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Description: Suncoast Pet magazine is the premier pet publication on Florida's west coast. The award-winning magazine features profiles on area pet businesses, articles written by regional veterinarians, a "Rescue Me" section of adoptable dogs and cats, a comprehensive Calendar of Events spotlighting upcoming events and fund-raisers and so much more! Advertising in this publication is very affordable! For information about advertising, please send an e-mail to

Suncoast Pet Community Spotlights Moonracer Animal Rescue Has a Brand New Country House Local Writer Illustrator Rebekah Phillips Creates a Colorful Children s Book Series to Spotlight Dogs Share Life Lessons May June 2017 Meet Elvira Suncoast Pet s Adorable Cover Girl Adopt Don t Shop Best New Pet Business EXPIRES Finalist in 8 31 2014 Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards 2013 Specializing in a safe gentle & stress-free grooming experience for your pets Saving one dog won t change the world but it will change the world for that one dog. Adopt Me Adopt Me 10% OFF We Groom Cats Too FULL GROOM OR BATH SERVICE New Clients Only Expires 6 30 17 863-491-MUTT 316 S. WASHINGTON BOULEVARD SARASOTA 941-870-5756 Debbie (6888) Adopt Me Adopt Me WINNER FAVORITE PET STORE ISLAND SUN NEWSPAPER 2014 Perks 4 Pets Where Your Pet s Health is Always 1. UNIQUE GIFTS for Pets & People The Doggy Diva Show Join Host Susan Marie & Miss Olive Voted t Best Pe how Radio S rs a Four Ye w in a Ro FAMILY OWNED for Individualized Service NATURAL & ORGANIC Foods & Treats Community Pet News Pet Tips of the Week Interviews with Rowdy Samurai Maya Molly Asia ers LOW-COST VACCINATION CLINICS AVAILABLE HERE Connie Summ The Show for Animal Lovers 7228 MANATEE AVENUE WEST BRADENTON FL 34209 941 c 795 c PETS (7387) WWW.PERKS4PETSFL.COM Pet Professionals & Industry Experts Best-Selling Book Authors News from the Rescue Community & Much More Listen Day or Night on AND Listen on demand at email doggydivashow TheDoggyDivaShow Suncoast Pet Magazine Inc. Vol. 11 No. 3 Thank You Sarasota Pet Owners... ...for making Serving Florida s Suncoast Dr. Kate s Pet Clinic the Publisher & Founder Candace T. Botha 1 New Veterinary Clinic in Sarasota 4816 Glenbrooke Drive Sarasota Florida 34243 (941) 405-4468 Communication. Compassion. E-Mail Address suncoastpetpublisher Web site Editorial Contributors Marisa Roman & Vanessa Semrow Senior Account Executive Tim Karau Commitment. Come and See Why We re 1 Dr. Kate s PET CLINIC Kate Cole DVM Cover Photo by Suncoast Pets Photography 3900 Clark Road Building M Sarasota FL Phone (941) 348-0155 Web site 941-343-2597 ON OUR COVER It s another first for Suncoast Pet In the magazine s 10-year history this is the very first time that a Chinese Crested Dog has been featured on our cover And this little two-year-old cutie is named Elvira There are some people that absolutely adore this unusual breed and others well not so much. But Elvira who was born in Missouri and is now the companion of Pamela and Ron Blank of Nokomis is everything and more that her owners expected her to be happy intelligent loving loyal and at times a real Daddy s girl Best of all she doesn t shed and what little hair she does have is easy to maintain with a quick wash and trim. Same Plaza as Millie s & Chianti s Restaurants HOURS Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. WET N SES New Pamela who has had canine companions for most of her life always wanted to have a Chinese Crested Dog. So after her beloved Vizsla Marsha (or Mooch as she was called) journeyed to The Rainbow Bridge at the age of 16 Pamela searched and found Elvira online in Missouri. Ron made the trip and brought the eight-week pup who was just about the size of a mouse home. Elvira Pamela says seemed to be the perfect name for this little girl with Afro-ish hair and snake eyes And just in case you didn t notice Elvira has one blue eye and one brown eye Find out more about this adorable pup in the article on page 51 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COPYRIGHT 2017 No part of this publication can be reproduced or duplicated without the publisher s permission. May June 2017 3 O kay I didn t miscount this time around...but once again in this issue of Suncoast Pet 25 Rescue Me ads made it impossible to include all of the ads on pages designed to fit just 24 And so as in the last issue I decided to share the Publisher s Letter page with one of my favorite pups Anastasia of Moonracer Animal Rescue who is sponsoring one of the local animal group s adoptable dogs Rollo. Be sure to check out all the dogs and cats available for adoption in the Rescue Me section that begins on page 48. As always this issue of Suncoast Pet is brimming with educational entertaining and life-saving information for you and your pets Of special interest is an article written by Alana Evans a seventh grade student at Sarasota Middle School. Recently Alana has been working closely with Barbara Bounds of Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory to trap feral cats in her Candace T. Botha with her neighborhood. Alana was so thrilled with the experience that she wanted to share it with Suncoast Pet s readers. And pups Toby Lucy & Rikki I was equally thrilled that a 12-year-old middle school student and an excellent writer is getting such an early start in helping to control animal population in her neighborhood and save lives You can find Alana s article on pages 32 and 33. In this issue I also am honored to announce BIG news about Moonracer Animal Rescue The local animal group has a brand new Country House that sits on five acres of property in western Manatee County I had an opportunity to visit the scenic setting in late March and spend time with Lisa Williams founder of Moonracer and Tim Karau who is one of the group s five board members . While there is still work to be done including an old-fashioned barn raising in the fall (and everyone is invited ) the house and property will provide an ideal environment for all of the dogs and cats in Moonracer s care who are waiting to find their forever homes. You too can get a first glimpse of Moonracer s Country House and property in the article that begins on page 42. Not to be overlooked is the profile on Rebekah Phillips a multi-talented About 3 Years Old Male writer illustrator singer songwriter who is creating a beautifully illustrated Sponsor American Staffordshire series of children s books featuring an array of adorable pups who share Terrier Mix important life lessons for readers both young and old. An afternoon visit with Rebekah her husband Kurt and their pup Mocha was a chance to make new friends my favorite part of this job and to find out the Moonracer motivation behind Rebekah s newest passion. This is another article you Ambassador Dog won t miss you ll find it on pages 38 through 41. Once again please do your part to help Suncoast Pet by telling the Moonracer Animal Rescue veterinarians and pet businesses that advertise in the magazine that you saw http their ads here Until next time... Rollo Anastasia 941-345-2441 Fabulous Makeover Portrait exPerience 5275 University Parkway University Park 941-359-1010 Everything You Need to Keep Your Pets Happy & Healthy Your Search is Over... ...Professional Groomer Dawn Kane is Now at Bone Appetite 24 Years Experience One-on-One Personalized Service an Call for ment Appoint Today a GlaMorous & eMPowerinG Portrait session with hair & MakeuP stylinG... Before you Deserve to look & Feel like a celebrity in a MaGazine style Photo shoot By Appointment Only After HOURS Monday - Friday 10 AM - 6 PM Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM Closed Sunday 4 May June 2017 941.210.9594 CAGE-FREE & STRESS FREE DOG & CAT GROOMING We have LIVE WEB CAMS for Our Customers Expert Yet Tender Care in a Clean Environment Per fect Like Our Facebook Page & Get A Rating on Angie s List 10% OFF Your 1st Groom We Groom Bunnies Too 127 Tampa Avenue East Venice FL 34285 941-485-8888 DRIVEN BY COMPASSION Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards 24 Hours a Day... ... 365 Days a Year PET EMS 2011 2012 & 2013 Natural Choice Awards 2011 & 2012 For The Love of Animals 2010 VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED Transport After .C F O E R U . FREE Emergency Care N IVE R S I T Y PA R K . L L Emergencies Regular Vet & Specialist Visits Transport to from Boarding Day Care Grooming Compassionate Home Pick-Up of Pets That Have Passed Affordable Help When You Need it the Most Serving Sarasota & Manatee Counties 941-592-5131 May June 2017 5 Bringing Home a New Puppy By Dr. David T. Smith Sarasota Veterinary Center B ringing home a new puppy is an exciting time but those first few days weeks and months are crucial for developing a pet that will be a well-adjusted and well-behaved member of the family. There are important health considerations as well. I always tell my clients that bringing home a new puppy is like bringing home a newborn baby from the hospital except the hospital won t release the baby until mom and dad have had an educational lecture from a nurse watched a number of informative videos and have spent a day or two actually taking care of the baby. Shelters and adoption centers will spend anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour trying to educate new puppy owners about their newest family members. Good pet store representatives usually spend an hour or more and have the new pup parents sign some forms saying that they understand what they need to do. In all actuality however the new parents are playing with the new puppy or asking for a chance to play with him and are not really listening to all that important information. We like to spend a long time with new puppy owners on their first visits to Sarasota Veterinary Center asking questions to ensure that the new pet owners understand the importance of what we are telling them. The first thing to understand is that the puppy is a little stressed first from having left his or her siblings and then after making new friends having to leave them and come to your home which is his or her second or third home in a matter of weeks. The puppy may not want to eat or drink due to this stress and could become hypoglycemic. We recommend hand feeding if necessary and using a veterinary- approved glucose supplement to avoid this condition. The puppy s immune system also is not fully developed and he or she may have received a vaccination recently that requires some recovery time. For this reason we recommend keeping puppies close to home for the first few weeks just like you would with a new baby. This is not the time to take the pup to a dog park or beach or to visit all of the neighbors. The first few months of a puppy s life are when he or Dr. David T. Smith Sarasota Veterinary she is most impressionable. Center. Photo by Keith Millard Bad habits phobias and fears can develop and will last their throughout their lives if you are not mindful of how to avoid them. It is a crucial time in their development and socialization is a must. In the beginning they can have human visitors and get used to being handled gently. When they are acclimatized to their new surroundings in a few weeks they can begin to explore the world but within reason. Do not overdo it and always ask yourself What would I do if this was a new baby House-training and behavioral training in general begins immediately. If you let your new puppies get away with anything right off the bat they will believe that whatever they are doing is normal because that s what they remember. You have to begin teaching them the word NO immediately but always praise them for being good as well. Sitting quietly is a good thing so praise them for that too and soon they will do it more often. You are the world to this new puppy and he or she will want to please you. Giving your puppy opportunities to succeed and praising him or her will lead to a well-behaved puppy. Similarly letting your puppy know immediately what is unacceptable makes it easy for him or her to differentiate between what is good and bad. That is positive motivation-based training and there are other entire articles about this important topic. Routine is important for puppies along with lots of TLC. Remember that you have a new baby and make decisions accordingly in those first few days weeks and months. See your veterinarian within the first couple of days for an exam and to learn more about how to raise a happy healthy and well- behaved puppy. Watching puppies grow and develop as they run and frolic in their new homes is one of the most enjoyable sights in the world. Dr. David T. Smith has been a veterinarian in Florida for 28 years. His practice is the Sarasota Veterinary Center on Cattlemen Road south of Bee Ridge Road next to the Burlington Coat Factory. Dr. Smith is a past president of the Broward County Veterinary Medical Association where he was previously the medical director of two emergency and critical care centers as well as several veterinary hospitals. More recently Dr. Smith is a past president of the Southwest Florida Veterinary Medical Association. He can be reached at 941-377-3031 for questions or inquiries or contacted online at 6 May June 2017 TANNENBAUM SCRO NO DRUGS ATTORNEYS AT LAW Cynthia M. Clark J.D. CFP Attorney at Law Providing Pet Trusts & Pet Nups as Part of a Comprehensive Estate Disability & Long-term Care Plan Non-Anesthesia Dentals & More NO SEDATION NO ANESTHESIA A Holistic Approach to Your Pet s Health Kristen Swanson DVM BEFORE AFTER er Cindy Clark & Squeak Estate & Disability Planning Medicaid & VA Benefits Pet Trusts IRA Trusts Firearms Trusts Probate Tannenbaum Scro P.L. 1990 Main Street Suite 725 Sarasota FL 34236 (941) 444-5958 cclark Now Also Offering Allergy Testing Mercury-Free Rabies & Vaccine Titers Homeopathic Heartworm Preventatives We are Mobile Call or E-mail us for Locations & Dates 941-724-0366 info A place for your fur feathers and fins. David Barr 941-993-6853 May June 2017 7 When Florida s Heat Becomes Too Dangerous By Dr. Wendy Ellis BluePearl Sarasota It s another gorgeous Gulf Coast day but hard as it is to admit we know this balmy weather will soon be replaced with Florida s sweltering brand of summer. As we stock up on sunscreen and bottled water for ourselves let s not forget the needs of our pets. Although pets need their exercise we must be extremely mindful about overheating. Our dogs may not stop playing until we do even if they are about to collapse from the heat. Heat stroke happens fast in our subtropical climate...and it can be fatal. If that sounds scary well I don t mean to alarm you. But it is scary. Since people are better at cooling themselves than pets are many pet parents don t realize the danger in a daytime walk or game of fetch. My BluePearl colleague Dr. Miryam Reems agrees. If people knew they wouldn t do it Dr. Reems says. If we could just get the word out. Both Dr. Reems and I have even been so concerned that we ve tried to warn strangers we see exercising their dogs on hot days. I walk up and say I know it s none of my business but I m an emergency veterinarian and I ve seen dogs die of heat stroke Dr. Reems says. Hot cars are another danger leaving your pet in the car for a few minutes and even with the window cracked puts your pet at risk. Although pets do have some sweat glands in their paws (which is why wading in cool water is such a great activity) they can t maintain their body temperature like people do. The main way dogs cool off is by panting. But on hot humid days pretty much every day here in our climate dogs are sucking in hot humid air...not very cooling Cats also may pant trying to cool off as saliva evaporates from their tongues. But they face the same problem There s just not much evaporation going on in our humid air. I ve seen dogs come to the ER with temps of 109 degrees or more (the normal temperature for a dog averages about 101). Pets with heat stroke may collapse go into shock and develop blood clotting problems as well as suffer liver kidney and GI tract damage. Treatment is far more complex than merely giving fluids. It can require many medications blood transfusions even dialysis. And sadly even after all this and many days in the hospital not every pet will get to go home. Signs your cat or dog may be suffering from the heat include Rapid panting sweaty feet drooling Excessive grooming (in cats) Rapid pulse and breathing Redness of the tongue and mouth Vomiting Lethargy A stumbling staggering gait 8 May June 2017 If your pet is just starting to show signs of distress from the heat quickly get her to a cool place and offer her lots of water to drink. If you think she is suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke take the following steps to start the cooling process then rush to an emergency pet hospital Move the pet to a cool area. Wet down the skin with cool Dr. Wendy Ellis water. Avoid freezing water or BluePearl Sarasota ice these can cause blood vessels to constrict actually slowing the cooling process. And ice can damage your pet s skin. Don t let efforts to help your pet delay you more than a few moments from getting to the vet as time is critical for animals suffering heat stroke. Safe Fun in the Sun Still summertime can be a fun time for you and your pet. Activities that help beat the heat are some of the most enjoyable for you both Hose down your dog in the backyard play under the sprinkler or give her a cool bath. Go swimming. Try pools safe lakes or dog beaches but be mindful of alligators and snakes. Remember to rinse off chlorine or salt afterward. Wade in a kiddie pool. Take walks in the early morning not afternoon. Have a summer snack together. Dogs love watermelon (remove the seeds and don t give the rind) and popsicles. Dogs love ice cream too but don t share yours. Make a dog-friendly treat using ingredients like yogurt and peanut butter or buy the justfor-dogs version at the grocery store. And it s always okay to just hang out inside in the air conditioning. Watch a movie together (dogs love unbuttered popcorn ) play a not-too-wild game of ball or fetch or just take a nap. You can get outside and romp when evening comes Dr. Wendy Ellis is an emergency clinician at BluePearl Veterinary Partners Sarasota. A fan of the fast pace case variety and problemsolving component of emergency medicine she is gratified to send pets back home to their families. BluePearl Veterinary Partners Sarasota is located at 7414 South Tamiami Trail in Sarasota. For more information call 941-923-7260. Background photo titonz Take the Plunge... ...into Healthy Living Shop Our ction of Large Sele s Water Toy 5411 Fruitville Road Sarasota Crossing Sarasota FL 34232 941-378-4367 5770 Ranch Lake Boulevard River Club Plaza Bradenton FL 34202 941-753-PAWS (7297) Visit our Website for Current Monthly Specials & BOGOs WWW.HOLISTICFORPETS.COM Like Us on Facebook for Online Specials Your local source for everything for your pets Beds Collars Leashes Treats Supplements Shampoo Crates Travel Bags Toys Gifts & More ThroughouT May ThroughouT June % 20 OFF % 20 OFF All Wild Calling Dog & Cat Foods All Wellmade Dog Foods Natural Products Made Like You Would Make Them all Foods are WhiTe PoTaTo Free Offer Expires May 31 2017 Offer Expires June 30 2017 Holistic for Pets...Natural Pet Food and more... Serving Downtown Sarasota & Beyond medical clinic at Rosemary Integrating Holistic & Conventional Medicine Offering the Best in Contemporary Pet Care for Cats & Dogs including General Health & Wellness Care Internal Medicine Surgery & Radiology In-House Lab Services Dental Care Allergy Testing Microchipping Pet Food & Supplies Wm. Steve Koch DVM Nationally Recognized for Expertise in the Medical Care of English Bulldogs Also Specializing in Boston Terriers Greyhounds & Pugs Andrew Abshier DVM Open Monday - Friday 8 00 a.m. to 5 30 p.m. 941-955-0136 Cage-Free Grooming in a Loving Environment Using only natural biodegradable products that are not tested on animals We have no-appointment nail trimming Featuring Earthborn Holistic Dog Food Treats & Antlers Pet Odor Exterminator Candles & Sprays Zymox Skin Products Angel Eyes Natural Garden Soaps Professional Grooming Tools Much More Free toothbrushing or nail polish when you mention this ad Herald-Tribune Readers Choice Winner 2012-2013 First Place Award for Pet Groomer Open Monday-Saturday 7 30 a.m. to 6 00 p.m. 941-924-4462 37 South Beneva Road (Behind Nellie s Deli) Sarasota 10 May June 2017 Spaying Neutering What Spaying and neutering your pets is the humane solution to pet overpopulation homeless animals and overcrowded shelters. Spaying Removing the ovaries and uterus of a female pet Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer Neutering Removing the testicles of a male pet Neutering prevents testicular cancer and has many health benefits Spay and neuter surgery is a veterinary procedure that requires minimal hospitalization and offers lifelong health benefits. Where The Humane Society of Manatee County Veterinary Clinic is located in Bradenton at 2415 14th Street West. Our high-quality high-volume spay and neuter clinic performs more than 6 000 surgeries a year. We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care and related services for all animals in Manatee County including those animals in families facing economic challenges. Cost of Surgery At Humane Society of Manatee County the average cost for spay and neuter surgeries is 116.00 which includes surgery pain meds vaccines and micro-chipping. Grants and Low Cost Spay and Neuter Several times a year funds are made available to offset the cost of these surgeries. Right now through a grant made available by Petsmart Charities you can have your pet spayed or neutered for ONLY a 10.00 co-pay. CALL NOW 941-747-8808 or email clinic to take advantage of this limited time offer. Humane Society of Manatee County is committed to leading Manatee County in fostering compassion and respect for animals through care education and collaboration. VETERINARY CLINIC Compassion. Commitment. Community. 2415 14th Street West Bradenton VOUCHER No Income Qualification Call Today for an Appointment 941-747-8808 Option 1 clinic Bully Breed Spay Neuter Only 10 Includes Surgery Pain Meds Rabies & DA2PPV vaccines Funded by Grant valid for any bully breed living in 34203 34205 34207 34208 & 34221 zip codes Rabies for dogs over 4 months of age DA2PPV for dogs under 6 months of age Kitty Cat Cavities Fact or Fiction By Dr. Jerry Edington Shelter & Clinic Veterinarian Cat Depot & Rose Durham Cat Care Clinic B these lesions become painful as the process approaches the nerve of the tooth. Once the pulp chamber of the tooth is reached bacteria can spread into the tooth socket causing a tooth abscess or spread and also causing problems in distant organs. Since a tooth affected by a resorptive lesion is destined to fail that tooth should be removed as soon as possible following detection. If the roots have not been resorbed yet the tooth crown and elieve it or not veterinarians see a large number of cats with dental issues. The majority have a condition currently known as tooth resorption. These resorptive lesions can be quite painful to our feline friends and also can lead to infection around the affected tooth which can spread elsewhere in the body. Current estimates are that two thirds of all adult cats suffer from resorptive lesions. Early recognition and treatment will protect the cat s health and improve the quality of life. As happens with any syndrome associated with an unknown Dr. Jerry Edington Shelter & Clinic cause tooth lesions have been known by many names. When first Veterinarian at Cat Depot and the identified veterinarians thought tooth decay was the cause like a Rose Durham Cat Care Clinic. cavity for a person. Feline cavity caries were the first terms used to Photo by Connie Summers describe these abnormalities roots should and veterinarbe removed. ians attemptIf the majority ed to place a of the roots filling. As time are resorbed progressed the the crown can fillings inevitabe removed bly failed. leaving the Resorptive roots behind. lesions subseThe gum tissue quently were is sutured over called cervical the area to line erosions prevent risk of neck lesions infection and Photo above left Resorptive lesions in upper and lower teeth. Photo top right Radiograph eliminate the and or cervishowing resorption of lower tooth crown. Photos courtesy of Cat Depot source of pain. cal neck lesions because veterinarians noticed that the disease process took place Cats are masters of deception when it comes to not showing that primarily at the line where the gum tissue meets the tooth. As dental they don t feel well. Cats that have resorptive lesions may chew care for cats progressed veterinarians began noticing that these abnormally. Owners may notice the cat making exaggerated chewing eaten away areas of the tooth occurred anywhere on the tooth movements in an effort to move food away from a painful tooth. Oral not just at the gum margin. pain also may cause a cat to drop food from his or her mouth or to Through microscopic examinations scientists were able to deterstart eating only canned food when dry food was previously enjoyed. mine that decay wasn t the primary cause of lesions. A type of cell Drooling or a bad odor from the mouth also may indicate problems. that normally lies dormant around the tooth called an osteoclast Resorptive lesions are only one of many possible problems that was inadvertently being activated. Osteoclasts are cells that break we see in the mouths of our furry friends. Routine annual dental down bone but in this situation the osteoclasts target the tooth. examinations should be performed. Oral examination under anestheSince osteoclasts were identified as the culprits the lesions were sia and dental treatment should be pursued promptly if you or your next called feline odontoclastic resorption lesions (FORL). For simveterinarian suspect a potential problem in your cat s mouth. plicity s sake these abnormalities are now called resorptive lesions. Cat Depot s Rose Durham Cat Care Veterinary Clinic located at It is currently unknown what activates dormant osteoclasts. Some 2542 17th Street in Sarasota is open to the public and offers theories have suggested a nutritional cause although resorptive lesions also occur in all wild cats in their native habitats. A viral cause affordable care for felines. The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 7 30 a.m. to 4 30 p.m. and Saturday from 9 00 a.m. also has been suggested but there is no evidence supporting that to 4 00 p.m. Services are provided by appointment only. To make theory. an appointment call 941-366-CATS (2287). For additional The bottom line is that once a resorptive lesion begins it will always progress and consume the entire tooth. As mentioned before information about the clinic visit 12 May June 2017 Pet Sitting c Dog Walking c Cat Visits Potty Breaks c Overnight Stays Small Animal Care c Shopping Are You Doing Everything You Can to Protect Your Pet s Vision Serving Animal Lovers Throughout Manatee County Insured Bonded & Certified Offering Loving Care for Cats Dogs & Small Animals in Your Home 941-447-9528 chasentails Animal Eye Care Inc. Diseases & Surgery of the Eye M-A Salisbury DVM DACVO Diplomate American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists Offering Balanced Integrated Veterinary Care for Dogs & Cats DVM Degree Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in Boston and Grafton MA Thirteen-Month Internship in Small Animal Medicine & Surgery University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine Acupuncture Laser Therapy Integrated Medicine Pain Control Weakness Seeing Patients at Mary Oberdier and Chas e Book Your Holiday Pet-Sitting Services Now Pamela McGinnis DVM CVA Animal ER of University Park Three Year Ophthalmology Residency University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine Serving Sarasota and the West Coast of Florida for 24 Years 3807 Bond Place Sarasota FL 34232 (1 1 2 miles west of I-75 off Bee Ridge Road) 941-379-3937 8237 Cooper Creek Boulevard University Park FL 34201 941-705-1161 balancedvetcarefl Office OfficeHours HoursbybyAppointment Appointment Monday Monday - Friday - Friday 8 8 00 a.m. to 5 5 00 p.m. ProudLy SerVing WeSt Bradenton & Surrounding communitieS Located in deSoto animaL cLinic at the corner of 30th Street & manatee aVenue WeSt 941-748 - 0202 May June 2017 13 Liver Disease... By Dr. Anne Luther DVM MS BA CVA Sarasota Animal Medical Center ...The Silent Killer so regular screening by your veterinarian is very important to detect the disease before it iver disease is becoming a major health issue for our pets. Canine becomes a major problem. liver disease is now the fifth leading cause of death for dogs There are numerous and it s estimated that 3 percent of all diseases veterinarians symptoms for advanced liver see are connected to the liver. disease but jaundice is the While cats do not seem to have as many cases of liver disease most recognizable. Jaundice when they do it often is life threatening. Hepatic lipidosis known causes the skin and mucous commonly as fatty liver is one of the most common and severe feline membranes to appear yellow liver diseases. or orange. Your pet may be The liver is the second largest organ in a pet s body (after the skin) thirstier and you may see and it is what makes the body function properly. The liver processes more frequent urination the food that is eaten manufactures the necessary building blocks that may be tinged yellow or for the body detoxifies and recycles the blood and gets rid of the orange. A pet s abdomen may waste. look distended and be uncomAnne Luther DVM MS BA CVA Liver disease can affect many bodily functions. Without a properly fortable to the touch. Sarasota Animal Medical Center functioning liver the body will begin to shut down and stop working Pets also may have a lack of the way that it should. appetite chronic weight loss Unfortunately there are many things that can cause liver disease recurring gastrointestinal issues or bloody vomiting. Their feces may in our pets. Ingestion or absorption of toxins certain viral infections be yellow or orange or they may have bloody diarrhea. You may chronic hepatitis cancer and a poor diet are some of the factors and observe strange behavior circling lethargy or depression. conditions that contribute to If not too far advanced liver disease. liver disease often may be Unfortunately there are many things that can Toxins are found almost reversed due to the liver s everywhere in our environcause liver disease in our pets. Ingestion or absorption ability to completely regenment. They are found in flea erate. However the disease and tick products as well as of toxins certain viral infections chronic hepatitis must be managed properly to heartworm prevention in allow this to happen. many other medications on cancer and a poor diet are some of the factors and First you should remove our lawns in our tap water any toxic agents that could and in many pet foods. be involved. This includes conditions that contribute to liver disease. A pet with a chronic any drugs that may harm the infection such as dental disease can develop liver disease. Fungal liver further. If your dog is on medications such as NSAIDs for pain and bacterial infections also can cause liver disease as can parasites or phenobarbital for seizure management your vet may change his like heartworms and roundworms. medication to decrease damage it may cause. You should use only In cats liver disease is most commonly caused by not eating for filtered water to lessen the effect of minerals and toxins in the water. several days in a row. Additionally a poor diet certainly can put stress Many caregivers with pets that suffer from liver disease do not on the liver. Dogs and cats evolved to consume living unprocessed have success with traditional medical therapy and fear that there are foods and once you remove the raw food you disrupt nearly every no other options for treatment. However with the help of a knowlimportant biochemical pathway in their body. This is a prescription edgeable holistic veterinarian even extremely damaged livers can be for disaster and maintaining your pet on completely cooked and restored to health. refined foods may certainly impact their organ health. Of course prevention is ideal and regular check ups and screening Though any commercial kibble is less than ideal pet food manufor liver disease and other diseases is optimal. Your best friend is factured in China should definitely be avoided. China has a history of worth it tainted foods with heavy use of chemicals and additives. The best prevention for liver disease is feeding an appropriate Anne Luther DVM MS BA CVA is the owner of Sarasota Animal diet and avoiding commercial canned and dry kibble avoiding Medical Center located at 3646 Birky Street in Sarasota. In unnecessary medications vaccinations and lawn treatments and addition to conventional medicine Sarasota Animal Medical Center using filtered water. also offers alternative therapies such as acupuncture herbs and Maintaining healthy teeth also is very important for a healthy liver. cold laser therapy. To schedule an appointment please call There usually are no symptoms associated with early liver disease 941-954-4771. For more information visit L 14 May June 2017 Silver Linings for Silver Paws... 941-921-4355 Vintage Paws Sanctuary Offers Our Heartfelt Thanks to Bridge Tender Inn & Dockside Bar for Your Continued and Loving Support of Our Senior Dogs. We are Forever Grateful for Your Generosity ... Justice for Candy The fight to bring criminal charges against the Nokomis man who shot Candy a beloved family dog who simply barked to alert her family when approached by a stranger continues...but your help is still needed Here s What You Can Do Contact State Attorney Ed Brosky and encourage him to bring criminal charges against the shooter. ADDRESS The Honorable Ed Brodsky State Attorney 12th Judicial Circuit Manatee County Building 1112 Manatee Avenue West Bradenton FL 34206 E-MAIL ebrodsky PHONE 1-941-861-4400 Follow updates about the case on Facebook https Justice4Candy . Share the posts with all of your Facebook friends. 135 Bridge Street Bradenton Beach Sign the petition online https www.change. 941-778-4849 We re Celebrating Our 8th Anniversary org p justice-for-candy-sarasota-countysheriff-and-state-attorney-prosecute-herkiller and share it with friends family members & business associates. Beverly Hills Dog AWARD WINNING all Tiny Sm Specializing in s zed Dog & Medium-Si We are proud to say our facility is We Love welcoming quaint cozy and just the perfect size allowing us to Our Customers offer the best personalized care of Our Gift to You... your pet...a great place where your dog can enjoy both canine ...A Very Special Offer human interaction while feeling loved and special. Bring This Coupon to Your Full Groom You will feel it too Service Appointment & Receive a 2016 Herald-Tribune Readers Choice Best Pet Groomer Finalist 2017 Herald-Tribune Readers Choice Best Pet Groomer WINNER 941-822-0888 2030 Bispham Road Sarasota FL 34231 Located one block east of South Tamiami Trail in Gulf Gate FREE Spa Package Complimentary Leave-In Conditioner Fruit Facial Scrub Paw Pad Moisturizer Breath Freshener With Every Full-Groom Service mspeejay May June 2017 15 Reptiles By Dr. Leigh Samanowitz University Animal Clinic T here are more than 6 000 species of reptiles that vary not just in size and shape but also in their dietary and care needs. They can range from four-legged varieties to those with no legs from those with either hard or soft shells and even those that can change color based on their situation and stress level. Because of the vast differences in reptiles their requirements as pets can vary depending on what species we are discussing. I am aware that the thought of all these different species can sound daunting but there are a lot of similarities that we can discuss here to spur a new reptile enthusiast or help get an existing reptile parent on the right track. For more specific species questions please contact your exotic veterinarian we always are ready to discuss options in husbandry. The ABC s of Reptile Husbandry There are three main components to a reptile s husbandry Heat Humidity or water regulation The substrate or environment created in their enclosure All species of reptiles have a Preferred Optimum Temperature Range (POTR) at which they are physically and medically at their best. As a cold-blooded species reptiles rely on external heat sources for thermoregulation. Being in their POTR affects reptiles in all aspects of their daily life. It can affect their appetite in that the cooler they are the lower their metabolism will be. A pet with a lower metabolism doesn t need as high of a calorie intake to maintain its daily function. It also will affect their immune system studies have shown that maximum immune response occurs when reptiles are within their POTR. This means they are better at fighting infection when at their optimum temperature. Just as temperature affects their metabolism it also affects their activity level so if a reptile seems lethargic it could often just be that it lacks the appropriate heat source. A good rule of thumb for most species is to maintain a hot spot in the enclosure that is near the upper end of the POTR (generally in the upper 80 to 90 degree range for most species). We recommend Cold Blooded Not Cold Hearted avoiding hot rocks or other heat sources that the pet can touch as they can lead to dermal burns. Another misconception is that reptiles only need heat during the day. Often the POTR for the evening is only 5 to 10 degrees cooler than their daytime temperature which would put it at approximately 70 to 80 degrees. Humidity and water regulation have different meanings for different species. Humidity can be one of Dr. Leigh Samanowitz of the more difficult things to maintain University Animal Clinic with her dog Chloe. Photo courtesy when it comes to reptile husbandof University Animal Clinic ry. One way is with a humidity box made out of plastic with moist moss such as sphagnum and a small opening cut into the lid. It is critical to make sure that we do not compromise ventilation without control of humidity. If ventilation is restricted the stagnant air can foster the growth of fungi and bacteria leading to infection. Some species such as chameleons can benefit from a vaporizer or humidifier used either directly or indirectly with the enclosure. The last but quite possibly the most important factor in keeping a captive reptile is the substrate or the material used on the floor and within the enclosure. Some examples of appropriate substrate are shredded newspaper cypress wood chips large and small stones (as long as they are too large to be eaten) and shredded coconut shells. Many of these substrates can help achieve appropriate humidity levels as well. One critical concern is to make sure your reptile is not eating the substrate as this could lead to a blockage. For many this information just scratches the surface of reptile husbandry and care but starting with a basic understanding of how to house your reptiles is key to keeping them happy and healthy. So many of the problems and illnesses we see with reptiles are due to poor or inadequate husbandry or diet. Always remember where reptiles originally are from and whether they are arboreal (tree inhabitants) terrestrial (land inhabitants) or aquatic (water inhabitants). This information can give you a lot of insight into how they should be cared for and housed. Although not all reptiles like to be handled there are many that enjoy human touch as long as the encounter is kept stress free. Reptiles can have personalities all their own and learning the personality of each is as much a part of taking care of them as cleaning the enclosure. Dr. Leigh Samanowitz is the owner at University Animal Clinic. The AAHA-accredited veterinary clinic is located at 8239 Cooper Creek Boulevard in University Park. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 941-355-7707 or visit the clinic online at At left a Chinese Water Dragon Lizard is among the reptiles that can be especially friendly with humans. Photo Bozami Emmanuelle 16 May June 2017 Michael Reinhart DVM Our Comprehensive Services Include Surgery Anesthesia Radiology Ultrasonography MINIMAGIC Yorkshire Terriers YORKIES Adorable Tiny Teddy Bears Laboratory Dental Emergency Care Pain Management Who Says You Can t Buy Love Preventative Medicine Bathing & Boarding Nutritional Counseling Pharmacy Housecalls Pet Pick-Ups 725 Shamrock Boulevard Venice Florida (941) 497-1676 NOW AVAILABLE Sable Yorkie Puppies Specializing in All Sizes Teacup - Mini - Standard Feel Free to Visit & Check out our Great Selection Healthy & Affordable Meet Your Puppy s Parents Home Raised European Champion Bloodlines Christine Merkent Breeder for 45 Years 941-322-6709 941-773-0723 May June 2017 17 By Dr. Michael Reinhart Jacaranda Animal Hospital Q A Ask the Vet Dr. Reinhart we have a young kitten and we so much want it to be social. What can we do to socialize our new family member Cynthia Cynthia according to Dr. Kenneth Martin and Debbie Martin of Veterinary Behavior Consultations LLC socialization among kittens has a limited time frame for success. It particularly is best between two and seven weeks of age but can extend to 14 weeks. It starts with them simply playing batting things around and romping with their litter mates. For your part gentle handling by multiple people for five minutes each day before seven weeks of age could last a lifetime. It becomes more difficult if you are trying to socialize them beyond seven weeks. Beyond the 14-week time frame it is increasingly difficult to socialize them but it is possible. You might consider enrolling in kitten socialization classes that may be available in your area. These classes provide a controlled exposure to people and new things. Daily handling in a gentle fashion by you and others is important especially before 14 weeks of life. The idea is to make this exposure as pleasurable and memorable as possible so be gentle. Treats work too. Catnip might bring your kitten s attention to an area and increase his or her exploratory nature. There also are pheromones that are made to assist in the transition and laser pointers are hard to resist to increase play time. Travel carriers can become an issue so early exposure may decrease your kitten s phobias. Leave it out and open and put toys and treats in it to entice your kitty. Feeding your cat in or around the carrier also can decrease his or her fears and help you get your kitty used to car travel early. Once he or she is okay with the carrier take your kitty for a ride in the car. The safest place is behind the passenger seat and make sure the carrier can t slide. Also it might be smart to take your kitty to the veterinarian without an exam just to get him or her used to the staff and that environment. Remember timing is critical 14 weeks is the magic number but there is hope if later it s just harder. Q A Dr. Reinhart my husband and I have gotten a new female puppy and we are confused as to when to have her spayed. What is the best age for this procedure Margaret Well Margaret this is kind of a hot topic. For years early neutering was recommended because females spayed by one year of life that never had estrus (a fertility cycle) had a 0.5 percent chance of mammary tumors while those with one estrus had an 8 percent chance. In females with more than two estrus cycles there was a 26 percent chance of developing mammary tumors. However some recent studies have shown concern for large and giant breeds having a higher incidence of certain tumors such as cardiac hemangiosarcomas. One study showed Golden Retrievers spayed after one year of age had a four-time higher incidence of developing hemangios. Another study showed intact female dogs had a lower risk of lymphoma than spayed females. This however needs to be weighed against the higher risk for mammary tumors which would be a much more common tumor. Studies also have shown that females spayed after one year had a four-time higher risk of developing mast cell tumors. Bone tumors especially in Rottweilers Dr. Michael Reinhart Jacaranda Animal Hospital were increased in neutered dogs in one study. Large breed dogs neutered before six months of age were shown to have a three-time increase in ligament ruptures of the knee. One study showed spaying before three months of age increased urinary incontinence yet other studies could not support that. The fact that animals that are neutered have a longer life span may play a role in these tumor issues. I think spaying by six months is reasonable but in the case of a large or giant breed I think although the studies differ and are confusing to err on the side of safety is prudent and spaying between the first and second estrus cycle might be preferred. Better studies with more patients and longer study periods are needed. A lifetime Golden Retriever study also would be helpful. No matter there always will be one study that will contradict the other that s life in research. Dr. Reinhart is the owner of Jacaranda Animal Hospital located at 725 Shamrock Boulevard in Venice. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 941-497-1676 or visit the clinic online at www.JacarandaAnimal Photo at left Anurak Ponapatimet MOTHER NATURE S MIRACLE Ted s Aloe 4 Pets Made with Organic Aloe Vera Nopal Cactus & Flax Seed Extract An All-Natural Pet Food Supplement & Topical Gel That Treats HOT SPOTS FLEAS & TICKS ITCHY SKIN ALLERGIES ARTHRITIS & JOINT PAIN Ted s Aloe 4 Pets is a lifesaver. 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Enriching lives through remarkable care for pets Sarasota Veterinary Emergency Sarasota Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center is now & Specialty Center is now Our Our name name has has changed changed but but our our excellent excellent service service stays stays the the same same with even greater resources for you and your pet 7414 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota 941.923.7260 941.923.7260 Less than one mile south of Stickney Point Road on South Tamiami Trail Less than one mile south of Stickney Point Road on South Tamiami Trail across from Wilde Honda Germain Toyota and Geiers Sausage Kitchen across from Wilde Honda Germain Toyota and Geiers Sausage Kitchen Next door to La-Z-Boy Next door to La-Z-Boy Emergency services include Emergency services include Full blood analysis Full urine analysis Full urine analysis 24-hour intensive Full careblood ICUanalysis oxygen unit Blood and plasma transfusion 24-hour intensive care ICU oxygen unit Blood and transfusion Antivenom Emergency surgery Ultrasonography plasma Digital imagery Antivenom Blood Emergency Ultrasonography Digital imagery pressuresurgery monitoring Electrocardiogram pressure monitoring Electrocardiogram CompleteBlood anesthesia monitoring IV nutrition (PPN) Endoscopy CT scan Complete anesthesia monitoring IV nutrition (PPN) Endoscopy CT scan There s No Such Thing as a FREE Lunch By Special Contributor Barbara Bounds Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory N ot that long ago our animal community celebrated the grand opening of a new pet crematory. And as fate would have it less than two years later the crematory unable to meet its debt obligations closed its doors abruptly leaving many a veterinary clientele scrambling. Most of us have heard the expression There s no such thing as a free lunch which generally implies that when an offer seems too good to be true it s always wise to take a step back and ask ourselves Why For how long and What s the catch because everything costs something. In a profession that demands absolute attention to detail and a compassionate ability to help pet owners at their greatest time of need it is paramount that the company providing after-care services is experienced reliable and knowledgeable about the human companion animal bond and is not just concerned about profiting from someone else s loss. In retrospect I shudder to think how much confusion delay and disappointment this sudden closure could have caused pet owners Barbara Bounds 1. The family knows that their pet Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory has been taken care of with the greatest amount of care and dignity and 2. The family is comforted in knowing that the veterinary staff has an established trusted rapport with the pet crematory. When the cremation service is altered it can create seeds of doubt in the pet owner s mind and therefore it is not uncommon for a pet owner to demand why the previous company is not longer being contracted by his or her veterinarian. And again when the level of service has changed and the pet owners receive a cremation package that is different from what they had previously received for another pet s cremation it can cause a lot of grief. This ultimately puts the veterinarian and staff in the very unpleasant and awkward position of having to explain to the pet owner why they are using another pet crematory. Many times Belspur Oaks has been called upon to complete the heartfelt touches of a pet s final disposition due to a disruption of ...utilizing the services of an experienced pet crematory often satisfies the demands of pet owners seeking assurance that their pets will be treated with unparalleled compassion and the utmost dignity when it is time to say goodbye. who were anxiously awaiting the return of their pets cremains not to mention the reputation of the veterinarians who entrusted the care of their patients to them And no matter how good their intentions were in operating an honest dependable pet crematory I don t believe for one minute that they had anyone s best interest at heart or at least seriously considered it prior to opening their doors. Furthermore to prevent the possibility of a disastrous situation and the potential to place a black mark on an industry that relies heavily on pet owner and veterinary trust Belspur Oaks immediately stepped in and not only contacted the clinics that they personally knew would be affected by the closure but offered to go the extra mile and help their pet owners who were in need of pet after care. Whether or not the difficult decision to switch crematory providers was based exclusively on what was fiscally smart for the practice or by the enticement of freebies there are a few lessons to be learned from this unfortunate mishap. Pet owners who have endured the loss of one or more pets typically expect to be treated with the same level of service that includes receiving the identical cremation package for each pet. It provides continuity of care which offers assurance in two ways 22 May June 2017 service akin to what happened with this now defunct pet crematory because it caused a pet owner incredible anguish. In these cases Belspur assists in any way possible to help the pet owner or veterinary clinic and we do it free of charge Most importantly utilizing the services of an experienced pet crematory often satisfies the demands of pet owners seeking assurance that their pet will be treated with unparalleled compassion and the utmost dignity when it is time to say goodbye. So the next time a new pet crematory introduces itself to the animal community stop and ask yourself Is switching companies really worth the risk and potential fallout from pet owners who are accustomed to a certain level of care and service And always remember there is no such thing as a free lunch For 28 years Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory has been serving the veterinary and animal community on Florida s Gulf Coast by providing dignified after-care services that include pet cremations grief resources and personalized pet products. In 2013 Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory opened its new larger pet memorial center which is l ocated at 2122 Whitfield Park Avenue in Sarasota. For more information call 941-751-5044 or visit BelspurOaks.Com. Diana Booth Owner Groomer Dena Bongo Groomer Large & Small Dogs Welcome We Proudly Use Only the Finest All-Natural Grooming Products to Truly Pamper Your Pets 6564 Superior Avenue Sarasota FL 34231 In the Gulf Gate Shopping Center c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c University c ANIMAL CLINIC OUR NEW WELLNESS PLAN WE OFFER ONE THAT IS JUST RIGHT FOR YOUR PET. 941-355-7707 Leigh Samanowitz DVM Alison Fink DVM COMPLETE VETERINARY CARE for ALL your Cats Dogs Pocket Pets Avians and Exotic Pets PLEASE CALL TO THE BEST PLAN c FOR YOUR FUR BABY 8239 COOPER CREEK BLVD UNIVERSITY PARK FL 34201 (I-75 & UNIVERSITY PARKWAY EXIT 213) c INQUIRE ABOUT c c c c c c c c PROGRAM IS HERE iversity Animal Cli n U e nic Th c May June 2017 23 Registration is Now Open By Candace T. Botha S ince 2012 when Cat Depot first launched Critter Camp an animal-themed summer camp program hundreds of elementary middle school and high school children in our community have had an opportunity to enjoy hands-on experience with cats and other animals participate in arts and crafts projects meet animal experts from our community and learn about careers that directly or indirectly involve animal care. The interactive camp experience has been designed to target four age groups 8 to 10 year olds 11 and 12 year olds 13 and 14 year olds and brand new this year 15 to 18 year olds. Each camp sessions is five days and hours for all four sessions are 1 00 p.m. to 5 00 p.m. All children and teens participating in Critter Camp will receive a T-shirt as well as a snack each day. Siblings of registered campers participating in the program are entitled to a 10 percent discount off the registration fee. One of the highlights of Critter Camp always has been an opportunity to learn from experts in our area animal community. And this year promises to be no exception. Please see the sidebar below for a list of the groups who will be sending representatives to educate and interact with the campers at Critter Camp 2017. For the second year in a row the 2017 summer camp program has been coordinated by Joe Landmichl Cat Depot s volunteer and education manager. Joe s enthusiasm for the camp program is contagious. The activities and experiences offered at Critter Camp open the horizons of young children and teenagers giving them opportunities to learn and explore that they just don t get elsewhere he says. I really believe that Cat Depot s summer camp provides the most unique interactions with animals of any program in our community and it also is the best value for the variety of experiences that are offered. While spending time with animals of all kinds is a key component of the summer program Critter Camp also includes a variety of arts and crafts activities including experimenting with origami and creating pet toys butterfly gardens and other fun projects. Pets Pets How Do I Choose a co-ed program for 8 to 10 year olds will be held from Monday June 12 through Friday June 16. While the focus always is on fun the campers also will learn all aspects of becoming a responsible pet owner as well as the costs involved in owning a pet and how to decide which animal will make the best companion. Campers in this program will not only participate in a variety of arts and crafts projects but they also will interact with Cat Depot s kittens and cats for 30 minutes a day while having a chance to spend time with llamas turtles and other animals and reptiles. The second Critter Camp session Exploring the Natural World 24 May June 2017 will welcome 11- and 12-year-old campers from Monday June 19 through Friday June 23. This group of campers will have a chance to learn more about our environment and the impact we as humans have on it as well as how it impacts our own lives and our pets. In addition to studying toxic plants and stranded wildlife on Florida s coast campers will have hands-on experiences with Cat Depot s kittens and cats and other animals while learning about wildlife that is native to Florida including manatees marine life and reptiles. Middle school students in this camp session also will create their own butterfly seed gardens as well as other arts and crafts projects and pet toys during camp. Held from Monday June 26 through Friday June 30 the third session of Critter Camp 2017 Career Camp Year I introduces 13 and 14 year olds to the many opportunities that are available for people who would like to pursue a career working with animals. Teens involved in this session will explore careers that include working as a veterinarian pet therapist and animal trainer while discovering a variety of opportunities in Aquatic Science and zoo management as well as working with marine animals and local wildlife. Campers in this session will have an opportunity to not only interact with Cat Depot s cats and kittens but also work one-on-one with a cat to review his or her medical charts and formulate a plan to increase the cat s productivity by a minimum of 5 percent by the end of the week. One of the campers involved in Career Camp Year 1 last year was so impressed with the experience that he enlisted to work as a volunteer this year Guest Appearances During Critter Camp 2017 In an effort to make Critter Camp an interactive experience for all attendees Cat Depot invites animal and wildlife experts from a variety of organizations to share their knowledge and expertise with the campers. Here is an alphabetical list of the organizations that will be represented at Critter Camp this year Butterfly Galore Florida Fish and Wildlife - Manatees Florida Fish and Wildlife - Florida Panthers Florida Skunk Rescue Jan s Turtles Mote Marine Oak Rest Llamas Phoenix Wildlife San Diego Zoo Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary for Cat Depot s Critter Camp Session 1 through Session III of Critter Camp will be open to a minimum of five campers and a maximum of 10 campers. The final week of Critter Camp is a brand new session offered for the very first time for teenagers 15 to 18 years old. Career Camp Year 2 which will be held Monday July 10 through Friday July 14 has been created especially for teenagers 15 to 18 years of age. Like Career Camp Year 1 the new program is an opportunity for campers to learn that there are a variety of career opportunities available that do not involve directly working with animals. Our Career Camp Year 1 and Year 2 programs give young people an opportunity to explore careers where they can become involved with animals without getting their hands dirty if that is their preference Joe says. With a maximum number of 10 enrollees the Career Camp Year II program will give campers off-site experiences almost every day including educational visits and hands-on experiences at the Center for Great Apes in Wachula 16 Hands Horse Sanctuary in Myakka and The Lemur Conservation Foundation in Myakka City. During the camp session campers also will have an opportunity to explore the field of research at the conservation foundation as well as learn all that is involved in becoming a veterinarian. Since Critter Camp first was launched six years ago an important part of the program has been Cat Depot s affiliation and outreach with Girls Incorporated of Sarasota County a local organization that for the past 30 years has been instrumental in serving thousands of young girls in our community including high-risk and under-served neighborhoods through a variety of empowering educational after-school and summer programs. Every year Cat Depot has offered young girls involved in the organization an opportunity to participate in Critter Camp. A different group of up to 14 girls attends each day of the program. The Girls Inc. Critter Camp program will be held this year Monday July 3 through Friday July 7 from 1 00 p.m. to 4 00 p.m. Although an Open House for Critter Camp volunteers already has been held there may still be volunteer opportunities available. If you are interested in volunteering to work with the campers contact Cat Depot by calling 941-366-2404 or send an e-mail to Joe at josephl According to Claudia A. Harden Cat Depot s director of communications Critter Camp is definitely a hands-on experience that gives children and teenagers an opportunity to get up close and personal with animals of all kinds. In order to teach the mind you must first touch the heart Claudia continues. Critter Camp gives young people in our community a chance to learn and nurture their love of animals all while having fun. Critter Camp Photos Courtesy of Cat Depot Critter Camp 2017 will be held in four sessions beginning on Monday June 12 for children 8 to 10 years old at Cat Depot located at 2542 17th Street in Sarasota. For additional information about Critter Camp 2017 or to enroll your children online visit http education critter-camp.aspx. May June 2017 25 Spaying & Neutering The Humane Solution By Rick Yocum Executive Director Humane Society of Manatee County The Manatee County community like c ommunities across Florida and throughout the country struggle to control animal overpopulation homeless animals and overcrowded animal shelters. Our community s animal welfare groups continue to be proactive and collaborate together to face this issue head on. The spaying and neutering of companion animals are the humane solutions that are made available through many innovative programs offered by the Humane Society of Manatee County (HSMC). The HSMC Veterinary Clinic located at 2415 14th Street West in Bradenton is Manatee County s only high quality high volume spay and neuter clinic. More than 6 000 surgeries each year are performed by our dedicated veterinarians and medical team. Humane Society of Manatee County remains committed to Above Dr. Julie Hollifield medical director of the HSMC Veterinary Clinic performs a spay surgery in the clinic s surgical suite. Photo by Candace T. Botha leading Manatee County in fostering compassion and respect for animals through care education and collaboration. Several times a year Humane Society of Manatee County receives grants that allow us to make low cost and no cost spay and neuter surgeries available to the public. Spay and neuter surgeries are veterinary procedures that require minimal hospitalization and offer lifetime health benefits to the animals. We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care and related services for all animals in Manatee County including animals in families facing a variety of economic challenges. Spaying and neutering your pets is the humane solution to pet overpopulation homeless animals and overcrowded shelters. Spaying a female animal involves removing the ovaries and uterus and the benefits Rick Yocum Executive Director include preventing reproduction of the Humane Society of as well as preventing uterine Manatee County. Photo by infections and breast cancer. Ezekiel Photography Neutering a male animal involves removing the testes and in addition to stopping reproduction it also prevents testicular cancer and a reduction in perineal fistulas. What s more n eutering a male also has many behavioral benefits. Common myths associated with spaying and neutering animals such as weight gain or negative behavioral changes simply are not true. A proper diet and an appropriate exercise routine will ensure a fit and healthy pet. And positive behavioral changes are an absolute outcome following spaying and neutering your pets. The HSMC Veterinary Clinic will continue to lead our community s efforts in spay neuter surgeries. There are programs and services available for owned animals homeless animals shelter animals and feral (free-roaming) cats. To arrange for no cost low cost spay and neuter services c ontact Humane Society of Manatee County by calling 941-747-8808 Option 1 or by email at clinic You also can visit our website for more information on providing care for your animals. Humane Society of Manatee County is located at 2515 14th Street West in Bradenton and can be reached by calling 941-747-8808. The Adoption Center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 00 a.m. to 5 00 p.m. The HSMC Veterinary Clinic is located at 2415 14th Street West in Bradenton and can be reached by calling 941-747-8088 Option 1. The veterinary clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8 00 a.m. to 5 00 p.m. and Saturday from 8 00 a.m. to 4 30 p.m. For additional information visit or send an e-mail to info Online Pharmacy for Small Animals er D.V.M. h lla a G lle te Shaun ing D.V.M. n ow r B . M h Tera . Brown D.V.M . L th e b a Eliz . nandez D.V.M r e H s e e h r oo Marguerite V VETERINARY CARE 7910 S.R. 72 (Clark Road) Sarasota FL 34241 941-925-2262 info THE VERY BEST IN canine & feline Karen s Pet Place 6545 Superior Avenue Sarasota FL 34231 LLC DOG GROOMER Karen Haddad Proprietor Professional Grooming Since 1999 Dog Baths hair Cuts Nail trims Flea removal When you leave em we love em 941-400-2562 FiND us iN gulF gate Pet Play-Cation Call Kathy Dennis at 716-563-0880 Pet Sitting & Overnight Stays Serving Venice Osprey Sarasota Morning Jogs Evening Strolls Beach Walks Play Time & Cuddle Time Too We Pamper Your Pooch PetPlayCation Hap idays l o H py Bringing Our Customers & Their Pets More of What They Need ... ...What They Deserve for 2 A MA Z I NG Ye a r s (941) 745-8511 We Now Carry 5238 SR 64 East Bradenton Einstein Pets All-Natural Dog Treats Proudly Supporting Local Businesses GROOMING NOW OPEN In the Bennett Plaza Next to Peach s Food Treats Toys Leashes & Collars Beds & Carriers Specialty Items & More All of Our Food & Treats are Made in the USA & Canada Featuring your favorite brands 28 May June 2017 CRITTER CAMP Your kids will LOVE Critter Camp 2017 Critter Camp Sessions Monday through Friday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. NEW June 12 16 June 19 23 June 26 30 July 10 14 Pets Pets How Do I Choose (8 10 year olds) Exploring the Natural World (11 12 year olds) Career Camp Year 1 (13 14 year olds) Career Camp Year 2 (15 18 year olds) Registration Now Open Call 941.366.2404 to Register or Visit Cat Depot 2542 17th St. Sarasota FL 342343 941.366.2404 May June 2017 29 Loving Lives How Spaying & Neutering Feral Cats Helps Our Community By Special Contributor Alana Evans a Seventh Grade Student at Sarasota Middle School T onight begins the trapping my mother had exclaimed eagerly as I climbed into the back of her car after getting off of my school bus. What trapping I had asked listening with confused interest as my mother explained that a friend of hers Barb was coming to our neighborhood to trap cats. The cats would then be taken to a vet where they would be spayed and neutered. After the operation all of the cats would be released back into the neighborhood. When my mother mentioned the word trap my mind immediately tuned her out and I went into panic mode. My neighborhood is notoriously known for being full of stray cats. In the eyes of most of our neighbors these cats are nothing but pesky and troublesome. However I see them differently. In my eyes these cats are sweet creatures that have been neglected and thrown out by many people. Therefore when I heard that terrible word trap I immediately assumed that the cats were being taken away. No they can t take the cats away I had cried in retaliation. My mother had glanced back at me sympathetically and replied Don t worry they aren t being taken away forever. Sarasota student Alana Evans The vet is going to neuter all the and her own cat Lilly cats and release them back into the neighborhood. Trust me it s for their own good. Photo far left Alana Evans a 12-year-old student at Sarasota Middle School and Barbara Bounds of Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory prepare to set two traps to catch feral cats in Alana s Sarasota neighborhood. Photo top right Barbara prepares a tasty meal of canned fish to entice the feral cats to enter the traps. Photo bottom right Alana places a towel over the trap to make a feral cat feel more comfortable safe and secure after he or she has been captured. Photos by Candace T. Botha 32 May June 2017 Despite my mother s words I couldn t help but worry. I love these cats immensely and it would break my heart to see them shipped off in the back of a truck never to return. All the way home I sat pondering in the back seat of the car. What would happen if every cat were neutered Would they all die off eventually Would I never be able to see those adorable fluffy kittens tumbling back and forth across the lawn again At the time the idea of trapping the cats had seemed wrong to me. However after my experience with Barb I now see how much this operation can benefit the cats. Taking them in to the vet can improve their health and also benefit the humans living in our neighborhood. First of all capturing stray cats and taking them to the vet is beneficial because it can improve the health of cats. Many cats struggle from diseases hunger thirst and even the simple concept of being tired and weak too often. The vet can help these strays by neutering them de-worming them giving them rabies shots and applying flea control preventative to their fur. Giving cats these medicines will protect them from a variety of diseases and strengthen their bodies. We can help cats live longer healthier lives this way. It may not seem appealing to inject these cats with such large doses of medicines and vaccines but these injections will bring more benefits than harm. At first the cats may seem groggy and unaware of their surroundings seeing as they have just been injected. However drinking water and eating will help clear away all nausea. As soon as the cats are clear minded and bright again they can begin a new life filled with energy. All Breeds of Dogs and Cat s Too Mobile Pet Grooming Grooming Less Stress for your Pet Personal Attention from our Professional Groomers lean em C Keep Alfie Zeke Wanda 941.322.9168 Aussie Pet Mobile Suncoast FL Servicing Manatee Sarasota & Charlotte Counties Email aussiepetka Alana Evans is a seventh grade student at Sarasota Middle School in Sarasota. THE E V SA TE DA VINTAGE PAWS SANCTUARY PRESENTS TICKETS GO ON SALE IN AUGUST Mon-Sat te n Cu A second reason that capturing cats is a much more gentle practice than it seems is the fact that doing so can also be beneficial to humans living in the affected neighborhoods. By injecting cats with vaccines including rabies shots neighborhoods can become significantly safer. Having untreated cats roaming the streets is a danger to all. These cats could easily contract any disease that could spread to other pets and humans. Trapping cats and giving them medicines will eliminate this risk. No parent wants the possibility of a stray carrying a fatal disease such as rabies roaming his or her neighborhood. Trapping cats also is beneficial to humans because of the fact that we no longer have to worry about sudden and spontaneous litters of kittens being born without our notice. By neutering neighborhood cats we can keep track of the felines who have had kittens. This allows us to keep an organized list of every cat in the neighborhood eliminating the risk of having a new or unknown cat wandering the streets. This also enables us to keep track of cats being affected by illness or disease so that we can find them and see to their recovery as soon as possible. Overall the message I would like to convey is that experiencing events such as feral cat trapping can alter your view toward any process that initially may not seem appealing. You need to fully experience something before you can judge its outcome. Keep in mind that even the seemingly worst events have a good side. 2ND ANNUAL LIP SYNC COMPETITION SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 16 2017 7 00 PM - 10 00 P.M. SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE ALL TICKETS PURCHASED WILL BENEFIT THE VETERINARY FUND AT VINTAGE PAWS SANCTUARY FLORIDA STUDIO THEATRE GOLDSTEIN CABARET 1241 NORTH PALM AVENUE SARASOTA FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT VINTAGEPAWS.ORG OR CALL 941-921-4355 VINTAGE PAWS SANCTUARY IS A REGISTERED 501c3 WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE 45-3687769 AND WITH THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER AFFAIRS CH38125 A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION CAN BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS BY CALLING TOLL FREE 800-435-7352 WITHIN THE STATE. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT APPROVAL OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE. May June 2017 33 Sleep...Scratch...Play...Poo Top Picks in Creature Comforts for Your Feline Friends F By Vanessa Semrow & Marisa Roman inding the right combination of ingredients for a successful and smooth-running feline household can be a challenge. With so many options and even more opinions surrounding which type of litter or litter box is best what method is most effective when dealing with misplaced furniture scratching or where kitty should sleep it is no wonder that many feel confused and overwhelmed. To help answer some of these questions we have tried tested and put through the wringer a few specific products to see if they live up to the hype. Our reviews were entirely conclusive and we are happy to report that we ve finally found the best of the best in three categories. 1 Litter Box The Litter-Robot Open Air III One word W-O-W (followed by applause a roaring crowd a standing ovation and a 47 piece marching band ). We have three cats all of whom against all conventional litter box wisdom share the same facilities. Up until this point what has made a shared litter box so successful has been my diligence in keeping the box clean. Working from home has been a key player in my ability to stay on top of this consistent task. However let s face it not everyone has the luxury of working from home nor do most feel inclined to patiently hover outside of the litter box each and every time their cat uses the bathroom. In fact you can Google crazy cat lady and expect to find a photo of me. Enter the Litter-Robot Open Air III. Let me first start by endlessly thanking (worshiping really) Litter-Robot for making such a well crafted and all-encompassing product. Not only do I no longer have to scoop the box after each use but I ve eliminated the need for scooping altogether Simply empty the waste chamber by opening the drawer and tossing the bag This majestic piece of technology requires nothing more than the scoopable litter you re already using and it features a spacious litter chamber for cats of all sizes a sleep mode setting to keep the Litter-Robot inactive for 8 hours during the night and an automatic night light. So the question is does it work YES Over the course of our litter box review we found that the Litter-Robot outperformed all other automatic litter boxes on the market leaving competitors eating their dust. Needless to say 34 May June 2017 they ve also ruined the existence of the basic cat box because once you try the Litter-Robot you re hooked. It s worth every penny of the 449.00 price tag. In fact this product boasts so much confidence the company offers a 90-day money back guarantee although I m certain you won t need to exercise it. Did I mention that there was absolutely zero fecal or urine odor As per the suggestion in the user guide we left the Litter-Robot in sleep mode for the first day to acclimate the boys to their new relief station running the self-clean mode manually twice daily. We also kept close their regular litter box just in case there was any concern for proper use. At first Malikahi was a bit apprehensive but it wasn t long before he too along with Ike and Moaky was choosing the Litter-Robot over their standard hooded box. Another wonderful feature of the Litter-Robot is its large opening. I ve found that this best allows for our cats all of whom are quite large in size to position themselves in a way that is ergonomically correct. Conclusion The Litter-Robot Open Air III is an absolute hands down must-have item in all cat-loving households. 2 Scratching The Ultimate Scratching Post by Pioneer Pet This wonderful product is a favorite in The Roaman household. In fact so much so we ve been sevenyear-long fanatics and when it comes to scratching posts there is nothing else like it. First let s talk scratching post failures. I ve chatted with many concerned cat parents who say that despite the purchase of a scratching post their cats still prefer to tear into the family sofa or wingback chair. In my experience the issue often lies in the height and stability of the scratching post. It is after all the objective of a scratching post to get in a good and full vertical stretch. Most scratching posts on the market are short thin and not properly reinforced. It is no wonder that so many cats refuse to use them The Ultimate Scratching Post tackles all of those shortcomings and more. With a 32-inch post height even larger cats like our boys are able to experience a satisfying stretch. Complementary to its height is a 16 x 16-inch base that maintains a steady stance during those more enthusiastic scratches. In fact this post is so sturdy our largest and heaviest cat is able to scale the post climbing straight to the top without so much as a sway. Finally let s discuss product material. A good majority of posts advertised use carpet as the primary scratching material. This baffles me to the Nth degree because it is often the policy of cat parents to dissuade their cats from scratching carpet. Why then would you purchase a product that encourages this behavior A true testament to their online description fibrous and durable woven sisal that naturally inspires scratching The Ultimate Scratching Post is made to withstand stretching scratching clawing and climbing. It s a totally worthwhile investment for only 74.99. 3 Sleep Cats In Cubes by One Fast Cat We have a no pets bed policy so as you can imagine much to the dismay of our five fur children there is a bit of displacement that goes on when it comes time for sleep. Thankfully I happened across the Cats In Cubes a series of modular cat condo furniture while perusing the Internet for multi-cat bed inspiration. We selected the single kit since we are working with limited space in our RV Maude. However because this product is a sort of modular DIY setup we are able to comfortably house all three of our cats without concern for cramped quarters. In fact each of the boys has his own room. Although we opted not to use it the kit does include a hammock as well as a cardboard scratching pad and a thin cushion. This product has a variety of configuration options especially when you select one of the company s larger kits. However what sold me was the durable plastic material that can easily be wiped down and maintained simply by using a damp washcloth. The kits are easy to assemble no tools are required. What s more they are sturdy yet lightweight and easy to maneuver. Looking to create a larger playhouse for your feline friends Just add on additional kits and your cats will be in paradise with a cozy home of their own Cats In Cubes is the purr-fect getaway with prices starting at 34.00. Marisa Roman and Vanessa Semrow are r egular contributors to Suncoast Pet. In nearly every issue they write a regular feature On the Road with the Roamans which spotlights animal rescue groups throughout the c ountry. You can follow their travels online by visiting to subscribe to their blog. FACEBOOK WEBSITE Using Holistic Medicine to Complement Conventional Wisdom May June 2017 35 H owl...oooo my fellow Divas April showers love to bring gorgeous May flowers just check out the beautiful wreath of flowers my sister Miss Olive is wearing in her Miss Olive s Favorite Things photo at right Hmmm...Rumor has it they just may have been specially delivered to Connie Summers photography studio by Miss Olive s new beau...the handsome Harley from Bone Appetite ( sayin ...he is a verrry handsome guy and one of Sarasota s most eligible canine bachelors (You go Miss Olive ) May also is Mother s Day (Happy Mother s Day Mom ) and flowers often are sent to moms everywhere so if you have questions on pet safety and flora and fauna visit The months of May and June bring us important days of pet awareness including Disaster Preparedness Day and National Pet Month. Wellll...speaking of disaster preparedness...please start NOW All pet homes should have disaster preparedness kits ready in case of weather fire or other emergencies. Miss Olive and I have some recommendations for your kit Francesca the Canine Contessa Miss Olive Diva Delights from Francesca the Canine Contessa & Miss Olive Collar Harness ID Tags Please keep a collar and or harness on your pet that includes current ID information on tags. Also be sure to include a contact number for a friend or family member who lives out of state as a back up if you cannot be located immediately during any kind of emergency. Microchipping A microchip greatly increases the chances of Photos by Connie Summers 36 May June 2017 locating your pets should they ever become lost or separated from you for any reason. Please keep your contact information up to date with the microchip company and add an outof-state contact name and Sophia number in case local power the Doggy Diva phone lines or cell towers are down. Photos Keep a current photo of your pet and another photo of YOU AND YOUR PET in your kit...both images are important Food and Water Pack enough for at least five days and don t forget a can opener if you bring canned food Medication Medical Records Contact your veterinarian NOW Have all of your medical and vaccine records on hand and keep them in a waterproof container. Make sure all prescriptions are current and filled please do not wait until the last minute. Carriers Crates Leashes Harnesses Carriers should be large enough so your pet can stand lie down and turn around comfortably. Harnesses are an extra safety precaution just in case your pet becomes frightened and pulls out of his or her collar. Cat Litter Boxes Pack kitty litter a scooper and secure disposable bags. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS BEHIND. If you cannot take your pets with you please make boarding arrangements ahead of time. Remember the key to surviving disastrous emergencies is to Be Prepared For more information about disaster preparedness safety visit In honor of National Pet Month in May my sisters CoCo and Miss Olive and I Francesca the Canine Contessa will be celebrating the special bond between pet parents and their companions with our mom and dad. This month also increases public awareness of the valuable contribution working companion animals make to society they are true heroes. We hope that you will give your pets a big hug and kiss to celebrate National Pet Month (and every month ) and to please always love your pets as they love you...unconditionally. And of course we can t forget two very special days... Mother s Day on May 14 and Father s Day on June 18. Please honor our moms and dads by paying it forward. What better gift is there than the gift of unconditional love You can find some loving adoptable pets in Suncoast Pet s Rescue Me section that begins on page 48. You also can visit your local shelter or rescue and adopt foster and or donate. Happy Mother s and Father s Day everyone Love and kisses Francesca & Miss Olive Tune Into a New Episode Every Saturday The Doggy Diva Show MISS OLIVE S FAVORITE THINGS Since the March April issue of Suncoast Pet was published Miss Olive has been scouring the global pet marketplace to discover new and exciting goodies just for you Here are several of Miss Olive s latest finds WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN ADOPTING A DOG Author and Certified Humane Education Specialist Diane Rose- Solomon answers questions about animal adoption in her latest book that s an invaluable guide for prospective pet parents looking for a new forever friend as well as experienced pet parents who could benefit from advice from rescue specialists veterinarians pet business owners and other experts. The book is sold on and other online book retailers. For additional information about the author and her books visit The WIGGLELESS DOG BACK BRACE has benefited thousands of dogs with Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) and other back issues. In fact Miss Olive is one of the company s success stories because she is one of many dogs that suffers with back problems Visit for more information and sizing guidelines (It s very important to get the right size back brace for your dog ). Lisa Luckenbach founder and creator of WiggleLess says that the vet-recommended and patented WiggleLess Back Brace offers firm support back stability and stress relief for dogs when worn as directed. Miss Olive absolutely loves hers...what s more it s lightweight and stylish too PUPPY MAMA Theresa Priata the founder and CEO of Puppy Mama Inc. an iPhone and Android app thinks that puppies of all ages bring joy to our lives and heal us. She also believes like so many Puppy Mamas do that you should be able to bring your best friend wherever you go Puppy Mama Inc. is leveraging technology to help you share that joy effortlessly schedule fun meet ups with fellow Puppy Mamas and rate businesses to advocate for a more puppy-friendly world. Join the PAWSSION online at LOYAL a book by Rebecca Ascher-Walsh New York City-based journalist and animal advocate Rebecca Ascher-Walsh is the author of a newly published book Loyal 38 Tales of Bravery Heroism and the Devotion of Dogs. Featuring heartwarming and inspiring stories the book reminds us of what dogs can and will do to help the people they love. It s a great read for all animal lovers The book is available on and other online book retailers. For more information about the author who also is a volunteer at a high-kill shelter in Manhattan please visit DOGA YOGA FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG Is their yoga that dogs and pet parents can do together Yes there is and it s called DOGA Lisa Recchione a certified yoga doga instructor is the author a new book that offers a fun and healthy way to de-stress while building a connection and enjoying a wonderful bonding experience with your dogs with easy-to-follow text and photos. You ll also discover step-by-step calming meditations and soothing massage techniques for your canine companions. Ohmmmm...Find out more online at WAGSWAG Check out the perfect diva harness for any fashionista Jamie Broder co-founder of CHARLIE AND SPIKE designed a pawsome harness that allows pet parents to personalize their pets look in style and comfort with interchangeable and trendy fashion fronts Choose from holiday designs hearts American flags clever sayings and more And they re available in sizes that range from extra small to large For details about the variety of styles available and how to find the right size for your pup visit GOATS OF ANARCHY A WOMAN S QUEST TO SAVE THE WORLD ONE GOAT AT A TIME Based on the success of her Instagram account with 300 000-plus followers that won the 2016 People s Voice Webby Award for Animal-Based Social Media Accounts author Leanne Lauricella penned this colorful book that provides readers with a look inside her sanctuary and rescue farm for special-needs goats in New Jersey. Within these pages readers can tour the farm and fall in love with its adorable horned and hooved heartbreakers. Find the book at and other online book retailers. May June 2017 37 Rebekah Phillips Creating Her By Candace T. Botha A rtist. Writer. Singer. Songwriter. Graphic designer. Award-winning illustrator. Children s book author. Plush toy designer...and certainly let s not overlook rescue mom Rebekah Phillips of Ellenton is an unstoppable creative force that has parlayed her array of talents into an extremely popular children s book series that bring important life lessons young people and yes even adults need to learn. Each of the stories in the seven-book series features a dog as the leading character which of course reflects one of Rebekah s greatest loves. I chose to use dogs as the main characters in this series because it s so easy for us to connect with our animals and simply put I adore dogs Rebekah says. There isn t a better friend in the world than a dog. Which brings us to Rebekah s successful role as a rescue mom she and her husband Kurt scooped up a Pug Cavalier mix Rebekah had found online at E-bay classifieds a day before the breeder was going to take the pups to the humane society. They named her Mocha and she has become their constant companion whether the couple is at home or traveling the country. Born and raised on a farm in Bolton Connecticut Rebekah became interested in children s books at a very young age. Books were my life as a young girl she recalls. They were a huge escape for me. I was raised by a single mom who had four children and the only time that she could spend with us was during story time because of the long hours that she worked. My mom would make up stories like one she called Clyde the Big Green Car Rebekah continues. Each time she sat down to tell us the story my siblings and I would have to remind her where she had left off. While Rebekah s mother inspired her love of reading it was her aunt who first introduced her to the world of illustration and as a little girl she began to write stories and create her own drawings at a very young age. Like many children Rebekah was a big fan of Dr. Seuss s books but through the years she also has collected other children s picture books. Many contemporary children s books seem to be missing the element of magic that completely immerse you in the story that the books I had read as a child always had Rebekah says. When I decided to create my series of children s books I had my own way I wanted to approach the illustration of each story I wanted my books to be much more artistic. Rebekah s early interest in art led her to enroll in The Lyme Academy College of Fine At left The first two books in Rebekah s series Piper was Afraid and Lily the Fancipoo can be purchased separately in hardcover or as gift sets that include a plush toy of the book s main character an adorable stuffed mouse that appears in each of the stories and an adoption certificate that children can personalize. The books gift sets and plush toys are sold online at pawzpublishing. The book sets also are available on 38 May June 2017 All photos by Julianna Vazquez Studio 2201 Photography Own Happily Ever Afters Arts in Old Lyme Connecticut where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While in college Rebekah earned numerous academic achievement awards for her artwork. And in the years that followed her paintings have been displayed at The Cooley Gallery in Old Lyme and several other galleries in Connecticut. Her art also has been purchased by private collectors. Later in life Rebekah also studied graphic design and digital design to expand her skills and pave the way to her new and flourishing career as an author. Creative by nature Rebekah also has an artistic background that includes working as a singer and songwriter. Her experience in the music industry helped her develop her own unique rhythm for the stories in her book series. Writing children s books is very similar to songwriting she says you are telling a story in a shortened way and you develop a distinctive tempo with the words that share your message in a fun and lighthearted way. It s metered writing Rebekah explains. It is not rhyming but instead it is writing with a rhythm. While songwriting and collecting children s books both have been influential sources of inspiration for Rebekah these days her h usband Kurt has not only become a collaborator in developing new song and story ideas but also her closest confidante. Kurt pushes me Rebekah says with a smile. He constantly inspires me to move beyond my comfort zone to try new things. Originally from Farmington Connecticut Kurt has been an entrepreneur all of his life. His diverse resume includes owning a coffee shop and working in the field of graphic design as well as tenure at a newspaper. In recent years Kurt s focus has turned to the entertainment industry where he excels in advertising marketing for major artists as well as working as a videographer for such musical luminaries as Avril Lavigne and Jim Brickman. Kurt s ties to the global musical community also include producing The Sessions a show on Comcast On Demand that features a variety of artists including Nick Lachey Johnny Gill The Tenors and AWOL Nation. Although Rebekah and Kurt have been together for 10 years they officially tied the knot last August in Las Vegas and they now live in a quiet community in Ellenton with their two-year-old Above Rebekah Phillips and her rescue pup Mocha a Pug Cavalier mix who is the inspiration for the third book in the author s series pup Mocha. The couple not only works from home but also travels extensively and Mocha always accompanies them wherever they go. It was just last year in 2016 that Rebekah published the first book in the series titled Piper was Afraid. The hardcover book tells the tale of a large Irish Wolfhound who is afraid of nearly everything. Piper s story was inspired by a real dog named Inspirations Bagpiper of Blackwatch or Piper for short Rebekah says. He was a real rescue pup that was the loyal companion of a couple we met Dave and Charlene Scibal who own The Inn at Willow Grove in Orange Virginia. Like all of the books in the series Piper Was Afraid offers a meaningful life lesson for the book s readers both young and old. Continued on Page 40 May June 2017 39 Continued from Page 39 Writing these books have given me an opportunity to share important things that I have learned as an adult in a playful way Rebekah says. In Piper Was Afraid the message is that fear often can hold us back from enjoying life and having fun. What makes Rebekah s books most unique is that each copy can be purchased separately or in a set that includes a plush animal of the book s main character as well as the 3.5-inch stuffed mouse that is hidden throughout the pages of the story. What s more an adoption certificate that children can fill out and personalize accompanies each plush storybook character. The second book in the series Lily the Fancipoo also was published in 2016 and features Lily an adorable Maltese pup that discovers that it is love not material things that matters most. The hardcover book also features Lottie the Mouse who can be found hidden throughout the book. Each mouse featured in Rebekah s books represents the character qualities such as being brave or loving that are shared in the life lessons of the stories. Rebekah designed the plush mouse toys for parents to use as fun teaching tools in everyday life when their children exemplify those character q ualities. I encourage parents to place an uplifting note or a small treat in the mouse s hands and to hide the mouse in their house so their children can search for it Rebekah says. It s a fun game that can help nurture these important character qualities in children. The third book in the series Mocha Grande which is now in development will feature none other than Rebekah and Kurt s own pup Mocha and will focus on another important lesson Learning to play fair with dogs of all sizes. For Rebekah creating each of the books in the series has been a stepping stone to helping families spend quality time together. Spending time reading with your kids or even your grandchildren is such an important part of parenting and raising children Rebekah says. Not only does it help to build a child s confidence in his or her own reading skills but when sharing stories with inspirational messages it also teaches children how to treat one another. It s so important for parents to have tools that they can use to teach their children Rebecca adds and the context is so much easier to relate to with dogs and animals as the main characters of each story. With the publication of the first two books in the series Rebekah has been invited to appear at book readings at Barnes and Noble and local libraries as well as classroom readings in area schools. In addition to the classroom and bookstore readings Rebekah also delights young girls and boys by offering Fairy Tale parties in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Each girl and boy at the party receives a book set which includes a storybook the plush dog that is the main character of the book and the stuffed mouse Rebekah says. I read the story to the children and we Above right In addition to writing and illustrating children s books Rebekah also creates 10 x 10-inch prints with original poems for gift giving. At left Mocha poses with the plush pup and mouse that will be part of the gift set when the third book in the series is published later this year. At right Each storybook gift set comes with a plush mouse Rebekah designed to help tell the life lessons in her children s books. 40 May June 2017 Above Rebekah Kurt and Mocha pose for a photo in the dining area of their Ellenton home with a colorful display of Rebekah s books and plush animals. host a scavenger hunt by hiding each mouse in the house along with a treat that the children can bring home. The cost for the Fairy Tale parties is 25 per child and includes a book set for each party guest. If you would like to book a party for your children call 203-584-0702 or send an e-mail to author While writing and illustrating the children s books has become Rebekah s most important calling she also creates 10 x 10-inch prints with original poems to frame and hang in children s rooms or to give as gifts. She also has illustrated children s books for other authors. No matter what creative work I do I love i nspiring people and moving them emotionally Rebekah says. It s also important to make p eople think which is why I include a life lesson I personally have learned in my own journey in each and every story. I am passionate about my work Rebekah continues. I am really doing this simply for the love of writing and illustration. Even so I am very excited that the book series has developed into its own entity and when that happens it shows that you really are onto something. Through my books I have an opportunity to give art back to children although adults also can take lessons from the stories I have c reated she adds. I feel very lucky to be able to tie the poetry element in with the story writing. Creating these books is like a dream come true Rebekah says and I absolutely love it. For more information about Rebekah Phillips please visit To purchase copies of Rebekah s books the book sets and the plush dogs and mice (which also are sold separately) visit http The book sets also are available on May June 2017 41 Coming Home Moonracer Animal By Candace T. Botha H ead east on State Road 62 in Manatee County beyond the outlets and the commercial district of the city of Ellenton and within minutes you are likely to see some of the most beautiful countryside in the state of Florida. After driving for several scenic miles you will come to a community nestled amidst acres and acres of farmland that has become the brand new home of Moonracer Animal Rescue Inc. Yes it is off the beaten path and far from the hubbub of Manatee and Sarasota counties but it is the realization of a dream come true and the culmination of years of work in animal rescue for Lisa Williams founder of Moonracer. But it is here that Moonracer has planted roots in a four-bedroom home on five acres of property with a barn and a pond of its own. It is here that the 501(c)(3) not for profit organization which celebrated the sixth anniversary of its founding in April will bring the dogs and cats that other animal groups often overlook to welcome them with loving arms and provide nourishment medical care and rehabilitation until forever homes can be found. And for those that are deemed un-adoptable the Country House as it is called will become a lifelong sanctuary. And finally it is here that Lisa who knew in her heart that her life still had a meaningful purpose after the three children she raised as a single mother left home will have an opportunity to work with Moonracer s five-member board of directors and dedicated team of volunteers to finally make a more definitive impact in Manatee County s animal community. Like many people in our rescue community Lisa has had a lifelong love of animals. Her family always had pets when she was young and there was a time in her life after moving to Florida and when her days were less hectic that she used to do turtle watches on beaches along the Suncoast. What led a girl who grew up in Chicago Illinois to leave her roots and move to Manatee County I remember vacationing with my family here when I was just 11 years old Lisa says. To this day I can recall crying when we returned to Chicago. Even at that age I knew one day I would come back to Florida. It has been 26 years since Lisa s childhood wish was realized when she moved to Florida and settled in Naples. There she worked at a restaurant that was very popular with tourists until the 9 11 terrorist attack in 2001. After 9 11 tourism dropped off significantly in Naples very few people were traveling Lisa recalls. So not long after the attack I moved to the Bradenton area to be closer to my parents who had relocated to Anna Maria Island. For many years since first arriving in Manatee County Lisa has worked at The Islander newspaper on Anna Maria Island where she now serves as the office manager. She juggled her work responsibilities with the demands of raising three children on her own. Little did she know that her work with the newspaper would radically change her life. In December 2010 I wrote an editorial about the number of animals that had been euthanized in Manatee County in just one month the tally was 140 animals Lisa says. Needless to say Animal Network and Manatee County Animal Services were not pleased with the article and offered me a challenge in February 2011. The challenge was nearly impossible Lisa was charged with finding homes for 10 animals. At the time I lived in a two-bedroom duplex with one of my three children my older children already were out on their own Lisa continues. And even though we had a dog of our own we took in seven dogs and three cats and succeeded in meeting the challenge we were given by finding homes for each animal in just 30 days. It was an experience Lisa will never forget and one that proved to be the impetus she needed to become both involved and immersed in the animal rescue community in Manatee County. After meeting the challenge Lisa immediately went to work on obtaining 501(c)(3) status before taking in any more animals. Moonracer No Kill Animal Rescue Inc. was launched in April 2011. From the outset Lisa s vision for Moonracer was to take in the misfits or the dogs and cats that had no other chance for placement in a loving home or survival at a shelter. Whether the dogs and cats are sick old injured or even just young and unwanted Moonracer takes them in provides the medical care they needed and finds loving homes when possible. If any of the animals prove to be unadoptable Moonracer provides a permanent sanctuary where they can live out the rest of their lives. Rescue has a New Place in the Country The not for profit organization was in fact named for the mythical winged lion King Moonracer the ruler of the land of misfit toys in the classic 1964 film Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. One such misfit is Anastasia a female English Bulldog that had been bred for puppies numerous times and when she could no longer produce offspring the emaciated dog was nearly left for dead at Manatee County Animal Services (MCAS) in January 2016. Suffering from complete paralysis of her hind legs Anastasia also was heartworm positive and had follicular conjunctivitis in both eyes and dry eye in her left eye among other medical issues. In keeping with its mission to make their dreams come true Moonracer pulled Anastasia from MCAS and under the loving watchful care of Tim Karau who serves on Moonracer s board of directors Anastasia s road to recovery began. It was a long and difficult rehabilitation but Anastasia met each challenge with grace and fortitude. She gained weight and learned to walk all over again after the spinal infection she suffered from successfully was treated with antibiotics. And she still receives daily medication to treat her eye conditions. She also has been spayed and her heartworm treatment has been successfully completed. After months of excellent medical care along with the nutritious home-cooked meals Tim prepared for her daily Anastasia is now the Continued on Page 44 Photo opposite page Moonracer Animal Rescue s new home located in a quiet community in western Manatee County. Photo by Tim Karau Photos at right from top to bottom Lisa Williams founder of Moonracer Animal Rescue and Tim Karau one of Moonracer s five board members on the front steps of Moonracer s Country House a spacious lanai at the back of the house overlooks the pond and the barn on five acres of property the living room with ceramic floors welcomes humans and dogs to gather round the stone fireplace. Photos by Candace T. Botha Continued from Page 43 picture of good health and a testament to Moonracer s commitment to taking in misfits and offering the second chances they deserve. Anastasia s recovery is in fact so miraculous that she now serves as Moonracer s official mascot. In addition to her work at The Islander and with Moonracer Animal Rescue Lisa also was selected by the Board of County Commissioners in Manatee County to fill one of seven positions on the Animal Services Advisory Board in the county. The board which was established in 1996 includes animal advocates from the community who provide input on animal issues and other matters affecting Manatee County Animal Services. But it is clearly her work saving animals that Lisa enjoys most. Since its inception Moonracer has relied on a network of volunteers and foster families to care for the dogs that the animal group pulls primarily from MCAS. Moonracer also occasionally will take in a stray dog found by one of the group s volunteers. We had to be a foster-based organization Lisa says. Although there was a big backyard at my home in Bradenton the house itself was just too small to provide temporary living quarters for large dogs for any length of time. In late 2016 with a seemingly unending number of dogs and cats in need of rescue due to overcrowding at area shelters the five-member board of directors at Moonracer knew that something needed to be done in order to continue the animal group s good work within the community. Clearly the time had come to find a parcel of property that could serve as a temporary home for the dogs and cats in Moonracer s care until their forever homes could be found. One of our board members Toni Lyon began searching for vacant land in western Manatee County Lisa says. She called me about a piece of property in the quiet community of Duette and she asked me to meet her there. Within two weeks of seeing the property the paperwork was signed and agreements were finalized in January 2017 Lisa adds. For the very first time in six years Moonracer Animal Rescue finally had a home of its own. Lisa and her partner of 15 years David now reside in the 2 800 square foot home that sits on the five-acre piece of property which also includes a pond and barn that is in fact in need of repair. It was important to find land that had a house where David and I could live so that we could be on-site with the animals day and night Lisa says. With four bedrooms a living room with a fireplace a family room a large eat-in kitchen a dining room that has been converted into an office a front porch and a large lanai overlooking the barn and the pond the quaint country house and its five acres of property provide an ideal setting to bring dogs and cats from the shelter and give them a temporary residence until permanent loving homes can be found. Throughout the month of March both interior and exterior renovations on the house were completed to make it feel more like home. One of the smaller bedrooms is now a supply room lined with shelves to keep food dog toys blankets and other supplies neatly organized. It s so nice to have a separate room to house all of our donations and supplies Lisa says. At my home in Bradenton there was no extra room so everything was piled in the garage. Another bedroom is now home to the cats in Moonracer s care complete with a sunlit window perches cat trees comfy hideouts and an array of toys. A third bedroom in the house is temporarily being used as private quarters for Angel a reactive dog that has a home with Moonracer. And needless to say the fourth bedroom serves as Lisa and David s sanctuary at the end of the day. While many repairs and renovations in the house and on the property have been completed there is still much work to be done to create the type of residence that Lisa and the Moonracer team envision for the animals in their care. In April 2017 Moonracer purchased a 40-foot trailer on Craig s List that also is need of some renovations. To date an electrician has run power to the trailer which is equipped with two air- conditioners. Once finished the trailer will serve as the new home for Angel the reactive dog as well as a comfortable place where volunteers and other team members can relax stay cool and take breaks when spending time on the property and caring for Moonracer s animals. There are several projects at the country house that will require extensive work and creative fund-raising to complete. Moonracer s top priority is a complete renovation of the barn which now is merely a shell of a building. Measuring 36 x 36 feet it is in dire need of repair but will eventually serve as a homey living space for the dogs Moonracer takes in. Back in March when Lisa contracted an electrician to upgrade the electricity in the house she also had upgrades completed in the barn in preparation for its future inhabitants. The electricity is in place but we need to build walls to complete the structure Lisa says. The existing beams and supports are sound but the barn needs a roof insulation proper flooring and air-conditioning in order to be ready to welcome dogs. While Moonracer plans to hold an old-fashioned barn-raising fund-raiser in the fall complete with food and live music donations to refurbish the barn are now being accepted online at Once finished the barn will be furnished with all of the comforts of home Lisa says. It will be a place that animals came come to get well offering peaceful surroundings in which they can relax and overcome the stressed kennel environment they had to endure while living at the shelter. Located in an eastern Manatee County community that is growing by leaps and bounds Moonracer s country house also is destined to become an educational hub for area animal owners. According to Tim who has served on Moonracer s board of directors for the past three years part of Moonracer s vision is to invite animal experts including veterinarians and trainers as well as other animal groups to host seminars and or workshops at the country house once a month. Of special importance is Moonracer s interest in involving more young people in animal rescue. Continued on Page 46 Photos opposite page from top to bottom With all the comforts of home the kitchen office and family room at Moonracer s Country House have been painted and decorated to create a warm and loving environment for all who enter a cat tree in the bedroom inhabited by Moonracer s rescued kitties is a popular hideout and comfy place to catch a snooze. Photos at right from top to bottom The property that is behind Moonracer s new Country House includes a wooden dock and a private pond filled with Koi now just a shell of a structure the 36 x 36-foot barn that is behind the house will be restored with a new roof enclosing walls insulation and air-conditioning at a barn-raising fund-raiser that will be held in the fall the first step in the barn restoration installation of electricity that is needed to heat and cool the barn for the comfort of its residents a 40-foot air-conditioned trailer that Moonracer recently purchased will provide a break room for volunteers as well as a residence for Angel a reactive dog that has a forever home with Moonracer. May June 2017 45 Continued from Page 45 Now that we have the acreage that we do we can expand our efforts and eventually bring in more dogs says Tim. We have had several requests from area youth groups including the Girls Scouts who want to get involved by volunteering with Moonracer. The only way to change how animals are cared for in the future is to begin working now with children and teenagers Tim adds. With its team of volunteers Moonracer is very much a part of the community continuously promoting its vision to find homes for the strays it takes in as well as the misfits that often are overlooked at area shelters. In addition to participating in area pet events as often as possible Moonracer s volunteers also take part in and bring adoptable dogs to other community events as often as possible including Scavengers Indoor Flea Market in Palmetto and Vintiquity Lane an indoor European-style market open one weekend a month in Sarasota. The management team at Vintiquity Lane is very selective in choosing the vendors that participate in the market and Moonracer is very fortunate to be included Tim says. Fund-raising is of course key to Moonracer s continued growth so that the group can continue to operate pay all of its expenses and pull even more animals from the county shelter. To that end four fund-raisers including one signature event are held each year to support the group s ongoing and invaluable work within the Manatee County animal community. In the near future Lisa s vision for the new house and property includes boarding dogs for pet owners in nearby communities. ennels that are separate from those used to board Moonracer s K rescue dogs will need to be built to accommodate the canine guests. Revenue generated from on-site boarding also will help fund our rescue organization and support the work Moonracer is doing to save lives Lisa says. Lisa and her team at Moonracer Animal Rescue are especially grateful to the veterinarians in Sarasota and Manatee counties that have provided medical care and spay neuter services for the animal group s dogs and cats. We are so thankful to all of the veterinarians that have worked with us Lisa says. We couldn t do any of this work without them. When asked what is the most important message that Lisa wants people to know about Moonracer Animal Rescue she says this We at Moonracer are moving forward and there is so much more that we want to accomplish in our animal community. That s why we are here Lisa adds as she looks around the fiveacre property that is Moonracer s new home. Now that we have the space we need we can help even more animals. For Lisa who has devoted the past six years to taking in the misfits and making their dreams come true the moment when her dream too has come true has finally arrived. Moonracer Animal Rescue s new country house is located in a small community in western Manatee County. For more information about the 501(c)(3) not for profit animal rescue organization visit Veterinary Emergency Center Bradenton s Local Pet ER Open 5 00 PM - 8 00 AM Monday & Friday Open 3 00 PM - 8 00 AM Tuesday Through Thursday Open 24 Hours Saturday Sunday & Holidays 941-896-9420 3915 Cortez Road West Bradenton FL 34210 Located in Wildewood Plaza between 34th & 43rd Streets Across the Street from the AMF Bowling Alley We Now Offer WELLNESS CARE to Help Keep Your Pets Healthy NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY Wellness Clinic Hours Tuesday & Wednesday 3 to 7 p.m. Thursday 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Spanish-Speaking Veterinarian On Site Thursday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Partnering with to better serve our Spanish-speaking clients Encore An Update on Einstein Pets By Candace T. Botha It s a publisher s worst nightmare After weeks of e xhausting work to finalize an issue that was already late getting to the printer the entire magazine is finally proofed uploaded approved and put to bed which is exactly where it becomes imperative to head to catch up on zzzz s. Within days and before the hard copy of the magazine has even been delivered a major announcement is posted on Facebook about a local business that was profiled in the latest issue...yes the very same issue that is still at the printer This news on Facebook shares a life-changing moment a major happening...I mean a really BIG earth-shaking event that should have been included in the article but came just a couple of days too late. And so it was with the article titled To Abbey With Love the community spotlight featuring Kelly and Robert Ison of Einstein Pets the all-natural dog treat company based right here in Sarasota. Within 48 hours of sending the March April issue electronically to the printer I read about another national award that was given to Kelly Ison Einstein Pets Director of Happiness. It was official late in February Kelly was named one of the winners in the 2017 Pet Age Women of Influence awards program. Hosted by Pet Age a national pet industry publication the annual award honors women leaders who are influential in the pet manufacturing or servicing industry. The Pet Age award came completely out of the blue Kelly says. It s truly an honor to be selected as a recipient of this prestigious award presented by Pet Age. While the candidates are selected by their peers in the pet industry an independent panel of high- executive news people and celebrities are part of the decision-making panel and they follow strict criteria to make their final selections. According to Pet Age the eligibility criteria for all nominees includes actively working within the pet industry and holding a position of decision making in the company or organization they represent. In addition all candidates must have a solid reputation based on experience integrity and leadership and have a proven track record of accomplishments. Kelly Ison is among 25 women who were honored with the Women of Influence award this year. Winning this amazing award clearly elevates Einstein Pets in the national and international pet industry Kelly says. It definitely says a lot about industry respect for the path that we are on as we continue to grow our business. Kelly s husband Robert who co-founded Einstein Pets and serves as Director of Brand Management for the company was equally surprised by and excited about the award. And needless to say he is extremely proud of the recognition that Kelly has received. In addition to this very prestigious award 2017 already has proven to be a pivotal year for the Isons. At the Global Pet Expo held in Orlando in March Einstein Pets unveiled two new grain-free low calorie products in their popular line of all-natural dog treats. With the same focus on the highest-quality heart-healthy ingredients including chia seed a powerhouse nutrient Einstein Pets launched Black & Whites a dog treat made with real carob pure honey naturally sweet coconut and of course chia. And like all of the canine goodies in Einstein Pets collection of cleverly crafted dog treats the Black & Whites are made from only natural and organic ingredients that are sourced and baked in the USA and feature wholesome oats as the first ingredient. What s more the treats are low in calories as well as wheat corn and soy free with no chemicals or artificial preservatives. Another product introduced at the Global Pet Expo are two varieties of Einstein Pets new Smart Strips made with sweet potato and banana and sweet potato and cranberry. Both strips also contain coconut. The strips are a chewy treat vitamin enriched and a low-fat alternative to conventional treats they are just like a jerky Kelly says. Abbey our mascot and chief taste tester absolutely loves them. We only did a low production of the strips to see how well they would be received at Global and we already have run out Kelly adds. They are now back in production along with the Black & Whites. Suncoast Pet would like to offer heartfelt congratulations to Kelly Robert and Abbey for these record achievements in the first quarter of 2017 you have made our city and our area animal community proud For additional information about Einstein Pets all-natural dog treats visit www. or find the Sarasota-based company on Facebook by visiting https EinsteinPets . Background Photo of Abbey by Julianna Vazquez Studio 2201 Photography May June 2017 47 Rescue Me Sugar Bear 4 Years Old Female Chihuahua Mix Bert About 2 Years Old Male Sponsor Chihuahua Rat Terrier Mix Sponsor 941-745-8511 Underdog Rescue of Florida 941-746-WOOF (9663) Benji About 13 Years Old Male Mixed Breed Sponsor s ed Walru Fossiliz ats Tusk C terling... Set in S with ...Some nes Gemsto Soos Jewelry Design SoosJewelryDesign Special Needs Blind Pup 941-786-9924 941-451-PETS Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch 941-361-1071 Rocky Sponsor 9 Years Old Male Min Pin Mix 847-347-4738 Vintage Paws Sanctuary Inc. Vintage Paws Sanctuary Inc. 941-921-4355 941-921-4355 Bunni About 3 to 4 Months Old Female Sponsor 941-795-PETS (7387) All Kitty Korner landerson53 727-421-5505 Snoopy Sponsor 4 Years Old Male Great Dane Mix Dr. David Zamikoff DC 941-761-4994 Southwest Great Dane Rescue 941-538-7026 48 May June 2017 Buzzy Sponsor 15 years Old Male Italian Greyhound Florida Italian Greyhound Rescue igrescuefl Cosmo Sponsor 14 Years Old Male Apricot Poodle 941-964-0440 Tank s Legacy 941-421-2805 Larry Moe 2 Years Old Male Greyhound Sponsor 3 Years Old Male Greyhound Sponsor 941-359-1010 Racing Dog Retirement Project 941-359-1010 Racing Dog Retirement Project 941-379-3278 941-379-3278 Maya Bess Sponsor 8 Years Old Female Pit Bull SunCoast Real Estate 941-779-0202 Sponsor 1 Year Old Female Pit Bull SunCoast Real Estate 941-779-0202 Royal Pet Rescue Royal Pet Rescue 941-720-1411 941-720-1411 Moe Keera Sponsor Almost 7 Years Old Male Domestic Shorthair Sponsor About 2 Years Old Female Labrador Retriever Mix Walde Pool LLC 941-746-7599 Cat Depot 941-366-2404 Bella 941-794-1543 Moonracer Animal Rescue http 941-345-2441 Charlotte About 4 Years Old Female American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Sponsor 1 Year Old Female Chihuahua Mix Sponsor 941-795-PETS (7387) Moonracer Animal Rescue http 941-345-2441 941-896-4874 Moonracer Animal Rescue http 941-345-2441 May June 2017 49 Jack Bernice Sponsor 1 Year Old Female Dachshund Mix Canine Castaways 4 Months Old Male Chihuahua Mix Sponsor AlphaBasicTrainingforDogsandHumans Canine Castaways 863-491-MUTT 863-491-MUTT Peanut & Timmy Lia 4 Years & 3 Years Old Males Chihuahua Mix Sponsor Bonded Pair Sponsor 941-677-0110 Canine Castaways 863-491-MUTT Humane Society of Manatee County 941-747-8808 Destiny Clooney 2 Years Old Male Hound Mix Sponsor In Memory of Sweet Jude Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary 941-924-5070 Shylah Sponsor 3 Years Old Female Hound Mix 2 Years Old Female Mixed Breed Sponsor Special Needs Pup 4 Years Old Female Catahoula Leopard 941-355-2884 Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary 941-924-5070 Blossom Sponsor 2 Years Old Female Basset Hound Mix Vincent & Lynn Billi 941-323-1330 Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary 941-924-5070 941-924-5070 50 May June 2017 On Our Cover E lvira it s an unusual name for a dog to be sure but there is nothing ordinary about this adorable Chinese Crested Dog featured on the cover of this Suncoast Pet s May June issue. Take a closer look Elvira actually has one blue eye and one brown eye The pup who has lived in Nokomis with her pet parents Pamela and Ron Blank since she was just eight weeks old was born in the state of Missouri. Pamela had always wanted to have a Chinese Crested Dog and after the couple lost their beloved 16-year-old Vizsla Marsha who they affectionately called Mooch Pamela found Elvira online and Ron drove to Missouri to pick her up. Elvira wasn t much bigger than a mouse when Ron brought her home Pamela says. According to Pamela Chinese Crested Dogs which are African in origin were shipped to China many years ago to keep the Chinese people warm because the pups would snuggle under the covers at their owners feet. An active and happy pup Elvira completed a basic obedience class at Bayside Pet Resort in Osprey last year. I am thinking of signing Elvira up for an agility class just for fun Pamela says. My sister says that she thinks that Elvira has a lot of testosterone because she always loves to play and rumble. Traveling also has become part of Elvira s lifestyle Pamela and Ron frequently fly back to the state of Michigan where they are original- ly from to visit family and they always bring their pup with them. The couple has been visiting Florida during season for the past six years and they plan to make Nokomis their permanent home. Elvira also is quite intelligent her proud parents say. It can be a little scary at times Pamela says with a laugh. Elvira is very attentive any time you speak to her you have her instant attention. With so little hair Elvira s grooming routine usually includes a quick trim along with a weekly bath. Pamela will also gently shave Elvira s skin and then massage her skin with a blend of coconut oil and essential oils. Do Pamela and Ron worry about taking Elvira out in the sun Elvira s skin is dark so she doesn t require a lot of sunscreen Pamela says. All in all she is a really good dog and caring for her is pretty easy. Happy playful intelligent low maintenance Elvira is all that and now a cover girl too Pictured above Ron and Pamela Blank of Nokomis with their Chinese Crested pup Elvira. Photo by Suncoast Pets Photography Sarasota Obedience Training Club (SOTC) We offer classes to help you teach your dog basic manners and recalls or to learn obedience rally flyball agility or nosework Positive reinforcement techniques. Puppy & beginner both daytime & evening classes. Advanced obedience rally and flyball. Agility classes for 6 levels. Register today 7505 CR675 Manatee County FL (Hwy 70 & CR675 East of Lakewood Ranch) 941-377-5984 May June 2017 51 MAY & JUNE 2017 calendar MAY 2017 SUNDAY MAY 7 Bayside Pet Resort Hosts Second Annual Bow-Wow Luau to Benefit Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary Spend an afternoon with animal lovers in Bayside Pet Resort of Osprey s beautiful courtyard complete with a doggie swimming pool The festivities will live music and lite bites and beverages. LOCATION Bayside Pet Resort of Osprey 718 S. Tamiami Trail Osprey. TIME 3 to 6 pm. COST 15 20 at the door. For details call 941-2444930 or visit or https events 647295512148146 . SATURDAY MAY 13 Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Average Joe s Grooming Enjoy great discounts on pet vaccinations LOCATION Average Joe s Grooming 37 South Beneva Rd. Sarasota. TIME 3 to 4 pm. For details call 941-924-4462. SUNDAY MAY 14 Racing Dog Retirement Project (RDRP) Hosts an Open House Retired Greyhounds make wonderful pets Come walk with the Greyhounds and meet our wonderful volunteers. Open your heart fall in love and adopt a forever friend. Beverages and light snacks will be served. LOCATION Racing Dog Retirement Project 1801 Verna Road Myakka City. TIME 1 to 3 pm. For details leave a message at 941-379-3278 or visit the group online at message at 941-379-3278 or visit the group online at MONDAY JUNE 12 - FRIDAY JUNE 16 Cat Depot Hosts Critter Camp Pets Pets How Do I Choose for 8 to 10 Year Olds Children will learn how to become responsible pet owners as well as discover the costs of owning a pet and how to choose an appropriate animal companion. In addition to spending time with lots of cats and kittens campers will participate in arts and crafts and hear from guest speakers. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 1 to 5 pm. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. For details and to register your children visit http education critter-camp.aspx. THURSDAY JUNE 15 Sneaker s Ark Pet Loss Support Group Area residents grieving the loss of a beloved pet are invited to attend this support group that meets monthly. Walk-ins are welcome. LOCATION Unity of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Rd. Sarasota. TIME 7 to 8 pm. For details call 941-955-3301 Ext. 23. MONDAY JUNE 19 - FRIDAY JUNE 23 Cat Depot Hosts Critter Camp Exploring the Natural World for 11 and 12 Year Olds In this session of Critter Camp campers will discover the impact humans have on the environment and the impact the environment has on humans and pets. Arts and crafts projects and guest speakers also will be included in the camp experience. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 1 to 5 pm. For more information and to register your children visit http education critter-camp.aspx. SATURDAY JUNE 24 Sneaker s Ark Pet Loss Support Group Area residents grieving the loss of a beloved pet are invited to attend this support group that meets monthly. Walk-ins are welcome. LOCATION Unity of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Rd. Sarasota. TIME 7 to 8 pm. For details call 941-955-3301 Ext. 23. Cat Depot s Community Food Bank Opens Its Doors Cat Depot s Community Food Bank helps residents supporting feral cat colonies or in need of wet and dry food for their own pets. Cat Depot has Basic Requirements that determine eligibility. LOCATION Cat Depot 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 11 am to 1 pm. For details and income requirements visit www.catdepot. org or e-mail info SATURDAY MAY 20 & SUNDAY MAY 21 MONDAY JUNE 26 - FRIDAY JUNE 30 THURSDAY MAY 18 Cat Depot Hosts SARC - Level 2 - Operations Be prepared when a disaster strikes and help Cat Depot care for cats nationwide The Operations Level 2 course hosted by Florida State Animal Response Coalition (FLSARC) will teach you leadership skills and review team lead opportunities. Attendees must have completed the Level 1 Awareness course prior to attending. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 8 am to 6 pm. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. For more information and to register please visit SATURDAY MAY 27 Cat Depot s Community Food Bank Opens Its Doors Cat Depot s Community Food Bank helps community residents supporting feral cat colonies or in need of wet and dry food for their personal pets. Cat Depot has Basic Requirements that must be met to be eligible. LOCATION Cat Depot 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 11 am to 1 pm. For details as well as income requirements please visit or send an e-mail to info JUNE 2017 SATURDAY JUNE 3 Cat Depot Hosts TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) Talk Here s your chance to learn more about TNVR Join Cat Depot for an informative talk on the importance of TNVR and learn how to start assisting community cats in the Sarasota and Manatee area. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 10 am to 11 am. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Space is limited register early via e-mail to josephl SUNDAY JUNE 11 Racing Dog Retirement Project (RDRP) Hosts an Open House Retired Greyhounds make wonderful pets Come walk with the Greyhounds and meet our wonderful volunteers. Open your heart fall in love and adopt a forever friend. Beverages and light snacks will be served. LOCATION Racing Dog Retirement Project 1801 Verna Road Myakka City. TIME 1 to 3 pm. For details leave a 52 May June 2017 Cat Depot Hosts Critter Camp Career Camp Year 1 for 13 and 14 Year Olds In this session of Critter Camp 13 and 14 year olds will learn about multiple careers that involve working with animals. Campers also will interact with cats and kittens and will be assigned a cat to monitor during the week to help increase the feline s productivity. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 1 to 5 pm. For details and to register your teens visit http education critter-camp.aspx. DOG TRAINING CLASSES MAY 2017 THURSDAY MAY 11 Flyball One Classes Offered at SOTC Learn the basics of one of the fastest growing team sports for dogs in the country Dogs preferably will have a Beginner 1 Level Obedience Class and or Really Reliable Recall training. Limited to 6 students per class. LOCATION SOTC 7505 C ounty Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. COST 95 for six sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Flyball Two Classes Offered at SOTC Dogs will learn continued box turn work dead ball in box building drive over jumps to from the box. Maximum class size is 6 dogs classes are 60 minutes and meet once a week for six weeks. LOCATION SOTC 7505 C ounty Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 3 30 pm. COST 95 for six sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. SATURDAY MAY 13 Beginners Level 1 Classes for Dogs Five Months of Age or Older Offered at SOTC This class teaches handlers to train their dogs using basic cues in group situations. Only positive training methods and positive reinforcement are taught. LOCATION SOTC 7505 C ounty Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 10 30 am. COST 95 for classes that are 50-60 minutes and meet once a week for 6 weeks. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Beginners Level 2 Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Classes Offered at SOTC This class expands on Level 1 skills and introduces additional behaviors while teaching Canine Good Citizen skills. The AKC Canine Good Citizen test will be offered at the end of the class (taking the test is not mandatory). Classes are 50 to 60 minutes and meet once a week for 6 weeks dogs attend all classes. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 9 am. COST 95. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. JUNE 2017 TUESDAY JUNE 6 Novice Open Competition Class Offered at SOTC For handlers getting ready for competition this class focuses on AKC rules and regulations. Novice (CD) exercises are taught and fine tuned during the sessions and open exercises are introduced. Classes are 60 minutes and meet weekly for 6 weeks. LOCATION SOTC 7505 C ounty Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 5 15 pm. COST 95. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Puppy Level A Classes for 9 TO 15 Week Olds Offered at SOTC Puppies learn basic obedience skills in classes that are 50 to 60 minutes and meet for 6 weekly sessions. Motivational and positive methods are used in puppy socialization basic cues and problem prevention are covered. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 12 pm. COST 95. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Beginners Level 1 Classes for Dogs Five Months of Age or Older Offered at SOTC The Beginners Level 1 classes teach handlers to train their dogs using basic cues in group situations. Only positive training methods and positive reinforcement are taught. LOCATION SOTC 7505 C ounty Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. COST 95 for classes that are 50 to 60 minutes and meet once a week for 6 weeks. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Puppy Level B Classes for 16 to 21 Week Olds Offered at SOTC This class is an AKC STAR (Socialization Training Activity and Responsibility) puppy class taught by certified STAR instructors. This class covers basic cues and problem prevention. All training is done on a flat buckle collar. Classes are six weeks puppies attend all classes. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 1 30 pm. COST 95. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Beginners Level 2 Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Classes Offered at SOTC This class expands on Level 1 skills and introduces additional behaviors while teaching Canine Good Citizen skills. The AKC Canine Good Citizen test will be offered at the end of the class (taking the test is not mandatory). Classes are 50 to 60 minutes and meet once a week for 6 weeks dogs attend all classes. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 45 pm. COST 95. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. TUESDAY MAY 16 THURSDAY JUNE 15 Puppy Level A Classes for 9 TO 15 Week Olds Offered at SOTC Puppies learn basic obedience skills in classes that are 50 to 60 minutes and meet for 6 consecutive weekly sessions puppies attend all six weeks. Motivational and positive methods are used in puppy socialization basic cues and problem prevention will be covered. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. COST 95. For details visit www.sotcdogtraining. com or call 941-377-5984. Puppy Level B Classes for 16 to 21 Week Olds Offered at SOTC This class is an AKC STAR (Socialization Training Activity and Responsibility) puppy class taught by certified STAR instructors. This class covers basic cues and problem prevention. All training is done on a flat buckle collar. Classes are six weeks puppies attend all classes. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 45 pm. COST 95. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. MONDAY MAY 22 Nosework Beginner Classes Offered at SOTC This class teaches dog owners to learn how to identify their dogs natural Alert behavior. Participants will learn how to move around the search area without interfering with their dogs while canine companions learn the skill of searching for the hidden scent ODOR at high and low levels. This class also will include instruction in the techniques for effective entrance and exit of search areas. The UKC Nosework Rule book priced at 5 will be available to purchase at class. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 pm. COST 95 for six onehour classes. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Nosework Intermediate Classes Offered at SOTC This class teaches dog owners to learn how to obtain a strong Alert from their dogs. Dogs will learn how to stay focused through distracting scents while handlers will learn how to effectively use reward treats for hidden finds. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 pm. COST 95 for six one-hour classes. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Nosework Advanced Classes Offered at SOTC To participate in this class dogs must have identifiable Alert behavior to hidden scent Birch Odor. This class offers continued training for the UKC Novice Nosework (NN) titles. All the elements NC NI NV NE training will be covered and entering and exit of the search area will be emphasized. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 10 30 am. COST 95 for six one-hour classes. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Nosework Advanced Classes Offered at SOTC This class offers continued training for the UKC Novice Nosework (NN) titles. All the elements NC NI NV NE training will be covered and entering and exit of the search area will be emphasized. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 10 30 am. COST 95 for six one-hour classes. For details visit www. or call 941-377-5984. Nosework Intermediate Classes Offered at SOTC This class teaches dog owners to learn how to obtain a strong Alert from their dogs. Dogs will learn how to stay focused through distracting scents while handlers will learn how to effectively use reward treats for hidden finds. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 12 pm. COST 95 for six one-hour classes. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Nosework Beginner Classes Offered at SOTC This class teaches dog owners to identify their dogs natural Alert behavior. Participants will learn how to move around the search area without interfering with their dogs while canine companions learn to search for the hidden scent ODOR at high and low levels. This class also includes instruction in effective entrance and exit of search areas techniques. The UKC Nosework Rule book ( 5) will be available for purchase. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 1 30 pm. COST 95 for six one-hour classes. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. WEDNESDAY JUNE 21 Really Reliable Class Offered at SOTC This class teaches dogs to come every time they are called even when they are distracted or in dangerous situations. PREREQUISITE Beginner Level 1. Classes are 50 to 60 minutes offered in 6 weekly sessions. LOCATION SOTC 7505 C ounty Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. COST 100 (including a book). For details visit or call 941-377-5984. THURSDAY JUNE 29 Flyball Two Classes Offered at SOTC This class is designed for dogs who have completed Introduction to Flyball and Flyball 1 and have the instructor s recommendation to participate in the class. Dogs will learn continued box turn work dead ball in box building drive over jumps to from the box. Maximum class size is 6 dogs classes are 60 minutes and meet once a week for six weeks. LOCATION SOTC 7505 C ounty Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. COST 95 for six sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. 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