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Description: In This Issue: Sports Nutrition Transition, Washington & the Natural Industry, Relaxation & Sleep, and Fiber & Protein

SU S P E BO PLY E U OT SI S A H DE T 1 W 12 ES A VRM Media Publication 4 T October November 2018 Don t miss a single issue of NIE in 2018 go online to renew your free subscription today OctNov18 Go to sabinsa for info about this advertiser Go to healthco for info about this advertiser Proud Supporter of TableofContents VOLUME 23 NO. 8 OCTOBER NOVEMBER2018 F E A T U R E S 46 Sports Nutrition Transition The sports nutrition market is one that continues to present plenty of promise and opportunity especially as it transforms into active nutrition. 54 Washington and the Natural Industry While investigations and scandals have dominated coverage of anything related to Washington D.C. this panel of natural products industry experts weighs in on media coverage industry challenges market dynamics consumer demand and the future. 46 60 Calm Down A More Americans of all ages are chasing the dream literally. Here s how to help them relax calm down and get their 40 winks. C O L U M N S 4 First Word 66 Building Better Brands 64 Nutraceuticals 69 Ingredient Technology 6 22 38 45 73 75 78 78 79 79 80 69 L S O I N S I D E Industry News Ingredient News Association News Science Update Research & Development SupplySide West Booth Preview Equipment & Packaging Conventions & Meetings Advertiser Index Industry Events Supplier of the Month FREE Subscription (Print Digital or BOTH) & E-newsletter Available Copyright 2018. Nutrition Industry Executive (ISSN 2331-2602) Volume 23 Number 8 October November 2018. Nutrition Industry Executive is published monthly (except for bimonthly January February and July August and October November) by VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Suite C East Brunswick NJ 08816 USA Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce in whole or in part. Not responsible for unsolicited material. 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All other issues are 8.00 each. 2 Nutrition Industry Executive October November 2018 Go to fccproducts for info about this advertiser FirstWord A Question of Innovation have often heard comments that there s been no innovation within the supplement industry. That may or may not be true but if so is that really a terrible thing I suppose it can depend on what your definition of innovation is. The concept of innovation is addressed in several articles this month. Darrin Duber-Smith does a deep dive on the topic in the Building Better Brands column (see page 66) where he noted that the term innovative has been used to describe all kinds of underwhelming new product developments. Truly groundbreaking innovation is reserved for such things as the printing press light bulb computer automobile smart phone etc. New and improved versions of the innovation are just an iteration of the original and one person s idea of what is innovative can be quite different from that of another he said. So maybe innovation is not always the correct term. More precisely there s an evolution of improvements with ingredients. Something truly innovative may result from the process however there s no doubt the evolution holds weight. Lisa Schofield tackled innovation in the delivery and processing of natural ingredients (see her Research & Development article on page 73). Many important compounds to natural health products including resveratrol and quercetin she reported have great potential. New technologies such as liposomes nanoemul- I Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM sions and lipid nanoparticles can help overcome bioavailability barriAssociate Russ Fields ers. Publisher RussF Often technology innovations help natural products be more natural. Advertising Barry Young In my Ingredient Technology column Sales Manager Barry (see page 69) Santiago Vega direcEditor-in-Chief Janet Poveromo tor of marketing Health & Wellness JanetP with Naturex in New Jersey said the company uses patented technology Managing Editor Shari Barbanel for a number of ingredients. One ShariB new ingredient Ultimine is a wholefood fermented iron obtained from a Associate Editor Nicholas Saraceno vegetable feedstock using patented NicoS fungal fermentation a totally natural process he said. Art Director Robert Certo Older innovations are still in use Production Manager RobertC because of their relevancy such as BI Technologies Identiolok which uses Production Assistant Bryan Zak multiple tests to prove the botanical Graphic Designer BryanZ ingredient is the correct genus and species. Circulation Manager Rosie Brodsky So while new natural branded Rosie products may come and go DuberSmith said having a clear brand A PUBLICATION OF promise and delivering to meet the VRM MEDIA needs and expectations of loyal consumers is the goal. President That goes for probiotics. In the Daniel McSweeney Ingredient Technology column Wesley Movovic scientist genomics VRM Media & microbiome with DuPont Nutrition 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C & Health in Madison WI said new East Brunswick NJ 08816 realms of human-microbe interaction that contribute to health are conPhone (732) 432-9600 stantly being discovered. It truly is Fax (732) 432-9288 an exciting time to take part in the Email info science of the human microbiome and develop products that directly Website help our customers. VRM Media publishes I think the supplement industry Nutrition Industry Executive Vitamin Retailer can t have an attitude much better Natural Practitioner and Fitness Trainer than that and if it is an innovation magazines. or not so be it. VRM Media is a proud member of Connect With Us Proud Supporter of Vitamin Angels vitaminretailer vitaminretailermagazine 4 Nutrition Industry Executive company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media youtube October November 2018 Go to jiaherb for info about this advertiser IndustryNews FDA Asks for Consumer Input on Plant-based Products NPA Responds he U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a request for information as it examines its approach to the use of dairy food names like milk cheese or yogurt in the labeling of plant-based foods and beverages. Earlier this year FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced FDA s Nutrition Innovation Strategy (NIS) in a speech to the National Food Policy Conference. The strategy promotes public health through efforts to empower consumers to make better and more informed decisions about their diets and health fostering the development of healthier food options and expanding the opportunities to use nutrition to reduce morbidity and mortality due to chronic disease. As part of its strategy the FDA is considering approaches to modernize standards of identity which are regulations that set forward requirements for the content and sometimes the methods used to produce certain foods. According to the FDA many dairy products such as milk yogurt and certain cheeses have standards of identity set by regulation. The regulations were established under the foods common or usual names such as milk yogurt and cheddar cheese. These names have continued in common usage and are recognized by the American public as identifying the dairy foods described in the standards. More recently these names have appeared in the labeling of plant-based products as part of the name or statement of identity of the product. Some examples include soy milk or almond milk and vegan mozzarella cheese. The FDA noted that it supports T choice and innovation in the marketplace and recognizes that some consumers may prefer to use plant-based products instead of dairy products for a variety of reasons including an allergy or lifestyle choice. But the FDA has concerns that the labeling of some plant-based products which can vary widely in their nutritional content is leading consumers to believe that those products have the same key nutritional attributes as dairy products. And the agency wants to make sure that labeling plant-based products with names that include the names of dairy foods is not misleading to consumers. So the FDA is soliciting public input to answer the following questions How do you use plant-based products What is your understanding of dairy terms like milk yogurt and cheese when they are used to label plant-based products Do you understand the nutritional characteristics of plant-based products Do you know how they re different from each other Do you know how their nutritional qualities compare with dairy products Over the next year the FDA will be looking at next steps which will include issuing guidance for industry. This would clarify FDA s thinking regarding the labeling of plant-based products with names that include the names of dairy foods while giving manufacturers adequate notice about any changes. In response the Natural Products Association (NPA) urged the FDA to protect commercial free speech as it considers changing its labeling requirements for products that use dairy names to describe plant-based products such as soy milk and almond milk. Consumers deserve access to accurate and meaningful information about the products they use each and every day. As the FDA considers making changes to the ways many popular products are labeled and branded we urge the Agency to also consider the impact they could have on commercial free speech said Daniel Fabricant PhD president and CEO of NPA. Before placing restrictions on commercial free speech the government must prove there is a substantial risk to consumers. We are optimistic the FDA s process will lead to an outcome that both protects consumers and ensures the producers of natural products and plant-based foods are not burdened with unnecessary regulations. We look forward to working with the FDA on this issue and submitting formal comments. Comments must be submitted on or before 60 days after date of publication in the Federal Register. To submit electronic comments visit Written comments must be sent to Docket Management Staff (HFA-305) Food and Drug Administration 5630 Fishers Ln. Rm. 1061 Rockville MD 20852. China FDA Changes Name n August 29 the website of the administrative service department under the original China FDA (Food and Drug Administration) released a document on the new offering procedure of drug registra- O 6 Nutrition Industry Executive tion application. In the document it says that the English name of China FDA has been changed to the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) so applicants who submit the materials beginning in September 2018 should use the new application letter with the new name on it. The original name China FDA has been used since 2008. October November 2018 Go to alkemistlabs for info about this advertiser IndustryNews DuPont Nutrition & Health Creates Clean Label Hub Expands R&D Team uPont Nutrition & Health (Brabrand Denmark) has announced it is expanding its R&D team by creating a clean label hub at the Brabrand facility. Intending to boost its project pipeline in healthy nutrition and clean label texturant offerings six new employees will join the existing team to focus on both ingredient and process development. The hub will feature experts with backgrounds in clean label and sustainability two fields that often work together and serve related purposes. Working closely with existing project teams the hub will bring products to market quickly and help grow the existing project pipeline. Clean label is about creating foods and beverages with ingredients that consumers recognize feel good about putting into their bodies and that respect the Earth and its resources said Gerard Lynch R&D leader systems & texturants emulsifiers & sweeteners. Our ingredients are already used in many applications that consumers consider clean label but there are tremendous D opportunities to innovate creating ingredients that are even more sustainable using a larger part of the natural raw materials while providing health benefits to consumers. Committing to this innovation is critical for our ongoing success and growth. With the ability to utilize the broadest capabilities in terms of natural raw materials access processing across fruits vegetables seaweeds and nutritional science DuPont Nutrition & Health has huge potential to develop functional ingredients that meet consumer expectations. The hub will help customers continue to navigate clean label trends in a proactive and sustainable way. DuPont Nutrition & Health is seeking creative scientists and engineers to identify ways to convert sustainable and natural raw materials into clean label solutions that meet consumer demands for simplicity and authenticity all without compromising taste texture and nutritional qualities. Planned to be in place by early 2019 the clean label texturants team will have the opportunity to tackle exciting projects to provide texture and stability for multiple food applications. We are excited to launch this hub and put additional team members into place that will help us advance our innovation strategy to support our customers said Mikkel Thrane global sustainability lead DuPont Nutrition & Health. This hub will enable us to continue integrating sustainability and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals into our work and the investment we are making will help us develop healthier more nutritious and sustainable ingredients for our food supply. For more information visit Go to generexlabs for info about this advertiser 8 Nutrition Industry Executive October November 2018 Go to balchem for info about this advertiser IndustryNews Former PepsiCo Executive Joins Valensa as Chief Scientific Officer argaret H. Dohnalek PhD bringing 30 years expertise leading nutritional innovations for Fortune 500 brands has joined Valensa International (Orlando FL) as chief scientific officer. Dohnalek recently served at PepsiCo as head of technology scouting and knowledge innovation solutions as well as having a leading role in the corporation s Global Nutrition Group partnerships and business development. Prior to this she led Pfizer s dietary supplement Margaret innovation team and the launch of benefit-specific supplements and age and gender-specific multivitamins. Dohnalek came to Pfizer after more than 18 years with Abbott Laboratories where she was M tapped as the first and youngest scientist tasked to deliver a major comprehensive science and formulation upgrade for Abbott Laboratories flagship infant formula Similac. She started her career as a senior food scientist at Nestl USA. Dohnalek earned her doctorate degree in food toxicology with a distributed minor in medical microbiology and preventive medicine and a master s degree in protein chemistry both from the University of WisconsinDohnalek Madison. Her undergraduate degree is in food science and technology from Virginia Tech University. Margaret excels at identifying ways science can support business expansion by meeting anticipated or felt consumer needs said Umasudhan C.P. Valensa s CEO. As the health industry continues to suffer from brands espousing false claims and misinformation Margaret will support Valensa s mission in providing science-backed nutritional solutions the industry can rely on for the genuine article. Dohnalek said her role at Valensa will include senior vice president of research and innovation. We re going to drive science into the business growth strategy said Dohnalek who is named on six U.S. patents published or presented more than 10 research abstracts posters and co-authored 18 research papers related to nutrition. My specialty is identifying the key research that will resonate with consumers. For more information visit http Go to mackflavor for info about this advertiser 10 Nutrition Industry Executive October November 2018 Go to certifiednutraceuticals for info about this advertiser IndustryNews Public Health Researchers Warn of Dietary Supplements Containing Higenamine ess than two years after the World AntiDoping Agency (WADA) added higenamine to its list of substances prohibited in sport an international team of public health researchers has published a peer-reviewed study documenting inaccurately labeled and potentially harmful levels of the stimulant in weight-loss and sports energy supplements available in the United States. Based on the findings the researchers are urging consumers to use caution when consuming supplements labeled as containing higenamine. The research was published in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Toxicology. We re urging competitive and amateur athletes as well as general consumers to think twice before consuming a product that contains higenamine said John Travis senior research scientist at NSF International and a co-author of the study. Beyond the doping risk for athletes some of these products contain extremely high doses of a stimulant with unknown safety and potential cardiovascular risks when consumed. What we ve learned from the study is that there is often no way for a consumer to know how much higenamine is actually in the product they are taking. The independent study was conducted by L researchers at global public health organization NSF International Harvard Medical School and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in the Netherlands. The researchers studied 24 products labeled as containing higenamine or the synonyms norcoclaurine or demethylcoclaurine and found unpredictable and potentially harmful quantities of the stimulant ranging from trace levels to 62 mg per serving. Of the 24 products tested only five listed a specific quantity of higenamine on the label and none of those five quantities were accurate. Based on the labeled directions for use consumers could be exposed to up to 110 mg of higenamine per day. The health risks of higenamine remain poorly understood but as a beta-2 agonist it has been prohibited from sport by the WADA and therefore poses a risk to competitive athletes careers. Some plants such as ephedra contain stimulants. If you take too much of the stimulants found in ephedra it can have life-threatening consequences. Similarly higenamine is a stimulant found in plants said Dr. Pieter Cohen associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School internist at Cambridge Health Alliance and a co-author of the study. When it comes to higenamine we don t yet know for certain what effect high dosages will have in the human body but a series of preliminary studies suggest that it might have profound effects on the heart and other organs. Higenamine is a natural constituent of several traditional botanical remedies such as aconite root and Aristolochia brasiliensis noted Travis. While higenamine is considered a legal dietary ingredient when present as a constituent of botanicals our research identified concerning levels of the stimulant and wildly inaccurate labeling and dosage information. And as a WADA-prohibited substance any amount of higenamine in a dietary supplement should be of concern to the competitive athlete. The research points to the need for independent testing and certification of dietary supplements a public health service that NSF International provides. For more information visit New Draft Guidance for Probiotic Labeling Could Yield Inaccurate Product Labels CRN Says he U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released a draft guidance entitled Policy Regarding Quantitative Labeling of Dietary Supplements Containing Live Microbials to advise firms that manufacture market or distribute dietary supplements that contain live microbial ingredients of the conditions under which the FDA intends to exercise enforcement discretion to allow firms to declare in the Supplement Facts label the quantity of live microbials in colony forming units (CFUs) in addition to the quantitative amount by weight required by regulation. FDA believes that CFUs provide a useful description of the quantity of live microbial dietary ingredients. Allowing firms to declare the CFUs within the Supplement Facts label will help consumers more readily identify the amount of living microorganisms for each product and more easily compare products. The FDA also issued a response to a citizen petition from the International Probiotics Association requesting that it amend 21 CFR 101.36 to allow probiotic ingredients to be labeled by CFUs instead of by weight. FDA denied the request to amend its regulations in order to allow for further evaluation of T 12 Nutrition Industry Executive methods to enumerate live microbials. In the meantime the FDA believes that the draft guidance regarding its intent to exercise enforcement discretion will allow consumers and health care professionals to benefit from the declaration of live microbials in CFUs in addition to weight in the Supplement Facts label. In response Andrea Wong PhD vice president scientific & regulatory affairs for the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) released the following statement CRN commends FDA s announcement of its intent to exercise enforcement discretion to allow supplement companies to use colony forming units (CFUs) when declaring the quantity of live microbials on a Supplement Facts Label. CFU is the scientifically accepted unit of measure for probiotics and labeling live microbial dietary ingredients in CFUs gives consumers the best information possible when it comes to the viable microorganisms present in the product throughout shelf life. We are encouraged by FDA s receptiveness to collaborate with industry to provide consumers with meaningful label information to inform their purchase decisions. However the Draft Guidance states that the label must also list the quantitative amount by weight as is required by current regulation applicable generally to other dietary supplements in addition to an expression of CFUs and still requires listing in order of predominance by weight. To that extent FDA s guidance missed the mark. CRN cautions that weight does not correlate with the number of viable microorganisms in a product. Therefore it is not possible to accurately declare quantity in both weight and CFUs on a consistent basis. Listing the weight of probiotic contents does not provide consumers with useful information for comparing probiotic products and making buying decisions. A dual listing of ingredient quantity in weight and CFUs as proposed by the Draft Guidance presents conflicting product information on the label and puts responsible industry members in an untenable position. CRN has advocated for the acceptance of CFUs as the unit of measure for probiotics over the past several years and will continue to engage with FDA on this important issue. CRN intends to submit comments on the Draft Guidance and encourages industry members to voice their concerns as well. For more information visit October November 2018 Go to gcinutrients for info about this advertiser IndustryNews DSM to Increase Production Capacity of Vitamin B2 in Germany oyal DSM a global science-based company active in Nutrition Health and Sustainable Living will expand the production capacity of its vitamin B2 facility in Grenzach Germany by 15 to 20 percent to further strengthen DSM s leadership position for this important vitamin. It is expected that the new capacity will be available in Q4 2019 after an extend- R ed shutdown of approximately two months for the necessary technical work. Vitamin B2 also called riboflavin is an essential constituent of all living cells which when lacking can lead to symptoms including fatigue and sore throats. It is one of the most widely distributed water-soluble vitamins. As part of its human and animal nutrition & health solutions portfolio DSM supplies vitamin B2 as application-based formulation or as premix ingredient to the food feed pharma and dietary supplements markets. DSM has strict quality assurance procedures and ensures that products are fully compliant with the regulations of all markets worldwide. In addition DSM s Quality for Life promise symbolizes its commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality reliability traceability and sustainability. For more information visit Nature s Way and Natural Products Canada Sign Investment Agreement ature s Way (Green Bay WI) and Natural Products Canada (NPC) have signed an agreement to co-invest in innovative natural health product opportunities in Canada. The output of this partnership will continue to feed consumers needs for natural product solutions a category that is already growing 5 percent in Canada. We are very excited to explore these opportunities with Natural Products Canada said Matt Schueller chief strategy and innovation officer at Nature s Way. The caliber of products developed in Canada are a natural fit with our mission to help consumers meet their health and nutrition goals. Nature s Way and NPC will co-invest in early stage Canadian companies working in natural products sectors such as nutritional supplements medical or functional food or dietary ingredients and technology. Along N with investment the partners will provide unprecedented access to markets distribution channels and advice. The partnership with Nature s Way will give nascent Canadian NHP companies a significant advantage said Shelley King CEO NPC a not-for-profit corporation focused on commercialization of natural products in Canada. Early stage capital is essential. But this combination of insights network global presence and smart money will help Canadian NHP companies reach their full potential. The initiative is jointly financed by both companies with each party leveraging additional assets to strengthen the investment. NPC will lead the charge in identifying potential investable opportunities tapping its national network of companies research institutions and innovation hubs. While Nature s Way will use its extensive experience in marketing and distribution to help investee companies refine their products and business plans and access key partners and clients. We are very excited about what this partnership with Natural Products Canada can bring to our business not only here in Canada but throughout the broader Nature s Way network said Steve Chiasson general manager of Nature s Way Canada. The research and innovation happening in Canada is second to none and is buoyed by a highly engaged network of support organizations like NPC. We are eager to review the best opportunities to complement our portfolio. For more information visit or ChromaDex Announces Partnership for Aging Research With Jiangxi Government hromaDex Corp. (Irvine CA) an integrated science-based nutraceutical company devoted to improving the way people age with its flagship ingredient NIAGEN and consumer product TRU NIAGEN has announced a strategic partnership for healthy aging research with the Jiangxi Provincial Government People s Republic of China. Wu Zhongqiong vice governor of the People s Government of Jiangxi Province commenced the ceremony at the Jiangxi Qianhu State Guesthouse on September 13. Additional presentations followed from Madame Wang of Qifeng Food Technology Dr. Katherine Lo of the Li Ka Shing Foundation Robert Fried of ChromaDex and Drs. Charles Brenner and Roger Kornberg of the ChromaDex Scientific Advisory Board. C 14 Nutrition Industry Executive We are grateful to have met with the leaders of the great province of Jiangxi and look forward to furthering this relationship said ChromaDex CEO Rob Fried. This is an important first step in our long-term commitment to China. This is a momentous occasion here in Jiangxi added Kornberg who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2006. I look forward to the research and progress in the study of aging that will come from this new initiative. The initiative will allow Jiangxi to become a foothold for advanced scientific research and business development to solve the problem of aging. The parties continue to discuss the details of the relationship including their respective contributions to the venture with the anticipation of finalizing definitive agree- ments later this year. I m thrilled to present the foundational science of nicotinamide riboside (NR) and the safe evidence-based commercialization of our ingredient to Nanchang and Jiangxi Province said Brenner. The global interest in our technology is exciting and I look forward to advancing our research and development even further. Brenner discovered NR and is the chief scientific advisor at ChromaDex. In addition to the anti-aging initiative the ceremony also celebrated the launch of the Food Technology Science Park in collaboration with Qifeng Food Technology Co. of Beijing to build a world-class tech-centric science research complex in Jiangxi. For more information visit October November 2018 Go to balchem for info about this advertiser IndustryNews Layn Partners With Firmenich to Leverage Natural Sweetener Expertise ayn Natural Ingredients (Newport Beach CA) has entered a strategic agreement with Firmenich a privately owned company in the flavor and fragrance business. Capitalizing on its leadership in the plant-based high-potency sweetener industry this agreement significantly increases Layn s distribution reach and provides access to formulation expertise globally to further develop Layn s extensive sweetener portfolio. Founded in 1895 and based in Geneva Switzerland Firmenich has created many of the world s bestknown perfumes and flavors and continues to lead the market with substantial investments in world-class research and R&D of which Layn s products stand to benefit from. We are delighted to partner with Firmenich and to build on their expertise and scale to amplify our market coverage worldwide said Ben Jun Qin chairman of Layn Natural Ingredients Corporation. This agreement will allow Layn to better serve L our existing customers and reach many new ones allowing us to invest more in agronomy and in the extraction of high performance natural ingredients. With this game-changing partnership Firmenich will have access to the broadest range of natural sweeteners in the industry added Gilbert Ghostine CEO of Firmenich. It is consistent with our vision to constantly strengthen our leadership and capabilities in taste to best support our customers in shaping natural and healthier products for consumers to enjoy. Under the terms of the agreement Layn will continue to service its existing clients for the duration of those commitments while Firmenich becomes the exclusive distributor of Layn s natural sweetener ingredients for all international markets outside of China and for its key customers in China. This agreement combines high quality traceable and responsibly-sourced raw materials with industry-leading innovation for Layn s sweetener solution products. Orcas Naturals Unique Encapsulation Technology Receive UL Inspection and Conformance Certifications rcas Naturals Inc. and Unique Encapsulation Technology LLC (UET) announced they have attained 21 CFR 111 4-2-16 certification in accordance with the Retail Certification Program. This means that their joint facility at 9 Lenel Rd. in Landing NJ was audited by UL Registrar LLC using an accredited certification process to determine that the organization is found in conformance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines 21 CFR 111 4-2016. GMPs are guidelines that provide a system of processes procedures and documentation to assure a product has the identity strength composition quality and purity that appear on the product label. These GMP requirements are listed under FD&C (Food Drug and Cosmetic) Act section 520(f). The UL Registrar LLC GMP Certification Program enables manufactures to become independently registered by UL to meet GMP requirements for the manufacturing packaging holding and distribution of finished products components ingredients and or raw materials. Conformance to the UL standard adds credence to our inhouse QC laboratory protocols and vendor O 16 Nutrition Industry Executive qualification measures helping us demonstrate our commitment o public safety said K G Rao president of Orcas Naturals and UET. The certification covers the Landing NJ location and includes the manufacturing packaging warehousing and distribution of dietary supplements as raw materials as well as powders and liquid-filled capsules. Orcas Naturals and UET created a strategic alliance that provides clients with one-stop service for turnkey ingredient sourcing conventional and customized formulations and unique filling technologies. The UL GMP certification for facility operation and management systems holds us accountable to our vision of delivering quality ingredients in state of the art capsules noted Rao. We fulfill a unique niche in our market offering small batch sizes delivering rapid turnaround times and leading with a strong team of quality professionals. As an industry authority GMP status strengthens our customers confidence in our mission to help them differentiate their final product in a competitive market. For more information visit Firmenich will combine Layn s natural sweetener ingredients with its taste modulation technologies and flavors to create integrated taste solutions that achieve a sugar-like sweetness profile and mouthfeel. The two companies will work together to ensure the widest market coverage and best service in the growing market for natural healthy products. For more information visit https or Deerland Enzymes Updates Company Name and Logo eerland Enzymes Inc. (Kennesaw GA) has announced it will now operate as Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes. The name change was made to reflect the company s broader probiotic and enzyme expertise and commitment to innovation. D In light of our rapid growth in the probiotic space and the recent acquisition of National Enzyme Company we feel that now is the time to freshen up our logo and make our company name more direct concise and reflective of our commitment to both probiotic and enzyme-based formulations and science said Scott Ravech CEO. Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes was established in the early 1990s as an enzyme trading and consulting company. Over the years Deerland has remained laser-focused on science supported enzyme and probiotic technologies. With the addition of a stateof-the-art probiotic facility in 2016 the name Deerland Enzymes did not seem to be a sufficient descriptor for our company that was beginning to lead the charge in probiotics and probiotic spore formulations and contract manufacturing capabilities explained Ravech. Rather than change the name and logo at that time the company added Deerland Probiotics as part of its name and logo which eventually came to be written as Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics. For more information visit October November 2018 Go to kyowa for info about this advertiser IndustryNews Sensient Organic Garlic Offers Farm-to-Table Transparency ensient Natural Ingredients (SNI Turlock CA) has introduced California-grown organic garlic. Joining SNI s growing portfolio of USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) certified and Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project Verified organic products the organic garlic meets the rigorous standards of Certasure Sensient s promise for quality organic products. The newly-launched Certasure program is our way of bringing transparency and authenticity to the organic products we grow said Ryan Goularte SNI general manager. Today s organic supply chain is highly fragmented not always consistent in product performance or availability and is often opaque in its sources. At Sensient we add value to our customers by delivering an organic product that meets expected quality standards year in and year out while ensuring that the end consumer can trust their labels for an authentic and sustainable organic supply chain. When Sensient created Certasure our goal was to build a vertically integrated production line that was more than in-factory processing guidelines Goularte continued. Certasure starts from the ground up with the first deci- S sions we make centered around soil selection and seed development. From there our garlic seed is propagated through a conventional breeding program planted and harvested by our own employees dehydrated and packed at our dedicated facilities and then run through our rigorous quality and testing protocols. To ensure the best-quality garlic from seed to shelf Sensient s Certasure process Ensures the organic status of the growing area Provides dedicated organic personnel to monitor our crops as well as those grown in close proximity Avoids allergens such as peanuts as part of crop rotation Builds partnerships with experienced organic growers which are dedi- cated to furthering organic growing practices Prohibits synthetic pesticides and monitors potential threats to organic farming practices Sensient works closely with our organic growers many with whom we have had relationships for more than 20 years said Tony Rutherford superintendent operations at SNI. Our longterm partners in conventional crop production also have an extensive background in organic production. It takes years to build these relationships so we really treasure our growers and the network we built in the agricultural community. Certasure provides a window into SNI s industry-leading network of growers and grower relationships further showcasing its consistent and high-quality growth harvesting and processing systems as well as a strong commitment to innovation and expansion into new product lines. In addition to Non-GMO Project verification SNI s California-grown garlic onion and parsley lines meet BRC Global Standards and are certified kosher halal and gluten-free. For more information visit Excess Rain Limits Supply and Drives Up Saw Palmetto Prices he American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has been in communication with several of its members and other companies actively involved in the saw palmetto berry harvest in Florida who contributed to this report. The harvest season began in early August in Florida and the total berry harvest for the season was not known until early October but buyers in the market say they had revised their expectations for the 2018 harvest volume before the end of the season. Extensive rain this year interrupted the flowering period and resulted in widespread berry drop across the state. Into August and early September harvesters found very low berry densities resulting in smaller harvest yields and much higher effort from the resulting need to harvest over larger areas. The price of wet (fresh) berries has increased due to these factors. As the T 18 Nutrition Industry Executive demand for immature green berries was met early in the season the price continued to escalate quickly based on short supply and in order to incentivize pickers to search further into more remote areas to meet volume requirements. As of the first week of September the berry price was about three times higher than the 2017 average price. Like other seasons the market for ripe color breaking berries has been impacted by the harvest of immature greener berries early in the season. If these green berries are allowed to mature they can yield up to four times the weight as when green. Saw palmetto oil users can expect 2018 prices to be impacted by increasing costs of the raw materials. In the long term the supply market is expected to normalize to more average volumes enabling the price to stabilize. The 2018 crop is the first to be con- ducted after the introduction of a Florida State requirement of a harvest permit which is intended to protect landowner rights for this wild harvested botanical. The new permit requirement has created additional work for pickers and there are opportunities to streamline the application process but this has not impacted harvesters as much as the wet weather. It s unknown how the market in 2019 will be affected by any new regulations that the Florida Department of Agriculture may impose. For more information visit October November 2018 Go to alphapackaging for info about this advertiser IndustryNews Synergy Flavors Launches TRUStories Portal llinois-based Synergy Flavors Inc. has launched its TRU (Transparent Responsible Unblemished) Stories portal a destination for food and beverage manufacturers to learn about developing clean-label products using ingredients with nothing to hide and delivering a true-tonature experience. Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy in their pursuit of healthier food and beverage options that offer both a clean label and a delicious sensory experience. In fact 75 percent of U.S. consumers claim to read the ingredient labels of food products according to Innova Marketing Insights. In addition a Nielsen analysis found that 93 percent of U.S. households have purchased a clean label product at grocery stores. To that end Synergy Flavors portal focuses on providing a I framework for clean label product formulation from concept to development hand-in-hand with supplier partners. Through the TRU Stories portal Synergy can connect with food and beverage manufacturers looking to solve their formulation challenges in part by using an extensive range of natural extracts essences and flavors to meet the desired label claims. Synergy Pure essences and extracts utilize a proprietary process beginning with naturally sourced plant-based ingredients like coffee tea basil or cucumbers to preserve the aromatic and flavor components at their peak of freshness. Synergy s clean natural extracts are comprised solely with the natural essential oils non-gmo alcohol and water. Or if organic certification is a goal Synergy Flavors line of certified organic flavors are verified by a third party to ensure they meet the strict USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) regulations for organic labeling. With TRU Stories our goal is to assist food and beverage manufacturers with building honest relationships with their consumers by having nothing to hide. It s a great starting point in the process of education on using the purest ingredients to deliver an authentic true-to-nature experience said Parveen Werner marketing director at Synergy Flavors. It s really all about combining the art and science of flavor formulation with our unsurpassed insights and expertise in striving to guide brands through their flavor needs while staying true to their values. For more information visit or Pat Marantette Retires After 43 Years at HORN ORN (La Mirada CA) employees honored Patrick Marantette on September 25 to celebrate the 43 years he dedicated to the company and its industries. Marantette retired in August 2018 as director and board member of HORN. Marantette held various leadership roles at HORN after joining its sales team in 1975. He was instrumental in establishing the Food and Nutraceuticals Ingredients Group at HORN in 1978 and was named president after the company became an employeeowned business. While Marantette was president HORN went through major changes and experienced great success due in part of his leadership. Marantette continued to advise and inspire the next generation of leaders at HORN as director and board member of the company until his retirement H and the acquisition of HORN by IMCD. Marantette s reputation and leadership extends far beyond his influence at HORN. He was a longtime supporter of National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) where he once served as chairman. He held a prominent role in supporting the industry and was a staunch advocate for responsible distribution. Under his leadership HORN was named Outstanding Distributor of the Year and he went on to achieve the prestigious Vanguard Award for service to the Chemical Education Foundation. Outside of his business accolades Marantette played a significant role in the development of You Be The Chemist Challenge in California which is an interactive academic contest that encourages stu- dents grades 5 to 8 to explore chemistry and its real world applications. He and his wife Linda also regularly volunteer their time to serve the elderly and underprivileged. Marantette was the driving force in shaping the reputation and culture of the industry-leading specialty distribution organization known today as HORN. While employees will miss his infectious cheerful disposition when he routinely walked the HORN office halls to greet each employee every morning Marantette s legacy will continue to resonate through the generations of employees he has inspired the business practices he helped established and the culture he shaped at HORN. For more information visit http You reHired New Jersey-based Sabinsa has announced the promotion Asha Ramesh to the position of CEO for Sabinsa USA. She will also join the company s Board of Directors. In addition Liz Smith has joined the company as marketing director. Margaret H. Dohnalek PhD bringing 30 years expertise leading nutritional innovations for Fortune 500 brands has joined Florida-based Valensa International as chief scientific officer. Dohnalek said her role at the company will include senior vice president of research and innovation. California-based Alkemist Labs has announced that Dr. Toto Phoutthavantha has joined the Asha Ramesh Liz Smith company as laboratory director. Phoutthavantha has more than 14 years of experience in analytical laboratory testing in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries including clinical diagnostic testing. OmniActive Health Technologies (Morristown NJ) continues to expand and solidify its capabilities by hiring Vikas Jalan as chief financial officer and Arti Shah as vice president of global marketing. Shah will be responsible for all marketing initiatives for both the Nutritional Innovations & Solutions (NIS) and Specialty Botanicals & Extracts (SBE) segments of OmniActive. Reporting to Johan Kamphuis president Global Business OmniActive Shah will manage the NIS and SBE marketing teams as well as all category and brand managers. 20 Nutrition Industry Executive October November 2018 Go to amcoproteins for info about this advertiser IngredientNews HydroCurc Demonstrates Superior Bioavailability in New Published Study new study published in the European Journal of Nutrition shows that HydroCurc with LipiSperse technology increases the bioavailability of curcumin when compared to a standard curcumin extract. Curcumin has been shown to deliver positive effects against numerous conditions associated with high levels of inflammation and oxidative stress. However curcumin is also known for its poor bioavailability and its difficulty in delivering a high concentration therapeutic dose. LipiSperse developed by Pharmako A Biotechnologies (Australia) is a foodgrade cold water dispersible (CWD) technology that enhances the bioavailability of hydrophobic agents such as curcumin in aqueous environments. The net effect translates to an overall higher active and absorbable load with low excipients allowing for better functionality of the ingredient. The results of this study show the powerful effects LipiSperse has on lipophilic ingredients like curcumin and addresses the well-recognized bioavailability and functionality challenges of lipophilic actives said Eric Lactospore Found to Reverse Depression Symptoms in Patients With IBS clinical study conducted in India and published in the peer reviewed journal Food & Nutrition Research reported that adults with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) showed improvement from co-existing depression when they took a probiotic strain Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 (2 billion spores per day) subjects of the study given a placebo did not report the same improvement. This study Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 for the Management of Major Depression with IBS a Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Multi-center Pilot Clinical Study provides evidence of clinical efficacy of B. coagulans MTCC 5856 in patients experiencing major depression symptoms with IBS and supports the hypothesis that the modification of microbial ecology in human gut by supplementing probiotics may be an alternative strategy to ameliorate or prevent depression. The study demonstrates that consumption of probiotic B. coagulans MTCC 5856 may improve gut symptoms and psychological issues i.e. major depression sleeplessness and dementia in IBS. This provides new opportunity not only to help patients suffering from gastrointestinal related disorders but also the patients suffering from extra-intestinal disorders such as major depression quality of sleep and dementia. This 90-day randomized double blind placebo controlled trial involved 40 adults with IBS co-existing with major depressive disorder. Twenty par- A 22 Nutrition Industry Executive Meppem director at Pharmako Biotechnologies. CWD powders with LipiSperse establish an equilibrium on the powder surface and in the solution allowing for repulsive forces between the particles to prevent agglomeration thus creating proper particle dispersion. HydroCurc which utilizes the LipiSperse technology is able to deliver a higher active load of curcuminoids allowing the body to reap the numerous health benefits of curcumin better. For more information visit Nitrosigine is Now Powering Up C4 Ultimate Shred from Cellucor ew York-based Nutrition 21 LLC has announced that its clinically substantiated ingredient Nitrosigine is now featured in Texasbased Cellucor s C4 Ultimate Shred a pre-workout supplement formulated to help consumers burn fat increase lean mass and get more out of every workout. Nitrosigine a patented dietary complex of bonded arginine silicate stabilized with inositol is an ingredient with clinically substantiated results that adds a wide array of benefits to Cellucor s C4 Ultimate Shred. Several studies have shown that Nitrosigine clinically enhances levels of both arginine and nitric oxide in the blood and is a more bioavailable form of arginine. Additionally recent clinical data on Nitrosigine has provided evidence demonstrating the ingredient s power to enhance mental flexibility processing speed executive functioning mental focus and acuity. Nitrosigine s clinical evidence supports increased long-lasting bioavailability and enhanced performance providing sports nutrition products a competitive edge. For more information visit or N ticipants took a daily dose of the probiotic B. coagulans MTCC 5856 (2 billion spores per day) and other 20 subjects were on placebo. At 90 days subjects receiving B. coagulans MTCC 5856 (2 109 spores day) reported a significant change decrease in their depression clinical symptoms along with decrease in IBS as compared to subjects receiving placebo. It was also noticed that the subjects in the B. coagulans MTCC 5856 group reported improvement in sleeplessness and to a lesser extent for dementia. The study reported no clinically significant changes in vital signs no abnormal lab values (biochemistry and hematology) and also no serious adverse events or significant adverse events associated with the consumption of probiotic B. coagulans MTCC 5856 suggesting its excellent clinical safety in patients suffering from major depression with IBS. For more information visit or October November 2018 Go to bls for info about this advertiser IngredientNews Frutarom Opens New Markets for NovaSOL Curcumin ith its eye on serving the Asia Pacific market Frutarom Health (Israel) is expanding the regional focus of NovaSOL Curcumin its turmeric formula. The liquid curcumin formulation suited for beverages and sport nutrition drinks boasts among the highest bioavailability of curcumin ingredients. Innova Market Insight reports the number of new product launches tracked with turmeric has increased by 1.5 over the last five years reaping an annual growth of 9 percent (CAGR 2013-2017). Hot drinks is the fastest growing market category ( 47 percent CAGR 2013-2017) for new food and beverage and supplements launches tracked with curcumin followed by soft drinks ( 27 percent CAGR 2013-2017). Driving interest in curcumin is a rapid- W ly growing consumer awareness of its multiple health benefits. Joint health claims are the fastest growing in food and beverage launches tracked with curcumin as an ingredient (CAGR 20132017 82 percent). Sport recovery and immune health claims are also growing quickly with 51 percent and 48 percent CAGRs (2013-2017) respectively. Because of typically poor bioavailability of standard curcumin extracts product makers have sought formulations with increased bioavailability. NovaSOL Curcumin opens new opportunities in markets such as sport nutrition and functional beverages for creating stable clear drinks with high curcumin bioavailability. This has become especially important for serving Asian consumers for whom convenience taste and efficacy are in high demand. NovaSOL Curcumin is a liquid formula of solubilized turmeric 185 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin extract. It has become one of the most demanded curcumin ingredients in Europe according to the company. Developed by the German company Aquanova AG NovaSOL Curcumin has been marketed predominantly in Europe by Frutarom since 2013. For more information visit BioPQQ Quality Assured for Athletes ioPQQ an all-natural vitaminlike nutritional ingredient known as mitochondrial booster and brain-food has been certified by the Informed-Sport quality assurance program. The InformedSport certification together with its sister program Informed-Choice certification ensures that products have been manufactured to high-quality standards and are tested for WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)-banned ingredients. This quality guarantee provides reassurance for athletes that products carrying the Informed-Sport certification have been tested in B every batch for substances that are prohibited in sports. Multiple studies including human clinical trials show that BioPQQ supports the creation of mitochondria the powerhouse of cells that are critical to energy production. Studies also suggest that BioPQQ supports heart and cognitive health by promoting nerve growth factor in the brain. For athletes and other consumers BioPQQ can help to improve energy as well as provide powerful anti-oxidant features that have been shown to inhibit neurotoxicity. Its antioxidative effect has been demonstrated to be significantly higher than both vitamin C and vitamin E. Manufactured by New York-based Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co. BioPQQ is the only supplement of its kind to have successfully negotiated the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification process with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration according to the company. BioPQQ also has GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status enabling it to be included as a food ingredient. For more information visit or Benefits of Omega-3 Long-chain Fatty Acids Revealed in Meta-analysis utrition Reviews published a systematic review and meta-analysis of 18 controlled intervention studies on the effectiveness of omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 LC-PUFAs) in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The aim of this review was to systematically assess the effects of n-3 LC-PUFAs particularly eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) on liverrelated and metabolic outcomes in adult and pediatric patients with NAFLD. Based on the meta-analysis dietary management with n-3 LC-PUFAs result- N 24 Nutrition Industry Executive ed in statistically significant improvements in liver fat content steatosis score and several cardiometabolic risk factors. According to this newly-published research the minimum effective daily intakes are 250 mg of DHA in pediatric patients and approximately 3.0 g of EPA & DHA in adult patients. The authors concluded that in addition to following a sensible eating plan and increasing physical activity levels adult and pediatric patients with NAFLD should be encouraged to increase their intakes of n-3 LC-PUFAs. Further studies (sources available on BASF website) have shown that patients with NAFLD have lower levels of EPA and DHA compared to patients without NAFLD. Germany-based BASF launched Hepaxa in February 2018 in the U.S. as the first-to-market dedicated product for the dietary management of patients with NAFLD. Hepaxa increases the levels of fatty acids in patients with NAFLD which improves the liver s s ability to process fat. For more information visit or October November 2018 Go to biova for info about this advertiser IngredientNews Annatto Tocotrienol Confers Dual Benefits to Metabolic and Bone Health nnatto tocotrienol (Massachusettsbased American River Nutrition s DeltaGold) targets bone loss associated with metabolic syndrome as shown by two independent studies. Both studies conducted by separate groups and recently published in Scientific Reports and Bone showed that annatto tocotrienol was remarkable for management of metabolic syndrome parameters and had osteo- A protective effects. In the studies tocotrienol improved glucose homeostasis and other metabolic syndrome parameters while bone microstructure improved concurrently. Tocotrienol s osteoprotective effect may be attributed to its regulation of glucose homeostasis and inflammation suppression. Vitamin E is a family of eight separate but related molecules four tocopherols (alpha Go to adh for info about this advertiser 26 Nutrition Industry Executive beta gamma delta) and four tocotrienols (alpha beta gamma delta). While alphatocopherol is found in most multivitamins and is supplemented in foods a growing base of evidence suggests that this popular vitamin E interferes with the uptake and function of tocotrienols. Tocotrienols are derived from three major sources including rice palm and annatto. The current study used annatto tocotrienols from DeltaGold which is the only source that is free from tocopherol and was supplied by Massachusetts-based manufacturer American River Nutrition. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) more than one third of U.S. adults meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome while one in 10 Americans also have diabetes (90-95 percent of these suffer type 2 diabetes). The accompanying state of hyperglycemia coupled with chronic inflammation and abnormal hormone functions has been shown to negatively affect bone health in individuals with metabolic syndrome. Treatments to address both metabolic and bone health are generally absent although the standard of care for high blood sugar metformin was shown to improve bone homeostasis. Of the two similar but unrelated studies one conducted at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (Lubbock TX) sought to compare the effect different doses of tocotrienol had on metabolic and bone parameters as compared to metformin. Similar to metformin both tocotrienol doses given corresponding to human doses of 160 mg and 640 mg day improved glucose homeostasis and suppressed markers of inflammation. For osteo-protection the higher tocotrienol dose outperformed metformin by increasing bone formation and trabecular volume and decreasing bone resorption and trabecular separation. The lower tocotrienol dose was as effective as metformin for bone improvements. Researchers in the other independent study based at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia found comparable metabolic and bone health benefits. In this study both tocotrienol doses corresponding to human doses of 680 mg and 1 130 mg day improved metabolic syndrome parameters such as blood pressure fasting blood glucose triglycerides and total cholesterol. Indicating simultaneous benefits for bone health tocotrienol also improved the trabecular bone microstructure bone strength and normalized hormonal changes and inflammatory response. For more information visit October November 2018 Go to captisol for info about this advertiser IngredientNews Fruit d Or Shows Stability for PACs in Cranberry Powder anada-based Fruit d Or Nutraceuticals has been the first cranberry company to identify insoluble PACs (polycyclic aromatic compounds) in its wholefruit cranberry products. It is now the first cranberry supplier to conduct real-time shelf life testing on the stability of its whole fruit cranberry powder s soluble and insoluble PACs the company stated. The company has confirmed three-year stability of its total PACs and guaranteed a minimum of 7 percent PAC content in both its brands Cran d Or and Cran Naturelle organic. Fruit d Or whole fruit cranberry powder maintains its natural bright red color over three years with little PAC degradation. No other whole fruit cranberry supplier can say this stated Stephen Lukawski CEO of RSSI and lead sales consultant and partner for Fruit D Or Nutraceuticals. This news is especially significant because Fruit d Or is the only whole fruit cranberry powder supplier to link its 7 percent PAC analysis with anti-adhesion activity through testing by Rutgers University. For more information visit C FDA Issues GRAS No Objection Letter for LENTEIN arabel USA Inc a Florida-based producer of plant protein ingredients announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) no objection letter for its LENTEIN plant protein. LENTEIN is derived from water lentils Lemnaceae and has been described as the world s most sustainable and complete food source. The protein rich and nutrient dense whole plant solves supply issues for the food industry looking for healthy and sustainable alternatives to conventional ingredients. The high yielding water lentil doubles its biomass in 24-36 hours and can be harvested every day. FDA also noted that LENTEIN could be considered as a color additive in future applications which requires the company to file a petition. In other news the company also announced that it has finalized a distribution agreement with Stauber USA (California) a subsidiary of Hawkins Inc. (Illinois) for the commercialization of the award winning LENTEIN plant protein in the U.S. market. For more information visit or P THE NUTRITION INDUSTRY S NEWS & INFORMATION RESOURCE NIE s Upcoming Issue Highlights December 10 25 18 ad closing Jan. Feb. 12 14 18 ad closing Supply Innovation Healthy Blood Sugar Heart Health Digestive Health March 2 8 19 ad closing April 3 19 19 ad closing Weight Management SupplySide West Show Issue Compliance & Improving Quality Bone Muscle & Joint Health Our 2019 Media Planner Is Available At 2019-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at (732) 432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Barry Young at (732) 432-9600 ext. 103 or e-Mail Barry 28 Nutrition Industry Executive October November 2018 Go to globalhealthlabs for info about this advertiser IngredientNews Battling Lupus With Krill ffecting an estimated 5 million people worldwide systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) better known as lupus is an incurable and chronic autoimmune disease where your body s immune system attacks your own tissue and organs. The disease is most often diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 45 and 90 percent of people with lupus are female. The most common symptoms are often inflammation swelling severe fatigue and skin rashes. Complications can include damage to the joints skin kidneys blood the heart and lungs. The new Aker BioMarine (Norway) and Lupus Research Alliance (New York) clinical trial kicked off this summer and involved 76 people diagnosed with lupus from 20 research centers. The Lupus Research Alliance is the world s A leading private funder of lupus research. The trial is designed to assess how people with lupus may benefit from consuming phospholipidrich krill oil daily. Too little headway has been made in the search for new drugs or biological products that can help people with lupus. This issue was acutely highlighted by the Lupus Research Alliance s Lupus Drug Repositioning Program launched in 2014 which Aker BioMarine joined. The need for new treatments is also why Kenneth M. Farber president and CEO of the Lupus Research Alliance considers this new study so important. Seventy-six people diagnosed with lupus from 20 different research centers are given phospholipid-rich krill oil daily over 12 months. The first six months are blinded with one placebo Epi Ingredients Enters the Protein Market With EPIPROT 60UL s consumer interest in protein continues to grow their new expectations in terms of sustainability transparency animal welfare and the like are transforming the market and urging food beverage and nutrition manufacturers to continuously innovate. To support them France-based Epi Ingredients launched its first protein concentrate EPIPROT 60 UL. This ingredient fits into the company s new protein range EPIPROT which also includes caseinates and acid caseins and will soon feature additional offerings of milk protein concentrates and isolates. EPIPROT 60 UL is a milk protein concentrate containing 60 percent total native protein. It is produced directly from fresh milk using a unique ultra-low heat process which allows for minimal denaturation and optimal functional and nutritional properties. It also preserves the 80 20 casein native whey protein ratio unadulterated. Dairy proteins are considered highquality proteins as they provide adequate amounts of all the essential amino acids as well as excellent digestibility and bioavailability allowing the body to perform its countless functions flawlessly. iWi Expands to Sam s Club to Launch Algae-based Omega-3s Nationwide Wi (Texas owned by Qualitas Health) the algaebased wellness brand announced its expansion into Sam s Club one of the largest American retailers. Starting September 1 iWi s omega-3 supplements are now offered to customers at Sam s Club locations nationwide. iWi s vegan omega-3 supplements offer high bioavailability of any omega-3s and help minimize the impact of the wellness industry on marine life. i A 30 Nutrition Industry Executive control group and one treatment group followed by an open six-month period where both groups are given krill oil. Collaborating with Lupus Research Alliance on the study s design and protocols Aker BioMarine provides the clinical material and is the financial sponsor of the trial with AMPEL BioSolutions as the subcontractor engaged by Lupus Research Alliance to conduct the trial. Results are expected in 2020. For more information visit In this context native protein EPIPROT 60 UL is the ideal solution for product developers seeking a highly functional quality protein source with outstanding nutritional properties according to the company. Not only does the ingredient offer superior gelling emulsifying and water retention capabilities but it also features the unique ability to provide enhanced creaminess and a rich mouthfeel in low-fat high-protein applications. EPIPROT 60 UL also presents a superior nutritional profile high in native calcium and low-lactose. This new ingredient is easy to use and can be incorporated into a wide range of applications such as cheese yogurt quark beverages nutritional products and more. For more information visit Sam s Club now carries iWi s Omega-3 Daily Support which includes the combination of AlmegaPL high absorption EPA and algae-based DHA for everyday health and wellness. For more information visit https October November 2018 Go to innovactiv for info about this advertiser IngredientNews Unigen s UP1307 Skin Cream Excels in Clinical Trial ignificant clinical results indicate Washington-based Unigen s newest skin care ingredient UP1307 is effective in promoting skin hydration firmness and elasticity with associated improvement in cellulite appearance. In the recently concluded clinical trial UP1307 resulted in visibly superior results compared to similar cellulite products on the market according to Dr. Qi Jia Unigen s chief scientific officer. Jia stated that the skin is where initial visual signs of aging manifest including increased skin dryness and decreased firmness and elasticity. Cellulite is another characteristic of skin aging and presents as a skin condition characterized by changes in the skin morphology due to excessive lipid deposition in subcutaneous adipose tissue. S We sought to assess the effectiveness of our UP1307 topical botanical composition on cellulite skin hydration firmness and elasticity after two four and eight weeks of use compared to a commercial cellulite cosmetic product explained Jia. At Week 8 44.4- and 42.7-percent improvement in appearance of cellulite was observed for the UP1307 cream and the active comparator group respectively. The study was a single-blind randomized controlled study conducted on subjects with mild-to-severe cellulite in a pre-targeted area of the body. Subjects were treated for eight weeks with a topical botanical cream formulated with UP1307 composition and a commercial cellulite cosmetic product. A total of 44 women 18 to 59 years of age were enrolled in the Phytochem International Signs Exclusive NA Distribution Agreement With HSF Biotech for Vegelipi MCT Powder hytochem International Inc. a California-based distributor of botanical extracts and nutraceuticals has entered into an exclusive agreement with Shaanxi Healthful Bioengineering Co. Ltd (HSF Biotech) an innovation oriented and fast-growing enterprise in China to introduce the high quality VegeLiPi microencapsulated MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) powder into the North American market. HSF Biotech has dozens of key patents in some frontier biological technologies aiming to be a technological leader implementing constant innovation according to the company. YuSong Li the president of HSF Biotech said We are very excited to enter an agreement with Phytochem. This partnership will definitely result in increased market share in North America. VegeLipi MCT Powder is a functional food raw material developed and manufactured by HSF s bio-encapsulation core patent technology mainly composed of imported high-purity MCT. For more information visit P study. Test products were applied twice per day to the targeted cellulite area as identified by dermatologists. Measurements using Corneometer (for skin hydration) and Cutometer (for skin elasticity and firmness) were carried out at each visit in addition to expert clinical grader evaluations for cutaneous changes and cellulite. Study subjects using subject questionnaires assessed outcomes. Study subjects reported significant improvement in skin hydration firmness and elasticity over time. Findings were corroborated with objective instrumental measurements. Complete results from the UP1307 clinical trial are published in the August 2018 edition of Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. For more information visit Glanbia s Truly Grass Fed is Now Certified Animal Welfare Approved ruly Grass Fed a natural dairy ingredients range from Glanbia Ireland has recently been Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) the leading animal welfare label in North America (and now operating in Europe). Launched in 2016 TGF is a range of natural dairy ingredients from Glanbia Ireland made with milk from cows that have been 95 percent grass fed and are free to roam on Irish pastures for most of the year. Truly Grass Fed ingredients are also Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project Verified and rBST-free. The Animal Welfare Approved certification is rated as having the highest impact on consumer purchasing of any food label (The Hartman Group) and is the only truly pasture-based welfare label providing consumer confidence in an environment of loose claims such as natural or humane. For more information visit or T Protein Glutaminase Improves Solubility llinois-based Amano Enzyme has introduced Protein Glutaminase Amano 500 (PGA 500) a protein glutaminase believed to be the first food enzyme to improve the solubility of proteins at low pH levels. When proteins are added to low pH formulations they precipitate limiting flavor masking and formulation options I 32 Nutrition Industry Executive said Ken Iritani vice president technical services. We expect this enzyme to be a breakthrough development for beverage companies wishing to develop fruity protein shakes as well as other products for the thriving protein market. PGA 500 converts glutamine residues in protein into glutamic acid which increases solubility at levels as low as 5.0 pH added Iritani. This will greatly expand the applications and options for our customers. While the enzyme works for all proteins it works especially well for pea protein which has been gaining in popularity for a variety of foods. For more information visit October November 2018 Go to indena for info about this advertiser IngredientNews GreenGrown Now Protected by 21 Patents in 12 Countries alifornia-based Ethical Naturals Inc. (ENI) a supplier of botanical ingredients to the U.S. and international supplement markets has released the full list of patents that cover the manufacture of their GreenGrown (USP) glucosamine products which now are key input ingredients in the field of vegetarian joint care. ENI s patented methods were developed by Arkion Life Sciences (ALS) and cover the manufacture of glucosamine and N-acetyl glucosamine by fermentation. The broad based claims apply to the use of a wide range of microorganisms which includes but is not limited to the E.coli K-12 strain. The 21 patents concerned cover manufacturing and identity testing in 12 countries U.S. China Germany France C U.K. Netherlands Japan Mexico Australia Brazil Canada and Korea. In addition to its manufacturing patents ENI has developed and patented in the U.S. a method to discern shellfish-based glucosamine from vegetablebased glucosamine. Neither HPLC nor other commonly used testing methods can identify the source of the glucosamine (due to the purity of the USP material the molecules from either source are virtually identical). But the ENI method uses an isotopic signature carbon tracing (ISCT) method that allows this differentiation to be made. ENI is thus uniquely able to demonstrate that their product comes from a pure vegetable source. For more information visit Valensa International s Parry Organic Spirulina Earns USP Verified Mark lorida-based Valensa International announced that the company s Parry Organic Spirulina is the first spirulina product to be awarded the distinctive United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Verified mark. This achievement was realized after Valensa was able to meet stringent and best-in-class requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia s Dietary Supplement Verification process. F Orcas Naturals and Unique Encapsulation Technology Receive UL Inspection and Conformance Certifications rcas Naturals Inc. and Unique Encapsulation Technology LLC (UET) announced they have attained 21 CFR 111 4-2-16 certification in accordance with the Retail Certification Program. This means that their joint facility at 9 Lenel Rd. in Landing NJ was audited by UL Registrar LLC using an accredited certification process to determine that the organization is found in conformance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines 21 CFR 111 4-2016. The UL Registrar LLC GMP O Certification Program enables manufactures to become independently registered by UL to meet GMP requirements for the manufacturing packaging holding and distribution of finished products components ingredients and or raw materials. The certification covers the Landing NJ location and includes the manufacturing packaging warehousing and distribution of dietary supplements as raw materials as well as powders and liquidfilled capsules. For more information visit Evonik Receives European Clearance to Market AvailOm in Supplements vonik a Germany-based partner to nutraceutical companies for advanced food ingredients and formulation development services announced that it has received clearance to market its innovative high-concentration omega-3 lysine powder complex AvailOm for use in the European Union. AvailOm is the highest-load omega-3 powder in its class with a minimum of 45 percent EPA and DHA by weight. A sin- E 34 Nutrition Industry Executive gle small tablet made from AvailOm can deliver the same omega-3 fatty acid uptake as two large fish oil soft gel capsules. In addition to delivering unmatched protection against oxidation based upon three years of stability data it is also direct compressible and can be customized to meet specific formulation requirements. For more information visit healthcare. With more than 4 000 metric tons of spirulina sold in 30 countries over several years Valensa International and its sister company Parry Nutraceuticals (India) lead the industry in Organic Spirulina manufacturing purity certifications and supply chain management according to the company. Valensa International provides ingredients to food and nutraceutical companies that develop and market products to consumers. To earn the USP Verified designation Valensa passed a number of tests including the following critical milestones Implementation of a program to comply with hazard analysis and riskbased preventive controls for human food (HARPC) Implementation of a supply-chain program Compliance with sanitary transportation requirements Preparation implementation and oversight of a written food safety plan For more information visit October November 2018 Go to onceagain for info about this advertiser IngredientNews Diana Food Launches Cerebelle iana Food (New Jersey) a company specializing in nutritional solutions made from natural ingredients and nutrition division of Germanbased Symrise will launch Cerebelle a proprietary blend of extracts made from two potent polyphenol-rich fruit grape and wild blueberry clinically proven to prevent age-related cognitive decline in healthy older adults. The bioavailability of the two components was studied with consistent results showing the combination of the ingredients increased specific flavonoid bioavailability showing the unique efficacy of Cerebelle. Grape and wild blueberry extracts contain specific polyphenols with neuroprotective properties. Cerebelle compliments a broad variety of consumer products ranging from traditional dietary supplements to functional foods and beverages. A clinical study recently published in D the Journals of Gerontology by researchers from Canadian-based Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) and the University of Bordeaux in France showed that a sixmonth supplementation with Cerebelle improved memory in healthy older adults. In a bicentric double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study 215 healthy subjects from 60 to 70 years of age received for 24 weeks either a placebo or 600 mg d of Cerebelle. Subjects in both groups performed a series of cognitive tests designed by CANTAB to assess visiospatial learning and episodic memory (Paired Associate Learning PAL) verbal epidsodic and recognition memory (VRM) and working memory (SSP). Supplementation with Cerebelle improved VRM free recall across the whole cohort. For more information visit EVNol SupraBio Shows Neuroprotective Effects in Post-ischemic Mouse Brain retreatment of EVNol SupraBio by New Jersey-based Excelvite shows neuroprotective effects in the cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury with direct effects on oxidative stress and advanced glycation end products (AGEs) reductions and indirect effects on Nrf2 and MRP1 activations. In this study Professor Koji Abe and his team of researchers at the Department of Neurology Okayama University Japan supplemented a group of mice with EVNol SupraBio (encapsulated in a soft gel capsule branded as Tocovid) once a day for one month. After one month of supplementation the mice were induced for ischemic stroke via transient middle cerebral artery occlusion (tMCAO) for 60 minutes. The oxidative stress apoptosis and autophagy cell death in the peri-ischemic lesion on day 1 3 and 7 after tMCAO in all mice were then evaluated. Two other groups of mice were used as control one as vehicle control P (treatment supplement control) while the other act as sham control (surgery control) Mobile activity based on Rotarod time worsen after tMCAO in the vehicle group. However pre-supplementation with EVNol SupraBio resulted in significant recovery of mobile activity at day 1 after tMCAO. Large infarcts of the lateral cortex and the underlying caudoputamen (equivalent to dorsal striatum in humans that is a vital part of the circuitry for decision making and reward-related behavior) were observed upon tMCAO in all groups. What was compelling is that the infarcts volume was significantly reduced on day 1 and day 3 after tMCAO in the mice group receiving EVNol SupraBio. For more information visit Go to ayushherbs 36 Nutrition Industry Executive October November 2018 Go to rousselot for info about this advertiser AssociationNews AHPA NDI Database Shows 8 of 21 Recent Notifications Filed Successfully ight of the 21 new dietary ingredient (NDI) notifications released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) between January 1 2018 and May 31 2018 were filed by the agency without substantive comment. The vast majority of these (17) complied with all submission regulations (21 CFR 190.6). The recently received data have been analyzed and entered into AHPA s (American Herbal Products Association) NDI Database which now contains information on more than 950 individual NDI notifications and includes written summaries of FDA s responses (when available) as well as information on the dates of notification and type of response made by the agency in each case. This recent data show a significant increase in the percentage of compliant notifications compared to the numbers seen during the corresponding period in 2017 said Merle Zimmermann PhD AHPA s chief information analyst. These E NDI notifications suggest that the supplement industry and FDA are effectively working together to accomplish the shared goal of bringing new safe and effective products to the market. NDI notifications must be submitted at least 75 days before the dietary ingredient is introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce and meet certain requirements for the submission to be reviewed by FDA. FDA does not approve or disapprove NDI notifications. Instead the agency generally provides one of several types of responses. According to FDA examples of these responses include but are not limited to 1. A letter of acknowledgement without objection 2. A letter listing deficiencies that make the notification incomplete 3. An objection letter raising safety concerns based on information in the notification or identifying gaps in the his- tory of use or other evidence of safety 4. A letter raising other regulatory issues with the NDI or dietary supplement (e.g. the NDI is not a dietary ingredient as defined by regulation or the product is excluded from the definition of dietary supplement under current regulations because it is not intended for ingestion) The AHPA NDI Database provides a reliable fast way to browse and search current notifications with Outcome Statements also provided to help users quickly understand FDA responses including issues that resulted in FDA objections and related notifications are indexed as they are identified. The AHPA NDI database can be browsed by report number as well searched freely by company and ingredient including common or Latin names for botanicals. For more information visit http Resources NDIDatabase. aspx. SIDI Work Group Releases Updated Protocol for Supply Chain Integrity he dietary supplement industry s self-regulatory coalition the SIDI Work Group recently released an updated version of the Standardized Information on Dietary Ingredients (SIDI) Protocol. Originally published in 2006 and previously updated in 2008 the newly-released SIDI Protocol provides a standardized format for dietary ingredient suppliers to communicate consistent regulatory and quality information on their ingredients and facilities to inquiring manufacturers. In addition to features that enable enhanced customizability the newly released protocol makes available templates for dietary ingredient datasheets and a site quality overview as companion tools. The updated SIDI Protocol helps ensure suppliers and manufacturers can exchange comprehensive ingredient information consistently and reliably said Duffy MacKay ND chair of the SIDI Work Group s executive committee and senior vice president scientific & regulatory affairs Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). Ingredient suppliers recognize the need to provide accurate ingredient information to manufacturers but a high volume of customer questionnaires asking for the same information T 38 Nutrition Industry Executive in myriad ways can complicate the process. Using the standardized format presented in the SIDI Protocol dietary supplement ingredient suppliers can proactively deliver information more efficiently and manufacturers have a trusted framework for requesting the standard data that they need. As required by 21 CFR 111 current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) in manufacturing packaging labeling or holding operations for dietary supplements dietary supplement manufacturers must qualify their ingredient suppliers to ensure that specifications for the identity purity strength composition and limits on potential contaminants for dietary supplements are consistently met to produce quality products. The primary purpose of the SIDI Protocol is to help stakeholders satisfy cGMP requirements by establishing a standard format for communicating crucial information so that a manufacturer can properly assess a supplier s suitability as a provider of raw materials. To enhance customizability the updated protocol also includes additional examples of the type of information that could be offered for dietary ingredients including safety studies and history of safe use data and information on sourcing and sustainability. The SIDI Work Group is a joint initiative of three dietary supplement industry trade associations the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) CRN and the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) along with dietary supplement ingredient suppliers and finished product manufacturers with an interest in strengthening the industry s self-regulatory practices. The SIDI Work Group s goal is to provide tools that industry can use to maintain the integrity of the supply chain by helping supplement manufacturers work with quality suppliers and source quality ingredients said MacKay. The SIDI Protocol can be adopted across the industry so that companies of any size and budget are operating on an equal playing field ensuring all stakeholders supply and receive the same level and quality of information. As a result companies have the tools they need to ensure the products sent to market meet the stringent standards and expectations of regulators and their consumers. The updated SIDI Protocol and accompanying documents are available at October November 2018 Go to specialtyenzymes for info about this advertiser AssociationNews AHPA Updates Prop 65 Guidance to Reflect New Warning Requirements CRN Welcomes 11 New Companies he American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has updated two guidance documents on California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) to reflect warning requirement changes that went into effect on August 30 2018. The updated guidance documents provide the industry with strategies to address Prop 65 warning requirements that may apply to various herbs and herbal products. Several chemical constituents that naturally occur in certain botanicals used in teas and dietary supplements are included on the Prop 65 warning list. Recently two processed botanicals were also added to the list. In addition numerous businesses have received 60-day Notices regarding exposure to marijuana smoke due to the presence of cannabis and paraphernalia used in the smoking of cannabis. To help the industry understand their obligations under Prop 65 AHPA provides strategies to mitigate legal liabilities related to Prop 65 in two guidance documents 1. Prop 65 guidance for herbal products (free to AHPA members) which covers heavy he Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has announced 11 new companies have joined the association s membership ranks. These companies include Voting Members DSE Healthcare Solutions LLC (DSE) International Dehydrated Foods Inc. (IDF) Lief Organics MeriCal Linden Capital Partners LLC. Nelson Bach USA Ltd. Wellisen Nutraceuticals T metals naturally occurring constituents pulegone and -myrcene goldenseal root powder and aloe vera non-decolorized whole leaf extract. 2. Guidance for cannabis products (free) New regulations for Prop 65 warning labels went into effect on August 30 and apply to products manufactured after that date. The changes are likely to directly impact manufacturers distributors and retailers including online vendors. Manufacturers and distributors will have the primary obligation to display updated warning label on products. Retailers will gain new protections but will continue to have specific obligations and internet retailers have new requirements to display warnings on webpages. Companies should expect the plaintiff lawyers that benefit financially by alleging that companies are in violation of Prop 65 to take advantage of these changes by bringing legal action against those not in strict compliance. For more information visit Go to americanlaboratories 40 Nutrition Industry Executive T Associate Members BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group) Microbac Laboratories Inc. PTM Food Consulting Susan B. Levy Consulting LLC Toxstrategies Inc. For more information visit Go to somalabs for info about this advertiser October November 2018 Go to usp for info about this advertiser AssociationNews Registration Now Open for the CRN-International 2018 Symposium he Council for Responsible Nutrition-International (CRN-I) the international arm of the U.S.based Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has announced its annual scientific symposium will be held the afternoon of November 25 at the H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz just prior to the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) meeting. A reception will follow. The CRN-I science-based symposium now in its ninth year brings together presenters and stakeholders from international delegations and is highly regarded in the global scientific and regulatory communities. This year s event is titled Nutrition inter- T ventions for healthy ageing across the lifespan and discussions will build on the concepts explored over the history of CRN-I s symposia series focusing on nutrition-related opportunities to improve global public health and supporting science-based policymaking among member countries of the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Reports from past CRN-I symposia are published in the European Journal of Nutrition (2011 2017) and in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology (2010) with translations in Arabic Chinese English French German Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian and Spanish available on the CRN-I website. Registration for the CRN-I 2018 symposium and reception is complimentary for all Codex official country delegations and is available for a small fee to industry executives (CRNI members receive one registration at no charge). For more information visit 2018symposium. ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program Publishes Maca Root and Root Extract Bulletin he ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program (BAPP) has released a Botanical Adulterants Prevention Bulletin on maca (Lepidium meyenii syn. L. peruvianum Brassicaceae) root and root extract. Maca roots have been cultivated in the Peruvian Andes for thousands of years as a nutritious food and have a history of use as medicine to enhance fertility to provide energy and for their effects on mood and well-being. The use of maca as a dietary supplement is relatively recent it was a little-known ingredient in the United States market prior to 2000. Maca retail sales have started to increase over the last decade holding steady in the U.S. since 2015. U.S. retail sales exceeded 15 million in the natural and mainstream channels combined in 2017 according to the American Botanical Council s (ABC) annual Herb Market Report that was recently published in HerbalGram issue 119. Maca ranked eighth in the natural channel and 36th in the mainstream channel. While maca is originally an Andean crop its popularity in the past few years especially in Asian countries as a means to enhance sexual stamina has led to large amounts being T 42 Nutrition Industry Executive grown in China from roots smuggled out of Peru leading to much uncertainty about supply volume and pricing. At the same time reports have been published indicating the undeclared dilution of maca root powders with flour from corn wheat or yam. As with other herbal ingredients marketed to boost sexual stamina there is also evidence of the illegal sale of conventional sexual enhancement drugs (e.g. sildenafil) masquerading as maca dietary supplements. The maca bulletin was authored by Jeremy Stewart PhD vice-president of scientific affairs at herbal products manufacturer Gaia Herbs (Brevard NC) and Bill Chioffi former vice-president of global sourcing and sustainability at Gaia. It summarizes the published data on maca adulteration details supply chain issues and their consequences for the maca market and discusses maca s market importance. It also includes a short section on analytical methods to detect adulteration. Fifteen experts in quality control of medicinal plants from academia and the herb industry in the U.S. and Europe have provided input on the bulletin during the peer-review process. Maca is an example of a formerly obscure herb that has enjoyed recent popularity and with this increased demand unscrupulous suppliers have tried to take advantage of consumers by offering maca material adulterated with undisclosed lower-cost ingredients said Mark Blumenthal founder and executive director of ABC and the director of BAPP. We are deeply grateful to our friends at Gaia Herbs for their compilation of published data and technical information for the maca bulletin. Stefan Gafner PhD chief science officer of ABC and technical director of BAPP commented The adulteration of maca root ingredients or any botanical ingredient adulteration with undisclosed lower-cost material is unacceptable. It is our hope that these issues will altogether disappear once the supply chain has stabilized. Nevertheless maca dietary supplement manufacturers should be aware of the potential authenticity issues that can occur. Technically in the case of maca the plant part used is a tuber consisting of the root and the hypocotyl the stem of a germinating seed just above the root. For more information visit http BAP index .html ts 1418665529&signature 003bdb220a482eabe942ba7e29 9089c4&ts 1537802864&signature c ee59355da5ef0ec3b9fde02e9e89c61. October November 2018 AssociationNews NPA Adds 29 New Members In Second and Third Quarters of 2018 he Natural Products Association (NPA) continued its strong membership growth during the second quarter and third quarter of 2018 welcoming 29 new members to the organization. We re racking up big wins for consumers and the association as our membership continues to thrive said Daniel Fabricant PhD president and CEO of NPA. Natural Products Day enjoyed the largest turnout ever we hosted yet another successful Big Natural and we re continuing to lead at the federal and state levels on big issues including trade product labeling WIC and regulatory reform. We welcome our newest members and look forward to continuing this strong momentum as we close out T 2018. New NPA members that have joined in Q2 and Q3 include Accurate & Precise Pharmaceuticals Inc. Allergy Intellect Inc. Allmax Nutrition Inc. Asmait Skin Care and Design LLC Baxco Pharmaceutical Inc. Beverly International Nutrition BioNeutra North America Inc. Biosil Technologies Inc. Cedar Bear Naturales Inc. Creative Bioscience LLC DFH Ashley-Martin Manufacturing LLC Fine Touch Laboratories Inc. Hollywood Health Products Markus Enterprises Mesilla Valley Wholefoods Mineral Logic LLC NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting Corp. OmniActive Health Technologies Inc. Poya Marketing Ltd New Directions Aromatics Inc. Pure Source LLC Quincy Bioscience Richdale Food Shops Talbot s Pharmaceuticals Family Products LLC Top Health Ingredients Inc. US Food Manufacturing LLC US Pharma Lab Inc. VitaScript Optimal Health Wasserman & Associates Zade Global Inc. For more information visit Natac Adopts Grape Through ABC s Adopt-an-Herb Program he American Botanical Council (ABC) has announced that Natac (Madrid Spain) has adopted grape (Vitis vinifera) through ABC s Adopt-an-Herb botanical education program. Natac s adoption supports ABC s extensive T 44 Nutrition Industry Executive HerbMedPro database ensuring that this essential educational resource remains up to date for researchers health professionals industry members students consumers and other members of the herbal and dietary supplements and natural medicine communities. HerbMedPro is a comprehensive interactive online database that provides access to important scientific and clinical research data on the uses and health effects of more than 250 herbs spices and medicinal plants. Grape is one of our core products as a specialist in Mediterranean extracts wrote Antonio Delgado CEO of Natac. Furthermore we have a deep commitment to the scientific world and have invested significant resources to study this ingredient and its bioactive principles. The next natural step is to make the knowledge of this excellent source of health benefits available to the scientific community and general public. Nobody can do that better than ABC through its outstanding Adopt-an-Herb program. Even though grape has been present in the market for a long time consumers know only a fraction of its potential benefits. Thanks to Natac s adoption and given the veracity and proven reputation of ABC we are confident that knowledge of grape s beneficial activities will spread. ABC is deeply grateful to Natac for its adoption of grape on ABC s powerful HerbMedPro database said Mark Blumenthal ABC founder and executive director. As with its previous adoption of olive Natac continues to support ABC s unique nonprofit educational mission by providing much-appreciated funding to update and maintain the scientific and clinical research on grape and its numerous preparations and their health-promoting properties. For more information visit en or October November 2018 ScienceUpdate Natural Sugar Defends Against Metabolic Syndrome in Mice ew research published in JCI Insight in mice indicates that a natural sugar called trehalose blocks glucose from the liver and activates a gene that boosts insulin sensitivity reducing the chance of developing diabetes. Activating the gene also triggers an increase in calories burned reduces fat accumulation and weight gain and lessens measures of fats and cholesterol in the blood. The findings from researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis MO suggest new possibilities for treating metabolic syndrome a cluster of related conditions that includes obesity diabetes and fatty liver disease. While potential medicinal use of trehalose still requires considerable research the investigators found that giving mice trehalose via drinking water resulted in beneficial effects on the animals liver metabolism similar to benefits that resulted from fasting. In fasting mice the liver also turns on the same gene that improves the body s ability to use insulin. N We learned that this gene Aloxe3 improves insulin sensitivity in the same way that common diabetes drugs called thiazolidinediones improve insulin sensitivity said Brian DeBosch MD PhD an assistant professor of pediatrics. And we showed that Aloxe3 activation in the liver is triggered by both trehalose and by fasting possibly for the same reason depriving the liver of glucose. In mice this gene is turned on as part of what seems to be the normal fasting response. Our data suggest that fasting or giving trehalose with a normal diet triggers the liver to change the way it processes nutrients in a beneficial way. And if glucose can be blocked from the liver with a drug it may be possible to reap the benefits of fasting without strictly limiting food. The researchers found that Aloxe3 in the liver whether activated by fasting or trehalose leads the mice not only to make better use of insulin but to increase calorie burning raise body temperature reduce weight gain and fat accumulation including fat deposits in the liver and lessen measures of fats and cholesterol in the blood. Further they found that mice fed an obesity-inducing diet and mice that eat freely and are genetically prone to obesity are protected from metabolic disease if given trehalose in their drinking water. The researchers found that activating Aloxe3 in the mice given trehalose improves insulin sensitivity in a way that is similar to how thiazolidinediones work. Studying healthy mice given only water over a 48-hour period they found that fasting likewise activates Aloxe3 in the liver. This activation could boost insulin sensitivity in the same way. However DeBosch said trehalose may encounter enzymes in the digestive tract that break it apart releasing its two glucose molecules which would be counterproductive. The researchers investigated a similar sugar lactotrehalose they found has the same beneficial effects from triggering Aloxe3 but does not break apart as easily. For more information visit https Strawberries Could Help Reduce Harmful Inflammation in the Colon esearchers recently reported that a simple dietary intervention could mitigate colonic inflammation and improve gut health. In this case less than a cupful of strawberries. The researchers presented their results at the 256th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) which was held August 1923 in Boston MA. The dietary consumption of fruits and vegetables has been associated with a lowered risk of IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). To establish an effective and practical approach to decrease colonic inflammation in both IBD patients and the general population Xiao and his team at the University of Massachusetts Amherst focused on strawberries due to their wide consumption. According to Yanhui Han PhD who conducted the study most of the previous reports focused on the effects of purified compounds and extracts from strawberries. But when you only test the purified compounds and extracts you miss out on a lot of other important components in the berries such as dietary fiber as well as phenolic compounds bound to the fibers that can t be extracted by solvents he said. He added R that it also makes sense to study the effects of whole berries because people mostly consume the whole fruits rather than their extracts. In their experiment Han and Xiao used four groups of mice a group of healthy mice consuming a regular diet and three groups of mice with IBD consuming a regular diet a diet with 2.5 percent whole strawberry powder or a diet with 5 percent whole strawberry powder. Xiao says they tried to feed the mice doses of strawberries that would be in line with what a human could reasonably consume. The researchers found that dietary consumption of whole strawberries at a dose equivalent to as low as three-quarters of a cup of strawberries per day in humans significantly suppressed symptoms like body weight loss and bloody diarrhea in mice October November 2018 with IBD. Strawberry treatments also diminished inflammatory responses in the mice s colonic tissue. But decreased inflammation wasn t the strawberry s only conferred benefit during this study. Colonic inflammation adversely impacts the composition of microbiota in the gut. With IBD the abundance of harmful bacteria increases while levels of beneficial bacteria decrease in the colon. Following the dietary treatments of whole strawberries the researchers observed a reversal of that unhealthy microbiota composition in the IBD mice. Xiao s team also obtained experimental data that indicated strawberries might impact abnormal metabolic pathways in the IBD mice which in turn could lead to the decreased colonic inflammation they observed. Next the team will try to validate their findings in IBD patients. While eating three-quarters of a cup of strawberries a day could be beneficial for those looking to enhance their gut health Xiao advises patients to consult with their doctors before changing their diets. He also suggests avoiding this type of nutritional intervention if one is allergic to the fruit. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 45 One of the most challenging issues with combination products is being able to include therapeutic levels of key ingredients while keeping the daily serving of tablets or capsules to a minimum Marci van der Muelen National Sales Manager Nordic Naturals The sports nutrition market is one that continues to present plenty of promise and opportunity especially as it transforms into active nutrition. By Nicholas Saraceno thletes know that a nutritionally adequate diet and plenty of fluids are important for maximizing their physical performance. It s their hope that dietary supplements will help them train harder improve performance and even gain a competitive edge. In order to provide the most effective results possible for participating in physical activity ingredient suppliers and manufacturers are continuing to create sports nutrition products that yield results. And while most consumers aren t planning to participate in an Iron Man event the promise of sports nutrition enhancing their athletic prowess has proven to be very alluring. But no matter where athletes fall on the activity spectrum a commonality is that they are all looking for clean tasty and efficacious products. A Common Products From a general perspective sports nutrition features its share of popular ingredients which can be found in items ranging anywhere from sports drinks to powders such 46 Nutrition Industry Executive as creatine. The leading categories in sports nutrition are still hydration energy beverages protein-based powders and bars along with weight management powders noted Sandy Chien PhD vice president of innovative products with California-based HORN an IMCD company. Caffeine and dairybased proteins are the most common ingredients in sports nutrition while the more specialized ingredients such as amino acids creatine betaine etc. are used in various blends depending on the product and targeted demographic. For example proprietary ingredient blend Outlast exclusively available through HORN is an innovative blend of popular sports nutrition ingredient creatine and the isomaltulose Palatinose manufactured by BENEO. While creatine has been widely used in sports nutrition throughout the years it s getting an update through Outlast where creatine absorption is increased by 50 percent when palatinose is used as a carrier. With the variety of innovative ways to join the conversation consumers are expecting more options as this topic continues to climb in popularity. In today s fast-moving sports nutrition market explained Steve Fink director of marketing with PLT Health Solutions in New Jersey traditional consumers want more. Product formulators simultaneously want to differentiate their products obtain premium pricing and to disrupt the market. At the same time delivery systems are becoming a point of differentiation for traditional users but particularly for everyday consumers as the sports nutrition market goes more mainstream. Fink described some of the features of the company s ingredients including Plant protein Immune health support Joint health support Enhanced mood and improved mental performance Clean label whole food nutrition Endurance support Healthy blood flow Weight management For those in search of ingredients that can help during resistance and endurance October November 2018 Go to bergstrom for info about this advertiser training arginine could be a possible option. Nutrition 21 (New York) brands its own version of the ingredient known as Nitrosigine. Arginine is a well-known amino acid used by the body for the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) making it a commonly used ingredient in many sports nutrition products said James Komorowski the company s chief science officer. NO has been shown to be a key factor in generating greater blood flow and vasodilation which is critical during resistance and endurance training because it allows oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to working muscles. He explained that enhanced blood flow is important both intra-workout and postworkout as it has been shown to help with muscle growth and recovery. Along with these improvements to blood flow and NO levels Nitrosigine quickly safely and significantly improves mental acuity and processing speed by 33 percent within 15 minutes of a single dose and even reduces muscle damage from exercise. Nitrosigine is engineered to work quickly with effects the consumer can feel and bring long-lasting benefits improving mental flexibility and energy levels for anyone that needs to safely and effectively boost mental acuity and function and helping to maximize results for bodybuilders athletes and competitors of all types. Komorowski continued A second sports nutrition ingredient that is of interest to protein product manufacturers is Velositol. Velositol is a patented ingredient designed to double the effects of protein and exercise on muscle protein synthesis (MPS). In a clinical study subjects took 6 grams of whey protein or 6 grams of whey protein and 2 grams of Velositol and then completed bilateral isotonic leg extensions. The results of this study showed that Velositol doubles MPS compared to whey protein alone. When added to protein Velositol s novel complex enhances insulin action helping to safely increase the body s amino acid uptake. Additionally Velositol has been shown to increase levels of several myokines specifically musclin and fractalkine which are released by the muscles during exercise to initiate MPS. Komorowski also referenced Chromax the company s branded ingredient form of chromium picolinate which as a result of its 48 Nutrition Industry Executive effect on the actions of insulin within the blood can help the body manage blood sugar levels. Similar to Nitrosigine HP Ingredients (HPI Florida) has ingredients of its own that can help promote muscle health and recovery which stems from Tongat Ali. LJ100 Tongkat Ali is a water extract standardized to 40 percent glyco saponins and greater than 22 percent eurypeptides explained Annie Eng CEO of the company. LJ100 is the only clinically proven tongkat ali extract for sports nutrition benefits. Studies on humans show that LJ100 supplementation aids in creating a favorable anabolic state (building up) while suppressing catabolic state (breaking down) this enhances performance. In tandem LJ100 supplementation has been shown to increase fat free mass and decrease body fat and increase muscle strength and size as well as endurance. Concerns & Innovation When products in the sports nutrition space are being designed for consumers manufacturers and suppliers have to tackle a number of concerns. According to Andrew Wheeler corporate director of marketing for both Van Drunen Farms and FutureCeuticals ingredient suppliers in Illinois concerns can be broken down into four questions Does it work What is my cost per dose Is it safe Is it natural Wheeler observed that in terms of innovation the demand or better yet the expectation of a small ingredient deck of recognizable natural ingredients is taking over the sports nutrition space. Caffeine is OK for example but it must be natural caffeine. Chien agreed adding that she advocated for the importance of what she described as cleaner labels and even noticed that drinks in this department have thoroughly improved in smoothness. With the sport nutrition category being so competitive the desire for innovative ingredients and unique delivery systems is at the forefront she explained. However this must be balanced by equal attention to cost per dose cost per unit along with taste flavor. Another variable depending on the demographic will be safety and the need for a cleaner label that avoids more controversial ingredients that while effective may cause concern in some customer circles. Flavor and masking systems have improved tremendously allowing for more concentrated and complex formulas that the consumer no longer has to choke down she said. Concentrated powders versus large jugs are now the norm and the ever-growing beverage category can now deliver more options. Plant-based proteins have also improved in quality and texture allowing them to be adopted and utilized in the performance-based marketplace creating a new category of growth. The segment has moved into a broader audience and clean label has helped influence diets as well. As sports nutrition transitions into active nutrition with much of the new purchasing being done by the average consumer we are seeing food and beverage trends have a strong impact on the sports nutrition category expressed Rikka Cornelia product manager BI Nutraceuticals California. As mentioned clean label is one trend leading the change in this segment. Mainstream diets such as keto and paleo are also impacting the sports nutrition category. There has been several new brands pop up in the market specifically tailored to those diets. A New Focus Other than diet stress is also believed to have an effect on performance in the area of physical activity. A growing body of evidence suggests that stress has an impact on exercise and athletic performance particularly in the areas of motivation concentration and focus Fink noted. With cognitive support the longest road just doesn t have to feel so long. Today tens of thousands of athletes and body-builders are turning to Zembrin Sceletium tortuosum to help address the issues of concentration focus and mood in October November 2018 Go to deerland for info about this advertiser sports performance. It is featured in some of the leading pre-workout products on the market. Zembrin is a unique opportunity for sports nutrition formulations an experiential and rapidly acting botanical extract where users actually feel its benefits and experience enhanced mood concentration and relief from stress. On a more micro level Cornelia added that the kind of innovation that is utilized is contingent upon the specific ingredient that manufacturers are dealing with plant-based proteins versus beets for instance present two completely different challenges. It depends on the type of ingredient she said. For plant-based proteins innovation is focused on improving flavor since they are known for their bitter and off flavor profiles compared to animal-derived proteins. One such example is our deflavored lentil protein. For other ingredient types we are developing more novel sources. For instance beets have gained popularity in the sports nutrition segment because of their naturally occurring nitrates which the body converts to nitric oxide. However both consumers and manufacturers do not realize that there is a wide variety of other natural plant sources of nitrates such as arugula. The next logical step in sports nutrition innovation is products with a diverse set of plant-based sources of nitrates. State of the Market A popular theme within the sports nutrition industry has been discussed repeatedly is innovation and this is positively impacting its current market status. The market for ingredients that support consumers sports nutrition goals is healthy and growing especially with a fairly new group of users lifestyle users who are looking for new and innovative ingredients and products to enhance their active nutrition goals said Elyse Lovett MS MBS marketing manager with Kyowa Hakko USA in New York. As a market sports nutrition is extending its reach being more active (including eating a healthier diet) has continued to gain popularity adding a new dynamic and shift to the field. As consumers become more aware of their overall health and wellness we are 50 Nutrition Industry Executive seeing an increase in both healthy eating and exercise Cornelia explained. Due to this the sports nutrition market has significantly evolved in just the past few years and there has been an outstanding growth in a variety of products as well as demographics that purchase them. Sports nutrition a category once geared towards weightlifters and professional athletes has now expanded to average consumers looking for a more active lifestyle. This shift from sports nutrition to active nutrition is expanding products beyond the muscle building and performance enhancement categories (though still popular) and into energy joint health and mental focus. For plant-based proteins innovation is focused on improving flavor since they are known for their bitter and off flavor profiles compared to animal-derived proteins. Rikka Cornelia BI Nutraceuticals Ingredients that support these categories and meet mainstream consumer trends like clean label are gaining market share. We anticipate continued growth as consumer awareness on overall health and wellness keeps climbing. In fact those who think that this field is on a surge may be on the right track. According to Chien in 2016 the sports nutrition and weight-loss market hit the 37.5 billion mark and it is estimated to grow at more than 7 percent per year over the next five years. The positive increase within the market even allows manufacturers to address more gender-specific needs. Recognizing how nutritional needs can differ significantly between genders is an evolution that will bring exciting opportunities to the industry. Historically sports nutrition research has focused on men unfortunately overlooking the unique nutritional needs of women and their requirements for proper metabolism support said Tim Hammond vice president of sales and marketing with Bergstrom Nutrition the Washington-based manufacturer of OptiMSM a branded form of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). A new focus on the female athlete presents growth possibilities new marketing challenges and creative formulation opportunities. Research Of course the purpose of conducting research is to help ensure that ingredients are both safe and effective. Bill Levi Nutrition 21 s vice president of operations noted that the aforementioned Nitrosigine Velositol and Chromax are exactly that mentioning that they can be seamlessly added to any powder formulation. Komorowski described Nitrosigine s results. Several studies have shown that Nitrosigine bonded arginine silicate from Nutrition 21 clinically enhances levels of both arginine and NO and furthermore is a more bioavailable form of arginine than arginine HCl he said. The unique Nitrosigine complex bonds arginine and silicon together and is stabilized by inositol in order to unlock powerful synergistic effects and benefits for the end consumer over standard arginine. Komorowski noted that in an in-vitro study Nitrosigine significantly increased NO production over arginine AKG agmatine sulfate citrulline malate L-arginine and citrulline. In a clinical study Nitrosigine was shown to increase arginine levels by greater than 70 percent compared to arginine hydrochloride (HCl) and to significantly increase arginine levels for up to six hours while arginine HCl only increased levels for one hour. Preclinical studies have also shown that Nitrosigine increases blood vessel relaxation thereby increasing blood flow almost five times more than regular arginine HCl. Furthermore Nitrosigine enhances blood silicon levels after just a single dose strengthening and enhancing the flexibility of arterial walls also helping to increase blood flow. Overall Nitrosigine enhances levels of arginine and NO increases blood vessel relaxation and improves flexibility of arterial walls which all flow into significant benefits for the end consumer. Kyowa Hakko s Sustamine and Setria Performance Blend have also shown benefits in studies. Kyowa has conducted many research studies on various ingredients in regards to sports nutrition explained Lovett. Kyowa s Sustamine an iconic ingredient October November 2018 Go to futureceuticals for info about this advertiser has been shown to be better absorbed than glutamine alone found in many sports nutrition formulations. Kyowa s newer ingredient Setria Performance Blend has been studied to show sustained nitric oxide benefits a great choice for pre-workout formula- tions. Efficacy and safety are focal points for manufacturers and suppliers the bioavailability of a product is continuing to be at the top of the priority list. Efficacy is always of interest to both consumers and finished good manufacturers but safety which is assumed on the consumer side is also extremely important to finished product manufacturers said Cornelia. Before the focus on efficacy was on dosage now on top of dosage the actual bioavailability of actives is also becoming increasingly important. As noted Bergstrom Nutrition is diving into studies that focus on different nutritional needs when it comes to gender tying it into its OptiMSM product. Bergstrom Nutrition is pursuing femalespecific research based on the results of a recent yet unpublished study on OptiMSM performed at UC-Davis [California] expressed Hammond. The initial research suggests MSM increases collagen crosslinking. MSM was also demonstrated to completely reverse the negative effects of estrogen on ligament mechanics in engineered human ligaments treated with high estrogen. The follow-up clinical study will focus on determining the effect of OptiMSM on knee laxity changes through the menstrual cycle in active young women. Being able to fuel the muscles post workout is just as important as doing so before one starts the physical activity Eng said this concept is a meaningful one that has been evolving over the years. Primarily the most significant evolutionary point in sports nutrition is ingredients that enhance post-exercise and post-play recovery she noted. This area is relatively new compared to ingredients that promote muscle building or extend endurance. Despite the progress that has been made in regard to conducted clinical studies more needs to be done. In short better claims result in more satisfied consumers. The need for high-quality rigorous clinical studies with well thought out endpoints has increased dramatically in the sports nutrition area Fink mentioned. The sports nutrition community embraces ingredients into which these types of investments have been made and on which exciting claims that can be easily communicated and trusted by the consumer are possible. NIE Extra Extra Visit to read about a study from San Francisco State University explaining how exercise can help improve gut health. FORMOREINFORMATION 52 Nutrition Industry Executive Bergstrom Nutrition BI Nutraceuticals FutureCeuticals HORN HP Ingredients Kyowa Hakko USA Nutrition 21 PLT Health Solutions Van Drunen Farms October November 2018 Go to nutrition21 for info about this advertiser Washington and the Natural Industry By James J. Gormley The Participants Are Jim Emme CEO NOW Bloomingdale IL Steve Mister President and CEO Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) Washington D.C. Mark A. LeDoux Chairman and CEO Natural Alternatives International Carlsbad CA http Jim Turner Chair Citizens for Health Washington D.C. Dan Lifton President Proprietary Branded Ingredients Group Maypro Purchase NY 54 Nutrition Industry Executive hile investigations and scandals have dominated coverage of anything related to Washington D.C. this panel of natural products industry experts weighs in on media coverage industry challenges market dynamics consumer demand and the future. And they have a few things to say about CBD (cannabidiol) and kratom while they re at it. W NIE What do you feel were the biggest industry issues and challenges of 2018 and why Lifton The year started out with fake negative news about protein powders. Then the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) issued a guidance document on homeopathics threatening the entire category. Then there was the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and New York State s aggressive posture against the manufacturer of a memory supplement claiming that the company should have conducted randomized controlled October November 2018 trials and subgroup analysis studies. We also were faced with a multivitamins study that looked at the wrong endpoints misguided proposed anti-supplement legislation in Massachusetts an aberrant probiotics study and a mischaracterized review of omega-3s for heart health. It s been a banner year for confusing information and that s not even counting the swirl around kratom and CBD products. LeDoux The biggest challenges remain the mixed messaging from the media and supposed scientific researchers looking at limited scope of studies to make claims of inefficacy of what most scientists would consider to be essential nutrients for quality of life. Prior activities by attorneys general in our space suggesting inaccurate labeling or product content in herbal products have given rise to a very intelligent response by leading retailers and producers in this industry namely in the form of the Supplement Safety Compliance Initiative (SSCI). This effort is being modeled after the GFSI (Grocery Food Safety Initiative) and is close to launching with benchmarking of audit standards and processes. The nice part about this is that SSCI is a global initiative and is being spearheaded by GNC and Walmart two of the biggest players in the retail side of our industry. For more information on this exciting development please investigate and learn how you or your firm can participate. Emme One of the ongoing challenges in 2018 has been the uncertainty around trade with escalating tariff threats. Many ingredients are made in China and trade wars could result in shortages and higher prices. Manufacturers have to think much farther ahead now and have contingency plans for key ingredients if possible. Another challenge involves supply chain management for quality. We re focusing on developing direct sourcing relationships with supply manufacturers around the world so we have more control over quality before the ingredients arrive at our facilities and undergo quality assurance testing. Mister For CRN the growth of the Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library) was one of the most significant and challenging industry events of 2018. The dietary supplement product registry celebrated its one-year anniversary in April and now contains over 10 000 product labels. The Supplement OWL represents a whole new level of transparency and a more complete picture of the marketplace for regulators retailers and industry stakeholders. The OWL can help regulators keep bad actors off the market and give retailers a tool to curate their product offerings. And a challenge CRN and the industry have faced this year has been with the prescription drug firm Amarin. Last year Amarin asked the International Trade Commission (ITC) to declare esterified EPA fish oil to be a drug and to prohibit its importation for use in supplements. In response CRN filed two legal briefs with the ITC and strongly urged FDA to weigh in on the usurpation of its authority to determine what is a drug under federal law. The ITC later made a decision to decline an investigation into concentrated EPA omega-3 fish oil supplements. However the case has not gone away. Earlier in 2018 Amarin Pharma Inc. and Amarin Pharmaceuticals Ireland Ltd. appealed the ITC s decision to decline the investigation. In response to the appeal CRN and the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega3s (GOED) submitted an amicus brief to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. CRN is committed to fight for its member companies in this space and protect responsible industry. Amarin is seeking to impose restrictions that could create a market monopoly over a subset of omega-3 products hinder legitimate manufacturers from selling fish oil supplements and inhibit consumers ability to obtain concentrated omega-3 supplements without a prescription. October November 2018 Turner The biggest news yet the least covered story of 2018 are the guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that do away entirely with what the New York Times called the stigmatized term GMO (genetically modified organism). Monsanto (now part of Bayer) can call these foods bioengineered. The USDA in an embarrassingly solicitous pro-industry move has even come out with smiley-sun-face logos that make GMOs seem fun and natural. I am not sure why the natural products industry has not marched on Washington about this. NIE Way back in our industry Stone Age people bought products largely based on trust and brand loyalty. Consumers relied on the gold label the blue bottle the brands they recognized. Then price wars began and some customers segmented out based on price or convenience. Then for years the focus was on benefits benefits benefits. Lately it appears that customers are increasingly selecting products based on the values of the company behind the products they seek eco-friendly packaging sustainably sourced Fair Trade ingredients socially conscious and engaged brands. Is there a seismic shift from value to values What does this mean for the supply chain Emme There have always been consumers who have shopped their values especially in the natural channel but today that has expanded quite a bit. With consumer ability to access information anytime and anywhere there is an opportunity for those of us incorporating social and environmental ethics into our company policies to share that information. NOW has always been a value brand that operated with values. Today there is as much if not more interest in our values as there is in the affordability of our products. What this means for us regarding the supply chain is that we keep upping our already substantial game in ingredient sourcing. More broadly companies will have to be able to describe their ingredient sourcing practices to the satisfaction of their customers. Mister CRN agrees that there is a seismic shift among consumers from seeking only value to seeking out values in the brands they buy. While price will always be a factor in consumer choices there are many other components weighing into these buying decisions. Nutrition Industry Executive 55 Washington and the Natural Industry Increased interest in transparency sustainability and ingredient purity means that supply chains are becoming more and more important to consumers. Sourcing your ingredients in a way that allows you to know the entire pedigree of the ingredients means that suppliers who can provide this information will have an edge. As technology and in particular block chain creates more ability to track the entire supply chain supplement companies who master that ability and are transparent with consumers will have a strong advantage. Lifton I think value and values are not mutually exclusive. By supporting brands that do the right thing with ingredients that are sustainably sourced for example the environmental inputs are reduced and social benefits are enhanced. And the profits are then clean profits that ascend the entire supply chain. Turner The values focus is not a surprise to me at all. Values and a vision for a better and more just world are literally at the roots of the natural products industry and the health-foods movement. With their pocketbooks consumers have brought the industry around to the values of sustainability Fair Trade and integrity on which it has always been based. LeDoux The presence of Amazon Whole-Foods in the mix has great appeal to those consumers who believe they know what they want and purchase online for convenience and price. Some of those decisions are only price-driven some are motivated by convenience and others motivated by brand-loyalty. Once DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) passed into law in 1994 many of the illogical impediments which stood in the way of innovation under the guise of preventing unapproved food additives into the food supply gave way to a more realistic approach to product development. Over the ensuing 20 years the industry has expanded but so have the charlatans who identify loopholes for quick economic gain and some who are outright criminals resorting to mislabeling 56 Nutrition Industry Executive products as foods or supplements while knowingly including non-disclosed active pharmaceutical compounds in the products often leading to serious side effects and even death. Some consumers are swayed by some of the marketing statements associated with their own internal compassion meters and sense of social justice. NIE In May 2014 the British biotech company GW Pharmaceuticals was granted Investigational New Drug (IND) status from the FDA for phase 2 3 clinical trial of Epidiolex a proprietary cannabinoid composition for the treatment of Dravet Syndrome. Meanwhile while the Farm Bill includes an amendment directing the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) to remove CBD from its Schedule 1 list the FDA appears to be allowing these very narrow IND filings to block the emergence of an entire industry within our industry. Sourcing your ingredients in a way that allows you to know the entire pedigree of the ingredients means that suppliers who can provide this information will have an edge. Steve Mister The FDA recently said that it is not aware of any evidence that would call into question its current conclusion that cannabidiol products are excluded from the dietary supplement definition under section 201 (ff)(3)(B)(ii) of the TD&C Act. Interested parties may present the agency with any evidence that they think has bearing on this issue. Does industry have evidence that CBD products were marketed before the IND filing If so or if not what are next steps for industry What are next steps for retailers whose customers are clamoring for CBD hemp products Turner Regardless of whether there is evidence not very likely considering the illicit mantle that has been draped on the category by the DEA and the FDA the FDA is once again pandering to Big Pharma similar to what it did with red yeast rice and lovastatin. Somewhat similar to what it did with stevia. And now it s doing it again but in this case putting a monkey wrench on the tracks of a massive and exciting category that seems poised to go off the rails unless new legislation is written and passed. The Senate version of the Farm Bill included an entire amendment that would take industrial hemp off the DEA s Class I narcotics list and lay the groundwork for the return of widespread hemp growing in the U.S. But the FDA may very well mess this up at the very least for dietary supplements. Mister You can t deny the great consumer interest in CBD products. However FDA has been equally clear that at present CBD is not a legal dietary ingredient. At this point CBD has been identified as a controlled substance and unless Congress enacts the Hemp Farm Act CBD is not a legal dietary ingredient. [The] industry has the opportunity to remove some of these barriers to the market by working to enact the Hemp Farm Act and by petitioning for an exemption to section 201 (ff)(3)(B)(ii) of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. Companies hoping to bring CBD to the supplement market should be conducting the necessary safety studies to meet their obligations as a new dietary ingredient. CRN s Board of Directors is closely examining how to assist companies with these hurdles because CRN recognizes the market potential of CBD. LeDoux The registration of Epidiolex as a drug under the FDA system earlier this summer has essentially closed the door on commerce in this space for companies wanting to provide CBD to treat related conditions. Notwithstanding those state jurisdictions that permit recreational cannabinoid use in a variety of forms the likelihood of the FDA changing position on this matter is very low. Given that the FDA has stated it is unaware of any evidence that would call into question its conclusion that cannabidiol products are excluded from the dietary supplement definition and the paucity of appropriate data that may be shared with the agency to seek to change their minds it is unlikely to change the situation. October November 2018 To the best of my knowledge there is no evidence in existence that properly manufactured or standardized CBD products were marketed prior to the IND filing of GW Pharma. If the industry wants to change the law that starts with identifying new legislation and committees of jurisdiction in the House and Senate to lobby in the hopes of adopting a new point of view. The likelihood of success in an election year for this endeavor is not good. NIE Recently the New York Times published an article entitled Vitamin D the Sunshine Supplement Has Shadowy Money Behind It. The piece masquerades as investigative journalism but is actually an opinion piece built on an ad hominem attack against the country s leading vitamin D researcher Dr. Michael Holick. All major researchers get funding and support that s how they can do the research. But what is the real takeaway here Just another attempt to drag a vital vitamin through the mud or just mass media journos looking under rocks Lifton It appears that that article was an agenda in search of a story. Academic research requires grants and funding support in order to continue. Regardless of the specifics of the reporters assertions the real bottom line here is that vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide problem made worse by today s obsession with sun-blocks poor diets and extreme sun-avoidance. The body of vitamin D science is vast and compelling and is frankly bulletproof. No presumed expos can change that fact. Mister One of the major takeaways from the New York Times article is the piece s disregard for the importance of vitamin D as a shortfall nutrient of public health concern in the government s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. While the article focuses on Dr. Holick s work with testing providers and other stakeholder groups the article ignores the fact that a majority of Americans 94 percent fail to achieve their government-recommended intakes of vitamin D. Focusing on the consulting activity of one individual does not erase the wellestablished benefits of vitamin D and could lead many people to dismiss those health benefits. Emme The New York Times has a long history of cherry picking science to criticize the industry and the products it produces and sells. And the consumers who use supplements generally ignore them. The media reports each new study as definitive when it s a body of science that should be evaluated to put new research into perspective. The growing body of science supporting safe and effective use of supplements has won the support of many health care practitioners and the steadily growing number of consumers makes it clear that their own experience has convinced them that supplements are part of a healthy lifestyle. LeDoux This article demonstrates the clear bias of the New York Times against the industry. Pharmaceutical research involving investigational new drugs requires various levels of scholastic and scientific enquiry. Who ultimately pays those folks to do that work Pharmaceutical companies engage third-party research firms to quarterback research into all sorts of work to help benefit their patent portfolio and to expand their presence in the consumer and medical marketplace. To suggest that somehow research on something as essential as vitamin D is somehow biased because industry contributed to the expenses of running clinical investigations is almost laughable. Data that is obtained by clinical research particularly in double-blind placebo controlled studies is rigorously evaluated by statistical analysis reports are assembled and vetted with leading experts and contributors to the area of germane science and evaluations are submitted for peer reviewed medical or scientific journals prior to ever being published. To suggest some nefarious intent of the producers of raw materials October November 2018 associated with vitamin D production in promoting bona fide research is actually somewhat ludicrous. Turner The takeaway is that if there is no smoke mass media will often light a fire. It s a case of damned if you do damned if you don t. Vitamin research has always struggled because researchers have had trouble getting sufficient funding for studies of nonpatentable nutrients. Upwards of 10 billion passes through the hands of Big Pharma to scientists and their institutions for drug research and nobody cares. But if a scientist receives 10 in support of vitamin research then it s a scandal. It s a non-story at best and at worst is a shameful attack on a brilliant man. NIE Kratom. The newest David vs. Goliath story Certainly the FDA is attempting to pressure the DEA to place kratom on the Schedule 1 drug list. The FDA claims 44 deaths have been associated with the use of kratom worldwide over the last nine years. Meanwhile the American Kratom Association rejects this assertion noting that in all cases cited by the FDA other circumstances such as adulterated additives were the actual cause of the deaths. This group is calling on the FDA to take action against manufacturers of adulterated products. Ephedra part 2 or something else LeDoux The problem with this whole space is the lack of standardization of the product in question and the applications for use. We are all aware of the perils associated with opioid abuse but kratom taken as a popular means to withdraw from opioid addiction is perilous unless the product is quantified the use is monitored and side effects are evaluated and presented for consideration. In essence it is my opinion that kratom producers should think about working collectively to create their own IND and submit it for a standardized compound that could withstand the rigorous evaluation required of investigational new drugs. I do not believe the FDA or DEA is going to relent on this one. The real issue as I see it also rests with the apparent paralysis of the agencies on this issue. If these products are widely available and are considered dangerous why are these items not being seized by inspectors or why isn t the DOJ (Department of Justice) assisting FDA and HHS (U.S. Department of Nutrition Industry Executive 57 Washington and the Natural Industry Health and Human Services) with cleaning up the market If it is resource constraint how much is needed and if secured when will the problem be fixed Mister Until a kratom manufacturer demonstrates to FDA that the ingredient is reasonably expected to be safe FDA correctly objects that kratom is an NDI (new dietary ingredient) without a notification. It s disappointing although not surprising that retailers who are not exactly associated with health care solutions would be marketing what are essentially illegal drugs. FDA should be enforcing the law more aggressively. Turner The Ephedra Education Council jumped off the ephedra train before it crashed. Ephedra became a scapegoat due to bad decisions by a handful of marketers and manufacturers and due to the success of an army of private plaintiff attorneys and an ofttimes gullible media. Kratom should not be run out on the rails just because there are events allegedly although not conclusively linked to it. While it doesn t help that it has been marginalized since it entered the market sold at gas stations and such I am not sure if that is the fault of the first wave of marketers or due to the hostile regulatory posture from the FDA. NIE Now in terms of economic adulteration what strides has the industry made in 2018 to tackle the grey-market sale of dietary supplements illegally spiked with selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) Mister CRN is at the forefront of addressing SARMs. Taking a twopronged approach CRN is looking at both the supply and demand aspects of SARMs. On the supply side CRN continues to work with partners like USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) to develop legislation that will limit the supply of this drug that is often falsely labeled as a dietary supplement. From the demand side CRN launched a consumer education initiative to help consumers particularly in the bodybuilding and fitness communities understand the risk of SARMs and 58 Nutrition Industry Executive avoid products that may contain this dangerous class of ingredients. To help raise awareness CRN created a SARMsCanHarm toolkit for fitness organizations that includes customizable flyers newsletter material and social media content highlighting educational information on SARMs. LeDoux Industry has done a good job educating folks about the perils associated with undisclosed components but it needs more enforcement by federal and state agencies to help clean up this problem. Likewise U.S. Customs enforcement needs to take place on a more wide scale for what is often blatantly mislabeled or adulterated goods coming from overseas. Methods for ingredient testing continue to be more accurate and available for use by reliable and capable laboratories. The trends toward personalized nutrition show the possibility of great promise in the future. Jim Emme NOW NIE On the positive side what are the most exciting developments in technology processing extraction or delivery you have seen in 2018 Lifton Fermentation culturing and bioavailability technologies have grown by leaps and bounds not only in 2018 but over the last 10 years. That s why our AHCC patented mushroom extract has received industry awards for being the most-researched specialty immune supplement. Or Oligonol which has earned technology awards for its lowmolecular-weight polyphenol ingredient. Or our L-92 a revolutionary sterilized human acidophilus strain geared for beauty from within which has also gotten awards. Across the industry leading manufacturers and brands are recognizing that a product is only as good as how good it works. Is it bioavailable Is it made for maximum absorption Is it backed by human clinical research Is it maximally effective We continually strive for a yes on all of those critical questions. Emme Methods for ingredient testing continue to be more accurate and available for use by reliable and capable laboratories. The trends toward personalized nutrition show the possibility of great promise in the future. NIE What other thoughts do you have for industry Emme We as an industry need to continue to build trust with consumers of natural products and to advocate through the trade organizations to encourage the FDA to enforce the regulations that are currently in place. There continues to be counterfeit and substandard products in the marketplace activities that can pose risk to consumers. NIE What are your industry predictions for 2019 LeDoux Consolidations in the industry will continue and larger companies in the food and pharmaceutical companies will be looking at taking significant positions as they seek to build market share. Demographic shifts will impact product preferences along with pricing power but there will be greater emphasis on private and controlled label products competing against nationally advertised brands. The government both federal and state will be more involved in policing online commercial and advertising activity and if they are not then expect the plaintiff s bar to have a field day cleaning up the industry in terms of the myriad of products illegally labeled or blatantly selling goods with illegal content on various websites. There will be a concerted effort to involve the USDA more in our space and perhaps initiate a carve-out from HHS if the FDA is not more responsive to Capitol Hill in enforcement of the regulations. NIE Extra Extra Visit for information on CRN s programs and initiatives you should know about. October November 2018 Stay Calm More Americans of all ages are chasing the dream literally. Here s how to help them relax calm down and get their 40 winks. By Lisa Schofield octurnal animals often seen wandering about in daylight are typically rabid. Diurnal humans (not on graveyard shift) who meander about in night might feel rabid because sleep is elusive. The more stressed we are the less we sleep and the more wired we feel. And in this state most of us who are sleep deprived need to fulfill daily obligations such as driving to and from work where we need to perform. In fact according to the Institute of Medicine (2005) more than 70 million Americans are affected by sleep disorders. Here s why living with insomnia can be harmful the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drowsy driving was responsible for 72 000 crashes 44 000 injuries and 800 deaths in 2013. But poor sleep affects more than N 60 Nutrition Industry Executive just motor skills there s a vicious circle of stress begetting high tension and insomnia and insomnia and tension (low-level chronic anxiety) begetting more stress. Despite the fact that the economy and job numbers have improved there s more ways to entertain ourselves than ever and more connectivity with friends than ever more Americans are anxious and stressed out than ever. It helps a marketing department to understand the current climate of stress when formulating and supporting a product to induce natural relaxation and better sleep social media and related marketing when hitting on the pulse of what the audience is experiencing will make them feel connected to a brand and a product. Uncertainties with the economy job insecurity novel (and transitional) politics changing behavioral norms increasing social polarization and a general sense that winter is coming factor into stress development said Paul Clayton PhD chief scientific advisor to California-based Gencor Pacific. Add to this the coffee culture multimedia information overload and wide-spread poor nutrition and it is a wonder that anyone sleeps normally at all Biologically pointed out Bruce Abedon PhD vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs Vermontbased NutraGenesis unabating stress influences the hypothalamic-pituitaryadrenal (HPA) axis which can lead to an elevation in the level of cortisol a stress hormone during waking hours. Elevated cortisol levels in the evening can affect the ability to both fall asleep and stay asleep. And in a twist of irony (as well as something we can truly all relate to) two-thirds of American adults (approximately 66 percent) say the October November 2018 cost of health insurance is a stressor for themselves their loved ones or in general when asked about specific health issues that cause them stress cited Brian Appell marketing manager activation for New Jersey-based OmniActive Health Technologies. Further this stressor affects Americans at all income levels. In addition more than six in 10 adults (63 percent) cite uncertainty about the future both with their own health and that of others as a source of stress. Insurance costs and looming uncertainty about the future are just two of the numerous causes of stress surrounding health according to the American Psychological Association s report Stress in America Uncertainty About Health Care based on data from the annual Stress in America survey conducted online by The Harris Poll. Regardless of what they are actually stressing about most people (54 percent) say they are often stressed in general according to a 2017 survey conducted by the National Business Group on Health Appell added. Digital overload is another sleep thief pointed out Michael Chernyak president CK Nutraceuticals Ontario Canada. Constant interaction on social media website commenting posting for likes and keeping up with celebrities and other things we love on smartphones laptops tablets and desktops continually cause stress and tension or feeling wired. It is difficult to properly recharge every day when we re constantly connected and switched on he noted particularly in the evenings when it s most important to wind down. Parris M. Kidd PhD chief science officer and director of quality BrainMD Health of California related that there is a significant body of research detailing how tension nervousness anxiety and sleeplessness as consequences of stress are related to socioeconomic personal work and political circumstances. Further sleep problems can happen to anyone at any age and are thus not a normal characteristic of aging. Among young adults high social media use including tweeting increases risk for sleep problems he stated. Across the lifespan perceived stress and anxiety are confirmed risk factors for problems with sleep. Frayed or frazzled nerves are a common hazard of modern living. Constant brain chatter is a cause of delayed sleep onset where the mind is still active prohibiting the ability to fall asleep. This can occur even in people who do not consume stimulants prior to bedtime or who don t un-plug about a half hour before turning off the light. This constant yammering can cause a heightened state of anxiety particularly when we start to actually listen to an inner voice prognosticating our doom and to silence that horrible harbinger many take prescriptions. Regardless of what they are actually stressing about most people (54 percent) say they are often stressed in general according to a 2017 survey conducted by the National Business Group on Health. Brian Appell OmniActive Health Technologies Ban the Benzos Beyond lifestyle changes and or counseling to help address underlying thought (cognitive) behaviors and patterns that cause or exacerbate stress all which take time people often need help ASAP and turn to their doctors to please write a prescription for any of a number of benzodiazepines. These are typically Valium (diazepam) Ativan (lorazepam) and Xanax (alprazolam). In 2012 for example more than 49 million prescriptions were written for Xanax. Benzos may pull double-duty by promoting relaxation (banishing the anxiety) and also helping summon sleep quickly. In his article How Many People Take Benzodiazepines published on May 6 2015 in Psychology Today Eugene Rubin MD PhD writes Benzodiazepines also can be beneficial in helping a person fall asleep or October November 2018 stay asleep when used for short periods of time. If a person is in the midst of short-term stress and is having difficulty sleeping a brief course of a benzodiazepine may help with both the anxiety and insomnia. SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are not indicated for the treatment of insomnia. Rubin also pointed out that the class of benzodiazepines can exert side effects that in some people may be significant especially if used for extended duration. One side effect is that it can be habit forming or addictive. There s good news though. A number of natural ingredients are showing great promise in providing relaxation and sleep support Chernyak asserted. Ashwagandha he said is an example as its adaptogenic effects are well-documented and the research continues to build. He pointed to a currently ongoing global study involving 1 000 subjects with multiple sites (including India the U.S. Australia Philippines Poland and South Africa). The team is using KSM-66 ashwagandha. Another trending ingredient in the relaxation and mood support category is saffron he added noting I see saffron becoming a go-to ingredient for dietary supplement formulators in the coming months. Appell said that stress and sleep solutions that don t leave users drugged or knocked out are the priority for sleepless and anxious consumers now more than ever. And while natural ingredients like melatonin chamomile and valerian have become mainstays in this market he expressed there are some newer options to consider. The combination of lutein zeaxanthin isomers is one of those options for example. He elaborated that until recently these prominent macular carotenoids have been taken primarily to support vision healthy eyes. But macular carotenoids are also found abundantly in the brain where they work to induce a healthy stress response. Appell cited the LAMA II (Lutein Vision and Mental Acuity II) study published in 2017 in Nutritional Neuroscience which set out to determine the extent to which Lutemax 2020 (lutein RR-zeaxanthin and RSzeaxanthin) could relieve psychological stress. Nutrition Industry Executive 61 Stay Calm In this study 58 healthy young adults ingested either Lutemax 2020 in two different doses (10 2 mg lutein zeaxanthin or 20 4 mg lutein zeaxanthin) or placebo for one year. During the study researchers measured blood cortisol psychological stress and mood at baseline six month and a year. They found that supplementation with Lutemax 2020 for six months significantly increased serum carotenoid levels as well as MPOD (macular pigment optical density) which is a strong indication of the body s supply of lutein and zeaxanthin including in the brain. Appell reported that the Lutemax 2020 groups had significantly lower serum cortisol levels. And overall researchers found that both supplementation groups also experienced an improvement in psychological stress as well as physical and emotional health compared to placebo. The growing scientific portfolio revealing the health-promoting effects of endocannabinoid signaling such as its role in modulating levels of consciousness and sleep stability (amongst other things) has stimulated intensifying product development with compounds such as palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) the atypical endocannabinoid reported Clayton. It is early days but the feedback from users consistently features comments about improved relaxation and sleep he commented. This makes good sense given that it acts at a number of well characterized receptors which occur in brain areas involved in sleep regulation. He added that the product has a very interesting spectrum of side effects such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity which makes it suitable for those whose sleep is disrupted by pain. Gencor offers a palmitoylethanolamide product in the market called Levagen which is featured in several natural sleep formulas. NutraGenesis patented Sensoril ashwagandha root and leaf extract has been found to help reduce stress and help improve sleep in human clinical trial testing according to 62 Nutrition Industry Executive Abedon. To achieve these health benefits Sensoril extract combines actives of ashwagandha roots and leaves. Ashwagandha leaves have greater bioactive content than roots so the novel inclusion of an extract of leaves in Sensoril extract helps provide the highest level of glycowithanolide bioactive components in the industry (standardized to 10 percent) he commented. Sensoril was tested in a 60-day randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial which demonstrated that it significantly reduced stress and enhanced sleep after 30 and 60 days at the recommended dose of 125 mg once or twice daily. In the same trial subjects taking Sensoril at those doses were also found to have significant reductions in the level of serum cortisol by the end of the trial. The placebo group remained little changed over the course of the study for any of these variables. Amy McKelvey CEO and founder of California-based her vital way and product formulator has chosen California-based Ethical Naturals GRAS (generally recognized as safe)affirmed AlphaWave L-theanine (an active component of green tea) as an essential component in her formulas. According to McKelvey L-theanine works via two different pathways. First it promotes the production of alpha waves in the brain creating a state of deep calm and mental alertness similar to meditation. This calm and focused state quiets the noise and muzzles the chatter which allows for a more productive gratifying state of being she described. Secondly Ltheanine seems to have a role in the formation of GABA (gamma-amino butrylic acid) an inhibitory neurotransmitter that regulates brain excitability as well. By using the brain s innate calming mechanisms for quieting the brain it s not surprising that L-theanine is also immune enhancing. AlphaWave was studied in 2017 for promotion of relaxation via reducing stress. A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study with 20 individuals revealed the stress reduction effects of the supplement versus placebo. The participants were subjected to alpha brainwave testing by EEG seven times over a 120-minute period. After the initial alpha test and a stress test each subject consumed either 200 mg of AlphaWave L-theanine or placebo. Two further stress tests were then given during the following 90 minutes and each participant s heart rate was measured three times over the 135-minute period following consumption. According to the company results of the study showed that AlphaWave L-theanine supplementation produced significant changes over time as compared to placebo on all the variable outcomes. For example AlphaWave showed a positive effect over time on the tonic alpha power which measures relaxed wakefulness compared to placebo which had negative effects. The AlphaWave group also reported reduced fatigue. In addition AlphaWave significantly reduced the heart rate compared with placebo this was a further indication of the stress reduction effect of AlphaWave L-theanine. This category is one of the most relevant across the board men and women teens and elderly and all in between that there has been considerable expansion of the range of nutrients and herbals clinically tested to counter stress and or improve relaxation and sleep Kidd observed. He identified four supplements as strong contenders to help a wide range of individuals achieve more restful sleep and calmness throughout the day. Standardized saffron (Crocus sativus) extract is what he called a major advance for anxiety and relax- October November 2018 ation. Clinical trials increasingly document saffron s benefits for mood stress anxiety relaxation memory even libido. Saffron s benefits are comparable to imipramine (Tofranil) to the SSRIs fluvoxamine (Luvox) and citalopram (Celexa) as well as donezepil (Aricept) for cognition. Pure GABA is known to help induce mental relaxation but not act as a sedative. Studies indicate its effects could occur either directly by crossing the blood-brain barrier or indirectly by affecting the intestinal nerve networks or by traveling along the vagus nerve from the gut to the brain he explained. Pure GABA is chemically identical to the brain s main calming GABA neurotransmitter. Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) has been the subject of more than 100 studies within the past decade. Clinical trials found standardized tulsi leaf extracts improved stress and anxiety as well as mood and cognition. A probiotic combination of two strains of Lactobacillus helveticus and Bifidobacterium longum improve coping with stress and anxiousness while also improving digestion said Kidd. BrainMD was able to make this very same unique combination available to consumers at the same daily intake used in the three clinical trials. In tandem he added standardized lemon balm leaf extract (Melissa officinalis) has a calming effect and seems to work very closely with the brain s GABA neurotransmitter system. It has consistently elevated calmness and eased anxiousness in clinical trials. It can also be used in combination with standardized valerian root extract for calming and inducing sleep in children. The need for Americans to chill out on all fronts is likely going to become greater. As McKelvey expressed Americans are experiencing enormous imbalance that of course disrupts our ability to release and surrender into sleep among other issues. Unfortunately it s a vicious cycle and until balance is addressed on many fronts our health issues will continue to play out in this way and we will continue to feel frayed and spent. NIE Extra Extra Visit to read about a study showing how insomnia may cause social isolation and loneliness. The Insomnia Conundrum A Datamonitor 2014 consumer survey showed that consumers ranked insomnia in fourth place as a prominent health issue behind stress tiredness and fatigue. They are all intertwined. The survey also yielded that the most prominent demographic that was worried about sleep was middle-aged women. Previous data from Euromonitor International indicated that the US sleep-assist category was predicted to reach approximately 732 million this year. October November 2018 FORMOREINFORMATION BrainMD Health CK Nutraceuticals Ethical Naturals her vital way Gencor Pacific Nutragenesis OmniActives Health Technologies Nutrition Industry Executive 63 Nutraceuticals INCORPORATING FIBER & PROTEIN One of the most challenging issues with combination products is being able to include therapeutic levels of key ingredients while keeping the daily serving of tablets or capsules to a minimum Marci van der Muelen National Sales Manager Nordic Naturals Fiber and protein ingredients are improving and growing significantly as more consumers look for convenient and healthy nutritional product choices. By Shari Barbanel sk just about any health expert and they ll most likely agree that protein and fiber are essential parts of a healthy diet. And with busy on-the-go lifestyles consumers are leaning in to convenient and healthy products such as bars and shakes that can help them the get the nutrition they need each day. And it is this growth in demand that is causing the protein and fiber categories to skyrocket. Protein has always been an important factor in a healthy diet and increasingly consumers are looking for quicker ways to incorporate more protein into their diets for sustained energy satiety and to help them achieve the goals they set for their health said James Komorowski chief science office for Nutrition 21 in New York. This increasing consumer demand has A 64 Nutrition Industry Executive resulted in a shift in the protein market over the last decade away from a concentrated focus on sports nutrition consumers to a wider focus on consumers interested in improving consumption to help improve their general health. This general health-focused audience is seeking new ways to eat healthier maintain and gain lean body mass and maintain and increase their energy. In terms of fiber there is a growing body of evidence that people who eat more fiber tend to have a healthier body weight added Anne Louise Friis sales development manager North & South America for Denmarkbased Arla Foods. A recent study found that people who added more of it to their diets without changing anything else lost almost as much weight as people who followed the heart- healthy low-fat eating plan recommended by the American Heart Association. Protein According to Alison Raban CFS ingredient application scientist for BI Nutraceuticals in California from the perspective of an ingredient supplier the market for both proteins and fibers is growing. This is based both on ingredient sales as well as R&D interest in both these categories she said. As plant-based proteins keep gaining traction with consumers formulators are looking at more unique sources of plant protein to deliver on the consumer desire for high-quality products featuring plant-derived proteins. While whey has been one of the category leaders for some time market research confirms plant-based protein October November 2018 options are growing rapidly. According to statistics from Mintel in 2012 U.S. sales of plant-based proteins were 553 million. Innova Market Insights reported that in 2014 the introduction of new products with plant-based proteins grew 14.7 percent while animal protein grew 7.5 percent while Markets and Markets estimated that the global plant-based protein market is projected to reach 5 billion by 2020. Finally research from Lux Research found that plant-based protein could represent one-third of overall protein by 2054. Komorowski also confirmed seeing the shift pointing out that the two core long-standing ingredients in the protein market are whey and casein protein. However the hottest trend in protein over the past year has been the rise of plant-based protein products and all indications say that this trend will continue he explained. Consumer interest in plant-based protein has opened the door to the exploration of new plant-based protein sources such as pea brown rice or hemp protein to power up new protein products. Brands and formulators largely have been focused on designing the optimal blend of plant-based protein sources to create the most complete protein product they can with the end goal of increasing muscle protein synthesis (MPS) the key to muscle growth. There is a plant-based food revolution underway in supermarkets and specialty stores around the world agreed Steve Fink director of marketing for New Jersey-based PLT Health Solutions. A recent study conducted by Nielsen and commissioned by the Plant Based Foods Association found that sales of plant-based foods grew at 20 percent in the 52 weeks ending 16 June 2018 reaching a total of 3.3 billion. Contrasting this growth with all food products which grew at only 2 percent in this time frame shows the explosive growth and the need for improved ingredients. In 2018 PLT Health Solutions introduced Artesa Chickpea Protein and Artesa Chickpea Flour to address both the protein and fiber space. Artesa Chickpea Protein was launched at IFT 2018 and is a source of both protein and fiber. According to Fink Artesa Chickpea Flour is targeted to the gluten-free product space solving the problems When consumers are asked about what they think they need to get more of in their diets fiber is often the first or second on the list. Alison Raban BI Nutraceuticals other pulse legume flours face in creating consumer pleasing products including taste sensory characteristics and formulating functionality. From a nutritional standpoint Artesa Chickpea Flour contains a minimum of 12 percent protein. It is a source of resistant starch and compared to wheat and other pulse flours has a lower glycemic index. Still whey continues to see a secure place in the market. According to a 2016 report from BCC Research the global market for whey protein is projected to reach 13.5 billion in 2020 from 9.2 billion in 2015 reflecting a five-year annual compound growth (CAGR) of 6.5 percent. Whey proteins are highly nutritious and complete proteins meaning they provide all the essential amino acids (EAA) needed by the human body noted Friis. Compared to other protein sources whey proteins provide a higher proportion of EAAs and in par- October November 2018 ticular the BCAAs which are known to effectively stimulate muscle synthesis. In addition whey proteins are easily digested and absorbed by the human body. During weight loss whey protein helps reduce body weight waist circumference and fat mass while preserving lean body mass. Nutrition 21 s ingredient Velositol is an amylopectin chromium complex which nutritional ingredient that enhances the power of protein and amino acids making it the ideal muscle growth activator. By adding an ingredient like Velositol to their protein products formulators can help consumers achieve their muscle-building goals and differentiate their protein products from the competition Komorowski said. When added to protein Velositol safely activates insulin release and increases the insulin sensitivity of muscle cells. This helps to enhance the body s amino acid uptake into muscle stimulating and boosting MPS. Velositol has received GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status at the recommended serving of 2 grams per day in protein drinks (including ready-todrink and powder) meal replacement bars energy and protein bars with the consideration that these products can be taken up to three times a day. New Finds in Fiber According to Raban while protein s popularity continues to grow trend data shows fiber is gaining focus from consumers. When consumers are asked about what they think they need to get more of in their diets fiber is often the first or second on the list she said. Most clinical trials and studies in the last few decades that have focused on protein and fiber show many benefits from heart health to digestion to weight management and those association will continue to lead consumers to products containing protein fiber or both. BI offers Psybeloid Psyllium Fiber a clean label natural source of fiber. In addition the company has expanded its vast ingredient portfolio over the years to include other plant-based fibers such as carrot apple and most recently sweet potato as well as innovative plant-based proteins like faba lentil and pumpkin seed. On the fiber side psyllium was a (Continued on page 68) Nutrition Industry Executive 65 BuildingBetterBrands t c u d o t r n P e w m Ne elop o v e w D T t r a P New e A ectiv p s Pro By Darrin Duber-Smith brand is a very powerful thing. If marketing efforts are successful over time people will identify with a brand and sometimes they will become loyal to it or they might even go so far as to become part of a brand community. Apple the Oakland Raiders and Harley Davidson are good examples of brand communities. Brand characteristics not only help distinguish your product offerings from those of competitors but the brand itself should really be the foundation of marketing strategy. Indeed most decisions that involve producing pricing distributing and promoting goods and services must begin with decisions that involve indentifying distinguishing characteristics establishing a brand s personality and developing other elements (such as the name logo slogan etc.) that form a brand s identity. The marketer s task is A 66 Nutrition Industry Executive to then communicate this identity over a long period of time through a variety of chosen communications media. After a while consumers begin to recognize that a particular brand has a certain image and if the marketer does a decent job with regard to promotion there won t be much of a gap between the identity that the marketer intended to convey through brand identity development and the corresponding image the marketer manages in the marketplace. Consumers develop attitudes about the brand based on the image and hopefully it leads to product trial and ultimately to repeat purchase behavior. It might sound academic but it s important to think of branding as an evolutionary process. Brand strategy begins and endures through developing a series of new products under one or more brand names. New product development through brand extension is probably the most common (and most important) way for marketers to optimize a brand. A new product is far more than just another SKU and certainly more than merely another bar code number in the product mix. Indeed new product development replete with a few successes amidst many failures can determine how long your brand remains competitive. And so what does it mean for a product to be new Diffusion of Innovation Marketers talk a lot about innovation and they must make many decisions about the new products they want to offer. They must also recognize that an innovation diffuses across a population over time attracting first one group of consumers and then the next. The best innovations like the mobile phone eventually access everyone in a prod- October November 2018 uct s market potential that is everyone with both the ability and the desire to use a particular product for a particular purpose. The first two groups known as innovators and early adopters are the most important people for marketers to reach since a failure to attract the folks who are likely to use a new product before everyone else will almost surely result in early failure of the new product. Remember that the vast majority (more than 80 percent) of new products fail and these first two consumer groups are often comprised of opinion leaders and influential that tend to lead the masses into product adoption. Once a product enters the highgrowth phase of its lifecycle marketers will want to attract the next group of consumers the early majority. As the product matures and begins to decline marketers want to attract the late majority and finally the laggards. Hopefully a product s market potential has been fully realized by the time a marketer is forced to delete the product from the product mix. Thus an innovation diffuses across a population over time. 3. New to the Product Line This is also known as a line extension as the firm has identified a gap in its brand offering and has decided to fill that gap by adding a product. Brand extensions are keys to a brand s longevity. 4. Improvement of Existing Product This involves adding or deleting features changing some aspect of the aesthetics or any number of product improvements. Usually this is done in response to competitive pressures supply chain improvements or a need in the marketplace. But in some industries like smart phones a company like New ingredients and unique formulations have historically achieved this in the natural products industry although finding something completely new in the cluttered One View of New In the first part of this article (July August issue) we explored new product development as a process with distinctly important steps. But what does it mean for a product to be new Researcher Paul Trott has thought about this very subject and has identified six ways to classify new products providing a helpful framework for decision-making. New products can be one of the following 1. New to the World It doesn t have to be a groundbreaking discovery but the best products are just that. The point is that the product can be well-differentiated from competitors and can gain some modicum of competitive advantage. New ingredients and unique formulations have historically achieved this in the natural products industry although finding something completely new in the cluttered nutrition industry is getting more difficult to accomplish. 2. New Lines to the Firm This is a new group of related products (a product line usually unified under a single brand name) that may already exist in some form in the marketplace but is new to the firm. A mass market brand may decide to add a natural or certified organic line of products for example. nutrition industry is getting more difficult to accomplish. Apple or Samsung must introduce a new product every few years. Similarly a firm could add natural and certified organic ingredients or a new functional ingredient to an existing product in an effort to communicate that the product has been improved. 5. Repositioning of an Existing Product This strategy involves a re-orientation toward a new consumer market or a shift in strategy within the existing consumer market the brand is already addressing. An existing brand can be repositioned as natural but one would have to ensure that the product is truly natural. In another example researchers might discover that a particular nutritional ingredient provides a previously unknown benefit or has an additional function. 6. Cost Reduction Some products are changed to reduce costs in a competitive industry. Marketers source cheaper ingredients less expensive packaging October November 2018 and endeavor to cut costs in any way possible to maintain a competitive price point in a hyper-competitive industry. The Truth About Innovation Just because a product is new does that also make it innovative Marketers in the natural products industry as well as most other industries have been guilty of using this word rather liberally and it has therefore lost much of its meaning. The term innovative has been used to describe all kinds of underwhelming new product developments and the colloquial understanding of the term is that it means new. I think we can all agree that the telegraph automobile light bulb radio television computer and smart phone were all groundbreaking innovations but what should we call iteration-after-iteration of the iPhone And with regard to the nutrition industry can we call a new ingredient that provides the same benefits as ingredients that are currently on the market truly innovative Since one person s idea of what is innovative can be quite different from that of another perhaps it is better to view this concept in light of the degree to which a consumer must change his her behavior to adopt the new product. If we adopt this approach we can divide innovation into three categories 1. A continuous innovation describes a new product that requires almost no change in consumer behavior and so it represents very minor changes in an existing product type. An example of this would be an existing skin care product that features a new non-active ingredient or if you prefer a technological example every new iteration of the iPhone is continuous. Many experts do not consider a continuous innovation to be very innovative at all since there are really no behavioral changes required of the user. 2. A dynamically continuous innovation involves a major change in a minor behavior or minor changes in a major behavior. An example would be a skin care product (either an existing product or a new one) that features an entirely new way of dispensing the liquid such as moving from a jar to a pump. Or a skin care product marketed in pill or powder format. Or technologically speaking it s the difference between a tablet and a laptop. 3. A discontinuous innovation can be very disruptive to any industry. These Nutrition Industry Executive 67 BuildingBetterBrands sorts of innovations don t really happen at all in the nutrition industry. In most cases it s not really the ingredients that are innovative but the finished product. And in every case it is always the degree of consumer behavioral change required and not the ingredient product itself that determines the type of innovation. What has happened is that people in general have become desensitized to words that they hear all the time such as innovative or new and when they are underwhelmed by what they see it serves to further numb the market to the marketer s message. A new formula might be new but not terribly innovative. Surely the vast majority of new products are continuous innovations. The real ground-breaking product featuring an entirely new ingredient with an entirely new application can only be introduced once. After that successive products will be dynamically continuous or continuous innovations. As such in almost all cases hot ingredients are merely popular and not really innovative. A New View No matter how a marketer wishes to view new product development one thing is for sure. Marketers must manage a new product that is in the Introduction phase of the Product Life Cycle. This requires significant investment as well as crucial decisions on how to position the product in the market. Thousands of new products come and go every year in the nutrition industry and marketers should always be working on products that address markets that are always changing. These can be called new products but simply being new (however defined) isn t enough. The important thing to remember is that being new or innovative (over-generalized descriptors that often mean lots of things to lots of people) isn t nearly as important as having a clear brand promise a solid brand position in the mind of the consumer and a knack for consistently delivering to meet the needs and expectations of consumers. This is what loyal consumers are looking for. NIE Darrin C. DuberSmith MS MBA is a senior lecturer at the Metropolitan State University of Denver s College of Business (since 2003) and has more than 30 years of specialized expertise in the marketing and management profession including decades of work with natural organic and green sustainable goods and services. He has published more than 90 marketing-related articles and book chapters in various publications and has presented at more than 50 executive-level events. A frequent media contributor as well as recipient of The Wall Street Journal s (WSJ) InEducation Distinguished Professor Award in 2009 and WSJ s Top 125 Professor Award in 2014 Duber-Smith is author of Cengage Learning s KnowNow Marketing blog at http gecresource2 info b marketing. He can be reached at ddubersm Nutraceuticals (Continued from page 65) popular whole-food source of fiber for years and recently inulin has gained a lot of consumer awareness but still the market is much more varied Raban explained. Similar to the plant-based trend in protein a close-to-nature approach to fiber has been seen with many finished products featuring whole foods such as chia seeds or fruit and vegetable powders to add fiber. BI has seen that trend in the requests we receive from our customers the supplement manufacturers especially with an increase in interest in custom multicomponent blends. Challenges With protein and fiber there are often a number of challenges to overcome when developing products that are appealing to consumers. While formulating products that contain fiber and or protein finished product manufacturers want to make sure that the product is not only convenient but that they also get the taste flavor and mouthfeel right so that the product is appealing to consumers. According to 68 Nutrition Industry Executive Friis taste is critical for consumer acceptability and repeat usage. Arla Foods Ingredients recently developed a 100 ml Pre-Meal Shot concept that is high in fiber and contains 15 g of Lacprodan whey protein. It is designed for drinking before a meal to help regulate blood glucose levels. The challenge is to find products that fit easily into people s lifestyles in terms of convenience and nutrition Friis said. Our application scientists have taken on this challenge to develop a natural very low volume and yet highly nutritious 100 ml Pre-Meal Shot with 15 g of high-quality whey proteins and fibers. Such a high concentration of whey proteins in a beverage normally gels or results in a thick liquid. But our application experts have developed Lacprodan DI-6820 a compound that beverage manufacturers can use to produce ultra-convenient tasty UHT beverages containing high quantities of premium-quality whey proteins. In addition today s savvy consumers may not take things at face value. Because of this ingredient suppliers and manufacturers must provide highquality products that deliver. Today s consumers are even more cautious of the products they purchase and manufacturers have a responsibility to deliver on the promise of safe supplements said Raban. Fibers and proteins just like any ingredient need to be sourced from credible suppliers that can ensure high-quality raw materials are used. Especially when manufacturers are looking to source ingredients that are new to the market place or just themselves they need to take the time to qualify the supplier to ensure high-quality and safe ingredients. One of the best ways to ensure high-quality products is to work with high-quality ingredient suppliers that have the industry expertise to qualify new and unique ingredients. NIE FORMOREINFORMATION Arla Foods Ingredients BI Nutraceuticals Nutrition 21 PLT Health Solutions October November 2018 IngredientTechnology Ingredient Innovation Technology expands the realm of possibilities for cleaner and more effective natural ingredients. By Janet Poveromo atural ingredient suppliers are seeing an increase in demand for minerals vitamins and other compounds obtained through natural processes and from natural sources. In response Santiago Vega director of marketing Health & Wellness with Naturex Inc. in New Jersey said the company has stepped up to answer this demand through a number of new ingredients obtained via patented technology. These include products like Ultimine a whole-food fermented iron obtained from a vegetable feedstock using patented fungal fermentation a totally natural process he said. An additional example is our Acerolife range of acerola ingredients with high naturally occurring vitamin C content including the highest vitamin C content acerola in the market. Another important trend that we are seeing is the desire of consumers to know that the health ingredients that they take are effective once consumed. To address this need Naturex in partnership with Olene has introduced a sol- N vent-free patented technology Aqueosome which is used to create a highly concentrated ginger powder Gingest. These types of processes offer numerous advantages including higher concentrations for better compliance increased bioavailability for enhanced efficacy and in the case of Ultimine improved taste Vega said. Eric Meppem co-founder commercial director with Pharmako Biotechnologies Pty Ltd. a partner of Gencor (Irvine CA) which distributes its ingredients and technologies in the U.S. marketplace said By improving how nutrients are used we are helping improve health outcomes and contributing to reduced waste with more sustainable use of resources. Pharmako specializes in fat-soluble nutrients its technologies improve the bioavailability and functionality. According to the company its formulations Reduce the dose (due to the disliking of large tablets) Increase the efficacy Improve patient compliance (people October November 2018 often take less) Offer innovative and different formats due to pill fatigue Speed up onset of action Pharmako s technologies are AquaCelle a patented SMEDS or emulsion system LipiSerse a patented dispersion technology and CPOs (Compressible Powdered Oils). Currently Meppem said there are some AquaCelle formulations commercialized around the world for omega-3 oils (fish algal and krill) coenzyme Q10 and lutein. These have human pharmacokinetic studies supporting them. We have also already developed AquaCelle formulations for boswellia curcumin nigella sativa CLA EPO vitamins A D3 E K2 and other nutrients. At Arla Foods Ingredients in New Jersey Anne Louise Friis sales development manager North & South America noted that the sports and nutrition bar category has experienced a period of strong growth and has become highly competitive as a consequence. Protein is a frequently used ingredient in many of the successful prodNutrition Industry Executive 69 IngredientTechnology ucts in this sector. However in most protein bars texture deteriorates quickly on the shelf turning a tasty product into a tough-to-chew and far less pleasant experience. Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a single whey protein solution Lacprodan TexturePro to address this problem. It provides softening effects in protein bars extending the texture shelf life by reducing hardness and improving chewiness. It is also suitable for other products including low carb bars high fiber bars and protein balls. Another processing system is Synergy Flavors Single-Pass Extraction (SPE) method. Will McCormack business development manager with the company said At our facility in Hamilton OH Synergy Flavors produces a range of Synergy Pure Extracts and Essences. These include tea coffee and a wide range of horticultural offerings which are derived from the proprietary integrated SPE processing system. The naturally sourced plant-based ingredients used to create Synergy Pure Extracts and Essences are distinguished by their freshly picked flavor components. Once the aromatic flavor components are captured (essences) McCormack explained the soluble solids are extracted and concentrated in the continuous processing system using flavor-friendly techniques that preserve natural flavor components at their peak. The company s Wauconda IL facility on the other hand specializes in microencapsulation which is a technology used to protect and preserve flavor components. I think there is a big surge in functional food and beverages in the Millennial demographics and the willingness to try new products that will enhance their overall health and wells said Elyse Lovett MS MBA Kyowa Hakko New York NY. Onthe-go technology like stick pack and gels are definitely some of the new and innovative ways to reach this audience. Stick packs provide an easy-to-use product that manufacturers can fill with great ingredients. I also think we will see a surge in gels as a new technology delivery form in the market. Gels that are easy to use but also multi-versatile like a coffee gel that can be taken as a shot or as a cold or hot drink with functional ingredients could make for a really great product. Usefulness New extraction technologies are moving the natural products industry forward by providing ingredients that are more natural or more effective thanks to their bioavailability Vega said. They re also expanding 70 Nutrition Industry Executive the realm of possibilities in terms of applications. For example in products like Ultimine an iron ingredient derived from fungal fermentation of rice the iron is encapsulated in the mycelia. Presenting iron in this form eliminates much of the unpleasant taste typically associated with these supplements. As consumers look for additional delivery formats beyond capsules these technologies open up the possibility for use in products like beverages gummies and other applications. Other technologies like Aqueosome used in the production our ginger ingredient Gingest deliver much higher concentrations of key compounds than other processes. deliver ultra-clean label products offering the opportunity to call out the named ingredient on the ingredient declaration McCormack explained. For example natural cucumber essence or cucumber essence could be cited as opposed to natural flavor. In addition since these ingredients are naturally sourced from the named raw material they deliver the most authentic taste experience possible transporting the end consumer from places like the tea and coffee fields of Sri Lanka and Columbia or the watermelon farms of Georgia. Using these ingredients our customers can make a providence claim on their finished product offering the experiential journey today s consumers crave when looking for new food and beverage products that fulfil a need in their lives. Addressing Challenges George Kokkinis co-founder technical director of Pharmako Biotechnologies listed two processes being used by the company AquaCelle that allows lipophilic (fat soluble) nutrients to be used at lower doses and LipiSperse a new and interesting technology in the market. LipiSperse was developed in Pharmako s laboratory in Sydney in 2017. It is truly unique and unlike any other technology currently used in food nutra or pharma he said. LipiSperse is a dispersion technology that allows lipophilic crystals or particles to disperse in water. By eliminating agglomeration of hydrophobic particles it increases the specific surface area which in turn greatly improves bioavailability or absorption in the gastro-intestinal tract. Another point of difference with LipiSperse is that it only requires 1 percent excipient so it delivers 90 percent active nutrient. Innovative processes allow customers food and beverage manufacturers to According to Lovett some of the technical challenges that the industry faces in these new processes are flavor taste and possible stability depending on the ingredient. I think it is important that an ingredient supplier know how their products affect the flavor in a wide variety of delivery forms and be able to provide stability data for new processes. In addition the desire for natural products produced without solvents or carriers creates a number of challenges for the industry in terms of stability and formulation added Vega. Stabilizing natural products requires specific expertise as they tend to be more fragile than their synthetic counterparts. In addition since functional food and beverage formats are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to tablets and capsules supplements it s important to pay attention to interactions with other ingredients. These interactions can have a negative impact on stability and reduce the efficacy of certain ingredients. And since taste is a key issue for these types of applications formulators have the additional challenge of making sure their blends have the right flavor and organoleptic balance to appeal to consumers. Overcoming these difficulties requires specific expertise in natural ingredients. Because Naturex has a comprehensive portfolio of natural ingredients for both the food and health and wellness industries we re able to move easily between these categories to create formulations that are both stable and tasty. Meppem added that a common challenge facing many companies selling into the emerging ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) markets is consumer preference of delivery systems such October November 2018 as beverage or liquid product formats. Many ingredients don t mix well with water Meppem pointed out adding that Pharmako specializes in providing formulations which either emulsify in water or disperse in water. Another challenge is meeting the need to have more responsible or sustainable use of resources he said. By improving bioavailability and demonstrating this in human pharmacokinetic trials (human blood plasma draw trials) Pharmako Biotechnologies shows that reduced doses of ingredients such as omega-3s coenzyme-Q10 or curcumin can not only be as efficacious but may also absorbed faster. There is an additional benefit here as well by reducing the required dose consumer compliance is improved meaning better health outcomes and stronger consumer loyalty. Mother Nature is also a force to be reckoned with. Said McCormack With respect to natural ingredients the major challenge can be the variance that occurs in the raw material due to factors that affect growing conditions such as drought or flooding (or both) or diseases that might affect crops such as citrus greening. Cost can be a factor as natural raw materials will in some instances be more expensive than their artificial counterparts. Synergy Flavors addresses these issues through implementation of a robust supply chain and QA program to ensure quality and consistency of supply. Our in-depth understanding of our customers brand and their end consumer allows for the development of flavor profile and ingredient deceleration that delivers the desired consumption experience while remaining within the cost parameters and price point of the brand. Trends and Technology The protein market continues to be a strong growth opportunity for the natural products industry. Projections suggest that the worldwide market for sports nutrition is set to grow to 45.27 billion (U.S) increasing massively from the 2016 figure of 28.37 billion (U.S.). Enhancement of the palatability of protein is a key trend said Friis. Protein as a standalone ingredient is not known for its Researching Probiotics at DuPont esley Morovic scientist genomics & microbiome with DuPont Nutrition & Health In Madison WI discussed the technology and researching of next generation probiotics. W NIE What are the new technology processes at DuPont for nutraceuticals used in supplements foods and beverages Morovic DuPont Nutrition & Health has been utilizing new DNA sequencing platforms and strategies to better research probiotic strains and their effects on the human microbiome. For instance we use PacBio and Nanopore technologies in addition to highly accurate Illumina sequencing to generate high-quality genomes for commercial probiotic strains. The genomes are used to confirm safety by screening known bacterial safety elements.1 We also develop strain-specific assays to be used with digital PCR as described in Hansen et al. 2018.2 Assays can be used to enumerate strains in commercial products or to track them throughout clinical trials. Furthermore we routinely use 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing in the Qiime pipeline to assess microbiome trends with probiotic and prebiotic intervention 3 and more recently shotgun sequencing to look at gene population dynamics. We combine these metagenomic approaches with other technologies such as transcriptomics and metabolomics to correlate specific genes to metabolites and functions. NIE How do these processes advance the way probiotics are used Morovic Historically probiotic supplements have been poorly regulated and many products do not contain what is on the label.4 Using genome sequences to develop strain- specific assays and assess safety provides consumer confidence that the product they want is indeed what they are purchasing. We can also use genome sequencing throughout the industrial fermentation process to ensure genetic stability. Since even a single nucleotide of DNA could have a phenotypic change this is especially important for confirming strains with associated clinical studies. Additionally clinical studies typically show an effect but the mode-of-action is rarely established. Combining sequencing technologies with clinical results reveals deeper understanding in how microbes contribute to and affect the human microbiome and what other organisms in the microbiome provide health benefits. NIE What technical challenges does the industry face in product development and how does DuPont address them Morovic In any company there must be a pipeline of new products and it is an interesting challenge to develop new probiotics. On one hand we want a strain with the best probiotic activity which often includes adhesion to cells lactic acid production or utilization of certain sugars. However any candidates must eventually be scaled up for large-scale fermentation which often calls for the highest yield of overall biomass. Additionally a major challenge in the probiotic industry is longterm survival of the finished products. Since probiotics are defined as live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit 5 it is essential to deliver at least the same dose of the genetically identical organisms in associated clinical trials to guarantee the same health benefit. Measuring viability of cells in complex products throughout the shelf life is a challenge that has not yet been met but October November 2018 we are researching molecular methods such as digital PCR and flow cytometry along with traditional microbiological methods to find the best tool. NIE What other trends are you seeing in the area of ingredient technology Morovic The most common probiotics on the market are lactic acid bacteria many of which were isolated from food. Because of their long history of use most of these species are generally recognized as safe by regulatory bodies. However there is an immense diversity of species within the human microbiome that offer unlocked potential as supplements. Characterizing these organisms using sequencing technologies identifies candidates but they must also be industrially fermented and stable enough to be commercially viable. DuPont Nutrition & Health has partnered with experts to discover isolate and scale-up these next generation probiotics for future applications. NIE Other comments Morovic New realms of human-microbe interaction that contribute to health are constantly being discovered such microbes that utilize human breast milk affect mental status or even have an impact on cancer. It truly is an exciting time to take part in the science of the human microbiome and develop products that directly help our customers. References 1 Morovic et al. 2017 10.1016 j.fct.2017.10.037. 2 Hansen et al. 2018 10.3389 fmicb.2018.00704. 3 Hibberd et al. 2017 10.1136 bmjgast-2017000145. 4 Morovic et al. 2016 10.3389 fmicb.2016.01747. 5 Hill et al. 2014 doi 10.1038 nrgastro.2014.66. Nutrition Industry Executive 71 IngredientTechnology great taste and a lot of our customers turn to us to supply proteins that won t impact negatively on the flavor of their products. Besides their numerous nutrition and health benefits proteins extracted from milk such as whey have a pleasant taste that makes them acceptable to most consumers. In contrast many plant proteins face serious taste challenges which limits their use in food beverage products or requires the use of masking agents which can compromise brand s clean label strategies. Throughout Arla Foods Ingredients processes Friis said the company is always mindful of the importance of clean label among businesses and consumers. Clean label has escalated to a new level before an ingredient was considered clean label simply if it was derived from a natural source. Now businesses and consumers have more questions about the integrity of the source such as is it wholesome and safe Take whey protein which is derived from cow s milk while consumers might agree the milk is natural more are asking how is this milk produced How is it processed Manufacturers need to be able to answer these questions and they can do this if they source their ingredients from a supplier they can trust. At Arla Foods Ingredients our whey proteins are derived from milk produced by grass-fed cows using responsible farming standards. Also we use safe production methods that comply with non-GMO (genetically modified organism) standards and which ensure no traces of heavy metals. In addition the development of products designed to support the microbiome is another emerging trend at the moment Vega said. Whether it s gut mouth or skin health our microbiome has an immense impact on overall health. Pro- and prebiotics are a great start but they re really only the beginning. Many other ingredients can have an impact on bacterial balance. Several of our cranberry ingredients such as Pacran as well as Glucevia a European ash extract and Aronox an extract of aronia have been shown to support the microbiome and other investigations are currently under way at Naturex to further substantiate the microbiome benefits of our botanical ingredients. Suppliers can add personalization to the list of top trends noted Kokkinis. Many brand customers now want more specialized or customized formulations he said. Pharmako Biotechnologies is not a one size fits all supplier. We customize formulations in our laboratory in Sydney which allows us to adjust formulations 72 Nutrition Industry Executive depending on the ingredient being delivered the dosage format the market regulations in the country the customer is based or exporting to and any preferences for potential excipients or clean label requirements. The concept of food as medicine has also emerged in recent years according to McCormack. One element of this trend is the idea of using food and beverage matrices to deliver bioactive ingredients such as pre probiotics as opposed to traditional forms such as pills capsules and tablets. Besides their numerous nutrition and health benefits proteins extracted from milk such as whey have a pleasant taste that makes them acceptable to most consumers. Anne Louise Friis Arla Foods Ingredients This can require the encapsulation of the active health-promoting ingredient to achieve its incorporation into the chosen matrix and to maintain its stability over the product s shelf life. Even instances where the active ingredient has been encapsulated organoleptic challenges are prevalent among these types of products and taste and texture challenges need to be overcome in order to ensure that the end consumer will purchase the product repeatedly. New Developments Vega said Naturex sees the next developments in ingredient technology will be geared toward several key areas supporting the microbiome through ongoing investigations particularly on cranberry ingredients addressing digestive health by providing the highest concentrations of ginger available on the market and expanding the range of ingredients obtained through fermentation. Ultimine for iron has just been released but we are planning to expand this range to other important minerals. Healthy-aging is also a key category for Naturex. We currently offer a number of scientifically substantiated ingredients in this category for circulation memory and cognitive health and are constantly seeking out new ways to support seniors looking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. As with all of our developments Vega continued responsible sourcing and full traceability remain key pillars of our process. Our sustainable Pathfinder program continues to play an important role in our business. We strive to provide customers and consumers the reassurance they deserve when it comes to their health and wellness products by offering them the full story behind each ingredient including sourcing processing and a large battery of tests that guarantee the raw material ID of each of our ingredients. Meppem cited the move to more natural formulations and cleaner labeling. Pharmako already has several customers who have requested cleaner labeling. As we customize formulations for clients we have been able to achieve their desired outcomes. Our naturally solubilized oils use natural vegetable derived solubilizers preservatives and antioxidants while our mass-market range opts for high-performance yet cost-effective formulations. Looking forward Synergy Flavors innovation platforms are focused on fundamental research examining flavor-ingredient interactions across ready-to-mix (RTM) powdered beverages ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages and ready-to-eat (RTE) bars and snacks McCormack said. Our aim is to continuously improve our understanding of ingredient flavor interactions with a view to improving the absorption and subsequent efficacy of the ingredient or bioactive while maintaining the quality of the eating drinking experience throughout the shelf-life of our customers products. For example much of the technology that we ve developed in recent years to improve the organoleptic properties of dairy proteins such as whey is transferrable to the nondairy plant-based protein space. This has been a significant advantage to Synergy Flavors in recent years given the explosion in the plant-based movement. NIE FORMOREINFORMATION Arla Foods Ingredients DuPont Gencor Pharmako Kyowa Hakko Bio https Naturex Synergy Flavors October November 2018 Research&Development DELIVERY & PROCESSING Innovation Rundown By Lisa Schofield echnology in and of itself never stops advancing. And in fact it may be the singularly defining characteristic of Homo sapiens (besides language). In the natural products industry technological sophistication is linking farmers and their crops throughout the globe to suppliers in near instantaneous communications via apps for example. Brian Appell marketing manager with OmniActive Health Technologies Inc. in New Jersey said that brand marketers always seek novel ingredients to give their products a competitive edge but sometimes it is not the actual ingredient that provides the differentiation but rather how it is delivered that makes it stand out for companies eyeing new opportunities. Whether they are looking for increased bioavailability or protection of the actual ingredient in different environments there are many options for today s marketplace. Christopher Shade PhD founder & CEO of Quicksilver Scientific in Colorado said he believes that the next frontier for supplements is delivery or T how compounds are effectively delivered into the body. Many compounds like resveratrol and quercetin he stated had great potential for changing metabolism and even prolonging life but have failed clinically to live up to their potential. This is because of their poor bioavailability. New technologies using liposomes nanoemulsions and lipid nanoparticles overcome these barriers if done correctly he pointed out. Appell added that he also sees more growth in personalized nutrition which is the latest buzzword in today s market. Many consumers are looking for customized solutions in the form of tailored vitamin packs nutrition recommendations wellness tests and more. According to Grand View Research (2018) he cited personalized nutrition and wellness products make up the largest share of the personalized medicine market bringing in nearly 1 billion in 2016 and are projected to grow to 1.6 billion in sales by 2022. Suppliers seek to innovate and technology typically solves challenges and October November 2018 issues to advance quality and speed to delivery. Illinois-based Van Drunen Farms FutureCeuticals TruServ program offers whole food servings from organic fruit vegetable and leafy green powders that deliver substantiated USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) serving or piece claims in a convenient dose according to Andrew Wheeler corporate director of marketing. Our partners are looking for a clearly defined defensible serving claim. Since we are the primary manufacturer to most of our whole-food ingredients we are able to rely upon historical data to provide the regulatory backup that is needed. Thus this program is available exclusively from FutureCeuticals and Van Drunen Farms. Quicksilver Scientific said Shade led development of pharmaceutical grand lipid nanoparticle delivery of both waterand fat-soluble compounds as well as crystalline compounds that don t dissolve well in either medium. Bioavailability increases have been as high as 100-fold in some of our R&D Nutrition Industry Executive 73 Research&Development materials and routinely increase bioavailability three- to 10-fold he said. Additionally these delivery platforms protect the compounds from metabolism in the GI (gastrointestinal) tract that can lessen the bioactivity of these compounds. OmniActive s OmniBead beadlet technology is described by Appell as a smart coating system that provides a solution where organoleptic characteristics or stability of nutrients present challenges allowing them to be incorporated into a larger variety of applications and finished products. For example he offered OmniActive s proprietary Capsimax capsicum extract employs OmniBead to encapsulate the beneficial heat of concentrated highly active natural capsicum and deliver effective levels of capsaicinoids without stomach discomfort that can happen after consuming red-hot peppers. This innovation was game changing for us as well as our customers he commented. Now customers can take advantage of the weight management benefits of capsaicinoids in a variety of applications that otherwise would have been a barrier to consumption. The supplier s UltraSOL nutrient deliv- ery system is a unique technology that converts lipophilic compounds and poorly absorbed nutrients to water dispersible ingredients for enhanced bioavailability. This technology has significantly expanded the application of our ingredients for different applications most notably curcumin. Given the inherent challenges associated with curcumin in terms of particle size this innovation has great potential to ease the amount of work needed on the formulation side especially when it comes to beverages. Most recently OmniActives UltraSOL line of curcumin ingredients has been added to several different delivery formats such as stick packs and RTD (ready-to-drink) beverages. In both cases Appell noted OmniActive s team was able to add efficacious amounts of the curcumin into these delivery systems without altering or affecting taste or appearance of the beverage. This is incredibly important for beverage companies that want to innovate but also want the option of including claims based on the amounts they are able to add to beverage formulations he said. In some cases older innovations are still in use as they remain relevant. For example BI Technologies Identilok developed in 1995 uses multiple tests to guarantee the botanical ingredients are the correct genus and species according to Randy Kreienbrink vice president of marketing. Identification is not the only challenge however. He noted that one of the other biggest challenges when working with botanical ingredients is the physical form of the product. BI steam sterilizes the incoming whole raw materials to ensure microbial stability and also processes challenging herbs to provide customers with the correct particle size and density for consistent and accurate compression of tablets or filling of capsules. Particle size may seem like a small issue pun intended but in reality using the wrong powder can affect the total does in a filled capsule as well as the compressibility of tablet which can lead to incomplete dissolution and malformed tablets he explained. Those are the type of issues no finished product manufacture wants to deal with. These are just a few examples of how suppliers are ensuring ingredients meet stringent demands of brand marketers regulators and the ultimate arbiters consumers. NIE Branch Out With VRM s FAMILY OF PUBLICATIONS Our 2019 Media Planner Is Available At 2019-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at (732) 432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Barry Young at (732) 432-9600 ext. 103 or e-Mail Barry 74 Nutrition Industry Executive October November 2018 SupplySideWestBoothPreview November 6-10 2018 Mandalay Bay Expo Hall Las Vegas NV The following companies advertising in this issue have submitted information describing their plans for SupplySide West product launches show specials and special services are all included below. Booth numbers are provided with each listing to encourage in-person meetings to learn more. Alkemist Labs Booth 4028 Ayush Herbs Inc. Booth 4241 Alkemist Labs (Garden Grove CA) is a premier independent testing laboratory specializing in plant authentication botanical identification and quantitative analytical services. Alkemist offers a wide range of specialty research services to evaluate the identity purity and quality of botanical raw materials dietary ingredients and finished products. Not just ISO 17025 accredited Alkemist was granted a rare flexible scope accreditation demonstrating superior capabilities. Alkemist produces a complete line of Composite Reference Botanicals and distributes phytochemical reference standards by Extrasynthese. For more information call (714) 754-4372 or visit Founded in 1998 Ayush Extracts (Redmond WA) marries ancient ayurvedic principles with the latest scientific technology providing the highest quality uncontaminated unadulterated organic extracts and raw powders. Because high quality is always the most important issue in our industry Ayush grows its herbs in Central and Northern India in the most pristine environments. The water is pure the land is uncontaminated and therefore the company has full knowledge and confidence in every facet of all its products. For more information call (425) 637-1400 or visit Alpha Packaging Booth 3132 Balchem Albion VitaCholine Ingredient Solutions Booth 3757 Alpha Packaging (St. Louis MO) will be featuring its full line of plastic packaging for the personal care nutritional supplement sports nutrition and wellness segments that the company is now stocking on the West Coast. There are not a lot of full-line manufacturers on the West Coast who have stock immediately available for these industries so Alpha Packaging wants customers to know that it can help them get top-quality plastic packaging in a variety of shapes sizes and colors with immediate delivery. For more information call (314) 427-4300 or visit AMCO Proteins Booth 2474 AMCO Proteins (Burlington NJ) features two specialized protein ingredients a Whey Protein Hydrolysate (Tempro 80) and a proprietary Milk Protein Isolate blend at SupplySide West. The first product being sampled is a high protein peanut butter bar prepared with the Milk Protein Isolate Blend. Providing more than 25 grams of protein per serving size this blend has been specifically designed to enhance the functionality of nutrition bars by offering exceptional mouth clearance and softness. The second item is a chocolate covered pretzel where Tempro80 a specialized whey protein hydrolysate is used to fortify the chocolate coating with protein in snack applications. Upon conducting several trials our R&D team discovered that this ingredient was able to solve both functional and sensorial issues that are common when fortifying compound coatings with protein. For more information call (609) 387-3130 or visit October November 2018 Balchem Human Nutrition and Pharma (Hampton NY) manufactures and sells Albion Minerals the company s brand of scientifically validated chelated minerals and VitaCholine Balchem s brand of the essential nutrient choline. These premium ingredients offer superior delivery of health benefits and are built on strong science and innovative technologies recognized worldwide for their quality efficacy and safety. The company s Ingredient Solutions unit develops customized food and beverage solutions via its novel microencapsulation powder flavor and cereal systems delivering enhanced sensory attributes and nutritional benefits. For more information call (845) 326-5600 or visit human-nutrition-and-health. Bergstrom Nutrition OptiMSM Booth 3145 For 30 years Bergstrom Nutrition (Vancouver WA) has set the standard for MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) in dietary supplements. Bergstrom Nutrition pioneered the use of MSM and is the world s leading manufacturer. Bergstrom s OptiMSM is the branded form of MSM supported by safety data and published research. OptiMSM is the only GRAS (generally recognized as safe)-designated MSM. U.S. made OptiMSM is the purest safest most consistent quality MSM in the world according to the company. Bergstrom Nutrition doesn t compromise on MSM and neither should you. Look for OptiMSM. For more information call (360) 693-1883 or visit Nutrition Industry Executive 75 SupplySideWestBoothPreview November 6-10 2018 Mandalay Bay Expo Hall Las Vegas NV Bioenergy Life Science Inc. Booth 3671 FutureCeuticals Booth 2563 Bioenergy Life Science Inc. (BLS Minneapolis MN) invites you to the Presentation Theater (Booth 1381) on Thursday Nov. 8 at 4 30 p.m. to learn about the true source of energy. This presentation proposes a relatively new and cutting edge view of energy through the lens of purine nucleotide synthesis. This synthesis is the production of ATP which relies on a sufficient supply of Bioenergy Ribose. Stop by the BLS booth to get free samples of Bioenergy Ribose and the company s new product RiaGev. For more information call (763) 746-3926 or visit FutureCeuticals (Momence IL) mission is to provide the highest quality fruit vegetables and grain-based solutions to its partners and make it easy for them to deliver on the consumer promise of healthy products. FutureCeuticals organic whole food ingredients customized blends and functional ingredients are supported by published peer-reviewed science. And whether backed by science or 160 years of agricultural experience the company provides clean label transparency and highly marketable claims. It s supply chain simplified. For more information call (815) 507-1438 or visit Biova Booth 4237 Global Health Laboratories Booth 2247 Biova (Johnston IA) markets watersoluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredients offering proven health benefits BiovaFlex for joint health BiovaDerm & BiovaBIO for healthy skin both topically and through nutritional support and BiovaPlex for animal health. Biova s patented water soluble process creates expanded delivery options for consumer products. Visit Biova at SupplySide West booth 4237 for a chance to win one of four 50 Visa Gift Cards or other great prizes. For more information call (877) 682-2673 or visit Global Health (Melville NY) is an industry leader for producing exceptional custom-formulated cutting-edge healthenhancing nutritionals. Vertically integrated Global Health offers 100 percent inhouse capabilities in certified inspected licensed cuttingedge and debt-free facilities. Partnering with clients in all channels domestic and internationally. Global Health s goal is developing solid partnerships with high-quality successful products. For more information call (631) 293-0030 or visit Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes Booths 4937 & 5543 Take advantage of two opportunities to visit Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes (Kennesaw GA) this year with booth locations at 4937 as well as 5533 the space of recently acquired National Enzyme Company. Deerland will be featuring its branded enzyme probiotic and prebiotic ingredients ProHydrolase for protein digestion and sports nutrition probiotic Bacillus subtilis DE111 and innovative nonfiber prebiotic PreforPro. All three products are supported by human clinical studies and are Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project Verified. Learn more about adding the benefits of probiotics to your food and beverage products and enjoy samples of delicious chocolates and gummies fortified with the probiotic DE111. For more information call (800) 697-8179 or visit https Indena USA Inc. Booth 5613 Quercefit from Indena USA Inc. (Seattle WA) is a standardized in quercetin extract formulated with Phytosome a food-grade delivery system that optimizes the biological absorption of its flavonoids. Quercefit is supported by a controlled clinical study on healthy triathlon athletes proving significant benefits on physical performance and recovery. Improvement in each single test (swimming biking running) and reduction of discomfort related to sport activity has been demonstrated. Compared to the unformulated quercetin extract Quercefit is up to 20-fold more bioavailable and can be used at lower dosage. For more information call (206) 340-6140 or visit innoVactiv Inc. Booth 2339 innoVactiv (Rimouski QC Canada) will present exciting results of a recently completed human clinical trial using InSea2 a superior option for blood sugar optimization. This six-month randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled trial showed that a daily use of InSea2 helped restore optimal glycemic health in prediabetic subjects not using medication even leading to complete normalization in some treated subjects. Manufacturers interested in learning more about the trial results are invited to meet with the innoVactiv team at SupplySide West. For more information call (418) 721-2308 or visit 76 Nutrition Industry Executive October November 2018 Jiaherb Inc. Booth 4057 Once Again Nut Butter Booth 4686 Jiaherb (Pine Brook NJ & Anaheim CA) is the industry s premier NSFGMP (good manufacturing practice) certified manufacturer of natural ingredients. The company s commitment to its customers is to provide reliable high quality ingredients supported by its superior customer service and competitive pricing. Jiaherb knows that the ingredients you choose to put into your products are a reflection upon your standards of quality and excellence. The company guarantees its customers consistent efficacy and efficiency through fast delivery large inventory of products 100 percent traceability complete regulatory documentation and uncompromised service and support. For more information call (973) 439-6869 or visit Once Again Nut Butter (Nunda NY) is introducing the new Amor Spread Hazelnut with Cocoa & Milk and Amor Spread Almond with Cocoa & Milk. High-quality nuts join organic cocoa and skim milk in this creamy and delectable indulgence. Made with 30 percent less sugar than leading brands and completely free of cholesterol and trans fat the Amor lineup is also certified organic Fairtrade Certified part of the brand s Honest In Trade program NonGMO Project Verified and gluten-free certified. For more information call (888) 800-8075 or visit Kyowa Hakko USA Inc. Booth 3353 PLT Health Solutions (Morristown NJ) is a discoverer developer and marketer of high-quality scientifically supported ingredient solutions for the natural products food & beverage and cosmeceuticals markets. At this year s SupplySide West you ll be able to taste some Artesa Chickpea Protein cookies and shots algal-DHA gummies and delayed-released caffeine chocolates. Make sure to stop by also to get more info about PLT Health Solutions wide range of other science-supported ingredients from beautyfrom-within joint health to vegan vitamin D. For more information call (201) 787-5132 or visit Kyowa Hakko USA Inc. (New York NY) is the North American sales office for KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO. LTD a world leader in the research and manufacturing of quality-assured amino acids. Kyowa brings more than 65plus years of manufacturing expertise to its branded ingredients including Setria Glutathione and Cognizin Citicoline. Stop by the Kyowa booth to learn more about these ingredients and more and how Kyowa can provide support to make your finished product a success. For more information call (800) 596-9252 or visit https PLT Health Solutions Booth 2863 Nutrition 21 Booth 3159 Sabinsa Booth 4157 Nutrition 21 (Purchase NY) an industry-leading developer and marketer of clinically substantiated ingredients is excited to introduce Lepidamax a proprietary maca blend with unique benefits for endurance athletes at SupplySide West this year. Additionally the company will have new data available on Velositol shown to significantly increase muscle protein synthesis Nitrosigine shown to significantly boost nitric oxide levels and cognitive function and Chromax chromium picolinate shown to support weight management. Stop by Booth 3159 to learn more. For more information call (914) 701-4500 or visit Sabinsa (East Windsor NJ) will be launching Shagandha Sabinsa s USP (United States Pharmacopeia)-grade ashwagandha brand. Come talk to Sabinsa s experts to learn why Shagandha will change the way you look at ashwagandha. The company will also showcase all three versions of the recently introduced Nigellin Sabinsa s standardized Black Cumin Seed in Amber Onyx and Pearl Editions. In the spirit of celebrating Sabinsa s 30th year the company will be serving champagne the first day of the show at 4 p.m. For more information call (732) 777-1111 or visit October November 2018 Nutrition Industry Executive 77 Equipment&Packaging Lock in Reduced Packaging Costs with One-Piece Child Resistant Closures Comar (New Jersey) a designer and manufacturer of health care packaging products introduced the SecureCap QuarterLoc child resistant closure a one-piece push-and-turn bottle closure that requires only a quarter turn to apply or remove. Existing two-piece child resistant closures require molding and assembly of two plastic components whereas the QuarterLoc closure is a single molded part. This reduction in part weight and assembly steps translates to component part savings and a sustainability story for manufacturers of over-the-counter and nutraceutical products. Designed to be compatible with multiple products the closure has passed the Consumer Product Safety Commission testing protocols for both child-resistance and senior-friendly performance. For over-the-counter and nutraceutical product manufacturers closure innovation has been challenged by CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) compliance requirements for child-resistant packaging and expectations to conform to industry standard capping equipment. The design of the SecureCap QuarterLoc CR closure offers a cost effective solution since it is easily integrated into existing packaging lines and is both adaptable and scalable for multiple products. For more information visit Fluid Bed Dryers Feature Unitary Steel Bases Vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers from New Jersey-based process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co. feature unitary steel bases as standard that allow cover lift hoists process air ductwork control panels monitoring instrumentation and other auxiliary equipment to be attached to the system as a single unit. Providing a dedicated non-moving foundation the bases ease process integration add flexibility in installation and ensure ancillary support systems may be installed on the same footprint rather than set separately or left unspecified. Developed for use with vibrating fluidized bed drying and cooling systems that process foods chemicals pharmaceuticals minerals plastics and other products the support bases are carefully weighted to minimize vibratory reaction forces and permit installation on mezzanines light steel structures and on other above grade locations. The versatile bases may be fitted with secondary isolation elements to virtually eliminate vibratory reaction forces and may be mounted on casters for mobility without affecting stability. The bases are custom engineered and manufactured in structural steel as standard and are available fabricated from tubular stainless steel for sanitary installations as an option. For more information visit Conventions&Meetings Industry to Return to Mandalay Bay for SupplySide West 2018 F rom November 6 10 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas NV SupplySide West will bring together more than 16 000 ingredient buyers and suppliers from the dietary supplement beverage functional food personal care and sports nutrition industries. Events include the SupplySide Launchpad which will take place on the SupplySide Central stage workshops a tasting bar the GOED Omega-3 Resource Center and more it is all about the science and strategy around the development of finished products that drive the global business economy. Attendees can learn about trends from over 1 300 exhibitors and 140 hours of educational and conference programming. In addition Keep It Clean will be the theme of RIBUS Inc. s annual SupplySide West event from 8 30 to 10 a.m. on Friday Nov. 9 at Border Grill in Mandalay Bay. The functional ingredient manufacturing company 78 Nutrition Industry Executive plans to unveil its latest ingredient Nu-BIND and officially launch the Clean Label Alliance which is comprised of dedicated industry leaders with the knowledge to support producers of clean label supplements. In addition to RIBUS Clean Label Alliance members include BIOGRUND Bosch Packaging Technology Lonza Inc. and Natoli Engineering Co. Also during the show AHPA s (American Herbal Products Association) 7th Annual Botanical Congress will be presented in cooperation with the American Botanical Council (ABC) and will provide guidance to dietary supplement ingredient suppliers manufacturers and affiliated firms that bear the burden of regulatory compliance. This one-day event features a wide array of industry experts offering first-hand experience education and information. Galina Roofener LAc of The Cleveland Clinic will provide a keynote presentation on the groundbreaking practice of Traditional East Asian Medicine being incorporated into The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute s dispensary. A sampling of other topics that will be covered at the Botanical Congress include Political advocacy in the herbal products industry Financial trends and opportunities shaping the supplements industry Sustainability Current legal and regulatory challenges within the sports nutrition sector Regulatory and scientific focus on cannabis CBD and hemp The event will be held November 10 7 30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center Islander Ballroom I Lower Level North Convention Center. The cost is 449 (Members) 575 (Non-members). For more information visit www. For more information about SupplySide West visit https October November 2018 Advertiser Index ADH Health Products 26 (845) 268-0027 adh Alkemist Labs 7 (714) 754-4372 alkemistlabs Alpha Packaging 19 (314) 427-4300 alphapackaging AMCO Proteins 21 (609) 387-3130 amcoproteins American Laboratories Inc. 40 (402) 339-2494 americanlaboratories Ayush Herbs Inc. 36 (800) 925-1371 ayushherbs Balchem 9 (845) 326-5600 balchem Balchem 15 (845) 326-5600 balchem Bergstrom Nutrition 47 (360) 693-1883 bergstrom Bioenergy Life Science Inc. 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DSM delivers innovative business solutions for human nutrition animal nutrition personal care and aroma Human Nutrition medical devices green products and applications and new mobility and connectivity. DSM and its associated companies deliver annual and Health North net sales of approximately 10 billion (more than 11 billion) with America approximately 23 000 employees. The company is listed on Euronext Amsterdam. In the United States it has 32 operating sites and 3 200 employees. Joe Buron began his career with The Hershey Company where he held numerous sales marketing and senior management positions over a 20-year period. In that time Buron worked both domestically and abroad reaching the position of general manager for the international division. Buron continued his career in consumer products by joining one of the largest Latin American food companies Arcor where he was vice president of commercial for the North America division. He then joined Martek as vice president of sales and marketing for the non-infant business which was then acquired by DSM in 2011. Buron is currently responsible for the HNH Food and Beverage business in North America. Buron is a graduate of Indiana University with a bachelor s of science degree in business management and administration. Products NIE DSM was just named on Fortune magazine s Change the World List for the third consecutive year and was also ranked No. 1 globally in sustainability by Sustainalytics. What does recognition like this mean for the company Buron Being included on Fortune s Change the World list for the third consecutive year and being ranked No.1 by Sustainalytics is a great honor and further confirmation to us that DSM is on the right track. We at DSM have long believed that a company can do well by doing good and that a company does not have to choose making a profit over helping to improve the world. To us achieving sustainability means simultaneously pursuing economic performance environmental quality and social responsibility. DSM or Dutch State Mines began as a coal mining company 115 years ago. Over the last century it has evolved to a science-based purpose-led performance-driven organization with focuses on nutrition health and sustainable living. The DSM acronym has been repurposed to mean Do Something Meaningful and we work to deliver on that promise every day. We believe everything we do should contribute to a more sustainable world and are fully committed to creating long-term value for all. NIE Last year the company acquired 80 Nutrition Industry Executive BioCare Copenhagen A S. How does DSM plan to expand the company s portfolio with the acquisition Buron DSM acquired BioCare Copenhagen A S a probiotic company based in Copenhagen (Denmark) in December 2017. With this acquisition DSM will expand its offering in gut health ingredients specifically probiotics an attractive market segment growing at an estimated 7 percent per year. DSM already has a strong position in gut health solutions with its Culturelle product range the numberone-selling probiotic dietary supplement brand globally. The company sees further growth potential in gut health ingredients beyond the traditional areas of digestive and immune health such as the gut-brain axis metabolic health and heart health. DSM s ambition in addressing the gut microbiome are very synergistic with BioCare Copenhagen s approach and products. NIE DSM partnered with Team Sunweb at the 2018 Tour de France to provide the team with DSM s Fruitflow. Please discuss details of the ingredient and how the partnership came about. Buron DSM is a proud innovation partner of Team Sunweb the professional cycling team. Team Sunweb s goal is to become a significant sus- tainable and recognizable name at the highest level of international cycling. Team Sunweb and DSM s scientists collaborated to improve the performance of the team through better health nutrition and materials. A professional cyclist s health is of paramount importance. To be able to manage the training and racing in premier cycling events like Tour de France cyclists need to be supremely fit. The ingredient Fruitflow is a natural tomato extract which was originally discovered at the Rowett Research Institute by Professor Asim Duttaroy. This all-natural anti-platelet ingredient Fruitflow was further developed and commercialized by Provexis and DSM. It is used by Team Sunweb to help prepare for endurance exercise because its effects on blood platelets help to reduce the inflammation generated during exercise which can improve recovery. In addition to Fruitflow Team Sunweb uses DSM s PeptoPro to aid recovery. PeptoPro can be absorbed quickly by the body for delivery to the muscles and ensure a rapid recovery. It boosts muscle protein synthesis during and after exercise. Extra Extra Visit to read the rest of the interview. October November 2018 Go to plt for info about this advertiser Go to olcott for info about this advertiser