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Description: In This Issue: Positive Aging, Science of Ingredients, Plant Proteins, and Pet Health

Don t miss a single issue of NIE in 2017...go online to renew your free subscription today May17 SO VIS UR IT O em CE UR ag B az OO ON ine K L .co T IN A VRM Media Publication m OD E so ur AY ce ww w. ni bo ok May 2017 Go to sabinsa for info about this advertiser Go to healthco for info about this advertiser TableofContents Proud Supporter of VOLUME 22 NO. 4 MAY2017 F E A T U R E S 32 Positive Aging Innovative natural ingredients help make growing older more graceful. 38 Four on the Floor Pet parents are seeking the same quality targeted supplements for their four-legged family members as they take themselves. This market is only getting more opportunistic. 38 A L S O I N S I D E 10 20 26 27 27 28 29 31 52 66 66 Industry News Ingredient News Special Report AHPA Update Conventions & Meetings Expo West Engredea Wrap-up Association News Science Update Equipment & Packaging Advertiser Index Industry Events Supplier of the Month 54 Science of Ingredients 2017 Nutrition Industry Executive s Science of Ingredients section helps manufacturers gain a better understanding of the ingredients and services available that can make their products stand out. C O L U M N S 4 First Word 6 Condition Specific 44 Marketing Innovation 46 Functional Foods 42 Research & Development 48 Financial Concepts 46 68 FREE Subscription (Print Digital or BOTH) & E-newsletter Available Copyright 2017. Nutrition Industry Executive (ISSN 2331-2602) Volume 22 Number 4 May 2017. 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I mentioned this story to Bruce Anderson from E-Enforce who is writing a three-part Special Report for Nutrition Industry Executive on unauthorized online sellers of natural products and how to stop them (see the first article in the series on page 26). E-Enforce a division of Cyber Investigation Services LLC provides e-enforcement solutions to law firms global corporations and MAP data providers with proprietary technological investigative and data intelligence solutions for the management and enforcement of e-commerce and cyber abuses. Of course Anderson wasn t surprised by my anecdote he s seen it many times. But he noted that companies that are undermined by unauthorized sellers might get their reputations permanently tarnished by such scenarios. A natural product manufacturer executive confirmed with me that this is a huge problem T in the industry that will likely get worse. By coincidence it was actually a skin care company that launched EEnforce Anderson said. We began this business because we were contacted by a skin care manufacturing group that needed help protecting their brand from unauthorized sellers on and eBay. After helping them gain control over their brand we started getting other requests from big brands to help them as well. After digesting the industry the problem and existing solutions in the marketplace we saw an opportunity to provide an effective yet reasonably priced system to solve an industry need. Anderson described E-Enforce s work as cleaning the online environment --from the lake to all its tributaries. I like to think of it as an online draining of the swamp but in this case it actually happens. I asked Anderson what E-Enforce has found that surprises him about online scams. He said I think that despite how much we have seen it never ceases to amaze me the depths that people will go to circumvent the system in order to make money. Really that is what it comes down to is how can these people game the system to make more money by selling products online. And there s another government comparison. Anderson said I was talking to a consultant about stopping online sales and he said Man you guys are the DEA of commerce enforcement. I think I am good with owning that label. Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM Associate Russ Fields Publisher RussF Advertising Gary Pfaff Sales Associate GaryP Editor-in-Chief Janet Poveromo JanetP Managing Editor Shari Barbanel ShariB Associate Editor Nicholas Saraceno NicoS Contributing Writers Bruce Anderson Satya Jonnalagadda Todd Pauli Lisa Schofield Chuck Slotkin Art Director Robert Certo Production Manager RobertC Production Assistant Bryan Zak Graphic Designer BryanZ Circulation Manager Rosie Brodsky Rosie A PUBLICATION OF VRM MEDIA President Daniel McSweeney VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Ste. 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B Y N ICHOLAS S ARACENO W hat exactly is pain Where does it originate These broad openended questions warrant a variety of responses being that replies can vary from person to person. While citing a 2006 National Center for Health Statistics Report the American Academy of Pain Medicine mentioned that 26 percent of Americans age 20 or older (76.5 million) have had pain lasting greater than 24 hours. Though this number does not include acute pain many may find these statistics staggering. Additionally contrary to popular belief adults 65 and over are the age group least likely to report pain (21 percent). The combination of pain and inflammation can be treated using a variety of different ingredients as it is influenced by market status trends and research in the field. Science & Technology Methods to address pain are being targeted--this involves addressing issues surrounding inflammation. Clinically pain and fatigue both top 6 Nutrition Industry Executive the list when it comes to bringing patients to their health care provider. In most cases the level of pain correlates well with inflammation for the average pain said Chris Meletis ND with Divine Medicine in Oregon. Thus the management of inflammation is of paramount importance for the general patient population. Quantifying inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein IL-6 and other cytokine inflammation markers are specifically helpful for the clinician to help identify how best to quench the inflammatory fire from within. There are many biochemical pathways that contribute to excess inflammation that perpetuate pain within the body Meletis continued. Addressing several of these pathways allows a natural ingredient or even drug to work more effectively. For instance if one is able to address both COX and LOX (cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase) pathways then they better cover potential pain triggers. In addition there is free radical damage that arise from the inflammation in the body [which] necessitates the use of antioxi- dants to minimize tissue damage that also contribute to pain directly and indirectly. According to Rick Antonoff president of Novel Ingredient Services in New Jersey the effectiveness of natural ingredients especially when it comes to an issue such as joint support relies on a combination of quality and bioavailability. He referred to Acumin Tumeric complex as doing just that. Acumin is the first and only natural ingredient to provide turmeric s whole food footprint (most turmeric ingredients feature only the active compound curcumin) he noted. Acumin s unique composition is 100 percent turmeric featuring a minimum of 45 percent curcuminoids plus standardized levels of more than 200 beneficial nutrients found in turmeric root--including polysaccharides dietary fiber turmerone oil and turmerin fiber. It is this unique composition that is responsible for its greater bioavailability. Indiana-based Verdure Sciences utilizes technology that helps its Longvida curcumin ingredient remain intact through May 2017 Go to bergstrom for info about this advertiser ConditionSpecific the digestive tract. SLCP or solid lipid curcumin particle technology encapsulates the free curcumin of Longvida and allows it to survive initial digestion and deliver free curcumin into the blood stream beyond the blood brain barrier and to target areas such as to the muscles after exercise-induced muscle damage (McFarlin et al 2016 and others) said Kristen Marshall marketing coordinator with Verdure Sciences. The ability to decrease liver glucuronidation bypassing typical absorption from the GI (gastrointestinal) tract SLCP allows for Longvida to reached significant statistically higher free curcumin hence allowing unique deliverables when it comes to supporting healthy biochemical pathways. In addition this allows for a one-aday dose. overuse of muscles and joints after exercise. ucts in this market--they are also maintenance products. The focus is to offer small better-absorbed doses that offer formulation flexibility. Consumers may consistently supplement at a small dose and up-dose if perceived pain or muscle damage occurs. Trends & Innovations At a time when the need to stand out amongst the pack is key ingredient manufacturers are not only targeting one specific need of consumers but rather designing products to meet multiple demands simultaneously. Research When it comes to providing joint support products ingredient suppliers and manufacturers see the importance of research that is done well. Turmeric curcumin is a very well-studied ingredient as far as its safety efficacy and structure function applications are concerned said Antonoff. What we are most interested in and excited about right now are two new studies on Acumin. One is a comparison study of bioavailability and the other is a clinical trial with rheumatoid arthritis patients. Both are pending publication and must remain confidential. However we are confident the results will provide even greater support for our branded ingredient. In order for ingredients to reach the reputation of being well studied it is crucial for experiments to consider many scenarios. Ingredients and the products containing them should be well researched noted Dockery. Clinical trials employing different demographics of individuals or trials studying the ingredient s effects under different conditions (during exercise chronic versus acute pain individuals with specific health challenges) are all helpful in determining how the ingredient or product can be marketed. It is also very important that the dosage used in the clinical trials remains consistent with the dosage marketed. With that in mind the idea of further enhancing research studies is progressing which could provide optimism for what is to come. There are definitely more products on the market for pain relief both for general pain relief and for specific types of pain Dockery added. The research is improving as increasingly more companies are realizing the importance of healthy person trials. They are also beginning to see the importance of publishing these trials in peer-reviewed journals so they can be scrutinized and evaluated. NIE State of the Market The demand for pain relief ingredients continues to be high especially when it comes to more natural ones. In fact Shaheen Majeed marketing director with Sabinsa (New Jersey) attributes this to the side effects that traditional medications can cause. Many consumers look for natural anti-inflammatory ingredients over the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) if they have trouble with side effects such as irritation of stomach he noted. Safety and efficacy of some herbal-based anti-inflammatory products is well established with many published studies. The current state of nutraceuticals industry especially the segment dealing with ingredients pain and inflammation management is in a healthy position and continues to be so as future forecasts are promising. Nena Dockery technical services manager for Missouri-based Stratum Nutrition concurred but also noted the obstacles that come with the territory. The market for pain relief ingredients is very good and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future said Dockery. More people are seeking ways to manage minor aches and pains without the use of pharmaceuticals. This is particularly true in older persons in whom stiffness and pain become an increasingly more common complaint. The main challenge may be how to market these types of products. From a regulatory standpoint pain is typically considered a characteristic of disease or injury so claims usually cannot be made for dietary supplement products that help manage pain. One exception would be for pain associated with normal temporary conditions such as 8 Nutrition Industry Executive Consumers are not necessarily targeting pain relief specifically but rather seeking multi-purpose remedies that are safe effective and offer easily managed daily doses said Marshall. Ingredient suppliers are able to aid manufacturers of finished products by creating bio-efficacious safe ingredients with clinical backing. Utilizing these ingredients in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle can lead to pain relief depending on the underlying reason and degree of the pain. We have seen an additional need to address various points of inflammation with the rise of autoimmune issues. On a micro level manufacturers are exploring additional delivery methods in order to keep up with modern lifestyles. Many companies are expanding beyond the typical pills and capsules in their products marketed for pain noted Dockery. Chewable tablets and chewy candy-type formats are increasing in popularity as are food bars and even chocolate bars using healthy dark forms of chocolate to contribute additional health benefits to the product. Marshall pointed out that these types of ingredients and products help provide future upkeep. Consumers of all ages want to stay active and healthy this however can be a boot-camper endurance athlete yogi biker or walker added Marshall. Pain relief products are not just remedy prod- FORMOREINFORMATION Novel Ingredient Services (973) 808-5900 Sabinsa Corporation (732) 777-1111 Stratum Nutrition (888) 403-5039 Verdure Sciences Inc. (317) 776-3600 May 2017 Go to innovactiv for info about this advertiser IndustryNews PLT Health Solutions Launches PLTNEXT Global Search for Innovation 3 P LT Health Solutions Inc. (Morristown NJ) announced the third edition of the company s PLTNext Global Search for Innovation program. The Global Search is designed to connect PLT with ingredient and technology innovators to assist in product development and commercialization. As part of the program PLT is putting its track record of developing and launching successful branded ingredients into supplement food & beverage markets to work for companies who meet the program s criteria and are selected for further collaboration. The Global Search for Innovation allows selected companies and organizations to work with PLT s scientific regulatory intellectual property product development and sales experts to help advance the market-readiness of their concepts and create commercialization strategies that deliver market penetration and profitability. In this third edition of the PLTNEXT Global Search PLT is emphasizing companies who work in the sports nutrition space as well as clean label ingredients. The Global Search for Innovation is open to university research programs earlystage or regional companies and other ingredient technology developers-- anywhere in the world. According to Devin Stagg vice president strategy and business development at PLT Health Solutions PLTNEXT is the company s ongoing businesswide commitment to innovation in the health and wellness space. In North America and around the world PLT Health Solutions has a reputation as an ingredient innovator with consumer products companies Stagg said. What distinguishes our efforts however is the comprehensive vetting of ingredients for their scientific regulatory and quality systems readiness and our ability to bring buttoned up solutions to our customers. The PLTNEXT Global Search for Innovation is all about putting this infrastructure and expertise to work for the introduction of promising new ingredients and technologies. In this current round PLT is encouraging applications based on any ingredient or technology that supports healthier or natural solutions that displace conventional technologies--with a preferential emphasis on sports nutrition and clean label solutions. According to Seth Flowerman the company s executive vice president PLT is engaged in dialogue with a number of major consumer products companies searching for innovative solutions. PLT is actively engaged in health & wellness sports nutrition and clean label solutions--with an exciting and growing portfolio of ingredients in each. In all of these areas we have the ability to engage in a dialogue with the industry and help fast-track the introduction of new concepts into the market he said. The application period for the current round of the PLTNext Global Search for Innovation opened on March 15 and closes on June 15 2017. Pre-commercial concepts as well as ingredients and technology that have previously been launched on a limited or regional basis are eligible for consideration. Criteria for selection will include the novelty of the concept safety testing the quality systems of the organization intellectual property protection and clinical science completed. Applicants can find more information and application details by visiting Jack Challem The Nutrition Reporter Dies at 66 n April 13 2017 Jack Challem bestselling author and beloved figure in the natural products industry passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 66. Born May 29 1950 he will be remembered for many contributions including ushering in science-based nutrition reporting in the natural products industry. Armed with a B.A. and graduate work in sociology and psychology from Northeastern Illinois University some of his earliest science reporting work was for the Los Alamos National Laboratory near Sante Fe NM throughout the 1980s. He wrote more than 20 books many of which were bestsellers included Feed Your Genes Right No More Fatigue Stop Prediabetes Now Syndrome X The Food-Mood Solution O nist for the journal and The Inflammation Syndrome. Alternative & A health and science writer Complementary Therapies for 43 years Challem launched and served on the editorial the eponymous The Nutrition board of the Journal of Reporter newsletter in 1992. In Orthomolecular Medicine. recent years Challem was a His scientific articles personal nutrition coach and appeared in Free Radical recognized fine art photograBiology & Medicine Journal Jack Challem pher in the Tucson AZ area. of Orthomolecular Medicine In a 2011 interview Challem told Medical Hypotheses Psychology Today Richard Passwater PhD that his original and other journals. training in sociology and psychology Challem wrote articles for consumer influenced how he approached nutriperiodicals as well including tion. For example the way we eat Alternative Medicine Better Nutrition does not exist in a vacuum. Eating Let s Live Modern Maturity Natural habits are shaped by upbringing eduSolutions and WellBella and was feacation peer pressure advertising tured or quoted in all major natural stress and other factors said Challem. products industry magazines. He was a member of the American He is survived by his son Evan Society for Nutrition and was a columChallem and many cousins. May 2017 10 Nutrition Industry Executive Go to omniactive for info about this advertiser IndustryNews Elwood Richard NOW Founder Dies at 85 n April 10 2017 Elwood Richard founder of NOW Foods (Illinois) passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer at the age of 85. Born September 17 1931 he will be remembered for his significant impact on the health food channel through the decades. Elwood Richard s introduction to natural foods began nearly 20 years before he founded NOW Foods in 1968 when his father Paul Richard bought Fearn Soya and developed the industry s first protein supplement product. In 1960 Elwood Richard with a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Monmouth College in Illinois and graduate studies in physical chemistry and biochemistry at Indiana University stepped in to run Fearn after his father s death with input from his brothers Bill and Lou Richard. In 1962 he opened his first natural health food store the Health House and today the suburban Chicago retail chain renamed The Fruitful Yield operates 13 stores. In 1968 he founded NOW Foods. His brother Lou would later join the company full time and he and Elwood together worked to start the NNFA (NPA) Standards Committee. The NOW Foods founder led the company through decades of growth expanding product lines and manufacturing facilities yet never wavered from his original belief that good health should be available to everyone not just the affluent. He also ensured that the company s mission of empowering people to lead healthier lives would never be compromised by short-term profit demands. Through his legacy planning and gifting of shares to family members NOW currently has about 40 Richard family member owners and is well posi- O tioned for future generations. passing of NOW Foods When Elwood Richard retired founder Elwood Richard. He as CEO in 2005 succeeded by was a true pioneer in the long-time NOW employee Al dietary supplement industry Powers he stayed very much and a strong advocate for involved in the business and the supplement consumers industry as NOW Board of added Steve Mister president Directors Chair and a member of and CEO of the Council for the NOW Advocacy Team the Responsible Nutrition (CRN). NOW Strategy Team and the His record of involvement in NOW Environmental Team. He the supplement industry is a Elwood Richard was also on the Managing Board long one and his passion for of the Natural Health Research empowering people to lead Institute an organization he founded that is healthier lives came across in every convercommitted to informing consumers sciensation every communication and to everytists the media policymakers and legislaone who had the opportunity to know and tors about scientific evidence on the usefulwork with him. His legacy for our industry ness and cost-effectiveness of diet supplewill live on for many years. We send condoments and a healthy lifestyle to improve lences to his family and to those who health and wellness. worked closely with him. His passion in defending consumer Elwood Richard was honored by the choice in the industry with logic and with industry he served for so many decades scientific knowledge he had as a physical with numerous awards including induction chemist came through many many times into the New Hope Hall of Legends the said NOW CEO Jim Emme. One of the Natural Products Association (NPA) Lifetime legacies he left is the Golden Rule treating Achievement Award the Nutrition Business Journal s Lifetime Achievement Award the others as you want to be treated. He lived NNFA Crusader Award and most recently that every day that I knew him. the American Herbal Products Association El was a truly great man and a great (AHPA) Visionary Award. entrepreneur. He was always passionate He is survived by his wife Betty Richard about the health food industry and the success of the NOW brand is a testimony to his daughter Sharon (Richard) Wong sons Dan and David Richard five grandchildren and vision leadership and dedication to our one great-grandchild. mission and our industry said former For those wishing to honor Elwood NOW CEO Al Powers. He will always be Richard s memory support of the organizaremembered for his love generosity and tion so important to him the Natural Health kindness that touched the lives of everyone Research Institute would be appreciated. at NOW. He was the heart and soul of Donations can be made at NOW Foods. donate . We were saddened to learn about the Deerland Enzymes and Probiotics Receives ISO Certification for Quality eerland Enzymes (Kennesaw GA) has announced that it has completed the audit for International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 2015 certification by SGS the world s leading inspection verification testing and certification company. ISO is globally recognized for its highquality standards which cover a wide range of industries and processes that aim to raise the bar for corporate performance and continuous improvement. The ISO 9001 2015 standard is the latest for quality management systems. For a company to achieve this certification it must show a commitment to excellence in the areas of process organization quality control quality assurance resource management customer satisfac- D tion continuous improvement and much more. Deerland has become one of the first companies to be certified in the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standard. This updated version builds upon the previous ISO versions to further raise the bar of global quality management system standards. This is another example of our team s commitment to continuous improvement said Hope Hanley vice president of quality and regulatory affairs at Deerland Enzymes and Probiotics. This achievement represents a milestone in the evolution of our company. Deerland s commitment to quality manufacturing is a pillar of its strong reputation. As such successfully completing the ISO 9001 2015 audit and earning the elite ISO certification was a natural next step. The ISO certification reinforces our reputation for quality said Scott Ravech CEO of Deerland Enzymes and Probiotics. As a manufacturer of supplement products adhering to cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) standards is a critical priority and we consider third party quality certification essential as reflected by our long-time certification by NSF. The ISO certification goes beyond our manufacturing practices by validating our business practices as they relate to employee and customer satisfaction. For more information visit May 2017 12 Nutrition Industry Executive Go to olcott for info about this advertiser IndustryNews Ingenium Naturex s Open Innovation Program Celebrates First Birthday S haring knowledge across industries and solving challenges through disruptive technologies has always been at the heart of Naturex s (Avignon France) business. Launched in March 2016 the Ingenium Program which aims to advance technological breakthroughs and accelerate the introduction of new products through external collaborations has seen a number of significant achievements during its first year and is well-positioned to support Naturex in reaching its Bright2020 (5year plan) objectives. Over the past year Naturex has partnered with numerous organizations from around the world. These collaborations included among others licensing agreements with the Barry Callebaut group which led to the launch of Cocoactiv a high-flavanol cocoa extract and with Poland-based Adamed which resulted in the market introduction of Aronox an aronia extract targeting cardiovascular health. Other companies like Mazza Innovation FP Innovation EPC Natural Products In-Vitro Plant-tech and Green2Chem have also joined forces with Naturex in the develop- ment of sustainable and innovative natural solutions. The latest announcement includes the acquisition of certain assets from French company Dialpha SAS including patents trademarks and clinical research on three nutraceutical ingredients targeting human health. These specialized cashew cinnamon and chicory ingredients are purpose built to assist in controlling blood glucose levels and healthy weight management. It is Naturex s intention to assess the possible advancement or refinement of these researched products and create synergistic combinations with other Naturex ingredients. It has been a busy and productive year for the Open Innovation program at Naturex said Doug Klaiber who leads the implementation of the Ingenium Program worldwide. We have been very pleased with the number of quality opportunities that have been presented to us in our first year. At the moment we have dozens of projects in the pipeline and we are being presented with new opportunities almost daily. Our current challenge is narrowing in and focusing on the projects that most closely reflect our business and values. To this end Naturex has defined four key areas of interest for potential collaboration Natural sources of color (especially blue green red) New natural food preservation solutions Natural phytoactive ingredients for human health and beauty Nature fortified ingredients or technologies for nutrition (minerals & vitamins) We see Ingenium as a flexible tool to help us meet our Bright2020 objectives added Klaiber. Naturex is happy and proud to share its extensive botanical expertise with partners committed to innovative approaches. For more information visit Susan Jane Nicholson Natural Products Industry Veteran Dies at 60 Kyowa Hakko Bio Launches Global Kyowa Quality Website ew York-based Kyowa Hakko Bio has announced that launch of its new website In recent years the advent of the internet has allowed consumers to become increasingly knowledgeable and they are now looking not just for brands name they know but also for key ingredients from manufacturers they can trust. No one is positioned better to help consumers find products containing Kyowa ingredients than Kyowa. We have therefore announced the launch of a new website for products containing our ingredients and backed by our Kyowa Quality mark. said Elyse Lovett marketing manager at Kyowa Hakko USA. The site features Kyowa s line of Kyowa Quality ingredients as well as products that hold the KQ Logo from around the world. Kyowa s Quality ingredients include strategically branded ingredients and amino acids pharmaceutical-grade ingredients foodgrade ingredients and industrial-grade ingredients. For more information visit S monthly to the public through ue Nicholson a natural the independent natural prodproducts industry veteran ucts retail channel. died on January 27 2017. A lover of words and of writBorn October 13 1956 in Glen ing Nicholson developed the Cove NY she was the youngest concept of The Language of of six with three sisters and two Health. One day while brothers. Nicholson earned A.S. Jacobowitz was writing the final and B.S. teaching degrees and Susan Jane copy of an Alzheimer s disease taught kindergarten before graviNicholson study for the newsletter the tating toward the natural products headline he had written was Don t industry where she worked at natural foods Forget. From down the hall she came in stores Provisions and Earth s Bounty on and said that while the 24-hour news cycle Long Island before moving to Vermont depends on tragedy and catastrophe the where Nicholson managed Llama Toucan company s nutrition newsletter was not that. and Crow the natural food store serving It had to be the opposite of fear and tenBrattleboro VT. sion so that readers--most of whom were In 1998 she joined Jay Jacobowitz s seeking answers to serious health concompany Retail Insights a natural products cerns--would feel better and more hopeful industry consultant based in Brattleboro after reading what we had written. Thus and in 2002 helped integrate the Danny was born The Language of Health. Wells Nutrition Newsletter which the comJacobowitz changed his headline to pany had acquired into its marketing serv Remember and the newsletter reflects ices to independent natural products retailher language to this day. ers. As director of research for what was to Nicholson was diagnosed with cancer in become the Natural Insights for Well Being 2015 and fought for 20 months hoping the nutrition newsletter Nicholson helped tumors would shrink to operable size. She refine and enhance the format of presentis survived by her husband Dan Dearth. ing groundbreaking nutritional research 14 Nutrition Industry Executive N May 2017 Go to stratum for info about this advertiser IndustryNews Life Extension Launches Mediterranean Whole-food Blend Using Mazza Innovation s PhytoClean Technology azza Innovation Ltd. (Vancouver BC Canada) has announced that the first-ever retail product made using its proprietary solvent-free PhytoClean Method has been released commercially. Life Extension s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend is now available and carries the PhytoClean seal on the label to confirm that a broad spectrum of natural bioactives have been extracted using Mazza s solvent-free pressurized-water PhytoClean extraction technology. This is a significant milestone for Mazza as Life Extension s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend is the first product on the market to carry the PhytoClean seal on the label to meet its solvent-free and clean-label standard said Mazza Innovation President Benjamin Lightburn. We re pleased to have worked with Life Extension on this exciting quality advance. Life Extension has been committed for more than 35 years to producing the highest-quality supplements and this starts with using only the best ingredi- M ents added Andrew Swick PhD senior vice president of product development and scientific affairs at Life Extension. Mazza s PhytoClean extraction process uses only water and this ensures that Life Extension s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend has superior ingredients without unnecessary additives. Life Extension s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend contains extracts standardized to 25 percent polyphenols from grapes olives pomegranates black walnuts pecans artichokes and lentils. Mazza s PhytoClean Method was used to extract all of these ingredients under a customer service agreement with Life Extension. The PhytoClean Method water-based extraction process concentrates bioactives by pressurizing water at moderate temperatures this greatly increases the water s ability to solubilize bioactive compounds. In effect this extraction process generally provides better yields and purities than industrial solvents. This environmentally friendly clean process can be applied to extract a wide range of compounds for use in nutraceuticals cosmetics flavorings colorings pharmaceuticals functional foods and beverages. For more information visit or Benexia Opens Lipids Research Center in Europe enexia (Santiago Chile) has announced the grand opening of the Benexia Lipids Research Center in Ghent Belgium. The new center was formed to advance new research into the physicochemical and application properties of Benexia ALA said Sandra Gillot CEO of Benexia. It will also advise customers on the proper market positioning of chia seed ingredients in various applications for dietary supplements food and beverages including fats and oils vegetable spreads condiments cooking oils mayonnaise dressings and sports nutrition formulas. The Benexia Lipids Research Center will respond to global market opportunities and is also in charge of new process developments including extraction concentration and purification according to market requirements and trends Gillot continued. Managing the center will be Hans Van Daele business director Benexia Europe. Carolina Chica headquartered in Santiago will be the science and technology director. Gillot added that the center will work on a partnership basis with technical institutes universities and other companies to collaborate on R&D projects and studies to clarify health benefits and new market opportunities. In Europe Benexia received the first Novel Food authorization to commercialize chia oil as a supplement. BENEXIA guarantees full traceability from sourcing of raw materials to final ingredients and provides certified quality standards (GAP GMP-HACCP FSC 22000 halal and kosher). For more information visit B AESI and CIGI Partner to Introduce New Modular Extraction Lab dvanced Extraction Systems Inc. (AESI Canada) announced that it will be building a state-of-the-art supercritical fluid extraction system to produce high value cannabis extracts for Canada s Island Garden Inc. (CIGI). We are very excited to be introducing our new extraction lab in partnership with Canada s Island Garden said David Campbell AESI s COO. Through our work with CIGI we have designed a state-of-the-art modular and self-contained supercritical fluid extraction lab. The lab is completely portable and takes up a limited footprint so it can be shipped from Prince Edward Island across the globe. The new modular system is expected to be up and running at CIGI in the summer of 2017. This system is a modular adaptation of AESI s CO2 extraction systems which produce contaminant free oil extracts for the global medical marijuana industry. Unlike organic solvent extraction methods CO2 extraction is clean and green and is quickly becoming the gold standard for residual free cannabis A extracts according to the company. The demand for oil from licensed cannabis producers is consistently increasing and it is our goal to adapt and respond to this growing demand noted Edwin Jewell president of CIGI. We are thrilled to be entering this market with a company that has a reputation for creating top quality equipment as it is always our objective to produce an end product that is the most safe and effective for the end consumer. We are confident that we can meet this objective with AESI. Advanced Extraction Systems Inc. and Canada s Island Garden are two of more than 50 companies that make up the Prince Edward Island Bioscience Cluster. For more information visit or 16 Nutrition Industry Executive May 2017 Go to certifiednutraceuticals for info about this advertiser IndustryNews You reHired BI (Rancho Dominguez CA) recently promoted Julie Bates a customer service representative to West Coast regional sales manager. Responsibilities of this position include supporting and expanding BI s strong position with West Coast customers as well as growing the company s customer base within the region. ChromaDex Corp. (Irvine CA) has announced that Steven D. Rubin JD has joined the company s board of directors. Rubin has served as OPKO Health Inc. s executive vice president--administration since May 2007 and as a director of since February 2007. Rubin is a member of The Frost Group LLC a private investment firm. He has extensive experience as a practicing lawyer and as general counsel and board member to multiple public companies. Euromed (Presto PA) has appointed Eric Scarborough as its new Western regional sales manager for the U.S. and Canada. In this position Scarborough will be responsible for outside sales and customer service for the ingredient needs of clients throughout the entire Western region from Texas to Washington as well as Western Canada. In continuing efforts to focus on targeted growth segments and strengthen global presence OmniActive Health Technologies (Morristown NJ) has hired Johan Kamphuis to its executive team as president global business. Kamphuis will be operating out of the E.U. leading OmniActive s sales and business development efforts in all markets including North America E.U. and AsiaPacific. New Jersey-based PLT Health Solutions Inc. announced the appointment of Michelle Jenkins as Michelle Jenkins West Coast territory manager as a part of the company s natural products industry sales team. Branch Out and Join VRM Media s FAMILY OF PUBLICATIONS Our 2017 Media Planner Is Available At 2017-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 or e-Mail GaryP 18 Nutrition Industry Executive May 2017 Go to xsto for info about this advertiser IngredientNews Mythocondro Obtains GRAS Status by FDA nosis S.p.A. (Italy) announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finalized its determination that Mythocondro the non-animal chondroitin sulfate (CS) has a granted GRAS status (generally recognized as safe) for the proposed uses as a food ingredient. The GRAS status was reached after the voluntary notification presented by Gnosis to FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition where the innovative vegetarian alternative of CS was subjected to a complete quality and safety testing supported by G published clinical data. The overcome of animal-derived CS limits will result in an innovative new suite of fermentation-derived animal-free finished products whose quality purity reliability and functionality should be highly attractive to the global market according to the company. With this new achievement the U.S. market opens its doors to Mythocondro also suitable for people with dietary restrictions related to religious and animal supply issues. Mythocondro is under registration in several countries in Europe the Novel Food Approval by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is ongoing. Mythocondro is the first non-animal chondroitin sulfate obtained through a fermentation-based manufacturing process providing a reliable and reproducible source of product and marks a major step forward for the category the company stated. For more information visit Evolva Launches Veri-te volva (Switzerland) launched Veri-te the brand for high-purity sustainably produced resveratrol. Veri-te resveratrol is produced from the same natural fermentation process that has been used for years to make highpurity ingredients with uniform consistency ranging from medicines to food ingredients. Resveratrol is a polyphenol that is found in several types of plants protecting them from a harsh growing environment. Scientific evidence suggests that it can do the same in humans working at a cellular level to assist healthy ageing and mimic the age decelerating results of a calorierestricted diet. To date more than 9 000 scientific studies have been published on resveratrol with more than 1 000 in 2016 alone. This published research and clinical data suggests that resveratrol can play a role in healthy ageing through bone health cardiovascular health blood glucose control healthy cognitive function skin youthfulness and oral health. But not all resveratrol is created equal said Evolva Senior Vice President of Health and Wellness Angela Tsetsis. Customers are now looking for the highest quality resveratrol and a transparent and trustworthy supplier to meet growing demand for a whole range of resveratrol-formulated health and wellness products. Veri-te and Evolva are uniquely well positioned to capitalize on this rapidly expanding consumer demand for resveratrol. Veri-te is off-white in color odorless and tasteless. It can be readily used in a wide range of consumer health applications from food supplements (capsules tablets chews) and cosmetics to energy and wellness drinks and personal care products. Veri-te resveratrol is certified Pharma Grade and authorized for consumer use under E.U. Novel Foods and U.S. Self-Affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe). For more information visit or E DuPont Industrial Biosciences Introduces GENENCARE OSMS MI ater oxygen and energy are all key elements for healthy skin and general well-being. DuPont Industrial Biosciences (Delaware) has harnessed this hidden power in its latest innovation to protect and energize the skin DuPont GENENCARE OSMS MI a natural active ingredient for personal care applications. The skin is the first line of defense against external influences. Nature has designed our skin to adjust to external stress factors by maintaining the water balance within skin cells. Small molecules called osmolytes play an active role in this water regulation creating osmotic balance. As an active osmolyte GENENCARE OSMS MI helps regulate the water balance within skin cells and prevents damage from heat and UV radiation. We re excited to make available the W new GENENCARE OSMS MI to DuPont customers said Piera Pericu global personal care segment leader within Home and Personal Care division. Our entire GENENCARE line helps to unlock nature s secrets and apply the power of natural active ingredients to create products that consumers will love. Ecocert-certified GENENCARE OSMS MI highly purified myo-inositol is more than a strong osmoprotectant and moisturizer. This vitamin-like ingredient is a precursor molecule for important cell messengers and is proven to increase the skin cell metabolism (oxygen consumption and energy stock level) and improves skin tonicity as recently demonstrated by the company s latest in-vivo tests. For more information visit http 20 Nutrition Industry Executive May 2017 Clinical Trial Shows Wobenzym Has a Significant Effect on Exerciseinduced Fatigue Muscle Soreness and Damage in Endurance Athletes new study published in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine shows promising results for Wobenzym a form of systemic enzyme therapy (SET) in mediating muscle fatigue reducing soreness and attenuating potential muscle damage in endurance athletes. Researchers at The Sports School at FuerstenfeldbruckPuch Germany conducted the trial using Wobenzym plus contributed by Mucos Pharma (Germany) a subsidiary of Atrium Innovations (Canada). Exercise-induced muscle damage A (EIMD) and its most common symptom delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can impact an athlete s training frequency and performance. This trial investigated the effects of SET before and after exhaustive eccentric exercise on functional and biochemical parameters of EIMD and DOMS in male sportsmen with medium performance level. Researchers at The Sports School at Fuerstenfeldbruck-Puch Germany administered Wobenzym in a randomized placebo-controlled trial to male athletes aged 20-50 in order to examine the effects of SET on fatigue muscle soreness and damage as well as on immunological and metabolic biomarkers. Using Wobenzym before and after exhaustive eccentric exercise helped maintain strength and reduce pain in less resistance-trained endurance athletes while showing significant favorable effects in inflammatory metabolic and immune biomarkers in all subjects. For more information visit Kyowa Hakko Expands Setria Glutathione Brand in Europe yowa (New York) announced the launch of its premium branded ingredient Setria Glutathione in the European markets. Setria is a branded form of glutathione an antioxidant present in almost all cells of the body. Glutathione plays an important role in numerous bodily processes including antioxidant protection detoxification and immune system fortification. Glutathione may be depleted as a result of poor lifestyle choices stress and natural aging. Supplementation is needed if one s diet does not include abundant unprocessed fruit and vegetables. Setria Glutathione is a tripeptide consisting of three amino acids--glutamic acid cysteine and glycine. The name SETRIA comes from SET the balance TRI of tripeptides. In other words SETRIA is a tripeptide that helps to set the body s glutathione back to balance. Setria Glutathione is already successfully sold in the U.S. and Asia as a key antioxidant ingredient. For more information visit or K Yantai Dongcheng Biochemical Receives USP Certification for Sino Siam Biotechnique Division ccording to John Turner vice president of Dongcheng USA (Pennsylvania) a subsidiary of Yantai Dongcheng Sino Siam Biotechnique Co. a manufacturer of chondroitin sulfate has earned its USP certification. Sino Siam is also GMP (good manufacturing practice) ISO9001 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified. Yantai Dongcheng Biochemical Co. Ltd. (China) manufacturer of chondroitin sulfate recently acquired Sino Siam Biotechnique Co. Ltd. (Thailand) creating the world s largest supplier of chondroitin sulfate. Dongcheng USA now handles all the sales of chondroitin sulfate. Sino Siam Biotechnique Co. Ltd. has a manufacturing capacity of 350 metric tons annually. The approximate annual market for chondroitin in the U.S. is about 2 500 tons and globally that figure is about 4 000 tons Turner said. This acquisition can ensure that those needs are met as consumers are still loyal to chondroitin to help support joint health. In addition the quality control mechanisms and certifications achieved by the company will assure the highest quality ingredient. For more information visit english . A Taiyo and Benexia Announce Partnership andra Gillot CEO of Benexia (Chile) a researcher cultivator and processor of chia seed ingredients for the supplement food and beverage industries has announced a new partnership with Taiyo (Minnesota) to exclusively distribute its ingredients throughout North America. According to Gillot Taiyo will concentrate its considerable resources to promote and sell Benexia s new chia oil produced via XIA PURE Ox Blocker its proprietary process that ensures signifi- S cantly improved stability greatly extended shelf life and a superior quality seed oil for use in foods beverages and dietary supplements. Gillot noted that Benexia has deep respect for the team at Taiyo whose corporate legacy thus far has been one characterized by superior quality products and consistent customer service. Because our chia oil featuring XIA PURE Ox Blocker is so unique we needed a company that knows how to successfully launch and sustain interest for branded ingredients that possess truly original technology. Taiyo meets our high standards for what we were looking for in a partner she explained. For more information visit or Nutrition Industry Executive 21 May 2017 IngredientNews Sabinsa Granted U.S. Patent on LactoSpore for IBS Court Orders Olive Lifesciences to Pay Sabinsa 2.2 Million for Willfull Infringement abinsa has been granted a U.S. patent on the company s shelf-stable probiotic LactoSpore (Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856) for its use for therapeutic management of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Patent No. US9579352 claims a method for managing the symptoms associated with IBS including abdominal pain bloating or visible distension of abdomen constipation and loose stools by orally administering a formulation comprising Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 (not less than 2 billion spores) as a dietary supplement along with regular treatment. LactoSpore ameliorates the symptoms of IBS as seen in a recently published human S clinical trial (Majeed et al. Nutrition Journal (2016) 15 21 DOI 10.1186 s12937-016-0140-6). In the study LactoSpore demonstrated efficacy in relieving clinical symptoms in IBS patients. Sabinsa s 136 patents demonstrate the continuous innovation process that Sabinsa proudly brings to its ingredients portfolio said Sabinsa Marketing Director Shaheen Majeed. We deliver not only quality but efficacy as well and this patent on LactoSpore delivers on that focus. According to Sabinsa the company has also prevailed on all counts in its long-running patent-infringement lawsuit against Olive Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey on July 30 2014. The lawsuit alleged that Olive was selling and distributing products that infringed Sabinsa s Curcumin C3 Complex Patent U.S. Patent No. 5 861 415 which protects compositions methods of use and methods of extraction of Sabinsa s curcumin ingredient in the U.S. according to Sabinsa. The Court determined that Olive acted willfully in infringing Plaintiff s protected product. The Court ruled against Olive and in favor of Sabinsa in the amount of 2 233 258. For more information visit Milk Specialties Global Leads the Way With Locally Produced Calcium Caseinate From U.S. rBGH-free Milk ilk Specialties Global a dairy protein manufacturer based out of Eden Prairie MN is the first U.S.based company to market calcium caseinate produced from fresh U.S. milk. The rBGH (recombinant borine growth hormone)-free non-GMO (genetically modified organism) skim milk is sourced from local California dairy farms and transported to its Visalia CA plant where the other milk components are removed to produce the calcium caseinate. We wanted to supply our customers with an rBGH-free non-GMO calcium caseinate using fresh local U.S. milk stated Suvash Kafley Sr. director of innovation at Milk Specialties Global. Not only does this help fill the need for more clean label options but it is an exciting time for us to be the only company in the U.S. that currently has the ability to do so. The process of producing calcium caseinate involves gentle acidification and neutralization of the milk to help retain all superior nutritional qualities. Calcium caseinate is an extremely nutritious and clean-tasting ingredient that delivers a high level of protein with low levels of carbohydrates (sugar lactose). It is also high in naturally occurring calcium phosphate which is the building block for strong teeth and bones helping to maintain bone density and structural functions. Milk Specialties Global s calcium caseinate is available in instant and regular form. Instant calcium caseinate is recommended for use in all nutritional powder formulations to improve nutritional and sensory characteristics and increase the product shelf life. For more information visit Truly Grass Fed Announces Non-GMO Project Verification lanbia (Ireland) announced the verification of Truly Grass Fed by the Non-GMO Project North America s most trusted seal for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) avoidance for consumers. Truly Grass Fed is a premium range of dairy ingredients from Glanbia designed for customers and consumers who are looking for the best natural choice for their brands and food products. The Non-GMO Project is a U.S.-based non-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products educating consumers and providing verified non-GMO choices. It is North America s most trusted seal for GMO avoidance. Commenting on the verification Se n Molloy director of strategy and supply development at Glanbia Ingredients Ireland said There is significant and growing demand from our customers and consumers particularly evident in North America for transparency of ingredients used in products. In many cases it s what drives their choices. Being awarded verification from a trusted organization such as Non-GMO Project enables us to support and endorse food and nutrition companies natural brands in market. A core element of the Truly Grass Fed offer is nonGMO. With growing demand from food savvy consumers for proven naturalness we are on a mission to prove that our grass-fed dairy system complies with recognized nonGMO standards. Verification by the Non-GMO Project a U.S. based non-profit committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products proves our natural dairy credentials. For more information visit G M 22 Nutrition Industry Executive May 2017 IngredientNews ADM Introduces SweetRight Stevia and VerySweet Monk Fruit Brand Sweeteners I llinois-based Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is bringing two new sweetener brands SweetRight stevia and VerySweet monk fruit to market. These two new additions to the ADM portfolio sourced through ADM s partnership with GLG Life Tech Corporation offer food and beverage product developers all the benefits of stevia and monk fruit as well as access to ADM s extensive ingredient portfolio formulations expertise and blending capabilities. ADM s global distribution network provides the added assurance that these ingredients are readily available. SweetRight and VerySweet join ADM s VivaSweet sucralose the first high-intensity zero-calorie sweetener in ADM s portfolio. VivaSweet is suitable for use in virtually any food or beverage application and offers a clean sweet taste as well as process and shelf stability. SweetRight stevia sourced from the stevia leaf is clean-label friendly and provides a high quality of sweetness making it ideal to help reduce sugar while still maintaining desirable taste and sweetness. SweetRight offers a range of stevia ingredients extracted from the stevia leaf using a proprietary process. SweetRight stevia is up to 250 times as sweet as sugar and offers a cleanlabel GRAS (generally recognized as safe) non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and plant-based sweetener solution. It blends well with other sweeteners is process and shelf-stable and is available in three forms--RA RA granular and EMS enzymatically modified stevia--to meet a variety of needs. VerySweet monk fruit has a sweet taste without bitterness making it an ideal choice for reducing sugar in a wide range of food and beverage products according to the company. VerySweet is sourced from the luo han fruit and is up to 200 times as sweet as sugar. This low calorie GRAS sweetener solution may be used alone blended or as part of a complete sweetening system. For more information visit stevia or monkfruit. Clinical Study Shows Velositol Doubles Power of Protein for Significantly Improved Muscle Protein Synthesis new study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition shows the combination of amylopectin and chromium in New Yorkbased Nutrition 21 s patented ingredient Velositol doubles the muscle protein synthesis (MPS) rate compared to what was seen when using whey protein alone. Velositol increased MPS by 48 percent from baseline when combined with whey protein (6 g) as compared to a 24 percent increase seen with whey protein alone. The significant increase in MPS along with a non-significant increase in insulin to help A initiate muscle growth was noted in the study subjects made up of healthy men and women. Blood glucose levels remained in the healthy normal range. This study shows Velositol has the ability to unlock the potential of protein promote leaner body composition and enhance muscle building said Joe Weiss president of Nutrition 21. This study confirmed our theories and exceeded our expectations for Velositol. The randomized double-blind singledose active-controlled crossover study was conducted at The Center for Applied Health Sciences in Stow OH on 10 healthy men and women aged 22-34. On two different occasions participants were given a single dose of Velositol with 6 g of whey protein or 6 g of whey protein alone and completed eight sets of bilateral isotonic leg extensions at a load equivalent to 80 percent of their estimated one-repetition maximum. The study was done over an eight-hour time period in which three muscle biopsies were taken at hours 2 4 and 8 to measure muscle protein synthesis. For more information visit Alpha-carotene Critical for Metabolic Health Modulation in Healthy Overweight Subjects A new study reveals that alpha-carotene (a type of pro-vitamin A) plays a critical role in the maintenance of phenotypic flexibility (ie ability to respond to physiological changes) in the context of plasma micronutrient status in healthy overweight subjects. In this double-blind placebo-controlled and crossover study 36 healthy overweight and obese male subjects were supplemented with anti-inflammatory dietary mixture (resveratrol green tea extract alpha-tocopherol vitamin C n-3 (omega-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids and tomato extract) in hard 24 Nutrition Industry Executive and soft gel capsules for five weeks followed by a nutritional challenge test (NCT) with high content of fat. The correlation of the plasma status of four carotenoids (alphacarotene beta-carotene beta-cryptoxanthin and lycopene) retinol alpha- and gammatocopherol (vitamin E) and vitamin D3 with metabolic and inflammatory parameters at baseline were examined in response to NCT and at fasting using proteomics and metabolomics platforms. When examining the correlation at fasting plasma alpha-carotene shows inverse relationship with pro-inflammatory proteins. Conversely in the micronutrient status correlation network alpha-carotene shows inverse correlation with inflammatory parameters upon NCT. The results also show that gamma-tocopherol helps with modulation of peptides that are associated with insulin sensitivity. In addition higher plasma gamma-tocopherol ameliorated inflammatory response. The results from this study collectively show that both alpha-carotene and gamma-tocopherol may help in the modulation of metabolic-inflammatory processes. For more information visit May 2017 AIDP Expands Digestive Health Portfolio Signs Agreement with ANAGENIX IDP has announced that it has signed an exclusive license and distribution agreement with ANAGENIX to market its kiwifruit-based ingredients ACTAZIN and LIVAUX. Anagenix is a New Zealand-based company specializing in the scientific discovery of natural bioactives which satisfy consumers health and wellness needs. Actazin is a cold-pressed powdered kiwi fruit concentrate that is a natural source of prebiotics fiber enzymes and polyphenols to support bowl function in a gentler way than harsh laxatives. The enzyme actinadin found in Actazin assists protein digesting helping people avoid the overfull feeling after a protein-rich meal. It is made from Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project-verified green kiwifruit sourced in New Zealand. The locally sourced kiwifruit are gently processed using proprietary technology to ensure retention of the key nutrients and bioactives. Actazin is gluten free free of preservatives and added sugar. It is ideal for green food blends digestive health formulas and more. Livaux is the world s first oral supplement to support Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (F.prau). F.prau makes up just over 5 percent of the intestinal bacterium and low numbers have been associated with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) IBD (irritable bowel disease) Crohn s Disease celiac disease and chronic constipation. Due to oxygen sensitivity F.prau cannot be introduced to the gut via supplemental probiotics. Livaux is a natural prebiotic ingredient derived entirely from Non-GMO Project verified New Zealand gold kiwifruit. Livaux has been shown in a recent randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study to significantly increase the mean daily bowel movements. In addition Livaux increased the concentration of F. prausnitzii in functionally constipated participants. This implies a beneficial outcome as the organism is known to grow in the large bowel and generate butyrates which has protective functions health benefits in the gut.1 Both Actazin and Livauz are available in organic and conventional options. For more information visit A 1 abstracts kiwifruit-driven-microbiota-metabolites-and-implications-for-human-health . Genesis Today Expands Market for its New Cranberry U.T. Complete Drink enesis Today s (Texas) new Cranberry U.T. Complete drink powder a recipient of the Best Women s Health Product by Delicious Living is expanding its reach into Canada. Cranberry U.T. Complete drink mix powder is a comprehensive formula featuring Cran d Or whole fruit cranberry powder plus carefully selected botanicals to support urinary tract health and deliver nutritious proanthocyanidins (PACs). Cranberry U.T. Complete drink mix powder is a condition-specific formulation designed to be used when urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms are present. This comprehensive formula features Cran d Or cranberry extract plus carefully selected botanicals to support urinary tract health. This drink mix powder provides four times more antioxidants than pure cranberry juice and is made without solvents. It is designed to be mixed with 6 to 8 oz. of water and comes in 10-serving packages. Cranberry U.T. Complete NPN number 80073414 launched last year in the U.S. and made its debut in Canada in April 2017. Cranberry U.T. Complete has been assessed by Health Canada and has approved label claims relating to urinary tract infections confirmed Genesis Today Vice President of Marketing Jeff Brucker. Brucker noted that there is literature linking cranberries to support of urinary tract health. The active components linked to the proposed benefits are the soluble and insoluble PACs contained in whole cranberries. There are copious amounts of cranberry products in the marketplace. The majority are conventional non-branded non-standardized cranberry capsules and tablets. Instead Genesis Today insisted on using specialized branded ingredients in this multi-ingredient formulation each ingredient substantiated by clinical studies. By using Cran d Or whole fruit cranberry from Fruit d Or (Canada) instead of a cranberry extract Genesis Today achieved 135 mg of PACs per serving in its Cranberry U.T. Complete which we believe is the highest PAC content of any cranberry UTI product in the marketplace today confirms Brucker. The brand is naturally flavored glutenand soy-free contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors and uses all non-GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients. For more information visit or Go to somalabs G May 2017 Nutrition Industry Executive 25 SpecialReport Stop Unauthorized Vitamin & Supplement Sales in Online Marketplaces ver the past decade there has been an undeniable explosion of sales happening in online marketplaces. for example posted nearly 136 billion in revenue in 2016 while online auction giant eBay posted just under 9 billion. Both venues sell more than their share of nutritional products. In fact Amazon has an entire sales category for Vitamins and Dietary Supplements which currently lists hundreds of thousands of products for sale. What many people within the vitamin and supplement industry do not know however is that more than 80 percent of Amazon s sales are conducted through private third party sellers that are unaffiliated with the retail giant (except for having an online seller account through Amazon). While many of these sellers are on the up and up a significant number are not. As explained below these unauthorized sellers on Amazon are wreaking havoc for manufacturers resulting in lost sales and brand deterioration. PART ONE OF A THREE-PART SERIES Vitamin and supplement brands are frequent targets for unauthorized sellers online--learn how to stop them before they stop you. By Bruce Anderson O increase sales and boost a company s brand reputation. Unauthorized sellers on Amazon do not care about such things. Having obtained products through illicit means their only motive is profit. Unfortunately once consumers have an unpleasant experience with your products via these rogues they are likely to associate the negative experience directly with your company s brand. Where Do Unauthorized Sellers on Amazon Obtain Products The multitude of ways these swindlers obtain products is as varied as the products themselves. Some work with authorized distributors to purchase entire lots of products that are past the expiration date. Others may purchase products intended for sale in other countries (typically at a lower price and often made with different formulae than those intended for the U.S.) ship them back into the United States and sell them online to Americans for a profit. Regardless of how these fraudulent sellers obtain the products they all have a few things in common 1) they have not contracted with your company to become an authorized seller 2) they are unfamiliar with (and uncaring about) your company s shipping and storage protocols and 3) consumer safety is of no concern to them. Who Are These Unauthorized Vitamin & Supplement Sellers Like the name suggests unauthorized sellers are people who peddle products without the authorization or consent of the manufacturer. Authorized sellers of course are crucial to sales distribution channels--especially in the vitamin and supplement industry. Manufacturers can impose contractual obligations on authorized sellers to ensure their products reach the consumer at optimum efficacy. For example many manufacturers require that their products are shipped and stored within a specific temperature range or mandate that expired products be taken off the market. These restrictions ensure that consumers enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience with the products. Those experiences in turn Figure 1. Vitamin & Supplement Producer Size of unauthorized sellers on Amazon of unauthorized sellers on eBay of unauthorized products for sale on Amazon of unauthorized products for sale on eBay Inventory value of products on Amazon Value of prior months sales on eBay Brand A 359 389 7 648 36 088 Brand B 144 225 5 110 30 998 How Big Is the Unauthorized Seller Problem in the Vitamin and Supplement Industry Manufacturers in any industry have a hard time believing their products are susceptible to this scam until they see it first hand. Vitamin and supplement producers are no different. To illustrate the problem one professional e-commerce enforcement team familiar with the industry conducted a survey of unauthorized vitamin and supplement sales within its client base. The survey included three well-known Brand C brands in the industry Brand A (with more than 2 billion in annu38 al revenue) Brand B (with more 67 than 4 billion in annual revenue and Brand C (nearly 1 billion in 1 428 annual revenue). Here s what they found (see Figure 1). 3 070 136 330 188 719 rampant in the vitamin and supplement industries. The good news is that state-of-the-art strategies and tools are available to rid illicit sellers from pilfering your company s profits and reputation. While enforcement measures will be discussed in detail in the third part of this series a quick overview should put readers minds at ease. Effective e-commerce enforcement teams utilize a graduated method of enforcement. Early measures are highly technology-based and are aimed at monitoring brands SKUs for illicit sales. Key indicators are things like large quantities of products being sold below the manufacturer s minimum advertised pricing or MAP. Once illicit sales are confirmed the sellers are typically asked to cease and desist from making those sales via online communication portals offered by Amazon or eBay. While these demands are often ignored they may work for rookie sellers fearful of being caught. More sophisticated sellers however rarely disappear at this juncture. Thus E-enforcers will move to an investigation stage aimed at obtaining the true identities of the people making sales using online storefronts. Once they are identified personalized cease and desist demands can be sent straight to their doorstep. Professional unauthorized sellers frequently remain undeterred. This is when the legal phase of the process is deployed. Law firms are engaged to send stop notices and if all else fails a draft of a federal court lawsuit (legal theories will be discussed in Part Three as well). This is usually the final lynchpin for unauthorized sellers. At this point the aim is not only shutting sellers down but forcing them to reveal the source of their illicit products. At that point e-enforcement efforts can continue to move up stream. NIE Parts two and three of this Special Report will be featured in the June and July August issues of the magazine. Bruce Anderson is the director of e-commerce enforcement at E-Enforce. For more information contact E-Enforce enforcement team at (800) 892-0450 follow them on Twitter ( eenforcecis) or connect at LinkedIn-E-Enforce. May 2017 1 171 537 2 112 093 278 880 488 365 How Can These Rogue Sellers be Stopped The bad news here is that the unauthorized seller problem is 26 Nutrition Industry Executive AHPAUpdate Leading Industry Association Speaks Directly to Nutrition Industry Executive Readers Federal Legislation That Could Impact the Herbal Products Industry T he American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is advocating for passage of several bills that have been introduced in the 115th Congress that would help promote the responsible commerce of herbal products. Some of these bills are reintroductions of legislation that AHPA has previously supported. Botanical Sciences and Native Plant Materials Research Restoration and Promotion Act (H.R. 1054) Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) introduced this bipartisan legislation which aims to increase the botanical science capacity of the federal government to protect native plants and plant ecosystems. The bill includes provisions that would Create a new program of botanical science research within the Department of the Interior (DOI) to help increase federal botanic expertise and allows DOI to hire new additional personnel Create a student loan repayment program for botanical scientists to encourage more students to make the decision to enter the field and to support them once they ve graduated Declare a federal policy that the Departments of Interior Agriculture and Defense preference the use of locallyadapted native plant materials in their land management activities Require states to utilize native plant species where possible and practical Establish a new program to support collaborative grants to prevent rare plant species from becoming endangered and to remediate already endangered populations. This bill would enact meaningful steps to ensure the preservation conservation and restoration of the native botanical species that significantly contribute to a higher quality of life for countless Americans. S.236) The bill is reported to reduce excise taxes compliance burdens and regulations for brewers cider makers vintners and distillers. Because many kombucha manufacturers are considered by the Department of the Treasury s Tax and Trade Bureau to be brewers this legislation may have relevance to AHPA members that produce kombucha. The bill has garnered strong bipartisan support in both the House and Senate with previous versions of the bill carrying similar backing from across the aisle. Health Savings Act (H.R. 1175 and S.403) This legislation includes a provision that would allow consumers to up to 1 000 in pre-tax savings from health care savings accounts (HSA) and flexible spending accounts (FSA) to purchase dietary supplements and certain meal replacements. Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act (H.R. 1227) This bill would as the title suggests completely remove marijuana and its constituents from scheduling under the Controlled Substances Act. NIE Expanding Care for Veterans Act (H.R. 102) This bill includes a provision that directs the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to develop a plan to expand the scope of its research education and integration of complementary and alternative medicine services. Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (H.R.747 and Michael McGuffin President and Board of Trustees American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Conventions&Meetings Regulatory Seminar T his one-day industry-wide regulatory seminar on May 10 at Marriott Bethesda North Hotel in North Bethesda MD will feature updates and insights from FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and industry regulatory experts focused on the key regulatory compliance issues facing the dietary supplements industry. Designed specifically for manufacturers marketers and regulators of dietary supplements focused in the regulatory and quality disciplines it is ideal for the professional with three to five years of experience who has a general understanding of the industry but wants to learn more about specific topics. Topics include elements of a successful new dietary ingredient notification FDA analysis of trends in new dietary ingredient notifications from industry an FDA update on adverse event report handling process and suggestions for improvements and many more. For more information visit otcacademy seminars_dds.aspx. May 2017 The Big Natural T he Big Natural (by the Natural Products Association) June 8-9 (pre-conference executive workshop on June 7) offers three days of industry-driven educations sessions and workshops. It brings together industry leaders and innovators to share insights that will education empower and spark ideas to drive the industry forward. At the LINQ Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas NV ample time for networking peer-to-peer interaction and customer engagement has been built into the schedule making The Big Natural the most valuable event in the natural products space. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 27 ExpoWestWrapUp Natural Products Expo West & Engredea Celebrates Largest Event Yet T he 37th annual Natural Products Expo West & Engredea the world s largest natural organic and healthy products event experienced another record-setting year playing host to more than 80 000 attendees including industry pioneers and a new generation of innovators shaping the future of healthy products. The show produced by New Hope Network was held March 9-13 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California and brought together 3 100 exhibiting companies including more than 500 first-time exhibitors. Expo West was incredibly exciting over 77 000 in attendance and we experienced yet another successful Women In Naturals event which is always a highlight for our team said Twinlab Consolidated Holdings Inc. CEO Naomi Whittel. This Expo West marked my year anniversary as CEO and a lot has happened. I am very enthusiastic about the transformation that we are going through from improving fill rates to our go-to-market strategy and the revitalization of our precious Twinlab brand. We had a great time at Expo and always enjoy exploring the new innovative booths along with existing brands new developments added Mo Payette CEO of California-based Mother s Market & Kitchen. There are more unique beverages than we know what to do with--from turmeric to coconut based and of course more plant-based options which also includes the supplement category. It is also encouraging to see more products with a purpose supporting organizations in need and also the communities from which their raw materials are sourced. Nordic Naturals vending machine 28 Nutrition Industry Executive show for Herbalist & Alchemist CEO Beth An Expo West veteran 2017 marked Lambert noted that the company got a NOW s 31st consecutive year exhibiting at great response at this year. We saw longthe show. This was NOW s 31st consecutime customers and met some new ones. tive year exhibiting in Anaheim and we Our in-booth book signings with David had four separate booths representing our Winston RH(AHG) are always popular but NOW brand supplements sports nutrition personal care and natural foods said this year with increased interest in adaptogens and given his expertise in them that Dan Richard national sales manager. We was a main focus of many always appreciate meeting with attendees. We expected and our loyal customers and finding received a great response to new customers as well. Our the new additions to our adapinternational division was espetogens and digestive lines. cially active supporting our focused efforts to grow our brand throughout the world. Education The show met our expectations The conference featured a and we look forward to 2018 robust education program when NOW will be celebrating Mark Blumenthal speaks including keynote presentaat the Wakunaga dinner our 50th anniversary. tions by Denise Morrison New Hope Network again president and CEO of expanded the event s footprint to encomCampbell Soup Company and Doug pass the entire Anaheim Convention Rauch founder and president of Daily Center campus expanding exhibits into the Table and former president of Trader Joe s. Anaheim Marriott Hotel for the first time. This year Expo West & Engredea introProducers look forward to hosting exhibits duced the inaugural Climate Day event an in the newly expanded North Hall at the initiative of leading organizations brands 2018 event. and retailers to raise our game in addressLee Golden owner of Wisconsin-based ing climate change. Climate Day featured Golden Tree Brands Truly Supplements a keynote address by environmentalist and said this was the company s first time entrepreneur Paul Hawken author of seven exhibiting at Expo West. It was extremely books including four New York Times bestproductive he said. We met many new sellers. ingredient suppliers distributors and cusNatural Products Expo West & Engredea tomers (who want the products). The 2018 is scheduled to take place March 8highlight was the networking ability. 12 at the Anaheim Convention Center. There were many reputable companies Visit for videos and products to meet personally. and other coverage of Natural Products And while Expo West is always a good Expo West. May 2017 AssociationNews AHPA and LifeScienceRisk Develop Prop 65 Insurance Coverage for the Dietary Supplement Industry he American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and LifeScienceRisk (LSR) recently announced California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) coverage for the herbal product and dietary supplement industries. The insurance product developed by AHPA and LSR offers tailored coverage by a separate insurance policy that can be bundled with other LSR insurance coverage. AHPA s comprehensive analytics on Prop 65 legal actions associated with herbal and dietary supplement products informs association members about recent trends and helps them maintain compliance. AHPA provided this data to LSR to help launch this innovative insurance coverage. The standalone Prop 65 coverage includes six chemical elements that may be found in dietary supplements and herbal products. LSR provides a full-service platform for this inventive coverage which includes client specific service tailored coverage forms and collaborative risk assessment. The Prop 65 coverage was developed in collaboration with Lloyd s syndicates T who represent AM Best Security of A XV and is distributed through select retail and wholesale brokers who recognize their client s risk in this evolving space. AHPA members and the herbal and dietary supplement industries will benefit from this state-of-the-art insurance program and we appreciate LSR s work to develop and implement this program said AHPA President Michael McGuffin. This insurance is especially valuable considering the significant attention to Prop 65. However this insurance will never be a substitute for AHPA members ongoing commitment to quality. Today I am thrilled to introduce this essential coverage to the dietary supplement industry commented Mark Wood president of LifeScienceRisk. The team at LSR with the aid of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and its President Michael McGuffin conducted extensive research to understand develop and create a specialty insurance solution to meet an expressed need for our clients in this space. LSR worked with Lloyd s to introduce this new coverage to the marketplace with choice of limits and deductibles that can fit almost any budget. LSR has the underwriting experience and the resources to work with innovative start-up ventures to large sophisticated companies with global operations. For more information visit or https CRN Welcomes Seven New Members Praises ABC s Endorsement of the Supplement OWL he Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has announced the addition of seven new companies to the association s membership roster. These companies include Voting Members--Activ Nutritional LLC Ortho Molecular Products Inc. Personalized Nutrition LLC ( and Associate Members-- Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton Micro Quality Labs Inc. Supplement Safety Solutions LLC and Q Laboratories. In other news in response to the American Botanical Council s (ABC) endorsement of the Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library) the dietary supplement product registry Steve Mister president and CEO of CRN issued the following statement Today the American Botanical T Council (ABC) stepped forward to endorse the Supplement OWL encouraging its members who manufacture botanical and other dietary supplements to submit their product labels for inclusion in this new industry-wide product registry. CRN appreciates ABC s recognition that the Supplement OWL will increase industry accountability and transparency and will serve as an important resource for a variety of stakeholders including regulators. ABC has an impressive history of executing and supporting educational initiatives designed to raise the bar for botanical products in the dietary supplement industry including its work on a botanical adulterants program a research and education consortium designed to increase quality and trans- parency in the herbal and natural products industry. We are gratified to know that ABC s commitment to reducing mislabeling and the potential use of fraudulent ingredients in botanical dietary supplements extends to its endorsement of the Supplement OWL. In making its case for the importance of the Supplement OWL ABC has taken a vital step toward helping the dietary supplement industry create a richer fuller picture of the breadth and scope of the industry for regulators retailers and others who have an interest in our industry s products. We encourage all companies in the dietary supplement industry to take notice of ABC s leadership in this effort. For more information visit or Nutrition Industry Executive 29 May 2017 AssociationNews Non-Profits Sue Monsanto Over Allegedly Misleading Labeling of Popular Herbicide Roundup wo nonprofit organizations filed a lawsuit against Monsanto for allegedly misleading the public by labeling its popular weedkiller Roundup as target[ing] an enzyme found in plants but not in people or pets. This lawsuit claims this statement is false deceptive and misleading because the enzyme targeted by glyphosate the active ingredient in Roundup is in fact found in people and pets. Beyond Pesticides and Organic Consumers Association (OCA) through their attorneys Richman Law Group filed jointly on behalf of the general public in Washington D.C. under the District of Columbia s Consumer Protection Procedures Act. The unequivocal nature of Monsanto s label claim on Roundup belies the complexity of human biology and the impact this highly toxic chemical has on the functioning of the human gut bacteria essential to our health said Jay Feldman executive T director of Beyond Pesticides. With this claim Monsanto is falsely telling the public that its product cannot hurt them he said. Corporations must be held to a high standard when it comes to the information they include on product labels especially when it comes to the issue of safety said Ronnie Cummins OCA s international director. For decades Monsanto has used false labeling claims to dupe consumers into believing that they can spray Roundup on their yards and in their gardens without risk to themselves their children or their pets. It s time for the courts to step in. Monsanto aggressively markets Roundup as safe for humans and animals despite newer studies indicating that glyphosate may be carcinogenic and affect human and animal cardiovascular endocrine nervous and reproductive systems. No reasonable consumer seeing these representations would expect that Roundup tar- gets a bacterial enzyme that is found in humans and animals and that affects the health of their immune system. The plaintiffs claim that Monsanto benefited monetarily from this false advertising campaign as the company knew and intended that consumers would pay more for weed killer products claiming not to target people or pets furthering Monsanto s private interest of increasing sales of Roundup and decreasing the sales of competing weed killer products that are truthfully marketed. Accordingly Plaintiffs seek equitable relief on behalf of the general public with all profits earned by Monsanto for sales of Roundup in D.C. to be deposited into a charitable fund for the raising of consumer awareness of the effects of glyphosate. For more information visit or The Supplement OWL is Gaining Momentum he Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) is encouraging its member companies who market dietary supplements to submit their product labels to the Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library) a new dietary supplement product label registry set to launch in April. This announcement follows discussions between CHPA and its Dietary Supplements Committee where the association and its committee members reviewed the rationale for the registry and the process by which labels would be submitted. According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) President and CEO Steve Mister We re heartened by CHPA s recognition that the Supplement OWL serves as one means of enhancing transparency for the dietary supplement industry. We know that CHPA members share our understanding of the importance of transparency and want to be responsible when it comes to labeling. When purchasing dietary supple- T ment products consumers have the right to expect those products are properly labeled and manufactured in accordance with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) requirements said CHPA President and CEO Scott Melville. CHPA applauds CRN and UL for spearheading the Supplement OWL which will prove to be a valuable resource for regulators retailers and ultimately consumers. This self-initiated effort demonstrates a commitment by leading manufacturers to enhance transparency around lawful dietary supplement products. Recently the American Botanical Council (ABC) announced its endorse- ment of the Supplement OWL stating in part ... we believe that this new program in principle helps fill a vital need in the dietary supplement industry ... Said Mister We commend both CHPA and ABC for their support and we thank those companies who have demonstrated leadership by having already submitted their labels and those who are in the process of doing so. From the beginning we viewed this as an industry-wide initiative that will succeed only if a significant number of companies participate. We fully expect the registry will continue to grow as companies look for ways to demonstrate industry accountability to regulators and consumers. The Supplement OWL is an industrywide self-regulatory initiative that will help create a rich and more complete picture of the marketplace for regulators retailers and other stakeholders. For more information visit May 2017 30 Nutrition Industry Executive ScienceUpdate Infant Vitamin B1 Deficiency Leads to Poor Motor Function and Balance new Tel Aviv University (TAU Israel) study published in Maternal and Child Nutrition found that infantile Vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency severely affected the motor function of preschoolers who were fed faulty formula in the first year of their lives. The conclusions were based on a retrospective study of children who received Remedia an Israeli formula brand completely lacking in vitamin B1 in 2004. The study was conducted by Professor Aviva Fattal-Valevski of TAU s Sackler School of Medicine and the director of the Pediatric Neurology Unit at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and her master s student Yael Harel. Professor Fattal-Valevski followed the development of 39 five- to six-year-old children who had been exposed to a thiamine-deficient formula as infants. She compared their motor performance with 30 age-matched healthy children with unremarkable infant nutritional his- A tory. The participants motor function was evaluated with the Movement Assessment Battery for Children and the Zuk Assessment. Both tests revealed statistically significant differences between the exposed and unexposed groups for gross and fine motor development. The differences were especially noteworthy with regards to balance-control functioning and fine motor skills. Both assessments concurred on the high rate of children exhibiting motor function difficulties in comparison to the unexposed group. The body s capacity for storing vitamin B1 is limited explained FattalValevski. Unlike vitamin B12 vitamin B1 is only stored in the body for three weeks. It needs to be frequently replen- ished. It is critical to be aware of how important this vitamin is for child development. Even healthy babies might be at risk for B1 deficiency. If your infant is suffering from virus after virus you must intervene with extra vitamins. But it s a vicious cycle because one of the first symptoms of lack of B1 in the system is an absence of appetite. We ve proven that B1 deficiency in infancy has long-term implications on gross and fine motor function and balance skills in childhood said FattalValevski. Our study emphasizes the importance of proper infant feeding and regulatory control of breast milk substitutes. For more information visit As Kids Weight Climbs Power of Healthy Fat Supplements Drops ody weight plays a significant role in how much benefit children may get from consuming good fats new research suggests. The researchers compared fatty acid uptake after kids took a supplement to both overall body weight and body-mass index (BMI). The more a child weighed the smaller the measurement was of two key omega-3 fatty acids in their bloodstream. And the higher the BMI category the lower the levels of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). The study provides important information to parents trying to ensure their kids get an appropriate amount of omega-3 fatty acids and also highlights the need for weight-appropriate dosing of supplements and medications say researchers from The Ohio State University. Their study appears in the journal PLOS ONE. Most of the science behind omega3 benefits has concentrated on adults infants and small children. But a growing body of research is looking at their role in the health of older children. In particular omega-3 consumption has B been shown to lower blood pressure and increase good cholesterol (HDL) in children 8 to 15 years old. Omega-3 fatty acids are found naturally in foods including salmon walnuts and soybeans. Parents looking to feed their children more of these foods should be mindful that as they gain weight they ll need more of them to make a difference said lead author Lisa Christian an associate professor of psychiatry in the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research at Ohio State s Wexner Medical Center. While this study just looked at fatty acid supplements it s important to recognize that weight differences could factor into how children and adults respond to many types of medications Christian said. Weight rather than age may be more meaningful when determining recommended doses. The difference in size between a 7-year-old and a 10year-old can be quite significant she said. The data comes from a trial conducted by Mary Fristad professor of psychiatry psychology and nutrition and Eugene Arnold professor emeri- tus of psychiatry and behavioral health. Their work looked at fatty-acid supplementation in 64 children with mood disorders. The 7- to 14-year-old children took either an omega-3 supplement or a placebo for 12 weeks. Those who took the supplement received 2 000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids in the form of four capsules daily. We have a growing body of evidence that omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for physical and mental health. This paper gives us more information about an important question about taking omega-3 supplements-- how much is a good amount Fristad said of the new study. Given fluctuations in BMI (body mass index) percentile measures as children grow it would seem to make the most sense to base dosing on weight alone Christian said. The study also points to a need to consider weight-related differences in all studies of omega-3 intake in adults and children the researchers wrote in their study. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 31 May 2017 Innovative natural ingredients help make growing older more graceful. By Janet Poveromo G lobally the aging population continues to grow. Simon Seward global business director with Algalif in Iceland noted that the United Nations projects that by the year 2100 the world s population will be 11.2 billion and of that 3.2 billion will be 60 years or older. In the U.S. by 2030 approximately 72 million people or one out of five Americans will be an older adult. Since 2011 and every single day for the next 20 years roughly 10 000 Americans will celebrate their 65th birthdays. However research by Euromonitor International shows that the number of sick years is projected to grow as life expectancy around the world increases. This continued growth of the aging population presents a responsibility in the natural products industry to support these individuals and help them age with more dignity health and comfort said Seward. It is in the best interest of the population as a 32 Nutrition Industry Executive whole to help ensure that aging adults remain healthy and active. This includes continuing to educate the market about the serious impact of good nutrition and health promoting behaviors. Anne Trias product director with Massachusetts-based American River Nutrition said the company is seeing interest [for healthy aging products] across all age groups. The Baby Boomer population has traditionally been the primary market for antiaging she said but it s starting to trend younger as Millennials mature. Many of the products that were formerly targeted as anti-aging have applications in younger populations the benefits of these nutraceuticals don t suddenly kick in when one turns 40. Staying healthy becomes a priority for a relatively young consumer trying to decide between buying health insurance and paying their student loans. The top concerns of these con- sumers of healthy aging products are brain health heart health and mobility said James Hyde vice president with Balchem Human Nutrition & Pharma in Utah. It is clear that good nutrition plays a significant role in support of these areas. Today the majority of individuals are deficient in minerals and can benefit from supplementation particularly with essential minerals like magnesium zinc and calcium. Hyde added that the best approach to healthy aging is to maintain a healthy lifestyle through all stages of life. The growing population of mature adults continues to drive more interest in vitamins minerals and other natural products as these individuals strive to remain active and vital throughout life and take personal control of their health. He agreed that the healthy aging market isn t exclusive to older consumers as younger people including Millennials are taking more personal interest in their health. Providing solutions in the May 2017 healthy aging category should encompass educating consumers of all ages about the importance of minerals and general nutrition through all stages of life he said. There are many studies linking the benefits of minerals like zinc magnesium and calcium to their support for healthy aging Hyde noted. While minerals are essential to life and support many areas including brain heart bone and blood sugar health they cannot be manufactured by the body. All minerals must be absorbed into the body from the outside. Good nutrition is critical at every age. Most people do not get enough nutrition through diet and supplementation is often required in order to get the full daily requirements for vitamins and minerals. conditions include cognition heart health and energy regeneration. Research has shown that calcium levels are important in reducing the risk of fractures osteoporosis and even diabetes. Because the ability to achieve adequate calcium through dairy products can be compromised by dietary restrictions calcium supplements can aid in achieving the RDI. While minerals are essential to life and support many areas including brain heart bone and blood sugar health they cannot be manufactured by the body. All minerals must be absorbed into the body from the outside. -- James Hyde Balchem Human Nutrition & Pharma Minerals and Aging One key concern associated with aging is cognitive decline. Hyde noted as a precursor of acetylcholine a powerful neurotransmitter choline (Vitacholine) can support healthy brain activity by enabling messages to move faster in the brain. According to dietary studies choline has a regular shortfall of consumption in our diets and it was recently granted a RDI (recommended daily intake) in recognition of its importance. Creatine MagnaPower from Albion Human Nutrition which was acquired by Balchem in 2016 is a nutraceutical ingredient that combines the benefits of magnesium and creatine in a single molecule to support healthy aging Hyde noted. Creatine is known to increase upper body grip strength and physical working capacity by delaying neuromuscular fatigue which is important for maintaining health and independent living in the elderly. Magnesium is essential to the human body and supports healthy aging by maintaining an adequate level of DHEA (the hormone responsible for the adrenal production of testosterone and estrogens) which peaks in our 20s and gradually declines as we age. Magnesium also maintains cell DNA and moderates mitochondrial decay that causes cells to age prematurely lose energy and become dysfunctional. When this happens signs and symptoms of aging begin to show Hyde said. Healthy magnesium levels support nearly every aspect of human health throughout the life cycle but those having the most impact on age-related May 2017 Working With Manufacturers The delivery method is also a critical part of the product equation said Hyde adding that with more than 150 patents Albion is continuously working on new concepts and researching ways to improve mineral delivery systems. Particularly when working with manufacturers developing supplements for older individuals he added it is important for suppliers to offer ingredients that are highly bioavailable and can work in a range of applications and formats that may include liquids gummies and chews. Albion Minerals provide a range of options not only for supplements but also functional and fortified foods and beverages as many consumers seek the nutrition they need from these food sources. Innovation With Ingredients The aging process can be defined as a decline or loss of normal physiological function because of accumulation of oxidative damage in cells and tissues with advancing age said Seward. For example young cells are protected from free radicals by balanced activity of the mitochondria and efficient antioxidant defenses. However the efficiency of the body s own antioxidant defense system reduces as we age. The elevated levels of free radical and other reactive species (ROS) lead to oxidative damage of cellular components. Our body accumulates the oxidative damage as we age and we become more susceptible to certain health conditions. An ingredient that is attracting a lot of interest in the healthy aging category is the antioxidant astaxanthin Seward added. This natural antioxidant belongs to a family of organic pigments called carotenoids. Major natural sources for astaxanthin include salmonids plankton krill shrimp various yeasts and microalgae. The microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis produces the highest amount of natural astaxanthin in nature (10 000 to 30 000 mg kg). Astaxanthin can also be synthesized chemically by using petrochemicals. However studies have shown that natural astaxanthin is 50 times stronger than the synthetic one in singlet oxygen quenching. Trias pointed out that although antioxidants such as carotenoids some vitamins and polyphenols are viewed as long-standing staples of a dietary or supplemental approach to healthy aging there continues to be innovation in this category. Vitamin E for example is thought of as a very traditional antioxidant but most consumers are unaware of vitamin E s non-traditional counterpart--tocotrienols she said. Through the scientific innovation behind tocotrienols vitamin E is experiencing a renaissance and mounting clinical evidence is especially applicable to concerns associated with aging. For tocotrienols this includes maintaining lipid levels within the normal range and balancing wellknown markers that accompany chronic inflammation in aging. Advances in Alzheimer s disease research and a clinical study on osteopenia are also underway the latter with promising potential application for the aging bone. For American River Nutrition s patented and branded ingredient novelty is inherent with DeltaGold Tocotrienol being the only tocopherolfree tocotrienol product available on the market and uniquely positioned to provide optimum function Trias added. Suppliers also acknowledge the happiness factor for aging well. According Nutrition Industry Executive 33 to Deanne Dolnick science director with Georgia-based TR Nutritionals Healthy aging is all about a balanced diet exercising on a regular basis and getting plenty of sleep. I believe that happiness contentment plays a huge role in how we age. So if any on the previous list are lacking supplements can be a big help. The best supplements to take at any point in the life cycle are those that provide essential vitamins and minerals Dolnick continued. There are certainly countless other supplements that can be taken for healthy aging. To support joint health there s turmeric glucosamine and chondroitin. There are many antioxidants available. Still very much in demand to support heart health are CoQ10 and resveratrol she added. The endproducts must have the correct dosages of everything and of course there s no way for the consumer to know if the product has high-quality ingredients. Dolnick said quality is the responsibility of the marketer manufacturer and contract manufacturer. I have spoken to countless companies who rely solely on their contract manufacturers to purchase their raw materials. And then the contract manufacturer buys based on price. This is not the way to make a superior product. According to Jeff Lind vice president of sales and marketing with New Jersey-based Natreon Inc. Currently the most innovative ingredients are those that have positive effect on the mitochondria and those that aid the body in the upregulation of its own genes which effectively aid the body in synthesizing the necessary components for healthy aging. Natreon s PrimaVie increases mitochondrial energy and upregulates the genes responsible for collagen synthesis. Another ingredient targeting mitochondria is Chromadex s Niagen. Avocado is another innovative ingredient in the anti-aging market right now said Steve Siegel vice president of Ecuadorian Rainforest in New Jersey. The company supplies avocado powder avocado 4 1 powdered 34 Nutrition Industry Executive extract and avocado pit powder. For one avocado has a lot of nutrients including vitamin E which may support healthy skin and may even strengthen it. The flesh of avocado makes it great for topical applications as well. Avocados contain healthy fats called oleic acid an omega-9 fatty acid which has been known to support healthy skin cells and reduce irritation and redness. K for Aging Eric Anderson senior vice president of global sales and marketing with NattoPharma in New Jersey said the evidence continues to mount over the importance of adequate vitamin K2 intake--especially for aging. This is a novel ingredient for the category not just because it works in concert with other healthy aging nutrients such as vitamin D3 and omega-3s but because it is necessary for the proper utilization of calcium a mineral that can present possible cardiovascular risks if too heavily consumed he noted. Anderson added that there are Kdependent proteins in the body that help the body properly utilize calcium osteocalcin and matrix Gla protein (MGP). When activated the former binds calcium to the bone mineral matrix. The former when activated inhibits calcium from depositing in arteries blood vessels and soft tissues contributing to cardiovascular health. But in order to be activated the body needs adequate vitamin K2 he said. Even healthy eaters do not consume enough K2 to activate these proteins Anderson pointed out. So as we age the inactivity of these proteins results in brittle weak bones and calcified hardened arteries. MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7 is innovative because it has a lengthy portfolio of research showing its ability to increase viable MGP and osteocalcin. And it has novel research demonstrating the actual bone and heart benefits of higher levels of those working proteins. In addition avocado benefits the skin however it comes from the pit. Avocado pit is the main source of the fruit s antioxidants usually containing up to 60 percent of the entire fruit s content of the nutrient Siegel explained. Antioxidants work by combating free radicals which can cause damage to healthy cells and can age the skin. As for aging and maintaining healthy weight in October of 2016 PLT Health Solutions in New Jersey introduced an innovative weight-management ingredient SLIMVANCE Core Slimming Complex. The ingredient is a patented synergistic formulation of three well-known spices--Curcuma longa Moringa oleifera and Murray koenigii. The combination resulted from screening hundreds of botanicals to develop synergistic performance supporting weight loss said Dr. Barbara A. Davis vice president of medical and scientific affairs with the company. The ingredient is supplied as a freeflowing powder that can be delivered in supplements and beverages. Telomeres The shortening of telomeres is a natural process that occurs with DNA replication. Telomere length is associated with cellular aging cancer and an elevated risk of developing age-related disease and vice versa. However research has shown that some natural ingredients or compounds are capable of slowing the rate of telomere shortening and hence promote anti-aging. Brian See with New Jersey-based ExcelVite said the company s non-GMO (genetically modified organism) bioenhanced natural full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex (EVNol SupraBio) said the ingredient has been shown to enhance telomere protection. In promoting healthy aging and longevity to a globally aging population non-GMO May 2017 Go to natreon for info about this advertiser palm tocotrienol complex has been shown to provide benefits through telomere protection in addition to existing research that shows it promotes heart vascular and skin health. These health aspects are all relevant to aging consumers. Trends in Healthy Aging The idea of healthy aging is strong especially among a younger crowd. S bastien Bornet vice president of global sales and marketing with Horphag Research with U.S. offices in New Jersey said he s seen more young consumers interested in the concept of healthy aging as they look to maintain their health for the future. Consumers are continuing to educate themselves on the benefits of natural ingredients and now one in five adults in the U.S. regularly take herbal sup- plements. As more people become aware of the benefits of herbal supplements for healthy aging we see the industry poised for expanded growth. Horphag Research s flagship ingredient Pycnogenol is shown to benefit a number of health conditions directly related to healthy aging for skin care heart health and circulation eye health sports and endurance and cognitive function making it a versatile healthy aging ingredient. Bornet added that there has been extended interest in natural ingredients for longevity and healthy aging throughout recent years. Consumers are doing more research than ever on products and ingredients before purchasing and they re interested in natural ingredients backed by science to improve their health concerns. Another top trend according to See are products with multiple active ingredients instead of one-size-fit-all approach to address conditions related to aging. For example See pointed out dietary supplement companies are formulating multivitamin with Vitamin E Complete or standalone Vitamin E Complete that consists of all eight isoforms of the vitamin E family (alpha beta gamma and delta) tocotrienol and tocopherol for healthy cognitive function and antioxidant activity for health-aging. Duel functioning ingredients that can be used both in topical and nutritional products are ideal as well providing strong single ingredient recognition by consumers said Rod Benjamin director of research development and technical support with Bergstrom Nutrition in Washington. Plus you get the benefit of topical products providing faster results coupled with longer lasting results obtained nutritionally from a beauty from within product he added. Nutrition s OptiMSM is recognized for reducing fine lines and wrinkles when used topically and when taken as an oral supplement. Tackling Aging From Within Tim Hammond vice president of sales and marketing with Bergstrom Nutrition said the desire to support skin not only topically but by improving underlying aspects of skin health is on the rise. Anecdotal evidence of MSM s benefits for skin have existed for years but recent research has provided the objective evidence of its benefits. The research showed that taking MSM decreased wrinkles in 100 percent of participants for an average of a 38 percent reduction. The beauty from within market in the U.S. while growing offers the ingredient producer and consumer product manufacturer some tough hurdles added Davis. The total market is relatively small in size relative to sports nutrition for example and therefore product development and commercialization might be a less attractive target. It is dominated by only a handful of ingredients that have been around for years and lacks innovation that sparks the imagination Davis pointed out. At the same time beauty from within competes with a formidable opponent--beauty from without (topical) she noted. While the cosmetic industry is getting better about claims they don t face the same sort of scrutiny that supplement companies do. That said there is a huge market demand for what beauty from within products can do for people Davis said. And it represents a convenient delivery system for results. What the supplement industry needs to focus on May 2017 36 Nutrition Industry Executive are the same things we do already innovative ingredients and delivery systems offer high-quality research and strong credible claims that build transparency and trust with the consumer and educate people to our way of doing business. PLT Health Solutions markets two ingredients into the beauty from within space Ceratiq Phytoceramides and Collactive Collagen Complex. Ceratiq Phytoceramides offer a wide range of benefits that are associated with hydrated skin including improved overall skin health elasticity suppleness less dryness in winter and youthful appearance Davis explained. A natural vegan source of ceramides--a class of lipids known as the skin s natural sealant. Collactive Collagen Complex is a 100 percent marinebased all-natural ingredient composed of collagen and elastin peptides formulated in the same ratio found naturally in human skin. Collactive combines the two main constituents of the skin s extracellular matrix and has an anti-wrinkle synergic action elastin fibers give the dermis suppleness that complements collagen fibers tensile strength. Natreon s Lind also points to collagen as an important component of the beauty from within category. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin. It makes up 75 percent of your skin. This is also your fountain of youth responsible for warding off wrinkles and fine lines. Over time environmental factors and aging diminish your body s ability to produce collagen. Elastin is found together with collagen and is responsible for giving structure to your skin and organs. As with collagen elastin is affected by time and the elements. Diminished levels of this protein cause your skin to wrinkle and sag. Natreon s PrimaVie upregulates the genes in skeletal muscle coding for the synthesis of collagen elastin and other extracellular matrix proteins Lind said. about the specific benefits safety and actions. Like other top suppliers Seward said Algalif provides detailed information about testing methods used in order to help validate the safety and quality of its ingredients and reveal information about the sustainability efforts they employ to help reinforce their commitment to health and the environment. Smart suppliers of healthy-aging ingredients also consider the importance of working with manufacturers to educate not only older adults but also Millennials and the younger population about the long-term effects and the importance of nutrition at every age Seward said. Positive Mindset It s really a misnomer to call the category anti-aging said Lind. We need to move away from the concept of anti-aging toward the concept of healthy aging and increasing healthspan as opposed to life-span. This market is booming. So much so that Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) has begun tracking sales and innovations in this category and NBJ has now given Aging its own category in their Condition Specific report. In some ways though having its own category is misleading as so many of the other categories (joint health brain health sleep etc.) are experiencing growth due to the consumers recognizing that these are some of the issues they face merely as a result of aging. NIE Extra Extra Visit to read what research on healthy aging James Hyde vice president Balchem Human Nutrition & Pharma in Utah said is of interest to suppliers and manufacturers. FORMOREINFORMATION Answering Consumer Needs Manufacturers and consumers alike are doing their research and demanding transparency regarding the specific sources and production methods of ingredients Seward said. Suppliers of raw materials and ingredients that support healthy aging must also provide solid research and scientific evidence May 2017 Algalif 47 21 95 12 00 American River Nutrition (413) 253-3449 Balchem Albion (845) 326-5600 Bergstrom Nutrition (360) 693-1883 Ecuadorian Rainforest (973) 759-2002 ExcelVite (732) 906-1901 Horphag Research (201) 459-0300 Natreon (732) 296-1080 Natto Pharma (609) 454-2992 PLT Health Solutions (973) 984-0900 TR Nutritionals (404) 935-5761 Nutrition Industry Executive 37 Pet parents are seeking the same quality targeted supplements for their four-legged family members as they take themselves. This market is only getting more opportunistic. By Lisa Schofield F or millennia humans have enjoyed the company and caretaking of domestic pets. Their loyalty their comfort their playfulness are all aspects that increase overall quality of life. And when we love someone or some pet well we always want to ensure they have the very best. The concept of doggie or cat vitamins not too long ago was one that was met with raised eyebrows really the food and treats they would get was enough right Well no. Especially when one knew what was contained in that store-bought food canines and felines had no choice but to ingest. However as dietary supplements have become part of conventional consumers daily routines to improve their own health it s a natural progression to apply that practice to their pets according to Shaheen Majeed marketing director of 38 Nutrition Industry Executive New Jersey-based Sabinsa. For example he offered as digestive health has become a prominent issue probiotics and enzymes for pets have also gained interest. Same thing with curcumin for joint health. So we re seeing product trends in the pet market follow just behind that of humans. Vet care is one of the biggest expenses so just as with human health people look to supplements to maintain health and reduce the need for visits to the doctor. There are some very compelling numbers to support Majeed s commentary. Overall in 2017 Americans have approximately 312 million pets. People spend more than 1 500 a year on their dogs and 1 200 on their cats. Kathleen Paffendorf sales executive Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. New Jersey pointed out that the American Pet Products Association expects the total spending on our pets to reach approximately 69 billion for 2017 a rise of approximately 2.6 billion over 2016. Dogs still make up the largest percentage of pet ownership at 60.2 million households compared to cats at 47.1 [million] households she cited. Within the overall booming pet care market the pet supplement sector pointed out Jennifer Buchanan-Hilliard new business development manager Chemi Nutra Texas is a much smaller but highly competitive segment of the 62 billion pet industry that will continue to see growth in the coming years. Industry outlets expect a CAGR of 5 percent over the next few years for pet supplements. Fur Babies According to Packaged Facts a division of sales of pet May 2017 plements are expected to increase from 541 million in 2014 to exceed 697 million in 2019 pointed out Karen Hecht PhD technical marketing specialist New Jersey-based AstaReal USA Inc. Hecht sees the growth and opportunities in pet supplements stemming from how people perceive their pets and why they feel their pets need these products. Back in 2000 a survey noted that 83 percent of pet owners referred to their dogs or cats their babies. In tandem empty nesters and baby boomer retirees often seek companion animals that they love to spoil and treat as family said Hecht. Their pets are getting older as they too are aging and they recognize that senior animals experience very similar health issues--cardiovascular skin vision cognitive and muscle joint--like many of them are currently experiencing. In fact a survey by Packaged Facts in 2015 revealed that almost half of all pet owners were buying age-related food and nutrition products for their pets. Additionally both Hecht and Buchanan-Hilliard noted people are also seeking products for their pets that address their common concerns and desires such as non-GMO (genetically modified organism) soy- and gluten free organic and vegan she noted. Responsive pet supplement marketers are launching new products with humangrade ingredients that address these desires and the field has a lot of room for new or improved entrants. In addition to the manner in how Americans now view their pets as almosthuman family members there are two other major factors driving growth of the pet supplement category observed Derek Archambault director of marketing--pet and retail for Vermont-based FoodScience Corporation. As with humans pets are living longer and as Dr. Hecht pointed out they are developing more age-related problems. Second veterinary costs are rising leading people to seek alternatives. Beyond the if it s great for me it s great for my dog-kids and cat-babies mindset Buchanan-Hilliard observed that another factor is contributing to the new landscape of pet supplements is increased manufacturing sophistication. Manufacturing capabilities and diverse product offerings have led to a wide range of delivery systems and products we don t have to give our pets a pill we now have chews gravies toppers and water enhancers to deliver additional nutrients. Jamie Deloske sales operations manMay 2017 ager for American Laboratories Inc. in Nebraska sees more stringent regulations playing a key role in the growth of the pet supplement market. These regulations promote more R&D on the manufacturing level helping to bring more new products to market while ensuring all products (new and existing) prove beneficial and use quality raw materials she said. All these factors become very relevant when the economy improves and according to Debora Nelson QA QC manager Pet Flavors Inc. Florida the economy has improved which means pet owners have more money to spend on their pets. Much of the demand for human-grade quality may be the elevation of the family pet to family member but there was a key trigger that also encouraged the growth. According to Steve Peirce president of Missouri-based RIBUS Inc. the quality of pet supplements has evolved considerably since the 2007 melamine contamination of pet food and treats from China. This event caused consumers buying decisions for their pets to become closely aligned with decisions of what they would choose for themselves he commented. Yet there was an event back in 2001 that Patrick Luchsinger marketing manager Nutrition Ingredion Incorporated Illinois believes is a critical point in the evolution of pet supplements. In that year manufacturers and suppliers of nutritional supplements for companion animals and wildlife formed the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) a self-policing body that works closely with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-CVM (Center for Veterinary Medicine) and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) to establish regulatory guidelines that are fair reasonable responsible and nationally consistent and serve the best interests of animals. The cornerstone of the NASC is CompliancePlus a program that provides a framework for product quality assurance and labeling guidelines as well as a system for supplement-associated adverse event reporting. This has provided guidance for the industry to segment to grow and develop he said. Segments of interest--and therefore growth opportunities--are conditionspecific supplements which BuchananHilliard said is the fastest-growing segment. Pet owners are customizing their supplement routine based on the age and health concern of the animal. While joint supplements account for the largest segment of pet supplements you have options that target skin and coat stress dental hygiene digestion liver and kidney support and cognition products just to name a few she stated. Another segment of interest is pet obesity weight management she noted. Pet (mostly dog) obesity has been on the rise in the U.S. thereby accelerating potential for growth in this category. Paffendorf agreed adding As a growing number of pets are experiencing weight control issues and we see the continual reporting of steadily rising incidents of diabetes more significantly in felines we find that products that safely provide a solution are of primary importance to many pet owners thus giving more focus on these products by the pet food treat manufacturers. Pharmachem pet-supplement customers said Paffendorf are increasingly seeking formulas for weight management inflammation control and more recently natural and organic options specifically its whole foods fermented organic daily vitamins ingredients. In general stated Deloske the pet supplement market has evolved from supplements with no proven benefit serving much like a treat to a market focused on improving the number of healthy pets and tailoring to their specific needs. Pet supplement manufacturers are beginning to see each ingredient as a beneficial source of nutrients from the enzymes and fillers all the way to the palatants that are being used. Ingredient Options Ingredion manufactures and provides Nutrition Industry Executive 39 FORTIFEED prebiotic fiber for digestive support. Luchsinger explained that FORTIFEED is a short-chain fructooligosaccharide (scFOS) prebiotic fibers that selectively stimulates the growth and or activity of beneficial microflora in the intestines of monogastric animals. FORTIFEED prebiotic fiber is preferentially fermented in the gut by Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli which produce short chain fatty acids. This helps change the microflora composition in the gut with the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria and inhibiting pathogenic growth activity. This in turn encourages healthy digestive function supports a strong immune system and helps reduce bad odors in the stool of the animal. FORTIFEED scFOS is one of the most effective prebiotic fibers for companion animals and only a small dose is required he said. Chemi Nutra offers ingredients for canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) stress agility and a new ingredient called Mediator PA (phosphatidic acid) for healthy aging and muscle growth. SerinAid PS (Phosphatidylserine) has research for cognition benefitting companion animals as well as humans noted Buchanan-Hilliard. Another ingredient is AlphaSize A-GPC that is also used for improving cognition and physical fitness in pets Chemi Nutra filed a full GRAS (generally recognized as safe) dossier for AlphaSize A-GPC and will soon have a USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) monograph. A strong introduction of what PS has been shown to do in companion animals has been demonstrated by Osella in the article Phosphatidylserine (PS) as a potential nutraceutical for canine brain aging A review she said. American Laboratories Inc. is a manufacturer supplier of enzymes proteins and palatants for both human and animal nutrition. Similarly Pet Flavors is on the palatability side of pet supplements Nelson described. Pet Flavors provides natural powdered flavor bases that are used to enhance the flavor of a supplement or mask an ingredient that may taste bitter or have an offensive aroma to the animal. We ensure that our flavor bases will not react with an active ingredient she emphasized. We have stability studies that have been continuously ongoing for 25 years. Our data verifies that our flavor bases are stable for five years. Our palatability studies show that our flavor bases have a palatability range of 90.0 to 99.9 percent. Pharmachem s Phase 2 Carb Controller standardized white kidney bean extract is its most extensively clinically studied human weight loss supplement and in 2004 it was used in a canine study for weight management with 15 (86 percent) of the 17 dogs in the study losing significant weight (Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association vol. 23 no.2). It is currently being used in pet supplements as Phase2Pet carb controller. The authors of the study explained The basis for the study was the use of starch carbohydrate ingredients in dog and pet foods and the feeding of table scraps which often consist of starch based products. Since the canine digestive tract is designed to digest and assimilate mostly protein the addition of a significant percentage of starch carbohydrates into the diet will be stored as fat often in the abdominal area. This increase in weight is one of the major causes of the sudden rise of diabetes heart disease muscular skeletal problems and cancers in the canine population...This study [was] the first to look at the use of starch blockers in animals in a clinical setting. Paffendorf added that Phase2Pet can be extruded into pet kibble flavored and sprinkled onto pet food for ease of delivery or can be incorporated into a pet chew or treat. Sabinsa s VetVitals line includes LactoSpore VG Shelf-stable probiotic of Bacillus coagulans that produces L( ) lactic acid to support GI (gastrointestinal) microflora balance and immunomodulation BoswellinVG to support against severity of joint inflammation VetPerine which contains 95 percent piperine used as a potential bioavailability enhancer VetZyme Sabinsa s proprietary enzyme blend assists proper digestion and better absorption of food and Curcuminoids VG a unique composition of three curcuminoids mainly curcumin Bisdemethoxy curcumin and demethoxycurcumin said Majeed. Curcuminoids are well recognized to have antioxidant anti-inflammatory immunomodulatory and wound-healing potential. FoodScience Corporation produces a May 2017 40 Nutrition Industry Executive wide range of evidence-based nutraceuticals using ingredients with research behind them. For example stated Archambault one of our core products GlycoFlex 3 has been clinically proven to increase hind leg strength by up to 41 percent and is supported by the Washington State University Study titled The effects of GlycoFlex 3 on stable stifle osteoarthritis model in dogs. We just completed a clinical study on our Composure product which demonstrates that the product s effect works within 30 minutes and lasts up to four hours. For the pet supplement market FoodScience also offers Perna Canaliculus and dimethylglycine (DMG). Through partnerships with several other suppliers FoodScience provides phytosome forms of curcumin boswellia extract called Curcuvet and Casperome and a low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid called HyaMax. AstaReal Astaxanthin is a powerful natural biological antioxidant. It is closely related to other carotenoids such as beta-carotene zeaxanthin and lutein. The molecule contains the longest conjugated double-bonded polyene chain of any related xanthophylls with both hydroxyl and keto groups on each ionone ring. This configuration is unique to astaxanthin and is responsible for its superior antioxidant activity in quenching singlet oxygen free radical scavenging and lipid-peroxidation. Studies have shown that astaxanthin enhances immune response in dogs and stimulates cell-mediated and humoral immune responses in cats. Another study showed that astaxanthin modulated age-associated mitochondrial dysfunction in healthy canines. RIBUS produces clean label excipients using grain for functionality and not filler asserted Peirce. Until recently pet food companies used lamb and rice or grains to bulk up the food but they are moving away from grain due to pet parent concerns (ie grain-free ). RIBUS can replace monoglycerides with rice bran extract (Nu-RICE) silicon dioxide with rice hulls (Nu-FLOW) and magnesium stearate with rice extract blend (NuMAG). Consumers now want a clean label true and easily identifiable ingredients where the source is both recognizable and able to be pronounced and trans- parency as to what is in the finished product Peirce observed. We believe we will see a substantial change toward healthier products in the entire pet food and treat sector in the immediate future. After all summarized BuchananHilliard All of us pet owners want nothing more than a long and healthy life for our pets and providing the right nutrition and supplementation can help. NIE Extra Extra Visit to learn about the 2018 Global Pet Expo. FORMOREINFORMATION American Laboratories Inc. (402) 858.2612 AstaReal USA Chemi Nutra (512) 993-3959 FoodScience Corporation (802) 872-2101 Ingredion (866) 961-6285 Pet Flavors (321) 821-4863 Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. RIBUS Inc. (314) 727-4287 Sabinsa (732) 777-1111 Go to americanlaboratories for info about this advertiser May 2017 Nutrition Industry Executive 41 Research&Development Single-minded Formulations Consumers still seem to prefer supplements that target a particular condition. By Lisa Schofield ngredients keep gaining sophistication many suppliers heavily reinvest in research to ensure their ingredients remain viable fresh and attractive for use in consumer health products. You may consider launching any number of stand-alone ingredients just by themselves but remember that when doing so your sales success must be hinged on as many consumers as possible understanding the link between the ingredient and its health benefits. Currently not many ingredients have that mass mindset--vitamin C for immunity and fish oils for the heart--are two primary examples. There is nothing wrong with launching a branded single ingredient--but if it is not recognized as condition specific you may be losing out and ultimately wasting money. Hame K. Persaud executive vice president of Florida-based HP Ingredients elaborated A savvy consumer may 42 Nutrition Industry Executive I take a single-ingredient product that may be helpful if one is concerned about getting the clinical dosage amount such as say 1 200 mg of fish oil which cannot really be mixed with other ingredients because the soft gel would be simply too huge. Nevertheless a condition-specific formula for heart health may be more expedient and efficient when all scientifically validated ingredients are in one delivery form (tablet capsule or stick pack). Scott Ravech CEO of Georgia-based Deerland Enzymes said he continues to see customers seek more robust condition-specific product formulations. Deerland s customers seek to formulate supplements that include enzymes and or probiotics as well as other complementary ingredients that will support a specific health condition. Digestive health is a good example a digestive support formula can include enzymes probiotics prebiotics and several digestion-specific botanicals (such as ginger) vitamins and minerals. These types of product formulations are ideal he said freeing the consumer from having to take several different single-ingredient supplements as part of their daily regimen. He added that a brand marketer s product line should be designed for a variety of people of different ages health aspirations eating habits and dietary restrictions. While a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme formula will appeal to the masses he offered as an example the brand marketer may want to consider a formula geared toward those with food intolerances such as dairy or gluten sensitivity. Or they may want to offer a product with systemic benefits such as cardiovascular or inflammatory support. The concept of personalized nutrition analyzing a person s DNA to create an individual food plan is likely to spill over into a personalized supplementation approach he commented. May 2017 Challenges in Formulation This is certainly not to say that a singleingredient product is irrelevant. According to Shaheen Majeed marketing director for Sabinsa in New Jersey when there is strong clinical documentation this makes a case for going for a single ingredient to target a particular health condition. (Think CoQ10 and heart health. ) In other cases he countered it is important to consider more broad health indices to improve body function and quality of life. A good example is weight management formulations. Designing an effective formulation for weight management an approach can be a) improving metabolism of fat in the body and or b) managing the appetite. However he cautioned an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach is not acceptable especially with regulatory and increased consumer scrutiny. When looking to combine the multiple ingredients that target a condition or system it is of prime importance to understand compatibility do they indeed play nice together or do they repulse each other Other considerations that must be addressed are delivery system requirements and specific dosage--dosage needs to reflect what was shown in the research to induce the target activity goal. Just throwing ingredients together without understanding their interaction is not something we would ever encourage Majeed said. At the very least a formulator should look at traditional usage because many formulas can be traced to recipes used by practitioners for hundreds or even thousands of years in ancient health care systems. Here s an example using Sabinsa ingredients. Several clinical studies have shown that ForsLean a patented extract of Coleus forskohlii root standardized to Forskohlin 10 percent can help in management of healthy lean body mass by improving metabolism of fat in the body. Citrin Sabinsa s proprietary Garcinia combogia has been studied for reducing appetite or improving satiety. Sabinsa s LeanGard contains ForsLean Garcitrin and Bioperine three patented and clinically studied ingredients. Of note Majeed said the dosages of ForsLean and Garcitrin were kept in their therapeutic ranges and BioPerine is included to improve bioavailability. When formulating a multi-component supplement blend challenges may be presented along the way in terms of fitMay 2017 ting an efficacious dose of all the ingredients into a predefined amount of space (the capsule). Brand marketers should take care not to formulate a product that contains so many ingredients that none are present in an efficacious dose. Persaud noted that Some ingredients that are clinically studied or proven to work well on their own for instance some B vitamins for energy can actually have an opposite effect when combined with other ingredients. The only way really to know is to test the finished product for overall short term and longterm effect. An understanding of the mechanisms of action of each ingredient is paramount so that they do not cancel each other out. There are other priorities when considering launching condition-specific formulas one of which said Ravech is that consumers do not want to have to take many pills per day to achieve the effect promised by the label. He also advised to scrutinize the market for newer opportunities rather than those areas that are already rather saturated. One market he pointed to that has opportunities is support for specific food sensitivities consumers are becoming more aware that a certain reaction after eating a certain food may indeed signify that their bodies are sensitive to the food. For example he clarified many of our customers have begun to focus on developing products for those with gluten sensitivity many of whom experience symptoms that manifest in multiple ways. An enzyme-based supplement taken with meals can assist the body in breaking down the gluten proteins that can cause immune responses. (The company offers Glutalytic for gluten and Dairylytic for lactose. Deerland Enzymes focuses on working with its customers at the early concept phase of product development to ensure a thorough understanding of the benefits they seek to deliver to their consumers. Its no-cost service YourBlend Formulator tool is a custom enzyme and probiotic supplement builder tool that brand marketers can use to start building a condition-specific product that meets their specific formulation needs. YourBlend allows you to design your own enzyme and probiotic products in the form of bulk powder bulk capsules or finished bottled product Ravech described. Choose a basic formula type and target audience or condition then select from dozens of enzyme prebiotic probiotic botanical and vitamin ingredients to fine-tune the supplement blend. There is much to research and Majeed cited the urgency of understanding the role of every ingredient desired to create a blend that will achieve a particular health function support goal. This includes researching available literature scientific data including stability in the format chosen and available safety and clinical data on the ingredient. It is important to review and understand clinical benefits of the particular extract and not extrapolate the clinical results of a branded extract to available generic form because that is often misleading he emphasized. Persaud agreed adding that HP Ingredients proprietary materials work well with other synergistic ingredients. Examples he provides are Bergamonte bergamot polyphenolic fraction (an extract of bergamot citrus) which works very well with vitamin K2 as MenaQ7 with vitamin K2 for arterial heart health and support and our ParActin again with vitamin K2 for bone health as well as joint and muscle health. Bergamonte also works well with krill or other fish oils. LJ100 Tongkat ali works well with other adaptogens such as KSM 66 Ashwagandha. But reminded Persaud at least in HP (Continued on page 53) Nutrition Industry Executive 43 MarketingInnovation By Todd Pauli The Shelton Group ne of the questions many of us ask ourselves and particularly me as I write this article is Who is really going to read this With a vast amount of information coming at us every hour of every day the chance of gaining readership is more difficult than ever. Thankfully you don t have to reach the whole world or even the whole nutrition industry with the brand information you publish. The audience that really matters from a sales and marketing perspective are the readers that will research your product or service at some point. Developing a strategy for reaching this specific audience will save your marketing team from becoming overwhelmed while helping you cut through vast amounts of information to reach the right customers. If you ve been involved in building or maintaining company websites for the last several years you might remember the era of the news feed. Somewhere shortly after the millennium just as bandwidth grew enough to support more robust content structures the idea of the information portal was hatched. In those relatively early days of O marketing content brands would publish industry news to their homepage hoping to build visitors who relied on the newsfeed to keep up on the larger industry or even the world. There were services that syndicated industry-specific news stories to make the job of publishing the news easier. The strategy made sense to some degree because in the days before social media and robust industry-specific online news sources a brand had as much of a chance as anyone to attract readers. Today things are different. News outlets especially in the nutrition industry have online channels providing in-depth real-time updates across a myriad of digital platforms. And the idea of a product website being the place readers would go to search for timely information on any topic Well Google has won that game. But despite the evolution of trusted information sources brands are publishing more content than ever. Consumers expect companies to make information available about the company s business practices products and even current customers experience with the product in the form of online reviews and case studies. While the abundance of marketing information continues to grow there has been a change in who controls the information. In the old days of the news feed companies aggregated industry news stories because they knew it had the power to grant access to potential customers. Those days have passed. When customers search for information about a brand today they choose the source of their information and the brand s website is just one option. Social media industry news sources and review sites like Yelp are all popular destinations for brand and product-related information. All of these alternative sources of brand information have one thing in common the brand itself doesn t control the story. Luckily for nutrition brands selling great products and conducting business the right way they have tremendous influence over how their own story is told by positively impacting their customers and the larger industry. A good customer experience is paramount when consumers have such a powerful voice to communicate about a brand. May 2017 44 Nutrition Industry Executive No one denies the value of good information and we don t see the content marketing trend slowing anytime soon. This means the key to competing in an environment rich with information is to focus on the quality of the content instead of the quantity and frankly that s hard work. Avoid Overloading Your Team Whether you handle your company s marketing in-house or work with an agency everyone knows the pressure of looming deadlines day-after-day week-after-week and monthafter-month to get out the next newsletter post daily to social media or meet the next whitepaper deadline. When you see the amount of information generated monthly by a brand it s easy to see how quality can fall off in the face of trying to get materials produced each month. Once the quality goes away customer engagement diminishes and then you have to ask yourself Why are we producing this stuff anyway Following a strategic plan for brand content will ensure you aren t producing information for information s sake. This saves your readers and your marketing team from experiencing information overload. Publishing information that drives customer engagement starts with the basics. It should be easy to identify the unique research that backs your products or the quality processes that sets your company apart. This is your foundational information stories that build your first layer of marketing content. Potential customers want to know your story and this information will be the most valuable in making buying decisions. The sales team will use this information as they build relationships with customers and the marketing team can draw from these stories to produce unique digital content for a lead generation strategy. Once the foundational information is in place the next set of information to produce is your lead generation content. These pieces serve as the introduction to your company. As you add prospects to your email list they will experience an initial content campaign about your company through a series of emails that tell the brand story (your foundational content repurposed). Next think of the questions a buyer may have for all suppliers of your product and address those questions in an objective way. Are there industry-wide testing standards that buyers should be aware of If there are objectively educate the buyers on those standards. There s no need to turn this type of information into a hard sell. In fact if you turn this early contact with a potential buyer in a blatant sell sheet he or she is likely to tune it out. The lead generation content you produce should be evergreen. Every new prospect May 2017 that joins your mailing list will experience your lead generation campaign for the first time so in that respect it can be built once and used over and over. This approach engages potential customers by giving them the information they need to make informed decisions without burdening your marketing team with producing the same content twice. Once your brand s foundational and lead generation content is in place your team will be free to concentrate on more timely information like the company newsletter and other engagement pieces that may be part of your promotional marketing plan. Following a strategic plan for brand content will ensure you aren t producing information for information s sake. This saves your readers and your marketing team from experiencing information overload. The Right Information at the Right Time When thinking about producing brand content it s important to remember that consumers control the search for product information. There is so much information available that potential customers will likely miss a lot of your content if they re not actively researching a purchase of your product. The good news is that effective content sticks around and it can even help you rank higher in search results over time so when your customers are ready you re likely to be on their radar. Blogs and client case studies are good examples of online information that directly addresses your area of expertise. They persist on your site and contain the key words that will help your brand rank in search results. More importantly when a prospective customer is actively searching for your product case studies and blog posts that contain information to help with their purchase decision will be a valuable part of their research. Other people s experiences with your company and products carry far more weight than what you say about yourself. Striving to become a clear helpful voice for customers engaged in the product research process is the best way to get your brand noticed when someone is ready to engage with content about your products. Timing is important. Since sales research most often starts with a simple Google search instead of calling a company sales rep having the content available and ranking highly for the right key words is essential. Also the tone of the information must be rooted in education instead of sales. Have enough confidence in your product to give readers all the information they need to make an objective decision. Your goal is to be a primary source of information as they make their decision instead of someone repeatedly telling them which decision to make. Establishing yourself as a leader in your product niche or area of expertise also goes hand-in-hand with a good PR strategy. As you become involved in trade press coverage and establish your brand as an industry leader readers will gain more trust in the information you publish. While there might be more nutrition industry information available than any one person could ever consume the key is to stay in your lane and concentrate on your area of expertise. Start with the foundational information about your brand and then expand to topics that a potential buyer would likely be interested in as they consider a purchase within your brand s niche. Staying focused and strategic about the information you publish will not only establish your brand as a trusted source of product knowledge for customers but it will also save your marketing team from becoming overwhelmed by the burden of producing endless amounts of content. NIE The Shelton Group is a boutique public relations and marketing agency working exclusively in the dietary supplements and natural products industry since 1990. Todd Pauli works with clients to develop comprehensive marketing strategies that integrate social media advertising and content marketing. Prior to joining The Shelton Group Pauli led marketing communications efforts for several well-known businesses including NOW Foods one of the largest supplement manufacturers in the natural channel. Contact him at Todd Nutrition Industry Executive 45 FunctionalFoods The Plant Protein Rise By Satya Jonnalagadda PhD MBA RD P rotein remains a significant opportunity for the food and beverage industry and as the market continues to evolve interest in plant proteins grows. For example Mordor intelligence reports the global plant protein market to be 14 billion (U.S.) by 2022 while a recent study conducted by Packaged Facts (2016) found that half of Americans now believe plants are the best source of protein. Why do we see an increase in plant protein Many reasons factor in including shifting consumer behaviors toward nutrition and their overall health and wellness a rise in allergies and intolerances ethics and environmental sustainability as well as food safety concerns. While market growth and demand is trending manufacturers are becoming increasingly interested in sourcing plant protein ingredients to help them create 46 Nutrition Industry Executive innovative products. It is important for product developers to understand that consumer knowledge of nutrition and good protein sources is on the rise while taste remains the No. 1 purchase motivator. But creating products that meet expectations come with inherent formulation challenges including Nutrition How can we find a quality plant-based protein that provides a more complete amino acid profile Taste It s difficult to find a plant protein with pleasant taste profiles as they are often known for their poor flavor texture and palatability. As manufacturers look for ways to appeal to consumers they should not only leverage insights into the marketplace but also understand taste and nutrition. Having an expert understanding of how plant protein sources can impact product formulation nutritional values and tastes profiles is essential to innovation. Consumer Lead Growth As mentioned there is clear market opportunity for developing foods and beverages with plant proteins. At Kerry our primary research has found multiple consumer drivers contributing to plant protein market growth including 1. An Increased Health & Wellness Awareness Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle are the top reasons for consuming protein products. Consumers also understand the multiple benefits of protein from building muscle mass to supporting weight management. Further consumers believe these benefits are not just restricted to animal or dairy protein with 75 percent of protein users perceiving pea protein as nutritious (Kerry Primary Research 2016). Diet and nutrition also play an important part with the more health conscious consumer where it s not just about totally replacing meat in the diet. It s May 2017 about people wanting a greater variety of protein beyond animal sources (meat eggs and dairy) to include more plant sources an approach often referred to as flexitarian. 2. A Rise in Allergies & Intolerances Growing demand for allergen-free food continues to fuel the growth with more than half of protein users reporting dairy free as the most important nutritional factor when purchasing protein products (Kerry Primary Research 2016). 3. Ethics & Environmental Sustainability Many plant-based protein products have a strong sustainability story and claim lower carbon footprint than alternatives. Sixty-two percent of protein users cite sustainability as an important factor when purchasing a protein product (Kerry Primary Research 2016). 4. Food Safety Concerns More than half of protein users want natural ingredients in their protein product reflecting growing consumer demand for recognizable simple ingredients (Kerry Primary Research 2016). Consumers are also likely turning away from animal proteins as a way to avoid antibiotics and hormones often found in meat. Consumer behavior is also influencing product innovation in specific product categories. Consumers are looking for convenient ways to get their protein so it comes as no surprise that our research found that the majority of pro- tein users consumed protein in a beverage or bar format (Kerry 2016). Consumers are also seeking benefits of plant proteins to help them with their nutrition goals in sports and performance nutrition and weight management. Blending Nutrition is Difficult While consumer behaviors are driving market value and the benefits of plant proteins are far reaching finding plant proteins with the right nutritional value is a challenge product manufacturers face when looking to develop new or update the nutritional positioning of existing products. This is because the nutritional value of most plant-based proteins often fall behind animal-based proteins as they can lack a complete amino acid profile. Amino Acids 101 Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. In total there are 20 types of amino acids that the human body uses to synthesize proteins into the body. These amino acids are classified as either essential (indispensable) or non-essential (dispensable). Non-essential amino acids can be created by our bodies while the essential amino acids need to be provided by our diets. For optimal health our bodies need all of the essential amino acids in the right ratios. Animal protein sources such as meat fish poultry eggs and dairy are considered complete sources of protein because they contain all of the essential amino acids in the right proportions to meet the body s needs. On the other hand plantbased proteins such as cereals legumes and nuts are lower in certain essential amino acids. In 2016 the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics stated that protein from a variety of plant foods eaten during a day can supply enough of all essential (indispensable) amino acids when calorie requirements are met. After all our bodies are constantly remodeling our cells and tissues so as long as enough of the body s building blocks (amino acids) are provided throughout the day in the right amounts our bodies receive a complete protein source over time. This is why it s important for different sources of plant proteins to be used in combination to complement their deficient amino acids. Combining Proteins To successfully meet the nutritional needs of consumers food and beverage manufacturers should look for solutions that combine different plant proteins. Combining complementary sources of plant protein--such as grains (rice and oats) and legumes (pea beans lentils)--will provide a plant protein source closer to animal protein amino acid profiles. When combined complementary proteins will provide all essential amino acids. Taste Reign But Plant Proteins Challenges Our Senses While consumers are making better nutrition choices taste remains the No. 1 purchase driver. For example when asked to report the three most important factors in choosing a protein product 72 percent of consumers selected the flavor of the product and 63 percent selected the texture of the product (Kerry Primary Research 2016). The challenge here is that when it comes to formulating products with plant proteins most plant protein ingredients are associated with bitter tastes off-notes poor flavor or poor mouthfeel properties. Taste Technology Expertise Taste is a powerful and sophisticated sensation. It s not just about flavor or about sweet salty bitter or sour. It s a multi-sensory human experience--a layered effect of appearance sound touch basic tastes mouthfeel and aroma--all influenced by our cultures life stages individual preferences and mindset. So the taste (Continued on page 51) May 2017 Nutrition Industry Executive 47 FinancialConcepts By Chuck Slotkin f you are a controlling stockholder that wants to retire or to sell all or part of your business you need to decide how to organize your exit from the business. Many business owners CEOs and board of director members should explore if a management buyout (MBO) is an attractive option. An MBO can be a good way of ensuring the future success of the business and providing the management team with the potential to materially increase their own net worth. Simultaneously the transaction allows the current stockholders to realize a very good return on their investment in the entire company or a division that is being divested. This article highlights the key aspects of an MBO from the perspectives of the current stockholders company or division management and the financing sources. These dynamics must be managed well during the transaction phase of an MBO and thereafter when management is usually under pressure to I build substantial value in the business. What Does an MBO Look Like In an MBO a company s management team purchases the assets and operations of the business they manage. The financing required for an MBO is often quite substantial and is usually a combination of debt and equity that is derived from the buyers financiers and sometimes the seller. An MBO is appealing to professional managers because of the greater potential for psychic as well as financial rewards from being owners of the business rather than employees. For many managers an MBO is their first venture as an entrepreneur. On the path to achieving great rewards are a diverse set of risks and challenges. Research on the success of MBO s generally shows that management teams have reaped the financial rewards of running their own companies more than they have missed that opportunity. An MBO differs from both a lever- aged buyout (LBO) and an employee buyout. In the former existing management typically has a smaller equity interest and less influence over major decisions than in an MBO. In the latter which may or may not be structured as an ESOP ownership is spread amongst all employees and some decision making may be subject to employee voting. This can be a powerful and effective solution under certain circumstances although it may hinder taking decisive and quick actions to seize opportunities or solve various problems. Buying a company through an MBO may also be a shortcut to financial success. In comparison to a start-up an MBO generally has less operating and strategic operating risks the financing is less expensive and more readily available and the holding period to achieve the same level of financial reward is shorter. Benefits of an MBO The benefits to the selling stockholders May 2017 48 Nutrition Industry Executive or company (if divesting a business unit) go beyond the amount of cash and other consideration received. An MBO can be done quickly efficiently and with a high level of confidentiality since the existing management team knows more about the business than anyone else and has existing relationships with the seller. Alternatively if they do not inspire confidence in the potential financial partners that they meet then they will not have the money to complete a transaction. The research shows that the management of public companies that undertake MBO s for all or part of a company do not generally receive a discount to the fair market value (FMV) of the business to be sold at the time the transaction is happening. The safeguards to assuring the receipt FMV are following the appropriate legal and regulatory guidelines for a BOD to consider such transactions which may include soliciting competing bids in good faith. The majority stockholder(s) of a private company has more flexibility in relation to valuation than a public company BOD except that all stockholders must be treated fairly. The stockholder(s) may view an MBO as a way to reward managers who were integral toward building a successful company and did not have any equity. It s also a way to reward middle management and other employees who may share in the upside of NEWCO although they will not have any formal decision making roles. An example of such flexibility is if the exiting stockholder(s) decide to take a passive minority interest in the new company in order to share in any new value creation or provide the debt financing necessary to complete the MBO transaction. An MBO may also be a solution when the business offered for sale is losing money due to problems that make it unsaleable at almost any price to nonaffiliated acquirers. A management team that understands the root problems and sees a market opportunity may be the only option beyond shutting down that business. The benefits to the management will vary from transaction to transaction. For the executive teams of most small companies funding the equity required to close the transaction themselves precludes the need for outside financial partners. The team may be able to move more quickly and nimbly when seeing opportunities to grow without May 2017 the fear of being judged by investors who may not understand all of the nuances of the business and the complexity of the nutrition products market. When financial partners are necessary a group that understands the nutrition products segment of the natural products industry is beneficial. The key players will have general agreement about executing the business plan and the upside potential at least initially and will stay focused on helping management achieve success. Once a transaction closes institutional equity partners and certain private investors will push management continually toward building value such that they may achieve lucrative exit within five years. The executives who invested in the MBO can have an opportunity to build substantial equity even if they leave the company before an exit event. Equity incentives may also be given to middle management as a means to align more of the workforce with a building value mentality without assuming the complexity and expense of an ESOP. Key Issues to Consider While the majority of MBO s achieve some level of success all parties to a proposed MBO should identify contemplate and mitigate the downside conditions that could sink an opportunity with a healthy upside. For example each party to a transaction should come to its own determination that the operating business has sufficient competitive advantage profitability and market potential to amortize a substantial debt load. They should also analyze the transaction structure and tinker with the financial forecasts to see what happens to the company s cash flow during a recession or other hiccup in the business. The selling stockholder(s) of private companies with sales under 15 million have additional issues when considering an MBO. They may need to structure a transaction around the fact that the MBO group may not be able to pay as much cash at the closing and or pay total consideration that is equal to the absolute highest value that they could reasonably expect to obtain in an auction to multiple outside acquirers. One other consideration for an entrepreneur selling a company is an assessment of the management team s ability to assume the role of majority or absolute owners. This is important in a transaction where the selling stockholder is taking a subordinated note as part of the consideration. In addition to this monetary issue the stockholder will mostly be a spectator watching former employees manage the business that he she built over a period of time. Management members must also consider their respective appetites for the demanding aspects of participating in an MBO. On a personal level does each member of the management team have (a) the ability to transition from being a manager to an owner (b) a high tolerance for risk resulting from a high debt load and (c) the full support of one s spouse or significant other in terms of investing cash in the MBO as well as the new commitment of time and energy to make the company a big success. Amongst themselves the senior members of the MBO will need to align in relation to roles and responsibilities. Will individual managers accept that the CEO must have the typical authority to make difficult decisions and take actions to protect the business or position it for growth Certain managers may need to be replaced. This is a difference between being an executive and being a stockholder pursuing value creation. Management must understand the needs of any of its financing partners. Once a transaction closes institutional equity partners and certain private investors will push management continually toward building value such that they may achieve lucrative exit within five years. Even if they are minority investors sophisticated investors who serve on the BOD have substantial sway over major capital expenditures acquisitions and or when to sell the company. One consideration that potential financing partners may have in doing due diligence on an MBO candidate is Nutrition Industry Executive 49 FinancialConcepts if the target company is a turnaround candidate rather than a high-performing company that meets the stringent characteristics of the ideal buyout candidate. Instead of rejecting the opportunity a savvy investor group may feel comfortable backing a management team that has a cogent business plan has successful experience in managing turnarounds and is willing to invest its own capital. In effect the investor group is swapping balance sheet risk for operating risk since the acquisition price of turnaround situations are substantially lower when compared to thoroughbred companies. number of both well-financed corporate acquirers and outside debt and equity capital sources that are willing to fund these small transactions. plan the management team could wind up owning between approximately 10 percent to 20 percent of the new company. The larger the transaction the less likely that the management group will be able to retain majority control or own a significant minority position. In fact in the largest MBO transactions the incumbent management group will still have a substantial upside although the lesser amount of their total equity position diminishes their influence with the majority equity owners. Even at this level valuation is affected by the availability of senior debt and subordinated debt. Since senior debt has the lowest cost of capital private equity investors prefer to finance a transaction with as much debt as they believe is serviceable. The issue here is as much about availability and the repayment schedule as it is the interest rate. For companies with revenues under 5 million financing for an acquisition comes from the seller financing some portion of the purchase price in the form of subordinated debt a bank providing senior debt used for working capital needs and the balance from the management team. This transaction structure allows the MBO buyer to own all of the equity. In addition to wielding control over the business the MBO buyer is under less pressure to achieve high double-digit growth rates. Since financing options are limited the MBO team must generate sufficient cash flow to repay the seller s debt. Once that is achieved the equity owner(s) have a valuable asset with no debt other than for working capital purposes. For example a company with 5 million in revenue that is acquired for under one times sales may be worth 10 million in five years if it grows at a compound annual growth rate of 10 percent. Transaction Structure and Acquisition Financing The amount and type of financing required to close a transaction is affected by size valuation multiple the amount of paper that a seller will hold the amount of capital that the executive team will contribute and the condition of the financial markets. Financing options include senior debt subordinated debt seller paper preferred stock and common stock. This leads to a variety of transaction structures that are crafted to the specific requirements of each transaction. Remember the old adage You can name the purchase price if I can create the transaction structure. Valuation For all of its importance to the ultimate success of an MBO valuation is an art as well as a science. For example art or informed guesswork is necessary when preparing a five to seven-year financial forecast that also includes an estimate of the exit valuation. In the face of uncertainty the seller management buyers and potential financial equity partners use a variety of approaches to establish a realistic valuation range. The BODs of publicly traded companies will retain independent valuation experts to provide a fairness opinion regarding the sale of the entire company or a division thereof that is doing an MBO. In the high-growth natural products industry many medium and large size companies have sold for more than 10 times EBITDA. Investor groups count on the continuation of both high market and company growth rates in order to entice another set of acquirers to purchase these companies within five years from the closing date. Smaller companies with sales under 15 million can only command high valuation multiples if they have a strong and sustainable competitive advantage in either an emerging i.e. uncrowded category or an established market in which they have dominant market share. Companies with revenue between 10 and 15 million with the potential for strong growth are excellent MBO candidates because EBITDA valuation multiples may not exceed 7.0 to 8.0. One exception to this rule would be companies with strong intellectual property in the form of patents and trade secrets that create high barriers to entry. MBO s of companies under 5 million in revenue have the lowest valuation multiples. In addition to size another factor limiting valuation is the limited 50 Nutrition Industry Executive At the low end of the valuation spectrum a CEO or a management team group could own 100 percent of the equity of the company. A high-performing profitable company with sales over 15 million in a growth category will command EBITDA multiples between seven and 10 and above since they are most acquirers favorite acquisition candidates. The MBO group if it is the winning bidder will attract senior debt and subordinated debt lenders to go along with the preferred stock purchased by the equity partner(s) and the common stock held by the management group. Depending upon the amount of equity contributed by the executive team and the vesting provisions of an incentive stock option Proceeding Down the Path of an MBO In order to maximize the probability of closing an MBO transaction and creating a good working relationship between the new stockholders that could lead to a successful exit within five years from the closing several meaningful steps in the process are listed below. 1. Management should initiate discussions with the stockholders about the possibility of doing an MBO long before the stockholder(s) begin the process of selling the company. May 2017 Continue that dialog as appropriate since the gestation period for an MBO can be well over 12 months. 2. If the response is positive the top management may begin to discuss the desirability of pursuing an MBO. Speaking with financial advisors and transaction attorneys experienced in these transactions may provide a reality check around valuation structure management roles etc. 3. At the point where both sides have agreed in writing to a valuation and other key terms management should stay focused on running the business during the transaction stage and allow its financial advisors and transaction attorneys to help negotiate the acquisition and raise the required financing. 4. Bring all of the potential deal breaker issues to the attention of your advisors so that they may develop solutions before such issues crater the transaction. 5. The financing structure must be able to accommodate unexpected needs for capital. Running financial models that include negative what if scenarios will highlight the risk of particular financing structures. 6. Select financial partners and sophisticated angel investors who know your segment of the nutrition products market and who communicate well with the management team. 7. Take the time necessary to craft a comprehensive shareholders agreement. 8. The CEO must have the dual capability to (a) foster an open environment so that the team is aware of and can take actions quickly to prevent significant issues from becoming major problems and (b) take decisive actions whenever required. 9. Management must take a longterm view at least five years toward expecting any return of their capital. All acquisition funding sources expect to be paid out on the terms to which everyone agreed at the closing. teams. For business owners it is often a chance to retire and monetize the value of their businesses. For corporate parents these transactions provide an opportunity to divest non-core operations and raise cash. From the perspective of management MBO s provide an opportunity to gain direct equity ownership of their business and create an entrepreneurial environment. An MBO is likely to be the best pathway for managers to create significant personal wealth. NIE Chuck Slotkin founded Nature s Equity LLC more than 20 years ago specifically to work with natural products companies to raise capital execute mergers and acquisitions prepare valuations and business plans and advise entrepreneurs and CEOs on building equity value. For more information contact chuck.slotkin Conclusion MBO s present significant upside opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurially oriented management FunctionalFoods (Continued from page 47) challenges inherent with plant proteins needs to be met through expert taste and sensory science and application and development expertise. This type of understanding will bring solutions that utilize processing technologies to improve texture as well as choosing applications that complement the flavor of plant proteins it is possible to deliver the benefits of plant protein in a way that delivers on the taste expectations of consumers. amino acid score delivering a solution with a complete amino acid profile. The blend of plant proteins in ProDiem provides a quality source of protein. This unique combination delivers a great-tasting protein solution with several nutritional benefits such as weight management maintaining lean body mass and muscle health and helping to support appetite and hunger control. ProDiem also provides a solution for taste by using a proprietary processing technique and Kerry s flavor-masking technology to address the grainy texture and mask the characteristic off-notes traditionally associated with plant proteins. This means manufacturers can create quality plant protein products with a better taste profile. With ProDiem Kerry has developed a product that does the work. We ve identified it as a product that meets the market demands and formulation challenges of plant protein. The goal here is to help our customers create innovative products that drive consumer value. As manufacturers look to plant proteins to capture this growing demand bringing taste and nutrition together in a way that is unique and uncompromising will help bring more innovative and authentic products to the market. NIE Satya Jonnalagadda PhD MBA RD is currently the director of global nutrition science at Kerry. She is responsible for leading Kerry s nutrition science function strategic nutrition research internal and external nutrition positioning and scientific communications while staying upto-date of proposed food regulations and identifying new nutrition science opportunities. Jonnalagadda leads the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute ( a leading resource in for health nutrition and general wellness science and policies in food and beverage product development. The Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute is supported by a Scientific Advisory Council which includes four independent advisors who are recognized leaders in nutrition science and research. Nutrition Industry Executive 51 Clarifying With Plant Protein Solutions At the end of the day formulating a plant protein solution can have its challenges but with the help of an experienced application formulation taste and nutrition science team it s more than possible to create a great tasting plant protein. At Kerry we ve seen our customers struggle with the taste and nutrition challenges associated with plant proteins. That is why we ve launched ProDiem a plantbased protein product optimized for quality nutrition texture and taste. ProDiem is made up of a complementary combination of plant proteins including pea rice and oats to improve the protein May 2017 Equipment&Packaging Matthews Announces Affordable Compact Laser for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies Pennsylvania-based Matthews Marking Systems a manufacturer of marking and coding products announced an affordable 10-watt CO2 laser to meet the primary coding needs of small to midsize consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. The eMark ECO laser manufactured by Solaris is an affordable alternative for customers looking to replace ink jet printers. Designed for simple small character coding on primary packaging such as cardboard boxes and paper labels the ECO laser eliminates ink usage and requires little maintenance offering a low total cost of ownership. The eMark ECO is also the most compact in Matthews laser product line making it easy to integrate into new or existing production lines or in limited installation spaces according to the company. The ECO laser rounds out the Matthews laser product line providing a small footprint and entry-level price point said David Klodowski product manager for Matthews laser marking line. The ECO meets the needs of many small to mid-size CPG companies. The ECO laser can manage messages and settings for multiple lasers across one or several production lines with Matthews universal print controller MPERIA. MPERIA allows for seamless integration with ERP systems and databases to reduce coding errors and improve line productivity. For more information call (800) 775-7775 or visit TrojanLitho Achieves NSF International s FSSC-22000 Food Packaging Certification TrojanLitho (Washington) an eco-friendly consumer packaging manufacturer announced that its sustainable folding carton and single-face litho laminate food packaging now qualifies for globally recognized Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) through NSF International the most widely known and respected food assurance brand dedicated to protecting consumers throughout the global food supply chain according to the company. TrojanLitho announced its new FSSC-22000 certification at Natural Products Expo West the West Coast s largest annual natural organic and healthy products tradeshow and conference in Anaheim CA. The food industry is trending toward increased accountability in safety sustainability and traceability-- and we really view this certification as a win-win-win said TrojanLitho president and CEO Wayne Millage. Being able to meet the ultimate industry standards in safe food packaging fulfills the responsibility we believe we all have to the consumer and a better environment. For more information call (800) 227-7775 or visit TrojanLitho Folding Carton Douglas Vectra Cartoner s New Design Maximizes Efficiency and Flexibility Douglas Machine Inc. (Minnesota) meets market demand with a compact cost-competitive cartoner delivering the maximized performance of 300 cartons per minute with a 40 percent floor plan width reduction. Its flexible platform offers a 9-inch and 12-inch pitch with future options available. A removable carton-forming guide ensures consistent carton picks resulting in quick and predictable changeovers. The open tube-free frame design allows for efficient cleaning of sanitary applications. For more information call (320) 763-6587 or visit Oracle Packaging Offers Child-resistant Pouchstock Oracle Packaging (North Carolina) a provider of flexible packaging solutions for the health care consumer tobacco and industrial sectors offers child-resistant laminates for the secure packaging of pharmaceutical and personal care products. Oracle Packaging s pouchstock laminates meet heightened industry specifications for applications requiring child-resistant functionality and provide excellent protection against moisture and oxygen according to the company. A durable sealant layer provides both low seal initiation temperature and a broad sealing window. The child-resistant pouching materials are comprised of PET Aluminum Foil Sealant. Offering high levels of puncture resistance machinability and seal integrity the laminates are available in 10 colors in both printed and unprinted rolls. The high-gloss materials can be printed on both sides. Oracle Packaging prides itself on being a preferred manufacturer of industry-leading flexible laminate packaging to leading health care and personal care companies said Andrew Starr director of the company. The child-resistant pouchstock product line is an example of our versatility in delivering reliable solutions to customers for stringent packaging requirements. For more information call (336) 777-5000 or visit 52 Nutrition Industry Executive May 2017 New Pouch Inserter Automatically Places Desiccants and Oxygen Absorbers Into Bottles The new Pharmafill PS1 Packserter from packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Co. (New Jersey) automatically inserts desiccants oxygen absorbers and other pouches into bottles. Ideal for filling and packaging foods supplements pharmaceuticals nutracueticals and other moisturesensitive products the PS1 Packserter separates the desiccant pouches into individual packets from continuous strips and inserts them into bottles at speeds up to 100 pouches per minute. Designed with advanced sensing technology for unattended operation the PS1 Packserter automatically raises an alert and stops the machine when the pouch supply is ready for refilling if a container hasn t appeared under the discharge tube or if a blockage prevents filling. Developed for contract packagers and manufacturers requiring a single machine that works with a wide range of pouches and containers the new desiccant inserting machine may be adjusted to match different conveyor speeds packet feed roll speeds packet material thicknesses container heights and diameters and other criteria. With PLC controls in a touch-pad interface the PS1 inserter is easy to setup use and adjust with a minimal number of change parts for fast changeovers. A variable height lift platform is included to allow the height to be adjusted based on the bottle size without requiring adjustments to the conveyor. For more information call (732) 681-0200 or visit American Custom Drying Announces New Dryer Unit American Custom Drying (ACD New Jersey) introduced their newly installed food grade spray dryer (Dryer 5) which adds to their existing line of pilot and commercial food grade spray drying systems. An innovative addition for their customers the installment of Dryer 5 is perfect for high margin specialty ingredients such as flavors colors proteins and oil encapsulation the company said. ACD s brand new dryer has immense qualities capabilities and characteristics designed to help manufacture and produce customers ingredients efficiently. This food-grade only unit has a USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture)-certified CIP system for the dryer chamber as well as the product baghouse. This feature ensures a thorough cleaning procedure as well as GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliance for every product campaign. The new Dryer 5 has a 50-300 lbs. hr. water evaporation rate capacity. This varies depending on the material percent solids and other parameters specific to their customers individual project requirements. Some of the other remarkable benefits of their new dryer include a heat exchanger automatic temperature control variable dryer configurations and a fluid bed. Complex batching wet processing open atmosphere reactions and enzymatic hydrolysis are some of the additional capabilities offered with this new system. For more information call (609) 326-6000 or visit Research&Development (Continued from page 43) Ingredients case its materials can be singularly condition specific. For example he elaborated LJ100 is sold as a supplement for both men s health (natural testosterone support) and for several fitness sports nutrition applications targeting muscle growth and strength as well as recovery and stamina. Bergamonte bergamot polyphenolic fraction can also be targeted in the heart-health sector specifically as cholesterol support glucose support and ParActin Andrographis paniculata can be condition-specific for addressing healthy inflammation as well as bone joint and muscle health. Sabinsa s LactoSpore is another ingredient Majeed noted is used both as a single condition-specific supplement as well as in combination products for condition-specific use. And as a room May 2017 temperature-stable probiotic it provides flexibility for formulators to use in delivery systems such as tablets capsules gummies soft chews and chocolates coffee formula breads juices etc. Its combination with cranberry as a prebiotic is also quite well known LactoCran is a first of its kind synergistic combination. HP Ingredients Sabinsa and Deerland Enzymes (among many other suppliers of proprietary researched and often patented ingredients) all have portfolios of ingredients that are also in regulatory compliance many have added benefits for specific markets such as non-GMO (genetically modified organism) vegan halal and kosher the ingredients with these certifications can add more robust appeal to your target marketing initiatives. Majeed added that stability is another concern when creating condition-specific formulas. Another key concern should be economy of use said Ravech. For example Deerland Enzymes enzymes and probiotics are highly concentrated and are ideally suited for multi-ingredient supplements. A little goes a long way--leaving space in the capsule for other complementary ingredients if excipients are necessary enzymes and probiotics are easily combined with natural materials such as cellulose or rice bran he explained. No matter if your soon-to-be-supplement (or line) is a singular ingredient approach (the branding work is already done for you) or a multi-ingredient complex let the science drive to the target condition and audience. Build it--and they will buy NIE Nutrition Industry Executive 53 ScienceofIngredients 2017 section has been offered to help manufacturers gain a better understanding of the ingredients and services available that can make their products stand out. It gives the magazine s advertisers an opportunity to describe the research that substantiates the safety and efficacy of their branded ingredients products and services. These companies have responded to this opportunity with information about the health concerns their products are intended to address histories of nutrients behind their ingredients and details of research that has been carried out. In order to bridge the gap between interested parties and those participating in this section we ve also provided company addresses phone numbers email and website addresses to make obtaining additional information as easy as possible. 54 Nutrition Industry Executive S ince 2002 Nutrition Industry Executive s Science of Ingredients Following is an index of companies participating in this year s Nutrition Industry Executive Science of Ingredients section Bergstrom Nutrition OptiMSM ....................55 Certified Nutraceuticals Inc. ........................56 Healthco ........................................................57 innoVactiv inc. ..............................................58 Natreon Inc. ..................................................59 NutraGenesis LLC ..........................................60 OmniActive Health Technologies Inc. ..........61 Sabinsa Corporation ......................................62 Stratum Nutrition ..........................................63 U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) ........64 Xsto Solutions LLC ........................................65 May 2017 ScienceofIngredients 2017 Bergstrom Nutrition OptiMSM 1000 W. 8th St. Vancouver WA 98660 Phone (888) SEEK-MSM (733-5676) Fax (360) 693-1883 Email info Website Protect Yourself Against the Toll Intense Training Places on the Immune System T raining is a cornerstone of everyday life for fitness enthusiasts. Though moderate exercise enhances the immune system overtraining ironically can lead to a weakened immune system resulting in poor health and lackluster performance. A strong immune system supports an active healthy lifestyle. Whereas even temporary immune suppression may lead to higher incidents of illness fatigue and delayed recovery time--ultimately leading to missed training opportunities. Excessive training can deplete critical nutrients and accelerate cellular fatigue. Recent research demonstrates overtraining can also lead to temporary immune suppression. But keep in mind that suppressed immunity is a normal result of body fatigue not a disease or abnormal condition--weakened immune defenses can happen to any overtaxed individual. One 2007 study showed elite athletes were twice as likely to have a respiratory incident than sedentary individuals and four times more likely than recreational athletes.1 Another study suggested intense training and competition in elite athletes led to an elevated risk of upper respiratory illness (URI) that remained higher for a few weeks after a long-distance race. The conclusion was that increased exertion has a detrimental effect on the immune system compared to moderate exercise which can lead to positive changes in immune function.2 both suppress the immune system.4 Excessive training also depletes glutathione an internal antioxidant that plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy immune system.5 Inflammation and oxidative stress induced by exhaustive exercise can temporarily deplete normal reactions of the critical inflammation response leading to a weakened reaction to pathogens or damage.6 Our bodies have natural defenses that neutralize free radicals fight infections and protect from damage but too much training can overtake these defenses resulting in fatigue increased illness and low-energy exercise sessions. However vigorous training is necessary for optimal performance in competitive athletes. by Bergstrom Nutrition and is recognized by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as GRAS (generally recognized as safe). OptiMSM has also been tested and found to be free of banned substances. How much exercise causes immune suppression A recent study found immune suppression after a few types of training habits relatively long workouts of 1.5 hours or more without refueling high intensity (but not extremely difficult) exercise sessions or insufficient recovery time between workouts.3 Can overtraining suppress the immune system Exhaustive exercise depresses the immune system in several ways. It increases stress hormone levels specifically norepinephrine and cortisol which May 2017 What may support the immune system and strengthen defenses after intensive training A widely utilized ingredient in joint health products MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) may provide the support athletes need. A recent study using OptiMSM a wellresearched branded form of MSM reported immune-modulating after exhaustive exercise. Participants taking OptiMSM showed lower serum levels of inflammatory markers post-exercise compared to placebo. However when exposed to the pathogenic molecule LPS participants blood samples experienced a different response--the placebo group had a blunted immune response while the MSM group responded normally. This response indicated MSM conserved a healthy immune system after physical stress.7 Another study showed OptiMSM s ability to improve the health of both upper respiratory and lower respiratory systems.8 OptiMSM is manufactured in the U.S. Are there other benefits of MSM besides for joints and the immune system MSM has several other benefits including reduced soreness increased mobility and improved skin health all of which are detailed in a recent review article in the journal Nutrients.9 Mechanistically MSM has antioxidant properties reduces inflammatory markers and supplies sulfur to the body. Unlike direct antioxidants it does not directly scavenge free radicals. Instead it decreases the production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) and bolsters the body s natural antioxidant pathways including glutathione and SOD.10 12 Glutathione and SOD levels are directly related to immune health and depleted levels are associated with increased infections and a broad range of health issues.13 MSM not only helps the body reduce oxidative damage and inflammation but it also works to maintain a healthy immune response. By supplementing with MSM athletes or weekend warriors can support a healthy and active immune system and continue to train at high levels while preserving and protecting the body from a multitude of issues that can interrupt fitness routines. The numerous benefits of MSM make it a compelling choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts as well as for individuals taking their initial steps toward an active lifestyle. For a full list of references visit Nutrition Industry Executive 55 ScienceofIngredients 2017 Certified Nutraceuticals Inc. Phone (951) 600-3899 Fax (951) 600-8676 Email info Website Hydrolyzed Jellyfish Collagen Powder ellyfish or sea jellies are invertebrates plankton (from the Greek word planktos meaning to drift) that have been drifting in seawater for more than 500 million years-before the appearance of dinosaurs. They are gelatinous creatures and can be spotted in different depths from coastal surface to very deep ocean water. They vary in size and the biggest ever found had a diameter of 8 feet and its tentacles more than 100 feet. Jellyfish are very plain organisms breathe only through their skin and are only 5 percent solid matter and 95 percent water. A jellyfish does not have a brain bones head or heart and is the only animal that can survive all of the oceans deadly zones. The growth of jellyfish never stops and a single jellyfish can release as many as 45 000 eggs each day which are carried by sea currents around the oceans creating unpleasant environmental conditions for coastal areas. Millions of jellyfish can swarm together which causes problems for fisheries and tourism. There are many different types of jellyfish species including stinging type called medusa and nonstinging type called ctenophores. One species is biologically immortal and never dies. J Research conducted on humans consuming dried jellyfish showed positive results on memory improvements. Edible Jellyfish For centuries Asian countries most popular delicacy is dried jellyfish. Jellyfish contain large amounts of calcium binding collagen proteins. This protein function is known to improve memory and help fight age-related cognitive decline. Research conducted on humans consuming dried jellyfish showed positive results on memory improvements. Calcium binding protein is an important protein for brain function. This protein is naturally made by the brain. However as we age this protein production starts to decline causing a supply shortage to regulate the amount of calcium in the brain cells and this can slow down various brain functions. KollaJell Hydrolyzed Collagen Types I II and V Powder (patent pending) Hydrolyzed Coastal Jellyfish Collagen is extracted from two species of edible jellyfish. These species contain the highest amount of amino acid collagen types I II and V. These species are remarkable and unique creatures that contain great source of nutrients and medicinal values to our health. Several studies on hydrolyzed jellyfish conducted in vivo showed positive health benefits to include the improvement of brain functions reverse photo aging antioxidants anti-fatigue arthritis and anti-cell oxidation in addition they help stimulate the immune system and neurological activities. These are an amazing health benefits derived from jellyfish which are hydrolyzed to special molecular weight to allow our system to assimilate these nutrients and keep our health in tune to fight the aging process. Certified Nutraceuticals is proud to introduce this new invention of invertebrate collagen protein bind to natural minerals. KollaJell is the creation of many years of research and development under the management of the original inventor of hydrolyzed collagen. Supported by research in vivo which confirms the amazing health benefits including brain functions in age-related neurological issues. For a full list of references visit 56 Nutrition Industry Executive May 2017 ScienceofIngredients 2017 Healthco 244 Knollwood Dr. Bloomingdale IL 60108 Phone (800) 477-3949 Fax 630-545-9080 Email Website Stevia FSE Enzyme-modified Stevia for a Superior Aftertaste Profile O ver the last several years stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) leaf extract has become a popular non-caloric sweetener alternative. Several types of stevia ingredients described as whole leaf powders as well as standardized single-compound extracts obtained GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status and are now used in food products. The types of food items utilizing stevia range from baked goods and cereals to yogurt and beverages. However formulating with this popular ingredient often presents a challenge due to the inherent bitterness of steviol glycosides the class of compounds responsible for the distinctive organoleptic profile of stevia extracts. Stevia FSE an innovative enzyme-modified steviol glycosides food ingredient has been created with this problem in mind. The advantage of Stevia FSE also known as Better Stevia is that it significantly reduces lingering bitter aftertaste of conventional stevia-containing food recipes. The process of producing Stevia FSE starts with highquality whole leaf subject to the extraction process where the only solvent used is food-grade ethanol. Next the stevia extract undergoes the step of controlled enzymatic glycosylation. During this phase steviol glycosides are extended to incorporate additional sugar-type molecules. Next the material containing glycosylated steviol glycosides is filtered and spray dried to produce a fine powder. The chemical structure of the enzyme-modified steviol glycosides in Stevia FSE has been thoroughly studied. For example rebaudioside A (Reb A) the primary steviol glycoside found in stevia contains four glucose units (attached to two different carbon atoms). The research demonstrated that the enzymatic glycosylation treatment augments this compound to have one to three additional glucose units thus creating mono- diand tri-glycosyl Reb A found exclusively in Stevia FSE.1-3 This augmentaMay 2017 tion is believed to be responsible for the modification of the organoleptic profile. Overall sweetness intensity of Stevia FSE relative to sucrose has been evaluated in volunteers using a set of blind-labeled samples. In aqueous solution 0.055 g of Stevia FSE was shown to exhibit the same level of sweetness as 6 g of sucrose which indicates that at the given concentration it is about 100 times sweeter than sucrose.4 Metabolism of Stevia FSE has also been studied in detail.5 The research shows that in the body enzymatically modified steviol glycosides are hydrolyzed to steviol by intestinal microflora through the same mechanism responsible for metabolism of non-enzymatically treated stevia.6 Following hydrolysis steviol from Stevia FSE can be absorbed and then excreted in urine and bile as a glucuronide or it is deconjugated and excreted with feces.7 Stevia FSE has an excellent safety profile and is established as GRAS.4 It has been well recognized that the taste profile of individual steviol glycosides depends on the number of glucose units attached to steviol. For example Reb A a tetraglycoside has been shown to be less bitter than stevioside which contains only three glucose units.5 By utilizing controlled enzymatic process and lengthening the glucose chain of steviol glycosides the bitter aftertaste in Stevia FSE is reduced even further. It is also worth mentioning that the glucose chains in the native steviol glycosides are in the form of -glycosides whereas the controlled enzymatic glycosylation adds -glycosides to its structure. It has been suggested that the addi- tion of different glucose stereoisomers might have significant impact on the properties of steviol glycosides including attaining a more favorable overall taste and reducing the bitter lingering effect often attributed to conventional stevia extracts. From a practical prospective Stevia FSE makes it easier to create more desirable more palatable and ultimately more consumer-friendly food recipes. References 1 Waszkuc T Berkman S. Emmel K. Mohammed F. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Characterization of the Enzymatic Glycosylation of Stevia rebaudiana A Comparison of Enzyme Treated and Non-Enzyme Treated Stevia Extracts. Poster presented at the 38th Great Lakes Regional ACS Meeting (May 1316) Lincolnshire Il.2009. 2 Emmel K Waszkuc T. Kraemer-Berkman S. Szczesniewski A. D Antonio S. High-Resolution TOF LC MS Characterization of the Enzymatic GLycosylation of Stevia rebaudiana A Comparison of Natural and Enzyme-Treated Stevia Extracts Poster presented at the 57th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics (May 31-June 4) Philadelphia PA. 2009. 3 Waszkuc T Berkman S. Emmel K. Jordan S. Mohammed F. . High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) Characterization of the Enzymatic Glycosylation of Stevia rebaudiana A Comparison of Enzyme Treated and Non-Enzyme Treated Stevia Poster presented at the 2009 AOAC Int. Annual Meeting (September 13-16) Philadelphia PA.2009. 4 FDA. Agency Response Letter GRAS Notice No. GRN 000337. 2011 food foodingredientspackaging generallyrecognizedassafegras grasl istings ucm262289.htm. Accessed Feb 19 2013. 5 NOW Foods U. GRAS Assessment. Glycosylated Enzyme Treated Stevia. 2009. 6 Koyama E Kitazawa K Ohori Y et al. In vitro metabolism of the glycosidic sweeteners stevia mixture and enzymatically modified stevia in human intestinal microflora. Food Chem Toxicol. Mar 2003 41(3) 359-374. 7 Wheeler A Boileau AC Winkler PC et al. Pharmacokinetics of rebaudioside A and stevioside after single oral doses in healthy men. Food Chem Toxicol. Jul 2008 46 Suppl 7 S54-60. Nutrition Industry Executive 57 ScienceofIngredients 2017 innoVactiv inc. 265 2e rue Est Rimouski Canada G5L 9H3 Phone (418) 721-2308 Fax (418) 721-2318 Email info Websites InSea2 Optimizing Blood Glucose for Optimal Brain Energy T oday s highly competitive environment requires everyone to maintain an optimal level of vigilance and performance throughout the day. Unfortunately biological processes triggered by unwanted blood glucose fluctuations following meals can impair optimal cognitive functions. The link between blood glucose and brain function is a tricky one. Because brain relies on glucose for energy production logic dictates that higher blood glucose should support brain function. This simple relationship is however contradicted by recent evidence showing decreasing brain activity following glucose intake. Two mechanisms support this conflicting relationship. The first one involves the occurrence of hypoglycemic events in individuals ingesting high glycemic index (GI) foods. For example Nillson showed that subjects eating high-GI bread had decreased cognitive skills 75225 min after a meal compared to subjects eating low-GI bread. This time frame coincides with a period where blood glucose of subjects fell below fasting levels because of high insulin release in the high-GI group. A second mechanism involves postmeal generation of various hormones and second messengers that activate sleep patterns. Although already sug- gested by Bazar this mechanism gains credible evidence with the demonstration that high-GI meals can increase tryptophan s availability in healthy volunteers. In addition high-GI meals reduce sleep onset latency in healthy sleepers with a maximal effect when the meal is taken four hours before bedtime. This mechanism is fueled by high insulin driving several amino acids inside muscle cells except for tryptophan that becomes more prevalent in the bloodstream. Tryptophan is the natural precursor to both serotonin and melatonin two metabolites involved in sleep promotion. Sustaining optimal cognitive performance can thus be achieved by optimizing blood glucose in the critical after-meal period. Optimizing post-meal glucose and insulin will reduce the odds of hypoglycemic events that directly limit brain functions and prevent the imbalance in brain metabolites created by insulin. InSea2 The Most Effective Carb Optimizer Available Today InSea2 is a natural caffeine-free nonstimulant organic and GMO (genetically modified organism)-free dietary ingredient that reduces undesired after-meal fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin. Containing purified polyphenols from two species of brown seaweeds InSea2 is clinically shown to modulate digestion and assimilation of carbohydrates through inhibition of pancreatic -amylase (starch) and intestinal glucosidase (sugar) enzymes. Because of its well-demonstrated effects it was hypothesized that InSea2 could help promote optimal mental energy after meal. double-blinded placebo-controlled study examined the acute effects of premeal InSea2 on vigilance memory and mental acuity in 60 healthy subjects aged 18 to 65. Participants completed baseline and six post-meal cognitive assessments. The meal consisted of waffles with maple syrup and contained 50 g of carbs as starch and sugar. These results demonstrate that InSea2 improves cognitive performance compared to placebo as shown by significant improvement in digit vigilance accuracy and prevention of the decline in choice reaction accuracy over placebo. Notably this effect was most striking during the period 80 240 minutes after meal coinciding with cognitive improvements associated with low-GI bread intake reported by Nilsson. Placebo subjects were also significantly more errorprone in performing repetitive tasks making a total of 1 644 errors across all post-meal assessments compared to 1 395 errors for InSea2 subjects (15 percent difference in error rate). Findings of this latest human study are particularly relevant as they appear following the first intake of the ingredient and translate into tangible benefits to users of InSea2. Available exclusively from innoVactiv InSea2 represents a truly superior option for optimizing blood glucose and mental energy throughout the day. References Afaghi A O Connor H Chow CM. Am J Clin Nutr. 2007 Feb 85(2) 426-30. Bazar KA Yun AJ Lee PY. Med Hypotheses. 2004 63(5) 778-82. B rub J Millette E Paradis MP Couture P Lamarche B Zerilli F Anguenot R. L Integratore Nutrizionale. 2014 Jun 17(2) 24-9. Gabbia D Dall Acqua S Di Gangi IM Bogialli S Caputi V Albertoni L Marsilio I Paccagnella N Carrara M Giron MC De Martin S. Mar Drugs. 2017 Feb 15 15(2). pii E41. Herrera CP Smith K Atkinson F Ruell P Chow CM O Connor H Brand-Miller J. Br J Nutr. 2011 Jun 105(11) 1601-6. Nilsson A Radeborg K Bj rck I. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2012 Sep 66(9) 1039-43. Paradis ME Couture P Lamarche B. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2011 Dec 36(6) 913-9. Roy MC Anguenot R Fillion C Beaulieu M B rub J Richard D. Food Res Intl. 2011 Nov 44(9) 3026-9 Xu F Liu P Pascual JM Xiao G Huang H Lu H. Hum Brain Mapp. 2015 Feb 36(2) 707-16. May 2017 InSea2 New Human Clinical Trial Results A human clinical study was thus undertaken at Northumbria University (U.K.). This randomized 58 Nutrition Industry Executive ScienceofIngredients 2017 Natreon Inc. 2D Janine Pl. New Brunswick NJ 08901 Phone (732) 296-1080 Fax (732) 917-7634 Email info Website Purified Shilajit for Collagen Synthesis and Anti-aging T here are many theories on the aging process but a growing body of scientific evidence now suggests that mitochondrial DNA damage is a major factor in aging. Mitochondria also known as the powerhouse of all cells in the human body functions to produce adenosine triphosphate or ATP which in turn provides energy for most activities within the cell.1 The process of cellular metabolism leads to the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) a set of highly active free radicals.1 The mitochondria are the sites of the highest ROS production in the cell which exposes the mitochondrial DNA to oxidative damage.1 Accumulation of oxidative damage caused by ROS and mutations of DNA lead to acceleration of the aging process.1 Shilajit an organic substance harvested from the Himalayas 2 is long known in ayurvedic medicine for its healing powers. In fact British archaeologists found evidence of its use by the Indus Valley Civilization (3000 B.C.). It acts as a powerful adaptogen providing broad systemic defense against stress and illness.2 PrimaVie a standardized extract of Shilajit manufactured by Natreon has proven to be useful in energy metabolism and believed to have rejuvenating activity in different debilitating states in humans. PrimaVie is comprised of mainly fulvic acids and DBPs (dibenzo-pyrones). Fulvic acid independently stimulates mitochondrial energy metabolism protects mitochondrial membranes from oxidative damage and helps channel electron-rich DBPs into the mitochondria to support the electron transfer chain.2 Several clinical studies have shown that PrimaVie can boost mitochondrial energy improve exercise performance and increase testosterone levels.3-6 It has shown to increase ATP synthesis and protects coenzyme Q10 from degradation by oxidative free radicals in the mitochondria.3-6 One aspect of the aging process is the breakdown of collagen in the skin May 2017 PrimaVie a standardized extract of Shilajit manufactured by Natreon has proven to be useful in energy metabolism and believed to have rejuvenating activity in different debilitating states in humans. and bones. Collagen is a protein found in the fibrous tissues like the skin ligaments and tendons. It can also be found in the bones cornea of the eyes and the blood vessels. Collagen strengthens the blood vessels and gives skin its elasticity. Collagen destruction can result from exposure to free radicals. Therefore antioxidants such as PrimaVie Shilajit are necessary to prevent the destruction of collagen. One recent clinical study showed PrimaVie to up-regulate many of the genes responsible for the synthesis of collagen and related extracellular matrix proteins by several fold thus suggesting its role in the anti-aging process.7 With age there is a decrease in collagen production and an increase in collagen degradation. These changes result in the characteristic signs of aging such as loss of elasticity in the skin appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This latest study now proves that PrimaVie Shilajit has a significant role in collagen and related extracellular matrix protein gene expression thus suggesting its role in the antiaging process. In addition since the genes studied were from the thigh skeletal muscle PrimaVie will be of immense value in sports nutrition. References 1 Kang HT Hwang ES. Aging Cell. 2009 8(4) 426438. 2 Ghosal S. Shilajit in Perspective. Oxford U.K. Narosa Publishing House 2006. 3 Bhattacharyya S Pal D Banerjee D et al. Shilajit dibenzo--pyrones Mitochondria targeted antioxidants. Pharmacologyonline. 2009 2 690-8. 4 Pal D Bhattacharya S. Pilot Study on the Improvement of Human Performance with ReVitalET as Energy Booster Part-IV. 2006. Data on file. Natreon Inc. 5 Clinical study for evaluation of safe use in purified and standardized Shilajit in normal volunteers. J. B. Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital Kolkata. 2007. Data on file. Natreon Inc. 6 Clinical study for evaluation of plasma antioxidant capacity and safe use of purified and standardized Shilajit (ReVitalET) in normal volunteers. J. B. Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital Kolkata. 2007. Data on file. Natreon Inc. 7 Roy S. Human Skeletal Muscle Extracellular Matrix Fortification in Response to Oral Supplementation with PrimaVie Shilajit. Department of Surgery The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Columbus Ohio USA Journal of Medicinal Food J Med Food 19 (7) 2016 701 709. Nutrition Industry Executive 59 ScienceofIngredients 2017 NutraGenesis LLC 167 Main St. Ste. 208 Brattleboro VT 05301 Phone (802) 257-5345 Fax (802) 251-6981 Email bruce Website Red Orange Complex is an Advanced Antioxidant and Beauty-From-Within Skin Health Nutraceutical Ingredient R ed Orange Complex is a clinically tested nutraceutical that possesses outstanding antioxidant anti-aging and beauty-from-within skin health benefits. It is obtained through a proprietary extraction process from the juice of three highly pigmented varieties of blood orange (Moro Tarocco and Sanguinello) which are grown on the lush hillsides surrounding Mount Etna a volcano in Sicily Italy. Red Orange Complex contains anthocyanin hydroxycinnamic acid flavanone and ascorbic acid bioactive components that together help promote healthy antioxidant levels and skin health when taken orally (beauty from within). This proprietary nutraceutical can also make a significant contribution to addressing the aging process. Human Clinical and Pre-clinical Research Has Demonstrated Red Orange Complex s Antioxidant and Anti-aging Properties Sports activities can induce production of greater levels of oxidative stress as was evident in healthy professional handball players at the beginning of a clinical trial involving Red Orange Complex.1 The players continued their rigorous athletic regimen while also taking 50 mg of Red Orange Complex twice daily for two months at which point they possessed significantly improved levels of several serum biomarkers of oxidative stress compared to baseline. These markers include total antioxidant status (ABTS test) thiol (SH) groups (an indirect measure of glutathione activity) lipid hydroperoxides (D-Roms test) and malondialdehyde (the final product of lipid peroxidation). The trial showed that Red Orange Complex antioxidant properties helped improve player health and well-being. Red Orange Complex also helped provide resistance to oxidation of LDL the unhealthy form of cholesterol in an in-vitro study.2 LDL 60 Nutrition Industry Executive obtained from blood samples drawn from healthy volunteers was treated in the presence or absence of Red Orange Complex with a substance (AAPH) that normally induces LDL oxidation. In a dose-dependent manner Red Orange Complex was able to inhibit LDL oxidation (up to 100 percent at the highest dose) indicating a strong antioxidant effect. Additional in-vitro and ex-vivo studies conducted with Red Orange Complex have provided further evidence of its significant antioxidant properties.3 4 Red Orange Complex is Clinically Tested to Help Support Skin Health Exposure of the skin to ultraviolet (UV) light may result in oxidative stress and accelerated aging of the skin. In a multi-part crossover human clinical trial the ability of Red Orange Complex to promote skin health during UV exposure was demonstrated.5 In Part 1 healthy subjects were exposed to UV light on their forearms and the degree of resulting redness was measured for 48 hours afterwards. The subjects then took 100 mg of Red Orange Complex daily for 15 days and were re-exposed to UV light on a different part of their forearms and reexamined for skin redness. Consumption of Red Orange Complex led to significant improvements in skin health associated with decreased redness over the entire 48 hour evaluation period versus the control. Part 2 evaluated the ability of Red Orange Complex to provide resistance to age spot pigmentation. A second group of healthy subjects with age spots was exposed daily for one week to UV light on one hand and assessed over the next week for the degree of induced pigmentation. After a rest period subjects then took 100 mg daily of Red Orange Complex for two weeks while the experiment was repeated on the other hand. Consumption of Red Orange Complex led to significantly less pigmentation of age spots caused by UV exposure which resulted in healthier skin. Additionally Red Orange Complex s ability to help promote skin health was investigated using an ex-vivo model of human keratinocytes.6 Researchers found that Red Orange Complex supported healthy skin via a number of mechanisms of action associated with significant antioxidant properties. Red Orange Complex nutraceutical exhibits tremendous versatility for formulators and can be used in multiple dietary supplement applications. These include capsules tablets as well as liquid delivery systems such as shots stick packs and effervescents. Red Orange Complex was developed by Bionap SRL (Belpasso Italy) a provider of a select portfolio of Mediterranean-sourced nutraceuticals. NutraGenesis is the marketing and sales agent in the U.S. for this exclusive nutraceutical. References 1 Bonina FP et al. 2005. Nutrition Res. 25 917924. 2 Sorrenti V et al. 2004. J. Food Sci. 69(6) C480C484. 3 Russo A et al. 2002. J. Food Sci. 67(8) 28142818. 4 Morini F et al. 2000. ATLA (Alt. to Lab Animals) 28 427-433. 5 Puglia C et al. 2014. J. Cosm. Dermatol. 13 151-157. 6 Cimino F et al. 2007. BioFactors 30 129-138. May 2017 ScienceofIngredients 2017 OmniActive Health Technologies Inc. 67 E. Park Place Ste. 500 Morristown NJ 07960 Phone (866) LUTEMAX (588-3629) Fax (866) LUTEMAX (588-3629) Website CurcuWIN As an Adjunct for Sports Nutrition S ports nutrition has evolved to reflect the fact that building stronger muscles performing better and recovering faster requires more than just exercising hard and ingesting protein. Working muscles have specific nutritional needs that need to be addressed to optimize exercise performance and recovery. The cornerstone of any sports supplement protocol starts with optimizing cardiovascular function for more efficient transportation of blood oxygen and nutrients to working muscles and effective removal of lactate and carbon dioxide to allow athletes to maintain higher intensities for longer. The ability of the cardiovascular system to adapt to increased nutritional demands during exercise is regulated by a complex of compound--most notably nitric oxide (NO)--that influences vasodilation and increased blood flow. And that process begins in the endothelium. The endothelium is the innermost layer of the blood vessel wall. It plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system by regulating vascular homeostasis.1-3 When blood flow increases through a vessel the vessel dilates. This process is tightly regulated by the endothelium and the hallmark of impaired functioning of the endothelium is the inability of blood vessels to expand in response to various stimuli like physical activity.1 In healthy blood vessels endotheliumdependent dilation predominates and is primarily regulated by NO produced by endothelium-derived NO synthase (eNOS). Therefore decreased production of NO manifested as impaired dilation can impair blood flow and availability of oxygen and nutrients. Therefore to optimize exercise performance it becomes important to understand the relationships between NO endothelial function and natural compounds that can support a healthy endothelium. the direct impact of CurcuWIN on healthy circulation using flow mediated dilation (FMD)--a process that measures the ability of blood vessels to dilate and is a useful tool to assess endothelial function.4 5 As a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled prospective study 59 healthy individuals aged 19 to 29 years were supplemented with either placebo 50 mg curcuminoids (250 mg CurcuWIN) or 200 mg curcuminoids (1 000 mg CurcuWIN) for eight weeks. Supplementing with 200 mg curcuminoids from CurcuWIN showed a statistically significant 37 percent improvement in FMD over placebo. The fact that there was a significant improvement in FMD in healthy subjects supplementing with CurcuWIN demonstrates its clinical significance in improving cardiovascular health and its potential as an adjunct for muscle performance. When compared to other studies on natural compounds such as soy L-arginine fish oil and cocoa CurcuWIN showed a greater improvement in FMD.6-9 show that CurcuWIN has 46-times higher relative absorption and retention than standard curcumin after 12hours post supplementation.10 The combination of improved bioavailability and extended retention in the body may explain CurcuWIN s cardiovascular benefits in a healthy population at a lower dosage. References 1 Davignon J and Ganz P. (2004). Role of endothelial dysfunction in atherosclerosis. Circulation 109(23 Suppl 1) III27-32. 2 Luscher Tf et al. (1997). Biology of the endothelium. Clin Cardiol 20 11-3-11-10. 3 Kinlat S et al. (2001). Endothelial function and coronary artery disease. Curr Opin Lipidol 12 383389. 4 Oliver J et al. (2016). Novel form of curcumin improves endothelial function in young healthy individuals a double-blind placebo controlled study. J Nutr Met 2016 1-6. Downloaded at http 10.1155 2016 1089653 5 Moens AL et al. (2005). Flow-mediated dilation. A diagnostic instrument or an experimental tool Chest 127(6) 2254-63. 6 Li SH et al. (2010). Effect of oral isoflavone supplementation on vascular endothelial function in postmenopausal women a meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled trials. Am J Clin Nutr 91(2) 480-6. 7 Bai Y et al. (2009). Increase in fasting vascular endothelial function after short-term oral L-arginine is effective when baseline flow-mediated dilation is low a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Am J Clin Nutr 89(1) 77-84. 8 Xin W et al. (2012). Effect of fish oil supplementation on fasting vascular endothelial function in humans a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. PLoS One. 7(9) e46028. 9 Hooper L et al. (2012). Effects of chocolate cocoa and flavan-3-ols on cardiovascular health a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials. Am J Clin Nutr 95(3) 740-51. 10 J ger R et al. (2014). Comparative absorption of curcumin formulations. Nutrition Journal 13(1) 11. Nutrition Industry Executive 61 Increased Absorption and Retention Correlates to Efficacy at a Lower Dose The bioavailability of orally administered curcumin is quite poor often requiring high dosages to elicit a clinical response. CurcuWIN uses Ultrasol technology a molecular dispersion process that converts lipophilic nutrients into water-dispersible ingredients to enhance bioavailability and retention. The results of the Jager study FloMeD Study CurcuWIN Supports Healthy Vascular Function OmniActive s FloMeD study measured May 2017 ScienceofIngredients 2017 Sabinsa Corporation 20 Lake Dr. East Windsor NJ 08520 Phone (732) 777-1111 Fax (732) 777-1443 Email info Website Digestive Enzymes Benefit Much More Than Digestion H ealthy digestion--you notice or perhaps experience it only when you don t have it Given the fact that today we are experiencing drastic changes in our lifestyle and diet habits maintaining a healthy digestive system is vital. Digestive enzymes are currently gaining popularity in the digestive health supplements category which are known to make a significant difference for your digestive health beyond just providing basic nutrition. Enzymes are the essential part of any chemical reactions that take place in the body. Various biological reactions such as digesting food activities of the brain cellular energy and repair process of tissues organs and cells are regulated by different types of enzymes. Since ancient days people are well aware of various health and nutritional benefits of enzymes which is evident from the fact that different civilizations have been using enzymes in one form or the other as a part of their everyday practices. Today people are convinced about enzymes role in improving overall health and wellness in general and gut digestive health in particular-- thanks to clinical-based evidences. As a result demand for enzyme-based products is on the rise in the nutritional supplement industry as per recent sales statistics. Further research would attract more and more individuals to embrace the enormous health benefits that enzymes offer. It is believed that in some people the body s natural ability to produce enzymes starts declining very early (as early as age 25). Hence supplementing with digestive enzymes would not only take care of your digestive health but also would support in weight management joint health management of circulatory problems relieving muscle soreness and many more. Digestive enzyme supplements help balance the digestive process particularly in people who experience chronic gastrointestinal discomfort support healthy immune functions and help in the breakdown of fats proteins and carbohydrates.1 The modern day lifestyle is taking its toll by causing number of discomforts to our body. For example disturbed activity of digestive enzymes enzyme insufficiency etc. Hence maintaining adequate levels and optimal activity of digestive enzymes should be the top priority in everybody s list--to address several healthrelated issues. food lactase for individuals with lactose intolerance and -amylase lipase and protease for those who have difficulty in digesting carbohydrates fats and proteins respectively. Science-backed Efficacy a) For Digestive Health A recent clinical study involving patients diagnosed with functional dyspepsia (FD) a chronic disorder of sensation and movement (peristalsis) in the upper digestive tract demonstrated that DigeZyme was efficacious and significantly alleviated symptoms related to FD in comparison to placebo group with no reports on adverse events. b) For DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) In a recently published double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial it was observed that DigeZyme was able to decrease the associated pain and tenderness induced by exercise. Decrements were also observed in McGill Pain Questionnaire showing high significance in the active arm (Figures 1 and 2). There was also a declining trend in the level of pro-inflammatory biomarkers (creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase).2 Suggested Use Level DigeZyme was found to be safe and effective for the mentioned applications at a recommended daily dosage of 150 mg per day. DigeZyme is Formulation-friendly Vegan Derived from non-animal sources Each enzyme in the blend is foodgrade non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and gluten free Adheres to the most stringent international standards and regulatory norms Resistant to the action of gastric juices while retaining optimal activity Safe traceable origins validated quality and science-backed efficacy DigeZyme Full-spectrum Multi-Enzyme Complex Sabinsa has come up with a proprietary combination of enzymes called DigeZyme a multi-enzyme complex clinically proven to be helpful in supporting a healthy digestive system cellulase for fibrous 62 Nutrition Industry Executive References 1. Roxas M. Alternative Medicine Review. 2008 13(4) 307-14. 2. Majeed M et al. Sports Nutr Ther. 2016 1 113. doi 10.4172 2473-6449.1000113. May 2017 ScienceofIngredients 2017 Stratum Nutrition (A Business of ESM Technologies LLC) 2213 Missouri Ave. Carthage MO 64836 Phone (800) 970-4479 Fax (866) 907-5061 Email info Website Why is NEM Partially Hydrolyzed N EM is a natural joint health ingredient derived from the membrane or inner lining of eggshells. Eggshell membranes found between the calcified shell and the albumin (egg white) in chicken eggs are primarily composed of fibrous proteins such as Collagen Type I 1 which form the mesh-like structure of the bi-layered material. However eggshell membranes have also been shown to contain other bioactive components namely glycosaminoglycans (i.e. dermatan sulfate 2 chondroitin sulfate 2 hyaluronic acid 3 etc). These bioactive components that are naturally occurring in NEM are also found in joint tissues namely synovium cartilage ligaments and tendons. All of these bioactive components are enmeshed in the macromolecular sheet-like structure that forms the membrane. In order to free them from the membrane and make them more bioavailable when consumed NEM undergoes a partial enzymatic digestion as part of the manufacturing process. This initial pre-digestion facilitates the further digestion and ultimate absorption of the important bioactive components of NEM by the human digestive system. Digestive systems vary widely from person to person. Part of this is due to genetic factors which can lead to differing quantities and types of digestive enzymes produced by each individual. Another part of this is due to environmental factors such as where a person lives or what type of diet they have that leads to differing levels and species within each individual s gut microbiota. NEM s partially hydrolyzed composition ensures that everybody who takes it will be able to digest and absorb enough of the product to feel a benefit. In an inflammation model assay using human immune cells NEM that had undergone a simulated gastrointestinal digestion was shown to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines in particular TNF- even more than 4 undigested NEM. This direct effect on May 2017 immune cells is likely attributable to small bioactive polypeptides arising from digestion of protein from NEM. As people age their bodies ability to tolerate this beneficial microflora can weaken leading to increased inflammation within the gut which can contribute to a whole host of diseases. Additionally bacterial cellular components and DNA (thought to have originated in the gut) have been found in the joints of patients suffering from arthritis and the innate immune response to these contaminants is believed to play a possible role in the development of arthritis in some people. Therefore immune tolerance is important in preventing arthritis and NEM was also found to take advantage of the part of the immune system responsible for tolerance.5 Cartilage is primarily composed of extracellular matrix (ECM) a composite network of proteins such as type-II collagen interacting with negatively charged polysaccharides such as hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate all of which are synthesized and secreted by the cells of cartilage known as chondrocytes. However under pathological (disease) conditions ECM synthesis cannot keep pace with degradation and a loss of the structural integrity of the articular cartilage results. Products of this degradation imbalance can be found in the bloodstream of arthritic patients. The body s lack of tolerance to these cartilage fragments in the blood is believed to cause the immune system to attack the person s own cartilage thereby accelerating the progression of arthritis. The undigested portion of NEM that reaches the intestines contains large fragments of the biopolymers collagen chondroitin and hyaluronic acid triggering the immune system to become tolerant to the cartilage fragments of similar composition in the bloodstream. This is why it is important that NEM is only partially hydrolyzed and not fully hydrolyzed. Partial hydrolysis of NEM allows for two paths to maintain healthy joints. One path occurs through direct modulation of the immune response to joint inflammation via the reduction of proinflammatory cytokines. The other path occurs through indirect modulation of the immune response to joint inflammation via oral tolerance. Complete hydrolysis would only allow for the first path to take place and no hydrolysis would only allow for the second path to take place. Partial hydrolysis is key to achieving all of the benefits of both immune modulation pathways. References 1 Wong M et al. Dev Biol. 1984 104(1) 28-36. 2 Baker JR et al. Biochem J. 1962 82 352-361. 3 Long FD Adams RG and DeVore DP Inventors. US Patent 6 946 551. September 20 2005. 4 Benson KF et al. J Med Food. 2012 15(4) 360368. 5 Ruff KJ et al. J Inflamm Res 2015 8 49-57. Nutrition Industry Executive 63 ScienceofIngredients 2017 U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) 12601 Twinbrook Pkwy. Rockville MD 20852-1790 Phone (301) 881-0666 (800) 227-8772 Email mediarelations Website A Suitable Test for L-citrulline How Validated Test Methods May Impact Public Health I n the U.S. most newborn babies are screened for rare inborn errors of metabolism (IEM)--a group of genetic disorders caused by a defect in a metabolic pathway. Left untreated these disorders can lead to a host of medical and developmental consequences ranging from intellectual disability to severe cognitive impairment and even death.1 Some of these metabolic errors require the use of amino acids to avoid the buildup of ammonia in the body. Lcitrulline is one such amino acid and it is used for IEM as a medical food which is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Orphan Drug Act. Medical foods are distinct within the broader category of foods and need to be administered under the supervision of a health care professional specifically to help manage a disease or condition associated with distinctive nutritional requirements. In addition to being marketed as a medical food for IEM L-citrulline is marketed as a dietary supplement for other purposes. Sometimes the quality control testing done to authenticate ingredients is insufficient to guarantee their quality. That was the case with L-citrulline in 2014. One of the primary suppliers of the ingredient for use as a medical food voluntarily recalled several batches of the product after the FDA warned that the product being sold had no L-citrulline present. The agency had received adverse event reports associated with Lcitrulline and its lack of efficacy for patients and conducted their own testing of the batches in question. Despite the fact that a certificate of analysis (CoA) was provided by the supplier positively identifying the product as L-citrulline with an assay value of 99.88 percent it was found that affected batches actually contained N-acetylleucine another amino acid with a molecular weight and chemical structure similar to L-citrulline but not used in the treatment of IEM. The CoA provided did not specify the assay method used to authenticate the ingredient but it is likely that the assay method used was a non-specific method such as acid-base 64 Nutrition Industry Executive The new USP monograph for L-citrulline is a dietary supplement monograph and USP is exploring development of a similar L-citrulline monograph for inclusion in the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) which applies specifically to food ingredients. titration which would present similar readouts for both amino acids. A discriminating method such as one based on high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) potentially could have averted the mix-up between the amino acids and the resulting adverse events. Upon learning about the L-citrulline recall USP recognized the public health need for a scientifically validated test method that differentiated L-citrulline from N-acetyl-leucine thus offering manufacturers a way to Help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements Test ingredients and products in a science-based manner Help ensure quality ingredients and products thus safeguarding their brands and protecting the health of users and patients. The new USP monograph for L-citrulline is a dietary supplement monograph and USP is exploring development of a similar L-citrulline monograph for inclusion in the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) which applies specifically to food ingredients. The new monograph includes an HPLC method that can discriminate L-citrulline from other closely related amino acids namely Nacetyl-leucine and arginine. USP specifications also include a requirement for not less than 98.0 percent L-citrulline content and a limit for related compounds at not more than 2.0 percent. Along with the test method USP has developed a reference standard for Lcitrulline which manufacturers can use to authenticate their ingredients and products. For more information on USP s work in developing public standards for dietary supplements visit dietarysupplements overview. Reference 1 Camp KM Lloyd-Puryear MA Huntington KL. Nutritional treatment for inborn errors of metabolism indications regulations and availability of medical foods and dietary supplements using phenylketonuria as an example. Mol Genet Metab. 2012 Sep 107(12) 3-9. May 2017 ScienceofIngredients 2017 Xsto Solutions LLC 45 S. Park Place Ste. 148 Morristown NJ 07960 Phone (973) 975-4224 Email info Website Cuvitus--New for Muscle and Joint Support soreness from temporary over exercise or exertion. Cuvitus Efficacy for Pain With this in mind recent scientific research out of Europe has focused on a newly isolated compound extracted from the Cucumis sativus fruit commonly referred to as cucumbers. Cucumbers have long been appreciated for their cooling and soothing effect for sun burn skin and puffy eyes. They have also been a staple of many diets for their refreshing and low calorie properties. With a unique extraction process the active beneficial compounds of the gherkin cucumber have been commercialized as Cuvitus an exciting new ingredient for use in nutrition and dietary supplementation. The initial scientific research looked at in-vitro studies where cells were stressed using LPS (lipopolysaccharide) a popular model for initiating cellular stress and observing the normal response of cell proliferation. Cells exposed to the Cuvitus extract showed lower proliferation of TNF- and certain interleukin cytokines thought to be a result of cellular nuclear translocation of NF-k.2 Additional studies on animal and human cells (ex-vivo) confirmed the in-vitro research. In the first human study athletes from the Italian Army Carabinieri Olympic track and field team participated in a yearlong study observing a reduction in pain level from training as the benefit of Cuvitus on muscle pain. In this open label study 65 percent of the athletes reported positive effect versus 10 percent or less reporting supplementation had little or no effect.3 In a second human observational study over a non-statistically relevant population of adult people (more than 21 years of age) the participants were followed by 10 physicians for a treatment period of 10 to 30 days. The 50 subjects enrolled in the study suffered from various type of acute or chronic pain. Almost 40 percent of the participants reported strongly positive benefit and 80 percent of participants reported results as positive and strongly positive. 4 In each human study the participants were given between one and four doses at 150 mg each. It was later determined that two doses (300 mg) where probably adequate for the response. Safety of Cuvitus While cucumbers have been consumed safely by humans for centuries one has to ask if an extract of the same fruit with its potential concentrations are equally as safe. To confirm the safety profile Cuvitus Gherkin extract has been tested for safety using acute toxicity formats as well as mutagenic and cytotoxicity platforms. No toxic properties were observed and no abnormal findings were recorded in any of the three tox study formats. The Cuvitus compound is a free flowing tan colored powder which can be easily formulated in tablets and capsules. The researched dose is 150 mg with a recommendation of one or two doses per day. The loading time is two to three days and there have been no reported side effects and no adverse events. Cuvitus is a soothing tonic for muscle and joint pain from temporary over exertion and exercise. For more information email info or visit M uscle and joint pain can range from minor and annoying to significant and debilitating. To most people the cause is really less important than finding relief during the period of discomfort. Generally there is temporary pain and discomfort from short term over exercise or exertion and there is chronic or long-term pain from disease conditions such as arthritis. Dietary supplement claims are limited to marketing only to the pain and discomfort associated with the temporary activities versus ongoing conditions. Short term over exercise includes activities such as running a mini marathon or working in the yard all weekend which can lead to muscle and joint pain. By doing something (or overdoing something) that we don t routinely do on a daily basis we meet the temporary criteria. Using muscles we don t normally use often causes soreness and pain the next few days. Metabolically we are increasing specific pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-alpha and certain interleukins which have been scientifically linked to the process of pathological pain.1 Using these cytokines as biomarkers for pain we can begin to track whether a compound will beneficially reduce pain and May 2017 References 1 Intl Anethesial Clin. 2007 Spring 45(2) 27-37. 2 Inflamm. Res. (2013) 62 461-469. 3 Unpublished data from Crown Health Gherkin Lugano Switzerland 2013. 4 Unpublished Data from Crown Health Gherkin Lugano Switzerland 2014. Nutrition Industry Executive 65 Advertiser Index American Laboratories Inc. Bergstrom Nutrition Certified Nutraceuticals Healthco InnoVactiv Inc. Jiaherb Inc. Natreon Inc. 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Dec. 8 10 17 ad closing 9 7 17 ad closing 10 25 17 ad closing Our 2017 Media Planner Is Available At 2017-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 or e-Mail GaryP SupplieroftheMonth Ecuadorian Rainforest LLC Steve Siegel Ecuadorian Rainforest LLC 25 Main St. Building 6 Belleville NJ 07109 Phone (973) 759-2002 Ecuadorian Rainforest LLC was founded in 1997 by Ecuadorian native Marlene Hurtado-Siegel. The Marketing company is a wholesale bulk raw materials supplier of fruit herb marine spice and vegetable nutraceutical ingredient powders and Manager powdered extracts from South America and beyond. For the last 20 years Ecuadorian Rainforest has provided quality tested and competitively priced wholesale nutraceutical ingredients to the beauty health and nutritional industry. Steve Siegel joined the company in 2004 as the marketing manager shortly after earning a master s degree in marketing from Emerson College in Massachusetts. Using his expertise Siegel set new strategies for Ecuadorian Rainforest including a larger international and online presence to help it grow into the company it is today. With his help Ecuadorian Rainforest grew from a modest company with less than five employees to a world-wide ingredient supplier. NIE How did the company get started Siegel Ecuadorian Rainforest LLC started as an idea by Marlene Hurtado-Siegel. Growing up in Ecuador she was familiar with the farming communities of the country and the exotic ingredients available exclusively in the region. She believed bringing these ingredients to the U.S. would be a great benefit to the nutraceuticals industry which relies on such natural ingredients for innovation and the benefits they provide. Marlene always dreamed to make these ingredients available to anyone no matter their location. Little by little with a lot of effort Ecuadorian Rainforest became known in the industry as the place to go for any exotic ingredient grown under the sun. The company expanded its selection to include other lesserknown but potent South American ingredients. Today we offer nutraceuticals found on every continent so anyone looking for an ingredient no matter how rare would only need to visit one supplier. Shortly after the company was founded I joined the ranks and together we grew Ecuadorian Rainforest into the family it is today. We now offer our powders and powdered extracts anywhere on the planet and have become one of the premiere sources of ingredients within the industry. processes does the company take to ensure that its ingredients meet its high-quality standards exceed the quality expectations of our clients. Siegel We put our ingredients through rigorous testing. Meeting state and federal food and drug regulations says that you are committed to passing a periodic review to ensure that your business continues to operate. When a company goes beyond that and creates its own additional set of standards and enforces them on a weekly basis that s a company who is committed to the clients and to the quality of what people put in their bodies. That s Ecuadorian Rainforest. We have our own internal quality control program--this ensures that products are free of toxins and byproducts. In addition we also work alongside independent laboratories to help enforce these testing procedures. First we perform a high-performance thin layer chromatography test for the initial approval of our materials. Then we regularly test for proper botanical identification and the chemical efficacy of our products. In addition each week we test for microbial pathogens and heavy metals to make sure our products are free of contaminates. We then perform microbiological testing and random testing for moisture content to ensure quality consistency. Ecuadorian Rainforest prides itself in not only providing the world s ingredients in one convenient location but also for our ingredients to NIE Ecuadorian Rainforest now offers halal-certified ingredients. Why was it so important for the company to add this certification to its product range Siegel Our mission at Ecuadorian Rainforest is to provide manufacturers a wide range of choices tailored to their specific needs. Becoming halal certified was just one more step on our way to fulfilling that mission. We also offer several other categories to appeal to various dietary needs. By visiting our website visitors will find various categories to help them get what they need. We offer koshercertified ingredients fibers antioxidant-containing ingredients E.U.approved ingredients plant proteins purple foods flavors and much more. For whatever product or formulation Ecuadorian Rainforest offers category-specific ingredients for those in search of particular products. This also makes sourcing ingredients simpler ending the never-ending search for a specific product they just can t seem to find anywhere .... anywhere of course except at Ecuadorian Rainforest. Extra Extra Visit to read the rest of the interview. May 2017 NIE Quality is essential to Ecuadorian Rainforest. What 68 Nutrition Industry Executive Go to nutragenesis for info about this advertiser Go to usp for info about this advertiser