of the Russian market involves about 40 positions. The production is highly automated. Ctt the quality of the steel strip plays an essential role in Ct production. What steel manufacturers have you contacted r.E. Strip will be imported because Russian companies do not manufacture the material of the required quality so far. It will come from different companies the best of the best in metallurgy. However Russian producers are believed to be capable of supplying the strip of the required quality. Right now they just seem to be lacking in interest. API 5ST . .. In 2015 fracJet-Volga decided to set up the production of CT to API 5ST standard in Russia. . Ctt in economic terms . r.E. Yes because the current volumes of steel for CT production are relatively insignificant. Still with . the introduction of a large-scale consumer such as our . new plant it is to become profitable. we are negotiating with the largest metallurgical enterprises. They seem . to be quite cautious at the moment but the interest is noticeable. I am confident that we will be able to produce Russian coiled tubing of the highest quality with their steel. Ctt How is the new enterprise going to .. compete with Western manufacturers who have . developed their stable client bases here r.E. High-quality products at a reasonable price. Ctt the traditional question of Ct times How is russian oil& gas service market going to .. develop r.E. we hope that the market will keep growing and the trend for large producing companies to establish their own services will not prevail. we hope to see high tech independent oil & gas service companies make . their mark. interviewer Halina Bulyka Coiled tubing times - 1 (059) March 2017 59 PRACTICE - Effective Partnership between BashVzryvTekhnologii and RN-Uvatneftegaz limited liability company RN-Uvatneftegaz is a subsidiary of Rosneft oil Company. Its main activity is exploration and - operation of Uvat cluster of fields in Uvat area of Tyumen . region in western Siberia. Uvat project includes 19 license blocks with 37 fields discovered in Tyumen omsk and khanty-Mansi . Autonomous okrug - Yugra regions. 19 oil production in the south of Tyumen region was started 37 in 1991. New stages of strategic development of Uvat project were implemented when new fields were put into - operation two fields of the Eastern development center . Urnenskoye and Ust-Tegusskoye - in 2009 and four new fields Protozanovskoye Yuzhno-Gavrikovskoye Malyk 1991 . and Zapadno-Epasskoye in 2015 2016. Strategic priority areas for RN-Uvatneftegaz operation 2009 activity are production maintenance reaching the highest possible production at fields in operation providing stable production considering the maximum - 2015 2016 recovery factor under the conditions of high energy efficiency minimization of - capital and operational expenditures - environmental and production - . safety compliance conducting high-. quality upgrade and application of innovation industry changes aimed at development of intellectual - and technological potential of the Company on the basis of powerful Russian oil and gas science one of the best in the world in cooperation with the leading international oil and gas business companies. The process of implementation of the Company s strategy is provided by signing tender contracts for oil and gas service operations with full compliance - with Rosneft oil Company standards. Now one of reliable partners . of RN-Uvatneftegaz llC is ZAo ZAO bashVzryvTekhnologii BashVzryvTekhnologii. continuously conducts reThe company provides services with searches implementing new coiled tubing unit in Uvat project fields modern technologies and since 2016. Services include logging developing unique patented bottomhole cleanout and treatment products taking into account well stimulation using nitrogen. These the latest market demands. operations are carried out in producing Also ZAO bashVzryvTekhwells and after sidetracking and well nologii provides all types of commissioning with preliminary coiled tubing operations usmilling of shut-off tools in multi-zone . ing modern high-tech equip- horizontal wells. ment and regularly reinforcZAo BashVzryvTekhnologii es equipment fleet with due continuously conducts researches consideration for the latest implementing new modern technologies and well opera- technologies and developing tions procedures. unique patented products taking 60 1 (059) March 2017 . . 2016 . - . . . - 3030 1 . . - - - . . - . 1 3030 1 . Figure 1 Preparation for running petforator in hole on a coiled tubing string in well 3030G pad 1 in Malyk field 2 Figure 2 All perforating charges were deployed successfully into account the latest market demands. Also ZAo BashVzryvTekhnologii provides all types of coiled tubing operations using modern high-tech equipment and regularly reinforces equipment fleet with due consideration for the latest technologies and well operations procedures. Effective cooperation of professionals of Department of well technologies and supervising of RN-Uvatneftegaz llC and executive design and engineering team of ZAo BashVzryvTekhnologii was a key milestone in partnership between these companies. This cooperation applied innovative and non-standard solutions. The result of this cooperation is conducting perforating operation in two perforation intervals in well 3030G in Malyk field under harsh geology conditions. The efficiency of this operation enabled the subsequent production stimulation by hydraulic fracturing and provided effective performance of wellbore interventions and implementation of production program in RN-Uvatneftegaz llC. Effective solution of complex production problems during field operation was achieved only due to a hard work on selection of oil and gas service providers by tender in particular ZAo BashVzryvTekhnologii that is characterized by a high level of equipment and technology capability with a required level of innovation. The presented result of this cooperation describes RN-Uvatneftegaz llC as a subsidiary that provides implementation of long-term strategy of Rosneft oil Company that is a leading company in Russian oil industry. 1 (059) March 2017 61 PRACTICE - 13- 1 2 2017 13- . . 2001 . 75%. . . . . .. . - 62 1 (059) March 2017 . - . . . . . . - . . . . . 13- ( 60 2017) . . . 1 (059) March 2017 63 . XX . . ( ). 70- . . . 2000- . CAN Ethernet wi-Fi. . Internet . 2012 . ERP. 1 VisualFrac. VisualFrac - (IFM wago Siemens). VisualFrac krohne Yokogawa Endress Hauser IFM wika Mettler Toledo . Continental Mononov waukesha Bornemann Acrison Mission Magnum MSI MCM Pumps Sauer Danfoss Bosch Rexroth. - . . . 2. VisualFrac 64 1 (059) March 2017 1 (059) March 2017 65 66 1 (059) March 2017 - - - 2 VisualFrac . . . (API ). -40 ... 80 . 8 ... 32 V DC ( ). . VisualFrac . ( ). VisualFrac . . 1. . 2. . 3. . 4. 3 1 (059) March 2017 65 4 . VisualFrac . . FBRC 100 ARC . VisualFrac . VisualFrac 2016 FBRC 100 ARC Halliburton 2002 . 5 6 66 1 (059) March 2017 1 (059) March 2017 67 - NKMZ-Group Strives To Find Integrated Solutions .. . . - . - . 12 -- . - . ( ) . . .. . . . R. Galimov Deputy Director for technology at NKMZ-Group LLC gives interview for Coiled Tubing Times journal. Coiled tubing times ramil rivkatovich let s get our readers acquainted with NKMZGroup. ramil Galimov NkMZ-Group is a group of companies that includes different enterprises that perform the same tasks for well stimulation production and workover operations. one of the priority areas in our company is job planning manufacturing and engineering support of downhole tools as well as equipment for workover and isolation operations. This area has been successfully developing for more than 12 years at one of the group enterprises Trade House NkMZ. NkMZ Group llC tools are widely used for stimulation and operation of oil gas and gas condensate fields in near and far-abroad countries. The other important areas are development manufacturing and delivery of oil and gas service equipment perforation systems (for use in permafrost rock regions and in high-viscous oil fields development) special-purpose machinery and main line pumps. Ctt Since you are deputy director for technology you are supposed to know all range of products. But what are you major engineering interests r.G. You are absolutely right since my area is downhole tools aside from knowing equipment and assemblies parameters I personally participate in upgrading existing equipment and designing of new tools that are of the utmost interest to me. Ctt You mentioned equipment for multistage fracturing. our journal is focused on this precise technology. Could you tell more about NKMZ-Group best practices in this technology r.G. NkMZ-Group has been manufacturing equipment for interval and selective fracturing under one trade mark FractechTM for many years. Some of our engineering solutions applied in our tools are unique. Recently we set the goal to manufacture the full range of equipment for multistage fracturing. After examining oil and gas companies demands for multistage fracturing equipment and technology including that using coiled tubing we 68 1 (059) March 2017 started to develop several assemblies. At present time we are in the process of the last factory tests in the nearest . future we are planning to conduct well operations using .. - two technologies out of five. I won t go more in detail and describe these technologies until we get real handsFractechTM on results of conducting multistage fracturing. Though I would note that some tools were designed to close . required intervals and conduct re fracturing that . - arouses great interest in customer companies. I think that by the time of fractechTM the next conference . Coiled tubing technologies fracturing and well workover we will be . experienced enough to present a report. . NkMZ-group has been Ctt How do you manufacturing equipment come up with the for interval and selective ideas of creating fracturing under one certain equipment trade mark fractechTM for for multistage fracturing -. many years. Some of our engineering solutions applied in our tools are unique. 1 (059) March 2017 69 EqUIPMENT . .. . r.G. The base for the process of development of certain equipment is as follows customer request provided with requirements for equipment performance. This . relates not only to multistage . fracturing. Then our specialists Our professionals are truly communicate with customer and . experienced with design and conduct market analysis for the most popular equipment. As an manufacturing of fracturing example I would take assemblies equipment. for multistage fracturing. Then . time limits and operation stages are determined from development of design documentation up to pilot testing in the field. Turning back to multistage fracturing I would like to point out that our professionals . are truly experienced with design and manufacturing of fracturing equipment. with so great experience factory testing of prototypes and engineering analysis program used for design we can analyze and make forecasts on performance of equipment. However all this results are relatively effective though they are close to the real results. True working efficiency may be represented only during . well operation. In addition we should remember that different fields exhibit different operation conditions. Ctt What companies are your major customers if . you don t mind me asking r.G. Vast majority of our tools are used in Russia. This is Gazprom lukoil Novatek Rosneft Russneft Surgutneftegaz and other companies. Also we have .. experience of a long-term cooperation with companies . from post-Soviet countries kazakhstan and Belarus. Far abroad countries include Venezuela and Serbia. . Ctt are you competitors mostly russian or from abroad countries r.G. It is hard to answer this question so I would like . to recall the Einstein s relativity theory. I won t name that companies but I can say that companies compete in every segment. For example gas wells are mostly serviced by foreign companies. As for production equipment and .. rapidly developing technology of multistage fracturing 70 1 (059) March 2017 these tasks are performed mostly by Russian companies. . Ctt russian government turned to import . substitution does it help the equipment Oil and gas companies are focused on manufacturing the introduction of foreign technologies segment develop rather than Russian ones. However in some r.G. Galimov Sanctions introduction cases problems are successfully solved by and consequent import cooperation of Russian oil and gas equipment substitution program manufacturers and customer companies. encouraged Russian technology development and enabled enhancement of product lines. I m sure that NkMZ-Group llC takes import substitution seriously and . with full responsibility as we reach goals that were set. Ctt What do you think should russian manufacturers of high-tech oil and gas service do to develop rapidly r.G. I m sure that Russian companies will develop. But .. development of new equipment is impossible without close cooperation with license holders. often oil and gas companies are focused on the introduction of foreign technologies rather than Russian ones. However in some . cases problems are successfully solved by cooperation of - Russian oil and gas equipment manufacturers and customer companies. . Ctt oil and gas service companies representatives often claim that there are some good examples of russian equipment and or tools but there is no russian company that can offer the full range of equipment. Unlike for example Baker Hughes. is NKMZ-Group focused on development of equipment product lines .. . . . - . - . 1 (059) March 2017 71 EqUIPMENT Ctt our interview takes place in terms of the 17th international Scientific and Practical Coiled tubing Hydraulic Fracturing and Well intervention Conference. is this your first participation in this annuall event r.G. Yes. But I think this is not the last time. Here I met some companies representatives whom I wanted to contact long ago but I couldn t make it back then for some reasons. Now I can say that the program is very interesting. Moreover this event is a great platform 17- - for discussions there are lots of interesting people to talk to about different practical issues. The important . information can be obtained not only from official reports. The informal communication is also very .. . interesting and effective. . Ctt Was this information useful for generating new ideas . . r.G. At present time we While surfing the Internet conduct some preliminary I often find articles of your work on those technologies journal. . . .. - - - . - . - . .. . . Baker Hughes. - .. - . . . r.G. NkMZ-Group develops manufactures and delivers the whole range of technology equipment rather than single tools. we try to cover all technology aspects all equipment of this technology all required tools and all engineering support. we try to find integrated solutions. 72 1 (059) March 2017 described in the reports some of it is at the stage of pilot testing some at the stage of engineering design. Now we select wells for pilot testing of our equipment for one of the cutting-edge technologies that was described at the conference. There wasn t anything brand new yet but there s still a day ahead. After coming back I m going to investigate thoroughly all presentations of the conference on multistage fracturing. Ctt do you find our journal useful for your work r.G. while surfing the Internet I often find articles of your journal so I can certainly say YES. Ctt do you have any wishes to your colleges representatives of russian manufacturers of high-tech oil and gas service equipment r.G. I wish them development in my opinion the most crucial thing for any manufacturer is a demand for equipment that is provided by development of equipment for modern and advanced technologies. interviewer Halina Bulyka Coiled tubing times . .. - . ( ) 2002 1986 . - - - . - . . 2006 ISo 9001 2000. 2015 - ISo 9001 2008 ( RU228317q-A). - 11D1-0068 API 11D1 ( ) V6 V5 API q1 API. . oUR REFERENCE NkMZ -- Group limited liability Company (previously Neftekamsk Machinery Plant llC) was established in 2002 at the production facilities of the Neftekamsk Drilling Tools Plant built in 1986 and its business is development and production of equipment for enterprises in the oil and gas industry. one of the activities pursued by NkMZ-Group llC in its operations is development and production of packer and anchor equipment well accessories double packer and multi-packer set-ups of kUS type which meet up-to-date service requirements as well as kits of equipment which enables performance of all the process operations during the well operation and automatic closure of the well bore using a shutoff valve if there is a disruption of the well s operating mode. Unique state-of-the-art and powerful production facilities use of the newest technologies and materials complete independent production cycle make it possible to manufacture parker and anchor equipment at the level of the world s best products at competitive prices in the market. The special focus of our Company is on the quality of the products we make. During 2006 the Plant put in place the enterprise quality management system per ISo 9001 2000 International Standard (Certificate No. 199156). During 2012 recertification-audit upgrade was conducted per ISo 9001 2008. The company was the first to obtain license No.11D1-0068 entitling us to put the monogram on the products compliant with the requirements of the API 11D1 specification for packer validation levels V6 and V5 and the Certificate of Registration of the quality Management System in compliance with the API q1 requirements for design manufacture and supply of packers and anchors for the oil and gas industry issued by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The products which the Plant manufactures have been certified and have the authorizing documents issued by the Federal Service for Environmental Technological and Nuclear Supervision. 1 (059) March 2017 73 EqUIPMENT 622.276.5 622.297.5 (072.8) - - .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . () [1]. . . 6 7 71 4% - . 60 4% 70 8% . . () . ( ) () . () () 0 5 0 6 [2]. [3 5] 1 2 1958 . 500 0 - (95%) 0 396 . - 7 10%. () . () (-) . 1. 74 1 (059) March 2017 1 () () () 1. 1.1. ( ) . 1.2. . 2.1. () ( ) . 2.2. ( ) . 2. - () 2.3. - . 2.4. .. . 2.5. . 2.6. - () . 3.1. ( ) . 3.2. ( ..) . 3.3. ( ) . 3.4. - . 3. () () . () . . - . () . () 10 20 80 120 1000 . ( ) () . () 1 (059) March 2017 75 . . ( ) ( ) . ( ..). - - . . ( ) - - . . - . [6] - () . 1 - 76 1 (059) March 2017 [7 11]. . 1 11 12 () 2 () 4 51 52 101 102 () 14 151 152 16 () 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 () 29 30 31 32 () . - ( ) [7 8]. 2 - () () . 1 ( ) 21 3 41 42 - 5 6 () () 2 - () () ( ) 7 8 - 9 - 10 11 12 13 14 151 15n - 161 16n () 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 () . 1 (059) March 2017 77 3 - () 10 15 [9]. - () () 10 15 . 3 [10]. ( ) - - - . 1 21 3 41 42 5 6 () () () ( ) 7 8 - 9 () 10 11 12 13 14 () 151-15n-1 - ( ) 15n 161 () 162 () - 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 () () . . 5 .. () 6 () () ( ) - 9 () 162 151...15n-1. ( ) - ( 151...15n-1 - 78 1 (059) March 2017 19 . . ( ) - - () - . (- ) - - () ( 1 ) - . . . - ( ) . 4 [11]. 4 - ( ) . - - - .. () . - 151 15n 18 . - 1 (059) March 2017 79 . - - () . () - - . () ( ..) . - . 1. .. . 1 (1). 2013. uRl http . 2. .. . 3. 2015. 3. .. .. 50 . 7. 2005. 4. .. - . . 2006. 5. .. - . . 2010. 6. .. . . . 3 18. 2008. 7. .. . 2547847 20.02.2014. (). 8. .. . . 1 (5). 2015. uRl http . 9. .. . - () 2015102013 23.01.2015. (). 10. .. . - () 2015106657 27.02.2015. (). 11. .. . - 2015117944 14.05.2015. (). 80 1 (059) March 2017 1 (059) March 2017 81 .. . . . - - . . (690 700 . .) . . (). . . . . - ( () - ) . . . () . . . 50 . . 82 1 (059) March 2017 . . . . . - . - . . - . () - . . . . 60- - . . . . - . - . . la Cucaracha -. . . - 1 (059) March 2017 83 . - . . . . . . . 725 730 . (). . . . . 760 . . . . - . . . . - . . ( ) 84 1 (059) March 2017 1 (059) March 2017 85 . 1. () 2. ( ..) 3. 4. (3 5 ) 5. (-) 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 2 3 14. (5 10 ) 15. . The following questions were asked 1. In which region(s) does your Company operate 2. what are the geological conditions in the areas where your Company operates (reservoir types well depths etc.) 3. which up-to-date oilfield service technologies are used in your Company 4. which technologies do you plan to use in the nearest (3 5 years) future 5. Does your Company use coiled tubing technologies If the answer is yes which coiled tubing technologies are in demand in the region(s) where your Company operates 6. Coiled tubing units of which manufacturers does your Company utilize 7. Do you or your colleagues have experience of performing any unique operations with the help of coiled tubing equipment If the answer is yes provide some details. 8. Does your Company use hydraulic fracturing technology If the answer is yes which hydraulic fracturing types are effective in your region 9. Hydraulic fracturing equipment of which manufacturers does your Company utilize 10. In your opinion which EoR technologies are of vital importance today 11. which segments of the Russian oil and gas service faced the most serious problems due to the sectoral sanctions 12. The lack of which types of oil and gas service equipment on the Russian market is the most sensible 13. How has your Company changed its policy during the last 2 3 years 14. which high-tech oilfield service technologies will be in demand in the near term (5 10 years) 15. About which oil and gas service technologies would you like to read in Coiled Tubing Times Journal 1. . 2. 5000 . 3. . 4. . 5. . . 6. . 7. . . 8. . . 9. . 10. Michael Pustovalov Field Application Engineer Well Completion Department Schlumberger 1. In all regions including western Siberia Yamal Sakhalin and Caspian region. 2. Various geologic conditions both carbonate and terrigenous reservoirs well depths of 16 400 feet. 3. All of them. 4. All of them. 5. Yes. liners cleanouts well stimulation and additional equipment control. 6. we have our own manufacturing. 7. Yes. Multi-stage fracturing with closable sleeves. 8. Yes. Mainly multi-stage fracturing with proppant utilization. 9. we have our own manufacturing. 10. 86 1 (059) March 2017 coiled tubing times questionnaire 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. . . re-frac. . 11. All offshore oilfield service types as well as hydraulic fracturing in shales. 12. Pipes with premium-class connectors. 13. 14. Multi-stage fracturing with re-frac capabilities. 15. About well completion techniques applied in Russia. ramil Galimov Deputy General Director Technology Trade House Neftekamskiy machinery plant LLC 1. Russian Federation near and far abroad. 2. Various. 3. 4. Multi-stage fracturing. we also plan to start offshore projects. 5. Yes. 6. 7. In process. 8. Yes. Zonal selective and multi-stage fracturing. 9. our company manufactures hydraulic fracturing equipment. 10. Multi-stage fracturing. 11. 12. 13. we focus on new technologies development including import substitution technologies. 14. Combination of low and upper completions. 15. About new CT and multi-stage fracturing technologies. dmitry Maevskiy Senior Engineer Well Technologies and Supervising Administration Belorusneft 1. Republic of Belarus Russian Federation. 2. Both carbonate and terrigenous reservoirs well depths of 8 530 10 500 feet. 3. SkIF hydraulic fracturing and multi-stage fracturing SNB89-76M directional drilling system etc. 4. SkIF hydraulic fracturing and multi-stage fracturing. 5. Yes. Bottomhole cleanout and well stimulation operations. 6. FIDMASH. 7. Yes. Directional coiled tubing drilling with SNB89-76M system utilization. 8. Yes. Acid fracturing and multi0stage fracturing are effective. 9. FIDMASH. 10. Horizontal drilling with lowering of multi-stage fracturing assembly and operation performing. 11. 12. 13. 14. Re-fracturing of wells equipped with multistage frac assemblies with drillable ports and balls. 15. About multi-stage fracturing and radial drilling. 1. . 2. . 3. 4. . 5. . 6. 7. . 8. . . 9. . 10. . 11. 12. 13. . 14. . 15. . 1- 1. . 2. 2600 3200 . 3. 89-76 . 4. . 5. . . 6. . 7. . 89-76. 8. . . 9. . 10. . 11. 12. 13. 14. . 15. . 1 (059) March 2017 87 . 1. 2. 3. 4. . 2700 4000 . () ReelFrac Packer Monobore. ( -) . . ReelFrac Packer wide Pack Straddle . . . . weatherford . . ( ) ( ). . ( ). . rustam Faizullin Chief Specialist Well Repair YARGEO LLC 1. Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. 2. Terrigenous reservoirs with multiple faults measured depths of 8 860 13 120 ft. 3. Multi-stage fracturing ReelFrac Packer Monobore. 4. Frac sleeves isolation technologies (patches dual-wall packers and bridge plugs) and well completion assemblies with various sleeves. 5. Yes. Flow testing ReelFrac Packer wide Pack Straddle and frac sleeves milling. 6. Units of contractor companies. 7. 8. Yes. Multi-stage fracturing with proppant. Sometimes we use blind fracturing. 9. Downhole equipment of weatherford and okB Zenith CJSC companies surface equipment of contractor companies. 10. Multi-stage fracturing isolation works and acid treatments. 11. Service companies which specialize in hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing technologies. 12. 13. we haven t changed our policy. 14. Adjustable frac sleeves and coiled tubing drilling of multilateral wells. 15. About EoR technologies in wells with various completion types. Eduard Sorokin Division Head Lukoilengineering LLC 1. western Siberia komi Republic YamalNenets Autonomous District Perm Volgograd Astrakhan and Samara regions. 2. Both carbonate and terrigenous reservoirs well depths of 656 9842 ft. 3. we have almost all new technologies presented in the frame of Pilot Development program. 4. Downhole splitters horizontal wells with various multi-stage fracturing technologies and equipment and flow control devices. 5. Yes. 6. Units of contractor companies. 7. All innovations are presented in SPE articles. 8. Yes. Multi-stage fracturing. 9. we don t have our own service. 10. See item 14. 11. Hard-to-recover reserves (technologies and equipment). 12. Behind-the-casing swellable packers active multi-stage frac ports and flow control devices. 13. 14. Internal flush multi-stage fracturing systems and selective cement squeeze compositions. 15. About technologies and equipment for multilateral and horizontal wells. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. - 1. . . . 2. 200 3000 . 3. . 4. . 5. . 6. . . 7. SPE. 8. . . 9. . 10. . . 14. 11. ( ). 12. . 13. 14. . 15. . 88 1 (059) March 2017 1. ...______________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________________________ 4. (-) _________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 5. ( ..) _______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 6. __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 7. (3 5 ) _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 8. (-) _____________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 9. _____________________________________________________________________ 10. __________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 11. ______________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 1 (059) March 2017 89 12. ____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 13. _________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 14. ________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 15. _________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 16. 2 3 ___________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 17. (5 10 ) ___________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 18. . ________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 90 1 (059) March 2017 1 (059) March 2017 91 - . (https cttimesdotorg) Twitter . . Twitter. linkedin. 467 150 200 . (https www. groups 2244679) . 5 7 - . linkedin . . . linkedin. . Newly Formulated Friction Reducer with Graphite let s remind that scientific and practical Coiled tubing times Journal is an active member of social networks. In particular the journal has its own page on Twitter (https cttimesdotorg) a widely known social network that enables users to send and read short messages. on that page one is always able to find links to the most up-to-date news of oil and gas industry and oilfield services. Such an option will be very useful for our readers who often use mobile phones and tablets for surfing the web and accessing the twitter via a specialized mobile application. Coiled tubing times has its own group on linkedin website. linkedin is a business-oriented social networking service which allows establishing professional relationships. More than 467 millions of users representing 150 industry segments from 200 countries are registered in the service. The group of our journal (https groups 2244679) is actively developing and growing in a number of participants. almost 5 700 users from Russia USA Canada Middle East latin America and Asia-Pacific region are currently registered as the members of our group. linkedin social networking service allows not only to establish business contacts and find new friends but also to find answers to the questions you are interested in. A large number of professionals working in oil and gas industry in general and coiled tubing industry in particular are the members of our group. You can always count on that your questions will find the proper answers and you ll get the information that will be useful for you. Coiled tubing times continues to publish some of the most interesting and lively discussions started in the Coiled Tubing Times group on linkedin. one of such discussions is introduced below. -. Peoples Performance Chemicals Peoples Performance Chemicals . . 3220 . . . . - . -. . ricky Peoples Jr Coo at Peoples Performance Chemicals says our company Peoples Performance Chemicals has recently engineered a new product. we have successfully integrated our graphite product into our polyakrylamide friction reducer (FR). This product has been successfully tested on wells with up to 2 miles laterals. It has drastically reduced pressure and drag. It has been used by several different clients of ours and they have all been very happy with the results. If you re interested in this new FR let me know and I would be 92 1 (059) March 2017 . . - . . - - . Sandvac wellVac -. . XTo Energy Baker Hughes Coil Rigs legend Coil Rigs . . . . glad to send you a sample. alexander rudnik This is a great news Does this product reduce metal-to-metal friction or hydraulic friction pressures or both I m looking forward to reading an article or a paper about the results. ricky Peoples Jr It actually does a really good job of both. we have a study that we are working on getting to put to paper and in an article. As soon as we get it finished I will make sure you get a copy. Saeed Pathan what is an equivalent friction coefficient for this product Mohamad al-dujaili As Saeed Pathan asks what is the equivalent friction coefficient or reducing factor we are interested in this because we would like to include it in our modelling software. Michael Palmer Has the compatibility been tested for oil based water based fluid systems Are there any comparisons of the performance of this FR against competitors Have any of your clients used this for drilling applications ahmed Ezzat Good luck and keep Going . ivo Elio Colmenares Cabello Could this be used for a concentric coiled tubing such as Sandvac wellVac otto Miller Do you have data comparing your product to other FRs ricky Peoples Jr So far it s just been word of mouth information coming in. we have had our FR on jobs for XTo Energy Baker Hughes Coil Rigs legend Coil Rigs and a few others. we are very excited about the feedback we ve gotten. Perhaps comments of these specialists will be useful for the readers of our journal. By Vasili andreev Coiled tubing times . . Note. The opinions of the above specialists do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Editorial Board. 1 (059) March 2017 93 CoIlED TUBING TIMES IN SoCIAl NETwoRkS weatherford weatherford develops highPerformance cement Retainer and bridge Plug weatherford International plc . weatherford . weatherford API 11D1 . V3. . . weatherford . - weatherford . weatherford . - weatherford. weatherford International plc announced the development and deployment of a high-performance cement retainer and bridge plug for use in wells in Sakhalin Island Russia. After identifying a need for a higher-performance cement retainer and bridge plug to provide isolation in Sakhalin wells a major operator in Sakhalin Island contacted weatherford to develop a technology that reliably meets new more stringent industry standards. weatherford s engineering team enhanced an existing proven proprietary design and then conducted extensive testing of the new retainer and bridge plug according to American Petroleum Institute (API) Specification 11D1. The new design achieved the desired V3 rating. The resulting downhole tool is one of few on the market qualified for use in Sakhalin wells meaning that it has been tested at the pressures temperatures and geometries expected throughout the service life of the tool. After successfully pressure testing the tool weatherford performed further surface qualification testing to demonstrate that the cement retainer could be easily and reliably drilled with a milled-tooth rock bit. All testing was completed at the weatherford Research & Development Engineering Technology and Training Center in Houston Texas. The high-performance cement retainer and bridge plug is among several weatherford completion technologies fully qualified for deployment in Sakhalin wells. we are pleased to once again deliver a technology solution tailored to meet our client s needs said Nicole Carpenter vice president and global account manager at weatherford. - (100%- ) - () . . - 5 - . . 94 1 (059) March 2017 NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NE . - ( ) . . - - . 1000 400 . 5 . 5 87 1000 . . . . first bilateral horizontal wells constructed at gazprom neft s novoportovskoye field The successful application of new technology in constructing multilateral wells has allowed Gazpromneft-Yamal (a Gazprom Neft subsidiary currently developing the Novoportovskoye field) to increase reservoir recovery at Novoportovskoye as well as significantly increasing efficiency in field development. The drilling technology used involves each horizontal shaft of the well being strengthened by a metal pipe (a so-called tail pipe ) in order to prevent rock sloughing and the loss of the drilled shaft during the course of its operation. The design concept of the well was developed by experts from the Gazprom Neft Joint Scientific and Research Centre who also provided round-the-clock drilling support together with specialists from Gazpromneft-Yamal. The length of each shaft of the first bilateral well to be built at the Novoportovskoye field runs to 1 000 metres with the initial flow rate set at more than 400 tonnes of oil per day. The Novoportovskoye field currently has five similar wells in operation with each new well moreover being drilled significantly faster than the preceding one significantly reducing costs. Gazprom Neft specialists have as a result been able to achieve record company speeds in drilling multilateral wells at 1 000 metres in 5.87 days -- comparable to the best results achieved in drilling monobore horizontal wells. Vadim Yakovlev First Deputy CEo Gazprom Neft commented The implementation of new drilling technologies forms part of Gazprom Neft s Technology Strategy systemising the company s search for innovative solutions in creating start-points for the company s long-term development. Initiatives in high-technology drilling and improvements in oil recovery implemented throughout our fields are already allowing Gazprom Neft to bring reserves previously not considered viable into profitable development. . lukoil launches new well completion technologies for multi-stage hydrofracturing in yugra lUkoIl-western Siberia a wholly owned lUkoIl subsidiary has tested upgraded well completion assemblies for multi-stage hydrofracturing at Yugra fields. Apart from a liner hanger and hydrofracturing equipment the new assembly incorporates swelling packers with hybrid elastomers. Compared with conventional methods the upgraded technology tested at five wells of Imilorskoye and Tevlinsko-Russkinskoye fields under the technical supervision by TAM International gives higher flow rates. The hybrid elastomers guarantee a total isolation of the hydrofractured areas ensure a much better timing of the assembly s trip down the well and secure from all possible technological risks due to their ability to swell in any well fluid. 1 (059) March 2017 95 varioganneft applies new tracer methods in multistage hydraulic fracturing The tracer study method is used to obtain data on properties and characteristics of target formations which were . selected for MHF operations. The above method is based on introduction of tracer into the fracture at . the stage of proppant pumping. MHF is followed by sampling of the well fluid containing the previously pumped chemical. Samples analyses . allows drawing conclusions about operation of each frac port that in turn helps to make adjustments in planning of further works as well as to build the methodology of MHF conducting as a . whole. Tracer methods are currently the most full and . precise methods of obtaining the reliable data. The MHF itself is one of the most complicated and costly ways of oil and gas production intensification oAo Varioganneft therefore pays particular attention to the technical and scientific support of it. The . introduction of new cutting-edge methods and technology both to enhance effectiveness of the standard operations and to reduce costs is the strategic goal of PJSC RussNeft and is thoroughly . considered by the Company s divisions. The operational program of oAo Varioganneft 2017 for 2017 is intended to boost efficiency of oil . production from depleted resources at established - fields. In order to fulfill its business-plan on oil production the Company will ensure the introduction of up-to-date technologies as well as () () the implementation of exploration side-tracking (). and well-intervention program. halliburton Halliburton Dash . . Halliburton . 6 10 . Dash 76 2 (162 187 ). 96 1 (059) March 2017 NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NE Halliburton. . Dash - Testing and Subsea Halliburton. . Noble Energy Dash . Dash . . halliburton introduces large bore subsea safety system Halliburton announced the release of the Dash large Bore Subsea Safety System which provides full electrohydraulic control of well safety and intervention functions. The fully customizable system brings new benefits to deepwater operators for completion and intervention work that improve critical well control of the subsea safety system tubing hanger and deepwater subsea field developments. Halliburton collaborated with customers to design a system that is simpler to test easier to assemble faster to activate and configurable to individual customer and project requirements. It can isolate the lower landing string in as little as six seconds or less disconnect from the lower landing string in as little as ten seconds or less and provide downhole data for greater confidence in decision-making. The two larger bore sizes 6-3 8 inch and 7-3 8 inch in addition to the existing Dash 3 inch system broadens the use of Halliburton electrohydraulic subsea safety systems. operators will now have the ability to deploy this technology across the full breath of their ultra-deepwater offshore operations to help minimize operational risk. The Dash large bore system adds to our capabilities by providing a technology that we believe is more effective and efficient said Grant Roscoe vice president of Testing and Subsea. This launch furthers our commitment to helping customers reduce their deepwater development costs without compromising safety. Noble Energy used the Dash large bore system during recent plug and abandonment operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Dash safely and effectively served as the primary well control barrier and blowout preventer. This dual functionality eliminated the need for alternative measures during the operation which reduced rig time by several days. team oil tools tomcatTM TEAM oil Tools (TEAM) ToMCATTM. ToMCATTM . ToMCATTM . . . 150 . . ToMCATTM 2016 . TEAM 2016 . ToMCATTM. 97 1 (059) March 2017 TEAM. ToMCATTM . 4000 . . 2016 119 4% 170 203 ( 25 ). 62 (- ) 112 7%. 744 2 123 . . 443 . 7149 72 8% . 2016 8 . . team oil tools adds to tomcatTM Product line TEAM oil Tools (TEAM) an industry leading designer manufacturer and supplier of quality completion tools has developed the ToMCATTM Fully Composite Frac Plug an addition to the ToMCATTM Product line. The ToMCATTM Fully Composite Frac Plug utilizes high strength composite components to provide a dependable durable and cost-effective design for zonal isolation during multi-stage completions. These frac plugs are constructed of machined composite material with composite upper and lower slips. The plug is compact in length with zero metal components and has pump down kits that allow for 500 foot per minute run in speed. The specialized design features ceramic buttons that do not damage the mill bit bodies during plug drill-outs. The ToMCATTM Composite Frac Plug was first introduced as a dual cast iron slip plug in early 2016. In April of 2016 TEAM introduced the Hybrid design which incorporates an upper composite slip. we are now excited to complete our ToMCATTM Frac Plug Product line with the ToMCATTM Fully Composite Frac Plug which offers our clients a fully composite plug with zero metal content said Adam Anderson President and Chief Executive offer. with drill-out times less than five minutes and over 4 000 installations ToMCATTM Frac Plugs are proven to be a highly competitive multi-stage completion solution. TEAM oil Tools was built with one goal in mind to design manufacture and supply the oil and gas industry with superior downhole completion solutions that clients can trust. Results of the tatneft s Reservoir Pressure maintenance system development PJSC TATNEFT continues implementation of advanced technologies for reservoir pressure maintenance (RPM) aimed at reducing energy costs and increasing production efficiency. 2016 witnessed adoption of the Concept of RPM Development System for the 2016 2020 period . In 2016 the Company continued working on protection of the downhole equipment of the injection wells against high pressure and corrosion as well as comprehensive optimization of the RPM process. The 2016 plan for commissioning of new injection wells was executed by 119.4 percent and 203 wells were commissioned instead of the planned number of 170 wells including 25 wells for injection of associated water produced in development of high-viscosity oil deposits). The dual injection technology was implemented in 62 injection wells with fulfillment of the plan by 112.7%. The total number of the wells where this technology had been introduced since the beginning of the technology application amounted to 744 wells () . 2016 2016 2020 . . 98 1 (059) March 2017 NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NE and the volume of additional oil production from the influenced wells operations amounted to 2 123 thousand tonnes. In order to protect the downhole equipment of injection wells against the effects of high pressure and corrosion damage the Company continued implementing the dedicated program to protect production casing of the injection wells under which there were 443 injection wells equipped with leak proof packers. The total number of injection wells equipped with various design packers amounted to 7 149 wells today accounting for 72.8 percent of the existing injection wells stock. In the course of the program implementation to optimize the power consumption in the RPM system and import substitution there were 8 domestically manufactured positive displacement pumping units introduced in 2016. The year also witnessed putting into operation of the injection well with a fiberglass casing installed and commissioning of a high-pressure fiberglass water line. weatherford chevron lwd triple-combo weatherford International plc Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production ltd. Chevron HeatwaveTM Extreme (HEX). 6 () 4 3 198 C. HEX . 9 . . weatherford Chevron HEX 2015 . HEX - 2015 SPE Thailand E&P Annual Awards Program . HEX - weatherford. . weatherford and chevron celebrate first Runs of ultrahightemperature lwd triple-combo technology weatherford International plc and Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production ltd. a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation announced the successful inaugural runs of the HeatwaveTM Extreme (HEX) triple-combo logging-whiledrilling (lwD) tool string. The first run was completed on September 6 2016 on a well in the Gulf of Thailand with a measured depth of more than 14 000 ft and a maximum circulating temperature of 388 F (198 C). The HEX triple-combo lwD string delivered a complete suite of measurements while drilling. The technology has since been run on nine more wells with zero downhole nonproductive time recorded. Further deployments are planned. The HEX triple-combo technology was jointly developed by weatherford and Chevron Thailand as part of the second phase of the HEX project which was first announced in November 2015. Following the successful deployment of the phase-one HEX service and recognition at the 2015 SPE Thailand E&P Annual Awards Program the team turned its focus to applying the hightemperature technology to the full suite of triplecombo lwD measurements. The results achieved with the HEX technology to date demonstrate the magnitude of progress that can be achieved through close collaboration between an operator and a service company said Etienne Roux Vice President of Drilling Services at weatherford. In order to drive a step change in efficiency and maximize productivity in the most challenging environments companies must work together and remain focused on engineering solutions. 1 (059) March 2017 99 avantguard International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference - AvantGuard . . AvantGuard . . . Testing Services . AvantGuard . Flowback Advisor Mangrove. AvantGuard . Vx . . . schlumberger introduces avantguard advanced flowback services Schlumberger introduced at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference AvantGuard advanced flowback services. These services protect the connection of the hydraulic fracture to the wellbore to optimize productivity in conventional and unconventional wells. AvantGuard services comprise flowback design and proactive fracture protection that complement fracturing operations. Damage to the well and the formation is actively prevented by tailoring a predictive flowback design strategy with a defined secure operating envelope. Application of the flowback design during the transition to production protects and stabilizes hydraulic fractures to efficiently enable all the clusters in each zone to produce without productivity impairment. optimizing the poststimulation flowback of hydraulically fractured wells is a significant challenge for our industry said wallace Pescarini president Testing Services Schlumberger. Protecting the investment made in a complex multistage stimulation operation is a must in today s cost-constrained environment and AvantGuard services provide the integrated flowback solution that delivers productivity and recovery. Modeling is conducted in the Flowback Advisor design model built on Mangrove engineered stimulation design. The AvantGuard model is adapted to the well s specific geological geochemical and geomechanical environment. The resulting flow is continuously monitored using Vx multiphase well testing technology to accurately capture the rapid transient changes of produced fluids and sand content during early flow in the life of the well. This level of control begins during coiled tubing millout as the dynamic fluid and solids rate information is transmitted in real time to the coiled tubing unit to guide managing injection return rate and pressure and optimize the balance condition. In more than 50 operations conducted to date in unconventional plays including the Eagle Ford Haynesville Permian and Bakken Shales AvantGuard services guided active control of coiled tubing injection parameters and the wellhead choke has kept wells in the defined secure operating envelope to protect fracture connectivity and productivity. . EPA American Petroleum Institute (API) world oil. (EPA). . 100 1 (059) March 2017 NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NEwS NE API . . API . API Upstream. . Co2 20 . . - API . EPA . it lifted economic fortunes for millions of Americans. The new report by Catalyst quantitative Support For EPA s Finding of No widespread Systemic Effects to Drinking water Resources from Hydraulic Fracturing concludes that If there was a significant correlation between impaired drinking water resources and hydraulic fracturing that connection would be manifested in the areas that EPA evaluated. This finding is corroborated by a large credible body of case studies and scientific literature. API commissioned the report. Hydraulic fracturing is the backbone for a continued economic environmental and energy development success story in the U.S. said Milito. while the U.S. has risen to be the world s leading producer of oil and natural gas industry has also reduced carbon emissions from power generation to their lowest level in more than 20 years making it clear that environmental progress and energy production are not mutually exclusive. None of this would be possible without hydraulic fracturing. The scientific data documented by the EPA study add to the proof that it is being done safely. scientific evidence in ePa study confirms safety of hydraulic fracturing API released a new report by Catalyst Environmental Solutions showing that the Environmental Protection Agency s (EPA) finding of no widespread effects to drinking water quality is supported by state and federal regulatory reviews and dozens of recent peer-reviewed case studies. This report shows that EPA s conclusion has scientific backing and reflects the effectiveness of existing industry practices and state regulations said API Director of Upstream and Industry operations Erik Milito. The EPA s study on hydraulic fracturing and groundwater protection will be viewed globally and must reflect existing scientific evidence. As the study is finalized and prepared for release by the end of the year it is critical for any review to focus on the facts and available science. EPA s six-year multi-million-dollar national study was released as a draft assessment report in 2015 and determined that fraccing has not led to widespread systemic impacts on drinking water as 1 (059) March 2017 101 . The photos are published by courtesy of fIDMASH. Author lexander Volkov. 102 1 (059) March 2017 The Beauty of Oilfields 1 (059) March 2017 103 New Member of the Editorial Board . 2005 . .. . 2007 11 . 4- . 2006- 2007 2- . 2007 . 2007 2- . 2009- 2014 1- . 2014- 2016 . 2016 . denis Vyacheslavovich Vorobiev He was born in Gomel Republic of Belarus. In 2005 he graduated from Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel. Majored in Development and operation of oil fields . He joined RUP Production Association Belorusneft in 2007 his total work experience is 11 years. He started his career as a driller s assistant of the 4th grade at Mozyr deep exploration drilling expedition. over the period from March 2006 to August 2007 he was a drilling engineer in deep drilling department the second category drilling engineer in production technology department and a head of engineering department. In august 2007 he started his career at Production Association Belarusneft as an engineer in reservoir simulation and oil and gas field development department at BelNIPIneft. In December 2007 he was transferred to a position of the second category engineer in well drilling and workover department at well technology division of the central office of RUP Production Association Belarusneft. over the period from october 2009 to March 2014 he held the positions of the first category engineer and deputy director of well drilling and workover department at well technology and service division. During the period from March 2014 to March 2016 he held the position of the director of well drilling and workover department at well technology and service division. Starting from March 2016 he is Deputy Chief operations Director at RUP Production Association Belarusneft. 104 1 (059) March 2017 1 (059) March 2017 105 106 1 (059) March 2017 (ICoTA) - intervention technology award 2017. _________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ () ________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ () ________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ________ ____________________________________________________________________________ cttimes 7 499 788 91 19 - . 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