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Description: This presentation provides examples of lead generation and lead nurturing email campaigns created by SmartTouch® Interactive.

Home Builder and Developer Emails 1 Prospecting 2 Category Prospecting 3 Category Prospecting 4 Category Prospecting 5 GIF File Category Prospecting 6 Reengagement 7 Category Reengagement 8 Category Reengagement 9 Category Reengagement 10 Category Reengagement 11 Category Reengagement 12 Inventory 13 Category Inventory 14 All Address and Phone Numbers are clickable. Category Inventory 15 Category Inventory 16 Special Promo Events 17 Category Event 18 Category Special Promo 19 Category Special Promo 20 Seasonal Holiday 21 Category Seasonal 22 Category Holiday 23 Newsletter 24 Category Newsletter 25 Drip Campaigns 26 Drips Category Drip Campaign 27 Personalized Content 28 Retired Ruth & Roy Alumni Mom & Dad Full Nesters Category Personalized Content 29 Soccer Mom & Dad Starter Families Young & Free Category Personalized Content 30 Contact SmartTouch 31