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Description: Welcome to Esoteric Gazing! We have articles on Atlantis & Lemuria, Advanced Dowsing techniques, My Liquid Fish, Chaldean numerology, Healing your body, and much more!

Esoteric Gazing September 2017 Welcome to Esoteric Gazing We are delighted to have you joining us once again There have been many planetary events during the last weeks including the Total Solar Eclipse that was seen in the US. Did anyone get to witness it We d love to hear about your experience. This issue features some new contributors and we are excited to have them joining our family . Some of your favorites are returning as well and we appreciate the contributions of everyone. We appreciate all of our readers and strive to provide articles that are of interest to you. If you have a specific topic request please let us know. And we d love for you to follow our page on Facebook as well Find us at https esotericgazing . Thanks again for joining us You are appreciated more than you know. Pam Gillmore Co-Founder pamgi Nance Woods Co-Founder coachnancee Want to subscribe Just email us and we ll be glad to add you to the mailing list. And feel free to share the magazine link with your friends. 2 What s Inside..... Advanced Pendulum Dowsing by Heather Wilks Page 6 Dowsing is an ancient art that is a real life changer. Most people learn Yes No Dowsing which has so many practical applications. It is also the foundation to Advanced Dowsing which is used to change energy to bring healing to yourself others and animals. It can transform relationships situations and even the weather. Atlantis & Lemuria Latitudes and Longitudes by Tom T. Moore Page 10 There has been speculation about the very existence of the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria for literally hundreds of years. Yes they did exist but all records of their societies existence for over 50 000 years were destroyed with the exception of the writings of Plato and legends. Everything is Vibration By Faye Henry Page 14 And the human body is magnificent. It innately knows how to create what it needs to heal when we relax and put it in the midst of the right vibrations. I believe that right vibration is the magical mystical cosmic sound of the Paiste gongs when played from the heart. 3 My Liquid Fish--Change Made Simple by Jimmy Mack Page 17 By the time you are in this present moment it has passed. Ultimately we endeavor to create changes not just for some relief or wiggle room but for a resolution for whatever our dilemma or issue may be. The Spiritual Powers and Teachings of Crystals By Nicholas Pearson Page 24 The mineral kingdom has fascinated humankind since its earliest days. Archeological evidence suggests that early man used stone tools and revered unusual rocks and minerals sometimes even adorning themselves with it. Chaldean Numerology by Nance Woods Page 30 The recent solar eclipse brought out all sorts of comments from all types of people. One of my favorite came from a local pastor who was railing against astrology and then started in on the Chaldeans. He said The Chaldeans were the soothsayers seers and fortune tellers catering to the superstitions and superstitious then as millions still practice today. Psychosomatic Causes of Type 2 Diabetes by Evette Rose Page 33 Remember from the previous video I did about Psychosomatic Root Causes of Diabetes Type 1 explained that there are two types of diabetes and talked about Type 1. 4 Sophia Frequency and the Andromedans Concerning Earth by Lily Nature s Blessing Page 39 No secret we are in a spiral of continuous shifting. The next layer of shifting in human consciousness surfaces out of separation division of worlds. Reincarnation & Summer Re-Runs by Fran Szarnicki Page 45 I have a very dear friend who I met when I was 20something. Little did we know at this happenstance but our grandparents were best friends. Messages from Mother--I m not happy but I m not dying. By Mare Cromwell Page 50 Except from Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother Page All articles are copyright protected by the respective authors and remain the property of the author. Esoteric Gazing appreciates being allowed to share these articles with the readers. Should you wish to share any of the articles please contact the individual author for said permission. 5 Advanced Pendulum Dowsing By Heather Wilks Dowsing is an ancient art that is a real life changer. Most people learn Yes No Dowsing which has so many practical applications. It is also the foundation to Advanced Dowsing which is used to change energy to bring healing to yourself others and animals. It can transform relationships situations and even the weather. I encourage people in my classes to always check their Yes No Directions to determine that they re ready to dowse hydrated balanced and peaceful. Then ask permission before proceeding Can I Should I May I Sometimes it is necessary to use a dowsing protocol more than once often several times. We re yet to find out why some things work instantly while others take longer. It is important to trust the process. With Advanced Dowsing we take out what we don t want with our No Direction and bring in what is preferred with our Yes Direction. Begin with the pendulum swinging in the ready position. Usually that is forwards and backwards though that can vary depending on how people have been taught to dowse. To begin to change the energy for improvements state your intention and gently start to swing your pendulum in your No Direction. Once it develops just let it move at its own pace without force. Wait until it stops before going to the Yes Direction to bring in the change you re seeking. I encourage people to keep written records as a reminder of what they ve done. It s inspiring and it also keeps the conscious mind out of the way. 6 Example of a regular dowsing protocol Astrological Start the pendulum in your NO direction then let it swing of its own accord. Neutralising the negative effects of all astrological influences including the present stages of Mercury Retrograde. Wait until your pendulum stops. Start the pendulum in your YES direction then let it swing of its own accord for all of these steps. Transforming the energy to bring in the positive effects of the astrological alignments including Mercury Retrograde for beneficial outcomes on all levels. Thank you Wait until your pendulum stops. Example of an expanded dowsing protocol Start the pendulum in your NO direction then let it swing of its own accord. Neutralising the negative effects of the surrounding area any X-Factor black and other non-beneficial energies plus any negative thought forms limiting beliefs and any other negative interference. Wait until your pendulum stops. Start the pendulum in your YES direction then let it swing of its own accord for all of these steps. Transforming the energy to the most appropriate beneficial energy for my their our best possible future. 7 Rebooting me them us to restore original strands of DNA. Bringing my their our polarity and body magnetism into balance with the earth local positive energy creative force the elements and universal energy. Bringing me them us into the ideal frequency. Bringing family home and animals into the ideal frequency. Bringing projects business prosperity into the ideal frequencies. Bringing light and sound bodies into balance. Balancing the blood flow between the hemispheres of the brain s. Boosting blood flow to the pre-frontal cortex to heal and optimise mindbody functioning. Balancing right and left brain hemispheres. Balancing serotonin melatonin and related brain chemistries. Cleaning up brain barriers to use the ideal brain chemistry efficiently and effectively. Raising the Life Force to 100%. Raising Energy Levels to the safest level. Inviting the spirits of love gratitude forgiveness freedom peace joy cooperation appreciation hope and prosperity into my their our life. Placing a safe appropriate shield of protection around me them us property projects business finances and any other affected situations. 8 This or something better from now and into the future across all time dimensions space and reality magnified with the help of spiritual dowsers and the expertise of the best dowsing knowledge of all time. Thank you. Wait until the pendulum stops. Heather Wilks is a healing practitioner based in Melbourne Australia. She works with a number of modalities over Skype and Zoom. She offers Distant Remote Dowsing. Heather teaches Dowsing in groups. Her eBook Dowsing Heals covers everything from Basic to Advanced Dowsing with scripted protocols for specific situations. Heather s specialty lies in releasing emotional and physical pain as well as weight issues. She has found ways to lose weight and keep it off herself. She enjoys sharing her discoveries with clients in healing sessions via Skype. Integrated Healing Consultations FasterEFT style Tapping The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) Hypnotherapy Pendulum Dowsing To schedule private consultations via Skype Zoom for Stress Relief Emotional and Physical Pain or Weight Issues please contact Heather Wilks Email heather 9 Atlantis & Lemuria Latitudes & Longitudes BY TOM T. MOORE AUTHOR ATLANTIS & LEMURIA THE LOST CONTINENTS REVEALED COPYRIGHT 2017 There has been speculation about the very existence of the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria for literally hundreds of years. Yes they did exist but all records of their societies existence for over 50 000 years were destroyed with the exception of the writings of Plato and legends. The continent of Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean but most of it perished in an enormous natural disaster when a line of volcanoes bisecting the continent on top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge all erupted approximately 31 000 years ago. A few remnants remained--the Bahamas to the south a few islands off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire Bermuda and the Canary Islands. These islands were also wiped clean by the tsunamis that followed. There were seven other islands slightly to the west of the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that I ll cover below. Before the natural disaster the continent of Atlantis was in the shape of a parallelogram. To the east Atlantis came within 30 miles (48 kilometers) of the African Coast then named the Land of OZ. To the west it ran parallel approximately 100 miles (160 kilometers) off the North American coastline. Please keep in mind these latitudes and longitudes act as BOUNDARIES for the continent. The Atlantean Continent was contained within these boundaries. Northern edge Latitude 47 N Southern edge Latitude 30 N Southern tip Latitude 26 N 18 W. Longitude Western edge 75 - 80 W. Longitude Eastern edge 17 -18 W. Longitude 10 You can go to earthquakes map and place your cursor in the Atlantic and in the right hand lower corner the longitudes and latitudes will be displayed. Just move your cursor to the above coordinates to see Atlantis location. There are buttons at the top to zoom out or in as needed. The Atlantean Continent was about 10% larger than present-day Australia. Since the shape of the Atlantean Continent was a parallelogram let s take the 47 North Latitude first. If you were to draw a line across the Atlantic Ocean starting a little under the southern coast of Newfoundland to where it intersects 17 West Longitude that s as far to the east the continent extended. Then if you were to draw a line across the Atlantic at 30 North Latitude when it intersects 18 West Longitude you have three sides of the parallelogram. Where Latitude 47 North intersects 75 West Longitude this gives you the western point for the northern edge of the continent. Draw a line down parallel to the North American Continent curving along the Florida coast until it meets 26 latitude. That is the tail of the Atlantean Continent encompassing what we know as the Bahama Islands today. The tail began at the 30 North Latitude at approximately 77 West Longitude. When the Atlantean Continent sank it displaced an enormous amount of water resulting in all of the oceans of the world rising 160 feet (49 meters) destroying every single city town and village worldwide. Most of the records of the world were lost at that moment in history. The seven other islands previously mentioned included Poseidia round in shape and about the size of Cuba and located on a line to the east slightly above present day Boston. Aryan a little larger than the island of Hispaniola was 375 miles (603 km) to the south. Below Aryan there were five other islands--one so small that some accounts do not list it but it was inhabited. Over a long period of time Poseidia was inhabited by the Law of One people and Aryan and its island group by the Sons of Belial. Their dislike for each other reached a boiling point 12 500 years ago and they destroyed themselves in a horrific war where one-and-one-half million people died the first day. The islands sank into the Atlantic and the oceans of the world rose 41 feet (12.5 meters). This was when the story of Noah and the Ark actually took place. 11 The continent of Mu or Lemuria as it was also called was in the shape of a potato and about 12% larger than present day Australia. Before the sinking of the Atlantean Continent it was connected to what is now Japan but the rising seas broke the connection. It came within about 100 miles of present day Hawaii and for thousands of years the Lemurians vacationed there imprinting the islands with their energy. Here are the longitudes and latitudes for the continent of Mu or Lemuria. Northern edge Latitude 37 - 38 N Southern edge Latitude 14.5 N Southern Tip Latitude 12.5 N 130 E. Longitude Western edge 135 - 145 E. Longitude Eastern edge 180 -165 W. Longitude The northern edge of the continent varied between 37 and 38 Latitude North until it intersected with 135 East Longitude and turned down coming close to Hawaii. Then you have the southern edge of the Mu continent at 14.5 intersecting with 180 West Longitude. The northern edge of Mu at around 38 Latitude North intersected the western edge at around 145 Longitude to form the western edge and drawing a line down to 14.5 Latitude forming the western edge of the continent. Mu also had a short tail in the middle of the continent extending down to 12.5 Latitude North 130 East Longitude. The continent of Mu was an idyllic place to live for thousands of years. That ended approximately 7 500 years ago when the seven countries not only destroyed themselves with hydrogen type bombs but also broke apart the continent. And again millions of people perished all over the world when the oceans rose 170 feet (52 meters). Additionally it destroyed all the records kept in those cities and towns. Is it any wonder that people have doubted these continents existence when virtually all the records of their existence no longer exist Lastly I ve been told to tell you that we will never destroy ourselves again therefore we can learn the history of these two continents without fear of repeating ourselves. 12 Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series plus FIRST CONTACT Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted Best Self-Help Author for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter which can be subscribed to at 13 Everything is vibration And the human body is magnificent. It innately knows how to create what it needs to heal when we relax and put it in the midst of the right vibrations. I believe that right vibration is the magical mystical cosmic sound of the Paiste gongs when played from the heart. Modern science confirms what mystics and wise teachers from older cultures knew about harmonizing healing and expanding human consciousness. Life basically consists of sound. It is believed to be what brought into being all things in physical form and today it helps to maintain our very existence. Ancient civilizations used sound to heal and achieve balance within. We can do the same. The first legend about the gong is from Crete Island and Greek Mythology. The story goes that when Zeus was born the Idaean Dactyls spirits that were teachers of humanity for metallurgy and music beat on their shields to hide his cries and prevent his father Chronos (Saturn) from finding him and swallowing him as he had done with all his previous children. These shields were gongs and are shown in the archaeological museum in Heraklion City Crete Island. The oldest Greek gong in the form of a bronze drum that has been discovered so far dates back to 800 BC and there are indications for a linkage to the early Bronze Age in Crete island around 3200 BC which connects the gong with the primary form of the holy Palladium that is a symbol of protection and happiness for the city that possessed it. Today having a gong in the home also brings happiness and a very high vibration that helps to maintain health... mental emotional and physical 14 health. Why....because if we are in the right vibration our bodies relax and release non beneficial emotions and come into balance and harmony. When this happens healing can occur. Healing sound can be produced in many ways...the one I like the best and find most beneficial is the Paiste Gongs. Second to that is the human voice. The great thing about the voice is it is always with you cost nothing extra and is an amazing tool for healing and maintaining health and balance in your life. And you do not need to be a singer or musician to use your voice or to play the gongs I d like to offer a view for your consideration..... you are a powerful energy being your love and your energy is powerful and can make a difference. Everything in the universe is energy. Material objects are made of microscopic particles vibrating at such fast rates that they appear solid. Yet they are only vibration as are you The earth has a natural healthy vibration that is created by the energy of the soil plants and animals. Animals play many roles when it comes to energy of the planet. Their energy fields are far more expansive than ours a dog s field is approximately ten times that of a human s. A horse s will encompass a large arena and a cat s will fill an entire property. The energy of wildlife is especially important to the survival of the planet and we will do well to respect and protect them and their environment. The energy of plants and flowers create frequencies that maintain stability and promote healing also. If we can keep the body vibration high enough and the tissue well oxygenated we can be free of disease. Utilize the vibration of nature of music and of love to keep your frequency high and create complete health. We affect the vibration of the Earth and nature also. We receive from the earth and the earth receives from us. When we feel scattered and chaotic we transmit those frequencies to all the people and animals around us and to the earth. By being joyful and at peace with ourselves and those around us we can help heal the earth as 15 we heal ourselves. You are a powerful being so put out a good vibration There is really nothing to do nothing to become nothing to change into.....there is only to be. You already have complete health within you and when you just totally relax and be still....your body mind and spirit go to work to bring that forth. So listen to gongs or to music that just makes your heart soar relax and bring forth the perfect being of love that resides within each of us. It can be just that easy. Good vibrations help to bubble the issues right out of your tissues so the real you can shine forth in love. So relax...cease all judgement focus on your breath let the mind be still (not always easy yet if you focus on your breath the thoughts will slow and finally still) and let those vibrations of pure divine LOVE that are within you increase in their strength and power until they are the most powerful vibration in and around you and enjoy life. Enjoy being you. Forgive yourself for all things you think you have done wrong and know that each experience enhances us in some way and gives us wisdom to make better choices in the future. Vibration and consciousness are not the same thing yet they go hand in hand. You cannot raise your vibration without raising consciousness and when you raise your consciousness you also raise vibrations. So get in some good vibrations and enjoy life Give those around you the gift of your highest vibration and it will be the greatest gift you can give Faye Henry is often described by those who attend a gong session as a cosmic musician. She plays a number of fun instruments to create a cosmic song that joyfully vibrates each cell in a person s body. It feels like a sonic massage penetrating into around and through her audiences. Faye intuitively plays Gongs and other instruments creating unique sound massages. No two sonic massages are the same as she plays intuitively for the audience in front of her in that moment. Watch her website for Learn to Play Gong events as well as Sound Immersion weekends. Or contact her about one in your area. Want to have your own gong Faye sells them and would be delighted to work with you to make that special gong be yours email Faye 706-857-6300 16 My Liquid Fish Change Made Simple By Jimmy Mack By the time you are in this present moment it has passed. Ultimately we endeavor to create changes not just for some relief or wiggle room but for a resolution for whatever our dilemma or issue may be. I do not believe in posing questions. I believe questions can create more questions and keep you curled up on the couch without resolution. My clients often ask But why Jimmy why In return I then ask them if they would really like to go down that road or just change it. Often you can just see them squirm. What you are embarking on within these pages is the furthest you can get from talk therapy. It is actually empowering you to be responsible for you and to give you magic wand powers to CHANGE your situations yourself other people places things pets and situations. Whether we are talking about health or your pet or a legal case or money it s all energy. If you hear your car tire going flat you don t pose a question about what caused it or ponder why it happened for hours (although some of you may -)). You either change it with the spare have someone else change it or call road side assistance period. All else is just silly and a waste of time and will not get the tire changed. To tell everyone in the car to ignore it and continue onward until the tire is gone and sparks are flying off the metal wheel would be madness. Above all else keep things moving forward in your life. Even the simplest beginning changes can create and lead to bigger more profound and magical changes. If Change scares you stop reading and turn back now because is all about change. 17 I believe the Universe conspires with us. I have felt and seen the observer in the room enough times to know that someone or something is listening and assisting us with changes. If you would like to assign meaning to them like Angels or guides or loved ones that have gone before us that is fine too. Often they are there but I believe it is the holy spirit the cosmic soup the wind beneath the dove s wings and that physics stuff in the in-between that can create change and dare I say magic. As always I am stating for spirit to show us tell us and guide us through. It is important for our lives so that we can create more harmony balance and healthy well-being in ourselves all of our people places things pets and situations. No other person is thinking in your mind but you. In fact it is seldom the situation but how we think about it that can stick us block us and hang us up in the stuck and overwhelm. Now if you are hearing voices I hope they re good ones. Test yourself and if they re not clear them -). I have assembled this article as a guide to get you started on methods and words that may help contribute to you actually working on and or clearing yourself. Often we are eaten up with the negative from childhood friends family or any number of sources. If you re old enough to read this you re old enough to take responsibility for your stuff and change a flat tire instruct someone on how to do it or at least call road side service and watch them do it. There are a number of authors and books out there including mine but not limited to Louise Hay Vianna Stibal and Wayne Dyer among others. Their books and manuals are a culmination of decades of what as practitioners we have all seen time and time again as reoccurring themes with various issues. More often than not the words in this will resonate with you and your issue. Fishing them out could make a difference for you a loved one a patient or client who would experience relief if we can just get to that root cause and change the pattern. The patterns that causes the most dis-ease can be can be anger but more likely resentments. Criticisms guilt punishment and shame can also create pockets that are holding our challenge in place. Of all the ones I have seen when comparing drama trauma mystery intrigue chaos upsets and all the aforementioned upsets are the most likely. When you look at how you believe think know or feel about something that is bug18 ging you more often than not it is feeling. Therefore you will have a feeling of upset about blank. I have studied vast methods over decades appeared on various radio and video shows given lectures workshops etc. so the above and below is what I have seen that could possibly work for you if you will fish using daily. I believe it is faster deeper and cheaper than anything else out there that I have seen or experienced. I also believe it can change anything with fast and permanent results. Believe you me if there was anything else out there I would be doing that and not even bothering to write about this. If you read my bio you will see all the modalities I have studied completed and mastered and there is quite a lot of them. I often tell clients that I spent decades of my life and six figures so that you don t have to. You will want to be hydrated and have a topical list of stuff to work on which can be health relationships money job stuff etc. If you already muscle test that s great but if not you can stand facing due North in strong mountain pose -- arms at your side with your feet hip-width apart. In a relaxed state you can say my name is________________. You should feel a slight forward motion which signifies a yes positive affirmative. If you say my name is Nemo the fish you should feel a pull backwards which signifies a no negative weak. You then will start with 3 basic statements that I start out with every morning of my life and they are I am clear I am unclear and I am running forward. We will cover the meaning and significance of these statements in the pages to follow. if you do not feel movement at all you may be dehydrated (drink a big glass of water and wait a few minutes). Or if you are on prescriptions from a psychiatrist the movements can feel very muted but that is normal when you are taking prescriptions. The converse is true of my Yoga airyfairy clients that look like willow trees moving in the wind No matter what happens it s ok. If you need a spiritual push reach out to me 19 info The Power of Three And what they mean. Keep in mind if you wanted to show me something on your computer you would have to turn the computer on then go to Google then go to the website where the item is you want to show me. Say for example EBAY then put in say Jewelry then search. Doing these 3 things below is the spiritual equivalent of those steps. Once you have these in proper alignment you will get true correct answers to your statements. You may not always like the answers or responses but they will usually be highly accurate. I am Clear Entities known and unknown named and unnamed curses hexes spells psychic leaches the fallen all lost souls hooks energy vampires soul fragments vows of celibacy vows of poverty returned soul fragments from others aliens alien probes oaths vows contracts fealties. I am Unclear This should test as NO if it is Yes fish it out to No. It contains every evil negative thing that was left out of I am Clear (think Halloween horror movie trailers and you will realize it is the super negative). I am running forward Like a car that you put in drive you need to be running forward to make forward progress. This signifies that you are at least in motion in your fish20 ing boat when it comes to body mind spirit health relationships business and changing things deleting the negative and downloading the positive during this session you are starting NOW Again standing and facing due North and hydrated have a list handy of stuff you want to work on or clear. The list can be health mental spiritual emotional relationships money work or topics like depression brain fog heart disease money a legal case writing your novel etc. So standing due North state I am clear and if it tests yes or pulls you forward go to the next statements. If it tests no or pulls you back you will fish by pointing your finger towards the wall or window in front of you (like hey look at that whale ). Start from the earth or bottom left and slowly move towards the middle of the wall or back of the fish then slowly trace towards the mouth heading to the right then it s under belly then wind up pointing to the heavens top left of the tail then drop your hand to your side. Wait until you feel a drift forward and you will know that you are now clear. You need only say this out loud once because they hear you It won t matter if your eyes are open or closed left handed or right handed. If something tests No Weak or negative and it s a good thing we don t have I usually fish it up from the top left or heaven positive strength and wait until it shifts or changes and I feel the drift coming in pulling me forward. If something tests yes strong positive and it s a bad thing we don t want to have I usually fish it up from the bottom left which is earth negative weakness to the heavens or until it shifts or changes and I feel the drift of it leaving me. 21 ACTUAL FISHING Another brief sample and the highlights Point towards the wall like Hey look that whale Bottom left is Earth Negative Weakness and move your pointing finger slowly to delete a negative Bottom left to middle back of fish face of fish under belly cross original line wind up top left wall REVERSE that movement to bring in the good stuff Heaven Positive Strength Start at heaven positive strength slowly come to the middle of the wall trace the under belly of the fish then mouth then back and cross your original line only to end up on the bottom left of the wall and feel free to put your pointing finger back in your pocket holster like a wand or light saber (remember this is a form of magic if you will -)) I am clear needs to be fished to yes if not already. If it is already leave it alone I am unclear needs to be no if not already. if it is no already do nothing and move on I am running forward needs to be yes if not already if not start from the bottom left and fish to yes. If it s already YES then keep moving 22 Weird stuff Some things take longer than others so be patient Side to side movements - left is abandonment issues right is control issues. Swirling motions - like a washing machine or spinning top are usually DNA pieces that are leaving you. Hard pulls forward or back when we work play together are basically the holy spirit or God stuff and often then can feel REALLY intense and magnetic like you are stuck forward or back. BE Patient and wait until they are through processing and allow either pulls forward or back to wind up your body and drop you back off in a place of neutrality or in the middle where you started. If you are working with eyes or ears for instance the changes may take longer and sway may take place twice because you have two There are gentle nuances to all of this and you may feel STRONG pulls forward or back or side to side that feel stuck. Once you have these magical 3 Clear YES Unclear NO and Running forward YES then you can make statements about your list and you should get an accurate measurement or test correctly as to whether you have something bad or lack something good . If you already muscle test with your fingers that s great. I like standing sway testing and you could also use a pendulum. Goldylocks Productions Presents The Jimmy Mack Healing Show LIVE every Tuesday 12noon ET on Blog Talk and IHeart Radio . Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coach who has taken completed and even mastered a variety of healing modalities. After a near death experience he was shown and developed a simpler way to create healing and profound changes now known as My Liquid Fish Change Made Simple . He works with clients in person on the phone and over Skype worldwide accessing energetic powers and cocreating changes that you can actually feel. http 23 The Spiritual Powers and Teachings of Crystals By Nicholas Pearson The mineral kingdom has fascinated humankind since its earliest days. Archeological evidence suggests that early man used stone tools and revered unusual rocks and minerals sometimes even adorning themselves with it. The lives of humankind both ancient and modern are inextricably linked with the mineral kingdom we live on a planet comprised of hard rock and stone and many a modern convenience makes use of the gifts of rocks and minerals in order to support comfort health and innovation. Apart from the utilitarian applications of mineral substances we continue to use crystals minerals and gemstones for adornment and to confer spiritual gifts as well. These spiritual powers embodied by stones are owed to the innate perfection of minerals. Minerals are defined as highly ordered solid substances with regular compositions of inorganic origins. All minerals are innately crystalline thanks to their high degrees of order and symmetry. Rocks on the other hand are aggregates of one or more minerals and are thusly crystalline on one level or another. Although ancient people may not have been able to effectively analyze the structure composition and other characteristics of precious stones they still knew them to be special if not somehow sacred. Archetypal Roles of Rocks Wherever humankind has encountered precious and common gems alike these sacred stones are usually described with startlingly similar themes. For example obsidian a natural glass formed when lava cools too quickly for crystals to grow is found in regions worldwide where there has been volcanic activity. Ancient people prized this mysterious stone for its predisposition to break into sharp edges as well as for its characteristic reflective properties. As a result no matter where or when obsidian has been used by ancient people the same archetypal roles are evidenced in 24 the archeological record. Cutting edges such as knives spear points and arrowheads abound while obsidian mirrors have been unearthed in locations as far apart as the Anatolian peninsula and Central America. The widespread cross-cultural uses of gemstones hint at their spiritual teachings and healing qualities. Continuing with the example of obsidian its sharp incisive quality translates to being very protective it is an ideal stone for the spiritual warrior. More importantly it helps the mind to become as deft as the sharpest blade for it engenders the ability to cut through illusion fear and doubt. The reflective nature of the obsidian mirror reminds spiritual seekers that we must confront the world for what it truly is. This can mean honestly peering into the recesses of the mind where the shadow self lies in wait. The obsidian mirror also awakens the inner vision to look beyond material reality. In doing so we are brought closer to the threshold between ordinary consciousness and the abode of all things spiritual. At this liminal zone is where we receive spiritual initiation only then can we cross the boundary between worlds. Obsidian confers these teachings through the symbolic language of form and application through the aeons that it has co-created with humanity. In a similar fashion many crystals relay their teachings throughout the world s history. It would be difficult to overlook the common themes that disparate cultures attributed to stones such as rock crystal jade carnelian diamond or emerald. The mineral kingdom speaks a language so fundamental that it transcends the boundaries of language age and culture. Only by cross-examining the same stone from many perspectives can we really see just how universal its gifts truly are. Our ancestors learned to speak the language of stone through trialand-error. The curative powers of gems may have been reliant upon the doctrine of signatures wherein the appearance or other quality of a substance bears a resemblance to a condition or body part that it thought to heal. Myths surrounding rocks and minerals also provided much insight into the lessons and healing qualities embodied within the mineral kingdom. Today we can take the best and most consistent of these messages and apply them to our personal relationship with our most beloved crystals. 25 How Crystals Work The world in which we live is awash in vibration. Living tissue inanimate rocks and everything in-between produces its own signature energy field. These fields are comprised of electromagnetism and they expand in all directions at once at the speed of light. Some of these energy fields are well documented by science including the electric and magnetic fields produced by the heart and brain (which are the primary measurable elements of the human aura) as well as the deleterious energy fields produced by some electronics and other modern conveniences. However every single substance action or through has its own energy field. These fields are carriers of information and they interact with one another whenever they meet. Crystals are special among material substances because of their high degrees of order symmetry and coherency. A crystal is defined as a solid substance with regular composition and a symmetrical arrangement of its constituent molecules atoms or ions. This internal framework is known as a crystal lattice. The lattice and therefore its components is responsible for the physical chemical and optical properties of a crystal. The subtle energies are naturally determined by the crystal lattice too. Crystals of all sorts are capable of reflecting refracting transducing (or translating) storing retrieving receiving transmitting amplifying and cohering energy or information. Each of these is a function of the crystal s inner geometrical arrangement. Because crystalline materials such as rocks and gemstones exhibit such high degrees of perfection they produce orderly energy fields. This means that rocks and minerals function as solid-state oscillators as their crystalline structure and unique compositions enable them to resonate at an exact range of frequencies thereby broadcasting this energy wherever they are placed. The human energy field is subject to change according to mood diet environment mental and emotional habits and even the people around you. Our energies fluctuate measurable and I would wager that our subtle energies-- those that cannot yet be measured by science-change even more readily. This means that our state of being can be easily influenced by all those factors to which you are exposed. Crystals however only ever broadcast their fundamental signals. For this reason they 26 can entrain our own energy fields through the regularity and consistency of their own energies. This means that wearing carrying or even being near your favorite crystals promotes positive changes at the immaterial energetic level. These changes can first be experienced as subtle shifts in mood perception or as changes on the spiritual or intuitive level of our makeup. Wherever there are positive changes at these levels there are also shifts in our biochemistry. Positive psychological states rely upon different hormones than negative ones changes in our biochemistry have demonstrable effects on our physiological process too. Thus crystals and gemstones can offer help on virtually every level of our being. To understand the depth of a stone s gifts one would need to learn how to interpret its composition morphology formation process and other properties. These properties often run much deeper than others such as color which accounts for only a small fraction of a stone s net effects. In sifting through these properties you ll find that silica has an expansive quality where iron is grounding you will also experience chrome-bearing gems as uplifting to the heart while manganese-rich minerals might soothe emotional trauma. Minerals belonging to the cubic crystal system are earthy and stabilizing whereas triclinic crystals can help you reinvent yourself and see from an entirely new perspective. Although few crystal teachers healers and writers have explored this topic at any great length to date you can look for connections as you experience the energy of crystals firsthand. In my college years I spent several years working at an earth science museum it housed an impressive mineral collection and the director allowed me unprecedented access to its specimens for personal study. At that stage in my life I had been collecting rocks and minerals for over a decade but my primary interest in them was spiritual. Although I ve always been a science fan this opportunity granted me a deeper understanding of mineral science. I noticed that when I read books on crystal healing authors from radically different backgrounds would often describe gemstones with similar structures or compositions with strikingly similar language. I noticed trends among these decidedly unscientific works and it helped me uncover that there are patterns presented by the composition geometry and 27 other properties intrinsic to each stone. Even when we consider the distant past ancient people often attribute properties to stone that can be explained by these scientific properties even though they had no way of determining what stones were from or what their crystal system might have looked like. Moving Towards a Deeper Relationship with Stones Although there is a rich history of using gemstones and a model that explains the mechanisms for their use based on their scientific properties the truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all list of crystal properties. Even two specimens of the same mineral species will have minor variations on a microscopic level just as no two snowflakes are alike. The same holds true for human beings. We are all undergoing our own growth processes each one complete with its own obstacles lessons and rewards. It is simply unrealistic to expect that you will have identical results from using lapis lazuli as I will. Although there are outcomes that are more or less universal we may experience these gifts in radically different ways. Even though the overall energy of lapis remains unchanged our energy field may implement the positive changes catalyzed by this gemstone in unique ways. At the end of the day the very best way to learn about what your stones offer is to sit back in a quiet place and explore them. Get to know them visually as you inspect them from every angle. Feel their surfaces and sense the weight of the stone in your hands. Close your eyes and tune in to the energy of your chosen crystal and you may be surprised at what you find. Perhaps your inner awareness will speak to you in visual symbols that can be translated to understand the gifts your stone offers. Maybe you ll be subtly guided to place the stone somewhere on your body. Whatever comes don t judge it simply allow it to unfold. Ultimately all spiritual practice should have a practical outcome. Crystal healing should be no different. Only by forging a deeper relationship with these crystalline beings can we truly apply the lessons that they have in store for us. Learning that herderite supports your spiritual evolution or that chrysoprase heals a broken heart might point you towards finding the right stone for your life. However unless you can truly learn to appreciate the stone s effects and apply them in a pragmatic way they are nothing more than idealized definitions. By forging a relationship with your 28 crystals you are inviting them to revitalize and reorganize your very being. Through connecting more deeply to the mineral kingdom we allow the stones of the earth to change the fabric of our lives for the better. Nicholas Pearson has been immersed in all aspects of the mineral kingdom for more than 20 years. He began teaching crystal workshops in high school later studying mineral science at Stetson University while pursuing a degree in music. A teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho he offers crystal and Reiki classes throughout the United States. He is the author of The Seven Archetypal Stones Crystals for Karmic Healing and Crystal Healing for the Heart. He lives with his partner in Orlando Florida. Nicholas can be reached via 29 Chaldean Numerology By Nance Woods Chaldean Numerology The recent solar eclipse brought out all sorts of comments from all types of people. One of my favorites came from a local pastor who was railing against astrology and then started in on the Chaldeans. He said The Chaldeans were the soothsayers seers and fortune tellers catering to the superstitions and superstitious then as millions still practice today. Now don t start thinking I m anti-religion. I just find it interesting that people tend to put their own spin on things. With its beginnings in roughly 4000 BC Chaldean numerology was the ancestor of and basis for the spiritual sciences of the Hebrew Kabbalah mystics their sacred alphabet and their science of numbers. What we have learned is that the Hebrew Kabbalah mystics were not numerologists but rather spiritual scientists engaged in the unveiling of the relationship between numbers sound syllables and the creative power and energy that resonates and flows out from their sacred names and the flame letters of the Hebraic sacred alphabet. Chaldean numerology was also the forerunner of the language science and philosophy of the Greeks and was invaluable to scholars such as Pythagoras who seriously and intensely studied the spirituality metaphysics numerology and astronomy of the Chaldean priest scientists. Two of the greatest mistakes ever made in the history of numerology occurred with two faults assumptions by modern numerologist. They were first the presumptuous and blatant misidentification of Pythagoras as the father of modern numerology which he was not and secondly an erroneous declaration that the so-called modern number system which was supposedly developed by Pythagoras was the original system of numerol30 ogy for the west which it was not. These false assumptions caused the introduction of the system of numbers with incorrect formulas and equations that has led not only to the perpetuation of inappropriate and inaccurate calculations of the numbers of your name but to misinterpretations of the vibrational patterns of your life s design and blueprint. Chaldean numerology is based on the vibrational patterns of sound syllables whereas the western version of numerology is not. Chaldean numerology is an ancient science of numbers which says that you are born with a set of unique numerical values that represent vibrational patterns which have definable and describable meanings. The numbers of your name and birthdate can show you a design and blueprint that reveal the potential your life holds and describe both the possibilities that are available to you and the choices that can lead to your greatest success. The Chaldean Numerology system takes both your name and birth-date into consideration. The analysis of your name under Chaldean Numerology system uses the name you are most known by instead of your original name given at birth (a requirement of the Pythagorean system). However I find it interesting to do an analysis on both names to see how the path might have changed. In the Chaldean Numerology system the numbers only go from 1 to 8 and not 1 to 9 - this means the transposition of the numbers assigned to the alphabet is different than in the Pythagorean counterpart. Under the Chaldean Numerology system it isn t enough to know what the single numbers mean. One must also know what the compound or double numbers mean is well. The single Chaldean Numerology number 31 simply represents the physical outward appearance of a person s name whereas the compound Chaldean Numerology number represents the deeper metaphysical hidden influences or forces behind the name. Although the name adds up to a single num-ber the name also generally has three compound numbers-- in the first name in the middle name and in the last name. Once the physical (single number) and metaphysical (compound number) aspects of your name have been determined the next important step is your date of birth. Your date of birth means the day of the month you were born under for it too has its own occult symbology and significance as well as the year you were born. Your date of birth is extremely important because it is unchangeable and therefore a constant like the needle pointing north on a compass. A person may undergo a series of name changes over the years because of marriage adoption and the like but the birth date remains the same. Name changes result in a change in vibration for the person. Many times we hear of couples who wed after numerous years together only to have the husband complain she s not the girl I married . No she isn t. You changed her name and now she has a new vibration. And that vibration takes 7 years to grow into. If it often wise to have a numerology reading done prior to changing a name You may be better off keeping the name you currently use. Nan has trained over the years in many disciplines and has over 40 years of experience in spiritual healing. She is an ordained minister Certified My Liquid Fish practitioner Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Seichim Karuna Munay-Ki Practitioner Certified Circle Leader for The One Command Numerologist Reflexologist and Nutritionist. She brings a joyous heart-filled experience to each person she helps. She is driven to assist each person achieve their highest & best results. Visit her website at Follow her on Facebook at NanceeB Wellness. 32 We are pleased to continue our feature--Ask Evette Rose. Each issue Evette will answer questions regarding your health. Plus there will be a link for you to watch videos on her site that are just for our readers If you have an issue that you d like for Evette to address please email us and we ll get the question to Evette. Her book is available for purchase as well. Simply follow this link and make your purchase. Evette is also doing an interview on each topic that she covers. Watch her videos at 33 Psychosomatic Root Causes of Diabetes Type 2 Welcome to Ask Evette Rose. Todays topic is the Psychosomatic Root Causes of Diabetes Type 2. Remember from the previous video I did about Psychosomatic Root Causes of Diabetes Type 1 explained that there are two types of diabetes and talked about Type 1. In this article and video which you can watch at we discuss the psychosomatic root causes of diabetes type 2 . When someone has Type 2 the pancreas actually still produces insulin. However the body does not produce enough or it s not able to use it effectively in the way that it is designed to normally use it. So if you missed the article or video on where we covered Diabetes type 1 then please do watch it or read the article as the psychosomatic root causes of diabetes type 1 and 2 are slightly different. Now let s look at the psychosomatic patterns behind this condition The body does not produce enough insulin or is not able to use it effectively and in the Metaphysical Anatomy language that tells me that a person who has type 2 diabetes perhaps felt stuck in a family or social work dynamic in their life where he or she was not sure who were healthy people and unhealthy people for them. This could be a result of a conflict in values battle between this person s parents when they were growing up. Perhaps both parents wanted to project their own version of what was right and what was wrong. The mother and father in this case could have 34 had conflicting values and belief systems also confused the child (in this case the child or person who developed the type 2 diabetes). If I explain myself in the Metaphysical Anatomy language the body didn t know how to use the insulin effectively which represents the conflict between the parents. The child needs the parents (the body needs the insulin) however there a great deal of confusion and stress associated with who to side on or believe which relates back to the body not using or recognizing the insulin effectively. Also in this person s life they have felt under attack by their external circumstances and conflict in the house which might not always necessarily be a result from the parents direct behavior and conflict but more so from external circumstances that they were not able to control. This means events taking place in their environment that caused them a great deal of distress and they didn t have coping tools or full understanding how to communicate how they were feeling at the time. Perhaps they also didn t know how to deal with their external circumstances in a healthy and emotionally effective way. They are either being overly controlling in their life and they sabotage their life meaning they only feel joy when they control everything around them. If they are not in control enough they sabotage and sacrifice their joy to bring others joy and happiness. I have also seen patterns in students and client who experienced great shock in their life (when I say shock I mean a traumatic event that they didn t heal) and feeling completely out of control emotionally as a result. Also someone couldn t process the death of a loved one or feeling helpless to comfort someone who was going through great deal of loss in their life. Something such as an event or person took the joy right out of their life. It begs the question Who or what did you lose that was valuable to you What did you lose (this could be a person or circumstances) that gave you joy Now from what I have also learned when working with my students and clients is that many of them have reported that stress was the main issue in their life when they were diagnosed with diabetes. They also reported that the stress was due to feeling out of control fighting against someone or circumstances that caused them to experience great stress. This also includes being overwhelmed with responsibility and having a lack of control over certain people and circumstances. Often there is a trauma related 35 to the death of a loved one that has never been processed. If you are challenged by this ailment then you may have a deep unmet need for love and nurturing and feel that if you accept responsibilities on behalf of others you will receive the love that you are searching for (work for love). You seem to feel unfulfilled with what you have accomplished in life realizing that you may have missed out on your life s purpose because you were distracted by a fear of success. You feel that you do not always have enough of what you need in life. It is as if you are always lacking and searching for something. This could often be an ancestor who lost a child and they were never able to process the loss of that child and part of them died with the child. This could also be related to someone who lost a whole family their identity was connected to the family. With no family they feel they have no identity. You may only feel joy when you are in control of everything around you. If you are not in control you may sabotage and sacrifice your joy in order to bring joy and happiness to others. This stems from a deep mistrust of other s abilities and intentions to look after and provide for you. You may feel If I am in charge then everything will be fine. Your support structure may have crumbled at a very early age and it was up to you to create your own survival strategies. You often communicate with a defensive tone as you are always on guard ready to defend your emotionally vulnerable heart. You may have been a part of a family that suppressed your freedom to experience life freely. You may feel robbed of your innocence and been pushed into a role that deprived you of joy. You were made to feel guilty for having needs and if your needs were met it was often with punishment abuse or criticism. Did a parent go through a trauma that affected you during your childhood Did a parent experience a period of trauma This could include a situation that challenged their happiness such as a death of a loved one or abuse. Was your need for love and comfort met by a parent s depressed state sadness or anger This pattern could result in self-punishing cycles in your life where you sabotage goals and relationships. It is important to explore the difference between your identity and the parent who experienced the trauma. 36 Often a traumatic and stressful incident took place just before the diabetes started however there is another bigger trauma that took place in your life childhood that needs to be explored first. A more recent issue only added to an earlier existing trauma and may have been the tip of the iceberg that kick-started the onset of diabetes. You may have an ancestry line that has suffered great depression loss of control or different types of abuse. Also on a side note Indigenous people are prone to Diabetes as their bodies don t have the proper enzymes to digest all the sugar that they received from westerners. Points that you can start to explore and ask yourself to understand the reason why this medical condition is challenging you so much. The experiences and learning curves to take from this condition is to learn how to have healthy boundaries not to tolerate people s aggression and even abusive behavior towards to you. It s OK to not always be in control. Ask yourself what will in my life will change that I do not want to change if I finally stopped being in control of everything Why am I pushing happiness out of my life What happened during times when I was happy Did bad or stressful things take place Do you perhaps have a negative association with joy and happiness My Message Life is meant to be lived not controlled. If you control a natural process too much you sabotage and destroy the joyous essence of it that was created and designed by the laws of nature for you to enjoy. You can also watch the Ask Evette and until next time. Much love Evette Rose Rose videos at 37 Esoteric Gazing Extends congratulations to the Dowsers Unlimited group in The Villages Florida on being presented with the 2017 Outstanding Chapter Award from the American Society of Dowsers and President Mary Pedi on receiving the 2017 Leadership Award We are very excited for you and proud to be associated with this fine organization NanceB Wellness Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach Certified My Liquid Fish Practitioner Ordained Minister Certified Circle Leader for The One Command Energy Worker Nutritional Support Sessions by Phone or Skype New clients welcome Email coachnancee 38 Sophia Frequency and the Andromedans Concerning Earth by Lily Nature s Blessing No secret we are in a spiral of continuous shifting. The next layer of shifting in human consciousness surfaces out of separation division of worlds. Wisdom comes from understanding and mastering duality. From Duality consciousness evolves and healing happens. Many of you know about my passion of traveling to sacred locations. This summer Spirit guided me to Bulgaria in the old town of Nessebar. We got there in the afternoon. There were still tourists visiting the old town so we chose to have dinner overlooking the beautiful black sea. After the crowds dissipated I started the sacred scouting. We found the ruins of what looked like a very ancient church. I felt like a kid so excited to have discovered a mysterious place that emanated spiritual power. I was like what is this I heard some giggles and followed the giggles. There were kids playing and taking selfies where the altar once was. Suddenly I felt heat and I thought there must be a steam bath or hot spring around. I climbed the stairs of the altar curiously looking for where the heat was coming from. As I was approaching the main altar the heat was increasing. I was really expecting to see hot springs. I could swear that there were hot springs. I touched the stones and they were emanating heat. I felt heat all over my body. So much Energy in the form of fire element 39 Spirit warns us about the element of fire. We need the balance the fire if we don t know how to handle it we either get burned out or have a heat stroke . The church is located at the center of the ancient city and it is a strong vortex of energy. Vortexes of energy speak to us in profound ways. I was called to this place to discover the ancient knowledge that wanted to surface during these times and share it. As I was tuning into this vortex I looked around and saw two women who were touching the stones. They were so graceful or at least their energy read grace that I thought they were ancient Goddesses. I realized I was not alone. We are never alone. More sisters are called to spread the sacred message of Sophia. Sensitives and Earth Angels are called to bring back humanity into balance. There is division between male and female left and right yin and yang. Women need to work on bringing back common sense and balance through wisdom and harmony not by channeling anger. Anger has its place because anger makes things move around but anger can be destructive when becomes excessive. We have to tap into the wisdom of Sophia to channel strength through compassion and wisdom. We need heart and mind cooperating. At first I didn t know what this place was. I usually get called by Spirit and later find out why the call. As you leave the ruins there is some information about this place and I found out those were the ruins of St Hagia Sophia Church. Whoa Immediately my mind connected this place with Hagia Sophia in Turkey we visited a few years ago. Sophia The Goddess of Wisdom and Rebirth 40 Hagia Sophia means Holy Wisdom This is exactly what humanity needs right now in order to ascend Holy Wisdom Sophia Nessebar one of the oldest towns in Europe and holds the spirit of different ages Thracians Hellenes Romans Slavs Byzantines and Bulgarians. The heat I was experiencing got my attention because we are experiencing so much heat between masculine feminine. It is a battle since ancient times that is taking place between both energies. And this is happening within us. As I travel through the world I still see in the eastern countries the domination of patriarchy. At the same time I see in the western society angry women propagating division and hatred towards men. There are feminist programs out there that promote the feminine we must be very careful not to fall out of balance by dominating or ruling man. Sad but true. Fortunately there is an awakening happening to heal this division. We are reminded to remain grounded and aligned with Gaia-Sophia the divine being embodied as the Earth. We are reminded about respect a true wise woman who knows how to honor and respect a man and a man who knows how to honor and respect a woman. And it all comes down to respecting and honoring yourself first. Humility is the highest form of wisdom. Sophia is described as pure spirit the wisdom of God the feminine aspect of God. It has been such a crazy ride since the presidential elections in the USA. The dirty ego battle between the feminine and masculine is sort of insane. It has been going on for eons now it has come to the surface in order to heal and bring closure. 41 I say let the man be a man and let a woman be a woman. Equality yes in the highest sense of the word. Sophia teaches not to eat our truth by either remaining silent or getting angry out of control. Instead tune into the heart tune into your intuition focus on solutions find your compassion and operate from there. The feminine pain is getting healed by going though and honoring the pain making sure we are not becoming the pain. A wise woman will serve will heal will bring harmony and peace and will embody compassion and grace. It is time for the feminine to regain its true power. Feminine was suppressed for so long. The only way to heal the feminine however is by being assertively compassionate and not angry out of control. By being angry at men and preaching anger does not make us more spiritual as women. We are all on our journey and it is the same journey of evolution and growing our wisdom. However we are at different levels. We have to be very discerning. Human society is controlled by a force that is non human. The dark side knows how to manipulate they use truth concepts such ONESS which is the universal truth but they use it to create the ONE world government to submit us into total control. Feminists vs sexists men vs women gay vs straight and so on. It s all a manipulative game. Matriarchy is no better than patriarchy. The answer is the marriage between the two which creates life creates the ONE. This kind of suppressed feminine energy is still present and trapped in many sacred locations of the world and needs women to free it. The information needs to be brought to people and shared it with wisdom. Like the prophecy of many native nations of the condor and eagle When the condor (feminine energy) and the Eagle (masculine energy) fly together freely in the sky there will be peace. 42 Our global consciousness is rising to new levels and although at times it seems like we are going nowhere we are in fact growing towards the light... The wise woman the Sophia God Frequency knows how to calm the rage. Woman of Peace take War from the world. To you lioness of courage Woman of grace and love this song is yours. Andromeda So during my visit to Nessebar I heard the words Andromeda Jupiter Sirius. In fact the entire day I was just getting the word Andromeda . The name of the restaurant we dined is Andromeda. Andormedans are assisting humanity with Ascension on Earth. I got some concerns from the Andromedans about our earth movement and shift due to crazy frequencies created by angry humans fighting each other. Not all extraterrestrials have our best interest at heart and open contact with them requires discernment. No one can save us but us we have to become responsible work on ourselves our introspection and spiritual evolution. Taking a deep breath and allowing and understanding our so called enemies . The dark forces that are behind the global control play humans against each other and manipulate us into division. Our duty is to forgive and understand one another. Be more compassionate but at the same time be discerning so we don t fall into their manipulative games. Eyes wide open Planet Jupiter showed up on my journey so strongly as well so I want to share a few positive aspects of Jupiter with you. 43 Even if you know them say them out loud and own them own the energy... Luck hope faith expansion success optimism development wisdom sincerity compassion trust confidence generosity. Blessings Lilly PASSION is what many people are missing in their lives. Lilly Natures Blessings is passionate to see people transform their lives expand and learn about their spiritual essence. Helping connect with the inner psychic makes life a MIRACLE. For many years she helped to empower thousands of people to get in touch with their inner psychic spirit in order to heal grow play expand succeed and open their true psychic spiritual nature. Follow Lilly at http 44 Reincarnation By Fran Szarnicki I have a very dear friend who I met when I was 20-something. Little did we know at this happenstance but our grandparents were best friends. The four of them lived in the same apartment building in Chalfonte Borough Pennsylvania back in the early 1900s. I was fortunate enough to meet Kitty s grandparents shortly before my husband and I were married. Her grandfather held both of my hands and wept and said over and over I cannot believe that you are Joe Batcher s granddaughter My grandparents had passed away when I was a little girl so they never had the opportunity to meet Kitty. It was kind of shocking to find out that our new friendship was already 80 years old when we reunited. Over the years we have reminisced about our chance encounter . Imagine Kitty s father was just a small child when his parents were building their business. Often they had to leave for work at 5 am. In the early morning he would awaken and climb the fire escape to my grandparent s apartment above and snuggle into bed with them. In comparing notes I remembered myself as a child playing at the duck pond near my Uncle George s house on Sundays. There was a gang of boys (Kitty s brothers) and one girl in a dress who would also visit the duck pond. They were a rowdy bunch and I was too shy to interact with them at the time but there we were intersecting even as children. Destiny calling. Years have gone by and here I am reflecting again to bring forward more messages connected to our historic narrative. As I bring our story up to date I must tell you that my ambitious friend has operated two highly successful careers in this busy life. She has also made time to become quite knowledgeable in the science of astrology. Her spiritual practices are paramount in her life. It was not so long ago that Kitty and I were chatting over a glass of wine and she gave me a shock. She leaned across the table and said Franny do you really believe in reincarnation I mean... 45 what if this is it What if we only go around once I couldn t believe she was posing these questions I m sure I gave an answer but the query itself stuck with me. Maybe there are others who share the same uncertainty. Perhaps I am called here to give my formal answer concerning reincarnation. Do I really believe in reincarnation I tend to shrink when I hear the word belief . Belief always seems to become a focal point when people get into discussion about religion and God. My old paper dictionary defines belief as accepting as true genuine or real...a tenet or opinion held by a group Yes I do believe but this is how belief works for me It is a process where I take intellectual information that I have gathered on the subject matter and refer that to my own experiences and thoughts. Finally my intuitive mind weighs in. If I resonate with both the knowledge and experience then I can say I believe. So let s begin with information about reincarnation. We have been given a lot of scientific data on the topic. I note here the work of Ian Stevens MD from the University of Virginia Medical School. Dr. Stevens left us 20 books and some You Tube lectures to view. His most popular books are CHILDREN WHO REMEMBER PREVIOUS LIVES and WHERE REINCARNATION AND BIOLOGY INTERSECT. After Dr. Steven s death his prot g Dr. Jim Tucker continued the research at the University of Virginia. Dr. Tucker is the author of LIFE BEFORE LIFE and RETURN TO LIFE. He is also involved in maintaining a web page on the topic of reincarnation. Dr. Tucker offers a wealth of professional information at the web page Of course I have my own studies through my work with the HEALING MY SOUL program. This is what I know to be true through my own research Human beings living on the Earth don t have just one body rather they have four. These are the physical body the mental body the emotional body and the spirit body. I would like you to think of each of these bodies as a large circle or hoop. Each one of them is a distinct independent unit yet they are interconnected. The linkage reminds one of the classic symbol for the Olympic games. 46 PHYSICAL BODY The flesh and blood and bones that encapsulates you. This is the image that you see in the mirror. MENTAL BODY An electro-magnetic field that thinks and broadcasts into many dimensions. The mental body is not to be confused with the physical brain. The brain is an important organ yet it is akin to a television set. It is a receiver. (Certainly we do want a good receiver-- one that plays without the screen flipping or some other error.) Continuing with this comparison we see that the mental body acts as a TV station broadcasting programs and the brain is the television set where the programs can be viewed. EMOTIONAL BODY An electro-magnetic field that feels and senses. It is pre-programmed with an array of standard positive and negative sentiments such as fear - courage joy - sorrow peace - anxiety greed - generosity trust - worry deserving - undeserving satisfaction - dissatisfaction etc. The emotions enter the physical body through the glands and organs and flow along the channels called meridians. The brain is an organ so of course the emotions can play a role in how thoughts are processed. People draw these programmed emotions into their bodies at will. The positive ones nourish the spirit and the negative emotions have the capacity to tear apart or degrade the physical body. If more people were aware of this fact perhaps they would be more careful about indulging in the negative. SPIRIT BODY This is a holographic pattern that outlines the complete composite of the human being. With the proper equipment this holograph can be viewed. It is important to maintain healthy patterns (archetypes) as the spirit body constantly transfers these properties into the physical form. The spirit body builds the physical body by presenting its strengths as well as its many defects. There are many ills that plague us that will never be solved with medical science. When problems stem from the spirit body a spiritual doctor is needed. So during the cycle of birth death and reincarnation what goes on with our four bodies Let s follow the cycle beginning with death. 47 In our 3-D world death comes to all things physical. That includes people animals trees rocks and everything that we can taste touch and feel. All physical bodies must go through a death. Some things live longer than others. For instance granite has a very long life but eventually it too shall pass. Our physical bodies die. Mind emotions and spirit are all nonphysical so they do not die. Think about it...there is nothing there to die The software is all electromagnetic and invisible to our eyes. We cannot directly see hear taste touch or smell thoughts emotions and spirit holograms. They mesh with our world and are expressed in our brains and hearts but this interaction is non-physical. When we realize that our computer is soon going to crash what do we do We download all the information on to a disc or a zip drive. Then we go out and buy a new computer. Once we unpackage and plug in the computer we insert the zip drive and upload all the information into the new machine. This is the reality of us. When one body wears out we get a new one and upload all the old mental emotional and spiritual programming. It s not uncommon to have lived a hundred lives. So now let s be logical about what s operating in the system. There is a ton of old programming from our 99 past lives. We do have the ability to add to the files in this life but we must realize that this present existence represents only small part of the big picture. The unresolved thoughts emotions and archetypal patterns of the other 99 lives take up most of the memory in the hard drive. Our chances of truly working with a clean slate are rather slim. What we have playing out in our systems are RE-RUNS. This life is nothing but SUMMER RE-RUNS. I for one am bored with the old shows I laugh when I hear people say they would like to remember their past lives. How can one possibly say they do not remember All humans are presently watching a mish mash of their past lives playing out on their screens right now. Your current life is the remembrance. The way one looks thinks acts and feels reeks of past life Getting free from these past lives is the goal. The advanced soul demonstrates the ability to not remember The advanced soul lives innocently in the timeless creative now. 48 Let me give you one classic example. There is a man who has a wife and children to support but he is just lousy at making money. In examining his history we find that he played the role of a monk at one time. Eventually the old monk died and now he has a new physical body but he has uploaded the vow of poverty which he took when he became a monk. Remember the monk s physical body died but the vow of poverty did not. Once the vow is discharged with spiritual healing then the man s financial health begins to recover. He may say that he does not remember being a monk but in an abstract sense he remembers very well. He resists making money That is precisely how he remembers his life as a monk. As we relentlessly play these past life shows over and over again they degrade the body. Endlessly playing the re-runs can be the true source of illness. It is important to forgive and discharge all past life activity. We are all slowly chipping away at this enormous project every day of our lives. I invite you to consider speeding up the process with spiritual healing. HEALING MY SOUL reveals that if karma can be pre-programmed it can be de-programmed. It s a wise idea to get your mental and emotional bodies scrubbed clean before you die. Stop the process of uploading any more trash negativity or vows to the new life that awaits. Visit my web page to learn more about the healing process. Fran Szarnicki has done reading style counseling for 40 years. She has published Szar Cards (these are inspirational messages based on numerology) Numerology The Language of Numbers Double Digit Numerology The Test of True Love Healing My Soul Manuals 1 & 2. She is the developer of the Healing My Soul method and trains healers in this method. Fran and her husband Jim reside in The Villages Florida. They spend summers in Pennsylvania with their family. For Spiritual Growth & Peace of Mind Contact Francesca New Age Services francescahealer 724-845-1407 49 Messages from Mother--I m Not Happy but I m Not Dying By Mare Cromwell Mother Hello Sarah Good to see you again. Yes it is very good to see you again. I m not sure whose turn it is to do a joke so I ll go ahead and do one. Heard a really good joke the other day down in New Zealand. How does a penguin build its house Sarah Hmm ... I didn t know penguins had houses. I thought they collected stones for nests. Mother Well you re right. But let s pretend they make houses. Sarah I have no clue. Mother Igloos it together Get it Igloo... chunks of ice Sarah Oh Mother... You know your jokes are kind of corny. I like them. I do. But they are on the corny side. Mother Yeah I know. I think I m partial to the corny jokes. Alright this is actually going to be a short lesson here in the Sacred Grove and then I want to go for a little stroll with you to show you some things. Remember I love you all so so much. All this evolution around you and inside of you is an act of love between me and my work and the Great Mystery s work. Please take this in. I love you all. So I need to set the record straight on something. I ve been getting the drift that some of you two-leggeds think I m going to die with all the environmental destruction climate chaos or global weirdness as some of you call it. 50 I am not going to die. Somehow you ve gotten the notion that because some corners of me are being polluted with toxins or species are going extinct that I your Earth Mother your Earth is going to go belly-up. Well first off planets don t go belly-up. We actually don t have bellies. And that s not what we do anyway. I will be alive as your Earth Mother consciousness for as long as this solar system exists. When the solar system finally fizzles out and Earth along with the other planets go off into stardust then I will go and have a vacation for a couple of million years. Then I ll probably be assigned to another fledgling planet to help nurse it along. Or I might do something else. I was assigned to this splendiferous planet way back but my consciousness ... who I am ... may shift to being assigned to some other part of the universe later on. Way later on. But those topics are beyond the scope of this message. So no I won t die. Planet Earth will not die. However having said all that many of my species babies have died or are in the middle of dying or being extirpated a funny-sounding word that you two-leggeds have come up with in English. Extinction is forever when it comes to my species babies. It took me a very long time to bring those species into existence so I m none too happy about seeing them disappear in a snap. No I m not happy about that at all. But it does give me great hope that so many of you love me. More and more of you are growing to love me more. And seeking to restore forests and wetlands and helping to heal certain corners of me. We just need a whole lot more of that going on and a lot less destruction such as trees taken down and wetlands filled in. You know I m working on an evolutionary development for you twoleggeds but it s just taking too long. It s something to do with an anti-greed vaccine but I m having a hard time getting the pharmaceuticals to support the research. Just kidding I don t hang out with the pharmaceutical companies. I love 51 the idea of an anti-greed vaccine though. Okay so I promised you a short walk in the forest Sarah. Let s go Whereupon Mother grabbed Sarah s hand yanked her out of her wooden chair and headed straight to the far corner of the Sacred Grove and into the surrounding woods. Sarah I want to take you outside the grove where we re going to lie on our bellies and peer at the forest floor. In this body I guess I do have a belly. How funny. Anyhow we re going to gently scratch around the forest duff a little and I m going to show you a few things. Mother magically pulled out a beautiful wool blanket of many colors that was about six feet by eight feet from a hidden pocket in her outer skirt. Apologizing profusely to all the insects large and small on the forest floor there she carefully spread the blanket out for them to lie on. Sarah so few of you do this. So few of you actually take the time to lie still on the ground and just watch the life around you. Especially on the forest floor. This makes me sad. I love it when you two-leggeds show interest in the animal and plant life around you. I especially love it when you talk with them and give them love. They deserve love just as much as any twolegged or four-legged. Trees love to be loved up. They all adore that. So here. Look. See that little millipede Watch their tiny little legs. So many of them. I was so proud of myself when I designed them. All those little legs. So cute. And here s a grub under this small piece of wood. Nice and fat and juicy but we ll put him back since it would be nice if he grew into an adult beetle unharmed. There s a small wasp over there. The kind that doesn t sting don t worry. And under this small piece of wood are all sorts of little critters. I honestly can t remember all their names in this very moment. I have so many babies and I know about all of them but don t ask me to list all the ones that are here right now. Some are so tiny you can t see them. I can see them though. There are bacteria. Insect eggs. Plant spores. Mycorrhizae. Oh so many many babies just right here in just one square inch. 52 And if we dig in the soil a little with this stick ... need to move some leaf litter ... let s see. There re some more beetles different types. A pill-bug. Oh there are billions and billions of bacteria microbes microscopic life here just under this very blanket we re lying on. Plus you know what Your two-legged scientists have not even discovered all of them Right here in your country in a forest that is only about thirty miles from some two-leggeds with all of those degrees at one of those university places there are species they still don t know about. I rather like it that I still have so many secrets. Let s look at the dirt. Most of you think dirt or soil is dead. Oh no. Not at all. It s so alive and beautiful and everything in it is always feeding and being food for something else. Oh yes it s such a dance of life even here in the dirt. Sarah there will always be some wild corners like this alive on the planet. Always. I m making sure of this. Oh I have so many many secrets that the scientists have not discovered. So many. Most of them they won t discover since their lens on the world and science is so limited. Oh but now I m getting bugs up my skirt They re starting to crawl up on the blanket. I love you guys too but off my skirt Don t get all caught up there. No Sarah I think that covers the message for the day. I don t want to have to kill any of these buglies but some of them bite and I need to shake out my skirts and gather up my lovely pocket blanket. We ll see you next time. Mr. Tufts is waiting for you inside the Secret Grove again to lead you to your trail. I love you Love all of you Bring a good joke next time 53 This article is from a book written by Gaia Communicator Mare Cromwell called Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother which was released at the end of October 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the printed book independently. It is also available as a Kindle ebook and at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA Australia Great Britain and other international sites. The Great Mother Bible is now also available as an ebook and hard copy on Amazon and other ebook venues. 54 Thank you for spending time with us. We ll see you next issue Esoteric Gazing Pam & Nance 55