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Description: Welcome to Esoteric Gazing where we discuss all things spiritual and esoteric. We love hearing from our readers!

Esoteric Gazing Magazine June 2017 For those of you in the northern hemisphere--Happy Summer And for those friends in the southern hemisphere--Happy Winter The way our summer has started I d trade it for winter. (big grin here) We have some great articles for you in this issue and are pleased to welcome several new contributors. We are delighted that they have shared with us. You know that we welcome not only your comments but your contributions as well. Simply email us with your article proposal and we ll get right back with you to discuss your article. We have a few new things coming up in the near future and look forward to your comments on those as well. Again--thanks for joining us here You are appreciated more than you know. Pam Gillmore Co-Founder pamgi Nance Woods Co-Founder coachnancee Want to subscribe Just email us and we ll be glad to add you to the mailing list. And feel free to share the magazine link with your friends. 2 What s Inside.... Numerology--The Language of Numbers by Fran Szarnicki Page 6 During my 40-year career as a Numerologist I have given quite a few lectures in local public libraries. I love the libraries. They are holy places. You can feel the respect enveloped in silence. Surrendering to the Divine by Barbara Johnston Page 12 Many years ago when I first starting thinking about the concept of Surrendering to the Divine - it sounded intimidating and overpowering to me. It was at a point in my life when difficult experiences prompted me to re-evaluate that I started to think very deeply about why we often experience anxiety and despair. Ask Evette Rose--Psychosomatic Root Causes of Diabetes Type 1 Page 20 Welcome to Ask Evette Rose. Todays topic is the Psychosomatic Root Causes of Diabetes Type 1. First of all remember that there are two types of diabetes. Earthquakes Stars and Labyrinths Spiritual Work to release tension in the world by Lily Nature s Blessings Page 25 We are called during these intense yet miraculous times to do work with the Earth and the Stars. By now you know that Earth is shifting and we have to shift and align with her. 3 Relationships More than Meets the Eye by Cathy Silver Page 28 Life--is bigger than we know. And I know that the same is true with relationships--whether we re connecting with our dog our kids our friends the ocean or the trees and plants in our garden or the forest outside in nature. Transformation by Casandra Nightengale Page 31 Journal Entry I am so very tired. Who could have imagined the speed with which the transformation has overtaken the people especially the children Some are adjusting well taking it in stride while others are not doing as well. I am at a loss as to how to help Healing from other Dimensions by David Offer Page 36 I suppose like most people it is only when we view life retrospectively that the events make sense and show how it has led us to today when we join the dots we can see the pattern. MORE PREDICTIONS FOR 2017 by Tom T. Moore Page 41 Below are predictions I received during the past three months from Gaia soul of the Earth and my Guardian Angel Theo. Please be sure to take part when it asks you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD. 4 Messages from Mother--About the Environment ah... Me by Mare Cromwell Page 56 Except from Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother Guide to Crystal Grids by Hank Mason Page 62 Good news There is now a way to effectively combine and focus the energy of your crystals. Using a crystal grid one that combines crystal energies within specific orders forms and structures will greatly expand the power and energy of your crystals in wonderful and highly effective ways. Meditation by Gaye Piper Page 70 Do you meditate Yes No For me it has become an essential part of my life. For years my team THEY (a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension) have said the key to all is Meditation and Breath Meditation and Breath Meditation and Breath (yes 3 times). All articles are copyright protected by the respective authors and remain the property of the author. Esoteric Gazing appreciates being allowed to share these articles with the readers. Should you wish to share any of the articles please contact the individual author for said permission. 5 Numerology--The Language of Numbers By Fran Szarnicki During my 40-year career as a Numerologist I have given quite a few lectures in local public libraries. I love the libraries. They are holy places. You can feel the respect enveloped in silence. Knowledge fills the atmosphere as the records (the books) hum their contents. Growing up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania we were blessed with magnificent library buildings. Andrew Carnegie made sure we had grand staircases ionic columns and marble and glass floors underfoot when searching through the stacks . The membership to this hallowed hall only required a library card and of course the ability to read. Reading is the preferred means to accessing the treasure of knowledge. One thing that I have noticed about reading is the love and compassion attached to this skill. Our population can be harsh about many matters but when it comes to reading I feel caring. When we find that someone has slipped through the cracks and has not learned to read there is concern. People don t go into a punishing mode over illiteracy. Generally want to find help for the person. Sensitivity pours out for those who cannot read. Why Illiteracy is sad. It is a profound deficit. Without the ability to read you are not in the game at all. You don t really have a fair chance at managing the complexity of this life without the ability to read. I feel this same sadness for all those who are not able to read numbers. Number literacy opens another dimension of knowledge and understanding concerning who we are and what our place is in the universe. It opens a doorway of relationship with our Creator. So here I am Fran Szarnicki Master Numerologist to the rescue to enlighten the world on how to read numbers. It s very easy. Reading numbers follows the same basic principle as reading letters. Do you remember learning to read the alphabet First you had to learn the alphabet song and then you had to learn the sound that each of the 6 letters vibrate. After you knew the sounds then you could start putting the letter- sounds together. You learned that the arrangement of letters was vital. T-a-b signifies one thing and B-a-t denotes a different meaning. Transitioning into number reading is not difficult however in our society we are used to treating numbers as symbols of quantity rather than quality. Two apples plus two apples equals four apples. The operation is concerned with amounts. We don t expect that the calculation will tell us whether the apples are sweet or good for making a pie. But what if that thinking is wrong What if numbers can give us information about the quality of subjects So let s begin here with the assumption that numbers vibrate attributes just as letters do. Now rather than give you the standard list of the meaning of each number I m going to tell you a story. The Creator generated the cosmic egg. The egg is zero. It contains everything and nothing. The natural progression is for the egg to hatch. And when it hatches out comes the male the son of God the Creator. He is strong and vibrant and ready to explore the world in which he finds himself. He is a powerful individual with many of the creative traits of his father. He is the first born and has an intense identity with being number one . He is a valiant explorer. I envision him walking with his machete. He is cutting down the grasses to clear a path as he plows ahead ready to take on any new challenge. At some point in time he does complete his brilliant journey of discovery. Finally he sits down by a crystal lake to rest and reflect. He has done a stunning job of surveying his world. However he begins to realize that his drive has taken him on an external expedition but he will need to turn that energy around if he wishes to explore the internal world. This moment of awareness triggers him to embark on an exploration of his own consciousness. When he goes inward the MALE becomes a feMALE. The MAN becomes a woMAN. (In numerology f and e 6 5 11 2 and w and o 5 6 11 2). So here we find the internal aspects of man being presented in the number two. Man stares into the crystal lake and sees his mirror image. He says I am and the woMAN reflects Yes you are. The number two is the feminine aspect of man. It is a hidden vibration that supports loves and quietly directs. It is 7 the deep and secret reserved side of man. This internal vibration is not usually comfortable in the bluster of the external world. It s a doppelganger that lives in the shadows wanting love acknowledgement and appreciation. To review One is the MALE principle and Two is the feMALE principle. Think of these two vibrations as two strong columns or pillars. Symbolically these pillars form the number 11. When the tops of the pillars tilt towards one another and touch we have the creation of the triangle the first basic shape The MALE and feMALE create a child (number 3). The child is joyful and spirited. What an explosion of energy His enthusiasm takes him running in every direction. He laughs cries and then laughs again. 1-2-3 it s magic How lucky we are to have a family. (Notice that I refer to the child as he . When studying theoretical numbers the only place we find the pure feMALE or the woMAN is in the number 2.) Now that the family has entered the scene we recognize that they have needs. Food clothing and shelter are the basic requirements. Number 4 the cube the salt of the earth is driven to work and provide for the family. In a simple but honest and straightforward manner this vibration labors for the good of the cause. Four represents the worker. We have advanced through triangular three the four-sided cube and arrive at five showcased in the five-pointed star. The progression shows us that once the basic needs are taken care of our little family is free to travel and learn more about their world. The feeling of security (generated by 8 four) allows mankind to move confidently from its shelter and plunge into all kinds of experiences. The five-pointed star displays a head two arms and two legs. Five is sometimes referred to as the number of man because it outlines his form. These five extensions into the universe take us exploring. Think about the many fives we have built into our bodies. We have 5 senses 32 teeth (3 2 5) 5 fingers 5 toes and of course the 5 extensions seen with the head arms and legs. The highly energetic five is famous for being very physical. It loves to run and jump and play and squish its toes in the mud. Five is enamored with sensuality and has a remarkably strong sexual appetite. This vibration is inquisitive eager and clever in its eternal quest to learn new things. And when we tire of traveling about and testing new avenues of adventure it is time to return home. Four provided basic shelter but when the family arrives back to their living quarters they infuse into it the unique knowledge and insights they have gained from the journey thus far. In this way they elevate the house to a home. We observe the upgrade as we watch them planting flowers up the walk hanging artwork on the walls adorning the windows with draperies setting the table with fine china and silverware. There is candlelight tea coffee and sweet bread served for dessert. There is integrity and righteousness in this home as the heart of the MAN and the heart of the woMAN become balanced. The 6 -pointed star symbolizes the balanced heart. Six stabilized the heart and brings us to the seventh and final chapter of our story. Here I ask you to turn your attention to the phrase On the seventh day He rested. The physical gets a much-needed rest under this vibration. And while the body relaxes the mind soars to new heights. Being non-physical the mind does not require rest. It is free to think about science religion philosophy mathematics the arts and other subjects of interest. Reading studying meditation and prayer are all deeply appreciated by the mind. The seventh vibration balances the left (logical) and right (intuitive) hemispheres of our thinking process. The balanced mind brings out the scholar in man. The configuration of the symbol for seven is a vertical line (MALE) topped with a horizontal line (feMALE). 7 9 And here on the seventh day of creation our story ends. I encourage my readers to go to the bible and read Genesis once again. The creation story relays perfectly the meanings of the numbers one through seven. Of course there is the question about the numbers eight and nine as they are not covered in the creation story. Eight and nine are interdimensional numbers. We naturally strive to learn more about them and acquire their properties but most people living on earth are not ready to handle these powerful vibrations. Most people here are in grammar school. Think of Eight and Nine as graduate level studies. Appreciating them takes a while. So perhaps we will explore these interdimensional numbers another time. I ve presented the language of numbers here in a way that I think it will be easy to understand and remember. Now that you have the keys or the meanings of numbers I hope you will be inspired to learn more. Traditionally we employ numerology to read the progression of numbers in the birthdate and the hidden numbers in the spelling of the original name. There is quite a lot of coding packed into those two areas. Most often I read for people on the telephone unless you happen to live nearby. In your numerology session I will tell you how you look how you think how you act and how you feel. This way you can get an objective look at yourself through my words. I talk to you a little bit about past life as there is often a strong influence that we continue to work with in this present life. Sometimes people have a compelling calling to a certain career and some people are meant to do nothing at all. (Life can be extremely difficult for these people.) Some people are meant to retire and others are not. I address karma and the lessons you are currently working on. I outline what your lessons are and how long they will last. If you have difficult lessons I offer hints to help you get through them more easily. I give likely dates for marriages and the arrival of children. (I will tell you honestly if there are no marriage dates.) And there is more. As you see I do offer a very jampacked session. It is one that will leave you full of understanding and very uplifted. I deliver the information without mentioning any numbers unless of course you want me to give my references. Most people feel a great sense of satisfaction and are vindicated from any long-standing guilt after getting a reading. After many years of 10 working in this field I estimate my accuracy to be over 90%. This estimation is based on feedback from clients. Please do not think I m being arrogant by stating this figure actually... I m bragging about the value of numerology We all arrive on earth with our instructions encoded in our names and birthdays. It is high time everyone learns to read these numerical instructions. THE ONE WORD REVIEW 1-MALE 6-HOME 2-feMALE 3-CHILD 7-SCHOLARSHIP 4-SECURITY 5-EXPLORATION 9-GOD- 8-TRANSCENDENTAL- CONSCIOUSNESS CONSCIOUSNESS 0123456789 Fran Szarnicki has done reading style counseling for 40 years. She has published Szar Cards (these are inspirational messages based on numerology) Numerology The Language of Numbers Double Digit Numerology The Test of True Love Healing My Soul Manuals 1 & 2. She is the developer of the Healing My Soul method and trains healers in this method. Fran and her husband Jim reside in The Villages Florida. They spend summers in Pennsylvania with their family. For Spiritual Growth & Peace of Mind Contact Francesca New Age Services 724-845-1407 11 Surrendering to the Divine By Barbara Johnston Many years ago when I first starting thinking about the concept of Surrendering to the Divine - it sounded intimidating and overpowering to me. It was at a point in my life when difficult experiences prompted me to re-evaluate that I started to think very deeply about why we often experience anxiety and despair. My inner knowing told me that these difficulties were not within the awe-inspiring Divine plan. So it was then that I turned my thoughts to the Divine whilst I kept asking myself To whom or what do we surrender When trying to come to terms with the idea of Surrendering to the Divine - I then came to a realisation that it is the word surrender itself that is often greatly misunderstood. The word is perceived to mean something negative such as defeat weakness powerlessness or allowing another to dominate or take control of us and even suggests that we have failed to rise up to challenges in life. Yet now I realise that unconditionally Surrendering to the Divine is not about losing control giving up failing in life or even letting go of material acquisitions. I now understand that it is actually having the profound wisdom not only to detach materially and emotionally but also to yield to the flow of life whilst gently releasing the aspect of our ego that does not serve us positively. There is absolutely nothing wrong in having a healthy ego one that is full of self love appreciation and compassion - it is through having an unhealthy ego which contains superior or inferior thoughts while being self-absorbed and having feelings of fear abandonment vulnerability and perceiving people as threatening when problems in our life arise. Trying to fix a problem is not a solution as we are giving energy to a problem that is in the mind. We keep the negative and unhappy feelings alive by giving them time through compulsive thinking. Often we are addicted to our senses our desires to the struggles of life and to our ignorance of whom and what we are. If we do not surrender because of our lack of awareness - it is because our obstructive ego is afraid to evolve. It is through our conditioning and indoctrination that we believe that in order to 12 experience the desired physical results in life our existence now requires considerable effort in the form of rigid expectations or difficult work to make it happen this is not so. We need to relinquish inner resistance. The direction received through a state of surrender will never be one of struggle or pain because we are connecting with the divine essence within. Now through my life experiences and deep reflection - I also accept that Surrendering to the Divine is all about learning to allow aspects of our life to flow rather than forcing things to happen. Forcing or making things happen means that we are literally creating a form of resistance which draws to us events conditions and circumstances which in turn brings anguish into our life. Not surrendering is like feeling the need to have a protection of armour which further blocks a lot of positivity that comes our way. So by surrendering we take of this shield of defence and give ourselves permission to trust the Will of the Divine the Universe. We all have the Divinity within us and when we choose to accept this level we are then in the process of surrendering. The powerful tool of surrender is a choice it is an energetic connection that replaces material reality. Through surrendering we release all energetic roadblocks which actually hinder our manifesting abilities. We need to accept each day hour and minute unconditionally. Aspects of our life go wrong often and it is precisely at those times that surrender needs to be practiced if we want to eliminate pain and sorrow. Acceptance of that s life or so be it or what is frees us. This does not mean that on the outer level you cannot take action and change the situation it means that you take positive action in a surrendered state which brings in a totally different energy because you are connecting with your true inner being - the Source. This is a lot more effective than a negative action which arises out of annoyance despair or anger. When circumstances in our life become intolerable it is only through surrendering first that we then break the unconscious struggle pattern that sustains the condition. Therefore surrendering is the most important action we can take to bring about positive change. In this state of Surrender we then have full clarity because our state of awareness now ceases to be controlled by external conditions So whilst we are taking appropriate action in this surrendered state we will notice that factors such as anxiety 13 guilt remorse frustration etc have dissolved because of our enlightened perception our heightened state of consciousness. When faced with circumstances in our life that are causing us grief first we need to acknowledge that we have negative factors that could influence our direction. So when this is realised we acknowledge that these factors do not serve us positively. Surrendering to the Divine means that we let go of any need to dominate control or manipulate. In turn it also means that in this heightened state of awareness we do not allow others to dominate control or manipulate us either by just saying a perfect no firmly to them or by removing ourselves from the negative environment. If this is not possible through the enlightened state we now understand we can then choose inner peace and freedom by letting go and not reacting from a conditioned mind. This is about making a commitment to stop thinking that we have to be in control of anything or anything is in control of us so by consciously stepping back and relaxing into life - we are then trusting the Universe - feeling the path of ease and freeing ourselves by trusting 100% to Divine Guidance. Surrendering to the Divine essentially means attuning our will with that of the Will of the Divine. Through experiences I now accept that all events that occur in our lives regardless of how we perceive them always serve a higher purpose. Now believing that all our life happenings in spite of how they may appear on the surface of which we often have limited understanding all happens as a means to help us grow and is all part of the bigger scheme of life. The fact is if we do not surrender in life then life becomes a struggle. It is often only when we have suffered enough that we start to surrender. It is at that point that faith comes in. Faith is all about realizing that there is something higher and beyond the ego. We are then beginning to trust the flow and the process of life. It is at that point that we start to merge with the Divine and we trust and realise that the Divine is there for us. I found all this very hard to understand initially because it is the negative aspect of our ego that finds surrendering a problem. Yet if we think deeply about our suffering we realise that it came into our lives because we went down the wrong path or could not accept loss etc. It is the attachments to things and not letting go that causes us to suffer. 14 The key word is trust trust and the power of surrendering go hand in hand. A fundamental aspect of truly surrendering is learning to have confidence in your intuition which in turn comes from Divine Guidance. We are all naturally intuitive. This is a God given ability that has been granted to us all. It is factual that the best way to achieve Divine Guidance is through learning to quieten the mind by going into the stillness within and or through meditation and then we automatically learn to connect with the source of Who I Am God The Divine the Universe or whatever we perceive is the deep connection to our inner core. Here is a centering exercise that will help us to understand who we truly are (When we meditate we are spending precious time with our Higher Self through stilling the mind. The Higher Self the Divine reflection of our self is the connection between our physical personality and the Divine energy that flows through everyone and everything. The more we are in tune with our Higher Self the more we become aware of the Light Being that we are. Through this awareness we open the channel for higher wisdom and guidance to come through to us within our intuitive mind. When we learn to let the channel flow freely in both directions we are constantly being guided by our higher wisdom and based on that guidance we make choices and create our world in the highest most beautiful way due to the fact that we are beginning to channel the energy of our Higher Self ) Sit or lie in a comfortable position - with no crossed legs or arms now with your eyes closed - place your hand on your heart not the emotional physical heart but the heart of love and compassion now visualise a brilliant white light coming through your crown chakra and filling up your whole body and as you take a deep breath in visualise your heart expanding with this brilliant white light and say to yourself the word peace and as you breathe out release any chaos fears or frustrations and when your mind wanders bring your awareness back to the word peace just continue that thought of peace until you find you become calm and more centred. Now ask your Higher Self to come and step forward in this sacred space feel this sense of oneness and joy projecting from the core of this Divine Light. While you are bringing this light through your whole body 15 tell yourself this is who I am and who I want to be. Stay within this energy and it is also at this point that you can ask questions and wait for answers to come to you through words mental images or feeling impressions. Expand this light out now even further round your physical and ask to be given a feeling or sense as to your true purpose here in this world. And just before you come back into the room say within thank you thank you thank you . Now when finished notice the difference you feel about yourself. This practice allows us to get to know who we truly are and brings peace into every fibre and cell of our being. True surrendering is all about self mastery in all areas of our life emotionally and in life itself and all this is made possible as a result of discovering who and what we truly are (Who I AM). I AM are the most powerful words in the universe which when understood creates freedom within and makes us master of our destiny. In discovering who we truly are we enhance our understanding of the fact that we choose to create our life and in doing so we create the cause and the effects that have stemmed from that cause. It took me quite some time to understand that we in actual fact create our own suffering though our conditioned minds. We need to trust that what we most desire to experience will manifest itself when the time is right. This can only come about by letting go of human logic and the aspect of our ego that does not serve us positively and allowing the growth process of what we want to create to unfold naturally this in turn will awaken our true potential and Divine purpose. If we all surrendered to the Divine we would be bringing heaven and earth together no wars would exist if we did this. The world would be transformed. If we want more peace more purpose and joy in our lives then surrendering to the Divine is the most rational and sensible choice we can make. To sum up - There are so many benefits to surrendering We bring the Law of Attraction to us where like attracts like. (By remembering that we attract and manifest whatever corresponds to our inner state). 16 The spiritual energy that stems from surrendering is of a much higher vibrational frequency than our mind energy. We awaken the Self (Who I AM) which opens the doorway to profound inner peace. We eventually achieve serenity which brings about deep abiding peace clarity and calmness. We find infinite ways of dealing with life challenges that we cannot conceive with our limited thoughts and in turn we bring in unlimited accomplishments in each and every area of our life. Surrendering will help guide us towards our true purpose and highest good. We become free of fears and self-imposed limitations by surrendering to the Divine In this state of consciousness we begin to understand that everything works out in its own time. Deep inside of each one of us is light that is utterly peaceful and quiet. It is the you in me and the me in you. It is unaffected and undisturbed by the outer world. It is unchanged by birth and death. It is not limited by time and space. Teachers can teach you about this world but only you can come to know the inner you. This inner light is always pure ever present and free of sorrow. Learn to rest in the Self ... Come to know the Bliss ... Vashishta (Yoga Vashishta is the name of one of the most ancient and famous scriptures of India. The name literally means the Yoga of Sage Vashishta Vashishta being the name of a great sage or seer. ) 17 Surrendering to the Divine To whom or what do we surrender This we need to know Although we can neither see or touch This loving Greatness within. We move into a place of Who I Am Found in our innermost core We then realise without a doubt Our ego pollutes true direction. How then should we surrender By looking towards attention and intent It then becomes clear that our fears and will Adopts choices outlooks and decisions. And now by gathering the Whole of Self Our body heart and mind And making a one-pointed intention To raise our will to the Divine. Surrendering is the gentle release of ego It is bowing to Divine essence within It is trusting the Universe to guide us And support every decision we make. Having now taken off our armour By dropping our shield of defence We transmit love light and guidance Whilst experiencing a state of peace So now as we meet this inner joy In the course of reaching the edge Through suffering but not any longer Because now we have learnt to surrender. The inner purpose of all our souls Is to accept ourselves in totality 18 Through living a resolute meaningful life In the hands of a greater power. More grace flows in through deeper submission Allowing life to unfold despite struggle Whilst trusting God through our profound inner knowing By surrendering to the Divine. Barbara Johnston is a registered Spiritual Healer with the NFSH since mid 1990. She has an honours M.A. in Applied Spirituality from the National University of Ireland. She organises and holds workshops in Ireland through the guidance and direction of her Guardian Angel Sophia and her Spiritual Guide Joseph. She teaches all those who attend her workshops how to connect and communicate with their angels and guides and loved ones through various channels. Barbara also holds one to one workshops and private sessions for Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Readings. She can be contacted through her web site 19 We are pleased to continue our feature--Ask Evette Rose. Each issue Evette will answer questions regarding your health. Plus there will be a link for you to watch videos on her site that are just for our readers If you have an issue that you d like for Evette to address please email us and we ll get the question to Evette. Her book is available for purchase as well. Simply follow this link and make your purchase. Evette is also doing an interview on each topic that she covers. Watch her videos at 20 Psychosomatic Root Causes of Diabetes Type 1 Welcome to Ask Evette Rose. Todays topic is the Psychosomatic Root Causes of Diabetes Type 1. First of all remember that there are two types of diabetes. We have Diabetes Type 1 which can occur at any age however it seems that a common age for this condition be diagnosed is one s 30 s. If you have been diagnosed with Type 1 then it means that the pancreas is not producing enough insulin. Also at the same time the body s immune system actually destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. If you have Diabetes Type 2 then pancreas actually still produces insulin however the body does not produce enough or it is not able to use it as effectively as it is designed to. Therefore I have split the Diabetic topic into two articles and videos. In this article the focus will be on Diabetes Type 1. Now let s look at the psychosomatic patterns behind this condition I have also learned that doctors seem to think that Diabetes is not really a condition that surfaces because there is a history of it in the ancestry line. Normally in my theory and language of my book Metaphysical Anatomy I would say they are wrong. However in this case I can understand their theory to a certain extent and here is why. This is where it gets really interesting Remember that diabetes also affects the pancreas. So in the Metaphysical Anatomy language that means we also should explore the emotional language of the pancreas and the reason why it s affected and what it is trying to tell us. When the pancreas is affected it normally 21 means that there was some sort of betrayal in the family OR that there is another child that was conceived outside of the family. Now this does not necessarily mean that cheating was involved it could also mean that there is a child from another family meaning two people who united in a relationship that had a child with another person form a previous marriage or relationship. However the dynamic of this other child or the circumstances between the parents of this child conceived outside of the new existing relationship is causing problems (in one way or another) in the new relationship. The biological child of the parents in the current existing relationship is picking up on the discord and loss of joy and harmony in his her family foundation and dynamic. The fact that the pancreas produces not enough insulin AND the body s immune system actually destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas tells me that this person feels greatly challenged to establish who is a friend and who is a foe in their life or family dynamic. They don t trust a soul and as the people they once trusted either turned on them disappointed them or betrayed them in one way or another. The ripple effect of their emotional state often starts in their childhood where they either felt betrayed by a parent that left almost a permanent emotional scar. The ripple effect of this experience in their family dynamic may have escalated into a pattern that they are repeating in their adult life. It could also be that this person is always in conflict in terms of who to believe when two people are stating a case or when they are in the middle of a conflicting situation. As perhaps during their childhood both parents wanted to project their own version of what was right and what was wrong. In this case the mother and father perhaps could have had conflicting values and belief systems that confused the child (in this case the child or teenager that developed the Type 1 diabetes) Speaking to you in the Metaphysical Anatomy language the body didn t know how to use the insulin effectively which represents the conflict between the parents. The child needs the parents (the body needs the insulin) however there a great deal of confusion and stress associated with who to side on or who to believe in which relates back to the body not using the insulin affectively. Meaning the child or younger adult person doesn t feel confident at all to make their decisions and feel safe with the decisions that they had made. Also in this person s life they felt under attack by their circumstances and conflict in the house which might not always necessarily be a direct result from the parents behavior and conflict but more so from external circumstances that 22 they were not able to control. This means events taking place in their environment that caused them a great deal of distress and they didn t have the coping tools or understanding of the events to communicate how they were feeling at the time. They felt helpless to deal with their external circumstances effectively and in an emotionally healthy way for them. I have also seen a pattern where children or younger people who suffer from this condition witnessed their parent or parents perhaps going through traumatic or very stressful time. This traumatic time could include anything from domestic violence emotional abuse accidents being hospitalized or a serious illness etc. just to name a few. It s circumstances that made the younger person feel that they have lost control of their life and the circumstances challenged their trust and faith in their parents ability to cope with the challenges and even tested their faith in life. This could have ultimately resulted in feeling completely and utterly helpless. The feeling of helplessness seems to be the dominant feeling here. This could mean feeling helpless to be of support to someone feeling helpless in terms of not being able to cope with stress in their house feeling responsible for a parent s happiness or wellbeing. There is also a pattern of taking on too much emotional responsibility that a parent or guardian should be worrying about. Now this does not mean that the parent dumped their problems on this child during their childhood what this means is that the child is a big empath and they unconsciously took on the stress of the parent. Another aspect to this could be that someone couldn t process the death of a loved one or feeling helpless to comfort someone who was going through great deal of emotional or physical loss in their life. Something such as an event or person took the joy right out of their life. If it s a child then ask Which parent couldn t process the death of someone in their life Who or what did they lose that was valuable to them What did they lose that gave them joy My Message Remember that emotional isolation is not going to bring you closer to love and the joy that you are searching. It s important to look the kind of love that you received and how it made you feel. There is a negative aspect to 23 it that is now ready to be healed. Any feelings or thought patterns that make you feel that you are not in control of your life and destiny should be changed and healed. You are the driver of your happiness and joy. It s not something that just comes to you you have to create that for yourself. The way to do that is to finally realize that you are worthy and deserving of love and happiness and receiving it in a way that makes you feel safe and secure. You can also watch the Ask Evette and until next time. Rose videos at As an Author Life Coach Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Evette Rose strives to support people in their healing journeys. She is the co-founder of the personal development company Rapid Personal Transformation and founder of Metaphysical Anatomy. Evette is best known for her work in helping people to resolve trauma from their past and freeing them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Evette s work is drawn from personal experience moving from a difficult past into a well-balanced life and career. She has traveled around the world twice and taught personal developments seminars in more than 38 countries and helped more than 6000 people worldwide. Her website is Join Evette this fall for an exciting new class Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Level 1 & 2 Live Event 14 - 18 October 2017 Four Points by Sheraton 9750 Airport Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90045 United States Follow exciting updates about research and new seminars hosted and designed by Evette Rose on Facebook & YouTube Channel 24 Earthquakes Stars and Labyrinths Spiritual Work to release tension in the world By Lily Natures Blessings Dear Earth Angels Light and Miracle Workers We are called during these intense yet miraculous times to do work with the Earth and the Stars. By now you know that Earth is shifting and we have to shift and align with her. She is proving more and more everyday that she is a living being. Awww This is what I have received from Spirit and wanted to share with you. We are called to do sacred work with the star people nations and Mother Earth via labyrinths and star symbols. For the past months I keep getting messages about number 5 Star sacred geometry and lately about labyrinths. The information from our star brothers and sisters is about anchoring the knowledge from the stars into the Earth via labyrinths. Labyrinths are portals between heaven and earth and have unique transformative powers. Here the veil is very thin and energy which is trapped inside the Earth needs to be released. While I was in the middle of the labyrinth in Nevada offering a Star orgone pendant and a crystal to the portal a strong wind started to blow and rain started pouring heavily from the sky. This was one of the magical confirmations that the work was successful 25 true and real. I immediately saw clairvoyantly a massive ray of energy coming to the surface from deep within the Earth. There is much trapped dark energy inside the earth and it is ready to explode. That s why the earth unrest (Earthquakes Volcano Eruptions Floods Earth Becoming Unstable). A lot of sensitives feel shaky dizzy spiraling upwards and so on lately. We need grounding we need centering we need to do sacred work. The dark energy is a mix of collective fear anger fracking weather manipulation and so on. Some might ask why do we need to let the energy out Well if we don t release the tension when it explodes it can create havoc. Now mind you this is work in the cosmic ethereal invisible realms but it needs to be accompanied by physical work such as walking the labyrinth with grace and humility praying and encouraging the healing of earth. Healing the EARTH is healing our humanity. Now when the energy that is trapped inside the earth is released via labyrinths the earth releases the buildup tension. Ask the star people and angels for assistance and be in the heart space when you do the work. If we manage to connect more labyrinths that are freeing this trapped energy we can help the shift become more stable and grounded in Love. If you are close by a labyrinth go work with it. If not just visualize doing the work and connect portals around the world together. They are release valves that help ease up the buildup tension in the world. Offer crystals orgone and star sacred geometry in the middle of the labyrinth or just use whatever your intuition guides you. The most important thing is to do the work. When I was called to do the work I felt a little resistance but Spirit was way 26 more powerful then my comfort zone mood and managed to go out and do the work. The conformation was really mind blowing a strong wind and rain followed by sunny sky after only 5 minutes. Was Fascinating and the energy of this opening really shook my body so beautifully. Hope this info helps and you go out and do the work. Walk the Sacred Labyrinths and encourage others to do the same. Let s activate the hearts of Humanity. We are in this together and it is TIME Spread this wide and share the LOVE PASSION is what many people are missing in their lives. Lilly Natures Blessings is passionate to see people transform their lives expand and learn about their spiritual essence. Helping connect with the inner psychic makes life a MIRACLE. For many years she helped to empower thousands of people to get in touch with their inner psychic spirit in order to heal grow play expand succeed and open their true psychic spiritual nature. Follow Lilly at http 27 Relationships More than Meets the Eye By Catherine Silver Life--is bigger than we know. And I know that the same is true with relationships--whether we re connecting with our dog our kids our friends the ocean or the trees and plants in our garden or the forest outside in nature. Everything is much bigger than our intellect and ego safely insist and wants to catalog in a neat book or box or pre-set set of rules of how things are or how things can or should be. Sometimes they just aren t. While walking through the bookstore last weekend I noticed the racks-- and shelves of books and magazines on relationships. How to start one. How to maintain one. How to fix what s broken. Questions that address intimacy feeling supported making a contribution in the relationship flexibility judgment jealously to name a few this list is almost endless. I pulled numerous books off the shelves and leafed through the indexes and tables of contents. None of them addressed true soul relationships except one which noted Soul mates were seductive and completely silly the author certainly pooh-poohed the idea that relationships could be made in previous lives. Really So let me start with the belief or premise that we are eternal and forever and as souls we come to earth again and again and again it s what we do In fact I believe that 2 3 or 4 lives may be ONE experience for our soul as seen as continuous experience purpose and growth which we know as lifetimes. For our soul--a traveler between dimensional worlds-- some things would just be carried forward. That would include relationships our likes dislikes fears and phobias sure are. Each time we are here it is recorded in our Akashic record. For those unfamiliar the Akashic Record is a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey writes author Linda Howe. Every life is recorded and remembered while on Earth and in a 28 modern-day lingo--downloaded here for safe keeping upon death and uploaded upon our return. The souls that have been here the most and the longest are the old souls who carry the most wisdom. You can equate this to years in school the graduate student holds more wisdom than the one in kindergarten lifetimes are the same sort of way. But back to my topic of relationships. Yes we have soul relationships with many--but not with all of the people in our lives. Some people just resonate with you you feel it and know it--whether it makes any sense at all. How many have talked to complete strangers they just know In fact there are many soul relationships and each carries its own distinct flavor or energy . There is one called cording. In this relationship one is the giver of energy--the other is the receiver . Monad relationships are another for which there are many different types and are experienced in both directions around a specific issue. A monad is formed for a learning experience but it is not necessarily a karmic one. This relationship often feels as if two souls are on a see-saw--the most common being teacherstudent . Another soul relationship is one called a task companion. Usually everyone has at least one task companion it s about performing one or many tasks together. This relationship is very compatible without a lot of arguing or bickering or dealing with intense (karmic) issues. Still another is called essence twins or twin flames. A twin flame has purpose behind it driving toward a goal. Real-world examples Ronald Regan had a soul mate called Nancy. But the discovers of the DNA structure Watson and Crick were twin flames so were Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife Raisa. Often times it is a dicey and challenging relationship but with great purpose. Another is major Karma. Karma is an emotionally intense experience which causes a sense of imbalance in the parties. The law of karma is unfinished business--and when you have an emotionally intense experience with someone you will eventually experience that emotionally intense experience from the perspective of the other participant. And lastly that which the media and popular belief have made so famous is the soul mate. A soul mate is a partner for life. It does not have to be a romantic one. What they don t say or know is that your soul mate may be your grandmother son daughter or the neighbor next door. The other thing the books don t talk about is the fact that LOVE is a quantum energy. (So are magnets and gravity.) And although we accept 29 these things we can t really explain them. Relationships seems to be like that too. Like the seasons all relationships change over time--as we grow and change every day. We don t all grow at the same pace nor do relationships. Within each relationship we have the potential for compatibility sympathy and understanding--we also have degrees of tension antipathy or lack of communication. All relationships especially romantic ones bring expansion or growth. Maybe some of the rules and judgments for ourselves and others must change as well And while the books are great tools the real truth probably is not found on the pages the books but in the heart--every man and woman s communion with an external source of hidden knowledge within--which each individual must seek and find for him or herself. Cathrine Silver is a Board Certified holistic counselor with a practice in Lauderdale by the Sea FL. She is the author of the new book Riding the Light Beam How Any Woman Can Find the Hero Inside available at She can be contacted via email at cathysilverhealth For more information visit 30 Transformation By Casandra Nightengale Journal Entry I am so very tired. Who could have imagined the speed with which the transformation has overtaken the people especially the children Some are adjusting well taking it in stride while others are not doing as well. I am at a loss as to how to help them cope. I am a teacher a mentor and guide for our precious next generation yet I am now expected to guide those who have already or are transforming expected to have answers I do not possess. There is no need to be frightened but the general population is not merely afraid they are paranoid that they or worse their child may be the next to transform. It is genetic that much we are sure of but since we all spring from the same base stock no one is exempt. And why should they be The transformation is a gift as far as I am concerned--a releasing of what has been dormant for generations. But it is change and people resist change with a vengeance. I need sleep. With a deep sigh Moria placed her pen on the desk and closed her journal. Leaning forward on her elbows she placed her head into her hands massaged her aching temples and then drew slender fingers through her shoulder length blond hair. The Watchers had known for years that energies had been fluxing through the portals that surrounded their new world but had not been concerned even when a massive surge had coursed through the northern gate a year ago. Now people were changing. Wearily Moria once again scanned the energy readouts. Something 31 niggled in a far corner of her brain but exhaustion prevented it from entering consciousness. Finally giving into her body s need for restorative sleep she released the charts teleported to her bed and was asleep in an instant. Journal entry Eight days have passed since I last recorded my thoughts on the transformations. The Watchers say the energy is now pouring through more than one portal. Our people are becoming even more anxious. Fear is also evident but so far violence has not broken out. Many of the children are now teleporting winking out and reappearing in an instant. They are amused that they can do this. What is startling to their elders is that they can actually--in the blink of an eye--teleport to the islands on the far side of the planet and then bring back indigenous flowers as proof that they have been there. Rarely do our expert pilots risk sending probes to those exotic islands but the band of severe vortex winds and deadly lightning ringing the area do not seem to affect the children at all. A few of the adults who are changing--including myself--can teleport but our range is not as extensive as the young ones. None of us can as of yet reach the islands. Moria look called a young voice. Glancing up from her journal Moria took in a sharp startled breath. Her eight-year-old niece sat in a full lotus position her slender body hovering four feet above the ground. Very good Radnya. When did you discover you could do that When I woke up this morning I was floating above my bed the child answered a shy smile on her Elvin face. Shaya can do it too. He says we don t have to walk any more. We can float or fly or think ourselves to where we want to go but I think it scares Gran-ma and Gran-da. When they think we are asleep they talk about how bad times have come to our world. But you and Ma-ma say it s OK to be different. It isn t bad is it We didn t ask for the changes. Come here Sweetie Moria urged her niece. The girl flowed over into her outstretched arms. Does it feel bad to do what you do 32 No but what is happening I don t know Radnya but you and your brother and all of the people who are changing are going to be OK she reassured. The science council is researching as much as they can and I m sure they ll come up with an answer soon. Giving the child a hug she added In the mean time enjoy Radnya grinned and teleported away. School classes had been discontinued. It was impossible to keep students confined to desk and walls when they could levitate teleport and walk through solid objects. So the children played and experimented with their new abilities while the adults studied and researched. One group of scientists discovered a repeating pattern to the energy pulses that now continually bombarded the planet and suggested that it was a message--that someone or something was trying to communicate with them. Others scoffed at the idea and countered that nothing on their sensors indicated anything sentient in the energy. Meanwhile--people changed. Some doctors began to see dis-ease inside their patients and to cure them with a touch. Murky auras clued other lawgivers to untruths in witness testimony. Telepathy became common among the changed. Journal entry Lately I have been having feelings of bi-location. My physical self can be sitting reading even teleporting but another part of me seems to join the energy to journey to the portals to bask in the never -ending stream of light. I have sensed others there too. The scientists are right--someone is trying to communicate with us. If we could only bridge the gap that still remains I feel the message would become clear. Moria come quick They are attacking and I can t find Radnya and Shaya. Who are attacking Moria questioned her sister Korella. The militant dissidents the ones who are anti-change. They ve lib33 erated energy weapons from the old colony ship and are marching on the science complex Together the sisters teleported to the scene. Anger and fear were palpable radiations from the militants now armed with stolen weapons. Deadly high-energy weapons that had supposedly been destroyed once the newly colonized planet had been deemed safe for human life. The group was determined to take over the science complex--to force the scientists to reverse the change or to face fatal consequences. Then the children arrived dozens of them--including Radnya and Shaya--teleporting between the militants and their target hovering above the ground smiling. A keening whine filled the air as the energy weapons powered to full strength. Knowing their peacekeepers had nothing that could withstand such an assault parents grandparents and even single adults attacked the dissidents only to be repelled by some sort of invisible force field that flung them back. Even those who could teleport could not penetrate its strength. In horror they watched helpless as the weapons were fired again and again. When the blinding brilliance subsided they were astonished. The children were unharmed. As the militants raised their weapons to fire another barrage Radnya joined hands with her twin. All of the children linked hands. The force field became visible and wrapped itself around the dissidents encasing them in a translucent globe of light before winking out. When the children grinned the adults knew that the globe--with its human contents--was now on the far side of the planet. The weapons clattered harmlessly to the ground flared brightly and vaporized. While the crowd cheered the children drifted to the ground. That was incredible Moria commented as she and Korella hugged the children later that night. How did you stay safe 34 Light bodies Shaya answered. Light bodies his mother queried. Of course Moria answered. Our light bodies are pure energy and can t be harmed by other energy How clever of you to think of it. We didn t. They did Radnya stated bluntly. They Who are you talking about Korella asked. The portal beings. They told us how to shift to our light bodies. It tickles. Radnya giggled. Moria and Korella looked at each other. How do you communicate with these beings Moria asked. Just listen Shaya sighed. To his sister he added under his breath Grown-ups as he rolled his eyes. Turning to his aunt he continued They ve been sending a message but most people just don t listen. Here let us help. Shaya held Moria s hand and Radnya held Korella s. When the twins linked light flooded the room and Moria again had the sense of bilocation. As the connection grew stronger the message became clear. We are the portals through which the light of blessing flows to humankind. It is time to return to your true selves. Rejoice and be at peace. Casandra Nightengale says her stories just appear and demand to be written. Some come from dreams or meditations. Others arrive while walking through the forests or looking out over the ocean in her beloved Pacific Northwest. In all cases she sees them like a movie and tries to capture their essence. When she isn t writing Casandra enjoys reading (complete with purring cat on lap) traveling photography and whale watching. Follow her on Facebook at https CasandraNightengaleauthor 35 Healing from other Dimensions By David Offer I suppose like most people it is only when we view life retrospectively that the events make sense and show how it has led us to today when we join the dots we can see the pattern. This is so true in my case when I look back the guidance has always been there to bring me step by step to working as a healer in close connection with Ranjit the Sikh Indian doctor who works through me. I was born in London yet in my heart I knew I was a country boy. The gift of the city environment brought me in contact with the Indian community that lived in my area. I had Sikh friends and as an adult was even invited to an amazingly beautiful Sikh wedding which gave me a strong feeling of familiarity which I could not get out of my mind. I eventually moved to a country area in my 40 s and in a chain of what appeared to be random events I found myself regularly driving a sick relative to a local healing centre. I spent time talking to people there who were receiving healing and they told me of the benefits they felt and how it had not only changed their health but their lives too. I was fascinated and I asked to learn the process but found very quickly that as I was practicing I could see into the patient s body and watch the coloured energy that seemed to be flowing through them. And so it began the daily meditation to connect deeper with myself and ultimately the guide that was overshadowing me as I was practicing the techniques the letting go when I realised I was losing time I thought I had been practicing for 5 minutes or so and yet often an hour had passed and the final hurdle of letting him speak through me. My resistance was strong and my doubt profound after all this surely was not a usual occurrence. Yet evidence kept appearing that this was real so many situations giving proof that could not be refuted. 36 Eventually I decided to leave my stressful job in the City to work as a fulltime healer which was a huge decision talk about stepping into the unknown I had worked in the same firm since I was 15 years old and now held down a key role in the company so to give it up was frightening to say the least and yet something inside of me told me it was the right thing to do. The healing centre had grown and become a much larger concern and I was now also part of the management team so the change was an obvious move. I saw clients every day and took part in trainings sessions for healing to share some of my experiences in walking this rocky path. After all how do you explain to someone else these bizarre feelings it is strange to say the least. I felt by sharing it it may help others experiencing similar shifts in consciousness. I now had a busy schedule working four days a week seeing six clients a day. In most of the healing sessions I still had a limited awareness of the proceedings but it was growing less and less. The separation was widening and my own awareness was with the guide who was caring for me. I had built deep and trusting connections with him over the years a beautiful Native American soul called Silver Wolf. He originally presented to me in meditation as an actual wolf and I developed a growing friendship with this powerful animal. When he finally shape shifted into human form it seemed very natural to me. He has been my caretaker ever since and we have had some wonderful times together. It may seem a bit out there but I learned a lot from him about nature and the cycles of life only to return to my other reality when Ranjit had finished his work. This shifting consciousness led to some funny and often embarrassing experiences as of course I never personally met many of the clients it was Ranjit who knew them. However they recognised me as the person they had just spent an hour talking to. Many times people approached me in the street talking to me about their recent experiences on the therapy bed but I had no idea who they were. So there was a lot of nodding and smiling on my part As my trust in the links grew stronger I was offered the choice of continuing to work in overshadow where I had small periods of awareness and could observe but not interfere with Ranjit s work or to release myself completely and let him take over my body totally. This would mean that I had no recall of the sessions whatsoever. As you can imagine I had 37 many questions Where would I go Would I be safe Could I come back when I chose Who was actually in control I was given a week to make my decision and the clients that presented in that week were the key factor to the outcome. I was allowed to listen to their stories as they received treatment stories of abuse bereavement in terrible circumstances and abject sadness. I realised that I could not remain objective and detached enough to do what was necessary without interference. I was concerned that my own feelings and thought processes would get in the way so I finally made the decision to work in deep trance. I am certain that this was all part of the plan to help me with the decision making and that these particular clients came at that time specifically for that reason Another example of the support we receive without really knowing that it is happening as often we see it simply as random coincidence . Many of my questions were answered Silver Wolf would continue to be my caretaker while Ranjit was using my body and that I would always have the choice to break the link at any time should I wish to regain my full awareness. I was advised to choose an assistant to work with me who I could trust I chose to work with my wife who had been instrumental in my training. Gently I was shown through a variety of experiences how the symbiotic relationship with the guides the assistant and myself would work based in mutual respect a strict protocol and equality of purpose. That was 25 years ago now and during that time I have experienced the most incredible journey. We have seen clients from all over the world in all age groups and from all walks of life. We have worked in prisons and created a healing centre with a fantastic team of therapists in the UK. When we finally emigrated to Australia to be with family many of these therapists spread out and created satellites continuing the work. Coming to America was one of the highlights of my life. We were invited to Metairie Louisiana to demonstrate healing offer treatment sessions and hold workshops for meditation personal growth and development. We visited several times before the terrible floods and loved the energy there and the wonderful people we met. Every experience is part of the learning curve and each person we encountered brought something to the table. The only person to take it all in their stride was Ranjit of course who 38 just smiles and gets on with the work. Over the years Ranjit s work has changed in line with the development of individuals as we each find our own understanding of ourselves within the Universe. As we each discover our true potential the spirit within and our connection to something profound and wonderful our need has changed. We want to know and understand more we question what we have been led to believe over time and have begun to rely more on our own senses. Ranjit has said right from the first time I became aware of his wisdom that the true purpose of our journey in this life is to discover who we truly are the I Am presence and this coming home to the self is the most important discovery we will ever make. Attaining wellbeing is not simply a matter of relieving pain it is an allencompassing process that affects every level. He refers to it as being similar to having four children our physical emotional mental and spiritual aspects. As with children they are all individual with their own particular needs and if the needs of any one of them is neglected it affects all the others. Usually by the time we have ignored those vague feelings that all is not well fallen prey to the thoughts that roll round in our brain created by so many outside influences and succumbed to our raging emotions all that is left is for the body to start talking to us and often loudly Therefore it is clear that to heal ourselves we must address our life holistically it s what we all know but do not always find easy to practice in our busy lives. I could and probably will write a book about our adventures together and to tell Ranjit s own amazing story of hardship and separation. He tells me his purpose in this union is to understand human emotion something he was challenged by in his own earthly experience. Despite our deep connection he is his own person and I am mine he in his dimension and I am in mine. Our energies touch as we work but do not cross the boundary of individuality it is a meeting of souls for a joint purpose - that of service. 39 David Offer was born in London in 1951 and is now resident in Australia where he migrated in 2007. He worked in the City in the prestigious jewellers Mappin & Webb starting at 15 and working his way up through the company until he became the head Silver Buyer and had responsibility for worldwide stock management. For his achievements in the industry he was made a Freeman of the City of London and was given membership to the Goldsmiths Hall. He retired from this stage of his career in 1996 to become a fulltime healing practitioner and manager of Spectrum Health Trust a Centre dedicated to natural health provision and the empowerment of the individual through teaching and training. His work is now continuing in Australia at The Purple Dragonfly near Melbourne. Contact David at 40 More Predictions for 2017 By Tom T. Moore Below are predictions I received during the past three months from Gaia soul of the Earth and my Guardian Angel Theo. Please be sure to take part when it asks you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD. Scientists in the future will rediscover the power of the spoken word. SUMMER FORECAST Gaia can you give me the highest probability for the summer forecast for the United States Yes I will include Canada as well Tom. This will be the long hot summer as these are the conditions I need to help raise the levels of the oceans. Yes that you may have guessed that Tom but there will be periods of utter chaos you might term it as these conditions make it ripe for severe summer storms mostly in the northern half of the USA and yes extending 41 into Canada. The Southern part of the USA will not be spared completely but you will have weeks of baking in the sun. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated. There will be flash floods in the northern half from the torrential downpours that suddenly arrive plus tornadoes in places that have not seen them before. August will be especially stormy in some places while others endure the heat. This is a cycle for me Tom but it also coincides with my desire to raise the levels of the oceans 12.5 inches by the end of this year. Temperatures will reach record levels in a number of states and yes Canada too. News stories will abound by reports of the melting of the ice pack in the far northern latitudes. So take this to the bank shall we say Tom. Take care of your pets and domestic animals as they will need much water. Farmers will need to consider harvesting earlier than normal. Keep good track of your crops as you normally do anyway. Will hurricanes fire up earlier or about the same time this year Gaia Look for the early appearance of at least one hurricane but also two or three others below hurricane level before the fall season when they typically are more numerous. FUTURE FOR OPIOD ADDICTION Gaia what is the highest probability of when opioid abuse will no longer be a problem You and your readers Tom must understand there are many people--and we are specifically talking about Big Pharma executives that do not wish this problem to go away as their companies are making millions on the backs of opioid-addicted people. So the fight is not going to be easy. Therefore the highest probability will be a gradual reduction over the next five years and at some point in that time period there will be a breakthrough in controlling the opioids. There has to be new leadership in Congress for laws limiting the use of opioids and that means new blood in Congress that will push for opioid restrictions that will make it harder for people to obtain multiple prescriptions. This will happen but again may we mention that this can be brought about even faster if your readers say a benevolent prayer. There are many more people than you might imagine that are now saying these BPs Tom 42 so don t doubt their power. So here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for everyone to say OUT LOUD I ask any and all beings to aid and assist members of Congress to pass laws that will protect the citizens of the USA from opioid addiction thank you DISCOVERIES ON THE MOON Gaia will there be any major discoveries on the moon in the future such as the monolith in the movie 2001 Space Odyssey No nothing so dramatic Tom. We have already covered in the past that there is that derelict spaceship that crashed during the star wars and there is an ET base on the back side of the moon. Other than that there will be many scientific studies that will produce interesting information about the makeup of the interior of the moon and other geological discoveries. You have much to learn even about your closest neighbor. Why is there an ET base on the moon Yes a simple explanation is that there needed to be a clearing house for all the ET societies to compare their information. As you were previously told it is lightly manned now as those studies mostly involved information that would eventually lead or did lead to the creation of the Homo sapiens body. WOMEN GAYS LESBIANS & TRANSGENDERS Theo what is the highest probability of when the U.S. Government will stop legislating women s personal and medical decisions It will take a few more years as you can imagine but within the next five and at most ten years great strides will begin to be seen as the pendulum we have alluded to begins to swing in that direction. And yes it would be good for you and your readers to say a BP for this to occur faster than you can expect and hope for. These BPs as we have said countless times do have a ripple effect and do assist in helping those in legislative bodies and the courts to support women s rights. Here is the BP to say out loud I ask any and all beings to aid and assist those in legislative bodies to make decisions in the best interests of women s rights for their personal and medical decisions thank you 43 What is the highest probability of when religions will stop objecting to gays lesbians and transgenders This will take longer as you might guess Tom. Religious doctrines that have taught this for years yes centuries--must be changed and that takes time. We are not saying there will not be changes but they will be slow in coming in some parts of the world. So western societies are moving well in that direction although there are religions in each of those countries that will still teach that homosexuals and transgenders are a sickness and it will take time to convince them that this is the Creator s wish and their souls desire to experience everything a life on Earth has to offer. Again say a BP for this change in doctrine to a more loving inclusive view of their fellow men and women. It will again assist those that say the BP too. Here is the BP to say out loud I ask any and all beings to assist the leaders in all religious faiths to change their doctrines to a more loving inclusive view of their fellow men and women and may this happen even sooner than we can hope for or expect thank you FUTURE FOR FROGS Sandy writes In many areas frogs are dying from a fungus this is causing many extinctions of amphibians. Gaia can you please explain why this is so Gaia are frogs going to be staying with us Yes frogs will be here always Tom. There are and will be many lakes and streams for them to enjoy themselves and as you slowly clean up the planet they will thrive in first cleaner water and then eventually crystal clear water free of any pollutants. The water will someday reach that clean even with so many billions of people Quite so Tom. As we have explained before there will slowly be fewer people to plunder the land and forests. This will not occur overnight but is 44 numbers of humans seem as if you will never shrink in size but you will. Families over time will be smaller and smaller. Whole cities will be abandoned--some with the help of the rising ocean levels. Yes you can add natural calamities to the list of ways the population will be reduced. WHEN WILL SPEEDING UP OF TIME END Gaia how long will it be before time ceases to speed up Look for this in the next two years. It will have reached the maximum speed we feel humans can operate on in that time period. So two years and not five or ten years No Tom. I understand after all this time it would seem as if time will speed up forever but we are nearing the maximum speed at which we feel you can operate and continue to create and invent. After that there might be small adjustments to either slow or slightly speed up but they will not be noticeable. Yes you could call it tweaking. FUTURE FOR USA & RUSSIA RELATIONSHIP Gaia what is the highest probability for the future relationship between the USA and Russia It will be tumultuous at times as you can imagine. Their government is one that continuously tries to find ways to disrupt your government in particular while at the same time doing the same to other European governments that they consider to be adversaries or a danger. Their leaders also still think they can regain the territory they once had as the USSR which will never happen but they dream of greatness. This will continue on for a while. Yes one of the ways they will try and thumb their noses at the USA and other nations will be the first to disclose meetings with the ET s as if they are the only ones purporting to show their importance. They are not but there will be great discussions and great concern as the world nations are forced to admit meeting with the ET s. Each nation will begrudgingly have to admit their meetings too and there will be quite a bit of finger pointing as each governmental official tries 45 to blame others or the past. So you have aggression militarily that will have to be blocked aggression in meddling with the affairs of other nations and then along comes the disclosures which will embarrass the other governments. Internally they will govern with an iron fist as long as Putin has control of the government. His tenure and control will list a few more years is the highest probability. FUTURE FOR EU USA & GERMANY RELATIONSHIP Gaia what is the highest probability for the relationship between the USA and the EU during the next four years The USA will not change its relationship with the EU as it appears on the surface. There will be much negotiation but in the end the USA and EU will remain strong allies as it is in everyone s best interests both economically and militarily to do so. The EU will be a greater voice in the partnership not relying on the USA as much as in the past. What is the highest probability for the relationship between the USA and Germany over the next four years Again it will be in both countries best interests to remain strong allies. There will be more common good than not although there will be sharp differences of opinion on the refugees as an example but a good relationship regarding the threat from Russia. Mr. Tillerson will help keep the relationship on a fairly even keel during this time period. What is the highest probability of the relationship between Merkel and Trump during this time period Needless to say there will continue to be a strain there as Ms. Merkel does not have a very good opinion of Mr. Trump. That is a given. But like any politician they will do their best to get along. What is the highest probability of any other exits from the EU during the next four years 46 At this time the probability is quite low. There will be talks of one or more of the countries withdrawing but cooler heads will prevail as the problems the UK will have economically will be brought out to quell the doubters. PROBABLE FUTURE FOR HONG KONG & ASIA Gaia what is the highest probability during the next 10 years for tsunamis earthquakes and flooding for Hong Kong and SE Asia As we have repeatedly pointed out any city existing on the coast will have great flooding issues because of the rise in ocean levels. Not only that but with the warmer temperatures not only in the atmosphere but also in the ocean comes greater storms--typhoons as they are called in that part of the world. So there will be a migration of people from the coast into the interior as will happen around the world. I did give you warning five years ago. These storms in general will be larger and more numerous than in the past. That you can take to the bank Tom. Gaia has previously said many times that the oceans rose two inches in 2015 eight inches in 2016 and will rise 12.5 inches this year. FUTURE PROBABILITIES FOR NO. KOREA Gaia will the North Korean President be kept in check by the Chinese and what is the probability of him being assassinated within the next five years Yes the Chinese will attempt to keep him in check but visions of grandeur will keep the North Korean President testing his rockets and his thoughts about conquering the rest of the peninsula. So to answer your second question the probability of him being assassinated within in the next two years is quite high--over 70 per cent at this time. The Chinese will orchestrate his removal from office. That is the highest probability at this time. What about the joining of the North and South The highest probability would be within the next 10 years. It could be within the next five or six years but that is in flux right now. Yes you can say a BP for peace to come to North Korea and that will help things along. 47 Gaia what is the probability of North Korea attacking any other country including the United States and Hawaii South Korea or China Before that would ever happen I can assure your readers that the probability of his occurring is almost zero. The North Korean leader is using all this for propaganda purposes and to feed his large ego. As we stated before his time as their leader is limited. What is the probability of him being deposed by August 1 this year Quite high actually. Certainly over 80% at this time. Here is our first Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say out loud I ask any and all beings to bring peace to the Korean people in the most benevolent way possible and may peace come even sooner than we can hope for or expect thank you GENITAL MUTILATIONS Gaia what is the highest probability of when genital mutilations will end Tom the highest probability is that these genital mutilations will take over five years but less than 10 to be almost non-existent. There will be great progress during this time period to stop the mutilation of young girls. It will still be practiced in some remote villages but with the advent of electricity where there was none they will be able to view TV and will have access to smart phones. The governments will push for education and laws to forbid the genital mutilation. This only exists in areas that are quite backward and that is soon to change. Here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say I ask any and all beings to aid and assist in bringing an end to genital mutilations and may this happen even sooner than we can hope for or expect thank you YELLOWSTONE ERUPTION PROBABILITIES Gaia when Yellowstone volcano erupts how many soul contracts are there to transition 48 Would it be 10 000 100 000 or 1 Million or more Much more Tom. This will be the start of a series of events that has not been seen on Earth before in modern times. Your next question was to ask about the Italian volcanoes and I cannot make them a separate event as they are all part of the same as they are connected. So the true answer to your question will be that several million people will transition due to these events. And yes there will be earthquakes that will be generated at the same time. You were told in the past that the earth s population will slowly be reduced and this would be considered one of the major events. It will take all the resources of many countries to respond and there will be years of recovery. Now I have to ask what is the probability of this happening as I have in the past latched onto a low probability Yes and at this time the probability is over 50%. I have naturally been in touch on a constant basis with your souls and there are a number of soul fragments that need these events. So take it to the bank as I ve said before that this will happen. The number of souls that will actually experience these events has yet to be determined. HOW LONG WITH THE MINI ICE AGE LAST Gaia how long will the mini-ice age last around Lake Superior caused by the Yellowstone eruption Quite a number of years Tom. Let s see if you can receive this. It will be over 50 years as the ice pack will be formed in stages not all at one time and the eventual melting will not all happen at one time but it will take literally years. So is it more than 50 years such as 100 Now you are approaching the time. I know it seems quite long but it is like stopping a train. Once it gets started in one direction it is difficult to stop the train then have it back up. My forces are just like that train slow to stop and then reverse. This will give the land there a chance to rest. It will take the Yellowstone volcano years to settle down and stop spewing a 49 cloud of ash into the sky that blocks out the sun. Will the East Coast have more winter storms and even summer storms than they do now Quite so Tom. The cold air will contribute to the dynamics needed for rain and snow. So yes to summarize the mini ice age will last much longer than you anticipate. Is that the highest probability at this time Quite so. It is another in a line of take this to the bank as I have stated before. I have given sufficient warning but understandably this is difficult to accept until it happens but it will not be too long before the predictions you have in these newsletters of yours will be seen in a new light. GENERAL FLYNN & PAUL MANAFORT This had not happened as of the May 15 article deadline. Theo what is the probability of General Flynn being given immunity from prosecution in order to testify The highest probability Tom is that he will not be given immunity. His hands were in several pies shall we say. Then what is the probability of him being indicted Actually quite high. Let s say over 60%. You can ask later in a few weeks to see if this climbs higher. What is the probability of Paul Manafort being indicted Higher still Tom. Over 70% at this time. 50 PROBABLE FUTURES FOR KUSHNERS Theo how have Jared Kushner s and Ivanka Trump s soul contracts changed with her father s election and the highest probability for their futures Yes before they were born there was the smaller probability of these current circumstances but they each are not as young a soul as her father. This was done not only for them to learn how to handle great wealth in this life but how to be of service to others. They assist in balancing this government albeit in a conservative manner. The pendulum we will remind you swings back and forth. They are going through a period of time where they too are getting the feel of government and their learning curve is steep. Still they will tend to keep this government grounded and not too far to the right as the gentleman from Breitbart Steve Bannon. Moderation is the key here for all those to learn. Regarding their probable futures both will continue for the rest of this term and the highest probability of next term for the President and there will be good things that will come out of their influence on the President. Again this is a steep learning curve for all those involved. As the President was quoted as saying he did not realize how hard this job is. FUTURE FOR ASSAD AND SYRIA I had previously received that there was a high probability of Assad leaving by this summer but I asked for an update. Theo can you give me an update on Assad leaving Syria as the probability of him leaving anytime soon seems remote Yes it will be a little farther out as there is still learning for all those he comes in contact with in any way whether they are victims or other world leaders. The highest probability still is this year. The Russians are working on this but of course he resists. The handwriting is on the wall. So look for his departure this year. That is the highest probability. What about the void that will be left Will it prove to be even more chaotic for the country 51 Not as much as is feared by those who study this country s political landscape. There will be a moderate who will emerge that all but the most radical will accept. ISIS will remain a problem but will not be able to fill the void. Their numbers are dwindling with time as they are attacked on all fronts by multiple countries. They will not disappear but their control over parts of Syria will greatly diminish. KATLA VOLCANO ERUPTION Gaia is the probability high of the Katla volcano in Iceland erupting in the next three months That s correct I will soon have Katla erupting. The probability now for it to erupt in the next three months is over 90%. I need to release pressure while melting the deep ice cover plus it will add more land and that in itself will displace water while the melting of the snow will also add to the world s ocean level. When I told you before that the oceans would rise 12.5 inches it has a great deal to do with climate change but also an event such as this can assist in achieving that rise. CHANGES IN RELIGIONS Gaia how will religions change when they come to know the real history of the world There will be great changes as you can guess Tom. Those religions that have taught that the Earth is only 6 000 years or so suddenly will have to rewrite all their books or writings on that subject. Their followers will suddenly be questioning all they have been taught in the past and there will be a great desire for more information about their history and the history of the world. This will be an unsettled time until more information comes forth--and of course a portion of that will come from your documentaries as you well know. That is a major reason why you whose soul interest is religion will be telling these stories. You will assist these religions in coming closer together. 52 THE FUTURE FOR LARUNG GAR TIBET Gaia what is the highest probability for the future of Larung Gar Tibet Yes they face an unfortunate set of circumstances there for the near future. The Chinese look upon the Buddhist teachings even though they are nonviolent as some sort of threat. Therefore in the near future they will continue their actions of tearing down the houses built there. Naturally you can have your readers say a Benevolent Prayer and will make a difference I can assure you. There will be actions of other countries that will put pressure on the Chinese to leave these peace-loving people alone. They will hear this loudly. Yes as you were thinking organizations such as Avaaz can bring this to the attention of the right people. If everything is left as is then the people of Larung Gar will continue to suffer. Encourage everyone to say a Benevolent Prayer. You would be amazed at how many people will say this BP. There is great power as I have said before if ALL of your readers--not just a portion of them--join in. It will also help their own vibrational level by showing compassion and truly feeling it. Keep in mind that this Benevolent Prayer (BP) must be said out loud It becomes very powerful the more people that say this same prayer. Say I ask any and all beings to come to the aid and comfort of all the residents of Larung Gar Tibet to keep them safe and to allow them to worship peacefully in their own way thank you Please share with all your friends no matter their religion. FUTURE FOR RADIO AND TV BROADCASTING Theo what is the highest probability for the future of both radio and TV broadcasting The way they will be delivered will be the biggest change in the upcoming years. People still enjoy to have the news but there will be many more times when you will simply choose off a list of stories as you already can now and skip those you have no interest in. Radio will be more narrowcasted with the same announcers for multiple types of programming. 53 CANADIAN HOUSING BUBBLE Gaia what is the highest probability of when the Canadian housing bubble will burst Soon but not immediately. You have already experienced a housing bubble collapse and for the Canadians this is coming. The highest probability would be for it to occur within the next year. I would advise those of your readers in Canada to consider unloading a property soon or plan to keep it for the foreseeable future. These are actions that they need to request MBOs to choose the PERFECT time to sell. That should be advice to all your readers Tom when they are contemplating selling anything of value. PRISON INCARCERATIONS Gaia how many people that are incarcerated in the USA at the present time are innocent--1% or more Yes under your present system of justice--your present laws this total is slightly more than 1%. It is closer to 1.5% --that is over 30 000 people. That does not include those sentenced for minor offences where they should have only experienced a slap on the wrist but instead have been sentenced to many years of incarceration. This will change within the coming five years. Better ways will be implemented to treat first offenders or those with minor crimes where there were much longer sentences meted out than there should have been. You can have your readers say a BP for those incarcerated unjustly and for all those incarcerated at this time. Send these people love and you will see changes in the judicial system too. Here is a BP to say OUT LOUD I ask any and all beings to assist those unjustly incarcerated be freed and for the present system of justice to become more benevolent and may the results happen even faster than we can hope for or expect thank you RUSSIAN DISCLOSURE PROBABILITY UPDATE As most of you know I found Theo to be more accurate as to when the Russians will disclose their continued meetings with ET s. Here is the lat54 est update. Theo what is the probability of the Russian Disclosure on our Time Line by June 1 Quite high Tom and if you were to slightly move the date to June 15 the probability is extremely high--in the 90 percentile range. We cannot be more precise than that at this time as you well know humans can be unpredictable but this is on their soul contracts and it is a simple yet complex matter of timing. Theo what is the probability of the Pleiadians landing at the Russian spaceport by October 1 Fairly low at this time Tom but again if you stretch this out another one to two months--there are things that have to happen for this date to be set in stone shall we say--then the probability jumps up over 80 per cent. So we are then speaking about the first of December Quite so. The Russians are used to the cold weather so that will not bother them and the Pleiadians have uniforms and the devices we have spoken about before to keep the temperature close to their normal body temp for them. That really shoves everything else on over to 2018 correct Quite so. There are steps previously described to you that must occur before you meet Antura. You must be patient. In the meantime we will be working with the upper time lines as the Pleiadians will have started their visits several months prior to Time Line 6. Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series plus FIRST CONTACT Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted Best Self-Help Author for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter which can be subscribed to at 55 Messages from Mother About the Environment ah... Me By Mare Cromwell Mother Hi Sarah Welcome welcome Sarah Hello Mother. It s great to see you. I ve had the best week. Life is getting so much more fun. More friends are calling me up to invite me to play. And the kids at the pre-school don t stress me out these days the way they used to. I think you might have something to do with this. Mother Well perhaps. I am sending you good blessings as you go through your day-to-day activities. It s the least I can do. You are helping me so much with these messages. So I brought you a joke today. Are you ready Sarah Okay. Mother What bone will a dog never eat Sarah I don t know. A chicken bone I know they re not supposed to eat them. All those splinters in the bones. Mother No. A trombone. 56 Sarah did not know what to say. It was one of the worst jokes she had heard in a while. It was the type of joke that one of her four-year-olds in her pre-school might have said except they wouldn t have known what a trombone was. Earth Mother was clearly amazing but her sense of a joke was a little off. But Sarah did not want to offend Mother so she decided she needed to be supportive at least. Sarah Oh that s cute. That s funny. Thanks Mother. Mother Thanks I rather liked it myself. So this time around Sarah do you have any big questions that you want to ask me Sarah I definitely do. It s so terrible what is going on around the world with all the environmental destruction--destroying parts of you actually. It s so hard to have any hope about the Earth and what is going on. I know I don t need to tell you about all the horrible events. You know so much more than I do. But the radiation from Fukushima the mercury in the fish the GMOs in our food the weird weather patterns and on and on ... I mean it s so hard to have any hope or even get out of bed in the morning with this news. How can we have any positive future with all of this happening right now I ve felt such despair and have been so depressed about all of this until you and I started meeting. But still even though my mood has gotten better the news is just awful. Mother Yes I can see how you and so many others feel such despair these days. These are very trying times. And believe me they are trying for me also. I m not exactly having a party right now with all of this going on. Between the contamination itself the forests being cut down coral reefs dying ... and the way you two-leggeds are fighting it s enough to give me a bad case of malaise. You two-leggeds have only been around for a short period but you ve certainly wreaked some havoc. Some parts of me feel a little like the cancer you two-leggeds and four-leggeds get. But I don t get cancer. I m so ancient that the places where there are huge strip mines or environmental contamination such as Bhopal are just little irritating scabs I ll heal over rather quickly in geologic time. But it is going to take a long time as you two-leggeds count time. 57 I am 4.8 billion years old and getting that kind of age on you gives you a much greater perspective on what s happening now. All of these wounds on me will eventually heal back over and the contamination will get buried into rock layers just as the oil deposits and uranium layers were buried many millions of years ago. I am honestly hard-wired to heal. But it s going to take a couple million years. That is certainly more than a little wink of time. Don t get me wrong. I m certainly not a happy camper with all of these foolish activities that are so destructive to me and all of my babies. No. So many species are gone now. Extinct. I worked for millions and millions of years to bring these species into being through evolution. It is very irritating to me that you two-leggeds have wiped out so many so fast. I mean in the wink of an eye gone. (Sigh ...) But I m most worried about you two-leggeds. I m worried about what is in your hearts these days. What is this sickness that has overtaken you that compels so many of you to be so blind and ignorant and well greedy This makes me so sad. Very sad. I love you all so much. You are my children. All of this evolution that I brought forth on this beautiful planet is my love at work. But somehow you ve lost touch with the love. You ve lost touch with me and my millions and millions of years of love. You ve been taking it all for granted. Okay I m starting to make you even more discouraged now Sarah. I can see this. I m sorry. That s not what I want to do. So here are some things that can help you and your friends and others. This will help you build up hope again. I will list them for you. Know that I m so so ancient that I will always heal from what is happening now. I your Earth Mother am not capable of dying. Hmmm ... I take that back. When this solar system sizzles out in billions of years I might move on from being the Caretaker of this planet to some other job in the universe. But I won t ever die. My consciousness will al58 ways exist. And I can t worry about all that s in the future. All we have is NOW. For you two-leggeds all of you can do a number of things NOW. Here goes Plant trees. Anywhere and everywhere you can. I love my Standing People as my native peoples call trees. Wherever groups of trees are planted and nurtured they call in other species to live amongst them. Trees are very good at this and love doing it. Have fun Think in circles and not straight lines. Everything cycles and gets reused. A fallen tree log becomes food for mushrooms and all sorts of other critters after that tree has lain on the ground for some time. Cycles circles. I ve never designed a straight line anywhere on the planet. But you two-leggeds are a little obsessed with straight lines these days. Rather boring to me. Go back to the wisdom of the plants instead of all the concocted chemicals that you have made up in laboratories. This never made any sense to me either. I already provided you with all the chemicals you need from plants. It s all there. Have more fun See the web. I don t mean the Internet. I mean the Web of Life. It s all connected. Grow more of your own food near your homes. All of those lawns that are mowed way too often I ve never understood those. And don t even get me started on the raking of the leaves in the fall. If it is open land and does not have a forest on it then why don t you grow food there Put in a garden. Herbs. Flowers. Vegetables. Get some goats chickens or sheep. But lawns They don t do anything for me. Especially when they are treated with your chemicals to grow only one species of grass. It s that straight thing again I suppose. I m into parties of species all living together. You two-leggeds call it biodiversity. The more wild parties of all sorts of critters and plants the better. This is how I steered evolution. Wild parties of plants and animals. Have fun Throw a party growing the food and then cooking it together. In59 vite the neighbors. Have your own wild parties Stop breaking my skin and digging into my bones for your energy. It hurts me and just is a mess once you get it out. I m talking about the oil the uranium all the heavy metals. And fracking for natural gas Oh my fracking is the most stupid thing you two-leggeds have come up with since nuclear energy. You come up with some doozies. Putting all those chemicals in the ground to force the gas to come up is going to take me a very very long time to clean up. Very. Why do you need so much energy anyway Have more fun Think of all the ways you can use a bicycle or the wind or sun to do what electricity or fossil fuels provides you right now. Have bicycle parties. Take them apart and turn them into utility bikes to haul your groceries or a piece of furniture. Why not Hmm ... what else Oh yeah. Get to know your neighbors. Help your neighbors out. If they can t grow food on their yards since they ve gotten elderly ask if you can grow food there and share it with them. Have potlucks. Dinner parties with music. Cook your homegrown veggies. Preserve them. Grow gourds and use them to make new musical instruments or feeders and houses for my small winged ones. Ask your elderly neighbors to tell stories. If they re too grumpy go ahead and be nice to them anyway. They ve probably got some old wounds from some other parts of their lives and just need some love. Did I mention have fun Bottom line have fun in your life Life is meant to be an adventure and a celebration Oh right. Please remember the sun. The sun has all this energy and it gifts the planet each and every day. Even when it s raining the sun is still out there. How I love our sun. Couldn t have done all of this without the sun you know all this evolution. You two-leggeds can be more creative with the sun too. Some of you have been. Need to get those ideas out more. Why do you need to break into my skin and bones when you have the sun There is the wind too. I really like those newfangled wind thingies ... what are they called Right turbines. I find them almost as good as something I would ve come up with for evolution. Good on you for those. 60 Well this list has gotten probably too long. I need to head off now. Other projects elsewhere. A Mother s work is never done. Love you Sarah. Love to all of my two-leggeds. And four-leggeds ... and winged ones ... all of my beloved ones This article is from a book written by Gaia Communicator Mare Cromwell called Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother which was released at the end of October 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the printed book independently. It is also available as a Kindle ebook and at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA Australia Great Britain and other international sites. The Great Mother Bible is now also available as an ebook and hard copy on Amazon and other ebook venues. 61 Guide to Crystal Grids By Hank Mason Good news There is now a way to effectively combine and focus the energy of your crystals. Using a crystal grid one that combines crystal energies within specific orders forms and structures will greatly expand the power and energy of your crystals in wonderful and highly effective ways. Like the difference between a single player on a football field and a full team in formation for a play a crystal by itself certainly has energy and capability but when a part of a well constructed grid its effects can be combined with those of others to create a much more powerful effect. Let s start.... What is a Crystal Grid A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals on a specific geometric shape that focuses the Universal Life Force in a particular way for a particular purpose. The longer answer is A crystal grid is a predefined set of multiple crystals arranged in a harmonic sacred geometric relationship. This combination and arrangement of crystals works synergistic to converts and focuses the external energy which impinges upon it in a variety of forms (e.g. sound light electromagnetism) into a unified energy field tuned to a particular need or requirement. The unified energy field that is created allows for vibrational interactions of crystal energies with the aura spirit and mind of the human body 62 consistent with the prescribed healing and wellness design. Well that is a long answer. Perhaps we shall just concentrate on the shorter one - a crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals on a specific geometric shape that focuses the Universal Life Force in a particular way for a particular purpose. Why do I need one As we mentioned earlier a single crystal properly prepared and used can be a potent energy source for many purposes. However sometimes you need more. Combining the power and energy of crystals can be confusing. Arrangements of crystals can be difficult to understand and use effectively. Crystal Grids solve these issues. If the grid is constructed correctly you will be able to use its ability to focus and enhance the Universal Life Force easily and effectively. You will not have to worry about conflicting energies or poor arrangements that dissipate the energies. Rather you will use your crystals with confidence and power. Are Crystal Grids easy to use The actual setting up of a Crystal Grid is extremely easy. It consists of a preprinted grid a center crystal called a Focus Stone a set of (usually six) Way Stones and a set of (again usually six) Destination Stones. 63 All of the grids sold here at the Crystal Vaults come with a very detailed instruction sheet that both explains and illustrates the set up. It also explains the order in which the grid is constructed and the exact way to use the grid. Every grid has several parts The Focus Stone The Way Stones The Desire Stones the Path and the Visual. FOCUS STONES The Focus Stone is the rock or crystal that is located in the center of a Crystal Grid. Its purpose is primarily to gather focus and amplify the Universal Life Force. It collects the Universal Life Force and channels it onto our grid. The Focus Stone is the part of our crystal grid that gathers in that Force drawing it down and inward creating essentially a downward flowing wave of coherent energy that is then coalesced and amplified through the crystal s internal energy lattice. The energy that flows out from the Focus Stone is then modified and shaped by the Color Energy of the Focus Stone and the design of the grid. WAY STONES The stones that immediately surround a center stone on The Path are called the Way Stones. They are very important elements of many 64 grids. The Focus Stone brings in the Life Force and shapes it through its Crystal Energy Lattice modifies it with its Color Energy and sends it down The Path to the Way Stones. The Way Stones then further modify the energy. Their work is similar to a pump in a water system. The water is flowing down a pipe but if a pump is added it can amplify and modify the flow. Way Stones do exactly that - they amplify and further modify the Universal Energy flowing in the Grid. Their effects like that of a Focus Stone are dependent on their crystal energy lattice and their Color Rays. DESIRE STONES Desire Stones are the outermost stones on a Crystal Grids. They represent the end state that the Grid is constructed to produce. Selection of Desire Stones is based on the specific final purpose of the Grid. These stones gather the energy that has been focused and shaped by the Focus Stone the Way Stones and the Path. They give the Universal Life Force its final shaping and tuning to the desired outcome of the Crystal Grid. They are chosen in a similar manner to the Way Stones - by their Crystal Energy Lattice and by their Color Rays. Desire Stones are often the crystals that would be used alone to accomplish something. However using multiple ones and having them fed with focused and amplified energy gives them much more energy to accomplish their purpose. THE PATH The Path is the lines of energy that flow through the Grid guiding the energy from the Focus Stone through any Way Stones to our Desire Stones. The Path is the journey to the desire we seek. The Path is the energy conduit that draws on Sacred Geometry to align transmit and guide our energy to achieve our desires. The Path is the flow of energy in a particular grid design. 65 The Path follows the lines of the Grid. It connects the stones to the Patterns of Life. There is a great synergy to be gained when the Path is aligned with the energy matrices of the crystals on it. The energy system that results is one of great power. The Universal Life Force is gathered focused and amplified effectively in a well design Crystal Grid with Paths that channel our energy effectively. The Path is derived from the grid shape. There are many designs for Crystal Grids. Each has specific uses and meanings. Circles Squares Triangles Seeds of Life Flower of Life Hexagons Pentagons Spirals Mandelas the Borromean Rings the Ashok Chakra The Eye of Horus and others are all potent and useful. Each has its specific meanings and power. The study of Sacred Geometry teaches the uses of each design. THE VISUAL Our crystal grid are enriched by both design and color patterns. So all our grids should be built on a Visual. A grid designed to increase our health can be enhanced by a background scene of robust health and vigorous activities we desire when we achieve good health. A grid for increased wealth can be enhanced with a background of the money or the things we desire. The background gives form to our desire. All grids can be enhanced with a great visual. The visuals provided by the grid kits are great but you can change them easily. The visual is a print and the gird overlay and the photo slide into a clear plastic protective sleeve. So you can reuse grid kits and you can use your desires as the visuals. How do I use a Crystal Grid Activating a grid is the most rewarding part of building and using a grid. The effect can be quite stunning and rewarding. To activate a grid you will need a wand. The wand will transmit the activating energy of your mind into the grid to power it with the Universal Life Force. The process is not difficult. At a time without distractions of any kind take your wand in hand stand or 66 sit near your grid and close your eyes. In your mind travel to the center of the galaxy. Feel the waves of energy washing over you as you get closer to the center. See stars and planets whiz by as you fly at incredible speed. When you get there look around. Every thing in the Universe in spinning around you. Pulses of pure love and life energy are streaming out to the entire rotating galaxy. Hold up your wand and see the energy flowing out from it. Now in your mind s eye look through all of space and find the Focus Stone of your grid. You will see it far out in the fringes of the Galaxy but it is shining brighter than all the suns and stars. Use your wand to focus a flow of pulsing Life energies out to your Focus Stone. Now open your eyes to be instantly transported back to your gird. Wow what a trip Now touch your energized wand to the center of your forehead then touch the Focus Stone to seal the connection between your visions and the Focus Stone of your grid. Now the Universal Life Energy is flowing into your Focus Stone. As you do that see the pulsing glowing energy pulsing outward down the Grid Paths to the Way stones lighting them from within. See each of them in turn transform with an inner glow of pulsing energy. Then follow the energy down the Paths to the Desire Stones. See each of them start to have an inner fire. See the gird absorbing the energy of the cosmos through the Focus travel the Paths into the Way Stones and then lighting up your Desire Stones. See your grid light up in your mind s eye Focus your being on your desire. Make it real. When this ritual is completed your grid is aligned and alight with the Universal Life Force Be aware that a grid can only be aligned by only one person or a group at a time. Your aligned grid will not help or affect others 67 that come near it. If a grid is to help more than one person all must participate in the alignment ritual. Set up and Daily Use All of our Grids have instructions for their set up and daily use. In general you place a Crystal Grid in a location that is conducive to its use. Don t be limited. Grids work indoors and out. Grids are portable. Take them with you. Explse them to the Universal Life Force when possible. Use your imagination and get the most from your grids - they don t need just a single location. Experiment. All of the Grids in this book have instructions on their daily use. While the specifics of each grid differ the concept is the same. Grids bring energy into a space and focus and align it to specific purposes. The energy from the grid has to go somewhere. Most grids are built to bring that energy into your life. To do so you need to be in a receptive role. As you pass your grid during the day stop and spend a few seconds absorbing the energy flow from your Desire Stones. The best was to do so is to first look at your Focus Stone. See a flow of energy descending into it like a pillar of light with the Focus Stone at the bottom. Then watch the energy flow down the Paths to the Way Stones. Look briefly at each in turn and focus on it for a few seconds. Remember what they mean. Then watch as the energy flows out to the Desire Stones. Let the energy from each one travel like a laser beam into your Third Eye Chakra. Absorb that energy and let it guide you closer to your desires. This visualization process will allow the Universal Life Force from your crystal grid to flow into your spirit and consciousness. It will empower you and show you the way to your desire. By itself a crystal grid is a powerful tool but it a tool of self empowerment. You are the last part of the grid. Conclusion So there you have it. Crystal Grids are potent ways to harness the Universal Life Force to accomplish your goals and live your dreams. Explore the many girds presented here at the Crystal Vaults. They are all designed and built based on sound research using the best possible materi- 68 als. They all come with complete detailed instructions and include all crystals stones visuals and grids. Hank Mason is founder and chief author of the Crystal Vaults site. In addition to being a retired USAF rescue helicopter pilot he is a GIA Graduate Gemologist. Graduate Gemologist is the most prestigious credential in the industry the GIA Graduate Gemologist program gives a person a comprehensive knowledge of gems and stones and is an internationally recognized certification. His book The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans offers you the results of his research. In it you can quickly find how crystals can benefit you and your life. The Universal Life Force is strong in the crystals of this world. His second book was written with Brittani Petrofsky. It is entitled Crystal Grids How to Combine and Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life. Check out their website at 69 Meditation Hmmmmmmmm what do you think By Gaye Piper Do you meditate Yes No For me it has become an essential part of my life. For years my team THEY (a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension) have said the key to all is Meditation and Breath Meditation and Breath Meditation and Breath (yes 3 times). Whether you meditate for 5 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes an hour once a day once a week it doesn t matter how long or how often. What does matter is your intention and commitment to touching base with the inner most centre of you and this is what happens with meditation. Meditation can be done in many different ways. Not only silent guided with music etc but it is about becoming focused (in an unfocused way at times) for example watching the clouds is mesmerizing watching fish reading a book even washing the dishes. It gives us an opportunity to tune in or out and allow our minds to escape within the boundaries of what we are doing. Have you ever been driving and your mind wanders (daydreaming) and all of a sudden you realise you have driven a distance and you don t remember any of it (and yes this is dangerous but it happens) and you are grateful that nothing harmful had happened. This is a form of meditation you have allowed your mind to transcend to another energy level but when driving we should try and remain focused on the road and traffic this is 70 just one example. When I hold my regular meditation group I allow my THEY to be the inspiration of words and energy and they take us on amazing journeys. Transcending time and space. Always about clearing cleansing and healing. Always always engaging in the positive aspects of the Soul. Yes always the Divinity of the Soul is another main focus as well as gratitude humility forgiveness healing and so much more. It is allowing your life to become happier content peaceful and free. Even for just a moment. It is just that when challenging situations arise allow yourself to be in the moment but not to stay there. It allows you to deal with things in a much more peaceful way for yourself. It is all about the oneness of you. The I AM. Monkey mind chatter is normal. How you deal with that and how long you deal with that is another challenge in meditation but there are some simple techniques and one is not to fight the monkey mind chatter but to acknowledge it and breathe through it allow it to go and then bring your focus back to a point and that point is between the eyebrows and allow the meditative state to continue and if monkey mind chatter comes back again and again keep doing this technique. What is also happening is that you are giving your body mind and energy a new direction and it takes time to learn new things. Try it. Close your eyes and allow your closed eyes to focus between the eyebrows and try to allow (it is bit like looking into 3D pictures) You allow your focus to go beyond. Try it and see what you think and keep practicing this. Did you know Research indicates that meditating brings about dramatic effects in as little as a 10-minute session. Studies have demonstrated that subjects who meditate for a short time showed increased alpha waves. These are the relaxed brain waves and these decrease anxiety and depression. Meditation activates the sections of the brain in charge of the autonomic nervous system which governs the functions in our bodies that we can t 71 control such as digestion and blood pressure. These are also the functions that are often compromised by stress. It makes sense then that changing or modifying these functions would help to lessen stress-related conditions such as heart disease digestive problems and infertility. The physical act of meditation generally consists of simply sitting quietly or focusing on one s breath or a word or a phrase or music or guided. It may be any 1 2 or all these There are many traditions and countless ways to practice meditation the way in which I meditate and teach others to meditate is just one way. Seeking methods for quieting that internal chatter and reducing stress are what initially attracts many people to meditation. It is a very effective stress -reducer which is a way into the practice for many people. If someone is struggling with feelings of anxiety he or she may benefit from its calming aspects bringing about a higher level of self-acceptance and insight about oneself. Many people have had success with decreased anxiety reducing stress depression etc through my meditations. Certainly anything that helps us fight stress is a welcome tool. But what else might meditation be doing for us Meditation has not only a mental but a profound physiological effect on the body. Studies have shown that among other benefits meditation can help reduce heart disease it can reduce pain and enhance the body s immune system enabling it to better fight disease. Meditation has an all encompassing effect on stress. So why aren t more people taking up the practice Because it puts us in the middle of ourselves which is not always where we want to be. 72 Some may say they have tried meditation before but it doesn t work for them. Additionally many feel as though they can t afford the time and energy to meditate when in fact we can t afford not to. We make so many excuses. Be honest with yourself. One way to know if you are meditating properly is If you re feeling better at the end of a meditation you are probably doing it right. One Definition of meditation is a particular mood or state of consciousness that your body mind enters at certain times throughout your life. This mood or feeling state usually occurs when you are totally and selflessly involved in an activity to the point that there is little or no separation between you and what you are doing. At this moment you are so absorbed in simply being that your consciousness becomes tightly focused on the activity at hand most of your usual mental chatter ceases physical distraction and stress diminish and the passage of time seems to be irrelevant. Some of the Meditation Cycles are Thought Thoughts that come into the mind during meditation should be observed & allowed to float away.. ah interesting. Feeling Often feelings that arise are those that are usually suppressed such as anger irritation sadness grief even joy. Don t be dissuaded better out than in. There have been correlations made between emotional suppression & disease. Body Sometimes the body feels wriggly this is a form of resistance to relaxation and to the inevitable life changes that becoming calm and centered bring to you. If this occurs make sure you do some exercise before and after your meditation so that the body realizes that meditation comes with treats at both ends and your body will also start to look forward to meditation. Deep Peace This sometimes takes time to achieve but eventually does happen. The Void This can be experienced even by beginners. Like sleep when you return you have no memory of where you ve been- but there is a deep 73 sense of relaxation & instant re-energising. Some feel that they go to sleep but this is not so. Experiences. Sometimes when we meditate we have some truly spectacular experiences. We may see really bright lights angelic beings great Masters or our own spiritual teachers etc. We may experience intense bliss and this is really something to look forward to. So Why do we meditate Some of the reasons we meditation for are Relaxation Wellbeing Stress Management Health Focus Inner Stillness peace training Spiritual enlightenment And the Benefits of meditation are rapid relaxation better immune function faster healing from illness less stress clearer thought patterns etc for your mental health Your Sleep improves. they say less sleep is actually required when practicing meditation On the Emotional plane inner peace self confidence improved relationships are just some of the rewards and benefits of meditation. Being aware of Breath in meditation brings forward a Point of focus It Encourages relaxation Lowers heart rate and blood pressure and Teaches the mind stillness Be aware that your mind and body will take a little time to adjust to this new concept of trying to still it. Again at times you will feel very fidgety and wriggly and with mind chatter going on and you think to yourself This is not working I can t do this . Realise this is normal. Have patience with yourself and if you can try and stay with it it will become easier each time you meditate. If you tell yourself you can t do it then you won t but if you tell yourself I can do this 74 then you will. Know that the outcome will bring a certain amount of stillness calmness and peace to your life. You won t stress as much. Things that used to irritate you won t as much. During meditation your breath slows down and your mind quietens and with this process you create more oxygen in your body in your blood and you become more balanced. Be patient with the process and know that you are worth it. Only you can change you and change takes time. If you are on a spiritual path meditation is one of the quickest ways for spiritual growth. If you are not meditation can bring a calmness and peace you may not have felt before. Remember learning anything new takes a little time but the end result is so worth it because you are the end result and you are so worth it. There are so many ways to use meditation and I like to explore all I can through this modality. Meditation is a oneness with yourself. Change is the only consistency we have in life and the only person we can actually change is ourselves if we choose to and meditation is one way of accomplishing this. Meditating once a week is very helpful. Meditating 2-3 times a week can bring great changes of peace calmness and less stress in your life If you can allow meditation to be a daily part of your life you have given yourself the greatest gift. It all takes time and patience and remember a 5 minute meditation of breath and point of focus can be very effective and when you have more 75 time allow yourself a longer meditation. It is all in the way you approach it. I trust you have enjoyed the information on what meditation is all about and I welcome you to explore meditation a world of self . Some of my meditations are available on iTunes a dream I always wanted to achieve. I am about helping you help yourself. Gaye Piper is an Wholistic Practitioner from Canberra Australia. She is the Founder and Director of Synergy I International Author of One Heart One Breath One Soul One Me Soulologist and Licensed Advanced Teacher & Advanced Practitioner of Crystal Dreaming. Gaye is dedicated to bringing the energies of the Spirit the Soul and the Physical Dimensions into working together for a healthy happy and peaceful lifestyle. She is a Master of Meditation and Healing with a deep understanding of the situations causing physical mental emotional and spiritual ill health. Gaye will facilitate healing of the core issues resulting in balance and joy in all aspects of life and am passionate about waking people up to their own magnificence . This is achieved by sharing teaching and empowering people to Be Who They Want To Be and this is done through her Workshops Energy Healings Crystal Dreaming Angel Readings Spiritual Guidance Counselling her book One Heart One Breath One Soul One Me and the Wisdom of the Soul her amazing channeled meditations (available on iTunes) and the new information that she brings forth regularly. Visit Gaye s website at or Facebook at Synergy I & Gaye Piper 76 77 Until next time we meet Much love and Peace to you all. Pam & Nance 78