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Description: In This Issue: A New Era for Women, Taste & Texture, Cognitive Health, and Bone, Muscle & Joint Health

A VRM Media Publication April 2018 Don t miss a single issue of NIE in 2018 ... go online to renew your free subscription today April18 Go to sabinsa for info about this advertiser Go to nowpl for info about this advertiser TableofContents Proud Supporter of VOLUME 23 NO. 3 APRIL2018 F E A T U R E S 40 Moving Forward Ingredients for Healthy Mobility Nobody has time to or the desire to sit around but aging factors can keep good folks down. Here s how to formulate to keep America moving forward. 50 Remembering the Details Maintaining memory and cognitive health is not an issue that should be thought of lightly. Here s how ingredient suppliers and manufacturers are working to help keep consumers minds sharp. 40 A L S O I N S I D E 54 A New Era for Women Powerful natural products emerge for female consumers. C O L U M N S 14 22 31 38 39 62 63 63 63 Industry News Ingredient News Association News Science Update Conventions & Meetings Classified Ad Equipment & Packaging Advertiser Index Industry Events Consultant of the Month 4 First Word 6 Legalities 12 Condition Specific 57 Ingredient Technology 60 Marketing Innovation 57 64 FREE Subscription (Print Digital or BOTH) & E-newsletter Available Copyright 2018. Nutrition Industry Executive (ISSN 2331-2602) Volume 23 Number 3 April 2018. Nutrition Industry Executive is published monthly (except for bimonthly January February and July August and November December) by VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Suite C East Brunswick NJ 08816 USA Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 4329288. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce in whole or in part. Not responsible for unsolicited material. Opinions expressed in by-lined articles or advertisements are not necessarily those of Nutrition Industry Executive or its owners. Publisher is not liable for advertiser product claims or representations. Advertisers assume total responsibility for the contents of their advertisements. Printed in U.S.A. Basic annual subscription rate is 50.00. Periodicals Postage Paid at East Brunswick NJ 08816 and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER Send address changes to Nutrition Industry Executive P.O. Box 15026 North Hollywood CA 91615-5026. Subscription Customer Service Nutrition Industry Executive P.O. Box 15026 North Hollywood CA 91615-5026 USA Phone (818) 286-3170 Fax (800) 869-0040 niecs Back Issues & Single Copies For order information contact (732) 432-9600 or info March issue is 25.00. All other issues are 8.00 each. 2 Nutrition Industry Executive April 2018 Go to gcinutrients for info about this advertiser FirstWord The Trend Makers veryone is talking about the trends they spotted at Natural Products Expo West Engredea and why not--trends in the natural products industry are interesting and they drive business. Beyond product trends the an independent full-service marketing agency that helps grow natural health and wellness brands released its top brand trends from the show. Here are a few Allies instead of adversaries--Natural food brands are beginning to band together. Brands that often vie for the same consumers are putting the competition aside to partner up on everything from shared booth space to giveaways and social media promotions. This camaraderie was a recipe for success at the show helping brands stand out by standing together. Founders at the forefront--Founders continue to cultivate their own thought leadership platforms and are becoming in many cases separate entities from their brands. As Expo West continues to grow so do the celebrity personas of many natural food brand founders. While these personalities continued to draw booth traffic relative newcomers are establishing themselves as thought leaders in entrepreneurship sustainability and other arenas outside natural products to reach more investors consumers and partners. Engaging the experts--As more natural products brands move from start-up to mainstream they are also moving away from a we can do it all ourselves mentality with their marketing--and it shows. There was a flurry of quality content coming out of the Expo particularly on social channels. Brands are seeing the power of social media and are no longer viewing community management as a task for an intern. Increasingly they are partnering with content experts who understand how to use social channels to drive business growth. As for products a blogger for Nutrition Industry Executive s (NIE) sister publication Vitamin Retailer Brianna Diorio who is E Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM director of training and education with Vitamer Laboratories in Irvine CA listed Associate Russ Fields trends she saw at the show gut health Publisher RussF adaptogenic herbs and overall stress supAdvertising Barry Young port with trending ingredients focusing on Sales Manager Barry collagen charcoal turmeric and ashwagandha. Functional super foods such as Editor-in-Chief Janet Poveromo matcha mushrooms and fermented vegetaJanetP bles and greens were on the rise as well. Managing Editor Shari Barbanel Molly Fitzgerald senior digital communiShariB cations manager with Minnesota-based Kerry said the company spotted clean Associate Editor Nicholas Saraceno NicoS labels transparency and research-supported functional ingredients that have demonContributing Writers James Gormley strable benefits for specific lifestyle and life Todd Pauli stage needs. Lisa Schofield While researching and writing the Steven Shapiro Ingredient Technology article on taste and Marc Ullman texture (see page 57) I realized how so many of those trends are addressed and Art Director Robert Certo created by food scientists--palatable proProduction Manager RobertC teins plant-based ingredients clean labels Production Assistant Bryan Zak reduced sugar etc. Graphic Designer BryanZ Today s consumers are more conscious than ever on what ingredients they are conCirculation Manager Rosie Brodsky suming and how it fits their lifestyle said Rosie Michael Hiron vice president of sales Human Nutrition Ingredients with Milk A PUBLICATION OF Ingredients in Minnesota. They are doing their research and forming their own opinVRM MEDIA ions on what ingredients they trust and what ingredients they stand firm against. President So being aware of consumer demands Daniel McSweeney and responding with innovative solutions is the motivators for technologists and we re VRM Media all looking forward to talking about the 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C newest trends they have in store for next year. East Brunswick NJ 08816 What s to Come A Natural Products Expo West Engredea show wrap-up article will be included in the May issue of NIE. Please note While Natural Products Expo West will return March 5-9 2019 to the Anaheim Convention Center in California next year the Engredea show will no longer be held. Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288 Email info Website VRM Media publishes Nutrition Industry Executive Vitamin Retailer Natural Practitioner and Fitness Trainer magazines. Subscription Customer Service To order a subscription or manage your account please contact us at Nutrition Industry Executive P.O. Box 15026 North Hollywood CA 91615-5026 USA Phone (818) 286-3170 Fax (800) 869-0040 niecs Back Issues See the Table of Contents page for price and order information. Connect With Us vitaminretailer vitaminretailermagazine company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media 4 Nutrition Industry Executive April 2018 Go to jiaherb for info about this advertiser Legalities KRATOM FDA Has a Problem By Steven Shapiro and Marc Ullman D espite support from a rabid following of consumers who believe that it is safe and effective for a wide variety of uses Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa Korth) has a serious U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) problem. Kratom is commonly found growing in Thailand Malaysia Indonesia and Papua New Guinea where laborers have traditionally used the fresh or dried leaves either chewing them or preparing juices or teas to combat fatigue and improve their work productivity. Kratom also purportedly has a number of other significant health benefits. A search of the internet for kratom benefits reveals websites touting the plant s ability to relieve pain boost metabolism increase sexual energy improve the immune system and prevent diabetes. They ease anxiety 6 Nutrition Industry Executive help with addiction eliminate stress and induce healthy sleep. 1 Clearly its most controversial use involves claims that kratom is beneficial in the treatment of opioid addiction.2 Both FDA3 and DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)4 have stated that kratom compounds have opioid properties or opioid-like activity. It is the herb s opioid properties that make it useful as a treatment. FDA s History With Kratom FDA has been building its case against the legal marketing of kratom as a dietary supplement for quite some time. The ingredient first came to our attention because of a presentation at the May 2013 SupplySide trade show by Daniel Fabricant PhD then director of FDA s Division of Dietary Supplements. Fabricant informed industry that the ingredient was being abused in Thailand where the government has banned the growing of plants since 1943 (Kratom Act 2486) and has since 1979 classified it as a narcotic. He further stated that FDA had serious concerns of its legitimacy as a dietary ingredient in terms of its safety and that FDA was detaining and refusing entry of kratom shipments into the country. FDA s first action concerning kratom was in 2012 when it was added it to Import Alert 66-41 which is a general import alert identifying specific products known to be entering the country as unapproved new drugs. This action was specific to only certain kratom products that were making claims to treat or cure disease. In February 2014 FDA issued a second Import Alert 54-15 specific to the agency s concern regarding a lack of April 2018 Go to kyowa for info about this advertiser Legalities appropriate safety data for kratom. In it FDA explained that while kratom is a botanical that qualifies as a dietary ingredient under section 201(ff)(1) of the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (the Act) when marketed as such it is a new dietary ingredient under section 413(d) of the Act because to the best of the agency s knowledge there is no information demonstrating that this substance was marketed as a dietary ingredient in the United States before October 15 1994. 5 FDA also asserted that based on its own review of the publicly available information there does not appear to be a history of use or other evidence of safety establishing that kratom will reasonably be expected to be safe as a dietary ingredient. According to FDA consumption of kratom can lead to a number of health impacts including respiratory depression nervousness agitation aggression sleeplessness hallucinations delusions tremors loss of libido constipation skin hyperpigmentation nausea vomiting and severe withdrawal signs and symptoms. It was therefore FDA s conclusion that kratom-containing dietary supplements are adulterated under section 402(f)(1)(B) of the Act [21 U.S.C. 342(f)(1)(B)] because they contain a new dietary ingredient for which there is inadequate information to provide reasonable assurance that such ingredient does not present a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury. Since the issuance of the second import alert U.S. Marshalls acting at the request of FDA have conducted at least three seizures of kratom In September 2014 more than 25 000 pounds of raw kratom from Rosefield Management Inc. in Van Nuys CA.6 In January 2016 almost 90 000 bottles of kratom dietary supplements from Dordoniz Natural Products LLC in South Beloit IL marketed as RelaKzpro. 7 In August 2016 more than 100 cases of products distributed by Nature Therapeutics LLC (d b a Kratom Therapy) is located in Grover Beach CA marketed as Kratom Therapy. 8 FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb MD has also been quite vocal about the alleged dangers of consuming kratom having issued several public statements on the ingredient. On February 6 2018 the commissioner issued a statement on the agency s sci8 Nutrition Industry Executive entific evidence concerning the presence of opioid compounds in kratom and underscoring its potential for abuse. This follows a November 2017 public health advisory from Gottlieb about deadly risks associated with kratom. 9 In this presentation FDA provided additional information on adverse events alleged to have occurred from kratom consumption. This is reminiscent of how FDA built its case to ban ephedra as a dietary ingredient approximately 15 years ago by releasing information on mounting numbers of AERs [adverse event reports] alleged to be attributable to that ingredient. In the earlier case of ephedra and now with encourages all companies currently involved in the sale of products containing kratom intended for human consumption to take similar steps to take their products off the market and submit any necessary evidence as appropriate to the FDA to evaluate them based on the applicable regulatory pathway. FDA further reported that its in-house review of the scientific data has provided conclusive evidence that compounds contained in kratom are opioids and are expected to have similar addictive effects as well as risks of abuse overdose and in some cases death. FDA has therefore publicly announced that it will continue to affirm the risks associated with kratom warn consumers against its use and take aggressive enforcement action against kratom-containing products. On February 28 2018 FDA issued another statement objecting to a kratom compound intended for use as an alternative to prescription opioids and promoted with unproven claims to treat addiction.13 Kratom and Salmonella A new issue arose with kratom in early February when FDA learned of a multistate outbreak of salmonellosis from a rare strain of Salmonella. An FDA release followed on March 2 2018 concerning an FDA and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) monitoring of an active nationwide outbreak across 20 states of a rare type of salmonella apparently associated with kratom products. The outbreak is associated with kratom-containing capsules teas and powders and according to FDA underscores the risk that harmful bacteria may contaminate these products when not subjected to manufacturing controls to eliminate that risk in addition to the overall safety concerns for kratom itself. 14 FDA issued a further announcement on March 15 stating that as of March 14 2018 the CDC reports that 87 people infected with outbreak strains of Salmonella I 4 [5] 12 b - (50) Salmonella Javiana (5) Salmonella Okatie (16) or Salmonella Thompson (16) have been reported from 35 states. Twenty-seven people have been hospitalized. Twentyfive products have been tested and reported positive for Salmonella. Three match one or more of the outbreak strains and an additional 22 have tested positive for Salmonella and either do not match or are pending further April 2018 kratom as well it is difficult to determine a causal connection as many AERs document various medical conditions and consumption of a wide variety of substances including both legal and illegal drugs. Yet FDA claims to have identified 44 reported deaths as of February 6 2018.10 11 On February 21 2018 FDA announced12 the voluntary destruction and recall of what it called a large volume of kratom-containing dietary supplements that had been distributed under the brand names Botany Bay Enhance Your Life and Divinity by Divinity Products Distribution of Grain Valley MO. In cooperation with the agency the company also agreed to stop marketing all kratom-containing products. As stated by FDA based on the scientific evidence of the serious risks associated with the use of kratom in the interest of public health the FDA Go to futureceuticals for info about this advertiser Legalities acterization. FDA has concluded that it is likely that multiple brands and retailers are supplying contaminated product to the public. The positive results also indicate possible concerns with the manufacturing practices used in production and or handling of these products. Certainly one may assume that FDA s Import Alerts and other enforcement actions are causing manufacturers and marketers to cut corners with their GMPs (good manufacturing practices) in order to continue to get product to market resulting in the present outbreak. finding among other things that the notification included a minimal amount of history of use information and none of that information could be used as a basis to conclude that your dietary supplement containing such a new dietary ingredient would have a reasonable expectation of safety. One must wonder how serious this notification was as there were numerous deficiencies in the notification and the agency commented that the notifier was clearly suggesting that the product was intended to be used as a drug-- Atomic K ... behaves as a mu-opioid receptor agonist like morphine and is used in the management of chronic notification twice on December 20 2016 and then again on February 26 2018. FDA rejected the notification for failure to establish the identity of the new dietary ingredient including failure to provide adequate information on manufacturing. As to safety data FDA determined that historical use of the source plant leaves as traditionally ingested chewing smoking brewing into a tea could not be compared to the NDI which was 99 percent pure mitragynine extracted from Mitragyna speciose. Further the notifier did not include studies on the specific product that it intended to market and the toxicity study among other things concluded that in rats mitragynine caused withdrawal signs and changed hematological parameters at all dose levels in both males and females as well as liver kidney and brain toxicities. Thus adverse effects were observed at all dose levels. American Botanicals Corporation filed the third notification on February 16 2017 for a standardized extract as a liquid dietary supplement. FDA responded to this notification on April 28 2017. According to the FDA letter the proposed serving size was 40 mL day equivalent to 20 mg day mitragynine. Here too FDA found insufficient information to establish the identity of the NDI or to fully explain the manufacturing process. In addition historical use as with the notification discussed above was based on consumption of the leaves and not a purified extract and the toxicity data was claimed by FDA to have the same purported shot comings as discussed above. These NDI notifications reveal the same obvious shortcomings and problems that any proposed marketer of kratom will face. First as to traditional use there has been no evidence submitted demonstrating that kratom in extract form have ever been present in the food supply as an article used for food. All the traditional use submitted so far is specific to chewing or brewing the actual leaves. Could an NDI notification for a product that was based on traditional dried leaf powder present FDA with sufficient evidence that its consumption will reasonably be expected to be safe This remains to be seen if a marketer is willing to attempt such a submission. Unfortunately existing scientific data questions the safety of even the dried leaf and FDA has stated that data April 2018 Supplement Industry s Best Response So considering all the aforementioned FDA actions and what appears to be an agency game plan with a complete ban of kratom as the end result what can industry do if anything When intended for use as or in a dietary supplement FDA has made it known that it considers kratom to be a new dietary ingredient. At this point FDA has also made it known that it is not aware of any evidence of safety establishing that consumption of kratom as a dietary supplement does not present a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury under conditions of use recommended or suggested in labeling or under ordinary conditions of use which is the required safety standard pursuant to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). Additionally if one intends to attempt to legally market kratom they should not market it to be used to treat any medical conditions nor should it be marketed for use as an alternative to prescription opioids or to treat opioid addiction. Such intended use would make the product a drug under the act and there are currently no FDAapproved therapeutic uses of kratom. Before kratom can be legally marketed for therapeutic uses in the U.S. kratom s risks and benefits would need to be the subject of a new drug approval submitted to FDA. To date it appears that FDA has issued letters in response to three separate new dietary ingredient notifications concerning kratom. In response to a NDI (new dietary ingredient) notification filed on August 10 2015 by Luke Dodd to market a kratom extract called Atomic K with a maximum daily level of 800 mg FDA issued a letter on September 22 2015 10 Nutrition Industry Executive When intended for use as or in a dietary supplement FDA has made it known that it considers kratom to be a new dietary ingredient. pain. 21 CFR 190.6 which sets forth the type of information that FDA requires for an NDI notification does include the claims that will be made for the ingredient. Providing such information is not required although if provided one must seriously question why a notifier would inform the agency of an intent to market an NDI for uses that would fall within the category of an unapproved new drug claim. The second notification was filed on September 6 2016 with additional submissions over various days on behalf of INI Botanicals for a dietary supplement made from greater than 99 percent purity extract of Mitragynine to be marketed under the tradename Mitrasafe. FDA responded to this mitted to date observed adverse effects at all levels. If there exists safety data on the leaf it would behoove the trade to have it published in a peer reviewed reputable toxicological journal as soon as possible. It would seem essential that if this ingredient is to survive in any form that the trade work on saving the leaf as every extract is bound to be different. For the time being kratom remains available online and at some retailers although some of the states have enacted bans on the sale of the ingredient or its alkaloids.15 But we have seen this before in the example of ephedra where FDA took its time collecting data and letting adverse events pile-up which may or may not present causal evidence related to kratom until the industry was unable to mount any defense to FDA action to remove the ingredient from the market. NIE Reference 1 health-benefits other kratomleaves.html. 2 mentalhealth addiction news 20171026 kratom_opioid_with- drawal. 3 NewsEvents Newsroom PressAnnouncements ucm595622.htm. 4 drug_chem_info kratom.pdf search kratom. 5 cms_ia importalert_1137.html. 6 7993 20170111064932 http NewsEvents Newsroom PressAnnounc ements ucm416318.htm. 7 NewsEvents Newsroom PressAnnouncements ucm480344.htm. 8 NewsEvents Newsroom PressAnnouncements ucm515085.htm. 9 NewsEvents Newsroom PressAnnouncements ucm584970.htm. 10 downloads drugs guidancecomplianceregulatoryinformation cderfoiaelectronicreadingroom ucm595575.pdf. 11 downloads aboutfda centersoffices officeoffoods cfsan cfsanfoiaelectronicreadingroom ucm5 88952.pdf. 12 newsevents newsroom pressannouncements ucm597649.htm. 13 newsevents newsroom fdainbrief ucm598389.htm. 14 food recallsoutbreaksemergencies outbreaks ucm597265.htm Fast. 15 The American Kratom Association reports that as of March 2018 seven states and the District of Columbia states have banned the sale of kratom or alkaloids contained in kratom and a number of other states have or are considering similar bans. akain-your-state. Steven Shapiro is of counsel to Rivkin Radler LLP ( and a partner of Ullman Shapiro & Ullman LLP ( His practice focuses on the dietary supplement natural products industries with a particular emphasis on FDA and FTC compliance issues including labels labeling and advertising claims. Marc S. Ullman represents clients in matters relating to all aspects of Food and Drug Administration and Drug Enforcement Administration matters regulatory issues Federal Trade Commission proceedings and litigation. He practiced with one of New York s leading white collar criminal defense firms for ten years where he represented clients in both federal and state prosecutions as well as numerous related civil matters and other litigations. Go to gnosis for info about this advertiser April 2018 Nutrition Industry Executive 11 ConditionSpecific B Y T RICIA R YAN BA BSC MBA Where Are We Now Diabetes According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there are 30.3 million people with diabetes (9.4 percent of the U.S. population) including 23.1 million people who are diagnosed and 7.2 million people (23.8 percent) undiagnosed. The numbers for prediabetes indicate that 84.1 million adults (33.9 percent of the adult U.S. population) have prediabetes including 23.1 million adults aged 65 years or older (the age group with highest rate). The estimated percentage of individuals with type 1 diabetes remains at 5 percent among those with diabetes. Celiac Disease Celiac disease affects not just children. Currently 60 percent of diagnosed cases are adults of whom 15 to 20 percent are over the age of 60. Celiac disease is diagnosed in 1 250 people in the U.S. Approximately 70 percent of those diagnosed are women. Celiac disease is a non-allergic food hypersensitivity which is caused by a genetic intolerance to gluten a protein found in cereals such as wheat rye and barley. It is estimated that celiac disease affects approximately 1 percent of the popula12 Nutrition Industry Executive tion and this number is likely to grow in the future. What Are the Connections Between Celiac Disease and Diabetes We first have to distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Type 1 diabetes is early onset and is an autoimmune disease that develops typically in children and adolescents. Type 2 diabetes occurs mostly in adults is not an autoimmune disease and is associated with obesity high cholesterol and related disorders collectively known as metabolic syndrome. Type 1 diabetes is highly linked to celiac disease on a genetic level and 5 to 10 percent of people with type 1 diabetes also have celiac disease. Because celiac disease is usually diagnosed later in life it is most common to have diabetes first. It s quite uncommon for someone to be diagnosed with celiac disease first and then to develop type 1 diabetes unless the person is diagnosed with celiac disease very young. In contrast very little is known about type 2 diabetes and celiac disease. A recently published research study shows that those with celiac disease are much less likely to get type 2 diabetes compared to people without celiac disease. This was an unexpected finding in this study looking at the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in celiac disease. While it was April 2018 found that people with celiac disease have substantial protection from type 2 diabetes it s not clear why. In the general population type 2 diabetes is much more common than type 1 diabetes while in celiac disease it s the reverse. For a Consumer With Celiac Disease What Does This Mean Many individuals diagnosed with type 1 diabetes only discover they have celiac disease through routine screening because of the known relationship between the two conditions. Most report having no symptoms of celiac disease and that the diagnosis is sometimes seen as an after-thought to the diabetes. Whether or not individuals have symptoms if a celiac disease diagnosis is confirmed it is absolutely essential to follow a strict gluten-free diet to avoid the health risks associated with untreated celiac disease. Perhaps most important is that the earlier a gluten-free diet is initiated the lower the chances are of a person developing additional autoimmune disorders. gluten-free foods (e.g. fruit meat) including 21 percent of those aged 25 to 34. What We See With Respect to Diabetic Diets Making changes to one s diet is an important way to manage and prevent type 2 diabetes. Those with diabetes do not need special medicinal food but rather should turn to foods with more vitamins nutrients complex carbohydrates as well as low reduced-fat and sugar offerings. Because it is so important for those with diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels limiting sugar intake is one of the top changes people make to their diets to manage or prevent diabetes. Similarly sugar-free and low sugar are the top two product claims sought on packaged food among those who are currently dieting and who have diabetes. Carbohydrates can also affect blood sugar levels so limiting carbohydrate intake is another top method adopted by those who are managing or preventing diabetes. Amid concerns about artificial ingredients many people with diabetes have a desire for more products with natural sweeteners (e.g. Stevia Truvia) as a sugar replacement. In addition agave syrup can be a healthful alternative to sugar as it has a lower glycemic index which means that it is absorbed more slowly by the body and can limit blood sugar spikes. A number of brands have introduced products made with sweetener alternatives and this is a key opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers. How Can You Support Consumers With Celiac Disease and or Diabetes A study has found that more Americans are turning their backs on eating gluten despite the fact that the prevalence of celiac disease has remained flat since 2009. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder affecting the small intestine caused by a reaction to gluten proteins found in wheat and other grains. Today some 3.1 million people across the United States follow a gluten-free diet. Seventy-two percent of them are classified as PWAGs (people without celiac disease avoiding gluten). The number of PWAGs has risen steadily over the past five years amid increasing public suspicions of health problems brought on by gluten sensitivity. Opportunity for Food Brands to Target Those With Diabetes and Celiac Disease Limiting sugar carbohydrates and calories are the top ways to manage diet among those with diabetes. However (Continued on page 48) What We See With Respect to Gluten-free Diets A third of those who eat gluten-free products do so because they believe they are better for their overall health including 44 percent of those aged 45 and over Three quarters (75 percent) of those who eat gluten-free foods have not been diagnosed with gluten intolerance sensitivity or celiac disease Seventeen percent of all gluten-free consumers eat gluten-free versions of foods more than they eat naturally April 2018 Nutrition Industry Executive 13 IndustryNews McConnell and Quarles Announce Hemp Legislation .S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles (R-KY) have announced the impending introduction of legislation in the United States Senate to support Kentucky s hemp industry. The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 will legalize hemp as an agricultural commodity and remove it from the list of controlled substances. Sen. McConnell took the first step to support hemp in 2014 by using his leadership position in the Senate to spearhead a provision to legalize hemp pilot programs in the Farm Bill. Since then the research has shown the potential of hemp as an agricultural commodity. Hemp has played a foundational role in Kentucky s agricultural heritage and I believe that it can be an important part of our future Sen. McConnell said. I am grateful to join our Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles in this effort. He and his predecessor Jamie Comer have been real champions for the research and development of industrial hemp in the Commonwealth. The work of U Commissioner Quarles here in Kentucky has become a nationwide example for the right way to cultivate hemp. I am proud to stand here with him today because I believe that we are ready to take the next step and build upon the successes we ve seen with Kentucky s hemp pilot program. Here in Kentucky we have built the best Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program in the country and have established a model for how other states can do the same with buy-in from growers processors and law enforcement Commissioner Quarles said. I want to thank Leader McConnell for introducing this legislation which allows us to harness the economic viability of this crop and presents the best opportunity to put hemp on a path to commercialization. The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 will help Kentucky enhance its position as the leading state on hemp production. It builds upon the success seen through the hemp pilot programs by allowing states to be the primary regulators of hemp if the U.S. Department of Agriculture approves their implementation plan. This legislation also will remove the federal barriers in place that have stifled the industry which will help expand the domestic production of hemp. It will also give hemp researchers the chance to apply for competitive federal grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture--allowing them to continue their impressive work with the support of federal research dollars. Sen. McConnell plans to introduce the bill in the Senate with Senator Rand Paul and a bipartisan group of members following this state work period. NSF International Launches DNA Authenticated Mark ietary supplement ingredient suppliers can now use an on-label NSF DNA Authenticated mark to verify the identity and purity of raw ingredients. NSF International recently launched its new independent testing protocol and verification program for raw botanical ingredients used in the dietary supplement industry. In addition to DNA authentication of the target species the testing program also screens for contamination including common adulterants toxic adulterants allergens and fillers. DNA Authenticated verification requires nextgeneration sequencing (NGS) DNA testing of every lot or batch that bears the mark. Suppliers can provide DNA Authenticated certificates and use the verification mark on shipments of verified ingredients. With complex global supply chains and fraudulent ingredients popping up in unexpected places DNA authentication of raw ingredients is a prudent step for supplement manufacturers who are D concerned about the quality and purity of products said Jesse Miller PhD director of applied research at NSF International. With the new DNA Authenticated mark manufacturers suppliers and ultimately consumers can be absolutely sure the ingredients they choose have been accurately identified. NSF International maintains a database of validated DNA reference sequences for all relevant botanical ingredient and adulterant species of plants fungi and probiotic bacteria. Many of NSF International s DNA reference sequences have been obtained as herbarium specimens through partnerships with top institutions such as Harvard University and the University of California Berkeley. Miller was recently appointed to lead NSF AuthenTechnologies the team that is testing and certifying ingredients to the DNA Authenticated protocol. Under Miller s leadership NSF AuthenTechnologies is expanding the range of services it provides and reengineering many of its testing customer service and reporting processes. Alignment with our scientific processes and innovation is essential as are customer service and convenience. We re working to make it easy for customers to use NSF AuthenTechnologies services Miller said. In addition to DNA authentication of botanical ingredients NSF International also tests and certifies dietary supplement products and ingredients to the only American National Standard for dietary supplements (NSF ANSI 173). More than 1 000 products and ingredients are certified to NSF ANSI 173. An additional level of testing and certification is also available for sports supplements. Products that earn NSF s Certified for Sport certification are independently tested on a lot-by-lot basis for more than 270 athletic banned substances. For more information visit April 2018 14 Nutrition Industry Executive Givaudan to Acquire Naturex A s part of its 2020 strategy to strengthen its capabilities in natural flavor solutions for its customers Givaudan (Switzerland) has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire 40.6 percent of the shares of Naturex a French public listed company for EUR 135 per share and a total consideration of EUR 522 million. This agreement is subject to all of the appropriate regulatory approvals. Givaudan intends to launch a mandatory cash tender offer for all remaining outstanding shares of Naturex at a price of EUR 135 per share. The Board of Directors and management of Naturex are fully supportive of the transaction. Naturex is an international leader in plant extraction and the development of natural ingredients and solutions for the food health and beauty sectors. Naturex is headquartered in Avignon France and reported sales of EUR 405 million in 2017 operates from 16 production sites around the world and employs 1 700 people. The acquisition of a significant shareholding in Naturex fits fully with our 2020 strategy to expand our offering to deliver natural products to our customers. Givaudan is the global leader in the space of natural flavors and Naturex further complements our capabilities with its strong portfolio of plant extracts and natural ingredients across the food and beverage nutrition and health and personal care sectors said Gilles Andrier CEO of Givaudan. We look forward to working with the management and shareholders of Naturex in the coming months to secure their support for the acquisition. Consumers around the world are increasingly demanding more natural and organic products from food and beverage companies added Louie D Amico president Designate of Givaudan s Flavor Division. Naturex will be extremely complimentary to the acquisitions we have announced in this space over the last few years namely Spicetec Activ International Vika and Centroflora Nutra. For more information visit or Symrise Offers Masking Solutions for Plant Protein in Non-dairy Applications DuPont s Microbiome Venture Announces Second Strategic Partnership S T hree months after its formation the DuPont Nutrition & Health (Copenhagen Denmark) Microbiome Venture has announced its second strategic research and development partnership. The newly forged relationship with the Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK Tallinn Estonia) will focus on developing cultivation and bioprocess capabilities for next-generation probiotics. In November DuPont Nutrition & Health announced the creation of its Microbiome Venture to spearhead development of new microbiome science-based solutions. Since then the Microbiome Venture has already taken significant steps in contributing to DuPont s business growth strategy. The research and development partnership with TFTAK focuses on cultivation and bioprocess development for next-generation probiotics. The term next generation as defined in this partnership refers to commensal microbes naturally resident in the gastrointestinal tract and demonstrated to be associated with health and wellness. Such microbes typically have fastidious growth requirements which must be mastered in order to be able to produce them at scale. We are delighted to be partnering with TFTAK said Microbiome Venture Leader Sebastien Guery. With its excellent capabilities in bioprocess technology and systems April 2018 biology TFTAK will support DuPont by defining the optimum conditions required to culture and produce some of our next-generation probiotic strain candidates. DuPont established the Microbiome Venture to accelerate microbiome sciencebased solution development through a combination of selected strategic partnerships with microbiome science leaders and internal investments. Our DuPont Nutrition & Health Microbiome Venture partnership will build on our long-term successful cooperation on the development and optimization of production processes for novel bacteria of interest to the dairy industry and potentially to nutrition health and wellness companies more widely added Professor Raivo Vilu of TFTAK. We are looking forward to an exciting next step in our cooperation. The Microbiome Venture is a focused entrepreneurial team with a strong connection to the larger DuPont organization tapping into capabilities including R&D manufacturing regulatory legal and marketing. The Microbiome Venture investment will complement DuPont s existing product portfolio especially in the areas of probiotics and prebiotics including human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs.) For more information visit en or ymrise Flavors N.A. (Teterboro NJ) has developed a masking flavors toolbox specifically targeted to overcome the challenges of aftertaste and off notes of plant protein in non-dairy applications one of the fastest growing segments in the U.S. market. Symrise s marketing and technical professionals recognize the heightened interest in plant protein health benefits understanding that these benefits go well beyond nutrition notably in the non-dairy segment explained Carol McBride category director sweet. Based on our technology and innovation expertise our masking flavor solutions result in better taste in plant protein nondiary applications. Product information is available to customers upon request and includes the recommended dosage for natural pea protein masking natural rice protein masking flavor natural almond protein masking flavor and natural soy protein masking flavor. A Symrise technical specialist can work with customers in tailoring masking solutions for drinkable products as well as non-dairy yogurts ice creams protein powder mixes smoothies and milks said McBride. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 15 IndustryNews Frutarom Now in the Top 5 Suppliers of Natural Colors I srael-based Frutarom has become one of the top five suppliers of natural colors worldwide following its acquisition of several natural colors companies and major investments in building fully integrated safe and controlled supply chains. The company has experienced double-digit growth annually in the natural colorants segment. Frutarom has taken full control of the supply chain through reverse integration in order to ensure safe natural colorants with complete traceability said Ori Yehudai president and CEO of Frutarom. Placing the customer at the focal point of our business allowed us to effect true change in how the company engages with partners and farmers while maintaining complete transparency. Frutarom initiated dozens of agriculture collaborations with local farmers in multiple locations and countries to ensure the supply of continuous and sustainable natural sourcing of pigments and food colorings. In addition the company has increased the technical competencies for its already expansive extract capabilities. Frutarom owned facilities located near the farms. This is how the company ensures transparency and traceability from the farm to the final product as well reducing environmental impacts and ensuring responsible sourcing to customers. The company said it can assure secure supply meet volume demands safeguard product quality and provide seamless service at every juncture. This strategic move to become a major player in natural colors globally took only three years but we put immense efforts and investments to do it right and beneficial to the local farmers and our employees noted Yehudai. Frutarom recently opened a natural color formulations center at its Etol plant in Celje Slovenia to provide its European customers full customized service. The center will help clients with natural colors application creating natural flavor combinations and utilization of its advanced beverage compound technologies for creating innovative sustainable food and beverage products with an eye on the competitive edge. Frutarom invested million in 5 advanced equipment and technology for the new facility. The new formulation hub will serve 15 000 of Frutarom s customers in Europe-- approximately 50 percent of the company s global customers. The Etol facility provides extensive expertise in flavors and formulation development. Frutarom acquired the 90-year-old company in 2012. Etol has a solid reputation of successful cooperation with food and beverage customers in creating new flavor solutions said Yehudai. Frutarom Etol is expanding its offerings to include a full range of natural colors manufactured with advanced technologies. Natural colors are much more challenging than synthetic colors in terms of their sensitivity and if not incorporated correctly can be less stable in food and beverage applications. For more information visit Sabinsa Announces 10-year Reforestation Commitment to Pterocarpus marsupium Cultivation s stewards of traditional Indian herbs the Sami-Sabinsa Group (East Windsor NJ) has added reforestation to the company s program of good agricultural practices. Sami-Sabinsa has entered into an ambitious plan in funding cultivation of Pterocarpus marsupium in 250 acres in the Seoni and Balaghat regions in Madhya Pradesh India for the next 10 years. The cultivation will be managed by the reforestation organization Madhya Pradesh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam Limited. Sami-Sabinsa has long had a program of cultivation partnership with farmers under the company s contract farming fair trade program so reforestation is a logical extension of Sami-Sabinsa s sustainability commitment. With a view to ex situ conservation of the highly valued but neglected tree species Pterocarpus marsupium (vijaysar) this project sponsorship will ensure plantation of over 166 600 trees on 250 acres of forest land more than the next 10 years. This is the first attempt to conserve this high value threatened tree species in India. Under this initiative the forest department of the state of Madhya Pradesh will provide the land with the Madhya Pradesh A Rajya Van Vikas Nigam performing the cultivation and maintaining the plants for a minimum period of five years. After five years the trees are self-sustaining. Pterocarpus marsupium extracts from the Indian Kino tree have been used for control of blood sugar in ayurveda for centuries. The traditional ayurvedic method of controlling diabetes involved drinking a water extract of pterocarpus obtained either by soaking pieces of the wood in water overnight or utilizing a tumbler carved from that wood filled with water. As our research on Pterocarpus mar- supium extract confirmed traditional usage and we began to anticipate future demand for the extract we became concerned that demand could quickly decimate available supplies said Shaheen Majeed Sabinsa s worldwide president. The cultivation will not only help us have a sustainable supply but will preserve this traditional plant in India. Sabinsa s proprietary ingredient extracts obtained from Pterocarpus marsupium are sold under the brand names Silbinol and pTeroSol. For more information visit April 2018 16 Nutrition Industry Executive DSM and MIXFIT Announce Global Partnership SM (Parsippany NJ) and digital health company Mixfit (Boston MA) have confirmed a strategic partnership to deliver personalized nutrition solutions providing individuals with the nutrients they need for optimal health based on a comprehensive set of health and activity measurements. This unique collaboration brings together DSM s unparalleled expertise in essential micronutrients and the technological edge of Mixfit to provide the ability to analyze health data in real-time to effectively address nutritional gaps and support a healthy lifestyle. Soon to be launched Mixfit s Intelligent Nutrition Assistant (Mina) is the artificial intelligence that analyzes a person s genetic makeup alongside their diet lifestyle and health goals to create and dispense delicious beverages containing a customized mix of DSM s Quali Blends with vitamins and minerals throughout the day. The combination of DSM s safe effective and high-quality ingredients customized solutions and Mixfit s advanced technology means consumers can receive the nutrients they need at the time they need them from the convenience of their own homes. Additionally Mina provides users with proactive nutritional recommendations supported by DSM s position as a leader in scientific research on the role of micronutrients for specific health benefits. As consumers across the world become more engaged in their health and well-being there is a growing need for a more personalized approach to nutrition said Peter De-Meester vice president of global strategy of DSM human nutrition and health. This partnership has been carefully crafted to connect the complementary and unique expertise of both DSM and Mixfit to support consumers in achieving their nutrition goals and to support our mission to help keep the world s growing population healthy. Personalization is the future of nutrition added Reza Zanjani Mixfit president and CEO. By combining DSM s scientific background and high-quality micronutrients with Mixfit s unique digital knowledge and experience in personalized nutrition we are ensuring that Mina improves the lives of health-conscious consumers worldwide. Our future plans include expansion into targeted health-oriented boosters for specific health benefits. For more information visit or ProcessPro Joins the National Cannabis Industry Association rocessPro (St. Cloud MN) a mid-market ERP software solution company has become a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). NCIA is the only trade association with the mission to promote the growth of a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry and work for a favorable social economic and legal environment for that industry in the United States. ProcessPro s expanding vertical reach into the cannabis market backed by significant expertise in batch process manufacturing best practices and decades of experience in highly regulated industries aligns well with the needs of today s cannabis manufacturers and processors. Increasing competition and regulations are placing pressure on companies in the legal cannabis marketplace to streamline operations and provide accountability throughout their operations stated Joe Blauert ProcessPro general manager. ProcessPro s ERP solution has become a recognized leader in meeting compliance needs in highly regulated industries while also managing day-to-day operations. ProcessPro s scalable cannabis ERP software includes full manufacturing formula and recipe management inventory quality sales financial and reporting integration that provides greater control and accountability over current business operations. Cannabis manufacturers are taking advantage of the solution s seed-to-sale traceability for regulatory compliance R&D functionality for new product development and mobile reporting and analytics tools to comply with state-specific regulations. NCIA is the voice of the cannabis industry and will be an invaluable resource for ProcessPro continued Blauert. We re excited to be a new member of this growing association. ProcessPro is looking forward to exhibiting at the upcoming NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo in July as well as being involved in the association s various tradeshows and events over the next year. For more information visit https or D P Alkemist Labs Moves to New Facility lkemist Labs has officially transitioned into its new facility. As the company has now completed the final stages of the move Alkemist announced that it stopped checking for sample materials sent to its old address. The company s new address is 12661 Hoover St. Garden Grove CA 92841. Alkemist noted that its remittance address has changed as A well and asks that the new 12661 Hoover address be used for payment purposes as well. In the first month since the company officially moved to its facility it reported the transition was a success. Alkemist Labs stated it is looking forward to serving its customers testing needs from this new location for years to come. For more information visit At the new lab Nutrition Industry Executive 17 April 2018 IndustryNews Cindy Reed Marketer Earns Constant Contact All Star Award indy Reed Marketer a public relations and digital marketing firm serving clients in the health wellness and natural products industries has been named a 2017 Solution Provider All Star Award winner by Constant Contact an Endurance International Group company and a leader in email marketing solutions. The annual award recognizes the most successful 10 percent of Constant Contact s customer and Solution Provider base based on their significant achievements using email marketing to engage their customer base and drive results for their organization during the prior year. Cindy Reed Marketer is a public relations and marketing firm serving Fortune 500 and small businesses for over 25 years. They specialize in developing marketing communications and branding programs for their clients employing a variety of techniques from advertising and digital marketing to web development to social media. C We re happy to be recognized by Constant Contact for achieving strong marketing results for our clients and engaging with their customers. Constant Contact s tools have helped us test different angles call-to-actions open rates and better manage customer relationships said Cindy Reed founder of Cindy Reed Marketer. It s our most effective marketing channel for acquiring and retaining customers. We re leveraging new email campaigns to develop our clients customer relationships in the year ahead. Constant Contact Solution Providers are businesses that provide services tailored to the needs of small businesses or nonprofits--everything from web developers to online marketing consultants to advertising agencies and more. They use Constant Contact s online marketing tools to generate more business for both themselves and their clients. JW Nutritional Obtains Certified for Sport Certification From NSF xpanding on its previous Good Manufacturing Practice certification from NSF Texas-based JW Nutritional is now also Certified for Sport. To obtain this certification manufacturers must meet the stringent independent certification process upheld by NSF International with guidelines created through a consensus process. Through this certification JW Nutritional has shown a commitment to ensuring that what is on the label is what is in the bottle. E Probi Signs Agreement With Cilag for Development of Probiotic Product he rapid growth of the probiotic segment and new exciting research on the importance of human microbiota have increased the interest from pharma companies and their consumer health care divisions in probiotic product development. Probi (Redmond WA) has more than 25 years experience in the successful development of clinically substantiated health enhancing probiotics. To further expand Probi s product development pipeline and commercialize its strain portfolio Probi has signed a long-term development agreement with Cilag GmbH International a member of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. T The parties will jointly initiate a probiotic development program. The program will be funded under non-disclosed financial terms by Cilag GmbH International and Probi will contribute with probiotic expertise. We are very happy to initiate this development program together with a strong global partner in OTC. By combining Probi s probiotic expertise with the pharma company s development resources and regulatory expertise we will form a very strong team moving forward together said Ole S gaard Andersen CEO of Probi. For more information visit Vitamin Shoppe Begins Hunt for New CEO T he Vitamin Shoppe s (New Jersey) CEO is stepping down by mutual agreement. Colin Watts will leave the company at the end of May. Chairman Alex Smith announced Watts departure during the company s quarterly earnings call. Smith has been named executive chairman. Watts s departure comes on the heels of a disappointing year for the vitamin and nutritional products retailer. He joined the company as chief executive in April 2015. Overall 2017 yielded disappointing results said Smith. Over the past couple 18 Nutrition Industry Executive quarters Vitamin Shoppe has begun a turnaround and signs of progress are already visible. We have also reached a mutual agreement with our CEO Colin Watts to transition the business to new leadership by May. In my new role as executive chairman I will work closely with our leadership team in that effort while we execute our search for a new CEO. Smith was named to the Vitamin Shoppe board almost a year ago. Previously he served as president and CEO of Pier 1 Imports. From 2001 to 2007 Smith served as group president of the TJX Companies. The Certified for Sport program through NSF International was created in response to the growing concern over banned substances commonly found in sports supplements. By obtaining this certification coaches and athletes have the ability to make educated decisions about what sports supplements are right for them. By utilizing supplements manufactured under this program you are guaranteed that the formula has no unsafe levels of contaminants banned substances or masking agents. Recognized by most major sports associations including the NFL and MLB the Certified for Sport program screens for more than 270 banned or prohibited substances including steroids and narcotics. This means that supplement lines that partner with JW Nutritional for their manufacturing needs can protect their products against banned substances and adulteration while verifying both the label claims and contents. For more information visit https April 2018 International Center for Cannabis Therapy Announces Hemp Oil Certification Programs anufacturers of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil products and health care practitioners who use these supplements in clinical practice can develop a greater degree of trust among consumers and patients--and potentially avoid legal complications--through three new certification programs offered by the International Center for Cannabis Therapy (ICCT). The ICCT manufacturing facility and product certification is the first of its kind and American Nutritional Products became the first inspected and approved manufacturer in the U.S. to obtain an ICCT certification for its Carson City NV manufacturing facility and its full spectrum hemp products. When I first became involved in the dietary supplement industry 28 years ago the nutraceutical business was a Wild West said Maria Watson president and CEO of American Nutritional Products Inc. and former co-owner of Vitamin Research Products (VRP). Nobody knew for sure if the amount of an ingredient listed on the label was actually in the product. The supplement world started out with no known certification body and little control on quality. When we owned VRP we drove the movement to clean up our industry. That now needs to happen in the cannabis hemp space. A Czech-based partnership of qualified doctors and scientists who specialize in the medical application of all forms of cannabis the ICCT recognized the need to standardize cannabinoid-rich products. Consequently it created the hemp-oil certification programs for manufacturing facilities products and health care practitioners. ICCT certification programs are based on a decade of research conducted by more than 70 ICCT scientists from the Czech Republic and Israel. Cannabidiol is non-toxic and natural and can rival established pharmaceutical drugs said ICCT Director Petr Kastanek PhD. The unregulated market has let patients have access to this valuable new resource. However with no industry standards consistent uncontaminated products are rarely seen on the market. As the first U.S. company to obtain an ICCT certification American Nutritional Products is setting the benchmark in the cannabinoid-rich hemp oil industry in America thus helping the ICCT to bring European regulatory standards into the U.S. CBD market. M metabolomics product testing for cannabinoid profile pesticides and contaminants as well as best in class European testing for product efficacy. In-vitro transdermal assessment as well as pre-clinical trial testing are also offered. The ICCT certification team uses cutting-edge analytical equipment to detect and quantify a precise molecular snap shot of cannabinoid-rich material. Accreditation is based upon good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good laboratory practice (GLP) standards for medical cannabis products and protocols from governments the American Herbal Products Association the Hemp Industry Association and American Herbal Pharmacopoeia. Manufacturing Facility Certification The ICCT Manufacturing Facility Certification ensures hemp oil manufacturers are legally compliant with state and local regulations. It also tests the quality and consistency of raw materials and provides staff training and guidance about product formulation and compliant labeling. Annual randomized facility testing further ensures companies adhere to manufacturing standards. Medical Certification The Medical Certification for practitioners who recommend CBD-rich hemp oil consists of eight online modules based on proven protocols that discuss important information about proper dosing the entourage effect the gut-brain axis and cannabinoids and more. Proper dosing is of critical importance because taking too low or too high a dose of CBD can impact the outcome of therapy. For example CBD can significantly reduce seizures in patients with Dravet syndrome but too much can actually cause seizures. A bonus module shows practitioners how to market their new ICCT certification to the community and patients in order to grow their practices. A module conducted by HobanLaw Group will delve deeply into the legally safe use of hemp oil in clinical practice. With numerous companies entering the hemp oil market ICCT believes their certification programs are timely. Moreover according to Dr. Kastanek a next generation of CBD products are moving into the American market making the certification program even more critical. These products have efficient transdermal properties so they bring the active substances deep into the tissue he said. For more information visit or Balchem Partners With China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries alchem (New Hampton NY) supplier of Albion Minerals recently announced that it has formally signed a cooperation intention agreement (term sheet) with China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries (CNRIFFI). The partnership aims to jointly develop standards and testing methods for specific food ingredients and promote products that are in compliance with China regulations. James Hyde vice president and general manager of Human Nutrition and Pharma a business unit of Balchem Corporation (BCPC-HNP) and Eric Smith vice president of sales and commercial development for BCPC-HNP met with Song Quanhou vice chairman of the CNRIFFI in Beijing. The team visited the CNRIFFI laboratory the National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection B Hemp Oil Product Certification The ICCT Product Certification includes April 2018 Center the National Food Fermentation Standardization Center and the Food Authenticity Technology Research Center. Hyde and Smith presented the Balchem company history operation scale and business units as well as recent research findings for Ferrochel Balchem s branded chelated iron ingredient. CNRIFFI and BCPC-HNP plan to continue developing a working relationship based on the existing standards (GB) development and long-term cooperation. China is a very important market for Balchem and we look forward to working with the CNRIFFI to further validate the quality and scientific backing of Albion Minerals said Hyde. Together we will work to educate manufacturers and consumers about the significance of chelated minerals for human nutrition. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 19 IndustryNews Nellson Nutraceutical Opens Nutrition Bar Manufacturing Facility ellson Nutraceutical LLC (Anaheim CA) a leading North American formulator and manufacturer of branded and private label nutritional bar and functional powder products announced the opening of its new nutrition bar manufacturing plant in Ontario CA. The state-of-theart 300 000-square-foot facility offers the latest bar processing technology and capabilities available and strengthens Nellson s market-leading position in nutritional bar co-manufacturing. Today we are thrilled to officially open our new Ontario CA facility said Jamie Better CEO of Nellson. This project began in 2016 when we decided it was better to build from scratch rather than retrofitting our aging facility in Irwindale CA. Our goal was to construct a world-class nutrition bar facility that would provide our brand customers unmatched R&D expertise and the latest process and manufacturing innovations for N nutrition bars as well as a first-rate working environment for our employees. This is the first new facility of its kind in North America in at least the last 16 years and is an important strategic investment for Nellson as we gear up to meet customers rapidly evolving demands in a dynamic nutrition market across multiple segments including sports performance wellness weight management functional and medical nutrition. The Nellson team is extremely excited to share new capabilities and technologies with our brand partners as we work together to create some of the industry s latest ontrend nutrition bar formats said Jean Filion Nellson s chief operating officer and president Nellson Canada. Our new R&D Collaboration Center enhances our ability to work with brand partners on the next generation of bars providing custom formulation benchtop replication and consumer samples and testing. In selecting the Ontario site it was critically important to us that the new facility be within a short drive from our existing location as we wanted to retain our experienced workforce and all their bar-making expertise said Better. We re delighted that over 80 percent of our Irwindale employees agreed to transfer to Ontario. This facility sets a new standard in nutrition bar manufacturing. Our investment of about 70 million in the Ontario facility along with our recent acquisition of Genysis Brand Solutions are the latest steps in Nellson s aggressive transformation under the ownership of Kohlberg & Company and reflect our determination to be the co-manufacturing partner of choice for the leading brands in the nutritional bar and functional powder marketplace. For more information visit or Tate & Lyle Names HORN its U.S. Distributor for the Nutrition Industry ate & Lyle PLC (London U.K.) and California-based HORN have announced a new partnership. Tate & Lyle has selected HORN as its preferred national distributor in the U.S. for its specialty ingredients developed for the nutrition industry. The distribution partnership began March 1 2018. We sought a specialty nutritional ingredients distribution partner to support the growth of our Specialty Food Ingredients business in the U.S. and HORN was the clear choice said Vincent Pinneri senior vice president and general manager Specialty Food Ingredients North America Tate & Lyle. Tate & Lyle s extensive portfolio of specialty sweeteners fibers and oat ingredi- T ents is well aligned with HORN s depth of expertise and customer base in the nutritional industry. The synergies between our companies and this new partnership will provide mutual growth opportunities and increased access to innovative products in the markets we serve. As a global leader in reduced sugar solutions and soluble fibers Tate & Lyle offers a diverse product line that helps the industry respond to the ever-changing needs of consumers. The new partnership between HORN and Tate & Lyle builds on the companies strengths to bring innovative solutions to the nutrition industry. Innovation is at the heart of Tate & Lyle said Adam Ernst vice president HORN Nutraceuticals. Bringing this organization into the mix of our worldclass suppliers upholds HORN s commitment to support marketplace innovation. Our technical sales team is naturally thrilled to add Tate & Lyle ingredients to our product line which dovetails nicely with HORN s other specialty ingredients. As the preferred national distributor for Tate & Lyle s ingredients for the nutrition industry in the U.S. HORN continues its industry commitment to provide marketleading ingredients that promote nutrition and wellness with innovation as a primary objective. For more information visit or April 2018 20 Nutrition Industry Executive DreamPak Unveils 3.1 Million Processing Expansion reamPak LLC (New Berlin WA) a developer and manufacturer of shelf-stable liquid beverage and vitamin mixes introduced an 11 000square-foot addition to its existing location in front of a crowd that included employees the Waukesha County Business Alliance and both state and local elected representatives. We are very proud to be part of the community of New Berlin and Waukesha County said Dr. Aly Gamay president and CEO of DreamPak. The current expansion will allow DreamPak to triple its capacity and add many jobs to the local economy. Paul Farrow the county s executive D agreed When we look at Waukesha County our goal is to constantly make it a great place to have families grow but it s also for businesses to grow. And so we re excited to partner with you and do everything we can to help make that happen. Nearly five years ago the company made the strategic decision to purchase the facility on Ryerson Road and make it the manufacturing headquarters. The processing expansion marks the culmination of three separate phases in which DreamPak transitioned its entire operation under one roof starting with the front office administration followed by the installation of all filling equipment. The company has plans to continue developing its facility over the coming years. Currently less than half of the available six-acre land has been developed. DreamPak also expressed its gratitude to the Waukesha County Business Alliance for its support. Our involvement in the WCBA over the past year has been an extraordinary experience. We have met dozens of fellow local businesses and gained tremendous knowledge as a direct result of the Alliance s work said Gamay. We look forward to collaborating more closely in the future. For more information visit You reHired Balchem (Layton UT) has announced that Jayme Leigh Workinger PhD has joined its scientific leadership team. Workinger received her PhD from Syracuse University in Chemistry. Jason Provenzano has joined New York-based Makers Nutrition LLC as president and CEO. He brings more than 20 years of industry expertise to the rapidly growing full-service supplement manufacturer. The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) announced that Megan Olsen has joined the association as the assistant general counsel reporting to CRN President & CEO Steve Mister. Olsen most recently held the position of special counsel for Wiley Rein LLP in Washington D.C. Prior to that she spent more than two years as senior counsel at the Walgreen Company. CRN also announced five additional staff promotions. Tammie Betway was promoted to office manMegan Olsen ager and executive assistant to the president. Betway joined CRN in 2007 as the senior executive assistant to the president & CEO. She coordinates the president s calendar oversees logistical arrangements for Board of Director meetings and coordinates communication between the president s office and member companies. Amour Clinton is now scientific & regulatory associate. Clinton came to CRN in 2016 as an administrative assistant. Maya English has been promoted to senior manager education & events. English started at CRN in 2016 as the manager education & events. Haiuyen Nguyen is now CRN s senior director scientific & regulatory affairs. Tammie Betway Nguyen joined CRN in 2007 as the research assistant scientific & regulatory affairs and was first promoted in 2010 to research manager scientific & regulatory affairs. Amour Clinton Holly Vogtman has been promoted to communications associate. Vogtman started at CRN in 2016 as the communications assistant. She serves as the primary contact for trade press reporters who cover the dietary supplement and functional food industry and plays an integral role in executing the Communications department s promotional and publicity activities. Aker BioMarine has hired a new U.S.-based marketing manager to lead the Superba Krill brand. Miranda Wyatt will work out of the company s U.S. headquarMaya English ters based in Metuchen NJ and will be responsible for creating and executing marketing programs in the U.S. New Jersey-based PLT Health Solutions Inc. announced the appointment of Haiuyen Nguyen Seth Flowerman as president for the company and the appointment of Devin Stagg as chief operating officer. Former President and CEO Paul Flowerman will continue to serve as chairman. A member of the company s executive team Stagg will be responsible for leadership and management across the organization in his new position as well as driving the organization to achieve sales profitability and other business and corporate culture goals. Fuji Chemical Industries USA (Burlington NJ) Inc. a subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Industries Japan Holly Vogtman has announced the promotion of Yasuko Kuroda to president from her former role as vice president. April 2018 Nutrition Industry Executive 21 IngredientNews Probiotic Strain Recognized for its Benefits in Children With IBS anada-based Lallemand Health Solutions announced that its documented probiotic strain Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis LAFTI B94 has been recognized by the Canadian Health Authorities for its gut health benefits in children adolescents and adults. In particular for the reduction of constipation and bloating in children and adolescents with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) a growing concern in this sub-population group as supported by a recent randomized clinical study (Ba t rk et al. 2016). In North America the incidence of IBS-associated abdominal pain is estimated between 8 percent and 17 percent in children going up to 13 percent to 38 percent in adolescents with high- C Valensa s Spirulina Others Earn Non-GMO Project Butterfly loridabased Valensa International announced the NonGMO (genetically modified organism) Project has awarded Valensa s Organic Spirulina Organic Chlorella and Organic Microalgae products the Seal of Approval that features wings of a Butterfly. The Non-GMO Project Verified status applies to each of these ingredients including Parry Organic Spirulina which is cultivated through Valensa s sister company Parry Nutraceuticals. The Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit organization located in Bellingham WA that offers thirdparty non-GMO verification since pioneering GMO avoidance when the Butterfly first appeared on store shelves in 2010. An independent study by Consumer Reports found the Non-GMO Project Verified seal to be the only highly meaningful label for consumers looking to avoid GMOs. The organization reports that Non-GMO Project Verified products are the fastest dollar growth trend in retail stores this year with annual sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products exceeding 19.2 billion. The Non-GMO Verification allows Valensa customers and brands to provide full transparency and empowers consumers to make informed healthy choices. For more information visit er prevalence in girls (Osemene 2015). The study by Ba t rk et al. was conducted in children and adolescents between 4 and 16 years old with IBS. It showed that the daily diet supplementation with Bifidobacterium lactis LAFTI B94 significantly improves IBS symptoms in a majority of subjects without reported side effects. This probiotic strain is part of Lallemand Health Solutions Hearty Kids and Teens range. For more information please visit F NIH Announces NIAGEN Prevents Neurological Damage in Mouse Model hromaDex Corp. (California) announced that the results from its collaborative research agreement with the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) which appear in the Feb. 5 2018 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) and were announced in an NIH news release show that Niagen nicotinamide riboside (NR) prevented neurological damage and improved cognitive and physical function in a new mouse model of Alzheimer s disease (AD) that more closely resembles human AD than other mouse models. These findings arrive just a few short months after Dr. Johan Auwerx and his team published their results demonstrating that AD mice treated with NR had lower levels C of amyloid deposits improved mitochondrial energy production and improved memory in his paper in the journal Nature. Study results provide strong preclinical support for NR research in Alzheimer s patients. ChromaDex Founder and CEO Frank Jaksch said We are pleased that our collaboration with NIH-NIA resulted in a significant peer reviewed publication in a prestigious journal. We are aware of two human trials on mild cognitive impairment that are in progress. Data from these studies should pave the way for additional human clinical trials. For more information visit Nutrition 21 s Nitrosigine Pumps Up Evertrain Pre utrition 21 LLC (Purchase NY) announced that its clinically substantiated ingredient Nitrosigine is now featured in Evertrain Pre a recently launched pre-workout supplement designed to provide athletes with sustained energy focus and increased endurance. Nitrosigine is stimulant-free starts N to increase energy levels after a single dose and continues to show significant increases in energy over time making it a great addition to pre-workout supplements according to Nutrition 21. Nitrosigine s clinical evidence supports increased longlasting bioavailability and enhanced performance giving sports nutrition products a competitive edge. Consumers should look for Evertrain Pre as well as the Nitrosigine logo on sports nutrition products to get more out of their workouts said Nutrition 21 Vice President of Sales Jim Kahn. For more information visit April 2018 22 Nutrition Industry Executive AlgaeHealth Announces Publication of Astaxanthin Book alifornia-based Algae Health Sciences Inc. (AlgaeHealth) a subsidiary of BGG announced the publication of a category-leading book on astaxanthin titled Natural Astaxanthin The Supplement You Can Feel. According to the company the book is a comprehensive guide to all things astaxanthin including Excerpts from several renowned doctors researchers and opinion leaders describing astaxanthin including Dr. Joseph Mercola Mike Adams The Health Ranger Dr. William Sears Suzy Cohen America s Most Trusted Pharmacist and more. How 80 percent of consumers can feel astaxanthin working in their bodies. C BioPQQ Enhances Nerve Growth Factor series of clinical studies suggest that BioPQQ an all-natural supplement manufactured by New York-based Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co. supports cognitive health by promoting nerve growth factor in the brain as well as the creation of mitochondria the powerhouse of cells that are critical to brain and heart functioning. A Extensive review of the 10 clinically validated health benefits of natural astaxanthin. Why nutrition experts are beginning to call natural astaxanthin the ultimate anti-aging nutrient and the athlete s secret weapon. Dosage bioavailability safety and other vital information. Differences between sources of astaxanthin. For more information visit Triple-improvement With Palatinose Confirmed in Study recent study by Henry et al. published in the journal Nutrients has compared a low glycemic diet that included New Jersey-based BENEO s functional carbohydrate Palatinose with a high glycemic diet in a real-life scenario. The results show that the participants who followed the low glycemic profile diet experienced three main improvements a lower glycemic profile reduced variability in blood sugar levels and improved fat burning. Professor Christiani Jeyakumar Henry et. al s study was carried out at the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC) Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS) Agency for Science Technology and Research (A STAR) and the National University Health System Centre for Translational Medicine. Twenty-four hour continuous blood sugar monitoring was conducted with 20 men. Participants were on two dietary treatments (low and high glycemic) in a randomized double blind controlled crossover design. In addition the participants energy expenditure and metabolism were measured. Overall the trials covered a period of 42 hours to represent a normal dayto-day situation. The glycemic load of the partici- A pants meals was modulated by adding sucrose for the high glycaemic group and BENEO s Palatinose (isomaltulose) for the low glycaemic group. Two metabolic parameters--glycemic response and substrate oxidation--were measured with the former using continuous glucose monitoring (recorded every five minutes for 42 hours) and the latter using whole-body calorimetry. The study results showed that each low glycemic modulated meal was able to move the participants substrate oxidation--the process of generating energy within the cells from food consumed--from carbohydrate oxidation to fat oxidation thus promoting fat burning and subsequently over time weight management. For more information visit BioPQQ is the only supplement of its kind to have successfully negotiated the new dietary ingredient (NDI) notification process with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration attesting to the stringent quality control and safety standards in its production. Recently BioPQQ received GRAS (generally regarded as safe) designation enabling it to be included as a food ingredient. Mitsubishi s proprietary fermentation process for harvesting BioPQQ naturally is well controlled and well documented according to the company. No other compound of its kind on the market has been as rigorously tested and studied. As suggested in dozens of in vitro and in vivo clinical studies and trials BioPQQ may have significant physiological benefits for heart and brain health with anti-oxidative and neurogenerative effects. By potentially stimulating nerve growth factor BioPQQ may help protect neurons from potentially harmful oxidative stress. Neurons in the brain are susceptible to lethal damage from oxidative stress and BioPQQ has been shown to inhibit neurotoxicity and promote mitochondrial biogenesis to energize cells particularly in the brain. Its anti-oxidative effect has been demonstrated to be significantly higher than both vitamin C and vitamin E. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 23 April 2018 IngredientNews EVNol SupraBio Alleviates Lancinating Pain in Diabetic Neuropathy Patients aily doses of ExcelVite (U.S. office in New Jersey) s EVNol SupraBio bioenhanced full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex can reduce severe pain (lancinating pain) in diabetic neuropathy patients (DPN) according to researchers at the University Science of Malaysia. This Vitamin E Neuroprotection Study (VENUS) was a randomized double blind clinical trial focusing on DPN as the management of this painful neuropathy has been a challenging issue. It is the largest tocotrienol human clinical study so far involving 300 DPN patients. The study was published in JAMA Neurology. The patients were first assessed with Total Symptom Score (TSS) and Neuropathy Impairment Score (NIS). One group of patients received capsules of 200 mg mixed tocotrienol D (EVNol SupraBio) while another group received placebo capsules containing tocotrienol-free palm oil twice daily. The mean differences in TSS change as well as change in NIS after six months and 12 months supplementation were measured. For clinically meaningful responses to the treatment a minimum reduction of 1.83 in the TSS and 2 in the NIS has to be achieved. The groups with tocotrienol achieved clinically meaningful responses of reduction in the TSS with a reduction score of 3.30. There was also no apparent damage in sensory nerve conduction based on NIS test. These TSS and NIS scores for patients receiving tocotrienol however showed no significant differences with the placebo group. This neutral finding may be due to the prominent placebo effects besides the variability in diabetes status and lifestyle management making it difficult to obtain significant observation. However one of the TSS components is the measurement of lancinating pain which is a feeling of deepseated acute pain in DPN patients. A post hoc subgroup analysis observed that EVNol SupraBio tocotrienols could alleviate lancinating pain in DPN patients. This result leads to new hypothesis on lancinating pain and warrants a future study to elucidate the mechanism in which tocotrienols modulate this acute pain. For more information visit Icon Foods Targets Cannabis Industry With Launch of CannaSweet con Foods (Oregon) has introduced CannaSweet a proprietary blend formulated with allulose for use in the growing edible cannabis product industry. CannaSweet utilizes allulose as a low-calorie sweetener balanced with stevia and monk fruit to develop optimum sweetness cost benefits and sugar reduction in reducedcalorie low-calorie and calorie-free foods and beverages. Naturally occurring in wheat figs raisins jackfruit and more allulose has the same molecular formula as fructose and glucose. Because it is not rapidly digested and absorbed it is safe for diabetics those who follow low-sugar or low-carb diets and those who have adopted a ketogenic lifestyle. It behaves similarly to erythritol and does not have a laxative effect. It is already used in a number of product formulations including the Icon Foods KetoseSweet product line and it holds GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status as a sugar substitute from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). For more information visit Sabinsa s Pterosol Extract Shows Diabetic Benefit n a recent published study in J Dietary Supplements [ 10.1080 19390211.2017.1356416] researchers found that Pterocarpus marsupium extracts manufactured by Sami Labs (the manufacturing arm of New Jersey-based Sabinsa Corporation) lowered blood glucose and HbA1c levels increasing the levels of the hormone insulin in diabetic rats. These extracts containing water-soluble C-glycosidic components also lowered oxidative stress and inflammatory markers such as TNF IL-6 (and its mRNA) in diabetic hepatic tissue. Histological studies supported the biochemical measures. Lipid profile improved considerably for the diabetic rats that received Pterocarpus extracts. Overall supportive evidence was obtained in this paper for the pharmacological actions of Pterocarpus marsupium extract for normalizing blood sugar levels in diabetic rats. These results reinforce the clinical trial results published earlier by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR a research institute supported by the government of India). Sami licensed-in the product and patents on an exclusive basis from ICMR. For more information visit I I 24 Nutrition Industry Executive April 2018 Taiyo Taking Two-pronged Approach to Bringing Gut Brain Axis Products to Market T he interest in products addressing numerous aspects related to the gut brain axis continues to grow among both the industry and consumers. Companies are looking for ways to introduce new products in this arena but are struggling to meet the necessary structure function substantiation based on the somewhat limited evidence available today. The experts at Taiyo have joined the gut brain axis conversation. There s a lot of promising work being done on the gut brain axis but to date the majority of research has been preclinical commented Taiyo Functional Ingredient Technology Expert Derek Timm PhD RDN. To launch a gut brain product companies must have strong data affecting both the gut and brain. Taiyo has two ingredients Suntheanine and Sunfiber that have FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-compliant gut brain language approved for use on labels. One finished product made with these ingredients Amare Global s The FundaMentals Pack is a finalist for the 20th annual NutrAwards Best Finished Product. Timm said that the gut brain axis is very complex with interactions between the brain and gut occurring via neural circuits or by signaling molecules. Scientists have clearly shown how this interaction works in preclinical studies and are now working to better understand the degree of influence this has on humans. This new field will surely yield many breakthroughs in the coming years as the understanding of the interaction becomes clearer however to make a well-substantiated health claim using human clinical data is currently difficult. For more information visit and Maypro Announces Exclusive Distribution of Appethyl aypro (New York) announced exclusive U.S. distribution of its newest proprietary and branded ingredient Appethyl. Appethyl is an all-natural patented and clinically tested spinach extract. Clinical research on Appethyl has shown numerous health benefits including significantly reducing hunger and cravings by slowing down digestion so that the body s systems have enough time to signal to the brain that they are satisfied. It thereby helps the body to stay fuller for longer since the digestion process takes time. M Appethyl is made from 100 percent all-natural spinach produced by Maypro s partner Greenleaf Medical (GLM). Appethyl is processed in a proprietary and patent-pending method to free the actives (thylakoids) that are inside the spinach cells making them readily available to the body upon consumption. To date three human clinical studies have been conducted on Appethyl and four more are under- way. These studies found that Appethyl reduces feelings of hunger increases satiety promotes weight loss and reduces waist circumference. Appethyl has also been shown to help maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels already within normal limits. For more information visit or These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These ingredients are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Kyowa Hakko Announces GRAS Self-Affirmation for Setria Glutathione ew York-based Kyowa Hakko USA a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyowa Hakko Bio Co. Ltd. has completed generally recognized as safe (GRAS) self-affirmation for its Setria Glutathione ingredient. Setria L-Glutathione a form of glutathione is a tripeptide manufactured through a patented process that can help replenish the body s reserves that may be depleted through poor diet pharmaceutical drugs and even the natural aging process. Setria N provides intracellular antioxidant support benefits cellular detoxification supports a healthy immune response and supports a healthy aging process. Found in virtually every cell of the body glutathione plays essential roles in protein synthesis synthesis and repair of DNA enzyme function transport and cell maturation. Optimal levels of glutathione have been associated with physical and mental health. Setria helps eliminate toxins ingested chemicals and poten- tial carcinogens that the body has already absorbed. It also intercepts and neutralizes toxins in the gastrointestinal tract before they are absorbed. For more information visit or These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Nutrition Industry Executive 25 April 2018 IngredientNews AFS Announces First Non-GMO Project Verified Caffeine Ingredient exas-based Applied Food Sciences Inc. (AFS) announced that four of its core ingredients have been Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project Verified. The company s PurCaf organic caffeine headlines a list of innovative and sustainably sourced offerings by AFS. T PurCaf Organic Caffeine--a 95 percent caffeine extract from organic green coffee beans PurTea Organic Caffeine--a 90 percent caffeine extract from organic green tea leaves JAVA.g--a polyphenolic blend of caffeine and antioxidants from green coffee beans GCA--a green coffee bean extract For more information visit Symrise Delivers on Masking Solutions for Plant Protein in Non-dairy Applications Nutrex Hawaii Earns IGEN Verification for Microalgae Products awaii-based Nutrex Hawaii Inc. announced that its BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin and MD Formulas have received The International GMO (genetically modified organism) Evaluation and Notification Program (IGEN) verification. BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant supplement derived from natural microalgae grown on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. IGEN is a third-party certification program developed to test for the presence of E.U. classified GMOs including both proteins and genes. The IGEN programs rigorous standards require that products must contain undetectable amounts of GMO proteins equivalent to 0.1 percent GMO. For more information visit S ymrise Flavors N.A. (New Jersey) has developed a masking flavors toolbox specifically targeted to overcome the challenges of aftertaste and off notes of plant protein in non-dairy applications one of the fastest growing segments in the U.S. market. Carol McBride category director--sweet explained Symrise s marketing and technical professionals recognize the heightened interest in plant protein health benefits understanding that these benefits go well beyond nutrition notably in the non-dairy segment. Based on our technology and innovation expertise our masking flavor solutions result in better taste in plant protein non-diary applications. For more information visit H Benefits of NEM Shown for Exercise-induced Joint Pain & More tratum Nutrition (Missouri) the NSF-certified manufacturer of eggshell and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients announced that a first-of-its-kind joint health study has published in the journal Clinical Interventions in Aging evaluating the companys triple-action joint health ingredient NEM brand eggshell membrane in subjects with truly healthy joints. The results of this peerreviewed study were recently published online. Despite the well-known benefits of exercise as well as its importance for a healthy lifestyle infrequent or intense exercise can unfortunately create discomfort in the joints which often leads to reduced exercise frequency or can even cause people to quit exercising altogether. This single center randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study was S designed to evaluate whether NEM would reduce cartilage turnover or alleviate joint pain or stiffness either directly following exercise or 12 hours post-exercise versus placebo. Sixty healthy post-menopausal women who reported no prior persistent joint pain were randomly assigned to receive either oral NEM 500 mg (n 30) or placebo (n 30) once daily for two consecutive weeks while performing an exercise regimen (50 to 100 steps per leg) on alternating days. The primary endpoint for the study was any statistically significant reduction in exercise-induced cartilage turnover via the cartilage degradation biomarker CTX-II versus placebo evaluated at one week and two weeks of treatment. Secondary endpoints were reductions in either exerciseinduced joint pain or stiffness versus placebo evaluated daily both immedi- ately and 12 hours post-exercise (recovery) via participant questionnaire. A once daily small 500 mg dose of NEM rapidly improved recovery from exercise-induced joint pain (Day 8) and stiffness (Day 4) as well as significantly reduced discomfort immediately following exercise (stiffness Day 7). Moreover a substantial chondroprotective effect was demonstrated from NEM supplementation through a lasting decrease in the cartilage degradation biomarker CTX-II. It is also important to note that this patent-pending clinical trial design marks the first evidence suggesting the biomarker CTXII can be used to evaluate the chondroprotective efficacy of joint therapeutics in healthy individuals as well as other populations. For more information visit April 2018 26 Nutrition Industry Executive Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics Launches Solarplast Ingredient for Anti-aging eerland Enzymes & Probiotics (Georgia) an international enzyme and probiotic-based dietary supplement formulator and contract manufacturer introduced its newest branded product Solarplast. Solarplast is an extract of organic dark leafy greens which is enzymatically enhanced by a unique and proprietary manufacturing process. It utilizes the power of the chloroplasts found in dark leafy greens to provide a rich source of molecular chaperones and antioxidants all in a naturally occurring lipid protective coating. Solarplast provides a host of benefits for healthy aging optimizing the body s processes through natural energy and repair mechanisms according to the company. The isolated chloroplasts from dark leafy greens such as spinach contain organelles that convert light to energy working at a cellular level to assist in healthy aging explained Dr. John Deaton vice president of science and technology. Solarplast contains massive natural concentrations of antioxidants energy molecules and molecular chaperones. Each of these com- D IOI Loders Croklaan and Kerry Group Initiate a SmallGrowers Support Program OI Loders Croklaan (The Netherlands) has partnered with Kerry Group (Ireland) Wild Asia (Malaysia) and the Fortuna Palm Oil Mill in Sabah (Malaysia) to implement a three-year Small-Growers Support Program. This program supports the inclusion of smallholders into IOI s supply chain and will boost small farmer s (farm size between 0 to 500 Ha) productivity by helping them implement sustainable agricultural practices. It also guides IOI s directly sourced third-party supplying mills in achieving staged compliance to IOI s Sustainable Palm Policy and helps them prepare for certification requirements. Wild Asia is the implementation partner for the program that will be managed by both Kerry Group and IOI Loders Croklaan. We have a few potential participating non-RSPO certified mills in the Telupid Beluran and Kinabatangan landscape (Sabah) with approximately 5 000 smallholders and small growers. We start with one mill--Fortuna--and will increase the number throughout the duration of the program said Ben Vreeburg sustainability director at IOI Loders Croklaan. Smallholders will see a decrease in FFB (fresh fruit bunch) production costs in the first year and a gradual increase in FFB yield in the second year. Through this program millers are ensured of a steady supply and better control of FFB and a higher extraction rate. For more information visit or I ponents plays a role in healthy aging by repairing the damage done to our bodies through our everyday modern lives he added. Solarplast is an ideal ingredient technology for products geared toward healthy aging beauty from within and general digestive health. The green powder can be delivered through traditional supplement capsules powder blends such as protein or smoothie mixes as well as finished food and beverage products. For more information visit Bioenergy Ribose Earns Non-GMO Project Verification innesota-based Bioenergy Life Science Inc. (BLS) announced that it has earned Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project Verification for Bioenergy Ribose. The Non-GMO Project Verified certification is the most trusted third-party verification for non-GMO foods and products. Becoming Non-GMO Project Verified is a meaningful and achievable way for suppliers brands and retailers M to show their commitment to providing consumers transparent choices in the marketplace. For more information visit or IgY Nutrition Announces Evertrain s Adoption of IgY Max gY Nutrition (Oklahoma) announced that Evertrain has adopted IgY Max as its primary ingredient in Evertrain s new line of sports supplements. Evertrain is changing the way people train with a new line of highquality clinically backed sports supple- I ments. Every Evertrain product is made with IgY Nutrition s trademarked ingredient IgY Max a natural ingredient free of unnecessary fillers and dyes. IgY Nutrition is proud to supply IgY Max to Evertrain to support its mission provide proven natural healthy supplements to athletes. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 27 April 2018 IngredientNews Sports Nutrition Meriva Wins Against Osteo-muscular Discomfort Conditions new pilot human study published in the European Review for Medical and Pharmalogical Sciences confirms that supplementation of Meriva Italy-based Indena s proprietary lecithin-based and diet inspired delivery system of curcumin may represent a promising safe mean to preserve osteo-muscular efficiency when performing intense high impact physical activities exerting its beneficial effect even with a short term treatment. The study enrolled 50 male rugby players with osteo-muscular discomfort due to repeated hard tackles physical overload or acute episode of recurrent discomfort. They received a Merivabased product containing 2 g of curcumin Phytosome (n 25 1 tablet containing 1 g of Meriva every 12 hours) for five or 10 days or best standard management (n 25). The discomfort A perception (estimated according to the visual analog scale devised by Scott-Huskinsson) and functio laesa (scored by an arbitrary scale ranging from complete physical function to maximum impairment of physical function) have been evaluated at baseline and after 1 (T1) 3 (T3) 6 (T6) 10 (T10) and 20 (T20) days from the start of the treatment. The group supplemented with Meriva showed an excellent adherence to treatment (24 25 subjects 96 percent) compared to the group following the best standard management (15 25 subjects 60 percent) (exploratory pvalue 0.005). Moreover the tolerability was scored as excellent by 24 (96 percent) subjects who received Meriva and by 14 (56 percent) subjects treated with the best standard management (exploratory p-value 0.002). Among participants supplemented with Meriva only one (4 percent) experienced mild side effects and four (16 percent) subjects treated with the best standard management reported gastric pain as an adverse event. Furthermore even with short-term treatment the group supplemented with Meriva showed improvement on impaired physical functions and on the feeling of physical discomfort. For more information visit Study Highlights OptiMSM s Influence on Key Metabolic Reactions ergstrom Nutrition (Washington) manufacturer of OptiMSM a branded form of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) recently published an article detailing how the small intestine absorbs MSM particularly in relation to sulfur. The article titled Small Intestinal Absorption of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Accumulation of the Sulfur Moiety in Selected Tissues of Mice was published in the December 2017 issue of Nutrients. Randal Buddington director of the Institute of Prematurity and Perinatal Research at the University of Memphis served as the principal investigator of the study. We recently discovered that MSM provides the sulfur needed for many of the body s metabolic reactions including sulfation which is the process of adding sulfur to molecules said Buddington. MSM allows more of the sulfur-containing and essential amino acid methionine to be used for synthesis of proteins and other important molecules rather than as a source of sulfur. This all points to yet another health benefit of MSM and an additional reason to supplement the diet with this ample source of sulfur. For more information visit PureCircle Plans Increase In StarLeaf Stevia Planting llinois-based PureCircle a producer of stevia sweeteners for the global beverage and food industries announced that it would vastly increase the amount of StarLeaf stevia it plants in 2018. It plans to plant nearly 16 000 tons in 2018 an increase of about 200 percent over the prior year. As with any agricultural crop these plans are subject to various conditions such as weather. PureCircle s StarLeaf is a proprietary non-GMO (genetically modified organism) stevia plant that yields roughly 20 times more of the newest and best-tasting stevia leaf sweeteners than conventional stevia varieties. These stevia sweeteners make it far easier for food and beverage companies to deliver great-tasting sugar-reduced and sugar-free products across a wide range of food and beverage categories. And it allows them to do that with a plant-based sweetener. With the planned increases in planting the company estimates that 80 percent of the stevia plants it uses this year will be StarLeaf--likely increasing to 90 percent next year. Expanding the planting and use of its proprietary StarLeaf stevia leaf will enable the company to meet the increasing demand of food and beverage industries for the best-tasting--and most sugar-like--zero-calorie stevia sweeteners. For more information visit B I 28 Nutrition Industry Executive April 2018 Rousselot Introduces Peptan IIm Hydrolized Collagen Type II Matrix ousselot (The Netherlands) recently introduced its progressive innovation for joint health supplements Peptan IIm a hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix. A bioactive multi-tasker of natural origin Peptan IIm is an all-round ingredient that offers multiple benefits in the critical area of joint health according to the company. Rousselot s new StabiCaps solution reduces cross-linking in soft gel applications and enhances shell stability and API release. Peptan IIm has been shown to provide multiple benefits to joint health such as promoting healthy cartilage R enabling easy joint movement and reducing the effects of inflammation. Together with hydrolyzed type II collagen Peptan IIm also contains Glycosaminoglycan matrix components (GAG s) which mimic the body s natural proposition of the cartilage matrix. Launched under the trusted Peptan brand the advanced ingredient is effective at low dosage and can be tabletted or used in capsules. The product is also water soluble and can be easily integrated into a wide range of nutraceutical applications to create unique value propositions. On stand visitors can explore a variety of Peptan IIm-enriched prototypes from liquid single dose solutions capsules and tablets. Tailored to reduce the risk of crosslinking in gelatin soft capsules StabiCaps gelatins enable the production of more stable capsules even with highly reactive fills or when stored under challenging conditions. The new product consists of a range of specific gelatins offering superior protection of active ingredients optimal shell stability and API release. For more information visit and Study Shows Rice Protein Equals Whey in Building and Maintaining Muscle recent study presented at The International Society of Sports Nutrition Annual Conference and published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (P34) (JISSN) demonstrated that Axiom Foods Oryzatein brown rice protein equals animal-based whey protein for building and maintaining muscle for the first time in pro athletes. Douglas Kalman PhD RD FACN FISSN and Sports Nutritionist Alison Escalante RD out of Florida International University (FIU) led the study titled The Body Composition Effects of Extra Protein in Elite Mixed Martial Artists Undergoing Frequent Training Over a Six-week Period. Kalman is the sports nutritionist for FIU a Division I NCAA competitor in 18 sports. The products used in the study were Growing Naturals (California) Rice Protein (featuring Oryzatein) and NutraBio s Whey Protein. According to Kalman The study concluded that supplementing the diet of elite-level mixed martial artists with an average of 0.41 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight helps to maintain their lean body mass while undergoing high volume and intensity training. There were no additional benefits of one protein source over the other as both whey and rice protein provided statistically similar results. For more information visit or DuPont Nutrition & Health s MicroGARD Celebrates 35-year Anniversary hirty-five years ago three scientists in Oregon set out to create a fermented ingredient to protect against microbial spoilage and extend the shelf life of food products. What resulted from their efforts was a product called MicroGARD a fermentate that eventually yielded a family of related food protection ingredients to meet increasing customer demands. This year the MicroGARD fermented product range celebrates 35 years in DuPont Nutrition & Health s (Kansas) expansive portfolio of ingredients. Developed decades before the clean label movement gained popularity MicroGARD offers food manufacturers a label-friendly easyto-recognize ingredient with the opportunity to shorten product label ingredient statements. The phrase clean label was unknown to consumers when we launched MicroGARD which shows how early we saw the beauty in fermentation based ingredients said George Weber PhD senior principal scientist with DuPont Nutrition & Health a co-inventor of MicroGARD. Now that consumers appreciate the health and nutritional benefits of fermented products we are pleased that we can continue to celebrate and add to the legacy of this ingredient. For more information visit productrange antimicrobials microgard . A T Seipel Group s Patented Urox Shows Benefits in Urinary Control randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial conducted on 150 adults at three of Australia s leading universities showed the patented herbal formula Urox (Australia) to be significantly effective for symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence. A notable 23 percent of participants in the Urox group were incontinence-free at the end of eight weeks compared to 7 A percent in the placebo group results which no herbal treatment has previously shown in clinical study indicating the potential for Urox to lead the way in providing a natural solution to widespread debilitating bladder con- trol issues. Storage lower urinary tract symptoms including overactive bladder (OAB) and urinary incontinence (UI) affect millions of people worldwide significantly impacting quality of life. Plant-based medicines have been emerging to have varying benefits in reducing bladder symptoms. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 29 April 2018 IngredientNews Improvement of Glucose and Lipid Metabolism via Mung Bean Protein an Francisco CA-based Fuji Plant Protein Labs (FPPL) providing marketing and sales support for Japan-based Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. plant-based food ingredients in the U.S. has announced successful findings in its published study involving FPPL ingredient Glucodia mung bean protein isolate. The study was published in the Journal of Nutritional Science Jan. 14 2018. The aim of the study was to confirm the effects of a commercially available mung bean protein isolate (Glucodia) on glucose and lipid metabolism. The main component of Glucodia is 8S globulin which constitutes 80 percent of the total protein. The overall structure of this protein closely resembles soyabean -conglycinin which accounts for 20 percent of total soya protein (soya protein isolate SPI). Many physiological beneficial effects S of -conglycinin have been reported. Glucodia is expected to produce beneficial effects with fewer intakes than SPI. The study conducted two independent double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies. In the first (preliminary dose decision trial) study mung bean protein was shown to exert physiological beneficial effects by ingesting 3.0 g per day. In the second (main clinical trial) study mung bean protein isolate did not lower plasma glucose levels although the mean insulin level decreased with consumption of mung bean protein. The homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) values significantly decreased with mung bean protein. The mean TAG level significantly decreased with consumption of mung bean protein isolate. A significant increase in serum adiponectin levels and improvement in liver function enzymes were observed. For more information visit MenaQ7 K2 Study Confirms CV Benefits for Men and Women new one-year clinical trial has just been completed showing that a daily nutritional dose of MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7 improved vascular health in both male and female healthy participants. This study adds support to the substantial body of evidence confirming vitamin K2 is a cardiovascular-support nutrient. Completed by the expert researchers at VitaK the placebocontrolled randomized clinical trial demonstrated the benefits of 180 g day of MK-7 (as MenaQ7 from Norway and New Jesey-based NattoPharma) on vascular health and body composition in 243 healthy A subjects (77 men and 166 women) with a poor vitamin K status as measured by dp-ucMGP (inactive Matrix Gla Protein a marker for cardiovascular health). According to the researchers We enrolled participants with poor K status however in West most are K deficient as measured by activation of K-dependent proteins. In the total group MK-7 decreased dp-ucMGP significantly compared to placebo after one year. The researchers conclude that oneyear supplementation of MK-7 tended to improve vascular health in men and women with a poor vitamin K status. The beneficial effect was more pronounced in postmenopausal women and in subjects with a high Stiffness Index. For more information visit or Plant-based Alertness Formula Receives U.S. Patent srael-based InnoBev Ltd. has received a U.S. patent for WakeUp its plant-based alertness formula. The patent describes a method for providing an awakening effect as well as for compositions of plant extracts that help improve well-being. The WakeUp formula is designed to counteract post-lunch dip the time of day when fatigue drowsiness and foggy thinking can stunt productivity. It can I help provide a lift on slow mornings and evenings as well. The formula incorporates functional extracts of guarana Ginkgo biloba and elderberry and is sweetened by a lowglycaemic fruit extract. The non-caffeinated beverage answers a growing demand among today s health-conscious consumers who want to perform at optimal levels throughout the day without the jitteriness crash and other drawbacks of caffeine. For more information visit April 2018 30 Nutrition Industry Executive AssociationNews Tieraona Low Dog Receives Inaugural ABC Fredi Kronenberg Award he American Botanical Council (ABC) recently presented its first annual Fredi Kronenberg Award for Excellence in Research and Education in Botanicals for Women s Health to Tieraona Low Dog MD a highly respected expert in integrative medicine and women s health. The inaugural award is named in honor of distinguished researcher educator and longtime ABC Board of Trustees member Fredi Kronenberg PhD who died in April 2017. Kronenberg dedicated her professional life to the study of medicinal plants and phytomedicines for women s health conditions and was particularly interested in phytoestrogen-containing botanicals such as black cohosh (Actaea racemosa) for the treatment of menopause symptoms. Kronenberg was a champion of integrative medicine and co-founded a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) center at Columbia University the first CAM program at an Ivy League school. For 10 years she also co-directed an onsite five-day continuing education course for physicians and other health care providers interested in botanical medicine. I am honored and humbled to receive the inaugural Fredi Kronenberg award from the American Botanical Council said Low Dog. I share [this award] with all of my colleagues who are dedicated to using the best of scientific research and traditional wisdom to improve the lives of women through the gifts of herbal medicine. Fredi was brilliant and unassuming a scientist who loved the natural world. We shared a passion for herbal medicine and women s health exchanging notes ideas and papers. She was a fabulous photographer and we spent many afternoons wandering through gardens and forests. We served together on editorial and advisory boards and nurtured a friendship that spanned more than two decades. Low Dog similarly has dedicated her career to integrative medicine research and education and she is a passionate advocate of and expert in natural medicine for women s health. She is the founding director of Medicine Lodge Ranch a natural medicine school for clinicians and health care providers located in the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico. She also directed the first Interprofessional Fellowship in Integrative Health and Medicine at the T University of Arizona s Center for Integrative Medicine. Previously Low Dog served on the United States Pharmacopeia s Dietary Supplements and Botanicals Expert Information Panel which she chaired for 10 years. She also has served on the advisory council for the National Institutes of Health s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (now known as the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health) and was an appointed member of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. In addition Low Dog is a founding member of the American Board of Integrative Medicine and the Academy of Women s Health and is on the editorial board for the Journal of The North American Menopause Society. She is also a longtime member of the ABC Advisory Board. The ABC Board of Trustees believed that establishing an award in Fredi s name was an appropriate way to honor Fredi s extensive professional commitment to research in and integration of herbs and phytomedicines in women s health both in self-care and health care said ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal. It was clear to ABC that our friend and colleague Dr. Low Dog due to her considerable educational efforts in the growing area of botanicals in women s health should be the initial recipient of this award. The award was presented at the 13th Annual ABC Botanical Celebration and Awards Ceremony on March 8 in Anaheim CA. The event for ABC Sponsor Members occurred during Natural Products Expo West. For more information visit UNPA Announces Publication Of UNPA Asia Report he United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) has announced the publication of a new trade journal the UNPA Asia Report which provides dietary supplement market intelligence and trends for the burgeoning China and Pacific Rim natural health products industry as well as news and market data of interest to the U.S. supplements market. The UNPA Asia Report is published quarterly as a special section printed in Asiaceutical Insights a trade publication published in China by Herbridge Media with distribution throughout China Japan and Southeast Asia. This special business-to-business section is a regular part of Asiaceutical Insights magazine. Digital versions of the UNPA Asia Report and Asiaceutical lnsights are available for viewing and download at the UNPA website. Considering the amount of dietary ingredients including botanicals that are imported into the United States as well as increased activity from Chinese companies in the U.S. via acquisitions and partnerships licensing and copacking arrangements and facilities purchases UNPA thought the time was right to provide a balanced data-driven communications vehicle to benefit both Chinese companies as well as U.S. com- T panies with an interest in the China market said Loren Israelsen UNPA president. Our goals with the UNPA Asia Report are to promote the sustainable development of the natural health products industry in both regions as well as to facilitate greater regulatory compliance and market access he continued. We are pleased to be partnering with Gloria Zhang and her team at Asiaceutical Insights to provide wide distribution of the UNPA Asia Report in China and beyond. The publication of the UNPA Asia Report follows the December signing of a memorandum of understanding agreement between UNPA and the China Nutrition and Health Food Association (CNHFA) and the appointment of Beijing-based Daniel Mabey as UNPA s China general manager. Frank Lampe UNPA vice president of communications and industry relations heads the editorial team for the UNPA Asia Report. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 31 April 2018 AssociationNews CRN Launches Consumer Education Initiative to Raise SARMs Awareness he Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has launched a consumer education initiative designed to raise awareness of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) a dangerous class of ingredients that poses a serious threat to consumer safety particularly in the bodybuilding and fitness communities. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) SARMs are unapproved drugs illegally marketed as dietary supplements. Through its consumer education initiative CRN amplifies recent warnings from FDA and supports efforts by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to alert athletes to the dangers of SARMs--dangers which could destroy athletic careers and potentially increase the risk of life-threatening conditions such as heart attack stroke and liver damage. To inform the bodybuilding and fitness communities CRN created a SARMsCanHarm toolkit for fitness organizations that includes customizable flyers newsletter material and social media content featuring educational information on SARMs and how athletes can protect themselves from products containing these illicit T ingredients. CRN has the support of leading associations representing fitness organizations and sports clubs who are circulating the toolkit among their members and encouraging them to disseminate the educational information to their consumer clientele. Consumer safety is the No. 1 priority of the dietary supplement industry said Steve Mister CRN president and CEO. We are grateful for the organizations helping us deliver responsible industry s firm message SARMs are dangerous illegal and have no place in dietary supplements or in any sports nutrition regimen. Our goal is to equip consumers with the tools they need to make sound decisions when it comes to dietary supplements and to help them responsibly and judiciously use legitimate sports nutrition supplements to help them succeed in reaching their fitness goals. SARMs are prohibited under the S1 Anabolic Agent category of the World Anti- Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List and raise serious concerns for FDA USADA and the legitimate dietary supplement industry. Often listed ostarine or andarine as ingredients in adulterated products falsely labeled as dietary supplements SARMs have the potential to be misused for athletic performance enhancement due to their anabolic properties and their ability to stimulate androgen receptors in muscle and bone. Every athlete knows the importance of honesty and fairness and these unscrupulous companies are anything but sportsmanlike. Bad actors tarnishing the reputation of responsible industry must never be tolerated. CRN and its member companies fully support FDA s efforts to crack down on companies unlawfully manufacturing products containing SARMs said Mister. We hope that fitness organizations sports clubs personal trainers and coaches across the country will join CRN and its members in taking a stand against SARMs and the risks companies marketing these products unapologetically present consumers. For more information visit SARMs or SARMs. CRN FDA s Increased Intelligence of Tainted Products is Commendable Only if it Leads to Enforcement Action he U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recently published an announcement FDA is Using Innovative Methods to Prevent Illegal Products with Hidden Drug Ingredients from Entering the United States. According to the FDA it is taking new steps to increase the scope and effectiveness of this mission. One tool that FDA has deployed is advanced screening technologies that can allow FDA inspectors to screen packages containing suspected drug products more efficiently and reliably. In response to an announcement the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) issued the following statement We applaud FDA for increasing its efforts to prevent illegal drugs with hidden ingredients from entering the United States. The responsible industry has been adamant about the need for FDA to increase the effectiveness of its regulation of dietary supplements and we have been fighting for more resources for the agency to achieve this. Shifting the paradigm for how the agency screens products at international mail facilities is a positive step but increased intelligence is only valuable T if it is used appropriately stated Steve Mister CRN s president and CEO. If FDA is serious about tackling the problem of tainted products containing illegal drug ingredients the agency should use the intelligence it gathered to follow through on its allegations with enforcement. We encourage the agency to issue recalls and import alerts so that business partners and recipients of these ingredients here in the U.S. can be on alert to discontinue their affiliations with potentially nefarious sources or to implement heightened testing of incoming ingredients. We also urge the agency to make public the identities of the perpetrators and to refer them for enforcement by the Department of Justice. Bad actors deserve public scrutiny and criminal prosecution and FDA has the authority to take these actions. CRN also cautions against taking FDA s findings out of context and making generalizations about the dietary supplement industry as a whole that would be an inappropriate use of this new intelligence. The percentage of samples that tested positive for the presence of undeclared pharmaceutical ingredients while disturbing is not generalizable to the mainstream dietary supplement market. The agency was targeting high-risk packages at international mail facilities with additional surveillance it specifically identified products it suspected of containing illegal ingredients and unfortunately in many of those packages it found them. High-risk international mail packages are not a representative sample of the U.S. marketplace as a whole. The mainstream dietary supplement market is comprised of safe quality products manufactured by committed ethical companies who follow the law--that is the responsible industry. And the responsible industry has voiced innumerous times its suspicion of tainted products being manufactured overseas and entering the U.S. via our ports. Thus we are pleased FDA has heard our concerns and we are committed to support the agency s efforts to increase consumer safety through the prevention of illegal products from entering the marketplace. For more information visit or April 2018 32 Nutrition Industry Executive Leading North American Herb Associations Promote GACPs he American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and the Canadian Herb Spice and Specialty Agriculture Association (HSSA) encourage the use of recognized good agricultural and collection practices (GACPs) in the North American herbal products market. With herbal product manufacturers increasingly sourcing plant material on a global basis AHPA and HSSA are recommending the consistent use of GACPs as the herbal industry standard for North America. GACP practices provide a framework for growers harvesters and processors so they can ensure that herbal raw materials used in consumer products are accurately identified not adulterated with contaminants that may present a health risk fully conform to all quality characteristics and respect ethical and environmental principles. The U.S. and Canadian GACP systems share these important characteristics that enhance quality practices throughout the botanical supply chain. Both systems apply to cultivated as well as wild collected botanical material and are built on the following GACP concepts Plant Identity The foundation for ensuring safety and consistency of any plant based product in the global marketplace. Reliable Botanical Suppliers Having knowledge of the products and practices being used that can impact botanical quality. Harvest & Post-harvest Processing Implementing practices that preserve and protect botanical quality as it enters the botanical supply chain. Training Ensuring employees have appropriate training for their job functions and that records are kept to document GACP activities. AHPA and HSSA encourage the use of these GACP systems in the U.S. and Canada as a means of managing risk and establishing consistent and recognizable standards for North America. These tools allow the botanical industry to take a proactive approach in addressing safety quality ethics and traceability within their operations. AHPA originally released its GACP guidance in 2006. Due to heightened herbal industry interest in documentation of quality practices and the introduction of a new U.S. regulatory frame- T work impacting botanical dietary ingredients used in dietary supplement products the AHPA GACP guidance was substantially updated and expanded to include recommended good manufacturing practices applicable to botanical materials. This new version now titled Good Agricultural and Collection Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices for Botanical Materials (GACP GMP) was issued in March 2017. AHPA has since developed companion assessment tools for each section of the GACP GMP to facilitate implementation by companies choosing to document their compliance. The Canadian Herb Spice and Natural Health Products Coalition (CHSNC) released its GACP program in 2004 providing industry with tools from the field and forest to the shelf to ensure quality traceability ethical handling and to identify and mitigate risks relating to product safety. To enroll in this program producers must be trained and certified. The Canadian GACP program is subjected to regular reviews under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency s on farm food safety program based on the HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) model. Canada s Plant Identification module was developed in partnership with the World Health Organization and AHPA and has been accepted and used globally. The GACPs were originally built with the support of Health Canada s Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) as a collaborative initiative to ensure due diligence from the field and forest to the shelf with NHPD regulating the finished product and Canada s GACPs addressing the risk in the rest of the chain. To date more than 1 400 individuals have completed GACP training through HSSA. AHPA and HSSA said that adoption of recognized GACP practices demonstrates the quality of botanical ingredients in consumer products and supports the industry s continued commitment to transparency for herbal products in both the U.S. and Canada. These industry standards can build trust within the botanical supply chain and enable those companies that comply with GACP practices to differentiate their products in the marketplace. For more information visit or NPA Northwest Re-incorporates as Positively Natural P ositively Natural a not-for-profit trade association is focused on cultivating the connection between natural product wholesalers and retailers by presenting opportunities for members to network increase sales and knowledge while creating and supporting grassroots advocacy for legislation that positively affects the sale of natural products enhances nutritional intakes optimizes the health and the well-being of humans and reinforces good ecological standards. Previously incorporated in 1972 and later affiliated with the Natural Products Association (NPA) as Natural Products Association Northwest President Lorraine Hoffman CNC has announced the February 28 2018 decision of the members to dissolve the association with NPA and re-incorporate as Positively Natural. The landscape of the natural products industry is changing rapidly. Thus the Northwest is evolving. Advocacy and education have been hallmarks of the Northwest region and they will continue to be but now with more vigor said Hoffman. Re-incorporating as Positively Natural concludes the long-time charter between the two associations. We are proud of our past collaboration with the NPA and look forward to working together with many industry leaders that share common goals with our new association said Stephanie Juhl Positively Natural executive director. Positively Natural will continue to produce an annual educational conference and trade show called Positively Natural Marketplace and plans to add other localized events throughout year. There are many organizations in this industry that have similar goals to ours Hoffman stated. They perform their duties worldwide nationally regionally or locally with all stages being important to bring accurate clear and comprehensive information material and goods to retailers and to ultimately affect change in their customers lives. As we depart from being an adjunct to the NPA we look forward to new and renewed relationships within this great industry. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 33 April 2018 AssociationNews Associations Respond to New Meta-Analysis on Omega-3 Fatty Acids new meta-analysis Associations of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement Use With Cardiovascular Disease Risks published in JAMA Cardiology found that omega-3 fatty acids had no significant association with fatal or nonfatal coronary heart disease or any major vascular events. According to the study authors the study provided no support for current recommendations for the use of such supplements in people with a history of coronary heart disease (CVD). In response the Natural Products Association (NPA) and the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) released the following statements The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would seem to disagree with the conclusion of this study as it has already approved at least one prescription medication for fish oil that provides benefits for people with cardiovascular issues. Moreover there is a qualified health claim on omega-3 fatty acids for cardiovascular diseases which has also been approved by the FDA said Dr. Daniel Fabricant president and CEO of the NPA. We encourage people to consult with their medical professional as always but continue to believe in the strong body of evidence that omega-3 fatty acids provide a positive nutritional supplement for millions of Americans who do not consume the recommended daily allowance of seafood. Meta-analyses can provide some insight but is highly desirable for a meta-analysis to include a sensitivity analysis to determine the robustness of the results Fabricant continued. Two common ways to perform sensitivity analysis are to analyze the data using various methods and to present the results when some studies are removed from the analysis. If these actions cause serious changes in the overall results the credibility of the results is compromised. That was absent from this analysis stated Duffy MacKay ND CRN s senior vice president scientific and regulatory affairs. Omega-3 fatty acids offer a wide array of health benefits from supporting cognitive function and eye health to lowering high triglycerides and reducing inflammation. The new meta-analysis hinted at potential though not statistically significant benefits in a number of heart disease outcomes suggesting A omega-3 fatty acids may help in promoting heart health among patients with a history of coronary heart disease. The meta-analysis did not demonstrate the dramatic results that one would expect from a drug intervention. The meta-analysis did however identify the potential for a seven percent lower risk of major vascular events and a ten percent lower risk of coronary heart disease associated with omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Even though these results are not statistically significant they come close thereby validating nutritional interventions such as omega-3 fatty acids as having subtle but important effects. Omega-3 fatty acids are important nutrients obtained by eating fatty fish or taking dietary supplements. The recom- mendation of the 2015 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans is to consume eight or more ounces of seafood per week. Unfortunately most Americans are not consuming that amount causing our population to experience nutrient shortfalls. When taking into consideration the high safety profile of omega-3 fatty acid supplements they are a prudent choice to ensure that consumers obtain adequate levels of this nutrient needed for good health. Further cardiovascular disease is a chronic and multifactorial condition and consumers need to manage their expectations for the role that dietary supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids can play in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids can contribute to heart health but as one of many healthy habits to maintain a healthy heart Duffy concluded. CRN recommends consumers at high risk or those with a history of cardiovascular disease talk with their cardiologist about what supplements are right for them. For more information visit or AHPA Participates in Grocery Manufacturers Association Science Forum HPA President Michael McGuffin and Chief Science Officer Holly Johnson PhD presented at the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) Science Forum held in Washington D.C. in March. McGuffin presented on a panel titled Pesticide Residues in Food which addressed current and emerging issues for pesticide residues including challenges faced by the food industry due to a lack of import tolerance. McGuffin provided an overview of suggestions for pesticide regulation improvements that AHPA submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last year. In those comments AHPA outlined the disconnect between the occurrence of detectable but trace pesticide residues on foods with no tolerance or a tolerance exemption and the technical requirements of existing enforcement policies. AHPA encouraged EPA to reform current regulations to maintain protections for consumers and the environment while also reducing burdens on food companies that use specialty or A minor crops such as herbs and spices in their products. Specifically AHPA advocated EPA use its existing authority by setting practical regulatory definitions and default limits for trace levels of pesticides expand and finalize the herbs and spices crop group and harmonize U.S. pesticide tolerances with those set by international standard setting organizations like the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Johnson presented on a panel that explored the evolving scope of issues and approaches to assess and prevent fraud and related concerns (EMA authenticity integrity crime etc.) for food personal care and household products and similar experiences with product fraud from the food and pharmaceutical industries. Johnson emphasized the importance of authentication and prevention strategies to protect consumers and brands amid increasingly complex domestic and global supply networks and regulatory requirements. For more information visit April 2018 34 Nutrition Industry Executive CRN Announces Newly Elected Board Directors Shares Full Board List and Officers he Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has announced a slate of eight new Directors that has been elected by CRN s membership to the association s Board of Directors. The eight new directors are Susanne Anderson Baekgaard Bifodan A S Bruce Brown Natreon Inc. Sandy Chien HORN Company Chad Clawson Nutraceutical Corporation Leo Cullen Kyowa Hakko U.S.A Inc. Tee Noland Pharma Tech Industries Micah Osborne Stratum Nutrition (re-elected for a second term) and Craig Sheehan Activ Nutritional LLC. They join their colleagues in 2018 on the CRN Board of Directors T International LLC Craig Stevenson The Clorox Company Michelle Stout Amway Nutrilite Ken Strick Glanbia Performance Nutrition Inc. (Secretary) Ben Teicher Healthy Directions LLC Danielle Virant Abbott Nutrition Tom Zimmerman Natrol LLC Ingredient Suppliers Kevin Boot Embria Health Sciences Bruce Brown Natreon Inc. Sandy Chien HORN Nutraceuticals Tobe Cohen DSM Nutritional Products Leo Cullen Kyowa Hakko U.S.A Inc. Sherry Duff Innophos Inc. Jim Hamilton Neptune Wellness Solutions David Henstrom Cargill Health & Nutrition Jim Hyde Balchem Human Nutrition & Pharma (Chairman) Micah Osborne Stratum Nutrition Beth Tormey Lonza Inc. Jim Watson Watson Inc. In addition CRN President and CEO Steve Mister also serves on the CRN Board of Directors. For a complete list of CRN member companies visit who_omc.html. CRN Board of Directors Finished Product Manufacturers Marketers Susanne Andersen-Baekgaard Bifodan A S Gene Barbato Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Michael Bentley SierraSil Health Inc. Kristen Blanchard Nutramax Laboratories Paul Bolar Pharmavite LLC David Campbell Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC (Chair Elect) Chad Clawson Nutraceutical Corporation Mike DeBiasi Bayer HealthCare Mike Devereux Nature s Way Brands Bill Frankos Herbalife Ltd. Laura Harkness Church and Dwight Co. Inc. Sean Hopkins The Juice Plus Company LLC Mark Hornick Jamieson Wellness Inc. Kirk Jowers doTerra International Harvey Kamil The Nature s Bounty Co. (Immediate Past Chairman) Randy King Procter & Gamble Allison Levy AdvoCare International LP (Treasurer) Jose Minski Nutranext Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems Ken Myers Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. Tee Noland Pharma Tech Industries Scott Ravech Deerland Enzymes Barry Ritz Atrium Innovations Inc. Rick Sharpee NOW Foods Craig Sheehan Activ Nutrition LLC Nancy Steely Arbonne April 2018 Technical Issues Prevent FDA From Evaluating Many Recent NDI Notifications N early four of five new dietary ingredient (NDI) notifications recently submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had technical issues that prevented FDA from being able to determine safety according to AHPA s NDI Database. AHPA recently received information on 50 NDI notifications submitted to FDA between February 2017 and June 2017 but FDA was only able to evaluate 11 of these notifications because the other 39 had significant technical issues. Among these 50 notifications most recently released by FDA and added to the NDI Database 18 were identified as not technically compliant with the requirements for what a notification must include. FDA could not complete its assessment of another 21 notifications because the agency was unable to identify the dietary ingredient being submitted. The remaining 11 notifications were both technically compliant and discussed an NDI FDA was able to identify as a dietary ingredient. Nearly half (five) of these were filed by FDA without substantive comment. The recent rate of technical noncompliance is a dramatic change from what AHPA observed between 1995 and 2016 approaching a rate of incomplete notifications not seen since 2006. This appears to reflect a growing interest in filing notifications by organizations that lack the knowledge and experience needed to file a complete notification. The fact that roughly four of five recent NDI notifications were submitted without a description of a dietary ingredient or in a condition not technically compliant with NDI requirements underscores the importance of industry resources like AHPA s NDI Database said AHPA Chief Information Analyst Merle Zimmermann PhD. AHPA s NDI resources help companies avoid common pitfalls and effectively and efficiently navigate the sometimes time-consuming NDI notification process in order to meet the growing consumer demand for safe innovative products. AHPA s NDI Database provides written summaries of FDA s responses to NDI notifications (when available) and information on the dates of notifications. The database enables users to browse by report number or search notifications by company and ingredient including common or Latin names for botanicals. An Outcome Statement is also provided to help users quickly understand FDA responses including issues that resulted in FDA comments. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 35 AssociationNews Organic & Natural Health Association Submits Petition to FDA on Vitamin D he Organic & Natural Health Association recently submitted a petition to the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) requesting that the agency permit dietary supplements containing vitamin D to make a health claim concerning the association between vitamin D and a decreased risk of preterm births. The nutrition trade organization has asked the FDA to acknowledge numerous studies showing an association between higher serum vitamin D levels in pregnant women and a reduced risk of preterm births. Organic & Natural Health believes that such a claim will help raise awareness of preterm births a risk factor for pregnant women reduce the cost of health care associated with preterm births and empower women to take affirmative steps for the health of their children. Every day in North America more than 1 000 babies are born prematurely. In fact the United States has the highest rate of babies who die the day they are born in the industrialized world according to Save The Children which reports that 130 countries have lower preterm birth rates than the United States. Further the CDC s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) National Center for Health Statistics reports no sign of improvement of infant mortality and reports women of Asian ethnic origin showing the lowest rates of preterm births at 8.6 percent T while African-American women experience the highest rates at 13.75 percent of all births. Recently published research conducted at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in partnership with GrassrootsHealth shows pregnant woman who maintain vitamin D levels of 40-60 ng ml experience a reduction in preterm births by up to 60 percent. Out of the 1 000 pregnant women studied 90 percent were deficient in vitamin D. During the study researchers did not find a single complication related to pregnant women taking vitamin D. Vitamin D is inexpensive and has been shown to be safe at the recommended level said Carole Baggerly director of GrassrootsHealth and coauthor of the paper. We have several medical centers ready to implement a new standard of care with our vitamin D Protect Our Children NOW campaign. The March of Dimes estimates that the annual cost of preterm births in the United States is 12 billion for 455 918 children. States with the highest preterm births include Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Hawaii Illinois Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Mississippi Missouri North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas and West Virginia as well as Washington D.C. States where 10 percent or more of women received late prenatal care or no prenatal care include Arkansas New Mexico Texas and Vermont. If 50 percent of preterm births could be prevented each year in the United States there could be nearly 6 billion available for other health services and more than 225 000 families would be spared this trauma said Karen Howard CEO and executive director of Organic & Natural Health. MUSC changed its standard of care for its pregnant patients and is now monitoring vitamin D levels based on their research. We are confident that members of Congress their constituents health insurers and employers will see the value in this health claim related to vitamin D levels and a reduced risk of preterm births. Organic & Natural Health is scheduled to take a select team to Capitol Hill to share this message on its April 12 Hill Day meeting with key legislators and staff and presenting the research at an informational luncheon. For more information visit AHPA Announces its 2018-19 Board of Trustees T he American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) congratulated the nine members who were elected to serve three-year terms on the board of trustees during the association s annual member meeting on March 9 in Anaheim CA. The following members were elected to the board Marc Allen (Herb Pharm) Bill Chioffi (Gaia Herbs) Mitch Coven (Vitality Works) Staci Eisner (PharmaPlus) Katie Huggins (Traditional Medicinals) Randy King (New Chapter) Elizabeth Lambert (Herbalist and Alchemist) Kristina Richens (The Republic of Tea) Aaron Secrist (NOW Foods) The recently elected board trustees will work with the current trustees to govern the association. Trustees work with AHPA committees and staff to set policies priorities and guidance for the association and take action to promote the responsible commerce of herbal supplements and products. The AHPA board elected the following board members to serve as officers and members of the board s executive committee Chair Graham Rigby (Organic India USA) Vice Chair Bill Chioffi (Gaia Herbs) Secretary Elan Sudberg (Alkemist Labs) Treasurer Mitch Coven (Vitality Works) Three additional board members were elected to serve on the board s seven-member executive committee Steven Yeager (Mountain Rose Herbs) Aaron Secrist (NOW Foods) Beth Lambert (Herbalist and Alchemist) I welcome the commitment and dedication that these newly elected candidates will bring to AHPA s board of trustees and I look forward to working with them AHPA President Michael McGuffin said. On behalf of AHPA s members I d like to express my appreciation for the service of those whose terms were just completed. For more information visit AboutUs BoardofTrustee s.aspx. April 2018 36 Nutrition Industry Executive CRN and GOED File Joint Amicus Brief Calling for Dismissal of Amarin Pharma Complaint he Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s) have submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit addressing the appeal made by Amarin Pharma Inc. and Amarin Pharmaceuticals Ireland Ltd. regarding the International Trade Commission s (ITC s) decision to decline an investigation into concentrated EPA omega-3 fish oil supplements. Amarin last year asked the ITC to declare concentrated EPA to be a drug and to prohibit its importation for use in supplements a move which CRN previously warned would dramatically affect consumers access by making it more difficult and expensive if not impossible to obtain the health benefits associated with these products. From the start CRN recognized that Amarin s intentions were iniquitous said Steve Mister president and CEO CRN. They sought to create a market monopoly over a subset of omega-3 products which would directly hinder legitimate manufacturers from selling fish oil supplements. CRN is committed to fight for its member companies in this space and ensure responsible industry can T continue to do business without the burdensome restrictions Amarin seeks to impose. Further inhibiting consumers ability to obtain concentrated omega-3 supplements without a prescription deprives consumers of the health benefits those supplements can provide. GOED Interim Executive Director Ellen Schutt agreed citing the public health concern with more than 95 percent of Americans not getting enough EPA and DHA to be cardioprotective. GOED s mission is to continue to increase consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3s to adequate levels around the world and maintaining consumer access to concentrated EPA dietary supplements is a key way to achieve that goal she said. In the brief CRN and GOED defended ITC s decision to dismiss Amarin s complaint as Amarin s requested relief would require ITC to inject itself into the statutory and regulatory framework explicitly authorized to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Because Amarin did not and could not allege that the concentrated fish-oil products accused were not in fact dietary supplements under any objective standard or ruling CRN noted that the complaint failed to satisfy the require- ments of the statute and ITC s rules governing complaints. Market participants have significant reason to believe that the current practice of labeling concentrated omega-3 products as dietary supplements is proper wrote CRN maintaining that companies marketing these products are in no way violating the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act (FDCA) as Amarin claims they are. Battling the Amarin complaint on the front lines since it was filed last year CRN actively participated in the case on behalf of its members filing two legal briefs with ITC and strongly urging FDA to weigh in on the usurpation of its authority to determine what is a drug under federal law by the pharmaceutical company seeking a drug monopoly on the popular fish oil products. CRN praised FDA for issuing a stern letter of opposition which reinforced CRN s argument that Amarin crossed a legal boundary by seeking to bypass the agency s rightful authority to interpret federal food and drug laws to determine what is a drug and what is a dietary ingredient. For more information visit or Industry Associations Comment on Soy Protein Health Claims he U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently provided the details of its new analysis supporting health claims for soy protein and coronary heart disease. The FDA is proposing to revoke its regulation authorizing the use of health claims on the relationship between soy protein and coronary heart disease on the label or in the labeling of foods but has failed to perform its own meta-analysis. In response the Natural Products Association (NPA) sent an official comment letter to the FDA. The FDA has failed to offer any compelling evidence in its proposal to eliminate the soy heart health claim said Daniel Fabricant PhD president and CEO of NPA. We are strongly urging the FDA to take into account the overwhelming amount of evidence included in NPA s meta-analysis indicating a clear benefit in soy protein consumption and lower cholesterol. The FDA s proposal to revoke its health claim for soy protein is not only bad public health policy but it will harm small business manufacturers distributors repackers and retailers who would be affected by this proposal. We are hopeful the FDA will take into account our new metaanalysis and conduct its own economic analysis on this proposal. In its official comment letters to the FDA the Council for Responsible Nutrition stated T the following CRN recognizes that as the body of scientific research in the area of soy protein and cardiovascular health continues to grow it is important to periodically reassess the totality of the scientific evidence said Andre W. Wong PhD vice president scientific and regulatory affairs CRN. As such CRN supports FDA s efforts to re-evaluate the scientific basis for the soy protein and CHD health claim. However we are concerned that FDA s proposal to revoke the regulation authorizing the use of the claim is inconsistent with evaluations by other international regulatory bodies most recently Health Canada. In 2015 Health Canada s Food Directorate concluded that the evidence consistently supports a direction of effect towards a reduction in total and LDL cholesterol levels when soy protein is consumed. Health Canada also conducted a meta-analysis of the available scientific literature the results of which showed a statistically significant reduction in total and LDL cholesterol levels with soy protein consumption. Based on the evaluation Health Canada authorized the use of a health claim about soy protein and cholesterol lowering. CRN recommends that in evaluating the totality of evidence FDA should not only consider whether there is a statistically significant difference between the intervention and control group in each individual study but also the consistency in direction of effect among studies regardless of statistical significance. Further FDA should utilize quantitative systematic review methodologies such as meta-analysis to assess the relationship between a food substance and disease. Systematic review methodologies are employed by the scientific community international regulatory bodies including Health Canada (as discussed above) and U.S. scientific groups such as the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Additionally FDA indicated in its guidance for the scientific evaluation of health claims that it intends to consider as part of its health claim review process a meta-analysis that reviews all the publicly available studies on the substance disease relationship. It is unclear why a meta-analysis was not undertaken in the agency s reevaluation of the soy protein and CHD health claim particularly when it has been demonstrated by Health Canada that a meta-analysis can be important in assessing the totality of evidence for the relationship between soy protein and CHD. FDA s reevaluation of the health claim should include an assessment of the direction of effect and a quantitative systematic review. For more information visit or Nutrition Industry Executive 37 April 2018 ScienceUpdate New Link Between Gut Bacteria and Obesity esearchers at Lund University in Sweden have discovered a new link between gut bacteria and obesity. They found that certain amino acids in our blood can be connected to both obesity and the composition of the gut microbiome. We know less about the significance of our gut bacteria than what many books and magazines on the subject seem to suggest. A lot of the research on the topic is based on animal studies which cannot be directly applied to humans. Also a healthy gut flora for one person may not necessarily be good for someone else. However an increasing number of research studies indicate that our gut microbiota does play an important role in our health. It affects our metabolism and can be linked to obesity cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Previous studies have shown that people with these diseases have varying occurrence of different metabolites i.e. small molecules or metabolic residues in the bloodstream. The aim of the new study was therefore to identify metabolites in the blood that can be linked to obesity (high body mass index BMI) and R to investigate whether these obesityrelated metabolites affect the composition of the bacterial flora in stool samples. The researchers analyzed blood plasma and stool samples from 674 participants in the Malm Offspring Study MOS. They found 19 different metabolites that could be linked to the person s BMI glutamate and so-called BCAA (branched-chain and aromatic amino acids) had the strongest connection to obesity. They also found that the obesity-related metabolites were linked to four different intestinal bacteria (Blautia Dorea and Ruminococcus in the Lachnospiraceae family and SHA98). The differences in BMI were largely explained by the differences in the levels of glutamate and BCAA. This indicates that the metabolites and gut bacteria interact rather than being independent of each other said Marju Orho-Melander professor of genetic epidemiology at Lund University. By far the strongest risk factor for obesity in the study glutamate has been associated with obesity in previous studies and BCAA has been used to predict the future onset of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This means that future studies should focus more on how the composition of gut bacteria can be modified to reduce the risk of obesity and associated metabolic diseases and cardiovascular disease said Marju Orho-Melander. To get there we first need to understand what a healthy normal gut flora looks like and what factors impact the bacterial composition. This requires large population studies like the Malm Offspring Study as well as intervention studies. For more information visit Ketone Drink Could Help Diabetics by Lowering Blood Sugar or the first time it has been shown that drinking a ketone supplement can lower blood sugar levels presenting a potential future method to control spikes in blood sugar experienced by diabetics. Type 2 diabetes and obesity have reached epidemic proportions in the past few decades. These conditions are associated with high blood sugar which can damage the vessels that supply blood to vital organs and can also increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Although previous studies have shown that infusing ketones into the bloodstream can reduce blood sugar levels this study published in the Journal of Physiology has shown that a ketone ester supplement can also lower blood sugar levels. Researchers at the University of British Columbia and University of Oxford have demonstrated that a single drink of ketone ester enables better control of blood F sugar by reducing spikes in sugar levels. Twenty healthy individuals participated in the study and on two occasions consumed the ketone monoester supplement or a placebo after a 10hour fast. Thirty minutes later they consumed a drink containing 75 grams of sugar (i.e. a standard oral glucose tolerance test). Blood samples were collected every 15-30 minutes throughout the entire 2.5 hours protocol for analyses of glucose lipids and hormones. Compared to the placebo the blood sugar spike was reduced on the day that the individuals had consumed the ketone drink. It should be noted that this study was conducted with healthy young individuals to reduce the confounding influence of insulin resistance betacell dysfunction and medications so more research is required to know whether it will apply to people with prediabetes type 2 diabetes and obe- sity. The physiological mechanisms that underpin the improved blood sugar control also need to be understood. Our study was done in healthy young participants but if the same responses were seen in people with or at risk for type 2 diabetes then it is possible that a ketone monoester supplement could be used to lower glucose levels and improve metabolic health. We are working on these studies at the moment said Professor Jonathan Little University of British Columbia s Okanagan Campus research team member. The ketone supplements do not taste very good and in order to blind the participants we had to make a control drink that also tasted distinctly bad. It made for interesting mornings seeing how the participants would respond to the taste of their drinks For more information visit 38 Nutrition Industry Executive April 2018 Conventions&Meetings CRN Teams with ACI for Annual Legal Regulatory and Compliance Forum on Dietary Supplements Dietary Supplements Regulatory Summit Focuses on Compliance T he Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) announced registration is open for the Legal Regulatory and Compliance Forum on Dietary Supplements in New York NY at the Intercontinental New York Times Square on June 18-20. For the fourth consecutive year CRN is collaborating with the American Conference Institute (ACI) on this conference to create a must attend agenda appealing to legal regulatory and compliance executives in the dietary supplement industry. T The content is currently under development with involvement from previous attendees and input from all parts of the industry. As in previous years the conference will attract high-level speakers to address and assess the myriad legal regulatory and compliance obligations that impact business decisions and long-term strategies for the dietary supplement industry. Steve Mister president and CEO CRN and Scott Bass partner Sidley Austin LLP are co-chairing the event. CRN member companies can use the discount code provided on CRN s website ( to receive 10 percent off registration fees. The conference has sold out in recent years so early booking is encouraged. For more information visit legal-regulatory-compliance-forum-dietary-supplements . he Dietary Supplements Regulatory Summit is an unprecedented collaboration between AHPA (American Herbal Products Association) CHPA (Consumer Healthcare Products Association) CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) NPA (Natural Products Association) and UNPA (United Natural Products Alliance)--the trade associations representing the dietary supplements industry. This one-day regulatory summit on May 16 at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in Washington D.C. will feature updates and insights from FDA (U.S. food and Drug Administration) and industry regulatory experts and will focus on the key regulatory compliance issues facing the dietary supplements industry. The regulatory summit is open to members of AHPA CHPA CRN NPA and UNPA. Non-members are also welcome to attend. The regulatory summit is designed specifically for manufacturers marketers and regulators of dietary supplements focused in the regulatory and quality disciplines. For more information visit Register at https login login.php. UNPA Provides PCQI Training T his two and a half-day UNPA (United Natural Products Alliance) Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) training course led by Larisa Pavlick UNPA s vice president of global regulatory & compliance in Phoenix AZ provides case studies specific to food and supplement production. This course was developed by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) and is the standardized curriculum recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This class fulfills the FDA Requirement for a PCQI under The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). For more information visit Events Calendar-of-Industry-Events. April 2018 Go to somalabs for info about this advertiser Nutrition Industry Executive 39 FORWARD Ingredients for Healthy Mobility Nobody has time to or the desire to sit around but aging factors can keep good folks down. Here s how to formulate to keep America moving forward. By Lisa Schofield MOVING K nees back shoulders muscles all can hurt seemingly at their own whim. The makers of Tylenol Advil and Aleve depend on it which is why their marketing all feature middle-age and older folks who work on a construction job garden jog play tennis etc. These are certainly helpful--after the fact when the pain is noticed and the mobility thusly declines. But what about before Well that s where your supplements come in. Factors That Impede Mobility Lifestyle during the younger adult ( invincible and immortal ) years helps create loss of mobility. For example explained Andrew Downey marketing manager Xsto Solutions of New Jersey and Georgia If we avoid excess weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle we can remain active and mobile. The general factors that impede mobility as men and women age is the loss of 40 Nutrition Industry Executive bone mass and lean muscle mass he explained. Fluid and cartilage in the joints decrease thus making joints stiff and less flexible. Structural degradation of the joints often causes inflammation and pain and can progress to arthritis and in some cases deformity. All the mechanical degradation leads to discomfort and the cycle of immobility remains in place he asserted. If we can maintain or start some program of activity as early as possible we then have a foundation to build on or return to if we stray into unhealthy habits. Samantha Ford new business development director of California-based AIDP elaborated that the protective membranes and fluids in the joints begin to thin out. If ignored these changes cause the bones to uncomfortably rub against each other because there is no cushioning. Stiffness (a degree of temporary immobility) may start to occur in the morning and aches in some joints that were never bothersome before will begin to happen with increasing frequency she pointed out. Joints may become swollen and warm to the touch a sign of out-ofcontrol inflammation in that area. And although these problems are common in older people they are usually considered to be minor annoyances--but in some cases joint aches and deformities can make it very hard to function. All of these factors can create a bit of a vicious cycle--as we become more uncomfortable we become more sedentary and the issue gets worse she described. When it comes to muscles stated Ford if you don t use it you lose it. Maintaining a healthy weight and regular physical activity is important in maintaining muscle strength. Otherwise before you know it simple functions such as getting up out of a chair may become a challenge she commented. According to David O Leary commercial manager at Marigot Ltd. the Cork Ireland-based maker of Aquamin reduced mobility is an eventuality that all April 2018 Go to balchem for info about this advertiser FORWARD Ingredients for Healthy Mobility MOVING adults can expect to encounter at some stage of their lives. With reduced hormone activity (for males and females) the body will compensate by removing essential minerals from bones and if left untreated can lead to osteopenia and or osteoporosis he explained. Separate But Together Today s middle-agers are all about prevention quality and convenience. They will take well whatever it takes to prevent loss of mobility. It may make sense to formulate a separate product for bone joints and muscle as they each have structural components that differentiate from one another and hence degrade in different ways. But today s consumers are nothing if not all about packages and plans. So a unified program may be a successful approach. Consumers want convenience and ease combined with the security of knowing a product works and is safe stated Ford. Bones Although men certainly develop porous bones as they become elderly women tend to experience loss of bone mass and strength. Women achieve peak bone mass by age 35 after which bone mass slowly declines and more sharply during and after menopause. A shift in bone remodeling is the culprit--when osteoclasts outnumber and outperform osteoblasts (bone breakdown molecules and bone-building molecules respectively). Essentially minerals and vitamin K2 are the key bone-benevolent supplements. Said Downey Vitamin K2 offers a significant benefit to supporting healthy bones. Adding sufficient levels of K2 through supplementation or diet directs minerals to proper disposition strengthens bones and reduces cardiovascular harm from excessive calcium. Vitamin D3 mobilizes calcium and phosphorus into the blood but without K2 we may not make the mineral deposit into the bone. As an all-natural rich source of calcium magnesium and trace minerals for bone health Aquamin said O Leary has shown higher mineral bioavailability and bioactivity over other widely used calcium forms such as carbonates and phos42 Nutrition Industry Executive phates. Aquamin with more than 70 minerals he noted is synergistic with bone-health compounds vitamins D and K2. AIDP s KoAct a patented selfaffirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) combination of collagen and calcium is clinically shown to improve bone mineral density bone strength and flexibility according to Ford. Bone mass is made up of 75 percent calcium and inorganic minerals and 25 percent collagen the collagen component is critical to bone structure and function because it helps keep bones flexible and absorb impact especially during physical activity. KoAct s patented composition drives collagen to the bone matrix providing a stronger more flexible bone she explained. KoAct s collagen formula delivers more than bone mineral density. It provides a strong flexible and fibrous protein network that supports bone structure and helps bone withstand daily impact. KoAct is ideal for women who pursue active lifestyles or those concerned with bone health. She reported that a randomized controlled trial of post-menopausal women demonstrated that KoACT was far superior to calcium and vitamin D in slowing down the leaching of calcium from bones and led to significant improvements in markers of bone synthesis. Joints As with anything that is used frequently joint structure can wear away and this is compounded by the body s age-related slowed production of collagen and synovial fluid and heightened inflammatory response. While these factors do not necessarily develop into full-blown arthritis they do disrupt quality of life by lessening range of motion due to discomfort. There is a wide range of ingredients that have been researched to show benefit for joints. Nitrosigine from New York-based Nutrition 21 is a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification status GRAS affirmed at the level of 1 500 mg per day for use in nutritional bars and beverages according to James Komorowski MS CNS chief science officer. A preclinical study evaluated the potential of Nitrosigine to reduce inflammatory markers and promote joint health he reported. The study recorded arthritis score inflammation score inflammatory markers and serum and joint arginine and April 2018 Go to bergstrom for info about this advertiser FORWARD Ingredients for Healthy Mobility MOVING silicon levels upon administration of Nitrosigine in rats with collagen-induced arthritis. Over the course of the duration of the study (30 days) Nitrosigine supplementation exemplified its ability to significantly improve markers of inflammation and overall arthritis and inflammation score over the arthritic control group Komorowski explained. These results demonstrated that Nitrosigine may be effective in reducing inflammation related to joint health. Nitrosigine may also be of physiological benefit to athletes and fitness enthusiasts concerned with joint health and inflammation and to those experiencing joint pain due to inflammation. ParActin (Andrographis paniculata) from Florida-based HP Ingredients is standardized to Andrographolide 14- deoxyandrographolide and Neoandrographolide. (U.S. Patent No 8 084 495 B2) Preliminary research has shown ParActin to promote healthy inflammatory response by naturally invigorating the PPAR gamma response inhibiting NF-kappaB the key regulator of our inflammatory response system thereby naturally reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines and proteins associated with pain and redness from everyday activities. In a randomized double blind placebo-controlled study 60 patients with rheumatoid arthritis were given 100 mg of ParActin or placebo three times a day for 14 weeks. ParActin was effective in reducing number of swollen joints total grade of swollen joint and tender joints. ParActin helped normalize rheumatoid factor creatinkinase hemoglobin immunoglobin IgA and IgM. The reduction in IgA and IgM is beneficial as there is positive correlation between the grade of cartilage damage. In another clinical eight patients with various rheumatoid conditions were given 300 mg of ParActin daily for 3.5 years. Supplementing with ParActin showed significant improvement in number of swollen joints total grade of swollen joint total grade of tender joints and improvement in quality of life. Aquamin has said O Leary outperformed the widely used joint health ingredient glucosamine by being better and faster acting at reducing pain stiffness and improving range of motion activities while also improving walking distance. He added that research has shown that Aquamin has inflammation control activity and human studies showed that participants were able to reduce intake of NSAIDS when taking Aquamin. Our research shows that it is possible to reduce intake of NSAIDS by up to 50 percent while maintaining range of motion activity and walking distance. Long term NSAID medication intake is known to have negative impact on stomach and digestive function he said. AIDP s KollaGen II-xs is a specialized collagen type II for joint health addressing range of motion flexibility and overall joint comfort according to Ford. KollaGen II-xs is produced from avian sternum through a proprietary solventfree technology that she said preserves the integrity of key joint health nutrients. 44 Nutrition Industry Executive April 2018 Go to certifiednutraceuticals for info about this advertiser FORWARD Ingredients for Healthy Mobility MOVING improving range of motion and muscle strength. KollaGen II-xs provides all of the major components of joint cartilage--55 to 70 percent collagen Type II along with chondroitin glucosamine and hyaluronic acid in a ratio similar to what s naturally present in our bodies providing a synergistic effect on joint health and function she explained. Ford noted that a 30-day randomized controlled trial demonstrated the safety and efficacy of KollaGen II-xs in reducing joint discomfort as well as Muscle Muscle and tendon ligament health is equally as important to healthy mobility for an active lifestyle as are strong bones and joints that can work allow movement without discomfort. Research has shown that starting at age 30 muscle mass begins to decline by 1 percent each year according to Komorowski. A published study found maximum physical muscle capacity occurs between the ages of 20 and 30 with accelerated muscle mass loss occurring after the age of 40 he pointed out. Cuvitus from Xsto Solutions is a wholefruit cucumber extract with research sup- porting reduction in biomarkers related to delayed on-set muscle soreness according to Downey. TNF- (tumor necrosis factor-alpha) the most relevant cytokine in the human metabolic system was induced in an ex-vivo model. The addition of Cuvitus was shown to clearly reduce TNF-. Active lifestyle workouts and exercise especially as we age can lead to temporary muscle and joint pain. Cuvitus supports natural recovery by supporting reductions of TNF- and other damaging cytokines he explained. AIDP s TendoGuard is a proprietary and patented dietary supplement that Ford said provides a blend of 100 percent avian eggshell membrane and sternum cartilage to support healthy mechanical properties of connective tissue. THE NUTRITION INDUSTRY S NEWS & INFORMATION RESOURCE NIE s Upcoming Issue Highlights June July Aug. 5 16 18 ad closing 2018 NIE Supplier Sourcebook Company Profiles Compliance and Improving Quality Branded Ingredients Contract Manufacturing Washington and the Natural Industry SupplySide West Show Issue 6 28 18 ad closing Sept. Oct. Nov. 8 9 18 ad closing 9 20 18 ad closing Our 2018 Media Planner Is Available At 2018-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at (732) 432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Barry Young at (732) 432-9600 ext. 103 or e-Mail Barry 46 Nutrition Industry Executive April 2018 Go to nutrition21 for info about this advertiser FORWARD Ingredients for Healthy Mobility MOVING TendoGuard contains a balance of collagen types I II V and X hyaluronic acid chondroitin sulfate and mucopolysaccarides nutrients critical to collagen synthesis and flexible lubricated joints and connective tissues. TendoGuard contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds to support tendon recovery and to maintain healthy and strong mechanical properties of tendon bone and joint functions she described. In a recent randomized controlled trial said Ford TendoGuard supplementation led to improvements in range of motion general discomfort and muscle strength in middle-aged and older adults. Protein is critical for muscle structure and function--just ask any athlete. However proteins are not solely just for athletes it is critical for the middle aged and elderly to ensure they consume enough along with exercise. And there are some innovations in making proteins work even more effectively. According to Komorowski Nutrition 21 s Velositol increases muscle protein synthesis (MPS) a key to muscle growth. Focusing on ways to increase MPS can help maintain lean muscle mass--which is important to think about as we age he said. The unique dietary complex of amylopectin and chromium in our patented ingredient addresses this by doubling the MPS compared to what was seen when using whey protein alone. A clinical study showed that the ingestion of a single dose of Velositol mixed with a 6 g dose of whey protein doubled the increase in muscle protein synthesis versus whey protein alone. Protein stimulates muscle protein synthesis which improves the body s ability to build lean muscle and repair muscle damage due to exercise a valid and attractive attribute for adults who want to enjoy an active lifestyle. Velositol was also formulated to enhance the insulinogenic response which increases amino uptake and provides fuel for working muscles Komorowski explained. When added to protein Velositol rapidly stimulates insulin release and increases the muscle cell s sensitivity to the insulin. This helps to safely increase insulin levels and enhance the body s amino acid uptake stimulating and boosting MPS. People are living longer and they want to live better. The idea of being confined to wheelchairs or walkers while life passes by is very scary to many active and reasonably healthy modern middle-aged adults. Formulating supplement packages to support healthy mobility can be a much-appreciated tool to help millions move forward in more ways than one. NIE Extra Extra Visit to read about a study showing how eating a Mediterranean diet affects the bone and muscle mass of post-menopausal women. FORMOREINFORMATION AIDP HP Ingredients Marigot Ltd. Nutrition 21 Xsto Solutions ConditionSpecific (Continued from page 13) there are opportunities to promote other types of foods to those with diabetes. As with many of the mainstream population those with diabetes and celiac disease seek foods that are Low sugar calories and carbohydrates High in fiber All natural Organic Gluten free Some of the challenges of this blended diet can include Many gluten-free flour substitutes are much higher in carbohydrate content than their gluten-containing counterparts. Gluten-free products may be highly refined and contain added sugars or starches to mimic the mouth-feel and texture of gluten. Additional insulin and or smaller portion sizes may be necessary to counteract these effects when enjoying such products. Some gluten-free alternatives are made with very low-carbohydrate substitutes and thus standard carbohydrate 48 Nutrition Industry Executive counts are not appropriate. Administering standard estimations of insulin may result in dangerously low blood glucose levels. Gluten-free carbs need to be kept on-hand for managing blood glucose in instances where gluten-free foods may be difficult to find. For the average person with celiac disease a salad may be a reasonable option at a restaurant that doesn t have a gluten-free menu. However for someone with both diabetes and celiac disease a salad comprised only of vegetables meat and dressing is likely too low in carbohydrates to meet standard meal recommendations for carbohydrates. For many there is a need to use a beverage (like a smoothie or a latte) as a source of carbohydrates. Non-perishables like granola bars protein bars crackers meal supplement drinks and dried soybeans are great to keep in a car pocket or purse. Following general dietary advice for maintaining good health on a diabetic or gluten-free diet is recommended. To maximize the nutritional quality of the carbohydrates being consumed is vital. Whole grains and unrefined unprocessed complex carbohydrates will deliver maximum health benefits while helping to maintain adequate blood sugar levels for these clients. NIE A brand champion and trend expert Tricia Ryan has more than 15 years of progressive experience in marketing and communications with a focus on food and consumer packaged goods in the food and beverage industry. She is a principal at the Gluten-Free Agency providing strategic and communication expertise on the gluten-free market. She also leads the Gluten-Free Certification Program in its marketing efforts across North America. She has an MBA in marketing and business and has completed her internship as a registered dietitian. April 2018 Go to rousselot for info about this advertiser REMEMBERING THE DETAILS By Nicholas Saraceno Maintaining memory and cognitive health is not an issue that should be thought of lightly. Here s how ingredient suppliers and manufacturers are working to help keep consumers minds sharp. T he National Institute on Aging (NIA) defines cognitive health as the ability to clearly think learn and remember. This is only one component of brain health as NIA breaks it down to three additional categories motor function emotional function and sensory function. Although many individuals may argue that these components will begin to decline with age NIA offers ways to help maintain cognitive health including Taking care of your health--getting the recommended health screenings managing chronic health problems limiting alcohol consumption quitting smoking getting adequate sleep Eating healthy foods--fruits and vegetables lean meats whole grains fish poultry dairy Being physical active--exercise and other activities can help increase energy improve mood decrease depression Keeping the mind active--reading books learning new skills playing games and Staying connected--interacting with others via social activities can not only 50 Nutrition Industry Executive improve one s well-being but help with brain activity. Of course following these recommendations does not necessarily mean that dementia or Alzheimer s disease (AD) will be prevented but a lifestyle change does not hurt. In support of these suggestions both ingredient suppliers and manufacturers have designed natural products that provide consumers with a chance to support their memory and cognitive health goals. Beyond that items have been scientifically researched and have demonstrated promising results. Go-to Ingredients From a broader perspective the search for the proper ingredients begins with the basics vitamins and omegas. There are so many ingredients on the market for brain health said Elyse Lovett MS MBA marketing manager with Kyowa Hakko USA in New York. I think some of the more preferred ingredients are those that have been on the market for awhile and those that are backed by strong research. Two of the most popular are the B-complex vitamins and the omegas. Another gaining a lot of tracking is vitamin D with new research on brain health. The company manufacturers its own branded form of Citicoline an ingredient that the National Center for Biotechnology Information reported can help with the treatment of cognitive impairment. Cognizin the branded form of Citicoline is also gaining traction in the market place for is research on focus attention and mental energy Lovett added. An established ingredient with a great safety profile and numerous clinical studies. Along with Citicoline cognitive benefits have also been reported with the use of polyphenols. Polyphenols have been widely touted for their beneficial effects on the brain noted Jocelyn B rub MSc executive vice president scientific and regulatory affairs with innoVactiv Inc. in Canada. For example a 12-week [study] of blueberry polyphenols intake can help improve cognition in healthy April 2018 older adults by supporting optimal blood perfusion. InSea2 concentrates polyphenols of seaweed origin. These polyphenols can impact brain function in a completely different way. InSea2 is known to regulate digestive enzymes amylase and glucosidase two enzymes involved in converting dietary starch and sugar into glucose units in the digestive tract. Slowing these enzymes have been shown in previous trials to increase control over blood glucose peaks in the hours after meal to support a lower insulin release and to improve insulin sensitivity. All of these effects allow the brain to have a more sustainable access to glucose in the post-meal period to avoid any sugar crash. Also controlling insulin peaks helps avoid the imbalance in brain chemicals associated with transport of tryptophan to the brain. When thinking about cognitive health another ingredient that immediately comes to mind is Ginkgo biloba which has evidence supporting its effectiveness. As one of the largest suppliers of Ginkgo biloba extract noted Dolnick TR Nutritionals has watched this product continue to grow year after year. There are many published articles to support its use for memory and cognitive health which is the reason why it has stayed in the forefront of the category. One of the newest ingredients in this category is bacopa extract with 20 percent bacosides. Research has shown that it has an anti-inflammatory effect and may repair damaged neurons. Besides gingko fish oil which contains the omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and phosphatidylcholine can also be viable options with their ability to directly target the brain. Otherwise BioPQQ Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America Inc. s branded form of PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a choice. Some common ingredients include fish oil gingko and phosphatidylcholine. These ingredients are widely recognized by consumers as having some positive effects for improving brain function said Shoji Matsukawa PhD general manager organic chemicals sales and marketing with the company. They may contribute to brain health by enhancing blood flow in [the] brain or by being a constituent material for neurons. BioPQQ an all-natural supplement which has been widely tested is also recognized as a brain food. Studies April 2018 suggest it is a mitochondrial booster that may improve brain health and promote nerve growth factor. Because of these effects BioPQQ may work more directly to improve brain function. According to Annie Eng CEO of Florida-based HP Ingredients Quantum IQ the manufacturer s patented extract of Polygonum minus is standardized to 0.5 percent quercetin 3-glucoronide 0.25 percent quercitrin 15 percent phenols Today s customers want safety and clean labels-- that is products sans irrelevant and or potentially harmful ingredients. -- Annie Eng HP Ingredients Eng noted that the actives above are clinically proven to improve cognitive function and stimulate immune health additionally Quantum IQ has been clinically proven to provide improved cognitive performance improved memory capabilities reduced symptoms of stress mood balancing antioxidant protection and support a healthy immune function. Concerns & Innovations Consumers are now seeking label transparency. Today s customers want safety and clean labels--that is products sans irrelevant and or potentially harmful ingredients Eng stressed. If making beverages or powders exotic flavors and flavor combinations will get the interest--the days of chocolate vanilla and peanut butter are way in the past. B rub agreed--manufacturers must be fully aware of side effects and how these can affect their customers. One of the main concerns should be about safety and tolerability he explained. Caffeine has been used widely in memory and cognitive products as this molecule increases aware- ness. However caffeine intake can induce sleeplessness fast heart and respiration rates and can interact with some medications including SSRIs [selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors]. A safe way to improve cognition and memory is to work on optimizing the body s structures and functions so that the brain can work more effectively. Being a pivotal function of the body blood glucose control has a strong and direct impact on brain function as the brain feeds only on glucose for its energy production. Any strategy able to sustain optimal glucose throughout the day should be a valuable one to include in a dietary supplement. InSea2 is able to sustain optimal glucose and insulin levels after meals and its safety and quality have been recognized through multiple human trials and the GRAS [generally recognized as safe] self-affirmation process. Finished product standards should go beyond clean labels. Manufacturers should be trying to fulfill this unmet need optimal cognitive health. The ingredients behind the supplements and functional food-and-beverage products should be supported by research clinical whenever possible should be effective and should be safe suggested Dan Lifton president Maypro Proprietary Branded Ingredients Group in New York. Sprinkling fairy dust levels of ingredients in order to list something on a label does not benefit consumers. Being aware of which particular age groups prefer which delivery system is essential. Everyone is looking at things differently hence variation is the key said Diyanah Roslan nutritionist ExcelVite Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia. While the elderly prefer that the vitamins supplement food the Millennials now are looking for functional food with added benefit. Cereal drink sports bar and even breakfast oat with added ingredients for memory and cognitive enhancement are among the hot items in the market now. ExcelVite s EVNol SupraBio patented and bio-enhanced full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex meets these requirements--basically the three Bs -- bioavailability bioefficiency and bioefficacy. For Mitsubishi being able to properly purify its branded PQQ ingredient has been the secret behind the company s success. Studies on PQQ date back decades and the company has used its own conducted research to help Nutrition Industry Executive 51 REMEMBERING THE DETAILS demonstrate its accomplishments. In 1979 Nature published a study that detailed the discovery of PQQ as a by-product from alcohol dehydrogenases explained Matsukawa. We decided to focus on this new ingredient and began supplying PQQ for research purposes as early as 1987. Among the research was the discovery of PQQ-deficiency symptoms in mice which was published in Science. A Nature study in 2003 suggested that PQQ be classified as a new form of vitamin B. Although there is some dispute about whether PQQ is truly a vitamin we have conducted a number of in-vitro animal and human clinical studies on our own brand BioPQQ that demonstrate potentially important roles in supporting good health including brain health. Purification of PQQ is a difficult process. Our proprietary technology enables the best quality of this ingredient and this lead to the first and only NDI (new dietary ingredient) notification of BioPQQ. This authenticity is critical for a truly safe ingredient. As a result of these scientific studies Matsukawa said Mitsubishi now has a better understanding of ingredients real benefits which can lead the charge to helping prevent the decline in brain function. continue to increase as baby boomers mature into the senior and elderly demographic hence presenting a significant market segment for dietary supplements that address this issue. Lifton added that by the year 2024 the category of brain health supplements is projected to reach more than 11 billion depending on how one classifies certain segments. He also noted that with the various cognitive conditions that affect consumers not only is the planet s older generation growing in size but so is the concern for optimal health. type products and the older are looking for memory type products. We also have seen another group looking for cognitive health benefits in the sports nutrition arena to get a competitive edge. Dolnick said she welcomes a variety of ingredients but added that what the industry calls the gold standard of studies is needed to support them. Despite various groups consuming them however she feels that those experiencing cognitive conditions or diseases are most impacted. We can never have too many ingredients that support memory and cognition she expressed. What the industry needs is double-blind placebo-controlled trials to support existing and new ingredients. The consumers that are most concerned with memory and cognition are those watching their loved ones suffer from declining cognitive health. That age group ranges anywhere from early 40s to early 60s. Research Eng summarized two specific studies involving HP Ingredients Quantum IQ extract 1. In a randomized double-blind placebo controlled crossover trial published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2013) 20 healthy individuals aged 35 65 were given 150 mg of Quantum IQ or placebo. When compared to baseline the Quantum IQ group demonstrated significant improvement in Cognitive Function Score in Reaction Time Working Memory and Sustained Attention. Supplementation of Quantum IQ also demonstrated a significant reduction in tension depression and anger in profile of mood states (POMS) survey. 2. Another randomized doubleblind placebo-controlled trial published in Clinical Interventions in Aging 2015 gave 35 healthy middle-aged women either 250 mg of Quantum IQ or placebo twice daily for six weeks. Subjects were assessed for neuropsychological test psychosocial status and anthropometric at baseline week 3 and week 6. Quantum IQ showed significant improvement on [the] Digit Span test and social functioning domain of SF36 among subjects with mood disturbance. Among subjects with normal mood Quantum IQ significantly improved short-term memory Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI) for IQ verbal and full scale IQ of WASI. April 2018 Market Status The market for cognitive health has already shown great promise in the past and is predicted to continue its upward trend. This can partially be attributed to multiple age groups showing an interest in improving their cognitive capabilities. The brain health supplement market was valued at 2.3 billion (U.S.) in 2015 with the largest segment [coming] from memory enhancement Roslan said. It is estimated that this memory and cognitive health market will continue to grow until 2024.1 The market for memory and cognitive health is not only restricted to the seniors citizen and elderly. In fact younger adults and millennials also showed interest in this issue especially on stress reduction improving alertness and enhancing cognitive performance. This market is expected to 52 Nutrition Industry Executive The world s older population continues to expand rapidly. In fact 8.5 percent of people worldwide (617 million) are age 65 and older and this percentage is expected to jump to nearly 17 percent of the world s population (to 1.6 billion) by the year 2050. In the U.S. the 65 69 year-old age bracket recently jumped by 30.4 percent--and those 55 and older account for nearly 30 percent of the population today. Healthy cognition is extremely important to consumers--whether it s handling our weekly finances shopping remembering or communicating--being able to mentally function well and independently is of paramount concern. The specter of dementia and Alzheimer s disease aside Americans want to maximize their cognitive health and targeted nutrition can help. The demographics of consumers utilizing brain health supplements vary but are on the rise with both younger and older consumers said Lovett. There is a split between these consumers where the younger demographics are looking for focus attention and concentration Further the supplement group also experienced improvements in anger total mood disturbance tension lack of energy fatigue and social functioning. As mentioned earlier brain health generally declines as one ages but companies are aiming to help reverse or at least slow down these complications. In fact AddNeuroMed Project has helped lead the charge for Alzheimer s disease research. As our population ages explained Roslan the risk for memory and cognitive decline also increases. To make things worse there is no cure for Alzheimer s disease available in the market yet and the progress in finding a cure is disappointingly slow. Hence it is no surprise that most companies are interested in research improving memory and cognitive health with an aim to delay the memory and cognitive decline of an individual. A case in point-- AddNeuroMed Project--established in the late 2000s in Europe--a European public private consortium to study and look for novel biomarkers for Alzheimer s disease. As a result four epidemiological studies published in peer-reviewed journals such as Neurobiology of Aging show that among the many biomarkers in the plasma low levels of tocopherol and tocotrienol are significantly associated with increased odds of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer s disease (AD).2 This series of studies pointed out the relationship and the important role of tocotrienols and tocopherols in relation to supporting healthy cognitive function especially in [the] elderly. The authors concluded that high plasma levels of vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols) are associated with a reduced risk of AD in advanced age with tocotrienols being more potent than tocopherols in preventing AD. 3 Research doesn t always ensure quality supplements Dolnick warned. As stated earlier the gold standard in clinical research is double-blind placebocontrolled trials she said. Typically we find this research on branded ingredients. However depending on the ingredient it doesn t mean that the research doesn t transfer over to the non-branded ingredients. Giving a product a branded name doesn t necessarily differentiate it when it comes to the manufacturing process or the botanicals used. What s most important is the quality of the ingredients and that an efficacious dose is used. This is not a place for finished goods companies to skimp April 2018 on ingredients to make label claim. The consumer that purchases this type of product is serious about preserving cognitive health. Future of Cognitive Health Ingredients Over the years there has been more of a continued focus on AD and Parkinson s disease as scientists continue to investigate how the brain can worsen. However prevention has been the focal point in the natural products industry. There has been a great focus on medical approaches to reducing dementia including discovering therapies for Alzheimer s disease and Parkinson s disease as well as understanding the mechanism of how brain function deteriorates said Matsukawa. However we ve seen how big a challenge this is and recently some large pharmaceutical companies have been withdrawing from this area. On the contrary we see preventive measures such as daily supplements and ingredients becoming more popular. In summary times have certainly changed especially since the turn of the century. Still with change comes new discoveries such as research on a variety of ingredients. Back in the late-1990s the prevailing wisdom was just take your B vitamins and ginkgo and call it a day observed Lifton. Today in addition to such ingredients as ETAS and MicroPQQ a number of foods and ingredients have attracted increasing research interest including curcumin magnesium phosphatidylserine omega-3s and others. NIE References 1 news home 20170621005628 en Global-Brain-Health-SupplementsMarket-2016-2024-Focus. 2 Mangialasche F. Xu W. Kivipelto M. Costanzi E. Ercolani S. Pigliautile M. ... & Tsolaki M. (2012). Tocopherols and tocotrienols plasma levels are associated with cognitive impairment. Neurobiology of Aging 33(10) 2282-2290. 3 Mangialasche F et al. (2010). High Plasma Levels of Vitamin E Forms and Reduced Alzheimer s Disease Risk in Advanced Age. J Alzheimers Dis. 20(4) 1029-37. Extra Extra Visit to read about a study from the American Academy of Neurology explaining how following a Mediterranean diet can be beneficial toward brain health. FORMOREINFORMATION ExcelVite Sdn. Bhd. HP Ingredients innoVactiv Inc. Kyowa Hakko USA Maypro Proprietary Branded Ingredients Group Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America Inc.. TR Nutritionals Don t miss a single issue of NIE in 2018 ... go online to renew your free subscription today April18 Nutrition Industry Executive 53 By James J. Gormley The Participants Are Jocelyn B rub Executive Vice President Scientific & Regulatory Affairs innoVactiv Montreal QC Canada T here are 126 million adult women in the U.S. and so aside from being women there are in fact many heterogeneous consumer demographics sub-segments and trends in such a large group. Our panel of industry experts looks at some of the main drivers innovations and development trends in the booming women s health mega market. Michael Chernyak President CK Ingredients Oakville ON Canada Dan Lifton President Maypro s Proprietary Branded Ingredients Group Purchase NY Kate Quackenbush Director of Communications NattoPharma USA Edison NJ 54 Nutrition Industry Executive NIE What do female consumers perceive to be their biggest health and wellness challenges Lifton Women s health really does cover a vast landscape of consumer health needs from bone health to heart health to hormonal balance and symptom relief to vaginal health and metabolism--it really depends on age activity levels and individual health goals. But there is no monolithic or typical female consumer just as there is no universal male consumer. Quackenbush When women are younger--in their 20s and 30s--their primary concerns are reproductive and menstrual health. When women enter their mid-40s they tend to become more concerned about peri-menopause and menopause as well as bone strength and integrity. After menopause the two top concerns for women become cardiovascular wellness and bone density. The connection between these two factors is obtaining adequate levels of vitamin K2 as MK-7. And women of all ages are always concerned about being physically fit. When both the skeleton and the cardiovascular systems are healthy and functioning optimally women can maintain higher levels of activity and fitness which also favorably impacts bone and heart health. B rub Female health encompasses multiple health indications extending much further than hormonal support or vitamins and minerals for expecting or lactating mothers. An important area of interest for women include healthy aging and skin health with support of skin hydration being a top priority concern for women across all age groups. While women usually spend high amounts on cosmetic anti-aging or antiwrinkle creams few know that April 2018 ing optimal skin hydration is the best anti-aging there is. With advances in nutrition research new options now exist to support optimal skin hydration at all sites of the body including areas that are less adequate for use of topical creams such as [for the] scalp. One of these options is the use of oral plant-derived ceramides offering a clinically-validated support for skin hydration on all sites of the body. Ceramides are a normal component of skin playing an essential role in preventing water loss. Studies show that corn or rice-derived ceramides offer high efficacy at low daily dosage because they are able to stimulate the endogenous synthesis of new ceramides at the epidermal level. Chernyak While women tend to have a higher life expectancy than men their greatest challenge relates to enjoying a healthier life. Women in peri-menopause and menopause tend to face significant health challenges such as arthritis depression osteoporosis breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. prevent or ease some of the conditions that result from peri-menopause and menopause. Overall a nutrient rich diet with adequate calcium iron fiber and moderate use of high fat foods and sugar is important in maintaining good health. Increased water consumption and limited alcohol and caffeine also play a critical role. NIE We used to hear so much about chasteberry dong quai soy and red clover for women s health. Then concerns arose about phytoestrogenic effects that were too powerful and which could mirror albeit less so some of the same concerns about HRT. Where did the science and supplements net out on phytoestrogen ingredients ultimately Women in peri-menopause and menopause tend to face significant health challenges such as arthritis depression osteoporosis breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. -- Michael Chernyak CK Ingredients Chernyak While phytoestrogens have been found to be beneficial in the treatment of menopause there are some side effects that evoke caution such as hypothyroidism decreased mineral absorption and gastrointestinal problems including bloating gas constipation and nausea. There is also concern that specific phytoestrogens can cause an increase risk of breast cancer in women that are allergic to soy or sensitive to hormone replacement therapy. NIE Hormonal changes affect the body s nutritional and metabolic needs. In women while monthly variations can call for specific support peri-menopause and menopause create a whole range of dietary and nutritional support needs. Where is the research today on safely supporting healthy hormonal responses for women Lifton Many hormonal and metabolic activities and needs overlap whether we are referring to sleep anxiety mood or PMS. Targeted nutrition comes into play. Enter our Venetron ingredient. Derived from a patented purified extract of Apocynum venetum Venetron doesn t impact the CYP3A pathway unlike St. John s wort and is also more effective at a lower dose (50 mg per day). Its positive support combating stress and promoting a positive outlook and enhanced sleep quality stem from its mechanism of action in reducing secretion of chromogranic A a stress marker and increasing serotonin levels so boosting mood. Vaginal health is of vital importance too and so that is one of the reasons we offer ProDURA Bacillus coagulans a unique strain of spore-forming bacteria which according to published research supports the health of the vaginal and gastrointestinal tracts in addition to helping to restore a good balance of bacteria. Chernyak The research certainly indicates that good nutrition can help to April 2018 MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7 is clinically validated to address. Vitamin K2 added to bone health formulas featuring calcium and vitamin D makes the formula much more effective in preserving bone mineralization and density leading to increased bone strength. The addition of K2 to calcium formulas also helps decrease the risk of cardiovascular concerns from excessive calcium supplementation. For this reason vitamin K2 is becoming a core nutrient for heart health formulas because it has been shown to not only inhibit agerelated arterial stiffening but actually improved arterial stiffness (i.e. arteries became more flexible). The connection between the two is calcium and how it is affected by vitamin K2-dependent proteins osteocalcin and Matrix Gla protein (MGP) respectively. A platform of research has shown that vitamin K2 can stave bone and cardiovascular aging through its mechanism of activating (carboxylation) of these proteins. Carboxylated MGP has been shown to inhibit dietary calcium from depositing into cardiovascular arteries while the activated osteocalcin ensures calcium is bound to the bone mineral matrix. MenaQ7 was the source material for the ground-breaking research that has confirmed vitamin K2 as MK-7 is a boneand cardiovascular-support nutrient. NIE What vitamins such as vitamin K and others are most important for women s health and why Quackenbush Two of the major health issues impacting women aging in a healthy way are cardiovascular events and weakened bone health--two areas NIE Some say it s all about insulin the master metabolic hormone and what (and how) we supply it. Talk about safely supporting healthy glucose levels and metabolic health. B rub A big part of health maintenance involves maintaining optimal insulin sensitivity. Several metabolic disorders have been associated with insulin resistance. For example insulin resistance in the brain manifests as Alzheimer s disease while in the ovaries it is called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). While treatments of these diseases are extending far beyond reach of nutraceuticals steps can be taken to avoid creating a favorable metabolic environment for insulin resistance. Our current diet contains large amounts of refined carbohydrates and sugars often added as a substitute for fat in low fat foods. Since the 1970s we ve been told to avoid fat in our food and hence food manufacturers offered a plethora of low fat food items laden with carbs and sugar. The result is that now our diabetes rates are skyrocketing and our population is not healthier than before. Nutrition Industry Executive 55 Using inhibitors of carbohydrate digestion can help alleviate the glycemic stress associated with our current sugar intake placing the body in a context that facilitates maintenance of insulin sensitivity rather than insulin resistance. Because we eat carbs under the form of starch or more simply as sugar it is important to choose an inhibitor that will target both amylase and glucosidase enzymes as they will offer the most complete coverage of dietary carbs. Chernyak Estrogen decreases as women start to approach menopause. Estrogen helps to move excess sugar out of the bloodstream. With less estrogen more sugar stays in the blood causing the accumulation of fat in the abdomen which elevates risk for diabetes and heart disease. Staying healthy is key--eliminating soda packaged foods with added sugars and eating plenty of vegetables fruits and legumes. Lifton As women and men both want to use effective anti-aging ingredients Maypro s Sirtmax--derived from the rhizome of black turmeric--is believed to enhance the activity of the anti-aging SIRT1 gene also called the longevity gene which in turn recharges mitochondria the power plant of cells. Studies have shown decreases in body weight in addition to healthy blood sugar levels improved arterial flexibility and more. health ingredients and complexes for foods and beverages. Chernyak Women experiencing menopausal symptoms are looking for effective science-backed solutions they can trust. Changes in hormones can result in an uncomfortable array of symptoms. This is even more complicated for women in the transitional years of peri-menopause and post-menopause where traditional treatments are used more conservatively. In these stages botanical therapies can prove to be advantageous. Botanicals have been used for centuries in the East to ease the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. There are three herbs in particular that have repeatedly been shown to be efficacious in supporting the health of menopausal women Cynanchum wilfordii Phlomis umbrosa and Angelica gigas. and 9. It is naturally fermented using chickpea protein offering an all-trans vitamin K2 that is free from gluten soy and allergens. MenaQ7 Full Spectrum provides optimal and maximal delivery of vitamin K2 for superior absorption half-life and biological activity. NIE Tell us about some of the newest and most novel nutritional solutions for women. B rub InnoVactiv offers two ingredients that can support the health of women. InSea2 is a brown seaweed extract able to inhibit amylase and glucosidase enzymes for an optimal blood glucose and insulin metabolism after meal. Research shows InSea2 also supports insulin sensitivity in both genders while showing no gastrointestinal side effects. InSea2 is GRAS (generally recognized as safe)-affirmed organic certified and nonGMO (genetically modified organism) so any health-conscious woman should be able to use it with confidence. Myoceram is a range of plant ceramide ingredients derived from corn or rice. Myoceram can effectively support optimal skin hydration levels at all sites of the body by reducing trans-epidermal water loss (the amount of water that escapes through the skin). Clinical studies show that the ingredient is effective at very low daily dose possibly explained by stimulation of ceramidesynthase enzymes in the epidermis. Myoceram is non-wheat derived gluten free and thus requires absolutely no allergen declaration on the label. NIE What other considerations should finished product manufacturers and formulators keep in mind when developing new product introductions for women Chernyak Scientific support is critical in development of new products for women. Given the nature of the symptoms related to peri-menopause and menopause it is particularly important for supplement manufacturers to provide solutions that have been validated for safety and efficacy. The science supporting EstroG-100 continues to validate this branded blend of natural extracts for effective support of the symptoms of menopause. NIE NIE Bone health It s about calcium and a whole lot more. Talk about where we are today in mineral health ingredients. Lifton Bone metabolism is another key area and our MBP milk protein ingredient encourages healthy bone remodeling by increasing the number of osteoblasts and decreasing the activity of osteoclasts. Without collagen calcium has nowhere to attach to bone--MBP promotes collagen formation and in this way helps calcium adhere to bone. Another proprietary branded ingredient that we offer sucrosomial magnesium encourages strong bones too but in a form that is highly bioavailable--20 percent more bioavailable than magnesium citrate and absorbed faster. NIE Talk about innovation in women s 56 Nutrition Industry Executive These ingredients have been extensively studied both for safety and efficacy. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) in Korea has registered these herbs as non-toxic food materials based on the fact that they have been used as safe ingredients for herbal remedies for several hundred years in both Korea and China. Now available in Canada and the United States this combination of botanical ingredients is available as EstroG-100 and science continues to validate the safety synergy and long history of the branded blend of natural extracts for effective support of the symptoms of menopause. Quackenbush Via NattoPharma s technological breakthrough MenaQ7 Full Spectrum K2 provides MK-6 7 8 Extra Extra Visit to read about young women s attitudes toward health fitness and well-being. April 2018 IngredientTechnology Great Expectations for Taste Texture & Nutrition By Janet Poveromo t may be said that the ultimate goal of the food scientist is to alter foods textures so that healthy stuff tastes really good. One of the biggest shifts we have noticed is that consumers are no longer pursuing deprivation-style diets and therefore are less and less willing to compromise on taste said Noman Khan R&D director--Liquid Beverage with Kerry in Wisconsin. They expect products to taste great while delivering excellent nutritional benefits. While all food products require that the taste and texture be designed to positively delight consumers this is especially true for nutritional beverages he added. Many of the nutritional beverages use a variety of proteins fibers vitamins minerals and other functional ingredients that impart unique challenges for development. Kerry has extensive experience in designing products to overcome these sensory challenges by utilizing many of the technologies as well as superior formulation capabilities. Jon Peters president of Beneo Inc. in New Jersey said the company s portfolio I contains several ingredients that in addition to providing taste and texture are also addressing trends consumers are interested in such as clean label sugar reduction gluten free and even added fiber. For example Beneo s chicory root fibers inulin and oligofructose which are extracted with hot water are natural non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and prebiotic he said. In nutrition bars for example they act as key components of the binding system which helps to retain the texture (a humectant). Oligofructose is also adding sweetness which means sugar can be reduced. With chicory root fibers claims may be made for blood sugar management digestive health and fiber-enhanced. Additionally Beneo s portfolio is composed of both native and modified rice starches where the modification takes place to achieve more functionality in terms of texture body and stability Peters explained. Rice starch differentiates itself with small granule size creating a full bodied and creamy mouth feel. The ratio and structure of amylopectins ensure the stability characteristics of the food product. Rice starch is also known for its hypoallergenic properties and easy digestibility. Some of the major applications for rice starch include savory dairy baby food and bakery. Protein Protein snacks have seen a wave of popularity but often have their own quality and taste challenges. Lars Vestergaard Nielsen marketing manager with Arla Food Ingredients in Denmark noted that nearly half of U.S. consumers (45 percent) purchased a high-protein bar in the past month according to research. However he said due to textural deterioration during shelf life--a common issue with highprotein snack bars--it s likely that many of these bars had lost their soft texture by the time they were eaten. To address this problem the company s technologists have developed a new whey protein solution that stays soft over the long term. When formulated with Lacprodan SoftBar protein bars retain an indulgent cohesive texture for 12 months Nutrition Industry Executive 57 April 2018 IngredientTechnology or more in ambient storage conditions. To showcase the benefits of this new protein solution we created a 27 percent protein raspberry protein bar concept that is the perfect blueprint for sports nutrition applications Nielsen said. It highlights how it is now possible to crack the problem of hard protein bars. Furthermore Lacprodan SoftBar is allnatural and derived from cows milk helping to keep the recipe simple and ensure consumer demand for clean and clear labels is met. The appeal of protein continues to grow and reach new consumers Nielsen said. It remains strong in sports nutrition its core market but even non-sporty shoppers are seeking it out for more general health reasons such as day-today weight management. The caveat is that it has traditionally been difficult to incorporate whey into clear RTDs [ready to drink] without compromising the taste texture and appearance of the product. However Arla Foods Ingredients has developed Lacprodan DI-9213 which addresses this challenge. It can be successfully incorporated into a crystal clear RTD that is 100 percent whey-based contains up to 9 percent protein content is sugar and fat free and offers a smooth taste. Also concerning whey protein Michael Hiron vice president of sales for Human Nutrition Ingredients with Milk Specialties in Minnesota said that another innovation is what the company considers its breakthrough ingredient. The first instantized clear whey protein isolate in powder form PRObev is a heat-stable whey protein isolate that is clear in solution over a wide range of pH levels. It is produced by utilizing a proprietary filtration process that isolates native whey proteins in a highly concentrated form to provide maximum functionality. Instant PRObev is a breakthrough ingredient because in the market today there is no other clear ready-to-mix instant whey protein Hiron explained. Since there is no other ingredient like instant PRObev this new product could transform the ever-changing protein trends among consumers. Not only is our instant PRObev in powder form new it is also an addition to our new PRObev line which includes our liquid PRObev. The creation of PRObev came to light when we identified the need for an instantized clear WPI. Hiron added that the typical ready-tomix high protein drinks are conventional flavors of chocolate vanilla and strawber58 Nutrition Industry Executive ry due to the standard creamy texture of dairy proteins. When formulating with dairy protein it is common to follow the creamy look and feel with similar flavors. PRObev s exclusive processing offers a clean clear WPI that blends effortlessly into water-based beverages opening the door for manufacturers to formulate unique out-of-the-box flavor profiles. This flavor revolution could lead to an expansion of colorful and tropical flavors for consumers that need a thirst-quenching beverage that is easily consumed while providing the nutritional benefits of protein. For example the world s first sparkling protein water Fizzique is made with Milk Specialties PRObev heat-stable whey protein isolate. plant proteins including pea protein are attracting consumers attention. Here too we see growing interest in labelfriendly claims such as organic nonGMO and gluten free with some companies boldly touting their simple recognizable ingredient lists on product packaging. However plant proteins pose a significant challenge in creating great tasting beverages Khan said. They bring a lot of earthy and beany taste attributes while their texture can be gritty and sandy. Kerry s R&D teams have made significant inroads into developing great tasting plant- based protein beverages that are superior in taste and nutritional delivery compared to the current products in market. Nielson agreed. Enhancing the palatability of protein remains a challenge. Most protein as a standalone ingredient is not known for its great taste and as such a lot of our customers look to us to supply proteins that won t impair the flavor of their food and beverage products. In fact besides their many nutrition and health benefits proteins extracted from milk such as whey have a pleasant taste that makes them acceptable to most consumers Nielson added. Many plant proteins by contrast face serious taste challenges which limits their use in food and beverage products or necessitates the use of masking agents which can compromise clean label strategies. No Sugar Please Minnesota-based Cargill has also seen sales of protein in functional beverages explode with a steady stream of new products entering the marketplace. Protein remains the big driver with growing interest in products formulated using plant-sourced proteins agreed Paige Ties the company s technical service manager research and development. In particular pea protein is emerging as beverage aisle favorite. From consumers perspective pea protein fits today s hottest trends. It s a sustainable plant protein that s non-allergenic veganfriendly and non-GMO (genetically modified organism). And as for nutrition bars Chad Rieschl a senior research technologist with Cargill noted that they have long been a hit with American consumers. As with beverages protein continues to grow but it s no longer limited to just whey or soy protein sources. Emerging Consumers want to reduce their sugar intake. The International Food Information Council Foundation s (IFIC) 2017 Food and Health Survey found that 76 percent of American consumers are trying to limit or avoid sugars and six in 10 consumers view added sugars negatively said Pam Stauffer global marketing programs manager with Cargill. Here in the U.S. the redesign of the nutrition facts panel and its inclusion of added sugar will only increase demand for reduced-sugar products creating opportunities for further innovation in a wide range of products including functional bars and beverages. Product makers will likely explore reformulations aimed at targeted levels of added sugar or calories. But while consumers are anxious to avoid sugar and may gravitate toward familiar ingredients taste remains the key purchase driver. As the 2017 IFIC study showed more than 84 percent of U.S. consumers consistently say product April 2018 taste has the most impact on their decision to buy a food or beverage. Historically the extent of sugar reductions was limited by the quality of sweetness or presence of aftertastes such as bitterness from high-intensity sweeteners said Andy Ohmes Cargill s global director of high-intensity sweeteners. With continued pressure to reduce sugar and calories in beverages maximizing sweetness intensity without compromising quality was the critical taste hurdle. Sweetener combinations can be very useful to achieve greater sweetness intensity improved sweetness quality and even optimizing formulation costs. Cargill offers ViaTech stevia-sweeteners Zerose erythritol and soon EverSweet sweetener to deliver on this opportunity. Of course texture must still be considered. In applications like bars texture is the big thing to watch when taking out sugar said Chad Rieschl senior research technologist with Cargill. The bar may become harder so formulators need to manipulate other ingredients to maintain a soft texture. Fortunately there are a number of options that can help including adjusting the fat adding glycerin experimenting with different combinations of syrups keeping some of the sugar in the formulation using a small amount of honey or even making changes to processing. All of those factors can affect a bar s texture. Deciding which approach is right often hinges on shelf life water activity and processing requirements. Fiber As for other consumer preferences Derek Timm PhD RDN functional ingredient technology expert for Taiyo International in Minnesota pointed out that consumers are increasingly looking for more natural and free-from products. Sunfiber is naturally found in the guar plant. Sunfiber fits nicely into the free-from desires of customers since it is 100 percent gluten-free and Non-GMO Project verified. Additionally Sunfiber is kosher and halal. Sunfiber is the first Monash University Low-FODMAP (fermentable oligo- di- mono-saccharides and polyols) certified dietary fiber and can be incorporated in products seeking to capitalize on the low-FODMAP trend. Lastly customers are more informed than ever and want products that truly deliver on their promise. He added that guar fiber is truly efficacious with more than 180 published clinical studies for a wide April 2018 range of benefits such as laxation blood glucose attenuation satiety and cholesterol reduction. Also at Cargill naturally sourced fibers from the chicory plant such as OliggoFiber can deliver functionality in bars and beverages while at the same time providing digestive health benefits and supporting brand ambitions such as vegan Non-GMO Project Verified and no added sugar. Known as the invisible fiber chicory root fiber can be used by beverage and bar makers without affecting the taste or texture of the final product. Studies have shown that 5 grams of chicory root fiber per day not only adds fiber to the diet but can also help feed probiotic bacteria in the gut. Cargill s proprietary consumer research shows that chicory root fiber is perceived as a healthful ingredient that positively impacts consumers willingness to purchase noted Taylor Halstead Cargill s product manager for specialty carbohydrates. In addition Cargill s ability to extract pectin from citrus fruits has improved by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years said Jamie Underwood senior technical service representative at the company. We re now able to manipulate the structure of pectin to better target stability and gelling. These discoveries have made possible drinkable yogurts milkjuice blends and low-pH dairy beverages. Previously it wasn t possible to create a stable low-pH dairy beverage that wouldn t curdle. However thanks to our enhanced pectin products yogurt drinks are now one of the hottest dairy beverage segments. Addressing consumers that are paying close attention to product labels Beneo utilizes-state-of-the-art techniques to deliver rice starch that matches customer expectations for quality and technical performance according to Peters. To meet the natural expectations that today s consumers demand while also providing manufacturers the opportunity to use high-performance rice starches in applications requiring severe processing conditions Beneo developed Remypure functional rice starch. Beneo uses a proprietary thermal inhibition process which allows for the improvement of functional properties without the use of chemicals. Beneo s rice starch and chicory root products overcome limitations in taste and texture. For example chicory root fibers are very easy to incorporate into various products. Inulin is ideal for replacing fat in products because of its long chain molecular structure and its low solubility which enables it to form fat-like granules in water-containing systems under high shear Peters explained. With its neutral and balanced flavor it doesn t affect the after taste of the product yet delivers in terms of a similar mouth feel texture and creaminess. In addition the fiber benefits of adding inulin to products enables a fat out-fiber in message to consumers. Orafti Inulin can replace fat by up to 100 percent and at maximum 2 kcal g helps to significantly reduce the calorie count in fat-reduced products. Beneo can demonstrate the benefits of inulin through its Orafti Inulin Creaming process. This process uses Beneo s chicory fiber inulin in water-containing systems such as dairy desserts cream cheese spreads processed cheeses yogurts and sauces and creates a fat-like cream using shearing force to deliver excellent texture. Its versatile five different grades of inulin allow Beneo to fulfill individual requirements in terms of texture and creaminess. Also rice starch can help to reduce fat in products that still convey a creamy texture and mouth feel. Additionally regular rice starch can also be used to improve a product s structure Peters pointed out. Overall In the area of taste and texture the largest obstacle is consumer acceptance of ingredients on the label that are needed for the product to achieve the right look and taste Hiron said. The ingredient may be used to enhance texture or improve flavor but for some consumers if it is hard to pronounce or it sounds scary--it must be a bad for you ingredient. For Milk Specialties we have an advantage when it comes to tackling clean label challenges because dairy ingredients are generally recognized by the consumer and accepted. By understanding the functional properties of dairy ingredients and the desired texture or taste characteristics of the finished product Milk Specialties can overcome almost any formulation obstacle. NIE FORMOREINFORMATION Arla Foods Ingredients Beneo Cargill Kerry Milk Specialties Taiyo Nutrition Industry Executive 59 MarketingInnovation The ROI of Knowing Your Audience By Todd Pauli T here are many names for the people you re trying to reach as a nutrition industry marketer. You might call them your audience your customer or your target market. You think about this group often because without them all of the objectives you set and plans you put in place cease to serve a purpose. As I talk to brands in our industry both consumer facing and further up the supply chain I find that everyone has broad ideas about their audience but many miss the details that create deeper customer relationships and resulting sales. Depending on the size of the brand and the budget available for marketing research many companies have made the investment to identify their targets by age gender purchasing habits and usually a myriad of other factors. Others have broad stroke ideas of who they are trying to reach based on industry trade articles and 60 Nutrition Industry Executive the sales content published by competitors. All of these customer insights are important for developing products that fit marketplace needs. Knowing the target audience from the start is great but issues often arise when that original customer profile becomes a static description used to drive campaigns social media and marketing content year after year without refreshing that picture or delving more deeply. At that point marketing campaigns can become vanilla customer messages that are broadly targeted to customer stereotypes without providing real information to encourage audience engagement. Brands targeting messages to busy working moms could be selling anything from health food snacks to daycare services. Really knowing your audience means getting specific which will ultimately help you identify more closely with the potential customers you are trying to reach. Specific Content Specificity has never been more important than in the current age of content-based marketing. In the old days when print ads and direct mail were just about all you had in your promotional toolbox to target a specific audience timing and design were on equal terms with content. A prospective customer could flip through a magazine or read the stack of mail on her desk and had an equal chance of encountering your message compared to your competitor s. Maybe your timing was perfect and they were looking for your message in the moment they encountered it or maybe the design of your piece caused them to pause and consider a new product. With the rise of search engine algorithms and social platforms that constantly prioritize specific content to reach the individual preferences and needs of users the fact that you pay for access to an audience doesn t give April 2018 you an equal shot at reaching anyone who might engage with your brand content. In a Google search for CoQ10 suppliers in North America the success of your content depends on whether or not Google determines your content to fit the request. It also depends on how many previous readers found your article to be helpful for that given year. The more specific the content the greater the chance the audience you intend to reach will read it. Creating content is hard work. Even bad content takes time and money to produce. A content piece promoted through trade media channels costs just the same to distribute no matter if it resonates with your target audience or not. So whether it s a paid promotional piece or content that you hope rises in search results based on a few targeted key word phrases the more specifically you can speak to the individual needs of your target audience the more successful the piece will be. Not only will a highly targeted piece perform better during the initial promotion it will also perform better in the long run as it lives on your website and appears in search results leading prospective customers to your site. When you consider the rate at which brands are producing content today it becomes clear that being specific is the only way to truly break through the noise and gain an audience that engages with your efforts. One way to begin tailoring your content to reach a more targeted audience is to create from the audience s perspective which may seem obvious but in practice many brands do just the opposite. If you ve walked the aisles of Expo West or SupplySide West as many of us have you ve experienced what it s like to create content from a brand perspective vs. an audience perspective. Walk up to most booths and ask What do you do and the sales rep in a polo shirt coordinated to the company s logo color will give you a quick elevator pitch about the company s products or services. You the audience could be a potential customer a competitor or maybe a supplier hoping to form a partnership. The messages to each of these audiences should be significantly different. In the trade show scenario the booth staff that keep things a little more conversational usually have a more valuable April 2018 exchange with their audience as they ask questions and naturally tailor their pitch to the audience. Similar to a genuine exchange at a trade show creating content should involve taking the time necessary to connect with your audience in a meaningful way. This becomes even more important when it comes to creating content. If you flub a conversation with a sales prospect at a tradeshow there will likely be dozens more that same day. A content piece lives a much longer life as it s often the first brand messaging potential customers come upon as they encounter your brand online. Prospective customers conducting online searches can encounter brand content online for months or years. quickly narrow down to one or two based on formulation preference price or other criteria. After that they move to evaluating individual suppliers processing methods pricing and quality controls. At this late stage in the game potential customers are eager to absorb content to help them make a detailed decision. At this point well-written whitepapers ebooks and other longer form content can be extremely helpful in making purchase decisions. Opting In Content marketing is built on the premise of establishing a trusted customer relationship by becoming a truly helpful resource for them as they attempt to learn about a product category. Engaging potential customers early with resources that provide objective accurate research establishes trust which is a big step among all of the sales-centric biased content typically provided by brands. Think of these content pieces as the first level of engagement sent out into the world to make initial contact with prospective customers you are not yet aware are interested in your products. In this scenario brands are selling their industry expertise and education resources. This should not be a hard product sell because a potential customer or audience member is not ready to engage with a hard sales message this early in the product research process. The goal for this content creation is to demonstrate enough category expertise to successfully invite customers to opt-in for more information. Once opted-in an audience s appetite for more specifics about your particular product could happen very quickly depending on the status of the potential customer s need to find a solution. At that point if you ve tailored your content to meet the audience s needs instead of blindly publishing only the product benefits you wish to communicate you ll be seen as a valuable information resource which is a huge advantage. Lastly in the interest of knowing and serving your target audience strong customer relationships are the most valuable resource marketers can turn to. Once your marketing efforts pay off and a customer becomes an advocate for your products the importance of listening to them becomes even greater. At this point in the sales cycle Nutrition Industry Executive 61 One way to begin tailoring your content to reach a more targeted audience is to create from the audience s perspective which may seem obvious but in practice many brands do just the opposite. Audiences typically engage with brands in stages especially in a research-heavy selling process like is typical in the nutrition industry. Whether potential buyers collect business cards at trade shows for later follow-up contact the company they see quoted most often in trade magazine articles or begin with a simple Google search the process of finding the right product or partner tends to start generally and quickly move to more specifics. For example buyers researching natural sweeteners may first encounter a brand through an online slideshow highlighting the top five hottest natural sweeteners in the nutrition industry. From there they MarketingInnovation B2B marketers such as ingredient suppliers or service providers often share the same goals as their customers. Successfully helping consumer-facing customers sell more products on shelf will ensure stronger sales throughout the supply chain. Content plays an important role in the process by supplying sales tools branded ingredient information and other co-marketing materials to communicate the unique advantages of your proprietary product. Beyond providing content to help sell your products strong customer relationships also provide the insights needed to tailor marketing content and reach an audience in ways simple feedback surveys never will. Make the effort to spend time face-to-face with top customers and really get to know the details of how they purchase how they market their solutions and what are the most important aspects of a customer-supplier relationship to them. I always feel the more genuine the effort the more valuable the results when it comes to conversations with your customers (audience). A conference call with a few members of a client s marketing team may yield valuable insights but my experience tells me that spending a couple of hours with the same group at a casual dinner leads to deeper connections and a real understanding of what they need to be successful. Trust is an inherent quality of a good friendship. Sure you may not become great friends with all of your customers but if you strive to know your audience on that level it s much easier to produce content and marketing materials that work. NIE The Shelton Group is a boutique public relations and marketing agency working exclusively in the dietary supplements and natural products industry since 1990. Todd Pauli works with clients to develop comprehensive marketing strategies that integrate social media advertising and content marketing. Prior to joining The Shelton Group Pauli led marketing communications efforts for several well-known businesses including NOW Foods one of the largest supplement manufacturers in the natural channel. Contact him at todd ClassifiedAd Growing nutritional company is looking for motivated independent manufacturer representatives to promote and sell MLW Nutrition s unique line of Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) whey protein isolate products. Candidates should be conversant with regard to the benefits of dietary supplementation and carry non-conflicting product lines. USA and Canada territories are open. Generous commissions. Respond to mlw FAMILY OF PUBLICATIONS Branch Out With VRM s Our 2018 Media Planner Is Available At 2018-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at (732) 432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Barry Young at (732) 432-9600 ext. 103 or e-Mail Barry 62 Nutrition Industry Executive April 2018 Equipment&Packaging Stand-alone Dust Collector A new Stand-alone Dust Collector from Pennsylvania-based Flexicon removes airborne dust from upstream processes and discharges it into containers positioned below the collection hopper protecting operators and improving plant hygiene while eliminating material waste. The housing is equipped with a 6-inch (15-millimeter) diameter side inlet port dual filter cartridges a 2HP (1.5 kW) fan motor a 2.5 cubic-feet (70-liter) collection hopper with flanged slide gate valve and automated controls. Any upstream process that generates dust can be vented to the system through hard piping or a flexible connection drawing dust onto dual filter cartridges. At timed intervals an automatic reverse-pulse filter cleaning system releases short blasts of compressed plant air inside the filters causing dust build-up on the outer filter surfaces to fall into the hopper. Because the filters are blasted alternately at timed intervals with adjustable force operation of the dust collection system is both continuous and efficient. An indicator light on the control panel notifies the operator when the receiving hopper is full. The slide gate at the hopper outlet can be opened manually allowing collected material to gravity discharge into a container. The system s stainless-steel housing and support structure together with NEMA 4X water-resistant controls and wash-downduty fan motor allow rapid cleaning or sanitizing of the entire unit between product runs. Dust collection systems are also offered integral to bulk bag dischargers produced by the company whose line additionally includes bulk bag conditioners bulk bag fillers flexible screw conveyors tubular cable conveyors pneumatic conveying systems drum box container dumpers bag dump stations weigh batching and blending systems and engineered plant-wide bulk handling systems with automated controls. For more information visit Douglas Launches New Case Packer for IQF Applications Minnesota-based Douglas Machine Inc. s new TriVex CLi case packer is designed specifically for pillow and gusseted bags of Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) products such as frozen vegetables and potatoes. The integrated case erector upright and flat pack flexibility and large size range meet market demands for case packing both retail and food service bags. For more information visit Advertiser Index Balchem Bergstrom Nutrition Certified Nutraceuticals FutureCeuticals GCI Nutrients Gnosis USA Inc Jiaherb Inc. 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Javits Convention Center New York NY epack July 15-18 IFT 2018 McCormick Place Chicago IL September 12-15 Natural Products Expo East Baltimore Convention Center Baltimore MD November 6-10 SupplySide West Mandalay Bay Las Vegas NV November 29 - December 2 SOHO Expo Gaylord Palm Hotel and Convention Center Kissimmee FL April 2018 Nutrition Industry Executive 63 ConsultantoftheMonth Swander Pace Capital 550 Hills Dr. Ste. 106 Bedminster NJ 07921 Phone (908) 719-2322 Email info 101 Mission St. Ste. 1900 San Francisco CA 94105 Phone (415) 477-8500 Email info Rob DesMarais Managing Director Swander Pace Capital (SPC) is a private equity firm that invests in companies that are integral to consumers lives. The firm partners with management teams to help build companies to their full potential investing in businesses across three domains of consumer lifestyles Food & Beverage Body & Wellness and Home & Family. With offices in San Francisco CA Bedminster NJ and Toronto Canada Swander Pace has invested in more than 45 companies and raised cumulative equity commitments of approximately 1.8 billion since 1996. As a managing director & partner at Swander Pace Rob DesMarais actively manages the firm portfolio companies in a Board level capacity in addition to sourcing and executing new investment transactions. DesMarais currently serves as chairman of several companies including Oregon Ice Cream (Alden s Julie s Organic Ice Cream) and Reliance Holdings (PlantFusion plant-based protein and private label VMS). He is also a director at the firm s joint venture with United Natural Foods Inc. (Branch Brook Holdings). In the past he served in similar capacities with Kicking Horse Coffee and Applegate Farms. Prior to joining the firm he was a principal with Banc of America Securities Consumer & Retail Group in its investment banking division. DesMarais received an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BA degree from Michigan State University. NIE What types and sizes of companies does Swander Pace Capital work with management teams. NIE What is Swander Pace Capital s equity and investment criteria DesMarais We seek to create value through sustainable operating improvements and organizational development not financial engineering. We typically acquire a majority or 100 percent ownership position but we are also open to a minority investment when there is strategic alignment among the shareholders. Further we have a strong track record partnering with existing owners and management teams because we behave in a respectful way bring significant resources to the table and help solve problems (not point fingers) when issues arise. DesMarais We remain entirely focused on investing in consumer product companies across the value chain including brand marketers private label and contract manufacturers and ingredient formulators. We invest in companies based in North America and the U.K. with sales up to 500 million. NIE Discuss the details of the company s consulting specialties. DesMarais We have institutionalized our experiences as owners of 45-plus companies over the last 22 years into a SPC playbook and our team continuously leverages this playbook to share battle-tested best practices provide tools for better insights into a company s economic engine and enable an acceleration in growth. We also relentlessly seek to upgrade our own capabilities and resource bullpen to ensure that we can pull up a chair to the table and serve as an effective partner to our 64 Nutrition Industry Executive achieve a leading position in probiotics. We also helped Reliance Vitamins build out its internal capabilities to support its PlantFusion brand of plant-based protein powders drinks and cookies where it is experiencing tremendous growth. Additionally we led the transformative acquisition of J&D Labs at our Captek business solidifying its leadership position in the soft gel contract manufacturing market. Last we tripled the sales at Kicking Horse Coffee over a five-year period yet became the top No. 10 best place to work in Canada along the way. There are many more examples. NIE Is there anything else you would like to add DesMarais We remain very bullish on the broadly defined health and wellness industry including supplements based on our wide range of experiences and ongoing market research. Accordingly we continue to seek new investments where we can leverage the SPC playbook and help companies drive game-changing growth. April 2018 NIE What are some of Swander Pace Capital s growth success stories DesMarais We are very proud of our track record. As a few examples we helped ReNew Life expand beyond its core digestive health products line to Go to plt for info about this advertiser Go to olcott for info about this advertiser