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Description: In This Issue: Catering to Pets, Weight Management, Healthy Aging, and Pre- & Probiotics

SU S P E BO PLY E U OT SID S A H E T G1 EA 25 ST A VRM Media Publication March 2019 Don t miss a single issue of NIE in 2019 go online to renew your free subscription today March19 Go to sabinsa for info about this advertiser Go to certifiednutraceuticals for info about this advertiser Proud Supporter of TableofContents VOLUME 24 NO. 2 MARCH2019 F E A T U R E S 28 Catering to Pets The humanization and premiumization of pet nutrition continues to spur growth and innovation. 34 Such a (Weight) Loss Each year seems to bring a new diet fad. No matter what they re eating supplements for weight are still in demand. Here s how ingredients help keep up. 28 39 Forever Young As consumers look to natural products to help counter the aging process ingredients supporting that goal continue to evolve. 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All other issues are 8.00 each. 2 Nutrition Industry Executive March 2019 Go to bergstrom for info about this advertiser FirstWord News to Focus On he natural products industry sat up and took notice recently when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made an announcement that it wants to modernize industry oversight (see the news stories on pages 12 and 13). However FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb didn t provide concrete details on how that might be done. Gottlieb noted that the growth of the supplement industry has led to an increasing number of bad actors entering the market with dangerous supplements or making false and misleading claims for their products. He is interested in exploring whether Congress needs to amend the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). Meanwhile though industry stakeholders approve of stronger oversight many would like to keep the status quo regarding regulations. The FDA plans to hold a meeting in the spring to discuss ways to update the legislation. It appears this is a pivotal time to improve the credibility of the dietary supplement business and joining with industry associations to help with regulatory guidance is a really good idea. We ll remain on the edge of our seats. T Influencer Caution In this month s Legalities column Matthew Kaplan and Ryan Evans attorneys with Tucker Ellis LLP detailed the legal implications of social media marketing (see page 6). A growing number of companies are moving away from traditional advertising methods by recruiting so-called Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM influencers to advertise their products via the accounts of social media stars targeting their followers. This is forcing regulators to implement protective measures that ensure transparency and clarity on the sponsored content of the influencers published posts. In the article Kaplan and Evans lay out the steps to take to avoid a Fyre Festival-style fiasco Pet Fun Early this year my husband and I adopted a terrier mix puppy from a shelter. Immediately we noticed that the dog limped on his front leg. After several vet visits X-rays and an examination by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon we were told that our puppy Jack had a trauma to his shoulder that surgery couldn t repair. The vet recommended walks up and down hills physical therapy swimming and supplements. Like so many other pet parents we want to provide our fur baby the finest we can offer to make him comfortable. I reached out to one of the experts quoted in this month s pet health feature article (see page 28) for advice on finding quality supplements that contained the best ingredients in the industry. Thank you for your advice Nena Dockery at Stratum Nutrition a Preferred Supplier by the National Animal Supplement Council. Jack is doing very well and loves his nutritional supplement chewies. I couldn t resist including an image of him in the article attentively eyeing one of his favorite healthy treats (see page 29). Associate Russ Fields Publisher RussF Advertising Barry Young Sales Manager Barry Editor-in-Chief Janet Poveromo JanetP Managing Editor Shari Barbanel ShariB Associate Editor Nicholas Saraceno NicoS Contributing Writers Darrin Duber-Smith Ryan Evans Mike Greene Matthew Kaplan Sonja Nodland Lisa Schofield Art Director Robert Certo Production Manager RobertC Production Assistant Bryan Zak Graphic Designer BryanZ Circulation Manager Rosie Brodsky Rosie A PUBLICATION OF VRM MEDIA President Daniel McSweeney VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288 Email info Website VRM Media publishes Nutrition Industry Executive Vitamin Retailer Natural Practitioner and Fitness Trainer magazines. VRM Media is a proud member of Connect With Us Proud Supporter of Vitamin Angels vitaminretailer vitaminretailermagazine 4 Nutrition Industry Executive company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media youtube March 2019 Go to balchem for info about this advertiser Legalities By Matthew Kaplan Partner and Ryan Evans Associate Tucker Ellis wo new documentaries streaming concurrently on Hulu and Netflix tell the story of a heavily marketed concert event in the Bahamas called the Fyre Festival. The festival scheduled for two weekends in the spring of 2017 promised privately chartered flights to the Bahamas for weekend-long luxury music festivals with lavish accommodations meals catered by world-famous chefs art and education installations and adventures on yachts jet skis and the like in other words a Millennial music-lover s dream. Nearly every Millennial knew about the event through a highly effective social media marketing campaign that leveraged a who s who of social media influencers models and celebrities. But the event was canceled the first day due to the lack of housing running water food sanitation security and performers. Rapper and co-organizer Ja Rule denied any fraud but acknowledged that the zealous social T 6 Nutrition Industry Executive media marketing campaign may have amounted to false advertising. His coorganizer who pled guilty to wire fraud is serving six years in federal prison. While the Fyre Festival may be an extreme example those in the nutrition industry must tread carefully when using influencers and endorsers and engaging the public on social media. Influencer-based social media marketing is subject to the same laws as advertising on other marketing channels. Everything that an advertisement expressly says or reasonably implies must be truthful and not misleading. An advertisement that misleads a significant minority of consumers is considered to be unlawful by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the FTC state and private regulators (class action lawyers) may pursue claims against companies making false deceptive or unsubstantiated statements whether on social media or elsewhere or made directly by the company or endorser on its behalf. Social media influencers endorsers and the companies that use them should avoid two common pitfalls 1. Product claims made by an endorser must clearly and conspicuously disclose any material connection the endorser has with the seller of the advertised product or service (i.e. whether the endorser is paid for their endorsement). This is undoubtedly one of the areas that drew such a strong governmental response to the Fyre Festival as the festival paid dozens of people including supermodels Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid to promote the event on Instagram but only one disclosed the connection. 2. Claims made by endorsers must like any advertising claim be supported by evidence in the language of the law there must be prior substantiation for the claim. The Fyre Festival marketed March 2019 Go to gcinutrients for info about this advertiser Legalities the event s location as an island formerly owned by Pablo Escobar. In truth Pablo Escobar never owned the island. The Fyre Festival presumably promoted this idea because it made the event seem more interesting but they had no evidence to substantiate this claim it just sounded cool. Like the organizers of the Fyre Festival those within the health wellness and supplement industry view social media influencers as an effective tool for targeting desired populations. Unfortunately some in our industry who have used similarly unlawful advertising have been forced to disgorge millions of dollars in revenue. The Fyre Festival story and previous FTC enforcement actions provide insight as to how companies should effectively and lawfully leverage social media influencers as part of their overall marketing campaigns. Actively Manage Influencer Relationships To limit the risk of potential liability advertisers should use contracts to specify permissible conduct by social media influencers and other endorsers and implement a training and monitoring program. An advertiser that has a compliance program in place is less likely to make a mistake and suffer an FTC enforcement action because the error may be attributable to a rogue blogger. The scope of a compliance program depends on the amount of advertising conducted and its potential to cause consumers harm from a planned advertising campaign however as with any vendor companies should periodically review an endorser s work product to ensure they are providing the promised services including compliance with advertising laws and other expectations of the advertiser. After all it is not a compliance program if you are not monitoring compliance. Establish Expectations and Standards in Endorsement Contracts A company product brand and reputation is one of the most valuable assets to a business. Choosing social media partners carefully is essential to protecting the brand. Having contracts with each of your influencers endorsers is critical to aligning your goals with your partners and avoiding claims for improper advertising. These contracts should be thought of as tools to educate your partners about your expectations and 8 Nutrition Industry Executive how they can meet their obligations. While the full scope of terms that could be included in contracts with social media partners is beyond the scope of this article two important things ought to be considered in connection with every such contract 1. Clearly set forth the endorser s obligation to comply with the law. This may be nothing more than a general commitment to comply with the law or it may be the place to educate the influencer as to the specific permissible claims allowed by the advertiser or the need to disclose their relationship with you in their postings. An advertiser that has a compliance program in place is less likely to make a mistake and suffer an FTC enforcement action because the error may be attributable to a rogue blogger. 2. Include any business brand specific rules in the agreement whether morals based (e.g. prohibited language images) or serving competitive purposes (e.g. no direct comparisons to competitor products). An endorser s personal brand reputation is the reason they are typically engaged so you need to ensure that they preserve both their own and your brand equity to support the success of your marketing campaign. Disclosure of Material Connections By and With Influencers When deciding whether a connection requires disclosure companies and endorsers should bear in mind the law s goal to protect consumers from being misled into believing endorsers influencers are offering opinions as if they are impartial users. Thus the FTC takes a broad view of the types of connections that must be disclosed. An endorser must disclose any ownership or financial interest in the brands or products they promote as well as any compensation they receive. This includes payment in the form of free or gifted products received in exchange for giving a review or mentioning a product on social media. And a connection can be material even if it is not of a monetary nature A close personal stake in a company or product may require disclosure. For example the FTC recently took action against Supple LLC a manufacturer and marketer of liquid glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. Dr. Monita Poudyal provided an expert medical endorsement in an infomercial hosted by Supple s CEO Peter Apatow. They failed to disclose the fact that they were married. This fact along with other misleading claims led to an order imposing a 150 million fine against the company and Apatow requiring them to notify customers of the false claims and allow cancellation of subscription purchases requiring repayment of the FTC s costs and banning the use of illegal forms of advertising. Another example involves action taken by the state of Maine and the FTC against the manufacturer of memory improvement supplement CogniPrin and the advertising agency used to produce the infomercials Because the infomercials included a medical expert s endorsement without disclosing the fact that he received a percentage royalty of products sold full refunds of customer purchases and fines were imposed. As for how the material connection must be disclosed endorsers must clearly and conspicuously make the disclosure in an area obvious to viewers. Influencers should not assume that the disclosure tool provided by a platform such as Instagram is sufficient to comply with the law. A platform s disclosure tool may place a disclosure in an area unlikely to attract the viewer s attention or after the message has been conveyed. Disclosure placed after a click more link or in another easy-to-miss location will not suffice. And influencers using image-only platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram may have to superimpose disclosures over images they post. On video blogs endorsers should place a sponsorship disclosure clearly and conspicuously in the video itself. Endorsements Should Be True Endorsements must reflect the endorser influencer s honest opinions findings March 2019 Go to aidp for info about this advertiser Legalities beliefs or experiences. An advertiser may use an influencer s endorsement only if it has good reason to believe that the endorser continues to hold the views presented. As a best practice companies should periodically check in with their endorsers to ensure the endorser continues to hold that view. Companies should also instruct influencers about the types of health-related claims they are permitted to make about promoted products to insure that their statements do not cause the product to be considered a drug or medical device under the regulations enforced by the U.S Food and Drug Administration and to ensure that any claim made by the endorser is one for which a supplement maker has supporting evidence. All Product Claims Must Be Supported by Evidence The law requires an advertiser to have a reasonable basis for all claims made in an advertisement including those made by influencers. The level of evidence required varies depending on the advertisement s claims. An endorser s claim about a product s performance or sourc- ing for example would require sufficient evidence to prove the product does what is claimed in the advertisement. In other words the advertisement creates a warranty of sorts. Claims about ingredients environmental impacts or health benefits generally are the type that require competent and reliable scientific evidence to give an advertiser a reasonable basis for making the claim. Depending on the claim scientific tests may need to be high-quality studies including placebo-controlled studies and blinded (or double-blinded) tests. Endorsements discussing a consumer s experience with a product s central or key attribute are considered to represent the experience consumers generally have with the product under normal conditions of use. Thus if an endorsement is not in fact representative of a consumer s typical experience then the ad must clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected performance in the depicted circumstances. Social media influencers are powerful marketing channels as the Fyre Festival revealed but they also raise unique challenges given the speed at which social media moves. Using contracts that clearly set forth the permissible and impermissible scope of claims your endorsers may make and implementing a compliance program to monitor their performance can protect your brand reputation and fend off law enforcement challenges. NIE Matthew Kaplan a partner with Tucker Ellis LLP in Los Angeles CA focuses his practice on class action false advertising and unfair competition cases FDA USDA and FTC advertising and labeling environmental matters and business and real estate disputes. He can be reached at matthew.kaplan An associate in the Los Angeles office of Tucker Ellis Ryan Evans focuses his practice on general commercial litigation. He can be reached at ryan.evans Go to onceagain for info about this advertiser 10 Nutrition Industry Executive March 2019 Go to suanfarma for info about this advertiser IndustryNews FDA Announces New Attention to Dietary Supplement Regulations DA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb MD has announced that the agency is planning new efforts to strengthen regulation of dietary supplements by modernizing and reforming FDA s oversight with a goal of implementing one of the most significant modernizations of dietary supplement regulation and oversight in more than 25 years. The commissioner s statement acknowledged the wide use of supplements by Americans and also that most players in this industry act responsibly under the regulatory framework that exists under current law. He emphasized though that bad actors have been able to exploit the halo created by good companies and so are able to distribute and sell dangerous products that put consumers at risk. While natural product industry associations welcomed the attention to oversight they also emphasized collaboration and use of current protocol. CHPA (Consumer Healthcare Products Association) welcomes Commissioner Gottlieb s comprehensive statement regarding FDA s efforts to modernize its oversight of dietary supplements said CHPA in a statement. Millions of Americans use dietary supplements and with increasing consumer demand for these products we need to be even more vigilant in protecting consumer health while at the same time preserving access. CHPA and our member companies strongly support FDA s efforts to identify bad actors F selling adulterated or misbranded dietary supplement products. We also look forward to collaborating with FDA on proposals to enhance quality and promote informed decision making as well as to discussing with the agency new policies which would promote innovation in the industry. As we celebrate in 2019 the 25th anniversary of the passage of DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) AHPA (American Herbal Products Association) shares Commissioner Gottlieb s vision ... of finding the right balance between preserving consumers access to lawful supplements while also protecting the public from unsafe and unlawful products and holding accountable companies that are not in compliance with the law added AHPA President Michael McGuffin. AHPA has previously communicated specific suggestions for regulatory improvements to FDA and we look forward to a robust and transparent discussion on how best to serve Americans who include supplement products in their families health care choices. We welcome the need to look ahead but FDA cannot ignore today s challenges in the meantime their inaction on one of the hottest products CBDs (cannabidids) is a case in point noted Daniel Fabricant PhD president and CEO of the Natural Products Association (NPA) in a statement. We look forward to working with FDA on modernization but what consumers need is action. We encourage the FDA to use the current tools it has at its disposal to protect consumers from companies selling illegal products masquerading as nutritional supplements. The U.S. has the safest nutritional supplements in the world because of collaborative efforts between our industry and federal regulators and we are confident that collaboration will continue Fabricant said. CRN appreciates the commitment of FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb to strengthen the dietary supplement industry and to modernize FDA s oversight of these products stated Steve Mister president & CEO of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). He clearly shares our respect both as a doctor and as a consumer for the power of dietary supplements to improve the lives and health of all Americans three-quarters of whom already take our products each year. His statement shares our vision to further develop the thriving innovative and safe marketplace for dietary supplements that as he so eloquently states play an important role as we strive to stay healthy and have become a routine part of the American lifestyle. Senators Ask FDA to Update Rules on Certain CBD Products regon s two senators urged the head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to update federal regulations to permit interstate commerce of food products containing cannabidiol (CBD) according to Associated Press. The appeal by Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley came after Congress legalized the production and sale of industrial hemp and hemp derivatives. Wyden and Merkley had been behind a hemp provision that Congress passed and was included in the 2018 Farm Bill. But after President Trump signed the bill in December FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb restated his agency s stance that CBD is a drug ingredient and therefore illegal to add to food or health products without his agency s approval. The FDA has sent warning letters to some companies O 12 Nutrition Industry Executive making health claims for CBD. In a letter to Gottlieb the senators asked the FDA to update outdated regulations that prohibit food products containing CBD from being sold across state lines. Farmers in Oregon and nationwide are poised to make real economic gains for their communities once these regulations are updated they wrote. They said it was Congress intent in the bill to ensure producers and consumers have access to hemp-derived products including CBDs. The Oregon Democrats asked the agency to clarify to the public several issues including its authority in the production and marketing of hemp and its derivatives and whether the FDA will consider issuing a regulation to allow hemp derivatives in food beverages or dietary supplements that cross state lines. Scientists note there have been few com- prehensive clinical studies on how CBD affects humans. Harvard Medical School said the strongest scientific evidence is for its effectiveness in treating childhood epilepsy syndromes which typically don t respond to anti-seizure medications. The FDA recently approved the first ever cannabis-derived medicine for these conditions that contains CBD. Studies suggest CBD may also help those with insomnia to fall asleep and stay asleep. March 2019 FDA Takes Action Against Products Claiming to Treat Disease n Feb. 11 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) posted 12 warning letters and five online advisory letters to foreign and domestic companies that they say are illegally selling more than 58 products many that are sold as dietary supplements which are unapproved new drugs and or misbranded drugs that claim to prevent treat or cure Alzheimer s disease and a number of other serious diseases and health conditions. According to the FDA these products which are often sold on websites and social media platforms have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not proven safe and effective to treat the diseases and health conditions they claim to treat. These products may be ineffective unsafe and could prevent a person from seeking an appropriate diagnosis and treatment the FDA stated. Science and evidence are the cornerstone of the FDA s review process and are O imperative to demonstrating medical benefit especially when a product is marketed to treat serious and complex diseases like Alzheimer s said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb MD. Alzheimer s is a challenging disease that unfortunately has no cure. Any products making unproven drug claims could mislead consumers to believe that such therapies exist and keep them from accessing therapies that are known to help support the symptoms of the disease or worse as some fraudulent treatments can cause serious or even fatal injuries. Simply put health fraud scams prey on vulnerable populations waste money and often delay proper medical care and we will continue to take action to protect patients and caregivers from misleading unproven products. Today s actions are part of the FDA s larger effort to address the booming growth of the dietary supplement industry through the implementation of modern regulatory initiatives that will enable the agency to preserve the balanced vision of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) enacted by Congress 25 years ago Gottlieb continued. That law sought to achieve the right balance between preserving consumers access to lawful supplements promoting innovation in these products while upholding our obligation to protect the public from unsafe and unlawful products and holding accountable those actors who are unable or unwilling to comply with the requirements of the law. Our newest policy efforts will seize the game-changing opportunity to further strengthen the regulatory framework overseeing dietary supplements and will hone in on important steps to both promote industry innovation while upholding the safety of these products as part of our overall commitment to protecting public health. NSF International Unveils New Marks for Contents Certified and Certified for Sport SF International a global public health and safety organization has launched new product certification marks for its Contents Certified and Certified for Sport programs with the goal of better distinguishing certified products in a way that is unique and instantly recognizable. The new marks were developed with feedback from current certified brand owners coaches athletes and consumers. With the variety of NSF International marks in use we understood from our customers the need to create new dietary supplements and nutritional product certification program marks that are unique and instantly distinguishable for consumers said Lori Bestervelt executive vice president and chief technical officer at NSF International. Bestervelt helped launch NSF International s Health Sciences Division and with input from a balanced stakeholder group facilitated development of the official American National Standard for dietary supplements NSF ANSI 173. The updated marks will make it easier for consumers and athletes to protect their health in choosing certified products that meet NSF requirements for health and safety. Another driving factor N March 2019 behind these redesigns is helping consumers clearly recognize and differentiate between NSF International s Contents Certified product certification mark and its Certified for Sport certification mark at retail. Both new marks are rectangular and include the widely recognized blue NSF circle. The new Contents Certified mark is blue with the large print CONTENTS CERTIFIED which certifies that the contents have been tested to ensure they do not contain unsafe levels of contaminants and to verify label claims. The new Certified for Sport certification mark features a two-toned design in blue and bright orange and includes the large print CERTIFIED SPORT. Certified for Sport also certifies that that the contents have been tested to verify label claims and that the product does not contain unsafe levels of contaminants prohibited substances or masking agents. Because we know product packaging comes in many different colors and designs we ve also created alternate color schemes to fit any label including a black-and-white version and a new transparent design with white accents said Maryann Ballotta senior marketing manager dietary supplements Sports Nutrition and Beverage Quality at NSF International. The redesign also includes both a vertical and horizontal orientation making it easy to incorporate into a variety of product labels and marketing materials of NSF certified brands. The NSF International Good Manufacturing Process certification marks will remain the same. Implementation of the new marks began in 2019. We understand that redesigning packaging and marketing materials to reflect the new Certified for Sport or Contents Certified marks will take considerable time and effort so we ve planned for an extended transition period to implement the new mark said Bestervelt. All products meeting the respective certification requirements must implement the updated NSF marks by June 30 2020. This applies to all product stock within the control of a company including all unused label inventory and all marketing materials and communication. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 13 IndustryNews Coalition Petitions to Bar Hydroponic Operations From Organic Certification coalition of opponents against organic hydroponics is trying to get USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) to issue regulations banning hydroponic operations from organic certification. On Jan. 16 the Center for Food Safety (CFS endorsed by The Cornucopia Institute Food & Water Watch Cultivate Oregon Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Certification Service Northwest Organic Dairy Producers Alliance Organic Farmers Association and several others) submitted a petition to AMS requesting that AMS issue regulations excluding hydroponic agricultural production from organic certification consistent with the 2010 NOSB recommendation and report. Specifically CFS asks AMS to amend 7 CFR 205.105 to prohibit hydroponic systems and to revoke organic certification for currently certified hydroponic operations. According to Ri tte van Laack PhD in an FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Law Blog post the question of whether hydroponic operations are eligible for organic certification in the United States has been debated since 1995. In most countries such as Mexico and Canada and regions such as the E.U. (European Union) organic certification cannot be extended to crops not grown in soil. However in the United States the AMS has historically taken the position that such operations are eligible for certification as long as they comply with the National Organic Program (NOP) regulations. Between 2001 and 2010 the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) Crops Committee repeatedly reevaluated the issue of soil-less growing systems such as hydroponic systems. In 2010 the NOSB once again assessed soil-less systems and concluded that they were inconsistent with organic status. The NOSB recommended (by a vote of 12-1) that AMS issue a regulation specifying that hydroponic operations and hydroponically produced grown products are not eligible for organic certification even if they use only substances permitted in organic production. After further comments and questions by various parties in May of 2014 AMS stated unequivocally that organic hydroponic production is allowed. Hydroponic operations continued to be eligible for organic certification. In 2015 AMS established a Hydroponic Aquaponic Task Force to further explore the issue and write a report giving A 14 Nutrition Industry Executive guidance to the NOSB on whether hydroponic aquaponic production should be allowed under the current organic regulations and if not how the regulations could or should be changed. By the fall meeting of 2017 by a vote of 8-7 the NOSB recommended that aeroponic production be prohibited from organic certification. Subsequently in a Jan. 25 2018 notice AMS (again) acknowledged the extensive debate over hydroponic aquaponic and aeroponic operations since the fall 2017 meeting of the NOSB but noted that since the origins of the NOP hydroponic operations had been eligible for certification. AMS declared that such operations would continue to be eligible for certification unless and until AMS issues final regulations to the contrary. Allowing hydroponic systems to be certified as organic undercuts the livelihood of organic farmers that take great lengths to support healthy soil as the bedrock of their farms stated Kate Mendenhall of the Organic Farmers Association. Hydroponic producers getting the benefit of the organic label without actually doing anything to benefit the soil undermines the standard and put all soil-based organic farmers at an untenable economic disadvantage. The Organic Trade Association stated that it continues to support the 2010 National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) recommendation on Production Standards for Terrestrial Plants in Containers and Enclosures which would prohibit hydroponic production of organic crops with an exception for mushrooms sprouts and micro-greens and allow container production of organic crops under specific provisions that support natural and diverse soil ecology within the container. Hydroponics is defined in the 2010 NOSB Recommendation as the production of normally terrestrial vascular plants in nutrient rich solutions or in an inert porous solid matrix bathed in nutrient rich solutions. Algaia & Gelymar Create Ethiquity Business Model lgaia S.A. (France) has announced a new long-term commercial and development agreement with its strategic partner Gelymar S.A. (Chile). As of January 2019 Algaia a well-established global player in the field of alginate and specialty algae extracts will not only continue to represent Gelymar in Europe for carrageenan (red seaweed extracts) but both companies have also decided to use a joint commercialization channel in the U.S. Both Gelymar and Algaia will market their products in the North American region through AIDP Inc. (California) Algaia s current U.S. distributor. This agreement for North America will position Gelymar and Algaia as leading manufacturers of sustainable algae extracts for food nutraceuticals and personal care products offering an extensive range of algae ingredients. Their whole portfolio of solutions will be available through AIDP Inc. Until recently food or personal care manufacturers willing to have direct relationship with a one-stop-shop producer in the field of seaweed extracts had a limited choice explained Andres Hohlberg CEO of Gelymar. Gelymar and Algaia remain independent companies in term of equity but both companies share the same ethics mindsets and value proposition with their manufacturing facilities being located next to abundant fresh seaweed biomass. As we like to say we both share the same ethiquity in the way we serve the market in its evolution toward natural and sustainable sourcing. There are multiple synergies between both companies portfolios and many customers in Europe had already expressed their satisfaction in obtaining both a full range of algae solutions and the proximity of regional R&D facilities and technicalcommercial experts speaking their own language added Fabrice Bohin CEO of Algaia. We have a long history of trustworthy collaboration and both companies share the same obsession for customer satisfaction sustainable sourcing waste valorization environmental protection CSR highest industry standards agility and innovation spirit. As of now our U.S. customers will be able to benefit from these synergies as well. For information visit or A March 2019 Emerald Brand Announces the Formation of the Emerald Eco-Squad ew York-based Emerald Brand a leader in tree-free and plastic-free disposables technology has announced the formation of its consultative Eco-Squad. Founded more than 20 years ago by Ralph Bianculli Sr. Emerald Brand s mission has been to mainstream sustainability by delivering environmental and healthy products that are high quality and cost competitive. Over the span of two decades Emerald has morphed beyond a sustainable product manufacturer into a material technology provider in the production of tree-free pulp to finished goods. Now furthering the company s standing as a true sustainability provider the Emerald Eco-Squad provides sustainability consultation and solutions. Emerald s Eco-Squad is staffed by sustainability experts throughout the U.S. The Squad s core goal is to educate communicate and implement environmental strategies into Emerald s licensed distributor and end-user client organizations. Educating the entire supply chain on N sustainability is imperative and has been a mandate we have initiated at Emerald Brand from our inception. Sound and factual information related to our treefree and plastic-free technology is at the cornerstone of the Emerald mission stated Bianculli Sr. founder and CEO. We are finding that corporations along with supply channel partners are yearning for an expert resource that goes beyond delivering sustainable products and material technology. The Eco-Squad s service solutions include tools that will quantify your company s environmental impact consulting solutions that aim to lower your organization s carbon footprint and on-site Amano Enzyme Opens Thai Office mano Enzyme (Elgin IL) has opened an office in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region the Kingdom of Thailand according to Ken Iritani vice president technical services Amano Enzyme USA. Located in the Pathum Thani province north of Bangkok the office will provide sales research and development services to Southeast Asia and India. The new office is being opened to support the growing need for our products and services in this region said Iritani. The global food enzyme market is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 6.9 percent over the next five years and the Asia-Pacific market is expected to show substantial growth as a result of that trend. The office will be managed by Kimihiko Sato general manager. Sato was previously the manager of international sales and marketing food and industrial enzyme division for Amano. For more information visit A March 2019 events that educate and communicate these initiatives to your stakeholders added Ralph Bianculli Jr. managing director of Emerald Brand. In addition the Eco-Squad is driving composting solutions in strategic regions throughout the U.S. by partnering with haulers commercial composting facilities and on-site digesting machines that will cost-effectively divert organic waste and Emerald s compostable products from landfills. This full-circle cradle-to-grave solution enables clients to seamlessly complete their sustainability program in the disposables segment. Bianculli Jr. noted these are just a few of the tools we have leveraged to bring our partners a true full-circle environmental experience. Since its inception Emerald s EcoSquad has worked with hundreds of major clients nationally. The squad will continue to be a key component in broadening Emerald s mission to protect life by mainstreaming sustainability. For more information visit Lonza Strengthens Canadian Ingredient Distribution Network With Quadra onza (Morristown NJ) has announced the expansion of its distribution agreement with Quadra Chemicals (Quadra) in Canada. The newly expanded agreement allows Quadra to sell Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition s full range of consumer health and nutrition ingredients to customers in Canada including its UC-II undenatured type II collagen. Lonza s Carnipure L-Carnitine and ResistAid natural immune support ingredients are already represented by Quadra in the Canadian market. Our expanded agreement with Quadra builds upon an existing five-year relationship with the company said Beth Tormey senior vice president head of global business unit Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition. At Lonza we carefully select our strategic partners to ensure that they fit with our strong quality ethos as well as our customer-driven focus. This latest development enables Quadra to add further science-backed ingredients such as Lonza s UC-II undenatured type II collagen to its existing portfolio which will provide relevant manufacturers and brand owners in Canada even more choices when creating nutritional supplement formulations which ultimately benefits consumers. For more information visit L Nutrition Industry Executive 15 IndustryNews BI Partners With Brenntag Food & Nutrition for Distribution in Canadian Market I Nutraceuticals (Rancho Dominguez CA) a global fullservice manufacturer and supplier of plant-based ingredients in the United States announced its partnership with Brenntag Canada a provider of high-quality ingredients specialty products and distribution services in Canada. Brenntag Food & Nutrition part of the Brenntag Group is a provider of food ingredients to marketplaces around the globe. In Canada the company offers supply chain management logistics services high level of product application B and handling assistance from coast to coast. Brenntag has long been recognized for supporting top-quality suppliers to the Canadian marketplace said BI s Vice President of Marketing Randy Kreienbrink. Their specialized sales and marketing team provide strong technical support and extensive market knowledge to a wide range of major markets including food and beverage health and wellness and personal care. BI s partnership will now allow Brenntag to widen its portfolio to include ingredients that are healthier natural and on-trend. BI looks forward to a strong and successful relationship with Brenntag and its partners. For more information visit or canada en . Valimenta Labs Introduces CELLg8 Technology olorado-based private label supplement manufacturer Valimenta Labs introduced its proprietary patent pending CELLg8 technology to the supplement industry that was released in CELLg8 liquid February. Scientific studies have shown that many of the vitamins nutrients and active compounds present in mass-produced supplements are destroyed in the gut before ever being bioavailable to the small intestines. In some cases most or all of the active nutrients have been reported to be lost during digestion said Dr. Emek Blair founder and chief scientist at Valimenta Labs. The CELLg8 technology developed by Blair and now offered by Valimenta Labs combats the issue of reduced bioavail- C ability by using naturally occurring lipids as a sheath to preserve actives during digestion. Our CELLg8 technology offers the most advanced evolution of liposome technology available. Leveraging our years of experience in designing and developing delivery solutions along with our clinical studies and vast understanding of liposomes we have been able to develop technology that is proven to improve absorption of certain actives more than any other delivery solution in the marketplace said Blair. Formulas using this technology started shipping in February 2019. Testing the CELLg8 technology with green tea extract research showed that the active compounds in green tea were detected in significant amounts in whole blood when using the CELLg8 technology in a powder form however no detectable levels were found in the blood for plain raw green tea actives consumed without the CELLg8 delivery technology. The stomach will vaporize more vitamins than it absorbs and we ve found a way to safely increase bioavailability without reducing quality or taste. Our CELLg8 lipid delivery technology is clean safe and perfected as a scalable production process said Blair. Valimenta again is ready to build the next generation of supplement products. For more information visit Lief Organics Holds Executive Board of Advisors Retreat ief Organics (Valencia CA) convened its first Leadership Retreat recently to review and discuss its vision mission and values for 2019 and beyond. The Board executives and key managers gathered to assess the company s goals and strategies and ensure that they are consistent with the direction of the dietary supplement industry. The company reaffirmed its commitment to adding value to its clients consumers shareholders and the industry. Adel Villalobos founder and CEO of Lief Organics commented on the event It is of the utmost importance that Lief continues to provide leadership in both the innovation and integri- L 16 Nutrition Industry Executive ty of the industry and we take pride in ensuring that both Lief and our clients are contributors to the overall quality and health of our industry. Daniel Fabricant PhD president of the National Products Association (NPA) was a featured speaker. Among the subjects he discussed was the Supplement Safety & Compliance Initiative a global dietary supplement benchmark. It was also an honor to have Dr. Fabricant participate in our retreat said Villalobos. He is an influential leader and has been driving positive change in the industry for a decade. The company announced that it has accepted the invitation to join the Board of Directors of the Supplement Safety & Compliance Initiative (SSCI) in part based on Fabricant s discussion of the Initiative at the meeting. SSCI is a retailer-driven non-profit initiative providing global dietary supplement safety and compliance benchmarks. Lief s position in the industry will add a much-needed perspective as a member of the board noted Villalobos. We hope to contribute as a key member of the existing group of companies that include GNC Walmart Now Foods and IVC he added. For more information visit https March 2019 Ecuadorian Rainforest s New Facility Earns cGMP Kosher & QAI Organic Certifications cuadorian Rainforest LLC (Clifton NJ) a wholesale ingredient supplier and its new facility were recently inspected and granted cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) kosher and QAI (Quality Assurance International) organic certifications. The company said the certifications demonstrate its commitment to supplying quality nutritional ingredients while adhering to regulatory guidelines. Ecuadorian Rainforest s new facility has been certified cGMP compliant by the New Jersey Department of Health. E cGMPs ensure that a facility meets regulations enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally Ecuadorian Rainforest successfully passed a five-step process which included an on-site inspection of the company s facility handled by QAI a USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) accredited organic certifier. The certification also means the company s organic ingredients meet the equivalent standards in Canada and the E.U. The company is also certified to offer Star-K kosher ingredients. The certifica- Adaptive Health Acquires Biovation Labs daptive Health (Charlotte NC) has announced acquisition of Biovation Labs a nutritional supplement manufacturing distribution and fulfillment operation based in Salt Lake City UT. Biovation Labs specializes in high-quality formulation blending encapsulation and packaging and currently manufactures many of Adaptive Health s core products including Instaflex Advanced Joint Support Lumiday Mood Enhancement and the new Nugenix Total-T. Concurrent with the acquisition Adaptive Health is investing in new state-of-the-art equipment and facility upgrades to increase manufacturing capacity and continue to ensure its products are of the highest quality. These investments will help Adaptive Health reduce manufacturing times ship products quicker and more efficiently perform in-house laboratory testing and expand Biovation Labs commitment to producing high-quality nutritional supplements. Biovation Labs also currently handles all of Adaptive Health s warehousing distribution and fulfillment. It s responsible for daily direct-to-consumer shipments as well as shipments to national retailers. Adaptive Health will be able to fulfill orders from its local facilities and through its multi-warehouse solution across the U.S. to increase the speed of deliveries and better compete with the online retailers offering faster shipping. Biovation Labs has a well-earned reputation for its cutting-edge solutions and high-quality production said Brandon Adcock CEO and co-founder of Adaptive Health. We have been working with Biovation Labs since we launched our first product line in 2009 and this vertical integration improves our overall capabilities while opening the door for many new and exciting opportunities. For more information visit or A March 2019 tion has deemed several of Ecuadorian Rainforest s ingredients as meeting the kosher standards and is recognized worldwide. Our new facility and the certifications we ve earned show our commitment to supplying quality raw materials said Steve Siegel vice president of Ecuadorian Rainforest. We look forward to the future and running a business that meets and exceeds state and federal requirements. For more information visit certifications. Natural Remedies Wins CII-ITC Sustainability Awards for Excellence in Biodiversity ndia-based Natural Remedies has been recognized for its contribution to sustainable business practices and awarded the CII-ITC Sustainability Award in Biodiversity by the CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD). The award presented by Amitabh Kant CEO of National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) a policy think tank of the Government of India at the CESD conference in New Delhi India is recognition for Natural Remedies commitment to conservation of biodiversity. As a testimony to our vision to harness nature and apply science for health and happiness we re delighted that Natural Remedies now joins an elite list of corporations to be recognized for its outstanding contribution to sustainable business practices said Anurag Agarwal MD and chief executive officer for Natural Remedies. As part of its sustainability program Natural Remedies conducted pesticide residue and heavy metals analysis beyond the specified limits of soil and water and trained the local farmers on how best to avoid pesticide residues. The company also worked with an NGO (non-government organization) to train herb collectors in sustainable collection practices. The organization s biodiversity impact assessment covered ecosystem services. Impact assessment of the initiative included diversion harvest and percolation surface runoff on ground water and recharge to borewells in the 90-acre vicinity of the factory site. It also assessed the impact on birds reptiles and small mammal population in the surrounding region. Natural Remedies used its multi-acre tree-based farming to achieve more stable incomes for farmers. It also formed a part of the adaptation to climate change and variability and reached out to programmers to target groups within India as well as other countries. This included an organic farmers network of an NGO and Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) that teaches members how to contain pathogens control airflow and work without disrupting adjacent operations and functions as an Indian independent and professional investment information and credit rating agency. For more information visit I Nutrition Industry Executive 17 IndustryNews Aker BioMarine and VARD Launch Purpose-built Krill Harvesting Vessel amed Antarctic Endurance at a ceremony in lesund Norway Aker BioMarine s energy efficient krill harvesting vessel showcases the very best of Norwegian maritime engineering expertise and innovation the company stated. Constructed by Norwegian shipbuilders at VARD the naming ceremony and official launch are the culmination of over two years of design collaboration and construction. With a total of 40 Norwegian vendors contributing to the vessel the two-year build and final fit-out has kept in excess of 900 people working to have the vessel ready for the 2019 harvesting season. We have put all our experience and know-how into building a vessel capable of matching our ambitions and operational needs a vessel we could have only dreamt of when we started our very own Antarctic adventure for more than a decade ago said Matts Johansen Aker BioMarine CEO. Named in tribute to polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton s Norwegian-constructed vessel Endurance the name also reflects our own perseverance over the years. Energy efficient and equipped with a host of environmentally friendly technologies Antarctic Endurance is specifically designed and constructed for our unique business with direct input from our experienced crew. It is truly one of a kind and our very first purpose-built krill harvesting vessel. The 130-meter Norwegian flagged vessel is constructed at N Go to somalabs for info about this advertiser 18 Nutrition Industry Executive a cost of 1.1 billion NOK or just over 140 million (U.S.) and showcases the strength in-depth of Norway s maritime cluster. A custom designed new build rather than an existing supply or trawler vessel with equipment retrofitted to it Antarctic Endurance is fitted-out with a host of innovative technologies and equipment from a wide variety of Norwegian companies. The new vessel has been designed and equipped to maximize energy efficiency the company stated. Utilizing a number of innovative processes and technologies onboard the vessel is 30 percent more environmentally efficient compared to today s trawlers. For more information visit You reHired Kurt Nordman has joined New Jersey-based Citromax as senior citrus flavorist. He will be responsible for developing new citrus flavors and citrus oil blends and will be working both domestically and internationally to expand sales to new and existing customers. Nordman will also be working with the company s citrus team to develop differentiating products utilizing the by-products of lemon processed in the Citromax Argentina Tucuman facility and other citrus fruit ingredients. Tennessee-based Ancient Nutrition announced that Greg Shearson joined the company as CEO. He is adding to the leadership duo of Jordan Rubin and Josh Axe DNM DC CNS who will hold the titles of founder and chairman and founder and chief visionary officer respectively. Rubin will continue to head up innovation for the company. NutriScience Innovations LLC (Trumbull CT) has hired Dr. Michael Lelah as its chief science officer. Lelah will lead the company s scientific and innovation initiatives as well as quality and regulatory functions. Lelah comes to NutriScience with a wealth of experience in the dietary supplement and nutraceutical industries. Jeff Hilton BrandHive s (Salt Lake City UT) co-founder and chief marketing officer has been invited to join Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Science s (SCNM) Advisory Council. The council consists of a select group of leaders within the natural products industry appointed by the president CEO of SCNM. Charles Hinnant CEO of LBB Specialties announced that Jay Lang has accepted the role of president Charkit Chemical Company (Norwalk CT) a subsidiary of LBB Specialties LLC. Lang sucJay Lang ceeds Hinnant the company s founder as Charkit s president. In this role Lang will lead all aspects of the Charkit organization including the sales marketing operations regulatory and administration functions. Lang will be tasked with driving revenue and gross profit growth managing Charkit s operating functions and improving the efficiency of working capital. Lang will report directly to Hinnant. Chemi Nutra (Austin TX) has announced that Alfredo (Al) Reyna has joined the company as sales manager. In this new position Reyna will be responsible for developing and growing U.S. and global business relationships with existing and new companies and customers. March 2019 IngredientNews Annatto Color Certified Organic for IFF s Frutarom Division rutarom Natural Solutions Ltd. a division of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (New York) has received organic certification for its natural annatto color. The ingredient was granted organic certifications from both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and The European Organic Certifiers Council. Annatto seeds and extracts have been used for more than a century in Europe and North America to provide a yellow to reddish color to foods F and beverages thus becoming the second most economically important natural colorant worldwide. To support the certification Frutarom registered and trained more than 50 annatto seed farmers in the Quillabamba Valley in Cuzco Peru and in Codo del Pozuzo in Puerto Inca Peru. The division also meets all organic regulations while ensuring fair salaries to the growers. Frutarom maintains full traceability on the growing and harvest- Non-GMO Project Renews Valensa s Parry Organic Spirulina Organic Chlorella alensa International s Parry Organic Spirulina and Parry Organic Chlorella are again marked Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project verified ingredients as the application for renewal was recently granted the Floridabased company announced. According to Umasudhan C.P president and CEO of Valensa International this mark gives manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to serve the growing demand for vegan and vegetarian lifestyles known to be deficient in plant-based sources of protein and vitamin B12 and require food sources from non-genetically modified organisms. V Spirulina seems to get more attention but chlorella has a great potential as a promising and sustainable microalgae superfood said Umasudhan. When cultivated with natural light chlorella is an important vegan source of vitamin B-12 which is available in the most biologically nutritious form. For more information visit New Study Findings Show Mixture of DuPont Probiotic Strains and Lactoferrin Reduces Common Cause of Vaginal Discomfort ew findings from a Giellepi Health Science Division (Giellepi S.p.A Italy) clinical research trial demonstrate that a mixture of probiotic strains and lactoferrin could aid in reducing the most common cause of vaginal discomfort in women. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a vaginal inflammation characterized by a depletion of beneficial bacteria (lactobacilli) and an overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria in the vagina. Typically women in their reproductive years may suffer from BV though it can impact women of any age. Antibiotics are used for the short-term treatment of BV but recurrent infections remain a problem. The findings of the Giellepi S.p.A.- N March 2019 sponsored study using DuPont (Finland) premium probiotic strains published in Beneficial Microbes assess the efficacy of a probiotic mixture including Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 in combination with bovine lactoferrin RCX as adjuvant therapy to metronidazole in women with recurrent BV. The randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial involved 48 adult women and assessed the normalization of Nugent score remission of symptoms and recurrences during a six-month follow-up period. For more information visit and ing processes to provide a pure organic annatto color. For more information visit TRU NIAGEN Expands North American Footprint ChromaDex & Nestl Health Science Enter Global Commercial License and Supply Agreement hromaDex Corp. (California) announced that it has officially launched TRU NIAGEN in Canada having received regulatory approval for sale by Health Canada. TRU NIAGEN is a supplement clinically proven to increase NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) levels which stimulate cellular energy production and support cellular repair the company stated. Decreased NAD levels and senescent cells have been associated with many age-related declines in overall health. In other news ChromaDex Corp. announced that it has entered into a license and supply agreement with Switzerland-based Nestl Health Science (NHSc). The agreement provides NHSc the exclusive right to include CDXC s patented nicotinamide riboside ingredient TRU NIAGEN in NHSc branded medical nutrition and co-exclusive rights to include TRU NIAGEN in certain products within the consumer health category. The territories in the agreement include North America Europe Latin America Australia Japan and New Zealand. For more information visit C Nutrition Industry Executive 19 IngredientNews Clinical Study Highlights Efficacy of Peptan Collagen Peptides in Sports Recovery ousselot (Netherlands) manufacturer of collagen and gelatin solutions released a clinical study showing the benefits of its collagen peptides ingredient Peptan for sports exercise recovery (Global Industry Analysts Inc Gelatin a Global Strategic Business report June 2018). The scientific research has been developed in collaboration with leading scientists at Newcastle University in the U.K. The results reveal that collagen peptides help repair connective tissues after physical activity and to prevent the risk of injury when used as a food supplement in sports nutrition. The double-blind randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial R involved 24 active young men who consumed a daily dose of either 20 g of Peptan 10 g in the morning and 10 g in the evening versus a placebo taken in two doses. The trial measured performance (by countermovement jumps (CMJ)) muscle soreness (using a 200 mm visual analog scale) and a range of blood markers associated with muscle damage inflammation and bone metabolism before supplementation (at baseline) preexercise post exercise as well as 24 hours and 48 hours after physical effort. The participants took their allocated dose for nine days which included a run-in period of seven days. The subjects then performed a series of muscle-damaging physical exercises to measure the effects of Peptan on connective tissue recovery. The assessment of muscle soreness indicated that the subjects who consumed Peptan experienced 20 percent less muscle soreness at all time points after intense exercise compared with those who received a placebo dose. Furthermore the data showed that Peptan increased sports performance those who received a dose of Peptan demonstrated maintained performance at 24 hours post exercise which increased at 48 hours post exercise. Meanwhile the performance of the placebo group progressively declined. For more information visit Icon Foods Releases New Sweetener con Foods (Oregon) announced the rollout of RA99M a new sweetener that couples affordability for food and beverage manufacturers with the clean taste and labeling demands of consumers. RA99M is the latest product to capitalize on Icon s ongoing research and development in stevia compounding. Stevia has long been prized for its ability to sweeten but the plant s leaves have multiple extracts with different properties. Factors such as growing conditions and extraction methods affect the chemical makeup (and thus the taste) of stevia s various I components and can be costly or lead to bitter notes. Icon has partnered with China s BioLotus Technology Lasa Inc. to create this proprietary blend that combines Rebaudioside M a minor stevia extract with Rebaudioside A a more widely known one. The resulting blend is 350 times sweeter than sugar while also masking any flavor offnotes making it perfect for powdered drink mixes and a wide variety of other food and beverage products. As the latest step of their collaboration Icon will distribute high-purity Reb-M Reb-A and enzymatically treated steviol glycosides on behalf of BioLotus in North America. RA99M will be available only for commercial use and will come in 1-kg bags 10-kg boxes and 20-kg drums. For more information visit Study Suggests Delta-tocotrienol in Combination With Standard Therapy Increased Survival in Ovarian Cancer Patients assachusetts-based American River Nutrition s deltatocotrienol in combination with bevacizumab improved survival suggests a clinical study in advanced-stage ovarian cancer patients. A recent study conducted at Denmark s Vejle Hospital published in Pharmacological Research provides evidence of delta-tocotrienol s benefits for cancer patients. Results of the openlabel trial suggest that American River Nutrition-manufactured delta- M 20 Nutrition Industry Executive tocotrienol in combination with bevacizumab had additive effects in chemotherapy refractory ovarian cancer possibly conferred by the antiangiogenic activity of both compounds. This is the first-ever clinical trial using tocotrienols in ovarian cancer patients. In the study of 23 advanced-stage ovarian cancer patients tocotrienol was administered at a dosage of 300 mg three times a day with bevacizumab given to patients at 10 mg kg intravenously every three weeks. Patient disease stabilization was high at 70 percent with increased survival which approximately doubled. For more information visit March 2019 Certified Nutraceuticals Files for KollaJell Patent Protection Parabel and CK Ingredients Sign Distribution Agreement for LENTEIN Plant Protein in Canada ertified Nutraceuticals Inc. (California) announced it has filed for patent protection for its newest invention of invertebrate freeze dry collagen protein bound to natural minerals. KollaJell is the creation of many years of research and development under the management of the original inventor of hydrolyzed collagen type 2. KollaJell supplies special nutrients of collagen and minerals found in edible jellyfish. KollaJell is composed of multiple-types of collagen and naturally bound with essential minerals. The health benefits of edible jellyfish collagen are supported by in-vivo studies. Studies have shown the consumption of jellyfish collagen yields positive results for healthy aging. For more information visit arabel USA Inc. (Florida) producer of plant protein ingredients announced that it has finalized a Distribution Agreement with CK Ingredients a Canadian supplier of innovative raw materials for the commercialization of the LENTEIN plant protein for the nutraceutical sector in the Canadian market. Parabel will be partnering with CK Ingredients a Canadian ingredient distributor to represent its products in Canada. CK has been providing value-added functional and nutritional ingredients to the Canadian human nutrition market since 1994 working with food beverage and nutraceutical clients across Canada. For more information visit and C P Vitamin K2 Status Linked to Brain and Eye Health T he Journal of Alzheimer s Disease and Scientific Reports recently published papers that examined the role of aortic stiffness due to calcification as a contributing factor to dementia and retinal arteriolar health respectively. Both conditions are impacted by the status of active Matrix Gla Protein (MGP) the most potent inhibitor of vascular calcification (once activated by vitamin K2 as MK-7) the mechanism by which K2 is now recognized as a cardiovascular protector. MenaQ7 from NattoPharma (Oslo Norway and Edison NJ) is the only vitamin K2 as MK-7 clinically validated and patented for cardiovascular health. According to Aortic stiffness associated with Increased Risk of Dementia in Older Adults cardiovascular disease risk factors including age hypertension and diabetes contribute to aortic stiffness and subclinical cardiovascular and brain disease increasing dementia risk. Aortic stiffness measured by carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (cfPWV) reduces the buffering of pulsatile blood flow exposing cerebral small arteries to microvascular damage. The paper questions whether interventions to slow arterial stiffening (such as K2 supplementation) can reduce the risk of dementia. Meanwhile the paper Inactive matrix Gla protein is a novel circulating biomarker predicting retinal arteriolar nar- rowing in humans examined how active MGP a potent inhibitor of calcification in large arteries protects against macrovascular complications. The paper states that recent studies suggested that active MGP helps maintaining the integrity of the renal and myocardial microcirculation but its role in preserving the retinal microcirculation remains unknown. Studying a randomly recruited Flemish population the researchers concluded that circulating inactive MGP (dp-ucMGP) is a long-term predictor of smaller retinal arteriolar diameter in the general population. Our observations highlight the possibility that vitamin K supplementation might promote retinal health they stated. For more information visit and Study Reaffirms Function and Survival of Sabinsa s Lactospore recent peer-reviewed study reported the results of an investigation into the functional aspects of Sabinsa (New Jersey) s shelf stable probiotic Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 known as LactoSpore including survival during simulated digestion. The study Probiotic Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 spores exhibit excellent in-vitro functional efficacy in simulated gastric survival mucosal adhesion and immunomodulation was published in the January 2019 issue of the Journal of A March 2019 Functional Foods. This independent study conducted by university researchers reported that LactoSpore showed remarkable ability to survive (92 percent) gastric and intestinal conditions and then to colonize the intestine by effectively adhering to the colonic epithelium. Furthermore this study also reported that LactoSpore at a dose of 2 109 cfu ml did not show any cytotoxic effects towards HT-29 or LS174T cells adding to the scientific evidence of safety previously demonstrated by several clinical trials. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 21 IngredientNews Stratum Nutrition Builds Upon Population Study With New Larger Trial tratum Nutrition (Missouri) announced a progressive joint health clinical trial underway evaluating the triple-action joint health ingredient NEM. This trial is being conducted in an exercising healthy population and is an expanded follow-up trial to Stratum s 2018 healthy postmenopausal women trial (Clin Interv Aging. 2018 Feb 19 13 285-295. doi 10.2147 CIA.S153782). These back-to-back healthy population exercising studies are evaluating S whether NEM would reduce cartilage turnover or alleviate joint pain and stiffness. The previous 2018 study found that a once daily 500 mg dose of NEM rapidly improved recovery from exercise-induced joint pain and stiffness as well as significantly reduced discomfort immediately following exercise. A substantial chondroprotective effect was also demonstrated from NEM supplementation through a lasting decrease in the cartilage degradation biomarker CTX-II. This new trial includes a larger population (84 subjects vs 60 in the prior trial) as well as a demographic of both men and women ages 40-75. The women in this study were not required to be post-menopausal as was the case in the previously published study. As before subjects were truly healthy and could not have had persistent knee or ankle pain while at rest in order to participate. For more information visit Lycored s Tomato Extract is the First to Achieve Non-GMO Project Verification New Published Study Confirms Long-term Effect of Insea2 on Glycemic Control ycomato Lycored (New Jersey) s proprietary blend for supplements has become the first tomato extract to carry the Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project Verified seal according to the company. The seal gives consumers assurance that a product has completed a comprehensive third-party verification for compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard. Lycomato is Lycored s first proprietary blend and remains one of its best-selling products. Certified in the U.S. and E.U. it offers a synergistic combination of carotenoids tocopherols and phytosterols sourced from non-GMO tomatoes. For more information visit anada-based innoVactiv announced the publication of its latest human clinical trial on its ingredient InSea2 in the peer-reviewed journal Phytotherapy Research. The publication presents the results of a six-month randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical trial involving 65 disglycemic subjects not using medication. Findings include significant reductions in glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) fasting plasma glucose post-prandial glucose and insulin-resistance index (HOMA-IR) compared with placebo as well as normalization of glycemic status in 18.2 percent of treated subjects versus 0 percent in placebo group. For more information visit L C THE NUTRITION INDUSTRY S NEWS & INFORMATION RESOURCE NIE s Upcoming Issue Highlights April 3 19 19 ad closing Compliance & Improving Quality May 4 10 19 ad closing Science of Ingredients Bone Muscle & Joint Health Vision Health June 5 16 19 ad closing July August 6 27 19 ad closing 2019 NIE Supplier Sourcebook Company Profiles Washington & the Natural Industry Our 2019 Media Planner Is Available At 2019-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at (732) 432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Barry Young at (732) 432-9600 ext. 103 or e-Mail Barry 22 Nutrition Industry Executive March 2019 CRNUpdate Every New Congress CRN Advances the Dietary Supplement Industry Further By Mike Greene senior vice president government relations CRN espite kicking off 2019 with the longestever federal government shutdown CRN has been working hard to start its new year off strong. A new year in combination with a new Congress presents important and unique opportunities for the dietary supplement and functional food industry. We re prepared. Are you Before engaging with the freshman lawmakers of the 116th Congress I would like to underscore the historic nature of this new group of legislators. It is the most demographically diverse class in history. There will be more women women of color openly LGBT members and Millennials serving in the House of Representatives than ever before. This diversity represents great progress and change and it also means new perspectives and fresh viewpoints on important issues. Many of these newly elected officials have been influenced by a culture of health and wellness and understand the need for dietary supplements all thanks to the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) 25 years ago. Because of this CRN believes engaging with this freshman class is imperative. Above all we will show that dietary supplements are well-regulated. Fewer than 8 percent of current Senators and Representatives were in office when DSHEA passed in 1994. Therefore we have committed to meeting with each of the 100plus new members of Congress in 100 days (by the end of April) to convey the basic regulatory truths that those of us in the industry may take for granted but that our critics are very quick to point out. You may think it is aggressive to get in front of the new members of Congress so soon especially when many of them still have unpacked boxes in corners of their new offices. Trust me newly elected legislators must hear the facts about dietary supplement regulation early and often. It s paid off in the past. We see fewer and fewer detractors each Congress and this has been the trend since we began our freshman education effort back in 2013 with the 113th Congress. In addition to educating Congress on the regulations that exist here is what s on CRN s policy agenda for the year ahead 1. Increasing FDA s Resources and Identifying a Legal Path to Market for CBD Since the Office of Dietary Supplement Programs (ODSP) was elevated from a Division in December 2015 its operating budget has not increased. Meanwhile the dietary supplement industry has continued its steady growth with sales. We are calling for increased funding for ODSP so that the D March 2019 agency has the resources it needs to fully enforce the law. We re also looking for a legal pathway for hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) an ingredient already making huge inroads into our industry but which the FDA has clearly continued to say is unlawful as a dietary or food ingredient. 2. Lowering Health Care Costs and Increasing Access to our Products For those of you who did not participate in a State of the Union watch party (an insidethe-Beltway tradition) you may have missed the president s emphasis on lowering the cost of health care in our country. Every corner of the health care industry including ours has a role to play in this huge quest to lower costs. We are speaking with members of Congress about legislation that would allow dietary supplements to be considered deductible expenses for Medical Savings Accounts such as HSAs and FSAs. Our regulated industry is built upon the idea that all consumers should have access to our products. As we know from government research Americans are not getting all the nutrients they need from diet alone which is why we will be advocating for legislation to increase access to dietary supplements for those in greatest need of filling nutrient gaps. 3. Protecting the Reputation of Sports Nutrition and Other Legitimate Products When I began working at CRN in 2000 our industry was focused on the science behind ephedra and determining its safety and place in the market. Here we are 19 years later and although ephedra is off the market regretfully there are still harmful ingredients posing risks to consumers. One in particular is known as selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) which is increasingly used as an illegal ingredient in adulterated sports nutrition products. Last year we were able to get S. 2742 the SARMs Control Act of 2018 introduced in the Senate which would give DEA authority to remove illegal products containing SARMs from the market as controlled substances. And this year we re looking to move this policy objective further with companion legislation in the House of Representatives and continued efforts to pass this legislation and raise concerns about this illegal ingredient. 4. Growing the Dietary Supplement Caucus One of the many goals of our meetings with freshmen members of Congress is to ascertain the member s level of interest in dietary supplements. If there is even the slightest interest in our products personal or professional we encourage them to join the Dietary Supplement Caucus. We hope to grow the Caucus to an all-time high of 54 members or 10 percent of Congress. The bicameral bipartisan Dietary Supplement Caucus was reformed quickly this year and we re really excited about its new leadership. In the House of Representatives Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-CA) Rep. John Curtis (R-UT) and Rep. Andy Harris MD (R-MD) will be cochairs and in the Senate Sen. Tim Scott of (R-SC) and Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) will be co-chairs. The DSC remains the best way to stay in touch with members of Congress and staff who are interested in dietary supplement and functional food issues. In 1994 Congress heard loudly and clearly from a large number of Americans in favor of DSHEA. It was the largest letter writing campaign sent to Capitol Hill second only to the Vietnam War which had received the most. Twenty-five years later our consumer base is bigger and stronger than ever. But we must remain ever vigilant maintaining our grassroots and being ready to act if there is anything that would restrict consumers from using and benefitting from the products they love. Whether a quarterly Dietary Supplement Caucus briefing or CRN s annual Day on the Hill the industry is presented with many opportunities to work with this new Congress. If you re interested in joining us and witnessing the historic changes taking place on Capitol Hill buy yourself a pair of comfortable shoes and join CRN sometime in Washington. We d love to have you. Mike Greene is the senior vice president government relations of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) the leading trade association for the dietary supplement and functional food industry. Nutrition Industry Executive 23 AssociationNews NPA Responds to FDA Proposal to Share U.S. Companies Data with Foreign Governments new proposal by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to share data collected from U.S. companies with foreign governments lacks transparency and is out of step with the Trump Administration s goals to streamline regulations the Natural Products Association (NPA) said in recently submitted comments. The request for comment outlined by the FDA would require companies to provide information related to administrative actions including warning letters and inspection outcomes. The FDA is proposing to use the data to create a list of U.S. companies in compliance with federal regulations and share it with foreign governments who are importing products from U.S. companies. Much of this information is already collected by the FDA. A NPA questioned FDA s authority to provide an eligibility screening service for foreign governments and requested the release of documents and requests submitted to the Agency from each foreign government. It is unclear what criteria FDA is using to determine eligibility. Under the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 companies must submit their name and facility address to FDA but FDA refuses to share this information under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. This is the same information that will be shared with foreign governments. At a time when FDA is being asked to do more with less dumb rules like this are just busy work that sap money from important priorities said Daniel Fabricant PhD president and CEO of NPA. U.S. companies have a right to know how their information is being shared with foreign governments. Furthermore the FDA s proposal requires companies to resubmit information the Agency should already have in its possession. We are concerned the lack of transparency and redundancy in the FDA s proposal is out of step with the Trump Administration s commitment to streamlining regulations to make them more efficient for consumers and small businesses. For more information visit wpcontent uploads 2019 01 NPAComments-establishing-and-maintaining-lists-FINAL.pdf. CRN Welcomes Release of 455-ANSI-Accredited Auditing Standards he Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) applauds the release of new ANSI-accredited standards to evaluate a dietary supplement firm s adherence to current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs). The release of these standards has the potential to streamline third-party audit inspections by providing a single widely accepted and consensus-approved paradigm for evaluating a manufacturing facility s conformity to cGMPs the foundation of product quality and integrity. The consensus-based standards known as the 455-ANSIAccredited Auditing Standards are part of a critical self-regulatory initiative developed in collaboration with The Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA) of which CRN is a member. As demand for innovative beneficial dietary supplement products increases responsible companies understand they increasingly need to demonstrate through the inspec- T 24 Nutrition Industry Executive tions and auditing programs of third parties that they do comply with the law to meet consumers needs the occasional visits from FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) are not enough said Megan Olsen assistant general counsel CRN. By establishing a single measuring stick on which manufacturers retailers academics and auditors all agree that encompasses federal regulatory cGMP requirements as well as retailer requirements these standards will level the field for all industry players. They can provide added assurance that each product manufactured to these obligations goes to market meeting the strict expectations of lawmakers retailers and consumers. CRN supports additional ways for retailers and manufacturers to demonstrate compliance and transparency to produce high quality safe products for consumers and we also recognize the importance of aligning these industry self-regulatory initiatives added Gisele Atkinson vice president quality & technical affairs CRN. CRN encourages widespread adoption of the new ANSI auditing standards for dietary supplements and for the industry to consider the Supplement OWL s (Online Wellness Library) Commercial Data Exchange (CDX) platform for the integration of selfregulatory initiatives such as GRMA. The CDX provides a centralized site to house self-regulatory information and to share confidential information such as the thirdparty audit reports certifying conformance with the ANSI auditing standards. For more information visit or March 2019 NPA Asks for Consistent National Standard for Plant-based Food Labeling he Natural Products Association (NPA) recently urged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to adopt a policy of enforcement discretion on standards of identity for products that use dairy names to describe plant-based products such as soy milk and almond milk. Plant-based products as long as they are properly qualified like almond milk soy milk and nut cheeses are understood by consumers and there is no confusion as to the nutrient differences. Use of these terms to describe plant-based products has been documented in recipes and manuscripts dating back to Roman times and medieval Europe. USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) used the term soy-bean milk in educational materials to document its compositional analysis and develop a nutritional comparison prior to the turn of the last century. Does this standard of identity issue actually rise to the level of a public health threat that FDA must address it now I would think the agency has more pressing matters at hand. If FDA has data to T suggest it is an issue then we are happy to discuss ways to fix it but that evidence has not been brought to light said Daniel Fabricant PhD president and CEO of NPA. One thing that is clear is the need for federal pre-emption on labeling. Federal pre-emption is necessary on standards of identity and other labeling issues to prevent trial lawyers from picking a different set of regulations to suit their case in a given week. We do not need a patchwork of various regulations coming from the states. FDA should not be in the business of finding ways for the plaintiff s bar to get paid. Under current FDA standards milk from any other farm animal would not qualify as milk including camel s sheep s and goat s milk according to FDA s formal definition codified in the federal regulations said NPA. If FDA plans to take on plant-based products using dairy terms are they going after goat milk products next because they are not the product of one or more cows as per the definition in the codified regulations Does goat milk need a disclaimer that it does not contain actual milk That would be confusing to consumers. NPA also urged FDA to consider commercial free speech in its decision. Consumers deserve access to accurate and meaningful information about the products they use each and every day but FDA taking aim at products with dairy terms as part of the tradename is surprising. As the FDA considers making changes to the ways many popular products are labeled and branded we urge the Agency to also consider the impact they could have on commercial free speech said Fabricant. The government must prove there is a substantial risk to consumers. We are optimistic the FDA s process will lead to an outcome that both protects consumers and ensures the producers of natural products and plant-based foods are not burdened with unnecessary regulations. We look forward to working with the FDA on this issue and submitting formal comments. For more information visit AHPA Issues Updated Slack-fill Guidance he American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has updated its Slack-Fill Guidance to help the regulated supplement industry inform consumers and comply with all relevant federal requirements. This guidance was originally published in November 2016 and has been reorganized and edited for clarity with one substantive revision in the discussion on Label statements and fill lines in section 2.2.2. In addition more attention is provided to several somewhat obscure regulatory exemptions as identified in section and two appendices have been added to provide additional relevant information. A number of factors often outside a company s control can cause a gap between a package s capacity and the actual amount of the product inside said AHPA President Michael McGuffin. It is important for companies to understand these factors and what they can do to mitigate them so customers know how much product they are purchasing. The U.S. Food and Drug T March 2019 Administration (FDA) regulates how food (including dietary supplement) containers are filled to prevent the use of partially filled or oversized containers that could mislead consumers about the actual quantity of food they are purchasing. The difference between the actual capacity of a container and the volume of product inside is called slack-fill. FDA promulgated a final slack-fill rule in 1993 to remedy the inadequate implementation of the federal law concerning food containers that may mislead consumers. FDA clarified that the rulemaking [was] not intended to authorize actions against companies that fill packages as full as practicable in compliance with good manufacturing practice. AHPA s guidance provides best practices for industry to help companies ensure that packaging accurately informs consumers about the quantity of product in containers and comply with relevant federal regulations. The guidance is organized into three sections Section 1 Slack-Fill Law Regulation and Enforcement provides legal and regulatory background including details on regulatory exemptions to the definition of nonfunctional slack-fill. Section 2 Is the Slack-Fill Functional discusses the rule in detail with particular attention to the key issues of the amount of empty space in a container and how the quantity of the contents of a food package are communicated to the consumer. Section 3 Practical Considerations provides basic questions for a packager of food and dietary supplement products to consider to evaluate compliance with federal slack-fill regulations. For more information visit http Nutrition Industry Executive 25 AssociationNews Nutritional Supplements Access Preserved in Arizona proposal that would have drastically limited access to safe legal and popular products for Arizonans was changed recently thanks with the help of the Natural Products Association (NPA) and the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) who worked with the Arizona Board of Pharmacy and other state policymakers on the issue. The proposal under consideration would have required companies to obtain a permit to market nutritional supplements like a drug and be subject to some of the requirements for nonprescription drugs in that state. Unlike nonprescription drugs natural supplement products are regulated as foods and are regulated differently by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Natural products and supplements are safe and under strict regulation by the A federal government and because of that the U.S. enjoys the safest food supply in the world. Supplements are not drugs and should not be regulated like drugs because it would raise costs and block access to the products consumers want. We commend the Arizona Board of Pharmacy and other officials for working with us to help Arizonans said Daniel Fabricant president and CEO of NPA. The state permit requirements as originally proposed would have been inconsistent with longstanding and extensive federal dietary supplement regulations and would have put companies selling supplements in Arizona in an unreasonable position added AHPA President Michael McGuffin. AHPA thanks the board for recognizing that supplements that make claims that are lawful under federal regulation are not nonprescription drugs and cannot be regulated as drugs in Arizona. During a Dec. 5 2018 meeting the AZ Board of Pharmacy began the process to eliminate the language from the Arizona Administrative Code and restricting the Arizona Board of Pharmacy s jurisdiction over dietary supplements. Disease claims made by dietary supplement products will remain under the jurisdiction of the FDA and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and both NPA and AHPA support prompt and consistent enforcement by these Federal agencies against marketers who make unlawful disease claims. Changes to the Arizona Administrative code require a period of public notice and NPA and AHPA plan to submit comments. For more information visit or ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program Publishes Ashwagandha Root and Root Extract Bulletin he ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program (BAPP) has released a Botanical Adulterants Prevention Bulletin on ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root and root extract. The powdered roots of ashwagandha a member of the nightshade (Solanaceae) plant family have a long history of use in ayurvedic medicine an ancient traditional medicine system in India for a wide array of purposes to treat inflammatory disorders as an adaptogen for its immunomodulatory effects to invigorate and strengthen the body and to improve sexual stamina. Ashwagandha is one of the most popular ayurvedic herbs in the United States. It was the sixth top-selling dietary supplement in natural retail stores in 2017 with sales totaling roughly 10.6 million a 25.6 percent increase from the previous year according to the HerbalGram 2017 Herb Market Report. Mainstream sales of ashwagandha supplements grew by more than 67 percent during the same period. Various reports have described the addition of undeclared material from ashwagandha aerial parts (i.e. plant leaves and or stems) to ingredients and T products labeled to contain only ashwagandha root powders or root extracts. Aerial parts are typically available at a lower cost and contain some of the same types of chemicals (known as withanolides) as the roots. The bulletin is a collaborative effort among Natural Remedies Private Limited (Bengaluru India) Alkemist Labs (Garden Grove CA) and other members of BAPP. It summarizes the published data on ashwagandha adulteration supply sources market importance and analytical methods to detect adulteration. Seventeen experts in quality control of medicinal plants from academia government and the herb industry provided input on the bulletin during the peer-review process. The inappropriate and unethical practice of increasing the amount of withanolides in ashwagandha root powder and extract by adding undisclosed lower-cost dry leaf material and or its extracts has been confirmed said Mark Blumenthal founder and executive director of the American Botanical Council (ABC) and founder and director of BAPP. This type of adulteration will fool only those companies and laboratories that do not use adequate analytical efforts to properly test their ashwagandha materials he added. A robust analytical methodology such as high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) or other methods that can provide the chemical fingerprint of withanolides can determine if additional withanolides from undeclared leaf material are present in the analyzed sample. We are aware of numerous companies that provide various types of authentic ashwagandha root raw materials and extracts Blumenthal continued. As we have done with respect to the adulteration of other popular botanical raw materials and extracts our intention is to advise members of industry of the confirmed adulteration of some ashwagandha raw materials and extracts and for industry quality control laboratories to be doubly aware of the need for appropriate testing to authenticate the materials. A key factor in adulteration is concealment. If a manufacturer chooses to openly combine ashwagandha root and leaf extracts into proprietary botanical products this is appropriate so long as the labeling is transparent concluded Blumenthal. Such a clearly labeled ingredient or product is not within the scope of this bulletin. (Continued on page 33) 26 Nutrition Industry Executive March 2019 ScienceUpdate Metabolic Syndrome Patients Need More Vitamin C to Break Cycle of Antioxidant Depletion higher intake of vitamin C is crucial for metabolic syndrome patients trying to halt a potentially deadly cycle of antioxidant disruption and health-related problems an Oregon State University (OSU) researcher said. That s important news for the estimated 35 percent of the U.S. adult population that suffers from the syndrome. What these findings are really saying to people is eat your fruits and vegetables said Maret Traber a professor in the OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences and Ava Helen Pauling Professor at Oregon State s Linus Pauling Institute. Eat five to 10 servings a day and then you ll get the fiber you ll get the vitamin C and you ll really protect your gut with all of those good things. A diet high in saturated fat results in chronic low-grade inflammation in the body that in turn leads to the development of metabolic syndrome a serious condition associated with cognitive dysfunction and dementia as well as being a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes. A patient is considered to have metabolic syndrome if he or she has at least three of the following conditions abdominal obesity high blood pressure high A blood sugar low levels of good cholesterol and high levels of triglycerides. Findings published in Redox Biology suggest the type of eating that leads to metabolic syndrome can prompt imbalances in the gut microbiome with impaired gut function contributing to toxins in the bloodstream resulting in vitamin C depletion which subsequently impairs the trafficking of vitamin E. It s a treadmill of antioxidant disruption that serves to make a bad situation worse antioxidants such as vitamins C and E offer defense against the oxidative stress brought on by inflammation and the associated free radicals unstable molecules that can damage the body s cells. Lipid peroxidation is the oxidative degradation of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are a major component of living cells it s the process by which free radicals try to stabilize themselves by stealing electrons from cell membranes causing damage to the cell. If there s too much fat in the diet it causes injury to the gut Traber said. Bacterial cell walls can then leak from the gut and slip into circulation in the body and they re chased down by neutrophils. Neutrophils are the most abundant type of white blood cells a key part of the immune system. Neutrophils attack bacteria with hypochlorous acid bleach. The white blood cells are scrubbing with bleach and that destroys vitamin C Traber said. The body is destroying its own protection because it got tricked by the gut dysbiosis into thinking there was a bacterial invasion. And without intervention the process keeps repeating. People with metabolic syndrome can eat the same amount of vitamin C as people without metabolic syndrome but have lower plasma concentrations of vitamin C Traber noted. We re suggesting that s because this slippage of bacterial cell walls causes the whole body to mount that antiinflammatory response. For more information visit https Effects of Linoleic Acid on Inflammatory Response Depend on Genes he effects of linoleic acid on the human body are largely dependent on genes a new study from the University of Eastern Finland shows. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid. People carrying different variants of the FADS1 gene had a different inflammatory response and different changes in their fasting glucose levels when supplementing their diet by linoleic acid-rich sunflower oil. This was the first time these associations were studied in humans. According to Postdoctoral Researcher Maria Lankinen the findings warrant speculation on whether the recommended intake of linoleic acid and possibly other fatty acids should be tailored to match a person s genes. The FADS1 gene regulates the body s fatty acid metabolism and also plays a role in glucose metabolism. A person s diet in turn has a major impact on the concentrations of different fatty acids in the body. Linoleic acid is found in plant- T March 2019 based oils nuts and seeds and it is the most common polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. A high intake and high levels of linoleic acid in the blood have been associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. On the other hand however the metabolites of linoleic acid can mediate inflammation which is why a high intake of linoleic acid is regarded as a plausible factor contributing to low-grade inflammatory state. According to the newly published study these contradictory observations could be explained by genetic differences. The study explored whether point mutations in rs174550 of the FADS1 gene modify the effects of linoleic acid on serum fatty acid composition and on fasting glucose insulin and CRP (c-reactive protein) levels. These were analyzed in more than 1 300 middle-aged men participating in the METSIM (Metabolic Syndrome in Men) Study. In addition 60 men participated in the FADSDIET inter- vention for carriers of two different gene variants. Over the course of four weeks they supplemented their daily diet by 3050 ml of linoleic acid-rich sunflower oil. Selecting the participants on the basis of their genes makes this a unique research setting which provides information on the interactions of diet with genes. The findings indicate that the effects of linoleic acid on the human body are largely dependent on which variant of the FADS1 gene a person is carrying. This has an effect on for example how effectively a linoleic acid supplement can lower fasting glucose levels. Moreover depending on the gene variant increased intake of linoleic acid can make a person s CRP levels go either up or down. The FADS1 gene variant also had an effect on the levels of inflammation mediators which are created from the metabolites of linoleic acid and other omega-6 fatty acids. For more information visit en etusivu. Nutrition Industry Executive 27 hey can be seen being pushed in strollers wearing adorable ensembles they have their own home monitoring systems orthopedic bedding travel water bottles educational toys dinnerware the list of products goes on and on with every conceivable need being met. Recently it was reported that one special girl received a multi-million dollar inheritance after her fashion icon owner who passed away. Not your typical children they are our beloved pets and we take great joy in indulging them with the best we can offer. That is especially true when providing nutrition. Jon Getzinger CMO with Minnesotabased Puris noted that pets are more than pets for most Americans especially young Americans. According to a study done by Mintel three-fourths of T 28 Nutrition Industry Executive Americans in their 30s have dogs while 51 percent have cats. Pets have become a replacement for children sparking the fur baby movement. These pets are being treated as a part of the family which means owners are concerned about their pets and their diets more than ever before. To meet those needs PURIS provides a traceable organic or non-GMO (genetically modified organism) option for food makers and retailers. Consumers are looking for better than average food and treats. Lara Niemann marketing director with Iowabased Gelita said We see familiar themes from human nutrition appearing in pet nutrition like an expectation for value-added solutions. Simply feeding your pet is no longer enough. Pet owners are looking for natural ingredients few ingredients (i.e. clean label) and with a heavy emphasis on protein a cornerstone of pet nutrition. Even in the pet space we see trending diets with a focus on ancestral formulations with a high demand for meat and animalderived non-grain ingredients. Momentum is building. Kevin Owen Global Business Development Companion Animals Consumer Health & Nutrition Lonza in New Jersey noted that the U.S. pet industry is growing at a steady consistent rate rising by approximately 10 percent between 2013 and 2018 to 25.2 billion. He agreed that one of the main drivers of this growth is humanization which continues to be a key trend in the industry particularly as pet ownership in the U.S. also continues to rise. Indeed research suggests that in 2018 68 percent of U.S. households owned a pet with 76 percent of owners reportedly March 2019 thinking of their pet as a member of the family. This notion is increasingly universal and has led to more pet owners becoming motivated to feed their pets high quality premium products Owen said. The premiumization of pet food has also played a significant role in market growth in recent years with increasing numbers of pet owners willing to pay a premium for added-value pet food products that offer health and wellness benefits for their beloved pets. Pet food manufacturers are also exploring the growth of the super-premium pet food category fuelled by pet owners seeking specialty food products typically offering higher quality ingredients and greater transparency as well as additional health benefits. He pointed out that this has also driven a more omni-channel approach to pet food product sales. Pet owners are now not only turning to the internet to become more informed on pet care and the ingredients that can meet their pet s health and wellness needs but also to purchase premium pet food products. While already a booming market in countries such as China reports indicate that internet sales of pet food particularly premium products has also overtaken food store sales in the U.S. with e-commerce projected to reach a 20 percent market share by 2022. Lonza has also seen more instances of major food companies diversifying into this area. For example Owen added by acquiring animal nutrition and pet food companies. We anticipate this will enable premium pet food products to become more accessible to the mass market. This may in turn help to boost the steady growth of the pet market in the U.S. although exploring emerging markets in other regions across the globe may be crucial in facilitating further expansion. Hugh C. Welsh president & general counsel with DSM North America in New Jersey also emphasized the humanization of pet products. Vitamins offer a high creditability factor in human health whose claims can be further substantiated by a large body of scientific evidence in most pet species. As a result we have seen increased interest and demand for premium brands offering clean ingredients and a holistic supply chain. However he also noted that this growth and dynamic nature of the premium brand sector of the pet food March 2019 industry may pose increased risk for exploitation of health and wellness related claims. Often these premium brands reach for unique ingredient offerings that match the latest trends in human nutrition he said. The greatest challenge with this approach is the awareness level behind the featured ingredient and the lack of science supporting the related health claim. Establishing precise Optimum Vitamin Nutrition for dogs and cats is very challenging. Many factors affect OVN for dogs and cats including but are not limited to animal species life stages life styles individual variation the forms and bioavailability of the vitamin nutrient interactions in food and the body as well as environment conditions. Since DSM is a leading manufacturer of vitamins and vitamin premixes our OVN program provides vitamin supplementation guidelines taking into consideration results from ongoing research in all areas of vitamin nutrition in order to leverage the full potential of vitamins to support a long and healthy life for our beloved companion animals. Market Changes Pet nutrition growth is being driven by category evolution. Donald Cox PhD R&D director Wellmune & GanedenBC30 with Kerry in Ohio elaborated Pet food is going through a period of premiumization and humanization. Just as wellness is now a major driver in product development for human foods so it is for pet food too. In fact 22 percent of global new pet food product launches in 2017 carried the claim Vitamin Mineral Fortified. Furthermore we see pet food brands customizing their formulations to appeal to specific pet life stages and providing greater disclosure regarding ingredient transparency. Andrew Rice director of product & brand strategy with Stratum Nutrition in Missouri agreed regarding transparency. There is a huge surge of pet owners wanting to offer their companions a more effective clean-label traceable holistic functional food and this carries over into the supplement space and the ingredients comprised within these supplements such as probiotics omegas and alternative joint health ingredients supported with better science. Aside from the joint health category other categories of evolution include digestive health weight management skin and coat health and cognitive health. Amanda Brown global sales manager with American Laboratories in Nebraska added that the market is evolving by consumers wanting to purchase local ingredients and high-quality products for their pets. The price point of the product is not as important as the product itself she said. Consumers are willing to pay a little more now to ensure their animals are getting the best possible food treat supplements. With the economy doing better consumers are willing to spend a little more on their pets to get them more natural ingredient finished products that still taste good. Supplements are also on the rise she added. The market for human supplements is continuing to grow and we now see this in the pet market as well. Digestive enzyme supplements help the overall digestion in animals to reduce some side effects of gas and bloating. Just like humans pets can have some of the same side effects and having your pet take a daily supplement can help them live a happy and healthy life. Organic pet food startups are entering the market at more economical price points said Getzinger. PURIS has a robust pet line that includes pea starch for extrusion and binding. Our starch also serves as an economical replacement for tapioca and potato starch. With the current trade issues companies are looking for other alternatives and consumers continue to shy away from off-shore ingredients preferring transparent supply chains. PURIS Nutrition Industry Executive 29 is also a seed company based out of the Midwest and works with farmers across the U.S. to grow great tasting foods that we then turn into ingredients with the only vertically integrated transparent supply chain of its kind. In addition pulse proteins pulse starches and fibers are a strong portion of pet diets over the last decade Getzinger noted but consumers are always looking for the next best thing including a shift to more sustainable regenerative and ethically sourced ingredients. People are living longer than ever before and so are our pets noted Welsh. While this is certainly a positive development these additional years are not necessarily in good health. A significant amount of research shows that nutrition is an important modifiable factor in the risk reduction of age-related chronic and infectious diseases in humans. Micronutrients including antioxidants such as vitamin C vitamin E and beta carotene omega-3 fatty acids as well as carotenoids and lutein have been found to hold great potential in heart eye and brain health as well as immunity that could prove beneficial in the elderly. DSM s DHAgold is based on algal fermentation and is a sustainable omega-3 solution according to Welsh. DHAgold bypasses the fish and goes directly to the source getting its DHA from algae DHAgold is a consistent sustainable non marine source of DHA which is free of ocean-borne contaminants. Ingredients Gaining Ground More and more pet treats are using natural flavors Brown observed. American Laboratories specializes in manufacturing a spray dried pork liver flavor that is manufactured and raw material is sourced in the USA. This ingredient is human grade USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) approved and meets European requirements. When making the flavor no other products are used in the manufacturing except water. When this flavor is put into a finished product like a treat or supplement for a pet then it gives it a rich flavor that the pets love and the consumers stand by because of its high quality. American Laboratories is also a U.S. manufacturer of pancreatin a digestive enzyme that helps with the breakdown of protease (protein solubilizing) amylase (starch liquefying) and lipase (fat splitting). This ingredient is sourced from pork pancreas glands and is a natural ingredient. Humans and animals are constantly producing these enzymes Supplement Aims to Open New Category Within Pet Health ew Jersey-based MYOS RENS Technology launched MYOS Canine in June 2018. There is truly nothing in the pet supplement space that addresses muscle health that is all natural. We hope this will become a new category said Joseph Mannello the company s CEO and director. Its recently completed clinical study with Kansas State University showed that Fortetropin the active ingredient in Myos Canine Muscle Formula prevents muscle loss in canines after surgery and enhances recovery. This demonstrated meaningful effectiveness of Fortetropin in the muscles much similar to our human study at the University of Tampa Mannello noted. He added Customers appear very insistent on natural ingredients in their pet food. Our product is a supplement which is all natural and consists of fertil- N 30 Nutrition Industry Executive ized egg yolk. New to the veterinary supplement industry Mannello said he learned from conversations with partners and other participants. You need to demonstrate the data (science) behind nearly every ingredient. We were originally a human nutraceutical company. I guess with the market s focus on all natural data-driven supplements the market has evolved to allow entry to a company like MYOS. When formulating pet supplements and products the most important concern according to Mannello should be where the ingredients come from how the product is manufactured and where. Our product is manufactured in a facility using a process that s patented and routinely undergoes rigorous testing our human supplement (processed at the same facility) recently earned NSF Certified for Sport certification. but depending on diets or other factors it may be necessary to supplement to help with overall digestion. The same pancreatin American Laboratories manufactures for human supplements is also used in animal supplements so pets are getting a high-quality supplement Brown said. Niemann added that as collagen is booming in human nutrition it is an opportunity for this ingredient to cross over into pet nutrition. Collagen is the most abundant protein in mammals the main component of connective tissue making up to 35 percent of their whole-body protein content. In fact all connective tissue is comprised of some collagen so protein supplementation with collagen protein (generally in the form of collagen peptides short chain protein building blocks produced by hydrolysis of native collagen) helps pets stay flexible and mobile longer. PETAGILE the specific bioactive collagen peptides from Gelita is an ingredient specifically formulated and optimized to support joint health and mobility in pets especially in dogs. The specific peptides of Petagile taken orally (1 g per 5 kg body weight) stimulate the cartilage cells (chondrocytes) to increase production of new cartilage matrix. Cartilage matrix predominately consists of collagen and proteoglycans which act as a buffer between bones. In addition to value-added ingredients with specific benefit Gelita also offers gelatine which often used in pet foods and treats as a binder texturizer or emulsifier. Gelita Gelipro pork protein offers the highly sought-after animal-based protein required in most pet foods. Gelita s Gelimin dicalcium phosphate provides mineral content in pet foods to support strong bones and teeth coat growth regulated water levels and more. Also of interest to pet owners said Owen is weight control and management. An estimated 52.7 percent of dogs and 57.9 percent of cats are obese or overweight in the U.S. with this figure predicted to increase in years to come. Studies are however exploring how nutritional intervention may help to address this issue and the findings demonstrate that L-carnitine an ingredient used widely in human weight management can also play a role in supporting weight management in pets. L-carnitine helps the animal s body to metabolize and convert dietary fat into energy enabling more effective fat utilization. Lonza s Carniking L-carnitine March 2019 ingredient for instance has been shown to help maintain lean muscle mass in active dogs while also aiding recovery after exercise. Other ingredients that are gaining traction are those designed to support joint health 53 percent of pet owners ranked joint health as a leading concern when looking for condition-specific pet foods or supplements. Lonza s UC-II undenatured type-II collagen which forms part of the increasingly popular super-premium pet food category helps to enable mobility flexibility and healthy joints and is suitable for formulation into a wide range of pet supplements to support improved joint health in both young and old pets. At Stratum Nutrition Nena Dockery technical services manager agreed. Interest in joint and digestive health ingredients predominate because the symptoms associated with declining health in these two areas are most obvious to the owner she said. Since consumers are interested in familiar ingredients for their pets Dockery noted that probiotics and digestive enzyme formulations continue to be popular for treating pet s diges- tive disorders. In the area of joint health glucosamine continues to be the most familiar though its popularity is waning in the wake of other wellresearched ingredients. One of the newer ingredients to appear is eggshell membrane. Stratum Nutrition offers the NEM brand of eggshell membrane which has been extensively researched and supported by multiple published clinical in-vitro and in-vivo studies for its benefits to human joint health. Derived from the inner membranes of the chicken eggshell this food-sourced ingredient has been shown to support joint health in several crucial ways including significant reductions in pain and stiffness. NEM may also help improve the health of joint cartilage revealed in reductions in CTX-II a reliable biomarker for cartilage metabolism and breakdown Dockery said. In addition to joint and digestive health ingredients that may help mitigate age-related chronic maladies are also gaining in popularity Dockery added. Turmeric curcumin supplements have gained rapidly in popularity for use in companion animal formula- tions as have fish oil derived omega-3 supplements. The use of these ingredients for pet health is beginning to ramp up as concerned pet owners want to ensure that their pets have the best opportunity for a long healthy life. Younger consumers purchasing pet health products have made an impact said Welsh. It is evident that consumer interest in sustainable food products is growing and that the emergence of this growth is being accelerated by younger generations. DSM s research indicates 66 percent of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands and 73 percent of global Millennials are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings. The issue of sustainability is a core value at DSM Welsh said. We believe manufacturers must focus on providing a high-quality safe product in a sustainable manner. Every day the research on omega-3 EPA and DHA grows as scientific researchers examine new potential benefits associated with fish oil consumption. However the ever-increasing global consumption of fish and our heavy reliance on fish material as a protein source is bringing us to the critical Go to americanlaboratories for info about this advertiser March 2019 Nutrition Industry Executive 31 point where ocean supplies will fail to meet the growing demand. Projections indicate that continuing to overfish our oceans will result in a shortage of commercially harvested fish and potentially lead to extinction of certain species. DSM s DHAgold is based on algal fermentation and is a sustainable omega-3 solution for pet nutrition. The DHA-producing algal are grown in large stainless steel fermentation vessels commonly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries via a closed process in cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-inspected facilities. After fermentation the algal biomass is carefully dried to produce DHAgold. These microalgal flakes contain a high level of DHA free of ocean-borne contaminants ideal for use in pet nutrition products. The natural protection of the cell walls and the additional natural antioxidants create the stability needed for a longer shelf life. Because it is a whole cell algal DHAgold has better sensory performance compared to fish oil and fish meal. That is also a concern for PURIS. As climate change becomes more of a concern the biggest trend we see is pet owners are looking for more sustainable regenerative and ethically sourced ingredients with very transparent supply chains said Getzinger. PURIS offers ingredients powered by regenerative agriculture transparent back to the nonGMO seed that it sells farmers. Consumers are also looking to feed their pets healthier diets. Healthier diets mean understanding exactly what the label on the back of the packaging means and determining if that is a healthy purchase. Dosing Delivery Safety and Efficacy Meeting dietary requirements for pets can be a challenge for pet owners and supplements offer a way for owners to ensure that their pet is getting the nutri- tion they need. While adding nutritional ingredients to pet food during the production process and adding supplements to pet food in pill format were historically the solutions available to pet owners said Owen. Innovations such as Lonza s Coni-Snap Sprinkle capsules offer a solution that enables the ingredient to be sprinkled onto pet food. Pet owners can in turn easily pull apart the capsule deliver the correct dose of the supplement and increase the nutritional value of their pets food without compromising quality safety or efficacy. Another challenge is getting a pet to take a supplement or drug. As a result supplement (and drug) manufacturers are constantly looking for innovative ways to deliver their formulations said Dockery. Some owners are very adept at giving their pets a hard pill with confidence that the pill will be swallowed. Other owners are not so fortunate. Some ingredients can be easily dispensed in a chew or treat type of product adjusting the flavor to conform to appealing tastes for the desired animal species she added. Sticky goo for- Go to mackflavor for info about this advertiser 32 Nutrition Industry Executive March 2019 mats similar to peanut butter are also popular for some formulations. Many manufacturers have found these approaches to be quite successful but it helps to utilize ingredients that already have either a neutral or mild taste and smell. Ingredients that are derived from foods that are already in the diet of the animals also helps. Ensuring product quality depends on traceability according to DSM s Welsh. Our research suggests that there is a rising consumer concern with respect to safety quality and traceability of ingredients. Pet retail products range from concentrated dietary supplements to pet foods designed to deliver 100 percent of the animal s daily nutritional needs. It makes sense that ingredient traceability is vital. We also know pet food product recalls break down consumer confidence in packaged goods. Consumers trust the brands they buy which means manufacturers need to deliver on that trust. Safe ingredients are key to this and the ingredients manufacturers have a vital role to play. At DSM we believe the best way a manufacturer can safeguard its products and brands against the unthinkable is to invest in quality ingredients and expertise from a trusted source. We invest many resources in trying to ensure unmatched product and service quality for our many partners. And optimizing the viability of probiotics can also be a challenge in pet food products said Cox. The unfortunate reality is that most types of probiotic bacteria will not survive long enough during processing and storage to deliver their intended benefits to the animal s gut. GanedenBC30 however is a probiotic strain with a three-year shelf life that will survive both processing conditions and transit through the digestive system. It can do this because it s a spore-forming Bacillus bacteria which means it has a natural protective shell meaning it is more stable in pet food products like soft chews hard chews dry powder blends and frozen treats. cally dominated by Mars and Nestle. General Mills J.M. Smucker and other food companies have recently entered the pet care market by acquiring pet product brands. But wherever these products are sold Kerry said it is set to seize the opportunities presented. As the pet food category grows more dynamic and with an increased focus on ingredient transparency and customized formulations Cox said we are exploring applications for our branded functional ingredients to offer clinically proven health benefits to pets to deliver on these emerging consumer demands. NIE New Channels Sales channels in pet food pet care space are shifting too Niemann noted. As more brands move from specialty brick and mortar stores and veterinary clinics we see more premium brands entering the mass market retail space like in grocery stores. Further the digital age is also impacting how pet owners shop for their pets. With the emergence of online clubs for pet supplies such as or Amazon s Wag platform pet owners now have immediate access to premium brands and products that were historically available only through specialty shops or from a veterinarian. Another interesting development that Niemann pointed out is that more CPG companies are entering the pet care space competing with markets histori- Extra Extra Visit to see the 10 Things You Need to Know About Pet Food Product Premixes. FORMOREINFORMATION American Laboratories https DSM Gelita Kerry formanufacturers Lonza Myos Rens Technology Puris Stratum Nutrition AssociationNews (Continued from page 26) CRN Announces New Chairman 2019 Board of Directors Welcomes 11 New Companies he Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has announced that David Campbell vice president North America (NA) regulatory affairs and policy RB Health has been elected chair of the association s Board of Directors. Campbell served on CRN s Executive Committee for the past two years. He will hold the chairman position through 2020 succeeding Jim Hyde vice president and general manager at Balchem Human Nutrition and Pharma. Hyde will continue to serve on the Board as immediate past chair. T March 2019 Campbell has more than 20 years of experience in the health industry. He previously served as the senior director NA regional regulatory lead for Pfizer Consumer Health. In his role he was responsible for leading the NA Regulatory Affairs department in the development and execution of regulatory strategies for OTC drugs medical devices dietary supplements and cosmetics for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Prior to that Campbell held a variety of positions at large and midsized health care companies including Sanofi-Aventis Daiichi Medical Research Altana Pharma and Watson Pharma. In other news CRN has announced that 11 new companies have joined the association s membership ranks. These companies include Voting Members Cypress Ingredients Inventia HealthCare Ltd. Kappa Bioscience Kerry Mito-Q NuLiv Science USA Inc. OMG Nutrition and Vanteres and Associate Members BakerHostetler LLP RLA Collective A Ruder Finn Company and Yuyama. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 33 Such a (WEIGHT) LOSS Each year seems to bring a new diet fad. No matter what they re eating supplements for weight are still in demand. Here s how ingredients help keep up. By Lisa Schofield very decade has its fad to lose weight the easy way. In the early 1900s you could buy tapeworms which would eat all your food inside you (not a healthy idea) the cigarette diet was the bees knees in the 1920s (also not recommended today) in the 1950s the cabbage soup diet a seven-day cabbagesoup-only diet was the rage. The 70s had the Scarsdale Diet the 80s had the Beverly Hills Diet the 90s was Atkins and fat-free while 2000s ushered in South Beach. Now it s all about keto and paleo. Some people cross-germinate with veganism and gluten free. As the global population swells so does its waistline it seems hence another new diet. Weight management was is and will always be a strong demand in the industry consid- E 34 Nutrition Industry Executive ering almost 39 percent of the U.S. adults are obese and almost 50 percent of Americans want to lose weight according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Therefore asserted Sandy Chien PhD vice president of innovative products at HORN an IMCD company California there will always be a new diet fad. She noted that there are some studies that have shown the efficacy of weight loss on both keto (which focuses more on macronutrient consumption) and paleo (which focuses more on ideology). With the emergence of diets such as keto and paleo and the increasing popularity of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles for their perceived health benefits consumers may miss out on beneficial nutrients from the consumption of key foods such as meat carbo- hydrates fruit etc. pointed out Juliana Erickson senior marketing manager with Switzerland-based Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition. Trendy diets can give manufacturers the opportunity to extend product lines or remarket products for specific health benefits she added. Mariko Hill product development executive California-based Gencor Pacific believes that analyzing diet trends can move the industry forward by developing new ingredients and innovative formats to reflect and or augment them. However she commented whether any fad-diet is suitable for long-term health is yet to be known we once believed low-fat to be the solution for weight loss however look how society perceives it now. It s not so much the diet as it is the March 2019 individual pointed out Sayantan Bhattacharya category manager weight management brands OmniActive Health Technologies New Jersey. While it is popular to say that most people fail diets the reality is most diets fail people he commented. The reason there is such a huge failure rate for many dieters is because each person s needs are unique what works for one often won t work for another because of the variations between such factors as metabolism stress management blood sugar response food intolerances and genetics. Therefore he observed personalization is probably more appropriate in the weight-management category than any other. In weight management there is no one-size-fits-all solution or even one-size-fits-most he said pointing to the growth and great results of personalized nutrition to help stem the obesity epidemic. Alison Raban CFS ingredient application scientist BI California emphasized that in the ever-thriving weightloss category brands should always consider consumer diet trends when developing new dietary supplement functional beverage-food producers seeking to augment trendy diets. However she warned brands should also always do their due diligence to discern if it is a passing fad (i.e. green coffee bean extract) or a longer-term trend (i.e. ketogenic diet) fruitlessly chasing a fad and capitalizing on a trend can be hard to separate. Not-so-fad Research Obesity s causes and finding the easiest solutions continue to drive global research. Further it s become increasingly clear that just being skinny doesn t mean looking or feeling good. Rather the quest (rightfully so) among most individuals who want to lose weight is to also get into good physical shape. And more research is showing that this is the endpoint to aspire and work toward. There s newer research that interests ingredient suppliers. We know the gut microbiome influences allover health and now weight management revealed Shaheen Majeed president New Jersey-based Sabinsa Worldwide. He pointed to a recent double-blind randomized placebo-controlled clinical study investigated the impact of curcumiMarch 2019 noids on the gut microbiome in humans for two months. Curcuminoids were found to have a unique role and effect on the gut microbiome by increasing the population of several species which attribute the prebiotic-like effects to suitable alterations of host physiology congenial to the growth of beneficial microbiota he explained. Diet and nutrition research is very complex Raban emphasized and sometimes new study results are published that often contradict previous ones. This causes consumer (and even formulator marketer) confusion. For example she offered one of the biggest areas of new research is the positive effect of fat on weight management. Several new studies have concluded that lower carbohydrate diets that emphasize higher fat intake can lead to weight loss. Conversely as with any nutrition research short-term results and long-term results are typically not equivalent. With long-term studies the newest research still supports the old conclusions such as increased vegetable consumption is usually the healthiest way to lose weight. However with the rise of these short-term studies regarding the benefits of fat in the diet and the media buzz around ketogenic and paleo diets consumers will seek out the studies that support their choices that might not be the most substantiated. A December 2018-published study utilizing Chromax chromium picoli- nate New York-based Nutrition 21 s body composition-support ingredient addresses common issues associated with weight loss and shines light on the unfortunate fact that many popular weight-loss strategies although effective may only facilitate some weight loss derived from true fat with other portions coming from lean mass loss which is usually undesirable and can have negative health implications explained Chief Science Officer James Komorowski. He elaborated that lean body mass (LBM) is often lost through typical very low-calorie diets (hypocaloric between 1 000 and 1 200 daily) so addressing and emphasizing LBM preservation or augmentation is critical. There are a few dietary supplements that appear to help preserve LBM during weight loss or to reduce the loss of LBM as compared to diet alone he observed. One such dietary supplement that appears to have this LBM sparing effect is chromium picolinate. Chromax has been shown to effectively assist in true fat loss while enabling these consumers to still maintain lean body mass. There are several mechanisms of weight loss to address with your formula that consumers find appealing and that science shows can help goal achievement. According to Hill carbohydrate timing manipulation is a growing area of interest and researchers are starting to discover the influence of this macronutrient on energy metabolism and weight management. Consumers particularly athletes are also beginning to understand the role of carbohydrates on body composition and performance. By manipulating the time and amount ingested individuals may be able to achieve weight loss goals more effectively. Moreover she said research on ingredients that can influence satiety fat metabolism and hormone production will have a major impact on consumers due to their ability to affect weight loss. Another aspect of weight management that is often forgotten about is the need for managing blood sugar according to Bhattacharya. Fat has always been blamed for the rising obesity epidemic but more recently research has shown that sugar in all its forms is the culprit the average American consumes 82 grams of Nutrition Industry Executive 35 Such a (WEIGHT) LOSS added sugar every day which is three times the amount recommended by the American Heart Association and approximately 74 percent of packaged foods still contain hidden sugars he pointed out. The Calorie Equation Enough No doubt to lose weight one needs to expend more calories than one takes in. It is simple math said Dr. Chien 3 500 calories equal one pound. If the individual consumes 500 fewer calories per day one pound will be lost in one week. If you stop eating you are guaranteed to lose weight she commented. However in general the objective of losing weight should be to stay healthy. To me building muscle mass and glucose management are the key to longterm healthy and successful weight loss. She added that muscle increases the basal body metabolic rate. For every pound of muscle gained through exercise 50 extra calories are used per day. Diet and exercise are the first steps to tipping the scale in favor of negative energy balance agreed Bhattacharya. In addition to caloric restriction there has been some discussion about foods (notably mediumchain triglycerides or MCT) that use up more calories to digest than they contain increasing diet-induced thermogenesis. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat so increasing fatfree mass spurs desirable metabolism during weight management and keeps the body in negative energy balance. The final component of energy expenditure is resting energy expenditure (REE) and this area is a focus of much research he related. Increasing or maintaining REE during caloric restriction can effectively support long-term weight management. Hill likewise confirmed that burning more calories than are consumed to lose weight works however she noted this notion is not as simplistic as it may seem. Exercise does not have such a profound effect on weight 36 Nutrition Industry Executive loss considering the number of calories consumed tend to override the amount burnt in an average exercise session in other words you can t simply outrun a bad diet. By establishing total daily energy expenditure and not eating more than what is required individuals will likely see a decrease in weight. Majeed has a unique view Once fat is formed and deposited in the body it is very difficult to reverse because of the complex nature of fat so prevention is better he said. He also emphasized that weight loss cannot occur by a single mechanism but rather is more achievable by a holistic approach combining several synergistic mechanisms including a combination of ingredients to maintain healthy body composition. For the vast majority of individuals overweight and obesity are the results of excess calorie consumption and or inadequate physical activity he added. How Ingredients Enhance Weight Loss Lonza s ingredients that support weight management body composition and overall fitness include Carnipure L-Carnitine and Meratrim. According to Erickson L-carnitine plays a crucial role in producing energy from fatty acids through beta-oxidation. A meta-analysis published in 2016 showed that L-carnitine supple- mentation led to a substantial decrease in both body weight and body mass index (BMI) compared to a placebo. L-carnitine is produced in the body from two precursor amino acids lysine and methionine but this process only contributes 25 percent to the total carnitine in the body. The rest comes from the diet. Supplementation can therefore help to increase dietary intake she commented. Meratrim is Lonza s clinically studied patented blend of two plant extracts (Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana) that Erickson said has both cardiovascular and weight-loss benefits when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Meratrim can support healthy blood lipid levels as well as helping to reduce hip and waist size she said. These benefits are supported by three randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trials including a substantial 16-week study and have been studied in healthy overweight individuals involving diet and exercise. Gencor s ActivAMP is composed of saponins extracted from the vine of Gynostemma pentaphyllum and has been shown to support healthy weight management by activating adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) according to Hill. AMPK regulates energy metabolism by increasing -oxidation and glucose oxidation as well as down-regulating acetyl coA carboxylase which Hill explained is a metabolic configuration identical to that induced by physical exercise and like exercise ultimately reduces cholesterol blood glucose levels and abdominal adipose tissue. Gencor s Slimaluma a standardized extract of Caralluma fimbriata benefits weight management via appetitesuppressing properties leading to weight loss. The anorexigenic effects are attributed to pregnane glycosides compounds that also have been shown to inhibit pre-adipocyte cell division a novel mechanism which holds great potential for the prevention of long-term weight gain she said. Testofen also from Gencor is a standardized extract of fenugreek with a 50 percent content of furastanol saponins. According to Hill human clinical studies have found Testofen to boost testosterone levels naturally March 2019 contributing to enhanced body composition by decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass. Testofen supports weight as its anabolic potential allows individuals to build more muscle mass which helps boost metabolism and develop a foundation for weight loss she explained. Komorowski reported that a recent review published in Nutrients in December 2018 compared changes in body composition that occur from using Nutrition 21 s Chromax chromium picolinate versus other popular diet programs. While all diet programs led to weight loss the results demonstrated that Chromax supplementation resulted in the greatest percentage of fat loss and the smallest percentage of lean body mass loss from total weight loss. The same review also compared Chromax against other popular weight loss supplements and again subjects supplementing with Chromax lost more fat and less lean muscle mass out of their total weight loss. This shows that when supplementing with Chromax you can lose the fat and not the muscle he said. Chromium Komorowski explained is a trace element essential for carbohydrate lipid and protein metabolism and is an insulin cofactor. It works by activating glucose transporter 4 trafficking and enhancing insulin-stimulated glucose transport helping insulin to function more effectively to transport glucose into cells. This means that chromium helps insulin function more effectively to transport glucose into cells. Sabinsa also has several clinically studied ingredients that help promote weight loss. ForsLean extracted from the roots of Coleus forskohlii is available in three grades standardized for 10 20 and 40 percent forskolin. Approved by the Korean FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a weight-management ingredient several clinical studies with ForsLean carried out globally suggest its significant role in promoting lean body mass noted Majeed. Extracts from Garcinia cambogia fruits from Sabinsa are Citrin Citrin-K and GarCitrin contain the fruit s active constituent (-) Hydroxy citric acid (HCA) which has been studied for its role in assisting weight loss. Patented GarCitrin combines garcinol with HCA while GRAS (generally recognized as safe)-affirmed Citrin-K is fully water soluble and said Majeed inspired the concept of weight loss coffee and tea with garcinia to the market especially in the E.U. Sabinsa s LeanGard blends ForsLean GarCitrin and bioavailability enhancer BioPerine that work synergistically to support satiety and lean body mass with a beneficial impact on healthy body weight. According to Majeed LeanGard has been clinically evaluated for its safe and effective role in ideal weight management. He explained the differences between ForsLean and GarCitrin. ForsLean increases the cAMP levels and therefore the lipase activity to break down fat. The HCA in GarCitrin helps reduce the appetite and also increases fat metabolism. GarCitrin and ForsLean complement each other in weight management so can work better in combination than as single Go to robard for info about this advertiser March 2019 Nutrition Industry Executive 37 Such a (WEIGHT) LOSS ingredients he said. Together they break block and burn (break the fat burn the fat and block new fat formation). These three functions are of great importance in healthy body weight management and lean body mass. In studies healthy overweight obese individuals who consumed OmniActives OmniLean (Salacia chinensis) had improved changes in gut hormones which reduced blood sugar spikes and appetite Bhattacharya reported. OmniActives Capsimax also has recent clinical evidence that it can support healthy weight management. In a recent study 2 mg of capsaicinoids from 100 mg Capsimax was found to significantly increase REE by greater than 6 percent in healthy men 38 Nutrition Industry Executive and women. This increase can help keep the energy balance tipped in favor of healthy weight management he commented. Chien described Outlast exclusively available through HORN an IMCD company as a blend of popular sports nutrition ingredient creatine and the isomultulose Palatinose manufactured by BENEO. While creatine has been widely used in increasing muscle mass and strength adaption during training it s getting an update through Outlast where creatine absorption is increased by 50 percent when Palatinose is used as a carrier. BI provides a wide variety of plantbased ingredients that manufacturers can use to for weight loss management formulas according to Raban. The two biggest categories are plant-based fibers and proteins which are both known by consumers to help with satiety. Most Americans consume less fiber than recommended so having several options of consumerfriendly fibers is extremely helpful for formulators she said. The great news is that there are plenty more ingredients each with its own portfolio of human studies demonstrating weight loss and favorable lean body mass through a variety of clear mechanisms of action. And if your product is what consumers attribute to losing weight you will gain tremendous word-of-mouth support. No matter the diet du jour your effective weight loss management product is a lose-win-win proposition NIE Extra Extra Visit to read about how exercise can reduce visceral fat. FORMOREINFORMATION BI Gencor Pacific HORN Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition Nutrition 21 OmniActive Technologies Sabinsa Worldwide March 2019 Forever Young As consumers look to natural products to help counter the aging process ingredients supporting that goal continue to evolve. By Nicholas Saraceno ociety believes in being one s best self and this idea can apply from our outwardly appearance to the core of our cellular information. S Ingredients That Age Well California-based GCI Nutrients Richard Kozlenko DPM MPH PhD science advisory with the company noted the many aspects natural ingredients might affect the aging process Protection of our DNA Protection and restoration of a more youthful metabolism Restoring and protecting our biological cellular and intracellular membranes to maximize nutrient flow and oxygenation Supporting and optimizing a balanced and healthy microbiome Prevention and management of subclinical inflammation and autoimmunity Endocrine balance and blood sugar March 2019 Protection of our brain eyes and neuroendocrine physiology Muscle maintenance and enhancement of our lean tissue mass bone connective tissue skeletal muscle. Consumers seek products that can tackle multiple issues in one. Ingredients such as curcumin and black seed oil cover that description. Consumers concerned about healthy aging are interested in products which can support their cardiovascular health joint health skin care weight management and brain health suggested Morris Zelkha CEO of Israel-based TriNutra whose ingredients are distributed to the U.S. through Barrington Nutritionals (New York). They want to look and feel younger than their years. Antioxidants such as astaxanthin and a myriad of flavonoids have become a common solution to support this demand. In addition to antioxidants botanicals and herbs that provide positive inflammation responses such as curcumin and black seed oil are ingredients that are increasing in popularity because of their ability to contribute to multiple symptoms providing more comprehensive care. Black seed oil or Nigella sativa for example is an ingredient that has been around for over 2 000 years and has recently gained attention due to its key phytonutrient thymoquinone. Thymoquinone has significant clinical support for glucose levels cardiovascular health and healthy inflammatory responses. Anne Trias MS product director with American River Nutrition (Massachusetts) also commented on the benefits of antioxidants. Traditionally based on the oxidative damage theory of aging she said antioxidants are popular longevity supplements and include old staples such as vitamins C and E CoQ10 resveratrol and the popular curcumin. Among the antioxidants vitamin E is uniquely shaped to reside within the lipid cell Nutrition Industry Executive 39 Forever Young membrane to protect its integrity and also happens to be the most prominent antioxidant within lipid bilayers. Few however are aware that vitamin E is a family of molecules that include tocopherols and tocotrienols. Of the two tocotrienol is an emerging antioxidant ingredient with many added benefits not shared by tocopherol. A change from the old standby alpha-tocopherol to the vitamin E of the 21st century tocotrienol is in order not just for the fact that tocotrienol is 50-fold more potent as an antioxidant than alpha-tocopherol 1 but also because it addresses various ailments associated with aging in an antioxidantindependent manner. Elyse Lovett MS MBA senior marketing manager with Kyowa Hakko USA in New York was in agreement with Trias in regard to the effectiveness of antioxidants such as resveratrol and praised items such as collagen. There are so many ingredients that are hot or popular at the moment like collagen peptides or essential oils others that are popular but have been on the market longer and antioxidants like resveratrol and glutathione she explained. I think the consumer wants to feel safe when they are taking ingredients so having great science and knowing where and how your ingredients are manufactured are key. In addition to supplements Shoji Matsakawa general manager organic chemicals sales & marketing for New York-based Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America manufacturers of BioPQQ noted that regular exercise coupled with a balanced diet is effective with increasing one s lifespan and staying healthy as one ages. However she noted that the definition of a balanced diet can change taking presence in diets such as ketogenic low-carb and paleo. This has resulted in several food options (along with their ingredients) gaining popularity as of late. In recent years Matsakawa said superfoods like kale avocado and quinoa and their active ingredients have also been in the spotlight. Consumers 40 Nutrition Industry Executive seek nutrient-dense foods rich in vitamins protein anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants and they look for nutraceutical supplements with these same qualities. BioPQQ is a powerful antioxidant meaning it protects cells from damaging agents like free radicals. Its antioxidative effect has been demonstrated to be significantly higher than both vitamin C and vitamin E. BioPQQ is also a unique ingredient in that it can increase and activate mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell which can energize cells in the brain and other vital organs. Innovation & Creativity Compared to prior centuries life expectancy has in fact increased. Although this signifies more years to spend with loved ones this can also mean dealing with more disease. As lifespan or longevity continues to lengthen average healthspan (the period of life before age-related diseases begin to show up) has not kept pace explained Kieron Edwards PhD scientific director at Sibelius Natural Products (England). Fortunately proper education and innovation has led consumers to become more aware of the benefits of healthy eating habits. They continuously seek better solutions to help them improve their daily performance and health. Innovative dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages rather than conventional medicines offer an easy and promising solution to these problems. As such a growing trend is to seek non-Western functional solutions. Traditional Eastern medicinal solutions and botanicals like sage which can be used in both supplementation and functional food and beverage applications are increasing in popularity. Specifically functional food and beverages are seeing an upsurge in demand due to their convenience. The company utilizes Chronoscreen which helps evaluate biological activity of ingredients. Sibelius Natural Products has used the Chronoscreen platform as a unique method for verifying botanical actives Edwards added. Examining botanicals in C. elegans the Chronoscreen is able to track the resulting extension of lifespan and the improvement of healthspan. If the tested ingredient has had a beneficial effect on cellular aging in the worm then there is a strong possibility that it will also have beneficial effects in humans due to the genetic biochemical and physiological similarities to humans. Chronoscreen has been successfully used for biological testing of a broad range of natural products and ingredients. One Chronoscreen analysis conducted for L Or al on a polysaccharide from Chlorophytum borivilianum suggested both a lifespan extension and possible beneficial effects on skin aging parameters. Clean labels have also continued to be popular. The more recent trend is the shift away from synthetic ingredients used in foods and beverages and more toward clean label where the ingredients are recognizable (eg oats blueberries corn) said Annie Eng CEO Floridabased HP Ingredients (HPI). We are not aware of any research showing or suggesting long-term benefits of consuming mostly natural and clean-label products over conventionally processed foods. This will likely take years to track and quantify. Along with knowing exactly what goes into finished products ingredient ease of access is also a major selling point. More products are being designed as lifestyle products that can be consumed as part of one s already established regime observed Samantha Ford business development director AIDP (California) whose company offers Magtein for cognition and Kollagen IIxs and KoAct for the bones and joints. For example if someone is a smoothie drinker or likes the ease and convenience of energy bars ingredients that formulate well into packets mixes and other on-the-go options are extremely desirable. Personalization is also an March 2019 Go to kyowa for info about this advertiser Forever Young and-coming trend. Gentler extraction methods also enhances ingredient desirability. TriNutra utilizes cold-press extraction to create ThymoQuin (3 percent thymoquinone) which can contribute to a plethora of benefits that support longevity the company stated. Many ingredients have been used in traditional systems of medicine for thousands of years. TriNutra s goal was to take these recognized ingredients and bring consumers new and improved ways to use them Zelkha explained. Via slow cold-press extraction our black seed oil ThymoQuin is the first cold-press oil standardized to three percent thymoquinone enhancing healthy inflammatory responses and demonstrating superior benefits compared to other black seed oil products on the market. Through current and ongoing research we have discovered that synergistic activity of different actives can give broader and wider performance for heart joint skin and brain health. ThymoQuin 3 percent has demonstrated synergistic effects when combined with omega-3 oils to potentiate their effects on inflammatory response and oxygen consumption. Market Status Looking at the market healthy aging is experiencing an upward climb partly due to the range of ages purchasing products. An overall interest in the use of dietary supplements has helped as well. The healthy aging market continues to rise as both young and old demographics drive sales explained Chris Holland vice president of sales New York-based Barrington Nutritionals. Holland pointed to a study conducted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. It stated that the use of dietary supplements among U.S. adults increased 10 percent from 2009 reporting that 75 percent of Americans take dietary supplements in various healthy aging categories such as immune health heart health bone health and overall healthy aging. The study also 42 Nutrition Industry Executive reported that the 18-34 demographic showed a high interest in supplements for increased energy while the age group 35-54 reported immune health as a top reason for taking supplementation. This age group also increased its use of herbal and botanical supplements by 5 percent in one year. This leaves a large opportunity for growth Holland said. Clinical studies are showing the positive effects of ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine remedies and consumers are paying attention. We predict this market will grow continuously as consumers are ready to spend more money on longevity and healthspan products. ally elevating those areas supplements with some of the main reasons for supplementation included the goals of promoting bone health heart health and healthy cholesterol levels. Due to the growing population of older adults and increasing cost of medical care these dietary supplement categories addressing a proactive rather than reactive approach are certain to rise in the coming years. Even toward the younger side of the spectrum consumers are being more conscientious in how they plan for the aging process. Social media has helped play a role in this. With the aging population growing exponentially and the burgeoning interest in healthy aging the outlook for products that serve this demographic is very promising Ford said. In addition there is a movement to encourage younger demographics to think ahead and be mindful of aging well into later years. Developing healthy habits earlier in life including quality supplements with science-proven ingredients is further opening the market to expansion in the future. Social media and digital marketing is on board to push out this news. AIDP is committed to stay on track with innovation and working with our finished product partners on easyto-take adapt-to-lifestyle finished products. into more optimal health. Research The focus of healthy aging in our industry is increasingly committed to help convert areas of chronic distress and dysfunction into areas of not only better health but ide- Richard Kozlenko GCI Nutrients A look back at the percentage of adults in the United States who are age 65 and above throughout several decades are surprising. Trias referred to a United Nations report that noted that the percentage of U.S. adults matching that description was 8 percent in 1950 compared to 12 percent in 2000 in 2050 this amount is expected to rise to 20 percent. For the younger generation of babies born in 2012 life expectancy is 78.8 years. So what s changed Trias suggested that Americans are not only getting older and living longer they are successfully living with multiple ailments that come with aging. Many older adults are turning to dietary supplements to counter the aging process with one study reporting that as many as 70 percent took at least one supplement between 2011-2014 an increase from 63 percent between 1999 2000.2 Surprisingly 29 percent [of] older adults took at least four or more According to Kozlenko The focus of healthy aging in our industry is increasingly committed to help convert areas of chronic distress and dysfunction into areas of not only better health but ideally elevating those areas into more optimal health he said. If the goals and classifications of the various ingredients and products were to be succinctly classified under key research objectives most could fall under these headings Protection and Prevention Restoration and Balance Functional Enhancement and Optimization. With this classification system in mind one can fill in lists of suitable ingredients and formulas. In terms of specific research HPI has reported numerous results including on its Bergamonte (BPE-C) product its branded form of bergamot (Citrus bergamia Risso). Our new and improved Bergamonte helps in weight loss and in improving factors that comprise metabolic syndrome such as blood sugar and cholesterol profiles as well as enhancing nitric oxide production and supporting liver March 2019 Go to euromed for info about this advertiser Forever Young function said Eng. This new version has been recently tested and shown to not only retain the powerful regulation of cholesterol and blood glucose levels that the original extract was shown to do (as it still has the same flavonoid profile of naringin neohesperidin neoeriocitrin melitidin and brutelidin) it has a significant favorable impact on body weight and metabolic syndrome. The study which is being prepared for journal publication has shown potent impact on hormones that influence metabolic syndrome specifically a strong increase in leptin (12.30 percent with 650 mg BPE-C and 21.36 percent with 1 300 mg) decrease in ghrelin (6.89 percent 650 mg and 14.90 percent with 1 300 mg) and an increase in adiponectin (18.65 percent with 650 mg) and 21.76 percent with 1 300 mg). At Kyowa Hakko Lovett said they focus on ingredients that the company has on the market and continues research in order to fit various demographic and consumer needs. It published a study on its Setria Glutathione that demonstrated the benefits of skin brightening with oral supplementation. Glutathione she said decreases after the age of 40. Research on aging also takes a holis- 44 Nutrition Industry Executive tic approach which has led to successful results. We re seeing a shift where research and development is increasingly targeting the aging process as opposed to individual age-related diseases or symptoms Matsakawa explained. This is leading to research that has the ultimate goal of making discoveries directed at slowing aging itself. Some of these include big-data approaches blood-based therapies and research stemming from aging results in model organisms. Research on BioPQQ is in line with the last trend with clinical studies like the study on nematodes which are model organisms for longevity research. Rather than promoting symptomatic countermeasures BioPQQ may contribute to health and wellness in aging by supporting and activating fundamental biological functions. It also has the advantage of being backed by numerous published human clinical trials. Edwards also noted the evolution of studies on aging. Many studies have linked vitamins and minerals to improved health but examples of supplementation with individual vitamins have often provided results on the basis of correlation more than causation he noted. Therefore a holistic approach researching TCM botanicals and complex ingredients beyond common antioxidants is needed for more conclusive results. Additionally research has evolved in order to provide ingredients that don t just address symptoms but the underlying causes of conditions to better prevent them. Each person has his or her own health-specific wants and needs therefore strides toward making sure everyone s concerns are met are essential. Advancements have also needed to be made to meet consumer demands for personalized nutrition Edwards concluded. People are shying away from the one-size-fits-all medicine model. They want the ability to choose the optimal methods of taking care of their own health needs. NIE References 1 Serbinova E Kagan V Han D Packer L. Free radical recycling and intramembrane mobility in the antioxidant properties of alpha-tocopherol and alpha-tocotrienol. Free Radic Biol Med. 1991 10(5) 263-75. 2 Gahche JJ Bailey RL Potischman N Dwyer JT. Dietary Supplement Use Was Very High among Older Adults in the United States in 2011-2014. J Nutr. 2017 147(10) 1968-76. Epub 2017 09 01. Extra Extra Visit to read how omega-3 fatty acids in seafood can help with healthy aging. FORMOREINFORMATION AIDP American River Nutrition Barrington Nutritionals GCI Nutrients HP Ingredients Kyowa Hakko USA Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America Sibelius Natural Products TriNutra March 2019 Go to biocat for info about this advertiser Nutraceuticals THE PROS OF One of the most challenging issues with combination products is being able to include therapeutic levels of key ingredients while keeping the daily serving of tablets or capsules to a minimum PRE- & PROBIOTICS Marci van der Muelen National Sales Manager Nordic Naturals By Shari Barbanel re- and probiotics are not a new thing but it has taken some time for consumers to come around and understand their benefits in regard to digestive health. But now that they have ingredient suppliers and manufacturers are aiming to educate consumers that pre- and probiotics can do more than just aid the gut. According to Ireland-based Kerry Functional Ingredients & Actives John Quilter vice president and general manager Wellmune & GanedenBC30 one in four Americans report having digestive health issues on an almost daily basis.1 And the probiotics category is benefiting from this interest in digestive health. In fact in the U.S. the market grew by 12 percent between 2012 and 2017 2 and globally the probiotics market is projected to grow to 64 billion by 2022.3 Consumers know without a doubt that probiotics are very good for their bodies even if they don t yet under- P 46 Nutrition Industry Executive stand the differences between strains. They know that probiotics are especially good for digestion and immune health but they do not quite know that there are many other health benefits associated with probiotics such as promoting favorable lean body mass sports performance and sports recovery said Sam Michini vice president of marketing and strategy for Georgia-based Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes. There is an exciting universe of benefits of various probiotics that are available for manufacturing. And this allows for brand marketers to differentiate themselves in the market. They are beginning to understand that prebiotics are necessary for probiotics to flourish Michini continued. However we feel that this message needs to be more aggressively emphasized because there is still a lot of consumer confusion as to why prebiotics are beneficial to health and how. According to Julie Imp rato market- ing manager for New Jersey-based Nexira the digestive tract s role is to absorb nutrients and to serve as one of our body s most important barrier protecting it from allergic reactions infection etc. Leaky gut syndrome (LGS) which can be caused from infection trauma the use overuse of medication etc. can cause inflammation and damage to the intestinal lining resulting in poor nutrient absorption and unwanted substances to entering the bloodstream. LGS is associated with a wide range of general symptoms such as fatigue fevers of unknown origin abdominal pain bloating and diarrhea memory problems concentration difficulties and poor tolerance to exercise noted Imp rato. And while probiotics provide good bacteria to keep the digestive tract healthy prebiotics are essentially fertilizers for the good bacteria in the gut and enable probiotics to be more effective explained Samantha Ford March 2019 ness development director for AIDP in California. With that prebiotics are actually a critical element to improved gut health. They promote the increase of friendly bacteria in the gut help with various digestive problems and even boost your immune system. Prebiotic foods have also been shown to improve metabolic health and contribute to overall well-being. Nexira s Fibregum is an all-natural and organic dietary fiber sourced from carefully selected acacia trees that has been clinically proven to have strong prebiotic properties. Nexira conducted several experiments to fully understand how acacia fiber ferments in the colon. According to the company these experiments confirm that Fibregum fermentation helps to improve the gut impermeability. Further Fibregum is the only fiber with a patent pending on gut barrier restoration. Deerland s PreferPro is a non-fiber or starch-based prebiotic that works in both the large and small intestines helping probiotics to proliferate at small doses. A clinical study gave participants one 15 mg PreforPro capsule daily noted Michini. When compared to the placebo group results of the study showed PreforPro substantially enhanced the growth of beneficial bacteria including Bifidobacterium animalis Lactobacillus delbrueckii and Lactobacillus lactococcus. A significant decrease in LDL cholesterol was observed in the total study population as well as a trend toward decreased total cholesterol. Participants with excess lipids in the blood showed both clinically and statistically relevant decreases in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. A significant decrease in the allergyinducing interleukin 4 (IL-4) cytokine. David Heber MD PhD FACP FASN chairman Herbalife Nutrition Institute in California noted that while the original market and research focused on the role of pre- and probiotics in digestive health research has also pointed out that the microbiome is highly individual like the genome and is influenced by diet and lifestyle he said. The gut bacteria produce substances called postbiotics which either feed the intestinal cells directly influencing immune function or circulate in the blood traveling to the brain where they have a role as protective antioxidants or agents promoting satiety. Research in this field is March 2019 very new and more studies are needed to understand these relationships. Beyond the Gut When actress Jamie Lee Curtis began starring in commercials touting the digestive benefits of the probiotics in Activia yogurt Americans seemed to finally get how probiotics aided the digestive tract. Now they are beginning to understand that pre- and probiotics support more of the body s systems. For instance there is a strong connection between gut and immune health. In fact 70 percent of the immune system is located in the digestive tract. The link between gut health and other areas of health aside from regularity immunity metabolic health skin health weight and energy are all huge areas of interest said Ford. In 2015 AIDP launched PreticX a unique bifidogenic xylooligosaccharide (XOS) prebiotic that is clinically effective at one of the lowest doses on the market according to the company. Since then the company has expanded its specialty portfolio of digestive ingredients to include a wide range of targeted prebiotic and digestive remedies. This includes Actazin a cold-pressed green kiwi powder with natural enzyme and prebiotic activity for bowel regularity. There is a large body of research suggesting that the role of pre- and probiotics go far beyond digestive health and immune health explained Hugh C. Welsh president and general counsel for DSM North America in New Jersey. Fields increasingly recognized as being impacted by the gut microbiome include the gut-brain axis metabolic health and heart health. Consumers have made the connection as well resulting in a steady growth rate in the supplements industry. According to Welsh DSM has a strong position in gut health solutions with its Culturelle product range the No. 1-selling probiotic dietary supplement consumer brand globally as well as with its ingredient brands Oatwell and Tolerase. In December 2017 the company acquired BioCare Copenhagen A S based in Denmark. BioCare Copenhagen s portfolio is focused on probiotics and specialized in microbial actives with proven health benefits targeting gastrointestinal disorders metabolic disorders infections and immunity Welsh explained. With the acquisition of BioCare Copenhagen DSM plans to expand its offering in gut health ingredients with probiotics as we believe there is further growth potential in gut health ingredients beyond the established indications for digestive health and immune health. Ford added that combining pre- and probiotics for complementary and synergistic effects is another trend. An example is AIDP s Actazin combined with the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 she noted. L. rhamnosus HN001 has been clinically shown to support mood and anxiety4 Actazin in combination has been shown to fuel the growth of HN001 by as much as 140 percent. B reng re Feuz marketing director for Lallemand Health Solutions Inc. in Canada added that studies on the brain-gut axis and mood balance remain a strong area of development for the company. Our recent successful innovation has been our Probio Stick which is demonstrated to promote a positive mood during stressful events and can help moderate psychological and physiological responses to occasional stress. So far we have published nine mechanistic studies and five clinical trials Feuz said. In 2018 two studies were conducted by different teams with our probiotic formulation containing Lactobacillus helveticus Rosell-52 and Bifidobacterium longum Rosell-175 (Probio Stick) in depression patients Nutrition Industry Executive 47 Nutraceuticals (major depressive disorder or MDD). In a double-blind study conducted on 110 patients (Kazemi et al.) concluded that eight weeks of probiotic supplements resulted in an improvement in BDI score compared with placebo or prebiotic in patients with major depressive disorder. In June Caroline Wallace from Queen s University Canada revealed at Probiota America the promising results of a pilot study that evaluates the efficacy safety and tolerability of the same formula on symptoms of depression in treatment-naive depressed patients. Such reviews are positive to reinforce the scientific backup of this probiotic formulation already proven to alleviate both physiological and psychological symptoms of chronic stress in the general population. Personalization Today s consumers are looking for products that will serve their personal needs and take the guesswork out of nutrition. Combinations of pre- pro- postbiotics depending on the unique health profile and microbiota of the individual consumer are gaining attention as new platforms for personalized health care emerge noted Marc Jensen technical marketing manager for BIO-CAT in Minnesota. Kerry s Quilter agreed adding that now more than ever there is a growing emphasis on diversity and personalization a recognition of the importance of individual needs and preferences and in turn the satisfaction of these with tailored solutions. One-size-fits-all products are out customization is in he said. Nowhere is this trend more evident than in the field of nutrition where today s consumers are taking their wellbeing into their own hands by seeking out and demanding targeted health solutions aligned with their requirements. In fact research indicates that 71 percent of consumers globally find the concept of products customized to their individual health needs to be very or somewhat appealing. While it isn t feasible at this point to tailor to an individual s gut microbiome we have identified that the opportunity is scalable on a broad platform by personalizing probiotics to their age and health needs to provide them a just for you experience said Feuz. That s why we created a full range of quality probi48 Nutrition Industry Executive otics that offer consumers specific health solutions. We now have more than 40-plus proprietary strains and 500-plus unique probiotic formulas that cover nearly every health segment. These range from gender and age-specific products and includes categories such as gut health brain-gut axis natural defenses hearty kids teens women s health senior health sport and oral health. In 2017 Kerry added GanedenBC30 to its portfolio. According to the company GanedenBC30 is a well-established probiotic that allows for innovation opportunities in functional foods and beverages. Backed by multiple safety and efficacy studies GanedenBC30 can be found in more than 900 foods beverages and companion animal products worldwide. The versatility of GanedenBC30 compared with other probiotic strains makes it the ideal ingredient for a personalized nutrition strategy said Quilter. It can offer digestive health benefits in a variety of everyday food and beverage applications which means brands and manufacturers have a much wider choice of product formats to choose from making it easier to develop personalized products that target specific types of consumer in line with their needs and preferences. So Functional Getting pre- and probiotics into a wide range of products while maintaining efficacy and desirable flavors is an ongoing goal. Functionality and clinical studies make pre- and probiotics one of the most useful effective supplements in the dietary supplement space said Dan Little BIO-CAT s product development manager. Functionally probiotics can be used in many different forms from yogurt and keifer with the traditional probiotic strains or baked goods kombuchas and shelf stable supplements with stable spore probiotics. Efficacy is experienced by the consumer making them loyal to the product as soon as they try it. Nexira s Fibregum is an odorless colorless and flavorless soluble dietary fiber that can be incorporated at high levels in numerous food products (cereal bars cookies beverages soups dairy prod- ucts etc.) without modifying the rheology taste or color of the finished product. Available in organic grade Fibregum is also suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. Herbalife Nutrition selected GanedenBC30 for use in the company s Simply Probiotic food product which launched in July of 2017. This bacteria is naturally cultured in a way that it forms a protective coating that enables survival during passage through the stomach with evidence that the bacteria survive in the colon where they can promote digestive health said Heber. Therefore we have a tested ingredient that delivers a benefit. In addition we have identified to our customers where prebiotic fibers exist in our products and what foods to include in their diet for optimal health. Quality Assurance To create these pre- and probiotic supplements and functional foods ingredient suppliers and manufacturers need to ensure that their product is safe and delivers on the promises made on the label of the the package. Consumers trust the brands they buy which means dietary supplement manufacturers need to deliver on that trust said Welsh. Safe ingredients are key to this and the ingredient manufacturers have a vital role to play. At DSM we believe the best way a manufacturer can safeguard its products and brands against the unthinkable is to invest in quality ingredients and expertise from a trusted source. We put significant efforts into improving the efficacy of ingredient production within all levels of the industry. To ensure safety and quality we have invested in robust internal auditing processes ensuring that ingredients can be tracked and found quickly. Our mindset toward quality is the core of DSM s Quality for Life a seal of excellence. Quality for Life assures you the products you are buying from us are safe in terms of quality reliability and traceability. Moreover they are manufactured in a safe and sustainable way. Manufacturers must substantiate label claims based on living probiotic activity levels throughout the sales channel not levels only at manufacturing said Jensen. New generation probiotic (Continued on page 55) March 2019 Go to deerland for info about this advertiser BuildingBetterBrands THE JOY OF STRATEGIC MARKETING By Darrin Duber-Smith arketing strategy is not for the thin-skinned. Its primary purpose is to drive revenue by delivering value through developing need-driven consumer goods and services and the organization as a whole is always counting on marketers to reach their revenue forecasts. But doing this isn t as easy as it sounds since there is some amount of guesswork when it comes to marketing. Indeed there is a tried-and-true way to give your products a better chance to succeed. On average it costs over five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer and unfortunately for marketers the more marketing information potential customers have access to the more difficult it becomes for marketers to keep them happy. Nurturing brand loyalty has always been a difficult task and with so M 50 Nutrition Industry Executive many choices facing consumers in this globalized marketplace brand switching has become all too easy for consumers to justify. Thus developing new products are one of the keys to keeping customers engaged with the brand. Unfortunately the odds are quite good that a new product will fail within five years and this is precisely why there is often so little joy in marketing but this is also why branding is so important. The best brands connect with consumers on both emotional and rational levels. Appealing to both hemispheres of the brain makes for a stronger brand attachment and high levels of affinity lead to loyalty. When compared to casual users loyal customers tend to buy more are less sensitive to price increases tend to spread positive word-of-mouth and are far easier to reach. Indeed the brand is the key to distinguishing your products from those of competitors and to keep- ing customers. So About That Joy Metaphorically speaking any modicum of joy that might be derived from marketing (at least initially) can be compared to the confidence that engineering students often have when they feel they have prepared well for an exam. Of course the test might be impossible to pass regardless of preparation (after all it is engineering) but ultimately a well-prepared student will likely graduate on time. There is joy in planning. There is joy in being as prepared as possible. And there is a great deal of joy in making and marketing a successful product. Marketing preparedness is derived from study and analysis and this due diligence is a must before developing product price place (distribution) and promotion strategies (the Marketing Mix) for a new product. These strategies March 2019 don t appear from out of the ether but in fact arise from conducting a thorough Situation Analysis followed by a SWOT Summary revealing information that marketers should use to craft a proper marketing strategy. Indeed marketers can take solace in knowing that they have at least attempted to justify their strategies and tactics. The following strategic planning model is broken into two parts. After beginning with a product idea that might be a strategic fit for a particular company in a particular market it is wise to break the analysis into factors that can be controlled by the company and factors that cannot. The former comprise the internal analysis and the latter the external analysis. With regard to the SWOT Summary the former can be translated into strengths and weaknesses (controllable) and the latter into opportunities and threats (uncontrollable). From the SWOT we can develop our marketing mix. An idea for a new nutritional supplement for example need not be very novel in nature. Generally speaking the natural product market is both large enough and growing at a healthy enough clip so as to provide ample opportunities for a large number of relatively similar products to be offered across a broad range of retail channels. In many cases it is the brand s identity and image that differentiate the new product offering far more than the content and function of the product itself. This is often the case in many large and mature industries (true innovations are few and far between) and the nutritional supplement sector has been flirting with maturity for quite some time. A robust carefully constructed situation analysis should provide a nice check against any new product hypothesis and is also the foundation of the strategic marketing plan the very roadmap for marketing strategy. Analyzing the Internal Marketing Environment When conducting a situation analysis it s best for marketers to begin at the top with the organization s mission a statement of both purpose and scope. The mission should limit the range of and set the focus for the sorts of products a marketer might want to introduce and for a smaller organization it could even set the foundation for a brand s strategy. A strong mission that unifies products under a common purpose is a strength. March 2019 At this point marketers should look at organizational demographics an analysis that could include an organizational chart that in particular identifies the company s marketing functions as well as any other general corporate information (such as company size location of operations supply chains and markets served) that might be of interest to the marketer. These factors might lead to any number of strengths and weaknesses when it s time for the SWOT Summary. Next comes a thorough assessment of the organization s existing marketing mix including the current strategies being employed. What are the company s current products (if any) and how are they positioned priced distributed and After beginning with a product idea that might be a strategic fit and where products are currently being produced by the organization or its partners as well as any internal technology being employed that could be considered an advantage or disadvantage. Obviously any proposed new products would fit within or in some way change this framework. For example an existing manufacturing infrastructure that can handle added capacity for a need-driven new product is surely a strength and a lack thereof surely a weakness. In reviewing these seven internal factors that affect the marketing environment marketers can glean many strengths and weaknesses. Indeed marketers can match strengths with the market opportunities identified in the upcoming external analysis while organizational leaders can work on the internal exercise of converting weaknesses into strengths. But new product ideas should not only be considered within the context of what the organization is able to control but even more importantly within the context of the much broader external marketing environment. for a particular company in a particular market it is wise to break the analysis into factors that can be controlled by the company and factors that cannot. promoted Are they arranged under one or more brand names and or product lines Which have been the most successful Which are near the end of their respective life cycles Do these strategies represent strengths or weaknesses How will the proposed new product fit within or change the existing framework Next a look at the organization s financial condition in the form of an income statement will provide crucial information about the resources available for new product development and commercialization as well as obvious strengths or weaknesses. And what about the organization s existing research and development efforts if any Does this new product idea fit within or outside of these efforts Marketers should also look at production strategy with particular attention to how Analyzing the External Marketing Environment This second component of the situation analysis sometimes called environmental scanning can be a rather extensive exercise and each of these nine factors is involved in identifying opportunities and threats in the external business environment. It s always best to start at the top with an analysis of the industry and its major trends. Marketers should get numbers on both the industry size (revenue) as well as the growth rate over the past several years and any forward-looking forecasts. It is important to bear in mind that a product can be in more than one industry at once as is the case with most supplements (e.g. natural products nutritional supplements immune support) and so data on all of these sectors will be helpful. The next area of analysis is competitive in nature. Marketers should identify the top four or five competitors (products in the same category that meet a particular need i.e. two skin care creams) and analyze each of them along the four elements in the marketing mix. Competitors then can be compared with the internal marketing mix analysis that we conducted previously for an apples to apples type of comparison. And don t forget about substitutes for your product (those in a different category that meet the same need i.e. a skin Nutrition Industry Executive 51 BuildingBetterBrands marketers with a better idea of which trends are here to stay and which trends are likely to be short-lived fads. The last five areas of the external analysis don t require quite as much analysis as the first four. Marketers should analyze the political environment because politics leads to regulation and a thorough analysis of the legal and regulatory environment is always a must. The roles of the FDA FTC and other regulatory entities must be considered within the framework of marketing strategy and a number of opportunities and threats generally arise from such analysis. Economic data such as GDP (gross domestic product) growth (or lack thereof) unemployment rates and income growth tell the marketer a great deal about what people are able and willing to spend in the near future. Also technological trends should be assessed to see if conditions in the external environment are ripe for marketers to address with new product ideas. The last area concerns the impact of Mother Nature on our marketing efforts. Conditions in the natural environment are especially important when natural ingredients are involved. For example an echinacea shortage caused by massive flooding in regions where it is Don t miss a single issue of NIE in 2019 commonly sourced go online to renew your free subscription today would certainly affect various aspects of marketing strategy. care nutritional supplement to replace the cream). Numerous opportunities and threats can be gleaned from this analysis but remember that a substitute can sometimes be difficult to see on the horizon. Consider the irreparable damage a disruptive Netflix did to a complacent Blockbuster. Now it s time to analyze the consumers that have both the ability and the desire to buy a particular type of product what we call market potential. This large group can be broken down into several smaller market segments that are markedly different from one another. The purpose of market segmentation is to define different groups of consumers so that marketing mix strategies and tactics can be targeted and positioned appropriately. One market segment might have a very different combination of demographics geographics needs motivations behaviors and attitudes than another group of potential customers and therefore it might be prudent to target them accordingly. In addition broad-based social trends should be identified so that major societal drivers of attitudes and behavior can be assessed and provide March19 The Marketing Mix Once the objectively conducted situation analysis has been completed marketers can then complete a subjective SWOT analysis summary offering opinions on what might translate into a strength or weakness (from the internal analysis) or what might be considered an opportunity or a threat (from the external analysis). Strengths should be matched with opportunities threats avoided and weaknesses can 52 Nutrition Industry Executive hopefully be eventually converted into strengths. Measureable marketing objectives such as revenue can be set and a budget for achieving those objectives. Once they know what mark they are trying to hit and how much money they have to spend to do so marketers can then craft a marketing mix consisting of product price place and promotion strategies and tactics. The implementation period for the plan should be set (usually one year) and the results of executing the plan evaluated at that time to see what worked what didn t and make changes for next time. If you are new to the world of formalized strategic planning then welcome to the hot seat. Developing a strategic marketing plan (a roadmap or blueprint for marketing strategy) is an absolutely necessary part of what marketers must do to maximize the likelihood of success and it is very very important to express this strategy in the form of a written plan especially when it comes to new products. Don t skip the steps. A robust analysis can alleviate much anxiety and justify marketing activities to the folks in the C Suite who sign the checks. There is no joy in failure only in success. And there is no substitute for proper strategic marketing planning. NIE Darrin C. DuberSmith MS MBA is a senior lecturer at the Metropolitan State University of Denver s College of Business (since 2003) and has more than 30 years of specialized expertise in the marketing and management profession including decades of work with natural organic and green sustainable goods and services. He has published more than 90 marketing-related articles and book chapters in various publications and has presented at more than 50 executive-level events. A frequent media contributor as well as recipient of The Wall Street Journal s (WSJ) InEducation Distinguished Professor Award in 2009 and WSJ s Top 125 Professor Award in 2014 Duber-Smith is author of Cengage Learning s KnowNow Marketing blog at http gecresource2 info b marketing. He can be reached at ddubersm March 2019 FunctionalFoods Does Exercise Help or Hurt Your Immune System By Sonja Nodland PhD t is well known that exercise has a positive relationship with overall human health likely as a consequence of our evolutionary history where athletic endurance was a competitive edge over other species.1 As present-day elite athletes strive to push the limits of human physiology scientists have undertaken research to understand the effects of exercise on various body systems. Numerous studies have now demonstrated the benefits of regular moderate intensity exercise for both physical and mental health and many of these studies have specifically focused on the reciprocal effects of exercise on the immune system. This topic has been a focus of study for over 30 years but due to the complexity of the immune system and the difficulty in studying the immune system in humans the effects of exercise are still not fully understood. Research in this area has both evaluated the relationship of the incidence of acute illness to exercise and character- I March 2019 ized the consequences of strenuous exercise on aspects of the immune system such as circulating blood cell numbers anti-pathogen cell functions and levels of secreted chemical messengers (cytokines) as a way to understand what effects exercise has on the immune system. This research was conducted with the ultimate goal of generating a detailed understanding of the response of the human body to exercise in order to optimize exercise regimens for training efficiency and health benefits and to minimize any negative effects that exercise may exert on the body. Infection Risk and Exercise In the late 1980s and early 1990s the question of whether exercise exerts a measurable effect on the immune system was primarily investigated by observing the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) in elite athletes (i.e. marathon runners) after a competition. The data reported from these studies appeared to show a heightened risk of experiencing a URTI after the event. In some studies the degree of exercise stress also appeared to exert an effect on immune system function as runners with faster completion times or higher training volumes were reported to be at an even higher risk for a URTI. On the flip side of this work it was recognized later that a sedentary lifestyle meaning one that lacks exercise is a risk factor for a range of physical and mental health conditions. Ultimately the understanding of the relationship between exercise and the risk of experiencing a URTI has been summarized in a generalized paradigm referred to as the J-shaped curve. 2 At extremely low exercise volumes (sedentary lifestyle) the risk of contracting a URTI is considered to be average as this group is generally used as controls in any population-based study. Moderate regular exercise in the middle of the curve is associated with reduction in risk of contracting a URTI. The righthand side of the curve depicts very high intensity and volume of exercise and is Nutrition Industry Executive 53 FunctionalFoods associated with an above average risk of contracting a URTI. The increased risk of infection in this category is hypothesized to be the result of an open window that occurs immediately after exercise and lasts up to 72 hours. The open window is a period during which the changes observed in measurable constituents of the immune system (i.e. circulating numbers and functional properties of cells and cytokine levels in blood) are interpreted to mean that immune system function has been negatively affected opening a window or letting the guard down for pathogens to establish infection. Results from these studies with elite athletes have unfortunately resulted in a sports science myth that even in a general population after intense exercise an individual is immunocompromised for a period of time. This is unfortunate because as previously mentioned there is a physiologic need for exercise1 3 and a compromised immune system is a highly unlikely consequence of moderate exercise at the frequency and intensity at which most physically active individuals participate. As a fuller picture of the reasons for an increased risk of URTI after mass participation athletic events emerges the open window hypothesis and J-curve are being reevaluated and revised.4 It is more likely that other factors known to impact the immune system such as nutrition sleep quality quantity and psychological stress are affected in a mass participation athletic event and contribute to increased self-reporting of URTIs after a race. Additionally air travel5 and close physical proximity to a large number of people participating in 54 Nutrition Industry Executive an event6 are documented factors that increase the risk of contracting a URTI. These factors are likely of greater influence than the high intensity or volume exercise during the event. Importantly recent studies appear to show a relationship between greater physical activity and lower risk of URTI.7-9 While the intense exercise itself may not increase the risk of a URTI many of these other factors can and the outcome is the same increased reporting of URTI after a competition. Therefore pursuing strategies such as proper nutrition and adequate sleep to maintain immune system health are generally advised to avoid missing training or competition. Effects of Exercise on Constituents of the Immune System Immediately after beginning strenuous exercise a large number of white blood cells with enhanced cytotoxic properties are released into the bloodstream. This mobilization of cells is a response to increased levels of stress hormones such as norepinephrine epinephrine adrenaline and cortisol that also are released into the bloodstream as a result of the neuronal response to exercise.3 The number of white blood cells in circulation remains elevated until immediately after the exercise bout is finished when the number of circulating cells temporarily drops below the preexercise level. Previously this drop had been thought to be due to the death of the recently released cells and interpreted as the immune system leaving the gate open for intruders. Recent work in animal models has demonstrated that these cells are not dying but are being sent out of circulation and into the tissues and mucosal surfaces (those surfaces that physically encounter the outside environment). This movement is now thought of as a mechanism to increase the surveillance of the body by the immune system. This has been described as a barracks boulevard battlefield pattern. Immune cells that have been stationed at the ready in the barracks (the natural immune cell reservoirs such as the spleen liver bone marrow) are rapidly deployed through the boulevards (blood and lymphatic vessels) to the battlefields of mucosal and barrier surfaces (i.e. gastrointestinal tract skin oral and nasal surfaces) where first contact with pathogens is most likely to occur.3 In humans it is technically and ethically difficult to sample cells that have been sent into the tissues but studies in animal models have reported that these are the cells with heightened anti-pathogen activity while those remaining in circulation are predominantly a less mature population of cells that does not yet possess full defensive activity. These observations support interpreting the consequences of changes to immune system constituents during and immediately after exercise as being protective rather than harmful for the body. Effect of the Immune System on Exercise Recovery It is also important to acknowledge the role that the immune system plays in exercise recovery. To date far less research has been completed on how changes in immune function affect recovery from exercise. It is known that damage to muscle fibers during exercise initiates a cascade of events that results first in a local inflammatory response followed by the release of proteins into circulation and within the muscle itself.10 This results in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) a common result of a strenuous workout. Although a first impulse when experiencing DOMS is often to lessen the symptoms by dampening this immunemediated inflammation this is not advisable. The immune system-mediated inflammatory response serves as a critical trigger of repair processes (also immunemediated) that heal damaged muscle tissue and ultimately resolve the inflammation. Since the inflammatory and repair responses are functionally linked through the immune system affecting one side of the process (through antiinflammatory drug use or cold therapy) will necessarily affect the other and could result in a slower and less robust recovery. Mouse models with engineered immune deficiencies have March 2019 vided pre-clinical evidence that this is indeed the case although these results need to be experimentally confirmed in humans. Stepping back to take a bigger picture view of the effect of the immune system on exercise participation there is an additional aspect to consider. Individuals who are sick with acute (or chronic) illness are less likely to participate in exercise. The functional consequence of missed days of training can result in decreased performance at an athletic event or possibly loss of momentum motivation for those who are newly engaged in an exercise program. Maintaining a healthy immune system to support physical health can mean the difference between keeping up a training schedule and decreased performance due to missed days of training. This is where performance nutrition plays a key role for athletes and their health and should ultimately focus on keeping the immune system functioning properly. While many nutritional supplements have been touted to improve recovery from intense exercise few have been supported by clinical research demonstrating efficacy. Wellmune a proprietary baker s yeast beta glucan has been shown to support the immune health of athletes. Multiple clinical studies with marathoners cyclists and other athletes demonstrate that Wellmune helps athletes stay healthy during and after intense exercise allowing for harder and longer training. In a clinical study with marathon runners participants taking Wellmune experienced a 40 percent reduction in URTI symptoms.11 Studies with both recreational and elite athletes showed that participants taking Wellmune had less prolonged decreases in immune system parameters than typically is observed following highintensity exercise.11 12 A study also reported that participants taking Wellmune increased vigor and mental clarity while reducing fatigue tension confusion and URTI symptoms in marathon runners.13 It is clear that maintaining a healthy immune system is achieved through paying attention to multiple aspects of daily life such as a proper nutrition including a healthy diet reducing stress getting adequate sleep hygiene (hand washing etc.) and maintaining a regular moderate exercise routine. It is also true that a healthy immune system helps support healthy habits of exercise and appropriate recovery after exercise. Supporting the immune system with efficacious natural and safe ingredients like Wellmune is a powerful way to support overall wellness. Continued research on the effect of exercise on the immune system will deepen our understanding and generate new mechanistic insights and methods for efficacy validation that manufacturers can leverage when creating novel solutions to help keep athletes healthy. NIE References 1 Run for Your Life. Nature (2012) 487 295-296. 2 Exercise Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and the Immune System. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (1994) 26 128-139. 3 Effects of Stress on Immune Function the Good the Gad and the Beautiful. Immunological Research (2014) 58 192-210. 4 Debunking the Myth of Exercise-Induced Immune Suppression Redefining the Impact of Exercise on Immunological Health Across the Lifespan. Frontiers in Immunology (2018) 9 1-21. 5 Training-Related and Competition-Related Risk Factors for Respiratory Tract and Gastrointestinal Infections in Elite Cross-Country Skiers. British Journal of Sports Medicine (2016) 50 809-815. 6 Hajj-Associated Acute Respiratory Infections Among Hajjis from Riyadh. East Mediterranean Health Journal (2006) 12 300-309. 7 Physical Activity Stress and Self-Reported Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (2011) 43 272-279. 8 Training-Related Risk of Common Illnesses in Elite Swimmers Over a 4-yr Period. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (2015) 47 698-707. 9 Health and Exercise-Related Medical Issues among 1 212 Ultramarathon Runners Baseline Findings from the Ultarunners Longitudinal TRAcking (ULTRA) Study. PLoS One (2014) 9 e83867. 10 Insights into the Molecular Etiology of ExerciseInduced Inflammation Opportunities for Optimizing Performance. Journal of Inflammation Research (2016) 9 175-186. 11 Baker s Yeast Beta Glucan Supplementation Increases Salivary IgA and Decreases Cold Flu Symptomatic Days After Intense Exercise. Journal of Dietary Supplements (2013) 10 171-183. 12 Baker s Yeast -glucan Supplementation Increases Monocytes and Cytokines Post-Exercise Implications for Infection Risk British Journal of Nutrition (2013) 109 478-486. 13 Effect of Beta 1 3 1 6 Glucan on Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms and Mood State in Marathon Athletes. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2009) 8 509-515. Sonja Nodland PhD completed her doctoral research at the University of Minnesota focusing her research on answering questions about basic human immunology and cancer biology. She has worked with the Wellmune ingredient for the past eight years. Currently in her role as R&D lead for Wellmune at Kerry her responsibilities include managing a research program focused on demonstrating Wellmune s efficacy and mechanism of action on the human immune system. Nutraceuticals (Continued from page 48) strains provide shelf stability from manufacturing to the consumer. BIO-CAT s Opti-Biome Bacillus subtilis MB40 probiotic has been the company s most successful ingredient due to the robust stability and shelf-life along with its gas and bloating claim. With new delivery options and more insights into their health benefits the future of the pre- and probiotics category looks bright. I believe the preMarch 2019 and probiotic category is still very much in a growth phase concluded BIOCAT s Little. With new research revealing new mechanisms of action and possible disease treatments with probiotic products we are only scratching the surface of what pre- and probiotics can do. NIE FORMOREINFORMATION References 1 Innova Market Insights 2017. 2 MarketsandMarkets Probiotic Market Sept 2017. 3 MarketsandMarkets Probiotic Market Sept 2017. 4 EBioMedicine. 2017 Oct 24 159-165. AIDP http BIO-CAT Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes DSM Herbalife Nutrition Kerry Functional Ingredients & Actives Lallemand Health Solutions Inc. Nexira Nutrition Industry Executive 55 Equipment&Packaging Breakthrough Fluid Bed Drying System Recycles Nitrogen to Eliminate Risks Save on Costs An innovative fluid bed drying system from New Jersey-based vibratory process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co. enables processors to eliminate risk of explosion by recycling nitrogen as a safe proven alternative to traditional explosion suppression systems. Increasing the amount of nitrogen in the process air to 85 percent to render combustion impossible the Witte drying system features an integral baghouse dust collector set directly above the fluid bed-drying zone to create a sealed system. Condensing the moisture removed with a chilled water coil this approach allows 100 percent of the nitrogen to be recycled while safely containing 100 percent of the fine powders entrained in the airstream and separating them from the process gas. Recycling 100 percent of the nitrogen also reduces the amount of gas needed versus exhausting the moisture-laden gas and reduces its costs accordingly. Developed to promote worker safety and aid compliance with NFPA 654 Standard for the Prevention of Fire and Dust Explosions from the Manufacturing Processing and Handling of Combustible Particulate Solids the Witte nitrogen recycling system is ideal for drying bentonite clay pesticides and herbicides powdered plastic resin and other chemical food and pharmaceutical products that generate combustible particulates less than 200 m. The Witte integral baghouse design allows these fine particles to be dried in a fluidized bed processor which would not be possible in a conventional fluid bed dryer. The Witte systems are custom-designed and manufactured at the company s Washington NJ headquarters and are backed by the company s 80-year history of customer satisfaction. The dryers are inspected and tested prior to delivery and are backed by a full warranty. For more information visit Automatic Desiccant Inserter Features Cut Length Sensor System The Pharmafill PS1 Packserter from New Jersey-based packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Co. features a proprietary Cut Length Sensor System that automatically verifies the desiccant oxygen absorber or other packet has been properly fed from the continuous strip before allowing it to be cut for inserting. Included as standard the Cut Length Sensor System uses dual fiber optic sensors to constantly check for long feeds and short feeds and in the event of a misfeed automatically stop the machine s operation flash the red stack light and alert the operator before the cutting mechanism could slice the pouch and spill its contents. When corrected the system may be quickly restarted via the touch-screen HMI (human machine interface). Devised to improve reliability and prevent line downtime in filling and packaging of foods pharmaceuticals supplements nutraceuticals and other moisture-sensitive products the PS1 with the Cut Length Sensor System permits desiccant insertion of one or multiple packets into bottles or other containers at speeds of up to 100 per minute in non-stop unattended operation. The Deitz Packserter sensor system operates effectively with a wide range of packets in varying materials and thicknesses and with a variety of containers in different shapes and sizes. For more information visit Introducing a Revolutionary Type of Hybridized Drying System RFC (Radio Frequency Co. Massachusetts) has now combined the attributes of both hot-air impingement together with radio frequency drying for a new hybridized system available across a broad range of sizes and output capacities. The New Macrowave Express-Series increases drying efficiency and line productivity at the same time reducing carbon emissions heat degradation and eliminating product cracking. Excellent for the processing of bedded products such as agricultural commodities filter cakes and temperature sensitive materials these new systems have demonstrated a 40 percent increase in energy efficiency over conventional gas-fired drying systems. When exposed to RF energy a product will heat throughout its entire thickness evaporating moisture in-situ and force the escaping vapor to the product surface. There the vapor is rapidly swept away by the impinged hot air leaving the product uniformly dry throughout its thickness. This moisture uniformity naturally creates a product with low water activity and eliminates checking and surface cracks sometimes created by hot air alone. By eliminating the time it takes for conventional hot air to reach the interior portions of a product or product bed-depth conventional drying times are greatly reduced along with the excessive carbon emissions associated with prolonged conventional drying times. For more information visit 56 Nutrition Industry Executive March 2019 Douglas Machine s TriVex Series Provides Solutions for Top Load Case Packing Applications The high performance TriVex RL by Minnesota-based Douglas Machine is a pick and place packer for loading bags bottles and more. The innovatively simple TriVex SL case packs bags and pouches into retail and shelf ready cases without vacuum picking. The versatile TriVex CL is designed for food service and retail bags of non-free flowing Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) products. Each model optimizes case packing for a unique range of product and package types and orients products lying flat and standing up in the case. For more information visit Fette Compacting Introduces FEC20 Capsule Filler to North American Market Fette Compacting America (New Jersey) a supplier of tablet press equipment for pharmaceutical and nutritional applications has introduced the FEC20 Capsule Filling Machine capable of producing up to 200 000 capsules per hour. Originally unveiled at the Achema 2018 trade show in Germany the latest in Fette s FEC line of capsule fillers is now available to the North American pharma manufacturing marketplace. Derived from the proven technology of its predecessor the FEC40 which at a maximum output of 400 000 hour is the world s fastest capsule filler the FEC20 can produce up to 200 000 capsules hour making it ideally suited for medium-sized batches. While the FEC40 features Fette s patented dual capsule filling process the FEC20 decouples this mechanism to offer a single capsule filling and discharge station. Due to the similar technology of the FEC20 and FEC40 the two machines are able to function in concert with one another easily and even use the same format parts. Additionally both machines are capable of controlling and monitoring each step in the capsule filling process. The FEC20 features a patented tamping pin station assembly system enabling users to rapidly change dosing methods products and batches. Pre-fitted tamping pin stations allow for readily accessible production without extended time required for preparation. Up to three pellet stations can be installed in the machine. For more information visit MHI Introduces EAGLE-Omni Deep-draw Blister Packaging Machine Maruho Hatsujyo Innovations (MHI Massachusetts) the U.S. subsidiary of Maruho Co. Ltd. a Japanese health care company with subsidiaries in Europe and the U.S. with global sales of 800 million has introduced the EAGLE-Omni blister machine. Ideal for packaging development materials testing and production the versatile unit performs forming sealing and punching operations at sequential stations. Measuring just over 2 meters in length and 1.6 meters tall the reasonably compact EAGLE-Omni offers a format area of 150 x 95 mm and a forming depth of 30 mm (3 cm) with an upgrade available to 40 mm. The machine handles a wide range of forming materials including PVC PVDC ACLAR PP PET and ALU and all typical lidding substrates including ALU paper PVC PET and laminates. The EAGLE-Omni can produce up to 20 blisters per minute and is suitable for packaging solids powders liquids or devices. The cost-effective deep-draw EAGLE-Omni is capable of everything from manual prototyping to fully automated operation. The option of a 40-mm forming depth makes it ideal for nutritional products larger than traditional tablets or capsules such as gummies devices and other delivery formats. The machine allows seamless development and production combined with rapid low-cost prototyping and features recipe-driven format change easy changeover and various feeding solutions. For more information visit ProcessPro Named Top Performer in Manufacturing ERP Software Customer ProcessPro a Minnesota-based ERP software solution company announced it has been named a Top Performer in the Manufacturing ERP Software category for the Winter 2019 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers. FeaturedCustomers is a customer success content marketing platform for B2B business software and services helping potential buyers make informed purchasing decisions through vendor validated customer success content such as customer testimonials success stories case studies and customer videos. Scores are determined by multiple factors including the total number of reviews customer success content social media presence and vendor momentum based on web traffic and search trends. ProcessPro earned a Top Performer award in the Manufacturing ERP Software category. This designation is awarded to vendors with significant market presence and customer success content to validate their vision. Highly rated by customers ProcessPro consistently publishes high-quality customer success content and curates quality customer reviews from multiple third-party sites. For more information visit or vendor processpro. March 2019 Nutrition Industry Executive 57 Equipment&Packaging Sutherland Packaging Expands Digital Print Capabilities With New HP Corrugated Press Sutherland Packaging (New Jersey) has expanded its digital print capabilities by incorporating an HP Scitex 15500 Digital Corrugated Press. The multi-pass six-color press allows Sutherland to produce high quality short runs more cost-effectively for its eclectic customer base. The HP Scitex 15500 offers pristine graphics quick turnaround times and is designed specifically for corrugated converters that produce temporary and permanent displays retailready packaging and other short-run corrugated applications. Offering hands-free and stackto-stack operation auto loading and zero setup the HP saves both time and labor costs. The wide format press can print up to 650m per hour with dimensions of 160 x 320 cm (63 x 126 in) and a substrate thickness up to 25 mm. Currently Sutherland is combining standard CYMK colors with light cyan and light magenta. The HP Scitex 15500 eco-friendly inks align with the inherently sustainable nature of corrugated displays. Smooth operation on industrial-grade standard board is ensured by the HP Scitex Corrugated Grip which handles boards with a warp up to 40 mm. The loading table is covered by suction mat segments positioned to ensure effective holddown of boards with varying dimensions. A major benefit of the HP Scitex series is the presses High Dynamic Range (HDR) which provides precision control over color tone and clarity of image detail. HDR automatically uses small ink drops for quality and large drops for speed all on the same run. The HP HDR230 Scitex inks are designed for economical corrugated printing on paper-board media offering high-value low-odor prints ideal for indoor corrugated applications like counter displays and freestanding display units. For more information visit Conventions&Meetings Legal Regulatory and Compliance Forum on Dietary Supplements to be Held in NYC T he Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) announced that CRN president and CEO Steve Mister and Scott Bass partner Sidley Austin LLP (Illinois) will co-chair the 7th Legal Regulatory and Compliance Forum on Dietary Supplements produced in collaboration with American Conference Institute (ACI). The conference will take place in New York NY at the Intercontinental New York Times Square on June 18-20. From social media marketing to tariffs on ingredients and from CBD sales to new auditing requirements from retailers this industry is facing many new and unique legal challenges. I m excited that CRN and ACI are again collaborating on what s become known as a must-attend forum for executives in the dietary supplement space Mister said. Scott and I are currently developing the program with ACI selecting top experts from industry government and academia to educate attendees about the latest legal regulatory and compliance obligations for dietary supplement and functional food products and their ingredients. This year s agenda promises a can t-miss event. The conference which has grown each year attracts both in-house and outside counsel regulatory compliance personnel QC (quality control) specialists and 58 Nutrition Industry Executive government relations professionals all interested in how the regulations impact business decisions and how to develop long-term strategies for maneuvering these challenges. In addition to the main symposium attendees will have the opportunity to choose elective workshops to customize their experience and augment their learning. Workshop topics will be announced in upcoming weeks along with agenda details. Bass heads Sidley Austin s Global Life Sciences team coordinating pharmaceutical medical device food and dietary supplement matters in the U.S. Europe and Asia. He is ranked internationally among the top authorities on FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-related enforcement and regulatory issues and was the lead industry negotiator and one of the principal drafters of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). Bass is widely regarded as a visionary thinker for how dietary supplements are regulated to balance consumer safety with providing broad consumer access to these products. Mister has been president and CEO of CRN for nearly 14 years. During his tenure CRN has been instrumental in enacting the adverse event reporting law for dietary supplements the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act and defeating several efforts in Congress that would have over-regulated dietary supplements limiting consumer access. Mister drove the launch of the Supplement OWL the industry-wide online registry of dietary supplement labels. He is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce s Association Committee of 100 holds a Certified Association Executive (CAE) distinction and is active in the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Prior to joining CRN Mister served in several legal and legislative roles for over a decade at another association most recently as associate general counsel and as an attorney in the Washington D.C. law firm Wiley Rein & Fielding. Early-bird registration is open and CRN member companies can use the discount code provided on CRN s website ( to receive a 10 percent discount on registration fees. The conference has sold out in recent years so early booking is encouraged. 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Tryggvi Stef nsson PhD Bogatrod 10 262 Asbru Iceland Phone 3545711066 Website https Based in Iceland Algalif is a leading supplier of high-grade natural astaxanthin products from microalgae including ingredients and finished formulations. The company s mission is to help solve the nutriScience Manager tional needs of current and future generations through the development and delivery of sustainable high-quality microalgae-derived ingredients. Algalif also commercializes a range of immune-health ingredients branded Nutramunity Beta-Glucan (NBG) for use in food beverages nutraceuticals sports nutrition and personal care products. Tryggvi Stef nsson has a PhD in microbiology and genetics from ETH Zurich in Switzerland. He joined Algal f in early 2014 and since 2015 has led the company s R&D and scale-up department as science manager. Among other things Stef nsson s department oversees the continuous optimization of cultivation parameters contamination control programs and the company s R&D ventures. NIE Would you explain Algalif s cultivation process Stef nsson Our astaxanthin is derived from the algae Haematococcus pluvialis. Algal f s cultivation process is unique in many ways. First of all it consists of three production-level steps. This setup is based on many years of extensive large-scale optimization to increase biomass accumulation and astaxanthin concentration thereby maximizing the overall productivity of the process and minimizing downtime. Second the water input is unique in its purity and abundance. Water is the most important ingredient in any type of algae cultivation and Iceland offers pure untreated water with appropriate mineral composition. Finally the photosynthetic cultivation process is powered by a proprietary LED lighting system that was developed by the Algal f Science team in collaboration with leading technology providers. NIE The company recently debuted IceCaps a new line of premium natural astaxanthin soft gelatin capsules. Please talk about the line and its benefits. Stef nsson IceCaps is Algal f s premium range of natural astaxanthin soft gelatin capsules. IceCaps are supplied in bulk for private label applications and are formulated with 4 mg 8 mg or 12 mg of astaxanthin. The material is derived from Haematococcus pluvialis biomass cultivated at Algal f s produc60 Nutrition Industry Executive tion site in Iceland. The astaxanthin is formulated with vitamin E (D- -tocopherol) sunflower oil safflower oil and rosemary extract and the capsules can be made from fish gelatin or vegetarian material. Our product range also includes Astal f as 5 percent and 10 percent astaxanthin oleoresin extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis biomass and standardized with high-oleic sunflower oil which is suitable for soft gelatin capsules and topical oil-based cosmetics) and AstaBio (5 percent astaxanthin biomass consisting of dried cracked Haematococcus pluvialis cells which is suitable for tablets and soft hard gelatin capsules). follows strict quality guidelines throughout. This applies to the raw material inputs (water and nutrients) as well as continuous monitoring of the products themselves to ensure quality stability and efficacy. Heavy metal concentration is one of the many aspects that is routinely monitored and to date no Algal f product has had a quantifiable amount of arsenic cadmium lead or mercury. NIE Sustainability quality and purity seem to be important for Algalif. What steps does the company take to remain committed to these principles Stef nsson First of all the Icelandic location itself offers significant advantages in terms of clean environment and therefore provides pure inputs for the algae cultivation. Air quality is extremely high the water is naturally clean and plentiful and the energy inputs are completely sustainable (geothermal). From a biological perspective the bioburden is very low which translates into lower contamination risk and higher productivity and quality. The facility is cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) compliant and March 2019 Go to plt for info about this advertiser Go to olcott for info about this advertiser