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Description: In this issue of The Outpost Magazine, we take a look at the upcoming dove hunting season, a TV host that gets busted poaching, Troy and Sons Whiskey, grizzly bears, rabid raccoon, hog apocalypse, gear, music, recipes and a lot more. Dive in!!!

O NEILL S OUTPOST dove hunting FISHING IN THE HEAT TV HOST CAUGHT POACHING TROY & SONS WHISKEY FERAL HOGS POISONING 100 BEST BASS LAKE PROPER SHOTGUN FUNDAMENTALS GEAR MUSIC RECIPES ING COMBO AYS A WINN ALW PARTIES & Made with 100% Real Cheese AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT STYLE 1.00 COUPON CLICK HERE 2 VEC TOR B U T TON S. COM http 5MveCGisXgg 3 O Neill Outside Radio is now REALTREE RADIO Check local radio stations in your area for REALTREE RADIO Listen on Listen nationally on Watch the radio show stream live on Facebook Saturdays... 4 00am to 6 00am Eastern time 4 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM TABLE OF CONTENTS MILLENNIALS CAMPING 21 TV HOST BUSTED 24 RECIPES 54 FISHING IN THE HEAT 64 12 NEW SHERIFF 15 GRIZZLY BEAR 18 DUCK STAMP 28 RABBID RACCOON 44 SLOWHAND FLY ROD 60 HOG APOCALYPSE 71 TREE TRIMMING 78 GEAR 84 THE OUTPOST MUSIC O NEILL OUTSIDE THE BOX 90 TOP 100 LAKES 92 MISSOURI HOGS 98 100 PHOTO OF THE MONTH 109 BACKWOODS 5 FEATURE STORIES DOVE HUNTING The number one rule of dove hunting is that you can never have too much gear or too many shotguns PAGE 30 TROY AND SONS How Troy Ball learned to make the smoothest whiskey on the planet in Asheville North Carolina PAGE 46 6 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM PUBLISHERS NOTE Well we are back After a bit of a hiatus we have officially re-launched The Outpost Magazine. We are also excited to announce that along with the re-launch of the magazine we have added our good friend O Neill Williams as our new partner. O Neill brings over 30 years in the outdoor industry as a TV host as well as 25 year on the radio and now you can hear him on over 100 stations across the country along with on Sirius XM. O Neill Outside with Travis Johnson helps complete The Outpost full media platforms. Now you can find us on just about any medium that suits you best. WHAT MAKES YOU LOVE HUNTING For me like many of you reading this my love for Life in the Great Outdoors started with my father. Every fall we would break out the camo and the guns and hit the dove field. Some of my favorite memories of my dad came from that dove field. He gave me my first gun out Ithica 20 gauge that I still have till this day. He gave me the first sips of beer on the tailgate of the truck after the hunt. I ll never forget how much I looked up to him. I thought he was a giant in his old GI Joe camo shirt with the sleeves cut out...still have that old shirt too. I watched my older brother try to be Ozzy Osbourne by biting the head off a dove that was still somewhat alive after falling from the sky. He thought he was cool and I guess I did too although I wouldn t admit it to him then. I can recall sitting on a five gallon bucket upside down at the edge of a hay field that hadn t been cut yet and dropping a dove right in the middle of that tall straw. As I got to the dove I saw a giant snake curled around him. I didn t stop long enough to find out what kind of snake it was before I unloaded the two shells left in that old Ithaca. Truth be told it was probably just a big ole black snake that are harmless but I wasn t going to examine it closely enough to be able to tell. We didn t always have dogs that would fetch the birds so my buddy Brian Byrd and I were made the dogs. One hunt we went out to the middle of the field to fetch a couple downed birds. About the time we got out there here came another run of birds so we crouched down out there in the middle. As we were hunched down Brian s gun went off directly into the ground...about three inches from my foot. I thought his old man was going to kill him after that incident but it sure taught both of us that unless you plan to fire the weapon your finger stays OFF the trigger. The good lord has taken both my Dad and my brother in the last few years. Oh what I would give to get out on that dove field with them again. But it is the amazing memories of them that I can hang on to. We hope that you enjoy the magazine. Send us an email and let us know what makes you love to hunt...or fish...or what you think of the magazine Send us your pictures from your latest outing. You might just make it in the magazine. 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The Outpost Media Group LLC 770-675-7200 9 EDITORS LETTER I ran into an old friend a few months ago in my small hometown in Texas and he looked great probably ten years younger than me. Unfortunately we are the same age. Hmmm. Since we were kids this guy has spent all of his free time hunting and fishing or getting ready to go hunting and fishing. I don t think he owns a TV doesn t keep up with the latest news and would lapse into uproarious laughter if someone tried to explain why anyone in their right mind would read or post anything on Facebook or any other social network. His social network is found in the woods and on the water and it seems to be agreeing with him. If you are an over-achiever someone who can t stand to let that incoming phone call go to voice-mail this little story is for you. It s been sent to me numerous times (someone is clearly trying to tell me something ) and the author is unknown. THE PARABLE OF THE MEXICAN FISHERMAN AND THE INVESTMENT BANKER An American investment banker was at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellowfin tuna. The American complimented the Mexican on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them. The Mexican replied Only a little while. The American then asked why didn t he stay out longer and catch more fish The Mexican said he had enough to support his family s immediate needs. The American then asked But what do you do with the rest of your time The Mexican fisherman said I sleep late fish a little play with my children take siestas with my wife Maria and stroll into the village each evening where I sip wine and play guitar with my amigos. I have a full and busy life. The American scoffed. I have an MBA from Harvard and can help you he said. You should spend more time fishing and with the proceeds buy a bigger boat. With the proceeds from the bigger boat you could buy several boats. Instead of selling your catch to a middle-man you could sell directly to the processor eventually opening up your own cannery. You could control the product processing and distribution he said. Of course you would need to leave this small coastal fishing village and move to Mexico City then Los Angeles and eventually to New York City where you will run your expanding enterprise. The Mexican fisherman asked But how long will this all take To which the American replied Oh 15 to 20 years or so. But what then asked the Mexican. The American laughed and said That s the best part. When the time was right you would announce an IPO and sell your company stock to the public and become very rich. Then what 10 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The American said Then you could retire. Move to a small coastal fishing village where you could sleep late fish a little play with your kids take siestas with your wife and stroll to the village in the evenings where you could sip wine and play guitar with your amigos. There s nothing wrong with working hard and getting ahead. However as summer turns into fall this is a great time to get away from all the noise and technology and focus on what s really important. We have some stories in this issue to help you with that process and we hope you enjoy them. Let us know what you think. I read and respond to every email so send a few my way... even though I have the world s longest email address art Later Art Young Editor The Outpost Magazine FOLLOW US ON TWITTER OUTPOSTART FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM THEOUTPOSTLIFE WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 11 THERE S A NEW SHERIFF AT THE DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR RYAN ZINKE TAKES THE HELM The United States Senate confirmed U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke (R-MT) as the nation s 52nd Secretary of the Interior by a 68-31 vote of bipartisan support. His confirmation drew praise from the Outdoor Recreation Industry Roundtable (ORIR) which strongly backed his nomination. Rep. Zinke called himself an unapologetic admirer of Teddy Roosevelt during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee January 17. He said that the former president had it right when he placed millions of acres of federal lands under federal protection. And he directly linked the availability of those federal lands to the enjoyment of outdoor recreation. Today much of those lands provide Americans the opportunity to hike fish camp recreate and enjoy the great outdoors he said. The committee approved Rep. Zinke s nomination January 31 with bipartisan support by a vote of 16-6. HUNTERS AND ANGLERS APPLAUD THE APPOINTMENT Secretary Zinke as a lifelong outdoor enthusiast hunter and angler understands the importance of access to and funding for America s public lands and waters and the outdoor industry s critical economic impact. He was a co-sponsor of the recently enacted Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact (REC) Act of 2016 which requires measurement of the economic impact of outdoor recreation and its role in the U.S. economy. 12 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Secretary Zinke takes over a department that is responsible for 25 percent of the country s surface area and exercises great influence on outdoor activities throughout the nation. The parks refuges trails rivers and more that the Department manages attract hundreds of millions of visits each year. The Department of the Interior has an annual budget of 13 billion and administers the Land and Water Conservation Fund Sport Fish and Boating Trust Fund PittmanRobertson Program and other key programs providing more than 1 billion annually in grants to assist outdoor recreation experiences. The land and water it manages provide the foundation for much of the 646 billion outdoor recreation industry that directly supports some 6.1 million jobs. THE OUTDOOR INDUSTRY WEIGHS IN ORIR leaders expressed immediate and enthusiastic support for the Senate s confirmation vote. The sportfishing industry is pleased that Secretary Ryan Zinke will be leading the Department of the Interior said Mike Nussman president and CEO American Sportfishing Association. As a Montanan and a sportsman Zinke understands firsthand the importance of the outdoor recreation economy and the jobs and economic growth is provides for the nation. We applaud this new member of the President s Cabinet. The RV industry congratulates Secretary Zinke on his confirmation as Secretary of Interior said Frank Hugelmeyer president of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). Secretary Zinke understands the significance of the outdoor recreation economy and RVIA is committed to working in partnership with him to expand recreational access address infrastructure needs embrace public private partnerships modernize federal campgrounds and create more jobs for American workers. We look forward to working with new Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke who has a proven track record of commitment to our public lands and waters. We are excited to work with him and his team to advance outdoor recreation for our country grow U.S. recreational jobs and ensure robust public access and treasured experiences for boaters and anglers across the nation said Thom Dammrich president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association. The Outdoor Recreation Industry Roundtable thanks the Senate for its vote confirming Ryan Zinke as Secretary of the Interior said Derrick Crandall president of the American Recreation Coalition. We are really looking forward to working with him and his team to advance the outdoor recreation sector grow jobs in the U.S. and ensure that all Americans have access to healthy active outdoor fun on their public lands and waters. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 13 HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GO AHEAD. CAST A LINE AND REEL THEM IN 14 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE FEDS SAY THE YELLOWSTONE GRIZZLY BEAR IS NO LONGER AN ENDANGERED SPECIES SURPRISE NOT EVERYONE IS PLEASED WITH THE RULING. On June 22 2017 the Interior Department announced that the Yellowstone grizzly bear will no longer be listed as an endangered species. The bear has been listed for 42 years despite multiple efforts to remove Endangered Species Act protections. The population of this species has grown to more than 700 after it reached a low of 150 bears. The move could allow hunting of the grizzly a decision will be left up to the states. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 15 Ranchers and some hunters applauded the decision of the newly named Secretary of the Interior (Ryan Zinke) This is good news for the Yellowstone grizzly and good news for the region s ranchers Craig Uden president of the National Cattlemen s Beef Association and Dave Eliason president of the Public Lands Council said in a news release. However most national conservation groups and the Tribal nations in the Northern Rockies remain opposed to the delisting for many reasons. According to a report published in the New York Times Native Americans also consider the bear sacred. Dozens of Native American tribes tribal associations and others from the United States and Canada have signed the Grizzly Treaty to oppose the delisting saying the government failed to consult them. The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe is one of the Associated Tribes of Yellowstone and yet we were completely ignored in this delisting process despite our declaration our resolution and petition for inclusion said Brandon Sazue the tribe s chairman. SLOW AND STEADY RECOVERY It s recovered under any metric we look at said Tom France regional executive director for the National Wildlife Federation in Missoula Mont. We should consider it a great success. Protecting the grizzly bear which was one of the first on the list of endangered species under the 1973 law has been a challenge. Adult males can weigh as much as 700 pounds and the bears occasionally attack and kill people. The bears also have a very low birthrate. Sows have their first cubs at five to eight years of age. Just one in three cubs survives to adulthood living an average of 30 years. The Times article noted that the Yellowstone population has rebounded mainly because of a practice of removing the association between people and food so the bears stay wild. The days of bears stealing picnic baskets once a very real phenomenon have been stamped out. Trash in and around the park and in campsites is required to be kept in bear-proof containers or in vehicles. Food-conditioned bears often have to be removed from the population. 16 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WHAT S NEXT To steal a line from the late singer songwriter Warren Zevon count on lawyers guns and money being involved in the future for this issue. Before this action is official it must be published in federal publications and 60-days must pass. On day 61 count on numerous lawsuits being filed by various interested parties thereby delaying the delisting for months or years. If the delisting stands up in court management of the bear will be in the hands of Wyoming Montana and Idaho including decisions about hunting and habitat conservation. Historically these states have supported hunting of the grizzly based on the income that can be derived from tourism (hunters spend some money ) and licensing. However these states will not have carte blanch. A delisting if borne out after lawsuits are settled does not mean the federal government will be completely divorced from dealing with the bears. State management would be monitored for five years afterward and if numbers fall below 600 special rules kick in to reduce hunting and other deaths. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 17 CONSERVATION OF WETLANDS GETS ANOTHER STAMP OF APPROVAL MILLIONS OF DOLLARS RAISED FROM SALES OF THE ANNUAL DUCK STAMP The Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp which went on sale at the end of June is a thing of beauty for hunters and conservationists. The 84th Federal Duck Stamp debuted at a special event hosted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Little Rock Arkansas. Painted by five-time Federal Duck Stamp Contest artist James Hautman of Chaska Minnesota the new stamp will raise millions of dollars for habitat conservation to benefit wildlife and the American people. Since 1934 sales of this iconic stamp have raised more than 950 million to conserve nearly six million acres of wetlands habitat on national wildlife refuges around the nation. 18 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM NEW SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR PRAISES THE PROGRAM The American sportsmen heritage is not just something we talk about. Sportsmen and anglers are the strongest wildlife and habitat conservationists around and the Duck Stamp is the perfect example of this said U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. The stamp s impact goes beyond waterfowl it also helps provide habitat for hundreds of species of wildlife and clean water for our communities. The lands set aside using Duck Stamp dollars provide opportunities for the American people to enjoy the great outdoors through hunting fishing and birdwatching and help ensure this piece of American heritage will endure for generations. The Federal Duck Stamp is the nation s most unique and successful conservation stamp. This program has been fueled largely by waterfowl hunters who are required to buy a Duck Stamp each year and often buy more than one said Greg Sheehan Service acting director. Birders and other outdoors enthusiasts artists and stamp collectors also buy Duck Stamps recognizing their benefit to species and habitat conservation beyond waterfowl as well as their artistic value. Ninety-eight percent of the proceeds from the 25 Duck Stamp go to the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund which supports wetlands conservation for the National Wildlife Refuge System. A current Federal Duck Stamp is also good for free admission to any national wildlife refuge that charges an entry fee. The Service is responsible for managing more than 850 million acres of lands and waters in the Refuge System including 566 national wildlife refuges and 38 wetland management districts. Refuges offer world-class public recreation from fishing hunting and wildlife observation to photography and environmental education. THE WINNING ARTIST HAS BEEN THERE BEFORE Last fall a panel of five judges chose Hautman s art from among 152 entries in the 2016 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest. His fifth win puts him in elite company Only two other artists one of them his brother Joseph have won five first-place awards. The 2017-2018 Junior Duck Stamp which also went on sale in June features a pair of trumpeter swans painted by Isaac Schreiber age 12 of Duffield Va. Judges selected his entry as the winner during the Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest in April from among the best-of-show winners from all 50 states Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. The national contest is the culmination of a year-long educational program that helps students explore their natural world and learn about wetlands and waterfowl conservation. Competing artists submit a visual term paper a drawing or painting of a goose duck or swam to demonstrate what they learned. The winning art is made into a stamp that raises funds to support youth conservation education. Some 3 000 Junior Duck Stamps are sold annually for 5 each. The new Duck Stamps are available for purchase online at many sporting goods and retail stores and some post offices and national wildlife refuges. Find all buying options at http birds get-involved duck-stamp buy-duck-stamp.php WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 19 THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WHAT S ONLINE THE OUTPOST MAGAZINE THE OUTPOST RADIO THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST WHO KNEW MILLENNIALS LOVE TO GO CAMPING According to a recent report the outlook for camping in America is strong and this is due largely to the much ballyhooed demographic group The Millennials. This news comes from the 2017 North American Camping Report an independent study supported by Kampgrounds of America (KOA). According to the report an estimated 13 million U.S. households plan to do more camping in 2017 than in 2016 and more than one million new households have started camping each year since 2014. KOA also reports that more millennials which make up 31% of the overall population now enjoy camping and account for 38 percent of the 75 million active camper households in the U.S. up from 34 percent in 2016. Fifty-one percent say they plan to increase their camping this year. Key reasons for camping include spending more time with friends and family being physically active and improving overall emotional health and well-being. GENERATION Z NOT FAR BEHIND More good news for the future of camping and outdoor recreation in America comes from Generation Z teens (ages 13-17) who are very enthusiastic about camping and place a high value on people their age spending time outdoors. The findings for this group new to the report this year indicate that teens share adult campers views about the benefits and emotional connections to camping. 21 22 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM There s good news in the report for the National Park Service (NPS) as well. Three in 10 campers say NPS Centennial in 2016 got them to visit a park they otherwise would not have visited. And one-third of campers say they now feel more welcome at national parks than they did several years ago. Significant numbers of Hispanic (45 percent) and African-American (42 percent) campers say they feel more welcome than in the past. These encouraging results also signal greater opportunities for the Trump Administration in coming years. Public and private infrastructure investment in modernizing campgrounds on public lands would be a very positive and appropriate response to the growing interest in camping. Campground modernization was an integral part of recent briefings on Capitol Hill by the Outdoor Recreation Industry Roundtable and will be a topic of discussion at the upcoming National Park Hospitality Association Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. Here s a suggestion. To help keep the Millennials interested in camping let s give every one of them who camps out a trophy WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 23 BUSTED FORMER CHAIRMAN OF THE LOUISIANA WILDLIFE AND FISHERIES COMMISSION AND HUNTING REALITY PERSONALITY PLEADS GUILTY TO POACHING IN WYOMING It appears that poaching is still illegal even if you happen to be an outdoor sports TV star. The well-known host of the Wildgame Nation television show and former chairman of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission recently pleaded guilty to several hunting violations. Billy Busbice was accused of taking an elk without a license and allowing an antlerless elk to go to waste while hunting last fall in Wyoming. 24 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Busbice of Olla Louisiana was ordered to pay 23 000 in fines and will not be allowed to hunt in 2017 or 2018 in 45 states including Louisiana reported. He also received a 180-day jail sentence that was suspended provided he obeys the law fully during 18 months of unsupervised probation. The charges stemmed from an incident in October when hunters told Chris Baird a Wyoming game warden about wildlife violations on Spring Creek Ranch which is owned by Busbice. The hunters told me that on the morning of Oct. 15 they observed a man hunting on the ranch Baird told the website. Apparently there was a younger man with the hunter who had a video camera and appeared to be filming the hunt. They watched the hunter shoot one elk presumably a cow and then shoot a bull. The first elk fell within around 60 yards of where the bull went down. They observed the hunter and the cameraman walk up to look at the bull and then leave the area. Another man came to field-dress the bull and hauled it away with a backhoe but left the cow the hunters told Baird. Before Busbice boarded a flight to Louisiana Baird was able to interview him and says Busbice admitted to shooting the cow elk and concealing it in a ditch and disposing of the bull s gut pile in a creek to remove the evidence. Baird seized both elk and an unedited video of the hunt. In the video Busbice can be seen taking multiple shots into a herd of elk while trying to kill a large bull. He accidentally hits the cow elk which turns out to be a calf. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 25 We have to eliminate that part when I shot a cow. Since our founding nearly three decades ago Outdoor Edge has been a strong advocate of ethical and legal hunting and fishing said Bloch. We do not condone or support any deviation from these founding beliefs and for this reason we have decided to end all sponsorships related to Bill Busbice. Outdoor Edge sponsored Wild Game Nation for the previous three and a half years. Although all ties to the show have been severed future airings of the show may still show Outdoor Edge as a sponsor. On his fourth shot Busbice hits the bull in the left shoulder Baird said. Busbice can be heard saying We have to eliminate that part when I shot a cow. According to the website and multiple outdoor sports news media Busbice was also cited earlier in 2016 for false oath for purchasing a resident general elk license as a nonresident and purchasing more than the authorized number of deer licenses. He paid 1 430 in fines for those violations. The sponsor fall-out was rapid. David Bloch owner of Outdoor Edge the company that produces knives and tools for all outdoor activities announced June 28 that the company has severed all sponsorships with Bill Busbice and the show Wild Game Nation in light of Busbice s recent conviction and sentencing for game violations. 26 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Busbice founded Wildgame Innovations a hunting products company in 2002 and was the star of A&E s Country Buck . His current show is Wildgame Nation which airs on the Outdoor Channel. https watch v KL1tnIFB88U&feature 27 RABID RACCOON NO MATCH FOR VEGAN GIRL 28 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Say what you will about vegetarians but sometimes they can think fast and do what has to be done. Take Rachael Borch of Hope Maine for example. This young lady who eats no meat was jogging along an idyllic trail when an angry-looking furry creature blocked her path. It was a rabid raccoon and it suddenly came running toward her. Suddenly Borch noticed that when she dropped her phone it landed in a puddle and was completely submerged. With the raccoon still attached to her thumb Borch shoved her hand and the raccoon under water until it went limp and she was able to remove her thumb from its mouth. Imagine the Tasmanian Devil she said. It was terrifying QUICK THINKING PAID OFF According to news reports after the fracas Borch remembers ripping out her headphones and dropping her phone on the ground as she tried to evade the sick critter but the path was too narrow for her to run past it. Now with the raccoon at her feet and adrenaline pumping Borch put her panic on hold. I knew it was going to bite me she said. During a frantic wrestling match with the forest animal Borch came to the conclusion she would ultimately have to defend herself and decided her hands were the best place for it to latch on. The raccoon buried its teeth into Borch s thumb and continued thrashing about scratching her arms and legs. IT WAS SELF-DEFENSE Police reports say that Borch got to her feet and went back to her house as quickly as she could knowing she would have to go to the hospital. Thus far she has received six shots including the rabies vaccine immunoglobulin and tetanus injections. If there hadn t been water on the ground I don t know what I would have done Borch said about drowning the animal. It really was just dumb luck. I ve never killed an animal with my bare hands. I m a vegetarian. It was self-defense. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 29 THE DIRTY DOZEN DOVE HUNT CHECKLIST The number one rule of dove hunting is that you can never have too much gear or too many shotguns In the rush to get the latest gear and guns you can sometimes forget the basics. Here s a checklist to print out and make sure you don t forget things like (1) A valid hunting license with a migratory bird stamp It s amazing how many people forget to get a new license. Game wardens however never forget to ask for one when they stop hunters for a friendly chat about the weather. (2) A favorite shotgun or two Pick one that you re prepared to lug around for several hours in the sun and (if possible) bring a backup that can be used if the primary gun malfunctions or you happen to accidentally smash it against a tree when you miss the 15th straight crossing shot. 30 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM (3) Appropriate shotgun shells In most cases for dove hunting this will be number 8 shot with 7 a second choice. Be sure to bring enough for you and your hunting party. The ammo companies estimate 3 birds are shot for every box of 25 shells. Do the math and don t run out of shells just when a hundred doves are flying into your area. (4) Camouflage or drab-colored clothing Even though that torn sleeveless white Lynyrd Skynrd t-shirt makes your muscles look bigger doves can see a white or bright color from a mile away. Wear something that helps you blend into the natural setting and wear a hat or gimme cap to cover that shiny receding hairline and forehead. (5) Sunscreen Skin cancer is not macho and early September can be brutal. (6) Insect repellent Look for something with DEET and something that repels mosquitoes chiggers and ticks. Put this stuff on your clothes and on directly on your skin. There have been many cases of West Nile Fever and Lyme disease. Don t tempt fate. Put on some repellant. (7) A light-weight game vest or belt with big pockets In the heat of shotgunning it s nice to have a quick place to store the downed you can keep on shooting. (8) Water bottle Did we mention the heat could be brutal. Try and get a bottle that will fit in your game vest. (9) An ice chest with lots of ice for the birds and beverages (10) A set of large re-sealable plastic bags to store birds in the ice chest (11) A shotgun cleaning kit (11) Game sheers or a good knife to field dress the birds (12) A light-weight hunting stool for when you re waiting for the birds to fly by If you have all of these items you re good to go. Oh wait. Don t forget the dog. She s been waiting for dove season since winter WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 31 SHOTGUN FUNDAMENTALS FOR WING SHOOTING SUCCESS We ve all been there. The opening weekend of dove season can bring frustration to wingshooters as they start missing shots they normally make. One miss can lead to another one and the problem gets worse as the day gets longer. Shotgun experts agree that sloppy fundamentals are usually the root cause of missing birds particularly improperly mounting the shotgun. If your upper arm and shoulder are unusually tender after a day of wingshooting you likely mounted the shotgun too low. The area between the collarbone and shoulder muscle is the sweet spot for the shotgun placement. Mounting the shotgun in that area brings the top part of the stock known as the comb to the correct level. Improperly mounting the shotgun down the shoulder or on the upper arm causes the shooter to lower his head to the stock almost guaranteed to lead to a missed shot. One technique to remember is to bring the gun to your cheek with the cheek firmly placed against the stock. Veteran shooters call that wood to wood. This also keeps the gun pointed where your eyes are looking. 32 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM It also helps to move the shotgun out in front of your body a bit and bring the butt of the gun stock straight back into that shoulder area instead of sliding the stock up your body when mounting your shotgun. Another important technique involves bringing your trigger hand elbow up to roughly parallel with the ground. Lifting that elbow up helps raise the gun to your cheek and allows for easier movement when swinging on a fast target. It is also important to keep your front elbow high as well. Wingshooting experts also suggest moving your head forward a bit to weld the cheek a little farther down the stock toward the barrel not back toward the butt end of the stock. The triangles formed by the gun biceps and forearms make a firm foundation from which to shoot. The stance is also important. Before mounting the gun settle into a comfortable stance with feet spaced about shoulder width apart. Then slightly rock your weight forward and unwind into the shot as you swing on the target. It has been noted by many great bird hunters that the bead of the shotgun is not that important. It is critical that the target is the focus of attention. Proper gun mounting allows a shooter to focus strictly on the target. Beads are not there for aiming but simply for the shooter to orient to the gun. For success in dove hunting it is necessary to (try to) resist the urge to aim the bead at the target. A good shooter loses the bead once the gun is mounted properly. It is not there because they are focused on the target. Never lose sight of the target and the gun will follow. Practicing the proper shotgun mount helps to prevent over-thinking and brings about more instinctual shooting. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 33 RADIO FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS The Outpost Radio is the first radio station dedicated to hunting fishing and the great outdoors. You can hear us on your smartphone desktop or tablet...just about anywhere. The Outpost Radio is a mix of great music and information that celebrates the outdoors Give us a listen. Click on The Outpost logo below to listen now 34 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM AT LONG LAST BIRD SEASON IS ALMOST HERE. For most wing shooters it s been a long hot summer and the opening of dove season begins a period of hunting that can last through the spring. Oh sure dove hunting can be frustrating. The aerodynamic challenge of hitting a dove in flight with some shotgun pellets is like trying to hit a bottle rocket in flight with a stream of water from a garden hose. It can be done but it takes some practice and skill. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 35 HERE ARE SOME TIPS TO MAKE YOUR DOVE HUNT MORE PRODUCTIVE THIS YEAR 1 PLAN THE HUNT AND HUNT THE PLAN Most people grab their shotgun shells and gear throw them in the truck and head out to the hunting lease or property the day before a hunt. The next morning they get up early and get in the field and start waiting for the skies to open with thousands of doves all eager to be shot and all flying directly into range. Unfortunately most hunters are disappointed on the first day of a hunt because there was no reconnaissance before hitting the field. This is a mistake. Let s face it most people hate to plan it sounds like work. However a dove hunt can be more productive and more fun with some preparation. The easiest but no less important task before opening day is to get over to the skeet shooting range and get used to swinging your shotgun. Even practicing with one box of shells can result in eye-to-hand coordination improvement and make a big difference on the first few doves that come into range. Another important preparation tactic involves getting the lay of the land. Scouting the fields for doves before the hunt will pay enormous dividends when you come back with your shotgun. Use binoculars to find where pockets of birds are feeding. Look for birds in trees and telephone wires. Watch the flight patterns of birds from feeding field to water. With the help of a light tailwind this small bird can typically fly by a hapless hunter at a speed of 50 to 60 miles per hour. To the casual observer it appears that doves revel in mid-air acrobatics which are designed to frustrate and ultimately defeat all but the most skillful and mentally tough hunter. Did we mention that these small bodies can streak through the autumn sky at a mind boggling rate They re so fast and so agile in flight that the ammunition companies estimate the average hunter harvested an abysmal 3 birds for every box of 25 shells. One of the best parts of dove hunting is the ambiance of the sport. Dove hunting is very much a social event and this means part of the fun is getting out with a bunch of buddies and swapping lies. However no matter what anybody says taking home more doves is much more fun than missing every one that flies by. Here are 5 ways to down more doves. 36 THE OUTPOST DOVE HUNTING This can enable a hunter to place himself between the feeding field and water. Especially in the early season doves are known to take recurring flight patterns down fence rows and tree lines. With proper recon the hunting party can be placed at strategic positionsthat ensure getting a steady stream of doves. 2 CHOOSE THE RIGHT GUN AND SHELLS FOR YOU Contrary to some self-proclaimed experts there is really no right or wrong shotgun for hunting doves. Some really great marksmen can get their daily limit with a 410 shotgun. However most hunters find the small pattern of a 410 requires superior marksmanship and they prefer the wider pattern of a 20 or 12-gauge shotgun. When selecting a dove-hunting shotgun a good all-around choice is a 20 or 12-gauge autoloader with screw-in choke tubes. Pumps double-barrels and over-and-unders work fine but because doves are fast and difficult to hit many hunters prefer autoloaders which allow three quick shots before a bird gets out of range. It is important to remember that repeating shotguns must be limited to holding only three shells ( plugged ) while dove hunting. This federal regulation also applies to pump action shotguns. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 37 A 20 gauge gun is lighter to carry and has a little less power than the heavier 12 gauge and after 4 or 5 hours in the sun the weight of a gun becomes a serious consideration. The 20 has less recoil or kick than a 12 gauge but the larger gun allows the hunter to reach out a little farther to knock down a high-flyer. Some parents start kids out using a single shot 410 because it is lighter and the single shot is a safety consideration. However as noted above the 410 can be frustrating to a young hunter because the tight shot pattern is not very forgiving and requires more skill than say a 20 gauge would. A smaller youth-sized 20 gauge gun is a better bet for kids. As for shells the best advice for dove hunting is to stick to smaller shot sizes 7 8 or 9. It takes only a few small pellets to down a dove and smaller shot sizes offer more pellets per charge. For instance an ounce of No. 8 shot has 186 more pellets than an ounce of No. 6. One Texas hunting guide opines that the best allround shot shell is a 1- or 1-1 8 ounce load of 7 s 8s or 9s. Heavier loads allow somewhat longer shots but you may go through several boxes of shot shells during a single hunt. Your accuracy could suffer if you start flinching due to a sore shoulder. 3 HIDE AND WATCH Where a hunter chooses to position himself in the field has a big impact on his success in getting birds. It s critical to find a spot that allows for some cover. Doves have incredible eyesight and from way up there they have a great view of any guys with shotguns in their hands. 38 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Every veteran hunter has stories about times when a group of doves were flying directly toward the area where he was stationed in a direct path for a perfect shot and for no apparent reason at the last second the birds veer off and go out of range. Even though the frustrated wing shooter might think he hears the sound of doves laughing as they dart away doves can t laugh. However they might giggle...just a little. This last second change in flight path suggests that the doves saw the hunter recognized the imminent danger and changed direction to avoid it. When a hunter dresses in clothing that blends in with the natural surroundings perhaps camo or maybe just drab colors and makes a point to position himself under a tree or around high grain stalks the odds of doves changing paths are reduced. Having a camo billed cap or drab hat that covers the naturally shiny forehead also helps the shooter to avoid detection from the oncoming birds. A dove hunter can also improve odds when his position takes advantage of the dove feeding patterns. Doves tend to have breakfast at daybreak so if a hunter hopes to take advantage of a sleepy-eyed doves he needs to be in place between the birds roosting areas and feeding field. Typically doves will feed and then beat a path to water and after this they tend to nap during the heat of the day. A well-hidden hunter who has positioned himself between feeding field water source and the trees where the doves roost will realize more success. As for the evening hunt guides note that doves tend to eat their evening meal as late as possible. As light begins to dim or clouds move in about an hour or two before sunset the doves start moving to water. A good hunting intercept position for this time is the underbrush around the water source. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 39 4 THE BEST SHOOTING TECHNIQUE FOR DOVES Out in the field on the first day even veteran upland bird hunters forget about good technique. Good ones correct this after about 5 or 6 misses but a hunter who hasn t held a shotgun in about 9 months is likely to miss most of his her early shots unless proper technique is used. The most important concept to remember for shooting doves is to point and not aim the shotgun. There is a circular pattern of shot coming out the end of the gun and any one of those little pellets can bring down a dove. Many opportunities to shoot a dove will be crossing shots where a dove flies from left to right or vice versa. In this scenario the odds of hitting this little bottle rocket are dramatically improved when the hunter uses the water hose shooting method. The objective is to think of the shotgun as a water hose and to spray the bird with shot. A simple method of leading a dove involves lining up the crossing bird with the sight of the gun then starting the shotgun swing from behind the bird swinging through the tail and then the head. When a little daylight can be seen the trigger can be pulled while continuing to swing past the bird along his trajectory. It s important to keep eyes on the bird during this process and continue to focus as he falls. When the hunter is property camouflaged and covered by bushes or trees doves will also 40 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM fly directly into blind where the hunter is waiting. The best strategy for these straight on shots is to wait until the absolute last second to shoulder the gun and when the bird is within 20 yards take the first shot. Be prepared to take the second shot if this first shot misses and the dove veers dramatically left or right. If the first shot misses there is a moment of confusion when there is a good opportunity to make that second shot. 5 STAY MOBILE AND LISTEN CAREFULLY As noted above doves have distinct flight patterns. By watching them over the course of a hunt or preferably before the hunt starts hunters can position themselves to intercept the birds and get a better shot. This can only happen if the hunter remains mobile. If the birds are moving down a fence row or tree line out of range its time to move over to where they flying (when possible). With multiple hunters in a party this might be difficult however the hunter who watches the flight pattern and adjusts accordingly will bring back more birds than someone who sets up under a nice shady tree and never leaves this spot. Hunters who know what to listen for can also improve their kill ratio. Doves in flight make WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 41 42 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM a distinct sound. The sound of a dove in flight is a high-pitched whistle or squeaking sound. The mourning doves rapidly beating feathers also create a soft whistle when they are in flight. It may take a few times but eventually a wise hunter will recognize that sound of doves flying and will be prepared to see one or more doves come out of nowhere. Many times a group of doves will approach a hunter from his backside with very little advance warning except for that very distinctive dove squeak. When they come into view usually over the backside of the camo tree or bush a going-away shot is possible. OUT STANDING IN A FIELD Nothing compares to an opening day of dove season. The smell of gunpowder the rush of adrenaline when a tough shot is made and the camaraderie of friends all make this an outstanding sport. If you re lucky enough to go hunting this year stay hydrated follow these tips and have a great hunt WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 43 SLOW HAND WITH A FLY ROD ERIC CLAPTON PULLS ON ANOTHER KIND OF STRING TO LAND A MONSTER SALMON Legendary blues rock singer guitarist Eric Clapton visits Iceland every summer to fly fish. On his most recent trip he landed 28-pound salmon on the Vatnsdals River setting the record for reeling in the biggest salmon of the summer. The massive fish measured 42.5 inches. Press reports noted that Clapton had to run over half a mile downriver after hooking this beast and spent two and a half hours reeling it in. There is a strict catch-andrelease policy on this river but he managed to get a once-in-a-lifetime photo of the huge catch before returning it to the water. 44 CLAPTON EVEN SINGS ABOUT FISHING https watch v 6RJ_kkrLEJE According to an article in Men s Health magazine Clapton s love for fly-fishing goes back decades -- from learning to fish on the Wey River as a school kid in Surrey England to utilizing it as a healthy pastime after getting sober 30 years ago. He described his reintroduction to the sport in his book Clapton The Autobiography That first summer of my recovery was one of the most beautiful I can remember perhaps because I was healthy and clean and I began to rent some trout-fishing days for myself mostly on stretches of water in the neighborhood that had been specifically stocked for local fisherman... Fishing is an absorbing pastime and has a Zen quality to it. It s an ideal pursuit for anyone who wants to think a lot and get things in perspective. It was also a perfect way of getting physically fit again involving as it does a great deal of walking. I would go out at the crack of dawn and often stay out till nighttime... For once I was actually becoming good at something that had nothing to do with guitar playing or music. For the first time in a long time I was doing something very normal and fairly mundane and it was really important to me. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 45 THE OUTPOST BAR GRILL AND Welcome to the Outpost Bar & Grill. It s a place that serves up the best stuff you have ever put in your mouth. Whether it s wild game cooking barbeque joints in the middle of nowhere or some of the best adult beverages on planet earth you ve come to the right place. This month we re talking moonshine whiskey. Pull up a chair and let us introduce you to... 46 M O M T URNED M OO N SHINER H OW TR OY B ALL LEAR N E D TO MAK E THE S M O OTH E ST WH I S K EY O N THE P LA NET I N AS H EVI L L E N O RTH C AR O LI N A A few months ago the FedEx guy knocked on my home-office door and when I said howdy he asked if I was 21 years old. I needed a break and have tendencies to be a wise-guy so I responded No sir I m not. This gray hair and these bifocals are both premature. Actually I m still in high school and my mom and dad are not here right now. He then said Well I guess you won t be able to sign for this whiskey delivery will you young man Whiskey Now wait just a minute here partner. I was just having some fun with you. Hell I m older than your daddy I blurted out. Sorry man. I guess I m gonna have to see some ID. That s the law in this state. After I urgently pulled out my driver s license dropping all of my other credit cards on the floor Mr. FedEx took a long slow look and said Damn boy. You that old Just be careful drinking this stuff. You might fall and break a hip Funny guy. Flash forward one week... The founder and CEO of Troy & Son s whiskey Ms. Troy Ball is on the Outpost recording line and she s ready to tell one of the best stories I have ever heard. Here s how it went. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 47 The Outpost I have to tell you Troy when the FedEx man handed me the box that contained your amazing product I had to smile because I knew what was inside. Of course being a trained journalist I have taken a solemn oath to uphold the First Amendment. This requires me to investigate the claims of any new product that comes my way. When I read your label that you use heirloom Crooked Creek Corn each kernel of which holds the magic of the original American spirit and then I sampled a sip I realized the Founding Fathers would have loved this whiskey Troy Bell I did my best to emulate an early American white whiskey and that meant going back and finding an heirloom grain corn. Crooked Creek corn grows on one family farm today near Asheville and we re very lucky to have it. In the old days they would have been using a white corn for the whiskey because white corn was chosen by most people to eat. They made grits and cornbread from this corn and so this type of corn was commonly grown on a family farm. 48 Outpost How in the world did you come by this knowledge You don t seem like any moonshiners I have ever met. Troy (Laughing) It was a long and twisted road up and down many old mountain passes. I actually learned to distill with the old men in the mountains of North Carolina and down in Alabama. I learned my skills from those guys. The big Ta da moment was when I found out the secret of moonshine. I discovered that there was such a thing as Keeper moonshine. This was the moonshine that never left the home place because it was the good stuff. That discovery was shocking to me. However when I was able to taste the pure-heart whiskey I was surprised that no one had brought it legally to the U.S. market. I thought to myself why aren t we making American-based cocktails Why are we drinking Russian vodka and Mexican tequila when we have an American based white whiskey that could be used to make all kinds of cocktails That little epiphany motivated me to stake my claim. This has worked out pretty well. Today we have Troy & Sons cocktails sold at Disneyland Outpost Thus proving that they are not Goofy after all Troy Exactly 49 Outpost When these old guys were showing how they made this whiskey that they would not sell but keep for themselves were they making it legally Troy No. It was all illegal (laughing). I was treading on thin ice with those guys for a while because I was trying to learn how to make it. I wanted to KNOW I could make it before I went through the expense and hassle of filing for federal permits and all of the other requirements. I did a little experimenting on their stills and when I finally felt like I understood clearly the difference between a really fine white whiskey and a poorly made one I went down the path of becoming a legal whiskey maker. Outpost This venture spawned an amazing book as well. It s entitled Pure Heart A Spirted Tales of Grace Grit and Whiskey Troy This book has just come out and it s published by an imprint of Harper-Collins. I ve actually been on a big book tour for the past month and I ve had loads of fun 50 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The book chronicles my story of raising two special-needs children. My two firstborn sons have an undiagnosed genetic disorder and I spent the first twenty years of their lives attempting to keep them healthy. Eventually this led me to move my family to Asheville North Carolina because we needed to get the boys in a different environment and it worked They got healthier. This allowed me to pursue starting a business enterprise and it turned out to be moonshine Later I found that I was the first woman in the country to found a whiskey distillery. Outpost Somehow this does not surprise me. I wouldn t think there were too many of you women out there making whiskey. Troy There are a few more now. Outpost I have to admit when I saw the whiskey described as moonshine I had the visions of George Jones singing White Lightning. Troy & Son s whisky is light years ahead of Pappy s corn sweezins so how does your moonshine differ from that made by the old guys in the holler Troy Originally all moonshine was made from corn water and yeast. Later they added sugar because this was easier to ferment. Any early distillers would be using those three original ingredients and that s what I use. These old men knew the secret to making smooth white whiskey. There s a sweet spot in the distillation process. If you are running the still for six or eight hours right in the middle of this time period is when the pure heart of the distillation is happening. This is where the whiskey is clean toxin-free and very smooth. These moonshiners would capture the heart and keep it for themselves and take the heads and tails which are contaminated with all kinds of toxins and butyl alcohol and mix those together and sell them down the road. So basically they were keeping the good whiskey at home and peddling the less-pure remnants. All of these guys had the ability to make pure heart whiskey but because they were just trying to make a quick buck they didn t bother to make a refined whiskey. With our product I am sacrificing a lot of the distillation product in order to get to the pure heart. If you open the cork and smell the whiskey you should be able to tell the difference from the very beginning. Well-made whiskey will have no acetone (rubbing alcohol) quality to it. When you smell that acetone that is a strong indicator that the whiskey is contaminated by the heads or the first part of the distillation process. These heads will give you headaches. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 51 TO Does the fact that the Troy & Sons whiskey is made in North Carolina add anything to the whiskey Troy That s where the Crooked Creek corn came from so I am very lucky to have stumbled upon that. Plus we have very high-quality water here in Asheville. These are two important ingredients. However I could make whiskey just about anywhere so long as I am cutting (eliminating the heads and tails ) well. TO How do your products differ from each other Troy We have Troy & Son s Platinum which is the white whiskey. We then take this white whiskey and age it in used bourbon barrels for five years. That then becomes our product called Troy & Sons Oak Reserve. This is a lovely smooth whiskey and has won lots of awards. 52 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM We also make a few other whiskeys including a nectarine and honey whiskey and a cinnamon and honey whiskey. Both are very smooth and tasty. As I go around the country doing book events for Pure Heart I bring the whiskey with me. Many times there are women in attendance and they typically say Oh I don t drink whiskey. I tell them that I didn t drink whiskey either until I learned about the pure heart whiskey. I pour them a little sample of the nectarine and honey whiskey and they say Oh my gosh I had no idea I would like whiskey Our business is growing steadily in spite of the challenges of state-by-state differences in regulations. There s a place in Florida that discovered our product five years ago and they have sold more than seven thousand cases. When your product can stay on the menu for several years you know you re doing something right. To find a retailer for Troy & Son s whiskey near you visit their website http Would you like to hear the complete interview with this mom who turned moonshiner Just click below for the Outpost OnDemand podcast. THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 53 THE OUTPOST VENISON RECIPES Outpost buddy and well-known TV chef Scott Layseth is one of the go to websites for us when we are looking for a new recipe. This dude can BRING IT when it comes to preparing all wild game. Check out a couple summer recipes that you might want to try for yourself. JALAPENO FISH SPREAD INGREDIENTS Broil bake fry grill saut pan-sear pan-fry stir-fry braise barbecue coldsmoke hot-smoke...but what about mash-it-up-into-a-spread When most folks think about making a fish spread it s all about salmon or maybe tuna. While both fish make great spreads it s easy to make a delicious fish spread with just about any type of fish. I like to serve the spread on homemade tortilla chips or sourdough toast. How you cook the fish really doesn t matter. You can broil bake fry grill... Notes Leftover fish is usually thrown away for good reason. Reheating last night s leftover crappie just sounds crappy. Use cooked fish as you would canned tuna or salmon and you ll find that it s much easier to swallow. 1 1 2 cups cooked fish fillets flaked 1 3 cup softened cream cheese 1 4 cup sour cream 1 Tbl lemon juice 1 Tbl Worcestershire sauce 3 green olives with pimento chopped 1 4 cup onion finely chopped 1 4 cup celery finely chopped 2 Tbls (or more) jalape o pepper seeded and minced 1 Tbl fresh cilantro leaves minced salt and pepper to taste INSTRUCTIONS Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Chill for 1 2 hours before serving. 54 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM This recipe and more can be found on Scott s Layseth website WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 55 56 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM BEER CAN PHEASANT INGREDIENTS 2 whole pheasants skin intact 1 4 cup fresh rosemary leaves chopped 1 4 cup fresh basil leaves chopped 1 4 cup parsley chopped 4 garlic cloves minced 1 lemon sliced and diced 1 4 cup softened butter salt and pepper 2 canned beers INSTRUCTIONS Starting at the neck carefully separate the skin from the body trying not to tear the skin. The idea is to create a space between the skin and the body. In a bowl combine rosemary basil parsley garlic lemon butter and a few shakes of salt and pepper. With your fingers spread a layer of the mixture between the skin and the breast of each pheasant. Season outside and cavity with salt and pepper also. Open the beers and pour off (or drink) about 1 3 of the liquid. Place the open beer can inside the birds. If you don t have a device to keep the birds upright place them on their backs with the can opening turned up. Place the birds in a baking pan and roast in a preheated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes or until the internal temperature is 150 degrees. Allow birds to rest for 5 - 10 minutes before serving. These recipes and a LOT more are available Scott Leysath s website FOLLOW US ON TWITTER OUTPOSTART FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM THEOUTPOSTLIFE WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 57 RIBS ON THE BIG GREEN EGG https watch v GG1vbD01oe4 58 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ING COMBO AYS A WINN ALW PARTIES & Made with 100% Real Cheese AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT STYLE 1.00 COUPON CLICK HERE VEC TOR B U T TON S. COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 59 FIGHT AGAINST THE HOG APOCALYPSE FIZZLES IN TEXAS Hog hunting got a little more controversial in Texas this spring when the Agriculture Commissioner of the State approved the introduction of a new Warfarin-based pesticide to control the feral hog population. It s didn t take long for hunters conservation groups and scientists to shoot down his controversial ruling. According to the website Truth about Guns Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller approved a Warfarin-based pig poison called Kaput Feral Hog Lure for use in the Lone Star State. Despite research from Australia showing that the pesticide isn t as effective as promised and has significant impact on non-target species the Scimetrics owned product called Kaput got Commissioner Miller s OK. What stopped Miller in his tracks is an injunction announced on March 3 2017 by the Texas Hog Hunters Association. The wheels then started coming off the commissioners plan to stop what he called the Hog Apocalypse 60 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM KAPUT GOES KAPUT Citing the threat of lawsuits Scimetrics the company behind the only EPAapproved pesticide for feral hogs announced in April it had withdrawn its request for registration in Texas. According to a news release the company has discontinued [its] attempts to provide this resource in Texas at this time. Under the threat of many lawsuits our family-owned company cannot at this time risk the disruption of our business and continue to compete with special interests in Texas that have larger resources to sustain a lengthy legal battle the release read. Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller who has championed the poison called Scimetrics decision just another kick in the teeth for rural Texans in a news release. There are no restrictions on the company seeking re-registration in the future said Mark Loeffler a spokesman for the Texas Agriculture Department. Loeffler said the department was honoring the company s request to remove its application but would continue an already-in-motion process to establish rules governing the use of the poison in the state. The news came a week after a bill that would require state agency or university research before the use of lethal pesticides on wild pigs overwhelmingly passed the Texas House. The Texas legislative session ended on May 29 2017 and the measure had yet to be scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committee on Agriculture Water & Rural Affairs. A DIVERSE COALITION SAID NO TO POISON A state district judge temporarily blocked the agriculture department s emergency rules in March after Herring joined by the Texas Hog Hunters Association and the Environmental Defense Fund brought a lawsuit arguing it would hurt the meat and hunting industries. Herring s company which buys feral hog carcasses to sell to pet food manufacturers said the proposal had already caused an out-ofstate client to pull out of contract negotiations. When the Texas Department of Agriculture announced the poison in February Miller said it would be a vital weapon against the state s population of over 2 million wild hogs and the damage they do to crops wildlife and the environment. But since then a diverse coalition of hunters animal rights advocates conservationists and meat processors has mobilized against it. They have raised concerns about its safety and say too little is known about its potential effect on ecosystems and other wildlife. Kaput s active ingredient is warfarin which at varying concentrations is used as a rat poison and as a blood thinner in humans. Dispensed through special feeders that have weighted lids intended to limit other animals access it causes hogs that consume it to die of internal bleeding. The product s label says this process can take four to seven days. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 61 POISONED HOG Use instructions warn against allowing livestock to graze or hunting in areas around the baited feeders until at least 90 days after removing the poison. Carcasses must be buried 18 inches under the ground or if that s not possible because of environmental conditions removed from site. The agriculture department has defended the poison saying the state rules would impose stricter restrictions than the EPA including limiting use of the poison to state-licensed pesticide applicators. For more information or to join the fight against Warfarin based pesticides please visit the Texas Hog Hunters Association website at and click Sign the Petition . If you live in Texas you can also contact your state representative or voice your concerns to the Texas Department of Agriculture. 62 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ISSUE VII 2012 DEER HUNTING SPECIAL EDITION MAKE THAT 300 YARD SHOT DEER HUNTING CHECKLIST HOW TO CAMO YOUR GUN VIDEO THE BUCK STOPS HERE SCENT CONTROL WHY IN-HAND SCORING OF BUCKS IS ON ITS WAY OUT FIELD DRESSING A DEER VIDEO RATTLING ANTLERS PLUS VENISON RECIPES SQUIRREL HUNTING & MUMFORD & SONS HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GO AHEAD. TAKE THE SAFETY OFF AND SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 63 THE DANGER FROM THE SUMMER SUN IT S BOTH THE HEAT AND THE HUMIDITY Here are some ways to stay cool and safe when fishing in August There s nothing like the dog days of summer to bring out the angler in all of us. Getting out on the lake or wading in a stream is the perfect tonic to the stultifying heat of August. Unfortunately that lucky old sun can still do serious damage if you re not careful. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about 2 000 U.S. citizens die of heat-related causes each year. The agency notes Exposure to extreme natural heat poses a public health problem because it may result in heat-related illness (e.g. heat cramps heat exhaustion heat syncope and heat stroke) and heatrelated death. Exposure to extreme natural heat also may result in death because it exacerbates preexisting chronic conditions (e.g. cardiovascular cerebral and respiratory diseases) and because patients receiving psychotropic drug treatment for mental disorders and those taking medications that affect the body s heat regulatory system or have anticholinergic effects are more susceptible to heat effects. Arkansas Boating Expert Weighs In Overexposure to the sun and indulging in too many alcoholic beverages top the list of dangers that can turn an otherwise relaxing trip to the lake into a nightmare. Each year wildlife officers and other first responders are called to boat ramps and banks throughout the U.S. in response to someone who s had a little too much of either. 64 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 65 Tod Johnson Assistant Boating Law Administrator for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission says with the varieties of sunscreen and products available to fight against overexposure there s really no reason not to take a little extra precaution on the water. When I was younger I remember running around in the hot sun in blue jean cutoffs all day without thinking about sunscreen but we ve learned a lot since then Johnson said. I wouldn t let my daughter go out without some sunscreen on. Not just for sunburns but because we know repeated exposure to the sun can cause long-term damage to the skin and even skin cancer. Johnson says he s seen the shift in thought from sun-worshiper to informed outdoorsperson particularly in middle-aged and older anglers. But younger anglers also are paying a little more attention to old Sol s impact. I see a lot more boats out there with canopies or tops nowadays Johnson said. Even the bass boats we patrol in all day have retractable canopies to block the sun. And you see more anglers wearing thin longsleeved shirts made of UV-protective materials. Some die-hard anglers have even adopted wearing lightweight facemasks and gloves to prevent too much exposure to the sun. Johnson says people wanting to cover up should pay attention to the UV protection rating of the clothes they choose for days on the water. 66 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM A plain cotton shirt doesn t block all the UV rays but new materials that do protect you are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day Johnson said. Sun not only stings the skin but it saps your body of moisture which can cause dehydration. Sugary or carbonated drinks can magnify the drying effect of the exposure to UV rays. It s always smart to have some extra drinking water nearby and remember to take an occasional drink even if you don t feel all that thirsty. Alcohol isn t something to rehydrate with either Johnson said. A lot of people may think a cold beer or alcoholic beverage will work but alcohol actually reduces the amount of water that gets into their cells. Aside from contributing to dehydration alcohol impairs judgment and can cause very dangerous situations for boaters and their passengers. The effects of alcohol are more potent when out in the summer heat because of natural stress factors like the sun wind and waves rocking of the boat. A person who might have a drink or two at home and not feel anything may discover that same amount of alcohol really impairs their response time balance and judgment when they combine it with the common surroundings of summer boating. THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WHAT S ONLINE THE OUTPOST MAGAZINE THE OUTPOST RADIO THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 67 HIGH TECH FISHING TOGS CAN HELP Under Armour a leader in innovative performance and lifestyle fishing gear with a heritage of creating technical sport-specific clothing footwear and equipment has developed two new Tide Chaser shirts (short- and long-sleeve) that give anglers the features needed for comfort and success on the water. The foundation for the Tide Chaser collection is the smooth woven fabric that s cool and silky on the skin. Multi-directional stretch technology is built into the polyester for full freedom-of-movement when an angler is casting poling and fighting fish. Also built in is 30 UPF to protect skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays which is a must for long days under a hot sun. When temperatures are warm the Tide Chaser s moisture-transport system wicks away sweat to keep the body dry. For further cooling Under Armour created the Tide Chaser with meshbacked ventilation strategically placed in the shoulders and underarms. There s also anti-odor technology in the fabric to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes and stain-release technology to keep the shirt looking fresh when handling fish and bait. A blend of style and performance both the short- and long-sleeve Tide Chaser shirts feature button-down plackets and collar points shirttail hems and dual chest pockets with single-button closures for fast easy access. The longsleeve model has loop-and-button sleeves for rolling up. These shirts are available today at and at select retail locations. 68 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM TIPS TO SAVE YOUR SKIN AND YOUR LIFE Dr. Michael Landers who is a sport medicine physician in Dallas and a member of the physician referral line at Texas Health Spine & Orthopedics Center has some words of advice for those who decide to take on hot summer fishing. It s critical to stay hydrated Dr. Landers said. You sweat more as it gets hotter and more humid. You need to ensure you are replacing those fluids as you fish or hunt in extreme weather. He recommends consuming 16 to 24 ounces of water two hours before climbing into the boat during hot temperatures. Past that he says to take in another six to eight ounces of fluids every 30 minutes you are in the sun. Avoid alcoholic beverages as this exacerbates the dehydration process. The humidity is also an important factor to consider in the summer he said. In the process of casting and retrieving the line the body is cooled by the evaporation of sweat. When it is humid the angler does not experience as much of that evaporative cooling effect because the air is saturated with humidity. The most important consideration for these summer fishing trips is proper acclimation Dr. Landers said. In the summer we spend a lot of time in air conditioned spaces and when it comes time to outdoor activity the sudden heat overwhelms the body. Try to acclimate to the heat a few hours before your workout by going outside or at least raising the inside temperature. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 69 Finally it is very important to take it easy in the beginning and gradually work into the extreme heat. Wear breathable clothing and ramp up the intensity over days. Don t try to go full-bore if you are not used to the heat. He noted some signs to watch out for. Heat Exhaustion Symptoms Profuse sweating severe headaches dizziness and intense thirst. Heat Stroke Symptoms Lack of sweat in spite of heat a core body temperature greater than 104 degrees Fahrenheit with complications involving the central nervous system that occur after exposure to high temperatures. Other common symptoms include nausea seizures confusion disorientation and sometimes loss of consciousness or coma. If these symptoms are noticed call 911 immediately. 70 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM https watch v jRrOK95GwLk&feature WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 71 THE SCIENCE OF TREE TRIMMING FOR EFFECTIVE HUNTING LANES In the heat of summer it s hard to imagine that in a few short months many will be sitting in a treestand waiting for that monster buck that got away last year to miraculously reappear. Hopefully some time and effort were put in during the summer to ensure good views. Now is the time to prune the limbs around the treestand and other deer blinds and in some cases remove entire trees. However before firing up the chainsaw here are some tips on tree trimming from an expert. AN ARBORIST AND HUNTER Chad Simmons has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences Fish & 72 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Wildlife from Montana State University and is a dedicated outdoorsman. After receiving his arborist certification in 2009 he joined Preservation Tree Service Inc. in Dallas Texas. He has 13 years of work experience in the horticulture industry Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Texas Oak Wilt Certified and a continued supporting member of numerous societies. This makes him the perfect person to offer advice about tree pruning around shooting lanes. Becoming a certified arborist is a challenge. Chad explains. Most people who choose this line of work get an advanced degree in subjects such as forestry botany or horticulture he said. In my case I have a Biology degree related to fish and wildlife and worked within the industry 8 years before becoming certified. It s an interesting and honorable field to get into with lots of areas of knowledge. The physiology of trees identification soil composition site location water management and fertilization are all important to understand. Arborists also work on disease insects and especially safety for our cliental. In addition to being an arborist Simmons is also a dedicated deer hunter. Of course I am he said. I had the opportunity to grow up in Idaho on a farm so seasonal fishing and hunting for large and small game has been a part of my life since the beginning This is one of the reasons I chose to pursue an advanced science degree. Like father like daughter. Josie Simmons with her buck from 2016 BUILDING HUNTING LANES Given his occupation and interest in hunting it s not surprising that Simmons has had experience building hunting lanes. 73 74 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM I have built lanes from the ground level which involves brush clearing and pruning the lower limbs of the surrounding trees he said. For the most part it is important to pay attention to where you are going to be clearing because pruning generally promotes growth. I see a lot of TV shows where an individual is up in a tree and they remove one or two limbs just to get it out of the way. Generally this will cause the limb to sprout even more and by the time they get back in the stand they have twelve smaller limbs instead of just one. Generally it s better to take most limbs back to the trunk of the tree or direction pruning to allow growth and keep the limb. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS FOR CUTTING HUNTING LANES The time of year when the cutting is taking place is a very important consideration Simmons said. Hunters are probably better served making these cuts in mid to late summer after the growth has slowed down. If it is done too soon it s going to grow back and this work will have to be done again. Most of us are not taking large limbs or felling trees and so long as no more than 25 percent of the tree is removed it should maintain health and vigor. Safety is also an issue in cutting these hunting lanes he said. Using the right gear can literally save a life. Safety glasses hard hats gloves and chaps are all important for this job. Plus chainsaw safety is crucial in this process. It s a good idea to have a buddy system during this process because accidents can happen. Plus two people can manage the weight of the limbs much better than one person. HOW LARGE SHOULD HUNTING LANES BE The size of a hunting lane should be determined by the shooting skill level of the hunter Simmons said. It also depends on the type of hunting being done archery rifle or muzzleloader. You definitely what to give yourself visibility and you most likely want to give a little more room than you might think you need. We all know that animals never stop where you think they are going to stop. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 75 It s also a good idea to leave clumps of trees and some of the brush on the perimeter of the hunting lanes to allow the deer feel more comfortable because they are near cover. Plus the brush can create funnels to encourage the game to move into the shooting lanes and far enough away from the stand to allow for a more efficient shot. SIZE OF TREE FOR TREE STANDS Choosing a tree for placement of a stand is important for hunter AND tree safety. The best type of tree for a tree stand is called an excurrent tree Simmons said. This is the type of tree that has a central leader or trunk which runs to the top of the tree. You want to look for a nice strong tree that is wide at the base and tapers to the top with a nice full canopy good leaf development and color. Also walk around the tree to ensure no decay cavities or mushroom development are present. If you have questions about residential or hunting lease tree trimming you can contact Chad Simmons at Preservation Tree by clicking here. To visit Preservation Tree s website click here. Would you like to hear the complete interview with Chad Simmons Click here for the Outpost OnDemand podcast. THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST 76 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 77 EA R U 78 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM O TP O Outdoor Edge the company that combines functional design with the finest materials and hand craftsmanship to create quality knives and tools makes filleting your catch easier than ever with its new Reel-Flex fillet knives. Designed by custom knife maker Jerry Hossom the Reel-Flex fillet knife blades are crafted from German 4116 stainless steel that is known for its corrosion resistance and excellent edge retention. The Reel-Flex fillets are available with 6-inch 7.5-inch and 9.5-inch blade lengths to meet the cutting demands for all fresh and saltwater species. They are ergonomically shaped with blue TPE composite handles that ensure a comfortable non-slip grip even when handled with wet or slick hands. Each knife is hand-finished shavingsharp and includes a polypropylene sheath with a swivel-clip belt attachment for easy carry at all times. The Reel-Flex fillet knives are available at retailers nationwide or conveniently online at for a suggested retail price of 22.95 to 24.95 ST OUTDOOR EDGE MAKES FILLETING FISH EASY G O U O TP ST G EA R Additional information can be found at A BETTER WADING BOOT THE HODGMAN H-LOCKTM INTERCHANGEABLE SOLE SYSTEM Sometimes you can t watch where you re going and this is when you need a little help from your wading shoes. Hodgman has a solid foundation of giving anglers confidence of sound footing while fishing. The Hodgman H-LockTM Locking Interchangeable Sole System provides a wading boot system that anglers can trust knowing they possess the ability to attack any terrain using the wade boot system. It s the most innovative and intuitive wading product on the market and is available only on Hodgman Vion Aesis and H5 wade boots. The Hodgman H-Lock Locking Interchangeable Sole System allows anglers to swap soles for ideal traction control in any terrain or aquatic environment. The dual lock system holds the sole securely in place. Once engaged the sole will not come off unless both the front and rear locks are disengaged simultaneously rendering all other removable sole systems obsolete. Soles are available in felt studded felt WadeTech and studded WadeTech. The Hodgman Vion wade boot features waterproof nubuck leather and is fully neoprene lined with a 3D molded toe guard. The Vion wade boots come in sizes 7 13 and come available with two interchangeable sole options WadeTech and Felt or WadeTech and WadeTech Studded. The Hodgman Aesis wade boot utilizes the BOA M2 closure system for quick adjustment on demand. The Aesis wade boot also features an abrasion resistant synthetic upper construction and a reinforced rubber toe. Hodgman is also offering the H-Lock Locking Interchangeable Sole System with its H5 wade boot. This durable wade boot features a corrosion resistant hardware lacing system abrasion resistant synthetic upper construction and a reinforced rubber toe. These boots are constructed from abrasion-resistant synthetic material and for added durability sheet rubber protects high wear areas. Each step with the Hodgman Vion Aesis and H5 wade boots is light as the innovative draining system of the sole drains water from the bottom of the shoe and cleans the track system free of debris. These boots are saltwater ready with corrosion resistant hardware and the D-ring on the tongue provides a secure location for attaching gravel guard hooks. The Hodgman Vion Aesis and H5 wade boots utilize double and triplestitched panel construction for long-term durability required by anglers who spend many days on the water each year. Additional replacement soles sold separately include felt studded felt WadeTech and studded WadeTech. Each stud is tungsten carbide tipped. The suggested retail price for the Hodgman H-Lock Wade boots starts at 149.95. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 79 R O U 80 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM TP O Summit Treestands the industry leader in producing innovative and cutting-edge methods for hunting from an elevated position introduces the Heated Seat--an adjustable heat source to tame even the most brutal hunting days. Its rechargeable battery power offers adjustable heat control for the longest coldest sits. The Summit Heated Seat is designed to fit on most current model Summit stands as well as being compatible with the seats of most other stand manufacturers making it one of the best accessory options for any of your treestands. And with its one-piece soft touch temperature controller you can easily raise or lower the seat s temperature. The true value of the Heated Seat is due to its versatility--it will work in a variety of cold situations from late fall football games to early season boating--it s designed to be adjustable to your outdoor cold-season needs. Heated Tree Seat highlighted features include Versatile Seat Options The Heated Seat can be used along with your existing treestand seat or as a stand-alone seat at ball parks on boats or in a ground blind--allowing you to stave off the cold in a variety of outdoor settings. Three Temperature Settings Low (about 100 degrees) 13 hours in duration Medium (about 113 degrees) 8 hours in duration High (about 131 degrees) 4 hours in duration Dimensions 15 wide x 15 long x 1.75 deep The suggested retail price is 79.99 For more information click on http ST G EA NEW SUMMIT HEATED SEAT O WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 81 RUGER MUZZLE-BRAKE KNIFE The Muzzle-BrakeTM has elements from a traditional bowie design but is developed with the construction techniques of today. With its stout full tang blade it can be used as a chopper in camp or fashioning a quick shelter in the forest if needed. Its clip point blade shape featuring a blood groove is perfect for making quick work of butchering an animal after a successful hunt. The handle is glass filled nylon construction that wraps around a thick blade tang. The sure grip surface matches the Ruger American Rifle series texture with Ruger eagles embossed into both sides of the grip. The Muzzle-BrakeTM is part of the exclusive Ruger knife line the line includes designs for everyday carry hunting and self-preparedness. The knives are crafted in varying sizes and finishes with an assortment of blade edges. Developed by six master knife-smiths who combined their knowledge of the art with aesthetic details from Ruger products the line offers unique knives with the important features that every good knife should have. These knives are purpose built to be durable and highly functional in the environments where Ruger customers will expect them to perform. The Muzzle-BrakeTM has elements from a traditional bowie design but is developed with the construction techniques of today. With its stout full tang blade it can be used as a chopper in camp or fashioning a quick shelter in the forest if needed. Its clip point blade shape featuring a blood groove is perfect for making quick work of butchering an animal after a successful hunt. The handle is glass filled nylon construction that wraps around a thick blade tang. The sure grip surface matches the Ruger American Rifle series texture with Ruger eagles embossed into both sides of the grip. The Muzzle-BrakeTM is part of the exclusive Ruger knife line the line includes designs for everyday carry hunting and self-preparedness. The knives are crafted in varying sizes and finishes with an assortment of blade edges. Developed by six master knife-smiths who combined their knowledge of the art with aesthetic details from Ruger products the line offers unique knives with the important features that every good knife should have. These knives are purpose built to be durable and highly functional in the environments where Ruger customers will expect them to perform. U O TP ST G EA R LL FA ZY EN FR 82 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE NEW OUTPOST RADIO IS LAUNCHED Radio for the Great Outdoors The Outpost Radio. At any given time on this unique station you can hear Stevie Ray Vaughan followed by Blackberry Smoke followed by George Jones. While all of this is going on you can be given a chance to listen to podcasts that feature tips on hunting whitetail deer or catching crappie in the Atchafalaya Basin or learning why blue quail would rather run than fly. In the words of more than one recently converted Outpost Radio fanatic I ve never heard anything like this station. Exactly. This combination of music and outdoor sports information presented 24 7 available wherever you are worldwide on your mobile device has never been offered. Until now. If you can do without the little girl pop stars and auto-tuned crap that passes for country and rock and roll these days you might want to try The Outpost Radio. If you want to know the weather wherever you re sitting in a duck blind it s here. If you re on the way to hunt pheasant or fish for walleye and you d like to know if anybody s seeing any this might be your new favorite radio station. The stories in The Outpost Magazine are about the simple joys of living an authentic life. This includes outdoor sports such as fishing hunting camping hiking and biking. It involves good food and strong drink and it also includes music from every genre that sportsmen and sportswomen enjoy. Unfortunately most of the music you hear on traditional (terrestrial) radio is so sanitized analyzed and peroxized that the tunes and words are cotton candy for the brain. Plus most of the outdoor sports radio programs come on the stations between 3 and 4 am. That s a little too early for most of us. It is for this reason that we joined some friends who are experts in the radio business and launched The Outpost Radio. We re calling it Radio for the great outdoors and that s more than just a catchy phrase. A typical radio station would never play the diversity of songs you ll hear on WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 83 LIKE FATHER LIKE SON STEVE EARLE AND SON JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE ARE BOTH IN THE TOP 10 OF THE AMERICANA CHARTS 84 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Seldom if ever have both a father and son had albums that were simultaneously on the sales charts. However that is the case with Steve Earle s So You Wanna Be an Outlaw and Justin Townes Earle s Kids in the Street. As of this writing both of these albums were in the Top 10 for the Americana genre. What are the odds of this happening They are mighty steep especially given that both of these artists have fought (and seemingly defeated) their own demons. These two guys may not be your typical suburban family unit but they have both created records that will be played for years to come. Like father like son these collections are amazing. AN HOMAGE TO WAYLON Steve Earle came to Nashville from Texas when he was 19 years old. This was in the 70 s and Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson were leading a pack of wild musicians into the land of Anti-Opry country music later called Outlaw Music. Clearly this anti-establishment vibe appealed to the young Earle and he quickly found a home among these bunch of talented long-haired country boys. Interestingly many of them Willie Waylon Guy Clarke and others were from Texas and this partly explains their demeanor. Steve Earle got a job playing guitar for Guy Clarke a legendary songwriter who recently passed away and set out to become a songwriter himself. Along the way he came to know and work with other brilliant iconoclasts such as Townes Van Zandt (yet another Texan). Spring forward to 2017. Willie and Steve are just about the only survivors of this Outlaw gang and it is fitting that Nelson joined Earle on the title cut of So You Wanna be an Outlaw. According to American Songwriter magazine The title Earle s latest album seems to suggest that younger artists trying to cultivate the outlaw brand might not have what it takes. A closer listen reveals that album has a kind of double meaning Everybody reckons that they want to be free Ain t nobody wants to be alone Earle sings on the title track and he then gets Willie Nelson to croon with him on the song to second the notion that outlaw life isn t always what it s mythologized to be. OTHER GREAT TRACKS One of the best pickers and producers in modern-day Nashville is Buddy Miller. He was one of the driving forces behind the TV show about the city s music business and encouraged songwriters to come up with original music for the show. At his request Steve Earle penned the song Lookin for a Woman which never made the show but kicks butt on this latest collection. Given Earle s contentious divorce from Allison Moorer this song has even more (if unintended ) punch than it would have otherwise had. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 85 https watch v SlXgX0853-0 Subverting traditions particularly those related to lyrics has always been a proud part of the Outlaw movement and Earle does a masterful job of this on the track News From Colorado. The same goes for the cut Walkin in LA where the story is counterintuitive to the traditional values usually espoused in traditional country music. By the way Earle gets some great help on this tune from long-time Willie Nelson buddy the writer of Whiskey River and (that s right) another damn Texan Johnny Bush. Earle s band The Dukes hit some serious blues licks on the tracks If Mama Could See Me and Fixin to Die and he manages to include a nod to his romantic side with some help from Miranda Lambert (that s right another Texan) on the track This is How it Ends. The final track of the collection is a tribute to his mentor Guy Clarke entitled Goodbye Michelangelo. For those who loved this crusty singer-songwriter Earle lyrics speak volumes I m bound to follow you someday. Because you have always shown the way. THE SON ALSO RISES Not to be outdone by his old man Justin Townes Earle has also got a new record and it is running neck and neck with his father s latest on the Americana charts. JT Earle s eighth studio album is entitled Kids in the Street and it is his intent to update the definition and sound of folk music. For some expert assistance in this effort he enlisted one of the brightest stars of this genre producer Mike Mogis. 86 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM I M BOUND TO FOLLOW YOU SOMEDAY. BECAUSE YOU HAVE ALWAYS SHOWN THE WAY. As promotional material for the record has noted Earle made the trip to Omaha Nebraska to work with Mogis (First Aid Kit M.Ward Connor Oberst) at ARC Studios. Together they hand-picked musicians to create a new sound and environment for the songs that speak to Justin s roots musically and personally. This creative collaboration paired with Justin s longtime guitarist Paul Niehaus has resulted in an album that takes a big step forward. As the website Noisey noted Overall the album reflects Earle s belief that folk music in general needs to modernize itself at least lyrically. Nobody can relate to song about a plow and a horse these days nobody really plows the field with a horse anymore Earle said. The website continued Woody Guthrie had the Grand Coulee Dam Bob Dylan had a rolling stone and Justin Townes Earle has a champagne Corolla. On his eighth studio album Kids in the Street Earle looks to update folk music for the modern audience starting with the cars everyone drove when he was a kid. I got a songwriter who complained about not being able to write songs about modern cars Earle explains because they weren t cool like a 55 Chevy big block... I grew up in a lower middle-class neighborhood and every goddamn body and their mother drove a f------ Corolla or a Camry or an Altima or something like that. This approach to making the folk genre more relevant resulted in one of the best cuts on the album Champagne Corolla. It s is a bluesy tongue-in-cheek homage to JTE s growing up in Nashville. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 87 https watch v LLJETZyfb7I OTHER GREAT TRACKS ON KIDS IN THE STREET Musical revisions are definitely in order. JTE s move toward the modern is a clear theme as he updated songs like Same Old Stagolee a folk song about the murder of Billy Lyons at the hands of Stag Lee Shelton in 1895. Earle s version focuses on violence within Nashville specifically between the hill and the bottoms of Nashville. Since its release in May critics have expressed favor for several other tracks. What s She Crying For is a honky-tonk weeper with pedal steel and roadhouse piano What s Goin Wrong is a clarinet-spiked Texas swing impressionism and 15-25 is vintage New Orleans R&B gumbo in the Professor Longhair spirit. All of these tracks have a central theme of Justin Townes Earle remembering the good old days of his childhood in the 1990s. During much of that time his father was on the road leading his own band and getting in and out of addictions of various kinds. The memories so beautifully presented on Kids in the Street are more bitter than sweet for JTE and no doubt for his father Steve. However they are painfully real and the work of a chip off the old block. 88 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM RADIO FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS The Outpost Radio is the first radio station dedicated to hunting fishing and the great outdoors. You can hear us on your smartphone desktop or tablet...just about anywhere. The Outpost Radio is a mix of great music and information that celebrates the outdoors Give us a listen. Click on The Outpost logo below to listen now WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 89 MILLE LACS LEAPS TO NUMBER ONE BASS LAKE IN THE NATION HERE ARE THE OTHER 99 TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST According to our friends at Bassmaster Magazine the best lake to catch big lunkers in the great US of A is the second largest lake in Minnesota Mille Lacs Lake. This is a 132 516-acre natural lake located 100 miles north of Minneapolis-St. Paul. The magazine also release it s 100 Best Bass Lakes rankings and if you are lucky enough to live within a two-hour drive of any of these amazing fisheries consider yourself in angler heaven. This year the rankings highlight the Top 12 fisheries in the nation regardless of location. The remaining lakes are ranked within one of four regions (Northeastern Southeastern Central and Western) so readers can easily identify the Top 25 lakes nearest them. The Central division which has been dominated by Toledo Bend Reservoir the past two years (it was the first fishery to be ranked No. 1 more than one time) experienced the biggest shakeup of the rankings. As Mille Lacs took over the No. 1 spot here Sam Rayburn Reservoir in Texas also jumped ahead of Toledo Bend (which fell to No. 4 in the region). Lake Erie fishing out of Buffalo N.Y. took top honors in the Northeastern division (No. 7 nationally). California s Clear Lake ended up the best in the West (No. 3 in the nation). As for the Southeastern division North Carolina s Shearon Harris Lake topped all other fisheries (No. 4 in the nation). 90 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM There are a lot of surprises this year Hall admits. Shearon Harris may be one of the biggest. But this lake produced two limits this year that topped 40 pounds. Can you imagine an 8-pound average Other highlights include the comeback of Michigan s Lake St. Clair a former No. 1 lake on this list that faced a serious downturn two years ago. This smallmouth factory has climbed back to No. 9 in the nation. New Bullards Bar in California (No. 4 in the Western division) has produced several world-record class spotted bass in the past 12 months including an 11.25-pounder. South Carolina s Santee Cooper Lakes (Marion and Moultrie) are again producing near-30-pound limits earning them the No. 8 spot in the nation and top spot in the Southeastern division. As for bragging rights for the individual state with the most lakes making the Top 100 Texas wins by a long shot. The Lone Star State features 11 lakes that made the cut. California was a distant second with a still-impressive showing of seven lakes being ranked in the Top 100. THE TOP 12 IN THE NATION 1. Mille Lacs Lake Minnesota [132 516 acres] 2. Sam Rayburn Reservoir Texas [114 500 acres] 3. Clear Lake California [43 785 acres] 4. Shearon Harris Lake North Carolina [4 100 acres] 5. Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta California [1 153 square miles] 6. Lake Berryessa California [20 700 acres] 7. Lake Erie New York [30-mile radius from Buffalo] 8. Santee Cooper Lakes Marion and Moultrie South Carolina [110 000 acres & 60 000 acres respectively] 9. Lake St. Clair Michigan [430 square miles] 10. Falcon Lake Texas [83 654 acres] 11. Thousand Islands (St. Lawrence River) New York [50-mile stretch] 12. Chickamauga Lake Tennessee [36 240 acres] WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 91 CENTRAL DIVISION 1. Mille Lacs Lake Minnesota 2. Sam Rayburn Reservoir Texas 3. Falcon Lake Texas 4. Toledo Bend Reservoir Texas Louisiana [185 000 acres] 5. Lake Palestine Texas [25 560 acres] 6. Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin [4 945 acres] 7. Newton Lake Illinois [1 775 acres] 8. Lake Ray Roberts Texas [29 350 acres] 9. Lake Oahe South Dakota North Dakota [370 000 acres] 10. Lake Amistad Texas [64 900 acres] 11. Lake Fork Texas [27 690 acres] 12. Lake of the Ozarks Missouri [54 000 acres] 13. Caddo Lake Texas Louisiana [25 400 acres] 92 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 14. Squaw Creek Reservoir Texas [3 275 acres] 15. Table Rock Lake Missouri [43 100 acres] 16. Lake Texoma Texas Oklahoma [89 000 acres] 17. Lake Dardanelle Arkansas [34 300 acres] 18. Grand Lake O the Cherokees Oklahoma [46 500 acres] 19. Lake Waco Texas [8 465 acres] 20. Millwood Lake Arkansas [29 500 acres] 21. Lake Bistineau Louisiana [15 500 acres] 22. Lake Ouachita Arkansas [40 324 acres] 23. Mississippi River Pools 4-10 Minnesota Wisconsin [from Lake City past La Crosse] 24. Bull Shoals Lake Arkansas Missouri [45 000 acres] 25. Okoboji Chain of Lakes Iowa [12 687 acres] WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 93 NORTHEASTERN DIVISION 1. Lake Erie New York 2. Lake St. Clair Michigan 3. Thousand Islands (St. Lawrence River) New York 4. Lake Erie Ohio [30-mile radius of Sandusky] 5. Lake Champlain New York Vermont [490 square miles] 6. Saginaw Bay Michigan [1 143 square miles] 7. Grand Traverse Bay Michigan [32 miles long 10 miles wide] 8. Burt Mullett lakes Michigan [17 120 acres and 16 630 acres respectively] 9. Bays de Noc Michigan [Escanaba to Little Summer Island] 10. Lake Charlevoix Michigan [17 200 acres] 11. Cayuga Lake New York [38 miles long 3 1 2 miles wide] 12. Oneida Lake New York [79.8 square miles] 13. China Lake Maine [3 845 acres] 14. Smith Mountain Lake Virginia [20 600 acres] 15. Webber Pond Maine [1 233 acres] 16. Presque Isle Bay Pennsylvania [5.8 square miles] 17. Candlewood Lake Connecticut [5 420 acres] 18. Great Pond Maine [8 533 acres] 19. Lake Barkley Kentucky [58 000 acres] 20. Kentucky Lake Kentucky Tennessee [160 309 acres] 21. Chautauqua Lake New York [13 156 acres] 22. Lake Cumberland Kentucky [65 530 acres] 23. Stonewall Jackson Lake West Virginia [2 630 acres] 24. Upper Chesapeake Bay Maryland [The entire bay is more than 64 000 square miles but the best fishing is in the top one-third.] 25. Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire [20 miles long 9 miles wide] SOUTHEASTERN DIVISION 1. Shearon Harris North Carolina 2. Santee Cooper Lakes South Carolina (Marion and Moultrie) 3. Chickamauga Lake Tennessee 4. Lake Okeechobee Florida [730 square miles] 5. Pickwick Lake Alabama Mississippi Tennessee [43 100 acres] 6. Lake Murray South Carolina [50 000 acres] 7. Lake Seminole Georgia Florida [37 500 acres] 8. Watts Bar Reservoir Tennessee [39 000 acres] 9. Lake Guntersville Alabama [69 000 acres] 10. Bay Springs Lake Mississippi [6 700 acres] 11. Lake Tohopekaliga Florida (plus Kissimmee Chain of Lakes) [22 700 acres] 94 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 95 12. Cherokee Lake Tennessee [28 780 acres] 13. Lake Istokpoga Florida [26 762 acres] 14. Cooper River South Carolina [30-mile stretch below Lake Moultrie Dam] 15. Stick Marsh Farm 13 Florida [6 500 acres] 16. Fontana Lake North Carolina [10 230 acres] 17. Clarks Hill Lake Georgia South Carolina [71 000 acres] 18. Wilson Lake Alabama [15 930 acres] 19. Kenansville Reservoir Florida [2 500 acres] 20. Lake Wateree South Carolina [13 250 acres] 21. Lake Hartwell Georgia South Carolina [56 000 acres] 22. Kerr Lake North Carolina Virginia [50 000 acres] 23. Logan Martin Lake Alabama [15 263 acres] 24. Lake Lanier Georgia [38 000 acres] 25. Davis Lake Mississippi [200 acres] WESTERN DIVISION 1. Clear Lake California 2. Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta California 3. Lake Berryessa California 4. New Bullards Bar Reservoir California [4 790 acres] 5. Saguaro Lake Arizona [1 264 acres] 6. Lake Coeur d Alene Idaho [25 000 acres] 7. Diamond Valley Lake California [4 500 acres] 8. Lake Havasu Arizona California [19 300 acres] 9. New Melones Lake California [12 500 acres] 10. Apache Lake Arizona [2 568 acres] 11. Dworshak Reservoir Idaho [17 090 acres] 12. Columbia River Oregon Washington [191 miles from Portland to McNary Dam] 13. Siltcoos Lake Oregon [3 164 acres] 14. Roosevelt Lake Arizona [21 493 acres] 15. Potholes Reservoir Washington [27 800 acres] 16. Sand Hollow Reservoir Utah [1 322 acres] 17. Tenmile Lake Oregon [1 626 acres] 18. Moses Lake Washington [6 800 acres] 19. C.J. Strike Reservoir Idaho [7 500 acres] 20. Lake Mohave Nevada Arizona [26 500 acres] 21. Brownlee Reservoir Idaho Oregon [15 000 acres] 22. Lake Powell Utah Arizona [108 335 acres] 23. Elephant Butte Reservoir New Mexico [36 500 acres] 24. Lake Mead Nevada Arizona [158 080 acres] 25. Noxon Rapids Reservoir Montana [7 700 acres] 96 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM O Neill Outside Radio is now REALTREE RADIO Check local radio stations in your area for REALTREE RADIO Listen on Listen nationally on Watch the radio show stream live on Facebook Saturdays... 4 00am to 6 00am Eastern time WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 97 JUST ENOUGH TIME LEFT TO TAKE A KID FISHING By O Neill Williams Summer is just about gone. So have you taken any kids fishing yet It may be that their dads aren t fishermen or maybe their dads do not even live at home. With a divorce rate pushing 50% and home family time at a low ebb a planned fishing trip with their buddies will light up some eyes and create smiles galore. Some might be in a day care center for the summer while the parents work. You never can tell. Anyway I m sure that with a little effort and a telephone call or two you can round up a small group for a trip to the local fishing hole. You can probably handle three or four can t you That won t be too many. Maybe you can get one or two of your fishing buddies to help. Since I live in Georgia I will focus this missive on the Peach State. However most of these tips will work anywhere. A COUPLE OF THINGS TO REMEMBER Be sure that the equipment works. Children have no patience or skill to deal with tangles backlashes or unworkable gear. The Georgia DNR actually has loaner programs to equip the needy. I m sure you can gather up some stuff between you and your friends. Secondly use live bait. With the absence of learned or practiced fishing techniques with plastics and such live bait is heartily suggested. The deal is that even if the fish aren t biting a sleeve of crickets a box or worms or a paper sack of spring lizards will entertain your wards for hours. A company in Madison GA has a product called Fisher s Choice 98 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM with product that you can buy online. It is little cans of dried crickets shrimp and worms. They work just like live bait and will be perfect for your little rascal fishermen. How about the destination Pick a state park by reaching out to the Georgia DNR. They have lakes at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center near Covington Georgia that are stocked heavily with catchable critters and are reserved just for children groups. Remember too you don t have to try for a state record Bass a few tugs from a bream or catfish will suffice nicely. Your best headquarters will be the bank of or pier on a pond. Boats are ill advised for this type of trip. Take a little grill and heat up hot dogs for lunch. The little fishermen will get hungry and will not want to stop fishing to eat. Lastly don t make it all day. A few hours one morning before it gets too hot will do. Four hours at the most will do nicely. KIDS NEED TO HAVE GREAT MEMORIES It s likely that the three or four children you sacrifice a morning for will never have gone fishing before and may not again until you take them. With a catch or two they ll proudly tell everyone at school when they return and will feel like their summer was worthwhile and that you thought they were worth it. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 99 PHOTO OF THE MONTH 100 HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF ISSUE XI ISSUE II ISSUE III THE SEEING IS BELIEVING SUNGLASSES REVIEW UTPOST WADE FISHING THE SURF THE NEW LAKE EFFECT ON FISHING WOMEN WITH WEAPONS WILLIE NELSON HEROES HOW TO KEEP A HUNT ING DO G IN SHAP E IN TH E OFFSEA SON ALL HAIL KING MACKEREL READING STREAMS HOW TO TRICK TOMS TALKING TURKEY RECIPES TAXIDERMY HUNTING AXIS DEER CATCHING CRAPPIE CATFISH RECIPES BETTER BANK FISHING PLUS FACEBOOK FLASHBACK & BLACKBERRY SMOKE They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GO AHEAD. CAST A LINE AND REEL THEM IN 101 102 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE OTHER FALL TRADITION For 39 years we have been keeping the Bird Hunting tradition alive by producing lasting memories at the Plantation. Explosive coveys outstanding dog work and up-scale accommodations are available just one hour east of Atlanta. Season runs Oct. 1- March 31 Come just once and you will be a customer for life 1161 Blackwell Rd Newborn GA 30056 (706) 557-0407 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 103 What one has not experienced one will never understand in print. Isadora Duncan P.O. Box 983 Reitz 9810 Free State Province South Africa Matt 27(0) 72 540 0057 Jacklyne 27(0) 82 091 5903 Fax 27(0) 86 538 3660 info likhulusafaris 104 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.GEORGIAALLIGATORHUNTING.COM (229) 251-9929 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 105 MICHIGAN U.P. GROUSE HUNTS & FISHING TRIPS These action-packed hunting & fishing trips are conducted in the game rich Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan at our Cast & Blast Lodge. We hunt on over a million acres of premier grouse habitat - recognized by many as the top grouse hunting destination in North America Both grouse and woodcock are plentiful in the surrounding aspen-filled forests. Fishing takes place on Lake Superior and Lake Gogebic the largest inland lake in Michigan. Lake Gogebic encompasses 13 380 acres with 38 miles of beautiful shoreline and boasts more state angler awards than any other lake in the Upper Peninsula. Species on Lake Gogebic include Northern Pike Walleye Perch and Smallmouth Bass. On Lake Superior the prized Lake Trout is the most abundant species and will be the primary species we will pursue. Coho Salmon is the next most abundant Rainbow Trout Brown Trout Chinook Salmon and Lake Herring are occasionally caught. CAST AND BLAST GROUSE HUNT AND FISHING PACKAGE 1750 per person (parties of 4 or more only 1500 per person). 5 full days of hunting and fishing - your choice. Hunters are welcome to bring their dogs with them or hire a guide. Upgrade to a fully guided trip for an additional 1000.00 per Group (includes dog handler trained pointers and fishing guide). MICHIGAN COMBO FISHING PACKAGE 1575 per person (parties of 4 or more only 1250 per person). 4 full days of semi-guided fishing on Lake Gogebic and then 1 day on a Lake Superior Charter Boat chasing Lake Trout and Salmon. Trip can be upgraded to fully guided for 200 per day INCLUDED IN ALL TRIPS Lodging in our resort which consists of 7 completely furnished cabins overlooking Lake Gogebic. All trips start with check in on Saturday afternoon and end with checkout on Friday morning. Each day starts with a continental breakfast a lunch at the lodge and a home style dinner each evening. 106 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 17 Crestliner Boats equipped with 90 HP motors. The closest airport is Duluth MN (2 hours from the camp). Corporate groups and family reunions welcome we can accommodate up to 30 people. Additional Activities o 4 public golf courses are located within a 30-45 minute drive from the resort o The Lac Vieux Desert Resort Casino is located in Watersmeet MI approxiately 40 miles from the resort HTTP CASTANDBLASTLODGES.COM PHONE (724)290-9338 WWW.GUNDOGBROKER.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 107 KAPRIVER OUTFITTERS PETER AND TERRY MARTIN 10 Erie Street Kapuskasing Ontario P5N 2C6 705-335-3163 Peter Martin pwmartin Kapriver Retrievers & Outfitters specializing in winter Timberwolf hunts Waterfowl & Bear Combo hunts as well as excellent Grouse Hunts over pointing dogs. We also train and sell started retrievers and pointing dogs. http index.html 108 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE BACK WOODS Do you have a funny hunting or fishing picture Do you have a joke that everyone should hear Email them to art WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 109 110 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM