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The Ultimate BRAND Promotion Program 2017 MEDIA KIT Reach MORE CU Buying Decision-Makers MORE Often At the Lowest Cost Available 2017 ADVERTISING AND MARKETING MEDIA KIT Credit Union BUSINESS (CUB) e-Magazine is the only independent and multi-channel information source for credit union executives from across the USA. It offers advertisers the largest audience of pure CU decision makers and an editorial environment that they respond to with each article and every digital issue. Launched in 2005 CUB was published monthly as a print publication until 2015 when it was successfully converted to a sharply-focused digital monthly e-magazine and multiple e-mail delivery eNewsletters to a highly targeted audience segment of credit union professionals by title and job function. THE ONLY AL L - DIGITAL AL L - BUSINESS RESOURCE FOR CREDIT UNIONS T H E S E C U R I T Y S A F E T Y & S O U N D N E S S I S S U E CREDIT UNION TRAINING JANUARY 2016 VOLUME 11 ISSUE 1 Think Small Business Not Small Credit Union KENNETH C. BATOR COMPLIANCE UPDATE All Hands on Deck for Successful FI Marketing CINDY WILLIAMS STRATEGY Is Your Credit Union Getting the Best Deal GEOFF BACINO 5 Ways to Save Money on Products and Vendors Kenneth C. Bator MBA THE MORTGAGE ISSUE MAY 2015 VOLUME 10 ISSUE 5 People Helping People CU Best Practices CUB Launches Team Builder Campaign Big Data Analytics Help Credit Unions Reach Influential Hispanic Market MIRIAM DE DIOS Millennials and the Branch Building Relationships with Your Most Important Customers BY MEREDITH DEEN CUB s original audience consisted of 8 500 executives from the largest credit unions and has been expanded primarily through the use of social media to over 12 000 by the start of 2016. A new paid group subscription effort called The Team Builder program was launched in January of last year. For the cost of 500 per year The Team Builder program encourages credit unions to sign up every member of its executive team influential executive assistants as well as off-site VIPs like branch managment and member service reps to receive the digital CU BUSINESS and highly targeted e-Newsletters to match their job titles. With The Team Builder CU pros in the FINANCE department also receive CFO Currency e-newsletters and those in Lending also get Lending Solutions while Marketers will receive Marketing Matters. The fastest growing audience segment seems to be Branch Managers and Supervisors who receive a dedicated Branch Business e-newsletters. We anticipate that by Q2 of 2017 the CU BUSINESS team members will number nearly 25 000 executives CU BUSINESS was built for CU Executives only so one thing you won t find in its readership are non-buyers There are virtually no credit union association employees or state or national regulators on CUB s receivership lists. Editorial Excellence is Our Secret Sauce Credit Union BUSINESS is also unique in that the majority of its editorial content is provided by very successful and well-know CU professionals our CU All Stars The roster includes Emily Hollis senior partner of ALM First Investement Advisors a Dallas based firm that manages more than 60 Billion in credit union investments. Rex Johnson the Dean of CU Lending is the founder and CEO of Lending Solutions The CU All Stars Consultants Inc.. Rex and his partners contribute Lending Solutions column and eNewsletter. PolicyWorks is the leading compliance firm that authors Compliance Update. And in 2017 CUB will be joined by 40 year credit union veteran John Gregoire who with his associates will offer CUB s readership a healthy dose of best practice advice in the areas of CEO compensation Cooperative Governance and other topics of great importance to credit union top mangement. THE BRANCH BUSINESS TRAINING ISSUE JUNE 2014 VOLUME 9 ISSUE 6 9.95 Paul Nunn (CU Training) Emily More Hollis (CFO Currency) Jennifer Anderson-Kapke (Compliance Update) Keith Kelly (CU Mobile Mortgage) James Collins (CU CEO) Rex Johnson (Lending Solutions) Laura Enock (CU Content) Miriam De Dios (CU Outreach) The Best Way to Build Branches is to Knock Them Down by James Collins The Changing Face of Business Lending by Laura Enock Top row from left Emily Mor Hollis Paul Nunn Jennifer Anderson-Kapke Keith Kelly Middle row James Collins Rex Johnson Bottom row Laura Enock Miriam De Dios 2017 EDITORIAL CALENDAR ISSUE January February March April May June July August September October November December TOPICS COVERED Payments Credit Debit Cards Car Wars Auto Lending Mortgage Lending Mobile Banking Security Branch Business CUSOs Executive Hiring & Compensation Auto Lending & Leasing 2 Mortgage Lending 2 Payments 2 Business Lending 2017 ADVERTISING AND MARKETING MEDIA KIT RATE CARD FULL PAGE 1X 3X 6X 12X BANNER 1X 3X 6X 12X 4 000 3 500 3 000 2 000 4 000 INCLUDES WEB ADVERTISING AUDIENCE TEAM BUILDER TAKES OFF CEO President CFO COO Lending Marketing Compliance Training Other Total 3 400 3 100 1 689 3 463 2 932 945 896 645 17 250 750 500 INCLUDED WITH FULL PAGE 12X PO Box 2223 Palm Beach Fl. 33480 2017 ADVERTISING AND MARKETING MEDIA KIT DIGITAL ADVERTISING SPECS AD SIZES All measurements in pixels- W x H Please supply High resolution PDF Contact Tim O Hara Editor Publisher Credit Union BUSINESS PO Box 2223 Palm Beach Fl. 33480 561-282-6015 Ext. 1 tim (200 dpi minimum (ADD 13 Pixel border for bleed ads) millennials A generation marked by increased use of social media and digital technologies. Would this ad matter to the generation that can make or break a brand within a few keystrokes These digital natives are the current prime target for credit unions everywhere and PSCU has the social media tools and insights you need to reach them in a way that s relevant. The leading CUSO for 30 years we know a thing or two about embracing change and having conversations that matter. Let us show you how. 888.918.7357 HALF PAGE 1675 x 1203 FULL PAGE 1675 x 2175 (TRIM) (ADD 13 PIXEL BORDER FOR BLEED ADS) URL 186 x 96 BANNER 430 x 101