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Description: In this issue of The Outpost Magazine, we feature "Women in The Woods and Water". Our special women's issue includes, Eva Shockey, Stacy Lyn Harris, Brooke Thomas, Katie Vandiver and Molly Semnik. Plus, all of our normal features such as conservation, gear, recipes, music and much more!

WOMEN IN THE WOODS & WATER KATIE VANDIVER BROOKE THOMAS EVA SHOCKEY STACY HARRIS MOLLY SEMENIK GEAR MUSIC RECIPES ING COMBO AYS A WINN ALW PARTIES & Made with 100% Real Cheese AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT STYLE 1.00 COUPON CLICK HERE 2 VEC TOR B U T TON S. COM http 5MveCGisXgg 3 O Neill Outside Radio is now REALTREE RADIO Check local radio stations in your area for REALTREE RADIO Listen on Listen nationally on Watch the radio show stream live on Facebook Saturdays... 4 00am to 6 00am Eastern time 4 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM TABLE OF CONTENTS 12 PUBLIC LANDS 16 BABES BULLETS & BROADHEADS 56 RECIPES 94 O NEILL OUTSIDE THE BOX 21 MOON AND DEER 63 AZ OFFICIAL FISH 66 QDMA DEER TRACKER APP 82 GEAR 88 THE OUTPOST MUSIC 5 FEATURE STORIES EVA SHOCKEY TAKING AIM BROOKE IS BACK AND SHE IS STILL CATCHING MORE FISH THAN YOU PAGE 36 STACY LYN HARRIS IS CELEBRATING AN AMAZING HARVEST PAGE 47 PAGE 26 KATIE VANDIVER You May Not Know Katie Vandiver YET but You Will PAGE 68 MOLLY SEMENIK ANOTHER BUCKET LIST FOR FLY FISHERMEN AND WOMEN PAGE 77 6 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 7 CAN T GET ENOUGH OF THE OUTPOST ART YOUNG Partner & Editor In Chief Contributing Writers Art Young Jason Martin O Neill Williams JASON MARTIN Partner Sales & Publisher Contributing Photographers Jason Martin Flickr Commons O Neill Williams Mike Dunn Art Young Sam Lashlee Eva Shockey Katie Vandiver Geordia Pelligrini Tony Eckler Philip Roach Michael Lee Justin Lamb Brooke Thomas Hunter Strickland Chad Parker Deidra Johnson Hunter Stickland photos in Giants uniform 2015 S.F. Giants PHIL HALL Partner & The Outpost Radio On Air Personality Tim Howard O Neill Williams Phil Hall Bob Crowley Art Young (Podcast) RICK GOWER ROCKY KURLAND JIM MANRY Sales KEMSEY MARTIN Production Assistant Advisory Pro Staff Trey Weatherington Rebecca Spradley Katie Vandiver Tony Eckler O Neill Williams Chuck Paddock Kirk Driskell Ryan Lovelace Allison Keeble FOR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE OUTPOST MAGAZINE CLICK HERE http subscribe.html FOR BACK ISSUE OF THE OUTPOST MAGAZINE CLICK HERE http library.html FOR ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES CONTACT JASON MARTIN - 770-675-7200 OR EMAIL JASON THEOUTPOSTMEDIAGROUP.COM CLICK HERE 8 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM FOR EDITORIAL INQUIRIES CONTACT ART YOUNG EMAIL art THE OUTPOST is produced and copyrighted 2017 by The Outpost Media Group Reproduction in whole or part without permission is expressly forbidden. The Outpost Media Group LLC 770-675-7200 9 EDITORS LETTER Like the rest of the world outdoor sportsmen and women were stunned by the senseless violence on October 1st in Las Vegas. Questions about hotel security better psychological screening for gun buyers outlawing semi-automatic weapons and more rigorous regulations for gun ownership while they will and should be debated by security experts are beside the point at this time. Fifty-eight innocent souls were lost on that Sunday night and nothing will bring them back. They were killed by a deranged psychopath who had meticulously planned his crime. He chose to use guns for this mayhem but they were only his tools. He could have chosen to use explosives or to have driven a car through the crowd to satisfy whatever demons were causing him such hatred. However he chose guns. In the minds of otherwise intelligent people guns which were legally purchased and registered are the cause of this heartbreaking event. Reasonable men and women can disagree about the efficacy of greater gun control and that debate should occur. We should also discuss better security around entertainment venues mental health availability and policies about firearms in hotel rooms. Ultimately no regulations laws or well-meaning policies will stop an insane person who is bent on inflecting pain on random strangers whom he sees as everyone who has ever done him wrong. 10 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GUNS AND TEEN SUICIDE While the politicians and pundits are using the tragedy in Las Vegas to support their agendas it s interesting to note that a well-known pro-gun organization is trying to solve another terrible problem that is based on psychological stress teen suicide. In recognition of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month the National Shooting Sports Foundation which is the trade association for the firearms industry and Project ChildSafe NSSF s national firearms safety education program are reminding gun owners of the critical role secure firearms storage plays in helping to prevent suicide. NSSF has provided valuable resources and free firearm safety kits including cable-style gun locks through the Project ChildSafe program to help prevent firearms accidents thefts and misuse including suicide. More information on Project ChildSafe can be found at http NOW FOR SOMETHING POSITIVE THIS ISSUE OF THE OUTPOST Every year the numbers of girls and women who decide to take up hunting and fishing increase. This year is no exception. As we have done over the past several years we want to honor the women of the woods and water with our special celebratory issue. These women are smart tough funny and are great role models for every little girl who ever wanted to get outside and learn about Mother Nature. We hope you enjoy this special issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together Later FOLLOW US ON TWITTER OUTPOSTART FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK Art Young Editor - The Outpost Let us know what you think. I read and respond to every email so send a few my way...even though I have the world s longest email address art FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM THEOUTPOSTLIFE WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 11 EXPANSION OF HUNTING AND FISHING ON FEDERAL LANDS ANNOUNCED Something is going in the right direction for the Trump administration at least as far as outdoor sportsmen are concerned. In a ground-breaking move U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke issued an order on September 15 2017 that directs the overseers of millions of acres of Federal lands to come up with plans to expand access for hunters and fishermen. 12 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Secretary Ryan Zinke in his natural environment Hunting and fishing is a cornerstone of the American tradition and hunters and fishers of America are the backbone of land and wildlife conservation said Secretary Zinke. The more people we can get outdoors the better things will be for our public lands. As someone who grew up hunting and fishing on our public lands - packing bologna sandwiches and heading out at 4AM with my dad - I know how important it is to expand access to public lands for future generations. Some of my best memories are hunting deer or reeling in rainbow trout back home in Montana and I think every American should be able to have that experience. OUTDOOR SPORTS GROUPS PRAISE THE MOVE We are delighted with this action by Secretary Zinke said Safari Club International (SCI) President Paul Babaz. It will give American sportsmen and women much greater opportunity to hunt and fish on the lands that belong to all of us and will assure the conservation of wildlife on those lands well into the future. Land Tawney CEO of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers hailed Zinke s order saying lack of access to hunting and fishing sites was the No. 1 reason cited by sportsmen for giving up time spent on those activities. The importance of Secretary Zinke s commitment to sustaining and expanding public access opportunities to the outdoors cannot be overstated Tawney said. Dale Hall a former Fish and Wildlife Service director who now is CEO of the hunting and conservation group Ducks Unlimited said conserving wetlands and other wildlife habitats is vital to preserving the nation s hunting and angling heritage. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 13 At the end of the day it s all about ensuring that all Americans and those generations to come have access to the wildlife and wild places that we enjoy today Hall said in a statement thanking Zinke. DETAILS OF THE ORDER With his action the Secretary tipped his camo cap to the critical role hunters and anglers play in conservation Secretarial Order 3356 directs bureaus within the department to Within 120 days produce a plan to expand access for hunting and fishing on Bureau of Land Management United States Fish and Wildlife Service and National Park Service land. Amend national monument management plans to ensure the public s right to hunt fish and target shoot. Expand educational outreach programs for underrepresented communities such as veterans minorities and youth. In a manner that respects the rights and privacy of the owners of non-public lands identify lands within their purview where access to Department lands particularly access for hunting fishing recreational shooting and other forms of outdoor recreation is currently limited (including areas of Department land that may be impractical or effectively impossible to access via public roads or trails under current conditions but where there may be an opportunity to gain access through an easement right-of-way or acquisition) and provide a report detailing such lands to the Deputy Secretary. 14 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Within 365 days cooperate coordinate create make available and continuously update online a single one stop Department site database of available opportunities for hunting fishing and recreational shooting on Department lands. Improve wildlife management through collaboration with state Tribal territorial and conservation partners. THIS MOVE IS OPPOSED BY ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS This is the second major action from Interior in the latter part of the summer. In August Zinke recommended shrinking the boundaries of several national monuments but stopped short of suggesting the elimination of any federal designations following a review ordered by President Donald Trump. At the President s direction Zinke earlier this year launched a review of 27 national monuments a controversial move that could undo protections for millions of acres of federal lands as well as limits on oil and gas or other energy production. Interior and the White House have so far resisted releasing the contents of Zinke s full recommendations. To the surprise of no one not every outdoor group is overjoyed by this turn of events. According to CNN and other news services some groups are arguing that the new order is a stunt by the department aimed at moving the dialogue away from other recent controversial actions they ve taken -- including recommending the shrinking of national monuments and supporting increased fracking and logging. The real story is that with this announcement the Trump administration is trying to create a distraction from their plans to dramatically reduce the size of America s national monuments which would be the largest elimination of protections on wildlife habitat in US history said Matt Lee-Ashley a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress a left-leaning think tank. He added that according to the Congressional Research Service every national monument that the Trump administration claims to be opening to hunting and recreational fishing is already open to hunting and recreational fishing. Drew McConville a senior managing director at the Wilderness Society called the order a red herring. This issue is completely unnecessary since national monuments are typically open to hunting and fishing already McConville said. The Trump administration s review of places protected as national monuments is nothing more than an excuse to sell out America s most treasured public lands for commercial gain by oil gas and other extractive industries. This agenda inherently means a loss of access to premier places for hunting fishing and other outdoor pastimes. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 15 BABES BULLETS & B ROADHEADS GETS A NEW NAME 16 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 17 Babes Bullets and Broadheads an established women-owned company offering guided hunting and fishing trips to women all over the U.S. announced a name change to The Sisterhood of the Outdoors. According to Amy Ray President of the group Babes Bullets and Broadheads is our heritage and The Sisterhood of the Outdoors is our future. As we continue the tradition of hosting field staff-guided hunting and fishing trips she said we want our name to reflect our mission of empowering the next generation lady hunter. The makeup of outdoor industry is rapidly growing to accommodate women eager to participate in a traditionally male world according to Ray. The Sisterhood of the Outdoors provides more than a guided hunt designed for women. We create an experience for them and it is one that ignites a lifelong flame and encourages empowerment. Since The Sisterhood of the Outdoors already offers the best outdoor hunting and fishing experiences with the best outfitters in the industry said Ray we ve developed a new membership platform that improves experiences even more for our guests sponsors outfitters and field staff. Members are offered opportunities for discounted hunts and events and gain a place to connect with other likeminded women on a private Facebook page. Support from our sponsors benefits the members as well says Ray. THE FASTEST GROWING GROUP OF OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS It s no secret that the fastest growing segment in the outdoor industry is women shooters and hunters said Ray. And with the tremendous social media buzz surrounding every event sponsors are enthusiastic to be part of that excitement. Perhaps the most important aspect of sponsorship comes from playing a role in impacting the lives or our guests she said. Many women commit to the sport and gear up with equipment accessories clothing and firearms. Through our membership platform we expect to have an even greater influence in the lives of our members guests and the outdoor industry Ray said. For more information on The Sisterhood of Outdoor Sports visit their website at 18 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GO AHEAD. CAST A LINE AND REEL THEM IN WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 19 THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WHAT S ONLINE THE OUTPOST MAGAZINE THE OUTPOST RADIO THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST 20 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM IT S A MARVELOUS NIGHT FOR A MOON DANCE HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED IF DEER TEND TO WANDER AROUND THE FOREST MORE WHEN THE MOON IS FULL If you ve ever hunted whitetail deer with an old timer you ve probably heard an opinion or two about the effects of the lunar cycles on the movement of these creatures. Typically these thoughts are based on anecdotal information which is a nice way of saying no science is involved in these opinions. Does this sound familiar Sonny I ve hunted deer my whole life and I damn sure know that the moon has powerful maybe even mystical power over them Some hunters swear that with a full moon the deer are much more active at night and this should be taken into account when planning a hunt. The theory at work here is that if deer are busy gallivanting around all night long they won t be on the move (heading for your feeder) when the sun is shining. If they aren t moving you might as well stay at the camp and play poker. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 21 THE OUTPOST DEER MOVEMENT AND MOON CYCLES In a recent survey from the Penn State Colleges of Agriculture Science Twenty two percent of readers the readers of the college s blog believed that moon phase had a significant effect and the remaining 12% of readers believe the moon phase has absolutely no effect on deer. The Penn State readers were also asked another question. 22 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM According to Jessica Hepner who conducted this research and wrote this report Activity of white-tailed deer has been found to vary with season environmental factors habitat and hunting pressure. On average they move about 60 meters hour at night and less than 50 meters hour during the day. They are moving anywhere from 120 to 140 meters hour at dusk and dawn and are more active near sunset than sunrise. It is well known that peak activity for deer is around sunrise and sunset but moon phase has been proposed to influence and possibly interrupt that behavior pattern. As I began my analysis my opinion was that deer activity would increase around the time of the full moon mostly just because that is what my grandfather was always telling me. The findings of previous research are mixed. Some studies of deer activity and moon phase have discovered a relationship whereas others have not. However many of these studies were done before GPS collars were available. DID YOU KNOW THAT DEER ARE CREPUSCULAR Outdoor scientists like Hepner note that white-tailed deer are crepuscular which is a fancy way of saying that they are most active around sunrise and sunset. She pondered Could this mean that moonrise and moonset might affect activity Moonlight has been found to increase the risk of predation for some species such as snowshoe hare that move less on moonlit nights so deer movement could be related to moon phase and position. To solve this mystery I used location data from adult ( 2 years old) deer fitted with GPS satellite collars for The Deer-Forest Study on the Susquehannock Bald Eagle and Rothrock state forests. I used data from October 2015 and October 2016. For her analysis she used location data for females only. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 23 I know you are asking Why not study the bucks I chose to study does because locations for these females have been collected hourly which provides much more data and more accurate results. Hepner s statistical model used 3 variables (sunrise sunset moon phase and hour of day) to predict movements. She categorized the moon phases into 3 different levels of illumination. Full - greater than 67% illuminated Partial - between 33 and 67% illuminated New - less than 33% illuminated As we already knew our results showed that deer activity is influenced by sunrise sunset and the time of day she said. Activity was greater at night than during the day and was highest within 2 hours of sunrise or sunset. THE 64 000 QUESTION So does moon phase influence deer movement and what kind of effect does it have Results of our statistical analysis revealed that the 12% of readers who believed that moon phase would have no effect on deer at all were correct 24 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Moon phase has an insignificant effect on deer movement meaning that none of the moon phases cause deer activity patterns to increase or decrease significantly. Deer activity does vary ever so slightly throughout the lunar cycle and the model indicates that on average deer are moving about 6 meters more per hour when there is a new moon verses a full moon. When the moon is partial deer move about 4 meters per hour more during the day than when it is a full moon. However these small differences are not statistically or biologically significant because deer can travel hundreds of meters in any given hour of the day. For example our deer movement data ranges from 0 to 2 748 meters per hour. That extra 4 to 6 meters (13 to 20 feet) is merely a few steps like walking over to a new oak tree to snack on the more desirable acorns. For us it would be like taking an extra bathroom break during the day. To follow this research as it continues visit the Penn State website http research projects deer news 2017 wandering-in-the-moonlight WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 25 EVA SHOCKEY IS TAKING AIM WITH HER NEW BOOK ABOUT HER NON-STOP LIFE IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS 26 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Very few women have accomplished what Eva Shockey has done in her short time on the planet. She grew up as an aspiring dancer (like her mom) but found that she really enjoyed spending time in the great outdoors with her father and brother. The fact that her father Jim Shockey was already a successful professional hunter and TV host paved the way for Eva to join the family business and make her living in the same way. In her new book Taking Aim she tells a very personal story of her life choices. For Eva as her millions of fans who follow her on TV and social media can attest hunting is a way of harvesting food caring about sustainability and healthy eating and getting closer to God in nature. She recently shared some stories from the book with Outpost editor Art Young. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 27 The Outpost In addition to having a professional travel schedule that would exhaust most people you have a new baby. What motivated you to take the time to write this book now Eva Shockey My family is very passionate about the outdoors and I have spent a lot of my life in out there with them. They have given me a very strong support system for whatever I wanted to do. I started to realize that a lot of people don t have that. They don t have people in their lives that will support them no matter what. I wanted to get the word out that it doesn t matter what it is you love. Everyone has their preferences but if you LOVE it GO for it. In the end you are going to proud of yourself. TO In addition to your famous father you have had a very strong role-model in your mom. What have you learned from her ES A lot of people see more of my dad based on our TV show and social media but I really feel my mom is the hub of our family. She s the one who keeps us all moving forward She is the epitome of class and love. She s that person in our family that insisted that my brother and I follow our hearts. She is the member of our family who doesn t hunt. She was a professional ballet and jazz dancer very feminine and I always followed that role. I always thought that if I wanted to be like my mom I couldn t hunt. It took until I was in my twenties before I realized that I could be classy and feminine and all those things I admired about my mom and also love the outdoors. That s also what my book is all about. You don t have to adhere to one category. You can be what you want to be. TO You have a new daughter. What s that like ES Being a mom is just the best thing in the entire world Her name is Lenni Bow Brent and we re hoping she will love the outdoors as much as our whole family does. Since I had her (in January 2017) it has been a little shock to my schedule because I have been used to getting out of bed and doing whatever I want. If you would like to hear the complete interview with Eva Shockey (which includes an unplanned and very funny appearance by her father Jim Shockey) click here THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST https watch v KL1tnIFB88U&feature 28 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM With a baby you really have to plan things around her. It is making me appreciate getting outdoors more. TO Has she gone on any hunting trips yet ES Yes she has She didn t actually pick up a bow (laughing) but she was in camp with my mom when we were bear hunting on Vancouver Island. It made for a busy hunt because we hunt long hours and then Lenni was up for some of the night. But it was worth it to have her with us. TO Since you got in the outdoor sports industry it is estimated that the number of women hunters has doubled to more than 3 million women since 2001. You have clearly influenced those numbers. What do you think has led to this increase in female hunters ES I think those numbers are incredible and it makes me happy every time someone brings them up. I tell anyone who will listen that women are the fastest growing demographic in the outdoor industry. I love that I have been in the middle of this growth. I wouldn t say that I have had a big part in the expansion but it has been fun to be a small part. I give a lot of credit to the outdoor companies like Cabela s and the equipment manufacturers. They have seen the growth in females participating in outdoor sports and they know that there are serious female hunters. As a result they have created products that show women that they belong in the outdoor sports world. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 29 I have my own line of bow and stores like Cabela s have many brands that are designed for women and girls. When I was little I had to wear my brother s camo because there was not a female line of camo. I had to shoot my dad s gun and bow. Now I have guns bows and camo that fit my body. This show women and girls that they belong in the outdoor world and I think these numbers are only going to get stronger and stronger. I live in North Carolina and there are not a lot of hills and mountains. So in the offseason I spend a lot of time on the stairclimber building up endurance. Whatever it takes to get your blood flowing faster running walking stair-climbing that will pay dividends come hunting season. TO You co-host a TV show with your dad Jim Shockey. What s it like to hunt with someone like him who is a legend in the sport I guess I never saw him as a legend. I just saw him as dad TO You talk about the physical side of hunting in your book. What do you do to stay in hunting shape ES Many people are intimidated by the physical side of hunting. I try to stay in shape year-round so that I m not collapsing after a long hike up a mountainside. However there is also lots of good hunting from a stand. You don t have to be in crazy good shape to enjoy hunting but I am on the side of staying in shape for the trekking. Every September my dad and I go to the Yukon for moose and caribou and the mountains there are enormous. They re beautiful but very steep and when you re sitting at the bottom and realize you have to make it to the top you think thank goodness I worked out this summer 30 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ES It was definitely eye-opening to see how passionate he was about hunting. I waited until I was in my twenties before I went with him hunting and I immediately understood why he does what he does. I guess I never saw him as a legend. I just saw him as dad. As I got older I realized that there was something about this dad that was different from all the other dads. When I was little I would come home and he would be butchering moose. Meat would be hanging from the rafters I just thought that s what dads did. Later I realized that this was a little unusual. He was always there leading my brother and me through the wilderness and always ready to answer any question. He is very savvy about business as well and whenever I am wrestling with some question about almost anything I use him as a sounding board and we always figure it out. TO There are a lot of adventures in Taking Aim. You take your reader warthog hunting in South Africa hunting caribou in the Aleutian Islands you track down a 1 500 pound bull moose in the mountains of the Yukon and then LATER use that meat at your wedding. We can t make this stuff up You ve had a LOT of adventures for such a young woman. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 31 32 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Let s play a little word-association. I ll say a word and you say what comes to mind immediately. What comes to mind when I say Conservation. ES Hunters. No other word comes to mind because we are the biggest conservation group in the entire world. TO What about The Great Outdoors ES Family. That comes immediately to mind. TO What does Unplugging mean to you ES Fresh air. TO Self-reliance shows up a lot in this book. What does that hyphenated word mean to you ES Self-reliance means feeling independent. It means feeling like you can provide for yourself and provide for your family. TO OK. You ve passed the psychological exam. You can now claim your driver s license ES I didn t play the game exactly right but I did my best TO OK. Let s shift gears a little. You are a young lady in a male-dominated sport. You have been enormously successful. You re ambitious. You re smart. You re funny but you haven t escaped the dark side of being a public figure in the outdoor sports world. In an internet-connected world famous people are often the target of angry people. How have you handled this with such aplomb ES First off. I don t consider myself or my family as famous. We just happened to be at the right place at the right time and social media amplified this. We are very much like any other hunter who goes into public land and tries to bring back food for the table. The difference between me being a hunter and someone next door being a hunter is that I have a lot of eyeballs watching me. Ultimately this is a good thing because we can use this as a platform to spread the positive word about hunting. However there is definitely a negative element that does not agree with this lifestyle. There are a lot of people who could be called anti-hunters but I m not sure they are just na ve about what hunting is all about. I really try to focus on the positive people and not the negatives. I want to focus on the positive message I want to get across. There are definitely people who don t like me and I get hundreds of hate messages every day and this has been something that has been going on for almost ten years now. I just believe that what I am doing is on such a greater scale than the little bit of negativity. I d like to explain to them what I do and if they are open to hearing it that s great. I think they are wonderful people who are a little misled. I know what I m doing is right so I don t have any second thoughts. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 33 TO You are a role-model for millions of young girls who want enjoy outdoor sports. How does that make you feel ES I really love it. From the very beginning before the TV show and social media I had no idea that this would turn out the way it has. I got involved in the hunting world because I genuinely loved hunting. I have always said that if I ever had a daughter I would want her to be able to do what I have done. Now that I have my own daughter I am very grateful that I have made those choices. Eva Shockey s Taking Aim is now available at your local bookstore or Amazon. If you would like to hear the complete interview with Eva Schockey which includes a brief cameo appearance by her dad the legendary Jim Schockey click here for The Outpost OnDemand podcast. THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST https watch v KL1tnIFB88U&feature 34 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM RADIO FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS The Outpost Radio is the first radio station dedicated to hunting fishing and the great outdoors. You can hear us on your smartphone desktop or tablet...just about anywhere. The Outpost Radio is a mix of great music and information that celebrates the outdoors Give us a listen. Click on The Outpost logo below to listen now WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 35 BROOKE IS BACK AND SHE S STILL CATCHING MORE FISH THAN YOU ARE 36 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM If you were drop-dead gorgeous had a smile that lit up a room and you were perfectly comfortable chasing and catching marlin or largemouth bass would you rather be a model or a professional angler This is not a trick question folks. If you re Brooke Thomas the decision is easy. She wants to do both - catch fish and model for a living. With more than 760 000 followers on Facebook Brooke is in-demand for her modeling skills. Well-known companies are paying her to wear their swimwear and her calendar is filled with photoshoots and fishing tradeshows. However for Thomas her real passion is fishing. She recently got off the boat grabbed a phone and talked to the Outpost about what it s like to be doing what you love. TO Being a professional model and angler is an unusual combination. How did you decide to merge these two jobs Brooke Thomas I ve been fishing my entire life. It has always been my number one passion and something I get excited about. I started out modeling for local companies when I was about 18 and I began posting my fishing pictures at about this same time. Somehow my fishing and modeling became intertwined and I started getting known for both. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 37 38 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 39 There s always that stereoty time trying to brea 40 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ype and I spend a lot of my ak that stereotype. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 41 I had companies contacting me about modeling and they realized that my real passion was fishing. Over time the fishing and modeling got mixed together. TO You are extremely attractive.... the kind of girl none of us could ever get a date with in high school. In the world of professional fishing is this an advantage or disadvantage BT It has its pros and its cons. There are always going to be those people who are not going to take you seriously because of how you look. Plus there s always going to be some doubt there when you post a photo and people don t expect someone who looks like me to be a serious fisherman. There s always that stereotype and I spend a lot of my time trying to break that stereotype. However it has its advantage too especially for promotional opportunities for example. Overall I would say most people don t take me seriously as a professional angler. However fishing is definitely my career path of choice. TO You do a lot of salt-water fishing off the Florida coast which means you go after some big fish. What is your most exciting experience BT I m pretty much an adrenaline junkie (laughing) so I really like targeting the offshore species of fish. Like a lot of people I have kind of a bucket list of fishing. I love fishing for all species tarpon swordfish marlin and fresh-water bass fishing. Going after bass was where I started so it will always have a special place in my heart. TO Do have any special tricks that you use when the fish are not biting...something that works every time BT No not really. My attitude is to never give up No matter what kind of fishing you re doing. You can t give up. You never know when you re going to get that bite. I tend to be a last minute warrior on the water. I always pull through at the end of the day. Even on slow days and when the weather is not really cooperating you can t catch a fish if there s not a line in the water. TO Those are words to live by Brooke. I think you can do something with that. That sounds like a book title. BT Yeah. (laughing) I ll have to think about that in my spare time. 42 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 43 TO One of the reasons we do this special issue of Women in the Woods & Water is because we believe feel strongly that the future success of outdoor sports will be because of more and more women particularly young women taking them up. What do you say to a young woman who might be considering following in your footsteps BT If you love fishing even though it is a male-dominated sport it may be a little intimidating at times. People will doubt you. They will doubt your skills. But NEVER GIVE UP If you love fishing you need to get out there and do it. Do what you love regardless of what anyone has to say about it. To follow Brooke Thomas on Facebook visit her page at https BrookeThomasFish 44 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM https watch v jRrOK95GwLk&feature WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 45 THE OUTPOST BAR GRILL AND Welcome to the Outpost Bar & Grill. It s a place that serves up the best stuff you have ever put in your mouth. Whether it s wild game cooking barbeque joints in the middle of nowhere or some of the best adult beverages on planet earth you ve come to the right place. This month we re going to show you how you can eat fresh every day. We re welcoming back one of our most popular guests. Pull up a chair and prepare to be hungry. 46 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM STACY LYN HARRIS IS CELEBRATING AN AMAZING HARVEST WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 47 HER NEW BOOK SHOWS US HOW TO COOK FRESH FOOD EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR With absolutely no fear of being accused of unwarranted hyperbole Stacy Lyn Harris is a genuine Renaissance woman. She is a wife and mother to seven kids. She is a best-selling cookbook author chef speaker media maven and self-proclaimed locavore. (We ll save you the Google search. That means she cooks and consumes only locally raised food). She also loves to fish and hunt and because of her skills at the stove she knows exactly what to do with this wild game to make it an epic repast. Stacy Lyn s Harvest is the title of her new book and it is a celebration of fresh food and sustainable living. She dropped by the Outpost Bar & Grill to talk about the book and why food is much more important than just something we eat. Outpost What motivated you to write Harvest Stacy Lyn Harris I think a lot of people have difficulty preparing fresh food. I wanted to show them the best ways to preserve foods or the best ways to cook wild game such as venison and fish and I wanted it to all be in one book. I have tried to show just how easy it is to grow and harvest your own food or pick it up at the local farmer s market bring it into the kitchen and do something awesome with it. 48 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM TO You have an interesting quote from your grandmother as the first sentence of the introduction of Harvest. SLH My grandmother said Food is more than something to eat. Relationships stick when they are built around a table of good quality fresh food. This is so true. Relationships do stick when food is involved. At a meal you hopefully are going to see your entire family. There are two things we do at our dinner table. One thing I like to do is present one fact that nobody at the table knows. This lets the family get 365 new facts a year just sitting around the dinner table. Another thing we do in our family is that we LOT. We are always discussing real things at the table. I believe this has been the case throughout history. Real things about life are discussed at the table. Because you are sitting there looking at each other and after a while you have to talk about something real. Outpost Editor Art Young had WAY too much fun swamping stories with Stacy Lyn Harris about her new book. If you would like to hear the complete interview click the radio TO With seven kids it must take some time to get the evening meal together SLH It sounds like a big job but I didn t have seven kids right away (laughing) They came along one at a time and I learned how to do it over time. My mom always says you re in that kitchen all day every day and I say yeah pretty much. Writing this cookbook solidifies in my mind that what I am doing is important. When someone cooks providing nourishment to their family it is very important. TO What is the significance of the title Harvest SLH Several things went into this decision. When you think about it when the harvest is ripe it s time to bring it all in and cooking that food. My subtitle is Cook Fresh Food Every Day of the Year and you can do that. It s easier to do where we live (in Alabama) because we can grow fresh food year round even in the winter and combine that with wild game such as venison. In the summer we can add salt water and fresh water fish with the summer vegetables such as tomatoes and squash. We are harvesting all year long and preserving some of it when these foods are out of season. TO There are more than 100 recipes in Harvest. How did you organize these SLH They are organized by season into four different sections. The first section is The Garden. This is followed by Beyond the Garden which is followed by From the Pasture and finally Woods and Water. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 49 50 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 51 The Garden section features vegetables that are available seasonally. I also teach the reader little lessons such as growing an heirloom garden or how to grow you own vegetables even if you live in a small space. This section also deals with herbs and preserving this food for later consumption. Beyond the Garden is where I have featured foraging for wild fruit herbs and greens. This is also the section where I write about bee-keeping and honey. I write about how to get started with bee-keeping in this section and have included honey recipes. This section also talks about preparing poultry wild turkey pheasant and what to do with eggs. From the Pasture covers preparation and recipes for beef pork lamb and things one can get on a farm. While I don t have cows I would love to have them. I have noticed a trend where multiple families will buy a half of a cow and divide it among themselves. Some people are so serious about knowing what type of beef they are getting that they will feed and take care of a specific cow. It is amazing to see where our food comes from The last section is Woods & Water and it is in this section where we cover preparation of venison and the lost art of sausage-making. We also talk about preparing small game and fish in this section. I try to make preparation and preserving this fresh food very simple. Even if someone does not have their own garden they can go to store like Walmart and find all of fresh vegetables we discuss in the book. It s really pretty simple. For example if you learn a couple of sauce-making techniques these can be used over and over with slight variations and they become something brand new. TO Some of these mouth-water recipes seem like they are Southern-based. Are the people in Portland Oregon and Portland Maine going to enjoy them too SLH Oh my yes. I think people everywhere will enjoy them. For example I have included my grandmother s pie crust recipe which can be used for pot pies chocolate pies and blueberry pies and any other type of pie. We have included a few jelly recipes such as fig jelly and others which could be adapted to the type of fruit that is available in a given area. I ve even got a recipe for kudzu jelly. This plant grows like crazy in the South and the jelly is delicious. 52 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM We also included recipes for pickles sweet potato fries cream corn and a TON of other foods that are easy to prepare. I even have a black-eye pea gumbo which is absolutely delicious. TO Of all these recipes in Harvest which one does your family love the most SLH My kids pretty much love everything I cook but they REALLY like Easy Venison Chili Con Carne. This recipe has won several cooking contests and it seems to be very popular with everyone who has ever prepared it. EASY VENISON CHILI CON CARNE https watch v xthgFSRQvic In the book I have a substitution table so in the event that someone does not have wild game like venison they can substitute more easily accessible meats for these recipes. I tried to make these recipes user-friendly. TO Why is venison so difficult to prepare SLH Deer have a lot of muscle fiber because they are always actively foraging for food. Whereas the meat from cows which are grass-fed has more fat and marbling than venison does. So when you re cooking venison you just have to use a different technique from what you would use for beef. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 53 The flavor from venison is incredible and with the correct technique this can come through in the finished dish. I have highlighted some of these methods for cooking wild game in the new book. Stacy Lyn s Harvest is available on her website https or your local bookstore or at Amazon. If you would like to hear the complete interview with Stacy Lyn Harris CLICK HERE for the Outpost OnDemand podcast. THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST https watch v KL1tnIFB88U&feature 54 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ING COMBO AYS A WINN ALW PARTIES & Made with 100% Real Cheese AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT STYLE 1.00 COUPON CLICK HERE VEC TOR B U T TON S. COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 55 THE OUTPOST RECIPES Here are three mouth-watering recipes from Stacy Lyn s Harvest RUSTIC QUAIL PIZZA INGREDIENTS INSTRUCTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 2. In a medium-sized bowl mix flour and salt. Sprinkle yeast over flour and slowly begin to incorporate warm water into the flour with clean hands or a wooden spoon. Using all of the water may not be necessary. Place dough in a non-humid location and let rest for 30 minutes. 3. Meanwhile place crushed tomatoes garlic lime juice and thyme in a medium-sized bowl and puree with a stick blender. If you do not have a stick blender place all ingredients in a food processor and puree. 4. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large saut pan. When oil is simmering add vegetables in batches until vegetables are soft. 5. Sprinkle flour onto work surface and place dough onto the floured surface. Split dough into two equal parts with a knife or a dough scraper. Starting from the center roll out one of the dough balls into a 1 8 inch thick rectangle. If dough is too sticky sprinkle a little flour on dough and continue to roll. Place dough on a cookie sheet. Repeat with other dough ball. CRUST 8 cups self-rising flour extra for dusting 1 tablespoon Kosher salt 1 tablespoon active dry yeast 2 cups warm water Topping 1 pint crushed tomatoes 4 cloves garlic minced Juice of one lime 1 tablespoon thyme 1 2 cup olive oil for browning and saut ing 1 medium eggplant skin removed and thinly sliced 4 tomatillos husked and thinly sliced 1 pound mushrooms 1 cup cherry tomatoes halved 1 pound prosciutto sliced 1 pound provolone sliced Meat of 4 Pan Fried Quail cup basil chopped Kosher salt to taste 2 cups parmesan cheese 56 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 6. Divide toppings between the two pizzas by first adding the sauce leaving an inch around the sides. Continue layering each pizza with provolone and meat from the Pan Fried Quail. Lightly sprinkle entire pizza with salt including the edges. Sprinkle basil and parmesan cheese evenly over pizzas. 7. Bake pizzas for 35 minutes or until golden brown and cheese is bubbly. Serve immediately. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 57 THE OUTPOST RECIPES CRUSTY CROCK POT PORK OVER CREAMY PUMPKIN POLENTA INGREDIENTS PORK 8 cloves garlic 1 Vidalia onion roughly chopped 1 jalape o pepper ribs removed seeded and chopped 2 teaspoons chili powder a few sprigs of thyme leaves 1 teaspoon Kosher salt 1 2 teaspoon freshly group black pepper 1 3 cup olive oil 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar 1 (8-10 pound) bone in pork butt with the fat 2 1 2 cups dry white wine Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio 1 cup of beef broth PUMPKIN POLENTA 3 Seminole Pumpkins (2 cups pure d) halved and seeded 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 1 4 cup grits or polenta 1 tablespoon kosher salt 1 2 teaspoon pepper 8 tablespoons room temperature butter 1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese plus more for sprinkling 1 whole nutmeg for freshly grating 1 2 cup parsley chopped for garnish INSTRUCTIONS In a food processor place garlic cloves onion pepper chili powder thyme leaves salt olive oil and apple cider vinegar and pulse until ingredients are finely chopped not pure d. Score the fat on the pork diagonally with a sharp knife then create cuts all over the pork about 1 2 inch deep. This will allow the rub to be infused throughout the meat. Rub the meat all over with all the ingredients and place the pork into a large crock pot fat side up. Pour the white wine and beef broth into the bottom of the crock pot. Set the crock pot on low for 10 hours. About an hour before serving the meat prepare the pumpkin polenta. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. On a sheet pan place the pumpkin flesh side down and roast in the oven for about 45 minutes. Remove and when pumpkins are cool enough to handle spoon the pumpkin into a bowl and stir until smooth. 58 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Bring 5 cups of water to a boil in a medium stockpot with the salt and pepper. Add the polenta to the boiling water and stir for about 2 minutes. Bring the water to a simmer and allow to cook stirring often. When fully cooked (about 45 minutes about the time the pumpkins are done) and smooth whisk in butter cheese and pumpkin pur e. Check to correct seasonings. Remove pork to a cutting board to rest for about 15 minutes. Distribute polenta among 4 bowls. Carve the pork and place on top of each individual bowl of polenta and sprinkle with parsley. Serve with a side salad and crusty bread. 5. Sprinkle flour onto work surface and place dough onto the floured surface. Split dough into two equal parts with a knife or a dough scraper. Starting from the center roll out one of the dough balls into a 1 8 inch thick rectangle. If dough is too sticky sprinkle a little flour on dough and continue to roll. Place dough on a cookie sheet. Repeat with other dough ball. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 59 THE OUTPOST RECIPES PARMESAN VENISON INGREDIENTS INSTRUCTIONS 1. Slice venison into 1-inch pieces. Pound to 1 4 inch thick. 2. In a plate mix together flour salt and pepper. On a second plate beat the eggs with 1 tablespoon of water. On a third plate mix breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese. 3. Lightly dredge venison in the flour mixture then the egg wash and then the Parmesan breadcrumb mixture. 4. Heat oil and butter in large cast iron skillet or saute pan. Cook for about 2 minutes over medium heat on each side or until browned. Place pieces on cooling rack. 5. Place each piece of venison on a plate and serve with Basic Tomato Sauce or your favorite marinara sauce. 1 1 2 lbs. venison loin 2 cups all purpose flour 2 teaspoons kosher salt 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 3 extra large eggs 2 cups breadcrumbs dried and seasoned 1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese plus extra for serving 60 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 61 ISSUE VII ISSUE IX 2012 DEER HUNTING SPECIAL EDITION MAKE THAT 300 YARD SHOT SHOOTING THE MOON MOUNTAIN BIKING OUTPOST FICTION OUTPOST FICTION C QUAIL HUNTING PATTERNING A SHOTGUN GETTING INTO SHAPE FOR OUTDOORS SPORTS DEER HUNTING CHECKLIST HOW TO CAMO YOUR GUN VIDEO THE BUCK STOPS HERE SCENT CONTROL CASHING IN ON WINTER VARMENTS WHY IN-HAND SCORING OF BUCKS IS ON ITS WAY OUT FIELD DRESSING A DEER VIDEO RATTLING ANTLERS CHEF KEVIN GILLESPIE PLUS FLOUNDER RECIPES TOP 12 CD S OF 2012 & MORE... PLUS VENISON RECIPES SQUIRREL HUNTING & MUMFORD & SONS HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GO AHEAD. TAKE THE SAFETY OFF AND SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER. 62 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE OFFICIAL STATE FISH OF ARIZONA IS ONE YOU HAVE LIKELY NEVER HEARD OF The names of streams that come off the White Mountains in eastern Arizona are colorful and enliven the imaginations on both visitors and residents. They include Hurricane Moon Sun Stinky Firebox Paradise Soldier Crooked and Peasoup. This remote area on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation is where threatened Apache trout hang on. According to Craig Springer of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Southwestern Region The Apache trout is named for the people and the place that are intertwined with one another. The yellow trout ornamented with black spots white-tipped fins and a raccoon-like eye mask lives naturally only in the headwaters of the White Black and Little Colorado rivers near the New Mexico border. Springer added that the Apache trout had become known to science a few years earlier in 1873 when it was collected by members of the U.S. Geographical Survey though it was wrongly identified as a Colorado River cutthroat trout. Other scientists collected the yellow trout from the White Mountains but it wasn t until a century later in 1972 that the fish was properly recognized as a unique species and assigned its current scientific and common name. A year later it was placed on the endangered species list. THE APACHE TRIBE WAS THE FIRST TO CONSERVE THE TROUT The White Mountain Apache Tribe was the first to realize the importance of this fish and they were the first to conserve the fish closing Apache trout streams to angling in the 1940s. By that time the trout had been reduced to a mere 30 miles of streams all within the confines of their Fort Apache Indian Reservation. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 63 ALCHISE 1853-1928 CHIEF OF THE WHITE MOUNTAIN APACHE The White Mountains are not immune to the creep of civilization and all that this entails. The loss of habitat from excessive timbering and grazing and the introduction of non-native trout species were detrimental to the native Apache trout Springer said. Over-stocked cattle trampled stream banks and reduced shrubs that would cool trout waters in their shade. Abusive land uses accelerated topsoil erosion into Apache trout streams. High sedimentation during the spring run-off affected trout reproduction fine sediments clogged porous gravel beds where oxygen-rich water should percolate over incubating Apache trout eggs. To make matters worse non-native brown trout brook trout and rainbow trout were planted in Apache trout streams. All three species out-compete the native fish for food and spaces to live and rainbow trout hybridize with Apache trout. 64 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Over the last 75 years through the actions of the White Mountain Apache Tribe followed by work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service U.S. Forest Service and Arizona Game and Fish Department Apache trout populations have rallied. The future looks sunny for the species it could be the first sport fish to be recovered and removed from federal threatened or endangered species protection. There have been several important conservation actions including Cattle have been fenced out of select Apache trout streams within the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and along streams within the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Non-native sport fishes are no longer stocked near Apache trout waters. Alchesay-Williams Creek National Fish Hatchery located on the reservation continues to raise Apache trout for sport fishing. Apache trout from the federal fisheries facility are stocked on the reservation and they are shared with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to be stocked in neighboring national forest waters. Many streams are open to anglers. The Arizona Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office (FWCO) biologists remain committed to the Apache trout striving toward that goal of recovering the threatened species Spinger said. They expend a great deal of energy removing non-native brown trout and brook trout from Apache trout waters. They accomplish this with backpack-mounted electrofishing gear where the unwanted fish are stunned and netted from high mountain streams. A new technology known as environmental DNA guides their work. Fish shed skin cells and of course eliminate bodily waste in the water which contains the animal s DNA. That DNA can be detected in the water. Biologists from the FWCO and tribe collect stream water from several sites over long reaches. Water passes through a filter and this is analyzed by U.S. Forest Service s Rocky Mountain Research Station. The lab results then specify which stream sections contain the unwanted non-native trout. Springer notes that periodic population monitoring continues as does barrier monitoring. Where unwanted non-native fishes occur downstream constructed barriers keep them at bay below and the pure Apache trout populations protected above. Constructed barriers exist on 23 creeks. At present Apache trout exist in 28 populations and swim in 170 miles of stream Springer said. The lot of Apache trout has changed significantly over time. In what is really only a brief period the species has transcended from anonymity and mistaken identity to the point when the White Mountain Apache Tribe stepped up to protect their trout. It s now the official state fish of Arizona and a favorite for anglers. For more information on the Apache Trout visit southwest WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 65 QDMA RELEASES IMPROVED 2017 DEER TRACKER APP The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) has announced its newly improved 2017 Deer Tracker app. The app is available completely free of charge on both Android and Apple devices thanks to sponsorship by leading deer hunting brands including Fusion Ammunition Cabela s QDMA and Powderhook. Users of QDMA s Deer Tracker app will find a variety of features focused on getting the information they need to have a better day in the field including Reports of deer activity in their area Public land maps Harvest reports Additionally hunters can now estimate the score of deer in photos receive push notifications for areas they might hunt and view trends on an interactive heat map. PRIVACY IS A PRIORITY QDMA s Deer Tracker was designed with privacy in mind so hunters can be assured no one will know their locations said Lindsay Thomas Jr Director of Communications for QDMA. Deer Tracker has become a must-have addition to any deer hunter s phone. Cody Neer a recent transplant to St. Petersburg Florida says QDMA s Deer Tracker has helped him find new areas to hunt and has even helped him choose the best days to take off work. My work has moved me to five states in seven years said Neer. When you move around the country it really affects your ability to hunt -- especially if you move away from family. For me QDMA s Deer Tracker is a great tool for finding new spots and getting a feel for what people are seeing and hearing. It s also nice to be able to follow what s going on with the deer season back home. Hunters play the biggest role in conservation efforts across this country through purchasing licenses firearms and ammunition said Eric Dinger CEO of Powderhook. These days a hunter may only have limited time to prepare for and plan a hunt. We want to ensure they have the greatest opportunity for an enjoyable time in the woods so they continue to carry on our hunting heritage. QDMA s Deer Tracker was created by Powderhook the app builder working to solve some of the outdoor industry s most important challenges. To view or download QDMA Deer Tracker visit 66 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WHAT S ONLINE THE OUTPOST MAGAZINE THE OUTPOST RADIO THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 67 YOU KATI B 68 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM MAY NOT KNOW IE VANDIVER YET BUT YOU WILL WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 69 Katie Vandiver had her first fishing trip when she was four years old and on the same day one of her cousins taught her how to shoot a .22 rifle. She hasn t looked back since. Katie lives in Evansville Indiana which is in the southwestern part of the state about five miles from where the Ohio River makes a sharp bend. There is great fishing and hunting in this part of the state as well as in nearby Kentucky and she takes advantage of all her opportunities to get out in the woods and water. A FUTURE STAR IS BORN Vandiver has just begun her career in the outdoor sports industry and like many who are just starting out she spends a great deal of time networking. This summer I became a part of the CVA (Muzzleloaders) family she said in a recent interview. And that pretty much made my summer CVA is the 1 selling muzzleloader in America and has held that ranking for nearly a decade. Since the company started in 1971 CVA has prided itself in providing hunters and shooting enthusiasts the best muzzleloading value on the market. Since 2003 CVA has sold more guns each year than any other muzzleloading brand. Social media has allowed me to meet many companies in the outdoor space she said. I also recently worked as a model for Bear Archery in their 2017 catalog. 70 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 71 HER DAY JOB Until the product managers of the outdoor sports industry come calling Katie will continue her day job for which she earned her college degree graphic design. I like to say that s my day job but my night job is getting outdoors to fish and hunt she said. For the long run Katie wants to use her marketing and design skills to build a career in the outdoor sports industry. I would enjoy editing hunting and fishing videos and eventually having my own show she said. 72 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 73 ADVICE TO OTHER YOUNG WOMEN The fastest growing segment of the outdoor sports industry is the female demographic. To celebrate this fact The Outpost puts together an annual issue that features some of the women who are making this happen. Young women like Katie Vandiver have the opportunity to act as a role model for other young women who might be considering participation in outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. I would tell these women no matter how old or young they are to just go for it she said. I was kind of different in school and I ve always thought that being different is good. This can help a girl stand out in a crowd. Who wants to be like everybody else I ve had friends who wanted me to teach them how to hunt and fish she said. I m honored to help someone who wants to learn how to hunt and fish and enjoy the outdoors like I do. You can follow Katie Vandiver on Facebook by clicking here https katievandiver09 To hear the complete interview with Katie Vandiver just click here for The Outpost OnDemand podcast. THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST https watch v KL1tnIFB88U&feature 74 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM O Neill Outside Radio is now REALTREE RADIO Check local radio stations in your area for REALTREE RADIO Listen on Listen nationally on Watch the radio show stream live on Facebook Saturdays... 4 00am to 6 00am Eastern time WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 75 76 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ANOTHER BUCKET LIST FOR FLY FISHERMEN AND WOMEN If you enjoy fly fishing and have had the opportunity to visit Montana the Mecca for this sport you have probably fished the Bighorn the Missouri the Madison or the Bitterroot. These are all famous rivers with outstanding fishing. However you may have missed some other great albeit smaller streams that also have exceptional fishing and breathtaking natural beauty. In her book 25 Off-the-Beaten-Path Montana Fly-Fishing Streams fishing guide teacher and author Molly Semenik explores the best of these underappreciated fisheries and outlines what anglers can expect from both the streams and the areas through which the run. What motivated Molly to write the book on Montana fly fishing When I think back on all my years of fly fishing she said. My fondest memories were when I was fishing in Montana. I wasn t always exactly sure where I was going to end up or how the day would go but over many years my fishing trips in this amazing state have always been about a great experience. This is not only for the fishing but for the discovery the country you see and the people you meet. I wrote this book because I wanted to encourage people to get out and explore this incredible countryside. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 77 There are so many streams to fish in Montana and this made choosing the 25 Off-the-Beaten Path streams a challenge. However Molly had a plan. I chose streams that would be fun to get to safely wadeable had good access didn t have too many floats on the water and in each of the five regions I picked one stream that was good for kids she said. With these kid-friendly streams I wanted to find a place where a child could catch a fish in under a minute. WHAT MAKES A SMALL STREAM A GOOD PLACE TO FLY FISH Small streams have good access making it easier to place your fly where you want it Molly said. The reason I like small streams is that they provide an intimate environment where the angler can easily scan the water and decide where he or she thinks there might be a fish and then give it a cast or two. If things don t work out you can easily move on and try another possible hiding place for fish. It s a great time to reflect. It s also less challenging for walking because the water isn t careening by you at a great velocity. The climates throughout the state of Montana are extreme. How does this affect the types and size of fish When you get up higher into the tributaries in higher elevations she said You re going to have more extreme conditions for food and the fish have a shorter growing time. As a result these fish will be smaller. In most cases these higher elevation fish are just eating terrestrials. Cutthroat trout are more likely to be found here. 78 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Fishing in the lowers areas of the state in the meadows the growing season is longer there are more food opportunities and the fish will be larger. Typically an angler will find more brown and rainbow trout in these areas. I really don t have a preference for either smaller or larger trout she said. I like catching all of them I will note that in the month of August it gets darn hot in Montana and that s the time you want to be fishing in the upper elevations. In fact the summer is about the only time this area of the state can be accessed. THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE BOOK IS STUNNING Part of the fun of reading this book involves the amazing photography. When I agreed to write the book shortly thereafter I realized that I was going to have to take the photographs Molly said. I hired a gal to give me a crash course on photography and talked to several friends who were photographers Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis and Peter Lami a great outdoor photographer and between Peter and me we got the job done. Peter then did all of the color editing. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 79 It was really a team effort and it turned me on to photography. It s another I needed another one Now I have to buy more equipment. TEACHING WOMEN ABOUT THE ART AND SCIENCE OF FLY FISHING A few years ago Molly came up with a great idea to encourage more women to take up the sport. It s called Women s Adventures. Women need to find other women to fish with she said. This is for safety reason but also for camaraderie and support. This led me to start my Women s Adventures fifteen years ago and In this program I combine fishing with teaching. Typically I will have fourteen women I will teach for an hour in the morning with professional guide support and then we launch the boats a go fishing during the fly hatch. After four days of this not only do you build lifelong friendships but your fishing skillset really jumps. I would estimate that 60 percent of my women anglers are repeats from previous years...several who have attended every single year 80 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The best way for women to sign up for these excursions is to come to our website GETTING MORE YOUNG WOMEN INVOLVED IN FLY FISHING The fastest growing demographic for outdoor sports is women. Molly offered some thoughts as to why this is happening. Social media such as Facebook has the greatest impact on influencing young women and girls to take up the sport she said. In many cases women will create a private group on Facebook such as The Utah Women Fly Fishers where they post fishing outings. This makes it easy for other women to accept and all of a sudden you have a group going fishing together. This has the advantage of knowing that it is safe and that you have a group of women who are going to teach each other. Sometimes they bring in people like me to teach for a day. This is much more fun than some stuffy classroom. These are actual outings with other women and I think this is fantastic. I have had several young women contact me to help them teach their husbands and kids about fly fishing. They want it to be a family activity and that s great news If you would like to get a copy of Molly Semenik s great new book 25 Off-the-Beaten-Path Montana Fly-Fishing Streams visit or If you would like to listen to the complete interview with Molly Semenik just click here for The Outpost OnDemand podcast. THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 81 EA R U 82 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM O TP O Code Blue the industry leader in attractant scents cover scents and scent elimination products for hardcore hunters introduces Calming Zone --a revolutionary new stick-applied scent that both attracts deer and relaxes them by creating the smells of a natural deer bedding area. Calming Zone is made from the scents found in all natural deer bedding areas--the areas where whitetails feel more secure than anywhere else. This special formula is housed in a convenient easy-to-use twist container that creates less mess and prevents evaporation it easily rubs on any brush or vegetation near your hunting location keeping the relaxing and attracting power effective for all-season use. When using Calming Zone not only are you masking your human scent with its natural deer bedding scent the aromas help to bring in deer that are relaxed and comfortable for an easy shot. There s only one scent that keeps deer at ease and keeps them close by--the smell of other deer. This innovative stick formula is weather-resistant long lasting evaporation free and contains the power to mask and attract all deer for an ultimate hunting experience. Calming Zone Highlighted Features Naturally Attracts and Relaxes Deer Collection of a natural deer s bedding area Calming Zone is an ideal scent for drawing deer closer and also putting them at ease so you can get a clear steady shot. Effective Cover for Human Odor With your human scent masked nearby deer are less likely to notice your presence which means you can get closer to your target and achieve more precise aim. Avoids Evaporation The air-tight screw-on cap prevents the formula from evaporating allowing you to get more effective use the whole season. Easy-to-Apply Stick Formula Use the stick applicator to easily spread this calming scent with less mess. The suggested retail price for Calming Zone is 14.99. For more information on Calming Zone visit the Code Blue website http code-blue-comfort-zone-relaxing-scent ST RELAX. YOU RE IN THE CALMING ZONE FROM CODE BLUE G O U O TP ST G EA R WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 83 When it comes to hunting with a crossbow there s no substitute for speed ... as long as comfort accuracy and ease of shooting are not sacrificed in the process. Recognizing this Carbon ExpressTM set its sight on creating a crossbow that produced incredible speed without sacrificing performance. The result is the PileDriver 390 crossbow which is being packaged with a free Quiet Crank rope cocker. JUST IN TIME FOR BOW SEASON PILEDRIVER 390 CROSSBOW FROM CARBON EXPRESS As suggested by its name the PileDriver 390 unleashes bolts at a screaming 390 feet per second with an adjustable foregrip and an adjustable buttstock to create the perfect fit for nearly any shooter. Other high-end features Carbon Express crossbows have become known for such as Anti-Dry-Fire technology and an extremely lightweight overall design are built in throughout the PileDriver 390. Built with dedication and stringent standards the PileDriver 390 has been engineered to capture Carbon Express extensive knowledge of arrow flight featuring state-of-the-art performance compression molded limbs premium alloy cams and tunable synthetic strings and cables. To maximize the shooting experience every crossbow trigger is rigorously tested before it leaves the manufacturing facility. The PileDriver 390 is available in a ready-to-hunt package that includes rope cocker quick-detach 3-arrow quiver 3 PileDriver 20-inch crossbolts rail lubricant 3 practice points and a 4X32mm scope. Highlighted Features and Specifications Speed 390 fps Draw Weight 185 pounds Weight 7.2 pounds Width 18.5 inches un-cocked 14.5 inches cocked Power stroke 13.5 inches Length 35.5 to 37.5 inches Length of pull 15 to 17 inches Lightweight compact slim-line stock design Adjustable buttstock for a custom fit Step through foot stirrup Multi-position foregrip Aluminum rail for repeatable accuracy Anti-Dry-Fire technology Durable compression-molded limbs FREE Quiet Crank Cocker included ( 100 value) Ready To Hunt Kit includes three bolts quiver rope cocker 4X32mm scope lube and three field points The suggested retail price for the PileDriver 390 Crossbow is 399.00 For more information on Carbon Express visit their website https collections crossbows R STAY WARM WITH NEW TERRA-POD SLEEPING BAGS O U With a solid reputation for delivering innovative and essential camping and survival products to the outdoor market 12 Survivors is proud to announce another crucial camping product line Terra-pod Sleeping Bags. With two different sizes regular (TS48000R) and long (TS48000L) Terra-pod Sleeping Bags are designed to provide sleep comfort to people of all shapes and sizes. Terra-pods seal tight to keep you warm and snug in cold temperatures down to 20 F and are constructed with both a draft collar and hood draw. For warmer climates a full double-zipper footbox allows for optional airflow to cool you down and ensure a good night s sleep. Terra-pod Sleeping Bags also feature an interior chest pocket for convenient storage of small personal items such as phones and glasses and heavyduty YKK zippers trusted for durability and reliability. Terra-pod Sleeping Bags aren t only for sleeping they reverse to a bright signal orange color for emergency situations. The Regular model is ideal for people up to 6 ft. tall while the Long is better suited for taller individuals. Terra-pod Sleeping Bags include hang loops for storage and airing out as well as a compression stuff sack for quick and easy storage. The suggested retail price for the Terra-Pod Sleeping Bag is 90.00 For more information about 12 Survivors products visit 84 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM TP O ST G EA O U O TP ST G EA R TREKKER GAITERS REALTREE MAX-1 KEEP THE JUNK OUT Anyone who has ever stalked pheasant knows how irritating it is to have some foreign object in his boot. TREKKER Gaiters in Realtree MAX-1 are designed to prevent rocks dirt and debris snow and rain from entering your boots or shoes when you re chasing game. They also provide a layer of protection for your footwear and footwear lacing. TREKKER Gaiters boast a streamline and seamless design to prevent snagging. The Gaiter is secured by multiple points with snaps elastic Velcro a hook and a strap but is still easy to take on and off. It may be worn with shorts or pants in which pant legs can be tucked in if desired. It can also be used on a variety of boots and shoes from mid- to low-height footwear including leather hiking boots leather hiking shoes and material trail-running shoes. Made of comfortable and quiet fabric these lightweight gaiters are ideal for trekking hiking and trail running all seasons of the year. Features Top and bottom closure straps Top containment elastic band Front entry Velcro Heel-secured Velcro with sticky-back Velcro strip -- optional Front lace hook with double rivets. Paracord instep loop strap with eyelets -easily replaceable Specs Made of durable three-layer waterproof and breathable polyester fabric. 7 tall. Weight per pair 3.6 oz. Made in the USA. Manufactured in southern Utah. Includes (1) pair of TREKKER Gaiters (2) Sticky-back Velcro strips and (2) replacement paracord instep loop straps. Suggested retail price is 38. For more information visit the RealTree website https camo-products trekker-gaiters-realtree-max-1 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 85 THE NEW OUTPOST RADIO IS LAUNCHED Radio for the Great Outdoors The Outpost Radio. At any given time on this unique station you can hear Stevie Ray Vaughan followed by Blackberry Smoke followed by George Jones. While all of this is going on you can be given a chance to listen to podcasts that feature tips on hunting whitetail deer or catching crappie in the Atchafalaya Basin or learning why blue quail would rather run than fly. In the words of more than one recently converted Outpost Radio fanatic I ve never heard anything like this station. Exactly. This combination of music and outdoor sports information presented 24 7 available wherever you are worldwide on your mobile device has never been offered. Until now. If you can do without the little girl pop stars and auto-tuned crap that passes for country and rock and roll these days you might want to try The Outpost Radio. If you want to know the weather wherever you re sitting in a duck blind it s here. If you re on the way to hunt pheasant or fish for walleye and you d like to know if anybody s seeing any this might be your new favorite radio station. The stories in The Outpost Magazine are about the simple joys of living an authentic life. This includes outdoor sports such as fishing hunting camping hiking and biking. It involves good food and strong drink and it also includes music from every genre that sportsmen and sportswomen enjoy. Unfortunately most of the music you hear on traditional (terrestrial) radio is so sanitized analyzed and peroxized that the tunes and words are cotton candy for the brain. Plus most of the outdoor sports radio programs come on the stations between 3 and 4 am. That s a little too early for most of us. It is for this reason that we joined some friends who are experts in the radio business and launched The Outpost Radio. We re calling it Radio for the great outdoors and that s more than just a catchy phrase. A typical radio station would never play the diversity of songs you ll hear on 86 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 87 RED HOT AND NEW 88 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE NEXT BIG THANG IN COUNTRY If you haven t heard the female trio called Post Monroe get ready for a musical twoby-four right between the eyes. This group made up of Shelby McLeod Whitney Duncan and Ashlee Hewitt has three distinct voices and more moxie than the law should allow. So where did that group name come from Ashlee Hewitt explains. I actually had [the name Post Monroe] for a long time probably six or seven years before I really knew that I would use it someday but I had a dream to use it. I always wanted to start a girl band. I actually heard somebody describe a fashion style as post-Marilyn. They re like oh that is very post-Marilyn. And so Post Monroe came about. I went and blocked all the socials and we started using it. In addition to being in the 2017 class of CMT Next Women of Country Music the group has released a single entitled White Noise that is definitely NOT your daddy s country music. In one of the best kiss-off tunes in history Post Monroe makes it very clear what a waste of time some guys really are. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 89 In the words of country music journalist Samantha Stephens To Shelby Whitney and Ashlee all that sweet talk is just static fuzz and unintelligible meaningless mess like the white noise on a television or radio. What a perfectly golden metaphor and hook which isn t surprising at all from these gals. To date every song released by the group has hit the mark with style sound lyrics and sweet harmonies. https watch v uThN6RW6wf4 According to the Post Monroe website the group is influenced by a vast array of sounds from classic country to rock n roll to bluegrass. The result is pure country music cemented by their commitment to songwriting as a group and individuals. Post Monroe released their debut EP featuring their song Red Hot American Summer in March 2016 and became one of Rolling Stone Country s 10 Artists You Need To Know . 90 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM RADIO FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS The Outpost Radio is the first radio station dedicated to hunting fishing and the great outdoors. You can hear us on your smartphone desktop or tablet...just about anywhere. The Outpost Radio is a mix of great music and information that celebrates the outdoors Give us a listen. Click on The Outpost logo below to listen now WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 91 SHELBY LYNN & ALLISON MOORER NOT DARK YET There s an expression which probably originated in the South but is universally understood. It perfectly describes synergy of the two voices of sisters Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer. It is blood-kin harmony. Old school singers like the Delmore Brothers Louvin Brothers and Everly Brothers had it and Lynne and Moorer have it in spades. They grew up singing together in their home state of Alabama and have had successful albeit somewhat divergent careers in and around mainstream country music. As Rolling Stone noted With 24 albums between them Lynne and Moorer both enjoyed brief tenures as mainstream country artists before forging their own paths the Grammy-winning Lynne with both pop-rock and bluesy country efforts and Moorer an Oscar nominee for Best Original Song for 1998 s A Soft Place to Fall from The Horse Whisperer recording a string of critically acclaimed LPs for Sugar Hill Records. Lynne s most recent album I Can t Imagine was released on Rounder in 2015 with Moorer s Down to Believing coming that same year. Lynne and Moorer toured together in 2010 with a trek fittingly dubbed Side-By-Side. Their first collaborative album is entitled Not Dark Yet and it may be the best work either of these women have ever done individually. 92 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Aside from the soulful and even ethereal sounds that these siblings produce the most interesting thing about Not Dark Yet is the choice of songs. Lynne and Moorer also demonstrate their eclectic musical tastes covering tunes from country legends the Louvin Brothers Merle Haggard Jessi Colter as well as Nirvana s Kurt Cobain the Killers Nick Cave Townes Van Zandt Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires and of course Bob Dylan who wrote and performed the title cut Not Dark Yet on his Time Out of Mind LP recorded in 1997. This album has ten tracks with nine covers and one original Is it too Much written by the two sisters. This song is an example of art responding to the tragedies of life. The question Is it too much to carry in your heart is the repeated throughout. The song is about shared grief something which the sisters know all too well having witnessed their father take their mother s life and then his own. As several reviewers have noted the song might sound depressing and is certainly muted and downbeat but ultimately affirmative in response to that question. There are several standout tracks the best of which is the title cut Not Dark Yet. The genius of Bob Dylan songs are their relevancy decades after he wrote them. This song could easily be played as background music for the evening news today and Lynne and Moorer s soulful and understated rendition is pitch-perfect. (Note to Dylan You might want to send a thank you note to these ladies for one of the best covers ever from your vast catalog). Other great cuts in this collection are the Jason Isbell & Amanda Spires song The Color of a Cloudy Day Every Time you Leave recorded by brothers Ira and Charlie Louvin and Lungs written by Townes Van Zandt. Not Dark Yet is getting airplay on the satellite stations but mainstream country radio has pretty much ignored the album. This could possibly be due to a lack of Bro Country lyrics about dirt roads women beer more dirt roads more women and even more beer. If you however you want to expand your tastes to some Sis Country Lynne and Moorer are waiting to take you along for a very nice ride. NOT DARK YET https watch v C5ixkCXSI7M WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 93 WHAT S FOR DINNER By O Neill Williams I am fortunate to try fishing for some really wild critters and really wild places. It goes with having a television show. OK I m bragging. However the truth is now at being 74-years old in October of 2017 I m enjoying the little close by streams and ponds and angling for a fresh fish dinner. With that in mind have you rounded up a cooler of crappie or bream of late Other than North Georgia s Walleye which are difficult at best to harvest you really do have to be a specialist Crappie and Bream are the very best. I hardly ever fry a largemouth or spotted bass or a striper or hybrid. Catfish are good but I m getting lazy and rarely will go to the trouble of cleaning them not when you can buy them already fully prepared at the grocery store. I ll admit if the catch has been with a child whatever we catch we fry and eat. It s part of the deal so to speak. CATCHING PAN FISH Have you ever tried any of the Georgia State Parks and Recreation areas Most of the time the cabins are available even on late notice clean fully equipped and the docks and piers around are just loaded with bream and even some respectful crappie most of the year. It makes such a difference in preparation and fulfillment when you re doing something simple and can be ever so rewarding. 94 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM IF YOU ARE TOO BUSY TO FISH THEN YOU ARE JUST TOO BUSY A few weeks ago I was in Bass Pro (what a surprise ) and saw these little boxes of dried crickets super worms what looked like meal worms and some leaches. What a great idea. I ve always been a proponent of live baits when fishing with a child because you can let him or her play with the bait if the fishing is slow. The little boxes of very usable fish bait for panfish are called Fisher s Choice. They keep for months at a time stay the hook still smell like they did when they are alive when they all were but aren t now. The reward is that around the docks and piers at the state park lakes or your now best friend s pond the pan fish just love them. You and the chosen underage relative or even a neighbor s child can catch a mess fry them up and enjoy both the adventure the attention and the meal. Sounds like a good idea to me. Growing up I played all the team sports from Cub Scout baseball at age six to the usual mixture of pursuits through college. I remember them well. Team successes failures championships and also-rans but the singular memories and what I write about most often are the one-on-one minutes hours and catches with my grandparents. We didn t have a boat often didn t have rods and reels only a cane pole and a box of red wigglers. What I m privileged to remind all of you is this Reach out to your children and grandchildren children in the neighborhood whose dad isn t a fisherman or outdoorsman. Pick up a box of crickets worms or whatever and drop a bait down around the docks at a state park catch a few and instead of being on a clock to return home stay there cook a meal watch a sunset and take photos WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 95 PHOTO OF THE MONTH 96 O Neill Outside Radio is now REALTREE RADIO Check local radio stations in your area for REALTREE RADIO Listen on Listen nationally on Watch the radio show stream live on Facebook Saturdays... 4 00am to 6 00am Eastern time 97 98 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE OTHER FALL TRADITION For 39 years we have been keeping the Bird Hunting tradition alive by producing lasting memories at the Plantation. Explosive coveys outstanding dog work and up-scale accommodations are available just one hour east of Atlanta. Season runs Oct. 1- March 31 Come just once and you will be a customer for life 1161 Blackwell Rd Newborn GA 30056 (706) 557-0407 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 99 What one has not experienced one will never understand in print. Isadora Duncan P.O. Box 983 Reitz 9810 Free State Province South Africa Matt 27(0) 72 540 0057 Jacklyne 27(0) 82 091 5903 Fax 27(0) 86 538 3660 info likhulusafaris 100 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.GEORGIAALLIGATORHUNTING.COM (229) 251-9929 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 101 MICHIGAN U.P. GROUSE HUNTS & FISHING TRIPS These action-packed hunting & fishing trips are conducted in the game rich Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan at our Cast & Blast Lodge. We hunt on over a million acres of premier grouse habitat - recognized by many as the top grouse hunting destination in North America Both grouse and woodcock are plentiful in the surrounding aspen-filled forests. Fishing takes place on Lake Superior and Lake Gogebic the largest inland lake in Michigan. Lake Gogebic encompasses 13 380 acres with 38 miles of beautiful shoreline and boasts more state angler awards than any other lake in the Upper Peninsula. Species on Lake Gogebic include Northern Pike Walleye Perch and Smallmouth Bass. On Lake Superior the prized Lake Trout is the most abundant species and will be the primary species we will pursue. Coho Salmon is the next most abundant Rainbow Trout Brown Trout Chinook Salmon and Lake Herring are occasionally caught. CAST AND BLAST GROUSE HUNT AND FISHING PACKAGE 1750 per person (parties of 4 or more only 1500 per person). 5 full days of hunting and fishing - your choice. Hunters are welcome to bring their dogs with them or hire a guide. Upgrade to a fully guided trip for an additional 1000.00 per Group (includes dog handler trained pointers and fishing guide). MICHIGAN COMBO FISHING PACKAGE 1575 per person (parties of 4 or more only 1250 per person). 4 full days of semi-guided fishing on Lake Gogebic and then 1 day on a Lake Superior Charter Boat chasing Lake Trout and Salmon. Trip can be upgraded to fully guided for 200 per day INCLUDED IN ALL TRIPS Lodging in our resort which consists of 7 completely furnished cabins overlooking Lake Gogebic. All trips start with check in on Saturday afternoon and end with checkout on Friday morning. Each day starts with a continental breakfast a lunch at the lodge and a home style dinner each evening. 102 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 17 Crestliner Boats equipped with 90 HP motors. The closest airport is Duluth MN (2 hours from the camp). Corporate groups and family reunions welcome we can accommodate up to 30 people. Additional Activities o 4 public golf courses are located within a 30-45 minute drive from the resort o The Lac Vieux Desert Resort Casino is located in Watersmeet MI approxiately 40 miles from the resort HTTP CASTANDBLASTLODGES.COM PHONE (724)290-9338 WWW.GUNDOGBROKER.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 103 KAPRIVER OUTFITTERS PETER AND TERRY MARTIN 10 Erie Street Kapuskasing Ontario P5N 2C6 705-335-3163 Peter Martin pwmartin Kapriver Retrievers & Outfitters specializing in winter Timberwolf hunts Waterfowl & Bear Combo hunts as well as excellent Grouse Hunts over pointing dogs. We also train and sell started retrievers and pointing dogs. http index.html 104 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF ISSUE XI ISSUE II ISSUE III THE SEEING IS BELIEVING SUNGLASSES REVIEW UTPOST WADE FISHING THE SURF THE NEW LAKE EFFECT ON FISHING WOMEN WITH WEAPONS WILLIE NELSON HEROES HOW TO KEEP A HUNT ING DO G IN SHAP E IN TH E OFFSEA SON ALL HAIL KING MACKEREL READING STREAMS HOW TO TRICK TOMS TALKING TURKEY RECIPES TAXIDERMY HUNTING AXIS DEER CATCHING CRAPPIE CATFISH RECIPES BETTER BANK FISHING PLUS FACEBOOK FLASHBACK & BLACKBERRY SMOKE They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GO AHEAD. CAST A LINE AND REEL THEM IN WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 105 106 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM