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Boating Fishing nd a in Lee County Florida Free Coastal Resource Guide and Local Marine Business Finder presented by the 2018 04 2018 Lee County Coastal Resource Guide Presented by P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. Featured Articles 10 16 30 42 46 48 56 58 62 74 75 76 78 88 90 96 Sawfish News Nature at its Best What s in a Medicare Card Fly Fishing in SW Florida Kayaking Matlacha First on the Water Get to know the US Power Squadrons Welcome to our Fishing Community A New Beginning Trailer Maintenance Tips Learning from Snowbirds Let s Talk Cataracts Cost of a Rescue Lee County Sheriff Marine Unit When the Wind Blows Walkin the Dog Near Shore Fishing Treasures Contributing Writers Capt. Bill Russell Bob Moro Robin Griffiths Brian Stockbridge Jim Hutchinson Sr. Capt. Gregg McKee the Snook Cowboy Capt. Chuck Downes Carolyn Keiling Dave Sully Tonya Wiley Cathy Thousand Dr. Jerry Cowan Thomas Perrin Capt. Joe Greco Featured Content 9 11 12 14 24 26 34 40 44 52 54 70 72 82 84 87 98 Local Coastal Resources Bird ID Handy Knots Coastal Groups and Clubs Understanding Propellers Year Round Pet Care Fishing Guides Water-Access Marinas Welcome to Matlacha What are Shipworms Coastal Yellow Pages Water-Access Restaurants Learning About Fuels Artificial Reefs and Shipwrecks Water-Access Fuel Map Fishing From Land TowBoatUS Printables Nautical Mile Newsletter PlusNew Boats for 2018 Pages 20-36-67-80-97 Get ongoing updates on the local marine community upcoming boat shows and coastal events. Sign up for free at Contact us PO Box 486 - Bokeelia Fl. 33922 thenauticalmile 05 s Rod ds Ro ods R s Reel s Reel el s Re SW Florida s fishing tackle HEADQUARTERS Ultra-Light to Unlimited Tackle s Line es Lin es Lin Expe rod & rt r e p ai r e e l rs 62 ye for ar s Plus 995-2280 (239) 06 Never miss another event F RE E Fishing Seminars Ft. Myers Annual Black Friday Sale Annual Customer Appreciation Day Hog Roast and Fishing Seminars annual banquet No Spam No Soliciting Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with local coastal events E-Mail Address Sign up and we ll send you a reminder SW Fl or i da s PREM IER Water Taxi servic e Sightseeing Dolphin Watching Private Taxi Shelling Taxi to lunch and dinner on the outer islands 24 HOUR SERVICE North Captiva - Captiva - Cabbage Key Boca Grande - Pine Island - Useppa Departs from Pineland Marina (239) 633-8142 07 BOATER S LANDING Key West Fishing Boats The 1 Best Selling Fishing Boats in Florida The Key West Bay Reef Stepped Hull for efficiency Deep V at entry gives a soft ride A great inshore boat with exceptional open water capability. The Key West 239FS Offset transom gives the 239FS more room in the Cockpit room for fishing and entertaining. Fully Foamed making them unsinkable for the safety of family and friends and it provides a quiet ride. 08 Coastal Resources A few years ago a local resident established a weather station as a hobby that grew into one of the most visited weather websites in the state of Florida. From local radar to real-time lightning if you re interested in weather look no further. FishRules phone app This handy phone app offers real-time fishing regulations. The app restarts and updates itself each time it s opened. Cape Tool & Tackle Customer Appreciation Day Every January this Cape Coral fishing tackle store opens its doors for an annual sale including fishing seminars in the parking lot and a hog roast. Towing Service The US Coast Guard will respond to any vessel upon request but they do not deploy unless people are in danger. If you re going to boat you ll want to secure a local tow service. For a low annual fee they ll come tow you if your engine fails if you re grounded or even if you run out of fuel. Two companies provide this service to SW Florida Sea Tow and TowBoatUS. Reel Talk Radio Join Capt. Rob Modys for Reel Talk Radio a 3-hour fishing radio show on Saturday mornings from 7-11. 99.3 FM Lehrs Black Friday Sale Lehrs Economy Tackle in N. Ft. Myers the oldest bait shop around hosts a huge Black Friday (and Saturday) sale every November. Annual Coastal Resource Guide For the last eight years Lee County s Nautical Mile has published a free 100-page coastal resource guide. It s available digitally online and in local stores. This guide is primarily used as a hand-out at trade shows as an introduction to new residents. Nautical Mile Newsletter With information being so scattered and difficult to find online Nautical Mile Magazine has created a newsletter to make it easy for you to know about upcoming events. We ll find them so you don t have to Sign up free at www.NauticalMileMagazine. com Printables Click on Printables at Nautical Mile s website. 8x11 PDF files are ready for you to print your own tides for the year in sixteen locations charts knots maps to bait shops water-access fuel docks marinas boat ramps water-access restaurants and a map of offshore shipwrecks. www.NauticalMileMagazine. com A New Kind of Kayak Fishing Adventure (239) 549-3474 Hidden islands or open Gulf 24 Catamaran Mothership Fishing - Sightseeing - Shelling Our boat our kayaks YOUR EXPERIENCE Access to SW Florida s hidden treasures and secret fishing spots with our unique drop-off pick-up kayak service 09 Captain s for Clean Water SW Florida has been experiencing water quality issues mostly from pollution coming down the Caloosahatchee. The Captain s for Clean Water is a nationally known group founded and based here in Lee County Florida. They ve gotten more traction than any group of their kind and are fighting to preserve the future of our waterways. www.CaptainsForCleanWater. org Marine Trading Post Every coastal community has one.... a marine parts superstore. If you can t find your husband check here before calling Missing Persons. The Marine Trading Post has anything you can think of for a boat and offers it through four SW Florida locations from Naples to Port Charlotte. Reel Anglers Fishing Club SW Florida is home of the Reel Anglers the largest fishing club of it s kind who meet every second Wednesday of the month. Learn tactics associate with anglers and enjoy monthly talks about local topics of interest. Tarpon Hunters The Tarpon Hunters are based in Lee County and are the oldest two fishing clubs around. They focus on how-to education and proper catch and release tactics of one of the world s greatest game-fish the Tarpon. There s a club in Cape Coral and one on Ft. Myers Beach. Monthly meetings annual picnics and an educational workshop in February. Find the Ft. Myers Beach club on Facebook FMBTHC Cape Coral www.CapeCoralTarponHunters. com Power Squadrons The Power Squadron is a national boating group with a focus on promoting safe boating. Known as America s Boating Club they host classes on electronics boating safety charts anchoring weather knots maintenance and even using a GPS. Nautical Mile Website Links to every digital resource a local boater would need Lee County s one-stop-shop for information online. Sign up for an event newsletter writer biographies groups and clubs a calendar of fishing seminars and links to weather and hurricane tracking. Desktop and mobile websites. www.NauticalMileMagazine. com Captain s School Get your captain s license The Captain s School s world headquarters is right here in Cape Coral. Join Capt. Casey for your 6-Pack Sailing Towing and upgrades P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. RECREATIONAL 50 to 4 000 Gallon Deliveries Non-Ethanol and Diesel Punta Gorda to Bonita Springs (239) 673-7850 Unleaded Gasoline Premium Gasoline Non-Ethanol Gasoline - Boats Dyed Diesel- Off Road Ultra low Sulfur Diesel- On Road Motor and Hydraulic Oils and lubricants COMMERCIAL Site Fueling Convenient Deliveries Competitive Pricing 100 to 8 500 Gallon Deliveries from Punta Gorda to Naples (239) 349-5322 10 SAWFISH NEWS Tonya grew up far from saltwater in Michigan and north Texas but developed a love for the ocean during family vacations to Florida and caught her first shark while fishing with her dad in Charlotte Harbor. Following a stint in the US Navy she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Fisheries from Texas A&M University at Galveston. She completed an internship with the White Shark Research Institute in South Africa and then a temporary research project on endangered suckers with US Geological Survey in Oregon. Tonya has worked for the Coastal Fisheries Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as a Marine Finfish Hatchery Technician Ecosystem Management Technician and Fisheries Outreach Specialist and for Mote Marine Laboratory s Center for Shark Research on the Sawfish Research Project leading field surveys for endangered smalltooth sawfish from Tampa Bay to the Florida Keys. Tonya is now the President of Havenworth Coastal Conservation founded to promote the sustainable use and conservation of marine resources through research outreach and education. Tonya has been conducting conservation biology studies of sawfish since 2001 including research on the endangered smalltooth sawfish in Florida becoming an authority on the biology and ecology of the species. She is an appointed member of the National Marine Fisheries Service s Smalltooth Sawfish Recovery Implementation Team a multi-institutional panel of experts working to protect the remaining sawfish population in the US and prevent the species from going extinct. With the monthly Sawfish News article Tonya will bring you interesting facts about sawfish updates on current research projects explanations of management tools such as the Endangered Species Act descriptions of ways you can be involved in the recovery of sawfish and other information on these unique animals. Tonya lives with her husband Chris on Terra Ceia Bay in Palmetto Florida and enjoys any activity that gets her on the water including fishing boating in their Robalo 246 Cayman snorkeling kayaking and paddle boarding. Her favorite place to fish is in Everglades National Park particularly Ponce de Leon Bay. Tonya Wiley is contributing to The Nautical Mile magazine with a monthly article titled Sawfish News . Tonya can be reached at 941-2012685 or Tonya You can follow Tonya Wiley and Havenworth Coastal Conservation Web Facebook Twitter Tonya (941) 201-2685 3 handy knots 12 Most fisherman tie a knot where you turn the hook 4-5 times put the tag through the bottom hole back again through the loop and you re done. Don t It s one of the worst knots in the industry. Use a Uni-Knot for lines directly to hooks. A loop knot has become popular when using lures or plastic baits. It helps the bait move more loosely and look more natural. There are several variations below is a basic- Uni Knot Swivels are rarely used inshore. The line-to-line Uni Knot is one of the most dependable knots for tying fishing line to leader material or to fluorocarbon. The most efficient way to learn knots is to watch YouTube videos. There you ll find hundreds but you ll find the 3 on this page to be the three you use the most. 13 (239) 540-FISH FISHING CHARTERS CUSTOM ROD BUILDING & REPAIRS INSHORE FISHING SPECIALIST FULL SERVICE TACKLE OUTFITTER LIVE & FROZEN BAIT Squid - Threadfins - Sardines - Worms Crabs - Chum - Shrimp - Bonita - Ballyhoo Dry Chum - Herring - Octopus - Ladyfish Cigar Minnows - Mullet - Block Chum One of SW Florida s Largest Selections of Inshore & Offshore Tackle In Cape Coral on Del Prado near Savona Pkwy. 3714 Del Prado Blvd. Cape Coral N OPE s y 7-Da 14 Tournaments Offshore Rodeo & Reggae party Champions for Children Bobby Holloway Pine Island Elementary Derby LCEC United Way Bricks & Sticks fishing Backwater Series Flatsmasters Lee County Sheriff Bass Tournament Doc Ford s Tarpon Tournament Bert s Redfish Challenge Groups & Clubs Power Squadrons Boating Classes Charts Class GPS Instruction Peace River San Carlos Bay Cape Coral Ft. Myers Venice localusps venice Englewood (941) 474-2426 Nautical Mile monthly contributing writers Barb Hansen Capt. Bill Russell Lt. Bob Moro Capt. Charles Epranian Capt. Chuck Downes Dave Sully (Lee Sheriff Dept) Dockside Dennis Capt. Gregg McKee Jim Hutchinson Sr. Kathy Thousand Robin Griffiths Capt. Rob Modys Snook Cowboy Alyssa Grabner Tonya Wiley Tom Perrin Capt. Joe Greco Schools Classes Captain Schools Ft. Myers Sailing School Charlotte Harbor Sailing School Florida Fly Fishing School Learn to Sail Fishing Clubs Tarpon Hunters Cape Coral Ft. Myers - Facebook FMBTHC Reel Angler s Fishing Club SW Florida Marine Industries Assc. Punta Gorda Isles Boat & Trade Shows Cape Coral Outdoor Expo SW Florida Boat Shows Home & Boat Shows Suncoast Boat Show (Sarasota) Fly Fishing Meetings joe The Captain School Inc. Helping Mariners through the Maze OUPU - 6 Pack License Master Upgrade to Master Based in SW Florida and serving Mariners from Alaska to the Virgin Islands Sailing Towing (239) 549-0271 15 16 NATURE at its BEST Southwest Florida has earned a reputation as a fishermen s paradise with seemingly unlimited angling opportunities. It s a place where you can stalk tailing redfish in the shallows or chase giant tarpon off the beaches and so much more. But even with all the great fishing possibilities it s often easy to lose focus with the diverse amount of nature and wildlife to experience. I hear comments almost on a daily basis from anglers in amazement at just how diverse our ecosystem is. In just a few hours you can expect to encounter more species of birds than one can count. A few on the list are pelicans (in the winter months both white and brown) a huge array of wading birds plus ospreys and bald eagles. If you pay attention it s common to witness an osprey dive down to the water and proudly lift off with his fresh catch only to have an eagle meet him in mid-air. After an aerial chase that involves lots of aerobatics the eagle always takes Captain Bill Russell 17 dolphin are super intelligent and have learned to associate fishing boats as an easy meal. They like to hang around and eat whatever you catch and release. We are doing them no favor by feeding them plus its illegal. Please do not feed the dolphin your catch. Southwest Florida is home for Manatees while they will never rival a dolphin for a fun time they are abundant and a very large sea mammal when observed up close. They are generally laid back and slow moving after you spend a little time around them you will quickly realize they are harmless and don t have a mean bone in their body. In the cool months you can view hundreds at a time at Manatee Park in east Fort Myers where they migrate for the safety of warm water when the temperature drops. When the waters not too cold for them it s typical in a day of boating to encounter many manatees in the wild feeding and playfully carrying on. Also they are often sighted cruising just a few feet of the beaches off our coast. The Gulf beaches are beautiful and world famous for great shelling that s no secret but you can also expect to home the fish and the osprey is left to catch another. If you are a bird watcher or photographer it s really easy to get distracted and forget all about fishing. Of all our marine wildlife bottlenose dolphins are my favorite. They always have a friendly smile and a knack for bringing out the kid in all of us. They are energetic playful and love to put on a show. They seldom turn down the opportunity to playfully jump and follow in a boats wake. For me dolphin define cool I never get tired of watching them. They can be viewed from shore around bridges fishing piers and cruising just off the beaches. From a boat you are likely to encounter them anywhere along the coastal waters. A word of note see plenty of wildlife. Over the years I have spent a lot of time at Cayo Costa State Park and it s about as old Florida as you can get. Arriving by boat is the only access and the seven mile Island is almost completely void of civilization with the exception of the state park camp grounds and a few private residences. Here you can walk miles on hiking trails or swim and walk the beach and expect birds of all varieties plus dolphin manatees and sea turtles often cruising just a few feet of the sand in the gin clear water. And yes there is great fishing opportunities from the Island. There are also similar beaches accessible from car. I once took for granted the wonderful wildlife and scenery in our local waters after seeing it day in and day out for as long as I can remember. I m lucky that I get reminded almost daily while fishing with clients visiting the area that there is so much more to the waters of southwest Florida than catching fish. I don t get on the boat anymore without the camera don t forget yours. (239) 283-7960 gcl2fish Guide Service 18 n t h e bi t e Turn o Saltwater s 1 Go-To BAIT Paul Brown s Soft-Dean Suspending Twitchbait A favorite among wade fishermen the Fat Boy features a wide-bodied profile and suspending action which catches large fish. Fat Boy is weighted for long casts and features a special vacuumed rattle which completes its effectiveness. Fat Boy Floater runs shallower than the Fat Boy and was designed by Paul Brown to fish skinny waters. Maniac MulletTM This lure s lip-like nose design allows for an erratic action which attracts trophy gamefish and explosive strikes. Maniac MulletTM Slow Sink is ideal for wade fishing and is a weapon used to catch GATOR Trout. Use a twitching retrieve for best results. Fishing shallow flats... Tie on a Maniac MulletTM and catch more fish. MirrOdine The Irresistible Suspending Twitchbait The ever popular MirrOdine 17MR has 10 NEW colors to compliment it s wide-body profile and realistic baitfish pattern. The NEW MirrOdine Broken Glass Series feature bright reflective broken glass foil inserts fish-calling rattles and natural 3-D eyes to enhance their realism plus extra-strong hooks. With a twitching retrieve these baits dart from side-to-side mimicking a wounded baitfish. Trout Redfish Snook Striped Bass and Tarpon find the MirrOdines to be irresistible. C-EyeTM Catch 2000 One of MirrOlure s best selling lures the Catch 2000 is now available in the CEyeTM Pro Series. This new Series features natural clear 3-D eyes seven contemporary fish-catching finishes and premium black nickel hooks. Tie on a new C-EyeTM Pro Catch 2000 and catch your next trophy. RECORD SETTERS the Tear this page out and refer to it when you get serious about catching fish Photo Capt. Chuck Downes 20 Come see the 2018 s Everglades 335CC Mimicking the best features of the already-proven 325cc the 335cc was designed with luxurious comfort in mind. Integrating fishable function with elegant extras the 33-foot vessel is one the whole family can get behind. The 335cc s refined layout allows for improved seating throughout. Anglers and their families will find enhanced luxurious bow seating including removable forward-facing bow backrests. The new model also features larger more lavish fold-down transom seating providing a comfortable ride from virtually any seat. In addition to its abundant amenities the 335cc continues Everglades Boats commitment to fishability. It s larger console and hardtop plus the bigger built-in coolers and fish-box storage allow for any fisherman to drop a line with ease. The 325cc s bait prep area and tackle storage were reconfigured to provide a more intuitive experience on the new 335cc. Edgewater 262 This center console Deep-V lets you know in a big way that rugged is standard with the offshore boats of EdgeWater. A smooth stable ride and capable performance makes the 262CC one of the top offshore boats available on the market today. A powerful deep-V hull unsinkable Single Piece Infusion construction and up to 500 hp from twin Yamaha outboards make all jobs for these offshore boats a breeze. Fish or cruise in comfort with a walk-in console complete with head sink shower and extra storage. The 262CC exceeds all expectations of any other boat. 22 stal Co a oards orkB C Family Owne d Since 1984 Parts and Se rvice Open to the Pu blic Cape Co Boat Lif 346 ral t Wir Marina ing - Dock Lig Electric h al Syste ting www.A ms ELEC T State Li cense E R I C C 0000 842 SE 4 6th Lane craElect m E BOAT TR RNATIONAL AILERS 888-728 74 We Hubs - Sprin gs - Axles TraiRent Guide Poles - Lights l ers Deemaxx Di sk Brakes HD Keel Gu 2360 Crys ides - Hardwa tal Road re FT. Myers www.roc ke ttrailers.c om ROCKET INT -24 282-TIKI (239) ATLACHA D&D M cha oad - Matla ine Island R 3922 P 39-282-912 2 2 Boat Lift Parts Cape Coral (239) 540-2971 FIX MARINE SUPPLY Gear Plates - Motors Remotes - Drum Switc hes Piling Caps - Rub Ra ils Pile Wraps - Dock La dders om stMarina.c ww.Evere w Bait & Tackle Boat Storage - 8-6604 (239) 45 Marina trist Located in Sam s Clu b - Cape C No m e m b oral ership req uired (23 Eye Care Gera me ld Cowan OD Opto 9) 800-6 032 23 B IT UACKA HI Q T IT LE A le al Tack Termin - Nets Charts Reels R od s & Sail & Power Ch Sail & Power In arters - Yacht Brokerage struction - Yach t Management Located at Tarp on Point Marin a and Saltwater er Bait Freshwat 3816 Chiq ape Coral uita Blvd. C 052 (239) 540-0 (239) 257-27 88 www.swfyachts .com TEAM SHEVLIN Pine Island Experts Since 1981 PI Road 458-1940 CC Pkwy 257-3270 N. Ft. Myers 731-5500 Mike Shevlin - Broker Rea ltor Carlyn Herring - Realtor Tonya Player - Team Assi stant (239) 283-1100 Boat s Wrap (239) 772-30 00 www.HighImp actSig Free Fishing Seminars Fishing seminars are a great way to learn local fishing techniques from local fishing professionals. Cape Tool & Tackle hosts a day in January and Lee County s Nautical Mile Magazine hosts two sessions one is at the Cape Coral Outdoor Expo in December and another at Old Pine Island Marina & Tackle in St. James City every last Saturday of the month January - April. Every January Annual Customer Appreciation Day Hog Roast and Fishing Seminars 24 Understanding Propellers Propeller Selection Basics Propeller size is expressed with two numbers diameter and pitch with diameter always stated first. Diameter is two times the distance from the center of the hub to the tip of any blade. Smaller prop diameters generally go with smaller engines or with fast high performing boats. Pitch is the theoretical forward distance in inches that a propeller travels during one revolution. There is always some slip between the propeller and the water (generally 10 to 15%) so the actual distance traveled is somewhat less than the theoretical value. Think of pitch as speed or as the gear selection on a car s transmission. Rake is the degree that the blades slant forward or backward in relation to the hub. Rake can affect how water flows through the propeller which can make a difference regarding boat performance. Aft rake helps to lift the boat s bow decreasing the hull s wetted surface area and improving top end planing speed. Today s aggressively raked propellers may require that you add a high performance trim tab to your shopping list. The blade tips of these new propellers may strike the older style trim tabs on your engine. Cupping of the trailing edge of the propeller blade is common on many propellers. A downward curve of the lip of the blade (like a plane s wing with the flaps down) allows a better hole shot less slippage and ventilation and helps the propeller get a better bite on the water. A cupped prop may allow the engine to be trimmed with the prop closer to the surface and will also decrease rpm by 150 to 300. Ventilation is a problem that occurs when air from the surface or exhaust gas from the engine gets drawn into the prop s blades. The boat s speed drops the engine over-revs and screams and the prop sucks air. Ventilation results from excessively tight turns a motor that is mounted too high on the transom or an engine that is overtrimmed. Ventilation can also occur from prop designs that are not matched to the application poorly designed props props with little or no cup or props that are worn or have damaged edges or cup profiles. Cavitation (often confused with ventilation) results from water vaporizing or boiling due to the extreme lack of pressure on the back of the propeller blade. Many propellers partially cavitate during normal operation but excessive cavitation may result in cavitation burn metal erosion or pitting of the prop s blade surface. Causes of cavitation include incorrect engine height (outboards) dings or sharp corners in the leading edge poor polishing too much cup or crummy blade design. Cavitation can also occur from thru-hulls sensors or other turbulence-producing protrusions under the boat forward of the prop. If you d like to research more about how your propeller choice can make your vessel run more efficient contact Coastal Prop in Cape Coral. T E C H N O L O G Y Inc. Custom Repair and Tuning of Propellers Repair of Shafts Struts and Rudders Computerized 1411 SE 10th Street Cape Coral Fl. 33990 Inboard Propeller Repair (239) and Machine Shop 573-1138 25 Sightseeing - Shelling Private Taxi Dolphin Watching Taxi to lunch and dinner on the outer islands 24 HOUR SERVICE North Captiva - Captiva - Cabbage Key Boca Grande - Pine Island - Useppa Departs from Pineland Marina (239) 633-8142 SW Fl o r i da s PREM IER Water Taxi servic e 26 Year Round Care at The AKC recommends the following steps to cool your dog down if your dog begins to exhibit any signs of heatstroke - Apply rubbing alcohol to the dog s paw pads - Apply ice packs to the groin area - Hose down with water - Allow your dog to lick ice chips or drink small amounts of water - Offer pedialyte to restore electrolytes Pet care in the Sunshine State All pets need cool water and a shady spot preferably indoors on warmer days. All animals but especially our dogs should not be left outside in the heat for extended periods of time. Florida is warm all year round and studies show that your pets should have water readily available at all times while outdoors as well as a shady spot available. Dogs should also stay indoors on days when the temperature is above average especially brachycephalic breeds. If your taking your pets with you in the car don t leave them in the car EVEN WITH the air conditioning running. Florida grants civil immunity for damage to the vehicle for a person who enters a motor vehicle by reasonable force for the purpose of removing a vulnerable person or domestic animal. With the temperatures we experience in Florida heat stroke is always a possibility. Signs include heavy panting drooling and staggering. - Get to a Vet ASAP Check your dogs temperature regularly during this process. Once the temperature has stabilized between 100-102 degrees you can stop the process but should proceed to veterinary care. There are long term irreversible effects if not treated promptly. Open nights weekends and holidays Treating Your Emergencies With Urgency 1327 NE Pine Island Rd 110 Cape Coral (239) 673-7426 27 Rods reels terminal tackle Boat lifts and dry-storage Complete inventory of marine supplies Nautical apparel hats shoes and sunglasses Come in today and see the finest selection of top quality fishing tackle accessories and supplies in SW Florida Located 10 minutes up Monroe Canal off Intercoastal 12 3187 Stringfellow Road St. James City (239) 283-2548 Smith Optics 28 Ft. Myers Marine Soon after Ft. Myers Marine started working with the Maverick family back in the early 90 s (Maverick Pathfinder & Hewes) they were known as the Largest flats & bay boat dealer in the world . Just before that they were a 1 dealer for Cajun Boats and just after they were awarded Top-Dealer for Back-Country Power Boats and American Marine Sports (Shearwater). Since then they ve received dozens of other dealer awards including dealer of the year outstanding achievement customer service and marketing support from the various boat manufactures and outboard motors that they have represented. 1 The Choice of Serious Fishermen In July of 2015 the Maverick Boat Company in FT. Pierce announced the 1 Pathfinder Dealer in the world and it was our very own Ft. Myers Marine. At that same dealer meeting they also received the Top 5 Dealer award from the Maverick Boat Company and Maverick s only international award for outstanding sales & service. It didn t end there... Almost every coastal community in America (and in many other countries) has a Maverick boat dealership. At the July 2015 meeting another announcement was made it was an award for the 2015 Boat Salesman of the Year which went to Ron Groeneveld from Ft. Myers Marine. The awards kept coming 2016 put a few more on the shelf Charles (Chuck) Calkins founded Ft. Myers Marine back in the 80 s and he credits the whole staff for the company s 2015-16-17&18 1 Dealer in the WORLD success with a special thanks to Colinda Helveston his trusted right hand for the last 30 years. The awards are impressive when you think of how many Maverick boat dealerships there are in the world especially when Ft. Myers Marine is not much bigger than an acre off the water. To me it s a reminder of what a lot of businesses have lost in our digital world. Success in business is not about how many Facebook fans you have. It s about treating your customers as if they were the reason you have food on the table in your home.... and if you want that food to be there tomorrow. SHEARWATER BAY BOATS Fish the Legend Deck & Bay Boats 29 30 WHAT S IN A MEDICARE CARD Well your Social Security number for one thing In this day of hackers and security breaches why oh why does Medicare continue to print your Social Security number on your Medicare card You asked and they listened. Beginning in 2018 Medicare is finally going to remove your Social Security number and is issuing new cards. This transition is scheduled to begin in April of 2018 and continue for the next year. Here is some information put out by Medicare for your reading pleasure... Medicare is scheduled to begin mailing out the new cards in the Spring. Your new card is going to have a randomly selected number that s unique to you. This will help protect your identity. You don t need to do anything as the cards will be automatically issued. The card doesn t change any of the Medicare benefits you are currently entitled to. There is no charge for your new card. Watch out for Scams Medicare will never ask you to give personal or private information to get your new Medicare number & card. Scam artists may try to get your current Medicare number and other personal information by contacting you about your new Medicare card. They often claim to be from Medicare and use various scams to get your Medicare number including Asking you to confirm your Medicare or Social Security Number so they can send you a new card. Telling you there s a charge for your new card and they need to verify your personal information. Threatening to cancel your health benefits if you don t share your Medicare number or other personal information. If someone calls you and asks for your Medicare number or other personal information hang up and call Medicare at 800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227) and report it Lost your card Call Social Security (800-772-1213) for a new one. Takes about 30 days. They will mail your card to the address they have on file for you. If you need proof of coverage sooner then 30 days you can request a letter from Social Security and it will arrive in about 10 days. If you need proof immediately for your doctor or a prescription visit your local Social Security Office. Call click or come in today. You ll be glad you did Insurance Agent kathy Insurance Options Inc. 1401 Viscaya Pkwy. Cape Coral (239) 201-4560 31 Largest supply of fishing tackle in the area Where fishing info and lies are FREE On-Site Boat Rigging - Motor Repairs Custom Cast Nets - Rocket Trailers - Custom Rods Consignment Boats - Star Rods - Marine Supplies Cast Net Repair - Rod & Reel Repairs If we don t have it we ll get it Live & Frozen Bait One of SW Florida s best selections of quality fishing rods OVER 14 000 LURES IN STOCK Annual Customer Appreciation Day Hog Roast and Fishing Seminars 574-6950 405 NE Pine Island Rd. - Cape Coral 32 Beautiful and long lasting Docks 50 YEAR WARRANTY 3 Southwest Florida Locations Ft. Myers - 10871 Kelly Road TanDeckTM ULTIMATE MARINE DOCK BOARD is targeted for residential boat docks and private commercial marinas. Offered in two sizes - 1 x 6 and 2 x 6 which can span 16 and 24 respectively which satisfies new build and refurbishing projects. The proprietary design and formulation integrates a co-extruded cap layer which combines the highest quality additives to resist the harshest waterfront environments while maintaining its beauty for years to come. The inside or core of TanDeck is loaded with reinforcing fibers and other additives to complement the beauty on the outside with strength on the inside. This combination delivers unparalleled benefits of the longest lasting and most weather resistant marine dockboard in the market. TanDeck is sold exclusively through Tangent s network of certified Speciality Marine Dealers. For a complete list of TanDeck dealers go to ATTRIBUTES TanDeckTM ULTIMATE MARINE DOCK BOARD begins with purified blends of PCR PureTM our signature 100% PostConsumer Recycled HDPE Resin produced in house. We then combine proprietary strengthening fibers UV inhibited pigments anti-oxidant processing aids and other additives for a highly stable material formulation that is superior to wood lumber and wood based composite plastic lumber to withstand the harshest marine environments. (239) 267-6857 Cape Coral - 1005 SE 10th Street (239) 573-6857 Charlotte County - 3055 S. McCall Rd. (941) 474-0099 33 Product Features - Structural characteristics similar to dimensional wood lumber but without the need to refinish yearly. - Requires no waterproofing staining or painting. - Mold & mildew cannot penetrate surface and is easy to remove from the surface. - Will not corrode rot splinter or warp from repeated wet and dry cycles typical of wood lumber and wood based composites. - Resistant to marine bores insects or termite damage. - Robust against harsh salt and fresh waterfront environments. - UV-resistance increased by specially formulated additives. Wood grain embossed finish on surface for aesthetics and slipresistance. - Anti-stat additives to mitigate static discharge when seasonal humidity drops. - Compatible with common woodworking tools easy to cut drill and rout. - Easy to face screw -- requires no pre-drilling for fasteners. - Greater impact resistance than wood wood composites and cellular PVC composites Simple to clean with mild soap and rinsing with water. - Certified 50% Recycled Content minimum by independent third party audit. - Certification yearly audit validates meeting FTC Green Guidelines. - Backed by a limited 50year warranty for residential installations. _____________ Cross-sections TanDeck is available in nominal 1 x6 and 2 x6 cross-sections. Surface cap layer and inside core are the same color looking natural and beautiful from any angle. Span 1 x6 boards can span a maximum of 16 on center over the support joists 2x6 boards can span up to a maximum of 24 on center over the support joists. Ideal for new and replacement projects. Length TanDeck is typically stocked in 16 20 and 24 lengths although inventories can vary by dealer. Large or specific projects requiring a special length can be custom produced at Tangent. Beautiful and long lasting Decks & Porches 50 YEAR WARRANTY 3 Southwest Florida Locations Ft. Myers - 10871 Kelly Road (239) 267-6857 Cape Coral - 1005 SE 10th Street (239) 573-6857 Charlotte County - 3055 S. McCall Rd. (941) 474-0099 PLASTIC LUMBER 34 Let s Go Fishing SW Florida Fishing Guides Fishing License (888) 347-4356 Captain Charles Epranian TripleTail Charters frshfsh5 www.FishPineIslandS R ell tain aBtill ide uess e Cap o s Gu s rvic Gulf C gcl2fish li om ineIsland.c www.FishP k Captain ChucChaDownes rters Walk the Dog starfisher2 ww Captain Joe Greco Fort Myers Sportfi shing cappyjoe1 gmai www.fortmyerssp RECORD SETTERS Captain Gregg Wild Fly Chart the Available at your favorite bait shop The Snook Cowboy Kayak Fishing Trips snookcowboy ers McKee gmckee1 ho www.WildFlyC .com NauticalMileMagazine www. 35 Monroe Canal Marina Boat Rentals Kayak Rentals Daily - Weekly - Monthly Your Quality Saltwater SportsWear Headquarters BigFish Apparel Ocean Rider Belts and Sandals New Boat Sales - NE W Wine and Champaign Variety Marine Supplies - Boat Rentals - Tackle Shop Dock Rentals - Live Bait- Beer - Soda - Ice Electronics and Power-Pole Installation 3105 Stringfellow Rd. St. James City St. James City Boat Ramp Boat Ramp with parking for 40 trailers in St. James City BOAT REPAIRS - FISHING CHARTERS STORAGE - FUEL Open 7 days 36 Come see the 2018 s Inshore or offshore the new NauticStar 265 XTS is a beast of a bay boat and the largest in the Extreme Tournament Series family of boats. It is the culmination of years of innovation and advanced engineering with a collection of all the latest bells and whistles. It evolved from customer feedback for the ultimate fishing vessel. With its large forward and aft decks ample rod storage 43 gallon bow fish box 3 livewells 35 Qt YETI cooler and plenty of tackle storage the 265 is an amazing fishing platform. Not only is it ergonomically correct and down right comfortable the newly designed leaning post features Llebroc seating with flip-up bolsters and armrests a 21 gallon baitwell with transparent lid lighted push button switch panel and conveniently located freshwater washdown. Saltwater or freshwater Red Fish or Snapper it doesn t matter the NauticBay 265XTS will get you to the fish quick featuring the STAR Performance System. Pathfin 2500 H der ybrid Equally at home in the bay in the pass or offshore the new 2500 Hybrid offers an unparalleled fishing platform and is the first fully vacuum infused Pathfinder. Combining a double- stepped hull and integrated aft seating the 2500 melds the best of both worlds of high performance and comfort. A huge front casting deck allows multiple anglers to fish comfortably in trolling motor situations and added cockpit space aft makes fishing out of the back safe and enjoyable even in big water conditions. Add to that a huge fishbox and storage for offshore gear and fly rods and you have the perfect crossover boat. Star Nautic S 265XT Ft. Myers Marine 2137 Fowler Street 239-334-7871 The Choice of Serious Fishermen See our ad on page 50 Deck & Bay Boats Fish the Legend SHEARWATER BAY BOATS 37 Island P aradise ISLAND RESTAURANT North Captiva Florida Island Wear - Local Artists Jewelry & Unique Island Gifts Island Restaurant - 40 Boat Slips Kayak Tours - Beaches - Fishing Queenie s Ice Cream - Pet Friendly 40 Boat Slips Island Bazaar nning Award Wi Seafood Island Ba zaar N26.36.000 W082.12.875 (239) 472-1200 Pet Friendly 38 SW Florida s Coastal Information Headquarters P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. Nautical Mile Magazine Available free monthly from Englewood to Bonita Local charts fishing regs fish ID & catch info GPS numbers wrecks & reefs water-access fuel boat ramps restaurants how-to articles and a LOT more Fort Myers 16025 San Carlos Blvd. 466-7777 Expires 12 31 18 Cape Coral 290 Nicholas Pkwy. NW 945-6223 GA VI N S 39 ONE OF THE LARGEST SELECTION OF MARINE PARTS IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA Open s Sunday We re the Do-It-Yourself boat parts store. Experienced staff with the knowledge to answer your questions. Large selection of trailer parts and tires at discount prices No Shipping No Waiting N. Fort Myers 1156 N. Tamiami Tr. Fort Myers Beach 15600 San Carlos Blvd. Naples 989 S. Airport Pulling Road Port Charlotte 4694 Tamiami Trail 239-997-5777 239-437-7475 239-793-5800 941-766-1044 40 Lee County In-Water Marina Facilities Boat House The Cape Coral (239) 549-2628 Bonita Bay Marina Bonita Springs (239) 495-3222 Burnstore Marina Punta Gorda (941) 637-0083 Cape Coral Marine Centre Cape Coral (239) 541-2988 Diversified Yacht Services Ft. Myers Beach (239) 765-8700 Everest Marina Cape Coral (239) 458-6604 Fish Tale Marina Fort Myers Beach (239) 463-3600 Four Winds Marina Bokeelia (239) 283-0250 Ft. Myers Yacht Basin Ft. Myers (239) 321-7080 Gulf Harbour Marina Fort Myers (239) 437-0881 Gulfside Marine Matlacha (239) 282-0443 Legacy Harbour Marina Fort Myers (239) 461-0775 Marina at Cape Harbour Cape Coral (239) 945-4330 Monroe Canal Marina St. James City (239) 282-8600 Moss Marine Ft. Myers Beach (239) 765-6677 Mullock Creek Marina Fort Myers (239) 267-3717 Old Fish House Marina Matlacha (239) 282-9577 Owl Creek Boat Works Alva (239) 543-2100 Pineland Marina Bokeelia (239) 283-3593 Port Sanibel Marina Fort Myers (239) 437-1660 Prosperity Pointe Marina N. Ft. Myers 995-2155 Salty Sam s Marina Fort Myers Beach (239) 463-7333 Sanibel Marina Sanibel (239) 472-2531 Snook Bight Marina Fort Myers Beach (239) 765-4371 SweetWater Landing Fort Myers (239) 694-3850 Tarpon Point Marina Cape Coral (239) 542-6222 www.tarponpoint.comm York Road Marine St. James City (239) 283-1149 PUBLICATIONS Inc. 41 (239) 765-8700 Better Service - Better Boating Dockside Service covering all of Southwest Florida Gas & Diesel Inboard Outboard & IPS Sales Service & Repair Generator Sales & Service Finish Paint Fiberglass & Gelcoat Bottom Paint Detailing Electrical - Plumbing - Vessel Systems Southwest Florida s Largest Parts Department and Authorized Repower Center THREE SW FLORIDA LOCATIONS Ft. Myers Beach - 751 Fisherman s Wharf Ft. Myers - 2455 Fowler Street Naples - 895 10th Street South 42 Wild Fly Charters Southwest Florida is the birthplace of big game fishing and it all began back in 1885 when New York architect William H. Wood landed the first tarpon a modest 68 pounder on a rod and reel from a canoe off Punta Rassa. Word of this event spread like wildfire through the wealthy northeastern sporting community who made the waters from Boca Grande to Fort Myers their home base for the next half century. The Florida Keys took the Tarpon Capital of the World title from us a while later thanks to the advent of film and television but the fish never left us. In fact depending on the weather it s possible to catch tarpon almost year round in the waters off Pine Island. Chasing them with a fly rod is as challenging as the sport gets and it s been my main focus for over 20 years. Casting a hook full of feathers instead of live bait at a Capt. Gregg McKee tarpon can be the most frustrating and rewarding thing in all of fishing but it s not beyond the skill level of any angler. If you understand the basics of freshwater fly fishing you can easily get up to speed in the salt. Going after tarpon should not be intimidating and I ve come up with a few suggestions that might help you tackle these ultimate gamefish without a major overhaul of your freshwater background. 1. Use a lighter fly rod. You really don t need anything heavier than a 10-weight for the majority of tarpon you ll encounter off Pine Island and you ll be amazed at what you can land with an 8weight. Mid-range saltwater rods are easier to cast and the lighter lines hit the water with less impact. This isn t as likely to spook these fish especially given our calm conditions in the summer. 2. Use a heavier leader and tippet. Most of you are not trying to set a world record so there s no reason to use anything less than 20 test for your class tippet. In fact I know several guides who simply use a single 9 piece of 30 fluorocarbon as their entire leader. This eliminates any knots and it s invisible in the water. It s also more than strong enough to let you muscle a mid-size tarpon to the boat quickly. That s important since a long battle in the 90 degree summertime water is a sure way to kill these fish. Get them in fast and they won t become shark food after the release. C HUCK S A UTO R EPAIR S ERVICE 5575 Doug Taylor Circle St. James City Cars - Boats - Trucks Professional On-Site Detailing Cars and Boats Foreign & Domestic Maintenance - Oil Changes Transmission - Tire Rotation RESTORATION SPECIALIST (239) 283-2916 43 3. Use a lighter shock leader. The straight 30 leader idea is great but I still like to tie in 18 of 40 fluorocarbon as a shock leader. Tarpon have a mouth like a cinder block so something a little heavier at the hook stops them from rubbing through the leader. In the spring and early summer when 100 pound fish are around I ll bump it up to 60 fluorocarbon. In 15 years I ve only had a handful of tarpon wear through that size shock leader. Use anything heavier and the fish is more likely to see it and less likely to eat the fly. 4. Use sharper hooks. It s hard to find a tarpon flies these days that aren t tied on pre-sharpened hooks. If you tie your own flies then spend the extra money and get the best ones made. My favorites are the SSW style Owner Cutting Point in 2 0 size. They re wickedly sharp and penetrate a tarpon s mouth better than anything else. They also have a small barb that holds beautifully but is still easily removed from the fish. A package of 8 costs around 6 but they re worth it. 5. Use your drag. When I was guiding down in Key West my buddies and I had a rule that three jumps from a tarpon counted as a caught fish. After the third jump getting it to the boat was just a formality. Everyone should use this rule since it s easier on both the fish and the angler. As a beginner I lost too many tarpon because I babied them during the fight for fear of breaking the very light tippets I rigged. In other words I was so afraid of losing the fish that I d eventually lose the fish. That changed one summer when I had a client nearly collapse from heat stroke while fighting a big tarpon for almost an hour. As I forced him to chug some ice water I covertly cranked up the drag on his Tibor reel hoping the fish would break itself off before the guy dropped dead on my bow. Instead my angler quickly found himself in complete control of the tarpon for the first time since he hooked her. Five minutes later we had the big fish next to the boat and both angler and tarpon survived the ordeal. Start off with a light drag but after that third jump don t be afraid to really start beating on them. The fish and angler will both thank you in the end. So this is fly fishing for tarpon in exactly 900 words. Obviously I ve just scratched the surface and there are volumes of information out there to get you after these fish here in SW Florida. Just keep in mind that they re not mythical beasts and have been caught from canoes with wooden rods before the outboard engine was invented. Good luck and hope this helps. (239) 565-2960 gmckee1 Boat Lift Replacement Parts Boat Lift US Distributor Gear Plates - Motors Remotes - Drum Switches Piling Caps - Rub Rails Pile Wraps - Dock Ladders D & A av i t P cce arts sso rie s Cape Coral (239) 540-2971 44 utes Only 3 min ral Co from Cape Boating - Fishing Restaurants Art Galleries History 282-0452 4643 Pine Island Road Gift Gallery (239) 282-0099 MatlachaMenagerie Drive over the 45 283-1125 4120 Pine Island Road Kayaks - Paddle Boards - Fish ing Charters - Rentals - Less ons Guided Eco Tours - Kayak Fish ing - Dolphin & Manatee Tou rs Great Lic ks Ice Cream Matlacha (239) 282-1393 matlachaspecialtym arket www.hookedonmatlach Market Voted Island s Best 4643 Pine Island Roa d Matlacha 4299 Pine Island Road NW Matlacha Fl. 33993 Matlacha Specialty Market Inside Isla nd Visio Art Gallery ns (239) 282-2 802 Traders Hitching Post Matlacha Menagerie Gift Gallery Micelis Restaurant Fishware Outfitters Island Visions Art Gallery Great Licks Ice Cream Gulf Coast Kayak July 2018 Chamber 48 Introduction to the US Power Squadrons Whether you are new to boating a lifelong boater or merely interested in learning more about the unique challenges of boating in our south Florida waterways you should consider membership in The United States Power Squadrons-America s Boating Club . There are four local power squadrons in the Fort Myers area The Fort Myers Power Squadron The Cape Coral Sail and Power Squadron the Sanibel-Captiva Sail and Power Squadron and the San Carlos Bay Sail and Power Squadron. We provide a wide range of boating classes we support for safe boating and clean waters through community service and involvement and most of all-we have fun Squadron members become close friends who support one another in boating and in life. The 104-year-old USPS is a private non-profit non-governmental and non-military organization-the oldest boating club in America. Members hear speakers from the boating and marine community at our monthly dinner meetings participate in monthly cruises to lunch kayak outings barbecues picnics raft-ups and other social events both on the water and on land. We share boating knowledge and experiences and always strive to help one another out whenever necessary. Squadron membership guarantees you scores of new friends to help enrich your boating experience and overall quality of life here in south Florida. Membership also gives you significant discounts on boat insurance car rentals printing and office supplies and a host of other merchandise and services. The mission of USPS is To promote recreational boating skills and boating safety through education hands-on training and civic activities while providing fellowship for members. USPS members pledge to promote high standards of navigation and seamanship to maintain their boat and operate it legally to render assistance whenever possible and conduct themselves in a manner that will add prestige honor and respect to the United States Power Squadrons . Florida law requires that persons born on or after January 1 1988 complete a national Association of Safe Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA)approved boater education course prior to operating a vessel powered by a motor of 10HP or more. Most boaters who complete this course also enjoy significant savings on their boat insurance. Our award-winning America s Boating Course is based upon our founder Charles F. Chapman s seminal book Chapman on Piloting now in its 67th edition. When the United States declared war on Germany in 1917 a young Assistant Secretary of the Navy named Franklin Roosevelt looked at his poorly trained Navy and worried about how to prepare America s seaman to take on the established naval power of Imperial Germany. He turned to his friends Roger Upton and Charles Chapman founders of the United States Power Squadrons and they brought the entire USPS instructional program-including the USPS instructors-to the Navy for the training of sailors for naval coastal defense. Since that time USPS has continued to work with Federal and State governments on all levels of boating safety including emergency response and rescue updating maritime charts providing free vessel safety checks and marine environment and water improvements. For more information give me a call at 774-573-8486 or visit our website at Until then I ll see you on the water Bob s World Bob Moro Monthly in the Nautical Mile Magazine Tune into 49 Authorized Full-Service CATERPILLAR Marine Parts & Service Dealer Genuine Caterpillar Parts Scheduled Oil Sampling Preventive Maintenance Engine Rebuilds and Re-powers Major Component Repairs ECM MPD & PCP Software Flash Extended Warranty & OPC Plans Warranty Repairs on all CAT Models Engine Diagnostic Testing with CAT Electronic Technician (239) 728-2217 Fort Myers Florida 10821 Sunset Plaza Circle 301 Ft. Myer 2015 & 2016 1 Dealer in the WORLD The HOTTEST Boats in SW Florida w S D rs Marine The Choice of Serious Fishermen POWERED BY da N e ar l y 30 in Flor Years i d a Ft. Myers Marine The Choice of Serious Fishermen 2137 FOWLER ST. 239-334-7871 BAY BOATS SHEARWATER Fish the Legend Deck & Bay Boats 53 Before After The leading expert in piling protection restoration and repair in SW Florida Formapile has a US Patent Developed over 40 years ago Independent laboratory testing Engineer certified Above damage from a worm that lives in saltwater called a Marine Borer . They can start destroying a piling within 3 months of it being in the water. Formapile offers the only true 10-year manufacture s warranty Call for a free piling inspection (239) 471-3998 54 A C Service Coastline Heating & Cooling Cape Coral 542-2221 BUSINESS FINDER TM Lee County Coastal Aluminum Welding Action Welding Cape Coral 458-3860 2408 Andalusia M A G A Z I N E Area Code (239) Animal Services Animal ER Cape Coral 673-7426 1327 Pine Island Rd Boat Sales Boater s Landing 939-4477 12062 S. Tamiami Trail - Ft. Myers Boat House Group 3 SW Florida Locations 549-2628 Ft. Myers Marine 334-7871 2137 Fowler Street - FT. Myers Electronics Acra Electric Dock Wiring 542-1624 842 SE 47 Lane - Cape Coral SW Florida Marine 463-3500 19190 San Carlos - Ft. Myers Beach Auto Service Chuck s Auto Repairs St. James City 283-2916 Eye Care Dr. Jerry Cowan Cape Coral 800-6032 Located in Sam s Club Bait & Tackle Shops Capt. Rob s Bait & Tackle 3714 Del Prado 574-3474 Cape Tool & Tackle 405 NE Pine Island Rd. 574-6950 Chiquita Bait & Tackle 3816 Chiquita Blvd Cape Coral - 540-0052 D&D Bait & Tackle 282-9122 3922 Pine Island Rd - Matlacha Dick s Bait & Tackle at Diversified Yacht Services 765-8700 Lehr s Economy Tackle 995-2280 1366 N. Tamiami Trail - N. Ft. Myers MirrOlure Largo Florida Old Pine Island Marina 283-2548 3187 Stringfellow Road . St. James City Canvas Upholstery Cape Upholstery 413 Cape Coral Pkwy 549-3969 Fishing Guides Capt. Bill Russell 283-7960 Capt. Charles Epranian 410-2515 Capt. Chuck Downes (609) 412-7328 Classes Education The Captain School 549-0271 Alaska to the Virgin Islands Docks Dock Supply Coastal Decks & Docks 574-4844 645 Commercial Pk. Place Cape Coral Docksavers 471-3998 2559 4th St. Ft. Myers DSI Marine 471-0419 2559 4th St. Ft. Myers Fix Marine 540-2971 Cape Coral Hickcox Brothers 267-5566 920 SE 8th Pl. Cape Coral Shoreline Lumber 267-6857 10871 Kelly Road Ft. Myers Capt. Gregg McKee 565-2960 Capt. Joe Greco (877) 249-7472 Snook Cowboy 878-2665 snookcowboy Fuel Service Lee County Fuels 673-7850 Serving all of SW Florida Gift Shops Pottery Express (941) 505-8400 25370 Zemel Road - Punta Gorda Matlacha Shops See page 44-45 Boatlift Covers TDI Marine 491-9796 Serving SW Florida Dive Gear Shops Captain Pete s Dive Center 337-9564 1413 Colonial Blvd. Ft. Myers Hardware Supply Gavin s Ace Cape Coral Ft. Myers 54 Insurance Allstate - Capt. David Schuman Cape Coral 242-8072 Printing Signage Fishware Outfitters Matlacha 558-4021 High Impact Designz Cape Coral 772-3000 Gator Press Printing Cape Coral 772-8200 Trailers Island Coast Trailers 458-9442 2508 Andalusia - Cape Coral Rocket International 275-0880 2360 Crystal Road - Ft. Myers Tropic Trailer 482-4430 9451 Workman Way - Ft. Myers Allstate - Kathy Sink Cape Coral Venice 561-8600 Safety Harbour Insurance Pine Island 283-6136 Water Taxi Propeller Service Coastal Prop 573-1138 1411 SE 10th Street Cape Coral Kayaking Gulf Coast Kayak 283-1125 4120 Pine Island Road Smokin Reels 549-3474 Drop off Pick up service Island Girl Charters Pineland Marina 633-8142 Yachts Yacht Service Mileys Diesel Service Serving SW Florida 728-2217 SW Florida Yachts Tarpon Point Marina 275-2788 Real Estate The Shevlin Team 283-1100 Shore Line Realty 257-8717 Marinas Facilities Bocilla Seaport 283-2244 10 Ramp Fishing Pier Burnt Store Marina County Line (941) 637-0083 Diversified Yacht Service Ft. Myers Beach 765-8700 Seafood Restaurants Barnacle s Island Restaurant North Captiva Island 472-1200 Boat House Tiki Bar & Grill Cape Yacht Club 945-2628 Lazy Flamingo - Bokeelia At Four Winds Marina - 283-5959 Lobster Lady Restaurant Cape Coral 471-0136 Low Key Tiki St. James City 282-8454 282-8233 Miceli s Matlacha 3930 Pine Island Rd. P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. Everest Marina 458-6604 1838 Everest Pkwy Monroe Canal Marina 282-8600 Repairs Rentals Service Pineland Marina 283-3593 Storage Service Store Ramp Sunset Dreams 283-4843 Pine Island Storage Service SW Florida s Coastal Information Headquarters Towing Salvage Sea Tow 549-0558 24 Hours a day - 7 Days a week local ftmyers TowBoatUS 945-1664 24 Hours a day - 7 Days a week Marine Supplies Marine Trading Post 4 SWFL locations 997-5777 56 Snook Welcome to Southwest Florida Cowboy one of the highest rated fish of some great action on the flats for This is S.W. Florida You have arrived. No matter where you are from and no matter what you did before you moved here Your life is getting ready to change. Living on the coast in Florida permeates every aspect of your life once you settle in. Opportunities to experience true living is at your front door. The one piece of advice I give to people when they come here is Now that you are here it s time to live and remember why they came here in the first place. A few people try to bring old baggage with them but it all seems to fade away after a couple of sunsets at Barnacles on N.Captiva a few days on the water in a kayak from Gulf Coast Kayaks or just a doggone good Grouper sandwich from The Olde Fish House in Matlacha just before you get to Pine Island. Fishing is the pinnacle sport in all of S.W. Florida. The options for fishing on the Gulf of Mexico are limitless. You can go offshore and hit the reefs cruise up to the Middle Grounds for some serious deep water Grouper fishing or come inshore with your light weight spinning reels and fly rods for Red Fish Snook and Trout. During the Spring months Tarpon is king and can be caught about anywhere there is salt water. Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor are breeding grounds for many species of fish and sharks so if big game fishing is for you We ve got the shark Most sharks can be caught readily with a big piece of cut-bait like a Mullet or Lady Fish and fished on the bottom in the passes or suspended under a balloon in the channels that surround the islands. If none of that is for You then Florida and our area especially is loaded with a rich history of the native tribes that inhabited Florida and the many Shell Mounds they built. The Randell Research Center located on Pine Island in S.W. Florida is the home the Calusa Indians Who were the power house tribe that ruled all of South Florida and some tribes in S. Georgia and until the Spanish and Cuban fishing boats found there way here with technology and eventual demise to the tribes of Florida. Mullet was a main source of food for the Calusa as well as any shell fish they could find which would be added to the mounds as they were consumed. You can still catch and eat fresh mullet which is having beneficial oils and delicate white meat. Smoked or fried you can t go wrong with mullet. If anyone tells you different don t believe them. The secret to good mullet is to consume the fish the day you caught it You wont taste a better fried fish and yo can catch them with a cast net all day long. So now that your here it s time to Live Go out there and smell the fresh air taste the salt on your lips and enjoy picture perfect sunsets and mesmerizing moon rises everyday as the Energy of Paradise takes over you. I am The Snook Cowboy and we welcome you to our corner of Paradise. 239-878-2665 snookcowboy 57 nal creatio ted Re Still Only Unlimi ships r Membe r 9 a Yea 14 24 7 365 days a year Largest Fleet Worldwide 300 Ports Nationwide One Membership applies to ALL recreational boats you own rent or borrow anywhere in the world Best of winner 7 years in a row Like us on Sign up online at (239) 945-1664 58 robin griffiths A New Beginning Many of Southwest Florida s new residents move here at the beginning of their retirement or near that time. Others came to this area looking for new opportunities leaving weather big cities traffic or other reasons believing life will be better in the sunshine state. All these newcomers have one thing in common they are creating a new beginning for themselves and their families. Moving to Florida can give you an opportunity to make life changes you may not have considered before. Much of Florida living occurs outdoors. The opportunity to create a healthier lifestyle is available to all looking to improve their well-being. Walking cycling tennis softball and many other sports can be discovered and played almost all year long. The coastal environment offers a multitude of enjoyable activities for all ages and physical levels. From a walk on the beach to a kayak paddle excursion in a backwater mangrove you can birdwatch and appreciate the marine life of the area. Opportunities to boat fish collect shells and watch dolphins can become a fun pastime for many. You never have to travel far to enjoy a stay-vacation as many of our country s theme parks are in our backyard. Other activities are just a short drive around the state with more to be discovered in towns abundant in art antiques and other types of community interest. New friends can be a bonus during this time of transition. This different environment can offer much in finding new acquaintances. You may want to consider getting involved with the many types of clubs or groups in the area to meet new people and learn more about what is available to you. You will have the chance to experience different cultures food and lifestyles as many of the residents are not from the area. Although moving can be stressful having the right attitude can give you an enjoyable life in your new location. You may find yourself making big life changes by looking for the multitude of opportunities this area offers you with new friends hobbies and adventures. Remember you can adopt what will work for you and with the right mindset you can discover a whole new world to give you a wealth of fun enjoyable and fulfilling life. Get Out There Robin Griffiths has twenty plus years in multimedia and public relations. She is an expert in business and personal relationship building. She is a published author public speaker certified personal trainer and master coach guiding clients through life transitions. Robin lives in Southwest Florida with her husband rescue dog and Eclectus parrot. You can reach her on her website at (239) 699-7394 RaGriffs Throw your dreams into space like a kite and you do not know what it will bring back a new life a new friend a new love a new country. - Anais Nin 60 1- Burnt Store 2- Yacht Club 3- Everest Horton Park 3a- Rosen Park 4- 3rd. Span 4a-Tarpon Bay Explorers 5- Punta Rassa 6- Centennial Park 7- Franklin Locks 7a- Alva Community Park 8- Ft. Myers Shores 9- Judd Park 10- Marina 31 11- D&D Bait 12- Matlacha Park 13- Ole Fish House 14- Bokeelia Fishing Pier 15- Monroe Canal Marina 15a- Pineland Marina 16- Lovers Key 17- Mullock Creek 18- Weeks Fish Camp 19- Hickory Bridge 20- Imperial River Ramp 21- Nav-A-Gator Grille 22- Laishley Park 23- Ponce De Leon Park 24- Darst Ramp 25- Riverside Ramp 26- Harbor Heights Park 27- Charlotte Beach Park 28- Spring Lake Ramp 29- El Jobean Ramp 30- Uncle Henry s Marina 31- Placida Ramp 32- Indian Mound Park 33- Ainger Boat Ramp 34- South Bay 35- Indian Prairie Canal 36- Harney Pond Canal 37- Clewiston 38- Belle Glade 39- Okee Tantie State Park 40- Moore Haven Ramp Boat Ramps North Port 21 Port Charlotte Englewood 33 32 29 28 27 26 24 23 22 25 Punta Gorda 31 30 Boca Grande Placida 7a 39 35 Bokeelia 14 15a 11-12-13 9 3a 1 Matlacha 6 8 10 7 36 Cape Coral 3 2 Lake-O 40 37 34 Captiva St. James City 15 4a 5 4 FT. Myers Beach 17 18 20 Sanibel 16 19 Bonita Springs Bokeelia Fishing Pier 7-7 Daily - 8 a Day - No License Required Join our Pier Club fish or launch your boat 9 times get the 10th time free Drive to the end of Bokeelia Located at Captain Con s Seafood Restaurant Night Fishing Public Access Boat Ramp with acres of parking Great fishing for Snook Redfish Snapper Trout and more from our 300-foot pier (239) 283-2244 Watch our live webcam at 62 Trailering and trailer maintenance As a resident of Bokeelia I decided to go for the bigger home with a huge garage as opposed to being on the water. For boating I also like the option of launching close to where I want to fish and boat. Lee County s 30 public boat ramps offer quick water-access to great fishing and each is close to its own worthy destination. Ramp courtesy is always an issue at public ramps. I m shocked at how many people wait till their boat is blocking the ramp before they start loading it with gear and ice from their truck. Most ramps have enough room for 2 boats at a time. If it s a double ramp move aside so others can use the ramp while you re doing what you should have done at home. It s also good to run your motor the afternoon prior to boating. I couldn t tell you how many times I ve seen families sitting at the ramp wondering if the engine is going to start. Some ramps have a nearby mechanic to help some don t. Living on the water is convenient but it s also nice to have your boat in a boat-barn for security and out-of-the-weather sun storage. But with my 6-car garage in Bokeelia I love having my boat at home where I can tinker with it and choose my launch locations. One more thing I see a lot is gear flying out of boats on the road. Secure your items before pulling out. I ve collected a lot spare life jackets and coolers as a result of roadside debris. Some are a flat tire but most are a lack of maintenance like greasing the wheel bearings. So far every stop I ve made could have easily been prevented. Florida brake law (316.261) Brakes must be on all wheels over 3 000 lbs. This includes boat & trailer combined weight. Have your trailer serviced once a year. It s WELL WORTH IT They look over everything My last service was at Island Coast Trailers in North Cape Coral. They even caught a wire that was starting to fray and spliced it for me. I ve had them put on waterproof LED s plus they installed LED pole lights a forward tool box and they adjusted my bunks to custom fit the hull of my boat. When I pull my boat at public ramps I often hear . Any boat is easier to load and launch when it fits the trailer properly. is life s most powerful word and the when it comes to trailer maintenance is so you don t kill a passenger or another innocent driver because you were too cheap or simply forgot to maintain your trailer. It s an easy thing to miss we re all excited to get out on the water but a few minutes of maintenance can prevent most trailer disasters. Be safe out there Fresh water wash the trailer at least 5 minutes per side under side & top side. Use a corrosion protectant like Fluid Film or Corrosion Stop spray on all joints & galvanized parts. If you have grease slinging inside or outside of the wheels most likely there is a a seal failure. Look at the backside of bearing hubs before loading the boat. Look for fishing line carpet turtle eel grass as this will cut the seal like a buzz saw. Grease bearings should be serviced and most likely re-sealed every year. Visual inspection Trailer frames get cracked & broken from overloading from low trailer capacity. Look for cracks. Strap the boat to the trailer front & rear. If the boat is firm on the trailer the trailer frame will have less fatigue. Transom tie downs are a law in Florida plus they may save someone s life. Brakes should also be serviced brake fluid vacuumed down & changed on a yearly basis. Publisher Nautical Mile My wife and I were loading our truck to go hiking in Georgia and she asked why I had so many tools and a floor jack in the truck. Several times over the last few years and always due to a lack of maintenance I ve seen someone with a boat trailer stuck on the side of the road. I ve yet to need the tools myself but I sure have stopped to help many others. 63 64 Insuring Your Boat When it comes to insuring your boat it s often best to separate your boat insurance from your homeowner s policy. Many homeowners policies limit or don t cover marine-specific risks such as salvage work wreck removal pollution or environmental damage. But there are exceptions. Insurance Factors Insurers consider many factors when deciding whether or not to offer a policy. Almost any vessel can be insured-- for a price. You want to consider the following to make sure the policy you purchase meets your needs - Age of Boat - Length - Value - Speed Horsepower - Condition (Does it meet US Coast Guard Standards in effect at the time it was built ) - Primary residence (If the boat is used as a primary residence) - Type (Inboard Outboard utility cruiser bassboat saltwater fishing boat performance boat) - Homemade (Boats without a serial number are tricky but many are ok) -Houseboats with no motor -Ownership (more than 2 owners) -Where it will operate (Ocean lakes bays rivers Great Lakes) Types of Boat Insurance There are two basic types of boat insurance-- agreed value and actual cash value. How depreciation is handled is what sets them apart. An agreed value policy covers the boat based on its value when the policy was written. While it can cost more up front there is no depreciation for a total loss of the boat (some partial losses may be depreciated). Actual cash value policies cost less up front but factor in depreciation. In other word the policy will only pay up to the actual cash value of the boat at the time it is declared a total or partial loss. Eventually as your boat ages your insurer will likely insist on an actual cash value policy--and if often gives a substantial savings. Kinds of Policies Marine insurance covers a wide array of watercraft. You may be surprised to find what can be insured. Marine insurance policies include - Boat - PWC Watercraft - Yacht - generally vessels 26 and smaller are called boats and yachts are 27 and larger. Yacht coverage tends to be broader and more specialized because larger boats travel farther and have more unique exposures. Sailboat Dinghy Boat & PWC Rental Although this is generally not required rental insurance will help cover any damage the vessel as well as the operator and passengers. Boat Clubs covers all members of club while operating a boat. Professional (ProAngler Fishing Guides & Charters) These policies are very customizable and can cover items like travel to a tournament equipment and more. What boat insurance policies cover how and where you boat determines the type of coverage you need. An all risk policy will offer the best protection. However an all risk policy does not cover every type of loss. In insurance terms all risk just means that any risk not specifically omitted in the policy is covered. Typical exclusions include wear and tear marring denting animal damage manufacturers defects design defects ice and freezing. You may also be able to add extra coverage. Available options may include medical payments personal effects uninsured boaters liability and towing and assistance. Most policies will cover permanently attached equipment as well as items like anchors oars trolling motors tools seat cushions and life jackets. Be sure to discuss these options with your agent. Types of Coverage This will depend on the type of policy but common coverage addons (in addition to basic ones above) include Specialized Coverage Coverage for something specific on your boat like an expensive prop or navigation equipment. Salvage Coverage that pays to remove your boat due to damage from substantial to minor. Consequential Damage - Covers a loss that was the result wear and tear rather than an accident (rot mold corrosion). Towing Towing your boat across a body of water to safety can cost 400 per hour. Cruising Extension You can get temporary additional coverage if you plan on leaving the USA (typically to Mexico or the Bahamas). Claims Hopefully you will never need to make a claim but if you do it s good to be prepared. You are not required to carry proof of insurance on your boat but it s a good idea keep claim 65 information handy for an emergency. Ask how the claim process works when you re shopping for policies. Naturally it should be quick and easy. In addition find out if your agent (or other representative) will be available if you need help dealing with the aftermath of a claim such as arranging for towing or salvage rather than just cutting a check and leaving. Shopping for Boat Insurance Start with a little fact-finding. Ask your boating friends which company they use and how their claims have been handled. The way an insurer has handled claims in the past is a good indicator of the quality of service you can expect in the future. You can also research insurance carriers at ratings. The ratings are an independent judgment of an insurer s financial strength look for an A rating (excellent) or better. State insurance regulatory agencies are also a good reference and can be found online. Boat Insurance Cost Factors Many factors are used to set the cost of a policy and they vary among insurers. Here are some items to consider Cruising Area - where you boat Boating Safety Education - if you have been formally trained or certified. Good Driving Records - both boating and driving Liability Limits - the higher the limit the higher the cost Deductible - the higher the deductible the lower the premium (Some carriers have separate hurricane deductibles review with your agent) Towing insurance requirements for offshore fishing. A 20-mile tow could cost 3 000 Storm Plan If you boat in a hurricane zone some insurers may expect you to provide a hurricane plan. If a storm approaches will you have it stored in a hurricane-proof facility or will you tow it or skipper it to a safer harbor. The answer can affect your rates even lower them but be prepared to follow the plan because your coverage may hinge on it. Discounts There are a few ways to reduce your boat insurance costs. Many insurers offer discounts for good driving records and for anyone who has completed boater education classes. Finally it usually costs less to be insured in fresh water versus salt so be sure to discuss where you boat with your agent. You may earn extra savings by bundling your coverage with the same company that insures your home and or car. Before you buy your new vessel it s a good idea to determine your insurance costs based on your needs. For maritime insurance needs call DAVID SCHUMAN INSURANCE INC. (239) 242-8072 Davidschuman3 66 67 New 18 for 20 for SW Florida s Saltwater Bays and Beaches Four Winns Outboard Bow-riders HD 3500 2018 Four Winns H350OB powered by Twin 350 Verado Four Stroke Outboards w Joystick Skyhook Auto Pilot Auto Trim Tabs Twin Simrad Chart Plotters w Radar FF Stereo Controls Engine Systems VHF Generator A C w Helm Air Premium Sound System 36 Cabin TV Underwater LED Lights Remote Spot Retractable Awning Windlass Cockpit Frig Reed Mat Flooring Fire Ext. System Birth Fill-in Cushions Cockpit Cover Bow Cover Full Camper Canvas Also available HD 2900 68 - Ron Frost Would you take advice from someone that said goodbye to the 9-to-5 life in their 30 s When you extract business from entrepreneurism you have the ultimate set of skills at your disposal. Adopting how an entrepreneur thinks is a solid bridge between traditional education and what happens in the real world. And it works for any person at any age. Entrepreneur has become quite a buzz-word in today s society. Though people associate entrepreneurism to business creativity and habits are the working elements of an entrepreneur s world. The title is far from a position of ownership in a company. The entrepreneur is a thinker and a problem solver. They don t think out of the box. They invent boxes. They make things better and they have an unexplained need to turn things from good to GREAT When others can t think of a way the entrepreneur will. What it took you to get where you are could likely be what s preventing you from your next goal. Entrepreneurial thinking will help you understand this and it can take you anywhere you d like to go. Join Jim Griffiths on a 240 page walk through his life from a high school drop-out runaway teen in Key Largo to joining a rock band in California and from commercial fishing in Alaska to being a publisher in Florida. Read about how he learned to think like an entrepreneur from great mentors he crossed paths with and why he s motivated by someone saying It s been said that an empty stomach a broken heart and a bare wallet can teach you everything you need to get through life. If you want more than to get through life start thinking like an entrepreneur. Jim Griffiths Available now 69 70 Lee County Boat-Access Restaurants Punta Gorda Englewood 22 21 Ft. Myers (239) 1a-Pincher s 1-Marinatown - Cactus Jacks - TP Hoolihan s - Nauti Parrot 2- Bayfront Bistro 3- Lighthouse 5- Sanibel Harbor 6- Big Hickory Grill 7- Ft. Myers Beach -Parrot Key -Doc Fords -Bootlegger s BBQ -Nervous Nellie s -Matanzas Inn -Bonita Bill s Pine Island 8- Lazy Flamingo 9- Cabbage Key 10- Tarpon Lodge 11- St. James City -Waterfront -Woody s -Low Key Tiki -Ragged Ass Saloon 12- MatlachaBert s Bar & Grille Miceli s Old Fish House Placida Boca Grande Cayo Costa 8 9 10 Pine Island Cape Coral 12 14 1a 17 1 15 13 16 20 Captiva 18 11 5 19 3 7 Ft. Myers Beach Sanibel 2 6 Cape Coral (239) 13- Cape Harbour - Rumrunner s - Fathoms - French Roast - Marina Club 14- Monarcas 15- The Boat House 16- Tarpon Point Marina - Marker 92 - Nauti Mermaid - Pinchers Sanibel Captiva 17- Barnacle s 18- The Green Flash 19- Grandma Dot s 20- Tween Waters Boca Grande (941) 21- Eagle Grill 22- Pink Elephant Bonita 72 HH-60 Jayhawk Have you ever wondered just how much it costs the US Coast Guard to mount a search and rescue operation The Coast Guard is pretty diligent about telling us what assets they employ and how many hours they expend in a search. But they are quite modest about their costs and do not publish them in their news releases. Two examples suffice to show costs at either end of the spectrum. The first a search for a 25-year old male who chose not to wear a PFD while tubing off Virginia Beach Virginia on August 11 2016. The CG spent a total of 39 hours in its search. Significant non-CG civilian first responder assets were also employed. The CG deployed one Coast Guard Cutter one MH-80 Jayhawk helicopter one C-130 Hercules and two 45-ft medium response boats. Search was suspended 24 hours later on Aug 12 2016. The cost per hour of search for these assets as deployed was 4 213 Coast Guard Cutter 15 562 Helicopter 6 839 Fast Response Boats(2 ea) 19 588 Search & Rescue planes. The young man was not recovered during the search which covered over 1079 square miles. We don t know what the total cost of the search was because we were not supplied with the hours for each asset deployed. However such assets are routinely deployed concurrently. A footnote to this search is that it is often considered fun or funny to cause a tube passenger to fly out of the tube. Due to centrifugal force and the speed of the boat the tube passenger could hit the water at speeds of 50 mph or more resulting in serious injury and or unconsciousness. A 50 mph impact life jacket can be obtained for less than 100 but that only guarantees that the life jacket will stay intact not that it will protect the person from injury. Now let us compare this tragedy to a Coast Guard rescue that occurred during the night of August 17 2016 40 miles off the coast of Maine near Acadia National Park. At about midnight the US Coast Guard watch standers received a garbled VHF distress signal from a 71-ft fishing boat taking on water with 4 crew members on board. The Coast Guard deployed a 47-ft Medium Response Boat and an M60-Jayhawk Helicopter. Shortly after receiving the VHF call a signal from the crew s EPIRB (Emergency Position Individual Response Beacon) was received alerting watch standers that the crew was in the water. That EPIRB s satellite direct radio beacon allowed the Coast Guard assets to locate the crew who were in a life raft at 2 AM just two short hours after the first distress call. The crew members were suffering from mild hypothermia from exposure to the 60 degree waters but otherwise were reported well. Assuming that both USCG assets were deployed for two hours each the cost of the rescue was about 44 806. Four lives were saved due to the very wise purchase of an EPIRB which took the SEARCH right out of SEARCH AND RESCUE. EPIRBS and Personal Locator Beacons can be had for as little as 250. These stories are repeated daily across the United States. One can subscribe to USCG Press Releases at https acco unts USDHSCG subscriber new pre ferences true Medium Range Recovery MH-68A Stingray Short Range Armed Interdiction HH-65A Dolphin Short Range Recovery HC130H Hercules Multi-mission HH MH-65C Multi-mission Cutter Helicopter HC-144A Medium Range Search & Rescue MH-60T Medium Range Recovery USCG Auxiliary District 7 Flotilla 86 Venice Fl. 73 Seafood Market Bistro & Chill Bar Market Fresh Cut Meats and Full Service Dining The New CHILL BAR Is Open Breakfast 8-noon on Weekends Sushi Bar Raw Bar Full Liquor Bar Happy Hour 2-5 & 10-Midnight Open Daily 9am - LATE 1715 Cape Coral Pkwy. Cape Coral (239) 471-0136 74 Learning from a Snowbird Florida is exciting for snowbirds. Besides exceptional weather there is some of country s best fishing. Some of Florida s finest fishing takes place right here in southwest Florida. No matter where you are from or how much fishing you did back home Florida fishing can be an adjustment. It takes time to learn the ropes. There is no one better to teach a snowbird about fishing here than another snowbird. Here are some tips from a person who started fishing Pine Island Sound 25 years ago and has been a full feathered snowbird for 15. I believe the best way to learn about something is to find some experts and turn myself into a human sponge. I fished with a local fishing guide the first several times I fished this area. Dick Hamp was one of the premier fishing guides in Bokeelia. I learned a lot about fishing from Dick by paying attention and keeping my mouth shut. Never once did I say That s not how we do it up north. Jim Hutchinson Sr. Besides Dick I read all I could about Florida fishing in newspapers and fishing magazines. If our local fishing magazine Nautical Mile had been around then I would have learned a lot more in less time. I also found some bait and tackle shops where I did my fishing shopping. I found the folks there to be more than willing to talk fishing. Nothing against big box stores but it can be tough to get details about catching trout around Chino Island from someone working a department in a big store in Fort Myers. Although every angler has a preference for bait I found live shrimp worked best for me. They are easy to purchase they stay alive all day and appeal to practically every fish around. An easy way to keep the shrimp alive is to put them in a 5-gallon bucket with water and large soda bottles filled with frozen water. The cool water keeps the shrimp alive all day. You need to know saltwater fishing is closely regulated in Florida. In most instances you need a license and there Don t fret if you feel there is so much to learn. You will find the education is are detailed regulations on most fish. a heck of a lot of fun. You can purchase a license online at http license recreational saltwater-fishing. For information on the regulations go to fishing saltwater jamesghutch1 SW Florida s Online Weather Station LIVE local web-cams Weather Forum Marine & Tides Lightning Tracker Hurricane Information Tides for all of SW Florida 75 Let s talk about cataracts Cataracts come in many flavors including congenital (born with them) and traumatic (think of a boxer or other type of head injury). However for the purposes of this article I am talking about age related cataracts. Here is the bottom line everyone (EVERYONE ) eventually develops cataracts if they live long enough. Cataracts are much like gray hair and arthritis and to be blunt the only way to avoid such conditions of the aging process is not to be here. As a general statement age related cataracts start developing in a person s late 50 s and early 60 s. Now that does not mean surgery is required. Just like grey hair does not normally occur overnight neither do cataracts. They develop slowly and painlessly over many years. Your visually system effectively adapts to these changes. As cataracts develop you may need more light to read may experience more glare while driving at night (especially with headlights) and may require more frequent changes to your glasses or contact lens prescription. So when is surgery required In general surgery is required when changing your glasses or contact lens prescription no longer improves your vision and your impaired vision is adversely affecting your activities of daily living. Obviously this is different for each person. Someone who is very active and or still working may require surgery much earlier than someone (of the same age) who is retired. In certain circumstances cataracts do require surgery for medical reasons but this is not the norm. Patients often ask me if their cataracts are ripe enough for surgery. I normally respond by saying that if they are not satisfied with their vision and changing their glasses or contact lens prescription will not improve their vision then a surgical consultation is warranted. So here is my advice when your eye doctor informs you that you have cataracts. Don t get upset. Rejoice that you have lived long enough to develop them. Reflect on your life s experiences that shaped you. The highs the lows the challenges the triumphs and the insert your own adjective . Aging is not for the faint of heart. Yes it is frustrating. Often accompanied by physically emotional and monetary pain. Embracing aging may be too much to ask but remember there is only one alternative. Gerald Cowan OD Located in Sam s Club - Cape Coral No membership required Optometrist (239) 800-6032 Sail & Power Charters - Yacht Brokerage Sail & Power Instruction - Yacht Management Located at Tarpon Point Marina (239) 257-2788 76 The Captain School Inc. Helping Mariners through the Maze Based in SW Florida and serving Mariners from Alaska to the Virgin Islands OUPU - 6 Pack License Master Upgrade to Master Sailing Towing (239) 549-0271 77 Gator Press is located in the Cape Coral Viscaya Industrial Park near the Cape Coral Hospital Graphic Design Full Color Printing Fast Digital Printing Sign and Magnet Printing Mailing Services Promotional Products In ss si ne bu ce si n 7 196 ....and much more 919 SE 13 Ave - Cape Coral (239) 772-8200 78 Boater Tips From the Lee County Sheriff Dept. MARINE UNIT With memories of Hurricane Irma fast becoming a memory for boaters in Southwest Florida it s time to make sure that local residents and the numerous visitors who will be descending on the area are aware of some of the pitfalls that may await those who do not familiarize themselves with proper boating procedures. It is important to note that remnants of Irma can still be encountered on some local waterways in the form of sunken debris especially during low tide along with changes in sand bars due to rushing waters during the storm either of which can ruin your day. This is particularly important for annual visitors where past experience can give a false sense of security. The Lee County Sheriff s Marine Unit the most visible law enforcement agency in Lee County reminds boaters that there are four safety items that must be on board your vessel at all times- readily accessible life jackets for everyone a fire extinguisher a type four throw-able device (usually a Coast Guard approved seat cushion or a life ring) that is immediately accessible and a horn or whistle. These are not suggestions. They are required by law and it is a cite-able offense if they are not on the vessel. The most ignored equipment tends to be the type four throw-able device. Either it s missing entirely or hidden away where it can t be used. The other big problem pertains to fire extinguishers. Often they are stowed away as to be useless in an emergency not functioning (not charged) or worse non-existent. The implications here are obvious. Though it s not equipment you are also reminded that the boat s registration must be on board at all times. Next to equipment the most significant reminder has to do with speed. The many manatee zones are clearly marked and slow speed is the order of the day. For visitors and locals who need a refresher slow speed is not slow in the eye of the beholder. It means fully settled in the water producing minimum wake. Slow speed is probably the most misunderstood and most common offense the Marine Unit deals with on a daily basis. A close cousin to that is Idle Speed which means no wake and traveling only fast enough to maintain course and steering. by The two places where the most idle speed offenses occur are crossing under bridges where idle speed is required a hundred feet before and a hundred feet after a bridge before resuming normal operation and entering or exiting marinas. The reminders enumerated here are not all inclusive but they form a basis for the over 40 000 registered boat owners in Lee County along with the many visitors to have a safe enjoyable experience while plying the local waterways Dave Sully Lee County Sheriff Dept. V.O.I.C.E Unit dlsully99 80 Specs Length 18 4 Beam 88 Transom Ht 20 Boat Weight 1050 (Aprox) Max Persons 4 or 650 lbs. Max. Weight 1150 lbs. Max. Hp. 115 Draft 6 - 8 Warranty 10 Year Hull Now available in SW Florida Introducing the 184 Coastal Standard Features Fiberglass Center Console 6 Rod Holders Electric Switch Panel 12v Outlet and Battery Tray Nav Anchor Light Pkg. Bilge Pump Automatic Plumbed Live Well w Water Pick-up Plumbed Bait Well w Water Pick-up Full Hull Colors Fighting Lady Yellow Lt. Blue - Aqua - Red Dark Blue - Sea Foam SS Steering Wheel w knob Steering No Feed Back Windshield Flip Flop Cooler Seat Bow Casting Platform Grabrail Stern Casting Deck Bow Storage Aluminum Rub Rail w Vinyl Insert Stainless Steel Bow & Stern Eyes All Composites Construction Molded Fiberglass Stringer System Closed Cell Foam Filled Hull Cleats(4) 12V Trolling Motor Pre Wire 8 Gauge w 30AMP Breaker and 12v Battery Tray Monroe Canal Marina 3105 Stringfellow Road St. James City (239) 282-8600 Open 7 days 81 Specializing in custom marine products since 1994 2408 Andalusia Blvd. Cape Coral T-Tops - Flats Towers Railings - Tanks owers T s T-To p t fo im Pla Sw rms rms Platfo Poling (239) 458-3860 82 Local Shipwrecks and Artificial Reefs 1- Bayronto 26.45.830 82.50.860 This 400 Ft. Freighter survived being torpedoed by a German U-Boat in July 1918. A year later the Bayronto ran into a hurricane and sank in 100 ft. of water. Sarasota 2- Roatan Express 26.20.358 83.22.027 This 180 ft. Steel hulled offshore supply ship made numerous trips between Tampa and Honduras before sinking in rough seas appx. 80 miles west of Ft. Myers on Sept. 31 1992. The captain and one passenger lost their life. 3- J. Marine Sulphur Queen Wreck was never found On the morning of Feb. 4 1963 this 524 ft. tanker disappeared off the west coast of Florida en route to Norfolk Va. Debris was recovered two weeks later off Key West but no trace of its 39 man crew was ever found. Charlotte Harbor 1 2 4- Fantastico 26.17.775 82.50.082 The No-Name storm of 1993 claimed more ships than Hurricane Andrew. The Honduran freighter Fantastico slipped beneath the waves on March 13 as it carried a load of fertilizer from Miami to Tampa. Of the 10 crew members aboard only three survived. The 205 ft. Freighter sits in 115 feet of water about 50 miles out of Ft. Myers. Sanibel 5&8 4 5- Pegasus Wreck 26.33.130 82.43.415 This 110 foot steel Tug-Boat and eventual gambling casino office was sunk as an artificial reef in 1999. Marco Island 6 6- Paddlewheeler Wreck 25.53.320 82.17.510 The wreck of a stern paddlewheel steamer known locally as the Paddlewheeler rests upside down in 80 feet of water off Naples. The only clue to its identity is a pressure gauge that was manufactured in 1898. 7- Baja California 25.21.522 82.31.901 This 265 foot freighter was en route to Guatemala in July 1942 when a German U-Boat put two torpedoes through her hull just before midnight. In 10 minutes the ship turned on its side and sank in 115 feet of water between Ft. Myers and the Keys. 7 8- USCGC Mohawk 26.33.146 82.43.423 The 165-foot World War II Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk was the last remaining ship of the Battle of the Atlantic. The Mohawk was laid to rest in 90 feet of water on July 2 2012 at 12 36 PM roughly 28 nautical miles off of Sanibel Island on Florida s southwest coast creating the first Veterans Memorial Reef dedicated to all U.S. veterans. The reef will be the new home to untold numbers of fish and other invertebrates living in the Gulf of Mexico. Key West 83 84 Water-Access Fuel Lee and Charlotte County 1- Four Winds Marina (239) 283-0250 2- Monroe Canal Marina (239) 282-8600 3- Moss Marine (239) 463-6137 4- Old Fish House Marina (239) 282-9577 5- Burnt Store Marina (941) 637-0083 6- Ft. Myers Yacht Basin (239) 321-7080 7- The Marina at Cape Harbour (239) 945-4330 8- Tarpon Point Marina (239) 549 4900 9- The Boat House (239) 945-2628 9a- Cape Coral Boat Centre (239) 541-2988 10- Gasparilla Marina (941) 697-2280 11- Sanibel Marina (239) 472-2723 12- The Landings (239) 481-7181 32 30 29 36 35 31 27 10 34 Placida 5 26 33 Boca Grande 13- Gulf Harbour Marina (239) 437-0881 13a- Ft. Myers Boat Club (239) 454-2629 14- Diversified Yacht (239) 765-8700 15- Big Hickory Marina (239) 992-0991 16- Pineland Marina (239) 283-3593 17- Salty Sam s Marina (239) 463-7333 18- Snook Bight Marina (239) 765-4371 19- Fish Tale Marina (239) 463-3600 20- Jug Creek Marina (239) 283-3331 21- South Seas Resort (239) 472-5111 22- Sweetwater Landing (239) 694-3850 23- Jack s Marina (239) 694-2708 24- Bonita Bay Marina (239) 495-3222 N. Ft. Myers 1 20 16 6 4 9a Cape Coral 22 23 Pine Island 21 Captiva 28 9 13 13a 12 78 2 Sanibel 25 11 3 14 17 Ft. Myers Beach 18 19 15 Bonita Beach 25- Jensen s Marina (239) 472-5800 26- Boca Grande Marina (941) 964-2100 27- Uncle Henry s Marina (941) 964-0154 28- Cape Coral Yacht Basin (239) 574-0809 29- Gator Creek Marina (941) 639-3446 30- Fisherman s Village (941) 575-3000 31- Laishley Park (941) 575-0142 32- Stump Pass Marina (941) 697-2206 33- Whidden s Marina (941) 964-2878 34- Inn Marina (941) 964-4600 35- Palm Island Marina (941) 697-4356 36- Cape Haze Marina (941) 698-1110 24 Wiggins Pass 38 85 86 87 Popular places to fish from Land 1- The Bokeelia Pier This pier extends into Charlotte Harbor at the end of Bokeelia (Northern tip of Pine Island). There is a restaurant art stores a boat ramp and kayak rentals. People visit this particular pier to see the monster Snook between the boards. Live bait is available right on the pier pay to fish beautiful view of Charlotte Harbor. See their live webcam at 2- The Matlacha Pier This is in a county park extends into the bay & is known for several inshore prize catches. On-Site county park with facilities playground. Free to park and fish. 3- Matlacha Bridge Known as The Fishinest Bridge in the World . This bridge crosses from the mainland to Pine Island and has the potential for world record snook. There are several bait shops & restaurants on Matlacha. Free to park and fish. 4- The Sanibel Pier This pier though not very long extends into the Gulf & is deep enough at the end to have a number of surprise catches. 5- The Sanibel Causeway This is land which was dug to create the bridges that connect Sanibel to the Mainland. Several hundred yards of options give the land 1 3 2 6 5 7 4 fisherman the ability to fish right at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico. There is a bait shop at the foot of the Causeway & bathrooms nearby. 6- The Cape Coral Pier This pier offers a great Kids Environment with nearby facilities including bathrooms playground etc. A small beach is available for parents while kids enjoy a day fishing. Public boat ramp and free to park. 7- The Ft. Myers Beach Pier This pier extends out far into the Gulf of Mexico where your catch can be quite a variety. The pier is surrounded by restaurants and shops & a bait & tackle shop is right on the pier. Boat RV and Trailer 2018 C-Hawk 19 Center Console Custom Built C-Hawks from 16 to 29 Service Sales and Storage (239) 283-4843 2018 Mitzi Skiff 17 Tournament model. Center Console or Sport Cabin 5149 Pine Island Road Pine Island Center 15 16 17 models available 88 When the Wind Blows First the storm was named...then it blasted through your neighborhood. Now what You checked to make sure that you have wind coverage. However you aren t sure what will be covered and what to include in your claim. Then there is that pesky deductible. When you bought the policy a 2% or 5% deductible seemed like your best choice. Now you realize that is over 10 000 If you have a percentage deductible now is the time to do the math. You can only change your deductible at renewal. If a 500 deductible is available you may want to ask your agent to quote it for you before your next renewal. Did you know that the wind deductibles are annual and cumulative So it is important to file a claim even if you don t think your damage will exceed your deductible. If you have another storm in the same calendar year you will already have part of your deductible covered. Here are some of the tricky things about windstorm coverage that you need to know. Storm surge is only covered by flood policies not wind or homeowner policies. Most policies will NOT cover any screens or supports for those screens. So lanais screen rooms and pool cages are NOT covered. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for time spent cleaning up debris. Log each person s name telephone number and hours spent. Take pictures of the debris before and after. Spoiled food may be covered if and ONLY if the power outage occurred on your property. In other words the downed lines or poles were on your property not down the street. Costs associated with evacuation are usually covered if you have an evacuation order in affect for your address. Keep all receipts for reimbursement. Carolyn Keiling Finally before the storm hits it is a good idea to take pictures or video of the interior and exterior of your home. Open up cabinets closets and drawers and get a good record. This record will make filing a claim easier if you have a loss. Don t wait until the storm threatens to look for a policy. There may be a waiting period for coverage to begin. If you have damage don t panic. Make emergency repairs track expenses and keep receipts take pictures of any damage or damaged items. Don t throw away damaged items until your adjustor gives you the ok. Keep in mind that recovery is a process that takes time and perseverance. Carolyn Keiling Safety I N S U R A N C E Boats - Jet Skis - Motorcycle Harbour Auto - RV - Golf Cart - ATV We don t just insure the island lifestyle .... we LIVE the island lifestyle And that s why we get it right Wind - Homeowners - Flood 10480 Stringfellow Road 4 St. James City Fl. 33956 (239) 283-6136 89 A U T H O R I Z E D we know D E A L E R Sales - Service Re-power Fast Service Buying Power Skilled Mechanics 2137 FOWLER ST. (239) 334-7871 Walkin the Dog with Captain Chuck Downes When I was asked to write this article for the Nautical Mile Annual Magazine I tried to come up with some ideas that may be helpful to readers throughout the year. The first thing that comes to mind is that a fairly large number of boaters move here from the north. They see all this water and run out and buy a boat before doing much research on how they want to use this boat and where they want to fish. Even I did this when I moved here me who has over 40 years of boating experience and has owned everything from a ski boat to a Grady White offshore boat to a Beavertail Flats Skiff that only drafts 8 inches (yes it really drafts 8 inches). When my wife and I moved to Southwest Florida we knew right away that the Grady White was not the boat for the waters we now wanted to fish. We had a second boat - a 14 foot Carolina Skiff and that was a little too small and slow for what I wanted to do so it was also sold . I did some research and thought I would spend a lot of time exploring the waters of Charlotte Harbor so I purchased a 19 foot SailFish bay boat. It was a well built not tippy had great storage and enough power to get up on plane quickly. So I was very happy with this boat for about 2 years until I wanted to start to explore the back country and skinny waters of the flats around Matlacha. So after fishing with good friend Gregg McKee who owns a Beavertail Vengeance I knew that it was the boat I wanted. I have had this boat for almost 4 years now and it is a perfect fit for my angling needs. That plus my wife said this was my last boat.. lucky for me I made a perfect choice Here are some ideas when it is time to think about buying a boat - whether it is a used boat or new boat. Make a list of what your boating needs are how many people are you taking are you fishing or just boating. Does your boat need a head Do you want to install a bimini top to get relief from the sun Do you need a bait well how many rod holders cup holders push pole or trolling motor Go back and ask your wife if she thinks the boat needs a head you know the saying... happy wife... What waters do you want to run your boat in Gulf near shore inshore back country or flats Talk to guides experienced boaters fish with a guide or two in the waters you want to run and find out why they chose the boat they did. Take a friend with you who knows the area as you look at boats. Look online for boat reviews of different choices. Go to boat shows and get a look at a variety of models. Most important attend a demo day or water test the boat before you buy. DO NOT buy a boat you have not ridden in. Is it a dry ride do you feel like you have been bounced all over how easy is the boat to handle do you think you can dock trailer the boat you want. A friend bought a catamaran that never left the dock because he was afraid of the boat so his wife put flower pots on it and they had cocktails every night as the sun went down. It was an expensive back porch. 90 As far as getting familiar with boating the U.S. Power Squadron and the Coast Guard Auxiliary offers courses and does boat inspections (which can be helpful if you are stopped out on the water). It s also a very good idea to invest in a towing service. Seat Tow and Boat US are available in our area. Hopefully you will never need one - but if you do it can be very costly without a membership. We also have some boat clubs in the area that you can pay a yearly membership for and take their boats out. Usually you have to plan ahead to use their boats and reserve them in advance. If you are the type to have a cup of coffee watch the sun come up then decide to take a run that morning this may not be the best option for you. For great fishing information try the Reel Anglers Fishing Club The Tarpon Hunters club and if you are a fly fishing in enthuses Pine Island Fly Fishing Club. Of course you also have The Nautical Mile Magazine We publish an annual magazine printed monthly magazines that can be found in stores and tackle shops (and also available online) the most complete source of information for boating and fishing from Venice to Bonita. Hopefully this information has been helpful. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me. (609) 412-7328 starfisher2 Walk the Dog Charters 91 Robin Anne Griffiths Author and Personal Development Consultant Iva Mae The Book of Mom offers a glimpse into America s past and one woman s struggles as well as triumphs. Iva Mae did not let fear stop her from discovering what life had to offer. Known for her cooking love of holidays and adventurous ready-to-go spirit Iva Mae lived her ninety-one years to the fullest through the decades of change ranging from the 1920 s well into the twenty-first century. Iva Mae grew up without electricity or indoor plumbing and faced numerous hardships ranging from a devastating house fire as a child to her mother s death when she was fifteen. Iva Mae s adult years were plagued by health problems money worries and two rocky marriages. Yet through it all her faith in God ability to find happiness and love of family never faltered. This is her story. 92 Available locally at 93 Assisting B oate rs Sin c e 1983 Yo u r Ro a d S e rvic e a t S e a The only Mobile APP you ll ever need on the water Sea Tow Ft. Myers 3725 Del Prado Blvd. Cape Coral (239) 945-4820 www.SeaTow Local 94 Parks & Recreation Canal System & Boat Ramps Saltwater Access Freshwater (Non-Paved) Access 9 8 7 10 11 6 5 1) 5815 Driftwood Parkway N26.32.33 W81.57.07 2) 720 SW 31st Terrace N26.35.36 W81.59.25 3) 845 Gleason Parkway N26.35.34 W81.59.38 4) 1509 SW 7th Court N26.37.27 W81.59.24 5) 802 SW 7th Terrace N26.38.19 W81.59.37 6) 230 Burnt Store Road N26.38.50 W82.02.32 7) 921 NW 27th Street N26.42.09 W81.59.40 8) 939 Wilmington Parkway N26.42.26 W81.59.40 9) 1624 NE 33rd Lane N26.43.02 W81.56.23 10) 2119 NE 12th Avenue N26.41.31 W81.56.54 11) 1609 NE 12th Street N26.40.28 W81.56.24 12) 520 SE 23rd Place N26.38.33 W81.55.30 13) 2414 SE 15th Terrace N26.37.28 W81.55.18 14) 2600 SE 26th Place N26.36.26 W81.54.48 15) 1208 Academy Blvd. N26.37.42 W81.57.36 12 4 15 13 14 2 3 1 Non-Paved 95 Boatlift Covers Serving all of SW Florida Cover Heat Welded Vinyl - Not Sewn 14 Popular Colors Anti-Fading Mildew Resistance Superior Tear Strength 6-Year Vinyl Warranty Frame Seamless Connection Joints All Connections Are Through-Bolted Solid Cross-members From Solid Rail to Solid Rail Boatlift Covers Engineered to Last a Lifetime C al l f or F r ee Estim ates LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ALL OF OUR FRAMEWORK Decrease Moisture on Your Gel Coat Allows Constant Air Flow Reduces Mold and Trapped Heat (239) 491-9796 96 Capt. Joe Greco When I thought about setting up a charter fishing business in Florida years ago one thing that attracted me to southwest Florida was the diversified fishing opportunities that this fabulous area has to offer. In addition to world-class shallow water action for species such as snook redfish sea trout pompano spanish mackerel just to mention a few-the Fort Myers area is also home to some awesome Gulf of Mexico fishing. Anglers heading out into the gulf frequently target popular species such as grouper snapper cobia king mackerel permit amberjack and other reef species. When I first set up shop in our area it didn t take me long to discover that while many individuals that I take out fishing wanted to fish out in the Gulf most preferred to stay within sight of land. With this in mind I made a concerted effort to explore and learn how to fish the many near shore areas that we are blessed with in our region. This has been a winning recipe for me for some time as the vast majority of my clients return to the dock with big smiles on their faces and a cooler full of good eating fish. While many feel you have to run out 50miles or more to have a productive trip our log books tell a different story. Heading out to deeper water will without question produce bigger fish day-in and day-out but staying closer to home has its advantages and can quite rewarding as well. We have several areas just a few miles off the beach that produce keeper grouper snapper and good numbers of tasty grunts. These same areas are also on the migratory highway of larger-more tenacious- species such as king mackerel and cobia and we consequently boat a good number of these fish each season as well. I have one spot in particular that has- like clockwork- produced kings in the 30-40lb class each spring for the past several years. Near shore reefs also produce some non-stop sheepshead action during the winter months when they stage into these areas in route to their spawning habitat. Another advantage of fishing nearshore as opposed to running well offshore centers around the fact that you do not need a large strictly offshore fishing vessel. I currently run a 26-ft Twin Vee with very economical Suzuki 150- four strokes. This set-up is a pleasure to fish with up to 6 clients aboard without taking a beating when I fuel up at the end of the day. Running a boat such as this one allows us to fish Back Bay waters as well as out in the Gulf. Fishing closer to home also equated to more actual fishing time as you re not running 2-hours one way just to get to your fishing destination. Lee and Collier counties have spent many dollars and man hours in years past developing a spectacular near shore artificial reef program. If you explore the Artificial Reef Location chart that both counties have published you will quickly see that the near shore opportunities are vast and very accessible thanks to the fact that they give you the exact GPS coordinates of virtually every one of these reef locations. With all of the years that I have under my belt I still take a look at these county publications on occasion to refresh my memory and to give some thought about trying a spot that I haven t fished in a while. In fact in early December this year I had some regular clients aboard for a near shore charter and I traveled to an artificial reef that I haven t fished in over a decade. On that particular day we caught over a dozen nice mangrove snapper a few dozen grunts a few porgy and two permit. My clients had an absolute blast- keeping enough fish for a nice fresh fish dinner- and from start to finish the trip was only 5-hours in length. If you are new to fishing in the Gulf I strongly encourage you to try targeting a few of our near shore reefs. Most fishing in these areas involves placing your presentation on or near the bottom with preferred baits being shrimp squid and sardines. Frozen bait works great and most area tackle shops- such as Anderson s Tackle on McGregor Blvd in Ft Myers- usually have a supply of live shrimp on hand in addition to a freezer full of frozen baits that work. Despite the fact that you may only be a few miles off the beaches safety should remain an important consideration so pay strict attention to the weather (and wind) forecasts and be sure to have all of the necessary safety equipment on board. We NEVER leave the dock without our EPIRB when venturing offshore and we leave a float plan with a loved one just in case something goes awry during the course of our trip. Having a life jacket available for every person on board is a must as is a good working VHF radio. If you haven t taken advantage of some of the hidden treasures that lie just off the beaches in our area give it a try this year. I think you just might be pleasantly surprised. GOOD FISHING Ft. Myers Fishing Adventures cappyjoe1 (877) 249-7472 The Key West 239FS Key West Fishing Boats The 1 Best Selling Fishing Boats in Florida The latest introduction to the expanding Family Sportsman series the 239FS offers the largest cockpit in its class and loaded with features for both family comfort and serious fishing. Enjoy the comfort of the full width bench seat in the rear and the optional front facing seating in the bow for relaxing day on the water with the family and friends or hit the blue water safe and secure in a very capable long range offshore fishing platform. Fishing features include the ever present live well rod storage racks trolling rod holders and even an insulated macerated under floor fish box up front. The 239FS is ready for whatever water sports your family enjoys. Print your ownPages formatted to 8.5 X 11 Printable pages for tides wrecks & reefs water-access restaurants water-access fuel locations moon phases knots marina facilities and 8 local charts for the Lee and Charlotte coastal community. Tides f o th e y e r in 16 p ar laces Boat Ramp s Marinas & Bait Shops Boat-Access Restaurants Fuel Docks rts 11 C h a & cks Wre fs Ree Largest Fleet Worldwide 300 Ports Nationwide VHF Channel 16 24 7 365 days a year Charlotte County (239) 283-6060 Lee County (239) 945-1664 Only available from TowBoatUS at Coastal Insurance PROTECT YOUR BOAT and more Boat - Auto Home - Motorcycle 17 Ranger - 212 a YEAR 2009 Harley Road King - 120 a YEAR 2007 Ford F250 - 380 6-mo. 280 000 Cape Home - 780 a YEAR Capt. David Ryan Schuman (239) 242-8072 Davidschuman3