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Description: In This Issue: Mineral Supplements: A New Look at Old Friends, Product Sales Training, Pain & Inflammation, and Phosphatidic Acid Don t miss a single issue of VR in 2018 go online to renew your free subscription today July18 Go to nahs for info about this advertiser Go to wakunaga for info about this advertiser f ud er o o Pr ort pp u S TABLEOFCONTENTS 28 36 40 JULY18 VOLUME 25 NUMBER 7 50 Features 28 Managing Pain Naturally Pain is a universal sensation that has a high price. Here s how to help provide some highly appreciated relief. vitaminretailermagazine 36 Mineral Supplements A New Look at Old Friends 50 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers In this special section we provided VR s advertisers an opportunity to address retailers directly with insight about their top product(s) and tips for selling them. Columns 4 Off the Cuff 43 Product Spotlight 26 Retail Fundamentals 44 Health Over 40 40 Supplement Science 48 Natural Medicine Departments 6 Hot Sellers 64 New Products 8 Behind the Counter 66 Off the Press 10 Industry News 67 Advertiser Index 20 Association News 67 Industry Events 25 Research Update 68 Back Talk 2 VITAMIN RETAILER Visit FreeProductInfo for FREE Product Information or Samples from All Vitamin Retailer Advertisers Also Sign Up for the FREE E-newsletter Copyright 2018. Vitamin Retailer (ISSN 1537-503x & USPS 0019-972) Volume 25 Number 7 July 2018. Vitamin Retailer is published monthly by VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Suite C East Brunswick NJ 08816 USA Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce in whole or in part. Not responsible for unsolicited material. Opinions expressed in by-lined articles or advertisements are not necessarily those of Vitamin Retailer or its owners. 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WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to livon for info about this advertiser OFFTHECUFF Food Magic may be biased but I believe Vitamin Retailer (VR) magazine s expert contributors are the best in the natural products industry. So when I received a copy of Dr. Michael Murray s book The Magic of Food Live Longer and Healthy and Lose Weight with the Synergetic Diet (for more information see page 66) naturally I was very interested to read it. From what I know Murray is someone who walks the talk regarding healthy nutrition and lifestyle and he has dedicated his career to educating physicians patients and the public on the healing power of nature. The new book highlights his years of research and clinical experience that has led to an impressive catalog of findings about phytochemicals. To start the book off Murray reports on the Seven Countries study which examined the relationships between lifestyle diet coronary heart disease and stroke in different populations from different regions of the world. The main findings were that diet and lifestyle definitely affect the risk and rates of these diseases. Murray said his goal for including this information was to instill the importance of eating a wider spectrum of health-promoting foods. Throughout the book Murray focuses heavily on insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. He dispels nutritional myths and provides information on achieving and maintaining ideal body weight and optimal health with dietary fats plant I pigments super foods and spices. Murray also presents his Synergetic Diet which incorporates the best of the most healthful diets studied and includes recipes. To conclude Murray added a chapter on Food as Medicine where he explains that many medical conditions respond well to nutritional interventions because delivering improved nutrition to cells often addresses the underlying causes of the illness rather than simply covering up the symptoms. Topics in the chapter range from acne Alzheimer s disease cankor sores high blood pressure insomnia vericose veins the list goes on. Obviously the book s main focus is on healthy foods considering its title. But Murray as we know certainly isn t one to deny the importance of supplements and he devotes pages to the benefits of vitamins minerals herbs omega-3s etc. So one of my top takeaways from Murray s nutritional advice Get a juicer While I m not yet convinced I ll love the taste I would like to try his recommended Better Red Than Dead juice that includes beats sweet potatoes and carrots to help improve carotene intake. Another takeaway is that this is a book that readers will go back and refer to time and again to refresh their knowledge of the health benefits of good nutrition. I suspect many of VR s readers have already got this but the book offers a great way to reinforce what you know. As for customers it may be a great introduction to what you can help them achieve. Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM Associate Russ Fields Publisher RussF Advertising Barry Young Sales Manager Barry Editor-in-Chief Janet Poveromo JanetP Managing Editor Shari Barbanel ShariB Associate Nicholas Saraceno Editor NicoS Art Director Robert Certo Production Manager RobertC Production Assistant Bryan Zak Graphic Designer BryanZ Contributing Writers Gene Bruno Amelia Kibbe Terry Lemerond Michael T. Murray ND Cheryl Myers Lisa Schofield Circulation Rosie Brodsky Manager Rosie VRM Media Phone Fax E-mail Website President 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 (732) 432-9600 (732) 432-9288 info Daniel McSweeney DanM Mission Vitamin Retailer magazine Statement is dedicated to providing information for and about the dietary supplement industry in order to foster industry growth and help preserve the rights of dietary supplement suppliers and retailers. Subscription Customer Service To order a subscription or manage your account please contact us at Vitamin Retailer P.O. Box 15186 North Hollywood CA 91615-5186 USA Phone (818) 286-3168 Fax (800) 869-0040 vrecs Connect With Us Back Issues See the Table of Contents page for price and order information. vitaminretailer vitaminretailermagazine 4 VITAMIN RETAILER company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media youtube WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to scandinavian for info about this advertiser HOTSELLERS What s hot at retailers across the U.S. Regarding MacroLife Naturals Miracle Reds We have some loyal customers and members of our staff here that like it for its energy-giving properties. Kate Stansberger Supplement Buyer Silver City Food Co-op NORTHEAST SOUTH HEALTHFAIR NATURAL AND ORGANIC FOOD MARKET Little Silver NJ VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT One-Per-Day Tablets by Life Extension SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT Collagen Peptides (Unflavored) by Vital Proteins HERBS BOTANICALS BosMed by Terry Naturally EuroPharma FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE CBD Chocolate Water and Tea by Veggimins PERSONAL CARE Aromatherapy Inhalant and Massage Oil by Penn Herb Company Ltd. HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Plus CBD Oil Gold Formula by CV Sciences SOUTHWEST GARNER S NATURAL LIFE Columbia SC VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT One Daily Women s Multi Gold by Nutrigold SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT Hemp Extract by CW Hemp HERBS BOTANICALS Ashwaghanda Root by Gaia Herbs FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes by PlantFusion PERSONAL CARE Indian Healing Clay by Aztec Secret HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH MCT Oil by Garden of Life MIDWEST TOTAL HEALTH NUTRITION CENTER Menomonee Falls WI SILVER CITY FOOD CO-OP Silver City NM VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT BioCitrate Magnesium by Solaray SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT Dry Nose Oil by Baraka (Red Hot Ceramics) HERBS BOTANICALS Sambucus Black Elderberry Syrup by Nature s Answer FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE Daily Energy Nutrient Booster Powder by MegaFood PERSONAL CARE Assorted Soaps by My Skin Feast (locally produced) HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Miracle Reds by MacroLife Naturals NORTHWEST VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Whole Food Vitamins by New Chapter Garden of Life & MegaFood SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT Full Plant Hemp Extract by Enlita Farms HERBS BOTANICALS CuraMed by Terry Naturally EuroPharma FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE MCT Oil by Garden of Life PERSONAL CARE Essential Oils by Ancient Apothecary HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Multi-Collagen Protein by Dr. Axe WEST MOUNTAIN VALLEY FOODS Kalispell MT VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Infinite Planet Daily Multi by Natures Plus SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT Innovative CBD Products HERBS BOTANICALS Organic Mushroom Powder by Om (Organic Mushroom Nutrition) FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE Collagen Peptides by Vital Proteins PERSONAL CARE Products by Laid in Montana (Montana Emu Ranch Company) HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Fire Cider by Shire City Herbals SHERI S SONSHINE NUTRITION CENTER Lodi CA VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Vitamin Code RAW Iron by Garden of Life SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT Hemp Signature 6x by Bluebird Botanicals HERBS BOTANICALS Curamin Extra Strength by Terry Naturally EuroPharma FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE Apple Cider Vinegar by YS Farms PERSONAL CARE Peppermint Oil by NOW HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Multi-Collagen Protein by Dr. Axe Retailers interested in having their stores featured in Hot Sellers can visit hotsellers. 6 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to cvc for info about this advertiser BEHINDTHECOUNTER Shining Bright in the Sunshine State matically. It is quite the achievement said Michael Gore. We now have 10 stores throughout Pinellas and Hillsborough County. Over the past 20 years the model has changed due to the internet. We are fully committed to e-commerce as a platform to serve customers nationwide. Layout & Pricing raveling along the Tampa Bay FL area one cannot help but notice an independent chain making its presence known. It all started in 1998 when Vitamin Discount Center (VDC) was founded. With the cost for health care on the rise even at that time Michael Gore president of VDC realized that people would need a more affordable way and manner in which to take care of themselves. Along with his father Arthur Gore they joined forces with two of Michael Gore s college friends David Conner and Michael Downing. They opened their first store in Carrollwood FL and as a result of popular demand decided to open a second location to serve the South Tampa area. In 2002 when Vitamin Retailer magazine awarded VDC a Retailer Excellence Award (Retailer of the Year) Michael Gore said that their passion for supplements helped influence their decision to first start VDC stating that supplements have been a big part of our personal lives and [have] helped us each in healing so we wanted to focus on this category as well as on sports nutrition. Now VDC recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and has grown dra- T 8 VITAMIN RETAILER According to Michael Gore each store is 1 000 to 1 200 square feet and features a combination of sections including vitamin herb sports and health and beauty according to the retailer s official website it even offers discounts of up to 50 percent on all products. In fact as alluded to earlier the internet has had an impact on how the store s items are priced and it is actually for the benefit of consumers. The competition of the internet forced us to better our business by providing even better service and prices to our customers Michael Gore noted. We need to lower prices further to compete online. In addition we had to make our great customer service be even better to keep from shoppers leaving our stores to go online. We also special order for shoppers now more than ever. Some of the brands that VDC offers customers include Amazing Grass Bluebonnet Country Life Enzymedica Garden of Life Kyolic Life Extension Jarrow Formulas Natural Factors NOW Foods Solaray Vital Planet Further Michael Gore added that competition is essentially everywhere as all stores that sell nutritional supplements are our competitors as well as online stores. We offer the best prices and the best customer service. VITAMIN DISCOUNT CENTER (TAMPA FL) Reputation & Education As Michael Gore mentioned customer service is a major focal point for the Florida retailer customers can be at ease knowing that the staff members they interact with are in it for the long haul. We have the best customer service he said. Our staff has very little turnover. Most store managers have been with the company 10 to 20 years. Our staff genuinely (or passionately) cares about the well-being of our customers and they provide a vast amount of knowledge to help steer our customers in the right direction when it comes to their health. We have continuing staff education through vendor training and conferences so our team is always up to date on information and topics within [the] wellness industry. Treating the store and its customers with a community-like mentality can certainly go a long way. In the end they want to know that a retailer is able to assist them along the journey towards living a healthy style. With the addition of our core values the results are exponential a community that is excited about celebrating health stated VDC s website. We look for naturally energetic and personable employees you can t teach an inviting smile or a positive attitude. From there we ensure that each and every employee has a vast knowledge and understanding of our products. We are your local friends who you won t only see in our stores but jogging through the neighborhood participating at local events and lending a helpful hand whenever needed. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to naturalfactors for info about this advertiser INDUSTRYNEWS Got News Send news press releases to Editor Vitamin Retailer 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 JanetP CSPI Sends Warning on Ginkgo Urges FDA to Take Action he Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has urged consumers to avoid supplements made with ginkgo biloba which they warn are often adulterated and have been shown to be ineffective in improving memory and circulation. The nonprofit nutrition and food safety watchdog group is also calling on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use its enforcement authority to seize adulterated pills in the marketplace. Six of 10 ginkgo supplements analyzed this year by the independent supplement testing organization failed quality tests the pills had far less ginkgo than advertised or they showed evidence of having been spiked with cheaper plant material. The American Botanical Council (ABC) the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and the University of Mississippi s National Center for Natural Products Research concluded earlier this year that economically motivated adulteration of ginkgo extracts is an ongoing problem in the dietary supplement industry. Even if people choose to overlook the T evidence that ginkgo does not supply the benefits that its manufacturers claim all supplement consumers need to know that it s anyone s guess how much if any ginkgo is in a given pill said CSPI regulatory affairs director Laura MacCleery. The FDA should take enforcement action to protect consumers from wasting their money on pills that don t do what they claim to do and that may not even be what they claim to be. The leaves of the ginkgo tree are expensive and a large quantity of leaves is needed to produce ginkgo extracts. Unscrupulous manufacturers have used inexpensive buckwheat extract or other plant extracts which contain a chemical that can fool simple tests for ginkgo to augment or replace moreexpensive ginkgo according to the ABC. Industry experts agree that the adulteration of ginkgo extracts is intentional said Stefan Gafner the council s chief science officer in a monograph on ginkgo. In its letter filed in May with the FDA s Office of Dietary Supplement Programs CSPI said that the agency should consider warnings on packages of ginkgo. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) cautions that ginkgo can cause bleeding in pregnant women the elderly and other people with a known risk of bleeding. In December 2017 CSPI urged the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to take enforcement action against companies claiming that their dietary supplements can help ease the symptoms of withdrawal from opioid pain medication. In January 2018 the FDA and the FTC notified 12 companies that they must stop making those kinds of treatment claims. Earth Friendly Products Supports Go Green for Pink Campaign Introduces Made in USA Campaign o support cancer research and to provide programs and services for those experiencing a cancer diagnosis California-based Earth Friendly Products (EFP) the maker of ECOS environmentally friendly cleaners announced a yearlong partnership with the American Cancer Society (ACS). A long-time supporter of ACS and its Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks Earth Friendly Products has committed 100 000 to ACS and created the Go Green for Pink campaign. From September 1 through October 31 2018 Earth Friendly Products will contribute 1 to ACS breast cancer programs and research for every 100-oz. or larger bottle of ECOS laundry detergent sold. In addition to its new 100 000 commitment Earth Friendly Products is also supporting ACS Hope Lodge locations across the U.S. by providing ECOS laundry detergents and cleaners to the facilities. ACS Hope Lodge communities provide cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay when their best hope for effective treatment requires traveling away from home. The T 10 VITAMIN RETAILER lodges provide nurturing home-like environments and offer cancer resources and information. In other news to showcase its commitment to building a wholly sustainable American business EFP has launched a Made in the USA Made Locally initiative in time for the U.S. s Independence Day. Most of the company s green formulas behind ECOS products are created using coconut corn beet and other plant-derived surfactants and ingredients that are thoughtfully grown in and sourced from the United States and around the globe. The campaign which features new emblems highlighting the brand s local ties will be seen at retail point-of-purchase on and throughout the company s social media channels. Since 1967 when the company was founded by Van Vlahakis a Greek immigrant EFP has been dedicated to the ideals of the American Dream individual well-being the building of community and the health of the environment in which we live and work. EFP has achieved the trifecta of sustainable manufacturing all four U.S. facilities are carbon neutral water neutral and Platinum Zero Waste-certified. With facilities distributed across the country EFP operates a regional distribution model that shortens shipping distances minimizing its carbon footprint. EFP has twice been named a U.S. EPA (Enviornmental Protection Agency) Safer Choice Partner of the Year and participates in legislative advocacy to help pass laws that supports Americans health and ability to live well. EFP is a living example of the American dream said Kelly VlahakisHanks president and CEO of Earth Friendly Products. Since 1967 we have been committed to creating products that are safer for families around the world and in the process have added 350 U.S. jobs that demonstrate the potential of the green economy. This campaign highlights how we run a sustainable business through both our products and practices for the benefit of the country and the planet. For more information visit or donate. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to essentialformulas for info about this advertiser INDUSTRYNEWS LifeSeasons Launches Ingredient Science Library ver the past year Texas-based LifeSeasons and a team of medical professionals and industry leaders have been collecting clinical research summaries on 200-plus ingredients used in their 36 condition-specific formulas. The newly launched Ingredient Science Library combines years of medical expertise on various health conditions as well as published clinical research all in one easy to access platform. The Ingredient Science Library was a collaborative effort led by founder and CEO of LifeSeasons Darrin Peterson and Richard Mackillop current chief operating officer at LifeSeasons and founder of two internet software businesses OrderDog and SalesRep360. This library is one of the ways LifeSeasons is leading and contributing to the evolving future of integrative health care according to the company. LifeSeasons was founded with the intent to help people live life to its fullest starting with good health hence the creation of LifeSeasons growing line of condition-specific supplements said Richard Mackillop. Our goal is to become a resource for health O information to assist retailers and their customers with an easy to use one-stop solution for a wide-range of information on health conditions natural remedies and more. The database of research is compiled and reviewed by several parties including integrative MDs NDs medical students scientific content writers nurse practitioners master herbalists and LifeSeasons on-staff researchers. Included in this group are Steven Williams a former DuPont researcher who brings more than four years of experience in biotechnology R&D and three years of academic research experience and Jamie Langston RN BSN CCRP and LifeSeasons chief research officer who brings more than 18 years of experience in the medical field. Each one of our researchers comes from different perspectives according to our own experience and knowledge Herb-infused Coconut Milk Brand REBBL Secures 20 Million in Funding alifornia-based Rebbl a U.S. creator of coconut milk-based herb drinks has secured 20 million in funding led by Cavu Venture Partners (New York) according to Since launching in 2011 Rebbl has experienced triple-digit growth much of which has been attributed to the brand being at the forefront of plantbased and functional beverage trends. The brand said that funding will allow it to grow its team increase marketing efforts to drive greater household penetration and enhance research and development. Rebbl creates nutrient-dense drinks that are plant-based organic and nonGMO (genetically modified organism) featuring adaptogens and super-herbs such as matcha turmeric ashwagandha maca and schizandra. Rebbl sources its organic ingredients from 29 countries and makes a 2.5 percent donation of the net sales of every bottle to California-based non- C 12 VITAMIN RETAILER profit organization Not for Sale which aims to protect people from human trafficking. Sheryl O Loughlin CEO of Rebbl said We are so excited to welcome Cavu Venture Partners to the Rebbl family. It was important to our team that whoever we brought on during this round of funding felt as passionate as we do about our Rebbl mission. Cavu exemplifies this and cofounder Clayton Christopher will join our board. With his experience as a founder of Sweet Leaf Tea and Deep Eddy Vodka his addition will enhance the deep brain trust already in place. This includes the best of the best in the beverage industry such as Duane Primozich from Bigr Ventures [Colorado] and Mark Rampolla from PowerPlant Ventures [California] whose forward-thinking companies also chose to continue to invest in the brand. For more information visit base said Langston. Whether the writer is a medical student thinking about tomorrow s patient an experienced practitioner or a researcher leaning on past experiences our Ingredient Science Library is meant to support the consumer to help them take control of their health through trusted educational resources. The Ingredient Science Library is updated continuously as new research is released and is currently available on LifeSeasons website. For more information visit Burt s Bees Launches National Recycling Program or more than 30 years North Carolina-based Burt s Bees said it has been committed to protecting the beauty wisdom and power of nature. According to a report in through the Burt s Bees Recycle On Us program the company s consumers can now recycle any and all Burt s Bees packaging nationwide. In partnership with TerraCycle (New Jersey) the program allows anyone to recycle their product packaging through a free mail-in program regardless of any regional recycling limitations. In addition to preventing recyclables from entering the waste stream signing up for the program through TerraCycle rewards people for their good deeds For every shipment over one pound collectors earn 1 per pound to donate to the non-profit school or charitable organization of their choice. Sustainability is one of Burt s Bees core values explained Paula Alexander director of sustainable business and innovation. Burt s Bees strives to formulate with natural ingredients and design our packaging with mindful materials such as postconsumer recycled content but we don t stop there. Now through our partnership with TerraCycle we can not only minimize the material used to create our packaging but minimize or even eliminate used packaging entering the waste stream through nationwide recycling access. For more information visit F WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to daiwa for info about this advertiser INDUSTRYNEWS Makers Nutrition is One of Inc. Natural Grocers Expands Magazine s Best Workplaces for 2018 Craft Beer and Wine ew York-based Makers Nutrition has Offerings to Oregon been named one of Inc. Magazine s N Best Workplaces for 2018 the publication s third annual ranking in the fast-growing private company sector. Hitting newsstands in the June 2018 issue and as part of a prominent feature the award is the result of a wideranging and comprehensive measurement of private American companies who have created exceptional workplaces through vibrant cultures deep employee engagement and stellar benefits. Out of thousands of applicants Inc. singled out just fewer than 300 winning companies. Built in partnership with employee engagement and work culture experts Quantum Workplace of Omaha NE Inc. s Best Workplaces list is a magnifying glass on how innovative companies can truly raise the bar in hiring and retaining the best talent. What does it take to become a company that workers want to be part of Inc. magazine says it s more than good pay and good perks it s also about having a clear purpose a sense of humor and leadership that makes them all work together. Our employees consider themselves privileged to work at a company that takes such pride in the work they produce for its customers. Not many people can say they look forward to coming to work every day. Our team wakes up with an insatiable appetite to succeed while doing what we love which translates to the overwhelmingly positive energy felt in our office. Everyone works hard but we have some fun along the way said CEO Jason Provenzano. For more information visit ational organic and natural retailer Natural Grocers (Colorado) has begun to expand its Cottage Wine and Craft Beer concept to six stores in Oregon. The Natural Grocers Cottage Wine and Craft Beer section is a nook within the store where customers can purchase specialty alcoholic beverages such as local organic and gluten-free beer options organic and biodynamic wine local hard cider and alcoholic kombucha. The company is strategically focused on carrying local products in its wine and craft beer section in an effort to showcase beer and wine producers committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and certifications. Natural Grocers will only sell wine that is made with organic grapes USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Certified Organic (or equivalent) or certified Demeter Biodynamic. In addition all wine is nongenetically modified (GM). All beer and cider must be produced in the Pacific Northwest certified USDA Organic or gluten free. For more information visit N NOW Receives Additional Quality Certifications for Food and Personal Care Products llinois-based NOW an independent and family-owned manufacturer of natural products in the U.S. health food store channel has expanded the company s list of third-party quality and purity certifications. All NOW Solutions personal care products are UL (Underwriters Laboratories) ISO 22716 2007 certified for production and quality control of cosmetic products made at both the Bloomingdale IL and Sparks NV facilities. ISO 22716 is an internationally recognized standard with requirements for the production control storage and shipment of cosmetic products to protect consumers by providing guidelines on how to deliver a safe end product. Also new NOW s entire line of quality natural foods is UL Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level II Certified. SQF certification assures buyers and customers that food has been produced processed and handled I 14 VITAMIN RETAILER according to the highest standards. Retailers and foodservice providers around the world who require a rigorous credible food safety management system recognize SQF. This enhances NOW s existing high standards for food products which are all non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and many are kosher and allergen free as well. In 2016 NOW was one of the first manufacturers to be certified by UL for the dietary supplement manufacturing process. This certification from an independent 3rd party adds another layer of verification demonstrating that NOW s quality system meets and exceeds the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) requirements for good manufacturing practices. The purpose of the UL National Brand Certification Program (NBCP) is to assess the extent to which an organization conforms to the applicable regulations and or standards regarding the products being manufactured. Each facility will undergo a surveillance audit annually prior to renewal. Another new third party certification NOW has earned is Informed Sport Informed Choice for NOW Sports products. The Informed-Sport logo on a NOW Sports product assures that each and every production run of that product has been tested for banned substances by LGC the leading globally recognized assurance program for anti-doping in sports nutrition products. Informed-Choice is the retail version of Informed-Sport where testing is only performed at the retail level NOW Sports products are both Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice certified so testing occurs at the manufacturing facility and randomly at the retail level. For more information visit WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to balchem for info about this advertiser INDUSTRYNEWS MyChelle Founder Launches Skin Care Line With CBD onsumer advocate Myra Michelle founder of MyChelle Dermaceuticals in Colorado has launched Botanical Rush the first beauty care company to integrate high-potency full-spectrum hemp-derived cannabinoids with pure clinically proven nutrients according to the company. Botanical Rush blends high-potency peptides and plant stem cells with organic full-spectrum hemp cannabinoids and terpenes in advanced formulas that are vegan cruelty-free and made without gluten GMOs (genetically modified organisms) phthalates C parabens sulfates ureas artificial fragrances and colors and petroleum the company stated. The Botanical Rush product catalog offers the choice of eight skin care formulas made with full-spectrum hemp extract and five products made without hemp. They include a cleanser two eyecare formulas a hydrating mist four moisturizers four serums one nourishing oil and a pain-relief balm. We are thrilled to be able to offer products with nonpsychoactive cannabinoid-rich fullspectrum hemp extract which is loaded with antioxidants and helps nourish the skin while providing super freeradical defense and helping to reduce inflammation Michelle said. This line represents a revolution in skin care one that I am proud to have taken the lead on. For more information visit Whole Foods Mandatory GMO Labeling Rule Put on Pause t s been five years since Whole Foods Market announced that it would implement stringent mandatory labeling on products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) sold in its stores by 2018. Many industry experts questioned the retailer s promise some even doubted that it would happen at all. According to Organic Authority in an email sent to its suppliers this past May Whole Foods President and Chief Operations Officer A.C. Gallo said the retailer would pause its plans to follow through with the ban which was slated to go into effect in September. The natural food retailer which was acquired by Amazon last August said it s pausing the plan in response to I supplier concerns over the ruling as the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) is currently accepting comments on what is likely to be a government-enforced GMO (genetically modified organism) labeling law. As the USDA finalizes the federal regulation in the coming months and the food industry assesses the impact we do not want our policy to pose further challenges for you and your business the email to suppliers noted. If it were to go into effect the Whole Foods rule would require suppliers to disclose the presence of GMOs directly on product packaging the USDA labels would only require manufacturers to include QR (quick response) codes for customers to scan with their phones to obtain more info. Whole Foods would also have stricter rules for animal products raised on genetically modified organisms than the USDA labels. And the USDA label would allow CRISPR technology foods to forego labeling altogether only requiring foods that contain genes of another organism added in to be labeled. We remain committed to providing our customers with the level of transparency they want and expect from us the company told the New Food Economy and will continue to require suppliers to obtain third-party verification for non-GMO claims. Life Extension Clinical Study Finds Kaempmax Enhances Male Sexual Health rectile dysfunction is a pervasive problem and can considerably undermine men s quality of life and psychological health. Drugs such as Viagra and other phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors are currently the first line of therapy for erectile dysfunction but they don t work for all men and cause adverse effects in some. In a pilot study published online in June 2018 in the Journal of Integrative Medicine scientists from Florida-based Life Extension reported that KaempMax an ethanolic extract of K. parviflora rhizome improved self-assessed sexual health in middle-aged and older men who reported having mild erectile dysfunction. E 16 VITAMIN RETAILER Results from our study together with those previously published suggest that K. parviflora extract may benefit male sexual health and provides an option for those seeking nonprescription alternatives said Andrew Swick PhD senior vice president of product development and scientific affairs for Life Extension and an author of the new study. Thirteen generally healthy men aged 50 to 68 years completed the 30-day clinical trial. Participants took 100 mg of KaempMax daily. The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) and the Global Assessment Question (GAQ) about erectile function were used to assess the efficacy of the treatment. Supplementation with KaempMax led to a statistically significant improvement in erectile function intercourse satisfaction and total scores on the IIEF questionnaire. Most participants found the study product satisfactory and no serious adverse effects were reported. For more information visit WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to healthplus for info about this advertiser INDUSTRYNEWS Bigelow Tea Becomes a Benefit Corporation onnecticut-based Bigelow Tea announced the recently attained distinction of becoming a Benefit Corporation. The specialty tea company manufactures Constant Comment and more than 150 tea varieties sold nationwide. Now officially registered as a Benefit Corporation it is one of a select group of companies that has designated corporate social responsibility as a core business goal in the pursuit of a positive social and environmental impact. This type of business structure legally formalizes corporate social responsibility in for-profit organizations. Being a Benefit Corporation codifies a company s commitment to all stakeholders including employees customers vendors and distributors. The legally defined goal of a Benefit Corporation is to use the business for a general public benefit and to have a positive impact on the environment and society. The mission and vision of family-owned C Bigelow Tea that today employs more than 400 people made it an ideal candidate for incorporation as a Benefit Corporation now authorized in 33 states and the District of Columbia. Our purpose has always been about much more than making profits and making tea so the more I learned about Benefit Corporations the more I knew this was something I truly felt captured the spirit of our company a company that is inspired by more than just making a profit Cindi Bigelow third generation president and CEO said. Clearly we need to maintain strong profitability but we should never lose sight of the fact that we also need to focus on doing good things with the power we hold inside this company. Bigelow Tea has long prided itself on its environmental sustainability and community programs including charitable initiatives centered on the Bigelow Tea Community Challenge an annual road race that has Abstract on Postbiotic Metabolites Selected For Presentation at Probiota Americas Scientific Frontiers Conference oss Pelton RPh PhD CCN and director of science for Texasbased Essential Formulas was selected to present his scientific abstract on Postbiotic Metabolites The New Frontier in Microbiome Science during the Probiota Americas IPA Scientific Frontiers Conference held June 5-7 in Miami FL. Pelton s abstract was one of 15 entries chosen by the Probiota America s Scientific Committee consisting of leading experts within the fields of probiotics and based on the presentation of the most significant developments in the field of prebiotic probiotic and microbiome science. Pelton was also honored by having his abstract poster chosen as one of only three deemed worthy of an oral R presentation. The exposition of Postbiotic Metabolites The New Frontier in Microbiome Science depicted the critical roles that Postbiotics play in the regulation of health and the maintenance of a healthy microbiome. Postbiotics is a term that refers to the vast array of compounds that are produced by the metabolic activity of probiotic bacteria during the natural fermentation process. These substances are collectively called postbiotic metabolites and include various vitamins enzymes short-chain fatty acids and other organic acids like fulvic acid which is key to the absorption and transport of minerals and amino acids. For more information visit Correction Statements by MegaFood in the June men s health article were incorrectly attributed to Vitoria Perez Erin Stokes ND and medical director at MegaFood provided them. 18 VITAMIN RETAILER contributed 1.5 million to local non-profits over the past 30 years. Ever since my grandmother Ruth Campbell Bigelow began our family company 75 years ago social responsibility has been part of our DNA Bigelow said. We have always believed that ethical leadership isn t about just what we do every day. It s about taking corporate social responsibility seriously. We re committed to good citizenship ethical business practices protecting the environment sustainability and supporting our communities. To qualify as a Benefit Corporation Bigelow Tea leadership completed an extensive assessment report that required hundreds of hours of research and documentation showing how the company met the established objectives in five specific areas governance employees environment community and customers. For more information visit California-based Threshold Enterprises Ltd. a distributor of nutritional supplements and the manufacturer TOM GRILLEA of brands Source Naturals and Planetary Herbals announced the promotion of Tom Grillea from chief operating officer to chief executive officer. Utah-based BrandHive s strategic marketing team is expanding to accommodate the needs of its growing clientele. The global branding firm which specializes in the healthy lifestyles industry announced that marketing professional Cuauhtemoc (Cmoc) Sandoval has CUAUHTEMOC joined its ranks. CSANDOVAL moc comes to BrandHive with more than 10 years of experience managing traditional digital and integrated communications programs for both consumer and B2B clients. He has joined the BrandHive team as account director. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to pharmachem for info about this advertiser ASSOCIATIONNEWS New Website Gives NPA Members Access to Exclusive Benefits new website launched by the Natural Products Association (NPA) will offer new features and resources exclusively for members including a warning letter database searchable disease claims database Pre-DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) ODI (old dietary ingredient) list RedFlagged Ingredients database as well as educational and regulatory resources. In addition NPA is working on a searchable new dietary ingredient (NDI) database. This is another example of the exceptional value NPA provides for its members and why we are the premier association for the natural products A industry said Dan Fabricant PhD president and CEO of NPA. The new website encompasses everything we do as an association advocacy education exclusive resources for our members all coming together to support our mission of giving consumers access to affordable and safe products that support their health. We ve taken a lot of steps to modernize the association since updating the bylaws and reorganizing the board and the new and improved website is part of that process. Visitors to NPA s new website can also access New tools for contacting elected officials at the state local and national levels Recent news and membership communications Information about NPA s certification programs including the Natural Seal Personal Care Natural Seal Home Care Informed Choice GMP (good manufacturing practice) Program and the TruLabel Program Regulatory and industry seminars and webinars and New resources and information including an extensive summary and history on how dietary supplements became regulated in the United States and a toolkit for retailer staff. For more information visit OTA Kicks Off Pilot Project to Deter Organic Fraud he Organic Trade Association (OTA) kicked off a pilot project by the organic industry to prevent and detect fraud in the global organic system. The far-reaching three-month pilot project was initiated by the Global Organic Supply Chain Integrity (GOSCI) Task Force of the OTA. This group of 48 members of the trade group was formed last year to develop a fraud prevention program designed specifically for the organic industry that organic companies will be able to voluntarily enroll in. As the first step toward this program a comprehensive best practices guide was created by the task force to facilitate the industry-wide implementation of systems and measures to preserve the integrity of organic both inside and outside of the United States. Organic now operates in a global market. Fraud is one of the biggest threats to that market and it cannot be tolerated in the organic system said Laura Batcha CEO and executive director of the OTA in announcing the initiative at the association s Annual Policy Conference. Everyone has a role and responsibility to detect and deter fraud. I commend the Organic Trade Association members participating in the pilot for the T 20 VITAMIN RETAILER commitment to doing everything in their power to address the problem and taking the lead in finding constructive and workable solutions. Participating in the pilot project are 11 members of the GOSCI Task Force representing the entire organic supply chain from farm to retailer and a diverse range of products services and commodities including fresh produce grain spices dairy eggs meat beverages packaged and prepared foods importers and consulting services. Pilot participants are Clarkson Grain Company Inc. (handler processor feed grains oilseeds) Egg Innovations LLC (producer handler eggs livestock feed) Global Organics Ltd. (handler importer) Grain Millers Inc. (handler processor grains) I Was Thinking (importer handler co-packer grains seeds legumes sweeteners) MOM s Organic Market (retailer) Organically Grown Company (distributor produce) Organic Valley CROPP Cooperative (producer handler livestock dairy meat) Pipeline Foods LLC (handler supply chain solutions feed grains oilseeds) J.M. Smucker Company (processor multi-ingredient) True Organic Products Inc. (manufacturer fertilizer) The pilot will run from June to September. It is designed to be an intensive-focused exercise in which participants will test drive in their specific businesses the fraud prevention and detection strategies developed by the GOSCI Task Force. Participants will concentrate on one product or ingredient or a specific location to run through the pilot program. During the pilot the participants will seek comments from other stakeholders in their unique supply chain then share feedback on their experiences and give recommendations on how to improve and strengthen the suggested strategies. For more information visit WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to rainbowlight for info about this advertiser ASSOCIATIONNEWS UNPA Announces No-sale Policy for Liquid High-dose Caffeine Products as a Condition of Membership he United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) has approved the adoption of a new no-sale policy for liquid high-dose caffeine products for retail sales. The policy is effective immediately as a condition of membership for prospective and all current UNPA members and joins a 2015 no-sale policy for bulk-powdered caffeine products. UNPA recommends that highdose caffeine products not be advertised sold or marketed as a dietary supplement for retail sale or exhibited at trade shows. The action follows a U.S. Food and Administration (FDA) guidance published in the Federal Register on April 16 2018 alerting industry and consumers that it considers some dietary supplements consisting of only or primarily pure or highly concentrated caffeine to be adulterated. The guidance further notes that these products are often sold in bulk T 22 VITAMIN RETAILER containers with hundreds or thousands of servings in the container and even a small dose can be toxic or deadly and thus pose a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury. UNPA commended this new action as a logical next step in FDA s efforts to inform consumers about the health risks associated with the consumption of high-dose caffeine products. FDA s April 2018 guidance brought to our attention its concern over liquid high-dose caffeine products and it s only appropriate that UNPA now follows FDA s lead by creating this nosale policy for these products said Loren Israelsen UNPA president. The potential for harm is high enough that we felt it that this expanded policy is appropriate. In 2015 and 2016 FDA issued warning letters to seven distributors of pure powdered caffeine and reported at least two deaths and an unknown number of medical events attributable to consumption of bulk powdered caffeine sold through retail venues. The new policy regarding liquid high-dose caffeine joins the following no-sale trade policies enacted by UNPA April 9 2015 no methylphenethylamine (BMPEA) sales Feb. 24 2015 no bulk-powdered caffeine for retail sale May 1 2014 no sale distribution or marketing of any products that contain kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) for human use or consumption May 1 2013 no sale of1 3dimethylamylamine methylhexanamine or geranium extract commonly known as DMAA or any chemically related substance May 1 2005 no sale distribution or marketing of any products containing ephedra or ma huang (Ephedra sinica) at any dose. For more information visit WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to tishcon for info about this advertiser ASSOCIATIONNEWS SENPA Hosts Strategies For Success Road Show in Florida ENPA Inc. opened the fourth annual Strategies for Success Road Show for Independent Retailers on May 6 in Jacksonville FL including personal visits to more than 17 independent retail stores. The event featured a Retail Roundtable hosted by Chase Ballard manager of Nutrition WorldChattanooga TN and co-founder of Nutrition Products Insider and Lester Burks CEO Life Line Foods LLC. The roundtable focus was on MAP Policy and how independent supplement retailers can compete and solidify partnerships with manufacturers in the years to come. SENPA Road Show included a free one-day five-hour education event to area retailers. The retailers learned S from keynote speakers including Christi Bandy of Regalabs Brenda Watson of Vital Planet EuroPharma s Leslie Larsen and Richard Passwater Jr. of Natural Factors. Sponsors offered attendee discounts and that was just the beginning of the perks other great items attendees received included gift bags filled with samples over 900 in door prizes a Free night at SOHO EXPO and lots of useful education to share with other staff members and customers said Renee Southard owner Organic Marketplace-Gastonia NC and SENPA education chair. It is a great day to be one-on-one in our natural community listening to their needs wants and beliefs for our industry added Debra Short SENPA executive director. Our focus is to enhance educational opportunities for retailers and their staff. Additional Road Show stops in 2018 include Raleigh NC on July 15 and Houston TX on August 5. For more information visit NPA Announces Industry Award Winners Natural Seal Program Celebrates 10 Years he Natural Products Association (NPA) has announced winners of the 25th Annual NPA Awards honoring outstanding individuals in government and businesses that have made valuable contributions to the success of the natural products industry. The awards were handed out during NPA s The Big Natural on June 7 in Las Vegas NV. The Big Natural is the premier event for the industry and we re proud to honor this year s awards winners said Daniel Fabricant PhD NPA president and CEO. We congratulate Senator Orrin Hatch for his decades of service to our country and his commitment to ensuring consumers have access to healthy natural products to support their daily lives. We look forward to continuing to support and collaborate with leaders in government and business who strive to further the growth of and access to natural products for consumers. The winners of the 2018 NPA Awards include NPA Natural Championship T 24 VITAMIN RETAILER Trophy Senator Orrin Hatch NPA President s Award Dadrion Gaston s and Guru Ramanathan NPA Call-of-Duty Award John Venardos Novel Ingredient and Science Award BASF Corporation Socially Responsible Retailer Award Stay Healthy In other news NPA s Natural Seal Program celebrates 10 years of giving consumers the confidence and knowledge to identify truly natural personal care products. NPA s Natural Certification for Personal Care Products has certified 937 products and 799 ingredients. All NPA-certified products have been verified to fit the Natural Standard by an independent thirdparty auditor. In addition to its certification program for Personal Care NPA offers a separate program for Home Care launched in 2010. More and more Americans are looking for truly natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals for health wellness personal and home care products. For the past 10 years NPA has led the movement to bring clarity to the term and developed a standard for natural said Fabricant. NPA certified products are at least 95 percent natural excluding water. NPA-certified products use natural ingredients from a source found in nature and processed within the list of allowed processes. Products with the Natural Seal must list all ingredients on the package label and only contain 100 percent natural fragrances and colorants. As FDA considers how to define natural NPA s Natural Seal program remains the only U.S.-based Natural Certification program that provides consumers and the industry with clear guidelines for natural products. We have urged the FDA to look closely at NPA s program as it wrestles with this challenging issue Fabricant added. For more information visit WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 RESEARCHUPDATE Eggs Not Linked to Cardiovascular Risk Despite Conflicting Advice niversity of Sydney researchers aim to help clear up conflicting dietary advice around egg consumption as a new study finds eating up to 12 eggs per week for a year did not increase cardiovascular risk factors in people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition the research extends on a previous study that found similar results over a period of three months. Led by Dr. Nick Fuller from the University s Boden Institute of Obesity Nutrition Exercise and Eating Disorders at the Charles Perkins Centre the research was conducted with the University of Sydney s Sydney Medical School and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. In the initial trial participants aimed to maintain their weight while embarking on a high-egg (12 eggs per week) or low-egg (less than two eggs per week) diet with no difference in cardiovascular risk markers identified at the end of three months. The same participants then embarked U on a weight-loss diet for an additional three months while continuing their high or low egg consumption. For a further six months up to 12 months in total participants were followed up by researchers and continued their high or low egg intake. At all stages both groups showed no adverse changes in cardiovascular risk markers and achieved equivalent weight loss regardless of their level of egg consumption Fuller explained. Despite differing advice around safe levels of egg consumption for people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes our research indicates people do not need to hold back from eating eggs if this is part of a healthy diet he said. A healthy diet as prescribed in this study emphasized replacing saturated fats (such as butter) with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (such as avocado and olive oil). The extended study tracked a broad range of cardiovascular risk factors including cholesterol blood sugar and blood pressure with no significant difference in results between the high egg and low egg groups. While eggs themselves are high in dietary cholesterol and people with type 2 diabetes tend to have higher levels of the bad low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol this study supports existing research that shows consumption of eggs has little effect on the levels of cholesterol in the blood of the people eating them Fuller explained. Fuller said the findings of the study were important due to the potential health benefits of eggs for people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes as well as the general population. For more information visit https Vegetables May Help Protect Elderly Women From Hardening of Neck Arteries lderly Australian women who ate more vegetables showed less carotid artery wall thickness according to new research in Journal of the American Heart Association. Cruciferous vegetables including broccoli cauliflower cabbage and Brussels sprouts proved the most beneficial. This is one of only a few studies that have explored the potential impact of different types of vegetables on measures of subclinical atherosclerosis the underlying cause of cardiovascular disease said Lauren Blekkenhorst study lead author and PhD candidate at the University of Western Australia in Crawley. Researchers distributed food frequency questionnaires to 954 Australian women aged 70 and older. The women noted their vegetable intake in a range from never eating vegetables to three or more times per day. Vegetable types included E JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM cruciferous allium (for example onions garlic leeks and shallots) yellow orange red leafy green and legumes. Sonograms were used to measure carotid artery wall thickness and entire carotid trees were examined to determine carotid plaque severity. Researchers observed a 0.05 millimeter lower carotid artery wall thickness between high and low intakes of total vegetables. That is likely significant because a 0.1 millimeter decrease in carotid wall thickness is associated with a 10 percent to 18 percent decrease in risk of stroke and heart attack Blekkenhorst said. In addition each 10 grams per day higher in cruciferous vegetable intake was associated with 0.8 percent lower average carotid artery wall thickness. Other vegetable types did not show an association with carotid artery wall thickness in this study. After adjusting for lifestyle cardio- vascular disease risk factors (including medication use) as well as other vegetable types and dietary factors our results continued to show a protective association between cruciferous vegetables and carotid artery wall thickness Blekkenhorst said. However due to the observational nature of this study a causal relationship cannot be established. Still dietary guidelines should highlight the importance of increasing consumption of cruciferous vegetables for protection from vascular disease Blekkenhorst said. For more information visit VITAMIN RETAILER 25 RETAILFUNDAMENTALS 6 Simple Steps for Branding Your Retail Store By Terry Lemerond n a world where online shopping is becoming increasingly popular branding your brick-and-mortar store has never been more important. The good news is that you can still experience tremendous success in retail by adapting to current trends and staying true to your brand identity. Here are some tips for branding your retail store while continuing to meet the demands of our ever-changing marketplace. I 1. Focus on the In-store Experience In this digital age it s essential to be able to adapt to the changing retail landscape. Online shopping has become a mainstay and marketing experts report that when shoppers do venture into stores they re placing more importance on overall experience and less on the actual products they re purchasing. That means it s more crucial than ever to brand your 26 VITAMIN RETAILER store as a destination experience for your shoppers. Think of your store as an experience center for your customers. As a health food store in particular you want people to feel like they re stepping into a place that is up to the task of improving their health. Create an environment that s warm and welcoming and invest in educating your staff whenever possible. Many customers are coming to your store looking for insight on sensitive health issues and need to feel as if they can trust you and your staff to guide them toward better health. Utilize unique ways to make customers feel comfortable offer them a hot cup of coffee or tea and engage them in easy conversation. Appeal to their senses by playing relaxing music and diffusing calming and uplifting scents throughout the store. Little details like these can make a significant impact on your shoppers and encourage repeat visits. 2. Choose Products and Signage Wisely While the experience you offer customers carries a great deal of weight the products you choose to sell in your store also help to establish your brand identity. Do you want to be known as the natural pain expert in your community Stock the most effective high-quality pain products you can. Learn everything you can about these products and take the time to educate your staff and customers on their benefits. Maybe pain is too specific and you d like to focus on something such as science-based natural medicines in general. In this case it would be wise to put a great deal of emphasis on products backed by scientific research and clinical studies. The point is that whatever you choose to focus on as your brand identity go all in. Dedicate advertising space to posters displays and other signage that lead WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 customers to the products you d most like them to try. Stay up-to-date on research and educate your staff on these products whenever possible. Finding a niche area of expertise is a reliable way to differentiate your store brand from the competition. 3. Take Pride in Your Design Your store is your branded environment. Make sure it reflects who you are and what you stand for while making everyone who walks through your doors staff and customers alike feel comfortable. It s important your store is clean clutter-free and easy to navigate. Aisles should be wide and well-lit so that packaging and signage are easy to read. Choose d cor and colors that you feel reflect your brand best. I chose yellow for my stores as it s thought to be a friendly and optimistic color two feelings I hope all customers experience when they come for a visit. Keeping your store well-maintained conveys pride of ownership which can go a long way with customers. The outside of your store should be designed to invite people inside. The best way to do this is with an attention-grabbing poster or sign that appeals to a wide variety of people in your community. In our industry issues like pain blood sugar and anxiety are so widespread that a poster advertising at least one of those is likely to apply to anyone passing by. 4. Build an Online Presence Another critical way to brand your retail store in our technological-driven times is by establishing a strong online presence. If you ve been resisting technology as a means of advertising now is the time to embrace the ways it can grow your brand and contribute to your ongoing success. Make sure your customers can easily find you online via a store website Facebook page or other social media platform that suits your needs. If you aren t comfortable with online branding chances are there is someone on your staff who is. You could also hire someone specifically for the job. However you choose to go about it creating a professional online presence is crucial for keeping up with JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM your competition. Word of mouth through social media is a highly effective way to drive brand awareness and keep your store at top of mind for the members of your community. Maintaining an online presence will be increasingly important as younger generations age and become your target market. Start now so you don t get left behind. Finding a niche area of expertise is a reliable way to differentiate your store brand from the competition. 5. Give Customers New Reasons to Come to Your Store Despite the growing trends in online retail you still need to put face-toface experiences with customers at the center of your business model. Keep building on the destination experience notion to keep your customers coming back for more but be sure to mix things up to keep shoppers interested. You can do this by hosting various community events at your store. For example at the Terry Naturally stores in Green Bay WI we host weekly farmers markets and frequently bring in experts from the industry to do free guest lectures that are open to the public. These are great ways to become locally relevant and help you become more familiar with faces in your community. Another way to encourage people to come into your store is to share coupons online or in local publications that appeal to health-conscious consumers. People love to save money and these coupons can help drive more foot traffic to your business. 6. Share Your Story My last piece of advice to you in growing your store s brand is to share your personal health victories with your customers. I ve met many store owners over the years that got into the health food business because they (or someone they were close to) overcame their own unique health battles and wanted to help others do the same. Your story can offer your customers the hope and encouragement they need to improve their own lives. It can also help brand you in the community as someone who is passionate about the business and has a sincere desire to help people live more healthfully. Yes the way customers engage in retail settings is changing but that s not a bad thing. Embrace the trends explore the benefits of technology and focus on branding your retail store. Strong store branding will allow for your business to keep up with the changing retail landscape and ensure your success for many many years to come. VR A highly regarded leader in the natural products industry Terry Lemerond is founder and president of EuroPharma Inc. He also founded Enzymatic Therapy Inc. and PhytoPharmica Inc. and is currently co-owner of the Terry Naturally Health Food Store in Green Bay WI which recently won its sixth consecutive consumer choice award as Best of the Bay. With more than 40 years in the natural products industry Lemerond has researched and developed more than 400 nutritional and botanical formulations that continue to be top-selling products in the market. Lemerond shares his wealth of experience and knowledge in health and nutrition through his educational programs including the Terry Talks Nutrition website newsletters podcasts webinars and personal speaking engagements. He is the author of two books Seven Keys to Vibrant Health and the recently updated Seven Keys to Unlimited Personal Achievement. VITAMIN RETAILER 27 Pain is a universal sensation that has a high price. Here s how to help provide some highly appreciated relief. By Lisa Schofield o matter the language certain human expressions are universally understood a smile in greeting laughter and the grimace of pain are recognizable. Millions of Americans are in pain all the time or occasionally but many consumers are not keen on simply swallowing an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever and are far less desirous of obtaining prescription pain killers for fear of addiction and losing control of their lives. Herbalist Matthew Becker lead practitioner at Pharmaca in Boulder CO asserted that as the store is in a big sports town he sees quite a lot of customers seeking relief for sports-related injuries as well as joint discomfort. We also see more customers dealing with gastrointestinal (GI) distress and pain he reported. More people are aware of the role of inflammation in pain and in disease he added. N 28 VITAMIN RETAILER Cheryl Myers chief of education and scientific affairs at Wisconsin-based EuroPharma Inc. said she believes that the biggest news regarding pain and inflammation is the continual flow of stories about opioid addiction and the damage caused by OTC pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. There was a time when the OTC risks weren t considered serious she recalled but there is a much greater awareness of the dangers and risks associated with them today. A person is much more likely now to pause before taking a common OTC for back pain for instance than they might have been in the past. But they still need something that is safe and that works well. In agreement is Michael Baghoomian co-founder of Muscle MX Utah who observed that dealing with pain and inflammation without the help of opioids and NSAIDs is a hot topic. People are looking for natural alternatives and Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1994-2014 he said cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) are growing exponentially in this space as a result. The sensation of pain is the body s way of pressing the alert button. It means something is out of whack and needs attention. In the course of medical science research it is only recently that inflammation is being understood more clearly for its role in degradation and its associated discomfort. Undeniably the most common element causing myriad people to experience chronic pain is inflammation. Over the years and through extensive clinical studies inflammation has been shown to be the cause of many chronic health concerns said Jamie Langston RN BSN and DaRon Gillilan chief sales officer at Texas-based LifeSeasons. And with these new scientific findings we re able to understand the pathways that cause discomfort and inflammation. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM MAY JULY 2014 2018 Go to emeraldhealthbio for info about this advertiser For example he said there is a comprehensive amount of scientific data suggesting that nutrition (diet) has a critical role in fostering an acidic and pro-inflammatory environment in the body. Every food and beverage consumed either increases or decreases systemic inflammation. For many individuals he said the challenge is that healthy choices are often difficult maybe impossible to make. In the United States not only are processed foods cheaper and more readily available than fresh whole foods but approximately 80 percent of all processed foods are high in sugar and unhealthy fats refined carbohydrates salt and chemicals such as synthetic colors and preservatives. Lifestyle in the Western world has increasingly become unhealthy due to excessive consumption of processed foods that increase inflammation emphasized Dr. Carola Leuschner cofounder of Avie Nutraceuticals in Louisiana. She noted that there is considerable scientific evidence that chronic inflammation is a causative factor for many diseases including arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis) and heart disease among others. Critically chronic inflammation prevents people from performing necessary exercise especially when after exercise the recovery is impaired by muscle soreness and inflammation she said. In agreement is Marita Schauch ND women s health educator on behalf of Natural Factors Nutritional Products Inc. Washington who said Research is now showing that inflammation is more than just pain and arthritis it is involved in heart disease cognitive decline digestive disorders skin conditions and mental health disorders. Inflammation said Schauch is truly a broad topic and not clearly understood by your customer base. And as previously mentioned diet management is critical in the longer-term lessening of aches and discomfort. And while many health care practitioners advise against strenuous exer30 VITAMIN RETAILER cise which causes more acute pain and can hasten joint breakdown Schauch noted that the lack of exercise can also lead to pain and tension as sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain which puts more strain on the joints. Baghoomian agreed stating Weight control and diet play a role in how the body deals with pain and inflammation. If you can help your customers maintain daily activity and livelihoods without pain you can help them increase potential for healthy longevity. Keeping inflammation at a healthy balanced level without using OTC nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin naproxen and the like offers a unique opportunity to preserve long-term pain-free mobility and exercise without detrimental side effects on the gastrointestinal system commented Leuschner. Individuals have largely depended on anti-inflammatory drugs such as NSAIDs (ibuprofen or naproxen) to relieve pain but it has become more widely known that indiscriminate use of these drugs can cause GI bleeding and other issues and in some people these side effects can be fatal. More scientific evidence is changing perception of nutraceuticals for managing discomfort said Leuschner. For example it has been shown that a combination of curcumin with Boswellia serrata was as effective as NSAID celecoxib (Celebrex) in promoting joint function (mobility and flexibility). These results including education on the merits of exercise (healthy movement) promotes awareness and the increased use of nutraceuticals and other dietary supple- ments that promote bone joint and muscle health she explained. Painless Products For the most part customers of all ages inquire about natural remedies to lessen their aches and many of those will come from active people such as amateur athletes. Muscle MX has developed two pain topicals Activate and Recovery to both enhance muscle performance and help lessen pain soreness and inflammation safely and effectively according to Baghoomian. Muscle MX topicals he noted are 100 percent natural and contain cannabidiol oil (CBD) which he described as a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient. Muscle MX uses CBD extracted from industrial hemp and contains no THC the phytochemical present in cannabis that produces the psychedelic effect. Activate is a heated pain-relief balm for muscles joints and tendons to be used before activity to promote optimal performance Baghoomian described. Recovery is a fast-acting relief for achy muscle joints and tendons for use after any activity or treat general pain and discomfort. EuroPharma said Myers also has hemp-based remedies Hemp Oil and Hemp Oil Curcumin. The reason that hemp (Cannabis sativa) is so popular is that compounds it contains can preserve endocannabinoids including anandamide (AEA) and 2-arachidonylglycerol (2-AG) and as a result amplify those endocannabinoids ability to relieve pain. These same compounds may also interact with cannabinoid receptors found on the surfaces of cells she explained. Myers added that there is ongoing research exploring the reasons why hemp oil compounds appear to be so effective for pain relief aside from their anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers have found that the synovial tissue of individuals with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis had elevated levels of endocannabinoids compared to individuals without those conditions. The body seemed to flood the joints with endocannabinoids to relieve inflammation. There is an entourage of phytonutrients from hemp she asserted so a full spectrum supplement may provide better and longer lasting results than one isolated compound over the long term. LifeSeasons said Langston has WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to europharma for info about this advertiser developed a line of inflammation health supplements formulated to help alleviate aches and discomforts commonly associated with inflammation. Its product Pain Bloc-R combines several widely researched ingredients including white willow bark angelica root acetyl L-carnitine natural caffeine L-theanine Ltetrahydropalmatine and several B vitamins to help soothe aches and discomforts. A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover pilot study to investigate the efficacy of Pain Bloc-R formula in participants with normal aches and pains is scheduled to start this summer (2018). This study will be conducted under the oversite of KGK Science. Inflammation can cause GI distress and lower abdominal pain. Natural Factors WomenSense GI Sense said Schauch provides herbs that support healthy inflammatory responses such as boswellia chamomile and curcumin plus the adaptogens ashwagandha and bacopa to lessen physiological stress reactions. This formula provides support for the relationship between stress and the GI tract which can cause discomfort. Stress reactions in the body are a result of messages sent from the brain to the adrenal glands the hypothalamic pituitary axis she explained. In addition microbial imbalances in the gut cause a stress response in the brain and vice versa. The gut-brain is a two-way communication system. Stress effects however are not limited to one pain region they can affect cellular homeostasis Schauch elaborated. Cortisol the primary stress hormone initially supports healthy inflammatory responses but with long-term (chronic) stress cells may become resistant to cortisol s regulatory effects resulting in increased potential of cellular damage. Cellular distress causes the overproduction of free radicals which impair cell function. GI Sense provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health and protects from free radical damage. It has been well established that stress and inflammation contribute to cellular distress of the GI tract. WomenSense GI Sense offers herbal support for women of all ages who experience mild digestive disturbances that arise from stress. This helps relieve cellular damage and reduces markers of physical stress she said. Curcumin is one of the most popular Want to Dull Pain Take the Plunge ccording to recent research taking a polar plunge into very cold water may act as a pain killer especially for acute persistent post-operative pain. A short sharp coldwater swim may offer an alternative to strong painkillers and physiotherapy to relieve severe persistent pain after surgery according to a case study by physicians published in the journal BMJ Case Reports. The physicians performed endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy on a 28-year-old man to curb his excessive facial flushing the patient who was a competitive triathlete and swimmer was still experiencing severe pain 10 weeks after the procedure. According to the patient exercise and movement exacerbated his pain preventing him from completing his rehabilitation and recovery. When he swam in very cold A 32 VITAMIN RETAILER water he reported feeling no pain while in the water and afterwards. According to the physicians the patient s pre-operative quality of life had been fully restored and needed no more painkillers. The physicians believe that the shock of the sudden cold-water immersion might have induced a wave of sympathetic nervous system activity in this patient the body s response to this has been linked to an altered state of consciousness. This in turn might have altered pain perception offering instant relief. The authors noted that nerve pain is often difficult to treat and is associated with structural changes in the brain. Reference Mole Mackeith. Cold forced open-water swimming a natural intervention to improve postoperative pain and mobilisation outcomes BMJ Case Reports 2018 DOI 10.1136 bcr-2017-222236. touted nutraceuticals for pain management and there are newly sophisticated forms for store shelves. For example noted Leuschner studies by researchers at Avie Nutraceuticals have shown that Avie s Ultramicronized Turmeric Curcumin has 352 times greater antioxidant activity 1 400 times greater radical scavenging capacity and 126 times greater inhibition of the inflammatory enzyme COX-2 than several other curcumin supplements. Most importantly Avie s Ultramicronized Turmeric Curcumin is fully water-soluble and doesn t require addition of pepper to promote absorption and efficacy she explained. The company has two specific remedies to lessen achiness. Its Joint Balance blends soluble ultramicronized turmeric curcumin with boswellia to promote optimal and healthy joint function improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness after strenuous exercise. Avie Joint Balance contains 15 mg ultramicronized turmeric and 100 mg Boswellia serrata powder per 500 mg capsule. Avie Pain Relief Spray is a topical application to provide quick relief of muscle and joint pain after intense exercise sprains bruises or aches from heavy household work or gardening Leuschner said. The formulation is fast acting fast penetrating and does not leave any residue after application. Most importantly Avie Pain Relief Spray is aspirin free and non-staining she noted. Research shows that curcumin can promote a healthy inflammatory response and provide antioxidant support to cells said Schauch. However when it comes to curcumin it s not how much you take but how much you absorb that matters. Early clinical studies found that large quantities of curcumin had to be consumed because the absorption (bioavailability) of regular curcumin is quite poor. Curcumin is relatively insoluble in water and is rapidly transformed and excreted from the body. Natural Factors Theracurmin is an advanced formulation that uses proprietary dispersion technology to create microscopic particles dispersed in a colloidal suspension for better absorption. Detailed absorption studies have proven that Theracurmin is the bestabsorbed form of curcumin on the market on a milligram-to-milligram basis compared to all other curcumin supplements. This improved absorption with WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to miraclenutritionalproducts for info about this advertiser ety of health concerns including joint pain. Both also contain boswellia which is said to lessen pain by inhibiting 5LOX inflammation. But boswellia Myers clarified needs to have low betaboswellic acid content (which interferes with beneficial activity) and higher levels of acetyl-11-keto- -boswellic acid (AKBA) to ensure it exerts its maximum efficacy. BCM-95 and BosPure have Theracurmin is extremely important in been clinically shown in a published getting the health benefits curcumin study to improve pain and function in provides. individuals with osteoarthritis Myers Existing double-blind clinical studies said. on Theracurmin demonstrate benefits The osteoarthritis study compared the for liver health periodontal health mustwo botanicals to a generic celecoxib cle and joint health vascular health (known under the brand name heart health and global quality of life Celebrex) for individuals with scores. The results of every study have osteoarthritis. One group received celebeen truly remarkable. coxib 100 mg twice daily while the Two of EuroPharma s primary pain second group received a 500 mg blend relief products are its original formula of the high-absorption curcumin and CuramIn and Curamin Extra Strength. the high-AKBA low-beta boswellia According to Myers both provide extract twice daily. The pain in the clinically tested curcumin (BCM-95) that herbal group improved to a high is blended with turmeric oil for degree 64 percent versus 29 percent enhanced absorption and higher efficain the drug group. There was such a difcy BCM-95 she said is verified in over ference in fact that their degree of 30 published clinical studies for a varipain improved from moderate to severe arthritis to THE GO TO RESOURCE FOR HEALTH mild to moderate arthritis. AND NATURAL PRODUCT RETAILERS Myers reported that another study focused on rheumatoid arthritis (RA) using high-absorption curcumin alone. This RA VR s Upcoming study followed 45 Issue Highlights individuals randomized to three Children s Health 8 2 18 September groups. Group one ad closing Natural Products Expo East Issue received diclofenac sodium (which 8 28 18 could raise the risk 2018-2019 Buyer s Guide October ad closing of heart attacks) 50 mg twice daily group two received 500 mg of highabsorption curcumOur 2018 Media Planner in twice daily and Is Available At group three received both diclofenac sodium 2018-Media-Planner and high-absorption curcumin. In Contact One of Our the Disease Activity Ad Specialists Today Score in 28 Joints Russ Fields at (732) 432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF (DAS28) patient assessment the Barry Young at (732) 432-9600 ext. 103 or e-Mail Barry group taking cur34 VITAMIN RETAILER cumin alone noted the highest impact for reducing disease symptoms followed by those using the combination therapy of curcumin with diclofenac sodium. Interestingly the diclofenac sodium-alone group scored in last place. I think this shows that natural effective and safe medicines really have an advantage and a strong future. Curamin and Curamin Extra Strength also help reduce discomfort through DLPA which Myers explained contains two forms of the amino acid phenylalanine. The l form improves mood-elevating chemicals in the brain such as dopamine epinephrine and norepinephrine. The d form appears to block a nervous system enzyme (carboxypeptidase A) that intensifies pain signals. DLPA helps prevent the breakdown of one of the brain s natural painkilling substances enkephalins which are in the same family as endorphins. At Pharmaca Becker said he likes to recommend two products for long-term management and for acute aches such as those resulting from injury. He related that he has personally found Wobenzym to be effective and has dramatic anti-inflammatory capability. I recommend it for across-the-board chronic stress-related discomfort and it is always extremely beneficial. Becker also likes bromelain as a shortterm nutraceutical for acute conditions he said such as after a tooth extraction for example. He added that both Wobenzym and bromelain have years of use and studies. People will always be dealing with types of discomfort acute and chronic. It has been said that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional retailers can certainly help their customers suffer less. VR Extra Extra Visit to read about a new drug approved for migraine sufferers. i For More Information Avie Naturals EuroPharma LifeSeasons Muscle MX Natural Factors WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Branch Out With VRM s FAMILY OF PRINT AND DIGITAL MEDIA NIEmagaz Retaile Vitamin Fitnes sTrain erMag NaturalPr actitionerM .com VR s Upcoming Issue Highlights September 8 2 18 ad closing Children s Health Natural Products Expo East Show Issue October 8 28 18 ad closing 2018-2019 Buyer s Guide Our 2018 Media Planner Is Available At 2018-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at (732) 432-9600 ext. 102 e-Mail RussF Barry Young at (732) 432-9600 ext. 103 e-Mail Barry By Amelia Kibbe ype the word magnesium into any internet search bar and images of small mineral bottles and explanations of what the mineral does for the human body will pop up. So too though will list after list of the many benefits of the mineral 15 Impressive Benefits of Magnesium 10 Evidence-based Health Benefits of Magnesium 13 Amazing Benefits of Magnesium. Although the lists have all been recently published magnesium isn t new of course. However as mineral supplement manufacturers explained it s playing an increasing role in the supplement industry. What s the reasoning behind it asked Lisa Lent founder and CEO of Vitalah a California-based manufacturer of supplements including Oxylent about the increase in the consumption of magnesium. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the critical role magnesium plays within the human body [it is] involved in nearly every T 36 VITAMIN RETAILER metabolic and biochemical process within the cells. Additionally there is a known deficiency in magnesium within the United States according to the National Institutes of Health so supplementation is essential she said. Many Americans find supplementation so essential that some experts predict that magnesium could overtake calcium which has touted the top position for years as the top-selling mineral supplement in the next few years according to manufacturers. Calcium far outsells magnesium maintaining on average 40 percent of the market however calcium has shown to be on a trending decline [while] magnesium has been maintaining a steady rise said Lent. Experts are forecasting that magnesium sales will surely surpass calcium sales as the best-selling standalone supplement on the market by 2020. Lent explained that for many years magnesium was largely marketed as an electrolyte for high-intensity athletes Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1994-2014 that is those needing high levels of endurance. Recently however studies exploring the many other benefits along with a more health-conscious consumer have helped lead to a more everyday use of magnesium and a growth in its sales said Darrin Starkey manager of education and nutrition at Trace Minerals Research a Utah-based leading manufacturer of trace minerals and liquid magnesium. Magnesium is probably leading the charge [it is] probably one of the most remarkable elements that we don t pay attention to like we should Starkey said. I think [mental health] is a driving force today with anxiety and depression. Retailer George Samaris owner of Everything Natural Too in New Jersey agreed with Starkey adding that although magnesium may have increased in popularity due to its mental-health benefits the mineral impacts nearly every aspect of well-being. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM MAY JULY 2014 2018 [Magnesium] performs more than 300 different functions so it is one of the most important minerals we can have to prevent heart attacks stress of the heart muscles to relax the coronary arteries said Samaris who explained his store also does nutritional consulting. It s known as the anti-stress mineral because it keeps your nervous system protected against daily stresses. Scott Boyson marketing manager for Trace Minerals Research added that although magnesium is neither new nor rare many Americans lack the right amount of the vital mineral in their bodies. With more information people become more interested in things that they maybe didn t even realize were an issue We talk a lot about magnesium now because it is becoming so much more prevalent in research Boyson said. A lot of research articles are being released about magnesium and its importance. The increase in magnesium illustrates that as a whole the mineral-supplement industry is not simply stable in terms of use and sales but is instead on the rise manufacturers said. Part of the reason for that they explained is more health-conscious and better-educated consumers determined to make mineral supplements parts of their daily routines. The market for minerals has continued to expand with zinc and magnesium at center stage. Calcium though still the mineral category dominator is waning in popularity said Corinna Bellizzi vice president of marketing and education for NutriGold a Utah-based family-owned wellness company. Minerals Online Lent added a possible reason for the increased market and changing trends of the mineral supplement industry is actually very simple the internet. Trends are constantly evolving due to the average consumer becoming more educated on general health and mineral supplementation she said. With information being so easily accessible via the internet consumers everywhere are more aware of various health implications and what is required in order to support (or attempt to support) their personal condition and or overall health. In fact Lent added the availability and resources the internet provides likely contributed to the newfound popularity in magnesium. JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM Having the studies on magnesium and its role on mental health available to the retailers consumers recreates an entirely new perception of this mineral that s been on the market for many years she explained. With advancing technology consumers are better able to determine which and how much of supplements they should take for optimal health thus becoming more responsible consumers said Boyson and Starkey. [Magnesium] performs more than 300 different functions so it is one of the most important minerals we can have to prevent heart attacks stress of the heart muscles to relax the coronary arteries. George Samaris Everything Natural Too As a consumer base I think we are becoming more and more educated on the importance of minerals and trace minerals said Starkey. I think that over the last five to 10 years at Trace Mineral Research we have seen a huge increase in interest as far as people our consumers asking questions specific as well as what trace minerals are and what they do for their bodies. So I think that as we become more aware of our health challenges that brings responsibility back to the consumer as to what they re doing to take care of themselves. Although Boyson and Starkey said they have noticed an increase in how often their website is visited presumably by customers conducting research Samaris who said both older and younger generations contribute to the trends in the mineral-supplement industry added customers often walk into his store prepared with in-person questions for his team. There are definitely more questions people will have from articles they read whether from online or from books said Samaris who added other minerals such as boron phosphorus and of course calcium also sell well and have shown steady sales in his store. We like to educate the backbone of our store is based on education and it has been for 25 years. Mineral Knowledge Technology leading to a better-educated consumer base is helpful to manufacturers and retailers but it also challenges them to have the best information and best products available as they continue to work with the same materials they always have yet they must modify them and market them for a modern and educated society they said. The market is saturated with unsupported and ineffective supplemental products Lent said. Once a customer realizes a product doesn t work the customer is lost for life. Because the average consumer is making more educated purchasing decisions the quality of the product is imperative. Because of that she added to gain and retain customers manufacturers and retailers must not only have top-of-theline products they must also provide the necessary information about the products in order to become not only a buying location but also an informational resource to customers and potential customers. Positioning yourself or your brand as the entity that provides the information necessary for these consumers to make these decisions naturally qualifies your brand as a go-to resource for information Lent added. As the old saying goes knowledge is power. Included in that is not only the top-ofthe-line products but the best form of those specific products manufacturers said. The technology of being able to provide supplements in different formats has added items to the list of things to consider when developing new products they added. There [are] a variety of factors to consider when developing new products said Susan Piergeorge nutrition education manager at Nutranext LLC a Florida-based manufacturer. First what is trending in health nutrition and supplements is one consideration. Another is looking toward future growth and interest. Finally being able to provide products in innovative delivery formats that VITAMIN RETAILER 37 are going to have appeal in their formulation as well as means of acceptable consumption is also of great importance. Piergeorge said with more options of how to absorb minerals liquids powders pellets gummies gels chews bursts etc. customers have more opportunities to make the supplements an easy part of their daily routines. Patrick Stano performance ingredients brand manager at Stauber a Californiabased company added determining the form of the mineral has become a crucial consideration for new-product development. Taste or flavor is also important particularly in liquids beverages and powders he said. By figuring out these main items the formulator will be able to determine if they need to source a studybased branded ingredient or a commodity ingredient. It will also allow them to determine if they need a tablet grade a fine powder a soluble ingredient a plant-based ingredient etc. Plant Sourced Manufacturers have taken note that American consumers are looking for plant-based minerals. We are seeing a major growth in plant-based minerals said Stano. The need for plant-based minerals is important as the growth of plant-based supplements increases. Bellizzi added the growth may result from the better-educated consumer understanding plant-based or plantsourced minerals are often easier to incorporate into daily routines. Where USP (United States Pharmacopeia) minerals of guaranteed potency were once the standard the introduction of plant-sourced minerals has provided a gentler more natural option to consumers Bellizzi said. [Because] our bodies are able to efficiently absorb minerals from plants we don t experience the digestive discomfort associated with consumption of nonchelated USP minerals. As well as being easier to absorb plant-based or plant-sourced minerals 38 VITAMIN RETAILER are also a better fit for many current dietary styles in the country she added. Consumers are looking for more natural options from food sources while shying away from high-potency USP vitamins that are lab-made or from rocks. This trend continues to be fed by larger consumer movements from an increase in veganism and plant-based diets to juicing for vitamins to paleo diets Bellizzi said. However she added when referring to the increased popularity in magnesium which she said does not yet have a plant source companies such as NutriGold have developed creative solutions to make the mineral absorption easier. Magnesium continues to close ranks with calcium as the dominant standalone mineral supplement she said. Since a plant source of magnesium is not yet readily available magnesium chelated to a full-spectrum of proteins as with NutriGold s Magnesium Gold ensures better absorption without the digestive discomfort associated with USP magnesium. Another trend along with plant-based minerals is consumers looking to improve not just their physical health but also mental health a likely additional reason for the uptick in magnesium sales manufacturers said. The newer products on the market have been directed towards mental health and focus formulas otherwise known as nootropics said Lent. Supplements such as Oxylent s Memory Formula and Cognizin combine Albionbrand minerals vitamins and various botanicals to help drive mental health. They have quickly gained traction within the market due to their marketing focus on supported memory focus and clarity and because of the nature of the product its proposed benefits are highly attractive to professionals students and athletes alike. A third popular trend manufacturers noted is that although the younger generations are often more likely to use technology to read and learn more about mineral and trace mineral supplements older generations especially as they continue to become more and more active often affect trends in the industry as well. Products aimed at healthy aging to support bone and joint health are a real focus for consumers as they strive to be more physically active than previous generations said David O Leary commercial manager of Marigot Ltd. an Irishbased company that produces Aquamin a seaweed-derived mineral source. Any product that has been shown to enhance or combat symptoms associated with aging such as joint pain stiffness osteopenia and osteoarthritis are being considered and formulated for by brand owners to offer real healthy alternatives for consumers. However as Boyson and Starkey pointed out no matter how old or young educated or novice healthy or ill consumers are manufacturers and retailers must do their best to make increasing technology and the trends it brings with it a friend in the mineral-supplement industry. Consumers may think they are better educated simply because they read something on the internet about certain benefits or consequences of minerals said Boyson and then they have the potential to believe or spread information that may only be partly or not at all truthful. It is the world we live in and we just have to deal with that Boyson said about how the spread of false information may affect sales. We just always have to be on our toes about keeping the information true Those potential negative consequences do not outweigh the many potential benefits of technology on the mineral supplement industry especially as the industry continues to see steady growth Starkey added. In the end I think it s a double-edged sword Starkey concluded. But I think that [the increase in technology] also creates an interest that we haven t been able to reach with a group or an age of consumer that I think that this new technology is reaching. VR Extra Extra Visit to read about Aquamin and its role in calcium metabolism. i For More Information Marigot Ltd. (Aquamin) http about Nutranext (Vitality Works) http Nutrigold Stauber Trace Minerals Research https Vitalah WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 SUPPLEMENTSCIENCE Phosphatidic Acid Its role in mTOR Signaling Muscle Strength and Aging By Prof. Gene Bruno MS MHS RH(AHG) Huntington University of Health Sciences uscle growth and maintenance is an issue of significant concern for young and old alike. For many the motivation is cosmetic essentially looking good. Other motivations include improving strength and fitness as well as maintaining good health. When a decrease in muscle mass occurs with aging this can certainly have an adverse effect on these goals. While regular resistance exercise1 and proper nutrition are foundational prerequisites to muscle growth and maintenance there is another strategy that can make a major difference as well supplementation with phosphatidic acid (PA) to promote mTOR signaling. This article will explain the related research but first let s examine the loss of muscle with aging. M cal problem for the aging population. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey II the prevalence of sarcopenia in aging was 35.4 percent in women and 75.5 percent in men a prevalence that increased with continued aging.2 The fact is that skeletal muscle begins to decline around 45 to 55 years old 3 and continues to decline 12 to 15 percent per decade until 80.4 These are troubling statistics considering that sarcopenia is both common and associated with serious health consequences in terms of frailty disability morbidity and mortality.5 6 Furthermore reduced skeletal muscle has a profound impact on the ability to maintain a minimal level of physical strength and even just being able to comfortably get around and experience an active quality of life. Sarcopenia The age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and function is called sarcopenia and is it is recognized as a major clini40 VITAMIN RETAILER Understanding mTOR So what can we do to promote muscle growth and maintenance If you thought about it your mental list would probably include sufficient exercise (ideally resistance training) and adequate nutrition which would be correct. You might even include adequate testosterone levels as well as adequate growth hormone and insulin levels which would also be correct. But would your list include mTOR Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) is an enzyme working at the molecular level to help regulate and enhance the capacity for protein synthesis by mediating the anabolic effect of amino acids and resistance exercise.7 It is part of an anabolic pathway that senses all of the major components needed to sustain growth including glucose amino acids and lipids and insulin. Therefore it is activated or affected by each of those variables.8 Specifically increases in energy status 9 10 amino acids 11 12 and growth factors13 14 increase muscle protein synthesis through an mTOR-dependent mechanism. In fact several studies have also WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 shown that signaling by mTOR is required for mechanically-induced increases in muscle protein synthesis and the ultimate hypertrophic response (i.e. increase in muscle size).15-18 In addition it is important to consider that the anabolic stimuli-induced mTOR activation is reduced in individuals belonging to older age groups compared to younger adults. Hence the hypertrophic response by mTOR activation is important for overall muscle maintenance in aged muscle.19 This was seen during a study in which 20 older patients (aged 45 to 83 years) some of whom already had sarcopenia received mTOR inhibitors. Results were that the use of mTOR inhibitors significantly decreased the skeletal muscle area (P 0.011) and lean body mass (P 0.007). Understanding PA Another factor that impacts mTOR is PA. PA is a common phospholipid compound somewhat similar to phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidylcholine (PC) other phospholipids found naturally in plants and animals including of course in humans. Chemically it consists of a glycerol backbone with two fatty acids and a phosphate group. PA is naturally found in the muscle matrix but in very small amounts. Its cellular role includes functioning as a precursor for the biosynthesis of many other lipids influencing cell membrane curvature and acting as a signaling lipid. In fact during eccentric muscular contractions (see image) or intermittent stretching the production of PA is increased. PA then binds to mTOR thereby increasing protein synthesis.20 21 But what happens if PA is ingested as a supplement This question was examined in three human clinical trials. PA Study 1 The purpose of this first pilot study22 was to examine if oral PA administration (Mediator PA Chemi Nutra Austin TX) could enhance strength muscle thickness and lean tissue gain during an eight-week resistance training program. Resistance-trained men were randomly assigned to receive either 750 mg of PA daily or a placebo. Subjects were assessed for strength (one repetition maximum [1-RM] bench press and squat) and body composition during each testing session and JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM muscle thickness was also measured in the vastus lateralis of the subject s dominant leg. The results were that subjects ingesting PA demonstrated a 12.7 percent increase in squat strength and a 2.6 percent increase in lean body mass while subjects consuming the placebo showed a 9.3 percent improvement in squat strength and a 0.1 percent change in lean body mass. In conclusion this study suggests that ingestion of 750 mg PA daily combined with a four-day per week resistance training program for eight weeks appears to have a likely benefit on strength improvement and a very likely benefit on lean tissue gain in young resistance trained individuals. PA Study 2 A second study23 was conducted to compare the ability of various PA precursors and phospholipids to stimulate mTOR signaling and augment resistance training-induced changes in body composition and performance. In phase one of the study myoblasts (muscle cells) were stimulated with different phospholipids including PA derived from soy and egg sources to ascertain effects on mTOR signaling. In phase two resistance trained subjects consumed either 750 mg PA (Mediator PA) daily or placebo and each took part in an eight-week periodized resistance training program. The results were that in phase one soy-PA stimulated mTOR signaling and the effects of soy-PA ( 636 percent) were significantly greater than egg-PA ( 221 percent). In phase two PA significantly increased lean body mass ( 2.4 kg) cross sectional area ( 1.0 cm) and leg press strength ( 51.9 kg) over placebo. In conclusion PA significantly activated mTOR and significantly improved responses in skeletal muscle hypertrophy lean body mass and maximal strength to resistance exercise. PA Study 3 A third double-blind placebo controlled pre post experimental design study24 was conducted in which PA (Mediator PA) was ingested as the main ingredient in a supplement that also contained other mTOR signaling substances including L-leucine betahydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate and Vitamin D3. Healthy strength-trained males were randomly assigned to a group that either consumed the PA supplement or a placebo and completed a three-day per week resistance training protocol for the eight-week study duration. Subjects were placed and monitored on an isocaloric diet consisting of 25 protein 50 carbohydrates and 25 percent fat by a registered dietitian. The results were that the PA significantly increased lean body mass when compared to the placebo group (p 0.001). Additionally PA significantly improved leg press strength (p 0.001) and bench press strength (p 0.001) compared to the placebo group (p 0.001). In conclusion trial results suggest that added to a three-day per week resistance training program the PA supplement positively impacted lean body mass and strength beyond the results found with exercise alone. Collective Results of PA Studies In assessing study results it is often helpful to consider the collective results of all the studies whenever possible. In the case of the PA (Mediator PA) studies it is possible since many of the same parameters were measured across the studies. Following is a table (data taken from a table in the full-text of PA study 3) which provides the average results of various measurements taken from the three studies. The percentages shown are pre- to post-differences comparing pre- to post-values for Mediator PA to pre- to post-values for placebo outcomes as indicated Study 1 Study 2 Study 3 Average Percent Gain in Bench Press Strength 1.8 2.0 9.7 4.5 Percent Gain in Leg Press Strength 3.4 8.4 10.6 7.5 Percent Gain in Total Strength 2.5 6.3 10.4 6.4 Percent Gain in Lean Body Mass 2.5 2.0 1.7 2.1 Percent Loss in Fat Mass 0.0 4.8 7.1 4.0 Percent Gain in Thigh Hypertrophy -0.7 8.9 1.3 3.2 VITAMIN RETAILER 41 SUPPLEMENTSCIENCE Another way to view the data is to see the results in a bar graph research has demonstrated that supplementation with PA resulted in improvements in lean body mass reductions in fat mass as well as improvements in muscular strength and power. VR References Conclusion The growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass looks impressive as does the loss in fat mass which is very important for maintaining good health especially as we age. Sarcopenia the age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and function should be addressed with regular resistance training and good nutrition. The use of PA (Mediator PA) can activate mTOR signaling which is important in inducing muscle protein synthesis. In summary human clinical 42 VITAMIN RETAILER 1 Narici MV Maffulli N. Sarcopenia characteristics mechanisms and functional significance. Br Med Bull 2010 95 139 59. 2 Batsis JA Mackenzie TA Barre LK Lopez-Jimenez F Bartels SJ. Sarcopenia sarcopenic obesity and mortality in older adults results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2014 Sep 68(9) 1001-7. 3 Webb D. Losing Muscle is a part of aging but you can minimize the effects. Environmental Nutrition. November 2007 30 11. 4 Kamel H. Sarcopenia and Aging. Nutr Rev. May 2003 61(5) 157-67. 5 Sayer AA. Sarcopenia. BMJ. 2010 341 c4097. 6 Sayer AA Robinson SM Patel HP Shavlakadze T Cooper C Grounds MD. New Horizons in the Pathogenesis Diagnosis and Management of Sarcopenia. Age Ageing. 2013 42(2) 145-150. 7 Adegoke OA Abdullahi A Tavajohi-Fini P. mTORC1 and the regulation of skeletal muscle anabolism and mass. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2012 Jun 37(3) 395-406. 8 Wang X Proud CG. (2006). The mTOR pathway in the control of protein synthesis. Physiology. 2006 21(5) 362369. 9 Bolster DR Crozier SJ Kimball SR Jefferson LS AMPactivated protein kinase suppresses protein synthesis in rat skeletal muscle through downregulated mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling. J Biol Chem 2002 277 2397723980. 10 Hardie DG Hawley SA Scott JW AMP-activated protein kinase development of the energy sensor concept. J Physiol 2006 574 7-15. 11 Anthony JC Yoshizawa F Anthony TG Vary TC Jefferson LS Kimball SR Leucine stimulates translation initiation in skeletal muscle of postabsorptive rats via a rapamycin-sensitive pathway. J Nutr 2000 130 2413-2419. 12 Dickinson JM Fry CS Drummond MJ Gundermann DM Walker DK Glynn EL Timmerman KL Dhanani S Volpi E Rasmussen BB Mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 activation is required for the stimulation of human skeletal muscle protein synthesis by essential amino acids. J Nutr 2011 141 856-862. 13 Dardevet D Sornet C Vary T Grizard J Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and p70 s6 kinase participate in the regulation of protein turnover in skeletal muscle by insulin and insulin-like growth factor I. Endocrinology 1996 137 40874094. 14 Frost RA Lang CH Differential effects of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) and IGF-binding protein-1 on protein metabolism in human skeletal muscle cells. Endocrinology 1999 140 3962-3970. 15 Bodine SC Stitt TN Gonzalez M Kline WO Stover GL Bauerlein R Zlotchenko E Scrimgeour A Lawrence JC Glass DJ Akt mTOR pathway is a crucial regulator of skeletal muscle hypertrophy and can prevent muscle atrophy in vivo. Nat Cell Bio 2001 3 1014-1019. 16 Drummond MJ Fry CS Glynn EL Dreyer HC Dhanani S Timmerman KL Volpi E Rasmussen BB Rapamycin administration in humans blocks the contraction-induced increase in skeletal muscle protein synthesis. J Physiol 2009 587 1535-1546. 17 Hornberger T Stuppard R Conley K Fedele M Fiorotto M Chin E Esser K Mechanical stimuli regulate rapamycin-sensitive signalling by a phosphoinositide 3-kinase- protein kinase B-and growth factor-independent mechanism. Biochem J 2004 380 795-804. 18 Kubica N Bolster DR Farrell PA Kimball SR Jefferson LS Resistance exercise increases muscle protein synthesis and translation of eukaryotic initiation factor 2B mRNA in a mammalian target of rapamycin-dependent manner. J Biol Chem 2005 280 7570-7580. 19 Yoon MS. mTOR as a Key Regulator in Maintaining Skeletal Muscle Mass. Front Physiol. 2017 Oct 17 8 788. 20 O Neil TK Duffy LR Frey JW Hornberger TA. The role of phosphoinositide 3-kinase and phosphatidic acid in the regulation of mammalian target of rapamycin following eccentric contractions. J Physiol. 2009 Jul 15 587(Pt 14) 3691-701. 21 Rasmussen BB. Phosphatidic acid a novel mechanical mechanism for how resistance exercise activates mTORC1 signalling. J Physiol. 2009 587.14 3415 3416. 22 Hoffman JR Stout JR Williams DR Wells AJ Fragala MS Mangine GT Gonzalez AM Emerson NS McCormack WP Scanlon TC Purpura M J ger R. Efficacy of phosphatidic acid ingestion on lean body mass muscle thickness and strength gains in resistance-trained men. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2012 Oct 5 9(1) 47. 23 Joy JM Gundermann DM Lowery RP J ger R McCleary SA Purpura M Roberts MD Wilson SM Hornberger TA Wilson JM. Phosphatidic acid enhances mTOR signaling and resistance exercise induced hypertrophy. Nutr Metab (Lond). 2014 Jun 16 11 29. 24 Escalante G Alencar M Haddock B Harvey P. The effects of phosphatidic acid supplementation on strength body composition muscular endurance power agility and vertical jump in resistance trained men. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2016 Jun 2 13 24. Gene Bruno MS MHS the dean of academics for Huntington College of Health Sciences is a nutritionist herbalist writer and educator. For more than 30 years he has educated and trained natural product retailers and health care professionals has researched and formulated natural products for dozens of dietary supplement companies and has written articles on nutrition herbal medicine nutraceuticals and integrative health issues for trade consumer magazines and peerreviewed publications. He can be reached at gbruno WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 PRODUCTSPOTLIGHT A Curated Makeup Collection hile the performance of natural makeup used to pale in comparison to conventional products there are many brands that are creating makeup that is richly pigmented applies beautifully and wears as well as their more synthetic competitors. Makeup users in the pursuit of living more simply naturally and environmentally consciously are in search of the top natural beauty brands that deliver gorgeous results. In turn natural product retailers strive to curate a selection of the best product lines and products. But with today s diversity of distribu- W B Y J A N E T P O V E R O M O tion are health food stores relevant for indie beauty brands Yes customers can do their purchasing of natural cosmetics from online retailers to Target to Nordstrom s natural cosmetic outposts. However At the end of the day omnichannel is alive and well said Jill Dunk co-founder of The Pienza Collective and former executive vice president of sales at Urban Decay. There s still a need to touch play and discover. Sabrina Yavil a beauty marketing consultant whose clients include Rodan Fields and Walker & Co. concurred explaining it s important for brands to be in many places across various channels. Customers are shopping in different places so [brands] need to be where they are she said. And buyers are looking for innovation retailers have to sell something that people want to buy. That can be innovation in packaging in ingredients in application in technology etc. Listed here are natural makeup items to be stocked in your store s makeup outpost that meet these discriminating buyers wants. Mineral Powder SPF 30 Hynt Discovery Kit New from California-based Derma E is Sun Protection Mineral Powder SPF 30 in collaboration with makeup guru and Instagram influencer Ash Deleon iheartmakeupart This translucent non-nano mineral powder can be worn on its own or over makeup for a natural flawless look. 100 percent translucent for all skin types Natural mattifying antioxidant oil-free Protects skin from harmful UVA UVB sun rays Infused with antioxidants green tea chamomile and vitamin E Helps to absorb excess oil keeping your skin looking fresh Easy to carry and to reapply throughout the day for all day sun protection. The suggested retail price is 21.95. For more information call (800) 521-3342 or visit Here s a brilliant way to discover Hynt a collection of the New Jerseybased company s most coveted star products to help one achieve a healthy flawless complexion. The vegan lightweight powders and creamy full coverage concealer keep skin comfortably balanced not dry or cakey throughout the day. The Discovery Kit comes in seven skin tones that range from the fairest to the richest deeper shades to cater to women of all ethnicities around the world. All seven of the Discovery Kits retail for 49 and include the following 2 VELLUTO Pure Powder Foundations 1 DUET Perfecting Concealer 1 FINALE Finishing Powder (Deluxe sample size) 1 LUMIERE Radiance Boosting Powder (Deluxe sample size) 1 Vegan Mini Flat Top Brush Hynt Cosmetics Bag How To & Tips Card For more information visit Snap Happy Makeup Kit Gorgeous on the go has never been easier with Massachusetts-based jane iredale s trio of long-wearing universally flattering shades of matte finishing powder shimmery blush and mix-andmatch eye shadows in a three-tiered compact PureMatte Finish Powder (translucent) Whisper PurePressed Blush (a shimmery peachy pink) and Brown Sugar PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple (warm brown shimmery peach shimmery copper eggplant). The MSRP is 58. For more information call (877) 869-9420 or visit JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM Natural Lipstick New York-based Noyah s lipsticks (MSRP 18) are made with natural ingredients and minerals and formulated with the likes of coconut oil shea butter and skin-protecting vitamin E hydrating lips while adding a punchy pop to your pout. They come in a range of versatile shades with great staying power. The lipsticks come in stunning earth-friendly bamboo packaging that not only looks good but also results in a 60 percent reduction in plastic. For more information call (212) 863-9058 or visit (Continued on page 66) VITAMIN RETAILER 43 HEALTHOVER40 Solutions for SLEEP Issues Over 40 By Cheryl Myers ears ago I worked with an autism researcher who was both an MD and a PhD. I would sometimes get emails from him at 4 a.m. so of course my question to him was Don t you ever sleep As a matter of fact it turns out he did not. At least he did not sleep as much as I do. He told me that he has never needed much sleep and generally gets about four hours a night. He was healthy and well rested. This same doctor had two adult daughters. One needed a normal amount of sleep and averaged eight hours a night. The other was like him and slept about four hours and was rested and healthy. He was quick to point out that getting only four hours a night consistently because of insomnia or stress or pain was very bad for both your mind and body but that some people are wired a little differently and do quite well on Y 44 VITAMIN RETAILER less. He theorized that there was a genetic link to some of these differences. Scientists have since confirmed his theory and found that a rare gene mutation called DEC2 allows less than one percent of the population to be perfectly healthy on four to six hours sleep a night. It was also found that these people are on average more energetic in the daytime and tend to be positive optimistic people. Does anyone wish we could all get an infusion of DEC2 For most of us the average is eight hours and 125 years ago that average was nine or more hours. We are losing sleep personally and as a nation. Sleep Dysfunction Today the majority of adults are consistently getting less than seven hours of sleep a night. This results in increasing levels of physical and mental dysfunction. And as we age our risk for disturbed sleep increases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 39 percent of people aged 45 to 54 receive insufficient sleep which is defined as less than seven hours per night. Since the 1980s sleep duration has been steadily decreasing in U.S. adults. For example in 1985 39 million adults reported sleeping less than or equal to six hours in a 24hour period. Just 30 years later more than 70 million adults reported that same sleep deprivation in one day. Many sleep experts agree that for the standard adult seven to nine hours of sleep per evening is optimal. So if your body needs nine hours and you only get six you have lost a third of the sleep you need to be healthy. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to pharmachem for info about this advertiser HEALTHOVER40 Research has indicated that women are slightly more affected by issues that result in loss of sleep. One possible explanation is the relationship between hormones and the sleep cycle. Many studies have demonstrated that sleep disturbances are significantly higher in women going through perimenopause menopause or surgically induced menopause compared to pre-menopausal women. Researchers have found that women in menopausal stages had lower oxygen saturation during sleep and also a higher apnea-hypopnea index (AHI). Also many women are all too familiar with the abrupt awakening of a hot flash in the middle of the night. There are several health conditions that can affect sleep quantity and quality. Some of these include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) chronic pain conditions (osteoarthritis) urinary issues (prostate enlargement overactive bladder cystitis) neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer s and Parkinson s diseases) and diabetes. Additionally mood issues such as depression and anxiety play a tremendous role in sleep. Substances can interfere with proper sleep patterns as well including certain prescription medications caffeine and alcohol. One study found that the risk of sleep apnea also more than triples in people aged 45 to 64 years old versus the 20- to 44-year-old age group. Address the Underlying Cause Therefore the first step in addressing sleep problems is to understand the underlying cause and try to correct it. Are hot flashes waking you up Try a quality black cohosh extract 13 mg a day or a combination of black cohosh with rhodiola excellent interventions for hot flashes and night sweats. Tight chest coughing poor breathing from chronic lung inflammation Try elevating the head of the bed a bit and consider a purified and standardized boswellia extract with higher levels of AKBA but reduced BBA for optimal effectiveness in alleviating lung inflammation. And whether you are a man or woman if your sleep is interrupted by frequent trips to the bathroom to urinate (called nocturia ) you might 46 VITAMIN RETAILER want to consider a specialized extract of Icelandic Anjelica archangelica which has been shown to settle down these issues and significantly reduce early and frequent waking for bathroom visits. After you have determined the cause of your sleep issues there are a variety of excellent natural interventions to improve sleep. Here are two that are quite popular and proven effective. Melatonin Melatonin is a hormone made by the body s pineal gland. Melatonin is critically involved in circadian rhythm which is the cycle of our daily life. It lets you know when it is time to be active eat and very importantly sleep. It is called the hormone of darkness because much of it is made at night and natural melatonin production is reduced when light strikes the retina of the eye. So try to keep the bedroom in the dark Melatonin is a potent antioxidant and may have cancer prevention properties as well. Supplemental melatonin is probably best known for use as a clinically proven sleep aid that increases REM and stage 4 sleep (the stage of repair and rejuvenation). Some people find that they have vivid dreams when they use melatonin for the first time. This is a good sign that you are experiencing healthier sleep cycle because it is expanding the time you spend in REM (or dreaming sleep). Melatonin is a great choice to improve sleep. A good dosage is 2.5 to 5 mg a night. You generally don t need a high dose to get results. Hemp Oil Many of you have heard about cannabidiol (CBD) especially as it relates to some of the controversies of marijuana and industrial hemp. The government s definition of marijuana is any compound from the plant Cannabis sativa with 0.3 percent or more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana responsible for getting high. Industrial hemp is from a similar plant in the Cannabis sativa family but contains less than 0.3 percent THC. In order for hemp oil to be legal for sale it must be shown to contain less than 0.3 percent THC so it is a good idea to work with manufacturers who have both high quality standards and expertise in this area to assure you are purchasing legitimate legal hemp oil. However CBD and hemp oil are not the same thing. Hemp extract that is derived from the stalk (not seed) of industrial hemp is rich in a family of over 100 compounds called phytocannabinoids. These are plant nutrients that interact with the body s own endocannabinoid system to elicit health benefits. CBD is only one of these nutrients and it works much better within the full family of hemp phytocannabinoids than on its own. So while it is true that full spectrum hemp oil contains CBD it also contains many other active nutrients that provide excellent benefits via their influence on the endocannabinoid receptors. In a review article examining the use of cannabinoids for sleep researchers reported that hemp compounds hold promise for REM sleep behavior disorder and excessive daytime drowsiness. Other compounds in hemp may reduce certain types of sleep apneas and nightmares associated with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Since hemp oil has been shown to improve relaxation and mood this indirectly influences sleep as well. In other research hemp oil has been shown to reduce pain by a variety of WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 physiological mechanisms which indirectly influences sleep. Dosages for full-spectrum hemp oil vary but are generally in the 50 to 150 mg range. You might want to experiment with a few nights at 50 mg and if you are still tossing and turning go up to 100 mg for a few more nights to judge how the product is working for you. Conclusion There are many natural interventions to facilitate healthy sleep including taking a hot bath to light blocking window shades to nature sound white noise machines. And they all can make a difference Do a little detective work to see if you can figure out underlying causes see a doctor if needed and consider clinically proven supplements that can improve sleep. You can get a better night s sleep for a better tomorrow. VR References Consensus Conference Panel Watson NF et al. Joint Consensus Statement of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society on the JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM Recommended Amount of Sleep for a Healthy Adult Methodology and Discussion. J Clin Sleep Med. 2015 Aug 15 11(8) 931-952. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2017). Short Sleep Duration Among U.S. Adults. Retrieved from sleep data_statistics.html on May 29th 2018. Ford ES Cunningham TJ Croft JB. Trends in SelfReported Sleep Duration among US Adults from 1985 to 2012. Sleep. 2015 May 1 38(5) 829-832. Hachul H et al. The effect of menopause on objective sleep parameters data from an epidemiologic study in Sao Paulo Brazil. Maturitas. 2015 Feb 80(2) 170-178. Pinkerton JV Abraham L Bushmakin AG Cappelleri JC Komm BS. Relationship between changes in vasomotor symptoms and changes in menopause-specific quality of life and sleep parameters. Menopause. 2016 Oct 23(1) 1060-1066. Punjabi NM. The Epidemiology of Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Proc Am Thorac Soc. 2008 Feb 15 5(2) 136-143. Xu Q and Lang CP. Examining the relationship between subjective sleep disturbance and menopause a systematic review and meta-analysis. Menopause. 2014 Dec 21(12) 1301-1318. Ammon HP. Boswellic Acids and Their Role in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2016 928 291-327. Review. Drewe J Zimmermann C Zahner C. The effect of a Cimicifuga racemosa extracts Ze 450 in the treatment of climacteric complaints--an observational study. Phytomedicine. 2013 Jun 15 20(8-9) 659-66. doi 10.1016 j.phymed.2013.02.012. Sigurdsson S Geirsson G Gudmundsdottir H Egilsdottir PB Gudbjarnason S. A parallel randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study to investigate the effect of SagaPro on nocturia in men. Scand J Urol. 2013 Feb 47(1) 26-32. Arendt J Skene DJ. Melatonin as a chronobiotic. Sleep Medicine Reviews. February 2005. Volume 9 Issue 1 Pages 25 39. DOI https 10.1016 j.smrv.2004.05.002. Babson KA Sottile J Morabito D. Cannabis Cannabinoids and Sleep a Review of the Literature. Curr Psychiatry Rep. 2017 Apr 19(4) 23. doi 10.1007 s11920-017-0775-9. Review. Cheryl Myers is an integrative health nurse author and an expert on natural medicine. She is a nationally recognized speaker who has been interviewed by the New York Times Wall Street Journal and Prevention magazine. Her many articles have been published in such diverse journals as Aesthetic Surgery Journal and Nutrition in Complementary Care and her research on botanicals has been presented at the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the North American Menopause Society. Myers is the head of Scientific Affairs and Education for EuroPharma Inc. VITAMIN RETAILER 47 NATURALMEDICINE with Dr. Michael Murray PROBIOTICS VS. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES B Y M ICHAEL T. M URRAY ND ut health is a growing health craze for good reason. It s a widespread problem affecting roughly one out of every three adults that contributes to millions of doctor visits in the United States every year. In an effort to improve their digestive health Americans have become obsessed with probiotics or friendly bacteria. In addition to spending more than 2 billion each year on probiotic supplements there is also a growing rise in sales of fermented foods like yogurt kombucha and sauerkraut. It is becoming popular to add probiotics to many other foods and beverages as well including chocolate nutrition bars smoothies and juice. Marketing would have us believe that probiotics are the answer to all gut issues and there is no question that they are important considerations. But do they always represent the best natural solution for common digestive complaints G Improving Gut Health Beyond Probiotics The simple truth is that the benefits that many people are looking for in improving their digestive complaints with probiotics 48 VITAMIN RETAILER are better achieved with the use of other natural digestive aids especially enzymes. Probiotics are living organisms that can have beneficial effects on digestive health but they are not very effective in dealing with many common digestive complaints like the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as well as indigestion gas bloating and food intolerances. The reason is simple probiotics do not digest food. The real issue and the underlining cause of most gut discomforts is not digesting food properly. Most people compound the problem by choosing to simply block symptoms with an over-the-counter acid-blocking drug while others will jump on the probiotic bandwagon only to be disappointed. And many others will simply suffer though the embarrassing and uncomfortable effects of improper digestion because they feel they have tried everything and nothing has worked. The reality is that they have not tried everything they have just not tried the right product. Lack of Stomach Acid and Pepsin Although much is said about hyperacidity conditions a more common cause of indi- gestion is a lack of gastric acid secretion. Hypochlorhydria refers to deficient gastric acid secretion while achlorhydria refers to a complete absence of gastric acid secretion. Lack of stomach acid affects more than 15 percent of the general population and more than 40 percent of people over 40. The stomach s optimal pH range for digestion is 1.5 to 2.5. The use of antacids and acid-blocker drugs will typically raise the pH above 3.5. This increase effectively inhibits the action of pepsin an enzyme involved in protein digestion that can be irritating to the stomach. Although raising the pH can reduce symptoms it blocks the effects of both hydrochloric acid (HCL) and pepsin on digestion. HCL aids in protein digestion activates pepsin and it encourages the flow of bile and pancreatic enzymes. HCL also facilitates the absorption of many nutrients including folate vitamin B12 ascorbic acid betacarotene iron and some forms of calcium magnesium and zinc. The bottom line is that without HCL and pepsin proper protein digestion and nutrient absorption will not occur. In addition a lack of HCL and or pepsin can adversely WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 affect the gut s microbial flora including the promotion of an overgrowth of the bacteria Helicobacter pylori that is associated with ulcer formation. There are many symptoms and signs that suggest impaired gastric acid secretion and a number of specific health conditions have been found to be associated with insufficient gastric acid output. Table 1. Common Signs and Symptoms of Low Gastric Acidity Bloating belching burning and flatulence immediately after meals A sense of fullness after eating Indigestion diarrhea or constipation Multiple food allergies Nausea after taking supplements Itching around the rectum Weak peeling and cracked fingernails Dilated blood vessels in the cheeks and nose Acne Iron deficiency Table 2. Health Conditions Associated with Low Gastric Acidity Addison s disease Asthma Celiac disease Dermatitis herpetiformis Diabetes mellitus Eczema Gallbladder disease Graves disease Chronic auto-immune disorders Hepatitis Chronic hives Lupus erythematosis Myasthenia gravis Osteoporosis Pernicious anemia Psoriasis Rheumatoid arthritis Rosacea Chronic intestinal parasites or abnormal flora Sjogren s syndrome Undigested food in stool Thyrotoxicosis Chronic candida infections Hyper- and hypothyroidism Upper digestive tract gassiness Vitiligo One of the popular dosing strategies of HCL products is a challenge method Begin by taking one capsule with meals. If this does not aggravate symptoms at every meal after that of the same size take one more tablet or capsule. (One at the next meal two at the meal after that then three at the next meal.) Continue to increase the dose until reaching seven capsules or when you feel warmth in your stomach whichever occurs first. A feeling of warmth in the stomach means that you have taken too many capsules for that meal and you need to take one less tablet for that meal size. It is a good idea to try the larger dose again at another meal to make sure that it was the HCL that caused the warmth and not something else. After you have found that the largest dose that you can take at your large meals without feeling any warmth maintain that dose at all of meals of similar size. You will need to take less at smaller meals. When taking a number of capsules it is best to take them throughout the meal. As your stomach begins to regain the ability to produce the amount of HCL needed to properly digest your food you will notice the warm feeling again and will have to cut down the dose level. JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM Digestive Enzymes to the Rescue While probiotics are marketed as a cure-all for digestive complaints the relief that people are seeking to find is best obtained through supplementation with digestive enzymes. Unlike probiotics enzymes can make an immediate difference in digesting a meal. That is because enzymes actually help digest food probiotics do not. Many people who have occasional digestive difficulties such as indigestion bloating or gas will often feel a relief from taking a digestive enzyme supplement in minutes. This fast action is because the enzymes are directly working to break down a meal. Many digestive symptoms are simply the result of improper breakdown of food by enzymes. While our own body produces digestive enzymes it may not be enough especially in older adults. Aging leads to actual structural changes in the pancreas as well as reduced output of digestive enzymes often leading to impaired digestion and symptoms ranging from minor gas pain nausea and bloating to severe malabsorption and malnutrition. Digestive enzymes can be derived from animal plant or microbial sources. Of these three sources enzymes derived from bacteria and fungi are emerging as the most effective source because they are very stable resist damage caused by the stomach acid and can function within a wide range of pH levels. For example while the pancreatic enzyme trypsin and chymotrypsin are only effective in a pH environment of eight to 10 some digestive enzyme supplements contain blends of microbial-derived enzymes that can be effective throughout the entire pH range. Since the pH of the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract varies from very acid to alkaline it is important to choose produce that utilize technology to carefully select variants (isoenzymes) within each digestive enzyme category (e.g. proteases amylases and lipases) to allow the mixture of these isoenzymes to be effective throughout the entire GI tract. These more advanced enzyme preparations have ushered in a whole new era for digestive enzymes. For best results digestive enzymes are most often recommended to be taken before meals or early on in the meal. Final Comments Just a reminder in most cases it is not food that is causing digestive symptoms it is the improper digestion of that food. So the first goal in trying to improve gut symptoms is to focus on improving digestion. If the bloating gas indigestion occurs within the first 30 to 45 minutes of eating go with Betaine HCL. If it occurs more than 45 minutes after eating go with digestive enzymes first. VR Michael T. Murray ND is widely regarded as one of the world s leading authorities on natural medicine. A graduate former faculty member and serves on the Board of Regents of Bastyr University in Seattle Washington he is the author of more than 30 books on health nutrition. For more information visit VITAMIN RETAILER 49 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers ver wish you and your staff could have more one-on-one time with sales representatives from top companies serving the natural products industry to gain a deeper understanding of the products you re carrying (or thinking of carrying) on your shelves That s what Vitamin Retailer sought to deliver with its 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers section. In this special section we provided each company an opportunity to address retailers directly with insight about their top product(s) and tips for selling them. We recommended that submissions be conversational the way a rep would handle in-store training while providing concrete information about the company. We also asked participants to discuss their history research efforts quality assurance measures etc. and their products line with merchandising tips potential customer questions and the dos and don ts retailers should keep in mind when advising customers. E 50 VITAMIN RETAILER Following is an index of companies participating in Vitamin Retailer s 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers section Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation................................51 Daiwa Health Development..........................................52 Emerald Health Bioceuticals ........................................53 Health Plus Inc. ............................................................54 Mega Resveratrol ..........................................................63 Miracle Nutritional Products ........................................55 Natural Factors..............................................................56 NOW Foods ..................................................................57 Rainbow Light ..............................................................58 Scandinavian Formulas Inc...........................................59 Superior Source ............................................................60 Terry Naturally EuroPharma Inc. ..................................61 Wakunaga of America Co. Ltd.....................................62 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation 12915 Dairy Ashford Sugar Land TX 77478 Phone (800) 580-8866 Fax (281) 240-3535 Website An Eye on Quality ver the last 27 years Bluebonnet Nutrition has been recognized for creating scientifically supported supplements as close to nature as possible with an eye on quality and transparency at every level. This is why retailers have made Bluebonnet their goto supplement brand. sules vegetarian soft gels chewables liquids and powders. O Marketing Support & Social Media Bluebonnet provides attractive educational and sales support materials both on the company s website and in the form of a printed product catalog category and product-specific brochures new product cards channel chips shelf talkers posters and countertop displays as well social media support on Facebook Twitter Instagram and a monthly blog posted online. Follow Bluebonnet on Facebook BluebonnetNutrition Twitter https BluebonnetNutri ref_src twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctw gr%5Eauthor Instagram bluebonnet_nutrition Blog http blog Quality Assurance & Certifications Bluebonnet Nutrition is leading the way when it comes to manufacturing premium dietary supplements in our state-of-the-art koshercertified GMP (good manufacturing practice)compliant facility allowing the company to control its quality from start to finish. Bluebonnet has spared no expense in its quest to be the most trusted award-winning supplement brand on the market which is demonstrated through rigorous quality control measures like the company s internal nonGMO (genetically modified organism) verification program and third-party certifications such as the coveted GMP Registration from NSF the world s leading public health and safety organization. This prestigious certification developed in accordance with the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) verifies that Bluebonnet has the proper manufacturing procedures testing methods equipment facilities and controls in place for exceeding even the most rigorous quality standards for producing natural nutritional supplements. Bluebonnet has also developed more farm-to-table whole food and whole foodbased products with sustainable USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Organic nonGMO ingredients than ever. Many are allergen-free and KOF-K kosher certified through KOF-K Supervision one of the world s most respected kosher certification agencies. Bluebonnet s facility has also been certified to produce and handle USDA Organic products. To grant this certification the Texas Department of Agriculture traces the ingredients in every Bluebonnet supplement labeled USDA Organic back to its farm of origin verifying that it complies with federal organic production and handling regulations established by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). For example no synthetic chemicals (i.e. fertilizers pesticides herbicides antibiotics or hormones) irradiation or genetically modified seeds can be used. Broad Product Selection In keeping with the company s commitment to offer more farm-to-table products with susJULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM tainable non-GMO and or USDA Organic ingredients Bluebonnet was one of the first to deliver a line of whole food-based formulas targeting specific structure-function applications in the body called Targeted Choice (e.g. Wellness Support Sleep Support Stress Relief EyeCare AREDS 2 BLUE Blood Pressure Support Blood Sugar Support LiverDetox Urinary Tract Support Pain & Inflammation Support and Joint Support with more to come). Bluebonnet was also the first to provide to natural food stores a NSF Certified for Sport professional performance brand Extreme Edge guaranteed free of 250-plus substances banned by major sports authorities (e.g. NFL MLB). Plus Bluebonnet has developed a line of groundbreaking agedefying beauty formulas Beautiful Ally (e.g. biotin collagen hyaluronic acid keratin etc.) that help channel the power of exceptional nutrition for luminous hair skin and nails from the inside out. Overall Bluebonnet offers a wide assortment of natural vitamins minerals multiples amino acids proteins standardized herbal extracts and specialty supplements such as antioxidants glucosamine omega fatty acids fiber digestive aids including enzymes and probiotics food supplements and a unique array of structure function formulas. All made without unnecessary artificial colors or flavors fillers binders or excipients and offered in a delivery form that suits individual lifestyles caplets mini-caplets vegetable capsules liquid-filled vegetable cap- Why Bluebonnet Since the company s inception in 1991 Bluebonnet has demonstrated quality purity transparency and loyalty at every turn by investing in third-party certification programs updating labels to include clean label symbols that demonstrate quality instead of just saying natural. Bluebonnet s commitment to natural food stores like yours is unwavering. One way the company demonstrates that commitment is by protecting its online pricing so that you do not experience a disadvantage in the marketplace. Bluebonnet is your go-to supplement brand because the company cares about What ingredients go into Bluebonnet products How Bluebonnet products are made Where Bluebonnet products are sold The Bluebonnet brand is living proof that companies can walk the talk when it comes to the principles upon which the natural products industry was founded delivering affordable supplements your consumers can trust. Those Bluebonnet products bearing the Made with Non-GMO Ingredients seal guarantees that both the dietary and other ingredients are derived from sources that have never been genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology. Only those Bluebonnet products bearing the KOF-K emblem are kosher-certified. VITAMIN RETAILER 51 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Daiwa Health Development 1411 W. 190th St. Ste. 375 Gardena CA 90248 Phone (866) 475-4810 Fax (877) 434-3644 Email info Website Creating Value in the Field of Bioscience aiwa Health Development Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. The parent company based in Tokyo Japan has become a leading research and manufacturing company. Striving to create new value in the field of bioscience Daiwa focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of nutraceuticals functional foods and cosmetics. Founded in 1990 Daiwa Pharmaceutical provides products and distribution to 27 countries. Daiwa Health Development provides science-based nutraceutical dietary supplements in the U.S. market. The flagship product is PeakImmune4 a powerful immune enhancer derived from a proprietary ingredient of rice bran modified with the enzyme of shiitake mushroom called Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC). D Daiwa Gastro Health a Dietary Supplement Targeting Optimal Gut Health Daiwa Health Development is introducing Daiwa Gastro Health into the U.S. market and Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co DHD s parent company will begin the health registration process for Daiwa Gastro Health s entry into various international territories. Daiwa Gastro Health is powered by IgY Max. What is IgY Max the Active Ingredient in Daiwa Gastro Health Made from hyperimmune egg powder IgY Max is a polyvalent IgY product that 52 VITAMIN RETAILER provides a new approach to modifying the microbiome. By acting as a barrier protector IgY Max supports the body s natural detoxification process promotes a proper inflammatory response supports a proper flora balance and promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria to deliver the benefits of passive immunity for optimal gut health. How is IgY Max Manufactured Made from whole egg that has been spray dried but otherwise unaltered IgY Max is exclusively manufactured in the United States using a patented formulation process. IgY Max is naturally glutenand sugar free does not contain hormones antibiotics or additives and it is kosher certified making it a preferable choice for health-conscious consumers. What Benefits Can Daiwa Gastro Health Deliver Daiwa Gastro Health contains strainspecific antibodies against 26 common human-relevant pathogens to Support digestive tract lining Promote proper microbial adhesion Support the immune system Support the body s natural defenses Promote proper cytokine balance Protect against nonbeneficial bacteria in the gut Daiwa Super Krill Oil Powered By Superba Boost Welcome to the next generation of krill oil New from Daiwa Health Development Daiwa Krill Oil is now the next generation of krill oil because it is powered by Superba Boost developed using Flexitech an innovative technology which removes unwanted salts and other polar constituents while boosting omega-3s (EPA DHA) phospholipids astaxanthin and choline. Daiwa Krill Oil powered by Superba Boost is a krill oil concentrate high in phospholipids choline and omega-3s. According to published scientific research studies (Maki et al. Ulven et al.) Superba raises the omega-3 index faster than other sources of omega-3. Daiwa Krill Oil is a super antioxidant composed of pure oil derived from Antarctic krill. Krill are plentiful tiny bright pink shrimp-like crustaceans. Krill oil is the only marine oil that includes a combination of three key substances the human body needs to function properly omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA) phospholipids (an important component of the cell membranes) and antioxidants including astaxanthin (a potent carotenoid that gives krill its red-orange color). Krill oil provides the body s best source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. It is rich in phospholipid EPA and DHA providing greater bioavailability superior to fish and flax oils. Krill oil also delivers the fatty acids omega-6 and omega-9 as well as vitamins A and E. Daiwa Krill are harvested responsibly. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Emerald Health Bioceuticals 5910 Pacific Center Blvd. Ste. 300 San Diego CA 92121 Phone (866) 993-6372 Email orders Website CBD Has Now Evolved Why Emerald Health Bioceuticals Endocannabinoid system (ECS) health is fast becoming one of the leading categories in our industry Thanks to the surging popularity of CBD consumers are now discovering the importance of this system and the critical part it plays in overall wellness. Emerald Health Bioceuticals has formulated a multi-award winning condition specific line that offers advanced support for your endocannabinoid system. Each product is expertly formulated with the company s science-backed proprietary PhytoCann Complex a powerful blend of non-cannabis phytocannabinoids along with other proven ingredients that support the vitality of your ECS. The ECS If you have never heard of the ECS you are not alone. The system was not discovered until the late 1980s though it is estimated to be 600 million years old. The discovery of the ECS is changing the way we look at health. The breakthrough came when research scientists attempting to understand the why behind the high with the intake of cannabis discovered an elegant cell-signaling system triggered by the compound THC. They hence named it the endocannabinoid system after the cannabis plant that inspired its discovery. This vital and intricate system exists in all animals except insects. Most remarkable is that the ECS is now believed to play a central role in the orchestration maintenance and balance of optimal health and healing which we know as homeostasis. The body s ECS promotes biological balance in every cell tissue and organ supporting brain immune nervous and systemic wellness. JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM There is hope With a whole foods diet rich in omega-3s regular movement stress reduction and phytocannabinoid support the ECS can restore its vitality. This is where Emerald Health s line of ECS supporting products can be an asset to anyone s health care regime. Emerald Health Bio Goes Beyond CBD How Does This System Work Quite possibly the most important neurotransmitter system in your body the ECS works by activating receptor sites (locks) with cannabinoids (keys). Our bodies naturally produce their own endo internal cannabinoids. Oftentimes we are not producing enough when the system is weakened. This is where phyto plant cannabinoids come in. The most wellknown phytocannabinoids are CBD and THC however research shows that hundreds of other plant compounds and botanicals communicate with this system. There are two main receptor sites in the ECS CB1 and CB2. These receptor sites the locks are ignited by the cannabinoids the keys. Once ignited an intricate cascade of neurotransmitters is released communication to your cells tissues organs and glands takes place and ultimately balance or homeostasis is achieved. This system has a direct impact on the way your body manages pain mood sleep appetite cognition and more If we do not take care of the ECS it gets beaten down and is not able to function properly. Prolonged stress on the ECS is now being linked to diseases such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) chronic fatigue seizures migraines and fibromyalgia. 1. Full ECS Support Emerald Health Bio has formulated the world s first noncannabis herbal and botanical support for the ECS. This innovation is called PhytoCann Complex and is free of cannabis CBD or THC. PhytoCann-Complex the foundation and workhorse of Emerald Health Bio s products interacts with the ECS in the very same way CBD does and more How With a four-pronged approach that encourages the natural production of the body s own cannabinoids and receptor sites prevention of the breakdown of this delicate system and interaction with both CB1 and CB2 receptor sites. Full-spectrum support. 2. Emerald Health Bio is Condition Specific Today s consumers have concerns they want to address. Emerald Health Bio s formulas not only support full ECS Health but also include powerful and proven condition-specific ingredients such as PharmaGABA ashwagandha saffron curcumin boswelia huperzine-A and bacopa. Quick-acting results and long-term benefits 3. Emerald is a Great Value Emerald Health Bio s multi-faceted approach and unique formulas offer more comprehensive ECS support than a single compound like CBD. The company is so confident in the efficacy of its products that it offers a no questions asked money back guarantee Non-cannabis full-spectrum endocannabinoid support is at your fingertips with Emerald Health Bioceuticals Endo Calm Endo Bliss Endo Sleep Endo Inflame and Endo Brain. Showcase Emerald Health products in your CBD case to provide a unique alternative in your structure function sets to elicit customer curiosity or show off boldly in Emerald Health Bio s eye-catching floor display. VITAMIN RETAILER 53 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Health Plus Inc. 13837 Magnolia Ave. Chino CA 91710 Phone (909) 993-0732 Website Health Plus Traditional Roots Gets a Modern Look in 2018 New packaging and reformulations geared toward the new generation of natural consumers ealth Plus a company rooted in a tradition of helping consumers lead a healthier lifestyle is proud to announce an exciting new modern look for the brand. In addition most product formulas are being updated to meet the evolving needs of today s natural consumer. The goal of the new design is to attract a new generation of natural consumers and to bring attention to the company s commitment to offering the safest highest quality and most innovative dietary supplements on the market. The newly designed products began shipping in early 2018 with an official launch of the products debuting their new look and formulas at the Natural Products Expo West in March. The Health Plus shift in branding and design is focused on what the company believes the modern wellness-seeker is looking for. Easy access to an abundance of information has helped create a more health savvy consumer who is more willing to take a do-ityourself approach to health and wellness. However this quest for more knowledge coupled with new products that are continuously flooding the marketplace makes it easy for consumers to become confused. In response Health Plus has concentrated on a clean modern look that highlights key natural ingredients and clearly calls out information consumers often seek. With positive survey feedback from buyers Health Plus is excited to be leading the launch with its top selling product Super Colon Cleanse. In addition to the design changes most products will be reformulated to give consumers even better products with more of the key ingredients in smaller serving sizes the same efficacious doses in fewer capsules. H 54 VITAMIN RETAILER We re proud to re-launch these best-selling digestive and detox formulas in updated packaging and with the best possible formulas said Sunil Kohli COO of Health Plus. We have watched over the years as our natural consumers priorities change and are going to continue to meet these needs with revised labels and formulas which make our currently best-in-category products even more attractive to them. Individual product changes for the upcoming releases are highlighted below Original Colon Cleanse New Look Original Formula Super Colon Cleanse New look new formula Boosted amount of the active ingredient Senna leaf powder per capsule o Senna leaf powder is a natural stimulant that encourages contractions and helps the digestive system eliminate waste effectively. Price and size remain the same while receiving twice the value Serving size goes from four capsules to two Kidney Cleanse New look new formula Increased the amount of turmeric and B12 to aid in cell generation and decrease inflammation. Added antioxidants from cranberry extract 50 1 and CoQ10 to help protect bladder and kidneys. New formula comes in 30-day supply (two capsules daily) up from a 15day supply previously. Liver Detox New look new formula Increased the amount of B12 and milk thistle to assist with glucose storage and liver support. Alpha-lipoic acid and n-acetyl lcysteine added to help with production of glutathione and the prevention of liver damage. New formula comes in 30 day supply (two capsules daily) same days supply as current formula. Finally Health Plus is excited to launch its first ever USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Certified Organic product Organic Colon Cleanse The multiple benefits of psyllium husk are already established as this hard working fiber helps maintain regularity manage weight and reduce the risk of heart disease. Now Health Plus provides all this plus the USDA Organic version which adds all the benefits of an organic product to the already established reasons to pick up this product and take it daily. About Health Plus More than 30 years ago in the back room of a health food store Health Plus first product Colon Cleanse was developed. In fact Colon Cleanse was so successful it helped create the colon cleansing category in the United States. Health Plus has remained committed to its roots by offering a full range of products that support wellness and specific organs to promote the health of the entire body. All Health Plus products are formulated using the highest quality raw materials and are manufactured in their own cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) compliant facility in Chino CA. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Miracle Nutritional Products 4004 Shoal Line Blvd. Hernando Beach FL 34607 Phone (863) 703-4367 Website The Benefits of Hemp-based Cannabinoids iracle Nutritional Products was started in 2014 upon the passing of the Farm Bill which made hemp legal in all 50 states. The company s mission is to be the first to find test and deliver the finest natural ingredients focused on wellness and personal care with the added benefits of hemp-based cannabinoids. At Miracle Nutritional Products the company believes in natural alternative treatment using cannabidiol (CBD). The company s vision is to create quality CBD infused products that are an effective form of alternative treatment. Understanding that most people are looking for a natural path towards healing Miracle Nutritional Products has expanded its product line to a full array of over the counter products. The company has CBD Edibles including gummies lollipops pressed and gel pills CBD Topicals including its best-selling Chiro Cream a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory as well as its new anti aging line. The company also carries CBD Oils in a variety of strengths from 300 to 2 500 mg. Miracle Nutritional Products newest product line is the company s CBD Pet Products including everything from CBD Oil to cat treats dog bones and biscuits. The company uses all natural ingredients and the purest and richest form of CBD and its team is focused on being ahead of the curve with its diversity research & development quality control and qualified staff members. Miracle Nutritional Products are being sold in more than 6 000 store locations across the United States and are grow- M JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM ing rapidly. Miracle Nutritional Products are made with certified organic hemp grown in Kentucky and are 100 percent free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients. The company has the highest purity levels at 99.87 percent (full spectrum) whereas its competitors have 15-40 percent. The company s products are manufactured and tested in an FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-approved facility. Its products contain no THC. If your store serves customers that suffer from pain inflammation stress anxiety or serves customers that are looking for a more holistic approach to treating their ailments then Miracle CBD Nutritional Products is a perfect fit. Remember that CBD has not been approved by the FDA ( but then again neither has milk or orange juice) so the company can t make any claims when selling this product. This is why it is sold as a supplement. What is the ECS And Why Does CBD Work so Well in it The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is composed out of cell receptors and their adjacent molecules. These receptors act pretty much like locks as only specific keys can open them up or in this case make them react. In anatomy the keys to these locks are called antagonist which are small chemical molecules capable of triggering a wide range of reactions in the body. So each time an antagonist (CBD) meets a receptor cell it will activate it but it will also transmit a message as well letting the receptor know what it has to do. Thus when it comes to the ECS there are two main types of receptors that make its body and we are talking about Cannabinoid Receptor 1 (CB1) and Cannabinoid Receptor 2 (CB2). The efficiency of cannabinoids such as CBD lies in the endocannabinoid system of the body. In other words the body was designed to have special receptors that bind with these compounds extracted from plants. And when they do incredible things happen in the body things that are not yet fully understood but manage to provide relief to so many people. The health benefits of CBD are well established. Everyone has an ECS which is a group of cannabinoid receptors located in the brain and throughout the central and nervous system. CBD specifically interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors that send signals to wake up and strengthen the immune system naturally. This is because the ECS is intricately linked to the nervous and immune systems as well as the brain and digestive system. Getting back to the ECS it is worth mentioning that each person has this system active in his or her body as it is part of the way we are created. Its main role is to maintain a state of well-being at a physiological level as it is spread throughout our entire body. Of course there are cases in which the ECS is not working as it should and we end up having difficulties managing the health problems we may be suffering from. Thus we can all aid our ECS by adding the right dose of cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant which has the same structure and purpose as those created by our own body. Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body in the brain organs connective tissues glands and immune cells. The endocannabinoid system with its complex actions in our immune system nervous system and all of the body s organs is literally a bridge between body and mind. CBD is a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory so the next time your customer comes in asking for pain relief reach for Miracle Nutritional CBD Products. VITAMIN RETAILER 55 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Natural Factors 14224 167th Ave. S.E. Monroe WA 98272 Phone (877) 551-2179 Email usorderdesk Website A Passion for Quality atural Factors is one of the largest manufacturers of nutritional products in North America. Dating back to the 1950s when the company first started it has always been fully committed to making the highest quality products possible. Natural Factors feels it is the company s privilege to share its passion for quality with you N A Very Special Place Natural Factors Farms is a very special tract of land that covers more than 1 000 pristine acres. This exquisite certified organic farmland gives Natural Factors complete control over securing the best quality raw materials possible literally control from seed selection to finished product. Few if any companies in the world have such a high degree of influence over their entire operations. The farm has truly unique soil that has been built up over millennia from repeated flooding that deposited a tremendous amount of organic matter onto the land. The nutrient-dense top soil is more than 6 feet deep in places The company makes sure to choose true species non-hybrid non-GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds. Big Enough to Do it Right Natural Factors has more than 900 000 square feet of space in North America. The company is one of the only nutritional companies to have its own Organic farms Extraction encapsulation and production facilities Labs and research facilities Vast network of academic scientific and retail partners Soft gel encapsulation facility Unsurpassed Quality Assurance Natural Factors facilities conform to all requirements of the good manufacturing practices (GMP) of the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as well as those set out by the Canadian government s Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD). In addition the 56 VITAMIN RETAILER Drawn from around the world and chosen for their unique training and background Natural Factors scientists and quality control specialists are recognized experts in their fields. company s facilities have been certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) one of the most stringent guidelines for manufacturing dietary supplements in the world. Natural Factors also works with ISURA to certify its products. They use state-of-the-art technology such as mass spectrometry to test for up to 500 pesticides solvents heavy metals and other contaminants. The ISURA third-party product verification and certification seal of approval is your guarantee that our products are nonGMO safe pure and potent. Commitment to Science Another thing that sets Natural Factors apart from others in its industry is the breadth of knowledge represented by the scientific experts that work for the company. Drawn from around the world and chosen for their unique training and background Natural Factors scientists and quality control specialists are recognized experts in their fields. Socially Minded Natural Factors quietly does its part to make this world a better place. Whether it s supporting research and education making charitable donations or giving product to people in need Natural Factors gives back in many ways locally nationally and around the world. High-quality Products Natural Factors has a reputation for producing outstanding quality products. For more than five decades the company has been manufacturing a full line of high-quality dietary supplements that spans all health categories including brain heart joints sleep and stress. Natural Factors proudly partners with natural health stores throughout North America and have been staunchly committed to supporting the growth and development of the natural products industry. Some of the company s top Natural Factors lines include Whole Earth & Sea PGX CurcuminRich WomenSense StressRelax BioSil and VegiDay. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers NOW Foods 244 Knollwood Dr. Bloomingdale IL 60108 Phone (630) 545-9098 (888) 669-3663 Fax (630) 790-8019 Email sales Website Celebrating 50 Years n 2018 NOW the largest independent and family-owned manufacturer of natural products in the U.S. health food store channel is celebrating 50 years as a manufacturer dedicated to its mission of providing products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives. NOW is still owned by the Richard family and remains committed to founder Elwood Richard s belief that high-quality health products should be affordable for everyone which shapes the company s decisions and policies today. I Product Line NOW s product categories include dietary supplements herbs pet supplements personal care essential oils sports nutrition natural foods and an array of natural sweeteners. According to SPINS NOW is the No. 1 selling amino acid brand in the health food channel No. 1 in the miscellaneous category (CoQ10 ALA etc.) No. 2 in the sports segment and NOW Solutions is No. 1 in body oils and a very close No. 2 in essential oils. The entire NOW Sports line undergoes third-party certification for detection of banned substances to ensure product purity though the Informed-Sport certification program a globally recognized assurance program for anti-doping in sports nutrition products suppliers and manufacturers. The program certifies that each and every batch of a supplement product bearing the Informed-Sport logo has been tested for banned substances by a world-class sports antidoping lab. The NOW Sports line has attractive new silver labels. NOW continues to increase the number of non-GMO (genetically modified organism) products it offers including essential oils. NOW offers a large selection of pure essential oils organic essential oils and essential oil JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM blends and ultrasonic diffusers. From raw material selection to testing and processing every care is taken to ensure high quality oils. Research & Quality Every phase of the manufacturing process follows strict procedures overseen by a highly trained experienced team of experts. NOW s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Illinois and Nevada feature complete quality assurance and quality control systems and processes and both locations are GMP (good manufacturing practice)-certified and Arated by the Natural Products Association (NPA). NOW performs more than 16 000 analyses and tests per month. The company tests each of its incoming raw materials and ingredients in-process ingredients and unusually for manufacturers to do finished products. NOW tests ingredients for identity purity and potency and composition. NOW products are screened for contaminants and adulterants labeled accurately and of the highest possible quality. NOW s long list of third party quality and purity certifications has grown. All NOW Solutions personal care products are UL (Underwriters Laboratories) ISO 22716 2007 certified for production and quality control of cosmetic products made at both the Bloomingdale IL and Sparks NV facilities. ISO 22716 is an internationally recognized standard with requirements for the production control storage and shipment of cosmetic products to protect consumers by providing guidelines on how to deliver a safe end-product. Also new NOW s entire line of quality natural foods is UL Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level II Certified. SQF cer- tification assures buyers and customers that food has been produced processed and handled according to the highest standards. This enhances NOW s existing high standards for food products which are all non-GMO and many are kosher- and allergen free as well. Merchandising Tips Materials NOW offers the Product-ology online training program designed exclusively for its retail customers in addition to an array of free tools designed to help them be more successful including monthly webinars signs shelf talkers educational brochures etc. Visit retailers to get started. NOW s website is user-friendly with expanded content and new store locator functionality making it easy for consumers to find NOW products in stores. Dos & Don ts Do ask your suppliers how they assure quality how robust their testing program is and what steps they take to assess ingredient suppliers so you can answer your customers questions. Do be familiar with the laws regulating dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are allowed to impact the structure and function of the body such as supports joint health or supports heart health. Do be able to explain how the dietary supplements industry is regulated becausve the unregulated myth appears in the media often. Don t make drug or disease claims. Legally dietary supplements cannot claim to treat prevent or cure diseases. VITAMIN RETAILER 57 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Rainbow Light 1301 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy. Sunrise FL 33323 Phone (800) 752-7873 Website Grounded in the Power of Nature ainbow Light was founded in 1981 in beautiful Santa Cruz CA by a team of individuals with a shared passion for providing healthy nutritional supplements grounded in the power of nature. The Rainbow Light name ties back to the first product the company offered spirulina. In the early days during nutritional content testing procedures Rainbow Light s researchers discovered that spirulina refracted all the colors of the rainbow under a light spectrophotometer. These rainbow colors revealed the full spectrum of nutritional constituents present in spirulina. Inspired by the power of nature viewed through the lens of science the brand name was born. Today spirulina forms part of the food base in every one of Rainbow Light s multivitamin products along with a customized blend of nutrients and targeted superfoods specific to each formula. Rainbow Light is now introducing the First and Only Food-based Nutritional Program specially formulated to take you from Trimester 2 Prenatal R Preconception Pregnancy Trimesters Nursing & Your Child s 2nd Birthday For every phase of those all-important first thousand days. For the First Thousand Days the first multivitamin series that provides specific nourishment for mom and baby through each stage of pregnancy from preconception through all three trimesters to postnatal and into the toddler phase. The 1 000 days between a woman s pregnancy and her child s 2nd birthday offers a unique window of opportunity to shape a healthier and more prosperous future. Failure to provide key nutrients during this critical period of brain development may result in lifelong deficits in brain func- 58 VITAMIN RETAILER Nurturing Mom and Baby Helps ease moms occasional constipation with magnesium. Supports the healthy brain development in babies. Trimester 3 Prenatal Nurturing Mom and Baby Promotes healthy digestion for mom with a specific form of calcium. Promotes healthy brain and neural tube development in babies with absorbable folate and choline. tion despite subsequent nutrient repletion. The American Academy of Pediatrics A Healthy Happy Thousand-day Head Start The first customized multivitamin line for mom and baby from preconception through the first 24 months Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project Verified Rainbow blend of organic fruits and vegetables Prebiotics probiotics and enzymes Preconception Preparing the body for the journey Provides a comprehensive and balanced range of nutrients to prepare momsto-be for the development of a baby. Supports moms immune health with vitamin C and zinc. Trimester 1 Prenatal Nurturing Mom and Baby Helps ease moms occasional feelings of nausea with a unique ginger extract. Provides an absorbable form of folate which is important throughout pregnancy to support babies neural tube health. Postnatal - For Mom Thriving from birth through baby s first 24 months Provides a blend of moringa organic fenugreek and organic fennel seed all traditionally used by breastfeeding mothers. Promotes babies eye and brain development with lutein. Lutein is concentrated in a part of the retina that develops rapidly in a baby s first year of life. NutriStart Plus - For Baby Thriving from birth through baby s first 24 months Supports healthy nervous system development and bone health in babies. Neutral taste for mixing easily into formula applesauce yogurt or cereal. Rainbow Light s Quality Promise Pure Ingredients Potent Products The company believes absolute transparency is the only way to uphold the trust you place in us every time you purchase a Rainbow Light formula. That transparency begins with the way the company formulates and extends through every ingredient choice all the way to the finished goods and the bottles in which they are delivered to you. The effectiveness of our formulas depends on the quality of Rainbow Light s processes. That s why the company has put in place quality assurance measures and standards that are implemented at every stage of manufacturing from sourcing raw materials to production and finished goods testing. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Scandinavian Formulas Inc. 140 E. Church St. Sellersville PA 18960 Phone (215) 453-2507 Fax (215) 453-2508 Email cpeklak Website High-quality Products and Innovative Solutions candinavian Formulas Inc. with headquarters in Sellersville PA is divided into three divisions Chemicals & Ingredients Division Consumer Products Division Bulk Soft Gels Tablets and Capsules Division The company s mission is to supply high quality products and innovative solutions with an exceptional level of customer service. For more than 25 years Scandinavian Formulas has consistently offered the finest quality ingredients to the nutritional food pharmaceutical cosmetic and pet care industries as well as chemicals to various industrial markets. As the company s customers requirements are constantly changing it continues to strive to meet their expectations. Scandinavian Formulas has been manufacturing and supplying the highest quality nutraceutical and medical device products which address many common health and physical issues. More recently Scandinavian Formulas supplies finished bulk products in the form of soft gels tablets and capsules to the nutritional supplement industry. S Consumer Products Division Scandinavian Formulas Inc. is committed to helping people live a natural and healthy lifestyle providing top-quality nutritional and OTC (over-the-counter) products that are available in fine health food stores pharmacies clinics and doctors offices throughout the world. Catherine Peklak formerly president of Scandinavian Naturals Inc. (1990-2001) formed Scandinavian Formulas in 2001 focusing not only on the manufacture and supply of fine nutritional products and in 2005 introduced SalivaSure a saliva stimulating lozenge to address dry mouth due to chemo and radiation therapy various medications and medical conditions. Scandinavian Formulas nutritional and OTC products are manufactured under strict GMP (good manufacturing practice) conditions with regular quality audits being conducted. Its manufacturing facility tests all ingredients conducts in-processing testing and finished product testing. Finished products undergo a final JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM analytical testing to ensure activity levels and purity. SalivaSure a saliva stimulating lozenge registered as an OTC product. Good Breath formulated with sunflower seed oil and parsley seed oil to address bad breath from the inside out. STRIX a tablet formulated with bilberry fruit powder and fruit extract for healthy eye. Nozovent an anti-snoring device Scandinavian Formulas Shark Liver Oil a soft gel containing shark liver oil to boost the immune system. Scandinavian Formulas products address many common health and physical issues with the highest quality ingredients and carefully developed formulations. When health is at stake there can be no compromise Scandinavian Formulas valued customers expect only the best. Bulk Soft Gels Tablets and Capsules Division Scandinavian Formulas also provides the nutritional supplement industry with finished products capsules tablets and soft gels. Each of these products is made using the finest raw materials the most advanced manufacturing processes and the strictest of quality controls. All products are manufactured in the United States under quality control experts at ultra-sophisticated facilities conveniently located throughout the country. Product consistency is assured through the use of the finest quality raw materials and rigorous product testing before during and after manufacturing. Scandinavian Formulas has a solid reputation for outstanding customer service from initial inquiry and order placement to final shipment and delivery. When health is at stake there can be no compromises. Chemicals and Ingredients Division Scandinavian Formulas Chemicals & Ingredients Division a privately held member of the global chemical market specializing in the sales and marketing of fine and specialty chemicals intermediates and botanicals. The company represents many foreign and domestic producers with a wide variety of capabilities in custom manufacturing for its chemical and ingredients customers. Scandinavian Formulas global sourcing capabilities enables it to meet and anticipate the needs of its customers and to offer purity consistency and reliability to its products. The company has the ability to provide flexible shipping worldwide in a timely manner. The company concentrates its efforts in the specialty markets where personalized service and catering to its customers individual requirements and needs is expected. Scandinavian Formulas ambition is to provide quality products and services to the various industries it serves Biotechnology (Life Sciences) Diagnostic Health Foods Natural Medicines Food Feed Pharmaceuticals Sports Nutrition Veterinary and Cosmetics Personal Care Scandinavian Formulas extensive product line offers a full range of items including but not limited to Amino Acids Nutritional Ingredients Lubricants Organic Products Minerals Herbal Products Oils Chemicals Hydrocarbons Extracts Marine Oils and Botanicals Scandinavian Formulas customers experience East Ordering Quick Delivery Product Knowledge Friendly Service Product Availability and Proven Reliability VITAMIN RETAILER 59 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Superior Source 4510 S. Boyle Ave. Los Angeles CA 90058 Phone (800) 421-6175 Fax (323) 589-6667 Email information Website Featuring Under the Tongue Technology uperior Source MicroLingual tablets are recognized as the only true soft-molded instant release dietary supplements on the market today. The company s proprietary methods utilize Low Pressure Hydromolecular (LPH) technology to create tablets that dissolve immediately under the tongue resulting in quick and direct absorption. Superior Source provides a diverse line of vitamins minerals and herbal formulas to support your customer s health in every way. Founder Ron Beckenfeld began distributing natural dietary products in 1969. Today the company continues to grow with more than 120 products now available. S MicroLingual Tablets Are Perfect for B-12 Delivery Superior Source instant dissolve MicroLingual dissolve immediately under the tongue resulting in quick and direct absorption. Held under the tongue nutrients are absorbed directly into the body resulting in an immediate B-12-vitamin boost. This concept is vital for vitamin B-12 supplementation. 60 VITAMIN RETAILER Superior Source Ensures the Quality of its Products Retailer Support Ongoing Sample Program Superior Source s products are produced in a GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified (through NSF) 100 000-square-foot manufacturing facility the company s high standards and have earned the trust of the natural products community. Superior Source s proprietary methods involve using LPH technology to create the company s unique instant dissolving tablets. Superior Source provides retailers with individual samples on an ongoing basis with every order. These product samples are very effective for demonstrating the MicroLingual delivery system instore. Customers get to immediately experience the product. The program quickly builds brand loyalty. Superior Source encourages sales staff and storeowners to try the samples as well. Firsthand experience is the best sales tool. Superior Source also provides comprehensive training educating retail staff to explain the difference between MicroLingual tablets and other product lines. Superior Source explains the unique advantage of this delivery method. What Sets Superior Source Products Apart From the Competition Superior Source is the only source of soft molded instant release tablets offering a diverse line of vitamins minerals and herbal formulas. The company s trade secret MicroLingual delivery system with its soft molded tablets dissolve immediately resulting in quick and direct absorption. Requiring binders to hold them together compressed tablets also contain needless fillers and excipients that leave less room for the active ingredient. That ultimately means consumers have to take more of them (or swallow a larger pill) to get the same amount of actives found in a Superior Source MicroLingual tablet. Superior Source s soft molded MicroLingual tablets contain no excipients and rely on a small amount of acacia gum to hold them together. That results in a much more concentrated product about a tenth the size and weight of an equivalent standard swallowed tablet. The company s MicroLingual delivery system is ideal for a wide range of health goals including heart health energy and stress support antioxidant support healthy blood glucose healthy sleep cycles women s and men s health as well as infant and children s health. What Does The Future Hold for Superior Source Superior Source sees a bright future for its versatile product line and the ease of use of its products. The MicroLingual system is ideal for everyone who hates to swallow pills and completely eliminates the need for messy liquids or sprays. MicroLingual products are extremely well-suited for children and the elderly. Superior Source products do not need refrigeration and do not require water to swallow. The company sees these as major advantages going into a future where ease of supplementation is a critical factor for health and wellness. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Terry Naturally EuroPharma Inc. 955 Challenger Dr. Green Bay WI 54311 Phone (866) 598-5487 (920) 406-6500 Email info Curamin by Terry Naturally Safe Effective Pain Relief l-phenylalanine. It supports the healthy activity of endorphins and enkephalins natural feel good compounds in the mind and body. Nattokinase is an enzyme that helps support healthy circulation ensuring that the nutrients in Curamin are delivered to where they can be most effective. our customers have many choices available to address pain. Unfortunately many of those choices carry risks that they can do without. Fortunately there s Curamin from Terry Naturally. It puts safe effective pain relief within reach. For more than 10 years people have considered Curamin to be the answer for pain. That s because it delivers a trusted formula that works without the worry. Y Time-tested Botanicals With Roots in the Ayurvedic System Curamin features two botanicals with deep roots in ayurvedic medicine curcumin from turmeric and boswellia which is often called frankincense. Curcumin That Makes a Difference Curcumin extracted from turmeric is an herbal superstar due to its ability to support so many body functions amazingly well. But the challenge is getting curcumin to absorb well into the body without having to take massive doses of it. Terry Naturally s curcumin has a secret that makes it absorb better and stay in the bloodstream longer than unstandardized turmeric or even other standardized curcumin extracts turmeric essential oil. Turmeric essential oil mirrors in a way the long-term benefits enjoyed by those who have consumed turmeric in their food for their entire lives. For those of us who have indulged in a standard Western diet simply eating more curries isn t enough the only way to make a difference is to concentrate the way that curcumin is absorbed into the bloodstream. The curcumin in Curamin is backed by scientific and clinical research. In fact it has 32 published studies to back it up more than any other enhanced absorption curcumin in the world. You can have confidence in its ability to relieve pain. Unique Boswellia A Pain Relief Partner The second herb in this combo is a specialized extract of Boswellia serrata. Like the curcumin in Curamin this boswellia extract is well above the ordinary. What makes this boswellia special is that it has been standardized to deliver a more concentrated level of a compound called acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid. You can simply remember it as AKBA. Unstandardized boswellia supplements might only contain about two percent of the compound Terry Naturally s contains at least 10 percent AKBA more than 70 percent beneficial boswellic acids overall. The AKBA in this clinically studied boswellia assists with relieving occasional pain but along different pathways than curcumin. This makes it the perfect complementary botanical. As a combination the enhanced absorption curcumin and specialized boswellia provided by Curamin have been clinically tested and show remarkable results supporting a healthy range of motion and the ability to walk comfortably and easily. Additional Key Players Curamin also includes synergistic ingredients DLPA and nattokinase. DLPA is a combination of two amino acids d- and JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM When Pain is the Problem Curamin is the Answer. Fighting pain effectively and safely may be a challenge for your customers. With Curamin no one needs to compromise their health to find relief. Terry Naturally also has Curamin Extra Strength which delivers the same ingredients in a convenient concentrated tablet with fewer daily dosages. Both provide a great way to help your customers feel their best. The Highest Standards for Health Curamin like every Terry Naturally product is formulated with strict adherence to current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) and produced with the highest quality ingredients. Each one is rigorously tested to ensure strength identity purity and composition. Additionally everything from the raw materials to the completed formulations complies with the highest standards for manufacturing labeling storage and shipping. What s on the label is what is in the product guaranteed. Let s Work Together Terry Naturally s founder and president Terry Lemerond has owned health food stores and still does to this day. The company believes in working one-onone with its retailer partners and can help you develop sales tools that fit your needs and the needs of your customers and community. Additionally the company is happy to personalize its service with in-store lectures and convenient product webinars too. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Occasional muscle pain due to exercise or overuse VITAMIN RETAILER 61 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Wakunaga of America Co. Ltd. 23501 Madero Mission Viejo CA 92691 Phone (949) 855-2776 Email info Website Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Supports Healthier Hearts hen it comes to supporting heart health more than onethird of people at risk of or diagnosed with some form of cardiovascular disease are taking proactive steps to improve their health.1 That means adopting a heart-healthy diet increasing their physical activity and taking heart-smart supplements. Wakunaga of America offers 13 cardiovascular-specific formulas under the Kyolic brand each designed to target various risk factors and promote overall heart health. These include Kyolic 100 Aged Garlic Extract the original formula designed to support and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Available in capsule tablet and liquid forms. Kyolic 104 Cholesterol is a blend of aged garlic extract (AGE) and lecithin that supports healthy lipid levels. Kyolic 106 Circulation is a combination of AGE vitamin E hawthorn berry and cayenne pepper created to help maintain healthy circulation. Kyolic 107 Phytosterol Cholesterol Support pairs AGE with clinically-studied cholesterol-lowering plant sterols. Kyolic 108 Total Heart Health promotes healthy homocysteine cholesterol blood pressure and circulation with AGE B6 B12 folic acid and Larginine for complete cardiovascular support. Kyolic 109 Blood Pressure provides a clinically-studied blend of AGE nattokinase and L-theanine shown to relax blood vessels and support healthy blood pressure. Kyolic 110 CoQ10 is a unique combination of AGE and coenzyme Q10 for healthy heart function and cellular energy. W 62 VITAMIN RETAILER Why Kyolic Kyolic AGE starts with garlic grown in the rich Central Valley of California on certified organic farms. Once harvested the garlic is cleaned and sliced before being placed in specialized stainless-steel containers where it is aged for up to 20 months. This process converts harsh and unstable organosulfur compounds into the odorless nonirritating and bioavailable compounds which are responsible for Kyolic s numerous health benefits. Wakunaga of America has been manufacturing Kyolic AGE this way for more than 45 years and has successfully marketed a growing line of targeted dietary supplements to support good health especially cardiovascular health. Committed to supporting unbiased scientific study Kyolic AGE has been the subject of 840-plus published articles. Key clinical trials have shown that Kyolic can help improve circulation blood pressure cholesterol arterial health and other cardiovascular risk factors. As a result the Kyolic brand dominates the heart health category. Bring Kyolic s Benefits to Your Customers Because the risk factors for cardiovascular disease are so prevalent particularly among customers over the age of 60 heart health has become a key category for retailers. There are multiple ways you can team up with Wakunaga to reach these important buyers. Make it easy for customers to find Kyolic s family of cardiovascular supplements by stocking them in your store s Heart Health section. Request display-worthy product pamphlets condition-focused booklets infographics and other educational material from Wakunaga to inform cus- tomers about the benefits that Kyolic heart-healthy products provide. Order product samples and informative brochures for your next health fair. Schedule an in-store demonstration with your Wakunaga sales rep. Remind customers that even with a wealth of published research showing clinical benefits Kyolic s supplements are not a cure-all quick fix or magic bullet. Each formula has been designed to support overall cardiovascular health and specific aspects of cardiovascular health like cholesterol levels and blood pressure already in the normal range. Staff should also mention that Kyolic products work best when combined with a healthy well-balanced diet regular exercise program and other healthy lifestyle changes. Ensure staff is well versed in both cardiovascular health and the benefits of the various Kyolic products. Sign up at to gain access to the Kyolic Heart Health education module. Additionally the website provides more detailed information on each of these products. Since 1972 Wakunaga has played a unique role in promoting consumer health through the research development and marketing of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract formulas. Then as now the company s philosophy centers on a commitment to credible science and consumer health. The result is a line of products consumers can trust and your store can recommend with confidence. Reference 1 Bin YS Kiat H. Prevalence of Dietary Supplement Use in Patients with Proven or Suspected Cardiovascular Disease. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2011 632829. doi 10.1155 2011 632829. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers Mega Resveratrol 60 Newtown Rd. Ste. 32 Danbury CT 06810 Phone (800) 488-5316 Email wholesale Industry Pioneer ega Resveratrol is a pharmaceutical-grade purified to 99 percent pure trans-resveratrol. It is micronized for optimal absorption and bio-availability and is made with no toxic excipients added (fillers binders additives flaw-agent or preservatives). Mega Resveratrol was a pioneer in introducing high potency resveratrol products in 2007 and setting the standards of voluntary third party independent lab testing for purity and safety. Since most resveratrol in the market is of low purity (50 percent or less) when comparing low purity resveratrol to 99 percent pure transresveratrol products the initial cost of low purity may seem lower. However considering that low purity products require multiple dosages to M achieve the same results as one 500 mg Mega Resveratrol capsule consumers are ending-up paying more for low purity products. In addition low purity products contain higher amounts of emodin (a natural part of the plant) which unlike pure transresveratrol may cause gastrointestinal problems. Due to its anti-inflammatory and blood thinning properties resveratrol hosts a long list of benefits including cardiovascular support joint disease benefits and much more. Mega Resveratrol is wild harvested 100 percent natural and vegetarian non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and is manufactured in the U.S. Each batch is tested for purity by an independent U.S. laboratory. Mega Resveratrol is a proud supplier of pure trans-resveratrol products to various research clinics universities compounding pharmacies and institutes in USA and abroad. For wholesale inquiries email wholesale Go to megaresveratrol for info about this advertiser JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM VITAMIN RETAILER 63 NEWPRODUCTS VR s New Products section is a FREE service to industry members. Send new product press releases and photos to Janet Poveromo Vitamin Retailer 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 or email to JanetP Targeted Choice EyeCare AREDS2 Blue Baby Face Organic Nose & Cheek Balm SUGAR LAND TX Bluebonnet Nutrition s whole food-based structure-function Targeted Choice EyeCare AREDS 2 Blue Vegetable Capsules is a wholesomely crafted formula that includes clinically studied nutrients recommended by the National Eye Institute based on the AREDS 2 study for macular health. Moisturizing hyaluronic acid and sustainably wild-crafted super fruits (e.g. bilberry and wild blueberry) were also integrated to help protect eyes from excessive blue light LED (i.e. computer smartphone and tablet screens) as well as improve visual performance and support optimal eye health. This vegan kosher certified gluten- and milk-free formula is available in 30 ( 23.95 MSRP 60 capsules)- and 45day supplies ( 35.95 MSRP 90 capsules). For more information call (800) 580-8866 or visit CLACKAMAS OR This organic ultra-rich calendula coconut balm by Earth Mama Organics soothes baby faces. It helps ease drooly dry chin and runny red noses. The balm is dermatologist tested and clinically tested for irritation. It contains no petroleum parabens artificial fragrance or preservatives. The tube is available in 0.5oz. and 2-oz. varieties for retail prices of 3.99 and 9.99 respectively. For more information call (503) 607-0607 or visit Mood Uplift BREVARD NC Maintaining a healthy emotional state is key to an optimal quality of life. Mood Uplift is designed to support mental and emotional wellbeing. By combining herbal extracts that have been traditionally used to help the body cope with daily stress nourish the nervous system calm the mind and support a balanced mood this formula helps foster a better outlook on life. A 60-ct. bottle has an MSRP of 29.99. Betaine HCl VENICE FL Enzymedica s Betaine HCl has been formulated with a gentle potency of protein-digestive enzymes that will help aid the digestive process. Hydrochloric acid (HCl) secretion aids in protein digestion activates the protein-digesting enzyme pepsin fights off the undesirable overgrowth of bacteria in the stomach and small intestine and it encourages the flow of bile and pancreatic enzymes. HCl acid is important in nutrient absorption. Each 120-ct. bottle retails for 21.99. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. For more information call (941) 505-5565 or visit ECOSBreeze Room Spray CYPRESS CA ECOSBreeze Room Spray by Earth Friendly Products brings the freshness of nature into your home. With a unique selection of five signature scents (Bamboo & Lemon Honeydew Magnolia & Lily Lavender Vanilla and Parsley) each bottle of ECOSBreeze Room Spray is infused with a custom hand-crafted blend of essential oils designed with you in mind. The Signature Bamboo Lemon scent is formulated with a TRUE blend of purifying lemon refreshing mountain pepper harmonizing wild mint and invigorating eucalyptus essential oils. Low-VOC. Long-lasting more than 840 sprays per bottle. The 4-oz. sprays retail for 5 each. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. For more information call (800) 841-3100 or visit 64 VITAMIN RETAILER These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. For more information call (855) 972-0529 or visit Volanic Sea Scrub OGDEN UT White Egret s Volcanic Sea Scrub offers a combination of volcanic sand to efficiently and naturally exfoliate the skin a consciously and sustainably sourced natural blend of ionic sea minerals to nourish and strengthen the skin and a refreshing balanced combination of certified organic lime lemon and orange essential oils that promotes balance healing and tones the skin. This product also includes vitamin E and green tea extract to keep skin looking youthful and jojoba oil to seal in moisture. The Volcanic Sea Scrub offers an exciting refreshing and invigorating experience with a bright citrus scent and a perfect balance of healing properties and exfoliation. It is nonGMO sulfate- paraben- and gluten free contains no artificial dyes or fragrances is vegan friendly cruelty free and is manufactured and packaged in the USA with worldwide ingredients. The Volcanic Sea Scrub is available in a 0.5-oz. sample size for 5.30 or a standard 2-oz. container for 15.92. For more information call (800) 309-3277 or visit WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 HandDrink GREAT BARRINGTON MA jane iredale (Iredale Mineral Cosmetics) Antioxidant-rich Lemongrass HandDrink hand cream provides broad spectrum SPF 15 while smoothing and protecting skin without feeling greasy. Lemongrass oils refresh and revive skin liposomal encapsulated apple extract brightens and evens the appearance of skin tone and white and green tea extracts provide nourishment and antioxidant protection. A 2.03-oz. tube retails for 29. For more information call (877) 869-9420 or visit Crave Stop BRADLEY IL Redd Remedies new Crave Stop formula features InSea2 a concentrated blend of natural polyphenols from two wild-crafted brown seaweeds which works in the gut on two pathways before sugars and starches can reach the blood stream. Scientifically validated effects are immediate with the first dose. InSea2 is USDA Certified Organic Non-GMO Project Verified and Eco-Certified. Crave Stop is one of five products in a new category called Hope & Possibility developed in cooperation with Dr. Gregory Jantz founder of The Center A Place of HOPE to deliver nourishment at the root level and support for mind-body balance. This partnership is dedicated to helping people achieve health and hope so they can live life to the fullest. Sixty capsules retail for 34.99. For more information call (888) 453-5058 or visit Silipint Squeeze-a-Bowl BEND OR This 18-oz. silicone bowl is the ultimate addition to your cupboards travel bags and desk drawers. Snacking sipping baking or mixing it can all be done in the Squeeze-aBowl anywhere you go. For every adventure from busy mornings in the kitchen to backcountry hiking these silicone bowls are as flexible as they are multifunctional. Never worry about the gut-wrenching toddler-toss again these are durable enough to be thrown around and sturdy enough that they won t slide off your countertops. Put them in the microwave then toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Made of 100 percent FDA-approved food-grade platinum silicone Squeeze-a-Bowls are free from BPA BPS phthalates and other harmful toxins. The product retails for 13.95. For more information call (866) 935-4831 or visit JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM VITAMIN RETAILER 65 OFFTHEPRESS Book Publishers Submit new books to Janet Poveromo Vitamin Retailer 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 JanetP The Magic of Food Live Longer and Healthier and Lose Weight with the Synergetic Diet The world s most renowned doctor of natural medicine co-author of the Encyclopedia of Healing Foods and The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine (Third Edition) Dr. Michael Murray draws on his extensive knowledge of food as medicine to promote optimum health. Food affects our body mind and health in many remarkable ways. And certain foods work together in ways that are almost magical. In this groundbreaking new eating plan Murray identifies foods that act together to produce a total effect or force that is greater than the sum of the individual foods what is known as a synergetic effect. Research shows there s a tremendous synergetic effect that the healing force of nature exerts through each food and each food component. As the foods work together they improve your energy and your physical and mental health. Murray s years of research and clinical experience have led to a definitive understanding of how specific foods affect us. He presents his findings on phytochemicals and other nutrients and why they re the new vitamins discusses specific healing foods and how to combine them and explains the principles to follow for eating the most synergetic foods every day. Here also are practical and prescriptive recipes and helpful guidelines for better and delicious eating. All this is in a usable accessible entertaining guide that you will turn to again and again as you develop your own personalized program for using food as medicine. Author Michael T. Murray ND Pages 320 Price 26 (hardcover) Publisher Atria Books Contact Amy Summers (Pitch Publicity) (212) 757-3419 Natural Astaxanthin The Supplement You Can Feel Natural Astaxanthin The Supplement You Can Feel is a tool for scientists and people working in the supplement industry while written in an easy-to-read format to be enjoyed by anyone. It provides valuable information for any consumer seeking to live a long and healthy life. Features include Excerpts from many renowned doctors researchers and opinion leaders describing astaxanthin in their own words including Dr. Joseph Mercola Mike Adams The Health Ranger Dr. William Sears Suzy Cohen America s Most Trusted Pharmacist and more. Extensive review of The Healthy 10 the 10 clinically validated health benefits of natural astaxanthin. What makes natural astaxanthin The Supplement You Can Feel how 80 percent of consumers can feel it working in their bodies. Emerging research on astaxanthin for five new health benefits. Why nutrition experts are beginning to call natural astaxanthin The Ultimate Anti-Aging Nutrient and The Athlete s Secret Weapon. Dosage bioavailability safety and other vital information. Differences between natural astaxanthin and other supplements different sources of astaxanthin production methods for natural astaxanthin from algae different astaxanthin consumer products and a complete list of 330 references. Publisher s note it is not intended for consumers. Author Bob Capelli Pages 296 Price 12.95 (paperback) Publisher Algae Health Sciences Inc. Contact Bob Capelli bob PRODUCTSPOTLIGHT (Continued from page 43) Cream Illuminisor Create a highlighted look that is so dewy that it appears as if it s lit from within. With a cream formula that blends easily across the high planes of the face Australian-owned Inika s illuminisor is buildable for a natural glow through to an ethereal highlight. Made with certified organic coconut oil (nourishing) certified organic cocoa butter (rich in healthy fatty acids) carnauba wax (softening) and candelilla wax (high in nutrients) and further enriched by certified organic argan oil (ultra-moisturizing) and vitamin E (antioxidant). The product comes in three shades gold spice and rose and retails for 33. For more information visit 66 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 ADVERTISERINDEX ADVERTISER PAGE PHONE WEB Balchem Bluebonnet Nutrition Corp. Continental Vitamin Company Daiwa Health Development Emerald Health Bioceuticals Essential Formulas Inc. EuroPharma Terry Naturally Health Plus Inc. LivOn Laboratories Mega Resveratrol Miracle Nutritional Products Natural Factors North American Herb & Spice Now Foods Pharmachem Labs (Cranmax) Pharmachem Labs (Phase 2) Rainbow Light Scandinavian Formulas Inc. Tishcon Corp Wakunaga of America 15 C4 7 13 29 11 31 17 3 63 33 9 C2 C3 19 45 21 5 23 1 (845) 326-5600 (281) 240-3332 (800) 421-6175 (877) 434-3633 (866) 993-6372 (972) 255-3918 (866) 598-5487 (800) 822-6225 (866) 790-2107 (800) 488-5316 (863) 703-HEMP (800) 322-8704 (800) 243-5242 (888) 669-3663 (519) 467-2071 (519) 467-2071 (954) 233-3300 (800) 688-2276 (800) 848-8442 (949) 855-2776 balchem bluebonnet cvc daiwa emeraldhealthbio essentialformulas europharma healthplus livon megaresveratrol miraclenutritionalproducts naturalfactors nahs nowfoods pharmachem pharmachem rainbowlight scandinavian tishcon wakunaga INDUSTRYEVENTS September 12-15 Natural Products Expo East Baltimore Convention Center Baltimore MD October 16-19 The Workshop and The Conference The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel Dana Point CA 2018events October 24-27 Beyond Aromatics The World of Aromatherapy IX Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science University of Utah Conference Center & Botanical Garden Salt Lake City UT CLASSIFIEDAD Leading dietary supplement manufacturer seeking an energetic resourceful salesperson who loves to travel and meet people. The individual will have to develop his or her industry contacts. Salary and benefits will include a five-star base salary plus commissions car travel allowance and more. Contact Raj at (516) 712-2510 or email to raj Company will pay for travel to its New York office for interview. Don t miss a single issue of VR in 2018 go online to renew your free subscription today July18 JULY 2018 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM VITAMIN RETAILER 67 Back Talk WITH JANET POVEROMO THIS MONTH Tony Olson is the owner and chief executive officer of SPINS one of the fastest growing and most disruptive data and digital companies in North America. Olson has been recognized for his leadership as one of the most influential kingmakers among consumer and retail companies in Forbes and as a Midwest finalist for EY s Entrepreneur of the Year award. SPINS mission is to expand the presence and accessibility of products that foster healthier more vibrant living with good nutrition. As the premier thought leader and trusted advisor in health & wellness SPINS partners with thousands of brands and more than 100 000 retail locations. Extending the reach of vibrancy beyond nutrition Olson also serves as an advisor to and passionate supporter of Salt & Light Coalition a nonprofit founded by his wife Izabel Olson PhD which is dedicated to healing and empowering survivors of human trafficking. 250 team members and we re able to offer unique benefits like our proprietary corporate wellness program Vibrancy360. Today SPINS is the leading provider of analytics and applications for healthy and natural products driving innovation protecting and enabling mid-market retailers and single-store operators steering large CPG manufacturers and retailers toward methods and products that are good for the earth good for the community good for consumers. Tony Olson CEO & Owner SPINS eMail tolson Question You took ownership of SPINS in 2004. What attracted you to it How has the company grown and evolved during your tenure Answer I joined SPINS in 1999 due to my passion for the natural products industry. SPINS lacked product focus as a San-Francisco-[CA] based data and .com company. When the tech bubble burst in the early 2000s SPINS .com business became another casualty and the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. As the head of sales and president I believed there was value in bringing data and a voice to the natural movement to inform strategic business decisions. Circumstances were challenging but I saw SPINS true potential. In 2004 I took a huge risk and bought out the founder effectively taking ownership. Initially I had to make hard decisions restructuring the company around a data-services offering and reducing head count to ensure financial stability. I m incredibly proud that today our company has grown to over 68 VITAMIN RETAILER Question What is the Salt & Light Coalition How was it founded Answer Salt & Light Coalition is a volunteer-driven nonprofit founded by my wife Izabel Olson PhD to heal and empower women who have been victims of human trafficking. Through a yearlong program that includes trauma-sensitive yoga fitness nutrition and spirituality Salt & Light Coalition is dedicated to restoring ownership of one s body and mind and it provides job training to prepare for numerous health & wellness vocations. Salt & Light Coalition was born while Izabel was teaching meditation and trauma-sensitive yoga at Cook County Jail [in Illinois]. When she learned that 70 percent of incarcerated women are survivors of trafficking and 70 percent of trafficked women exhibit symptoms of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) she wanted to build something to support these women in meaningful lasting ways. Izabel has assembled an amazing team and designed a program that equips women with the support and resources to heal and the tools to go forward taking their wellness and future into their own hands. Question The coalition expanded to Myanmar in April 2018. Why did you choose that location Answer I am very fortunate to have found an amazing NGO partner who shared and trusted my vision. I wanted to create global impact in an economically feasible way that also maximized our team s contributions including our time. The concept of Salt & Light Academy was born two years ago while I was working toward building schools in Brazil. Once I learned of the Yangon opportunity including working with orphaned children I was all in. Question What are your plans and goals for the coalition Answer My heart is here in Chicago [Illinois]. My wife receives requests daily to launch Salt & Light Coalition in cities across North America and the world and we will likely respond to this outpouring of support but I feel committed to the 25 000 women in Chicago who need our help. Our goal is to mobilize like-minded business leaders to help us tackle this challenge to empower their female workforce as volunteers and mentors and to be willing to invest in employing the women coming out of our program so that they continue to build strength and independence. Another goal is to launch a new school every year for the next 10 years and fully fund their operations. I m concentrating on Myanmar and Thailand but I m also considering going back to Brazil with the knowledge we ve gained and improvements we ve made to our model. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM JULY 2018 Go to nowfoods for info about this advertiser Go to bluebonnet for info about this advertiser