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Description: New Directions at SECA.....A Fond Farewell

Public Policy Notes S outhe r n E a r ly C hild hood As s o ci a tio n New Directions at SECA...... A Fond Farewell It s hard to believe but 2017 marks the 10th year of Public Policy Notes a newsletter dedicated to sharing public policy news in the South and on the national scene. This newsletter was designed to April May 2017 Public Policy Notes government including their connections to early childhood education and their likely philosophical approaches to public policy the SECA Board of Directors and new Executive Director determine how SECA will move forward to serve its members in the next few years. With a new US .President at the helm public policy has never been more interesting or challenging and SECA will have an opportunity to meet its goal as a Voice for Southern Children. As an unashamed public policy nerd I will continue to watch the developments as our country works to set priorities and ensure that future generations of American children succeed and prosper. You re needed now more than ever as a children s advocate....make sure you stand for children as the year unfolds. Thank You It has been my joy and privilege to work with such an exemplary group of educators.... professionals who work each day to make the lives of children and families better. SECA has helped to support those professionals with resources and recognition as it enters its 69th year. During my tenure at SECA the field in the South has grown enormously as our states have chosen to invest in giving children an early start. It has been my honor to have a small part to play. Glenda Bean Executive Director 1998-2017 Keep SECA members updated on events in the public policy arena in our Southern states Provide ideas from one Southern state that might translate to another state in the region Select information that would be valuable to SECA members from the myriad sources that report on public policy Identify how to access information if a member chose to delve further into the issue Identify connections between decisions at the state and federal level that would impact the field of early childhood education Explain in simple terms the primary components of complicated legislation and its potential impact for members both personally and professionally Introduce SECA members to new leaders in state and federal With my impending retirement from SECA at the end of May the writing and production of Public Policy Notes will be suspended as