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TM c Londal a P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. August 2017 Boating Fishing SW Florida s only coastal info source since 2003 e Nautical Mil 15 Years Photo Capt. Gregg McKee .com Congratulations to Lauren McCall (McCall s Marine) for publishing her first kid s book available on Amazon now. Get your Fishing License over the phone in 3 minutes (888) 347-4356 NauticalMileMagazine Pineland Marina www. MARINE (239) 283-0200 (239) 283-3962 Ship Store - Boat Sales - Haul Outs St. James City Sales - Service - Re-power AUTHORIZED DEALER N OPE s y 7-Da FULL SERVICE TACKLE OUTFITTER FISHING CHARTERS 540-FISH SPECIALIST (239) INSHORE FISHING Full selection of rods & reels LIVE & FROZEN BAIT Squid - Threadfins - Sardines - Worms Crabs - Chum - Shrimp - Bonita - Ballyhoo Dry Chum - Herring - Octopus - Ladyfish Cigar Minnows - Mullet - Block Chum One of SW Florida s Largest Selections of Inshore & Offshore Tackle In Cape Coral on Del Prado near Savona Pkwy. 3714 Del Prado Blvd. Cape Coral 14.50 06502 10 oz Tube Largest selection of fiberglass around Starting at 72 BATTERIES Quart 12.95 core & We re the Do-It-Yourself boat parts store. Experienced staff with the knowledge to answer your questions. Gallon 31.40 5-Gallon 139.95 Stainless Props 299 Starting at 95 Rod Holders Aluminum Oil volt temp and trim gauges Props Starting Starting at 3.99 15.00 99 at 95 Open undays S 4 Southwest Florida Locations No Shipping No Waiting SW Florida s Manifold Headquarters GLM 51110 3 Riser V6-V8 (Merc) GLM 51140 4 Riser V6-V8 (Merc) GLM 51220 GM V6 (Merc) GLM 51230 GM V8 Small Block (Merc) GLM 51240 GM V8 Big Block (Merc) 108.99 108.99 199.99 139.95 179.95 GLM 51420 (Port) GM V8 Small Block (OMC) GLM 51330 GM V6-V8 (OMC & Volvo) GLM 51430 GM V8 Small Block (OMC & Volvo) GLM 51520 GM V6 (Volvo) 51330C Original OMC Riser Chevy V6 & V8 169.95 149.95 179.95 139.95 129.00 GLM 51320 GM V8 Small Block (OMC) GLM 51410 (Starboard) GM V8 Small Block (OMC) 51148 Dry Joint GM V6-V8 (Merc) 3-Year Warranty Fully Tuned Manifolds Increase Horsepower 159.95 169.95 149.95 GLM 58221 GM V6 with 3 Riser GLM 58231 GM V8 S.B. with 3 Riser GLM 58241 GM V6 B.B. with 3 Riser 599.95 499.95 499.95 Hot Dipped Galvanized Increased Water Capacity Extended Lifetime GLM 58222 GM V6 with 4 Riser GLM 58232 GM V8 S.B. with 4 Riser GLM 58242 GM V8 B.B. with 4 Riser 599.95 499.95 519.95 Lower Cost & Premium Features No Shipping - No Waiting Port Charlotte N. Fort Myers 1156 N. Tamiami Tr. 239-997-5777 N. Ft. Myers Fort Myers Beach 15600 San Carlos Blvd. Naples 989 S. Airport Pulling Road Port Charlotte 4694 Tamiami Trail Ft. Myers Beach 239-437-7475 239-793-5800 941-766-1044 4 Southwest Naples Florida Locations 04 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source of limitations just as entrepreneurism without business. You need both to create and grow. This year I m publishing a book called The next 100 years . It s about how people want to be more independent and more entrepreneurial but since we ve been at jobs putting round pegs in round holes for the last 100 years most just can t grasp the concept of working or thinking without pre-written instructions. People don t take ownership of problems and they have not been trained in solving them. They ve been taught that if there s a problem you tell the boss. When there s a problem at home you blame the government your spouse or maybe your neighbor. The concept of identifying exactly what a problem is and options on how to get past it is not taught in school. If people would adapt the concept of thinking like an entrepreneur it would even offer the best odds at getting people off of government assistance. What was once Go to school get a job and retire is now Go to school experience several jobs and pray you ll survive old age . This is a serious issue in America s future. I think people pretend it doesn t exist because they don t know what to do about it. People claim to have thirty years of experience when they really have one year of experience of doing something poor and they repeated it for 29 more years. That the opposite of entrepreneurism. Speaking of change even toothpaste has to change their packaging occasionally to keep sales moving forward. About once a year we do a complete format change which is in your hands now. I like this newspaper style better. I feels more like a classic fishing rag. It also offers about 20% more square inches of working space which we needed. It fits in our existing stands plus it lines the bird cage better. With that welcome to August. Happy birthday to us. 15 years ago I had a dockto-dock boat waxing business when I saw SW Florida s need for a coastal information source. People didn t come here to go hiking our coastal environment is the draw. I never planned for it to go past being a brochure but by the end of the first year it was one of the most picked up papers around. Information has always trumped hype and fake news. I d love to take the credit but that goes to the support our coastal industry has offered in return. They fuel us. That fuel goes back into the project and everybody wins. Since my office doesn t have to sell advertising or other tasks other papers get caught up in I m offered a lot of free time which I ve been using to create a class for the school system. I want to encourage entrepreneurism in the minds of younger people. Classes called Entrepreneur Incubators exist in the school system but they re business classes with a fancy name. What kid would be excited if it said Business Class on the door. Little is learned in these classes about living the life of an entrepreneur. I volunteered as a group mentor all of the last year at a high school and not once did the curriculum mention creative thinking brainstorming an idea or what to do when the world throws a slider when you were expecting a curve ball All of the things that an entrepreneur would cross paths with regularly were completely left out of the class. It was all by-the-book business class curriculum. I was shocked to find out that there were no presentation skills discussed the entire year which was interesting since the class was prep for presenting a project to a group of investors. From interacting with co-workers to dating life is about presenting yourself. Physically and mentally. Why is this not in schools Teaching business by-the-book is needed but these classes could be so much more. Business without the mindset of an entrepreneur has a lot Ship Store Sales & Service Parts Dept. Boat Bottoms Crane Service Fiberglass AWLGRIP Gel Coat Boats up 33 Beam MARINE TM pontoons Pineland Marina (239) 283-0200 St. James City Publisher Nautical Mile thenauticalmile (239) 283-3962 SW F lorid a Di ve S hop s Fish With A Hero Brining Military Veterans To Fish Off Captiva Island Helping to heal from the injuries of serving our country like PTSD and traumatic brain injuries Fish With A Hero (FWAH) will bring members of our military down to Captiva Island for 2 days of fishing. From October 24th27th 50 members of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) will be staying at South Seas Resort. This is an all expenses paid trip for the participants. The 50 members of PHWFF include military veterans and wounded or disabled veterans. They will be able to experience 2 days of unbelievable fishing from our charter captains. Each captain helping FWAH will be featured on our website and all their time spent helping FWAH is voluntary. Through the kindness and generosity of South Seas Resort on Captiva Island they have donated enough rooms to house all 50 members of PHWFF for the extent of the event. In the 5th year of the FWAH event we have decided to expand our event from not only the beautiful Florida Keys but Captiva Island as well. All participants in this event will have been nominated and chosen by other members of PHWFF. To learn more about Fish With a Hero go to http and follow our Facebook page Fish With A Hero. AUTHORIZED DEALER Capt. Pete s - FT. Myers Dean s Dive Center - Ft. Myers DepthFinder s - Port Charlotte Fantasea - Port Charlotte Gaspar s Dive & Board - Englewood Naples Scuba Diving - Naples Scuba Marco - Marco Island Scuba Quest - Cape Coral Scubavice - Ft. Myers Scuba Ventures - Naples CONTACT Larry Kendzior - Executive Director 305-942-9678 lkendzior 05 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source TM Nautical Mile Monthly Contributing Writers 06 Bob Moro 08 Jeff Zimmerman 08 Dockside Dennis 09 Capt. Bill Russell 11 Kathy Thousand 14 Snook Cowboy 16 Tanya Wiley 18 Barb Hansen 23 Capt. Chuck Downes 24 Capt. Charles Epranian 25 Capt. Gregg McKee 26 Dave Sully 29 Alyssa Grabner 31 Jim Hutchinson Sr. 32 Robin Griffiths 35 Capt. Rob Modys 2017 Moons P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. Local an d Boating Fishing Check out our new Printables feature. Page 27 Getting Connected Groups & Clubs Schools Classes Captain Schools Ft. Myers Sailing School Full moon August 7 Last quarter August 14 New moon August 21 First quarter August 29 Full moon September 6 Charlotte Harbor Sailing School Florida Fly Fishing School Learn to Sail 100 page 2017 Annual Lee County Boater s Guide Fishing Clubs Tarpon Hunters Cape Coral Ft. Myers - Reel Angler s Fishing Club SW Florida Marine Industries Assc. Punta Gorda Isles www.NauticalMileMagaz Fly Fishing Meetings joe Contact us Nautical Mile Newsletter Get ongoing updates on the local marine community upcoming boat shows and coastal events. P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. Boat & Trade Shows Cape Coral Outdoor Expo SW Florida Boat Shows Home & Boat Shows Suncoast Boat Show (Sarasota) PO Box 486 - Bokeelia Fl. 33922 Office (239) 980-5803 Fax 790-1370 thenauticalmile Sign up for free at Advertising Inquiries (239) 699-7394 PROTECT YOUR BOAT Boat - Auto Home - Motorcycle and more 17 Ranger - 212 a YEAR 2009 Harley Road King - 120 a YEAR 2007 Ford F250 - 380 6-mo. 280 000 Cape Home - 780 a YEAR I can help you protect your boat and fishing gear. All for about 24 a month. Capt. DAVID RYAN SCHUMAN (239) 242-8072 Davidschuman3 06 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Aluminum Welding and fabrication (239) 458-3860 2408 Andalusia Blvd. Cape Coral Specializing in custom marine products since 1994 Bob s World Bob Moro Boating at night Even though I ve been around boats for a while now I still get a little flutter in my stomach when I prepare to leave the dock. I don t think that s a bad thing really. Take motorcycles. Bikers will tell you that when you think you ve mastered your bike it s time to put it away for a while. Overconfidence can be fatal. And being a product of the United States Power Squadrons gives you so much knowledge of what can go wrong on the water that you never really get that stuff out of your mind. And that s a good thing. So when ABC7 News reporter Gary Brode contacted the United States Power Squadrons looking for a boater to help him with a TV segment he wanted to do on night boating I was asked if I d volunteer to help him. I thought uh oh there goes my stomach. Thankfully a much more qualified boater stepped forward. Cape Coral Sail & Power Squadron member Randy Headrick Past Commander of the Patuxent River Sail and Power Squadron in Maryland and a Certified Inland Navigator and OnThe-Water Instructor agreed to do the shoot. He told me he could answer Gary in just a few words don t do it at least if you are a new boater. But night boating can be a nice option IF you re prepared. And if the sun sets before you find your way home it s good to have an idea on what you re in store for. And Randy nailed it. If you missed it you re stuck with Bob s World s much abridged version. There are hundreds of lists out there written for night boating. Here s mine 1 Be prepared. Get a free Vessel Safety Check from USPS . Then you ll be sure you have the requisite PFD s fire extinguisher sound producing device operating navigation lights and visual distress signals you ll need. I like the new battery operated Electronic Flair from Weems & Plath. It s USCG approved visible for 10 miles easy to store and use and has no expiration date. (Keep your old flares anyway-the more safety devices on board the better.) You should add a VHF radio a bright handheld light and a working GPS. The breadcrumbs they leave on the screen are a godsend in dark waters. Randy says you can now get a Navionics app. for your phone for 10 bucks that does the same thing. You can go big night vision gear is getting affordable and solves lots of dark water issues. 2 Minimize onboard lighting. It s counterintuitive but the less light you have on your boat the better you can see your surroundings. Ambient light destroys your night vision. 3 Use your handheld light sparingly. It s great to have a lookout at the bow but don t let them go crazy with the flashlight. Let them check for channel markers or other boats or the occasional crab pot but you ll find you can see better when the lights are off. My neighbor Billy always taught HUGE Selection of Fishing Tackle Rods reels terminal tackle Boat lifts and dry-storage Complete inventory of marine supplies Nautical apparel hats shoes and sunglasses Saltwater Clothing Center Hook & Tackle - Bimini Bay Salinity - Red Zone - Buff Smith Optics Located 10 minutes up Monroe Canal off Intercoastal 12 3187 Stringfellow Road - St. James City (239) 283-2548 07 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source 50 YEA R OF SERV S IC EXPERIE E NCE Trop ic Tra iler We sell the best and repair the rest FREE TRAILER INSPECTIONS - NEW & USED TRAILERS WE BUY USED TRAILERS - CONSIGNMENTS WANTED PICK-Up & DELIVERY - TRADE-INS WELCOME I-75 EXIT 141 9541 WORKMAN WAY - FT. MYERS me that if you are in a narrow channel the stars and moon will always spill a little light right in the center of the waterway for you-if you shut the flashlight off. 4. Learn to read other boats navigation lights. OK you know red is port and green is starboard but if you see a green and white light you need to give way and (probably) head to your port. If it s a red and white light you (probably) need to give way to your starboard side. If it s just a white light you are overtaking him and need to pass (well away from him) on one side or the other. A 360degree white light is the only light required when moored (There s a lot of fishermen out there at night.) Red and green and white means he s coming at you and you need to get out of his way. 5. Slow down. Unless you re offshore under moonlight you need to be off plane. Period. The guy flashing by you at speed is probably an idiot. 6. Keep a chart handy but don t follow it much. Counterintuitive again but you lose your night vision when you stare at a chart. Get your bearings and ID a channel marker from the chart if you can but you want to rely on your compass more often when underway at night. 7. If you get lost slow down some more or stop. Look around you and find the nearest navigation marker-a bridge a lighted buoy a numbered day beacon. Then try and locate it on your chart to get your bearings. For example FL G 5 6s means marker 5 flashes green every 6 seconds. Find it on your chart to get your exact location. (If you don t know how to do this return to port and take a boating class.) And if what you see on the water contradicts what s on the chart the chart is probably right. Things look different on the water. Believe the chart. 8 Keep a Seaman s eye. The best night navigation device is a sharp lookout. Enlist your crew to helpand designate areas for them to keep watch overespecially if you need to glance at your chart for a moment. Even the best boaters know that night boating presents special challenges but if you know the waters exercise special care and caution and have the right gear and knowledge you can enjoy your boat ride long after the sun has set. SALES - PARTS SERVICE - HITCHES RENTALS - CONTAINERS Fort Myers Power Squadron (239) 945-6612 Ft. Myers Power Squadron Welcome to the neighborhood Let the Specialists at Frantz EyeCare improve your quality of life with the following Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery Bladeless WaveLight LASIK Dry Eye Center of Excellence Treatment of Eye Diseases Facial & Body Rejuvenation Routine Eye Exams Jonathan M. Frantz. MD Medical Director Total Eye Care 12731 New Brittany Blvd Fort Myers (239) 418.0999 08 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source ul s Pa (239) Mobile Marine Circuit Protection Dennis Doherty on off switch on most boats DC power panel. These cost a lot more than a fuse and if they are over loaded too many times they will wear out. Then there is the fuse. (AGC) type is the see through glass tube with metal caps on both ends. The rated amp capacity is stamped on the sides of one of the metal caps. Most of the time this is very difficult to read. What I do not like about this type of fuse is when they are used inside an in-line fuse holder. The fuse corrodes and the metal caps pull off the glass tube when opened to visually inspect the fuse. I will replace this type of in-line fuse with an (ATO ATC) fuse holder that is far superior. Even if there is a lot of corrosion inside of the (ATO ATC) inline fuse holder I can remove the fuse with a little work without destroying the in-line fuse holder. This (ATO ATC) type of fuse has a plastic body with two pins sticking out of the body and the plastic is different colors to show its amp capacity plus its amp capacity is stamped on the top and is easy to read. The ideal situation is to have these type of fuses go into a central fuse block. This fuse block also has terminals for the ground wires. This means that all the electrical power is coming from a central point in your electrical system making future problems easier to diagnose. Mobile mechanic and more SERVICE 464-0753 Service - Repairs - Electrical Extension Cords Electrical extension cords are a part of our everyday lives yet how many of us know how to choose the correct one for the job. Extension cords come in various lengths but they also come in different power carrying capacities. Both how much length you need and how much power you are going to use will determine the duty rating of the cord you need. All electrical wire including extension cords use a number system to designate how many amps the wire can safely handle. The most common cords are 16 for 10 amps 14 for 15 amps and 12 for 20 amps. If you go to a hardware store and purchase a basic orange extension cord it will be 16 wire and good for up to 10 amps. Heavier duty cords are also available but are less common and increase in price substantially compared to 16 cords. A 16 cord is good for many around the house uses such as Christmas lights most yard tools and small appliances. The place where you start to have problems is when you are running longer distances or you are powering something with an electric motor. When an extension cord is being used close to its rated capacity it can start to heat up. If you have a long cord running at maximum rating it can start to overheat. This can both start a fire Jeff Zimmerman McGREGOR ELECTRIC MOTORS and damage equipment. Since household circuit breakers are rated for 15 or 20 amps the breaker will not protect the cord or the equipment since the cord overloads at 10 amps and the breaker needs 15 or 20 amps to trip. Electric motors on extensions can be a problem. A motor requires about three times its normal running power to get started. Even if the cord is adequate for the normal running of the motor it might not be able to get the motor started. This will potentially damage both the motor and the cord. The simple solution to these problems is to use a heavy-duty cord in long length high load applications. Go to a heavier cord if you are getting close to the load rating of the existing cord. If a motor struggles to start it is not getting enough power and needs a heavier duty cord. If you follow these simple guidelines you can avoid overloaded cords and damaged equipment. The job of a fuse is to protect the circuit. This means if a circuit protector is over loaded this weakest link blows protecting the wiring. In my line of work I see a lot of miss sized circuit protectors (fuse or circuit breakers) used and that is dangerous. Sizing circuit protection is determined by the size of the wire. This means if the wire is 14 gage then the largest circuit protector that can be used is 15 amps. Exceeding this amp capacity will make the wire hot and melt the insulation causing an electrical fire. If the wire size is 12 gage then the largest circuit protector that can be used is 20 amps for 10 gage wire the maximum size circuit protector is 30 amps. To help understand electricity I like using the comparison of a garden hose to a wire. Amps are like water flowing through a garden hose. You can raise the pressure to get more water to flow through the hose but if the pressure exceeds the rated capacity of the hose the consequence is that the hose will burst. If the wires amp capacity is exceeded the insulation melts. If you are asking yourself why so many different circuit protection sizes it is because of the many different sizes of wire. If you are asking why use smaller wire it is because it is cheaper to use it and also takes up less space behind a panel or inside a wire chase. Why use a fire hose when a 1 4 hose will work just fine and is cheaper and a lot easier to work with. Let s talk about the different kinds of circuit protection. There is the circuit breaker that also kind of acts like an Pumps Plus McGregor Electric Motors My beer is cold my wife is happy l ife is good. McGREGOR ELECTRIC MOTORS Dockside Dennis is a local Cape Resident boat owner and his dockside marine services and expertise are available for hire. (239) 541-1497 (239) 574-4499 958 Country Club Blvd Cape Coral Located at Laishley Marina boat ramp Open 7 days from 6am-8pm ddoherty Bait & Tackle - Ship Store Artificial Bait & Accessories Rods & Reels - Beer - Ice Marine Accessories (941) 621-4190 120 Laishley Court Punta Gorda 09 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source HEAT is on August is a month of hot muggy days with plenty of thunderstorms not the perfect combination for anglers especially if you are looking to get in a full day of fishing. However don t be discouraged it s still a great month to fish or just spend time on the water. For me the absence of boats and anglers easily counters the inconvenience of a little heat or rain. Fishing inshore or offshore chances are good that you ll pretty much have the water to yourself especially on week days. I believe that s one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. It takes me back to my younger days when boat traffic or fishing pressure was never a problem you could run around and fish all day and maybe only see one or two crab or commercial boats. What s cool to this day is sometimes fishing mid-week in the summer I will only see a crab boat or two and often it s the same guys I grew up with on the water. A good option is to forego the thought of a full day on the water and concentrate your efforts on an alternate plan fishing early morning late afternoon or into the evening. Watch the weather pattern not just the day you are to go fishing but several days prior to establish a pattern. If the thunderstorms are rolling in early afternoon plan on fishing the early morning hours. If we are in a pattern with morning storms moving in off the Gulf the better option may be to fish the afternoon or evening hours. We all know weather forecast are just a prediction sometimes right and often wrong so always keep a close eye on the sky during the summer storm season. With the heat August brings our water temperature is at its peak the Captain Bill Russell Guide Service this generally leads to fish activity highest during the cooler parts of day. Fishing may be good during the morning hours on either a rising or falling tide however the same may not hold true in the afternoons. I often find on a sunny summer day that water over the inshore shallows become very warm. On the incoming tides the water is cooler as it s moving over the shallows from deeper water but the falling tide can lead to superheated water from the dark shallow flats that can really turn off the bite. Our shallow water can heat and cool several degrees quickly while it can raise several degrees on a sunny afternoon it will also drop several during an afternoon thunderstorm. This can be a great time to fish especially the flats often following a storm the cooler water really turns up the bite. On the water the combination of fishing and watching a summer sunset can make a great family outing. Late evenings are generally comfortably cool the day s thunderstorms have passed and fishing can be good. This is often my favorite time to load up the family and go soak a few baits for shark. Often as luck has it we hook or land a fish just as the sun is setting and back at the dock before dark. That s hard to top Many anglers become nocturnal through the summer concentrating all their efforts after the sun sets. Dock bridges and piers are primary targets for fishing from land or boat. If by boat make sure your navigation lights are in order and in either case don t forget the bug spray. Keep an open mind monitor the weather plan accordingly and you will have productive and enjoyable trips through the Dog Days of August. And as a bonus you may just have the water all to yourself Enjoy (239) 283-7960 gcl2fish Specializing is the sales and repair of Well Systems Marine Pumps Boat Lift Motors Water Softeners Pool Pump Motors AC Condenser Fans Variable Speed Pool Pumps Irrigation Pumps and Motors Fountains and Feature Pumps McGREGOR ELECTRIC MOTORS New and Rebuilt Pool Pump Experts Family owned and proudly serving Lee County since 1988 Do-It Yourselfers AVE on the service call and bring your motor to us Call now for simple instructions (239) 574-4499 Free Belt With the purchase of a boat lift motor Offers cannot be combined 958 Country Club Blvd Cape Coral - 10% OFF Any purchase or repair of 50 or more Offers cannot be combined Free Bench Testing on all motors and pumps Combine with any offer you like ) 10 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Top 5 Reasons To Be A Boat Owner The irresistible draw of boating is clear to celebrities as we explained in our article on why Johnny Depp Alan Jackson and Billy Joel own boats and it s clear the rest of us boat owners as well. But it may be difficult to understand for those who don t already own boats. Does that include you dear reader If so allow us to introduce you to five indisputable scientific facts which will explain why you should go out and buy yourself a new boat post-haste. trip divided by the dollar amount you spend on bait minus the number of times you hook yourself. Here s the actual Boating Additional Life Span (BALS) equation for you mathematicians BALS 1.3 x ( LOA Beam) (C worms) ouch Contrary to popular belief upon closer inspection boating is actually an excellent investment. The more time you spend on the water the more relaxed and tranquil you become strengthening your mind and body. In fact boating is one of the few known activities that has been proven to extend your natural life-span. For every 10 hour period spent on a boat you gain life by approximately 1.3 minutes times the square root of the length of your boat divided by beam. Thus your ability to remain in the workforce is extended eventually paying for your boat mooring expenses fuel costs and maintenance. If you use your boat for fishing add in the average number of casts you take per Boating helps to draw a family closer together. Want to spend more time with your text-obsessed teenager Do you your spouse and your kids need to learn to work together as a team Are you looking for a way to reconnect with your sibling Boating can do all of these things for you. If only because you will be trapped together in an area slightly larger than a bathtub. into a boat hull it gets locked up into a solid form and can no longer do environmental harm. Of course people wouldn t just go out and make boat hulls if other people like you and me didn t buy them. So spending money on a boat gives scientists and boatbuilders the initiative they need to gather those chemicals together and turn them into boats. Boating gives us a healthy sense of humor. (These five reasons are proof of that.) Because how can we not laugh at ourselves after spending half of our yearly salaries on an item that produces no income breaks half the time we use it and sucks all of our spare time away into some black hole If you don t own a boat just yet you still might not get it but one day you will. There s not a dedicated boater out there who can imagine life stuck on dry land-- we love it that much. We all know that powerboats burn fossil fuels (and sailboaters talk so much about not burning fuel that their hot air contributes to global warming) but becoming a boat owner helps planet Earth in a multitude of ways. There are all kinds of nasty chemicals in fiberglass resin like styrene methyl ethyl ketone and uranium. By curing this nasty stuff Once you buy a boat you ll be just like Johnny Depp Billy Joel and Alan Jackson--plus other famous boat owners including Tiger Woods Martha Stewart Dennis Rodman and George H.W. Bush. As fellow boat owners their fame will trickle down to you via a special kind of nautical osmosis. Before After Above damage from a worm that lives in saltwater called a Marine Borer . They can start destroying a piling within 3 months of it being in the water. Formapile offers the only true 10-year manufacturer s warranty Formapile has a US Patent Developed over 40 years ago Independent laboratory testing Engineer certified The leading expert in piling protection restoration and repair in SW Florida Call for a free piling inspection (239) 471-3998 11 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source So I enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace like I was supposed to a few years ago. The premiums were pretty affordable because I qualified for a premium tax credit and the benefits were great because I qualified for cost share reduction. When my 65th birthday rolled around I figured I d just keep the plan I had because it was pretty dang good. And now I find out that because I missed my Medicare Part B enrollment I would be stuck with a penalty Help - how do I fix this In general an individual will not benefit from having a qualified health plan and Medicare at the same time. Confusion about qualified health plans and enrolling in Medicare leads some individuals to make enrollment mistakes. If you stayed on your Marketplace health plan after you turned 65 delaying enrollment into Medicare Part B generally your only option would be to pick up Part B coverage during the annual General Enrollment Period (GEP) - and face a potential Part B late enrollment penalty between January 1st and March 31st with coverage starting the following July 1st. The late enrollment penalty (LEP) can increase your Part B premium (normally 105- 134 on average) as much as 10% for each full 12-month period that you could ve had Part B but didn t sign up for it. So now what do you do Pay the penalty Medicare is offering a one-time Time-limited Equitable Relief program for enrolling in Part B. The opportunity to request timelimited equitable relief lasts until September 30 2017. This time-limited equitable relief will 1.) let a beneficiary enroll in Medicare Part B without penalty or 2.) eliminate a beneficiary s Part B late enrollment penalty (LEP) if they are already enrolled in Part B but delayed enrollment so that they could stay in their Qualified Health Plan (Marketplace plan). There are certain criteria a beneficiary must meet in order to qualify for this time-limited equitable relief. Contact the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 or go to to find a local Social Security office that they can visit in person. kathy Insurance Options Inc. 1401 Viscaya Pkwy. Cape Coral (239) 201-4560 12 SM SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Englewood Bait House Fine SW Florida Power Squadrons Come for the Boating Education and Stay for the Friends SW Florida Squadrons Sarasota (941) 953-7565 Sanibel-Captiva (239) 233-7380 localusps sancap Manatee (941) 761-9444 Cape Coral (239) 549-9754 Peace River (941) 637-0766 San Carlos Bay (239) 466-4040 Venice (941) 244-8331 Fort Myers (239) 945-6612 Sarasota (941) 400-6467 http SW Florida Capt. Ted s Bait & Tackle Shops T&T Fishin Franks Downtown Laishley Rio Villa Fisherman s Edge Scheduled Classes Sarasota Aug 3 How to use a chart Cape Coral Sept 11 America s Boating Course Sept 12 Weather Peace River Sept 9 America s Boating Course Venice June 17 - America s Boating Course Boat Towing - Fuel Deliveries Jump Starts - Disentanglements Covered Ungroundings Anderson s Bait & Tackle 15675 McGregor Blvd (239) 334-3474 D&D Matlacha Bait & Tackle 3922 Pine Island Rd. (239) 282-9122 Dick s Bait & Tackle At Diversified Yacht (239) 765-8700 Capt. Robs Bait & Tackle 3714 Del Prado (239) 540-3474 Cape Tool & Tackle 405 NE Pine Island Rd. (239) 574-6950 Chiquita Bait & Tackle 3816 Chiquita Blvd. (239) 540-0052 Fisherman s World 16650 San Carlos Blvd (239) 466-8686 Lehr s Economy Tackle 1366 N. Tamiami Trl. (239) 995-2280 Master Bait & Tackle 4465 Bonita Beach Rd. (239) 992-2553 Rite Angler 16450 S. Tamiami Trail (239) 466-7326 Seven Seas Bait & Tackle 4270 Pine Island Rd. (239) 283-1674 Snook Hut Bait & Tackle 1407 Cape Coral Pkwy (239) 257-3615 TNT Bait & Tackle 14369 Pambar Ave. (941) 625-5367 Jasper s Bait 10530 Stringfellow Rd. (239) 823-6422 Bait Box Cape Tool Lehr s Jasper s Bait Capt. Rob s Snook Hut Jasper s Bait Boat Chiquita Bait Rite Angler Anderson s Englewood Bait House 1450 beach Rd (941) 475-4511 Fine Bait & Tackle 14503 Tamiami Trail (941) 240-5981 Capt. Ted s Bait & Tackle 1189 Tamiami Trail (941) 627-6800 Laishley Marine 3515 Tamiami Trail (941) 575-7628 Fishin Franks 4425 Tamiami trail (941) 625-3888 Downtown Bait & Tackle 120 Laishley Ct. (941) 621-4190 Fisherman s Edge 4425 Placida Rd. (941) 697-7595 Rio Villa Bait & Tackle 113 Rio Villa Dr. (941) 639-7166 Welcome to the neighborhood The Choice of Serious Fishermen 450HP 450hp from 5200rpm to 6200rpm Installation in under 4 hours Fits under cowl with supplied riser Packaged for complete Plug n Play No additional parts or fabrication Where 1 outboard is better than 2 Ft. Mye rs Marin e Assisting Boaters Since 1983 Your Road Se rvic e at Se a Ft. Myers Lee County (239) 945-4820 Port Charlotte (941) 625-5454 450s SUPERCHARGE SYSTEM 2137 FOWLER ST. (239) 334-7871 Serving all of SW Florida 1- Bayronto 26.45.830 82.50.860 This 400 Ft. Freighter survived being torpedoed by a German U-Boat in July 1918. A year later the Bayronto ran into a hurricane and sank in 100 ft. of water. 13 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Shipwrecks Charlotte Harbor 1 2 Local a nd 2- Roatan Express 26.20.358 83.22.027 This 180 ft. Steel hulled offshore supply ship made numerous trips between Tampa and Honduras before sinking in rough seas appx. 80 miles west of Ft. Myers on Sept. 31 1992. The captain and one passenger lost their life. Boating Fishing Fishing Clubs Get your Fishing License over the phone in 3 minutes 3- J. Marine Sulphur Queen was never found Wreck On the morning of Feb. 4 1963 this 524 ft. tanker disappeared off the west coast of Florida en route to Norfolk Va. Debris was recovered two weeks later off Key West but no trace of its 39 man crew was ever found. 4- Fantastico 26.17.775 82.50.082 The No-Name storm of 1993 claimed more ships than Hurricane Andrew. The Honduran freighter Fantastico slipped beneath the waves on March 13 as it carried a load of fertilizer from Miami to Tampa. Of the 10 crew members aboard only three survived. The 205 ft. Freighter sits in 115 feet of water about 50 miles out of Ft. Myers. Sanibel 5&8 4 RECORD SETTERS Available at your favorite bait shop the (888) 347-4356 Tarpon Hunters Cape Coral Ft. Myers - Reel Angler s Fishing Club SW Florida Marine Industries Assc. Naples 5- Pegasus Wreck 26.33.130 82.43.415 This 110 foot steel Tug-Boat and eventual gambling casino office was sunk as an artificial reef in 1999. 6 Punta Gorda Isles 6- Paddlewheeler Wreck 82.17.510 25.53.320 The wreck of a stern paddlewheel steamer known locally as the Paddlewheeler rests upside down in 80 feet of water off Naples. The only clue to its identity is a pressure gauge that was manufactured in 1898. Fly Fishing Meetings joe 7- Baja California 25.21.522 82.31.901 This 265 foot freighter was en route to Guatemala in July 1942 when a German U-Boat put two torpedoes through her hull just before midnight. In 10 minutes the ship turned on its side and sank in 115 feet of water between Ft. Myers and the Keys. 7 Fishing Regulations 8- USCGC Mohawk 26.33.146 82.43.423 The 165-foot World War II Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk was the last remaining ship of the Battle of the Atlantic. The Mohawk was laid to rest in 90 feet of water on July 2 2012 at 12 36 PM roughly 28 nautical miles off of Sanibel Island on Florida s southwest coast creating the first Veterans Memorial Reef dedicated to all U.S. veterans. The reef will be the new home to untold numbers of fish and other invertebrates living in the Gulf of Mexico. Key West Rods Rods Rods Reels Reels Braggin Board Local HS student Joey Klima with one of his many summer snook Fishing with Capt. Chuck Downes (Trying to break the local trout record) Reels Lines Lines Lines Josh Harevel with one hungry Pinfish Send fish pictures to Dr. Jerry Cowan Plus theNauticalMile Capt. Pete with a HUGE shark s tooth 995-2280 (239) 14 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Bokeelia Boat Ramp 283-2244 Join our Pier Club fish or launch your boat 9 times get the 10th time free Jug Creek Access - No Slow Zones Drive to the end of Bokeelia Located behind Captain Con s Seafood Restaurant 10 Launch Public Access Boat Ramp 1 mile past the post office North end of Bokeelia Acres of Parking ugust A th the wi Last month was hot The sun felt like it was literally baking your skin This year there have been many reports of heat related illnesses and deaths. I noticed a change and everybody is talking about how the sun feels different. Back in June the sun actually went into what is called a Solar Minimum. When this happens the sun s heliosphere is reduced and large earth sized coronal holes open up for as long as six months at a time on the surface of the sun. The heliosphere actually protects the earth from cosmic rays that travel through the galaxy after a super nova or other sources of gamma rays. The heliosphere actually protects us from radiation that our normal atmosphere can t when the suns protective shield is diminished we are subject to more cosmic rays bombarding the planets surface as well as the oceans. Think of cosmic rays as something like a microwave oven. This is normal the sky is not falling but the results of a solar Minimum can be uncomfortable and even blister well seasoned natives like myself who doesn t ever where sunscreen and never burns. I thank my Cherokee bloodline for that so that being said there is a lot of information available on the Internet and YouTube that is readily available and easy to comprehend. Understanding the worlds around Snook Cowboy Hurricanes and El Nino. ....think about it last month on the 14th and 15th were 94.7 degrees and a UV category of 12. It was uncomfortable for me and four people succumbed to the heat and needed light medical attention to I.V s. Last month on the 15th and 16th we had a great turnout for the MangoMania festival. I ve been the announcer for this event since 2004 and I have a great time each and every year. I love the fact that this entire festival is hinged on the production of private and commercial Mango growers on Pine Island. To me that truly makes this an authentic LOCAL event. We have vendors come from all over the state enhancing our Florida flavor of food trucks variety of horticulture live entertainment art and culture of embedded Floridians. I want to say Thank You to everyone that helped make this event possible from our major sponsors the vendors volunteers and Pine Island Chamber of Commerce Board and Executive director. In spite of losing power and getting hammered with rain and heat you kept the show going Speaking of keeping the show going. Our last musical group Neon Summer was in the middle of their gig when a transformer blew in the parking lot. They never missed a beat you will bring you closer to understanding what is going on around you and other places around the globe. We live in the information age. Aquarius is flowing forth knowledge at rates that mankind has never seen in this time period. One of the most interesting things that I ve learned was the Pioneer 10 and 11 missions that was documented in the 1987 New Science and Invention Encyclopedia. There s a video and links on Google for this publication authenticating the true nature of the missions. They were looking for a dead star and tenth planet. They saw them with IRAS in 1983. New planets may be old news to the young uns but in 1973 we were already launching probes on a trip that we expected to see to fruition in our lifetime They followed up with Sagans Voyager right up the middle of the Pioneer trajectories. Things that make you go Hmm So this summer after analyzing all of that information and hearing first hand reports of extreme skin sensitivities. It is safe to say that for the next eleven years the time frame of a solar minimum you should be proactive and protect yourself and loved ones when enjoying the Sunshine State. The opposite of all of this is true when the sun goes into it s solar maximum. Mild summers grabbed their acoustical guitars and sang their hearts out acapella with the crowd in spite of it all. Great people and extremely talented You can see a clip on my Snook Cowboy channel on YouTube as well as other videos that have brought interest and groove in my life. Enjoy. Love & Light 239-878-2665 snookcowboy Protect your boat this season Protected basin on the Caloosahatchee (239) Brackish water for less bottom growth Floating docks for better surge protection Full time dock staff and 24 hour security Storm prep and mechanical services available N26.31.760 W081.56.778 437-0881 Peace of mind at Gulf Harbour Marina Bokeelia Fishing Pier 7-7 Daily - 8 a Day - No License Required Join our Pier Club fish or launch your boat 9 times get the 10th time free 15 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Night Fishing Thursdays 7pm to midnight 10 per person Drive to the end of Bokeelia Located at Captain Con s Seafood Restaurant Great fishing for Snook Redfish Snapper Trout and more from our 300-foot pier 10 Ramp (239) 283-2244 SW Florida s ONLY coastal website to find everything all in one place Englewood to Bonita Beach ic e N LE MP SI & home newsletter events writers about clubs online contact advertising printables resources weather 26 YEARS OF DOING IT RIGHT Your Perfect Pine Island Port Open 7 days 7AM-5PM 1990 - 2016 View our 24 Hour We bCam Water Taxi Capt. Emmy Girl Charters Storage Annual or short-term Service Boat Rentals Check out our new fleet of rental boats. Take up to 10 People o FISHING CHARTERS Minutes to OUTSTANDING fishing locations Inshore & Offshore FACTORY TRAINED Wet Slips Dry Storage Boat Lifts Floating Docks Ship s Store Bait & Tackle Non-ethanol Gas Fishing Charters Security Patrolled Fishing or Cruising Certified Yamaha Technicians Warranty Service & Parts All Outboard Repair Fiberglass Canvas Detailing FlaLazy min g Sightseeing Sunset Cruises Dolphin Watching Center Consoles Dual Consoles and Deck Boats Full Day Half Day Weekly Just minutes to Cabbage Key Cayo Costa and Boca Grande ING NT DIN RFRO ily WATE ne r D a 16501 Stringfellow Road Bokeelia Fl 33922 & Din Lunch Service Dept Hours Mon-Sat 8am - 5pm (239) 283-0250 16 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source SAWFISH NEWS by Tonya Wiley Sawfish Handling and Release Guidelines Smalltooth sawfish are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act which makes it illegal to target harm harass or handle them in any way. While it is technically illegal to catch a sawfish (except with a research permit or in a fishery where incidental take has been authorized) captures do occur while fishing for other species. Any sawfish caught while fishing must be released as quickly as possible. The guidelines below were developed to aid anglers in quickly and safely releasing incidentally caught sawfish. These guidelines take into account the safety of both the endangered sawfish and the angler. Sawfish are large powerful animals that can cause serious injury so use caution if you do catch one. The number one rule to remember when handling and releasing a sawfish is to leave it in the water at all times. Do not lift it out of the water onto your boat or a pier and do not drag it on shore. General Release Guidelines - Leave the sawfish in the water - Do not remove the saw (rostrum) or injure the animal in any way - Remove as much fishing gear as safely possible - Use extreme caution when handling and releasing sawfish as the saw can thrash violently from side to side - Never use a gaff or drag the sawfish on a boat or on shore If hooked - Leave the sawfish especially the gills in the water - If it can be done safely untangle any line wrapped around the saw - Cut the line as close to the hook as possible - If hooked internally do NOT attempt to remove the hook remove as much line as possible and cut the line close to the hook If tangled in a cast net - Leave the sawfish especially the gills in the water - Untangle and cut the net removing as much of it as possible from the animal - Release the sawfish quickly Sawfish are extremely susceptible to entanglement in recreational fishing lines and commercial nets. Mishandling and the purposeful injury and killing of captured sawfish is both illegal and detrimental to the recovery of the population. Never use a gaff on a sawfish you have caught and never remove the rostrum. Rachel Scharer a Sawfish Biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission s Charlotte Harbor Field Laboratory said Lately we have been getting numerous public reports of an encounter with a sawfish missing its rostrum and we have seen several sawfish without a rostrum during our research. Sawfish use their rostrum for detecting and catching food so in addition to being illegal removal of the rostrum likely severely limits the animal s chance to find enough food to survive. If you catch or see a sawfish take a quick photograph of the sawfish estimate its size note your location and share the details with scientists. The details of your sightings or catches of sawfish help to monitor the population and track the recovery progress. You can share your information by calling 844-4-SAWFISH (844-472-9347) or emailing sawfish Coordinator for NOAA Fisheries said We are confident that NOAA and recreational anglers can work together to recover smalltooth sawfish so future generations can experience the thrill of encountering such a unique animal. Tonya (941) 201-2685 Some fishermen have expressed concern that reporting encounters will result in the closure of their favorite fishing locations. However the smalltooth sawfish is already listed as an endangered species and critical habitat has been designated and neither of these actions has resulted in any closed fishing areas for recreational or commercial anglers. Your encounter reports will be used to track recovery of the population and steer research efforts which will ultimately benefit the species and the areas in which you fish. Adam Brame the Sawfish Recovery For more information about sawfish visit http research s altwater fish sawfish or http www.fisheries.noaa.go v pr species fish smalltoothsawfish.html 17 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Nautical Mile s 650 Year Coastal Cork Boards 50 to 4 000 Ga llon Deliveries Non-Ethanol and Diesel Punta Gorda to Bonita Sp rings RECREATION AL l s au P 673-7850 Unleaded Ga soline Premium Gaso COMMERCIA line L 100 to 8 500 Non-Ethanol Gasoline - Boat from Punta Gallon Deliveries s Gorda to Naple Dyed Diesels Off Road (239) 349-5 Ultra low Sulfu 322 r Diesel- On Ro ad Motor and Hy draulic Oil and lubricants (239) hanic obile mec e M and mor Repairs r v ic e Se le MEaertirnae Mobi - l c ic l an d an d Pine Islral area Cape Co 3 464-075 (239) PROPELLER SERVICE New & Used Propellers McGREGOR ELECTRIC MOTORS Do-It Yourselfers (239) 574-4499 and bring it to www.LeeCountyFu m BURRIS INBOARD OUTBOARD STERN DRIVES 905 SE 9th Terrace Cape Coral AVE on the service call Coral 958 Country Club Blvd - Cape m ROCKET INTERNATIONAL BOAT TRAILERS 888-728-2474 Family Owned Since 1984 Parts and Service Open to the Public OUTBOARD SHAFT STRAIGHTE NING RECONDITIONING - SKEG REP LACEMENT Hubs - Springs - Axles Guide Poles - Lights Deemaxx Disk Brakes HD Keel Guides - Hardware We R e n Trailer t s 239-772-3222 (239) 549-0271 . The Captain School Inc ng Mariners Helpi through the Maze ense OUPU - 6 Pack Lic to Master Master Upgrade Towing Sailing 2360 Crystal Road FT. Myers Cape Coral Print shop 919 SE 13 A ve - Cape C oral www.GatorP ressPrinting .com Complete selection of terminal tackle for the serious fisherman 7 7 2 -8 2 0 0 Let s Go Fishing SW Florida Fishing Guides Based in SW Florida and serving Mariners from Alaska to the Virgin Islands - Reels Tackle - Rods www.riteangle 16450 l S. Tamiami Trai Ft. Myers 400 Year Captain Bill Russell Gulf Coast Guide service gcl2fish Full Service C HUCK S Auto Repair A UTO R EPAIR S ERVICE - Trucks Cars - Boats Foreign & Domestic Maintenance - Oil Changes Transmission - Tire Rotation 1 4 mile north of Alico Road on US 41 5575 Doug Taylor Circle St. James City E L E C T R I C 842 SE 46th Lane State License EC 0000346 Cape Coral The Snook Cowboy Kayak Fishing Trips snookcowboy Signs Wraps Graphics (239) 772-3000 Cape Coral 5 NE 19 Place 73 w.HighImpactS ww Boat Lift Wiring - Dock Lighting Marina Electrical Systems Captain Chuck Downes Walk the Dog Charters starfisher2 Safety INS U R AN C E Harbour Boats - Jet Skis Motorcycle Auto - RV - Golf Ca rt - ATV Wind - Homeowne rs - Flood 10480 Stringfel low Road 4 St. James Cit y Fl. 33956 PI Road 458-1940 CC Pkwy 257-3270 N. Ft. Myers 731-5500 We don t just insu re the island life style .... we LIVE the isla nd lifestyle And that s why we get it right Captain Gregg McKee Wild Fly Charters gmckee1 www.safetyharb 283-6136 r Eye CaaneOD ow Gerald C Optometrist SW Florida Online Weather Station l - Cape Cora Sam s Club uired Located in bership req No m e m -6032 (239) 800 Captain Charles Epranian TripleTail Charters frshfsh5 www.FishPineIslandSound. LIVE local web-cams - Weather Forum Marine & Tides - Lightning Tracker Hurricane Information - All of SW Florida - 8 radar options 18 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source SUMMER is here Residential Commercial LIC CAC1814975 (239) 573-2473 Barb Hansen We know you hear a lot of talk about service that s why we do more than just talk. Our climate control experts provide industry-leading customer support every day on every job. We will happily lengthen the life of your existing AC equipment or recommend a new energy efficient air conditioning system that will save you money while keeping you cool. BOATING IS MY SPORT There s a lot of talk this time of year about getting in shape for summer sports like golf and tennis. I really don t pay attention since my sport is boating. Besides from what I hear golf is mostly about trying to get up a foursome and once on the course waiting to tee off or to hit the next shot. Golfers tolerate those delays so they can show off their 2 500 set of golf clubs made from materials they use to build rocket ships. I think there s also a contest nowadays to see who s got the biggest driver. Some of those drivers are so big they look like clubs they used while at war in the Middle Ages. One continuing problem with tennis is trying to find somebody who plays at your level. On the court tennis is better exercise and much less expensive than golf but only until you suffer a heat stroke and permanent nerve damage in your wrist and elbow. Oh I m sure boating has some negatives too but I m blind to them. I like boating because it satisfies something deep inside probably the same desire that some early human satisfied when she saw a log by a lake and had a big idea. I rank boating right up there with the creation of the wheel and fire. I understand America s favorite leisure activity is walking. I m okay with walking as long as it s done on sidewalks and trails not roads with fast traffic. It s jogging I have a problem with -- all that running pain plus a future of knee surgeries and an electric-powered wheelchair. I ve never had a runner s high but all I can say is that it must be one very powerful rush of endorphins. Cycling combines the worst of walking and jogging. Bicycle riders think they re peddling at a pretty good clip and they are compared to walking but they re still holding up auto traffic. I know. I know. They have a right to the roads too. Fine but something s got to give and I have a feeling it s going to be the two-wheelers. Anyway I won t have a lot of hope for bicycling as a major sport until they design a seat that doesn t shut off blood circulating to your buns. Really for what they charge for bicycles these days you d think they could at least install a comfortable seat. Also some of those riders really need to take a look in the mirror. Those get-ups they wear really don t match the bodies they have. It s interesting to see what sports the kids favor because you would think this is what they ll do when they become adults. I noted a survey the other day that said the six most popular outdoor activities for kids 6 to 17 were in order basketball soccer in-line skating baseball scooter riding and fishing. I know texting one another is pretty high on that list somewhere too and it s both an indoor and outdoor sport. Let s take a look at this. After graduation and a ready supply of schoolmates practitioners abandon basketball soccer and baseball except as spectator sports. I don t think inline skates and scooters will survive the enthusiast s transition to adulthood. That leaves sportfishing and most anglers like to do that from a boat. Now we re getting somewhere. In another survey parents ranked camping as the best outdoor experience for the family. Are they talking about tent camping and I m sure there has to be Internet access or the kids just won t go I ll also bet they ll change their mind after they go camping more than once or twice. My sense of tent campers is that they graduate very quickly to Ibuprofen then to RVs then to renting cabins and then to buying vacation homes on lakes. Then voila boats appear at the water s edge. So much for family camping. The fastest growing sports according to the National Sporting Goods Association are kayaking rafting sailing and canoeing. These waterlovers have caught the bug that I caught the same bug that infected the first boaters who sat on logs and paddled. I ve got a good feeling about the future of my favorite sport. Barb Hansen manages Southwest Florida Yachts yacht charters and Florida Sailing & Cruising School a live aboard yacht school. Contact her at info 1-800-262-7939 or visit Get your captain s license (800) 237-8663 Serving mariners since 1977 Offices across the US & Caribbean Online and classroom SeaSchool has over 52 USCG approved courses and almost 40 years experience dealing with US Coast Guard licensing regulations and maritime education. SeaSchool is considered to be the premier maritime training school in the country. Classes are regularly held in Punta Gorda Cape Coral Naples Bradenton and Venice. 19 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source View from the Marina no FAKE NEWS here barb hansen I m sure that most if not all of you are well aware of the discussion taking place about Fake News these days. I don t have a dog in that fight at least not one I want to talk about. All of that heated discussion got me to thinking about the possibility of someone or some faction taking issue with boating and starting to suggest there s something fake about the joy and sense of community that boating offers. I ve quickly come to the conclusion there s no fake news here Zero nada nothing but the truth and that is boating is for real regardless of your point of view. Boating teaches responsibility. It s also a way to make friends and join a community of likeminded people. If you really take off and go cruising there are a variety of cruising groups you can join such as the Great Loop Cruising Association also known as the Loopers. No nothing to do with adult beverages but folks who cruise the Great Loop essentially a trip up the east coast across southern Canada to the Great Lakes down the Mississippi to the Gulf and on to the Sunshine State. Loopers have a range of variables but that s generally the route they take. That s a cruise that would be cool on anyone s bucket list. Boating brings families closer together and creates a lifetime of memories for everyone. Even dogs love boating at least ours does All we have to do is say let s get on the boat and he starts jumping around with excitement. Boating whether on a sail or power boat brings us closer to nature. There s nothing fake about having dolphins jump and splash alongside your boat or watching an osprey swoop down to catch a fish for lunch. Mother Nature puts on a colorful show of sunrises and sunsets on the water. Even a kayak canoe or paddleboard will immerse the operator in the real world of natural beauty on the water. Whether it s fishing birdwatching or paddling to the beach for a swim this sport has introduced a new generation to the water. You don t have to live on or near the ocean to enjoy the water either. Check out your local lake or river for recreational opportunities. Just be safe on the water and if that s where you d like some guidance and help boating has many options part of the sense of community that makes boating what it is for old salts and newbies. Nope nothing fake here Just the real deal. Barb Hansen manages Southwest Florida Yachts yacht charters and Florida Sailing & Cruising School 6095 Silver Kind Blvd. Cape Coral (in Tarpon Point Marina) info 800-262-7939 Southwest Florida In-Water Marina Facilities Ainger Creek Marina Placida (941) 474-2487 Boat House The Cape Coral (239) 549-2628 Bob & Annie s Boatyard St. James City (239) 283-3962 Boca Grande Marina Boca Grande (941) 964-2100 Bonita Bay Marina Bonita Springs (239) 495-3222 Burnstore Marina Punta Gorda (941) 637-0083 Cape Coral Marine Centre Cape Coral (239) 541-2988 Cape Haze Marina Englewood (941) 698-1110 Desoto Marina (Nav-A-Gator) Lake Suzy (941) 627-3474 Diversified Yacht Services Ft. Myers Beach (239) 765-8700 Everest Marina Cape Coral (239) 458-6604 Fish Tale Marina Fort Myers Beach (239) 463-3600 Four Winds Marina Bokeelia (239) 283-0250 Ft. Myers Yacht Basin Ft. Myers (239) 321-7080 Gasparilla Marina Placida (941) 697-2280 Gator Creek Marine Punta Gorda (941) 639-3446 Gulf Harbour Marina Fort Myers (239) 437-0881 Gulfside Marine Matlacha (239) 282-0443 Legacy Harbour Marina Fort Myers (239) 461-0775 Marina at Cape Harbour Cape Coral (239) 945-4330 Monroe Canal Marina St. James City (239) 282-8600 Moss Marine Ft. Myers Beach (239) 765-6677 Mullock Creek Marina Fort Myers (239) 267-3717 Old Fish House Marina Matlacha (239) 282-9577 Owl Creek Boat Works Alva (239) 543-2100 Palm Island Marina Placida (941) 697-4356 Pineland Marina Bokeelia (239) 283-3593 Port Sanibel Marina Fort Myers (239) 437-1660 Prosperity Pointe Marina N. Ft. Myers 995-2155 Salty Sam s Marina Fort Myers Beach (239) 463-7333 Sanibel Marina Sanibel (239) 472-2531 Skip s Placida Marina Placida (941) 460-8157 Snook Bight Marina Fort Myers Beach (239) 765-4371 Stump Pass Marina Englewood (941) 697-2206 SweetWater Landing Fort Myers (239) 694-3850 Tarpon Point Marina Cape Coral (239) 542-6222 Whidden s Marina Boca Grande (941) 964-2878 York Road Marine St. James City (239) 283-1149 Better Service - Better Boating (239) 765-8700 Gas & Diesel Inboard Outboard & IPS Sales Service & Repair Generator Sales & Service Finish Paint Fiberglass & Gelcoat Bottom Paint Detailing Dockside Service covering all of Southwest Florida Southwest Florida s Largest Parts Department and Authorized Repower Center THREE SW FLORIDA LOCATIONS Ft. Myers Beach - 751 Fisherman s Wharf Ft. Myers - 2455 Fowler Street Naples - 895 10th Street South Ft. Myers 2015 & 2016 1 Dealer in the WORLD POWERED BY e ar s ly 3 0 Y N e ar ida i n F l or s Marine The Choice of Serious Fishermen The HOTTEST Boats in SW Florida The Choice of Serious Fishermen Ft. Myers Marine 2137 FOWLER ST. 239-334-7871 SHEARWATER BAY BOATS Deck & Bay Boats Fish the Legend 22 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Print your ownPages formatted to 8.5 X 11 Printable pages for tides wrecks & reefs wateraccess restaurants water-access fuel locations moon phases knots marina facilities and 8 local charts for the Lee and Charlotte coastal Thirst isn t always a reliable early indicator of the body s need for water. Many people particularly older adults don t feel thirsty until they re already dehydrated. That s why it s important to increase water intake during hot weather or when you re ill. The signs and symptoms of dehydration also may differ by age. Dry mouth and tongue no tears when crying no wet diapers for three hours sunken eyes cheeks sunken soft spot on top of skull listlessness or irritability Extreme thirst less frequent urination dark-colored urine fatigue dizziness and confusion. children are especially vulnerable to dehydration. Having a higher surface area to volume area they also lose a higher proportion of their fluids from a high fever or burns. Young children often can t tell you that they re thirsty nor can they get a drink for themselves. As you age your body s fluid reserve becomes smaller your ability to conserve water is reduced and your thirst sense becomes less acute. These problems are compounded by chronic illnesses such as diabetes and dementia and by the use of certain medications. Older adults also may have mobility problems that limit their ability to obtain water for themselves. People with chronic illnesses. Having uncontrolled or untreated diabetes puts you at high risk of dehydration. Kidney disease also increases your risk as do medications that increase urination. Even having a cold or sore throat makes you more susceptible to dehydration because you re less likely to feel like eating or drinking when you re sick. r Tides fo r th e y e a s ace l in 16 p Marinas & Bait Shops Has had diarrhea for 24 hours or more is irritable or disoriented and much sleepier or less active than usual can t keep down fluids or has bloody or black stool. Boat Ramp s You don t drink enough because you re sick or busy or because you lack access to safe drinking water when you re traveling hiking or camping. Other dehydration causes include Diarrhea vomiting. -- that is diarrhea that comes on suddenly and violently -- can cause a tremendous loss of water and electrolytes in a short amount of time. If you have vomiting along with diarrhea you lose even more fluids and minerals. In general the higher your fever the more dehydrated you may become. The problem worsens if you have a fever in addition to diarrhea and vomiting. You lose water when you sweat. If you do vigorous activity and don t replace fluids as you go along you can become dehydrated. Hot humid weather increases the amount you sweat and the amount of fluid you lose. This may be due to undiagnosed or uncontrolled diabetes. Certain medications such as diuretics and some blood pressure medications also can lead to dehydration generally because they cause you to urinate more. Anyone can become dehydrated but certain people are at greater risk Infants and children. The most likely group to experience severe diarrhea and vomiting infants and When it s hot and humid your risk of dehydration and heat illness increases. That s because when the air is humid sweat can t evaporate and cool you as quickly as it normally does and this can lead to an increased body temperature and the need for more fluids. Dehydration can lead to serious complications including Heat injury. If you don t drink enough fluids when you re exercising vigorously and perspiring heavily you may end up with a heat injury ranging in severity from mild heat cramps to heat exhaustion or potentially lifethreatening heatstroke. Boat-Access Restaurants Fuel Docks Wrecks & R e efs rts 11 Ch a Largest Fleet Worldwide 300 Ports Nationwide Prolonged or repeated bouts of dehydration can cause urinary tract infections kidney stones and even kidney failure. Electrolytes -- such as potassium and sodium -- help carry electrical signals from cell to cell. If your electrolytes are out of balance the normal electrical messages can become mixed up which can lead to involuntary muscle contractions and sometimes to a loss of consciousness. Low blood volume shock (hypovolemic shock). This is one of the most serious and sometimes life-threatening complications of dehydration. It occurs when low blood volume causes a drop in blood pressure and a drop in the amount of oxygen in your body. One Membership applies to ALL recreational boats you own rent or borrow anywhere in the world VHF Channel 16 Charlotte County (239) 283-6060 Lee County (239) 945-1664 24 7 365 days a year Only available from TowBoatUS at 23 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source The quieter you can be the better don t drop hatches tackle bags bait buckets coolers etc. Use trolling motors when possible but even a click on a handle for stopping or starting a motor can cause fish to scatter. Polling is the quietest method but takes some practice to keep the boat moving in the right direction. Using live bait under a popping cork or free lining it close to a mangrove shore line is another effective method. Pin fish and Green Backs work very effectively. If this method does not produce results then try a piece of cut bait under the popping cork. Cut Pin Fish Mullet or Lady Fish emit a strong scent that can draw fish in. Chunking up bait fish and pitching them into the shore line will also help bring in the fish and help turn on the more active feeding pattern. Using scented baits such as Gulp New Penny Chartreuse Shrimp or Gulp Neon Pepper Chartreuse Jerk bait is also a very effective method. Also Pro Cure Shrimp Lady Fish or Mullet scents are effective on unscented soft plastics. It never hurts to have a bottle of each in your tackle bag. I even know some anglers that wipe these scents on their hard lures and have good results. Hopefully some of these tactics will help you when the bite is slow. Until next month tight lines and get out and enjoy our beautiful waterways. If you have any questions about this article or fishing give me a call. Walkin the Dog with Captain Chuck Downes Most anglers who spend a great deal of time out on the water searching for and catching fish on a regular basis will face that dreaded phase when the fish have lock jaw. The term refers to a day when your usual lure or bait just doesn t seem to entice a strike. You know the fish are there they may or may not have noticed what you have offered them. So the question then becomes what or how can I change my presentation to get some action. Patience is the first thing you must have. A great example of this was when I was fishing a mangrove line for several hours switching every so often between 3 of my favorite top water lures. We had cast for several hours without a single strike. We were about ready to call it a day but decided to make just a few more casts as we approached this point. I switched back to the lure that I started with and made one cast in tight to the Mangroves and just a couple twitches later a large snook inhaled the lure and the battle to keep him out of the tree roots was on. If I had not gone back to that first lure and not made those last few casts I never would have hooked the snook. Another method you may try is switching from a popping lure to a lure that you can pop then walk or just a walking lure. Just that little difference of movement with a lure may be the one that brings on a strike. If top water does not work go to a sub surface lure. This will move the lure a little below the surface and you can try either a walking lure or a twitching lure. If worked correctly these lures can also invite a strike. If neither of these seems to bring you any success try downsizing your lure. Sometimes downsizing gives the fish a different presentation that will make them feed more aggressively. One of the popping lures I have experienced good success with is the MirrOlure Poppa Dog which produces a great deal of commotion. Colors that seem to work well for me are red head with white body or chartreuse back with white belly. Top water walking lures are the Lucky Craft Gunfish 95 in white or clear. I suggest if you purchase this lure replace the hooks with a sturdier hook. This lure is very effective by making the first twitch strong then walking the lure. The lure is also effective when walked several times followed by a short pause. I have had many strikes during the pause. The MirrOlure C Eye is another lure that is easily walked and can be cast long distances. I have only used this lure in red head with white body but it has been a proven lure for Red Fish and Snook. The Haddon Spook Jr. is the old tried and true lure in red head with silver body or all bone color. Some other lures you may want to try are the MirrOlure Catch 2000 Surface Walker and Caltiva Zip nZiggy. You may also want to try Gold Hammered Weedless Spoons by Bagley or Aqua Dream Lures in Green and White also have productive for me. Be careful with these lures on windy days they may be difficult to cast and may cause wind knots so make sure you keep tension on your line. These lures are effective when targeting Red Fish. Sometimes it is easier to cast a weedless hook or a small jig head with your soft plastic jerk or paddle tail. You will find you will spend less time retrieving your lure if it is a weedless or a small jig head compared with a lure with two sets of treble hooks. The more time you spend retrieving lures out of the mangroves means the more noise you will make which cause fish to move to a new location. There is a wide selection out there in tackle shops of soft plastic jerk baits and paddle tails. If you are using light colors and you are unsuccessful try using dark color. Using this method allows you to make your presentation along the bottom of the water column. If this does not invite a strike try speeding up or slowing down your retrieve. (609) 412-7328 starfisher2 L 5 sh 9 unfi aft G y Cr uck Serving all of SW Florida Dredging Pile Setting Floating Docks New Dock Construction Seawall Construction Boat Lift Construction Rip Rap Erosion Control Dock Repair Boat Lift Repairs Free Estimates (239) 259-8696 Lic CGC1511928 24 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Being Decisive... ... I think CAPTAIN c h a r l e s e p r a n i a n One thing that is critically important in fishing and life for that matter is being decisive. When driving it is imperative (hesitation kills). When deciding on what to have or where to go for dinner it can save a marriage. When deciding on important financial decisions it can make ... or break you. I believe it is not something that too many of us are too good at but when guiding anglers it can be the difference between a good day and a not so good day. Identifying certain patterns and all the factors to consider can certainly help and a little luck is never a bad thing to have on your side either. Personally I am not the most decisive person in the world and yet when fishing with folks I end up in a position where I have to be. This is good for me and it gives me a chance to put myself to the test and see if I m up to it. Usually we find something but there s always that thought in the back of your head whether you should have done something differently. As I ve said before I am not an ego driven angler. For me its much more about experience and enjoyment. Catching fish is absolutely great but being out there and seeing the stuff I get to see and show others is really what its all about for me. I love getting my clients on fish and try my best to do it every time but there are days when it just doesn t get going. Those are the days that make you wonder if others angling nearby are tearing up fish while you are having a slow day. Well I obviously can t know for sure but I often think that when we have a slow bite its not just us. It certainly can depend on many factors some of which we can control like what time you get out fishing or what you choose for bait but there are many things that we can t account for because we just can t know. Things like where and when fish will decide to go on the feed. We all rely on past experience and knowledge but the unknowns can be the trickiest bit to figure. If you watch the fishing shows they make it seem like they just went out for 30 minutes and caught a ton of choice fish. What they don t tell you is its usually days and sometimes weeks of fishing edited down to be what in actuality is about 18 minutes of actual fishing footage. Remember this when you go out and spend a full day fishing and only catch a few or even none . Its not about the quantity of fish but the quality of the experience. In case you haven t been outside in several months ... its summer. That means hot sticky days and warm sticky nights. I have been pretty slow on the boat lately but the trips I have had have been pretty typical summer fair. Lots of undersize out of season snook with some nice big girls in the mix. Lots of sharks and lots of sweating. I try to get my day started well before the sunrise just to get to enjoy the coolest part of the day. It also affords me the chance to be out there for sunrise which is a personal favorite of mine. Bait has been plentiful and as long as the water is moving in one direction or the other you should be able to find some cooperative fish . The middle of the day the bite has been pretty slow when its scorching hot out fish are up in the shade or in deeper areas seeking cooler water. The gulf passes are a great example of this. They almost always have deep water comparatively to the surrounding depths so logically fish will escape to the deepest areas for the coolest water. Fish the top of the incoming around the bushes and oyster bars and as the tide starts to fall transition to areas closer to the passes for the SW Florida Boat Ramps 1- Burnt Store 2- Yacht Club 3- Everest Horton Park 3a- Rosen Park 4- 3rd. Span 4a-Tarpon Bay Explorers 5- Punta Rassa 6- Centennial Park 7- Franklin Locks 7a- Alva Community Park 8- Ft. Myers Shores 9- Judd Park 10- Marina 31 11- D&D Bait 12- Matlacha Park 13- Ole Fish House 14- Bokeelia Fishing Pier 15- Monroe Canal Marina 15a- Pineland Marina 16- Lovers Key 17- Mullock Creek 18- Weeks Fish Camp 19- Hickory Bridge 20- Imperial River Ramp 21- Nav-A-Gator Grille 22- Laishley Park 23- Ponce De Leon Park 24- Darst Ramp 25- Riverside Ramp 26- Harbor Heights Park 27- Charlotte Beach Park 28- Spring Lake Ramp 29- El Jobean Ramp 30- Uncle Henry s Marina 31- Placida Ramp 32- Indian Mound Park 33- Ainger Boat Ramp 34- South Bay 35- Indian Prairie Canal 36- Harney Pond Canal 37- Clewiston 38- Belle Glade 39- Okee Tantie State Park 40- Moore Haven Ramp 39 35 36 Lake-O 40 37 34 North Port 21 Port Charlotte Englewood 33 32 29 28 27 26 24 23 22 25 Punta Gorda 31 30 Boca Grande Placida Bokeelia 14 15a 11-12-13 9 3a 7a 1 Matlacha 6 8 10 7 Cape Coral 3 2 Captiva St. James City 15 4a 5 4 FT. Myers Beach 17 18 20 Sanibel 16 19 Bonita Springs best shot at a good bite. Keep a sharp eye on the weather when your out since it can change quite rapidly this time of year. If you see storms brewing get closer to home so when it really starts to set in you can get in safe. If you d like charter information or just want to talk fishing give me a call. frshfsh5 (239) 410-2515 Monroe Canal Marina Marine Supplies - Boat Rentals Dock Rentals - Live Bait Tackle Shop - Beer - Soda - Ice Boat & Kayak Rentals Daily - Weekly - Monthly open 7 days (239) 282-8600 Because every day is a gift Boat Ramp with parking for 40 trailers in St. James City BOAT REPAIRS - FISHING CHARTERS STORAGE - FUEL 3105 Stringfellow Rd. St. James City Late summer on Pine Island is usually a time of transition for my charters. I stop focusing exclusively on tarpon even though there are still plenty of them out there and go back to chasing whatever target of opportunity presents itself on the flats. Snook trout and redfish are back on my list as well as several other edible species such as snapper and Spanish mackerel. But the best of all is the pompano. This beautiful and hard fighting member of the jack family easily gets my vote as the best tasting fish that you can find in the shallows. Unlike their much larger cousin the permit pompano rarely exceed five pounds of solid flying saucer shaped muscle. Their sharp forked tail gives them a tremendous acceleration and they ll often jump several times when hooked. This combination of good looks great taste and a strong fight has made pompano a favorite of anglers in both the Gulf and Atlantic for decades. There are several ways to target them on both spin and fly gear but in late summer I ll choose the easiest route. Pompano are often spooked by running boats and will often skip like a stone in your wake. They re easiest to spot when cruising through manatee zones and at a fast idle. If you see this happen kill your engine immediately and start bouncing live shrimp or shrimp tipped jigs on the bottom. 25 Pompano are a schooling species and where you see one there will usually be plenty of others especially in water between three to six feet deep. Fly fishing for them right now in the dark summer water is a bit more difficult but I ll sometimes dredge the bottom with heavily weighted Clouser Minnow patterns cast with an intermediate line. This is a bit more labor intensive but pompano are an elusive catch on the fly here in SW Florida and well worth the effort. Sight casting to one here on Pine Island is almost as rewarding as scoring on a permit down in the Keys. The beaches from Sanibel to Cayo Costa are some of the only places that fly anglers can actually spot cruising pompano right now. Other than that the inshore flats in August are the color of coffee and this is perfect camouflage for almost any species. You ll have to wait until the middle of winter when Wild Fly Charters Capt. Gregg McKee SW Florida s Coastal Information Source the water brightens up again to really sight fish for them. Once that happens there are plenty of bright and shallow sandbars in Charlotte Harbor when pompano gather. Cruising stingrays are the one thing that ever angler should constantly look for especially in the skinny water. Most rays are crustacean eaters just like pompano so it s not uncommon to find several different kinds of gamefish clinging to their backs. As a rule I toss whatever is in my hands at every stingray I see and this has resulted in plenty of pompano on my boat especially with the fly rod. You won t find a better looking or better tasting gamefish anywhere on the flats of SW Florida. Most of the pompano we catch are in the two to four pound range which makes them perfect for the grill or saut pan. A big one will easily feed two people and you can have fun releasing the rest. I m really looking forward to bringing home a few nice pompano this month after a long season of chasing big inedible tarpon. Hope you can get a few for yourself. (239) 565-2960 gmckee1 Full Service Marine Supply Visit our showroom at 645 Commercial Park Place in Cape Coral Next to the German American Club (239) 574-4844 DECKS & DOCKS Lumber - Pilings - Bumpers Dock Lighting Filet Tables - Ladders Dock Boxes Composite and Wood Decking 26 by SW Florida s Coastal Information Source MARINE UNIT Kevin Watkins The newest member of the Lee County Sheriff s Marine Unit Kevin Watkins is uniquely qualified for the position. While only a member of the group for a couple of months the 45 year old Watkins has a marine background and is in his 20th year with the LCSO. He arrived at the position from the detective division making it two detectives joining in the unit several months apart. Having said that Watkins was not brought in for the role of being a second detective though experience in that area will be a tremendous asset. His new radio designation is Marine 5 which places the emphasis on water borne duties while assisting the full time marine detective Tim Galloway last month s profile when the situation warrants. Watkins arrival coincides with the departure from the marine unit of Ryan Justham who had been seeking a position in the detective division as one of his career goals so the timing was perfect as the two essentially switched positions. Watkins arrived in Florida in 1987 after growing up in a small town outside Norfolk Virginia. His entry into police work and ultimately the marine unit was a little different than the members we have previously profiled. He explained I actually started as an explorer (explorers are teenagers given an exposure to police work a concept embraced by many police departments) with the Punta Gorda Police Department in 1988. I liked it a lot and did that for about a year and a half. Then I got involved with school and sports and all so I stopped doing it because I just didn t have the time. In 1995 I became an auxiliary deputy with the Charlotte County Sheriff s Office from 1995 to 1997. In 1997 I applied to the Lee County Sheriff s Office for a full time position and they hired me. I started in Lee County as a corrections officer. I did five years with the Corrections Division. I ran a boot camp for three years of that period as a drill instructor having gone to Military Police School for training for the position. After the stint with corrections I came out onto the road. My first assignment was working in Community Policing for two years in South District (Bonita) and then went to the same role in the West District for three years mostly in Harlem Heights. Community policing involves regular police enforcement duties along with a concerted effort to establish a working relationship with local leaders to help define the role of law enforcement in keeping communities safe. After five years on the road I was promoted to detective and assigned to the West District where I worked in Economic Crimes for four years. Then they needed some people at Auto Theft so I went there for a year before going back to Economic Crimes. After that I moved back to being a detective in West. While I was there I was working a lot of boat theft cases. I had a lot of interest in boats and the marine unit and the opportunity came for me to transfer and that s how I arrived with the unit. One would expect that with his expertise in detective work that Watkins main function would be to supplement Tim Galloway the full time marine detective but that is not the case. Watkins allowed My title is not detective. I am Marine 5. My goal is to learn as much of the marine aspect as possible being active on patrols and to gather any type on information or data to pass off to Detective Galloway head of criminal investigations for the unit. My aim is to go out on marine patrol to gather information to help him augment his job so he can be involved with active boat theft investigations reduce marine related crime and document those who might be involved. Tim is land-based and does a great job with surveillance and working with our other law enforcement partnerships. Unlike Detective Galloway who had years of experience on the water much of it with the Coast Guard and is perfectly content to work on land Watkins looks forward to being in the boats. He explained I love being on the water. I like the hands-on aspect not only for information gathering but fulfilling the patrol aspect educating people about boater safety and trying to keep the waters of Lee County safe. Though he is a neophyte to marine law enforcement he has plenty of valuable boating experience. He observed It s interesting. I ve been a boater all my life. My family owned a marina up in Virginia. I grew up on the water. However being a recreational boater and moving over to law enforcement represents a huge gap. I just took a school this week and they asked us what we thought our skills were as a boater. When I went in I said I was a three. I ve learned so much over six weeks. It takes a whole different skill set because you now have to operate a boat pull up to people meet the communicate with them by yourself and while operating the vessel tie off write tickets or do safety inspections. It s not just being on a boat and worrying about yourself. When I came out of the boat operator Search and Rescue School I put my level at seven. While Watkins is absorbing his new role in the marine unit I asked about his law enforcement goals and achievements. He responded I think I take the most pride in letting people know as law enforcement officers we re normal people. We have families and we re caring just like anybody else. I ve met a lot of people and have always felt that we should treat people with 27 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source respect. I ve had people reciprocate and it s a good feeling to know that people appreciate what we do. I think there a lot of people who take what we do for granted and don t appreciate what we do. Sometimes it s a thankless job. Small things that people say or do really mean a lot. That s what keep us going. As for any specific cases that stand out he referenced a series of recent burglaries involving around 15 homes that they solved saying We were able to catch the individual involved and get the property back to the owners. That was very gratifying. We ve had some cases like that which were really important to us. Given the wealth of experience gleaned over nearly 20years on the job and now embarking on a totally different aspect I wondered how he looked at the future. He responded I m here to stay. I want to stay in this unit hopefully until I retire. I really enjoy it. I enjoy the guys I work with the crews the supervisors everybody. It s a top notch group of individuals. Their experience really prevails. With his investigative background coupled with his active role on the water which gives him a front row seat to observe all types of activity good and bad he is ideally suited for the role he has assumed with the Lee County Sheriff s Marine Unit. Deputy Watkins along with his colleagues leads a busy life on and off the job. When he is not performing his duties for the Lee County Sheriff he likes to fish and spend quality time with his family. Lee County Sheriff Dept. V.O.I.C.E Unit 32 37 30 29 36 35 31 Water-Access Fuel 15- Big Hickory Marina 1- Four Winds Marina (239) 992-0991 (239) 283-0250 16- Pineland Marina 2- Monroe Canal Marina (239) 283-3593 (239) 282-8600 17- Salty Sam s Marina 3- Moss Marine (239) 463-7333 (239) 463-6137 18- Snook Bight Marina 4- Old Fish House Marina (239) 765-4371 (239) 282-9577 19- Fish Tale Marina 5- Burnt Store Marina (239) 463-3600 (941) 637-0083 20- Jug Creek Marina 6- Ft. Myers Yacht Basin (239) 283-3331 (239) 321-7080 21- South Seas Resort 7- The Marina at Cape Harbour (239) 472-5111 (239) 945-4330 22- Sweetwater Landing 8- Tarpon Point Marina (239) 694-3850 (239) 549 4900 23- Jack s Marina 9- The Boat House Tiki Bar (239) 694-2708 (239) 945-2628 24- Bonita Bay Marina 9a- Cape Coral Boat Centre (239) 495-3222 (239) 541-2988 25- Jensen s Marina 10- Gasparilla Marina (239) 472-5800 (941) 697-2280 26- Boca Grande Marina 11- Sanibel Marina (941) 964-2100 (239) 472-2723 27- Uncle Henry s Marina 12- The Landings (941) 964-0154 (239) 481-7181 13- Gulf Harbour Marina (239) 437-0881 13a- Ft. Myers Boat Club oBeer To-G (239) 454-2629 - Favorite RE - ICE 14- Diversified Yacht SHIPS STO EN BAIT Z (239) 765-8700 IVE & FRO 28- Cape Coral Yacht Basin (239) 574-0809 29- Gator Creek Marina (941) 639-3446 30- Fisherman s Village (941) 575-3000 31- Laishley Park (941) 575-0142 32- Stump Pass Marina (941) 697-2206 33- Whidden s Marina (941) 964-2878 34- Inn Marina (941) 964-4600 35- Palm Island Marina (941) 697-4356 36- Cape Haze Marina (941) 698-1110 37- Nav-A-Gator (941) 625-4407 Boca Grande 27 10 34 Placida 5 26 33 N. Ft. Myers 1 20 Bokeelia 16 6 4 9a Cape Coral 22 23 Pine Island 21 25 Sanibel 28 9 13 13a 12 78 2 11 3 14 17 Ft. Myers Beach 18 19 15 Boathouse Tiki Bar & Grill The most convenient fuel access on the Caloosahatchee Bonita Beach 24 L 0 Octane Diesel and 9 Gas Non-Ethanol aily Open 7am D Appeti Hot & C zers - Salads o Baskets ld Sandwich es and a lo t more EAT I N T AKE O UT Wiggins Pass 38 f as t rom Break F o Last Call t The Boathouse Tiki Bar & Grill at the Cape Coral Yacht Club 5819 Driftwood Parkway Cape Coral Marker R78 on the Caloosahatchee River (239) 945-BOAT (2628) 28 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Available online and locally at 29 Serving SW Florida s Coastal Enthusiast Sea Scope Alyssa Grabner The Longfin Batfish have a hump on their forehead. The dorsal and anal fins are placed higher on the body and are arched. The juvenile species look incredibly different from the adult species. The juvenile fish have short bodies tall dorsal and anal fins and does not have a forehead hump developed. Adult longfin batfish are often mistaken as freshwater angelfish due to the similar body composition. Alyssa s Characteristics The longfin batfish is referred to as Platax Teira. The Longfin Batfish is common in home aquariums. They can grow to 24 inches in length. They are usually silver gray or brown in color. A blackish band runs through their eye and a black spot sits under their pectoral fin. Their fins are yellow green and black in color. Their body is rounded and compressed. Adult species Habitat The Longfin Batfish is originally from the Indo-West Pacific. Juveniles are found in shallow coastal habitats while adults are found in deeper water offshore and in sheltered bays. They are usually grouped around shipwrecks in small schools. The Longfin Batfish swim with floating debris in the water. They form little schools underneath Saragassum seaweed that floats with the current. These fish are sometimes even mistaken to be the seaweed due to their fin texture appearance and body color. small invertebrates and marine algae. They also consume anemones and corals. It is recommended to not have a coral setup if you keep this fish in an at-home aquarium. Alyssa Grabner Diet The Longfin Batfish is an omnivore. They eat plankton seascopearticle FULL SERVICE LUMBER YARD ks oc D Beautiful and long lasting Beautiful Five vibrant fade-resistant colors N ew C ap e Water Coral at Tar Display pon Po int Decks & Porches PLASTIC LUMBER Beautiful and long lasting Wood-Free Not a composite Easy Retrofit Spans 24 joists to replace old decking Y 50 R EA R WA Y NT RA FULL SERVICE LUMBER YARD 3 Southwest Florida Locations Ft. Myers - 10871 Kelly Road (239) 267-6857 Cape Coral - 1005 SE 10th Street (239) 573-6857 Charlotte County - 3055 S. McCall Rd. (941) 474-0099 30 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source The Sportsman 267 Bigger is Better Bay-Boats came on to the scene years ago as an option for someone that wanted the advantages of a Flats-Boat but with more room and stability. The disadvantage was that a bigger boat needed more water to float. Through the years they ve been modified to run shallow for more efficient flats-fishing without sacrificing the ride. It all worked and it s been taken up a notch with the Sportsman 267. Tommy Hancock and Dale Martin are back in the boat building business with Sportsman Boats. These two legendary boat builders combined forces to create Sportsman Boats which manufactures an intelligently designed series of center console and bay boats. In just three short years Sportsman Boats has enjoyed an unprecedented meteoric rise already ranked second nationally in retail registrations for their market segment Saltwater Fishing Boats 20 to 25 in length passing competitors that have been in business for decades. Starting with only 6 employees and 20 000 sq. ft. of leased space Sportsman Boats was launched by shipping its first hull in February 2012 a Heritage 229 center console. By the third quarter of 2015 Martin s and Hancock s employment rolls topped over 170 talented and dedicated people housed in their own facility in Summerville SC that began expansion mid-2015 and when finished will be over 200 000 sq. ft. by early- to mid-2016. Poised to continue climbing the national ranks with the addition of the all new Island Series (17 -20 ) and all new 312 Open (31 ) Sportsman Boats offering for the 2016 model year includes 16 models ranging from 17 to 31 . Hancock and Martin are longtime friends despite the fact that they were former competitors in the boat business. Through many years of hunting and fishing together the two have maintained their friendship for three decades. With the experience know-how and resources to start out right Sportsman Boats is on the forefront of technology with their manufacturing techniques and modern designs. Sportsman uses the latest in 3D computer technology in the design of all of its boats. Tommy Hancock was one of the original founders of Sea Pro Boats Inc. which also made Sea Boss and Palmetto boats. Dale Martin was co-founder of Key West Boats Inc. Hancock sold his business to the Fortune 500 company Brunswick Boat Group in 2005 and Martin sold his interest in Key West Boats in 2003 but both have kept a close eye on the marine industry. Hancock said We ve watched what was happening in the industry and we both saw a need in the market place that we believed we could fill. And fill it they did . . . with SPORTSMAN BOATS available at the Boat House Largest REEL Selection Around Largest LURE Selection Around Where fishing info and lies are FREE Fishing Charters On-Site Boat Rigging - Motor Repairs Custom Cast Nets - Rocket Trailers - Custom Rods Consignment Boats - Star Rods - Marine Supplies Cast Net Repair - Rod & Reel Repairs 574-6950 Live & Frozen Bait 405 NE Pine Island Rd. - Cape Coral 31 Family owned since 1995 we offer a fresh approach to personal insurance always doing what is right for the client Just like our name implies we offer options working with a variety insurance companies. We also help low income seniors apply for extra help with their prescription drug costs. Life Long-Term Care Medicare. SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Call Kathy Thousand (239) 201-4560 Got Medicare Get Options Get Insurance Options Tips from the Top Jim Hutchinson Sr. I recently gave a talk at a meeting of the Old Guard up in Forked River New Jersey. The Old Guard is a distinguished group of veterans who meet every Monday morning for coffee doughnuts and good fellowship. At times they have a guest speaker come in. Back in July I was a guest speaker and was told that I could speak on any topic that I wanted to the group of about 75 individuals. Realizing that many of those assembled were not fishermen I wanted to find a topic that would interest as many of them as possible. I came up with the idea to create a list of tips on fishing boating and related activities. I figured that there would surely be items of interest to most if not all of them. Although some of the topics were specific to New Jersey activities most were generic enough to be of value to anglers from all over. When I started thinking about a topic to write about for this month s Nautical Mile I thought maybe I should take that list I used for my talk and adapt it to an article for southwest Florida. So here you are my tips from the top so to speak. They are in no particular order but randomly selected to keep you guessing what will be next. If you are a successful fisherman go out and buy yourself an electric fillet knife. They make cleaning fish especially filleting so much easier than a traditional fillet knife. Plus you do not have to worry about constantly sharpening the knife. I saw my first electric fillet knife back in 1992 when I went fishing with Captain Dick Hamp of She-Mar Charters out of Bokeelia. I was amazed how quickly and efficiently the cleaning went. A second tip is to always think about fishing structure even in the sound. Structure can be reefs rocks or even changes in depth. I like to fish where there are dropoffs in depth. Often these will be marked by lines of crab pot buoys. If you don t have a pair of polarized sun glasses by now get yourself a pair. They are a great help in not only seeing fish in the water but they are great to show the variations in water color that mark changes in depth and shallow areas. Plus they are good protection for your eyes. You should always file some kind of float plan when you are going out in your boat. This does not have to be a formal one. Simply tell someone where you intend to go and the approximate time you will be returning. Then do not forget to let that person know when you get back in. Sometimes I will fish down here in Lee County and text my son in New Jersey the info. If something should happen there is someone that can alert the proper authorities. Use good sun block on any skin that is exposed to the sun. When I was young I spent a lot of time shirtless in the sun. I am paying for it now with several surgical removals and innumerable burning off of trouble spots especially on my face. I am just very fortunate that I have not had any serious episodes. Be sure to wash down your rods and reels after every fishing trip. Ideally you wash them down with warm soapy water. However if you do what I do you should be in pretty good shape. I thoroughly hose down my outfits after every trip with fresh water and allow them to dry before putting them away. In Florida the fishing regulations can be quite complex and they seem to be in a state of constant flux. I recommend that you take an up-to-date copy of the laws with you every time you leave the dock. I confess there have been times that I have gotten on the phone or radio to see if a fish I just caught was a legal one to keep. Here is a common sense tip regarding your netting procedure. Always net a fish from the head and not from the tail. If you should hit the tail you run the risk of losing the fish or at least prolonging the fight. The exception to this would be if you are netting a fish that is much smaller than the diameter of the net. I will assume that there are times when you catch more fish than you can eat at one sitting. Rather than giving all of that fish away we like to put it in the freezer for another day. I went out and purchased a vacuum sealer to make those fillets keep as fresh as possible. I have kept fish for several months and they develop no freezer burn and the taste is still quite acceptable. These freezer bags also work well when the supermarket has sales on chicken breasts or other meats. A cheap source of ice for your coolers is 2-liter plastic bottles filled with water and frozen. They may not be as good as a cooler filled with crushed ice but they do the trick and the cost is nothing other than the trouble of taking them out of the freezer. They can be used over and over again. Just be sure to rinse them off before putting them back in the freezer if they were directly exposed to fish. One tip that I feel is especially important is to take a kid fishing. Young people today need healthy outdoor activities to get them away from the computer screens. There is no better activity than fishing and all of the lessons that it can teach young people. Finally offer to take your wife fishing. I know she might say yes but some of my most enjoyable fishing adventures have been with my wife. And if this simple act makes her happy then my life is happy. I just realized I ran out of space and only got through about half of my tips. If I remember I will cover the other half of the list in the September issue. Keep tuned jamesghutch1 DOCKS - BOATLIFTS - CANOPIES The difference is Quality. We ARE the difference Specializing in Custom Docks Boatlifts and Canopies Serving SW Florida for over 25 Years (239) 267-5566 Custom Docks and Boatlifts Professional and Courteous Staff Custom Canopies No Money Down Till We Start Your Dock Fully Insured - Longshoreman s Coverage F r ee Estima tes 32 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source R o b i ns R A ND OM robin griffiths Seafood Market Bistro & Chill Bar Life Check-Up RAGRIFFS 33 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Boating-Access Restaurants A ISLAND RESTAURANT ood ning Seaf n Award Wi North Captiva Florida K I J M H Englewood Island P aradise G L B E C Punta Gorda 40 Boat Slips r Bazaa Island Island Wear - Local Artists Jewelry & Unique Island Gifts Island Restaurant - 40 Boat Slips Kayak Tours - Beaches - Fishing Queenie s Ice Cream - Pet Friendly Captiva Pass Island Bazaar Cayo Costa N26.36.000 W082.12.875 North Captiva Redfish Pass Ft. 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Myers Marine The Choice of Serious Fishermen 2137 FOWLER ST. 239-334-7871 Cars - Boats - Trucks Foreign & Domestic Maintenance - Oil Changes Transmission - Tire Rotation RESTORATION SPECIALIST C A R S HUCK S Professional On-Site Detailing Cars and Boats UTO (239) 283-2916 EPAIR 5575 Doug Taylor Circle St. James City ERVICE 35 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Reflections on the Water captain rob modys Why do we fish I ve heard that question asked over and over again as the years have passed by. I often attribute it to curiosity. I believe that all anglers no matter what age or sex love the mystery of of the catch. A specific fish can be targeted but that has nothing to do with what might actually be reeled in. One of my first catches was an octopus. My brother and I both caught them as young boys off any obstacle to wet a line. I know this to be true because I m willing to bet that I ve worked though more than most. As a backcountry guide I spent thousands of days on the water. Most were uneventful thank goodness but some were downright harrowing. I ll start with the electrical fire. Smoke poured out of the forward anchor hatch and started to fill the boat. I grabbed a fire extinguisher headed forward and quickly discovered the cause. The towel tore off a corner section and stuffed it into the hole. That slowed the incoming water enough so that the bilge pump could keep up. We made it back to the marina pulled the boat out of the water repaired the hose and headed back out to fish. Weather was always an issue winter spring summer and fall. If it wasn t blowing like crazy and freezing cold then there was lighting thunder and gale force winds. Oh sure there were plenty of beautiful days but it s the crazy ones you remember. Safety came first and I d ride out the bad weather on land and then head right back out there and complete the trip. There s no quitting in fishing. The most memorable fishing incident to date didn t happen here in the Fort Myers area and also didn t involve a boat. It involved an SUV and included another near sinking. It unfolded on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas where I d gone with my wife and another couple to flyfish the flats on foot for bonefish. The low tides in the Bahamas will often expose a wide expanse of sand near the water s edge that you can actually drive on similar to Daytona Beach here in Florida. We parked the vehicles and began fishing while keeping an eye on the rising water. Let me put it this way we waited just a bit too long to move the cars. The tide came up fast the sand turned to quicksand and my SUV began to sink. I must stop here and note how fortunate we were that the locals on Eleuthera are so friendly and helpful. A passerby called a friend to help rescue us and he arrived quickly. He also got stuck in the wet sand. They called another friend and he came to the rescue and got stuck in the wet sand. Now there were three vehicles sinking on a flat in the Bahamas. A decision was made by the rescuers to call the one and only man that could get all of us out of this jam -- Frank the dump truck driver. By the time Frank arrived the rising tide was lapping just above the door openings and was starting to flood the SUV. The site of the huge dump truck was a site to behold. It seems that displacement also works with big trucks about the same way it does with giant freighters. Frank swung the dump truck around in the shallow water and one-byone pulled all of us to the safety of dry land. Miraculously the Jeep started up and we headed to the house of one of the would-be rescuers where he helped us hose it off and dry it out. We offered payment to all and were told it wasn t necessary but we insisted. The very next day we were back on the flats looking for the elusive bonefish proof enough to me that fishing is an addiction that s impossible to cure. the Clearwater Bay bridge. A catch like that as a youngster will only spike the already existing curiosity to feverish levels. To this day I still wonder what may be on the other end of the line after a hookup. I think fisherman also fish to forget. Fishing is one of the best mind erasers on the planet because it takes a good bit of focus and that keeps the mind from wandering. Daydreaming and the actual act of fishing just don t mix very well. Fishing is most certainly an addiction. Virtually every angler I know will work through almost wires to the trolling motor had shorted out and the insulation was melting thus the smoke. I unhooked the trolling motor battery problem solved. I headed back to the marina just to be sure and after a thorough check went right back to the fishing grounds. Then there was the taking on water incident also known as sinking. A hose on the livewell broke loose and incoming water began to outpace what the bilge pump could handle. I shut down the pump but that didn t fix the problem. Seems the hose that had come loose was from the outside raw water intake and there was no shutoff valve. I grabbed a captrobmodys (239) 851-1242 36 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source COBIA Cobia are found worldwide in temperature and tropical waters with the exception of the eastern and central Pacific. Although considered a coastal migratory pelagic species cobia inhabit both coastal and continental shelf waters. Cobia occur seasonally (spring fall) in the northern Gulf of Mexico however recent research indicates that some members of the population over-winter in the region. Cobia are rapid growers that attain a size well over 100 pounds and they are highly sought in local and adjacent Gulf waters for sport and as a premiere food fish. The current Mississippi state record cobia caught on conventional fishing tackle is 106 pounds 13 ounces and the current fly fishing tackle state record is 41 pounds 13.6 ounces. Cobia is officially designated a saltwater game fish in Mississippi a status which prohibits the sale of cobia caught in Mississippi territorial waters or landed in Mississippi. The cobia is the only member of the family Rachcentridae. The family name is derived from the Rachycentron canadum Greek words rhachis meaning spines and kentron meaning sting a reference to the short thick and very sharp isolated spines (usually eight) located in front of an elongate second dorsal fin. Cobia have a fusiform (streamlined) body and a broad flattened head and typically are dark brown dorsally paler brown laterally and white ventrally. A black lateral band as wide as the eye extends from the snout to base of the caudal fin or tail. This band is brilliantly displayed in juveniles but tends to be obscured in adults. The large caudal fin is forked and slightly lunate in adults though less so in juveniles. The scales are small and embedded in very thick skin. For the past 25 years the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Laboratory fisheries scientists have conducted studies on various life history aspects of cobia including age reproduction feeding ecology and seasonal movements. The studies are funded primarily by the Mississippi Department of Sightseeing - Shelling Lunch Dinner Cruises Private Taxi Dolphin Watching 24 HOUR SERVICE Photo from a petroleum platform in the northern Gulf of Mexico of a school of Cobia traveling with a 30 Whale Shark SW Florida s PREMIER Water-Taxi Service (239) 633-8142 North Captiva - Captiva - Cabbage Key Boca Grande - Pine Island - Useppa Departs from Pineland Marina 37 SW Florida s Coastal Information Source Research reveals that the typical life span for male and female cobia is 9 and 11 years respectively. Female cobia attain sexual maturity by age two or three and males by age two. Cobia spawn during spring and summer in offshore waters of the northern Gulf with peak spawning during May -July. Females are batch spawners releasing several hundred thousand eggs during each of several spawning events per spawning season. When fertilized the buoyant eggs become part of the plankton and hatch within 24-30 hours giving rise to rapidly growing larvae. Cobia associate with turtles and rays and are drawn to structures such as buoys petroleum platforms and flotsam. Juveniles and adults are often found among pelagic Sargassum weedlines and mats where they feed and seek shelter from predators. Most examinations of stomach contents reveal cobia to be opportunistic feeders yet exhibiting a preference for crabs squid and various fishes. GCRL s Angler Cooperative Cobia Tag and Release Program is an extremely popular and effective science-based approach to understanding cobia growth seasonal movements and migratory patterns in southeastern U.S. marine waters. Volunteer angler participants from Gulf and south Atlantic states have contributed to the tagrelease of more than 17 000 cobia since the program s inception in the late 1980s. The recapture of more than 1 000 tagged cobia offers extraordinary insight into cobia behavior providing strong evidence of an annual spring migration from south Florida wintering grounds northward along both coasts of the Florida peninsula to springsummer feeding and spawning grounds in northern Gulf and U.S. south Atlantic waters with a return migration to south Florida in late fall. Several cobia tagged off Mississippi were recaptured as far west as Texas while others were recaptured as far away as South Carolina and Virginia. Use of satellite tags attached to cobia is providing GCRL researchers and colleagues detailed information on long-range movements and habitat preferences throughout their migratory range. GCRL pioneered the captive spawning of cobia in the U.S. in 1996. Emerging technologies for larval rearing and grow-out developed by several institutions as well as the cobia s rapid growth and high quality of flesh position cobia as potentially one of the world s most important marine fish for aquaculture production. Much is yet to be learned about cobia in Gulf waters but GCRL cobia research provides vital scientific information to fishery resource managers and decision-makers. GCRL cobia researchers also take great interest in sharing the results of their work with anglers and a widely interested public. 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