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KEEPING WOMEN CONNECTED JULY 2017 HEALTH & WELLNESS ISSUE ROBIN KRAUSE FIND ORGANIC GOODNESS AT UNBAKERY AND JUICERY ALYSA RENE TRENDSETTER SPECIAL SECTION CULINARY EATING SUSTAINABLY LOCAL LEADING DOCTORS FINANCE ORGANIZING YOUR LIFE S RECORDS Find the Key to Buying or Selling Your Home with a Flat Fee Listing Service Don t let the at fee service model fool you. At 395 Realty clients always receive full and personal service from a quali ed team of experts. If you are ready to buy and or sell a home but are uncertain as to which real estate agency you should turn perhaps this one question will steer you in the right direction Do you want to keep more money in your pocket And it should be vitally important to add Do you also want to work with a real estate agent that offers a wealth of knowledge and experience While there are many quali ed real estate agents in the metro area the experienced and highly innovative team of experts at 395 Realty a at-fee full-service real estate agency has one single priority above all else providing the client with the highest level of service and at a fair and reasonable expense. In addition to providing professional advice and guidance these real estate experts never waver from a commitment to always do what is in the best interest of the client. By providing the highest level of service to both sellers and buyers using a highly competitive fee structure the promise to keep more money in the client s pocket is always ful lled and 395 Realty owners Kevin Hopkins and Greg Shahan cannot imagine it any other way. With more than ve decades of proven real estate experience between them Hopkins and Shahan have seen an appreciable amount of change within the industry over the years most notably with respect to the revolutionary changes within the technology realm. Before the advent of the internet and the advancements of such sites as Zillow and Trulia real estate agents had to spend a signi cant amount of money on print marketing for their sellers and do a lot of leg work to help buyers nd homes. Today those expenses for marketing properties have largely been reduced to a non-expense and buyers even before working with an agent can quickly sort through copious information online and narrow down the search to something easily manageable thereby eliminating a lot of the work previously assigned to the agents. What has not changed however is the commission structures across the industry. In fact the normal sales commission still stands at six percent half of which is given to the buyer s agent. Hopkins and Shahan realized there had to be a better way. We wanted to provide a highly personal service where Our experience with 395 Realty was fantastic. We sold and bought a home with their flat fee program and saved 13 230 in commissions. Absolutely full service real estate. We recommend 395 Realty every opportunity. Thank you for your professional and knowledgeable service. Mike & Lauren R. We solicited two of the top realty companies in the area. Their commissions off the sale were going to amount to over 17 000 I have since referred Greg to no less than a dozen friends & acquaintances and he has sold their houses too I highly recommend 395 Realty for any sales transactions for those selling and or buying Joseph & Samantha C. 4 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM experience is the key expressed Hopkins. Today we are working with people now who are educated smart and diligent and they have an interest in being involved in the entire process of selling or purchasing a home. The work we do now comes in the form of counseling for our clients largely in the areas of price valuation for both buyers and sellers professional negotiations and advice and guidance through the entire process of closing a transaction. It is our goal to get the best for our client through thorough evaluation advocacy and development. Our at-fee model takes into account both the buyer and the seller and we do everything a traditional real estate agency does. For home buyers the services offered at 395 Realty are unparalleled and are available at essentially no cost to the buyer whereby the agency simply collects the standard three percent commission paid by the seller. However there is the option to utilize the Home Buyer Commission Credit Program where 395 Realty does not collect a commission offered from the seller or listing broker but instead offers a competitive at-fee of only 1 995 the buyer pays thus allowing the buyer to bene t directly from any offering by the seller. The buyer essentially saves the difference between the three percent (as an example) and the 1 995 at fee which can represent quite a bit of money. For home sellers 395 Realty offers two listing programs to suit their needs. The Premium Listing is available for 1 995. The Basic Listing still provides a high level of service but does require the seller to assume some of the duties and the fee for such a listing is only 995. A great example of how a at-fee model monetarily bene ts the consumer can be observed through simple math. On the sale of a 300 000 home a three percent listing commission stands at 9 000. With 395 Realty s fee of just 1995 the seller comes out 7 000 ahead Even though a potential buyer or seller can exercise appreciable due diligence by doing most of his or her homework without an agent going along for the ride it is important to understand why you need an agent. We assist in upfront listing and marketing as well as provide guidance and consultation through the beginning phases clear through the transaction itself as that is the point at which things can go either good or bad explained Hopkins. An agent s experience here is paramount to a successful end and also to minimizing any potential problems that might arise. Working cohesively together as a team the results for clients speak for themselves. Kevin and I work as a team noted Shahan. We believe that what we do is right with the consumer receiving the benet of what we have to offer. It is our intention to make consumers aware of our model so they don t miss out on something because all they know or understand is the traditional real estate commission model. Hopkins concurred. Right now we know that most consumers whether buyers or sellers don t necessarily understand that there are other options available to them outside of the traditional six percent commission way. We experienced both sides of a 395 Realty transaction. We bought a house through our own realtor that Greg had listed and were considering doing a FSBO on our existing was an easy decision and we wouldn t have any of the headaches of FSBO. 395 up front and a fraction of what others charge at close is a true bargain We applaud the pioneering approach to real estate fees Greg and his team have given the market worth every penny Phillip & Kristin 913.944.4030 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 5 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 7 CONTENTS HERLIFE 10 WELCOME Note From the Publisher 78 BOOK REVIEW Mrs. Houdini by Victoria Kelly 14 FASHION BLOG The Mule Completes Your Summer Look 80 TRENDSETTER Alysa Rene 16 18 SCENE AND BE SEEN HIGHLIGHT Restoring Your Health... One Bite at a Time 88 GREEN LIVING Going Digital Tips for a Paperless Life 90 FINE THINGS Massage Therapies Luxury and Self Care 30 HEALTH Lymphedema Just the Facts 92 32 SPECIAL SECTION Local Leading Doctors SPOTLIGHT Affordable Insurance Services Experienced Agents Helping Clients Protect Their Families and Businesses 40 SPOTLIGHT Natural High Wellness Center & Spa Holistic Nutrition and Detoxification for Optimal Wellness 96 WORKING WOMEN No Hacking Zone Keep Your Business Data Safe 44 SILVER LININGS Support in Losing a Loved One 98 FINANCE Organizing Your Life s Records 48 ASK THE EXPERT Healthy Skin for the Summer 100 HOME Indoor Plants Enhance Your D cor and Improve Your Health 50 BEAUTY Removing Tattoos and Regrets 102 REAL ESTATE 52 SPOTLIGHT Compassionate Family Care Improved Health and New Options for Boosting Metabolism Home Shared Home The Multigenerational Housing Trend 104 PETS Leaving Fido and Fluffy at Home 62 ORGANIZER BLOG Take Stock of Your Kitchen 106 TRAVEL 64 MOTHER S PERSPECTIVE Goal College Acceptance Letters Travel Solo Internationally and Stay Safe 108 JUST SAYIN 66 CULINARY Eating Sustainably Jenny Matthews 56 INSPIRATIONS Robin Krause Offering Clean Food at Unbakery and Juicery Organic and farm to table aren t just words for Kansas City native Robin Krause they re a way of life. Her search for a healthy lifestyle led her to holistic healing and she s busy sharing her knowledge through Unbakery and Juicery and its nutritious delicious offerings. 110 TIE THE KNOT 68 CRAVINGS Sunsets Specialties and Surprises Abound at Seasons 52 Emma and Tyler Swope 114 HELPING HANDS No One Budgets for Cancer 74 RECIPES No-Bake Almond Joy Snack Bites and Pan Seared Tilapia withPeach and Cucumber Salsa 116 IN THE CITY Calendar of Events 120 HOROSCOPE July Horoscopes 76 WINE Enjoying Wine Festivals 8 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM WELCOME HERLIFE Hustling for a Balance and Optimal Health I PHOTOGRAPHY BY RYAN JAMES CARR WITH CHARLIE HUSTLE was so honored when Sprots Takes on ESPN Radio Kansas City the first in this city s history to be an all-female sports talk show named me their first Hustler of The Month. Since collaborating with Gracey Terrill ( Gat ) the Sprots Takes team and Charlie Hustle I have given a lot of thought to what it means to be a hustler. A true hustler as defined in Elite Daily is someone willing to give up luxury and titles someone who doesn t mind juggling multiple jobs in order to reach his or her goal. A hustler is humble frugal and true to him or herself but will work 24 7 to obtain any vision he or she may have of life. Being acknowledged for my hard work dedication drive and success in empowering women is something that I am very proud of. It has made me realize the extent of what goes into achieving that on a daily basis. We envision the physical hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Think about the last time you were asked How s everything going or How are you doing As I do you often respond with I m just crazy busy. We are all busy. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent work full time or are a combination of the two you are busy. I have given much thought and I ve done a lot of reading and have decided that I am going to try to reFACEBOOK.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE spond with something other than the expected I m so busy. I want to tell you how I really am doing and I want to hear how others are truly feeling as well. This month s focus is health and wellness. I am constantly trying to improve my overall health and wellness by drinking more water eating healthier and trying to find time to get some exercise. We all want to be healthier but HERLIFEMAGKC I know that in order to achieve this I need to spend time focusing on my mental health as well. As moms we feel guilty when we take time for ourselves. I know I feel guilty when I m not working but I also feel guilty when I am not spending extra time with our kids. We are constantly striving to be everything to everyone oftentimes forgetting about ourselves. In order for me to be able to hustle throughout the day I need to stop take a deep breath and access what I need to have overall balance. I m not perfect but I am learning to accept that there has to be balance. I can take some time to myself shorten a work day to spend an afternoon with the kids and check out for the night for a date night with my husband. All of these things will improve my overall mental wellbeing which in turn fuels physical health and wellness. I hope you can take some time this summer to pamper yourself your soul and your mind. It s not easy for most of us but let s give it a try. Tell someone how you really are doing or feeling get an extra hour or two of sleep or check out for a few hours and spend some quality time with your family. We will then be closer to achieving our optimal level of health and wellness. Cherish it HERLIFEMAGKC HERLIFEMAGAZINE TAMMY CRYSTAL McDONALD 10 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Staff & Contacts PUBLISHER EDITOR Tammy McDonald Marilyn Isaminger OFFICE MANAGER Patsy Crystal Elana Bell ART DIRECTOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER Casey Olson ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Michelle Carder michelle 816-516-9888 Gretchen Hayes gretchen 913-787-4812 CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS Ann E. Butenas Lisa Taranto Butler Patty Cook Rebecca Flansburg Stephanie Fox Judy Goppert Marilyn Isaminger Erin Jones Melissa Haines Lavin Laura Leiva Tim Lockyear Rachel Marshall Jenny Matthews Cindy McDermott Hope Ferguson Morgan Joanne Nicholas Linda R. Price John Sandbach Tina V. Savas Gail Silverstein Catie Watson Abby Wood CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Ryan James Carr Sander Cha Doc Photography Studios Ashley Elwell The Grays Photography Lindsay J.C. Lack Tim Lockyear Kevin McBride Heather Morrow Reames Photography David Riffle Colleen Ring Brandi Wisdom CONTACT HERLIFE MAGAZINE 7535 W. 160th St. Overland Park KS 66085 913-402-6994 SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are available for 20 (for 12 issues). Please go to or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. 2017 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by KLP Enterprises and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 13 FASHION BLOG WRITTEN BY ABBY WOOD ABBYWOODWEAR HERLIFE The Mule Completes Your Summer Look W Abby Wood is a wardrobe stylist and style blogger in Kansas City and her education in design plus retail experience make her an expert in fit fabric style and trends. Her professional experience in fashion began with an apprenticeship with a bridal designer shifted to creating and showing her own line moving up to management and training at a retail level and now professional styling as an independent consultant. Abby loves to work with individuals and help them develop and evolve their own sense of style. Find her at abbywoodwear. com. For daily style finds and tips you can find Abby instablogging as abbywoodwear on Instagram and Facebook. e all know your shoes can make or break an outfit. I see people wear looks that look amazing head to...uh-oh. Some people invest all of their time in hair makeup and clothing and forget that shoes are the icing on the cake. I am here to make sure your shoes contribute to looking polished refined and amazing from head to toe With so many shoe styles out there it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Never fear your stylist is here to guide you toward the best shoe trend for the season I introduce to you the mule. Open-toe sneaker-style block-heel and closed-toe styled mules are the it shoes for summer. Mules are the perfect way to update your look and be comfortable at the same time Is your style ultra trendy Grab an embroidered mule with an elevated block heel If you love expressing yourself through your shoe wardrobe this style is perfect for you. Embroidery is having a moment right now and a great way to show off this fun feature is with an embroidered shoe Although they might appear tall a block heel will give your foot the stability that it needs. Pair these with white denim or one of your summer dresses to make a big statement. 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Is your style traditional and classic Slip on these smoking slippers The new version of the flat is here This backless mule is popping up all over the place and it s one of the easiest ways to transition your look from blah to ta-da and still be comfy too Are you stuck in a rut Update a simple jeans and button-down blouse look with a pair of these backless loafers Is your style glam-on-the-go Throw on a mule sneaker Don t worry ladies the athleisure sneaker trend isn t going anywhere. But if you are looking for something a little less clunky for the summer a sneaker mule is the perfect update. This style is easy to slide off and on for all of the running around you re doing this summer. Some even have perforated leather for built-in air conditioning during the warmer months. Is your style modern sophisticated Pick open toe with a block heel This has been my go-to shoe for the spring and now summer as well. The style is chic and the thick block heel gives me the ability to walk 500 miles. Choose a neutral color such as beige or black to quickly make a T-shirt and jeans look snazzy. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 SCENE & BE SEEN PHOTOGRAPHY BY REAMES PHOTOGRAPHY HERLIFE American Cancer Society Celebrates The Midwestern Hundreds came together on June 10 for The Midwestern an American Cancer Society annual party with a purpose gala where guests dress in their western chic attire to celebrate one s commitment to help save lives celebrate lives and lead the fight for a world without cancer. Over the years this Kansas City gala has raised more than 12 million that goes toward local patient programs including Hope Lodge Reach to Recovery Road to Recovery Look Good Feel Better and the free wig and headscarf room located in the American Cancer Society s Kansas City office. Thank you to everyone who came out to make a difference Save the date and join the gala next year on June 9 2018 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HIGHLIGHT WRITTEN BY JACKIE CALDWELL HERLIFE Jackie I a m so grateful for your help and guidance during my healing journey with Crohn s disease. Without your knowledge experience and support I would be on life-long medication and facing the possibility of surgery. Your cooking tips and nutritional expertise are invaluable tools that I will use for the rest of my life. But above all your encouragement gave me the strength to battle this digestive disease holistically and patiently. I deeply thank you because I could not have managed my SCD diet without you Hugs to you Donna C. Jackie Caldwell is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Chef. Jackie works with clients who suffer from autoimmune disorders such as ulcerative colitis celiac Crohn s disease IBD and anyone who needs to improve their digestive health. Restoring Your Health... One Bite at a Time Is the food you are eating making you sick Many people have food intolerances and sensitivities that are making them ill and they don t even know it. J ackie Caldwell is very passionate about teaching clients how Food Is Medicine. Her personal journey from illness to recovery helped her understand that what you eat really matters for long -term health. EASY GRAIN-FREE BREAD INGREDIENTS 1 cup creamy cashew butter (room temperature is best) 5 large eggs 2 tsp. melted grass-fed butter or use ghee for dairy free 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar (I use Braggs Organic) tsp. baking soda tsp. fine sea salt Jackie recovered from severe ulcerative colitis by drastically changing her diet and elimi- nating the foods she couldn t digest. This was after two years with standard forms of medical treatment and being told time and again that food had nothing to do with her digestive disease. When more drugs and surgery were her only options left Jackie decided to try specific diet therapy for her disease. By focusing on diet therapy and lifestyle changes Jackie has been in remission for ten years. When I m done working with clients I hope to leave them with good health and the ability to be an advocate for their own well-being. I encourage clients to ask questions do their own research and understand all of their options so they can make an informed decision about medical care. I educate people about real whole food and help them incorporate more of it into their diets. LEARN MORE AT GRAINFREEWELLNESS.COM AND CONTACT JACKIE AT JCALD50 GMAIL.COM OR 913-980-5605. HER OFFICE IS LOCATED AT YOUR WELLNESS CONNECTION AT 7415 SWITZER. JACKIE TEACHES GRAIN GLUTEN-FREE COOKING AND BAKING CLASSES AT THE CULINARY CENTER IN OLD OVERLAND PARK WWW.KCCULINARY.COM. METHOD Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9x5 loaf pan with oil and insert parchment paper. Scoop creamy cashew butter into a food processor powerful blender or use a bowl and mix well. Add other ingredients melted butter or ghee apple cider vinegar baking soda and sea salt. Pulse until batter is well mixed. I use a spatula to mix and make sure cashew butter is incorporated into batter. Pour batter into the 9x5 prepared loaf pan. Bake at 350 for 38 to 42 minutes. Start checking bread at 38 minutes and pull out when tester is clean. Remove from oven and let cool in pan for 15 minutes and then lift bread out to cooling rack for an hour. Store bread wrapped tightly in plastic wrap in the fridge it freezes nicely too. Find all Jackie s recipes at 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM GrainFreeWellness Grain Free Wellness SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 SCENE & BE SEEN PHOTOGRAPHY BY DOC PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS HERLIFE Revelry Vintners Wine Dinner On April 19 Story hosted a Revelry Vintners wine dinner. Revelry Vintners winemaker and owner Jared Burns presented guests with six wines paired with Chef Carl Thorne-Thomsen s sixcourse tasting menu. Revelry Vintners is located in Walla Walla Washington and has been producing world-class wines since 2005. For more information on Story s monthly wine dinners please visit storykc. com. Story is located in The Village Shops at 3931 W. 69th Terrace Prairie Village Kansas. 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 SCENE & BE SEEN PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID RIFFLE HERLIFE Jazzoo 2017 Another fun night at the wildest party in town is in the books Jazzoo 2017 Peacocks and Plumage was a huge success with 75 restaurants providing fare four stages playing live music and ten full and specialty bars to keep the festivities going late into the night. Five thousand Zoo lovers enjoyed the evening under the stars celebrating our feathered friends who are always dressed to the nines. The event raises funds to feed the Zoo s 1 700 animals and educate area youth through the Zoo Learning Fund. 22 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 SCENE & BE SEEN PHOTOGRAPHY BY DOWNTOWN LEE S SUMMIT MAIN STREET HERLIFE Downtown Lee s Summit Farmers Market At the Downtown Lee s Summit Farmers Market annual Spring Celebration the community enjoyed shopping for local produce and handmade goods a craft project for children live music story time by MidContinent Public Library and an appearance by the farmers market cow. In addition to the Spring Celebration the Downtown Lee s Summit Farmers Market hosts Christmas in July set for July 19 Harvest Fest on October 7 and an indoor Holiday Mart on December 16. Over 50 vendors sell their produce and goods at this market every Wednesday and Saturday morning from 7 00 a.m. until sell out. This year s market season runs through November 18 and celebrates being named Missouri s 1 Favorite Farmers Market by the American Farmland Trust for the sixth year in a row. The Farmers Market has been in existence for 20 years and is managed by Downtown Lee s Summit Main Street. For more information visit market. 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 SCENE & BE SEEN PHOTOGRAPHY BY ASHLEY ELWELL THREE THREE PHOTOGRAPHY HERLIFE Kansas City Repertory Theatre Gala Kansas City Repertory Theatre held A Fearless F te 2017 Mission to Planet Rep on May 20 at Spencer Theatre located in the James C. Olson Performing Arts Center on the UMKC campus. This year s gala was an out-ofthis-world spectacle that featured spacethemed activities heavenly creations prepared by KC s best local restaurants and a stellar musical performance featuring KCRep favorites Shanna Jones and Jenny Ashman. Gala guests were adorned in galactic attire as they joined forces with fellow theatre lovers to keep Kansas City Repertory Theatre alive in our community. Proceeds from A Fearless F te support KCRep s nationally acclaimed productions the OriginKC New Works Program and the more than 11 000 area students KCRep serves each season through education programs. 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 SCENE & BE SEEN PHOTOGRAPHY BY SANDER CHA HERLIFE AesthetiCare Celebrates Deserving Winner AesthetiCare Med Spa loved celebrating their Because She Deserves It winner Karen Logan on May 17 at Kendra Scott in Leawood. Karen looked amazing and the AesthetiCare team has enjoyed pampering her with treatments and experiences. Karen won the contest last December and since then AesthetiCare Med Spa has given her all the best and latest treatments on the market including Forever Young BBLTM Halo CoolSculpting Botox fillers HydrafacialTM products and more AesthetiCare thanks partners Kendra Scott bijin salon & spa Alysa Rene Boutique and T.Loft Tea and Juice Bar for completing the makeover for this deserving woman 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 HEALTH WRITTEN BY LISA TARANTO BUTLER HERLIFE LYMPHEDEMA JUST THE FACTS We discuss almost any health issue or problem pretty comfortably these days but we don t hear much about our lymphatic system in everyday medical news or social media. Its importance is dramatic however especially for people suffering from the serious condition of lymphedema. T he lymphatic system keeps the body healthy by circulating protein-rich lymph fluid throughout the body collecting bacteria viruses and Secondary lymphedema is more common and occurs from a life event or functional impairment such as a trauma to the body infection or injury that hurts the lymphatic system and as a result of obesity. Lymphedema may come about after cancer treatment often radiation therapy or after the removal of lymph nodes which may damage the lymphatic system. This type of lymphedema is more common in women than men and affects about 1 in 1 000 people. waste products. The fluid and harmful substances are filtered through lymph nodes wastes are filtered out by lymphocytes and ultimately flushed from the body. When the lymphatic system becomes congested or clogged an accumulation of toxins begins and the body is compromised. WHAT IS LYMPHEDEMA Lymphedema or lymphatic obstruction is a longterm condition in which excess fluid called lymph collects in tissues causing swelling or edema. Since the lymphatic system is a part of the circulatory system and is vital for immune function a blockage of this system is termed lymphedema. Typically the most commonly affected body areas are the arms and the legs and often both arms or both legs are affected. Some patients can experience swelling of the chest head or genitals. Primary lymphedema often called congenital lymphedema occurs at birth or around puberty. This type of lymphedema is rare affecting about 1 in 6 000 people. 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS Symptoms of lymphedema may include a heavy sensation or tightening in the limb or limbs decreased range of motion or flexibility in the hand wrist foot or ankle or a feeling of tightness in clothes in certain body areas. Many patients notice other items that they wear on their body such as a wristwatch jewelry or ring feeling tighter. Swelling in the limbs is an important sign of lymphedema and often fingers and toes can be affected. While some patients experience slight changes in limb size others will have more severe swelling. Some patients experience severe fatigue and others skin may thicken and harden with blisters or growths appearing on the skin. TREATING LYMPHEDEMA Although lymphedema is incurable with the right treatment it can be controlled for each patient. Ongoing research focuses on reducing the symptoms such as swelling and controlling the pain. Some of the most successful lymphedema treatments are fairly simple. Light to moderate exercise leads the list as a controlling factor in pain management for lymphedema sufferers. Moving the affected limbs not only encourages lymph fluid drainage but it keeps the body stronger to manage everyday tasks. Exercises should not be overstrenuous but should focus on contracting the affected muscles. Thoroughly wrapping or bandaging the affected limbs allows fluid to flow toward the trunk of the body. The wrap should be tightest at the fingers or toes and get looser as it moves up the arm or leg. A specially trained massage therapist can perform a technique called manual lymph drainage to encourage lymph fluid flow. People with skin infections or blood clots should avoid massage. Long sleeves or stockings made to compress affected arms or legs encourage the flow of the lymph fluid out of the affected limb. Patients should wear compression garments when exercising the affected limb. Some patients may need a custom-made compression garment. Complete Decongestive Therapy is an intensive program that combines several treatment approaches. Two stages occur in CDT. The first stage is typically performed as aggressive treatment with a therapist while the second stage allows patients to maintain the re- sults of the initial intensive phase on their own. In general CDT isn t recommended for people who have high blood pressure diabetes paralysis heart failure blood clots or acute infections. PROFESSIONAL HELP Although there are no mandated training standards for lymphedema therapists doctors nurses physical and occupational therapists and licensed massage therapists who are certified through the Lymphology Association of North America have completed a standards and testing system. This certification denotes a particular level of training knowledge and experience with treating lymphedema. The length of treatment for lymphedema sufferers is determined by the stage of disease and how the body responds to treatment. Most people experience lymphedema dynamically with their condition changing continually over time as they age and as their body responds to treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema are the most helpful steps to combating or at least stabilizing the condition. Many treatments can ensure patients more independence and confidence as they manage lymphedema long term for a healthier happier more productive life. SOURCES CLT-LANA.ORG LYMPHNET.ORG MEDICALNEWSTODAY.COM AND MAYOCLINIC.ORG. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 LOCAL LEADING DOCTORS DR. JOHN MICHAEL QUINN Quinn Plastic Surgery Center Dr. John Michael Quinn serves Overland Park Kansas City and surrounding areas as an experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Among several Kansas City plastic surgeons Dr. Quinn prides himself on his ability to listen to patients in order to achieve the desired result. Dr. Quinn has been a practicing plastic surgeon for more than 29 years producing beautiful and natural-looking results for his patients. Dr. Quinn is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and he is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. 913-492-3443 6920 W 121ST STREET 102 OVERLAND PARK KS 66209 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION LOCAL LEADING DOCTORS DR. DAVID KAPLAN Adult and Pediatric Dermatology The office of David Kaplan MD Adult and Pediatric Dermatology has always had a passion for quality and innovation. Their commitment continues with the announcement they have joined the growing movement of physicians embracing the Direct Pay Model. The Direct Pay Model provides a refreshing patient-friendly practice that diminishes costly interference from insurance companies. Both returning and new patients will find their care to be more affordable when it bypasses their high deductibles and co-pays. For example office visits will range from 75 to 125. A skin biopsy is only 50 while a steroid injection or freezing of multiple lesions costs 25. Dr. Kaplan and his providers have adapted their patient scheduling too. You will now get the care you need when you need it. No more six-month waits most patients can now be seen within days This new practice model will also give you more time during your appointment to ask questions and get answers regarding diagnosis and treatment options. This team of caring professionals invites everyone to benefit from their years of experience cost-effective treatment options and superior level of personalized care. Dr. Kaplan has been in private practice for 555-555-5555 29 years he teaches at both the University of Kansas and the UMKC Schools of Medicine. He volunteers at a free clinic in Wyandotte County and continues to lecture nationally.160TH ST. 7535 W. OVERLAND PARK KS 66085 913-469-1115 4601 W 109TH ST. SUITE 116 OVERLAND PARK KS 66211 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 LOCAL LEADING DOCTORS DR. JOSEPH C. CAMARATA Aesthetic Surgical Arts Dr. Joseph C. Camarata received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Nebraska and his Doctor of Medical Dentistry from the University of Pittsburg graduating from the programs with Distinction and Honors. He completed his plastic and reconstructive surgery residency program through the University of Texas Health Science Center and completed his oral and maxillofacial surgery residency through the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Dr. Camarata held the position of Chief Resident in both programs. Dr. Camarata is dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care through honesty kindness and personal respect. His integrity and commitment to his profession are the qualities that make him successful. Dr. Camarata takes time with each patient to discuss questions concerns goals and expectations. Dr. Camarata expanded his practice to include an exclusive medical spa. Mia Bella Donna Medspa meaning My Beautiful Woman is an extension of the dedication he has to his patients. When asked why he wanted to open the medspa Dr. Camarata responded The spa allows me to finalize care treatment and give patients the whole package. 913-851-7447 12541 FOSTER STREET SUITE 330 OVERLAND PARK KS 66213 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION LOCAL LEADING DOCTORS DR. RAYMOND J. BRILL Optometrist Brill Eye Center Dr. Brill graduated with honors from Illinois College of Optometry in 1978. He served as Division Optometrist at Ft. Riley KS for four years. Since starting his practice--Brill Eye Center--in Mission KS in 1983 Dr. Brill has been a thought leader for new technology in eye care. His current emphasis is on specialty contact lenses dry eye disease treatment and European luxury eyewear. In 2010 Dr. Brill earned an Executive MBA degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with top honors from the Bloch School of Management at UMKC in Kansas City. He currently serves on several professional and community boards and regularly writes professional articles and presents lectures locally and nationally. 913-432-7676 5820 LAMAR AVENUE MISSION KS 66202 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 LOCAL LEADING DOCTORS DR. KIMBERLI MCCALLUM McCallum Place McCallum Place is a nationally acclaimed comprehensive eating disorder treatment center treating patients of any gender ages ten and older for all weight-related concerns and co-occurring conditions. The center offers on-site medical care combined with intensive individual and group psychotherapy integrating personalized nutritional support in a home-like setting specialized to optimize recovery. They offer residential programming extended 10-hour or 6-hour PHP and also IOP programs. Dr. Kimberli McCallum FAPA CEDS is a board-certified Eating Disorder Specialist Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine. A graduate of Yale School of Medicine she completed her general psychiatric training at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute and child and adolescent training at Washington University School of Medicine. She is cofounder of the Missouri Eating Disorder Association on the board of directors of the National Eating Disorders Association and an advisory board member of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals. She has been a guest on The Dr. Oz Show and has provided numerous lectures across the country on a variety of topics achieving national recognition for her skills and knowledge in treating eating disorders. Your Strength is Within 800.828.8158 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION LOCAL LEADING DOCTORS DR. LEVI J. YOUNG Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Much like the great masters of art Dr. Levi Young of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Overland Park Kansas calls upon his artistic abilities and his clear sense of seeing the end result of his efforts at his plastic surgery practice. He is an accomplished artist with charcoal sketches and watercolors as his favorite media. My abilities as an artist do set me apart from competition because I m able to provide highly individualized cosmetic results that exceed patients expectations. My artistic nature lends me the ability to analyze each patient and develop the best plan for the desired outcome Dr. Young noted. My artistic ability is an incredible asset in the operating room and enables me to see and create the best aesthetic results. I am as invested in the final look as the patient because it s a reflection of my life s work. Dr. Young obtained all of his medical education in the KC area and he is a life-long Kansas City resident. With his Board Certification in Plastic Surgery he specializes in a wide range of cosmetic procedures from breast augmentation abdominoplasty and mommy makeovers to breast lifts rhinoplasty facelifts and eyelid surgery. To accomplish his outstanding results Dr. Young builds an individualized treatment plan for every patient that is well explained and set to deliver amazing results. I build a personalized care plan for each patient. My staff and I are dedicated to providing a great experience for all patients. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a FREE consultation. 913-341-2188 14340 METCALF AVENUE OVERLAND PARK KS 66223 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 LOCAL LEADING DOCTORS DR. DARIN UPCHURCH MaxLife Weight Loss and Body Balancing Dr. Darin Upchurch having practiced for almost 25 years has always had a passion for helping others achieve their best while aligning himself with the leading edge of health wellness and weight loss always keeping up with the latest in technology. Advancements in technology improve positive outcomes create increased efficiency and eliminate the guesswork when it comes to health. He often says this to his patients If you don t make time for your wellness you will make time for your illness 913-717-5336 11012 QUIVIRA ROAD OVERLAND PARK KS 66210 38 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 SPOTLIGHT WRITTEN BY CINDY MCDERMOTT PHOTOGRAPHY BY LINDSAY J. C. LACK HERLIFE Natural High Wellness Center & Spa HOLISTIC NUTRITION AND DETOXIFICATION FOR OPTIMAL WELLNESS I t s time to remove the taboo from discussing certain bodily functions. Admit it. Who likes to talk about eliminating waste from the body But for Angel Canady owner of Natural High Wellness Center & Spa it s an everyday conversation between her and her clients who are looking for a better way to detox their bodies. For 15 years Angel has been in the business that helps people go. BODY CLEANSE At Natural High Wellness Center & Spa we help people understand and activate their bodies natural cleaning mechanism. We re all about the detox noted Angel. Everyone s body is capable of cleansing but because of the toxins we re bombarded with the process is hindered. Angel describes our food as full of chemicals preservatives and GMOs. Our water isn t as pure as it could be. Then we add to the problem by coating our bodies with lotions and putting cosmetics on our faces. This slush of chemical goo is absorbed through our skin. Everything 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM we use on a daily basis isn t as natural as things should be and it s hard to escape commented Angel. Also stress is a major toxin in our body. All of these together throw off the endocrine system and impact our hormones thyroid and lead to constipation. Natural High Wellness Center & Spa 2317 West 143rd Street Leawood Kansas is the only comprehensive detox spa and wellness center in Kansas City. Colonics massages face and body treatments and other detox treatments are offered at this five-star facility driven by the goal of loving you to health with healing services and outstanding staff. Walking through the door you ll feel comfortable warm and welcomed into a world of total relaxation cleansing and rejuvenation. ACHIEVING BETTER HEALTH The colon is the sewage system of the body. If it s underactive and full of toxins it s going to impact your body shared Angel. Sixtyfive to 75 percent of the immune system is in the intestines. It s important to think about them to bring optimal health. Angel is a certified holistic nutritionist and colon therapist who administers colon hydrotherapy. Working with her clients she educates them about the importance of cleansing as part of a regular healthy regimen. I help them understand that what they re putting in their bodies is critical to good health. I help clients develop ways to optimize their wellbeing by eliminating stress to find a balance in life that allows for openings in creative outlets and to discover passion in their relationships she revealed. It s a holistic all-inclusive approach allowing me to enable people to find harmony on their journey to optimal health. During colon hydrotherapy water irrigates the colon to loosen up accumulated waste that can harden along the walls. In a private room clients lie on an inclined table allowing water to flow in the rectum. When they feel full they relax and empty out. Many clients say it s an interesting experience and they feel rejuvenated and healthier. They realize a cleansing allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more easily she shared. I recommend several sessions to get them at the right spot and then put them on a maintenance plan. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Front Row Angel Canady Owner Back Row (left to right) Kaitlin Bemboom Massage Therapist Steil Bemboom Massage Therapist I HELP CLIENTS DEVELOP WAYS TO OPTIMIZE THEIR WELLBEING BY ELIMINATING STRESS TO FIND A BALANCE IN LIFE THAT ALLOWS FOR OPENINGS IN CREATIVE OUTLETS AND TO DISCOVER PASSION IN THEIR RELATIONSHIPS SHE REVEALED. IT S A HOLISTIC ALL-INCLUSIVE APPROACH ALLOWING ME TO ENABLE PEOPLE TO FIND HARMONY ON THEIR JOURNEY TO OPTIMAL HEALTH. 41 NUTRITION AND MINDFULNESS At Natural High Wellness Center & Spa the staff isn t only focused on what s going out but also what s going in. Angel and her team work with clients to develop a customized action strategy focused on good nutrition exercise mindfulness and detoxification. It depends on the individual but my goal is to figure out what the clients need and develop an individualized plan. They shouldn t depend on our services all the time she remarked. We want to get them to a point where they re feeling better and on a maintenance plan. For some that takes a few sessions but for others it s a longer journey to find their optimal wellness. It s really about bio-individuality everyone is unique and adapts to things differently. Each has a different view of health wellness needs and goals. We meet them where they are and help them nurture a loving healthful relationship. Angel and her staff also call upon hightech equipment to help the body detox. One of her favorites is the bio-mat using far infrared heat and containing small amethyst crystals known for their healing properties. The bio-mat balances the body with a mild cleansing and helps with pain Angel noted. Every client that lies on it says it feels amazing. HEALTH IN ALL THINGS Mindfulness and spirituality are also an important part of the journey for Angel and achieving a healthy lifestyle can be found in all things. I believe God has put everything on this earth to heal ourselves in our food minerals and herbs. We can heal our bodies if we actively seek to put good things in our bodies Angel commented. Natural High Wellness Center& Spa is a place to come and feel comfortable knowing we have your best interests at heart. We are about loving our clients to health as we make wellness and relaxation go hand in hand. VISIT THE WEBSITE AT NATURALHIGHWELLNESS.COM OR CALL 913-901-8699. 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 SILVER LININGS WRITTEN BY ANN E. BUTENAS HERLIFE SUPPORT IN LOSING A LOVED ONE As I write this article my family and I are coming off the heels of unexpectedly losing my husband s mother. The last several days have proven to be a whirlwind of activities family gatherings and intense and unexpected emotions. rest and finalize important details in that regard. But once the business of tending to our loved one s passing is completed we know we will then be faced with the emotional component grief. People deal with this inevitable emotion in myriad ways but deal with it they must. Some prefer that family and friends are simply there for them but more often than not friends co-workers and other family members may not be able to realize or even appreciate the depth of your grief. Further your need to talk about your loss and how it is impacting you may unfor44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM F inding the time to grieve has essentially taken a back seat amid all the things that must be done in order to properly lay our loved one to tunately long outlast the willingness of others to listen. You may need to turn to outside sources to help you deal with your grief. A grief support group is one of the few places to which you can turn to be with others who are sharing similar experiences and who can understand allowing you the space and comfort to talk about the one you have loved and lost. Bear in mind that a support group is not to be confused with a therapy group however. It is not designed to cure any long-standing emotional issues or even change your values or beliefs. On the other hand it is not just a social gathering although you may develop friendships outside of the group as a result. Instead a bereavement support group is what the name implies it is a healing circle that assists members who are dealing with the heavy burden of loss. It allows members to express themselves in a safe structured environment with others who are similarly bound by the experience of a loss and who can come together regularly to share express concerns and feelings and learn more about the overall mourning process while simultaneously working through their feelings. Members not only have the chance to grow by receiving help but also by giving it. Most support groups are facilitated by those who have lost loved ones themselves or who have worked through their own grief they are passionate about helping others through the process. While each support group meeting varies in terms of what occurs there are typically set ground rules such as ensuring what is spoken within the group stays within the group. Members are free to exchange as much or as little as they desire. If you are not ready to talk you can simply listen but everyone is afforded equal time to share. Frequently those present may share photos of loved ones or special poems tributes and eulogies. However everything shared discovered and learned is expected to be held in strict confidence by everyone in attendance. There is no set time period when it comes to joining a support group. While you may not feel compelled to join one now that could change. Give yourself time to adjust to the group by attending several meetings to make sure it involves a group of people with whom you can easily identify and that is it overseen by a facilitator who runs the group effectively and who is knowledgeable about the process of grieving. There are numerous benefits from joining a support group including emotional and physical support in a safe and non-judgmental place understanding from others who have experienced a similar loss the chance to work through the healing process and the acquisition of various coping skills to help you get through the grief journey. Above all this is a place that gives you permission to grieve as well as permission to live a happy and productive life. If a support group does not seem to meet your needs you may consider meeting with a professional counselor who understands the issues associated with grief and who will allow you to grieve without interference. An effective bereavement counselor should be able to work through the mourning process with you while encouraging you to move forward giving you the faith that you can and will survive. To find a grief counselor or therapist in your area contact your public library for numbers of local mental health associations access the Yellow Pages or inquire of local hospitals and hospices. Many such places offer individual and family grief support for clients up to a year following a death and also offer bereavement support groups free of charge. Additionally the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization operates a database of hospices for each state. You can also go online at grief or utilize betterhelp. com the largest online counseling platform in the world. SOURCES GRIEFHEALINGBLOG.COM HELLOGRIEF.ORG AND NHPCO.ORG. 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 ASK THE EXPERT WRITTEN BY KIMBERLY JOHNSON HERLIFE Kimberly Johnson APRN is a nurse practitioner at Mosaic Life Care in Kansas City s Northland and is also available for consultation at the Spa at Briarcliff. Kim is Nationally Board Certified in Family Practice as a nurse practitioner and has been working in family practice for 14 years. She has also received certification for various cosmetic procedures including Laser therapy Botox and Fillers. Kim received her Master s Degree from The University of Missouri in Kansas City. Healthy Skin for the Summer Q. I HAVE FAIR SKIN SO WHAT CAN I DO TO ENSURE I DON T GET SKIN CANCER A Some cases of melanoma the most dangerous type of skin cancer are hereditary. If skin cancer runs in your family make sure you see a dermatologist each year for mole mapping. The vast majority (about 9 in 10) of skin cancer diagnoses are the result of sun exposure. You probably already know the importance of using a 30 or higher SPF but the best way to protect your skin is to limit the time you spend under intense sunlight. When choosing a sunscreen make sure it protects against UVA and UVB light. I recommend a physical sunscreen that can deflect the sun s harmful rays from being absorbed into your skin. These are sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide. Don t forget to bring a hat with a wide brim and UV protection sunglasses which can protect your eyes from developing cataracts. Finally portable sun shelters are an inexpensive easy-to-use solution for relaxing outdoors. And if you re vacationing on a tropical beach treat yourself and rent that cabana Q. I VE JUST BEEN TOLD THAT I NEED TO HAVE A MOLE REMOVED. SHOULD I BE WORRIED WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT FROM THE PROCEDURE A Don t worry mole removal is a very common procedure. The decision to remove a mole is typically based on its appearance (size color shape) and whether it has changed which can be signs of skin cancer. You can expect a quick procedure in which the area is numbed with a local anesthetic. The removal method depends on your mole but you won t feel anything during the procedure. Afterwards your provider will examine the mole under a microscope or send it to a pathology lab to determine whether it is malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous). You will probably get a small scar but as the saying goes better safe than sorry. 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49 BEAUTY HERLIFE WRITTEN BY HOPE FERGUSON MORGAN REMOVING TATTOOS AND REGRETS We ve all been told that the only constant in life is change. However that may not apply if you ve gotten a tattoo. By design they are meant to be permanent. T attoos have exploded in popularity during the last two decades. Thirty-six percent of young people between the ages of 18 and 25 have at color pigments into many microparticles that are taken away by the body s cells. The process takes from 3 to 12 office visits and it can be painful and costly it is not perfect. Some patients report that the process burns and some report that the pain is about equal to that of getting a tattoo. The difficulty of removing a tattoo is based on several factors the age color ink density and location of the tattoo. The easiest tattoos to remove are those with high contrast such as black ink on light skin older tattoos and tattoos with shading or less dense ink. Colored tattoos are most stubborn. The location matters because areas with less circulation will take longer to absorb and dislodge the ink. A faint image may remain some patients have a scar or skin discoloration after treatment is completed. Dermabrasion sands off tattoos with sandpaper acids or salt and a rotating brush. Drawbacks are that it can only be done on certain tattoos but not on facial ones. Green and white ink are particularly resistant to lasers and so dermabrasion might be a second line of treatment for this ink but it leaves scarring. Other side effects are pain skin discoloration and infection during the healing process. Cryosurgery uses liquid nitrogen and a directed light to freeze-burn the tattoo and prompt skin peeling. Side effects can be bleeding blistering edema pain and damaged hair follicles. With tattoo exci- least one tattoo. Overall nearly a third of all Americans sport one. Fifty-eight percent of tattoo wearers are female and not surprisingly tattoos are most popular among young people. The number of adults over 65 with tattoos is only five percent. But many people due to a change in outlook a relationship or circumstance later come to regret them. In the next decade or two dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons will likely have a heyday removing these vestiges of another time. Methods have been used to remove tattoos over the years and almost all have some drawbacks. Today the state-of-the-art method is to use high quality Q-switched lasers which are able through various frequencies of light to shatter the ink used in the tattoo with the smaller ink particles then being absorbed and removed by the body. Dr. Robert Burke a dual board certified cosmetic surgeon who practices in Michigan has been removing tattoos for more than 23 years. He explains Tattoo removal is all about the wavelength of laser light that is used to remove the tattoo. Tattoos are made of various colors. Each color interacts with a different wavelength of light. The wavelength of light hits a specific color target causing that color to disappear by breaking up the 50 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM sion a scalpel is used to actually remove the top layer of skin. The resulting wound is then sutured. This removal process must be performed by a surgeon and is recommended only for smaller tattoos. But these methods leave scars and results may depend on the individual s ability to heal and regenerate tissue. Cost of tattoo removal can depend on variables such as the location of the tattoo the individual s skin tone the quality of the ink and how old the tattoo is. Since the success rate can be affected by the rate of blood flow to the skin the closer to the heart the tattoo is the more successful the removal is likely to be. Cost may be based on total number of treatments or a per-square-inch basis and some providers offer financing plans. Look for a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has good before-and-after photos. The newest lasers such as PicoSure or the EnlightenTM which uses dual wavelengths and dual pulses to remove stubborn ink of many colors are more effective and also may be more expensive. Some states require a doctor to supervise laser treatments since the process requires an understanding of the biology of the skin around it. For those without the fortitude or patience for permanent removal makeup such as Dermablend originally designed to cover scars can be used to camouflage the ink. Tattoo fading creams contain chemical irritants that are meant to cause the skin to peel and allow the natural healing process to kick in dissolving ink as the skin rejuvenates. But dermatologists advise being careful with home removal the effectiveness of these products will not equal the results from treatment by trained professionals. Think before you ink removing that memoir can be much more painful and time consuming than having it put on to begin with. SOURCES ATLANTICTATTOOREMOVAL.COM AMERICANHEALTHANDBEAUTY.COM ERASERCLINIC.COM CREDITDONKEY.COM NYTIMES.COM WASHINGTON- HEALTH.COM AND TATTOOREMOVALPRICER.COM POST.COM. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 51 SPOTLIGHT WRITTEN BY CINDY MCDERMOTT PHOTOGRAPHY BY KEVIN MCBRIDE HERLIFE COMPASSIONATE FAMILY CARE IMPROVED HEALTH AND NEW OPTIONS FOR BOOSTING METABOLISM ily Care the staff understands the most important investment you can make is taking care of yourself. Dr. Laura Ray and her knowledgeable team can establish a customized treatment plan to make you M any factors play into the process of improving health losing weight and boosting energy levels. At Compassionate Fam- feel great again. The recent initiation of all-natural vitamin injections can help you reach your goals by boosting energy increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite. Our metabolism booster MetB is an injection that helps increase metabolism and energy. It also helps to curb hunger and it can be used as a supple- Pictured Left to Right Megan Caldwell APRN Sarah Wallace APRN Dr. Laura Ray M.D. Morgan Bergman APRN 52 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ment to help you reach your weight loss goals Dr. Ray explained. The Vitamin-B Complex injection is an energy supplement to help maintain normal energy levels. It is best if used in combination with the MetB but it can also be used by itself to give you that boost you have been looking for. MetB plays a key role in helping the body metabolize nutrients boost energy and assist in appetite control. Dr. Ray and her team recommend the MetB injection once weekly and the VitaminB Complex injection one to two times weekly until goals are met. A minimum duration of six weeks is recommended before evaluating success however many patients notice an improvement in symptoms after their first dose she shared. While the injections are purchased separately discount pricing is available when both injections are given together. THE VALUE OF B-COMPLEX VITAMINS The Vitamin B Complex injection includes a variety of B vitamins that the body has difficulty storing when taken orally due to their water-soluble properties. The injection minimizes deficiencies offering an improvement of potential health complications such as low energy chronic fatigue and obesity Dr. Ray stated. The MetB injections augment these effects by stimulating metabolism which breaks down excess fat within the body specifically the liver. In addition CUSTOMIZED PLAN FOR HEALTH To further understand how these two injections may benefit you they suggest scheduling an office visit to evaluate health risks discuss your goals and then develop a personalized plan to help you feel great again. Mor- IT IS OUR PERSONAL TOUCH AND INDIVIDUALIZED CARE THAT MAKE SUCH A DIFFERENCE SHE REMARKED. ANY MEDICAL PRACTITIONER CAN PUT IN A PELLET OR PRESCRIBE A HORMONE REGIMEN. HOWEVER AT COMPASSIONATE FAMILY CARE WE MAKE A CONNECTION LISTEN TO THEM AND DETERMINE THE BEST OPTIONS FOR THE PATIENT. ALL OF THIS COMES IN A FRIENDLY WARM AND COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 53 gan Bergman APRN NP-C Megan Caldwell APRN NP-C and Sarah Wallace APRN NP-C have worked with Dr. Ray to create these customized strategies and they are assisted by their talented and caring office staff. SottoPelle bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is another tool Dr. Ray and her team continue to use to improve the quality of life in many patients. Over the last several years Compassionate Family Care has witnessed an increase in those seeking bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. They have treated an increasing number of patients with SottoPelle hormone replacement which offers an individualized care model focused on improving the uncomfortable symptoms of hormone imbalance in both men and women. Patient testimony has shown that SottoPelle not only restores a diminished quality of life and minimizes menopause symptoms but it can also improve symptoms that often begin many years before menopause Dr. Ray commented. This form of hormone replacement can often improve cholesterol levels although it is not indicated to solely treat elevated cholesterol. With SottoPelle hormone replacement patients can overcome a number of issues including fatigue weight gain decreased motivation and desire loss of concentration decreased libido lack of focus lethargy hot flashes and night sweats. replacement Dr. Ray and her team take pride in the personalized transformation that Compassionate Family Care offers each patient. It is our personal touch and individualized care that make such a difference she remarked. Any medical practitioner can put in a pellet or prescribe a hormone regimen. However at Compassionate Family Care we make a connection listen to them and determine the best options for the patient. All of this comes in a friendly warm and comfortable environment. After a comprehensive evaluation of current symptoms and hormone levels Dr. Ray and her team can discuss options and select a course of treatment individualized to the needs of each patient. With hormone replacement therapy we are able to restore the body to its fully functional state similar to how we felt in our prime when everything worked well Dr. Ray explained. We specialize in SottoPelle which not only uses bio-identical hormone pellets but delivers them to the blood stream the same way that your body does allowing it to use the amount it needs when it needs it. Compassionate Family Care is devoted to providing personalized care that will exceed your expectations. Schedule a consultation today to discuss the many different options to start your transformation. VISIT DR. RAY S OFFICE AT 15900 COLLEGE BOULEVARD SUITE 100 LENEXA KAN- PERSONALIZED HORMONE REPLACEMENT REGIMEN Although many offices in the Kansas City metro offer hormone SAS HER WEBSITE AT YOUR-CFC.COM OR CALL 913-744-4300. 54 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 55 INSPIRATIONS HERLIFE WRITTEN BY CINDY MCDERMOTT PHOTOGRAPHY BY HEATHER MORROW HAIR BY COLLEEN QUICK OF RUMORS SALON & SPA MAKEUP BY ERICA JOHNSON OF EMJ HAIR STUDIOS 56 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ROBIN KRAUSE T OFFERING CLEAN FOOD AT UNBAKERY AND JUICERY he recipe for success for Kansas City native Robin Krause is filled with organic ingredients pinches of delicious spices fresh-from-thefarm whole foods nutritious good- ness and lots of love. Combine that with her incredible knowledge of healthy and holistic living and you come up with Unbakery and Juicery at 634 East 63rd street Kansas City Missouri a grab-and-go or sit-if-you-please eatery focused on organic healthful food and beverages. I want to help people with food at Unbakery and Juicery. Everything is healthy grab and go and you can t find organic grab and go anywhere in this area. Our customer service is great. In fact you can come in with any ailment and we ll try to help you shared Robin. Dates are the main sweetener and we make all milks in house except for the whole dairy milk we use in our coffee bar. We use all-whole-food ingredients and work with local farmers for the freshest produce. We plan on starting our own herb garden on site. FOOD FOR HEALTH Robin refers to her offerings as gluten free dairy free and processed stuff free done right. Her passion is helping her customers eat right and live a healthy lifestyle. You cannot heal if you are not creating energy and wellness. I d say 70 percent of my clientele have food allergies many requiring a glutenfree diet. But 30 percent simply want to eat healthier she revealed. I m not raw or vegan. I love meat however I eat according to HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 57 taining a healthy lifestyle. Over the years she s spent hundreds of hours achieving various certifications for holistic living and coaching integrated nutrition and yoga instruction. With her wisdom and solid nutritional advice Robin guides her customers through ailments as diverse as allergies obesity inflammation digestive issues and more. Her drive to help others comes from her personal experiences. quality not quantity. So what s on the menu at Unbakery and Juicery As the name implies delicious juices made through a cold-press method offer you the most in nutrition and good taste. Their rainbow of bright colors delights the eye satisfies the palate and delivers a positive outcome when consumed. Tonic waters and almond milk infused with lots of good stuff are created daily. In addition to the juices and tonics one can try Unbakery s customer favorites such as the Pad Thai salad seared tuna with a tamari sesame dressing the falafel wrap or many other gluten-free raw unbaked goods. Salads wraps parfaits protein balls and yes even desserts are offered at this super-sleek eatery. Feast on ingredients that sound as if they were harvested from your grandmother s backyard garden including lavender rose hempseed protein bars rose-infused water and dandelion maple latte. Take it with you or sit with friends in the intimate setting. I owned all of the Filling Stations and the Soho Bakery for about 12 years but the strain was overwhelming. I was stressed out more than I had ever been. I got sick with fatigue exhaustion and more she recalled. After four years in physicians offices and medications I fired my doctors and started research on holistic healing and became gluten free. Robin s experience is now at your service. Imagine calling upon a walking encyclopedia of clean eating when you visit Unbakery and Juicery. Robin runs through just a few of her products. Hump Day Happy Water consisting of rose 9.5 alkaline water vitamin B12 and trace minerals can help you power through the week. Her 9 H20 has blue majik magnesium lavender and alkaline water and it s designed to calm at night without crazy side effects. Packed with vitamins 9 helps restore the body with 65 vitamins minerals and amino acids. With this kind of menu one might wonder if Unbakery and Juicery is a chemistry class or a place to fill your tummy with gluten free dairy free nut free and processed free. Either way it s intriguing and pleasing. FINDING KNOWLEDGE But what really sets this eatery apart from others can t be found on the menu. It s Robin herself and her extensive knowledge of main58 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP Her journey to establish Unbakery and Juicery came by chance. She was at a meeting across the street in the West Brookside neighborhood discussing another opportunity when she spotted a former bank building. The architecture exuded a 1960s eclectic vibe with aluminum circular shapes decorating the outside of the A-frame structure. During the entire meeting I couldn t keep my eyes off the building across the street. I just fell in love with it and the neighborhood. In fact the old teller s window is now the drive-through window and the safe on the inside is used as the coffee bar she laughed. With the encouragement of her husband Danny and son Zeke 15 Robin launched Unbakery and Juicery about a year ago. The success of the cafe has been outstanding and encouraging to Robin as she considers other forays into the world of healthy living. An apothecary line that she s named Apoth based on knowledge gained during an extensive herbalist apprenticeship has launched starting with certified organic teas offering properties for self healing. Think sipping on natural ways to improve sleep enjoying a morning or an afternoon detox encouraging the metabolism with a skinny tea benefiting from a cleansing tea or slipping into a sexy tea. Specialty shops and the Unbakery and Juicery are carrying the Apoth line of teas. In about a year I ll launch the Apoth line of creams lotions and bath soaps that are good for the skin draw out toxins and soothe she noted. Also within the next year I m searching for investors for HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM WOMEN ARE SO INTO NURTURING OTHERS AND BEING SENSITIVE TO OTHERS THAT WE FORGET TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES. WOMEN CAN GIVE 100 PERCENT TO FAMILY AND JOB AND THINK THEY RE SUCCESSFUL ROBIN REMARKED. BUT YOU CAN T BE SICK AND SUCCESSFUL SO DON T BE AFRAID TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST AND DON T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. REMEMBER EAT HEALTHY WITHOUT STARVING YOURSELF. 59 a full wellness restaurant in the KC metro. I have the concept and design but haven t settled on the location. Within another year the restaurant would open. ENCOURAGE QUALITY Yet for Midwesterners who grew up on hardy food moving away from the type of diet Robin eschews may be a bit tough especially for picky eaters ranging from youngsters to oldsters. We re pounding away at our bodies by eating unhealthy food. For breakfast we eat eggs bacon pancakes cereal and they re all horrible to put in our bodies at any time commented Robin. My mantra is What would I feed my kids I saw my son going in the same direction as so many others no energy fatigue and breaking out. I wanted to set a positive and healthy example for him and other kids. Now he and his friends love my chia bowls and they re so good for you. To further coax a hesitant eater Robin suggests reminding them of the quality of the food they re putting into their bodies. Think farm to table. Eliminate GMOs added hormones and processing. Consider organics and gluten free. Watch and read labels carefully. You might think nothing about springing for five dollars on a cup of coffee but balk at spending that same amount on non-GMO and organic food she observed. It s time to change that mindset. While she s big on juicing Robin says she s probably the only juice proponent in the world that disagrees with juice cleansings. She believes that detoxing occurs on a continuous basis when you consume the right foods and liquids. Robin suggests this example to use on a daily basis. Start with our alkaline water in the morn- GOOD HEALTH IS NOT A DESTINATION IT IS YOUR VEHICLE. IT WILL TAKE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO BE IN LIFE PROMISED ROBIN. EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS BASED ON BEING HEALTHY. 60 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ROBIN AND HER HUSBAND DANNY ing. Do a juice and then a soup or salad for lunch. For the afternoon have another juice she noted. Then try our Phat bomb as a little something extra in the afternoon. It s organic and helps you absorb the nutrients from your food. In the evening eat one of our grab-and-go salads or wraps or have one of our mylks almond black pink golden or blue. LEARN THROUGH REACHING OUT While most of her advice is for a healthy lifestyle she s also willing to share her business success with others. Just as her food is bold and exciting she extends that same mindset to her business dealings. The Apoth line is her tenth business venture. I tell others not to be afraid. Be yourself get out there and get your toes wet. You ll get better and better she said. Failure is a lesson. I ve had businesses that failed but I didn t let that hold me back. Ask for help from others. Even if they give you the cold shoulder you ll learn something. But eventually you ll find someone who will help. Whatever happens don t be afraid to try because it s so much fun. In addition to her advice for entrepreneurs Robin is keen to offer guidance to women. Women are so into nurturing others and being sensitive to others that we forget to take care of ourselves. Women can give 100 percent to family and job and think they re successful Robin remarked. But you can t be sick and successful so don t be afraid to put yourself first and don t be afraid to ask for help. Remember eat healthy without starving yourself. According to Robin when it comes to healthy eating having a healthy mindset is just as important as living a healthy lifestyle. Her Unbakery and Juicery offers that opportunity to fill the mind with nutritional assistance and to satisfy the body with delicious food that s good for you. It will be the foundation of a solid fulfilling life. Good health is not a destination it is your vehicle. It will take you where you want to be in life promised Robin. Everything in life is based on being healthy. FOLLOW UNBAKERY ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK OR VISIT THE WEBSITE AT UNBAKERYANDJUICERYKC.COM. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 61 ORGANIZER BLOG WRITTEN BY JOANIE NICHOLAS R LOWE CALIF HERLIFE OTS CARR RS PEPPE Organizing Coach Joanie Nicholas owner of All Things Organized is not an ordinary organizer. She approaches your home from a soulful place. For over 20 years Joanie has led people across the metro area in creating lasting positive changes to their space. Joanie brings professional guidance enthusiasm empathy and humor to her hands-on work with each client. Connect with Joanie at Joanie or by phone at 913-3903432. For regular tips and inspiration for your home projects follow All Things Organized on Facebook and ATOJoanie on Twitter. C BRO NS BEA Take Stock of Your Kitchen I f your goal is to improve your eating habits then an organized kitchen is a must. When your cabinets are bursting and your pantry is a jumble ordering take-out looks much more appealing than making something at home. Two keys to healthy eating are The ability to access the cooking tools and utensils you need. Having the space organized so that it s as easy to grab healthy choices as to steal a cookie from the cookie jar. As with any organizing project in your home start by clearing out all the junk. In this case I mean junk food. But don t stop with edible items also rid your kitchen cabinets and drawers of the appliances gadgets and tools you never use. How many really cool and time-saving products have you purchased with enthusiasm and grand intentions that now sit unused and gathering dust Fighting your way past these things to find what you actually use wastes time and adds stress. At the end of the day no one wants to be on their hands and knees shuffling through a cabinet to find the pan they need to make dinner Be sure you can easily reach any appliance that you use weekly or more often in the summertime this might be your salad spinner and in the winter it s more likely your crockpot. Keep your favorite saucepan and skillet at the front of a cabinet near the stovetop. The turkey roaster and other specialty items that do get used but rarely should be stored in the basement or an out-of-the-way closet. Food organization is important also. Designate areas of your refrigerator and pantry for categories of ingredients such as smoothies salads breakfast snacks and keep everything you ll need for that group together. Place the highly nutritious foods front and center the sugary (and more tempting) treats in a place that s difficult to reach. The bins pictured here can be found online and make containing like items a breeze. My clients use them in the fridge freezer and pantry. Labels help you remember your categories to quickly access what you need. Eating well is an ongoing challenge for many of us. Set up your kitchen to help not hinder your efforts. You ll be one step closer to the healthy lifestyle you dream of. 62 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 63 MOTHER S PERSPECTIVE WRITTEN BY RACHEL MARSHALL HERLIFE whether it s making good grades boosting test scores or honing essay-writing skills. START EARLY If you currently have an eighth-grader or freshman in your home consider developing a long-range four-year plan to maximize your admission acceptance. Learn about the advanced curriculum options your child s high school offers and what it takes to be eligible for those classes. IvyWise admissions counselor Katherine Cohen says If you want to take calculus in your senior year which many selective colleges like to see you generally have to start with geometry GOAL COLLEGE ACCEPTANCE LETTERS Today s college admission process involves much more than good grades and test scores. Parents and their children need to be thinking about their strategy well before senior year if they intend to compete for an acceptance letter to the college of their choice. as a freshman in order to end up in pre-calculus when you re a junior. Students that might be behind or who are not on this type of track can double up on math science or a foreign language in their junior and senior years. If your student got a late start on the advanced curriculum don t think of it as a lost cause. Many discussions about college admissions note that college admissions recruiters and directors like to see students turn things around. The National Association for College Admission Counseling in its 2015 survey noted The top factors in the admission decision for the Fall 2015 admission cycle were grades in college preparatory courses strength of curriculum overall high school GPA and admission test scores. Among the next most important factors were the essay a student s demonstrated interest counselor and teacher recommendations extracurricular activities and class rank. T he biggest key is to stay strong from start to finish. Here are some tips from college admission experts to walk you through the steps necessary to help your child get into the college of her dreams. INVESTIGATE ADMISSION STANDARDS Find out how each school weighs their admission criteria. This shows you what the administration and admissions officers deem important and how they value certain items over others. They may value the student s essay more than her class rank. The College Solution s Lynn O Shaughnessy advises students and parents to look up the school s common data set which is typically available on the college s website. Search as common data set for the specific college or university then check section C7 which ranks academic and non-academic factors from Very Important to Not Considered. The website is a well-organized site that contains equivalent information. Its College Match tab allows input of your student s personal preferences to search its database of more than 2 000 colleges and universities. This research will be valuable as you and your student determine what to focus on 64 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ACTIVITY OUTSIDE ACADEMICS As college admission becomes more competitive extracurricular activities are holding more weight as they show the great things students are doing outside the classroom. Colleges want students who can contribute to the well-rounded student bodies they are striving for. Cohen notes It s better to be involved in fewer activities wholeheartedly over time rather than nine or ten superficially. Suggest to your child they pick only a few sports activities or clubs to be a part of and excel in those rather than spreading themselves over numerous activities in which they may not make as big an impact. TIME TO SHINE The college essay is becoming more vital when applying for college. This is the prime opportunity for your child to show their personality and demonstrate to admissions officers what they have to offer. Suggest they ditch the academic five-paragraph style and instead use their creativity by using tone style dashes ellipses and more. A trend that helps candidates stand out is the art of storytelling. Avoid broad topics and instead tell a story from a specific event that shows examples of how the student overcame an obstacle achieved something great or made an impact. If you re not a confident storyteller services such as Story2 s EssayBuilderTM can help your student write their story in an organized and compelling format. Independent consulting companies can help parents and students organize their admissions process. Google college admission consultants or survey your friends. As always caveat emptor check the firm or individual s credentials including their acceptance success rate before you commit resources to the process. It s a long journey with many moving parts to consider as you prepare plan and submit applications. Remember the key stay strong from start to finish. So even after your student clicks submit keep the grades up continue communications with the college of their choice ask questions and visit the campus. Show them you want to be there. Now it s time wait for the acceptance letters to come in SOURCES CAPPEX.COM IVYWISE.COM NACACNET.ORG STORY2.COM THECOLLEGESOLUTION.COM TIME.COM AND USNEWS.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 65 CULINARY HERLIFE WRITTEN BY PATTY COOK EATING SUSTAINABLY People who love to cook often pay attention to small details. We want to eat as well as we can serving affordable yet high-quality ingredients. Over time we shop for food with a critical eye. Is it fresh Will it taste good B ut choosing food that sustains us can be complicated. How so Well let s consider a possible scenario in planning a menu for your There are also drawbacks to small farms. Working a small farm is labor intensive and requires more physical labor to tend crops and livestock. If you ve ever participated in a local farming cooperative you know that the fate of your groceries is tied to the farmers fate in the fields. The produce in your weekly delivery is at the mercy of inclement weather and pests. And variety may be extremely limited. There will be a few weeks where the bounty of zucchini will exhaust your creative skills as a cook turning to recipes for making zucchini soup zucchini boats zucchini pasta and zucchini bread. In comparison corporate farming comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Large farming operations profit from economies of scale. Mass production of one product is technically efficient requires very little manpower and is relatively free of blemishes from pests. Yet the down side is that large farm operations consume more resources. They require regular irrigation and use herbicides and pesticides. Large-scale farming requires less manpower but instead requires large-scale equipment using oil and gas to power that equipment for planting and harvesting food. Many crops in large-scale operations are simply not grown for food consumption. Corn and soybeans are often processed for use as fuel or animal feed. And large-scale livestock operations also require large amounts of resources such as water grains for feed and the stock requires regular doses of antibiotics and hormones. Wasting food is another sustainability issue. How many times have you or your friends complained about the family s waste each week when you throw next family gathering. Your parents just embraced the DASH diet or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension so you ll need plenty of fruit and veggies and go easy on using salt. Your oldest daughter has decided to eat vegan but if you serve any grains or bread remember that your sister and her boyfriend are now eating gluten free. Got all that Okay now what s your dinner menu going to be It s enough to make any sane person run from the grocery store screaming. But wait there s more. There is a school of thought that our food choices should also be sustainable choices. What does that mean exactly The answer is that it might mean different things to different people. In general terms a sustainable choice generally means one that strikes a balance between feeding people well while also demonstrating good stewardship of the earth land air and water. Let s take a look at some of those choices. If you enjoy farmers markets you re spending your food dollars locally on food grown nearby picked at the height of the season loaded on a truck and brought to market. If the farm adheres to organic practices there is a minimal amount of chemical application to crops which limits harmful chemicals that might leach into ground water. Small farm operations often produce a diversity of crops and livestock while using a minimal amount of chemicals. And the produce from small farming operations often has more micronutrients than corporate-farmed crops and livestock. 66 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM away food that has spoiled This poses several problems. First the money spent on the food was wasted. And the point of purchase reflects the energy involved in all the resources that brought the food to market. How much energy water material and labor did it take to grow the food Was it processed then packaged and shipped Add to those resources the energy used to throw it away and haul it to a landfill where it decomposes and creates methane gas as well as other pollutants. Perhaps one of the most serious sustainability issues is that overuse of some food resources may drive a species to extinction. This is especially true of seafood for example there is a decline in several fisheries including cod and halibut. If you want to know more about sustainable seafood choices Google the Monterey Aquarium s Seafood Watch. You ll find useful information such as an app to use while shopping. As a consumer you make choices every day about the food that you buy. You and your family may have specific preferences whether they are paleo vegan or gluten free. In the same way you pay attention to those choices consider the larger world around you. As the global population continues to rise food production must keep pace with that growth. Learning about sustainability can ensure that we continue to have the choices we want and need. SOURCES GREENGARAGEBLOG.ORG SEAFOODWATCH.ORG AND SUSTAINABLETABLE.ORG. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 67 CRAVINGS WRITTEN BY ERIN JONES HERLIFE Cravings writer Erin Jones works at the Kansas City Art Institute and is a freelance writer and portrait photographer. In addition to writing about the amazing KC food scene she contributes to KC Parent Magazine. She is currently working on her first book part memoir and part single parenting survival guide. Erin is a mother and stepmother to four children and the family table is the hub of the household. But whether at home or out on the town Erin believes that sharing a great meal with family and friends is vital to health and happiness. PHOTOGRAPHY BY COLLEEN RING Colleen Ring is a published and award-winning natural light photographer who specializes in newborn portraiture and themed children s sessions. Colleen is a mother of two coffee lover adventure seeker hashtag hater and she loves everything about Kansas City She enjoys discovering hidden gems in the city whether it s a location for a photo shoot or a local eatery. SUNSETS SPECIALTIES AND SURPRISES ABOUND AT 68 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Seasons 52 It s about discovery said Jake Johnston managing partner of Seasons 52 on the Country Club Plaza when I asked about the concept of his restaurant. We want our guests to discover new things and get excited about great food and wine. Be still my food adventurous heart. Their experimental menu is continuously evolving to include items and cooking techniques that are on trend and not necessarily familiar to a typical guest. and then preparing them in ways that illuminate their best flavors and textures. There are many different influences represented on the menu Asian Mediterranean coastal southern. We take the best that all these different regions have to offer and make them our own said Jake. The menu changes seasonally and features the freshest ingredients available. But don t fret if change makes you nervous because many guest favorites are served year-round. Seasons 52 enjoys an idyllic location at the corner of Ward Parkway and Baltimore with a beautiful Kansas City fountain at the center of its courtyard entrance. Sidewalk seating is available to dine al fresco and take in the sights and sounds of the Plaza. The atmosphere is flexible and casually sophisticated. They take extreme pride in providing a customized experience for every single guest your comfort is their priority. There s a wide variety of dining options including gluten-free vegan and lactose-free variations of many menu items. S easons 52 is about celebrating what s in season using ingredients that are picked at the peak of ripeness. They are passionate about sourcing the highest-quality ingredients HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 69 THE MENU CHANGES SEASONALLY AND FEATURES THE FRESHEST INGREDIENTS AVAILABLE. Sunday Brunch is a relatively new addition at Seasons 52 and it includes traditional favorites such as French toast and eggs benedict but prepared with a unique twist in the spirit of discovery. If you like your brunch boozy pay attention bottomless mimosas Bloody Marys and bellinis are only 14. Lunch on the Plaza is always a treat but sometimes the time constraints of the work day make it feel indulgent. However at Seasons 52 they want you to be able to enjoy a high-quality meal and leave ready to tackle your busy afternoon. The lunch menu is food you can feel good about you ll leave energized rather than needing a nap with handheld items such as fish tacos and lettuce wraps or entree salads and flatbreads. They strive to have you in and out in 45 minutes because they know you have things to do. Happy Hour is an opportunity to experience new grapes through the expertly curated wine list or to sample artisan spirits through partnerships with local distilleries. The hand-crafted cocktails blend vibrant flavors in refreshing and creative ways. The Cucumber Basil Smash is my favorite the perfect way to end a summer day at the office. Monday through Friday from 4 00 to 6 30 p.m. small plates are 5 and select wines and cocktails are 6 an amazing value for top-notch bites and sips. 70 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Flights and Flatbreads allows you to sample their delicious flatbreads paired with a wine flight selected by the staff sommelier Brian Phillips who is extremely passionate about bringing the best and trendiest wines to Seasons 52 guests. He regularly refreshes the wine list to reflect emerging winemakers and industry trends. The Flights and Flatbreads special is available daily for a mere 15 or 20 for a flight of acclaimed wine which means they are rated 90 points by Wine Spectator The Wine Advocate Wine Enthusiast or International Wine Cellar. Included in the price is a full glass of your favorite selection from the flight. I love wine but I m not an expert. What I love about Seasons 52 is that they are passionate and knowledgeable but approachable. Their passion translates into providing each guest with the type of service and experience they want to have whether they re a novice or a connoisseur. It s all about discovery and a celebration of great food. The enthusiasm of the staff is contagious. You might just find yourself sampling a fiddleweed fern for the first time contemplating its earthy flavor while your server tells you how it is harvested in the early spring. Private and group dining is an excellent way to experience Seasons 52. With a full-time event and sales manager Jennifer Turner you can be certain that every detail will be attended to in order to make your event the best it can be. Two private dining rooms accommodate 30 to 40 people each or 80 combined. There are also semiprivate spaces for a smaller more casual group affair. No matter what event you are hosting you will experience the same attentive enthusiastic service and fine cuisine that makes Seasons 52 a wonderful culinary adventure. JULY IS THE PERFECT TIME TO VISIT SEASONS 52 AT 340 WARD PARKWAY KANSAS CITY MISSOURI OR AT SEASONS52.COM. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 71 FOODIES HERLIFE CELEBRATING FINE FOOD & DRINK A GLUTEN-FREE BAKERY 12635 METCALF AVE. OVERLAND PARK KS 913.213.5355 MAMARESCHS.COM Mama Resch s is a gluten-free and allergen friendly bakery. We bake from scratch daily and specialize in hand-crafted small batch breads and gourmet sweets and treats. Our products are free from gluten dairy corn soy peanuts and tree nuts. No artificial colors or preservatives. Welcome to the gluten free revolution 913-563-5776 RELISHKC.COM Boardroom break room or after hours networking -- our tastefully presented breakfast platters lunch platters box lunches hors d oeuvre baskets and platters buffet selections and live cooking stations will energize your meetings and presentations. We use superior food purveyors and locally sourced breads meats and produce to create our mouthwatering menus. Locally Owned & Operated. 48TH & ROANOKE KANSAS CITY MO 64112 816.561.7136 JJSRESTAURANTKC.COM JJ s is a fine dining tradition with a contemporary American menu featuring locally sourced produce and meats house-cut steaks fresh seafood and the best thin crust pizza and pork chop in the city. The expansive wine list has earned multiple honors from Wine Spectator magazine and Zagat rates JJ s as one of Kansas City s best restaurants. All the more reason to make JJ s part of your Country Club Plaza dining experience. 1713 SUMMIT STREET KANSAS CITY MO 816.471.2616 CHEZELLEKC.COM Chez Elle Creperie and Coffeehouse is a welcoming cafe serving fresh crepes robust coffees and friendly smiles. We start with only the freshest hand selected fruits vegetables meats cheeses and our made from scratch batters. You can see and enjoy your meal as we create our crepes right in front of you One of Kansas City s best patios 8721 RYCKERT STREET LENEXA KANSAS 913.955.3473 IGNITEWOODFIREGRILL.COM Ignite is a contemporary Midwestern wood-fire restaurant featuring steaks seafood and other rotisserie meats with an energetic vibe. Executive Chef Bradley Gilmore s inviting menu delivers exceptional wood-fire and rotisserie flavors and is accompanied by a stylish cocktail menu. Whether you re planning a night out with friends or a dinner for two Ignite is the perfect host for any occasion. 72 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 5270 W 116TH PL. LEAWOOD KS 66211 913.766.0920 WWW.GRILLEATPARKPLACE.COM The Grille at Park Place is a contemporary American dining experience. The neighborhood feel and traditional menu favorites make The Grille at Park Place a true lunch and dinner destination. Be sure and check out The Rooftop at The Grille with lounge service dinner seating a retractable roof and music every Friday and Saturday evening. Now featuring Happy Hour 7 days a week from 4pm-7pm. Visit on Sunday for Steak Night prix fixe dinner for 33. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 73 RECIPES RECIPES & PHOTOGRAPHY BY BELLYFULL.NET HERLIFE NO-BAKE ALMOND JOY SNACK BITES INGREDIENTS cup almond butter 1 cup Blue Diamond lightly salted almonds cup mini chocolate chips 1 cups sweetened flaked coconut divided 1 teaspoon vanilla Dash of sea salt DIRECTIONS In a small microwave-safe bowl microwave almond butter for about 15 to 20 seconds until softened. In a food processor grind the almonds and chocolate chips until there are no more large chunks. Add the almond butter and process until smooth. Add in 1 cup of the coconut vanilla and a dash of sea salt pulse a few more times to combine. Scoop out mixture using a tablespoon-sized cookie scoop roll into balls. Then roll them in the remaining 3 4 cup coconut flakes. Place on a baking sheet and refrigerator for about 15 minutes to harden. Transfer any uneaten bites to a lidded container and store in the refrigerator. Makes 22 Prep time 20 min. chilling. PAN SEARED TILAPIA WITH PEACH AND CUCUMBER SALSA INGREDIENTS 3 medium ripe yellow peaches diced 1 small cucumber peeled seeded and diced 1 3 cup finely diced red onion 1 small jalape o seeded minced 1 3 cup finely chopped fresh cilantro or parsley 1 tablespoon lime juice Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 4 (5-6 ounces each) skinless tilapia fillets DIRECTIONS In a large bowl gently combine the peaches cucumber red onion jalape o cilantro and lime juice. Season with some salt and a few grinds of black pepper to taste. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use. Warm olive oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high. When oil is hot season the tilapia with salt and pepper on both sides and add to the skillet sear fillets until golden on the outside and they flake with a fork about 3 minutes per side depending on the thickness. Transfer fillets to individual serving plates and top with some of the salsa. Serve extra salsa on the side. Note Any mild white fish would work here although cooking times will vary. Serves 4 Prep time 15 min. Cook time 6 min. 74 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 75 HERLIFE WINE WRITTEN BY MELISSA HAINES LAVIN ENJOYING WINE FESTIVALS Wine has always had a place in our celebratory lives Royalty and citizenry alike have celebrated life s events with good food friends and wine. We even celebrate the milestones of the vineyard itself. B ud break celebrates new growth on the vines which leads to summer passports through lush vineyards. Blessing of the Grapes is our about the winemakers who create new wines while celebrating our favorites. Combining this wine love with unique food pairing styles and events makes the festival specific to the region and we get to take part in something uniquely special. Wine lovers tend to be a happy bunch When we arrive we re already excited about meeting legendary winemakers as well as the wine pioneers who are exploring quality wines through sustainability and organic farming. We are very fortunate in the United States to have a multitude of wine regions accessible by car train or airplane no passport is needed Are you headed to New York Georgia Colorado Minnesota Washington Oregon or California Just enter winefestivals in your smart device and you can plan a quick trip or travel for weeks just celebrating wine from May to November. You can even search for your favorite varietal or wine region zinfandelfestival pinotnoirfes- signal that the harvest is to begin we express gratitude and hope for a safe and successful harvest season when lush grape clusters are picked sorted and crushed into the juice that becomes our divine objects of affection. We then close out the growing season with a fall harvest festival filled with a variety of activities games music camaraderie and of course wine tasting Why do we do this Every wine region of the world has their unique stamp on wines they produce and the food that is prepared to show its best character. Like a unique fingerprint a wine region will have traditions flavors and nuances from the local terroir that make their wines stand out differently from the rest of the world. We love wine festivals because we enjoy learning 76 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM tival FingerLakesWines or CentralCoastWines. There are several types of wine festivals to look for. Passport events are typically supported by multiple wineries in one wine region. When you purchase a ticket for these events the ticket is your passport to all the participating wineries that you can walk drive to or shuttle to from a central location. Each location may even stamp your ticket as you check in or leave for your next stop. Centralized events may be held at one large winery facility or a community space such as the local fairgrounds or historic building. This event may feature several wineries and chefs under one roof your event glass is used throughout the event for all your wine tastings. Varietal festivals usually focus on one type of wine and may include a long weekend of events paired dinners winemaker seminars and exclusive tastings. Zinfandel Pinot Noir and Barbera are popular festivals focused on featuring the best attributes of those varietals. If you love chefs you ll find them at the best wine festivals sharing their newest pairings of classic cuisine flavors and modern gastronomical wonders. They love to play with their food Cooking demonstrations will heighten your senses introducing you to new ways to use wine in your recipes while enjoying the custom of sharing food friendship and wine. If your passport s current festivals create delicious reasons to celebrate the wine lifestyle all over the world. Gourmet food and wine travel has exploded with interest in recent years and there s no sign of it slowing down. Foodies and those who explore life through their experience with wine culture and local food scenes can plan specific travel around wines of Spain New Zealand or Croatia. Cruise lines offer on-board experiences with sommelierguided tours of the ships wine cellars and kitchen areas with mainland excursions to private dining experiences with celebrity chefs and remarkable wines. Now s the time to get out and explore the world of wine festivals MAXIMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE Here are some tips to help get the most out of your wine festival. - Pre-purchase your ticket it saves money and time. - Arrange hotel rooms when you buy your event ticket. - Wear comfortable footwear and layered clothing. - Eat something before you go hundreds of folks arrive hungry. - Drink water between tasting wines. - Watch the sunshine heat dehydrates especially when wine tasting. - Take pictures of favorite wines. It s easier than writing it down. - Leave your canine companion home. Increasingly local regulations are tightening around food sanitation permits and quality assurance which may prohibit animals from the areas you want to visit. - Designate your driver Buy your friend a ticket to enjoy just food and entertainment thank them with a few bottles of wine from the event they can enjoy at home. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 77 BOOK REVIEW REVIEW WRITTEN BY GAIL SILVERSTEIN HERLIFE Mrs. Houdini BY VICTORIA KELLY Victoria Kelly was born in New Jersey and graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard University. She received her M.Phil. in creative writing from Trinity College in Dublin Ireland and went on to earn her MFA in creative writing in 2009 from the Iowa Writers Workshop. A poet herself she quotes Irish poet William Butler Yeats in this novel s frontispiece The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. E veryone knows about escape artist extraordinaire Harry Houdini but behind every great man is an even better woman or so the adage of some sort. Hidden where no one else could find it the reader wonders if Harry did indeed leave Bess a hidden fortune. He was always so paranoid especially after that night we were burgled. Before he died he tried to tell me something. I think it may have been about that. But he couldn t get the words out Bess admitted to her sister-in-law Gladys. Without giving away the main plot this is just a minor part of the mind-blowing largerthan-life secret Bess uncovers in her quest to reconnect with Harry from beyond the grave. Fascinated with the idea of communicating between two worlds widowed Bess visualizes messages that only her beloved husband could have left in an attempt to speak to her from the hereafter. Characters such as her sister Stella Harry s blind sister Gladys and his dear mother Mrs. Weiss are all crucial to the story line. The author even mentions an incident in which Harry and Bess entertain Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his wife who claims to be a medium in touch with the spirits. Young photographer Charles Radley whom Bess encounters in her clues from Harry adds the critical element of mystery to the novel. It is his surprise epilogue after Bess death that rounds out the story line. In the end a fascinating plot twist is revealed. The story flashes back and forth in time which can be a minor stumbling block for the reader as it is not in any obvious order of events but the writer has important background details to tell at its conclusion the nov- goes. Victoria Kelly s debut novel Mrs. Houdini is that glimpse behind the famous magician s curtain. It is the story of two people Ehrich Weiss better known as Harry Houdini as told through his loving faithful wife Bess Houdini. Theirs is a passionate marriage set against the backdrop of a new era in American history. It was also a time in this country when people were exploring what happens after death and s ances with the dearly departed were celebrated. Those who thought they knew Houdini his magic and his obsession with the hereafter are privy to the ups and downs of this couple throughout his meteoric rise to fame. The writer combines thorough research with energetic imagination to give her audience a fascinating tale about relationships against the setting of the Roaring 20s. From the couple s early struggles for success at Coney Island to the glittering palaces of Europe where the pair became an overnight smash and back again to America the novel brings to life a love story that supersedes even death. Bess never forgot Harry s promise to her that he would find a way to communicate from beyond the grave. Along the way as Harry s art form becomes more developed the reader learns some of the intricacies behind a few of his best illusions. With intriguing realistic dialogue such as Money 78 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM el flows effortlessly. Victoria Kelly s style is wonderfully descriptive telling about the illusionist through his wife s perspective that simultaneously chronicles her journey of healing. But she never thought in the rush of life while Harry was alive what she would do without him if she didn t have children or grandchildren. She d always assumed they d grow old together. He was so healthy so strong and vital she never imagined he d die so young. For many who did not know what became of Bess after the unexpected sudden death of Harry Houdini it s comforting to read that she did not give up on life. After his death in 1926 she tried her hand at being a businesswoman opening a speakeasy with her sister which failed. Bess struggled financially eventually operating a tea room in New York City called Mrs. Harry Houdini s Rendezvous. At the entrance she posted a red-winged parrot named Oscar who called Welcome welcome when customers came through the door. The back of the restaurant opened onto a garden patio the tables shaded in the summertime with lace-trimmed red and black umbrellas. These factual details add an element of authenticity to the novel. This well-composed tale of love and loss will have the reader turning pages in anticipation to discover if Harry and Bess are ever reunited after his death. Though it is only historical fiction and Victoria Kelly admits to taking novelistic liberties with certain events the ending seems so plausible it leaves you wondering if Harry s greatest feat lives on even today. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 79 TRENDSETTER PHOTOGRAPHY BY HEATHER MORROW MODEL MARIA SAVOY OF EXPOSURE HAIR BY DAVID BARTRAM OF OLIVER S HAIR SALON MAKEUP BY LORA DEVINE WARDROBE STYLIST ABBY WOOD WARDROBE ASSISTANT KYRIE KILLEN HERLIFE ALYSA RENE PARK PLACE 11547 ASH STREET LEAWOOD KS 913.906.9477 ALYSARENE.COM 80 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 81 82 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 83 84 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 85 86 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 87 GREEN LIVING WRITTEN BY CATIE WATSON HERLIFE go to the websites of your utilities credit card issuers and other service providers and sign up for paperless billing. Paying your bills online will reduce the amount of paper mail you receive as well as saving money on checks envelopes and postage stamps that you previously used for mailing payments. SCAN BEFORE FILING As for the backlog of paper records from the past you re still holding on to organizational experts recommend scanning. A digital scanner can turn piles of old documents into digital files stored on your computer. Many scanners also support uploading scanned files to cloud storage and come with software that helps you organize and search your scanned files. There are also apps available for mobile phones that help you keep your wal- GOING DIGITAL TIPS FOR A PAPERLESS LIFE One of the easiest ways to bring green living into your home is by going digital and cutting down on paper use. let tidy by letting you capture receipts and appointment reminders with your phone s camera while you re on the go. STORE IT IN THE CLOUD Once you start moving your paperwork to digital format you ll need a place to store your digital files. The hard disk on your computer is fine but scanned documents can eat up a big piece of your computer storage. Also you ll need to remember to back up your computer on a regular basis to avoid the risk of losing your data. This is why many people chose cloud storage which simply means online storage for their digitized documents. Besides freeing up storage space on your computer using a cloud storage application such as Google Drive or Dropbox allows you to access your documents from multiple devices including tablets and phones. So if you suddenly need to look at a mortgage statement or medical report you don t need to be near your computer. Another good reason to get a cloud storage account is for backing up important photos and videos that are currently stored on your phone. B esides helping the environment an added bonus is gaining storage space by eliminating most household papers. You may even end up feeling more organized Here are some tips to help you transition to a paperless life. PUT THAT TO-DO LIST ONLINE If you re a list maker you may have to-do lists stashed in drawers all over the house. Why not centralize your lists online with a note-taking app such as Evernote or OneNote If you spend a lot of time on your mobile phone you may want to try a next-generation mobile app such as Wunderlist or Todoist that lets you create to-do items and also helps you get them done by setting up deadlines and reminders. All of these apps allow access from either a computer or mobile device so your to-do list is always available. WHAT TO KEEP AND WHAT TO SHRED There are some documents you need to retain in paper form such as birth certificates passports marriage licenses Social Security cards and title documents. Make copies of these vital documents for easy access and store the originals in a safe and secure location. Aside from these important paper documents most of what s left can be scanned and then discarded. Be sure to shred bank and credit card statements utility bills medical records and all other documents con- SAY YES TO PAPERLESS BILLS Signing up for direct deposit and paperless billing can help eliminate what is probably one of your biggest sources of household paper. Start by talking to your bank which should offer online tools for tracking and paying bills. Familiarize yourself with the options then 88 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM taining confidential information that could be used for identity theft or fraud. BECOME A DIGITAL READER Families that stockpile books can benefit from using an Amazon Kindle Barnes & Noble Nook or iPad to download and read digital e-books. You can buy e-books online and share them with family members. You may also be able to check out and download e-books from your community library. If you don t want to give up the feel of a real book in your hands borrowing books from your local library is another great way to help cut book clutter as well as spending. SAY NO TO JUNK MAIL Once you start receiving paperless bills the final source of unnecessary paper in your home could be junk mail. Eliminate junk mail clutter before it starts by sorting through your mail each day and dropping unwanted flyers and catalogs into the recycling bin. You can also stop some of that junk mail at its source by following instructions on the FTC Consumer Information website consumer.ftc. gov to opt out of direct mail marketing and credit card offers. And if you regularly contribute to a charitable organization ask them to mail you just one donation request per year. SOURCES KIPLINGER.COM LIFEHACKER.COM AND PCMAG.COM. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 89 FINE THINGS WRITTEN BY LAURA LEIVA HERLIFE MASSAGE THERAPIES LUXURY AND SELF CARE You re ready for some alone time at the spa eager to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience but which massage therapy is best D epending on what you re interested in there are a number of massage therapies to choose from when you attend the spa. Do you need different therapy. This massage works to target various muscle groups and promotes circulation. something with a firm pressure to work those kinks out of your neck and back or do you want to promote detoxification and circulation There are massages for nearly any issue you re experiencing. Did you know the American Massage Therapy Association highlights more than 65 various massage therapies and body modalities That s quite a selection of treatments and experiences to consider when you re getting ready for a day of pampering. While it might sound as if massage treatments are a luxury they re actually an important way to care for your body. Massage provides a vast number of benefits to the health of mind and body including relieving stress and anxiety improving soft tissue injuries or strains and lessening joint aches and pains. Whether you go to the spa regularly and stick to the basics or you ve never had the pleasure of experiencing such a therapeutic outing here are some of the most popular massage therapies to consider when you re ready to book that appointment. DEEP TISSUE Not just a traditional massage with firmer pressure the deep tissue massage uses specific and therapeutic strokes over muscles that are tight or injured. With deep tissue massage the connective tissues are targeted in addition to the larger muscle groups good for when you have neck or back strain or are suffering from headaches or other forms of injury. ACUPRESSURE An ancient form of traditional Chinese therapy acupressure is similar to acupuncture but there are no needles used. Instead the massage therapist uses firm finger pressure on various points of the body to encourage energy flow this is thought to unblock the energy that might be causing illness or other ailments. Another form of acupressure Shiatsu is derived from ancient Japanese practices. REFLEXOLOGY It s a modality similar to the concept behind acupressure a massage therapist uses pressure points on the hands and feet to alleviate conditions and ailments. In many ancient medicines it is thought that the soles SWEDISH The most common of all massage therapies the Swedish massage is the standard unless you request a 90 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM of the feet and palms of the hands feature energy and meridian points that connect to certain locations throughout the body. For example applying pressure on the toe pads helps increase energy flow to the brain eyes pituitary glands and throat. These are just some of the most popular massage therapies there are others Sports massage pregnancy massage and Thai massage are just some of the specialty therapies that integrate unique strokes and pressures to provide benefits for specialized conditions. During massage therapies a plethora of add-ons can enhance the overall experience of the treatment and provide even more benefits to the body. Aromatherapy which has been around for thousands of years is often added to any massage or body treatment. Certain essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus work to alleviate ailments or provide an energizing aroma during a massage. When you want to splurge on the ultimate relaxation session countless spas around the country include luxurious ingredients and even more therapeutic elements to give you a massage to remember. Ready to take your massage to the next level Browse the menu for these added treats. draw out toxins followed with a full body wrap of clay or seaweed. A rejuvenating soak in salt water or a warm tub completes the session. MILK Though we know the lore of Cleopatra s using milk to cleanse and nourish her skin there are a variety of day spas that still use this silky ingredient to provide a treat for your skin. Sign up for treatments that apply a soothing milk to the skin perhaps coconut milk before giving you a full-body exfoliation and massage VICHY SHOWER Water is used as an added element of therapy in a rain massage. Warm water pulsates the body from overhead rain showers offering a soothing and relaxing experience. Different color clay treatments are used in combination with Vichy showers they help draw out toxins firm or soften the skin. Melemele or yellow clay is recommended for stress relief. Massage therapy provides a number of benefits to both the mind and body. Whether you stick to the traditional Swedish massage or you venture out of your comfort zone your muscles will thank you SOURCES AMTAMASSAGE.ORG ALLURE.COM AND NYMAG.COM. SEA SALT A full-body exfoliation prior to a massage helps prepare the body for the full benefits of a massage. In some luxury treatments cupping an ancient Chinese ritual is completed on the back to HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 91 SPOTLIGHT WRITTEN BY CINDY MCDERMOTT PHOTOGRAPHY BY COLLEEN RING HERLIFE N o one wants to be penny wise and pound foolish. That s especially true when it comes to insurance coverage for you and but ensure that the coverages are right. If do you do have a claim it must protect you and your family for the amount you need. It s our strategy to offer clients a plan that not only fits them and their coverage needs but also offers the best price to fit their budget. your family. You don t want to spend too much but you want coverage that s affordable and protects your assets providing solid service in case the unthinkable happens. When you re insuring your personal property talk with the staff at Affordable Insurance Services in Overland Park Kansas. At Affordable Insurance Services you ll find knowledgeable and helpful agents happy to guide you through your insurance options noted PJ Abney office manager. We strive to have a personal connection with our clients. We provide them with a low rate BROAD SELECTION OF COVERAGE Agents employ decades of experience to cover clients personal property liability claims the house and its contents including personal articles such as jewelry collections and furs. Renter s insurance is also available. Auto and motorcycle coverage is obtainable along with coverage for recreational items such as boats motorhomes campers jet skis and more. Life 92 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM AFFORDABLE INSURANCE SERVICES Experienced Agents Helping Clients Protect Their Families and Businesses Pictured Left to Right Tom Comley Commercial Agent Jack Ericson Owner Agent PJ Abney Office Manager Agent insurance for personal and business needs is offered. On the commercial side there s general liability workers compensation business owners garage and dealers and errors and omissions. Affordable Insurance Services is a leader in the KC-metro insurance industry. For decades Jack Ericson and his team have helped the community find the right insurance in the consumer and commercial markets. Affordable Insurance Services has been providing assistance to the KC metro area especially Overland Park and Shawnee Mission since 1989. They re knowledgeable about insurance requirements for both Kansas and Missouri residents. Also Affordable Insurance Services can be a lifeline for those who can t find companies to represent them. COMPETITIVE RATES FOR CLIENTS Sometimes when people hear our name Affordable Insurance Services they think we aren t a reputable good-quality company and that we offer only high-risk coverage noted PJ. But that s not the case. We shop the insurance market and get our customers the best rate featuring a good value that protects their assets. OUR NAME SAYS IT ALL WE ARE AFFORDABLE AND WE LL WORK WITH YOU TO FIND THE BEST POLICY REMARKED PJ. WE LL ADVISE YOU ABOUT WHAT S GOING TO BE IN YOUR BEST INTEREST. WE DON T OFFER STATE MINIMUMS OF COVERAGE BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT THOSE NUMBERS WON T BE ENOUGH TO PROTECT YOU. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 93 In nearly all cases no additional fees are charged to clients at Affordable Insurance Service shopping for personal coverage. The only time there are fees is if we are are forced to go to the marketplace to get coverage for a client who s tough to cover stated PJ. That requires much more effort on our part to locate something for them but if there is a charge it s very minimal. The agency can also help you locate insurance coverage for commercial accounts. PJ and her team will help guide businesses just starting out or those in for the long haul. For new companies the agents will fill out application forms and find excellent coverage for small business owners. A small fee is charged for this service. But rest assured that Affordable Insurance Services has your best interests at heart. When it comes to commercial quoting we don t play games. There are agencies that will deliberately classify a company with an incorrect code to save them money she revealed. But when an insurance audit is conducted and they find the classifications aren t right the business will get hit with a large back charge to make up the difference. companies Affordable Insurance Services can suggest to you. Our name says it all we are affordable. And we ll work with you to find the best policy remarked PJ. We ll advise you about what s going to be in your best interest. We don t offer state minimums of coverage because we know that those numbers won t be enough to protect you. Our agency has a team of six agents and a dedicated commercial customer service staff member to work with you. The team at Affordable Insurance Services takes all of the work off your shoulders when it comes to policies. Because the agents truly care about customer satisfaction they re happy to help clients research options so they can make the best decision concerning their personal policies. You can have what you believe is good coverage and maybe there s an accident with a low-cost car and you re covered. But if you hit an expensive car you could be in trouble especially if you re carrying only basic coverage asserted PJ. If you don t have the proper protection with your insurance the claimant can come after you on a personal basis leaving your home and assets unprotected. Don t put yourself in that situation. Let Affordable Insurance Services find the right policy for you. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT AFFORDABLEINSURANCEKS-MO.COM OR CALL 913-722-2111. DEEP RESOURCES FOR COMPLETE COVERAGE Affordable Insurance Services represents a long list of preferred market companies that you ll recognize. Travelers Insurance Auto Owners Progressive Safeco Insurance Company State Auto Insurance and The Hartford are just a handful of the many reputable 94 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 95 WORKING WOMEN HERLIFE verse and connected the organization is through using diverse technologies the easier it is for information to be misappropriated or compromised. Being aware of what constitutes the organization s critical data whether it is a new product design a manufacturing WRITTEN BY LINDA R. PRICE process a negotiating strategy or sensitive personal data helps mitigate the risk and allows the organization to respond to and recover from problems when the organization is under attack. NO HACKING ZONE KEEP YOUR BUSINESS DATA SAFE The Russians allegedly attacked the Democratic Party headquarters. The Chinese led cyber attacks directed at U.S. companies. Target Home Depot Yahoo Premera Sony JP Morgan eBay the IRS and Twitter accounts have been hacked. As an executive what can you do to keep your personal information and that of your clients from being compromised MANAGEMENT Cyber security experts believe that cyber security needs to be a concern of the company s leadership and not just the IT department. Management must take a broader view of the problem and make sure that the whole organization its personnel its associates its networks and supply chains are evaluated and protected. Only then can the business evaluate the company s risk and take steps to prevent an invasion. Implementing cyber security is not implementing a checklist of items to be done or steps to be taken. Organizations need to go beyond mere compliance and address the possibility of an unexpected attack. Compliance addresses currently known vulnerabilities but doesn t prepare for new threats or stop sophisticated adversaries. By using a risk-based approach the organization responds with a more comprehensive and cost-effective management strategy. H ackers are trying to steal customer credit card numbers user passwords internal documents trade secrets proprietary technol- ogy and emails. Then they publish their information or hold it hostage. The most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your data according to Andra Zaharia communications and cyber security specialist is to have at least two copies of your files backed up one on a cloud server and one on an external hard drive. RANSOMWARE One of the most evil attacks made by hackers in recent years is the use of ransomware. With ransomware hackers use malware programs that hold the data hostage. An ad pops up stating that unless you pay a nominal sum usually around 500 for a decryption key your personal data will be lost. Frequently the hackers use their skills to test out the latest versions of their malware on their victim s home computers before they move on to lusher targets such as police departments schools and hospitals where the fee is much higher. There are two types of ransomware one type encrypts your files and the other one locks you out of your operating system. Ransomware affects computers as well as servers and cloud-based file-sharing systems. Payment is required in untraceable Bitcoins. Usually the ransom payments must be made in a short period of time or the data is lost forever. If your files are backed up you can avoid many problems associated BASIC STEPS The average computer-savvy person knows the basic steps update devices and software promptly don t give out your password change passwords often. Download programs from reputable sites only use secured wireless networks log out of accounts when you re finished use reliable USB ports to charge your phone and devices and install antivirus software on your computer. These are fairly simple preventives steps and they will go a long way to preventing a disaster on your personal devices but how do you protect your business These steps probably won t protect a business if it is under attack by serious hackers. An organization s reputation is of paramount importance. The more di96 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM with ransomware. CONCLUSION Ethics and morality don t exist for these hackers. Starting in 2014 hackers began selling their products on the deep web complete with dashboard and instructions on how to install the Bitcoin payment on the server. If you are just an average Jane rest assured that serious hackers won t bother you you simply aren t worth their time and energy. However your anonymity won t stop the average cyber criminal who purchases malware on the deep web from holding your data hostage. The more prominent you are and the more money your business makes the more susceptible you are to hacking by serious hackers. Consult with professional risk management organizations to minimize the impact of cyber attacks on your business. Professional cyber security experts the FBI the CIA and private security firms are constantly working to decrypt ransomware and its variants with a degree of success. There are ransomware decryption tools available but with the multitude of ransomware products it is best to leave the recovery of data in the hands of experts. Make your networks as secure as possible and maybe just maybe you won t be seriously harmed when you are hacked. And remember The best protection is always a backup says Zaharia. SOURCES QUORA.COM REFERENCEFORBUSINESS.COM AND WEFORUM.ORG. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 97 FINANCE WRITTEN BY TINA V. SAVAS HERLIFE ORGANIZING YOUR LIFE S RECORDS The last thing we want to think about during the height of summer is the certainty of death. We would rather organize our garden than our financial paperwork. cially if you haven t left written instructions on what to do with your material belongings when you pass on. You may be thinking I don t have an estate so this doesn t pertain to me. But in fact nearly everyone has an estate because it holds everything you own your home car furniture bank accounts investments jewelry. Most likely you have thoughts about how to distribute these things to people you love so it stands to reason you need to leave precise instructions on how when and what you want to do. It s important to leave your estate organized so your loved ones don t flounder and fight over items that you could have clearly designated. But be sure your family knows exactly where to find your items and records. If you have clear instructions it will be a smoother process to settle your estate. Having good records could shorten the time it takes to collect insurance military benefits veteran s benefits or an income tax refund. Review all of your policies to be sure you have updated beneficiaries and correct spelling on your documents. Be sure to include all of your passwords and sign-in information for every account. A safe-deposit 98 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM F or the deceased all things material matter no more. But for those of us left behind there s more to handle than grief and sorrow espe- box in a financial institution or a home fireproof safe is the best place for these important items. Papers that cannot be replaced or would be costly or troublesome to replace belong in this type of storage. In general bank account registers canceled checks transcripts medical histories employment records tax returns and insurance policies do not need to be kept in a safe deposit box or fireproof home storage. In order not to overwhelm your family be sure to check the Internal Revenue Service statutes of limitation on how long to keep certain records. In addition consider dividing your papers into three major areas current records inactive records and permanent records. This will allow someone who is unfamiliar with your system to locate important documents in case of an emergency. You can turn to the Internet where financial experts offer advice as well. Kiplinger the personal finance advice and business website has a Family Records Organizer that has 18 forms and is available as a booklet or can be downloaded for a fee. Lifehacker features a Master Information Kit featuring steps to creating sharing and updating your information it can be downloaded in list format from the site. The Motley Fool website offers free advice on estate planning and also features an estate planning checklist in worksheet format to begin your organization. CBS News MoneyWatch website has a comprehensive system by Jill Schlesinger CFP titled Estate Planning The Documents You Need. It may help to think of yourself as a small business. Just like a business you have important records that need to be organized to save time trouble money and frustration. It makes good sense to have a system that will not only serve you during your lifetime but survive you. It could be as simple as a written notebook in a special drawer or software written specifically for estate planning. Getting started on any recordkeeping system may seem time consuming but once it is set up maintaining the system will be easy. This all may appear on the surface to be a tedious chore but in fact it s an act of love one that s sure to be appreciated by your spouse and other family members SOURCES CBSNEWS.COM FOOL.COM KIPLINGER.COM AND LIFEHACKER.COM. PAPERS TO ORGANIZE Important papers can be filed in several categories. Remember your personal situation may differ this isn t an exhaustive list. Try to think of anything else that would be expensive or difficult to replace and add it to the list. FAMILY RECORDS Education records and diplomas Employment records Family advisors contact information Safe location and combination Safe deposit box key and location All other keys (cars homes) Pet records Household inventory Housing records Utility records Property taxes Organizational memberships Guarantees & warranties Accounting records Income tax returns Retirement records Social Security card Driver s license copy Auto insurance card copy Donor card Health insurance information Passport Death certificates Marriage records Divorce decrees Adoption papers Military service records Citizenship & naturalization papers Copyrights & patents FINANCIAL RECORDS Contracts notes & debts Bank accounts Credit card information Investment certificates Insurance policies Funeral plan documents Subscriptions LEGAL RECORDS Will trust Living will Durable power of attorney Personal representative or guardian appointments Birth certificate PROPERTY RECORDS Deeds Auto title and bill of sale Mortgages HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 99 HERLIFE HOME WRITTEN BY JUDY GOPPERT INDOOR PLANTS ENHANCE YOUR D COR AND IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH That lush green plant you brought indoors to save from the cold and the potted pretties dotting your tables and corners do more than give your home welcoming ambience. They can actually improve your mood purify your air and increase oxygen levels in your bedroom kitchen living room and beyond. A study by NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America in the late 80s proved that using houseplants to purify the air in derstood the value of surrounding themselves with colorful growing live plants. Taking care of a living piece of nature gives us a sense of purpose and a good feeling inside no matter what the weather is doing outdoors. Indoor plants are a good way to teach children responsibility by setting a watering and fertilizing schedule. Plus people who present friends and family with plants and flowers are considered more likeable friendly and emotionally intelligent What plants are best for your home You might like the hearty interesting-looking bamboo palm or reed palm which grows quickly and can be 12 feet tall. They often produce flowers and small berries and filter the formaldehyde that can be emitted from furniture. An easy plant to grow and great gift idea is the peace lily. Its fragrant white flowers rid your home of indoor pollutants gases and solvents such as ammo- space facilities was worthwhile. They found a number of plants that can filter out common volatile organic compounds. Those same plants can also help clean indoor air on earth in our homes. Their leaves fronds and flowers absorb carbon dioxide so they can photosynthesize fresh oxygen. This helps diffuse any toxic compounds lurking from common household items such as paint and wallpaper cleaning products furniture pollen mold bacteria or poor ventilation. Houseplants have had residence in homes since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. Plants in marble containers depicted in Egyptian art demonstrate that the Egyptians were among the first humans who un- 100 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM nia. It doesn t require much watering and thrives with indirect light. Aloe vera plants have been popular for more than 6 000 years. In early Egypt aloe vera was known as the plant of immortality and it was used for skin conditions to heal wounds and as a laxative. Aficionados break open its leaves and apply the gel inside to burns sunburn and rashes. It contains amino acids vitamins and enzymes with anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits. Plus the plant itself looks nice and tropical. A good reason to have a specific plant such as the colorful garden mum indoors is that it helps remove the VOCs of synthetic building materials carpeting upholstery and household cleaners. Be sure to choose a floral mum and not a garden variety which thrives better planted outdoors. Another low-maintenance plant that decreases pollutants in the home is the weeping fig or ficus. It can thrive indoors during cooler months and it may grow up to ten feet outdoors in warm weather. Placing this dramatic plant in your living room helps clean the air by filtering out pollutants and dust. The snake plant also known as mother-in-law s tongue is another plant that flourishes without much upkeep. It is best for filtering out formaldehyde common in cleaning products toilet paper tissues and personal care products. Place one in your bathroom and it will enjoy the steamy humid conditions while helping detox the air. Since they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night they may give you a slight oxygen boost while you sleep and will look nice on your bedside table. Try hanging a golden pothos or devil s ivy in your garage. It absorbs pollutants that are present in car exhaust. This fast-growing vine will be a beautiful bunch of green in a hanging basket it stays green even in low light. It is poisonous so keep it away from small children and pets. Pretty gerbera daisies are bright flowering plants good at removing trichloroethylene which can be present in your dry cleaning and benzene present in inks. Place them in any room with lots of light. If you want a fun plant try the spider plant lovingly nicknamed the airplane plant. My mother plant has been giving me little spiderettes off these plants for years and they are very hard to kill. You just plant them in a pot and voil They thrive in indirect sunlight and sprout the little suspended shoots with lots of rich foliage and tiny white flowers. They fight benzene formaldehyde carbon monoxide and xylene a solvent used in the leather rubber and printing industries. Plus the spider plant is safe for pets in the house who might want to nibble. Take a trip to your local nursery and peruse the choices. Your home will be more comfortable and your health can benefit in the process. SOURCES ACTIVEBEAT.COM BHORT.BH.CORNELL.EDU GARDENISTA.COM GERTENS.COM AND MNN.COM. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 101 REAL ESTATE WRITTEN BY CATIE WATSON HERLIFE HOME SHARED HOME THE MULTIGENERATIONAL HOUSING TREND One of today s hottest real estate trends is housing for extended families who want to live under the same roof. According to the U.S. Census Bureau a record 60 million Americans were part of a household that included three or more generations in 2014. This represents 19 percent of the population up from 12 percent of Americans living with multiple generations in 1980. T here s nothing new about multigenerational housing. It s the way that most people lived throughout history and it s still the norm in lies. This is the way people have always lived around the world he said in a recent New York Times interview. He goes on to list the substantial economic benefits of shared housing including reduced child-care and elder-care costs. Travel costs can also be reduced when family members live together. Then there are the intangible benefits of multigenerational homes. Living with extended family is a positive experience for many people with grandparents and grandchildren forming closer relationships and parents feeling better about the safety of grandparents. Homebuilders are paying attention to the demand for multigenerational housing and they re responding with floor plans designed for extended families. This means houses that aren t just bigger. When several generations of a family are living together how the space is laid out is just as important as the amount of space available. In addition to providing shared com- countries around the world. Many Hispanic and Asian immigrants continue the practice when they move here which is why immigration is cited as one reason for the increase in multigenerational households. For other families multigenerational housing is based on financial necessity due to job loss student loans or the high cost of housing. Another factor contributing to the growth of this trend is the wave of retiring Baby Boomers who are looking for new housing options. Instead of downsizing many are moving to larger homes shared with children and grandchildren. John L. Graham a business professor at the University of California has studied and written about the multigenerational housing trend. He sees it as a return to interdependence among members of extended fami- 102 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM mon areas allowing each generation to have privacy and their own space within the home can help ease intergenerational friction. Lennar a Miami-based homebuilder introduced NextGen homes in 2011 to meet the needs of multigenerational households. The Los Angeles Times recently featured a profile of a NextGen home in the Inland Empire area. A family of six that spans three generations lives in a 3 700-square-foot house with the grandmother and aunt occupying a ground floor suite with a kitchenette and private entrance and her daughter s family of four living in a three-bedroom upper unit. The entire family shares the living room dining room and main kitchen. Lennar calls this type of design a home within a home with a design that supports togetherness as well as providing privacy when desired. There are now dozens of NextGen home models ranging in price from around 200 000 to 1 million or more depending on design and location and NextGen homes can be found in 19 states across the nation. Other builders such as Toll Brothers have also jumped on the multigenerational bandwagon. They re providing options that make homes more livable for extended families including first-floor suites with separate entrances and private kitchens for older generations and shared living areas for the entire family. Many builders also incorporate patios balconies and courtyards that provide additional private space for different generations. Some multigenerational homes also include separate laundry rooms and garages. Among upscale homebuilders multigenerational housing often takes the form of separate structures for different family members. The Lambert Ranch development in Irvine California includes 4 800-square-foot 6-bedroom models with 900-square-foot guest houses that are separated from the main house but integrated into the overall estate. These estate compounds only work in areas with plenty of land for new home building. If the multigenerational housing trend continues a future challenge for builders is to create smaller multigenerational homes for urban areas where land prices are higher. One solution is to build a private bedroom suite above the garage adding square feet to a home without increasing its footprint. The unique design of multigenerational homes does not affect their resale value according to homebuilders. The extra space and privacy they provide can be used for a variety of purposes besides living quarters for family members including guest rooms workout rooms and in some cases rental units that provide extra income. If your extended family is interested in buying a multigenerational home be sure to find a Realtor who has the knowledge and experience to help you plan for your family s current requirements as well as your future needs. SOURCES CENSUS.GOV CNBC.COM LATIMES.COM NYTIMES.COM AND PEWRESEARCH.ORG. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 103 HERLIFE PETS WRITTEN BY REBECCA FLANSBURG LEAVING FIDO AND FLUFFY AT HOME It s the one sign all pet owners dread seeing when booking a vacation No Pets Allowed. Unfortunately while our four legged friends are considered family by our own terms some places of business have yet to adopt this mindset. A s a result pet owners have to turn to pet sitters or professional pet boarders for help. A pet sitter much like a babysitter vows to down it s best to have a brief interview over the phone. An initial interview is a good way to determine if the candidate would be a good fit without needing to have a face-to-face interaction. If all goes well schedule a follow-up interview with your pet present to watch how they and their new sitter interact with each other. Whether the pet sitting will be taking place in your own home or at the sitter s residence make sure this person seems qualified and is willing to provide daily updates via phone or text. We know our pets better than anyone else and we will immediately be able to judge their take on the new person in their life by their body language. Wagging tails are a thumbs-up equivalent There are a few topics to cover during either part of the interview process that would prove to be beneficial. What training if any has the pet sitter completed Do they offer a safe and enclosed area for pets to get exercise Are they willing to work with pets that have special dietary needs Are they able to provide any additional yet related services such as grooming walking and training Is the pet sitter associated with any local veterinarian offices and are they able to provide emergency services should the need arise Are they able to provide names and numbers of past clients as references Do they attend educational industry conferences Don t be afraid to ask questions Pets can generally smell fear and discomfort so we want to cover all look after our furry family members and provide for their care during the times when the pets can t join the vacation fun. Much like finding a babysitter for their children pet parents take finding the perfect care provider very seriously. Here are some tips and resources for finding the perfect sitter. ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS Many pet sitters book jobs through recommendations from previous employers. Ask friends or relatives with pets who they have used in the past. Reach out to your veterinarian s office or grooming salon for names of highly regarded sitters they re familiar with. If all else fails a simple online search will provide sites with a directory of local pet sitters in your area oftentimes feedback and reviews are available for your perusal before you reaching out to any prospective hires. If leaving your fur child with a private party doesn t feel right to you consider professional boarding facilities. Boarding facilities have high standards to adhere to and frequently employ around-the-clock staff as well. THE INTERVIEW PROCESS Once a few potential sitters have been narrowed 104 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM bases in advance to ensure they aren t afraid in someone else s care. There are other areas to keep in mind when picking a sitter besides how they interact with your critter. Leaving your pets and oftentimes the spare key to your home is very personal so it s important to make sure you trust the hands you ve placed care in. Beyond experience it helps to know if the sitter is flexible and asking for references is also a good idea. A background check wouldn t hurt either some websites perform the background check themselves and include that with the sitter s information along with whether the sitter is bonded and insured a true mark of professionalism. HELP THEM HELP YOUR PET After they ve become the chosen one for your pet sitting needs it s beneficial to outline all duties to help the sitter fill your shoes (and prevent them from being chewed) while you re away. All vaccinations for your pet should be current and paperwork easily accessible in the event of an emergency. Any specific pet-care related responsibilities should be communicated in writing should the sitter need to reference them. Medications if applicable should be labeled and all pet food and supplies should be located in one place or boxed up neatly to make the trip to the sitter s home. If the pet-sit is occurring in your home make sure your new team member knows about important details such as circuit breakers or security systems. Last but not least make sure to show your pet sitter where the treats are kept. Checking all of these off the list will certainly be a treat for you for them and for your pet. Your dog cat fish or bird may not be able to join your family in making memories during a family getaway but the peace of mind you will gain knowing your pet is well cared for with make the trip that much sweeter. SOURCES CARE.COM HUMANESOCIETY.ORG AND PETSIT.COM. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 105 TRAVEL WRITTEN BY STEPHANIE FOX HERLIFE hotel make friends with the concierge and the people especially the women at the front desk asking them for recommendations or warnings. Once you re familiar with your new surroundings you ll have a chance to be more spontaneous. HAVE A BACKUP PLAN Keep a photocopy of your passport and visas and email a copy to yourself. Store your passport extra cash and credit cards in the hotel safe when you are not using them. When out exploring always carry the number and location of your hotel rental companies an emergency contact and the address of the closest U.S. embassy or consulate. And while disconnecting from technology might seem relaxing having an international smart phone will help you in emergencies. TRAVEL SOLO INTERNATIONALLY AND STAY SAFE There was a time not long ago when it was rare for a woman to travel the world by herself. Today things are different. Recent surveys show that now more than 58 percent of solo travelers are female. MAKE FRIENDS Making new friends is part of the travel experience. An ex-patriate group event is a good way to meet people who know things to do and see that aren t in the tourist books. Dropping by casual restaurants and friendly bars is a great way to meet local folks. Have a glass of the local libation but don t get tipsy don t leave an unattended drink if you leave the table. Carry and wear a fake wedding ring if you need to deter unwanted male attention and don t be afraid to say no if something doesn t feel right. P erhaps the change came from the success of books and movies such as Eat Pray Love or simply a new realization that traveling alone means it s easier to go where you want when you want. But while more and more women are setting off on their own women travelers need to take precautions to remain safe. Luckily most of these take only a little extra effort. DON T BE AFRAID While the news is filled with terrible stories the actual chance of encountering violence is very rare. Still while out and about especially after dark stay alert. Use your eyes and ears and trust your gut feelings. Walk as if you own the street since bad guys from pickpockets to muggers look for the timid and fearful. If you become lost or if you think you are being followed head for a store restaurant or hotel and ask for assistance. In the unlikely case that you are threatened and can t retreat to a safe place go on the offensive. Act angry. Step toward the attacker look him in the eye yell and even use profanity. Don t be afraid to make a scene bad guys don t want the attention and will retreat. DO YOUR RESEARCH Check the State Department s website as your first step in planning your trip. It can give you the information you need including alerts and warnings on individual countries. You can also get information on passports visas immunizations medical information additional fees and conditions abroad that may affect your safety and security. Register with their Smart Traveler app and they ll send text messages with necessary breaking travel news. Check other sites such as the Lonely Planet s forum. PLAN AHEAD Have an initial schedule and let people back home know where you will be. Reserve your hotel room before you leave the United States and arrange for a private transfer from the airport. Once you arrive at your 106 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM DON T BE AN UGLY AMERICAN Visitors to the United States often comment on how genuinely open friendly and easygoing Americans are and it s true. But when you travel to other places respect cultural differences. Learn a few phrases in the local language people will appreciate your effort. In some places direct eye contact or certain gestures may have a drastically different meaning than they do back home. You don t want to inadvertently invite unwanted attention. Dress on the conservative side. This is especially important when visiting holy sites. DON T BE AN EASY TARGET Pack lightly. Struggling with heavy luggage can make you a target. Take a few safety items such as a rubber doorstop and a safety whistle but don t take mace which is illegal in many places. While out have easy access to a small amount of cash and carry one credit card in a small slash-proof bag. You can carry additional money in secret locations such as a money belt in a small envelope pinned to your bra or even rolled up in an opaque vitamin bottle or a container of dental floss. With a little planning the risks of traveling alone are low and the chances of having a wonderful experience are high. Whether you re on your first solo trip or this is the latest of many the time has come for women to head out to see the world. Just remember to bring two pairs of walking shoes and your sense of adventure. SOURCES BUZZFEED.COM LONELYPLANET.COM TRAVEL.STATE.GOV AND THE EXPERIENCE OF THE AUTHOR. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 107 JUST SAYIN BY MIX 93.3 PERSONALITY JENNY MATTHEWS PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRANDI WISDOM OF BNW PHOTOGRAPHY HERLIFE Jenny Matthews is the host of Mix 93.3 s Jenny Matthews Show 10am 3pm Monday - Friday. She is also the co-founder of She lives in the Northland with her husband Matthew and their two kiddos Julianne and Miles. Connect with Jenny at jmatthews Just Sayin Sometimes really bad things happen. I ve lived through a lot of those moments most recently what should have been a simple surgery that went wrong. I was left with a colostomy. At the time I m writing this I m just a few days away from surgery to have it taken down. If everything goes well I should be normal again. me a year ago that this would happen to me I would ve never believed you. I also would ve completely freaked out and needed sedation because of the panic that would have set in. However it did happen to me. I am living this life. And you know what else I survived it. Just as you or anyone else would have. I think that s the biggest thing I ve learned from this entire experience. Anxiety is really dumb. I have struggled with it for most of my life. And the thing is worry is pointless. It won t change the outcome. It only makes things worse. And when push comes to shove and stuff happens Something kind of magical happens and megainner strength takes over. Circumstances may not be great. In fact they may completely suck. But each of us is so much stronger than we even know. Until we get tested. That s when it shines. So back to that word normal. A colostomy saved my life. No for real I would ve died without it. I can t hate something that did such a powerful thing. But wearing a bag isn t the norm and people judge. As long as we are breathing we should all be living the best we can. The opinions of others don t matter. And I don t think a lot of people have bad intentions behind their judgement. I think it s nervousness. Fear of what they don t know. I m as guilty as anyone. We should all give acceptance a try. Because we all have a story. N ormal. An interesting word. When everything just goes along as it always has business as usual a whole person is that normal And who decided what was actually normal anyway This strange apparatus attached to my side hasn t seemed normal whatsoever and if you had told 108 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 109 TIE THE KNOT HERLIFE WRITTEN BY MARILYN ISAMINGER PHOTOGRAPHY BY THE GRAYS PHOTOGRAPHY BRIDAL GOWN BELLE VOGUE BRIDAL BRIDESMAIDS GOWNS BELLE VOGUE BRIDAL GROOM S SUIT TUX MEN S WEARHOUSE GROOMSMEN SUITS TUXES MEN S WEARHOUSE HAIR BY PAIGE ALEXANDER BIJIN SALON AND SPA MAKEUP BY QUIERA MARCELLA FLORIST AMY CRONISTER DJ HI-RISE DJ CATERER INTERCONTINENTAL KANSAS CITY ON THE PLAZA CAKE MCCLAIN S BAKERY CORRESPONDENCE RSVP IN THE VILLAGE CEREMONY VENUE OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP PARISH RECEPTION VENUE INTERCONTINENTAL KANSAS CITY ON THE PLAZA JEWELER MEIEROTTO JEWELERS 110 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM EMMA AND SWOPE TIED THE KNOT MAY 13 2017 Nordstrom in Kansas City. Tyler Swope 26 years old is the middle son of four boys and grew up in Topeka Kansas. He has always been a K State fan so it was no surprise when he went to K State majoring in accounting and finance. With his CPA designation he has worked with Deloitte since fall 2014. In August 2009 Emma and Tyler were freshman students pledging Tri Delta and Delta Upsilon. The DUs came to Tri Delta to serenade the first weekend of college and I remember vividly that moment when we first saw each other and made a connection reminisces Emma. Who was that darling guy with the big brown eyes The following night I went with the older Tri Delta girls to a fraternity house party and the first person I saw when I walked into the TYLER E mma (Houlik) Swope 26 grew up in Wichita Kansas the youngest of five children. She attended Kansas State University majoring in apparel marketing and she s a personal stylist at room was the darling guy Introductions were made and we talked the entire night. Tyler and I shared all the freshman fun together and in December we began officially dating. This fall we will have been together for eight years. Tyler chose a romantic evening for his proposal. In December 2015 Tyler took me to dinner on the Plaza and then to go look at Christmas lights Emma smiles. He suggested we go to the WWI Memorial where we could see the lights of Union Station and downtown. As we stood alone on the balcony overlooking the city I saw more than lights shining. Tyler was down on one knee with a very important question It was the most perfect early Christmas present I ve ever received. The blissful couple tied the knot May 13 2017. Emma s Matron of Honor was her sister Natalie Volz and her Maid of Honor was her sister Hannah Houlik. Bridesmaids were Simone Fisher Emily Clubine Kayla Stalnaker and Lauren Kupersmith. Tyler s Best Man HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 111 was his brother Chris Swope groomsmen were his two younger brothers Conner Swope and Tanner Swope and Corey Dean Blake Cornell and Luke Jolif. The afternoon wedding at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish was an intimate gathering of 130 family and friends followed by a reception at the InterContinental Kansas City on the Plaza. Cocktail hour in the Rooftop lounge preceded a formal dinner in the Rooftop Ballroom with sunset views of the Plaza. Understated elegance was the inspiration for the wedding Emma describes. The florals for the wedding were all white consisting of garden roses roses peonies hydrangeas ranunculus and stock. Candle votives were scattered around round mirror centerpieces for soft lighting. After dinner and special toasts the dance floor filled with family and friends led by my two-year-old niece who loves to dance The evening had an abundance of genuine love and happiness. Emma and Tyler honeymooned on Exuma in the Bahamas enjoying the soft white sand and crystal clear water. 112 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 113 HELPING HANDS WRITTEN BY TIM LOCKYEAR HERLIFE MALINA COLE JONAH NOLL Pictured here in a Superheroes of KC shirt by The Kansas City Clothing Co. No One Budgets for Cancer AUSTIN AUSTIE DURBIN I n Kansas City each year more 200 families will receive the heartbreaking news that their child has cancer. Many thoughts go through these parents minds as they process their new reAIDAN LONEY ality. They will face complex science and terminology care and treatment schedules and frequent planned and unplanned visits to the hospital. How much time will one or both parents miss from work Meanwhile life goes on at home. Bills do not stop coming. Parents are quickly faced with the decision of missing work to be with their child or missing a key treatment in order to work so that next electric bill gets paid. A group of Kansas City volunteers believes a parent s place is at their child s side. That is why Supporting Kids Foundation exists. Supporting Kids Foundation or SKF is an all-volunteer organization started in Lenexa Kansas in 2007 by a group of neighbors. The goal was simple help KC-area families focus on their child s health and not worry about bills at home. Many great organizations focus on research care and treatment. SKF focuses on helping with the hidden unplanned side effects of battling childhood cancer. SKF started with the basic premise that people like to help and people like to have a good time. The organization combines these two concepts into four main events throughout the year. They have a poker tourney in January a Kentucky Derby event in May a golf tournament during the summer and an auction and gala in September. These events have served as the primary source of revenue over the years. Recently a number of companies have stepped up and made generous donations to the organization to help ensure that the need is met. Since inception SKF has helped over 350 families and disbursed more than 869 000 in direct assistance to pay day-to-day bills on behalf of families. An additional 61 500 supported families during their stay in CMH. Some of this assistance is given weekly in the form of fresh food and supplies for the parent room on the hematology oncology floor and to provide entertainment systems games and videos in the 4-Henson teen room as well as helped fund the installation of an on-call room on 4-Henson to allow the most critically ill kids to have quicker access to their doctor. All of this has been accomplished by a dedicated group of individuals who volunteer their time energy and talents. If you would like more information about helping SKF help KC families battling childhood cancer please email us at friends FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR EVENTS AND CAUSE CHECK US OUT AT SUPPORTINGKIDS.ORG OR ON FACEBOOK. 114 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 115 CALENDAR HERLIFE JULY 13 Supporting Kids Foundation Golf Tournament 11 30AM IRONHORSE GOLF CLUB JULY AT CROWN CENTER CLAWS This new exhibit in the SEA LIFE Aquarium features a new exhibit starring the giant Japanese spider crab with legs reaching up to 12 feet in length when fully grown. Other species will include the Florida spiny lobster spider crab the unique fiddler crab and even lobsters This four-person scramble tourney benefits local families who have a child diagnosed with cancer. The fee of 150 per person includes a box lunch green fees cart and range balls players compete for 1st 2nd and 3rd place with prizes for hole-inone longest drive and closest to pin. Dinner follows at Johnny s Tavern at 119th and Glenwood. Sponsorships are available online at charity-golf-kansas-city. LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER. With more than ten play interactives everyone can discover something brand new inside Train Station Adventure 14 30 The Crucible at The Barn Players 7 30PM FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 2 00PM SUNDAY 6219 MARTWAY MISSION KANSAS Thomas & Friends - Explore the Rails Through September 10 this free exhibit provides an imaginative adventure for the whole family. Explore the sights and sounds of the Island of Sodor visit Knapford Station and the Sodor Steamworks climb inside Thomas cab fix Percy s wobble wheels pull levers for train noises and race trains along a giant track. Arthur Miller s unforgettable drama of gripping American history also serves as a timely reflection upon our own contemporary society. Visit for ticket purchase. 15 American Cancer Society Birthday Bash 5K 7 30AM CORPORATE WOODS BUILDING 40 9401 INDIAN CREEK PARKWAY OVERLAND PARK Garfield The Musical with Cattitude The Coterie Theatre presents Garfield and his friends live on stage all summer Visit thecoterie. org or call 816-474-6552 for show times. This run walk is family friendly stroller friendly and will be chip-timed. Grab your party hat a noise maker your tennis shoes and cover your birthday suit for this piece of cake race Give yourself the gift of celebrating lives saved from cancer and honor those who have fought. Register at Race KS OverlandPark BirthdayBash5K. A Famous Flick under the Stars Festivities begin at 6 00pm with the movie starting at approximately 9 00pm. Free admission pets are not permitted. JULY 7 THE PARENT TRAP JULY 14 HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS JULY 21 REMEMBER THE TITANS JULY 28 JURASSIC WORLD AUG. 4 BACK TO THE FUTURE 116 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Adult Night Game of Brick LEGOLAND JULY AT PARK PLACE NO DULL MOMENT JULY 13 Once a month big kids take over LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City for a special brick-tastic evening. Every event is a unique experience with a different theme where LEGO fans can get involved in cool games and contests that will challenge even the most seasoned builder Guests must be 18 years and older to attend the event. Park Place Unplugged 5 00 - 7 00PM EVERY FRIDAY Enjoy acoustic outdoor sidewalk performances as you shop. Free Outdoor Fitness Class 7 00 - 8 00AM EVERY SATURDAY OrangeTheory Fitness shapes you up while you soak up the sunshine. Children s Gardening Class and Story Time 10 00 - 11 00AM EVERY WEDNESDAY Rosehill Gardens will offer fun and creative gardening activities including herbs seeds wind chimes and miniature gardens beginning in Barkley Square followed by story time with The Learning Tree. Throwback Thursday LIVE 6 00 - 8 00PM EVERY THURSDAY Live summer concert series featuring Tom Petty Elton John U2 and The Beatles tribute bands. Foodie Chick Event JULY 22 4 00 - 9 00PM It s the latest concept brought to you by Chick Events when guests will feast on top restaurant bites local KC wine craft beer coffee and tea and vote for their favorites. This inaugural event will take place on the streets of Park Place for a tasting and shopping experience unlike any other for all foodies. Wine & Dine Week JULY 31 - AUGUST 6 Restaurants offer specially priced lunch ( 15) and dinner ( 30) multi-course meals. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 117 JULY AT DOWNTOWN LEE S SUMMIT Farmers Market 7 00AM UNTIL SELL OUT CORNER 2ND AND DOUGLAS STREET On Wednesdays Saturdays shoppers can purchase a variety of fresh produce plants meats baked goods handmade crafts and more Music in the Park 6 30PM - 10 00PM FRIDAYS THROUGH LABOR DAY The Friday night concerts feature a variety of musical genres in Howard Station Park. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and or blankets for seating. Sidewalk Sale Bargains on the Bricks JULY 15 10 00AM - 5 00PM Participating downtown businesses will offer quality items at low prices. Take advantage of these great summer savings and see all that downtown merchants have to offer. 118 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 119 HOROSCOPE BY JOHN SANDBACH HERLIFE STAR JOURNEYS Major changes are wanting to happen now and if you resist them it could create a lot of stress and frustration. Rather than spending too much time trying to figure out what to do it is far better to take direct action and then see what happens for experimentation is what s most likely to free us from old restrictive patterns and get us moving forward again. CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 23) The limits you thought were there in your life are different from the real ones. There s more to be had and now s the time to be open to it. Even though you want more stability there s a strong likelihood that it would only serve to hold you back at this time so realize the positive potential inherent in unsettled situations. Know that eventually things are going to be more solid and consistent. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) Accuracy in planning is a big help for you now. Be as definite as possible about how things are going to happen and see how many details you can pin down before the actual occurrence. Try not to allow personal issues get in the way of what you are trying to accomplish and if you have to call in an expert to help you. LEO (JUL. 24-AUG. 2) AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) There are things in your life now that you are not capable of clearly understanding but that doesn t mean you can t enjoy them. Remember that you don t need reasons now for what you re doing and you don t need to justify yourself to anyone. Some things are better left unexplained. Some things can seem so important that it feels like there s no getting away from them. But when you need to there s always a way to escape. If you find yourself this month in situations that feel too tight do whatever you must to gain more freedom for yourself. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) PISCES (FEB. 19-MAR. 20) It s difficult to finish anything when you re not even sure where the finish line is. Things that you thought were done could maybe use some more work and if you feel like carrying on do so. Much in your life can be up in the air now. Don t worry about this just keep doing good work and keep working on those projects that most interest you When you feel like you ve come to the end of your road it can mean that maybe it s time to quit using roads for a while and to do some wandering to see what you find. You can now tap into what has been undermining you and as you come more and more to see what the hidden problem is you re going to be in a much better position to fix it. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) ARIES (MAR. 21-APR. 19) When strange awkward or difficult things happen don t let them stress you out. There s something of value that can come out of these sticky situations. What you need to do to assist whatever is most good and positive to emerge from them is to be as gentle and patient as possible in your approach. A light touch can help to soothe and smooth all sticky situations. Any pent-up energy you ve been holding wants to cut loose and come out. Try to assume as little as possible now and to be prepared to follow up on some new information. Biases and taken-for-granted notions can try to hold you back now don t let them. TAURUS (APR. 20-MAY 20) SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) This is a good time to brainstorm. Don t try to get things right the first time because if you do it will only serve to reinforce your inhibitions. Think of as many ways as you can to approach situations because if you let yourself think about things in a freer and more expanded way you re likely to come up with some really good ideas. When things are ready they just happen and you ve been getting ready for something major to happen for a long time maybe without even knowing it. Your life can move very fast this month. Keep steering toward situations in which you have control and if you can t explain yourself don t worry about it. GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) It can take some extra work now to find things but if you look diligently you can discover something really valuable that is just what you ve needed. The best means of exploring is to think outside the box and there are people in your life who can help you to do this. Seek them out. 120 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Now s the time to investigate hidden things and to consider what the covert motives of others may be. What interests you now and draws your attention may be very different from what others think is important. Pull away from the crowd and go your own way. You re receiving an invitation to explore now so take it and go see what you can find. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 121